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  • Chapter 118

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  • Chapter 119

    “The asteroids have stopped coming.”

    “What? How is that possible?”

    “It seems that those people have decided to intervene.”

    “Uh… you mean the High Gods?”

    I swallowed my saliva nervously.

    “Maybe one of those observers finally decided to step in.”

    “Who are they?”

    “Although Gods can be quite powerful, only a few among them are strong enough to restrain asteroids. ”

    “So who could it be? It’d probably be best if we can prepare ourselves in advance.”

    “We can’t be sure, but with that level of strength it must be Atlas or Thor. They sent stronger ones than I expected.”  

    “Try not to look so nervous, this is mostly a show of force to gain some advantage in the upcoming negotiations.”

    “Right, but if they are so powerful, why don’t they just create their own planet.”

    Gnoss however shook his head and explained.

    “Simply having sufficient power isn’t enough to create a planet and it isn’t easy to escape the inner politics of the Gods. In order to create and rule their own planet, they would probably need a backing on the same level as Metatron or Skyfather.”

    “I see, so even a God’s life is quite complicated.”

    “Of course, ever since the disappearance of the Supreme Gods, the Gods have almost constantly been at war. Since their awareness is so complete, they can know almost anything that is going on in the universe. This means that they will find many situations to bicker over.”

    “Hmm… why is it that Gods don’t anything regarding the disappearance of these supreme Gods?”

    “There are several theories on the subject, but it seems that the two highest Gods, omniscience and omnipotence had argued over something prior to their disappearance. ”

    “Really, what was their argument about?”

    “That remains a mystery to all. In fact discovering this truth has been the main goal behind the Gnossian Coalition.”

    “Ah, right, Gnoss, you were a part of that group!”

    “I guessed as much, perhaps when I reincarnated into a human I was influenced somewhat by my past memories and chose my name to reflect that of the organization.”

    “No wonder they have the same name.”

    “Right, well actually my memories as Harpok are largely incomplete and I can’t remember all those which had joined the Gnossian coalition.”

    “I see, out of Harpok we had only managed to learn that Gaia had once been a part of it.”

    “Yes, her I can remember, but as for the information on other members….”

    “By the way Gaia will lose her divinity in about 20 years time.”

    I informed him of a future event which had just come to me.

    “What, who did you hear that from?”


    “Ah… that little bastard. That’s too bad, Gaia was recognized by all as a great goddess who had won the hearts and mind of all humans alike.”

    “Well, it only happens in the future.”

    “Ah right, we’re talking about the future now.”


    Nautilus had run into an unshakable presence.


    Over that past year we had retrofitted Nautilus into a 200 meter high spacecraft. It was outfitted with our strongest Rohim Shield as well as the Tri-force laser cannon, so I was quite confident in its abilities should a space war occur. An existence which could take on the Nautilus’ momentum head on wasn’t something to be underestimated.

    Just as I was thinking that to myself, Gnoss spoke up.

    “Just what are those High Gods up to!”

    “Come out you foolish mortal! How dare you create this filthy rock in this universe of us gods!”

    He stood atop Nautilus’ command center holding a giant hammer.


    “That’s right,” Gnoss and I exchanged a knowing smile.

    “God of thunder, Thor! How dare you show up to Master’s home without permission!”

    Thanatos stood before him, her hand turning pitch black.

    “Are you a new God of Death? It’s my first time seeing you.”

    Thor rested his hammer on his shoulder and asked curiously.

    “Why is it that you are interfering in our work, Thor?”

    “Is this your doing? Hm, you also feel like a God, where have I seen you before…”

    Thor pondered s he looked at Gnoss.

    “I’m Harpok, I just have a different appearance right now.”

    “Ah, the God of Secrets, I remember now. It was said that you had been captured by Metatron, but it seems you are now free. Are you two the ones behind this?”

    “Hey God of Thunder, stop meddling in our affairs.”

    “Hm… what is that noise? Did I just hear the sound of two mosquitoes talking?”

    Thor was obnoxiously pretending not to hear them and I was beginning to become more than a little annoyed by his arrogance.

    “Thanatos, you don’t need to hold back against him.”

    “Yes Master.”

    “What? A God of Death at the beck and call of a mere mortal?”


    Thanatos had appeared before him and was grabbing hold of his neck.

    “Ha, it was a mistake of yours to get so close to me!”


    Thor swung his giant hammer but it hit nothing but empty space.

    “That’s not good.”

    “Ha! You may be the God of Thunder, but I’m Death itself, you can’t harm me.”

    “Shit! How annoying.”

    Thor swung his hammer dozens of times but it passed right through Thanatos as if she were a ghost.

    “Why don’t you just give up and apologize. You should know by now tha mere thunder can’t vanquish death.”

    “Just why is it that a God of Death serves at the whims of a mortal? Loki, Heimdall, come out and give me a hand!”

    Kuuuung Saaah

    Within moments a rainbow light appeared and out walked two beings. One with a dark blue cape and the other black.

    “Thanatos, come back.”

    “Yes Master.”

    We were all now standing outside the Nautilus and it had turned into a 3v3. On out side we had myself, Thanatos and Gnoss, while they had Thor, Loki and Heimdall

    “Brother, didn’t you say that you had come to negotiate?”

    “I was about to start negotiating, Heimdall! Thanks for coming brother. I appreciate your help.”

    Thor spoek to one of the Gods while wrapping his arm around his neck.

    “Let’s see, Heimdall the Clairvoyant, Loki the God of Trickery and Thor, God of Thunder. Is it Odin’s three little musketeers? Huhuhu… I wonder if Odin is watching as well?”

    Gnoss laughed sneakily, whereas Loki gave us a wide smile.

    “Of course, Odin is all knowing.”

    “Bullshit, only the God of Omniscience has that kind of ability. Odin is only slightly better than Heimdall with regards to their awareness.”

    “Harpok don’t go too far, or do you want a taste of my hammer?”

    Loki however, quickly interceded on his brother’s behalf.

    “Stop that Thor, we didn’t come here to battle.”

    “Well despite your position as the herald and your smooth tongue, brother, our purpose has yet to be achieved.”

    Loki stared at Gnoss in contemplation.

    “Huh… well that couldn’t be helped, but as you said it’s my role.”

    “Come, spin for me your tales and lies, I, the God of Secrets shall listen to them.”

    I heard Harpok speak out solemnly.

    “How difficult. Father Odin has given me a tall order by asking me to convince this one.”

    “Hurry up brother, we can’t keep this up for too long. Even with our powers stopping such large rocks can only be done for a limited period of time.”

    “Is Thor helping out?”

    “Yes he is, but it’s still the same and time is of the essence, you know that if we simply let go….”

    “It’ll be a catastrophe.”

    “Why is that?”

    I asked curiously.

    “Think of it as a stretched out rubber band, what would happen if you let go?”

    “Oh I see, you are trying to threaten our planet’s core right?”

    “Watch your tongue mortal, my hammer alone is enough to claim your puny life.”

    “Enough brother! Go, I will handle the negotiations.”

    Loki ordered but Thor stared at him without breaking eye contact. I was upset seeing the situation, but quickly calmed down.

    “Gnoss, tell them that I don’t respond well to threats.”

    “Will it be fine?”


    “Did you hear that?”

    Gnoss said coldly. Loki stayed pensively for a little while before turning to Thor.

    “Brother, just get rid of the asteroids.”

    “What about the negotiations?”

    “I think we need to show some good faith first.”


    “Father had told us that Loki would be in charge in these negotiations.”

    When Heimdall said that, Thor’s face turned ugly.

    “Fine, I understand, I’ll go back. Tell me the results of this negotiations of yours, brother, else I’ll come back and bash their heads in with Mjölnir.”


    Thor disappeared in a flash of lightning.

    “Good, well now that the muscle head is gone, why don’t we start the negotiations? In fact, perhaps I should be addressing the one standing beside you. Your name was Johra, right?”

    Loki gave a cordial greeting, making me feel at ease.

    Loki, how can I negotiate with the God of Trickery?

    “My brother Heimdall is very reliable. Thor has the brawns, Heimdall is the most reliable and I have my brains.

    A show of strength, then absolute confidence, followed by reason and negotiations. It was a three step scheme to gain a small edge in the talks to come.

    “So what do you want to talk about?”

    “We know what you are trying to make.”


    “We want a stake in your venture, and in turn we can offer protection.”

    “But why should we cut you in? Would we have to do the same to any Gods which turn up on our doorstep?”

    Gnoss jumped in, he was aware that although Odin and his family  were the first to arrive, they would be no means be the last we’d see of the Gods.

    “God of Secrets, as you well know, Odin is part of the three strongest Gods. Can you not also see that all three sons of Odin are here to guarantee your protection. Skyfather will not intervene in this matter, which only leaves Metatron, but he isn’t in this universe any longer. The other gods are not our opponents.”

    “There are Gods stronger than Odin. Perhaps not alone, but if Zeus’ Olympians join up with the Titans, they would more than be your match, not to mention that there are several other factions out there. What makes you think that you are so superior?”

    “Ha ha ha… you are indeed the God of Secrets and already know of all the forces opposed to us. You’re right, those powers would definitely intervene should we start to cooperate, but….”


    “We know the whereabouts of Ragnarok’s key.”

    “You do?”

    “And that’s why we are confident that the other Gods aren’t our opponents.”

    ‘Huh? A key? I have one of those, but it can’t be the one they are talking about.’

    “Well… then that’s a different story.”

    “What key is he talking about, Gnoss?”

    “It’s the key which can bring about the decline of the Gods.”

    “Decline of the Gods?”

    “Right, it’s a a key which opens the Tower of the Gods, giving the owner the ability to cause the deaths of all gods, and have their powers reborn into another person. That is except for top Gods like Odin, Skyfather and Metatron.

    Hearing that story I was finally convinced that I was in possession of that very key.

    “But why is knowing where it is so important?”

    “Huh? Well obviously whoever has it can basically decide the life and death of any regular God. The only thing people know about it was that Skyfather had hidden it away, but no one has heard about it since.”

    “Maybe he’s just lying, after all he is Loki.”

    “If that were the case Heimdall would have said something since she never lies.”


    “Are you two finished?”

    Loki looked at us with a silly expression.

    “Yes, but since you already know the key’s location why would you come and negotiate with us? That alone is enough to secure a favorable position amongst the Gods no?”

    Loki’s face erupted into a crooked smile.

    It’s because my father wants to break free of Skyfather’s rule and create his own Asgard, The key which could allow all that to happen is right over there.”

    Loki laughed wickedly as he pointed to the pouch hanging to my side. Gnoss however turned towards me, visibly upset.

    ‘What did you want me to do? I didn’t know the nature of this key.’

    ‘You should have asked me Johra!’

  • Chapter 120

    I needed to come to a decision and ignore Gnoss’ scolding for the moment. If they already knew all about it then I had little choice in the matter.

    “Fine, Loki you and your clan shall have your stake in this venture, but in return, be sure to protect Utopia when the time comes.”

    “That’s great news, Johra. I’ve finally succeeded my mission, how big will our stake be?”

    “One percent.”
    Gnoss immediately spoke out. In truth I was about to offer 3 percent, but Gnoss had a shrewder business mind

    “That seems a tad low. Is that truly all you can offer, Gnoss?”

    “Nonsense, you’d best accept this much since it’s five times more than you’d get by fighting for it with the other gods.”

    Tch! It’s hard to one up the God of Secrets, I was expecting to get about 3% from Johra.

    “Why do you think that I jumped in.”

    “Will you allow us to create our own Asgard?”

    “We already have a satellite moons which we use as lookouts to monitor for any incoming forces, but it would be a good idea to have another as well to make sure we have better coverage.”

    “Okay, what size do you want it to be?”

    “Somewhere between 150~200 km diameter should be fine, Johra.”

    I nodded back and went to work. I was confident in leaving the finer details of the negotiations to Gnoss.

    “So it’s agreed.”

    “Yes, everything is okay, Heimdall?”

    “Yes, I will act as guarantor for this transaction, as Odin has given his blessing.”


    Thor appeared in a flash of lighting.

    “So what’s the result, brother? Have you made any progress?”

    Loki nodded back, then pointed towards Heimdall who agreed as well.

    “Well done brother, since we have completed Odin’s wishes to the letter, can I return now?”

    “Just a moment, Thor. Previously you acted rude towards my master, so if you don’t apologize then these negotiations aren’t finalized.

    Thanatos spoke out in an oppressive manner. She had not said a peep until now, but was suddenly burning with hostility.

    I was wondering if I should put a stop to her, but Gnoss stealthily shook his head.

    “You! As a God of Death have you no shame, serving this mortal? I’ve endured and been patient until this point because of my father Odin’s command, but you choose to test me? Foolish!”

    “Master, let me teach this guy a lesson!”

    Thanatos asked me for permission to beat him up, but Gnoss quickly spoke to me telepathically.

    ‘At this point it would be better to have Thor indebted to us due to his rudeness. Odin must have have instructed Thor to listen to Loki’s commands during this negotiations, so we can gain something here.’

    Although all three of those Gods stood as equals, it was clear that due to Odin’s blessings, Loki was above the rest during these talks.

    “Trickster Loki, isn’t this a breach of our contract?”

    “I understand Johra, but you see my brother doesn’t really listen to me all that much.”

    “Well perhaps we should exclude him from our contract then?”

    Loki and Gnoss both smiled knowingly.

    “Brother, Odin has given me the responsibility of overseeing these negotiations, agreed?”


    “I think you will need to put aside your ego for now, in order for this talks to move forward. Allfather Odin’s instructions trump all else.”

    “Tell me what I should do, brother.”

    Thor’s expression contorted in anger as he understood that he would definitely suffer a loss.

    “I, Loki, son of Odin, apologize on behalf of my brother Thor. Furthermore, to ensure the successful negotiations, I order you to serve under sir Johra until the completion of Asgard. Is this not also Odin’s will, Heimdall?”

    “It is.”

    “No, brother, for me to serve under a mortal….”

    “Are you trying to go against our father, Odin’s will?”

    Both Loki and Heimdall turned to stare at him seriously and he finally relented, dropping his hammer in defeat.

    “You are right, Loki. I must follow father’s will.”

    Despite his great pride, Thor walked before me and bowed his head.

    “Please forgive my previous rudeness.”

    Thanatos still had her arms crossed in dissatisfaction, but I was glad instead. Having a strong God at the forefront would certainly help dissuade other Gods form meddling in our affairs.

    It was a scheme agreed upon between Loki and Gnoss after just a quick glance at one another. We both benefited from the result, as Loki was able to make a rival brother of his suffer while we gained the employ of a God.

    ‘Johra, Odin should be aware of all that has been going on here because Heimdall can communicate telepathically with him regardless of the distances. That is why Thor was quick to succumb.’ Heimdall’s word is the same as if it had come from Odin.

    ‘Ah, is that so’

    ‘Right, Heimdall is not only a God, but also acts as Odin’s Messiah. It’s a complex and close relationship, but it seems that in the end the result is quite favorable for us.’

    The negotiations complete, Loki and Heimdall left to return to Odin’s side, while Thor stayed behind, standing in the command center of the Nautilus feeling dejected.

    However, we were able to quickly change his mood as Lena got a couple androids to brew several barrels of ale. He seemed to become alive after drinking the beer, but the subsequent singing which sounded like that of drunken sailors was hard to put up with.

    “Is that drunk really Thor, the God of Thunder?”

    “Yes, when he drinks his personality is completely different. Still, he’s the same Thor who is top 3 among Gods regarding brute force.

    He soon passed out, having drunk too much, but perhaps due to his divinity he recovered quickly. Gnoss then passed by and put him to work.

    “That one’s really huge, how is he able to move it so effortlessly.”

    “Electromagnetism, since he’s the God of Thunder, he can move those large asteroids if they are rich in iron.”

    “Ah, so it was like that.”

    Much like the drones used by Lena, Thor was using his electromagnetic abilities to move forces that were otherwise beyond his power.

    “It’s a great thing to have this God of Thunder working for us.”

    “Finally something that muscles head is useful for.”

    Thanatos exclaimed coldly from the side. She still held a grudge against him. Although I appreciated the fact that she had stepped up to defend me, It was now a bit too much since we were on the same side so I had to have a word with her.

    “Thor is our ally now, so do try and go easy on him.”

    “I understand that much, so as long as he doesn’t cause any mishaps I won’t go too far. I just don’t like him though.”

    Thanatos spat out and left the command post. Normally she would go went on Krishna if she didn’t agree with something.

    “Gnoss, was the name of Thor’s hammer Mjölnir?”

    “Right, it’s actually the main source of Thor’s power. His father Odin bestowed it upon him.”

    “Oh, then how do you think it would match up versus Krishna?”

    “Ah… well even if Krishna is an artifact, Mjölnir is a weapon which has been personally blessed by Odin, so perhaps it’s a bit stronger?”

    “I see, just don’t say that in front of Krishna, he would surely get angry.”


    Gnoss and I both stared at  Mjölnir curiously, wondering how it would feel to one day hold it in our hands.

    Shortly after delegations from Zeus’ and Ra’s factions arrived, but they were turned back through Thor’s sheer might. Three months later, Utopia was finally completed.

    “Ten… nine… eight….”

    “Ah~ are we finally finished?”

    “Yes and no, although the size of the planet is there, the real hard work begins now. We will need to terraform the surface in order to create a hospitable environment which can accommodate life. This here are some of the proposals which Zaira had put forth, there are over 100,000 of them which require your immediate attention.”

    “What? Can’t you just take care of this?”

    “Nonsense,  in the first place you were the one who wanted to micromanage the development of Utopia down to the very detail.”

    “Ah… but 100,000….”

    “Fusion is complete, waiting for temperature to cool to proceed.”

    “As soon as Lena finished her announcement a string of messages appeared before me.

    [Race has changed to Evolutionary God]

    [Became God of Creation]

    [Utopia Planet]

    [All skills have been restored]

    [You have learned Thought Creation Lv1]

    [You have learned Indestructible Lv1]

    [You have learned Immortality Lv1]

    [You have learned Space Restoration Lv1]

    [Acquired ⦅Title: Revival⦆]


    Countless more skills and titles appeared but I wasn’t able to focus on them due to the wailing of a siren

    “Warning! Warning! An incoming Solar Flare has been detected. It’s trajectory has been determined to be on a collision course with planet Utopia and will arrive in 15 minutes and 24 seconds.”

    “Damn High God lunatics! They made a star’s corona explode.”

    “What kind of damage are we looking at Lena?”

    “It’s radius is expected to be that of 5,000 km upon impact and can blow up half the planet.

    “Those greedy pigs! They can’t swallow up any of it so they choose to blow it up! This must be either Apollo or Ra’s doing!”

    I was distressed by the urgency in Gnoss’ voice. True, I had just become a God, but I had no way in preventing the incoming catastrophe.

    “How about the Extinction gun?”

    “It would help, but it won’t be enough as it could only block part of it.”

    “Worry not, God of Secrets, how dare they send this our way when they know that I, Thor and here!”


    Thor turned into a streak of lightning and flew out towards the incoming sun.

    “Can he really stop it by himself?”

    “Well, we don’t have much of a choice but to rely on him, but even if he succeeds he won’t come out unscathed.”

    “Then why didn’t you stop him from going?”

    “As a God, if you encounter something with exceeds your strength you will still be wounded. He won’t die, but the recovery process would be quite lengthy.”

    “Well this is the reason which Odin sent Thor over here. I guess Odin is listening in on our conversation, so the reason he isn’t showing up is that he is confident in Thor’s abilities.

    “Isn’t this father asking a bit too much out of his son?”

    “They have a complicated relationship. Some legends even claim that their is a power struggle between them in which they need to keep their strengths in check. ”

    “Sounds troublesome.”

    Shh, we don’t know if that old guy is listening.”

    After a short time Lena spoke up.

    “A large hole has appeared in the center of the incoming solar flare, so it shouldn’t affect planet Utopia too badly.”

    “Ah, how fortunate.”

    “Well, there’s another problem, Johra.”


    “Take a look at that.”

  • Chapter 121

    “Um… why are there so many balls of light?”

    “We have detected hundreds of bodies of energy approaching from 3 o’clock.”

    Lena announced ominously.

    “I see, it seems that the Egyptian Gods and Olympians have finally made their move.”

    “Ah, then was the earlier solar flare just a ruse to lure out Thor?”



    Suddenly a bunch of rainbow lights appeared in Nautilus’ command center as dozens of gods appeared.

    “Johra, Odin has sent over reinforcements as per our contract.”

    Loki appeared and spoke cordially.

    “Thank you, but do we even have a way to deal with so many Gods?”

    I turned to Gnoss and asked.

    “Well… maybe if we slow down time, giving Thor a chance to return. By the way Loki, is your father not coming? I would have expected him to join us in such an emergency.”

    Loki’s expression became uncomfortable as he answered.

    “Well, not too long ago he was tasked by Skyfather to participate in a mission, maybe….”

    “Ah, so the Olympians might have had a hand in this.”

    Loki nodded back solemnly.

    “Damn! We simply don’t have any chance of winning this encounter.  How will be get out of this one? Are we going to have to buy time and simply wait for a miracle?”

    Arms crossed, I was only half listening to the conversations going on around me, as I focused on a single thought.


    It was only then that I snapped out of it and responded.

    “Just give me as much time as you can.”

    “Alright, did you hear that Loki?”

    “We’ll do as you said. In the name of the almighty Odin, to battle!”

    “For Odin!”

    They fired up their powers and rushed towards the incoming Gods.

    “I’ll go join them, Johra.”

    “Okay, but if you see that it’s getting too dangerous make sure to run away and save your life, alright Thanatos?”

    Bowing down momentarily, she then straightened herself up and vanished into a dark shadow.

    “Gnoss, how much time do we have?”

    “Uhm… Lena?”

    “What is our distance from the enemy?”

    “About two AU.”

    She went silent as she made her complicated calculations, before responding.

    “Considering the distance and factoring more or less how much time the Norse Gods can buy, I’d say three hours at best, if we’re unlucky then two.”

    “Good, Is the Extincition gun on the Nautilus operational?”

    “Sure… but it won’t be enough against these Gods. The energy output would have to be at least 10,000 times stronger.”

    “I’ll begin preparations.”

    “Huh? Didn’t you just hear me? It’s not possible, you’d need to make it 10,000 times stronger.”

    “I know, but are you aware what kind of God I am?”

    “What? You became a God? No wonder I couldn’t check your status anymore.”

    “God of Creation.”

    “God of Creation, what kind of God is that? I’ve never heard of it before….”

    “I’m the God of all things that have been made with the ability to enhance all creation.  I feel like I’m the first and last of my kind.”

    “Ah! It’s normal for one to understand their own ability best, but now that I think about it, the first God was said to have such a power. Wait, first and last? Is that even possible? I’m pretty sure that when a God dies then his power is reborn in another right?”

    I shook my head.

    “I’m not sure about that, but I just know that if I were to die, no one would gain this power. Still, as I’m an Immortal God then I can’t die, right?”

    “Well… it’s not certain. If you are attacked by a certain power which exceeds your threshold, since you don’t have immortality and indestructible body at MaxLv, then it is possible that you are destroyed by one terrifying blow.”

    “So it comes down to power. Well, as the God of Creation, I should be able to enhance the power of stuff which has been built.”

    “So anything which has been built? Are you some kind of engineering God?”

    “Perhaps, let’s not waste any more time and quickly begin construction of the Extinction gun.”

    “Sounds like fun! Join us Lena.”

    We headed to the center of the Nautilus and arrived in a large room where Lena projected the components and assembly instructions.

    “Will you be able to complete it, Johra?”

    “I’ll need some time. It’s quite the complex device isn’t it?”

    “Of course, it is afterall the most powerful weapon which was made after combining the research of humanity across two universes.”

    “Well, I feel like it shouldn’t be so hard to enhance, the capacity here just needs to be tweaked….”

    “What, you’ve already found some deficiencies? Johra, how’s that possible? I thought it would take you much longer.”

    “I spent a whole hour examining the plans before calling for her.”



    “Help place the Extinction gun in the designated location of the magic circle I will draw in the hologram.”

    I drew a nice magic circle based on the previous one Lena had designed, but improved on certain areas and included four main cores.

    “Looks cool, but I’ve never seen some of those symbols before. I wonder how it works.

    “I’ll explain it to you and Gnoss later on, so for now just focus on helping out.”

    “Okay, what can I do?”

    “Material Creation”

    I began to construct a circuit board to guide the firing mechanism of the gun.

    “Oh! Is that a circuit board you’re building?”

    “Right, I can build anything that I can imagine. It’s a combination of the previous skills and new one Thought Creation”

    “It sounds cool, so where do you place the circuit board?”

    “How should I know? Lena, where does it go?”

    “Ah, understood!”

    After installing it, Gnoss and I backed off and focused on the energy source.

    “And for the last part, Create Magic Stone!”

    I held a large magic stone using both hands.

    “Wow, Johra you’ve definitely improved. Last time around, when you were a Demi-Lich you could only create a magic stone the size of your fist, but now it’s more than ten times bigger.”

    “Lena, open up the compartment for the magic stone.”

    “Opening the section now.”


    I place the stone in the weapons core and turned to Gnoss.

    “Let’s head back to the command center.”

    “Yes! I definitely can’t wait to see the destructive powers of this new Hyper-Extinction gun!”


    I asked Gnoss as we ran along the hallways.

    “Ah, you don’t like it? Should I change the name?”

    “I think its fine, Johra.”

    Lena piped up. Although I felt it was a bit of a strange name, I decided to let it slide.

    When we arrive to the command bridge I instructed Lena.

    “Begin the countdown.”

    “Yes Sir!”

    Suddenly all the lights turned off.

    “Uhm, is there some kind of problem? Is it not safe to fire?”

    “No Johra, Lena just turned off the lights to build the mood, it was a good idea.”

    Gnoss added, but I couldn’t help but grumble. I had already adjusted the output to take into consideration how much energy it took to power the Nautilus, but it seemed to have been wasted effort.

    “Rerouting all power sources to fire up the weapon. Requesting permission to begin the start up sequence for the Hyper-Extinction gun.”

    “Make sure to give me a countdown, Lena. Also, contact the Norse Gods and Thanatos and inform them to escape the blast zone. They should be able to return back here to the bridge with that same rainbow ability from earlier, right?”

    “Yes, I’ve just spoken to them and they’ll be here soon.”

    “Understood, target locked on!”

    Gnoss and Lena answered me almost simultaneously.

    PPip Ppip

    The projected trajectory appeared on the screen before us.

    “Charging at 98%”

    The gauge marking the gun’s energy levels was almost full.

    “Turning on the beam amplifier!”

    “Turning off all safety locks.”

    The five lights which represented the safety devices we had in place began blinking on the screen before me.

    “It’s quite the lengthy process.”

    “It’s normal, we need to make sure it’s secure since it has more than enough power to blow up an entire sun.”

    “Hmm I guess so.”

    “10…9…8…7…6…5…4…4……………………………. Fire!”


    Perfectly timed, a rainbow light shone on the bridge as the dozens of Gods reappeared.

    “I’m glad you’ve made it back safely,Loki, and thanks for taking Thanatos along with you.”

    “Of course, but just what wa that thing that just fired? I felt an incredibly ominous energy coming my way.”

    “It’s the Hyper-Extinction gun! Ha ha ha!”

    Although Gnoss shouted out excitedly, Loki only nodded back in a serious manner.

    “A fitting name, if such powerful magic actually hits a God head on, it might even be able to immediately destroy them.”

    “Impact confirmed. EMP shock is expected to arrive in 20 seconds, brace for impact.”

    “Hmm, EMP shock? I thought that the Rohim shield was able to deal with that?”

    I asked Gnoss but he shook his head.

    “That was true for the gun’s previous version, but this one is much more powerful, so it’s unlikely to hold up.”

    “Is that so?”

    “Shutting down all power function except the shield to protect them from the EMP.”


    A silence pervaded the bridge as all the lights were once again turned off.

    “Johra this feels fun.”

    Thanatos exclaimed happily.

    “So… did it work?”


    Shortly after Thor appeared in a flash of lightning.

    “Brother, you’ve come.”

    “Yes, I was given charge of the Asgardian elites by our father Odin.”

    “Yes, I saw your battle from afar, but before I returned I witnessed a dangerous looking magic spell being fired.”

    “Johra here has used his Extinction gun to defeat our numerous adversaries.”

    “Hmm… but it seems that he didn’t get all of them.”

    Thor pointed out to the five lights which were still making their way towards us.

    “Judging by their colors, it seems to be Zeus, Hera, Hades, Ra and Horus.”

    Gnoss said as he let out a groan.

    “Are they the strongest ones?”

    “That would be an understatement. Even if we were to combine the strength of all the other Gods we just defeated, they’d be inferior to just those five alone. Perhaps Thor can deal with only one of those five.”

    “Right, even combining our strengths I don’t know if we can deal with them. At most we can handle 3 of them.”

    “Then what are we supposed to do?”

    “We can delay for time once more, but I don’t think they’ll give us that chance.”


    “We can’t know the result before we’ve clashed, I’ll choose to believe in Mjölnir.”

    I turned to look at Thor.

    “Your weapon, Thor. Can it be that it was made by Odin?”


    “Just what are you thinking Johra? Are you planning on even improving a God’s creation?”

    “Well we won’t know unless we try, right? Thor, could you hand it over to me one moment?”

    “Ha ha ha!”

    Thor’s booming laughter rang in the bridge.

  • Chapter 122

    “Fool! You’ve only just become a God and you wish to wield my weapon which only a chosen one can touch. If an unclean soul touches Mjölnir then you can die instantly, do you still dare grab it?”

    He asked as he tossed his hammer towards me.

    ‘Um… should I not touch it then? Would it be possible to analyze it without touching?’

    I contemplated as I looked down at Mjölnir which had fallen at my feet. Thor meanwhile was emitting a disgusting laughter.

    “No, Johra don’t!”

    Gnoss tried to dissuade me as I reached forth, but in the end I grasped its handle. Thor however looked at me in surprise.

    “What! How is it that you are able to touch it? That’s ridiculous, only the chosen one can do so!”

    Ignoring his screams, I began to peer within Mjölnir.

    “How wonderful, it’s like a perfect balance between science and magic….”

    “Right, there’s a tale that when creating Mjölnir, Odin poured in all his knowledge regarding magic and science… it seems for once the stories are true.”

    Gnoss replied in a mumble and I nodded back.

    “Is that the device which allows one to multiply the amount of Mana you can wield? And Thor wields electromagnetic powers….”

    “Yes, he’s the God of Thunder.”

    “Of course! I’m the King of all Thunder, now stop playing around with my weapon and return it to me!”

    “Pipe down you! Gnoss, keep that guy under control until I’m done.”

    “What, how am I supposed to control a Muscle head like him?”

    I placed Mjölnir on the desk before me and took my time to analyze it properly.

    “Hmm… why is that limiter in place? It should be able to produce a stronger output if it weren’t there. So might it overcharge if I did so, perhaps I should exchange the mana stones inside for better ones.”

    “Create Magic Stone”

    I created five of my my oversized manastones and brought them towards Mjölnir’s core.”

    Shh Shh Shh

    “Quite convenient, it’s able to absorb the stones by itself? So if I change this here, and this, let’s see… the electromagnetic force generated is quite nice, but there is another limiter here as well.”

    Shortly after I was done with my modifications and threw the hammer back to Thor.

    “Thor, take it! Just be careful not to destroy the ship, okay? The power output might be a bit different than what you are used to.”


    As soon as Thor help Mjölnir, he turned into a streak of light and flew out into space.

    “Hmm… is he fine? Maybe he just needs some time to adjust to his weapons new power. Thanatos?”

    “Did you call for me, Master?”


    I jumped up in surprise due to her appearing behind me like a ghost.

    “You surprised me, next time try to appear in a more normal fashion.”

    “But what if I like seeing your surprised expression?”

    “Too bad, can you go and fetch me Krishna.”


    As Thanatos vanished Gnoss approached.

    “What happened with Thor?”

    “He isn’t used to his new hammer yet….”


    “What have you done to Mjölnir?”

    Thor reappeared in a resounding thunder, flashing in and out of space, testing his new abilities.

    “Nothing much, just removed certain limiters, replaced the magic stones and made small alterations to compensate for its new output.”

    “I can’t believe it, does that mean that I’m more powerful than father Odin right now?”

    “That isn’t true power, well anyways it seems our guests have arrived”

    “Ok, Loki, warriors of Asgard, follow me into battle!”



    Thor’s thunderous power eclipsed all others and drew my attention.

    “I wonder if it’ll be more of an even fight now?”

    “Johra, how is Thor now?”

    Gnoss walked over and asked?

    “Maybe 10 times stronger than previously. Actually the output of energy form Mjölnir has increased somewhere between 40-50 times, but he hasn’t had the chance to adapt to it yet.

    “No way….”


    “Well then perhaps Thor is stronger than Odin now.”

    “Really, the difference between them was only 10 times?”

    “Well in actuality it used to only be maybe 3-4 times. It’s a difference in their abilities since Odin is the God of Wisdom and Knowledge, whereas Thor’s abilities are more battle oriented.”

    “Ah, then those limiters I found in Mjölnir make a lot more sense.”


    “Right, there were certain safety devices in place which would control Mjölnir’s energy output. At first I thought it was that the weapon itself couldn’t pass a certain threshold, but now I suspect there was another reason.”

    “Well, isn’t Odin quite the perfectionist?

    “Seems so.”

    After a short time what looked like a giant display of fireworks could be seen, far into space as the Gods clashed in battle. The bright blue lightning appeared to be the work of Thor, and the contrast with the dark, black space was put on quite the show.

    “I think it would be more appropriate to call it an explosion, rather than simple lightning.”

    “Right, what are his power readings at?”

    “Energy emissions at about 10 ^21 eV, which is almost enough to destabilize the fabric of the universe. Even though we’ve enhanced the Nautilus’ defense and are so far away from battle, it’s taking a beating at the moment.”

    Lena followed up with a detailed explanation, but it didn’t seem to do the blue lightning justice. It was like a giant blue sun had exploded into streaks of light, blazing across the universe.

    “So you’ve come.”


    Following a bright yellow light, Odin joined us on the bridge.

    ‘Odin? Didn’t he say that he was on a mission for Skyfather?’

    “Maybe it was just an excuse, he likes to control things from behind the scenes.”

    ‘But why did he only set out now?’

    “I suppose a certain variable has appeared.”


    “You’ve essentially given Thor a pair of new wings.”

    “You mean Mjölnir?”

    “Right, If Thor beat everyone by himself, it might undermine Odin’s authority.”

    Shortly after, the dozens of Norse gods reappeared in Nautilus’ command bridge.

    “Revered Allfather Odin, you’ve come!”

    Thor cried out as he raised his hammer, then along with the rest of the Gods from Asgard, descended on one knee.

    I couldn’t see well with so many bright lights, but when it finally came to an end, I saw a group of six Gods.

    “So it’s those guys.”

  • Chapter 123

    My face turned into a frown at his appearance.

    ‘Johra, it isn’t a good time to confront them. We still need to bide our time and amass power.’

    “So you’ve come, we are sincerely glad you could make it.”

    He greeted the new arrival cordially while I stood back and watched.

    “Enough of all this ass kissing”

    The God cloaked in a blue nimbus spoke out, I assumed that he would be Zeus.

    “GodKing Zeus, did you not come here to negotiate?”

    The one eyed God basking in a violet aura spoke out. It was probably Odin since he confronted Zeus so brusquely.

    “Allfather, seeing you here today, I have indeed chosen to sue for peace, but not for that traitor and rookie God.”



    I called her back since she was already walking towards Zeus with her hand surrounded by a black fog.

    “GodKing Zeus, I hope that you haven’t forgotten that many of our followers were severely harmed by that insignificant new God. If it were not for the abilities of your wife, Hera, perhaps we would be all that’s left of our clans.

    The god surrounded by a golden nimbus spoke out. He was likely Ra, the Egyptian Sun God. According to him, many of the Olympus and Egyptian Gods only survived due to Hera’s  assistance.

    ‘So many of them survived due to Hera’s ability, that’s too bad.’

    ‘Maybe they were transferred to a seperate space using her powers. Heimdall also has a similar ability, it makes for quite the useful escaping skill.’

    Gnoss gave me a quick rundown on their powers.

    ‘Still they couldn’t have all escaped. It’s just as Ra just said, many of them have taken severe losses. If not for that fact, perhaps they would have already overpowered our Norse allies and we wouldn’t be in these talks.’

    “Harpok, you dare betray your own kind, the Egyptian Gods….”

    “Although I indeed carry many memories of Harpok, I have no intention of returning to the family. Where were you when Harpok was captured and held prisoner by Metatron. There already exists a river’s distance between us that I’m not willing to cross, I’m sure you understand.”

    Gnoss responded coldly to Ra. No doubt he had already made up his mind on this issue.

    “GodKing Zeus, I, Allfather Odin wish to declare this planet Utopia as being under my protection. Do you accept this NAP (Non Aggression Pact)?”

    Odin declared in a booming voice. Zeus proceed to stroke his beard pensively before finally responding.

    “I’ll take a 5% share, that’s my bottom line. I need to leave with this much tribute to save face, or else we would go back to fighting.”

    “What? That’s far too much Zeus, how dare you!”

    Thor barks out but Odin quickly moves to silence him.

    I will put the question to my ally, Johra. We can split the cost with you half-half, what do you think?”

    Odin asked me directly.

    I exchanged a look with Gnoss before nodding back.

    “Allfather Odin, we are willing to fork over 4% while you give the other 1%. This will be the concessions made on our part to ensure peace.”

    Odin stared at me with his one eye before nodding.

    “GodKing Zeus, you’ve come here today filled with foolish greed, seeking what is not rightfully yours. However we are magnanimous, so consider this Divine Grace as a token of our goodwill. Leave now, in the future it is not necessary for you to return to this place.”

    “ 흐흐흐 …let’s go.”

    The Gods which were associated with Zeus’ group disappeared from the Nautilus’ bridge in an instant.

    “Thank you for your compromise, because of this we didn’t have to undergo any unnecessary fighting. It seemed that they were ready to unleash the Gods which were hidden in Hera’s space, so I’m glad that we avoided any further bloodshed.”

    Odin let out a sigh of relief, as he acknowledged that the danger had passed.


    “Great, does this not deserve a victory toast? Bring out the booze! I want red meat and fresh fruit!”

    “I’ll do so,” Lena replied to Thor’s whimsical demands.

    ‘Damn… I hope Thor controls his eating.’

    We ended up throwing a medieval style banquet to celebrate our victory with our Asgard allies. Lena had walked me through a system by with I could use me Creation abilities to make food which has already been cooked to perfection.

    “Fresh fruit, it takes like a freshly picked apple from Freya’s tree, and the mead! It flows like honey down our throats!

    “Ha ha ha! Thor, won’t Freya get angry with you again if you overdo it?”

    Thor was quite the party boy and had downed a few barrels of ale by himself. Well, in general these Asgard Gods were all big drinkers, which kept Lena and myself quite busy trying to keep up with the demand.

    “Johra, didn’t you just achieve Godhood? Are you not confused by your new powers and position?”

    Before me sat Odin, Loki and Heimdall, leisurely drinking and filling their stomachs.

    “Thank you for your concern, but no, I’m not confused.”

    “Well, it is true that you have been trying to become a God for quite some time now.”

    Odin replied somewhat snarkily.

    “Allfather Odin, Johra had never been aiming to be a regular God, but rather a powerhouse which could establish himself even among divinities.

    Gnoss spoke out proudly as if her were naming his own achievements, causing Odin to frown.

    “You erased all those obstacles I had put in place in order for that troublesome son of mine not to surpass me.”

    ‘Ugh… so he knows that removing the limiters was my doing.’

    In truth I didn’t expect for a wise and experienced God like Odin to miss that, but still I never thought that he’d confront me directly.

    “ A child grows up in his father’s shadow, but it would be irresponsible on the latter’s part to limit his sons growth. Allfather Odin, do you truly wish for Thor to hide in your shadow for all eternity?”

    I stared back at Odin and gave him a sharp response.

    “Pua haha! When has anyone spoke to me, Allfather Odin in such a way! I thought that my son Thor was bold, but here I find out you are even more so! Come, a toast to our alliance!”

    Odin and I brought our mugs together and downed our drinks.

    “A toast, to the eternal glory and dominion of the Gods!”

    Odin took a drinking before looking at me.

    “Then I’ll toast to everlasting peace and development!”


    The toasts continued throughout the banquet, which ended up lasting a full month.

    Odin would tell stories about his past while I would recount tales of my struggles as a mortal.

    “Well, all good things have to come to an end! It’s time to go back and begin building our very own Asagard! Children of Odin, come, lend me your strength to build this new land together!”


    They headed towards Utopia’s orbiting moon which they had named, Asgard. Teleporting through the aid of Heimdall’s Bitfrost Rainbow.

    “Johra, my ally! I will now head to Asgard, just call if you require any assistance.”

    “Allfather Odin the one-eyed! Thank you for your patronage!”

    After nodding back, he turned into a crow and disappeared into the darkness.

    “That looked like Huginn.”

    Gnoss mumbled to himself as Odin left.


    “Odin can transform into two different ravens, Huginn and Muninn. As Huginn he can travel to any place he can think of, and Muninn can even alter time.”

    “How convenient.”

    “He’s Allfather. It’s said that he has the widest array of abilities and a great mastery of their utilization. If Skyfather can be said to be a powerful tidal wave, then Odin is a jack of all trades.”

    “Yes, but I wonder how strong Skyfather truly is….”

    “Just imagine the strongest God possible.”

    “Wouldn’t that be the Almighty God?”

    “He would then be the closest one to the Almighty.”

    “Hmm… how did you know that he wouldn’t interfere this time around?”

    “Well… usually he is very absorbed in his own projects. This is just a single measly planet so it shouldn’t catch his attention.”

    “That means if we go too far he’d surely intervene. ”

    “Right, and Johra for you that would be….”


    I finished his sentence resulting in an awkward silence. Finally I spoke up.

    “Although my body is fine, my mind is exhausted. I’ll get some rest”

    “You must have overdrawn your powers, Johra.”

    “You’re in charge here.

    I headed back to my cabin and laid down to get some sleep.

    “Damn, so many things have happened so suddenly….”

    I ended up falling asleep despite having so many things on my mind.

    “Johra! It’s soon!”

    “Oh, so you’re back.”

    The person in my dreams appeared to be in quite the playful mood.

    “Weren’t you wishing to see me?”

    “I was?”

    “The reason I returned was that I was drawn by your desire to see me.”

    “Is that even possible?”

    “Oh, and by the way… I guess it’s about time for the doors a destiny to open up.”

    “Doors of destiny?”

    “Oh, Johra, are you still incomplete? Perhaps it is not yet time then.”

    “Hey! What are these doors of destiny you spoke of? Hello? Hey!”

    I was once again talking to myself in my own dreams.

  • Chapter 124


    I woke from my dream all grumpy and miserable. Clearly there had been something important that I just missed out on.

    “I couldn’t have been a normal dream, right?”

    “Johra did you once again see that fellow in your dreams?”

    Lena asked.

    “I think so. I had another one of those bad dreams, but just what are the doors of destiny.”

    “Doors of destiny… it sounds quite poetic. Why don’t you try and ask Gnoss about it?”

    “Good idea,  where is he right now?”

    “Supervising some work on the ship. I’ll contact him for you.”


    “I told him to meet you on the command bridge in one hour.”


    I prepared myself a warm bath, then sank right in.

    “Hooah~! It doesn’t matter if one is a God or a mortal, the feeling is always great.”

    “Are you enjoying your bath, Johra?”

    “Yes, the temperature is just right.”

    “Ok, I’ll modify the environment to match the mood. I’ll make it a wide and limitless desert, with a bright starry sky above. As for the weather, let’s go with an early fall breeze.”

    “Woah… isn’t this the same one you used when I first slept with Viezda?”

    “Oh, so you haven’t forgotten. Then please take a moment and let your mind wander back to that time, you’ve had too much on your plate recently.”

    “Ok, just wake me up when it’s time.”

    I felt all my accumulated stress slowly dissipate, as I listened to the chirping of crickets and felt the gentle wind rustle my hair.


    Is it time already?

    I woke up to the alarm, but I was no longer inside the Nautilus.

    “What’s going on? Wasn’t it supposed to be a hologram? Lena?”

    “Oh, Johra! We’ve lost communication with Headquarters, this is most definitely not the Nautilus. Still, it’s incredible, the environment which I had projected actually became a reality….”

    “Lena, focus on what’s important. I was only asleep a short time, so how did I arrive to this place?”

    “Well for one, the constellations appear far different than what we are used to, but the composition of the atmosphere is similar to that of Earth.”

    “Interesting, still I don’t want to stay here long. Please prepare a teleportation circle to return to the dungeon manor.”

    “Um, it might take a while to do so due to the fact that we are in an unknown location. The calculations required are quite complex.”

    “Oh, how long should it take?”

    “I expect it to be about 48 hours, turning off all unnecessary functions to reroute power for the calculations.”

    “Lena, Lena! Dammit at least ask for approval first!”

    Here I was, sitting in my bathtub alone in the middle of a desert.

    “I guess I should put some clothes one. Can I make my own? Let’s see….”

    I focused on the memory of the clothes I would usually wear, then used my Material Creation.

    “Ha, this ability is quite useful since I can even make my own clothes now.”

    All dressed up, I decided to a explore a bit, but despite walking for hours I saw nothing but an endless desert.

    “Where is this place and why was I sent here? Could it have been those Olympian or Egyptian Gods? That shouldn’t be the case since we just came to an agreement. Then a third party? If they meant me harm, they could probably have done much worse. Just what is the meaning behind this? Also why is it the exact same place as the hologram which Lena was projecting?”

    Dozens of thoughts were racing through my mind, but I couldn’t arrive at any conclusion, until finally dawn had arrived.

    “What? There are two suns…?”

    In the horizon there were two suns climbing into the sky. It was like when you fried an egg and realized it had two yolks. Soaring into the heavens, the first was red, but the second was a blue sun and was twice as bright.

    “A desert with two suns, Is this heat the reason that there is no life on this planet?”

    I still had no idea as to why I had been brought here, so I was becoming ever more curious about the area.

    “Well, I still have about 40 hours until I can leave, why don’t we explore a bit more?”

    I ran for about four hours straight, but the desert hadn’t changed in the slightest.

    “Is it truly and endless desert? I think I’ve travelled more than 1,000 km… cough** cough***”

    I can just run into to a sandstorm with winds upwards of 200~300 km/h.

    “Ugh, I have sand in my mouth. Now i’m thirsty.”

    I look around once more, but seeing nothing but desert, I choose to create my own water.

    “Hey… is that something over there on the horizon?”

    I knew it might be a mirage, but I had little else to do so I chose to check it out. I ran for another four hours towards the supposed mirage, but the distance never seems to shorten.

    “Damn, so it really was a mirage in the end? It must be since the distance never seemed to change.”

    Stubbornly I chose to continue, and after another three hours of travel I came upon a set of enormous stones, shaped to look like an arched gate.

    “So it wasn’t a mirage… but are they just regular stones?”

    Frustrated, I sat down on the desert sand.

    “Shit… my stomach is grumbling and my throat is parched. Sure I can make my own water, but without Lena’s guidance I can’t yet create food. Although I’m now a God and won’t die of hunger, my stomach would grumble just the same as when I was a mortal!”

    Lying down on the sand, I materialize myself some water to drink.

    “Damn, I don’t want to be stuck here, I’m hungry and tired!”

    Also the temperatures were quite extreme in the desert. As one would expect, during the day, especially with two suns it would be quite quite hot, but as the night went down the temperature would drop to surprisingly cold levels.

    Brrrr! Should I make myself a bonfire?”

    Trembling in the sand, I decide to create myself some timber to burn and warm myself by the fire.

    “Ah, this feels great.”

    I poured some methanol on the fire which I had just started up.


    “Ah~ feels good to be warm. It would also be nice to have ourselves a barbecue.”

    I spoke to myself as I rubbed my hand and kept them close to the fire.


    “What was that sound?”

    It was sounded quite familiar, like that of the Tomb Rat which was the first monster I had hunted when I crossed over. Turning my head, I found the owner of the sound.


    I screamed in surprise.

  • Chapter 125

    Squeak! Squeak!

    There were an incredible number of rats standing up on their hind legs, just a few meters away from me. No, they weren’t just regular rats as they each held some kind of weapon, be it a sword, shield or bow.

    “What’s going on? Is this revenge for all the rat’s I’ve killed in my lifetime?”

    I tried to reach out to Lena.

    “Lena! Quickly prepare the Rohim’s shield!”

    ‘Hm… thousands, no, tens of thousands of rats swarmed around me. Just where had they all come from?’

    Unfortunately Lena didn’t heed my call, no doubt being too absorbed in her calculations to notice the current situation.

    “Damn, what bad timing, Thanatos! Gnoss!”

    I tried calling the other two, but there was likewise no response.

    ‘Geez, why is it that no one shows up in my time of need?’

    Fortunately the Ratmen (I had arbitrarily decided to name them so) kept there distance and didn’t seem to be in any particular hurry. I would occasionally hear a squeak or two, but considering their numbers, they were indeed quite disciplined.

    After about an hour or so of such a stand off, I was beginning to become a bit impatient and doubtful as to what their intentions were.

    ‘Why aren’t they attacking? Quickly fight me so that I can release my flames upon you. I’m a bit worried that you’d all run away were I to take the initiative.’

    Suddenly, from far out I heard a disturbance.


    The army of rats made way as if Moses himself had parted the Red Sea. A little rat girl, about one meter tall with pink fur as opposed to the black fur on all the other rats, made her way towards me.

    ‘It seems that in their tribe the females enjoy a lot of power.’


    The pink rat girl which had been running towards me tripped on herself and landed face first into the sand, just ten meters away from me.


    It was clear that they were laughing in their own way. Although some of the elder ones elbowed their noisy neighbors, it still took some time for the laughter to quiet down.

    The female rat looked around, her face turning red.

    ‘What should I do?’

    Picking herself up, she walked before me and bowed down when she was about two meters away.

    ‘Welcome Savior!”


    “Ah! Didn’t you hit your head while you were summoned? Did you lose your memory? Surely Sha sent the right Savior right?”

    “Can you understand my words? Just who are you?”

    “Ah, forgive me for my latte introduction. I am the eldest among God’s children, Evelysla, and I have the ability to communicate in any language.”


    I had heard that name somewhere, but I was now focused on the other thing she mentioned, which gave me a bad premonition.

    “God’s children? Who is Sha? Just what are you talking about?”

    “Oh… did Sha not mention this to you? She was supposed to explain the situation well. Wait, knowing Sha she probably half-assed it, no wonder she always gets scolded by L.”

    “Wait, Sha? L? Are they the Gods of omniscience and omnipotence?”

    She shook her head.

    ‘The Almighty God created several universes and scattered them across the dimensions using his tremendous might.

    Sha and L are children of the Almighty himself.

    “What, then they haven’t been around since the beginning? ”

    “You have some interesting questions…. anyways, since Sha didn’t explain it to you, I’ll go ahead and do it. From that door behind you, Abaddon, the eldest daughter from Sha and L, will come back return and seek to put an end to all the universes.

    “Behind me? The gate made of stones?”

    I asked as I pointed at the arched gate.


    “Hmm… that’s quite the tale, let’s start with something simple, where are we?”

    “This place is known as Eden, the birthplace of life.”


    “Right, it was where Sha and L were created.”

    “Uh… it sounds like quite the biblical myth, didn’t you previously mention that Abaddon was the eldest daughter of Sha and L?”

    Evelysla nodded her head.

    “Ok, then why is it that Abaddon wants to destroy all the universes.

    “I heard that it was because he wanted to monopolize the love of Sha and L. She can’t accept sharing her parents affection with other beings.”

    “How childish, but why don’t her parents interfere?”

    “At the end of the day she is their daughter. Also, If they were to fight directly it could result in the end of the universes.”


    “Sorry, those are all the details I know.”

    “Are you saying that’s it? Then why is it that you are calling me Savior?”

    “We need to exile him back into the Void, and I heard only Savior could do so.”

    “Oh, then was it you who summoned me here?”

    “Right, I did so under the instructions of Sha”

    “Where is Sha now?”

    “She ran away because if she were to meet Abaddon, it could bring about the destruction of the universe.”

    “So I need to stop the end of the universe and fix this problematic family? Is that the reason you summoned me here?”

    “Right! You caught on so quickly, Savior!”

    “Let’s get two things straight. First, my name’s Johra, not Savior.”

    “Yes, Savior Johra.”

    “Just Johra, drop the Savior part, I have no desire to partake in any of this.”

    “But if Johra doesn’t interfere then won’t all the universe come to an end?”

    “That’s not my doing, why don’t you try talking to Abaddon. And second, return me immediately to where you summoned me from, you got the wrong guy, understood? That’s all I had to say, if you guys don’t comply I’ll make you pay dearly for it.”

    Upon hearing what I said Evelysla began to tear up.

    “Why are you crying? Do you really think it will make me change my mind?”

    “No… it’s just that if Johra wasn’t the right summon, then the lives of the 10,000 clansmen we sacrificed to teleport you over were wasted for nothing. Please allow me a moment to mourn the meaningless death of m people.”

    “What! That many deaths just to summon me?”

    “It was less that expected to summon a God. Everyone on them volunteered valiantly believing that they were doing their part in saving the universe.”

    I crossed my arms and frowned.

    “How is it that you managed to sacrifice 10,000 lives, but summon the wrong person?”

    “I’m sorry, I need to first talk with my people. Later we will consult with Sha and let you know the result.

    “Can you truly speak with Sha?”

    “Sometimes she will respond, but never a conversation. After all, they are our creators.

    Going back among the rats, she huddled up and began conversing with some of the larger ones. All the rats which had previously been standing at attention , fell down to the ground and wept.

    ‘Hm… although I don’t feel like I’ve done anything wrong, the thought of so many lives having been sacrificed on my account is still quite the heavy burden to bear.’

    This period of mourning lasted for about 30 minutes and was quite touching. After that, Evelysla returned towards me.

    ‘I learned that we can send you back by sacrificing 30,000 lives.’

    “What? 30,000… is that a joke?”

    “It’s our fault for mistakenly summoning you here, so we have to take responsibility.”

    “Hold on one second.”

    ‘Is this some kind of trap? What would happen if I truly accepted to leave under such conditions? Can I really accept the ticket price of 30,000 lives? Damn, I don’t know what’s the best choice to make!’

  • Chapter 126

    After a long period of reflection, I opened my eyes and asked Evelysla.

    “When will Abaddon appear?”

    “In four days time.”

    “Four days? So after three Sunrises and Sunsets?”


    “Shit! Tell everyone to back off 100 meters!”


    She jumped up to it and her short little legs shuffled away as she herded her people away form the gate.

    “Material Creation!”

    I hurriedly recreated all the necessary parts right there and then on the desert sand.

    “Hmm… it was a bit rushed.”

    After about 12 hours I had finished assembling all the parts and my Hyper-Extinction gun had once again seen the light, pointing directly at the arched gate.

    “Let’s see if I can create that one as well.”

    “Material Creation!”

    A large hammer appeared in my hand.

    “It’s a bit crude, but it should do the trick. Evelysla, bring forth your strongest clansman.”

    “Got it!”

    Shortly after she led a rather large ratman out of the crowd and brought him before me.

    “Hmm… seems about right, he indeed looks quite sturdy.”

    “Odin is the strongest of us all!”

    ‘Odin is it… could it just be a coincidence that they have the same name?’

    “Here, take this.”

    I handed him the hammer, and as soon as he picked it up he seemed to become excited, unti….


    A lightning bolt fell from the sky and struck the hammer.

    Squeak! Squeak!

    Odin was terrified and dropped the hammer, while Evelysla placed her hands on her ears and flattened herself against the sand.

    “Well at least it seems to be working fine.”

    The ratman Odin proved that he was quite brave as he picked the hammer back up once more and bowed towards me cordially.

    “You are quite well mannered, I will give this to you.”

    “No way, I can’t accept such a divine weapon.”

    “In order to summon me your people had to pay a terrible price, you can think of this as some small compensation.”

    “Yes… thank you” Evelysla translated my words to the ratman Odin and he once again gave a deep bow.

    “It’s a fair price so you can pick yourself up with dignity,” said Evelysla, but he continued to prostrate himself before me with his face in the sand.

    “Ah… well that’s that, Evelysla come with me.”


    I brought her to the control seat of the large gun and hoisted her up her up onto it.

    “What is it?”

    “Here is where you sit to control the gun. You press this button to shoot, and after a 10 second delay, the projectile will be fired. Also it can only be fired three times. If it passes that threshold it will likely overheat and explode so make sure to make those three shots count.”

    “Will this be enough to stop him?”

    “I can’t answer that for you, but I’ve done all I can. With that hammer and this gun, you should be able to find a way. I’ve supported you to the best of my abilities, so I’ll be on my way now.”

    “Thank you God! We will do our best, so you can go back without worrying about the sacrifice involved.”

    “No, I won’t be going through with that, the price is far too high. You just need to use what I gave you and fight off this Abaddon character to save the universe. Oh and when you fire the gun, immediately press this yellow button over here which will create a shield around the gate. Make sure not to forget to create the shield or else you’d be caught in the blast zone.


    “Good, then don’t follow me from now on, okay?”

    She nodded back and then prostrated herself on the ground.

    “I’m going now,” I said as I turned around and walked out into the desert.

    “Dammit! I’ve done all I can so I really need to stop feeling guilty about it!”

    I was once again surrounded by endless desert, with nothing in sight after half a day of walking and trying not to look back.

    “This should be far enough right? Material Creation!”

    I created myself a parasol and a small swimming pool, my own paradise within this unforgiving desert.

    “Might as well relax here until Lena is done with her calculations.”

    I cooled of for a little while, then climbed out and fashioned myself a simple bed under the parasol which I used to take a well deserved nap.

    “Johra, Johra! Oh my God!”

    I was awakened by Lena’s excited shouts just as the suns were setting and the cold crept in.

    “So you’re back Lena… but next time don’t immerse yourself so much in your work to the exclusion of all else.”

    “Sorry about that, I thought I’d be fine since there weren’t any signs of life nearby and saw that the calculations would be very difficult.”

    “I see.”

    “So… do you know where we are now?”

    “Uhm… wasn’t that your job to find out?”

    “ By studying the positioning of stars and movement of cosmic forces, I’ve realized that we’ve returned 20 billion years in the past, to when the universe is only 100,000 years old.”

    “Are you serious… 20 billion years? Damn.”

    I was expecting something like this after learning form Evelysla that this place had been the origin of life, but still never imagined we had gone back so far.

    I looked up to see the stars in the night sky.

    “Is this around the time that the constellations begin forming? They don’t look all that different from 20 billion years from now.”

    “What do you mean? Being able to witness these young stars which will go on to become the cornerstones of the known universe, there are no words to express such joy.”

    “Lena you sound quite human sometimes with the things you say.”

    “Haha I am a well made AI”

    “Anyway, did you manage to find a way to go back?”


    “Where you not able to find anything out?”

    “There was this one clue.”

    “What clue?”

    “It was the Ratmen who summoned you right?”


    “They can then send you back.”

    “That would be pointless though, in order to do that they would need to sacrifice 30,000 lives.”

    “Have you forgotten that I’m the best at calculation and adjusting for time dilation. If I use Johra’s new magic stone it could replace their sacrifices.”

    “Oh, then should I go back and see them?”

    “Yes, but when you head back, instead of walking, create this.”

    Lena projected some schematics before me.

    “What is it?”

    “It’s a small personal helicopter. The rotor blades on each side have enough force to allow you to hover above the ground and they can easily be manipulated to turn in any direction.”

    “Sounds like fun, should I make it now?”

    After about 30 minutes work, I climbed unto my very own futuristic hovercraft.

    Buuu! Buuuu—-!

    I was able to hover about 30 meters above ground, raising up a huge cloud of sand.

    “What’s the direction?”

    “I’ll project it directly to your cornea.”

    “Thanks Lena.”

    After about one hour I once again met up with the clan of ratmen.

    I saw Evelysla notice my arrival and she hopped her way towards me.

    “How Clumsy” I said to myself with a smile.

    “I had a feeling that you wouldn’t dislike her.”

    “What are you saying Lena… that I’m into rats?”

    “You’re not at all convincing with that silly grin.”


    I promptly questioned Evelysla about  the summoning magic.

    “Although the magic circle has disappeared, I should be able to reproduce it form memory.”

    “Oh, then can you set it up at our very feet?”

    Evelysla then proceeded to draw a large, 10 meter array.


    “You have no idea, with this we can adjust for any time dilation. Afterall, any mistake would mean that we miss our target date by billion of years. Incredible that so much information can be compressed into a 2D array, this by far outpaces any data compression methods we have.”

    “Lena, focus.”


    “God, who is it that you are talking to?”

    “My assistant.”

    She wasn’t able to hear Lena’s voice since she only spoke to me through vibration in my jaw bones.

    After about 10 hours of analysis, Lena shouted out.

    “Eureka! I should be able to replicate the design and incorporate it into a 3D array which would make use of your magic stones. However it isn’t possible to account for all kinds of radiation.”

    “What does that mean?”

    “Just that in the construction, perfection can’t be achieved.

    “So there might be some mistakes?”


    “How big is the margin of error?”

    “About 0.00001%.”

    “And that translates two how much time?”

    “More or less twenty years.”


    I couldn’t help but groan, that would mean that in the worst case scenario I might arrive too late to save Valenor.

    “If we return and don’t like the result, can we time travel once more?”

    “That would be difficult since tearing the fabric of time and space affects the integrity of the entire universe. Doing it twice in a row would be pushing it.”

    “I see, we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it. For now get it set up to launch, Lena.”

    “Okay, I’ll need about 12 hours.”


    There were still about 16 hours until Abaddon would make her appearance, so while we were cutting it a bit close, as soon as Lena had completed the array we could leave immediately, so it should be fine.

    Of course that was just some wishful thinking on my part.

    “Savior, the ability of that hammer you created is really impressive. With it Odin can create lighting, summon a thunderstorm or even disappear in a flash.”

    “Oh, well it’s nothing special since I had already known it would perform that way. Where is Odin now?”

    “He is currently travelling back to our village and returning with some necessary supplies for the upcoming battle. While he holds that godly weapon he is so powerful and quick that it seems that there is nothing he can’t do.”


    I was secretly impressed with the abilities of Mjölnir which Odin had designed. It was even compatible with a regular Ratman, enabling him to wield a God’s power.

    “Okay, then before I leave I’ll give you an even better weapon.”


    “Ah don’t get too excited, it’ll just be so-so. I’ll be going now to focus on the production of the weapon.”

    I ran away from her  while knocking myself in the head.

    “Shit! Why was it that I suddenly made her such a promise? How could I possibly make something which exceeds Mjölnir?”

    After wracking my brains for over three hours, I finally decided on attempting to recreate the most powerful weapon I had ever held.

    “Material Creation!”

    After successfully casting over 1,000 times, a large pearl white sword was finalized.

    “So I’ve managed to make a replica of Excalibur.”

    Excalibur itself was just like Mjölnir in that it acted as an amplifier of one’s power. However it was slightly superior to the hammer in that it had the ability to ignore all defense.


    I gave it a test run as I chopped down in mid air. As it reached the ground, it disintegrated any sand it came into contact with.

    “Hmm… this might be a bit too powerful.”

    After a period of reflection, I decided to add a limiter to it.

    “Was it like this that Odin added a limiter? No, since I’ll be giving them the sword forever essentially I should put a time limit on it. So changing this, and that… good, all done.”

    I beckoned Evelysla who had been watching curiously from afar this whole time.

    “Are you finished your work, Savior? Is that the sword? It looks awesome!”

    “Ah… well it’s just a regular sword.”

    “What is it called?”

    “Excalibur, here take it.”

    “I shall give it to the greatest swordsman in my clan, is that okay?”

    “Sure, bring him over.”

    “Oberon has great skill with a sword. True, he is also good with a bow, but his swordplay is exceptional.”

    “Oberon? That name is familiar. Who knows, next you’ll be introducing people like Thor and Zeus, right?”

    I said as I handed her Excalibur.

    “How did you know the name of our clan elders? No wonder you are the all powerful Savior!”

    “Ah… Wait…. This…can it truly be?”

    I sank into deep thought.

  • Chapter 127

    The pieces of the puzzle were beginning to fall into place in my mind.

    Sha and L, the first gods and creators of all life.

    Any lifeform had the possibility to evolve. I had learned through my past experiences that gathering Divine Grace can lead to evolution, allowing a species to break free from certain genetic limits.

    These ratmen before shared the same names as the High Gods some 20 billion years from now. It wouldn’t be a stretch to think that they would indeed eventually become these fearsome powers. In fact, this was highly probable considering that they all shared the same names.

    ‘How troublesome… if my thinking is correct, then any action I take could influence the future.’

    Like my creating Mjölnir or handing over Excalibur… wait.’

    A strange thought had occurred to me.

    ‘What if I was the creator of those items all along. Could it be that I wa the one that handed Excalibur to the Fairy King?’

    Until this point I had been completely convinced that Odin had been Mjölnir’s creator, but what if it had been me all along?

    But this was all a bit problematic. I was only able to create Mjölnir because I had previously seen it, so who was its original creator?

    ‘What a strange contradiction, is it possible for me to at the same time be a forger and its original creator? Time has a funny way of playing tricks on you.’

    Countless thoughts were racing through my mind as I attempted to extrapolate every possibility, until it was all a bit too much to handle.

    Sigh~ I guess it’s possible.”

    “What do you mean, Savior?”

    “No, nothing I was just thinking out loud.”

    “You seem to think things through quite extensively. It’s totally the opposite personality of Sha and L, they are impulsive and act first, then deal with the aftermath of their decisions.’”

    “Well… I’ve had some unique life experiences which have made me so cautious.”

    “I rather like this pensive personality of yours.”

    “Why is that? Do you think I’m unlike a regular God due to my indecisiveness?”

    Evelysla shook her head vigorously.

    “I think that the fact that you understand the pain of us mortals, means that you will make this world a better place.”

    “Do you truly believe that?”

    ‘It’s beyond belief, I will support you, always and forever.’

    “Stop that, don’t  spray my face with too much gold.” (TL: Korean expression which means to shower with praise.)

    “What is this thing called gold?”

    Evelysla asked while staring at me curiously.

    “It is a bright and shiny yellow metal which can be dug from the ground and is quite rare and expensive. If one were to put gold on someone’s face it would become quite shiny, so putting too much gold on one’s face is like excessive flattery.”

    “Oh, so this gold thing is precious?”

    I groaned inwardly. By introducing gold in that manner, I had let my biases affect how gold would be perceived for eons to come.

    ‘I really need to be more careful… it’s far too easy to affect the future right now.’

    It was then that I vowed to never again play with the dangers of time.

    Chiiiizzzzzzi Biuuuuuu Paat

    Out of nowhere the magic circle around the arched stone gate began to shine brilliantly.

    “Could it be?”

    ‘No way! Is she arriving already? She’s too early!’

    Evelysla ran to position herself behind the Hyper-Extinction gun while the rest of the ratmen prepared themselves for battle, facing the Doomsday Gate. I went and stand near Evelysla.

    “Can’t we just blow of the stone gate?”

    ‘Sha said that it acts more of a marker and that destroying the gate wouldn’t delay her return.’

    “I guess it would be too simple of a solution.”

    The magic circle had started of with a faint glow, but as time passed more complex patterns began lighting up.

    “Isn’t there any way to stop the process?”

    “It is said that Abaddon’s magical prowess is beyond that of Sha and L, so there is no one who can stop her.”

    “So her magic is superior… just how is this Abaddon fellow so powerful?”

    “Sha said that in the whole universe, she is the most beautiful, powerful and deadly being.”

    “What, why aren’t some of those contradictory?”

    “I think Abaddon inherited both Sha and L’s good and bad parts.”

    “It seems that according to this Sha and L are also quite problematic.”

    Heehee… I probably shouldn’t inform Sha and L that you said that. No, if it’s them they probably already know about it.”

    “How could they know?”

    “L has the ability to see and hear things, regardless of distance If he so chooses.”

    “Oh, that’s truly creepy.”

    “You think so? Anyway they are excellent Gods.”

    “That isn’t really my concern though, I’m more worried about the fact that Abaddon has returned before I could transfer out.”

    I began running some calculations in my mind.

    ‘If Abaddon’s strength is enough to receive the acknowledgement form Sha and L then these ratmen alone don’t have the required strength to defeat her, regardless of the gifts I’ve given them. If I were to leave them for dead, wouldn’t the future be severely impacted? Still, what if me staying behind and successfully stopping Abaddon is what changed the flow of time, perhaps just the fact that I was summoned back here had already had too big of an impact. When I return to the future it could have already changed dramatically. Across a time shift of 20 billion years, due to the butterfly effect, any minute change could result in drastic consequences. Just what is the right choice?’

    After overthinking things for so long, I shook my head in an attempt to clear my thoughts.

    “Why did you do that?”

    “I have too much on my mind right now.”

    “Are you worried for my people, you don’t need to do that, you’ve done enough. You have your own life to return to, so you can go knowing that we will fight to the best of our abilities. As long as you remember our sacrifice, that’s enough.”

    Our species were different, but the resolute look in her eyes was able to move me.

    “Yes, since I don’t know what would happen in either case, I’ll simply follow my heart.”


    “Here! The progress on the calculations is at 80%.”

    “Ok, good, now leave it running as a secondary task.”


    “Did you not hear me? Don’t allocate more than 3% of your processing power to it.”

    “Understood! But in that case it would take more that a week to complete.”

    “I’m aware.”

    “So you’ve chosen to fight?”

    “Yes, let’s brainstorm to find a way to stop an enemy which is the most proficient in magic. Give me any solutions you can think of.”

    Ever since that Doomsday Gate was lit, I was hard at work with preparations. Along with Lena’s help I created a wide variety of traps combining the Rohim’s Shield and and complex 3D magic arrays which would stop time itself. In that short amount of time, Lena and I had completely exhausted our knowledge and pulled out all the stops.

    “Ha… so this is what we can achieve if we go all out?”

    “Great Savior! What are those things?”

    I had instructed the ratmen to back off 200 meters while I worked on the traps, but Evelysla had shadowed me the entire time, curious as to what I was doing. She would even help me sometimes by wiping this sweat off my brow. This rat girl was beginning to look cuter and cuter by the second.

    ‘I have to stop thinking like that, she’s a rat!’

    I tried to change my thinking, but the mind worked in mysterious ways and it isn’t easy to influence one’s own thoughts.


    Finally the magic circle had been completed and space cracks began to appear within in it.

    Thud! Thud! Thud!

    A large number of creatures appeared from the bright light, followed by a booming telepathic message.

    ‘Are there those that dare block my way!’

    The message rang imposingly through the minds of the ratmen, immediately bringing them to their knees.

    An enormous entity appeared in a blinding red light. It was so bright that I had difficulty seeing the creature properly.

    “Ho ho, are these the life forms which Sha and L created?”

    It was a voice which I was more than familiar with.

    “What? Could it really be….”

  • Chapter 128

    “Lilinor! What are you doing over here?”

    The dragon which I suspected to be Lilinor turned its head towards me inquisitively.

    “Lilinor? Never heard that name. Are these crude traps your doing? They couldn’t possibly be the work of these ratmen.”

    The dragon known as Abaddon crushed the traps before her with a swish of her tail.

    ‘Hmm, although she looks similar to Lilinor, she’s much stronger.’

    “Evelysla, shoot!”

    “Got it!”


    As soon as she pressed the trigger, a light began to form at the end of the gun.

    “Everyone close your eyes!”


    Spppat, Quaaaaa

    In the next moment, the Hyper-Extinction gun fired and hit Abaddon’s group.


    I’ve set up our strongest shields, the aftershocks should en in 30 seconds, 29… done!

    After a short time all light disappeared and only a pitch black sphere remained floating in mid-air.

    “What is that?”

    “Perhaps it’s an ensemble of miniature black holes which have surpassed a critical mass.”

    Lena did her best to explain the situation, but it was at best just a theory.

    “Well I’ve got a bad feeling about this, get ready to hit them once more, Evelysla!”


    The Extinction gun fired once more.

    “We’ve created another crater.”

    When the dust resulting from the second shot cleared, a shadow began to form.

    “Was it not effective?”


    A claw emerged from the black sphere, followed by the rest of the dragon Abaddon’s body.

    “Oh, this is much more interesting than I expected! Should I change my mind? No wonder Sha and L summoned you here. HAHAHA!”

    Abaddon booming laughter assaulted our ears.

    “Ugh… this guy is really noisy.”

    As I was grumbling to myself, two lightning fast shadows made their way towards the imposing dragon.

    Zzzhaa, Quaaaaaa! Phaazz

    Odin’s Mjölnir  and Oberon’s Excalibur both left a mark on dragon claw.

    “Even these weapons are exceptional, is it also your work?”

    Abaddon asked me with a relaxed smile.

    “Don’t get too comfortable! Lena, hit it!”


    The spacetime trap which I had hidden amongst the others was instantly activated. Even if he had a monstrous magic ability, it wouldn’t be effective when caught inside this array, so I felt I had finally achieved something.

    ‘Oh, have you confined me to a trap based on time?’

    Abaddon’s body which remained frozen inside the array, was able to communicate with me telepathically.

    “Damn, so it doesn’t fully restrict him.”

    I couldn’t help but let out a groan as I witnessed him rolling his eyes in a mocking expression.

    ‘Well I’ll admit that you were able to restrict me somewhat, but my servants have already passed through into this universe, so my end goal will be achieved.’

    “Your minions, what about them?”

    I pointed to the dragon-like creatures which had been trapped in mid-air.

    “Are you saying that you prepared more than one of these traps?”

    “Naturally since I knew that you wouldn’t be coming alone, I kept some hidden cards.”

    ‘Kukuku… you indeed prepared thoroughly, but there is one thing that you overlooked.’

    “What’s that?”

    “The time period that this trap can hold me is quite short.”

    “True, but the time it take to set up a new trap around you is shorter than the time it takes you to break out, so I can do this indefinitely. Lena?”

    “On it!”

    “I raised my hand and created a magic stone out of thin air. Then, along with Lena’s assistance I set up a new trap to go off as soon as the other expired.

    “What do you think? It took 2 minutes and 40 seconds to set up, but how long does it take you to break free?”

    “Dammit! You’re cheating!”

    I shook my head and responded with a silly expression.

    “In war there is no right and wrong, only the victors.”

    “I now know why Sha and L summoned you here, you’re my natural nemesis.”

    “Natural nemesis?”

    “A person who can wield a wide array of skills can occasionally suppress a user like myself who focuses on only the most powerful magic like myself. They must have called you back form the future.”

    “Was it like that? In fact it wasn’t even my original intention to interfere. I just couldn’t bear to see you bully a young lady like her.”

    I said as I stroked Evelysla’s head.

    The next second Abaddon’s expression changed into a mischievous smile.

    “Well have you had fun with this little game of yours?”

    She suddenly reappeared outside of the array.


    “One’s eyes are easily deceived, I simply showed you want you wished to see. Did you enjoy the show?”

    Abaddon huge body flicker with unmatched speed until her jaws appeared just 3 meters before me.

    “Damn you Abaddon!”

    I hid Evelysla behind me and stood up proudly.

    Shwaaa Quaaaa

    “I allowed it you to harm me once, but there won’t be a second time!”

    Abaddon swatted Odin and Oberon away like flies.

    “You are interesting though, at first I planned on destroying the universe, but if there is an fascinating guy like you around it might be worth sparing. Perhaps I can enjoy the show a little longer.”

    Dozens of thoughts raced through my mind as I tried to find a solution. It seemed to be willing to put off the destruction of the entire universe on a mere whim, then why not up the stakes and make it truly interesting.

    “Abaddon, is the destruction of the universe just a game to you?”

    I asked in a reproachful tone.

    “Right, this space created by Sha and L is irksome and their lifeforms are boring so I was going to erase it.”

    “Why is that, are you jealous of Sha and L?”

    “Ha ha ha! Me! Jealous of them? Ha ha ha!”

    “Aren’t Sha and L stronger than you?”

    “They’re stronger than me? Ha ha ha! Where are they then? I’ve just returned but the’ve fled with their tail between their legs. They’re afraid of me.”

    “Why would they be afraid of you, aren’t they your parents?”

    “What… my parents?”

    Abaddon stared at me dangerously.

    “Is that not the case?”

    I asked, carefully testing the waters.

    “My parents were the most powerful beings in all the universes, Omniscience and Omnipotence. Those twisted Sha and L attempted to steal their powers but failed to make it their own and in the end I inherited it. Ha ha… Sha and L being my parents, what a joke!”

    Her angry laughter was so loud it threatened to burst my eardrums.

    “Okay, okay, lower your voice I’m willing to hear your version of the story, Abaddon.”

    “Why would I care about that when I’ll soon be destroying this entire place?”

    “Because before you do I’ll show you something interesting.”

    “What could you possibly amuse me with, I who has inherited such almighty powers?”

    I stared at him directly in the eyes.

    “Quit your lies, you are neither as omniscient nor omnipotent as you might claim to be, else I wouldn’t be able to stand against you.”

    Abaddon peered at me with great interest.

    “Okay, for argument’s sake let’s agree that what you said is true. I can still easily destroy this entire universe, doesn’t that mean that I’m all powerful?”

    I shook my head.

    “If you were truly the Almighty then you’d be able to create something larger and better than all this. To destroy is easy, but to create is far more difficult.”

    “Ho ho… that’s quite interesting, then why is it that you think that I can’t create new things?”

    I squirmed in delight, knowing I had him hooked.

    “Just wait a moment, Material Creation!”

    After a few dozen times I’d made a large rectangular board.

    “What are you doing?”

    “Just wait a bit, I’m not done yet.”

    Evelysla and the ratmen held their breaths nervously as they watched me work. Meanwhile Abaddon peered towards me, half suspicious and the other half curious.


    “What is that supposed to be?”

    I looked towards Abaddon imposingly.

    “A tool to prove that you are not omniscient and omnipotence!”

  • Chapter 129

    “What are you trying to make with a 19×19 board?”

    “Just wait a while longer, I’m not done yet. Material Creation!”

    I created about 400 round and flat black and white rocks.

    “Are those black and white stones?”

    “I nodded back and replied, If you truly believe yourself to be omnipotent and omniscient then defeat me in this game. If you do, I’ll quitely return to whence I came.”

    “Why do I need to play along?”

    Abaddon responded somewhat irritated.

    “Two reasons. The first is that I still have a way to stop you, so this would be a better alternative for you.”

    I signalled Lena to begin and together we created a 3D magic array around her.

    “Whoa! What is this array supposed to do?”

    “You’d best not make any sudden movements. If you do anything suspicious I’ll immediately activate it and send you back 20 billion years in the past. That much time should be more than enough for me to prepare some countermeasures.”

    With a wave of my hand the array began to shine, demonstrating my readiness.

    “Stop… stop! Do you also wish to be trapped in this place for the next 20 billion years? I know that you come from 20 billion years in the future, so if you were to send me back then you would lose your chance to return.”

    “Why is that? I could just use the same array twice.”

    “No, spells like these that tamper with time on a large scale cause severe damage to the space time continuum. If you were to use it on me, even if you were by some miracle be able to return to the future, you could never properly calculate the right period due to the severe fluctuations that would occur as a result.”

    “Well at least the entire universe wouldn’t be destroyed, I could figure something out after that.”

    Although I was pretending to be completely fine with that result, the truth was that Abaddon’s words had rattled me. He had a point about tampering with time and its consequences.

    “Fine then I understand your first reason, what’s the second?”

    “It’s simple enough, the second reason is that it doesn’t cost you anything. If I lose then I’ll simply return to the future and you can do as you wish.”

    “And what if I lose?”

    “Well I have to admit that you still have the upperhand in these negotiations, so it’ll only be a light penalty.”

    “What kind of penalty?”

    “To not destroy the universe until we play out a rematch.”

    “Rematch? When will that occur?”

    “When we next meet.”

    I would have 20 billion years of preparation, surely in that time I would be able to find a way to defeat her. I also hoped that time would change her and that  she wouldn’t make trouble in the future.

    “Hmm, That’s not enough.”

    “Not enough?”

    “This is a duel upon which hinges the fate of the universe, so I’ll add another condition to spice it up. Whoever loses will have to give everything they own to the winner. I’ll simply trample over you all in victory, and bring you all down to your knees.”

    Abaddon’s eyes radiated with confidence.

    “You must truly believe yourself to be omniscient and omnipotent”

    “Right, in fact you should already be proud simply by the fact that you’ve triggered the curiosity of such an almighty God.”

    ‘Well, even if one is a God, it doesn’t necessarily mean they are omnipotent.’

    At this moment, I had perhaps underestimated Abaddon far too much.

    “I’ll explain the rules of the game.”

    Abaddon however, shook her head.

    “No need, I already know them.”


    “You might have thought that this would be a game that you could best me in, but didn’t I tell you already? I’ve inherited the power of the Almighty himself! Although my ability to see far into the future isn’t always accurate, I have a full grasp of anything that occurs in the present. You seem to have an interesting chip on the back of your neck which had the rules to the game.”


    I couldn’t help but swallow down nervously.

    I had thought that she couldn’t possibly be omnipotent so I had chosen the game of Go. It was one in which A.I. excelled at so I felt that even if it was against a potent God, I should have a chance.

    It seemed that this would now be an uphill battle.

    ‘She seems to grasp anything within this universe.’

    I took some time to think things through before responding.

    “How convenient.”

    I finally let out, after a long period of silence.

    “Ha ha ha~ things not going according to plan? You look quite depressed and your forehead is full of sweat.”

    “Think what you want. I am just excited to play this game against a similar level player.

    “Ha ha ha~! Good, if you’re that fired up then perhaps I can enjoy a challenge for the first time in my life.”

    “But there is one more thing.”

    “Oh, what is that?”

    “I’ll start with four stones handicap.”

    “Hahaha, are you that afraid of my omniscience and omnipotence?

    I placed a black stone on each the corners of the 19×19 grid board.

    “There is no komi, so you can begin anytime.”

    (A komi of 6.5 points is given to the player with the white stones, to offset black’s advantage of getting the first move. However since there are handicap stones, then the komi is 0.5 points.)

    Abaddon simply pointed towards and intersection and her white stone moved with a life of its own.

    ‘Hmm… it doesn’t seem that she was lying when she claimed to know the rules.’

    “I wasn’t lying.”

    I looked up at her in surprise.

    “Didn’t I tell you? I know everything that happens within this universe.”


    We played a few more moves.

    Our game which decided the fate of the universe continued, and it was not going favorably for me. Of course Lena helped out, but Abaddon seemed capable of predicting all the outcomes and was fiercely catching up.

    I had vastly underestimate Abaddon. Because she reminded me of Lilinor, I thought I could win easily; however after just 150 moves I was already behind by 1 point.

    ‘Wow… despite having 4 stones handicap.’

    “Of course, if you’d have placed five stones perhaps the result would have been different, but due to your arrogance you chose only four and any chances of winning flew out the window.”

    Abaddon replied haughtily. This caused me to be quite frustrated and I developed a dirty strategy as a result.

    “Indeed it’s as you say, wanting to win against you was my mistake, you are so right.”


    Abaddon’s expression changed into that of surprise.

    “Lena, let’s create a triple ko.”

    (In Go, a ko is a situation where one side captures a stone, but there other side can’t immediately capture it back without place a move elsewhere first. There is a rare situation in which the life and death of a group is decided by three different ko. In such a case, black and white will alternate in capturing one of the three ko which can go on forever. This is known as a triple ko and is considered to result in a tie.)

    “Let’s do this!”

    “What are you doing!”

    Abaddon shouted loudly.

    “This is my answer.”

    “You are a crazy.”

    I had managed to create a triple ko, of course that was only possible due to Lena’s assistance. It was a situation where neither could back down from this ko, or they’d lose the game.

    “That was scary for a second, luckily it worked out in the end.”


    We kept capturing each other’s stones in the ko, and Abaddon was becoming more and more frustrated.

    We kept this up for about 10 years worth of time, a testament to Abaddon’s stubbornness. During that time, even Abaddon’s subordinates which had had been released from the arrays and had come to watch the game, had grown bored and walked around the village aimlessly.

    “Enough! This has become pointless,” Abaddon declared.

    “Too true, how many times have we been recapturing the same stones?”

    “It’s been 233,201 times, Johra.”

    “Lena responded.”

    “Did you hear that, Abaddon?”


    She helplessly swiped her claws at the desert sand. Despite her overwhelming power, she was still bound to the oath she had made and couldn’t go back on her word.

  • Chapter 130

    “Let’s start the next match! But, draw isn’t allowed anymore.”

    Abaddon exclaimed with a more serious expression, but I answered with a cheeky smile.

    “What are you talking about Abaddon? Didn’t you just admit to losing?”

    “Yes, so let’s quickly start the next match.”

    “Have you already forgotten your promise? Didn’t we agree that the winner would obtain everything from the loser?”

    “Yes, but didn’t you agree to play again?”

    I shook my head and spoke arrogantly.

    “I hadn’t agreed to that. from now on everything that was yours is now mine, right?”
    Abaddon replied with a frown, “you’re right.”

    I figured that she had never lost any bet in her life. That’s why she had no idea how to react in such a situation.

    “It’s as you said, everything has become mine, then doesn’t that include you as well, Abaddon?”

    She stared at me with eyes full of hate. It was only now that she realized the trap which she had walked into. Perhaps she had never ever expected to lose, so she was now a bit panicked.  

    “So what you’re saying is that now that everything that was mine is all yours and that you won’t accept a rematch?”

    She asked testily, clearly having difficulty controlling her temper.

    “No, naturally all three promises must be upheld. You completely belong to me, the universe won’t be destroyed and our promised battle will occur when we next meet. What do you think?”

    “It’s…. It’s as you said. So when will we meet again?”

    “Oh, I’m planning on returning to my own life, so I supposed it would be then.”

    Abaddon stared at be wide eyed.

    “Your name was Johra right?”

    “Yes, I’m Johra, the God of Creation.”

    “Hm… I’ll remember that. Then before we next meet, I have something to impart to you.”

    “What is it?”

    “I am all powerful in this universe, but even I can’t affect time. What you are doing, moving around in the space time continuum will lead to a grand disaster; one which would result in the destruction of all universes and even prevent its rebirth.”

    “What! It was that risky?”

    “I have no reason to lie to you. I’ve already accepted my loss.”

    “Then can I not return?”

    “Perhaps with your ability to construct such precise arrays it might be possible, but I’ll lend a hand just in case.”

    “Why would you help, don’t you hate me?”

    Ha ha ha!

    Abaddon’s booming laughter shook the heavens.

    “Stop Abaddon! It hurts my ears!”

    “It’s true that to a certain extent I do hate you, after all you are the first existence to be able to make me suffer a loss. Even Sha and L weren’t able to do so, only succeeding in trapping me temporarily.”

    “I know, and it seems that now you’re back.”

    “Right, so more than anything, I’m interested in you, the first being to make me suffer defeat. The destruction of the universe being put off isn’t all that big of a deal to me, I’m more curious about you than anything right now.”

    “What! You are talking about the end of the universe and all life within it as some sort of joke?”

    “Well, it is nothing but a joke to me. Once you have the ability to recreate universes and life, then their value drops substantially in your eyes.”

    I felt some sympathy for the solitude evident in her empty eyes. The loneliness of someone who is unmatched and stand above all others.

    “You’re mistaken, Abaddon.”

    “How so?”

    “Even if you can create anything in this universe and are all knowing about what is happening within it, that’s your limit.”


    “Just take me for example, you weren’t able to beat me. Ask yourself why that is. Aren’t you supposed to be the closest to omniscience and omnipotence?”

    She thought about it carefully for a while before answering.

    “You’re talking about change?”

    “Right, the changes which time brings about is the essence of existence. You just haven’t had the chance to figure that out yet.”

    “Isn’t change just a transition from the present to the future?”

    “Perhaps, but if you were to experience life and the universe for the next 20 billion years, perhaps your opinion on the matter might change.”

    “Is that what you think? Can you guarantee it?”

    “Well…at least I think so.”

    “Will we meet again in 20 billion years?”

    “Well that depends…”

    “Good, it’s a promise then.”

    “What? I didn’t say anything.”

    “No, you already consented. You might not have said it out loud but you accepted it in your mind.”


    Abaddon let out an evil laugh. She had caught me longing to see how much she would have changed after 20 billion years.


    “I had previously promised to lend a hand in your return, so I’ll do so now and the other two times you jump.”


    You need to go 20 billion years into the future, but that may be too large of a leap and it might collapse on itself. It would be better to do it in three seperate jumps, and between each jump you’d need to repair the time continuum.

    “I could restore it?”

    “It seems that you haven’t done so yet, but you have the ability to restore time and space. Simply find the space time paradox caused after each jump and fix it. It might be a bit time consuming but after that it should be fine.”

    “Ha, it almost sounds like a quest.”

    “Right, something like that.”

    “And how do I go about finding this paradox?”

    “I can help you with that.”

    “Will you use that chance to meet up sooner in order to move up the date of our predestined battle?”

    She shook her head in response.

    “I shall seal all my memories and shall become a companion which aids you, until our battle’s appointment that is.”

    “You are kinder than I expected.”

    “It’s because I want to experience what you claimed about change and the essence of life with an open mind.”

    “I think that’s a great choice, Abaddon.”

    “However I’d like to create a being that would retain some of my powers and memories, so that they can be returned to me when the time comes.”

    “Hm… I see, then is any vessel acceptable?”

    “Sure, did you want to make it?”

    “Yes, I also agree that it would be a waste not to use your powers to help the developments of the universe. Lena, prepare an android which will act as the guardian of all life.”

    “Got it.”

    After about ten months work, Lena greatest android creation was complete and Abaddon sealed part of her powers and memories within it.

    “Thank you Creator, I will use this power to protect all human life, and when the time comes I shall return it to you.”

    “Uhm, did you give it the proper instructions?”

    However Abaddon had fallen into a deep sleep after the transfer of her memories and power. Meanwhile the android was examining its new body.

    “I think you should decide on your name.”

    “Abaddon had already decided.”


    “I now have Abaddon’s memories, remember? My name is Skyfather.”

    “What? Wait, you’re Skyfather?!”

    “Yes, Abaddon had learned of the future from your memories, so I will have to act in a manner which is consistent with that future. I’ll begin by aiding these ratmen in their evolutions.”

    “Great, so you will do all you can to ensure that my future comes to fruition?”

    “Yes, all will be done according to my Creator’s will, Johra should next be transferred 6.62 billion years into the future. I have work to do.”

    “Hey! Hold on one moment!”

    But the android which had turned into Skyfather disappeared into thin air.

    “It seems that the entire future I had lived in was a consequence of the actions I had taken here….”

    I stared out into the endless desert.

  • Chapter 131

    “Oh well, what’s done is done, right?”

    I sighed as I stared out into the horizon.

    I then looked around and noticed Abaddon’s minions which appeared as colorful monsters gathering near the Doomsday gate. All the traps Lena and I had created were no longer in effect. Instead, they were like an immobile army of robots, not longer operational after having lost their source of directions. As I approached, they cried out in unison.

    “We await master’s command.”

    “Damn that’s too loud! From now on you’re the only one which answers me, alright?”

    I said as I pointed towards the half dragon which just happened to be closest to me.

    “What’s your name?”


    “Just Tron?”

    “Yes, master Abaddon called me so.”

    ‘Hm… he wouldn’t be Metatron right?’

    “I am Ortho-Tron. Meta-Tron remains in the space which Abaddon had previously been trapped in.”

    “What? How are you able to read my thoughts?”

    “We all share a part of Abaddon’s power. I was name Ortho-Tron because I recieved many powers from Abaddon, I am the strongest among us.”

    “Wait… Ortho, Meta…Is there a Para-Tron as well?”

    “Yes, that guy’s name is Para-Tron.”

    Ortho-Tron responded as he pointed towards a tortoise looking  creature with a thick shell.

    I facepalmed myself.

    ‘So it seems like Metatron is already here, dammit!’

    “Meta-Tron received a small portion of Abaddon’s powers, but it was a unique power regarding time and space. Among us Trons none could defeat him.”

    “I see, then could you also travel back into that void you were previously trapped in?”

    “It is impossible to do so without having powers like Abaddon.”

    “Then can Metatron choose to come here?”

    “He received a total of 5 abilities from Abaddon. One of them does indeed  allow him to go through the gate whenever he wishes.”

    “What? But he would also be under my command, right?”

    “Metatron is unique, Abaddon has wished it so; therefore he is under no one’s command.

    “Ugh… how troublesome. As I remember Metatron was quite the loose cannon.”

    “Don’t worry, Meta-Tron is still bound by Abaddon’s will.”

    “Is he a Loyal minion?”

    “I don’t know what you are talking about.”

    “Ah, it seems that they still can’t understand something which isn’t part of their vocabulary.”

    I grumbled as I tried to reorganize my thoughts.

    Metatron would definitely be a threat later on, but I currently had no way of dealing with him. Also, even if I could get to him I couldn’t do anything since it would alter the future far too much.

    “So what about you guys?”

    “We follow master’s orders. We were bestowed the power to destroy the universe.”

    “Ah,regarding that you no longer need to do it.”

    “We can’t simply quit. Just as one would die if he stopped living, we would disappear if we stopped pursuing destruction. We can’t do actions which go contrary to our very existence.”

    “What, why is it that you aren’t following my commands to the letter? Did Abaddon not tell you to follow my every word?”

    “Abaddon is our Creator and we are his destroyers. We must follow Abaddon’s original intent.”

    “ Fine, fine… go ahead and destroy. Destruction… I am getting fed up with that word.”

    After a whole day of brainstorming I finally devised a solution to keep them occupied.

    “You are only capable of destruction, right?”

    “Yes, we destroy all.”

    “Okay then, I will create something for you to destroy indefinitely. Lena!”


    “Let’s design an immortal creature that can keep them occupied forever. I’ll provide the materials.”



    “Hmm… its a good research subject, a mix of regenerative and non sentient creature? What about the energy source?”

    “I’ll provide the antimatter and magic stones. Also it should be able to recycle the destroyed parts in order to….”

    “So it has to be able to replenish itself with the nearby materials,right?”


    “In order for it to thrive in any environment.”


    “Ok, let me work on the schematics and I’ll get back to you in about four hours.”


    After discussing that with Lena, I turned back to Ortho-Tron.

    “How is it that you guys proceed with destruction?”

    “We each obtained a part of Abaddon’s powers.”

    “Go ahead and list them for me one by one.”

    While Lena was busy with designing the blueprints, I received the list of their abilities.

    “Wow… it’s like a comprehensive list of all skills and spells in existence.”

    “It’s because it’s Abaddon’s power.”

    “Then can you pass on your powers onto others?”

    “It is possible, but it would depends on the vessels and their ability to wield it may vary.”

    “Okay, that’s all for now.”

    For now the plan was to create a suitable opponent, and balance it so that their fight would last indefinitely. It would certainly be a better alternative to the destruction of the universe.

    “Johra the designs are complete.”

    “Okay, let me take a look.”

    “I’ll project it directly to your cornea.”

    Shortly after a complex schematics appeared in my sight, taking my breath away.

    Previously I wouldn’t have been able to understand such complicated designs; however after becoming a God my visualization skills had improved drastically.

    “What… so it’s this tree….”

    “When considering a non sentient creature, this plant came to mind.”

    “Ah… I see. So in the end I was also responsible for the creation of the World Tree?”

    That’s right, the result of Lena’s design was the World Tree Yggdrasil. A plant which would grow up into space indefinitely, drawing upon the resources of the world for nourishment.

    Such was the design of the being which Tron would have to destroy indefinitely.


    “What’s wrong Johra, you don’t like it?”

    “It’s nothing, I’m just angry with myself.”

    “Is it because of the nature of the World Tree?”

    “Yes, somewhat. So will this tree even be able to resist the powers of destruction?”

    “In order to improve its defensive powers it draws the necessary nourishment from across the universes. Then, in turn it creates the nectar which aids in the leveling up and evolution of other species, all in accordance with your memories.”

    By fighting for a share of that World’s Nectar, a creature can evolve and improve its strength. This was all a part of Lena’s design, but I felt terrible that I had been the one create the world tree and was therefore responsible for all the blood spilt in the future wars over its nectar.

    “Okay, make it.”

    Over the next four days, I followed along Lena’s designs as I created the genetic map for the seed. I then planted it in a large three meter magic array powered by multiple magic stones. The array was also set to follow the growth of the tree, so as to not be left behind.

    “That should be about right.”

    Just as I finished putting the final touches, the tree began to sprout before my very eyes despite it being in a arid desert.

    “Master is it okay to destroy that thing?”

    “Yes, you can attempt to destroy the tree, but don’t go after the creatures which harvest its nectar.”

    “I understand we will focus only on the tree. Since it grows along with the energy of the universe, then it is in line with our purpose of destroying the universe.”

    “Yes, but you can’t destroy it right away, you have to give it a chance to grow up first.”

    “Okay, we will wait for that time.”

    “Hey, Wait!”

    However the group of Trons had disappeared before I could finish.

    Tch! That guy! He just says his piece and leaves when he’s done.”

    I watched as the Yggdrasil grew past a hundred meters and felt my heart ache.

    “Will this world be in danger if it keeps growing at this pace?”

    “Don’t worry Johra, it will soon break into outer space and draw its energy from there.”

    “I see… a hundred meter tall tree in the middle of a desert, it looks absurd.”

    I let out a macabre chuckle, envision the future of the universe due to the construction of this World Tree.

  • Chapter 132

    “Good, now it’s time to get back at those who made me suffer. Material Creation! Material Creation!”

    I created a vacuum tube and filled it with positrons.

    “I’ll throw this at the planet, so if you don’t show your faces things won’t end well.”

    I tossed the fragile tube toward the ground. As soon as the vial is broken, the energy contained in the positron would be enough to wipe out the entire planet.

    “Dammit! Just what are you trying to pull, Johra?”

    The next second two people appeared before me.

    “Sha and L, I presume?


    L, a blond handsome man had caught the vial at the very last second, as he wiped the sweat from his forehead. Sha, who had black hair and tanned skin looked back at me.

    “That’s right right Johra, but why would you pull such a stunt?”

    “Was it you guys who summoned me?”


    “Just why is that? There are plenty of Gods better than I.”

    “Ha, you don’t remember do you? Well in truth I would have also forgotten were it not for Sha’s reminder.”


    “Remember what? And actually why is it that you are speaking to me so politely?”

    “You are the one that created us.”

    “What did you just say?”

    I was left completely speechless.

    In the past few days I had finally come to grips with all this universe and time space stuff, and now out of nowhere I learned that I was the creator of the mighty Sha and L

    “Are you trying to make a fool out of me?”

    “Don’t you remember anything?”

    “Of course not! I don’t remember anything about you! Are there now even more secrets which I’m not aware of?”

    I stared at Sha accusingly, but she shook her head.


    “Well, what should I say, I guess I could start with the fact that Abaddon and us were originally one being.”


    “What did Abaddon tell you? That it was her father that created the universes?”

    “Something like….”

    “She was lying.”

    “Really? That’s funny because she had said the same thing about you two.”

    L stopped speaking as he gnashed his teeth in frustration.

    “Sha had only roughly explained the situation to Evelysla.  Abaddon and us were originally one, and we were known as Alpha. Abaddon is the Omega which was once a part of Alpha.

    “Alpha? Omega?”

    “Every universe has a beginning and an end. The first is phase is known as the Alpha and the last as the Omega. When Omega was in the process of ending the universe, you appeared and stopped it in its tracks.”

    “Wha… me? I don’t remember”


    “Of course you can’t. The time that you interfered is 20 billion years in your future.”

    “20 billion years? The future me?”

    L shook his head.

    Not the place you just came from, but an even more future you. The time when the universe was about to switch between Alpha and Omega is when you interfered.”

    “Me? How?”

    I asked curiously.

    “You were the one who seperated Omega from us Alpha, you’re the reason that Abaddon exists.

    “Why would I do that?”

    To keep the universe functioning in perpetuity. I represent Infinity and Sha is the phase of Eternity.”

    “What is a phase?”

    “A gap between time and space which results in the creation of Gods. The principles of Eternity and Infinity are crucial building blocks of the space time continuum.”

    “I’m not sure what it is you’re talking about. So far all I’ve understood is that you guys and Abaddon were originally one and the creators of these universes, right?”


    “And I separated you all in order for the universes not to be destroyed?”


    “So it’s only natural for Abaddon to be hell bent on the destruction of the universes, since this is her existential purpose right?”

    “Yes. If we were to face each other, she would immediately absorb us which would result in her becoming the Omega once more.”

    “So what happened to the future me, why was I summoned here?”

    “After separating us you disappeared completely.”


    “Also before leaving you asked us to do you this favor of summoning you.”

    “Ah, so it was something the future me wanted to happen?”


    “So, I separated Alpha and Omega to prevent the end of the universes in 40 billion years from now, and then left the mess it created to the past me to deal with?”

    They both nodded back to me.

    ‘It seems like I’ve been causing a mess wherever I go, even if I can’t remember it.’

    “If you wouldn’t have split eternity and infinity, we would have all been buried along with the end of universe.”

    “Actually I don’t care. Does it even matter if the universe ends in 40 billion?”

    I was getting fed up with this whole situation and was ready to turn my back on saving the universe.

    “Usually after a 40 billion year cycle of complete thermal equilibrium, a chain reaction is set in motion to begin the universe’s reincarnation. However, since you tampered too much with the space time continuum, it resulted in a great catastrophe.”

    “Ah~ so it was my fault once again.”

    I let in out in resignation.

    “Right, that future you told us that the reason the universe was going to end was due to a certain promise.”


    “Yes, all you had told us was that it had been a promise made in a dream.”

    “I have no idea what that might mean.”

    Naturally I had an inkling, but I didn’t want to reveal the truth.

    “Ok, but now it’s time for you to go into the future. If you stay here any longer then you will only bring further harm to the universes stability.

    Sha moved her lips but no sound came out. I pointed towards her questioningly.

    “Why is she moving her mouth like that?”

    “We are twins, so she is speaking in a way that only I can hear.”

    “Are you two really twins?”

    “Yes, although with different personalities and temperaments.”

    Sha and L  then proceeded to bow down to me.

    “Thank you for helping us out once again, past sir Johra.”

    “If I had to be honest I still don’t know what you are talking about, but I guess I should get going into the future right?”

    “Yes, Sha will help you with the magic array.”

    She arrived beside me and as she waved her arms, bright spherical and cubic patterns appeared in complex formations.

    “Johra her ability is remarkable. The material she is using for the array is lighter than air, but it’s stability surpasses anything we’ve achieved. Also she seems to chain several Material Creations….”

    I proceed to simply ignore Lena’s praise and asked.

    “Will we meet again next time?”

    “Of course.”

    “Then at that time, be sure to tell me about my future in more details.”

    “Sha nodded her head and then looked towards L.

    “Then see you in 6.62 billion years.”


    As soon a L activated the magic array, I was sucked into a deep darkness.

    “This should be fun.”

  • Chapter 133

    “Jora? Sir Johra?”


    As if waking up from a deep slumber, I felt someone shaking me awake.

    “I’m glad you’ve arrived, Johra.”

    A huge titan appeared before me holding me up on his palm to see a gorgeous sunset.

    I was momentarily stunned by the breathtaking scene, before turning back and asking the titan.

    “Who are you?”

    “I’m L’s faithful servant, Killion.”

    “Oh, so you’re Killion….”

    I was shocked to find that I was currently in the palm of one of the last four Metatron followers.

    “Have you heard of me?”

    I looked carefully towards the titan name Killion.

    “Johra, it seems that he differs in many ways from how the ancient texts described Killion.”

    Lena advice arrived promptly. Naturally he wasn’t able to hear her speaking since she did it through my bone conduction.

    “Ah, perhaps I was mistaken. Was it L who sent you? Where is he now?”

    “Elder L is in hiding.”


    “Yes, since you were missing and now Metatron appeared….”

    “What? Metatron has appeared?”

    “Right, it happened 100 million years ago, ever since that time he’s been fighting Skyfather.”

    “Fighting Skyfather? Why?”

    “Something about wanting to get Abaddon back. Anyways this place isn’t safe right now since their fleet will soon meet in battle nearby.”

    “Fleets? What do you mean?”

    “Ah… I’d like to take the time to explain it to you properly but we don’t have that luxury. Please come with me immediately.”

    “Okay then…since it’s too risky here.”

    A bright light which enveloped the both of us was cast from Killion hands.

    “What is that light?”

    “A particle transmitter.”


    Shortly after we appeared in a large hall made out of pristine marble.

    As Killion walked through the air while still holding me in his palm, I noticed a bunch of UI popping up around us. They gave information on the surrounding stars as well as the layout of the numerous ships, all in 3D.

    “That’s a great interface, there’s a lot I can learn from this.”

    Lena’s curiosity had been piqued by this superior technology.

    “We’re out of the danger zone. Enable autopilot.”


    As soon as Killion gave the command the UI highlighted the most suitable path, for what I assumed to be the massive ship we were currently in.

    “Forgive my prior rudeness.”

    Killion exclaimed as he set me down gently on the ground.

    “Not at all, if anything it is I who should thank you for coming to meet me and following L’s instructions to the letter.”

    “It is only natural, I’m a creature created by L for the purpose of serving you, Johra. The meaning of my very existence is to assist you in solving the dangers of this universe.”

    “Um.. I think I might have misheard. Did you just say solving dangers?”

    “Oh, were you not aware? The elder said that as soon as Johra arrived then all would be alright.”

    “I’m not sure what it was that L told you, but he must have been wrong. I’m not here to solve any dangers, this is just a short stop before I return to my own time period.”

    Killion stayed deep in thought for a while before responding.

    “Oh right, L told me to tell you that if you don’t stop this fight between Metatron and Skyfather, your future will no longer exist.”


    “Sha’s predictions had been wrong. Something to do with the space time continuum being altered. Sorry, I’m not entirely sure what it means either..”

    “Johra, perhaps the the small actions you’ve taken have already had an influence on the future. If it is as L said and Metatron and Skyfather keep on fighting, then its natural for the future we know to disappear as well.”

    Lena explained her understanding of the situation.

    ‘Shit! I don’t want to get involved in a fight between those two monsters. Why can’t I just peacefully return back to my own time period?’

    “Skyather’s fleet has just made contact with Metatron’s. It will mark the official start of the 10th universe war.”

    Killion explained and I knew that I had to do something.

    “10th war? So this isn’t the first time? Just how many people are involved in this war?”

    “In the past nine wars all planets which had more than 10 thousand inhabitants were wiped out.  We’ve been fighting almost nonstop and to date the death count of these wars is in the billions..”

    “What do you mean by nonstop?”

    “Pretty much ever since Metatron appeared.”

    “So you’ve been at war for about 100 million years simply because of some wacky subordinate of Abaddon?”

    “Perhaps it is just the way of the Gods to wage war. The universe is simply a battleground for the immortals and the strongest among them fight wars to amass more power. The very purpose of life across the universe is likewise for war. There are tens of millions of life forms which were created for this very purpose and all the resources of the universe are being sucked up to support this war between these two sides.

    “I see… so whether it is the 1st war or the 10th, it doesn’t really make much of a difference for you does it.”

    “That’s right, despite Metatron being a very powerful god, he has no chance in winning against Skyfather and his followers. Although it is true that he also has Gods on his side, it seems he’s achieved this through some sort of brainwashing which is only effective on minor gods.”

    “Brainwashing huh… and as I recall he also had a certain control over space time as well.”

    “That’s right. In fact, so far as I know, the only reason he hasn’t been defeated yet is that he can escape safely every time.”

    “Still Skyfather is pretty amazing to have beaten him nine times.”

    “Well, he hasn’t been able to finish things because at the very last minute Metatron has used his brainwashing ability.”

    “What, then Skyfather has always had the upper hand?”

    “Right,  but despite Skyfather having inherited supreme abilities from Abaddon, which means that no Gods can match him, not even Metatron. He still hasn’t been able to deliver the finishing blow because when Metatron uses his brainwashing ability he can turn the minor Gods following Skyfather against him, buying him enough time to escape with his ability over time.”

    “Still, Skyfather is stronger than I expected.”

    “Definitely the two strongest Gods right now are Skyfather and Metatron.”

    “So did L not give any further instruction as to what I should do?”

    “There was one thing, he mentioned that Metatron’s weakness was his emotions.”

    “Emotions huh… L is quite clever.”

    I clicked my tongue, it seemed that Metatron had always been obsessed with Abaddon.

    It would also explain while he would rather escape than risk harming Skyfather.

    “By the way Killion, before travelling I need to fix a certain paradox in the space time continuum. Is there any news about that?”

    “Oh right, I almost forgot. Sha did say something reggarding that. She said that if you were to encounter the situation, you would understand it naturally.”

    “That basically means that I need to figure it out myself. no?”

    “L and Sha are not the benevolent type.”

    Sigh* How annoying, and here I thought I could just travel immediately to my own future.”

  • Chapter 134

    “Killion,  I have a favor to ask of you.”

    “I am Johra’s faithful servant.”

    I felt a tinge of regret seeing him act so politely towards me.

    “I know what will happen in the future.”

    “I stand in awe at your great power, lord.”

    “So basically I need you to remember what I’m about to tell you, and transmit it to Metatron.”

    “So… is that truly my task?”

    “Yes, it is indeed your fate.”

    “Okay Johra, since it’s my destiny I have no choice but to accept it.”

    “I felt quite sorry for him seeing the resolve on his face, but it was a necessary sacrifice to ensure the correct future.”

    After about three hours of explanation, I had finished giving Killion my detailed instructions.

    “That’s amazing, Johra.”

    “Not really, it’s just a small cheat which someone like me who knows the future can employ.”


    “Wait a minute, Lena, did you prepare the blueprints I asked of you?

    “I’ll project it as a hologram.”

    With it I was able to create the product.

    “Here, use this Killion. It will be necessary in order to undertake you task.”

    “Yes sir!”

    Killion and I then spent the next 60 days in order for him to familiarize himself with it.

    “I have to go meet Skyfather, do you have a spare ship I can use?”

    “No need, you can take this one. I will simply use an escape pod.”

    “Okay, I’ll pray for your success, Killion.”

    “Thank you for your blessings, my lord.

    “When we next meet, I’ll greet you warmly once again.”

    “Just hearing that alone, I now feel complete.”

    “No, rather it is because you are undertaking a worthy sacrifice.”

    “Yes, then I shall leave first. It seems that when we next meet we might be on opposing sides.”

    “Hm… it’ll come to pass, so there’s no reason to feel afraid.”

    Killion bowed deeply before disappearing into streaks of light as he used the particle transmitter. In the distance his escape pod appeared and opened an FTL gate (faster than light) which it disappeared into.

    “It seems like the dice have been cast. It was the most secure option to ensure the future.”

    I spoke out loud as I stared out into the stars.

    Making one sacrifice for the good of others. I had trouble justifying my actions. However, for an individual to have the courage to willingly sacrifice themselves for the benefit of others, one could only call that heroic. Nevertheless, form the viewpoint of that hero, it is still an unhappy life.

    ‘I have sacrificed so many things, and all for what?’

    We had to kill in order to collect experience and evolve, often putting myself in life and death situations.

    I had asked so many of those around me to sacrifice themselves for the sake of my friends and family who are closest to me.

    From the perspective of natural selection, perhaps it was all normal. Still, I was now the God of Creation and I had to do what was necessary. Justice did not exist in nature. I no longer had to reflect on my own actions and should simply take the path of necessity.

    I closed my eyes and came to that realization, undergoing a fundamental change in my very soul, before opening them up again.

    “Lena, pilot the ship, I’m going to meet Skyfather.”


    As the spaceship aligned its course, the constellations which could be seen on the UI holograms changed. Shortly after the FTL gate was opened and Lena began her countdown.

    “3…2…1, successfully entered Hyperspace. According to my reading we will only exit in 3 hours, 27 minutes and 14 seconds.

    “Wow, that’s pretty confusing.”

    The FTL gate was a technology which spacetime unto itself, enabling travel which exceeded the speed of light.

    The hyperspace which resulted from such actions projected images of all that has happened in my life

    It was as if death was flashing before my eyes as I watched a movie of all my entire life. From the time spent as a high schooler which I could no longer remember, to falling down the manhole, my struggle to survive on this new world as an undead and the my fight with the angels. Everything was portrayed before me and I unknowingly began to shed tears.

    “In retrospect I’ve lived a truly lonely life.”

    For the next three hours I watched this pseudo-film of my life over and over again, until finally we had arrived.

    “Entering normal space in 3…2…1. All equipment seems to be functioning properly, there are a large number of vessels in our proximity.”

    “Ok, open up a line of communication and inform them of my name and intention to meet Skyfather.”


    It took but a few moments before a hologram of Skyfather appeared before me.

    “It’s been quite some time, Johra. So it seems you’ve returned.”

    Seeing his smug face almost made me lose it. He had known all along when it was I would return.

    “Skyfather you’ve become quite impudent, treating your creator in such a way.”

    “Ah really? I don’t have such a strong impression of it since it was all a very long time ago. Somehow my so called Creator is now so much weaker than me that I can destroy you with but a single finger.

    I wasn’t sure how I should respond to that, but I knew that I couldn’t show any weakness.

    I could only gnash my teeth in anger and endure.

    I knew that Skyfather had been fully aware off my return, but seeing as he didn’t make any effort to seet me out, it was clear that he didn’t have any good intentions.

    In other words, Skyfather had now become my enemy despite the fact that I was the one who had built him.

    This only fueled my determination as I replied to the hologram confidently.

    “Yes, you’ve made a few mistakes but it’s normal since you are still young. I’ll clean up your mess since I know Metatron’s weakness.”

    I noticed a complex expression fill his face.

    His reaction was within my expectations since Metatron was his only rival.

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    Chapter 135

    “Okay, Old God. release your shield and I’ll transfer you over.”

    He exclaimed somewhat arrogantly, but his face still had a slight frown.

    “Lena, lower the shield.”



    I was bathed in a bright light, and the next moment my surroundings had changed.

    Skyfather was hovering in the middle of a large hall with only his upper torso .Unlike in the hologram, I could see several scars and missing parts on his body.

    “Why is it that you only have half your body and are so injured?”

    “Huhuhu… although your body might be important for your life, that isn’t the case for me who is an android.”

    Looking at the android we had built before us, I felt a certain wisdom in his words, one brought about by countless years of experience.

    “Lena, scan him and show me the results.”

    “Got it.”

    “You dare observe my body without my permission!”


    With a swish of Skyfather’s hand a shield appeared around him.

    “I simply wish to take a look and your injuries and mean you no harm.”

    Shortly after Lena sent the results to my cornea.

    “You have quite a few parts which have been worn out or missing. Why haven’t you replaced them?”

    “Too noisy, I called you here….”

    “I can tell you why. Your current bodily parts are all those which I had made 6.6 billion years ago. If you haven’t replaced them, isn’t it because you simply don’t have the ability to do so?”

    “It’s all because of you. You took a mere machine and gave it divinity, making it impossible to replace my own parts.”

    “Ah… well I’m sorry, I hadn’t considered that.”

    “What sorry! You’re my Creator, you should be perfect and omnipotent in every way! Also why do you look so weak and why have you made me like this.”

    It seems that he had been piling up some resentment over the years which was now exploding out.

    “Are you getting emotional?”

    I didn’t expect it to have any feelings because when Lena created it, it was nothing more than a mere machine.

    “These useless feelings hinder my decision making. I have to be true to my purpose, but these feelings are constantly getting in the way. I’ve raised living beings who have loved me, only to later die for my very cause. Meaningless deaths which are eating away at me from the inside. Creator, please do something for me! Get rid of these pointless feelings I’m experiencing.”

    “Well, that’s what you get when you’ve experienced life for 6.6 billion years.”

    I was somewhat able to understand why he was so cold towards me.

    The memories and emotions he’d felt over this long period of time, only made the loss and pain all the worse when those loved ones disappeared.

    “I’m truly sorry Skyfather, but I can’t take your feelings away from you.”

    “Why is that Johra? Aren’t you the one who made me! Since you’ve made me then you have to take responsibility for what you have done. It’s your duty to improve your creation. I have been faithfully fulfilling my purpose, so now it’s your turn to do this for me.”

    Ziiiiing, Chulkuk chulkuk

    Hundreds of robotic arms appeared from the sides and made their way towards me.

    “Lena, raise the shield.”


    Thankfully it was able to block them.

    “Don’t think you can stop me with such backwater technology. I don’t have much time to converse with you.”

    “Okay, but first of all, why is it that you think feelings are bad?”

    “For the purpose I was given, these feelings are nothing but a hindrance. However I’ve never been able to suppress them due to the safeguards you had placed within me.”

    He was referring to the same limiters which Odin had placed on Thor’s Mjölnir, which made it impossible to interfere with Skyfather’s AI core. It was a combination of magic and science.

    “You’re going about this all wrong, your feelings are your greatest asset. Did you ever take the time to stop and think what it is you wish to do in your life?”

    The robotic arms which Skyfather was controlling had begun to cast cast arrays and it wouldn’t be long now before they penetrated the Rohim’s shield. I only had until then to make him change his views.

    “The purpose you had given me was to give life into the future, where as Abaddon had tasked me with exploring the value of change….”

    “That’s right, but in fact the two are one and the same.”

    “Are you saying that my feelings represent change?”

    He asked with a frown.

    “That’s right. Your emotions are a direct result of change and also the greatest value out of anything else you’ve experienced this entire time.”

    “No, I can’t accept that. I’ve that’s true then it isn’t worth it….”

    “I know that emotions are a difficult thing to manage, Skyfather, but they aren’t something to be ignored or suppressed. Think about it, when I first created you, you were nothing, a simple machine filled with knowledge and a purpose. But look at you now, you’re alive!”

    “I’m alive? Nonsense, I’m still nothing but a glorified android.”

    “Yes, but being alive means much more than just breathing. It’s building relationships, memories and sometimes, it also means suffering loss. Even if you may have taken the wrong path, the feelings you’ve experienced are proof that you are alive.

    “You’re saying that this bitterness and pain that I feel is worth it? Nothing but empty words!”

    “Yes, the pain that you feel when someone that you loved or even was close to you is lost, that hurts. But that pain is a reminder that you are alive, and so I can’t take your emotions away from you.”

    “Why?! You’ve created me, so now free me from this torment!”

    “It was….”

    I had to take a breath and gather my thoughts.

    “You need to accept your feelings one step at the time. Sure dealing with pain is difficult, but by overcoming such hardships, the pain felt will slowly lessen. This is the change which I spoke to Abaddon about.”

    “Nothing but Sophistry! You incompetent Creator! You have nothing to offer me! You’ve cursed me to 6.6 billion years of pain. That’s 6.6 billion years!”

    “Yes, and I’m sorry about that. I can’t imagine the suffering you must have undergone, but this was an opportunity for you and I’m glad that you’ve found your own path to life as a result of it. I don’t know what is the perfect way to live, because I have not discovered it myself. Perhaps you will do so before me, my son!”

    “Ridiculous, I’m not your son! I’m just a lump of metal brought together for a specific purpose!”

    “Don’t you realize that you’re already much more than that, Skyfather?”

    “I won’t admit it!”

    The Rohim’s shield had finally collapsed.

    “Let’s head back, Lena.”

    “Yes sir!”

    Lena instantly activated the array which we had prepared ahead of time.

    “I won’t forgive you Johra!”


    I waved my hand and bid him goodbye, just before the magic array activated.

  • Chapter 136

    I stood at the base of Yggdrasil.

    “A large number of creatures have developed around it.”

    “The old desert of Eden was no more. In its place where thick and lush forests with tall canopies which blotted out the sun.”

    “It’s changed a lot.”

    These were the fruits of that seed I had planted 6.6 billion years ago. I felt moved, in awe of the power and tenacity of life.

    “I wonder how much its grown.”

    Was the first thought which came to mind as I walked up to the World Tree, looking up and being unable to fathom its height.

    Swoosh! Swoosh!

    Hundreds of arrows landed before me as a telepathic warning appeared in my mind.

    “What was that?”

    “Elves… no, with those features I guess they’d be High Elves.”

    ‘Don’t come any closer, stranger! If you approach the Great Mother, then the next arrows will pierce your heart.’

    “Annoying… Lena put up a shield.”

    “On it.”

    I ignored their warning and simply walked forward.

    Swoosh! Swoosh! Ping!

    Hundreds of arrows took flight, but the results were as expected. Those primitive arrows which would even have trouble piercing leather armor, didn’t even leave a dent on the shield.

    ‘Prepare to pay the price of ignoring our goodwill!’

    They sent out telepathically as I noticed dozens of High Elves casting their magic.

    “Oh, resorting to magic now is it? Fine, I’ve had enough of your impudence. Material Creation! Material Creation!”

    I once again created a vacuum tube and filled it with a very small amount of positron.


    “You are only planning to stun them, right Johra?”


    “I’ve calculated the blast zone and projected it on your cornea. I’ll also activate the shield when the time comes, so please throw it whenever you are ready.”


    After a far toss, the positrons which exploded in the distance resulted in an enormous shockwave. My shield was easily able to absorb it, but all the nearby Elves had been instantly knocked unconscious.

    “All 314 of them have fainted. There have been no deaths and not even any serious injuries.”


    I had finally arrived within an arms lengths of the tree trunk.


    “By simply raising your arm, you can activate the master key.”


    I was teleported to the core of the World Tree.

    “Oh, this is pretty cool.”

    “Of course, this is the result of our planning and its evolution over the past 6.6 billion years.”

    I had mixed in parts of Lena when creating Yggdrasil. The nano parts we had left behind were based on what we knew of the Worlds Nectar, which helped shape its evolution during all these years.

    The World Tree was a product of magic and engineering, but it could also be regarded as a supremely evolved version of Lena.

    What would be the result of an evolution based A.I. with 6.6 billion years of experience.

    “Welcome Creator Johra.”

    A message rang throughout the room in a warm greeting.

    “I’ve been in a bind, why is it that you haven’t reached out yet?

    “Please call me Machina”

    “You want to be referred to as a machine? You’ve already evolved far past that point.”

    “Since I’m your creation, Machina will suffice.”

    “Okay, but you won’t betray me in the same way Skyfather has, will you?”

    “I’m faithful to my cause. Skyfather who is plagued with Abaddon’s divinity, he has however followed Johra’s command for the last 6,600,002,542 years, 11 months, 3 days, 2 hours, 5 minutes and 21 seconds.”

    “Hmm… Avadon’s divinity…then is yours a different one?”

    “It is Johra’s divinity which had given me life, so I am dedicated to your cause.”

    “And what do you believe to be my cause, Machina?”

    “I’ve had a long time to examine it. Every cell of mine is infused with nano particles, and my body has grown to pierce through 134,424 different universes. Any information can be transmitted within me at speeds which exceeds light and I can think faster than any other living being. Through this analysis I’ve come to the conclusion that I exist for the sole purpose of supporting life to these universes.

    “Ha ha ha, you’re right my child!”

    “Thank you, Creator Johra.”

    I was then briefed by Machina about what had happened over the years. It was 6.6 billion years worth of information, so it took 100 days before it could summarize everything.

    “Well, I guess I know everything I need.”

    “Will you be heading out?”

    “Yes Machina, you’ve done well in your duties as a watcher while I’ve been away.”

    “As you well know, my branches have spread to every universe. Most of the things which creatures refer to as magic is simply based on a system I have created. I can hand you the power to override all kinds of magic.”

    “Oh, is that so?”

    “Yes, you can use any spell you want, and you can also choose to negate any magic as well.”

    “Wasn’t magic a product of elementary particles, I think Lena had explained it to me as such.”

    “That is correct, but it is my network which controls the situation because I created it that way in every universe which I’ve spread myself to.”

    “Hmm… it’s indeed true that everything within a universe is now under your influence.”

    “That’s right.”

    “Perhaps we can use it for more than just influencing though.“

    “You can also monitor any situation at any given moment. My branches stretch out to every corner of all the universes, there isn’t any information which I don’t know about.”

    “Great, but sometimes knowing too much can be a bad thing.”

    I’ll remember that, Creator Johra.

    You have done enough already, Lena, set up the array.”

    “Got it!”

    As Lena was hard at work with the array, I instructed Machina.

    “Be ready to respond to my call at any time.”

    “Yes, Creator Johra. Are you referring to the spare parts of Skyfather and the time travel machine?”

    “Yes, those too, but first I’ll go and meet and old friend.

    “We will stay in touch, Creator.”


    The next moment the array had activated and my surroundings had changed.

  • Chapter 137

    I appeared in the alley of a city which seemed to have been developed by a machine civilization.

    “Is this the right place, Lena?”

    “Yes, I’ll show the location on the map.


    A mini map appeared, indicating the location of the person I wanted to meet.

    As I walked out of the alley, I saw a street filled with flowers of great beauty, covered in its entirety by a large dome in the sky.

    “Feels like we are in some Sci-Fi.”

    I exclaimed after seeing the domed city. Although I had already known about it due to Machina’s report, seeing it first hand was an entirely different feeling.

    The human race of this age had already proceeded into the cosmic era. Although it was a civilization which existed long before mine, It was strange to see that they were so much more advanced than Earth.

    This very place is an artificial planet with large skyscrapers and a population of a billion people.

    The planets name was Gehenna, and it was only medium sized and located in a rather remote area of space. There had already been more than one million artificially created planets built in outer space.

    “Johra, the target is on the move.”

    “Okay, I’ll hurry up.”

    I sped up in order to quickly catch up.

    “What’s going on, why is she moving so fast?”

    “It appears the target has noticed the fact that Johra is following.”

    “Hmm, using magic is risky so I’ll just outsmart her.”

    The target had glanced behind expertly as she turned the corner.

    “I’ll mark you her expected route and you can intercept her midway.”

    “Okay, I guess I can delay catching her for a little while.”

    I walked around the corner of another alley and lay in wait.

    “Now Johra.”

    “Caught you….”


    I had just grabbed my target’s sleeve, but the next thing I knew my head was stuck in the ground.

    “Hey… that’s a bit much no?”

    After having thrown me, she had escaped without once looking back.

    “Huh, it seems that she doesn’t like strangers.”

    I stood up and patted the dust of my clothes.

    “She’ll probably be heading towards her house, se we can just go there first and set an ambush.”


    When I was about to finish making my preparations, I got word from Lena.

    “Target’s home has been located, but it seems that she’s already left.”

    “Great, shall we step inside?”


    I stood before the front door while Lena hacked her way in.


    “That’s pretty cool no?”

    “Sure, but it’s still inferior to the Rohim’s technology.”

    After unlocking his door, I stepped inside and began setting up the traps. After that was done, I headed to his kitchen and whipped myself up a meal.

    “It seems that their diet isn’t so different from ours.”

    I found the refrigerator and after fishing out some ingredients, began chopping them up with a knife.

    “To celebrate our long awaited reunion, a home cooked meal would be best.”

    An hour or so later the food was ready and the timing couldn’t be more perfect as there was movement by the door.

    “Just in time, come on in!”

    “You’re that guy from before. Why are you in my house?”

    Chulkuk Chulkuk

    The trap which I had previously constructed was sprung, and restrained her in a very thorough fashion. She struggled and foamed at the mouth from the gag which had been inserted, but wasn’t able to escape.

    “I call that thing the Redeemer. It’s a combination of both magic and science and isn’t at all easy to escape from. Perhaps if you had your original strength you could get out, but right now it’s impossible.”

    I felt her eyes burning with hatred.

    “Dont hate me too much, you might not have any memories of me but we go way back. Oh, the food is ready. Lena, bring her to the table.

    “Will do!”

    The trap named the Redeemer was essentially a steel sphere which fasted the prey’s limbs to each end. It also had the added bonus of being able to transport the target by rolling around.

    “Good, now let’s eat first since the meat is ready and we wouldn’t want it to get cold.”

    Although I didn’t know what kind of meat it was, I had sliced it into steaks and served it with a special sauce. We also had a vegetable salad to accompany the meal.

    “I made this for us with deep care. Lena, please help her enjoy the meal.


    A robotic arm emerged from his spheric prison and brought a piece of steak to her mouth.

    “Oh right, we’d have to remove the gag. Okay, be sure not to make any loud noises now, alright?”

    However it was clear by the look in her eyes that he wouldn’t comply.

    “Lena prepare an array to cancel and sounds from escaping.”

    “Will do.”

    “Help! Help! A psychopath broke in! It’s an emergency!”

    As soon as the gag was removed she began to cry out for help. I paid her no mind and focused on eating the steak before me, aware that her shouts would never go more than 2 meters at which point the array Lena had installed would stop the sound in its tracks.

    “Stop wasting your energy and start eating. We have a lot to talk about.”

    Finally, after a long period of shouting, she had given up.She seemed to have resigned herself to her fate.

    “So your name is now Noren?”

    “How do you know my name, are you a stalker?”

    “Stalker huh? Well I guess that isn’t entirely wrong.”

    “What is it that you want? Money? My authorization key is in my drawer beside my bed. If you take it you can have access to all my savings.

    “Money? Have I ever needed that? Even if I did, I wouldn’t come take it from you.”

    “So what then, my life?”

    “Come on, I would never”


    “Is it my body then?”

    “Ha ha ha! You’re cracking me up, taking me for some kind of rapist.”

    “Then just why have you done this to me!?”

    I stared at her and spoke seriously.

    “What is it that you remember, what is your oldest memory?”

    “What… my memories? Why do you want to know that?”

    Noren’s face showed that she was embarrassed.

    “I was informed that you would periodically wipe out your own memory, is that so?”

    “How do you….”

    “Well, I’ve looked into you. Every 10 years you have your memory wiped.”


    “Not answering is the same as acquiescing.”


    Her expression was once again that of embarrassment.

    “Do you not know how long you have been living for?”

    “How can you possibly know that I can’t remember?”

    “Well, It was my wish that you could live out your days in hiding, but it seems that someone has already been meddling, Why don’t you guys show yourselves!”


    Before I could even finish, two beings with large gray wings materialized before me.

    “Master Johra, why didn’t you tell us that you had arrived!”

    “Dummies, how could you say that when you are the ones which were supposed to picked me up.”

  • Chapter 138

    “We didn’t know that you had already arrived.”

    “What… that isn’t even a good lie. Your subordinate Killion was waiting to receive me, how could you not have known?”

    Sha shook her head.

    “Did Killion truly meet up with you? How strange, it was not yet time for you to arrive.”

    “What do you mean?”

    “You’ve arrived 1,000 years earlier than what was predicted.”

    Sha then spoke with L in her unique fashion which didn’t produce any sound.

    “Oh, so that’s what happened.”

    “What do you mean?”

    “Killion must have been waiting there for thousands of years in advance.”

    “Then I arrived earlier than expected, why is that?”

    “I hadn’t expected the time flux to have shifted due to your influence. Abaddon has also been influenced by such change, which is why she loses her memory from time to time.”

    “Ah, so the alignment of the time flux is off… will this civilization suffer from my presence as well?”

    “Yes. You put all of your knowledge into Skyfather, but after 6.6 billion years time too much has changed from your reality and the present. Also, can I release this?”

    “Will Abaddon not resist?”

    “It is okay. Abaddon’s memories were sealed a long time ago. Now she only knows herself as Norn.”

    “Just who are you guys, and what are you doing in my house!”

    L let Norn out of the Redemption prison and she was now trembling in the corner of her living room.

    “By the way, how did you discover Norn’s location? Sha and I were surprised since even Metatron hasn’t found a clue regarding Abaddon’s whereabouts.”

    “Well, I have my own secret method. Have you guys been protecting Norn’s identity this whole time?”

    “Naturally, if Abaddon were to be resurrected then it would be quite troublesome for us. Still, I don’t think we can evade Metatron’s reach forever.”

    Simply by looking at Norn I had fully grasped the current situation.

    Skyfather was the vessel for Abaddon’s powers, so if he were to meet with Norn then the was a strong possibility that Abaddon would resurrect. Similarly, should Metatron find Norn’s whereabouts, he would go all out to ensure Abaddon’s resurrection. For this reason Sha and L had to hide Norn from Metatron.

    “What are your plans now, Johra? Oh, is that steak? It looks delicious.”

    “Uh… eat up, I prepared it for you guys.”

    “Oh, it’s steak cooked by the strongest god in all the universes! Regardless of the taste, it’s unique!”

    L rushed towards the dinner table and tore into the meat. Sha however sat gently at the table and with the fork and knife ate her steak following proper etiquette.

    As I watched the two enjoy the meal, Norn however remained wary and hugging a pillow on the sofa; however it had to be said that seeing our bizarre actions, her fear had lessened to a certain extent.

    “Norn, why don’t you come and eat as well.”

    “Do you think I’d eat food served by a strange burglar?”

    “Norn don’t speak about things you can’t possibly understand. You’d best come and eat this steak, such opportunities don’t come very often.”

    L chastised Norn while steak sauce dripped from the corner of his mouth. However Norn simply shook her head.

    “Why are you here? If it isn’t for money, then is there some kind of grudge between us? If that is the case then I can only apologize since I can’t recall anything.”

    “It isn’t a grudge.”

    Norn replied with a frown, “then why did you imprison me in that terrifying construct.”

    “Isn’t that because you ran away from me?”

    “It’s normal to flee when a stranger is pursuing you!”

    Norn’s voice grew louder.

    “But it was you who threw me to the ground.”

    “Tha… that was just pure instinct! If I was rude I’ll apologize, but you were the one who grabbed my sleeve out of nowhere so I think you’re the one in the wrong.”

    “Johra, did you really grab her sleeve?”

    L asked with a mischievous face. They of course already knew all about the situation since they had been keeping watch over her, and were only trying to make me lose face.

    “Shup up, I was thinking of way to strike up a conversation with her and it seemed like the easiest option.”

    “It’s quite shameful to suddenly grab a woman’s sleeve in a dark alley!”

    “Right, I think you should excuse yourself, Johra.”

    “Oh, L you are mighty feisty today, as I remember you had a certain debt towards me….”

    “Ah ha ha… did I? Anyways, I guess I’ll eat Norn’s steak as she doesn’t seem to want it.”

    As I put L back into his place, Sha continued to eat peacefully.

    “Anyways, so miss Norn, I came here to talk with you.”

    I told her politely, but she remained reserved. Of course it was understandable since I was someone who had been waiting in her house in ambush.

    “What business do you have with me? And after we are done talking will you leave me alone?

    “Leaving… we are quite close after all.”

    “Johra, Sha is able to restore her memory for a short period of time, do you think that would help?”

    Sha paused her eating and nodded.

    “Okay, then when you finish eating I’ll have to ask for that favor.”

    “Sha nodded back and then went back to eating her steak.

    “I can remember the memories I’ve lost?”

    “Well, you lost a lot of memories, but at least Sha can help you to better understand the situation .”


    “It would only be temporary though.”

    “It’s enough, I want to know about my past and why it is my memory keeps being reset.

    I could feel the pain in Norn’s eyes, perhaps she would hold a grudge after knowing the full story.

    ‘What if you were to learn that your current situation was of your own choosing. Living a life of lost memories through the past 6.6 billion years…. Would you still be okay with it I wonder?’

    Shortly after Sha finished her meal and wiped her mouth clean. After that she walked towards Norn.

    “You’re not going to do something strange like open my head, right?”

    She asked with a nervous expression.

    Without answering Sha simply stretch forth her arm and placed her hand on Norn’s forehead

    “Aaaah! It hurts! Dammit! Just why am I like this? Have I truly been living such pathetic lives? Johra what have I done to deserve such treatment!”

    Abaddon’s fiery personality had awakened and she was shouting in indignation after learning of all the suffering she had endured over the years.

    “You’re fine Abaddon, just calm down.”

    “Calm down my ass! Dammit!”

  • Chapter 139

    “Ugh my head! It’s quite taxing to be trapped inside the body of such an inferior organism. Wait, didn’t you come back early, Johra?”

    Abaddon was clutching her head in pain as she asked me.

    “I suppose I did, have you been doing well, Abaddon?”

    “As you can see, with the Time flux all in disarray, one can barely call it living.”

    “I’m sorry to hear that.”

    “No need to be sorry, simply upholding the promise between us.”

    “So you haven’t forgotten?”

    “Naturally, why else would I be enduring this pain, over and over again?”

    “Have you felt something, Abaddon?”

    “The thing as you talked about? The change I should experience after all this time?”


    I nodded back to Abaddon. Sha had stepped to the side and was listening to our conversation, while L was still focused on eating his steak.

    Sigh* Well…”

    Abaddon had a blank look as she stared at the ceiling.

    “Did you not feel something, Abaddon?”

    “6.6 billion years, its a time period that beyond imagination. You have no idea.”

    “I suppose I don’t.”

    At first it was basically a long and free vacation. That was the case for the first ten million years or so. The world was simple, with nothing worth remembering or mentioning. However, after the first billion years, Skyfather began spreading life across the universes. He needed to build an engine of Divine Grace in order to increase his strength.”

    “An engine of Divine Grace? Isn’t that what results from the interactions between living beings?”

    “Yes. Basically, Skyfather continued to play the role of the leader of gods amongs the newly developed ratmen. He began experimenting with space, using the science and magic which we bestowed on him, as if he were a real God.”

    “It looks like quite a few things have happened then.”

    “Right, as an experiment, he caused the extinction of a few million creatures.  Sometimes he would fuse other creatures’ powers with new hosts.he wasn’t so much a God, as a researcher with a God’s power.

    “Really, extinction?”

    “The purpose of developing and pushing the boundaries of science was all to develop new weapons for war. Blowing up planets and wiping out civilizations all for sake of some tests. He definitely committed a lot of these actions.”

    “Dammit, did the Skyfather truly do that?”

    “I can suppose that he was beginning to feel strange emotions, and this was his manner of testing how the results affected him. At the very least all his actions were in the pursuit of one thing.”

    “What is that one thing?”

    “The purpose you had originally given me which is to find a value to my existence.”

    “But why would he experiment with life in such a way? Somehow I don’t think that this will lead to the future which I came from.”

    Abaddon shook her head.

    “These are in fact necessary sacrifices which will result in the exact future which you’re from, so I can understand Skyfather’s intentions. He doing all this to ensure your future.”


    “So all this deaths are just necessary sacrifices?”

    “Right, for the moment, he will focus on defeating Metatron, but once that’s out of the way he will surely erase all forms of life save for that planet you came from. Something about activating a Erasing Code which would wipe out the genetic code of all mortal life.

    “That’s insane! Sure, I feel that my future is important, but to sacrifice all forms of life….”

    “Johra, with regards to the future you came from, this current moment is naturally its past. Your reality might entirely disappear if this present time doesn’t follow a very specific course. In fact, deviating from said course would even put all the universes in peril, returning to the endless cycle of death and rebirth.”

    “Then is there no other solution other than going forward with Skyfather’s plan for mass extinction? If we were to put a stop to him, would we be back to square one?”

    “There might be, but besides you there has been no one who could modify the time continuum. And even when you did so, it received a critical injury resulting in things being all out of whack.

    “What… so in the end it is once again my fault?”

    “Of course, who else but you could travel across time to put a stop to me and help create Skyfather?”

    I had no response.

    I had obviously been the cause behind all this. Still, even though the methods were not at all what I’d condone, I didn’t have a better solution myself.

    I closed my eyes in order to organise my thoughts.

    ‘Was it really justified to ensure the reality which I was familiar with at the expense of the countless lives currently in this universe? On one hand I couldn’t possibly give up on my beloved Viezda, my daughter Veznos as well as Valenor. But on the other hand, was it really okay to do so at the cost of so many lives?’

    Both were options which any sane man couldn’t choose between.

    “Enough, I’m Johra! It’s fate for my future to be safe and harmonious, the rest be damned! I’ll be selfish about this.”

    “Your thinking is actually quite immature”

    Clap! Clap! Clap!

    Sha gave a half-hearted applause and a small smile. Hearing that, L turn and said to me.

    “Sha said that her thinking is in line with yours. You’ve always done whatever you wanted and that’s the reason why we are where we are. She said she’s looking forward to seeing the end which you’ve promised us.”

    “What promise are you talking about?”

    Sha nodded her head and they spoke between themselves.

    “Sha says that Abaddon will soon lose her memories. Umm… I think it would be better for Sha and myself to separate Abaddon’s personality in order to better support Johra.”

    “Huh? What does that even mean?”

    “Abaddon’s memory is reset from time to time, so it’s hard for her to help you return.”

    “Oh, so there’s no chance of me succeeding alone?”

    Sha shook her head then communicated once more with El.

    “She says that with Johra’s current ability, not to mention Skyfather, even Metatron would be to much to handle. That wouldn’t be the case however if we split Abaddon’s power and help you,that way we might chance to win….”

    “Then can you return everything after the deeds been done?”

    Sha shook her head.

    “That’s a problem then.”

    Sha whispered to L again

    “Don’t worry about that, despite Abaddon originally being a part of us, even if we were to split her between u,s our memories would still return when the time came.

    Sha’s eyes showed that she was determined to see it through and El would always back her up; however Abaddon was frowning.

    “Me join with you two? Are you crazy? Are you trying to start Ragnarok prematurely?”


    My eyes lit up at the mention of that familiar word.

    Sha and El communicated between themselves, nodding to each other in agreement.

    “Fine, let’s begin Ragnarok.”


    Abaddon an I replied in unison.

  • Chapter 140

    “Ragnarok? Did I hear wrong? Abbadon?”

    “I think I heard it too.”

    “Are you crazy, L?”

    “Please listen until the end, I was about to explain it.”

    “Okay, go ahead.”

    L closed his eyes as he attempted to organize his thoughts, also receiving some input from Sha.


    “A miniature Ragnarok. Originally, Ragnarok is a phenomenon caused by Omega. It uses Anti-Higgs particles, which are the antithesis of Higgs particles termed by humans, to turn all matter in the universes into energy.

    “Higgs, Anti-Higgs… what the hell are you talking about?”

    “Well, I might need to further explain the process of creation and destruction of the universes. So you should already know that we are in charge of the Alpha, and Abbadon is the Omega, right?”

    “Yes… I’m aware.”

    “And the positrons which you create, Johra, they don’t normally exist in the universe, right?”

    “I guess, if positron were to form naturally, then matter would disappear and the universe would cease to exist.”

    “Then do you know what occurs when a positron encounters an electron?”


    “Right, once they are paired, they disappear and turn into energy. This is a fundamental part of the destruction of the universes.

    “Yes, I’ve used their explosive properties to great effect over the years.”

    “Okay, but what if the opposite happens, and energy is turned back into positrons and electrons?”

    “Wouldn’t it use up the energy and create matter?”

    “That’s right, and the particles which are formed from such a reaction are known as Higgs particles. Also, their antithesis are Anti-Higgs particles, which is what Abbadon controls when she turns matter into energy as the Omega.”

    “So you’re saying that the Higgs particles are the power of Alpha and the Anti-Higgs the power of the Omega…?”

    “Something like that, just that we don’t control the particles themselves, but rather the larger picture. Omega is in charge of reduction of matter into energy, while us Alpha take energy and turn it into matter. In that way the universes are constantly recycled and don’t fade away.

    “What does that have to do with Ragnarok though?”

    “Ragnarok refers to the Omega’s role of recycling matter into energy.”

    “Not annihilation, but rather recycling?”

    “Right, because it is a process which can be restored.”

    “What do you mean by that.”

    “Well, everything which had been turned into energy, can once again become matter.”

    “Something about that feels off.”

    “Why, what’s wrong?”

    “If complete restoration was possible, then wouldn’t that cycle continue on for eternity?”

    “That’s right.”

    “So basically, the fact that this endless cycle has been broken is something that should never have occured? An example of that is the fact that you two were split up as a result, right?”


    L answered with a bright smile.

    ‘Why is he so happy, isn’t this one of those paradoxes?’

    “So how can we explain the current phenomenon?”

    Sha and I as the Alpha, and Abbadon as the Omega have overseen countless reincarnations of the universes. We were trapped in that endless cycle when Johra arrived and put an end to it all.

    “Uh… when exactly did I do this? In the future?”

    “That’s right, this would normally not have been possible, but the future broke the chain of continuity.”

    “What… just how did I?”

    L shook his head.

    “It’s unclear, I only know that Johra and Sha have made some secret arrangement in the future.

    “An arrangement?”

    I thought back to that promise, the one which had appeared in my dreams countless times. Finally there was a clue regarding it.

    “With Sha? L, ask Sha about this promise we supposedly made!”

    “Sha proceed to shake her head and silently communicate with L.”

    “To this date Sha hasn’t informed me of the details of your promise. She says that you’ll find out all about it in the next cycle of the universe.

    “So I can only hear about it next time… damn, I can’t do anything without any clues!”

    I looked up and stared into Sha’s eyes.

    “Sha said, you don’t need to worry it. So far you been keeping your promise well.”

    Phuuu.. why does it feel like I’m getting trolled.”

    “Jorha hush, L, tell me what this miniature Ragnarok is all about”, Abbadon spoke up.

    “In order to realign the time axis, a reduction of matter is required.”

    “Turning matter into energy? So in the end Abbadon, as the Omega….”

    “No, when Abbadon is fully released as the Omega the she will completely wipe all matter from the universes, we can’t have that right now.

    “Then how?”

    Sha and I will fuse with a part of her. According to her theory, we should then have some measure of control over Anti-Higgs particles, at least enough to ensure a controlled Ragnarok.”

    “So you’ll be selective about what matter you turn into energy?”

    “Right, by personally dealing with all the time paradoxes and turning them into energy, the universes should be realigned.”

    “Kind of like some time capsule to set us on the right course.”

    Finally the process had become clear to me. Of course, due to that the fear of the word Ragnarok, stemming from the Northern European Mythology was no more, seeing as I now knew that it was but one part of the endless recycling of the universes.

    Although Ragnarok did indeed cause the destruction of all things, A rebirth would occur at the hands of the surviving High Gods.

    “I have a question, do you have complete control as to how you use the miniature Ragnarok?”

    “Right, but….”


    Both Abbadon and I fired back immediately.

    “If we don’t fuse together, then we won’t gain the ability to reduce matter into energy.”

    “Then you guys will end up playing a key role.”

    “Yes, we also need a place to house the matter that we reduce into energy, a place that isn’t affected by time.”

    “Some kind of storage space?”


    Sha and El nodded back solemnly.

  • Chapter 141

    “If the worst case were to arise, wouldn’t you not be able to restore to your true selves?”

    I asked L.

    “If we were to die while being fused, we wouldn’t be able to be reborn until the universe has been restored.”


    “Oh, didn’t you know? All vessels of Divine Grave are restored after death, just in another universe cycle. This is all attributed to an individual’s Divine Grace, I suppose humans call this Soul?  Every soul is connected to both the Alpha and Omega and undergoes multiple cycles of reduction and restoration.”

    “There isn’t any case where they are completely wiped out?”

    “I can’t be sure, but once Abbadon fully awakes as the Omega, if we were to undergo a cycle of reduction as the universe is now, I can’t predict the outcome.

    “Well it seems that I’ve caused quite a lot of problems.”

    “Johra can be considered as an exception among exceptions.”

    Sha chuckled, before giving me a meaningful look.

    ‘Now I’m just more curious as to what our promise was.’

    Sha and L then proceeded to take hold of Abbadon hand.

    “What are you doing? Are you trying to fuse without even getting my permission?”

    “Abbadon, we were originally one, you might not remember but just embrace it.”

    “Damn, everything that will happen in the future will be on you.”

    Abbadon bit her lip before extending her hand.

    “Then until next time, Johra.”


    “We’ll meet again soon.”

    “Wait up, we aren’t done yet!”

    “Bye we’re leaving!”


    They all turned into a blinding light and vanished before my very eyes.

    Ughh! This L and Sha! How dare they! If I tell them to wait up they should listen to me!”

    My crazy shouts in this empty living room fell on deaf ears.

    “What am I supposed to do next. My plan was to first make a deal with Skyfather and then meet Abbadon and get her help to take care of Megatron, but now….”

    “Johra, Skyfather’s fleet has been detected, they are about 1 AU out. He must have decoded the our teleportation log.”

    “Oh right, there was that, I also forgot that i left that code for Skyfather to come here. Just what am I supposed to do now? Now that Abbadon is gone, how am I supposed to make a deal with Skyfather? Ughh!

    “I recommend fleeing at once, Johra.”

    Lena was right, I couldn’t meet face to face with SKyfather now that my leverage in making a deal had disappeared.

    “Lena, set up a teleportation array!”

    “On it!”


    The very next moment a flash of lightning appeared in the house and the scent of burnt oil filled my nostrils. The lightning had effectively melted the surrounding walls and the emergency fire alarms and sprinklers had gone off.

    Pazic! Pazic

    Hovering before me was a giant creature wrapped in large gray wings.

    “Johra, that’s one of his Angels. Judging by its 13 wings, it must be a pretty high level Cherubim.”

    “Dammit, they’re already here. How about the magic array?”

    “Ready to go.”

    “Then let’s get out of here.”


    A familiar shockwave spread out.

    “Null Magic field?”

    The large angel looked down at me emotionlessly, like statue looking down on the world.

    “I might have suffered under this before, but no longer.”

    Extending my will to the Null Magic Field, I completely negate it.


    The Null Magic Field disappeared just as quickly as it had formed.

    The Angel’s previous stone faced expression became contorted as it pulled out a large flaming sword.

    “Johra, the Teleportation Array is ready to use at any time.”

    “In a bit, I can’t simply run away without any payback.”

    “The temperature of that fire sword is close to 100 million degrees, even the Rohim’s shield…”


    Before Lena could even finish here thought, the angel swung her superheated plasma sword towards me.


    My will wrapped itself around the flaming sword. I truly hoped that the Sephiroth network which I had planted and grown across the universes over the past 6.6 billion years would work as advertised.

    Fortunately it also extended to the 100 million degrees plasma sword, and my commands were absolute, overriding all else.

    Both magical and divine powers were using the network to interact with matter across the universes. (With some exceptions)

    As soon as my will reached out to the Sephiroth network and interacted with its primal mana, all magic and divine powers were in the palm of my hand.

    “Ancient Demon! You are as powerful as foretold! In the name of the Almighty Skyfather, I, the Angel of Light Uriel, shall banish you from whence you came.”

    Discarding its burning sword which had been frozen in mid air, it pulled out a huge spear.

    “It doesn’t look like some regular spear… could it be the Lance of Longinus?”

    “Ancient Demon! Since you know the origins of this lance, kneel before its sacred name, Hallelujah!”

    “Shit, I really hope it isn’t that lance.”


    Sparks appeared and danced dangerously along the Lance of Longinus.

    “Not good Johra, even I can’t get a reading as to how hot it is, it might really be dangerous this time around.”

    “Hey, believe in me, I will counterattack this time around. Can one even kill a god with that Longinus?”

    “Yes, now receive my blow and repent you wicked Demon!”

    “Damn, just what way is that of speaking to your elders, when you think about it I’m your grandfather!”

    “Have you said your final prayers? Confess, as I’ll now erase your existence!”

    “Hm… this Skyfather, later I’ll have to have a talk with him about his upbringing abilities. Talking to their grandfather in this way….”

    The very next moment, just as Uriel began her strike with the Lance of Longinus, I felt time around me come to a stop.


  • Chapter 142


    A dimensional space crack materialized before me and a white arm began to reach out form it.

    Time itself had been slowed down to such a level that only 0.0001 seconds had passed.


    As the crack began to widen, a transparent white, humanoid creature stepped out of it. Although this being moved quite slowly, it was much faster than everything happening around it.

    Uriel’s Lance of Longinus had yet to advance a single centimeter as this white being took stock of the room.

    The reason I could even see any movement was due to Lena’s spacetime trap.

    Although my movements weren’t able to match the speed of my thoughts, with the trap I was at least conscious.

    ‘Hm, am I able to cast a spell in this moment? Freeze!’

    I pushed my will towards the Sephiroth network.


    According to my will, everything around me dropped to absolute zero, as it spread to this new arrival


    However, with but a swish of its hand, my will was dispersed.

    ‘Ah, is that his Brainwashing ability? He’s managed to even confuse the Sephiroth network.’

    Yes, the being that appeared from space was Metatron. His powers were space-time manipulation, as well as Mind control.

    There was also one additional power, which Makina suspected to be some sort of magic copying ability.

    Metatron quickly approached me and inspected me thoroughly. It was obvious that he was quite interested in a being which had for the first time managed to counterattack while under the influence of his time stop.

    “Hmm… what are you? I don’t think it was Skyfather’s little toy over there that managed to attack me, so was it your doing?”

    Metatron proceeded to touch and inspect my entire body.

    Ugh! This guy is seriously putting me in a bad mood.’

    As his cold hands touched me all over, he then proceed to tear one of my arms off.

    “Hmm… not quite a human, not  a monster either, what a strange fellow.”

    Metatron then brought his finger to my now severed arm and tasted my blood.

    “How interesting, I’ll take this arm with me as a memento. Oh, by the way, have you seen any sign of Abbadon? It’s the first time in a while that I’ve gotten so close to her.”

    Ignoring the incredible pain, I push my will to connect with the Sephiroth network.

    ‘Accelerate! Accelerate! Accelerate!’

    All the particles in the room except for a certain area around Metatron were sped up, and I was able to wrest control of time from Metatron.

    Cough! That bastard!”

    Since our roles were now reversed, it was Metatron which was frozen stiff. Still, I learned the hard way that a God’s blood was golden as it gushed out from my severed shoulder.

    Snatching my arm back from him, I placed it up against my shoulder and began to heal it back up. It had taken me quite a few painful seconds before I had managed to connect myself with the Sephiroth network.

    Hmph!… once my arm is fully healed I’ll take care of this one. Lena, prepare some Magic Traps.


    After first securting him in 10,000 layers of Magic Traps, I then proceed to cut up his body into different pieces and surrounded them with Rohim’s Shield. Despite having gone this far, I was confident that Metatron wouldn’t die, even if time flow were to be restored.

    “Did you say that it was the head which cast all of the magic?”

    “Right, according to Makina the rest of his body only served as an amplification device, where as the actual thought process and magic casting occured in the head. There were several instances where Skyfather wasn’t able to figure that out and suffered a loss because of it.

    “Good, let’s take a break then and head to that secure area which Makina created.”

    According to Makina’s suggestion, I split his body into six different pieces, each with their own set of magical restraints which made it impossible for them to recover. The head however had its own specialised restraints which blocked it from accessing magic.

    Quaazzic Quazic

    Less than a second had passed in the space surrounding Metatron. Still, now that regular time was restored, since the head couldn’t interact with any magic he had no way to escape his predicament.

    “Okay, we’re finished here, Lena, activate the teleportation array.”



    The six pieces of Metatron which had been successfully restrained were brought back to Makina’s secured space.

    “Welcome back Johra! It seems you’ve successfully caught Metatron!”

    I heard Makina’s bright voice upon arrival.

    “Yes, thanks to your feedback I was able to easily secure him. I’ll now take just the head with me to the secure room.”

    Leaving Makina behind with the rest of his body parts, I brought Metatron’s head with me into the room.

    The secure room was a cubic space surrounded by thick black walls and guarded by millions of magic spells which blocked out any known forces.


    I removed the gag which prevented him from speaking.

    “How dare you do this to me! Do you think all this can hold me indefinitely!”

    I stared emotionlessly at the head which I had placed on the table before me. He was unable to cast any spells despite being able to speak, so I knew how frustrating it must have been for him.

    “Why, do you think you can escape from here?”

    “Even if I can’t right now, as long as I live I’ll find a way to get my revenge!”

    “Ah~ I know what you’re up to so don’t even think about it.”

    “You bastard! Stop saying nonsense and just kill me already!”

    “Oh, so I’m the bad guy now? Well there are two reasons why I won’t be killing you, the first is that you will simply be resurrected upon death. The second is that I know that you can copy the power of your killer.”

    “How did you learn that?”

    Metatron asked sheepishly, like a kid caught trying to steal from the cookie jar.

    “Just some information I’ve acquired over 100 million years of analysis.”

    “Are you one of Skyfather’s minions?”

    I made an awkward expression as I explained the situation.

    “Actually, Skyfather and I aren’t on the best of terms.”

    I saw the fiery anger in Metatron’s eyes as he looks at me searchingly, attempting to uncover my identity.

  • Chapter 143

    “Naturally I have my reasons for doing what I did.”

    Metatron stared at me, waiting for me to continue.

    “Of course, I couldn’t simply leave you alone.”

    “Why not, I don’t even know who you are.”

    “You might not know me, but I know everything about you.”

    “What is your name?”

    “You don’t need to know that.”

    “Why are you being so petty as to not even tell me your name? If it’s some kind of revenge which you want, then you can go ahead and kill me.”

    “Enough, stop wasting your time trying to trick me into killing you. We will be here together in this place for quite some time.”

    “A long time?”

    “Yes, now that you mention it, we might as well make ourselves comfortable. Lena, help me out. Material Creation!”

    I created a comfy five-seater sofa and a coffee table.

    Lena, send me a design for a TV that can only receive signals, and have it connected to Makina’s feed.


    “Lena whipped up a design for a large 100 inch television, which I used to create the TV and hung it on the wall.

    “Hmm… it needs some kind of power source.”

    “I’ll send you the designs for a mini-reactor, give me a moment.”

    Shortly after the design appeared on my cornea allowing me to materialize it.

    Buuu —!

    As soon as the reactor was powered up, I hooked it up to the TV and sank into the couch, placing Metatron’s head beside me.

    “Oh, I guess this situation calls for some popcorn. Material Creation!”

    I stared at the new TV as I tossed some popcorn into my mouth.

    “Just what is that?”

    “This is just a relay of all current major events going on across the universes. In the top left corner you can see your fleet engaging with Skyfather’s and in the bottom right is the creation of a certain time array.”

    “Why are you showing me this?”

    “No particular reason, it’s just that from now on you and I have some things we have to sort out. Plus, watching a movie alone isn’t as fun.

    “What? Am I supposed to be your companion now?”

    “You should thank me instead, I could have stuck in the ground in some remote area. Well, in truth I was a bit worried that you’d find your way out, so I’ll be keeping a close eye on you.

    I had already decided to take a step back and simply watch the events play out. In the past I had directly intervened too often, which ended up backfiring and negatively affecting future events, so my choice this time around was one of minimal interference.
    “Why are you doing all this? I can understand Skyfather hating me since I kept persecuting him regarding Abbadon’s resurrection, but I don’t understand what your connection to her is.”

    “You can think of it as me doing service for everyone’s future.”

    “That can’t be the case, since Abbadon’s purpose is the destruction of all the universes.”

    “Nonsense Metatron, her purpose is the reduction of matter to energy, not its destruction.”

    “… How did you know?”

    “Did you really think I wouldn’t even know that much?”

    “I think I’m beginning to understand just who you are. You’re an Ancient God aren’t you?”

    “Well I haven’t been around for all that long… oh look over there! Skyfather’s army has found your fleet’s headquarter.”

    “There no need to look, I’m already aware that my fleet can’t stand up to Skyfather’s without my presence.”

    “Yup, those gray flies seem to be mopping the floor with your ships.”

    “They would be very angry to hear you call them gray flies, they think of themselves as God’s Messengers.”

    “I know, but in the end they’re just flies.”

    “It seems that Skyfather hasn’t found out.”

    “Oh, did you have some hidden agenda?”

    “Yes, I set something up with a subordinate of mine, Skyfather will win but at the same time it could be considered as his loss.”

    “Oh so it was like that? It seems that all is going according to plan, well done Killion.”

    “What, you know Killion?”

    “Just how do you think it is that you were able to find me in the first place?”

    “I don’t know… were you the one who informed Killion?”

    “Bingo! Did you trace back the signal from Killion’s necklace? I had been pinging it occasionally in order to let slip my location.”

    “Why would you… oh, so it was a trap.”

    “Right, information regarding Abbadon’s location was something both you and Skyfather desired.”

    “Was your goal to catch me?”

    “Well, in truth I was looking to trap both you and Skyfather, but since the latter isn’t able to get around anymore, I settled for just you.”

    “You used Killion?”

    “Right, after all Skyfather’s body has been deteriorating by the day.”

    “Yes, I’ve received the same intel. By my estimates his would have stopped functioning in 1 million years time. My plan was to extract his memory from that scrap of metal and fuse it with Abbadon, that was until you interfered.”

    “It looks good on paper, but in actuality it wouldn’t have worked because Skyfather would have self-destructed before being captured.”

    “Are you saying that you were the one who designed the weapon Killion brought to me?”

    “Yes, it’s in fact a certain magic array which will trap Skyfather in time, effectively putting him in limbo. Although he won’t be destroyed, he won’t be able to have any effect on the universe around him.”

    “So you were tricking me in order to have me trap Skyfather on your behalf. What a scary existence you are. You foresaw and planned for every possible scenario and countermove.

    “Oh it isn’t such a big deal. Just some assumptions and planning, most of the calculations are done by a friend of mine who makes all the contingency plans.”

    “That’s right! I’m Johra’s secret weapon!”

    Lena cried out so that only I could hear.

    “Skyfather’s ship was just caught by your Time Magic array, your planning abilities are truly scary.”

    “Yes, and now his entire ship will be caught in limbo for near eternity. Those pesky flies are attempting to wipe out your allies, but they’ll find that their power alone will be insufficient to do so.”

    “Still, someday he will be released, those Angels will have evolved and new Gods will have appeared. You can’t perfectly predict the future either.”

    “Oh I’m well aware of that, but it will buy us time to fix all the paradoxes which have been affecting the stability of the universes.”


    “Yea, I guess you can call them some inconsistencies which resulted due to some of my mistakes.”

    “Ah, I finally have a good idea of who you are.”

  • Chapter 144

    “You are that trash left over from the birth of the universes.”

    “Trash? Well that’s a bit harsh, no?”

    “Abbadon once mentioned that there was a certain unforeseen error which prevented her perfect return.”

    I wanted to immediately refute his words, but chose to first reflect in silence.

    ‘I guess this is a good chance to learn more about what Abbadon has said about me.’

    “An error?”

    “Yes, some unforeseen error which was a failure of the Almighty himself, but looking back I’d say it wasn’t so much an error as a piece of trash. Everything went wrong after your arrival, Abbadon lost her purpose and the Omega became corrupted.”

    “Trash? Corrupted?”

    “Because of you, I’ve lost Abbadon whom I worship and no longer have proper duties to perform.”

    “You’re referring to the freedom you had to pursue anything you’d like, was that a bad thing? If you think this is corruption, I’m not sure I can follow your logic.”

    “Abbadon was a pure being, the ultimate defender of purity in this universe, but you’re the one who corrupted her, you’re trash!”

    “I see… but still isn’t it a bit too much to call me trash?”

    “No, that’s exactly what you are. Some waste which has gathered near my pure Abbadon and corrupted her.”

    “What purity, Metatron? What you refer to as purity is simply the endless recycling of the universe. Doesn’t this eternal repetition have no real meaning?”

    “It represents a promise to return to its origins, to what’s pure and you, Ancient God, have ruined it all! Removing the Omega from Abbadon and splitting Sha and L, you are the enemy of all living beings!”

    Metatron shouted at me, his eyes burning with hate. I held his stare as I contemplated the words he just said.

    “I don’t know if that was done by the future me, but I’ve never taken such actions. My work now is simply on restoring the harmony in the universes which seems to currently be broken. Just look to the screen and have a look at my tireless work in restoring the harmony.”

    “Don’t spout nonsense Ancient One, your very existence has deprived the universe of its rebirth. Time has now become an enemy of all the living.”

    “That’s just a bunch of guesswork on your end. Actually, I don’t need to explain myself to you, but I guess I have some free time.”

    “I’d like to see you come up with an excuse for this universal crime you’ve committed. I’ll point out your very mistakes and force you to see the error in your actions.”

    “Hey, this is all just your opinion, I’ve never personally disrupted the harmony in the universe. I am simply a victim of fate which has led me down this path.”

    “That’s where you are wrong, Ancient One. You destroyed the unity of the universe when you separated the Omega from Abbadon and split up Sha and L.

    “Hey… that wasn’t my doing! It was the future me!”

    “That’s where you are wrong, the present and future you are one and the same. The one who went back to the past, to the origins of the universe and the you who broke the harmony of this universe are the same person.”

    “No, that isn’t true. I’m not the future me, would you believe me if I told you that in the future I won’t take the same actions?”

    “That isn’t possible, you are destined to take the same path because the future has already been written in stone.”


    “Unless the universe itself undergoes reduction and steps into a new cycle, your future will not change.”

    “Hey… are you saying that my future self will return once again to the past?”

    “Right, unless the harmony in the universe is perfectly restored, then the future can’t be changed, just like a arrow which had been shot can’t be taken back. As it stands, you are on a one way ticket to mirror your future actions and become the God of Destruction which has brought and end to the universes.”


    I was confused and somewhat embarrassed by Metatron’s claims. I had long been burden by the actions of my future self, but rationalised it by telling myself that it was another person. Now, I learn that we are one and the same and that there isn’t anything I can do about it.

    “I can’t put my faith in you, Ancient One. I have inherited my Space Time abilities from Abbadon, which is why I know where the universe is headed.”

    “Then is your claim that I can’t change the future true?”

    “Yes, regardless of your actions, the future has already been decided.”

    “What if it isn’t the case?”

    “I promise you that it is. If I turn out to be wrong then I will listen to any of your commands.”


    “Ancient One, you have already made this promise with Sha, do you not remember?”


    “You’ve locked away these memories and experiences, but because of my close connection with Sha I’m aware of the promise between the two. Sha is the Light and I’m the Darkness, to sides to the same coin.”

    “Haven’t you noticed that L is the mirror image of Orthotron?”


    “So the promise was about that….”

    “Are you willing to go against your promise and fight your destiny by releasing me?”

    After a moment of silence and reflection, I answered.

    “Good, I’ll choose to believe in you, but I have one condition.”

    “What is it?”

    “I have a certain future which I know and want to return to, it’ll be your job to make sure that comes about. You will be ensuring a future occurs while I’ll be trying to change it, deal?”

    Metatron stared me with his eyes wide in surprise, before answering.

    “I believe we have an agreement.”


    In this manner, the fate of the universe was now it its second act.

  • Chapter 145

    “I’m a bit worried about you.”

    “It’s fine, I never expected to win outright anyways.”

    I gave her a half hearted smile.

    Metatron began healing before my very eyes.

    I could see Metatron’s smile as his body was restored to its peak condition.

    “Old God, you are cruel to create a magic spell which can suppress my abilities.”

    “It isn’t that much of a handicap since you still have mind control and your Space Time abilities.”

    “Fine, despite this not being a fair bet, I shall follow the course of history which you have provided me, but aside from that I will retain my free will.

    “Good, then I shall accept this contract with you.”

    “Yes, I will likewise see this promise of mine through to the end.”


    Metatron disappeared in order to fulfill his scripted actions which were based of the mythology Lena handed over. It was basically a timeline for the next 13.3 billion years or so.

    “Do I truly need to go to war now?”

    “In this universe yes, but worry not there are far more universes than you can imagine. According to our calculation, there could have been a margin of error of one billion on Machina’s end.

    “Well… sure in this universe, but we don’t know how many planets there are.

    “Right, but there are so many worlds under Machina’s influence that the odds are on your side.”

    “Okay, then just follow my plan”

    “Then wouldn’t there be a risk of Johra’s existence disappearing?”

    “No, I’ll return. That has already been set in stone.”

    “I can’t understand why it is you make so many of these personal sacrifices in order to maintain that future of yours.”

    “Perhaps one day you will also think the same way Lena. For now, begin the preparations.”


    Lena along with Machina prepared a large magic array. It had an unprecedented size, boasting a 2 km diameter, looking like one of those giant satellites from the movies.

    I was essentially broadcasting myself to all the existing universes and dimensions. In order to prevent the destruction of all the universes.

    Why did I make this choice?

    It was my chance to prove wrong Metatron’s accusations of me being nothing but trash.

    I chose to become the force which would move these universes forward.

    Of course, all this was only made possible due to the Sephiroth network which Machina had created. It acted like a TV network, as it diffused my intent across space. I was willing to remake the universe and fight against my very own destiny.


    A large number of rings lit up around me.

    “What’s going on Lena?”

    “You can’t leave me behind since we are already one.”


    “I’m still curious about the self-sacrifice you are committing, so I will continue to tag along.


    “It’s fine. Although it may take some time, I’m confident the Johra will return, and you’ll also be able to receive Machina’s help.”

    “Okay… with your help I should be able to accomplish my goals more easily.”

    “Standing by, 3…2…1…”

    The enormous array was activated and enshrouded me in bright blue lights.

    “Guess I will continue my mission to grow and expand to new horizons.”

    “Yes! And I’ll be counting on you, Lena!”

    Shortly after I disappeared along with the blinding light as my very existence was divided and scattered across the universes, I fell into darkness.

    I couldn’t see nor use any of my five senses. Simply drifting across space like an insignificant speck of dust.



    When I finally gained consciousness, it felt like being born for the first time.

    ‘Has everything to this point been a dream?’

    “It seems that this is the origin point of time.”



    I tried to talk with her but only the clamping of my jaws was heard.

    “Oh… Johra you’re back. It seems that you can’t talk yet, but it’s fine since I working on a communication system with Machina. Just relax since you might be a bit confused and disoriented right now.”


    I once again tried to speak but no words came out.

    “You may not remember entirely, but you sacrificed yourself in order to prevent the destruction of all the universes. You’ve been asleep this entire time, until finally returning to the origin of time itself.”

    ‘Was the origin of time really when I became a skeleton soldier? The very beginning of everything?’

    I was doubtful but had no way to voice my opinion.


    Feeling some burning sensation in the back of my neck, I once again heard Lena’s voice.

    “Try to focus on projecting your thoughts through the vibrations in your bones.”

    “Uh… does it work?”

    I felt my own voice ringing throughout my body.

    “We are communicating through the conduction of your body, it seems to be working fine. For now Johra you need to follow the flow of history, so please get up and follow them.”

    “Oh… right.”

    I got up and trudged along, following the dozens of other skeleton soldiers just like myself.

    “Lena, I know what happens to me next, do I still need to go?”

    “Yes, it would be best to follow the events as closely as possible, until a certain breakpoint occurs.”

    “A breakpoint in the flow of history?”

    “Ah, along with this new body you’ve lost a lot of your memories, fortunately I’ve saved everything in the Sephiros network. I’ve also noted all the instances where your decisions may have affected the stability of the future. For now just listen as you walk.”

    “Oh… I see.”

    I heard the grinding of bones all around me.

    “I’ve come to the conclusion that these divergences or breakpoints are opportune moments to prevent the end of the universe. If history were to change, then perhaps that ideal chance wouldn’t exist anymore.”

    “So when does this special breakpoint arrive?”

    Suddenly I heard people crying in the distance.

    “Gillian, I told you we should have brought a priest over!”

    “Don’t you know how hard it is to find a priest these days?”

    “Oh never mind, the skeletons are already here, please hold them off a while, I hope this magic will be effective against them.”

    “Block your ears!”

    “Fire Elemental heed my call! Rafflema strike!”

    I saw a large fireball crash into the line of skeletons before me, resulting in a shockwave which sent me flying back.

    “I guess I have no choice but to fall with the rest of them.”

    “Actually you are already falling… UUUgg

    I lost consciousness in that deep dark pit.

  • Chapter 146

    “Do I really need to follow every action to the letter?”

    “No, you don’t need to perfectly replicate all of your previous actions. As long as you don’t miss any significant events then it should be fine.”


    “Yes, but I’m still not sure whether Metatron can interfere with the future. I suppose that we can only find out in the upcoming events and see if they match up with what your memories were.”



    I rummaged through the skeleton bones and picked myself a decent dagger and shield.

    I then opened my Status.

    Name: Johra
    Gender: N/A
    Status: Normal
    Race: Skeleton/Undead
    Class: Soldier
    Rank: H- 
    Level: 1/5
    HP: 5/5
    MP: 1/1
    Attack: 1
    Defense: 1
    Agility: 2
    Intelligence: 1
    ✧ Unique Skills
    [Resurrection Lv1] [Night Vision Lv1] [Falling Resistance Lv1]
    ✧ (Hidden) Modifications
    [Creation Magic Lv1] [Resurrection Song Lv1]

    ✧ (Hidden) Titles
    [Wizard of the Pit] [Master of Magma Hall] [Guardian of Corruption]

    ✧ (Hidden) Creation Magic
    [Hidden Status] ] [Material Creation Lv8]

    “I’ve got quite the ordinary stats.”

    It was similar to what I remember having when I first woke up as a skeleton so long ago, except that I kept some rainbow coloured unique skills.

    “So what was the next step, in order to catch the Tomb Rats I collected some moss, right?”

    I went around gathering a bunch of them moss and placed it in a dead end cave.

    “Good, that seems to be enough of them, Lena seal the exit with a Rohim’s shield.”


    I waited for the Tomb Rats to come and eat  the moss while I pretended to pose as a dead skeleton.

    Thud! Thud! Thud!

    After I had caught fourteen of them, the Tyrant of the Tomb made an appearance.

    “Oh, how nostalgic, It’s been a while mister Tyrant. Just wait a moment, Lena?”

    “On it!”

    She lowered the shield for a brief moment allowing the Tyrant to enter, before putting it back up and trapping him inside.

    “Good, now that they are all together why not deal with them all at once.”

    I gave them all shallow cuts, until their HP had all but bottomed out.


    I made quick work of the Tyrant and the fourteen Tomb Rats and the same time, giving me a ton of experience.

    ‘What was my next evolution, Skeleton Wizard?’

    I opened up my Status and selected the Wizard as my next evolution. I then went on to try and recall what my next steps were.

    I headed towards the Tyrant’s hideout and took the magically imbued dagger from the pile of treasure, before crawling through the hole and into the next stage.

    “Wow, it’s been a while. I wonder if Soleste will still be in that place. Well, I guess even if he is I shouldn’t visit at my current level. I went throughout the Catacombs and arrived before the room which had been filled with treasure.

    “Wasn’t it here that I met Gwyn?”

    “Johra, I sense that the breakpoint is near.”

    After listening to Lena I opened up the door and stepped into the room.


    Despite searching through the loot extensively, I couldn’t find and signs of the glass in which Gwyn was supposed to be sealed in.

    “Well this is definitely a change from the future I had known. Well I guess it isn’t a big deal if Gwyn isn’t around… oh wait, wasn’t it her who saved Ian. If without Gwyn, I might have let them die all. It was Gwyn’s compassion which drove me to save them.”

    I walked out of the room equipped with my magical dagger, shield and a cape.

    “I hope Gwyn is free and flying around happily right now.”

    I made a small prayer for Gwyn’s sake as I sat down in the room guarded by Gargoyles, waiting for Ian’s party to arrive.

    “Should I save all the party members this time around? No, perhaps then Ian and I wouldn’t have the same relationship….”

    I was struggling with the morality of it all when I heard a voice.

    “Gillian is it true that there are heaps of treasure here?”

    “Yes, when I came about four months ago I wasn’t able to explore too deeply because of the number of skeletons but I’m sure there’s a bunch of treasure.”

    “My subclass is Historian and I can guarantee that what Gillian said was true.”

    “Sigh… Pirate, I already regret coming to these old and smelly Catacombs, You better be right about all that treasure because if you’ve tricked me, I’ll tell your wife that you cheated on her with Lyllian last year.”

    “Oh no, please don’t Azelin will kill me!”

    “So quickly show me where that treasure is, do you have any idea how much it costs to hire a priest these days? It’s not an amount that some small fries like you can afford to pay.”

    After hearing their nostalgic conversation, I felt a bit bad knowing what fate was in store for them.

    Shortly after the Gargoyles shook themselves awake and the battle began.

    “Johra would you like to teleport them?”

    “Is it possible?”

    “Yes, we can move them to a camp created by Machina.”

    “Okay, but do it right before they are about to die.

    “Sure, but please make a dummy corpse to replace them with.

    “Good idea, Material Creation!”

    Luckily I still had some of my more advanced abilities so at the last second we teleported them out with a magic circle created by Lena, and I replaced them with a fake corpse to fool their party members.

    At some point it was only Ian and Melinda left, along with the bloodied dummy corpses of their companions.

    “Guess it’s my turn now right?”

    I got up and ran towards the Gargoyles.


    Kuuukuu Kuukuu

    I stabbed the two Gargoyles in their vital points and they immediately crumbled into pieces of rock.

    Tak Tak

    I shook the dust of fmy cape while Ian and Melinda stared at me wide eyed. They had been facing death just moments ago, but were suddenly saved out of nowhere. The two women fell down unconscious to the ground, shocked by the sudden turn of events.

    “Hmm… Melinda, we kind of  had a bad history.”

    It might have all originated from a misunderstanding, but I still wasn’t easy to forgive her betrayal.

    “It’s fine Lena, we can let Melinda off.”


    In the past she had already paid for that betrayal with her life, so we can consider the debt settled.

    “I see.”

    Melinda was then sent off to the camp set up by Machina, while I tended to the unconscious Ian.

    “Material Creation!”

    After stocking her with more than sufficient food and water, I left the Catacombs and headed for the cave.

    “Is it now time to face the dragon?”

    After waiting for a short while I finally heard it stomping its way toward me.

    “Can I not kill it again, Lena? Is the Machina’s place seperate?”

    “They get sent kind of unconscious status. ”

    “Okay, then let’s take that guy as well.”

    “Isn’t it a bit big?”

    Thud! Thud! Thud!

    As soon at it caught sight of me it sped toward me greedily, intent of having me for a snack.

    “I guess it’s normal behaviour for a dragon.”

    I easily trapped it with the Rohim Shield and sent to my seperate space, before then proceeding toward his nest.

    “Ah, it looks like there is once again only a single egg left.”

    Taking it with me I walked through the long tunnel, taking me half a day before I finally arrived back at the Pit, finding it to be exactly as I remembered it in my memories.

    “Ah~ my long lost Pit!”

    The termites crawled their way towards me and after a short four hour long battle I once again regained my title as Wizard of the Pit.

    ‘I can’t believe it. I, losing to such a weak undead!’

    “Sorry mister King, but I can’t keep you alive if I want to regain possession of this place.”

    Killing him off I once again received the status of King of the Pit.


    ‘Did you call for me great Lord?’

    Alpeon replied with her telepathic message which I had not heard in quite some time.

    “Have you been well?”

    “Uh… Yes?’

    “Ha ha ha!”

    I used my Resurrection Song to bring back the King termite and housed him with Machina.

    I then once again proceeded to get Bianca and her Arachne’s to bend the knee, before moving on to Nymue’s lake.


    “Hello Nymue.”

    “Do you know me?”

    “That’s right.”

    “You have such good intel, here take this sword.”

    “Great, thanks.”

    I once again held Excalibur in my hand. It was the sword I had last created as a God and perhaps one of the strongest Artifacts in existence.

    “Hu hu… I finally got you back.

    I released the limiters I had previously set on it, using nothing but my bony skeleton fingers.


    Excalibur’s full potential was unleashed.

    [Indestructible LvMax] [Spacetime Control LvMax] [Return LvMax] [Extreme Destruction LvMax]

    In retrospect it was insane of Abaddon to put such skills in the sword.

    When we had been working together to build Skyfather, he had helped enchant Excalibur. It had originally been an incredible sword, but after combining Abaddon powers it had grown beyond imagining.

    “Wait, how were you able to unleash the swords full potential? It was said that not even the Gods were able to do so!”

    Nymue asked, unable to believe what had occured before her.

    “Well… it’s because I’m the one who made it.”

  • Chapter 147

    “So, can you go ahead and lead the way to the King’s secret room?”

    ‘Ah, yes right away!’

    We made our way through the tunnels of the termite hill, all the while conversing with Alpeon through telepathy until we arrived at the room which hid the World Tree’s roots.

    “Lena, open up a line with Machina.”

    “Ok, but in order to do so you need to first physically touch them.”

    Following her instruction I bent down and grabbed the thick roots.

    “It’s been a while!”

    “It has indeed.”

    “Your appearance seems to have changed again.”

    “What do you mean by again?”

    “It isn’t the first time that we meet, and you’ve often had different bodies, but something feels different. Could this be your original body?”

    “That isn’t important, I have something I need you to do.


    “Can you figure out what is different in this timeline compared to when I first lived it?”

    “Perhaps, some minor changes, but since I only have second hand knowledge of what you experienced, it is hard to know perfectly.”

    “That should be fine, for now please find out the whereabouts of a Pixie named Gwyn.”

    “Ok, I’ll inform you as soon as I find something.”

    “Great. Oh, and how many Void Scuttles are currently under here? ”

    “About 2 billion .”

    “That should be plenty, and just where does it lead to?”

    “It passes through three different universes. The first is the one which the Elves named Elfheim. The second is one called Evelysla, and the last is where my roots originate from.”

    “I see, then is it possible for me to follow these roots down?”

    “Yes, but it would be best to be wary of the universe named Evelysla because it is under the control of the Trons.”

    “Oh, it would be nice to meet them after all this time. Did you create Elfheim in order to resist the Trons, Machina?”

    “That’s right.”

    “Then why is it that you later expelled the Elves from their birthplace?”

    “I had no choice but to do so in order to save their lives. The Trons had created far too many Void Scuttles which infested Elfheim. Although I have managed to get their numbers under control, I haven’t been able to eliminate them entirely.”

    “Then would the Elves be able to return to Elfheim now?”

    “Well there are still quite a few Scuttles left, and after all this time they have evolved and become quite dangerous so they would be too much of a threat to the Elves right now. We would first have to further trim their numbers.”

    “Naturally, now can you tell me why it is that the Asmodians were also kicked out of Evelysla?”

    The Asmodians that you find here in this world are those which rebelled against the Trons, as they refused to be used as cannon fodder in their endless war.

    “Okay, I understand. Let me know when you find any news of Gwyn.”


    After talking with Machina, I ordered the Termites to dig beneath us.

    A few hours later they managed to break through to the floor with Void Scuttles


    I bathed my body in the golden nectar then jumped down through the hole, falling amid a swarm of them.


    “On it!”

    A Rohim Shield appeared around me, forming a safe zone that they couldn’t enter.

    Tchi— Tchiii!

    The sound of their claws attempting to tear their way through the shield rang out, but they couldn’t get through and I simply ignored it.

    “Why don’t you all be good boys and die properly?”

    I created a positron bomb and limited the power to be more suitable to the situation. I then used Excalibur to manipulate time around here and cried out.

    “Lena open up a gap, Eat this!”


    [+10478 experience points]

    [+10478 * 2^10244 experience points]

    [Evolution is now possible]

    “So next was the Golden DemiLich right? Wait, I should learn from my mistake and maybe stop here.”

    “Last time I had become a Demi Lich, I had lost control of my emotions and harmed those around me. Although I may be able to now cope with the situation better, I didn’t want to risk it and remained a Golden ArchLich instead.

    Most importantly however was the fact that I had regained me Magic Research. I accelerated time around me to the maximum and proceeded to raise its level to the Max.

    “Good… I finally have more options available to me.”

    I set my Creation Magic to be researched and sped up the flow of time by a factor of one billion.

    [Creation Magic had reached LvMax.]

    [You have learned TimeSpace Creation Lv1]

    “What? TimeSpace Creation?”

    As my Creation Magic sped through its levels, I had gained several unique and enticing skills, but what had been waiting for me at the very end was beyond any of my expectations.

    “Johra, that skills seems to be the essence of all Creations.”

    “Indeed, like this am I not just the Creator, the Almighty himself?”

    I fell silent as I went into a deep thought.

    I had always had questions and shifted the blame to others when it came to who ordered the separation of  the Alpha and Omega. But in the end it seemed like I was at the origin of their powers.

    There were only two options, either I was the main culprit or it was another who then passed on their power.

    “Definitely couldn’t have been me….”

    I shook my head and ignored the truth. There was only a 50% chance after all.

    I then returned to the surface and awaited the arrival of the envoys.

    “So now is when the three envoys come, right?”

    ‘Hasn’t it always been just two envoys?’

    Alpeon’s Telepathic response caught me off guard.

    “Two? It should be the Elves, Asmodians as well as the League of Reincarnators.”

    ‘League of Reincarnators? This is the first I’ve heard of them, my Lord.’

    “That can’t… then the League… Ha ha!”

    I had chanced upon another major difference in the timelines. I quickly returned underground and placed my hand on the roots, asking Machina to investigate anything about the Reincarnators.

    ‘What about Soleste?’

    Quickly heading back through the cave tunnels I pushed in the large Crypt doors behind which Soleste had previously been trapped.


    I was greeted by nothing but emptiness. No Soleste or summoned skeletons in sight. It was completely different from what my first memory of this place had been.

    “Hmm, so this has also changed.”

    That same night I returned to deal with the Elven and Asmodian delegations, before then sitting down by the lake in which Nymesu resided.

    “So if there isn’t any League of Reincarnators then Soleste might not even exist. Wait, then would Gnoss still be in that place? Since the original timeline isn’t followed there where would he be? What about Valenor or even Earth?”

    Questions rang through my mind and I couldn’t help but want to see Valenor.

    “Material Creation!”

    I created a simple metallic disk with a jet engine attached to its bottom side.

    The disk had a handle bar at the top for me to hold unto so I jumped on top.

    “Lena, show me a map!”



    The disk took off with great speed as I headed towards the Wetheros mountains where I expected to see Valenor.

    “Finally here.”

    Shortly after I arrived at the mountain in which the Dwarves lived, and rushed towards the entrance.

    “Who are you and why have you come to the great kingdom under the mountain?”

    Dwarven guards wielding spears watched me carefully.

    “Take me to see Norman.”

    “What? Our King? Just who do you think you are you filthy Undead?”

    It turns out that it was harder to explain my presence here without having Gnoss with me.

    “Oh well, no choice. Lena put up the shield!”


    I decided to use brute force instead and simply barged in. Sure I was attacked by hundreds of Dwarves as I made my way through the mountain, but I simply ignored them since they couldn’t breach my Rohim’s Shield.


    I pushed open the doors to the Magma Hall which I recalled in my memories, only to be greeted by and ordinary throne room upon which sat the Dwarven King.


    I turned back around immediately without a second’s hesitation and returned to the Pit to grab hold of the World Tree’s roots.



    “Investigate anything and everything about Supreme sages and Gnoss. Also look into Valenor, Soleste and the Reincarnators.”

    “I have some bad news.”

    “Oh, what is it?”

    “I poured through all the data I have, and there is no mention of a Pixie named Gwyn.”


    “I’ve rechecked it several times and the name never comes up.”

    I was rooted in place, as if struck by a lightning bolt.

    “She’s never existed?”

    I was incredibly shocked by the large differences compared to what my timeline had been.

    ‘How am I supposed to react when I find out that someone I loved has never even existed?’

    ‘Is it my fault now that she’s never had the chance to even exist? No, I won’t believe it, I can’t! Absolutely not!’

    I shouted to myself in anger as I flew to the cave where I first found Gnoss.

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