Terror Infinity level up into --> Infinity Armament

I'm reading Terror Infinity here on wuxiaworld and since the first chapters it charmed me for the different setting and the psychological development of the characters. It is so different and unique in comparison to the other novels here in wuxiaworld that I couldn't help myself from searching for something similar...

While browsing here and there I finally found, amidst a whole bunch of novels of that genre, "Infinity Armament". I was so hyped and I liked it so much that I read it twice on the same month... But here comes also the problem, I had to read it twice because there where no chapter release and I took such a liking to the plot that I had to quell my thirst someway.

I am currently reading it at zenithnovels but there the releases are scarce and uneven and the quality of translating and editing is sub-par (the name of a character can actually change three times in the same chapter, just to mention one).

So it would be awesome if you could translate it here in Wuxiaworld (that is also the website that started me to light novels, and the only website were I read them [except for this one]). I know that it isn't likely that a suggestion is actually translated, but it would be enough even if you just put it into the list of those in consideration.

It took them 2 years to translate the 10% of the novel, I would like to avoid to wait for another 18 years before it's completion
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