Lv 1 Skeleton



  • Chapter 148

    As I approached the cave, my resolve was shaken.

    What if the cave was completely empty?

    What would I do then?

    Sigh!  Making up my mind I stepped inside. Just like in my memory, there was the large altar, but this time the gem within which Gnoss resided wasn’t there. Instead, there was a big and impressive key.

    ‘This is the key which the Princess handed to me back then.’

    I thought to myself as I grabbed ahold of it.

    Clearly someone had left this here for me to find and use to open the Tower of God.

    “Johra, that’s the same key as last time, the one with the strange atomic mass.”

    “Yes, it looks like we will have to make a trip to tip of Antarctica.”

    “I’ll pull you up a map.”

    Using the disk, I flew towards where I believed the Tower of God to be.

    ‘Who could have left that key for me. It couldn’t have been Metatron or Skyfather since they shouldn’t know this part of the future. Just who was it that cause all those who are so precious to me to disappear? I really have no idea!’

    I helplessly tried to deduce who my new opponent would be as I flew South.

    “It’s huge. It’s like…

    “It’s like Machina’s Roots. It extends so high up that it connects to new worlds.”

    I looked up at the tower which was so tall that it pierced the clouds and seemed to stretch into infinity.


    As I approached the tower three fireballs fell before me.

    “Are you trying to stop me?”

    Three giant angels appeared in the air.

    “14 wings, it must be the highest class of angel, a Cherubim”

    “ Ah, so you guys are Skyfather’s ultimate creation?”


    Without bothering to answer, the angel closest to me swung its flaming sword, incinerating the very spot I had previously been standing in. However I had simply walked past them as I made my way to the tower.

    They couldn’t block my way since I wielded Excalibur which could  control time and space.

    Thud! Thud! Thud!

    I heard the sounds of the Cherubim frantically rushing towards me but I simply ignored then and calmly inserted the key.


    Tens of millions of magic circles activated and the invisible shield guarding the tower disappeared.

    The Tower of Gods had finally opened.

    I turned around because I had stopped hearing the sound of the Cherubim approaching, but realised that time itself had stopped.

    “The time has stopped? How very dramatic.”

    Grasping the door handle, I swung it open and stepped inside, discovering and entirely new dimension. I was in what seemed like a new world. Devoid of anything but an empty space and a staircase which seemed to pierce the sky.

    “Is this the infamous stairway to heaven?”

    “I don’t know how this dimension was created, but there don’t appear to be any dangers.”

    “Yup, whoever designed this made it huge.”


    I took my first step on the staircase.

    “Are you going up, Johra?”

    “Naturally, since I’ve received an invitation it would be rude not to show up.”

    I replied as I continued to climb up.

    I soon lost track of time as the sun shone 24/7 and there wasn’t any nighttime. I walked on for what seemed like ages until at one point I realised that beside me appeared a unique set of clouds.

    “How beautiful.”

    “Johra those clouds aren’t normal. There density is so high that one can easily walk on them.”

    “Oh, let me try.”


    My foot sank in slightly but otherwise it supported my weight. It felt like walking on cotton.

    “So soft!”

    I walked around happily, enjoying the feeling of lightness and the soft clouds.

    “Have I wandered too far from the stairs”

    “Don’t worry Johra since I’ve got the whole palace mapped out, we can return any time. Also, I think that there is something in front over there.”


    I walked in the direction Lena pointed out for about half a day until I arrived before a unique castle made out of pure white stone. The roof was plated in gold and it reflected the sunlight splendidly.

    “It’s quite huge, but why does it seem so familiar?”

    I arrived before the castle gates and the drawbridge descended.

    “Were they expecting me?”

    I walked along the streets inside the castle walls and every single building was made up of the same pure white stone with the doors and roofs decorated in gold.

    “Is there anyone even living in here?”

    I had walked through the city streets but couldn’t find any signs of life.

    “Wait, Necropolis! Doesn’t it look just like my old city?”

    I took my half a day of wandering about to finally make the connection. The architecture and urban management was exactly like it had been in my memories of Necropolis.

    Even the inside of the buildings were carefully reproduced, down to the furniture and tools. It appeared that until seconds before my arrival, this had been a vibrant city. The only thing that felt strange was the fact that everything was the color white.

    “If the outside is so similar, then the inside of castle should likewise be identical.”

    I recognized the entrance the the palace which I had previously resided in. beside the entrance stood two empty suits of armor as guards.

    Clink clink!

    The suits of armor moved and opened the doors for me as I approached.

    “It looks like I’ve been invited in….”

    As I walked into what appeared to be my previous throne room, I saw someone sitting proudly on the throne.

    “Ah… so it was you.”

  • Chapter 149

    “It’s been a while hasn’t it?”

    “How is it possible for you to be here before me?”

    “Because it is my destiny to meet you, despite the fact that you’ve already killed me once.”

    “So you remember that, Lorina.”

    Right, the one who was sitting before me was in fact the same Lorina from the League of Reincarnators. She was garbed in a shiny gold dress and looked down at me arrogantly with an aura of royalty.

    “Of course, have you  forgotten what the purpose of the Tower of God was? To preserve everything in a manner which transcends time and space, here I can remember everything”

    “So you’re not Lorina?”

    “Well… you can think of Lorina as being my Avatar, it was designed as a safety feature to ensure the plane’s harmony.”

    “A safety feature?”

    “It is no longer of any concern, so I guess I can activate the final function.”

    “What’s the final function?”

    “Oh, don’t be so hasty, how about having some tea?”

    Culkuk Culkuk

    With a swish of her hand a tea set along with a table and chair appeared.

    Taking a seat in the chair, I grabbed ahold of my cup. It was a warm tea with a fresh lemony scent.

    “What’s wrong, you don’t want to drink?”

    As I was contemplating whether it was safe to drink, Lorina teased me about my cautiousness.

    “Hmph! Species Conversion: God!”

    I transformed myself back into a God.

    It was something that was only possible once my Creation Magic had reached level 9.

    To this point I hadn’t used it so as not to affect the flow of history, but we were now well past that and I felt no reason to suffer her teasing.

    “Hohoho! So you’ve turned into a God, is this what you looked like as a human? You’re surprisingly handsome, want to go out on a date sometime?”

    I couldn’t help but frown.

    Although she was definitely beautiful, her laughter brought back some bad memories of the old Lorina.


    “Is my charm lacking?”

    “Lorina, quickly tell me everything that you know, I don’t have much patience. Material Creation!”

    With a frown of displeasure I created A Reedemer and bound her in the spheric prison.


    Despite the restraints being made of a super reinforced alloy, she broke free of them as if it were the simplest of things.

    “You may be strong, but let me remind you that in this space I can’t be touched.”

    “I admit that you’re stronger than I expected, but don’t think for a second that’s all I got.”

    I spoke confidently as I pulled out Excalibur and slowed down time.

    “Oh, didn’t I just tell you that in this space my words are absolute?”

    My slowing down of time didn’t affect her speech in any way, clearly it was ineffective.

    “Huh… could it be that you are the Almighty?”

    “Ha ha… perhaps.”

    Lorina let out a pearl laugh as she sipped some more of her tea.

    “Give me a straight answer!”

    “Geez… as straightforward as ever. Anyways, since you’re here I guess I need to keep my end of the deal.”

    “What deal?”

    “Let’s see….”

    Getting up and moving behind her throne, she opened up a chest and began rummaging through it. I followed behind her to have a better look.

    “Is it this one, no not yet? I swear it was somewhere around here….”

    Hundreds of items were pouring out of the small chest.

    ‘Johra it seems that the chest is connected to a different space.’

    Lena came up with an explanation to the ridiculous situation.

    “Oh! Here it is!”

    Lorina fished out a small egg, about 3 centimeters in diameter.

    “What is that?”

    “It’s your lover.”


    I ran up to her and tried to take it from her, but she vanished and reappeared on her throne.

    “Shouldn’t you be asking politely?”

    “Hand it over.”

    “Huh, was that supposed to be polite?”

    “I would really appreciate if you would give it to me.”


    Lorina exclaimed as she wagged her index finger before me.


    Having no other choice, I prostate myself on the floor and begged.

    “I would really love for you to give it to me.”

    “That’s more like it! Here you go, I’ve kept up my end of the bargain.”

    As I held the egg in me hands, Lorina vanished without a trace.

    I searched several times throughout out the palace, but there were no signs of her, in fact there were no signs of life in the entire city.

    “Johra, it’s a red dragon inside of the egg.

    “Well, as I expected.”

    I hold the egg carefully as I walk along white and gold palace, until I once again reach the clouds.

    “Was it this way?”

    “Yes the pattern matches the way we came in by.”

    As I kept walking I came up to a large blue castle.

    “It looks like an Ice castle, this isn’t some fairy tale is it?”

    The entirety of this palace was the exact same as the one I had just come from when I met Lorina.

    I was getting pretty fed up of all this when I noticed two people waiting for me in the throne room.

    “So it’s you two this time?”

  • Chapter 150

    “Long time no see!”

    “Yes, it’s been a while.”

    The ones who were sitting on the throne were the vessels of Sha and L who had fused with Abbadon.

    “Gaia, Odin, so it was you two.”

    “That’s right, we’ve been waiting here for you.”

    “Can you explain to me what the current situation is?”

    They stood up and nodded respectfully.

    “Please have a seat.”

    A large throne chair appeared behind me.


    “Actually, I’m not entirely sure where to start.”

    “Just speak truthfully, start at when we last met until now.”

    “I’ll begin with our promise, back when we were all one with the Omega which was about 25 billion years ago.”

    Gaia, who was Sha’s incarnation, looked to Odin and after receiving a nod, continued with her story.

    “You had promised us to put an end the eternal cycle of destruction and rebirth. ”

    “Cycle of rebirth?You mean regarding the universes?”
    “Right, we were exhausted by the concept of endless recycling of the universe and the fact that only the Alpha and Omega would keep their memories.”

    “Yes, you’ve told me before that you had this promise with the future me.”

    “Yes, it was and incredible situation which was only allowed to happen because there was an important condition attached.”

    “What was the condition?”

    “You promised to show us a new and unfamiliar future.”

    “Was that the promise…”

    Gaia nodded her head and continued.

    “At that point Abbadon, the Omega, was against such an idea and chose to rebel, resulting in a seperation of the powers of Destruction and Creation.”

    “Hm… yes that’s a story I’ve heard before.”

    “Then the future Johra said that he will push ahead with his plan for the future.”

    “A plan? Wait, wasn’t the future me supposed to have disappeared?”

    Gaia shook her head.

    We are now in the final act which the future Johra has prepared.

    “How can…the future me? Does he still exist?”

    “Find out for yourself, the answer lies and the end of this staircase, it shouldn’t be far now.”

    “The end of the stairs… will he truly be there?”

    “You’ve been through and suffered a lot, but in the end everything was for the future of the universe.”

    “Dammit, I can’t believe this!”

    I dashed out of the room and headed for the stairs. I could hear Gaia and Odin calling out to me, but their voices soon began to fade.

    “I can’t believe this! How can I be the future me? Why would I have done all this?”

    I ran up the stairs non stop, tears spilling from my eyes.

    I lost track of time, unsure how long I had been running. If I fell, I would just pick myself back up and continue running for what seemed like eternity, until finally a shining sphere appeared.

    “Is this the end?”

    My surroundings disappeared and all that remained was the small egg I held in my hands. Then Lena’s voice came out.

    “Johra, this is an entirely separate dimension. It’s chaotic here… time seems to be flowing every which way, my calculations can’t keep up….”

    Then, just as Lena had to shut herself down to keep from thinking herself to death, I heard a familiar, but more mature voice call out to me.

    “Come here, Johra.”

    “You… who are you?”

    “You already know the answer to that.”

    “Right, I guess you’re the main culprit behind all this.”

    “Well, I suppose you have the right to refer to me as that…to say the truth you’ve far exceeded my expectations by overcoming everything you’ve faced.. ”

    “Son of bitch!”

    I tried to swing a vicious hook towards the voice, but it was pointless.

    “Sorry, I’m here and at the same time I’m not. The stronger you become, the closer I am to disappearing entirely. I no longer have much time left.”

    “What, you’re just going to up and disappear, leaving me with this mess? Give me back Gwyn! Gnoss! Lilinor! All those who are most precious to me!”

    “Still the same greedy one, do you truly believe you can have it all?”

    “Why not? It’s not like I’m asking for much!”

    “Wrong, we are one and the same person. In order to move up in this Universe we had promised to sacrifice those who are most precious to us.”

    “No way! I would have never!”

    “Really, do you want to see the memory?”


    I was suddenly flooded with billions of years of memory, all crashing down on me at once.

    I experienced the endless reincarnations of the universe, rendering all things meaningless.A brilliant, but empty world as a fear grew within me. I experienced the horrors of the future me as well as the pain of losing those I loved most.

    I lived that heartbreaking scene, as well as the decision to return to the past and manipulate the most powerful forces in the universe, all so it could be avoided.

    All that had happened, I had been a part of. As I felt myself intervening in the universe, I felt the pain of others engraved in my heart, but also my resolve hardened.

    I saw the process by which the Tower of God was created, and how Gaia, Odin and Makina helped out.

    Indeed, he had the same access to the Sephiroth network as I, we were the same person.

    I had used it throughout time to manipulate events across the universes, which resulted in this very moment.

    “… I was the one who was behind it all.”

    “Right, you and I are the same.”

    “Yes, we are one.”

  • Chapter 151


    “That’s right, I’m Johra. The past, present and future me were all one, suffering under that cursed name.”

    I had received the billions of years worth of memories and experiences which my future self had accumulated. A power to control and even transcend the universe itself.

    I knew what happened from the very beginning to the very end, and everything could bend according to my will.

    I had changed the past, sowing the seeds for a future that would last forever, but it was all done blindly, without having a clue how it would turn out. As a result, I ended up sacrificing both myself and those who were the most precious to me.

    And now I was back to the present, afraid of my very own powers.With but a thought I could cause the end of the universe or even have it frozen in time indefinitely.

    The fate of all beings, be they mortal of divine were at my discretion.

    “The ability to do whatever you pleased is a truly disgusting thing.”

    I suddenly wished to restore those who had been sacrificed in order to arrive at this present reality. But at that time an intense confusion swelled up within me.

    ‘Just what would be the result of restoring them? Would they be there true selves, or just a shadow of my memories of them?’

    While I had this doubt, I knew that I couldn’t go through with it.

    “Was that the reason that my future self chose to disappear and leave the decision in my hands? Damn him!”

    I shook my fist towards the sky, angry with my future self, but I also knew that it was pointless.

    At least I had this tiny egg in my hands, within it breathed my love in her smallest and most vulnerable form.

    “…Yes, I still have a lot to do before the end of the universe comes around.”

    “Did you call for us, Johra?”

    Gaia and Odin appeared in a flash of light.


    “…Johra is that you?”

    The machine android, Skyfather appeared as well.

    Gaia and Odin made a small frown, but soon composed themselves and looked to me.

    “I’ll give you all strength.”



    “Just what are you trying to do?”

    They all responded with different expressions.

    “I thought that you were going to use this power to show us a unique and wonderful future, especially since you’ve been through so much now.”

    Gaia said as she looked at me affectionately. Odin and Skyfather on the other hand remained skeptical.

    “I will, but until that time comes I’ll have you three sit in for me, because right now I just want to enjoy the world!”




    “Hey, I’ve been running around the universes, trying to put out fire and keep things going, so I think I’m due a little break, that’s why I’m quitting right now.”

    “What are you talking about? You can’t just quit!”


    “Enough! If I say I’m quitting then I am!”

    I quickly proceed to hand over my powers and split it between the three of them.

    “Foolish! Haven’t you considered what I might do with these newfound powers?”

    Skyfather exclaims threateningly.

    “You can do what you want. I’ve given you strength and a purpose, so as long as you don’t ruin my little vacation then it’s fine. Gaia, Odin, what about you two?”

    They both nodded back reluctantly with a somewhat disgruntled expression.

    “If you two team up against me, then I can’t do anything.”

    Skyfather also understood the situation since my powers had been evenly distributed between the three of them.

    “Well I’ll be going now to enjoy my time off, I’ll trust you all to take care of the rest.”

    I then reappeared inside the Pit.

    “Alpeon! Make me a nest! I need a grand bed for my love to be comfortable.”


    Upon the nest which Alpeon built for me, I created a comfy bed for it to rest on using my Material Creation.


    I stared at my egg lovingly with a happy expression.

    ‘Lord, that’s a disgusting face you have there.’

    Bianca who had just finished with the construction, decided to tease me.

    “What did you say!”

    She was my last love in this life, I would care for her with everything I had.

    Eventually Bianca got fed up of seeing my strange expression and left. I then felt a certain presence in the corner of the room.


    “Oh, how did you notice me?”

    “Why are you here? I thought I asked you not to bother me.”

    “I came to tell you some good news.”

    “What is it?”

    “Do you still remember that the purpose of the Tower was to store beings to later be given life once more?”

    “Yes, and at that time I’d have to reintroduce the beings which had been recycled.”

    “Right, but it seems that one of them have gone missing.

    “What? Was it Gwyn, or one of the others?”

    “Well… Odin and I were looking through the archives and going through all the eggs, but one of the had disappeared. They won’t be as you last knew them since the memories won’t all be there, but it will be the same being.”

    “Is that so… then can I meet them?”

    “It’s already been restored and you’ll be meeting her soon as it is part of the planned events in the universe.”

    “Is it all according to the planned future?”

    Gaia nodded back.

  • Chapter 152

    “Alpeon, don’t let anyone leave the confines of the Pit.”

    ‘Yes Lord.’

    I materialized my metal disk and flew over the cliff.

    “Last time I went into battle with Valenor, but now I’m all alone.”

    A cloud of dust gathered in the distance and huge dragons appeared in the horizon above it.

    Tch! Just why did she have to ask me to go easy on Noradriana and here silly dragons?”

    I hovered on my metal disk, awaiting the arrival of the Elves and Dragons in the middle of the plains.

    Half a day later the host of 10,000 Elves and the dragons stopped their advance before me.

    “Lena, could you amplify my voice please?”

    “Okay, I can set so that the animals near us can hear you well. ”

    “Animal? Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha you can truly make some funny jokes!!!”

    A booming laughter was rang across the plains at an incredibly high volume, causing the Elves to drop to the ground and hold their ears in pain.

    “Sorry, didn’t mean to disturb you all.”

    Lena adjusted the volume to a more reasonable level and I was heard without any problems. Perhaps the previous outburst was one of Lena’s little jokes, but at least it managed to get everyone’s attention.

    “I’m glad you’ve all come today, but I can’t say I appreciate the hostility shown. In light of that, I’d like to show you all a little something… Up!”

    At once the ten thousand Elves and Dragons began to float into the air.

    Although I had handed over most of my powers to Gaia, Odin and Skyfather, my connection to the Sephiroth network still existed.

    For the Elves, the one hundred meters height was already quite a danger to them if they were to fall, as for the dragons, despite trying to resist with their magic, it was all for naught because it was blocked by the Sephiroth network.

    “Well hopefully that has made you all a bit more humble, now all you should go back home, except for Noradriana that is. Okay, the Elven elders may come over as well. I have a certain debt to repay, so I won’t be killing you, alright?”

    The army before me was forced into subservience due to my overwhelming power, since they had no way of resisting ym magic and couldn’t wield their own.

    “Okay, I’ll put you down slowly now.”

    I used the Sephiroth network to set them down gently.

    Thud! Thud! Thud!

    Noradriana then approached me along with the Elven elders. Although her body language was once of submission, a glint in her eyes told me otherwise.

    “Hopefully I can bring her down a notch without hurting her too much.”

    As expected, once she was close enough she chose to test whether I could defend against her physical prowess and she opened her jaws and tried to bite me.


    I summoned my Rohim’s Shield up in time and her teeth broke as a result of it.

    “I’m sorry about that… I was trying to be gentle but I can’t be blamed for self defense, right?”

    ‘Give her some new teeth, Johra. I know your creation magic can do that much, right?’

    Gaia’s voice appeared in my mind.

    Tch! So she’s been watching this whole time.’

    Noradriana backed away from me and stared at me in fear.

    “Material Creation!”

    I recreated her broken teeth. It was made to be sturdier than her previous ones and shone with a golden hue.

    “Hey Noradriana, stop that we aren’t enemies. Just listen to me, ok?”

    Although I had never particularly liked her, she had saved my life way back then, So I had to compensate her in some form.

    The Elder green dragon bowed down to me in complete defeat, and the Elven elders beside her likewise prostrated themselves before me.

    “You Elves have been defeated and as such need to follow my commands. I want you to move your people to these plains within the next six months! Noradriana, I order you to help the Elven race and as compensation to cover the cost of your march, I give you this! Material Creation!”

    I created several tons of gold.

    “Do not continue even think of backing out of this, anyone who betrays me will be dealt with swiftly.”

    Turning my back to them I flew back to the Pit.

    “Alpeon, how has the digging been going?”

    ‘It hasn’t been easy due to the presence of the Void Scuttles, but we are currently up to 900 meters deep.

    “I see, keep up the good work.”

    ‘Lord, the Asmodians are arriving soon.’

    “I’m aware, accommodate them in the dwellings we’ve constructed on the outskirts.

    ‘Yes lord.’

    The Asmodians had come to join me, it meant that it was soon time to kill the Devil King, but I didn’t want to have to do everything myself.’

    ‘Well, maybe now that he won’t have the help of the Reincarnators he’ll stay hidden instead.’

    “Oh right! Alpeon have them bring Talvin’s body to the lake.”

    Shortly after I was able to use his body to resurrect Talvin, as a reward for his performance in his past life.

    Six months later the Elves and Asmodians were sent back to their homelands in Elfenheim and Evelisla and my troubles had all been resolved in a peaceful manner.

    “Oh, I almost forgot that there was a task to help out Gartmar. Alpeon, fetch me Ian.”

    A short while later Ian appeared before me. Maybe it was because of the peaceful lifestyle, but she appeared somewhat fatter than she did in my memories.

    “Did you call for me, my lord?”

    “Just call me Johra.”

    Ian felt quite nervous seeing me wear some unusual clothes.

    “Let’s see, Lena, can you please contact Makina and have transfer over her former colleagues here?”

    “On it!”

    Shortly after Ian’s old party members appeared next to her.

    “Gillian? Pirate? Melinda?”

    “Oh where is this place?”

    “I thought I was dead for sure.”

    They all embraced themselves, ecstatic about their reunion.

    “I know you’re all happy but I’d like for you all to pay attention please.”

    “Where you the one who saved us?”

    “That’s right Melinda, this is my Lord.”

    Following Ian’s explanation they all looked up and stared at me intently.

    “Well I didn’t exactly save you all for free. I have a favor to ask of you.”

    For the next several months I had the training and levelling up against the Void Scuttles down in the tunnels beneath the Pit, until they had become much stronger.

    “Good, now please heat to Gartmar and help out a certain party of women called Kishande, Ashe and Miranda.”

    I gave them some pocket money and set them on this task as a manner of settling old debts.

    “That should solve most things, right?”

    The majority of the Elves had returned to their homeland, only a few staying behind to act as intermediaries as well as set up a trading post between us.

    I would also occasionally need to send in some elite troops to cull the number of Scuttles near Elfenheim or to defend from the Trons in Evelisla.

    Until finally one day.


  • Chapter 153


    A  cute red dragon cried out as it broke out of its shell, struggling to get a breath of fresh air while its eyelids were too heavy to open.

    “Oh, what am I supposed to do now? It’s waay too cute!!!”

    ‘Lord, please control yourself.’

    Ignoring Bianca’s interjection, I place Valenor in the palm of my hand.

    Nya~ Nya~

    She exclaims as she attempts to gnaw at my finger with her tiny teeth.

    “Are you hungry, here have some of this.”

    I bring a bottle of warm milk to her mouth and she proceeds to suck on it.

    Gloo! Gloo! Gloo!

    She quickly downed its contents after which she lied down comfortably on my palm and fell asleep. Absorbed in the moment, I stayed there just watching her peaceful rest.


    About two hours later she woke up and began to cry.


    ‘Here it is, my Lord.’

    Alpeon quickly arrived with some fresh warm milk.

    I had once again been reunited with my wife, which was now crawling on my palm. In this manner, 3 years flew by.

    I had helped her  learn Polymorph and despite now having the appearance of a four year old girl, her strength was far beyond her age.

    “Valenor… those clothes….”

    “Aren’t Johra’s clothes also my toys?”

    Due to her excessive level ups, her playfulness was on another level of danger, such that a regular human would have died several times already.

    Fortunately Valenor was aware that I wasn’t so easily killed. She had bad habits of climbing all over my body and attacking or trying to wrestle me, in truth I had no idea where she had picked it all up, but I couldn’t help but laugh at her actions.

    It truly was a peaceful day.

    “Johra, an unknown dragon is flying toward the Pit.”

    I looked up and saw a giant blue dragon making its way here.

    “Ah, you’re finally here?”

    As it got closer it changed its appearance into that of a female human and ran towards me with her arms open.

    “Johra! Johra! Johra!”

    “Huh? How do you have your memories of me, Lilinor?”

    She sped forward to leap into my arms, but was intercepted midway.


    “Move! He is mine!”

    “Who are you?”

    “Ah… I’ll introduce you, this is Valenor.”

    “I’m Johra’s wife!”

    One day I had let slip that we were married and she had now taken it to heart.

    “Johra… did you really have that kind of hobby?”

    I shook my head awkwardly, even if I were to try and explain the whole situation, it was hardly a believable story.

    We retired to the Necropolis palace and we had a banquet to celebrate Lilinor’s arrival.

    Lilinor indulged herself in the many dishes, displaying a voracious appetite.

    “By the way, how was it that you retained your memories of me, Lilinor?”

    “Naturally it was because of the contract between us, which transcends Time and Space”

    “Really, how?”

    “My real identity is the incarnation of space and time, so I can retain my memories due to this power. Also, there are those children which had taken you as their master, it seems that they don’t have any memories of you now.”

    “Well, it’s a bit complicated to meet them now, I’m sure that we’ll meet again someday so I will just be patient and wait.”

    Phew. Oh right, you also need to hurry. Your slave is in danger.”

    “What slave?”

    Valenor suddenly tried to snatch some food from her plate, but I made her return it to Lilinor.

    “Are you talking about Viezda?”

    “I found a woman who matched her description, but she was nameless. She was in a pretty terrible condition so I tried to help her, but was blocked by a powerful entity, so I’ve come to you.”

    “What? Why have you only now told me?”

    “Ah, sorry I just got caught up in our reunion.”

    “Okay, you can all wait here, I’ll go bring her back.”

    “I’m going too!”

    Valenor cried out as she clung to my body.

    Tch! There’s no convincing this one!’

    I had tried several times to detach her but was unsuccessful so I just resigned myself to bringing her with me and stepped on my metallic disk.

    “Wait up Johra! You don’t know her location.”

    Lilinor ran out with some food in each hand.

    “Then quickly hop up and guide me there!”

    “Wow! This cake is really delicious!”

    “When did you become such a glutton?”

    “I’m not! It’s just that these dishes are way too tasty!”

    Within moments we had arrived at Gartmar.

    “Over there!”

    Peering through the window of some dirty and desolate alley, one inhabited by numerous drug addicts.

    “My love should not be suffering in this filth! Material Creation!”

    I created a bunch of gold and threw the coins at the thugs, grabbing ahold of Viezda who was coughing and wheezing in the corner of the room.


    I went to hug her tightly, but realised that her body was incredibly light, like picking up a small branch.

    I then used the Sephiroth network to give her emergency treatment and detoxify everyone in the alley.

    “Who are you? That isn’t my name.”

    She opened her eyes and looked at me. Naturally she was not yet aware that her name was Viezda.

    “From this moment on you are Viezda, my love.”

    I held her gently and brought her back to Necropolis.

    I was quite worried about her sickly appearance and helped nurse her back to health over the course of an entire month. Of course I could have just sped up the process with my magic, but it was bound to leave some after-effects and this natural way was best.

    “My lord, why are you so kind to me? I’m nothing but some abandoned prostitute.”

    I shook my head in response.

    You are my wife, Viezda. Don’t worry about the rest.

    I had improved her health and now had to tackled the next problem. She was still suffering under that curse of hers, so perhaps she would gain some confidence in herself if her beauty was restored.

    We were able to achieve this by hunting the Void Scuttles down beneath us, with the help of Lilinor. After a short period of time, she was able to level up enough to erase the curse, but her mental condition didn’t improve much. Instead, she seemed even more anxious about her condition.

    Ugh just what am I supposed to do?”

    I was able to cure her injuries, but it didn’t help me in winning her heart.

    I woke up that night to the sound of Viezda’s crying sounds coming from the terrace, as she basked in the moonlight.

    “Johra, could I help you out here?”

    “Gaia? Just how is it that you can help me?”

    “Have you forgotten that I’m an incarnation of Sha? It’s within my powers to affect one’s memories.”

    “Would you be able to restore Viezda’s memories?”

    “It might not be perfect, but I should be able to restore the memories of her time with you.”

    “Please, I beg you to help me with this!”

    Huhu… okay, I will help you, but I also have a favor to ask.”

    “A favor?”

    “It not a big deal at all, it might end up being a bit annoying, but it won’t bring you any harm. ”

    “Well… that’s a suspicious way to word it, but if it will solve Viezda’s current dilemma, I’ll do it!”

    “Sure, but wasn’t there another one as well? Melpo….”

    “Melpomene! Yes, where is she now?”

    Huhu! I’ll consider it a part of the same favor, so I’ll let you know soon enough.”

    “Great, so please help Viezda.”

    “When she wakes up tomorrow morning, she’ll have her memories back. It may not be perfect, but I’m sure she’ll feel much better.”

    And just as she prophessed, the next morning I was able to meet my Viezda.



    “Ho…how could I have forgotten all that?”

    “There were a lot of complications involving celestial powers, but that’s all done now.”

    It was more of a half truth, so I wasn’t outright lying to her.

    “I’m sorry Johra, about….”

    “No, none of this was your fault.”

    As we were hugging intimately, Valenor showed up and attempted to break us up.

    “Get away! I’m Johra’s wife!”

    “Oh yes, I’ve heard a lot about you, Miss Valenor.”

    “Okay, I’ll forgive you this once since you seem polite, but I’m still the wife!”

    Viezda couldn’t help but erupt into laughter upon hearing Valenor’s dignified declaration.

  • Chapter 154

    At first, things were a bit awkward between Viezda, Valenor and Lilinor since they didn’t know each other well, but their passion for the game of chess brought them together and they gradually became closer.

    I was enjoy my time, staring up at the bright blue sky and watching my three princesses pick up the chessboard after their match, when suddenly Gaia’s voice appeared from out of nowhere.

    “Are you some kind of womanizer Johra? Look at how happy all these women are with you.”

    “Stop that, Gaia. What are you here for?”

    Although I could already guess the reason she had come, I figured I’d play along a bit.

    Huhu! Do you remember that favor which involved Melpomene?”

    “Of course, and since you have control of most of the universes, it won’t be an easy task, right?

    “Come on, you can easily deal with this. Also, this doesn’t only concern Melpomene, but all the humans on Earth.”

    “What? Earth? Is Metatron somehow involved in all this?”

    “It seems Melpomene was born on Earth and in the same time period as your human life there. But, as you well know, Earth is currently under the influence of Metatron.”


    “Metatron and I are like the two sides to one coin, we can’t one up each other, not to mention that Earth is like his home ground.”

    “So you want me to take care of him?”

    “Something like that. I know that you two have some sort of arrangement by which he has to follow the course of history, but you know what terrible future is in store for Earth, so….”

    “Will I have any problems with this favor then?”

    “You know full well how strong you still are.”

    “I see, so what do I need to accomplish by going back over there?”

    “Two things actually, the first is to return with Melpomene and the second is to save Gnoss.”


    “Yes, Gnoss will actually play a relatively important role since he is destined to stand up to Metatron.”

    Ugh! How annoying.”

    “I’ll throw in a bonus, so please do this for me.”
    “Fine, then when would this occur?”

    “Right now.”

    “Hey! No, wait up Gaia! I haven’t finished yet….”

    Before I could say anything else, she placed her hand on me forehead and I was whisked back into the past.

    “That dam Gaia….”

    As I opened my eyes felt myself crumpled down in some smelly area, with light filtering in from above.

    “Over here…!”

    I shouted, hoping others could hear my voice.

    Shortly after I heard a couple voices.

    “Hey, are you okay down there?”

    “A child has just fallen in there!”

    ‘Oh, did I just return to the exact moment when I had fallen down the manhole?’

    I tried some magic skills but nothing appeared, likewise calling out the status page didn’t work.

    “I’m down here! Please get some help!”

    I shouted out anxiously and after some time a knotted rope descended which I used to climb out of the manhole.

    The next couple of days there was talk of the boy which was miraculously saved despite having fallen in a manhole, but as time passed the incident was quickly forgotten and I had returned to me regular life.

    ‘My magic skills still aren’t working, could it have all been a dream?’

    I began doubting many of my memories.

    After having returned to Earth, my relationship with my parents had improved drastically. Due to my many life experiences, I was able to properly express my affection for them. After all, in another universe they had lost their son and grieved heavily as a result of it.

    By now two years had passed since the incident with the manhole.

    My doubts about these memories of mine were becoming stronger, as I began believing them to be no more than a strange dream.

    ‘ChiZzzic! Joh…ra!’

    It reminded me of Lena’s voice which I had not heard in two years.


    I stood up and shouted loudly in the middle of class. Naturally there as no response and I was sent out to stand in the corridor as punishment for my outbreak.

    Across from our school was a special needs school which I would occasionally stare out to. However, this time around I saw a face which I just happened to recognize.

    “Don’t tell me… could that me Melpomene?”

    There was no plausible explanation for this since here face looked exactly like that of Melpomene’s from my memories.

    Whether or not I actually could hear Lena’s voice might have been in question, but for me, this resemblance to Melpomene was more concrete proof that I wasn’t entirely crazy.

    Completely ignoring my punishment of waiting out in the corridor, I ran towards the exit, hell bent on reaching the other school. Unfortunately the school monitor had seen me and apprehended me before I could cross the gates.

    “Crazy kid! Why did you run to the other school all of a sudden?”

    The school monitor proceeded to slap my across the cheek a few times, but I didn’t even feel the sting as my mind was still on Melpomene.

    Ever since that day I would wait by that schools gate from early in the morning when classes would start, and then once again the in afternoon when they would end. I would often be caught and brought before that school’s head disciplinary teacher who was angry with my actions. However I would Alway tell him that I was waiting to meet a student who studied here.

    They also tried to bring my parents into it, but it seems that they believed that I had simply found my first love and was simply obsessed.

    A few months passed in that fashion, but I had yet to see her again. Perhaps a normal person would have given up at this point, but not me. Part of what drove me so much was the desire to prove that my memories were more than mere fantasy.

    Rain or shine, I would be by that schools gate to watch the students enter and leave, gaining the nickname of Dandelion for my strange behavior.

    Finally, after six months of stalking, I was given permission to enter and look through the classes to find my mystery girl. But, after going classroom by classroom, I had yet to catch sight of Melpomene.

    It was to be expected, after all I had been sitting by the gate and watching every student enter and leave for the past six months. It had all been a dead end. I was standing there, by one of the classroom doors, feeling frustrated and defeated. When the adjacent faculty door opened and a young looking female teacher, who looked more like a student came out.

    “Oh, you must be that Dandelion, still haven’t found her yet?”

    I shook my head.

    “Oh, then maybe she just isn’t in school right now.

    “I’ve been looking for the past six months.”

    “Okay, then let me check the records to see if there was a student which transferred out around that time. Do you have a phone number?”

    I returned home after giving her my number. My parents upon seeing how depressed I looked just give me a pat on the back to try to cheer me up.

    Returning to my room, I jumped on my bed and stared at the ceiling dejectedly.

    “In the end was it all a dream? Lena’s voice, Melpomene’s face?

    I punched the wall in anger and tried to fall asleep.

  • Chapter 155

    Ring! Ring!

    I had slept in that morning, seeing as it was a Saturday, but was rudely awaken by the ringing of my phone.

    Ugh… it’s just an unknown number.”

    I would very rarely receive calls from people other than my parents, so after dismissing the call, I fell back asleep. However, a few minutes later the phone rang again.


    It was only then that I remembered that I had given my phone number to the young teacher just the other day, when I had almost lost all hope.

    After listening what she had to say, I was jumping with joy.

    “Can I truly meet her?”

    “Well… it might be a bit difficult in this case since she has transferred abroad.”

    “Where has she gone, please tell me!”

    Following my insistence, she ended up relenting and informed me that she had transferred schools to Brazil, completely on the other side of the globe, following her parents who were diplomats.

    For a regular high schooler it would be unthinkable to go all the way to Brazil to meet her. Not to mention, what would I even say to her if we were to meet up? She was not likely to even know me, so how should I try and convince her that my memories aren’t mere fantasy?

    I would only end up be treated like some nutcase.

    Just as I hung up the phone, the reality hit me. It was like a turning point, where I truly didn’t know whether or not to believe my own memories.

    Chiiizzic Johra? Can you hear me? I… it’s hards to make contact because there are so few nanobots left. Chiizzic’

    It was Lena’s voice which rang in my mind.

    “Lena? Lena!”

    Although she wasn’t able to answer back, it had definitely not been my imagination. It was the first time that Lena had strung together such a long sentence in this world.

    “So it was not all just a mere dream.”

    Hot tears began to flow as I finally had more confidence in my memories.

    “I definitely have to meet up with Melpomene, maybe she’ll even remember some stuff as well.”

    It may have been seen by others as a reckless decision, but I worked part-time in a fast food restaurant for a whole year in order to save enough money for the trip. Gaining my parents’ approval, in the summer of my 5th High school year, I sent her a letter letting her know of my intentions to visit, and hopped on a plane bound for Brazil.

    “Johra, is it okay to go meet her like this?”

    In past year Lena had recovered and we were now capable of having a conversation.

    “There must be a reason that Gaia sent me back here, so I need to meet her at least once. Why else would Melpomene be in this world?”

    It might have been an urgent matter seeing how quickly Gaia sent me away, but I had missed my chance at meeting her when we were still living close by. So now, I had no choice but to take the longer route and meet her all the way in Brazil, two years later.

    I couldn’t waste anymore time. After a few transfers in order to ensure the cheapest flight tickets, I had finally arrived in Brazil.

    It was in a completely different hemisphere, so although it was summer in Korea, it was winter here in Brazil. Luckily since the country was relatively close to the equator, their winter was more like autumn temperature back in Korea.

    While waiting at the airport for my ride to arrive, I had Lena look up any relevant information about Brazil.

    Tap Tap

    I turned around and find myself facing a 45 year old korean woman.

    “Could you be….”

    “The you are the one who sent the letter?”


    “I was worried that you’d be some strange student, but you seem fine. Still, I’m quite interested as to what would compel you to come so far after just once seeing someone in passing.”

    We drove for some time, before arriving at the gates of a decently sized mansion. It was a decently sized home on the outskirts of the city which had been provided to her family due to her father’s position as a diplomat.

    Ding! Dong!

    “Who is it?”

    I heard Melpomene sweet voice through the intercom.

    “Open up, I’ve brought the student.”


    The door opened and I cool feel Melpomene aura, despite her looks being somewhat different.

    “Uh… hi…”

    She hesitated for a while but finally responded.

    “Have we met before?”

    “Just in passing, but you felt familiar.”

    “You came all the way here just because you thought I was familiar?”

    Her mother had already explained to her the situation, but now that she first it first hand it still sounded incredible.

    “I don’t know why it is, but I couldn’t stop thinking about you.”

    “You’re a student visiting from afar, so you can stay here a couple of days.”

    Her mother gave me permission to stay at their home for a few days. Later that night, Melpomene sneaked into my room.


    She brought her finger to my mouth then pulled my hand as we escaped the compound. We wandered around for about 30 minutes before ending up in a secluded park.

    “Are you wondering how it is that I can walk so well despite not being able to see?”

    “Well, yes.”

    “I rather like walking in the parc at night, the quiet allows me to enjoy the nature, so after coming so many times and falling so often, I finally memorised the route.

    There was a moment of silence as we focused on the chirping of a grasshopper nearby.

    “Is this also some kind of magic?”

    “It seems more like hard work and persistence if you ask me.”

    Haha, I’ve dreamt of Gods and Magic. I’ve dreamt that I could see and shape the world as I wished.”

    I stared at her pensively, it seemed that she also had quite a few memories.

    “It might sound strange, but when I heard that you’d be coming to visit me from Korea, I thought you were my prince charming on his white horse, coming to whisk me away on some fairy tail. That it would mean I wasn’t just some crazy girl with all these strange dreams.

    “You aren’t crazy, I also have the same dreams!”

    “What? What did you say?”

    “I also have the same dreams”

    Hoho I might really believe you… I just might.

    She began to tear up as she started to believe that her dreams would come true.

    “Lena, are you ready?”

    “I think I should be able to momentarily interrupt the magic interference and access the Sephiroth network, but it would only be for a short time and I won’t be able to do it again for a while.

    “That’s fine, on my signal.”

    “Who are you talking to?”

    I answered her with a smile.

    “Just this once, I can show you a miracle. 3… 2… 1… Now!”

    Just as my countdown ended I changed her life with a very specific power.

  • Chapter 156

    Using my connection to the Sephiroth network I managed to cure her blindness.

    “Wow… to think that I could finally see something, even if its a bit blurry….”

    “It will take some time for your eyes to adjust, but from here on out you’ll be able to see.”



    “Thank you! You truly were my Prince charming!”

    I was caught unawares when she suddenly leapt into my arms, but the smell her fresh womanly shampoo was out of this world.

    “Did you just fix my eyesight using magic?”

    She asked me, as our faces were just 5 cm from each other.

    “Well, kind of?”

    “Then you came to take me back?”

    “Yes, just not right now, it’s still quite a complicated situation.”

    I heard some sounds coming from afar. It seemed that her parents had found out she was missing and were tracking her down.

    “We should go back.”


    Although her mother was quite angry about her disappearing act, it was completely forgotten about when she learned that she could now see.

    The very next morning she was rushed to the hospitable to be taken care of. I followed them there and painted a teleportation array in the hospital’s basement, that way when I fully regained access to my magic I could return here to take her back.

    Leaving her a note, I flew back to Korea.

    We kept in touch, exchanging letters and the occasional phone calls. I was just glad to know that she was still doing well. Now that I was certain that my dreams were in fact true, I decided to enjoy my current life to the fullest. This continued until about 1 month away from my college entrance exams.

    “Johra I’ve received a message.”

    Lena’s voice rang out in my mind, I now knew better than to answer her outloud and continued to pretend to study.

    “Gaia has opened up a permanent bridge to the other world, you can go there anytime at these coordinates.”

    I became excited, thinking that this had been long overdue. After class, I went to a secluded area and had a talk with Lena.

    “Can you now use magic?”

    “Yes, I should be able to access the Sephiroth network up to four more times in a row and it would take 10 days to recharge.

    “Hmm… so that disturbance is Metatron’s doing?”

    “Right, he’s installed several apparatuses across the planet which interfere with magic. It seems that he was keen on creating an environment for humans which didn’t really on any magic.”

    “I see, but even if I return to my other world, I still want to make sure that Earth isn’t destroyed like last time.”

    “You want to change the future?”


    “Once I establish a link with Machina, we should have greater access to magic, but it might still get complicated is Metatron were to show up.”

    “Would we really be at that much of a disadvantage?”

    “Yeah, pretty much, but don’t worry too much about it, you still have me, remember?”


    I made my way to the coordinates provided by Gaia, which brought me to a building in the outskirts of the city which was under construction. I waited until night time, before sneaking in and crossing to the other side.



    I was tackled to the ground by the combined effort of Valenor and Viezda. Valenor looked to be at least 10 years old, whereas Viezda’s complexion had completely recovered and she seemed to be doing much better.

    “How have you two been?”

    “Gaia took good care of us.”

    “How long have I been away?”

    Valenor put up five fingers.

    “Five months?”


    Valenor slapped me across the cheek


    “Bad hubby! Five years! You should have visited sooner!”

    Seen her tearful face, I forgotten the pain on my cheek and hugged her lovingly. I took some time to properly explain my situation and then bid them goodbye as I returned to Earth. I had to immediately begin my preparations to deal with Metatorn.

    “Lena, how are things going?”

    “Everything is well, we can now ignore the magic jamming as Machina’s created a direct link to the network.”

    “Good, but we should destroy those jammers just in case.


    We created a teleportation array and arrived at the origin of magic disruption.

    Huhu~ So this was one of the things responsible for blocking out magic on Earth.”

    It was a large hybrid of magic and science, including Magic arrays, Magic stones and a mechanic component.


    I brought down Excalibur on the whole thing and it began melting right through it.

    “Next one Lena!”

    I teleported away and spent the whole day destroying all 144 of those jammers that were spread around the planet. I left the one on Seoul mountain for last and took care of it during the night.

    “Huh, I can’t believe I spent so much time doing this, I have an important exam coming up! ”

    I looked up into the sky and laughed helplessly.

    “There is still one that remains on a orbiting meteorite?”

    “That’s true Johra, but it would be hard to get there, unless you created some kind of spaceship.”

    “It should be fine, we still have a lot of time and don’t need to take care of it right away.”

    “I will prepare a step by step plan, oh and Gnoss’ birth should be around the corner.”

    “Do you have a specific time and location?”


    The time frame Lena provided was six months from now, which would be after my College entrance exams.

    “What do you think about giving him some of your nanobots, Lena?”

    “Okay, I’ll prepare for that.”


    Six months later I hid myself in the adjacent room of the hospital where the baby Gnoss was born, and spread the nanobots to him. With them, he would at least be quite safe since the Rohim’s shield could defend him from pretty much anything save for Metatorn himself.

    After accomplishing the task it felt like most of my work here was now done.


    I heard my name called one night, returning from drinking out with my friends to find Metatron standing in the middle of my living room.

    My whole body froze and my hairs stood up in fear. Excalibur was kept securely in the closest, and it was impossible to face Metatorn with Lena alone. Still, I played it cool and answered him.

    “What are you doing here, Metatron?”

    “You are ruining the future.”

    Huhu~ Wasn’t it you who told me that it was all set in stone and couldn’t be modified?”

    “How dare you Johra! The purity of the universes….”

    “How annoying, haven’t you learned this by now? The future is constantly in flux, it is like a certain planned destination but with certain allowances and isn’t fixed.


    “How do you think it was possible for me to affect the present reality and have it differ from the past one?”

    “It is all because of you, you trash which has contaminated the universes!”

    As we conversed I slowly and naturally made my way towards the closet.

    “Well, how do you even know that Alpha and Omega were part of the eternal flow from the beginning of time, perhaps they too were the product of another’s intervention.”

    “You are the source of all problems, that is my conclusion, now pick up your sword!”

    Metatron seemed to have guessed my intentions of going for Excalibur, and was even confident enough to let me grab it.

    I took hold of Excalibur just as Metatron released his powers. As our magic clashed, his face began to distort. I came out ahead as Excalibur was an amplified version of Abbadon’s powers, whereas Metatron had only received a limited version of Abbadon’s magic.

    I watched his arm disintegrate and turn to dust. He tried to hit me with his last remaining fist, but his other arm suffered the same fate.

    “It was a good idea to surprise me like this, but you shouldn’t have allowed me to grab ahold of this sword.”

    I spoke in a relaxed manner now that I had the upper hand and he had lost both of his arms.

    Metatron seemed to have lost all reason and was incredibly desperate.

    “I can’t believe that I’ve been defeated. You’ve already managed to change the future, setting it on a completely new path in a way that Abbadon and the purity of the universes will never return.”

    “Hmm… well I do feel a bit sorry for you, but I still can’t forgive you for all the massacres you’ve committed.”

    “In that case let us die together! In that way I’ll at least have managed to eliminate the trash and the universe will once again undergo its stage of reduction and reincarnation, even if I won’t be around to witness it!”

    “Hey, just wha…?”


    The next moment Metatron used his remaining powers to self-destruct in the center of his body. I immediately used Excalibur to massively slow down the speed which it occurred at, but likewise Metatorn had used all his mastery of time to speed up the process. Fortunately Excalibur’s prowess slightly exceeded his, which bought me precious seconds to think.

    “That lunatic, by self-destructing he will take half of the known universes down with him!”

    “Johra, the teleport array is ready.”

    “Where to?”

    “Just create a place, you now have full access to the Sephiroth network.”

    “Create one?”

    I then recalled my strongest skill [Creation of Time and Space], which I promptly used with a swish of my hand.

    “Let there be light!”

    “We’ve observed the creation of your new universe, locking on the location with the teleportation array, 3…2…1… Go!”

    I then disappeared along with Metatron’s contained explosion and reappeared in a microcosm of space.

    “Damn, won’t we now get caught up in the explosion?”

    The Rohim shield had immediately flickered and then given out, unable to contain the explosion any longer and even Excalibur melted down when exposed to it.

    “We no longer have access to the Sephiroth network as it doesn’t extend to this new space you’ve created. This time, I will make sure that at least you’d be able to return.”

    They were Lena’s last words before we both were caught in the explosion.

    “Lena? Lena!”

    I called out to her, but there was no answer. I was now in limbo, floating through time and space. My arms and legs had disappeared as a result of the explosion, but my torso and head were still intact. I was beginning to lose consciousness, but hung on desperately, unwilling to give in to death.

    “Take my hand.”

    I welcomed the familiar voice of Gaia.

    As I grabbed a hold of her I reappeared in a flash of light and Gaia instantly helped me recover my missing limbs.

    “Odin, Skyfather, you’re both here.”

    “How was experiencing the beginning of time?”

    Skyfather looked at me questioningly.

    “The beginning of time?”

    “You might not be aware of it, but Metatron’s explosion was like the Big Bang, the beginning of all the universes.


    “Did Lena do something at the very last minute? She must have spread herself across the universe after the explosion, leaving behind enough magic to recreate you, Johra.”

    “What are you talking about, I can’t understand any of it.”

    “You’ll have to be responsible for ensuring the eternity of the universes, but there is plenty of time before that becomes relevant so you can have a nice extended vacation until then.”

    “I don’t get it.”

    “Now that Metatorn is gone, I have to shoulder all of his responsibilities…”

    Gaia showed a disgruntled expression.

    “Still, now Metatron is a part of us all, there is also a part of Lena and Johra across all the universes….”

    “My head is begging to hurt just thinking about it.”

    “Okay, head back for now, everyone is waiting for you.”

    “Alright then.”

    As I stepped through the door, the three Gods continued their discussion.

    “So now that the creation of the universes is done, the rest….”

    Ugh! I’m getting a headache.”

    “Is it fine for the universe to flow in this direction? The purity….”

    This discussion between the three of the continued until the end of time.

    “Do you think that Johra was the right choice?”

    “Gaia asked Skyfather?”

    “Yes, and Level 1 Skeleton Soldier was the perfect starting point.”

    “Hey Skyfather, that one was my idea!”

    Ha ha ha!

    Odin laughed heartily as he watched the heated debate between the other two. He still had no idea why one would need to start as a Level 1 Skeleton.  

  • Epilogue

    I reappeared back in my room on Earth.


    There was no answer, perhaps she had completely vanished due to the explosion.

    I walked into what had now become a new apartment building as I stepped into the other world.

    “Hmm… how was it already that we made teleportation arrays?”

    I had watched Lena do it several times and had occasionally helped out, but it was my first time doing it alone.

    After some experimentation I was able to arrive back at the Pit and was warmly greeted by those closest to me.

    I was now in contact with Machina, seeing if there was a way to bring back Lena.

    “Well… I could restore her, but it wouldn’t include all of her memories, it would be more of a substitute.


    I returned to Pit, disappointed with the news, but didn’t share it with the others. I enjoyed my time on both Earth and this world, but still my longing for Lena grew.

    Years passed and news reached me of a genius which looked like a younger Gnoss. I saw him on the news. A child prodigy just 6 years old that was able to solve graduate level problems. It was then that a voice appeared in my mind.

    “How have you been?”

    It was Lena’s remnant nanobots which I had left in Gnoss. I had completed forgotten about that fact! I immediately left to meet up with this child prodigy. Through the internet I was able to find out where he was staying and by dawn the next day I was standing outside his home.

    Ding Dong!

    I heard a familiar voice through the intercom.


    It was Gnoss. It seemed that he could recognize me, but it couldn’t have been a memory, so most probably Lena had informed him of me.

    “Gnoss, or should  call you Phil?”

    He shook his head in response.

    “I’m Gnoss.”

    “Okay, now hand Lena over.”

    I cut straight to the point.

    Haha Yes, she said it’s fine for her to return to Johra now that Metatron is gone.”


    “My mission is to block the future attacks which have been set in motion by Metatron, you can go now.”

    Gross asked me to leave with a sad face.

    “Before that… Gnoss, can’t we be friends once more?”

    It took me some effort to say, but it finally came out.

    “Hmm… but I heard from Lena that Johra is still wary of me.”

    It is true that most of my life I had perhaps been to suspicious of his motives, but the results were always good

    “That was my own fault, if I had believed in you more, I could have avoided many hardships.”

    Gnoss gave me a confused look, before smiling.

    “It seems that after all these years, we’ve truly become friends.”

    He reached out and we shook hands.

    “Well good friend of mine, it seems my memories have returned.”

    “Ah… wait, what?”

    “I’m not sure how it is that I now have Metatron’s memories, but it seems that I’m now his reincarnation.”


    It was my turn to be stupefied, I had never imagined that Gnoss would have been Metatorns reincarnation.

    I tried to pull back my hand but it wouldn’t budge.

    “It it wasn’t for you, Johra, this world would have disappeared and we wouldn’t have been able to become friends.”

    His smile made my back break into cold sweats, but I couldn’t deny the veracity of his words.

    “Yes, friends for life.”

    Hahaha I think I truly like you Johra. You may caused me to die a couple gruesome deaths, but I can’t help but like you!”

    His words rang in my mind, and then he disappeared without leaving a trace. Ever since that moment I had never met him again, despite all the times I’ve looked.

    I checked all the magic traps which Metatron had previously created, but couldn’t find any clues. I also asked  Gaia, Skyfather and Odin if they knew anything, but they claimed to not know his whereabouts, despite giving me a small smirk.

    “Damn… I’m worried that Gnoss will do something crazy again.”

    Time flew by and with my four wives I ended up having thirteen children. To this day both worlds remain at peace, but deep within me remained a mix of anxiety and expectations when I thought of the future to come.

    Translator’s note:

    Thanks to all who have managed to stick with me throughout all the ups and down in the story. I’ve enjoyed my time translating it and couldn’t have done it all without your constant support. For those yet unaware, my second project will be Master of Strength (MoS) which I have just begun and should be start posting within the coming weeks. Thanks again for your unwavering support,


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