Lv 1 Skeleton



  • Chapter 83


    Jillian and Jerna were seated in the lounge room where we had drunk tea just the other day. They had been playing chess but the problem was that Jillian’s face was covered in soot from the charcoal, while the count was maintaining a handstand position.

    “Welcome Johra, Ugh!!!

    Hee hee~

    “Sir Johra!”

    When they finally realised that I had entered the room and had been standing idly, they all greeted me with different expressions. The count was red faced, struggling to maintain the handstand. Jillian looked at me like I would be his savior while Jerna had a mischievous expression of a kid who had just been caught doing something naughty.

    “Just what has been going on here?”

    “Hahah it is….!”

    I heard the story from Sion who explained it in full from his upside down position.

    Jillian and the count had gotten really into playing chess and despite having played several games they didn’t want to stop. They even skipped dinner time when the servant came calling. Finally Jerna arrived to put an end to their madness because she was very hungry.

    Still, they didn’t listen to any of her requests, so she stayed to watch them play and soon began commenting from the sidelines to help her brother out. As a result, Sion lost the game and he challenged his daughter to get his revenge.

    From then on both Sion and Jillian lost all of their games against Jerna. Since she soon lost interest in the game because she won too easily, they had to entice her into playing more by bringing up a new punishment rule. This is what led to the ridiculous situation before me.

    “If you designed this game then you must be able to beat my daughter!”

    “Please calm down count.”

    “No I can’t do that, a noble doesn’t easily go back on a promise. If you feel bad for me, then please win against my daughter to bring an end to my punishment. “

    “Why don’t you just stand up?”

    “There is no such thing as going back on your word in this family, it would be the greatest dishonor.”

    I just barely caught myself from asking him what honor could he possibly have left after covering his face in charcoal soot and maintaining a handstand like a clown.

    “Sir Johra!”

    I took Jillian’s seat and looked at the game. I had to win back the count’s face. Of course I also had to win for myself so as to not be subject to the same penalty.

    Judging by the board position it wasn’t that Jillian had been playing poorly, but rather it was Jerna who was too skilled for him.

    Tch! She only learned the game today, how could she play so well?’

    At first I had thought that I could easily turn the tables on her but it appeared that it wouldn’t be so easy.

    “Would you prefer to start a new game?”

    I shook my head, since I had to win this one in order to absolve the count from his promised penalty. Still, I was black and there wasn’t much room to maneuver.

    “Johra, move the King from K6 to K5.”

    Luckily I had the greatest cheating ability possible. Normally moving the king wasn’t a good move, but according to Lena’s instruction I had to move the King diagonally in order to avoid the checkmate from Jeran’s knight. Gaining some momentum by playing unexpected moves I was able to push my way through to her side and she wasn’t able to block my sequence.



    Jerna got up and ran away crying, while the count had regained his confidence and usual air of authority.

    “How impressive!”

    “Thanks to you I could save some face.”

    “Wait, is it ok to just let her run off crying like that?”

    “It’s fine, one can grow after suffering from defeat in a duel.”

    While father and son spoke to each other, I was worrying about how Jerna would get her revenge for this loss.

    ‘I noticed that the previous ??? skill in Jerna’s status had now changed to [Wisdom Lv1]. It seems like a rare talent has bloomed due to her exposure to chess.’

    “Could we play a few friendly matches Johra?”

    Since that time we played chess until 3 am without hardly any breaks. We would only take a small rest to nibble on some food before returning for more games.

    ‘Should I not have taught them chess?’

    It seemed that the count and Jillian both had a personality that made them very drawn towards the game. No, it might just be the fact that there is very little in the way of entertainment in this world.

    ‘I might be able to make a surprisingly amount of money with this.’

    Early next morning I met with the count.

    “Have you come to a decision Johra?”

    “Yes count.”

    Looking at him with a bright smile on my face I said.

    “I would gladly accept the position of knight.”

    “Oh, I’m incredibly glad, you’re a rare talent that seems to have it all. I should throw a feast.”

    “Yes… but I do have certain conditions.”

    “If it was what you mentioned to Jillian last time then there’s no need to worry. I don’t have any intention of limiting your freedom.”

    “Actually I have three conditions.”

    Seeing my earnest face the count was put off but rather was waiting expectantly for me to continue.

    “Tell me and I’ll try to accommodate you as best I can.”

    “They aren’t too demanding. The first you already know which is not to restrict my freedom.”

    “Of course this isn’t even worth mentioning.”

    “Second I would like to open up a store and would be relying on your manpower and money.”

    “Oh, so it was something small like that? It won’t be any problem, if anything I’m worried that you won’t find any talented people among those in my employ.”

    “It’ll be fine, and I will choose only from among your serfs.”

    “Are you sure they are competent?”

    “It’ll be fine, I  can teach them well.”


    “How about splitting the store profits 70:30?”

    “Actually I wouldn’t mind it even if you wanted all of the store’s profit. I would be more than content with the 30 percent.”

    “30 percent was my share.”

    “No way, how could I treat my benefactor in such a way?”

    “70:30, I can’t take any more or I wouldn’t I feel comfortable becoming your knight.”

    “No no, how about we split it 50:50. I can’t possibly take any more than that.”

    The count was quite stubborn. so we finally agreed on splitting the profit evenly.

    “My last request is that I’d like to teach your kids.”

    “Wow! Really? If you did I would really appreciate it. In fact, I wanted to ask this of you, but I thought it would be too burdensome. My deceased wife Leone would be so happy to hear that the kids are receiving a great education.”

    His eyes became watery as tears began to fall. I knew he was a doting parent, but I never expected it was this much.

    The very next day I began searching among the serfs to find ones which had a special talent.

    “I don’t think it would be useful for you to search among such lowborns.”

    The one who was grumbling beside was Levin, the count chief bookkeeper who was viscount Laheart’s second son. Despite not having a title he was one the smartest retainers in Sion’s household.

    “Levin how about focusing more on this.”

    Woooo,I am bored. Meeting these poor farmers is not at all interesting.”

    He had a very lazy personality and would quickly make up excuses if it involved work. Also, he didn’t show the proper respect to those in higher positions.

    “Johra how about that kid from before?”

    Still his observations skills are quite sharp. I was looking for someone with the [Carpenter] skill and had finally found the first one in a 14 year old boy.

    “Yes I think I’ve found the one.”

    Most of the day had gone by as I had inspected almost 60 different people, but it was all worth it in the end as I had found the right one. The next day I had the boy with the carpenter skill named Jiden summoned to the manor where I showed him the chess board and asked him to make a similar one. I handed him blocks of wood and some tools before leaving him to experiment and coming back to check on the results two days later.

    “Wow, what do we have here?”

    “Was that some praise?”

    “Yes, it’s much better than I expected. I should give it to the count as a gift.”

    “I put the count’s crest on the backside of the board”

    I stroked his head dotingly

    “You’re amazing, I definitely want you working for me.”


    “Yup, for every set you make I’ll pay you 5 silvers, it’s not bad right?”

    “Oh no that’s too much! I’m happy to be helping out the Lord with his work.”

    “No no, properly rewarding hard work is a principle of mine.”

    The chess board crafted by Jiden was greatly praised by the count. If one was to pass there hand over it, the result would be some smooth gliding. It was clear that it had been very carefully made.

    “It’s quite exquisite. In fact Johra I was thinking of gifting a chess set to the King. What do you think about my idea?”

    “Uhm… are you sure?”

    “Of course. If we gain the King’s favor, then we can receive exclusive selling rights.”

    “Ah, then I’ll work hard to prepare our best work.”

    “Good, can you try to prepare two additional sets for our royal visit next week? I think we should give one to each the King and Duke”


    I asked Levin to call Jiden over.

    “Please do your best in making two more chess sets.”


    I didn’t mention anything about the King and Duke. I worried that if I would bring it up it would put a lot of pressure on him.

    Later that day in the afternoon I began my first lesson with the count’s two kids. To start off, I taught them simple arithmetics. Jillian was a bit slow to catch on but tried hard. Jerna however was very quick to learn and would absorb all knowledge like a sponge.

    “Good job Jillian, you’ve done well.”

    “Ah, sorry for being a little slow.”

    Next to me Jerna was pulling on my clothes, wanting some recognition.

    “You also did well Jerna.”


    I didn’t want to praise her too much for fear that it would go to her head and she wouldn’t focus as much on her studies.

    Four days later Jiden presented me with two gorgeous chess sets. It was such great artwork that not even on Earth had they designed such a beautiful chessboard. It was fashioned in such a way that it appeared like a real battlefield.

    “Well… I can’t praise it enough.”


    “His face turned red in embarrassment. I took out a gold coin from the money I had received from the count and handed it to him.

    “This is a small something to encourage you to continue working hard.”

    “No way! This is far too much money!”

    “It’s the natural compensation for the work you’ve achieved.”

    I forced the gold coin into his hands before sending him on his way home. Levin who had been watching from side grunted in disapproval.

    “If you praise him that much then he will begin to slack off.”

    “Oh Yeah~ then how about you? Did someone praise you too much?”

    “I’m an exception since anyways I’m naturally lazy and wouldn’t take it to heart”

    “Well… then I guess the only way is to inform Sion”

    Yaaawn I’m sleepy but don’t worry I’m yours to command!”

    His attitude wasn’t good, but he still managed to complete any task I gave him.

    Four days later I successfully framed Jiden’s chessboard with gold and iron, before coating it with a thin layer of oxide film to protect it from wear and tear. Of course the solution for the liquid coating had been mixed according to Lena’s instructions. She had become much more useful since we had solved her power issue.

    The day before our departure Jiden handed me the case which would be used to transport the chess set. Once it was all carefully packaged I handed it to the count.

    “It’s quite heavy, wasn’t it made out of wood?”

    “Yes it is indeed made out of wood but it has a metal framing.”

    “Oh… it sounds cool. Could I open it up to take a quick peek?”

    “It would be best to leave it gift wrapped as is because it would take quite a bit of time and effort to rewrap it.”

    “O…Okay I’m really looking forward to seeing it.”

    After seeing off the count on his visit to the royal palace, I could finally go back and focus on something which I had been putting off lately.

    ‘Time to level up some more.’

    In order to be prepared for any future events I needed to make sure that my strength was sufficient. If I wanted to be able to stop a large scale war between two empires my current ability was far from enough.”

    “Levin join me in interviewing more people.”

    “Ugh… again? how annoying.”

    “What was that?”

    “Ah, nothing let’s go”

    Despite his lack of motivation Levin performed well during the interviews, but despite going through 200 people in 4 days the results were quite disappointing.

    “Uh… just kill me now”

    “I’m already dead sir Johra.”

    “Levin, you just watched me working the whole the time”

    “Yeah, but our endurance limits are worlds apart, I feel like I’m going to drop dead any second.”

    I had conducted many interviews, but the only talents we had found so far were one of [Metalworking], [Carpenter] and [Jewel Crafting]. Everyone else had no special skills.

    ‘It seems like skills are quite rare among humans.’

    I was surprised because previously I had seen many people with skills, but now it seemed that among the commoners it was far less prevalent.”

    “Did you want to call it a day and head back?”

    “If someone were to resurrect me then maybe… right now I’m dead and can’t move.”

    “To the count’s….”

    “Okay fine let’s go.”

    I knew that I could always get Levin to do something by bringing up the count.

  • Chapter 91

    Princess Mayardus stared at me arrogantly, knowing she had me trapped. The Count’s family looked on anxiously, awaiting my response while Lilinor stood to the side with an amused expression.

    I closed my eyes to think.

    ‘There must be a way out of this one. Although she’s clearly trying to make things difficult for me, she must have a purpose for this. If I can grasp that then maybe I can find a way out, there no such thing as a perfect trap, right?’

    I got some inspiration from the word ‘Perfect’.

    ‘It can’t be perfect, she isn’t omnipotent. There must be a way to get a positive result for me.’

    “Johra? Why are you taking so long? You couldn’t have fallen asleep right?”

    Ignoring her teasing, I tried to think faster.

    ‘What if it really is the perfect setup? The Count can’t go against the Princess’ will. Her will… wait, for royalty their honor is even more important than their lives. Yes, that’s her weakness.’

    I opened my eyes and met her gaze.

    “Have you come up with your requests?”

    “Yes, I’m confident that the Count can accept them and that it wouldn’t betray your Majesty’s honor.”

    “Pray tell.”

    Her eyes glittered with fascination, wondering what I had come up with.

    ‘I’m sure you won’t have seen this one coming.’

    “My first request is for you to give me three examples of what you consider to be reasonable requests. My second request is the right to pick one out of those three.”

    The princess’ complexion changed dramatically whereas the Count remained neutral.

    I had satisfied as her demands and gotten around her trap. Since she was the one making the suggestions the Count is sure to accept them. Also, her honor would prevent her from giving too small of a request, so I was sure to gain something.

    Lilinor gave me a pat on the back, impressed with my choice. Surprisingly, the princess also had a satisfied smile, just like when she lost to me in chess, she was gracious in defeat.

    “Count Sion, are his requests acceptable?”

    “Indeed they sound fair.”

    After nodding back, with an air of nobility she commanded.

    “Everyone except Johra can leave, I will announce my requests in private.”

    As they all left the room she sported a mischievous smile.

    “Good, so my first example is for you to ask for my hand in marriage. The second is to request all of my property. The last one is to ask me about this key, you can also choose all three….”


    She pulled out an unremarkable key the size of one’s index finger and placed it on the table.

    ‘How cunning! She is basically forcing me to choose the the third one. Although the first too aren’t simple requests which would go against her honor, they are so over the top that if I were to choose them I would anger the entire royal family. It’s another one of her traps!’

    My face turned red from thinking too much.

    “Johra I’ve never seen any material like the one the key is made out of. It’s atomic weight is over 2,000.”

    Lena spoke to me covertly.

    ‘Uh…. what a suspicious looking key. So much so that it is making me curious as to its identity. Although I do sense a hint of danger from it, it feels like fate, such an annoying result since I don’t have much of a choice right?’

    After some time, I decided to pick up the key.

    “I see, so have you decided on the key?”

    I nodded back.

    “Just as I expected. Well, now that I’ve accomplished everything I came here to do, I should be heading back. Still, I was half hoping you would choose me as well.”

    She said with a coquettish smile, somewhat peeved that I was able to ignore her charms.

    “What is this key used for?”

    “We don’t know, it is an heirloom which has been passed down in our royal family for generations. All we know is that the key will show us the way.”

    “Is it some sort of prophecy?”

    “Just don’t go spreading news of this around. This is a big secret of our royal family, with devastating consequences.”

    “I understand, thank you for entrusting it to me.”

    “Not at all, instead I should be thanking you instead for volunteering to investigate the mysteries of this key which has confounded my family for so long. If you come to the capital, be sure to visit me. Keep this with you so that it will be easy for you to meet me. Good, Count Sion, prepare the wagon I’ll be on my way.”

    She disappeared as quickly as she had arrived, leaving a golden pendant engraved with the royal family’s emblem in hand.

    “A mysterious key huh… let’s just be glad I’ve avoided the calamity.”

    Putting the key and pendant in my pocket, I headed back to my room. The Count’s family seeing how tired I was didn’t ask any questions and just allowed me to go.

    When I arrived, Viezda and Lilinor were already there, waiting for me.

    “I’m back.”

    “Good job, it was a nice battle of wits.”

    “Master has everything been resolved?”

    After giving her a curt nod, I lied down and quickly fell asleep. I was so tired from having my nerves on the edge for the last few hours.

    “Good job Johra, it was one step more.”

    I once again heard the voice which sounded like Lilinor’s, but came from somewhere else. It’s like having something at the tip of your tongue but being unable to grasp it.

    “Who are you?”

    “You’ll know when the time is right.”

    “Can’t you simply just tell me now?’

    “ No. It it also due to a promise on your part.”

    “Why is it that I can’t remember?”

    “You did.”


    As I woke I saw Lilinor’s cute, child from sleeping peacefully. One would never imagine that she was in fact a terrifyingly large dragon. Viezda was on the floor, sleeping with her head leaning against the bed.

    “Viezda why are you sleeping in such an uncomfortable position?”

    Picking her up I carried her over to her own bed.

    “Master, please don’t leave me….”

    “Don’t worry, I’m right here.”

    After setting her down gently I stroked her hair. She held my hand firmly as she closed her eyes again.

    The moonlight shone through the window, creating a serene atmosphere. I held her hand and watched patiently as she fell asleep.

    “Wouldn’t it be great if the world was always this peaceful?”

    “Johra, the language package is ready.”

    “Thanks Lena.”

    After hearing the good news, I immediately set out to the estate’s library. The Count had already given me access to most places in the manor.

    “Wow, this is bigger than I expected.”

    Turning on the magic powered lamps, I began searching through the bookshelves.


    “Just stand in front of it. I’ll send the nanobots to do the analysis, it should take approximately 5 minutes per bookcase.

    By letting Lena read all these books, it could expand her database and could make her future analyses far more accurate.

    All the books which Count’s family had collected over the years were all held in this room. It was a tremendous amount of knowledge, from the royal family to history, culture, magic, geography, dungeons, treasure and ancient relics. It had it all.

    If one were to try and read all of it it would be far too time consuming, and by the time you had finished you would have probably forgotten so much of it that it was no longer useful. But by having Lena scan it, it would take only one night and I could have her access it at any point in time.

    There were about 30 books per row and 8 rows in each bookcase. The ability to read around 240 books in 5 minutes was just too much of a cheat….

    “Johra we’ve finished this bookcase.”

    “Did you read all of it?”

    I asked her as we moved on to the next one. The nanobots were so small that they were invisible to my eyes, I was a bit suspicious and wondered if she had just glanced over parts of the books.

    “Of course I finished it all Johra. The bookcase was mainly about History and I learned some interesting things. Like that they often refer to God as an existing being and describe some unknown materials with quite a lot of detail.

    “Indeed, I also believe that there is at least one God in this world.”

    “Is that so? How interesting. It also mentioned how skills and magic originated from the first God.”

    “I don’t doubt that either.”

    “There are even abilities that allow one to view people’s Status, as if it were a game back on Earth.”

    “Yes, I also have that ability.”

    “Truly? Just like in some game?”

    “It’s pretty similar yes.”

    “How fascinating, how did Earth and this world even come into contact.”

    I explained to Lena all I knew about those that had been reincarnated here such as myself.

    “It seems like there are more than a few people from Earth which have been summoned here.”

    Lena continued, “perhaps judging on by the similarities between games back on Earth and this world, we can infer that some beings have likewise crossed over to Earth.

    “Really? Are you sure that people from this world have gone to Earth?”


    “Well, what if….”

    “Do you know of one?”

    “Well there was one, but he didn’t stay on Earth but fled to the outer reaches of the galaxy.”

    “Was it Metatron? I indeed read a record of an incredible battle named the Celestial War where Metatron fought against the a group of Gods, before finally escaping.

    “Hmmm It should be the showdown between Metatron and the High Gods.”

    “According to the book, Metatron was in favor of totalitarian-like control of everyone’s lives  whereas the High Gods leaned more towards freedom. The cause of their war was this crucial difference of opinion, and as a result all those from Metatron’s camp were either killed or sealed away.”

    “Sealed? Do you have any data regarding this?”

    “Nothing concrete, just vague mentioning of it in old literature, but many text have been lost in time or in the possesion of Demons.”


    “Yes, they inhabit some dungeons, it’s actually a quite well known fact.”

    “Really, the exist in dungeons?”

    “Right, It is the place where the Gods who sided with Metatron were cursed and sealed away, it’s actually not too far from here.”

    “I’ll have to check that out later. Did you learn anything else that’s useful?”

    “Once we’ve finished scanning all the documents then I’ll organize them properly and report back to you. For now please move on to the next one.”

    “Ah… ok.”

    I spent the night going from bookcase to bookcase until we finished scanning everything.

    “Johra, I’ve finished compiling all the data and there are some interesting things. I think we even have a hint regarding the key.”

    “Huh? Key?”

    “The key you received yesterday from the Princess.”

    “So what did you find?”

    “Well, it isn’t so much about the key.”

    “Then what?”

    “Well there is this place in the South Pole called God’s Tower which has never been opened. I checked the door carefully and I noticed that the patterns in the book match exactly those on the key.”

    “Really? Then it must be the right key to open it. But what is this God’s tower? What was it built for?”

    “Unfortunately there isn’t enough information, we’ll have to collect some more data.”

    “Understood, in the future I’ll try to find a larger library, but this should be enough for today.”

    “Oh right, I’ve also accumulated a lot of data about some runes. With the right designs, supplemented by magic stones, we can create a wide array of magic spells.”

    “Well, magic stones aren’t that easy to obtain. Also, magic stones already contain magic power that help you cast spells, so what’s the point of inscribing them with these runes?”

    “Well, a magic stone that has been inscribed with a special rune can hold up to double the amount of mana.”

    “Well at least it’s some interesting knowledge.”

    “For example, we can extract the mana from the magic stones just like we did for your ship Valen, and then make an array.

    “Then what kind of magic arrays are possible?”

    “I think it should be possible to create a spatial storage tool and teleportation circles, but I would need to run some tests first.”

    “That sounds very useful!”

    “Well it’s just a theory at the moment, but I think it’s possible.”

    “Magic stones… those are pretty expensive. In the end it always come down to money doesn’t it?”

    “It should be easy no? You can simply create gold and sell it at high prices.”

    “Yea but if I sell too much people will begin to suspect where it came from and maybe investigate. No, I’ll have to find a more mundane solution.”

    “Like your chess venture?”


    “Ok cheer up, I’m sure you’ll think of something. In the meantime I’ll continue to organize and analyze all the data we just obtained.”

    “Got it.”

    By the time I came back to my room, Viezda had already woken up.


    Her face basking in the morning sunrise was truly quite lovely.

    “Viezda, we need to go someplace.””

    Huaaaam Johra? Didn’t you sleep last night?”

    Lilinor let out a big yawn as she looked up at me in surprise.

    “I slept a little, do you want to join us?”

    “Where are you going?”

    “To a dungeon to hunt monsters..”



    After hearing Lena’s story about those legendary dungeons, I made it my goal to collect as many ancient books in the hands of those demons and we could you the chance to train as well.

    “It should be fun. Unlike the forest, dungeons are filled with strong and wicked demons. I’m sure I’ll enjoy watching you fight them.”

    “Just watching? Won’t you help out?”

    “I’m basically a neutral party.”

    “But you’re supposed to be my friend.”

    “Well I guess if your life is in danger I’ll lend a hand.”

    I prepared my stuff for the trip and informed the Count about my intentions at the breakfast table.

    “I’ll be heading out for a couple days.”

    “Where will you be going Johra?”

    “I’ll go dungeon hunting.”

    “Oh that might be more than just a couple days.”

    “Yeah, probably.”


    “Johra, It’s some bad timing because I just received my father’s permission to join you on some adventure quests.”

    “Oh..I see.”

    Jillian said, full of disappointment. He was finally allowed to tag along with Johra’s group for regular quests, but not something dangerous like demon hunting.

    “I actually have something you can help me with, Jillian.”

    “Sure, anything.”

    “I plan on opening up an official chess store in Gartmar. I want you to work together with Levin to make sure it is successful. I think this can bring in a lot of profits.”

    I was surprised by how much of a hit chess had been with the royal family, and wanted to distance myself from it. I figured giving the business to the Count’s family to run would be a great idea.

    I still have a lot to pack so I’ll get going. Viezda and Lilinor will also be joining me.”

    After we finished packing I had Levin bring the carriage around and we took it to Gartmar.

    “Thank for the lift Levin, we’ll go by foot from here.”

    “Ok, I’ll head back first then. Stay safe and don’t forget to bring me back a present!”

    “Sure, I’ll try to prepare something, but we aren’t exactly going sightseeing.”

    I waved him off as he departed with a smile.

    “We have so much to do, let’s get going.”

    “Yes” The girls replied in unison.

  • Chapter 92

    According to the data Lena had obtained from the books in the Count’s library, there were four famous dungeons in this world. Although there were other, smaller dungeons in which monsters would also appear, these four were the most mysterious as adventurers would often go missing in their pursuit of the legendary treasures they supposedly held.

    These dungeons were named, Jeduth, Kilion, Pali and Barr after the Fallen gods which had chosen to follow Metatron. The legend goes that these gods had been sealed in the deepest region of each dungeon, but to date none have been able to confirm these stories as no one has ever made it so deep.

    We decided to head to Jeduth first, as it was the closest of the four, being only four days walking distance from Gartmar. After stocking up with more than a month’s worth of supplies for by visiting Gartmar’s stores, we set out for the Jeduth dungeon.

    ‘I have about two months until my agreed meeting with Daryl, I just need to be back by then.’

    Right now I should focus on leveling up and increasing Viezda’s power. I should also secure some more magic stones….’

    In the previously timeline, when I had become the owner of the Wetheros Mountain range, their hadn’t been any mention of this Jeduth dungeon. Obviously someone had already conquered it by then.

    ‘Since it wasn’t part of the future timeline, there shouldn’t be too much of an impact if I were to choose to complete it myself first.’

    By completing this dungeon I could gain some experience from the monsters, as well as gain enough treasure to solve all my money issues. Perhaps even my recent chess venture wouldn’t be as profitable as taking down one of the four legendary dungeons.

    “Johra, do you want me to carry you over there?”

    “No. This is human world. If we do that it might create quite the commotion.”

    The Jeduth dungeon was quite renowned, so it was sure to be crawling with adventurers, so if Lilinor were to arrive in her dragon form it was sure to lead to complications.

    “By the way Lilinor, do you have a way to hide your status? It might cause a bit of a problem if others can view it.”

    “Sure, no problem.”

    “Huh? How did you do that so easily?”

    “My  little secret”

    Her status went to being that of an ordinary nine year-old girl.

    ‘Hmm… I can’t detect the difference. Was her previous status her true one, or had it already been modified?’

    I gave her a suspicious look, but had no choice but to give up as she let out a small innocent laugh.

    ‘She shouldn’t have been hiding her status from the very start right? Maybe I’m overthinking things, but I’m still a bit curious and should get to the bottom of this later.’

    Travelling along with Viezda and Lilinor, we kept a good pace and were able to arrive after only one and a half days of travel. However, despite the dungeons supposed renown, there weren’t any adventurers in sight.

    “Is that the Jeduth dungeon? It looks more like a….”

    “It looks like a flower garden instead.”

    “Nice! If I ever get bored I can simply come here and play! There are so many beautiful flowers.”

    Lilinor ran around playfully and then laid down in the field of flowers. For a second I was worried that she might get stung by a few bees, before I burst out laughing. I had completely forgotten what she really was for a second there.


    Seeing my smile, Viezda asked questioningly, but I simply shook my head.

    “It’s nothing.”

    The entrance to the dungeon was a large flower garden, and after that started what looked like a giant maze.

    ‘Such a large structure, this definitely wasn’t here when I took possession of this mountain range. I would have definitely noticed this with my ownership view.’

    Walking inside we came up to what appeared to be an endless labyrinth. The walls were made of solid granite, 20 meters tall with ivy-like vines growing on top of them. Looking up, above the walls permeated a thick, permanent fog, and we could only see thanks to certain stones in the dungeon’s ceiling which gave off a faint light.

    “What a crazy labyrinth, it’s so big that if one were to get lost in there they could die of starvation. Have you been here before Lilinor?”

    “No, it’s my first time coming here, but it does appear quite large.”

    Lilinor smile excitedly, whereas Viezda as half-hidden behind my back, scared by the imposing looking labyrinth.

    After walking around for a little while, we often encountered some low level monsters like Goblins, but between my experience with the sword and Viezda’s magic, we made quick work of them.

    “It doesn’t seem too special, I expected something different.”

    “Same, I thought there would be a lot of strong creatures here.”

    Viezda had a relieved expression.

    “No, you’d best be more careful. This place smells of some powerful creatures which could threaten you.”

    “At worst I’ll simply run away, there no reason to put my life on the line.”

    “Well… it isn’t that simple. There are certain magical restriction in this place which make it difficult to find the way out.”

    Lilinor smiled mischievously.

    “What? You should have told me earlier!”

    We had been wandering around the maze for almost a day not but just as Lilinor had cautioned, we had pretty much just been going around in circles.

    “Damn, how annoying. Lilinor, if we get into a life and death situation, you have to make sure to help.”

    “Well, I wouldn’t let you die, but as for your servant….”

    “No, protect Viezda as well.”

    “Not interested, she isn’t even a friend of mine.”

    “Even if it’s a request from a friend?”

    “Oh, what? Sorry I can’t hear you!”

    She plugged her ears and ran away yelling nonsense.

    Ugh! What a child.”

    “Don’t worry about me master. I don’t want to be a burden, so if we run into any trouble just leave me behind and escape yourself.”

    “I would never even consider that as an option.”

    Holding her hand gently, we advance through the labyrinth.

    “It’s coming! Johra careful!”

    Lilinor cried out anxiously as she leapt toward us.


    “An incoming magic spell, get down!”

    Heeding her warning we both shot down towards the ground.


    A laser beam passed over our heads.

    “What was that?”

    “It might be a paralyzer. It’s characteristics match those in the literature we studied.”

    Lena spoke to me just as Lilinor answered.

    “A Beholder! Dammit just what is one of those doing over here?”


    “It is capable of negating any magic within a certain range of itself, as well as shooting out beams like the one you just witnessed. It definitely quite the nuisance, but fortunately this one isn’t fully grown just yet.”

    “What? It totally sounds like it should be a boss class monster.”

    Lilinor however was completely unfazed.

    “Could you win against it?”

    “Normally yes, but I’d need to polymorph and given the small area, if I were to do so, both you and your servant would be flattened against the walls.”


    A giant eye was floating in within the fog. It’s eye had a 2 meter radius and was surrounded my 5 socketed gems which looked like magic stones. Its pupils was looking every which way, searching for its prey, until it locked on to us and floated over.

    “Damn, it’s coming!”

    “Lets run away!”

    Standing up we tried to escape, just as an orange beam was fired from the center of the Beholder’s eye.

    “Shit! Cough!”


    We fell back down to the ground, completely paralyzed and unable to move so much as a finger.

    The large eye floated above us, looking down menacingly.

    ‘I can’t move, what’s going on?’

    “Sorry Johra, I activated the Rohim’s shield but it seems to be bypassing it….”

    Thud! Thud! Thud!

    Lena’s voice was cut short as the eye monster tried to body slam us with its weight, but the Rohim’s shield thankfully held strong.

    ‘Well, not much I could do right now. I’ll have to put my faith in Lena’s ability.’

    “It seems to be emitting a certain wavelength sound which is interfering with your nervous system causing you to go into shock. Will attempt a light voltage shock to reactivate your nerves.”

    “Oh? I can move?”

    Lilinor and Viezda watched me, only able to blink their eyes . It appeared that Lena had managed to successfully cancel whatever had caused me to be paralyzed.

    “There might be a 1% reduction in your motor skills as a side effect, please be careful Johra.”


    The Beholder continued to slam itself against the shield, but it remained unaffected by the physical attacks.

    “I’ll have to get out of here right away.”

    Picking up and carrying the two girls on each shoulder, I began to ran away as quickly as possible.

    “Luckily they are both quite light, they shouldn’t be more than 40 kilograms right?”

    When I had finally created a safe distance between us and the slow moving Beholder, I placed down the two girls up against the granite walls of the maze.

    “Let’s see, I should have a potion here somewhere to cure their paralysis….”

    After searching for a short time I finally found what I was looking for and took the first gulp.

    I then tried to give some to the girls, but they weren’t able to swallow due to the paralysis.

    “I was only able to help you swallow  through the use of the nanobots, Johra. First put your hands on her throat.

    I grasped Viezda’s neck as instructed, and let Lena guide me through the assistance of the nanobots.

    “Just keep massaging her throat for about 5 seconds in order to relax her muscles.”

    I counted to 5, and then poured the potion down Viezda’s throat.”

    Kolkak kolkak

    Even if some spilled out, she managed to swallow most of it.

    “Viezda, lie down until the potion can spread throughout your body.”

    She blinked her response

    “Now it’s Lilinor’s turn.”

    When she woke up her eyes betrayed the deep anger she felt. She couldn’t believe that she had been paralyzed after being hit by a lowly being like the Beholder. Perhaps it was just karma, as she had only been in her human girl form when she suffered the attack.

    When I held her neck to help her drink the potion, her eyes narrowed into slits. Certainly for a dragon it might be a great blow to their pride, being held by the neck like this. Now that I remember, Valenor’s neck had also always been very sensitive.

    “I can’t help it Lilinor, it’s the only way to help you swallow the potion.”

    “I understand Johra, please proceed.”

    Gulp gulp!

    Perhaps because she was a dragon, it was more difficult to massage her muscles and she had a harder time swallowing the concoction.

    “Sorry Lilinor, it’s a bit hard to control, why don’t you just lie down and have a rest.”

    Still anger evident in her eyes, I helped her lay down and pulled out a blanket from our bags to help cover both Lilinor and Viezda. I sat down and looked attentively, watching out for danger.

    “I can’t seem to make out any monsters approaching.”

    “There are no signs of life within 100 meters. Still, this fog seems to somehow distort my scanners so I can’t see as far as I normally can.”


    “Yes, it can somehow distort my sensors, focusing on my probes as if it had a will of its own.”

    “Then how much of the path have you managed to map out?”

    “I can’t see past the fog at the top, but by using sonar waves I was able to map out the maze. I’ll project it to your cornea now. Simply follow the blue light which should be the correct path.”

    “Great, I couldn’t have asked for more. Can you keep in on display in the upper right corner.

    “Sure, no problem.”

    When I came back after having looked around, Lilinor and Viezda were both sitting upright and looking much better.

    “Master, I thought I was going to die.”

    Hmph! I wasn’t in danger. If it ever attacked me directly I’m sure I would have taken my true form.”

    Lilinor snorted as she exclaimed confidently.

    “Then what would have happened to Viezda and I?”  

    “I’m sure it would have somehow been fine.”

    I stopped pressing her despite the obvious inaccuraccies. She was still riled up about suffering at the hands of a lesser creature. If I were to say more it wouldn’t improve her mental state.

    “I’m not going back until I kill that thing.”

    “Just follow me, I know how to find the entrance.”

    Lilinor walked beside me, still peeved by here previous helplessness, whereas Viezda would often glance back, still scared of being followed by the beholder.

    “Huh, why is that? I thought the illusion magic in the maze made it impossible to navigate?”

    “Well there’s a certain trick to it.”

    “Looks like we’re back to the starting point.”


    “Let’s go and try and solve it one more time.”

    But just as I said that I realized the tried expression on both the girls faces.

    “Okay, I have an idea so I wanted to try it out. Why don’t you two stay here and prepare the camp while I go and try it out.”

    Leaving Lilinor and Viezda and the entrance of the maze, I go outside into the garden of flowers.

    “Would that work Lena?”

    “In theory, yes. But you should be aware that there are some risks right?”


  • Chapter 93

    I returned an hour later and met up with the girls.

    “What did you go out to do Johra?”

    Asked Lilinor curiously, but I simply shook my head.

    “You’ll see later.”

    Lilinor wanted to know what I had planned, but a secret arrangement doesn’t surprise anyone if you reveal it in advance. We took the chance to rest before delving back into the maze. In shifts of two hours, we always had one person on sentry duty.

    “There don’t seem to be any adventurers coming in.”

    Despite this supposedly being a famous dungeon, no one was around which made me quite curious as to why.

    “Johra, the Jeduth dungeon was later known as the adventurer’s grave. Unlike the other 3 dungeons, this one has a very high difficulty from the very beginning which led to mass casualties. Just five years ago a country led a large punitive expedition here, but they were never heard from again and it was deemed as a failure.”


    I got a better understanding due to Lena’s explanation which she learned from all the books we scanned.

    ‘Well, the magic in the maze is quite bewildering, and there is the Beholder right off the bat so I definitely understand others giving this dungeon a wide berth.

    After hearing Lena’s update, I began contemplating something when Viezda asked me.

    “What are you thinking about master?”

    “Nothing much, just thinking how I’m going to get my revenge?”

    “Really, you still want revenge on that thing? Then I might have to take my true form.”

    “No need , no need, would you even fit inside in your dragon form?”

    “Well we would just have to try, the defenses in the dungeon are meant to detain a God class being. If I don’t take my true form we won’t have any chance to kill that thing.”

    Lilinor seemed to be quite conflicted, but I had already come up with a solution.

    “When the time comes, just leave it to me. I’m confident I can find a way.”

    “Are you sure? You do remember that the Beholder can negate any magic around it within a certain radius right? Not to mention that its defenses are very high so unless I take my true form, I don’t think we’d be able to even damage it.”

    “I’m aware already, after all we did just face it. Don’t worry, if things don’t work out I’ll just run away again. I still have some more of those detoxification potions.”

    Ugh! Not those things again.”

    I let out a chuckle seeing the look of disgust evident on their faces. Potions that worked well often didn’t taste too good for some reason.

    “Shall we go?”

    “Johra do you really have confidence in yourself?”

    Lilinor pulled the edge of my sleeve and stare at me imploringly with her large beady eyes.

    Although it looked like an innocent child staring at me, I wasn’t deceived as I thought about her true self.

    “Well… I have a certain level of confidence in my plan.”

    “OK, I believe in maste…r!”

    ‘Wait, what’s going on?’

    As we entered the Labyrinth, the two girls hid behind me, leaving me to take care of the occasional Goblins with a swing of my sword as I chose the shortest route towards the Beholder.

    ‘Is this was they called having faith in me?’

    “Johra, according to my sonar it should be just around the next corner. We will be popping up right behind him so be ready.”

    “Ok, operation start!”


    “Who are you talking to Johra?”

    “Just wait back here you two, I’ll go take care of something.”



    Leaving the girls behind, I turn the corner of the maze.

    “Ha! Finally found you Beholder!”

    Hearing my cry it turned towards me, but soon began scanning with its large eye left and right.

    “What’s wrong, confused?”

    The current situation was that Lena had created dozen of copies of herself and was bouncing the echo of my voice from several locations, making it very difficult for the Beholder to pinpoint my location.


    It’s eye glowed a deep dark orange before emitting a powerful beam.

    “Finally, great why don’t you have a taste of your own medecine! Lena assemble it!”

    In our previous encounter, We learned that its main form of offense was that of a laser-like beam which shared similar refractive properties with light. Lena then hypothesized that with the right object we might be able to reflect back on the Beholder. However this was my no means a sure thing and there were certain risks. In order to maximize our chances, we made a concave mirror out of Opal photonic crystals which have reflect 100% of incoming light. Lena supervised the construction and I assisted with the my Material Creation ability.

    Kuu Woong!

    We did it! It’s a victory for science!

    “Observing the phenomena, creating a theory, experimentation, We beat it with the scientific approach, Johra.”

    “Johra you did it!”


    Lilinor and Viezda which had been peeping on our battle from behind the corner of the granite walls, rushed up to get a good look at the corpse of the Beholder lying on the ground.

    “Yeah, it worked out somehow.”

    “How did you do it Johra? As I saw the Beholder get hit by his own magic.”

    “It was all due to this reflective item.”

    I showed off my shiny Opal crystal mirror.

    “Oh… was it reflection magic?”

    “I guess you could call it that, but it only worked because the opponent’s spell had properties similar to that of light. Because normal magic would be negated by the Beholder, I guessed that only the magic it cast itself would be able to harm it.”

    “Ah so it was like that. Actually I was also a bit curious how the Beholder could use magic despite it having a field which negated it. Well done Johra.”

    [+51542 experience points]

    [Level has reached Max so the experience has been lost]

    [Acquired knowledge of Beholders]

    After my short talk with Lilinor, I had her help me loot the Beholder’s corpse. With her dragon strength it was surprisingly easy to do so, and I was able to obtain those priceless jewels which surrounded its large eye.

    “It’s quite the nice haul right?”

    The grade of the magic jewels were C~ B+ which was a few levels higher than any I could create myself.

    “Did you want to go even deeper?”

    “Of course, Isn’t this just the entrance?”

    We were able to get through the first floor relatively easily with the aid of Lena. She detected the activation of a magic circle upon the death of the Beholder, which ended up being the entrance to the second floor.

    “It looks like it only appears after the Beholder has died.”

    “Yup, the magic circle must be linked to its life force.”

    “Then does that mean that we are the first ones to enter the second floor?”

    “Yes, that is quite likely.”

    I felt quite good knowing that we were the pioneers of the dungeon.

    “Then let’s try to delve a little deeper.”

    The next floor was a large and vibrant jungle forest which remind me a lot of the Pit’s flora.

    “How is it possible Master? The ceilings are so high!”

    Just as Viezda had mentioned, it didn’t make much sense. We had only descended a short flight of stairs to arrive at the second floor, but the ceiling here was 30 meters tall and bright as day due to the many embedded shiny jewels.

    “Maybe this is connected to another world.”

    “What there are other worlds?” I asked Lilinor, trying to appear ignorant. She however didn’t seem to notice anything odd and continued to explain.

    “The magic circle we walked through to arrive to this place had certain symbols which were related to spatial magic, that’s all.”

    “ it was not a simple maze then?”

    “Well, this is afterall a dungeon where one of the defeated Evil Gods was buried by the High Gods.”  

    “Hmm, I wonder why the victorious council of High Gods chose to seal their defeated opponents instead of wiping them out.”

    “That is their own business I guess.”

    I looked out at the beautiful jungle forest.

    “Master… it’s a giant ant!”

    “Oh… right.”

    “There are quite a few of them, is it okay if I freeze them?”

    Lilinor eyes flashed with a mischievous gleam.She seemed eager to crush some weaklings and regain some of her lost confidence.

    “Sure, but it won’t be super effective in the forest with all those trees, so let’s pull them first to that clearing over there. Viezda, come with me and we will shower them with some weaker spells to get their attention.




    Lilinor finally revealed her true form.

    “Master! Lilinor was that dragon from the forest back then.”

    “Yes, I knew already, but i thought that you’d be more surprised”

    “Well, I am just a little bit, but I did expect it somewhat.” answered Viezda.

    Although Viezda did have a good sense of things, it was also true that Lilinor didn’t try very hard to blend in.

    In her dragon form, Lilinor flew up into the air majestically.

    Thud! Thud! Thud! Thud!

    We lured the termites out into the open area, as a sea of those giant white insects poured out of the edges of the forest where Lilinor had been waiting.

    Tshhh! tshhh!

    Thousands of them rushed towards us while Lilinor soared in the air above.


    She breathed in deeply, sucking in all the air around her as she transformed it into a dragon breath with the use of her mana. Some termites realized what was going on and turned to flee, but most weren’t aware and mindlessly charged forward with the swarm.


    Although Lilinor had tried to shoot out a weaker version of her full strength breath, it was still far more powerful that necessary.


    Thousands of termites in the open field, as well as many unlucky ones in the forest instantly turned into chunks of ice. The trees however became like beautiful icicle sculptures as if a devastating Icy Typhoon and just ravaged the area.

    After a short pause, Lilinor then drew a magic circle in the air hich summoned dark clouds in the dungeon ceiling.


    The air became warmer due to her magic spell, and rain began to blanket the forest, melting much of the snow and turning the jungle into more of a swamp.

    “Master, it’s rain!”

    “Indeed it is.”

    The sight of rain falling over a frozen forest was quite spectacular.


    Lilinor resumed her human child form as she joined us on the ground.

    “What do you think? Did I do a good job?”

    I gave her the thumbs up in praise.

    “What does that mean?”

    “It means you did great Lilinor.”


    We waited together until the rainfall subsided, Lilinor was still a bit shy and happy from my glowing praise. When it finally stopped raining, we entered the jungle and any surviving termites gave us a wide berth.

    “Hmm, there seems to be a certain hierarchy in place, there should be a boss her just like the Beholder on the first floor.”

    “It would probably find us just like back then.”

    “You think so?”


    A gigantic creature appeared in the distance.

    “Is that a Hydra?”

    “Yeah, it looks like a subspecies of a Dragon.

    “Any problems taking care of it Lilinor?”

    “No, I don’t want to kill it myself!”

    “Why is that? That thing will kill us if given the chance.”

    “Why don’t you take care of it Johra?”

    “What nonsense, how could a human win against such a monster?”

    From this distance we could make out that it was about 15 meters tall, but it was partly hidden by the jungle trees and only 8 heads were visible.

    “Johra, the more heads a Hydra has, the stronger it is. My scanners have confirmed that this one has 18 heads in total so it is quite powerful. Hydras have very high regenerative powers and each of their heads have a specific magic ability.”


    Hearing the update from Lena, I couldn’t help but groan. This was sure to be quite the headache.

    “I’ll be going out Lilinor, so please assist me.”

    “Okay, I understand. Polymorph!”


    The surroundings trembled as she took her dragon form.

    “Damn Lilinor! Don’t transform so close to us!”



    Ignoring my words she roared towards the Hydra, who answered in kind, before rushing towards our position.

    “So, 18 heads huh. I guess we’ll go a it one at the time.”

    “Go master!”



    The Beholder is actually a pretty high ranked monster. It usually has a reasonably good level of intelligence but the one Johra encountered was less developed as it was raised in the isolation of the dungeon.

    ~High level Beholders can control several subordinates.

    Name: N/A

    Gender: N/A

    Status: Normal

    Type: Lesser Beholder

    Class: N/A

    Rank: C+

    Level: 211/384

    HP: 134,400/134,400

    MP: 17,100/17,100

    Attack: 3,211

    Defense: 2,525

    Agility: 211

    Intelligence: 1,324

    ✧ Unique Skills

    [Null- Magic Lv5] [Paralysis Beam Lv9] [Fog Lv3] [Body Slam Lv3] [Physical Resistance Lv7] [Magic Resistance Lv3] [Flight Lv3]

    ✧[1st Floor Boss of Jeduth Dungeon]


  • Chapter 94

    OhOoooh! PoooAah!

    Lilinor’s Ice Breath landed at the Hydra’s feet, locking it into place.

    “Great job Lilinor! Viezda circle around from the back.”

    “Yes Master!”

    The Hydra tried its best to break free, but Lilinor sent another breath to consolidate the Ice.

    Kuooo! Hwarrr


    Six of the Hydra’s heads spewed out fire and four spat out poison in an effort to counteract Lilinor’s Ice magic.

    Uh Oh oh!

    I closed the 10 meter distance between the hydra and I, shouting out with my Warriors Taunt in order to attract its attention. I succeeded as six of its heads turned my way.

    “Lena, help me out!”

    “Leave it to me!”


    The Hydra’s bites and magic spells were completely completely blocked by the Rohim energy shield.

    “Easy peasy!”

    I was getting closer to it’s main body as it was still locked into place by Lilinor’s ice magic and could not evade. However, it wasn’t simply lying still and allowing me to easily approach it as it continued to try and bite me and spew its breath on my shield.

    “18 huh… that’s far too many, let’s get rid of a few shall we.

    Momentarily leaving the safety of the Rohim shield, I cast my magic.

    “Create Material: Positron!”

    Kukkkkkung! Shhhhu

    The small amount of Positron was directly materialized in the mouth of one the Hydra’s heads which had been trying to bite me. The maximum range of my Material Creation was 5 meters, so by quickly getting on the shield back in time, I was able to deliver a well placed positron bomb to a very vulnerable location. Just as it was about to disappear out of sight and down its throat, it erupted. Instantly the temperature rocketed past 10,000 degrees Celsius, melting its surroundings.

    Kuwoong! Kuwoong! Kuwoong! Kuwoong!

    10 meters in every direction was bathed in fiery flames hotter than the depths of Hell, as the monster’s 12th head fell down to the ground.


    “Was that overkill? No, I guess that the Hydra is far from dead as that was just one if its many heads.

    The next moment all the air in the immediate surround was rushing towards the Hydra as it was sucking in and preparing a large counterattack. Viezda who had sneaked up from behind the Hydra trembled at the sight, frozen in fear.

    “Johra, you should be more careful with your use of positron. The slightest misstep can result in the creation of a miniature dark hole which would be catastrophic for anyone nearby. Also, just then you were far too close to the explosion and it was almost past the threshold of what the shield could sustain.

    “Oh…really? Can the shield block radiation?”

    I had just unknowingly had a brush with death, unaware of what the actual limitations of the shield were. The Rohim shield could block physical attacks and most magics, but not light beams and its ability to block radiation was still unknown.

    “Well, it was impossible to know exactly how much it could withstand, after all this was technology which we had copied from another race rather than developed ourselves, so it still remains a bit unknown.


    Lilinor shot out a breath to prevent the 12th head from regenerating. The Hydra had an incredible ability to regenerate form any wounds, so even if it appeared limp, lying on the ground it could soon recover. Therefore Lilinor’s breath was timely, but three of the Hydra’s heads shot out attacks to intercept. On my side however, 8 heads turned to face me and the energy shield was still at critical levels due to my previous attack, so It was a bit of a dangerous situation seeing as I was standing so close to it.



    I quickly pulled out my shiny Opal crystal mirror to reflect the light beam attack from the middle Golden head.


    The beam was deflected accurately, landing on another one of the Hydra’s heads, completely blowing it away.

    “Ah! It’s hot!!”

    Although my mirror had properly reflected the attack, it had overheated and I inadvertently dropped it as it burned my hands.


    The golden main head was once again sucking in a large amount of air, preparing for another one of those deadly beams.

    “Shit! Viezda, aim for the golden one!”


    “Lena! Fire up some holograms and assist me with you predictions!”

    I instructed her as I quickly rolled away. The illusion holograms would hopefully confuse it and buy some time, whereas Lena also had the ability to directly project to my cornea the most likely avenues of attack and the best method to avoid it based on all the information gathered.


    The beam hit one of the illusions and melted a deep hole into the ground.

    “I wouldn’t suffer the same fate as that ground right?”

    However right at that moment I noticed that two of the monster’s heads were aiming towards Viezda. It seemed to have understood the order which I had sent to her and was keen on eliminating the threat. Surprised by the Hydra’s actions, Viezda had been frozen stiff.



    I cried out desperately as the two heads neared, attempting the tear her limb from limb.

    When the dust finally settled, I could see a thin membrane protection her from harm.

    “Don’t worry Johra, I already established another small sized Rohim shield around her with the microdrones we had produced. It should be able to hold strong for at least another 12 minutes.

    “Geez, tell me that sooner next time!”

    Despite my annoyance with Lena, I was relieved to know Viezda was safe.

    “How should I attack next, my ability to create Positron was on cooldown for the next 24 hours because it was a highly ranked substance.

    Phaaaaat Hwarrrr

    There were still seven heads which were locked in a desperate battle with Lilinor, while the main golden head stared me down carefully. Perhaps it was still wary after having seen the power of my Positron explosion.

    “Essence of Fire, rain fury down on thy enemies. Fireball!”

    That’s Right! Oh?

    Viezda’s overpowered fireball flew towards the golden head, but two nearby heads moved in front and took the brunt of the hit, as they fell limp to the ground. Lilinor quickly followed up with an Icy breath to lock in the kill.

    Ugh, it seems like Viezda had just given it her all and was slumping down to the ground unconscious. Now what should we do?”

    Lilinor was simply going through the motions and not giving it her all in the fight, only choosing to tie down a few of its heads. However, after fighting for so long, the Hydra had managed to melt the ice at its feet and regained its mobility.

    Thud! Thud! Thud!

    I came towards me, one step at a time, before stamping down hard, attempting to crush me under its weight.

    “Tch!  Doesn’t matter how heavy you are, it won’t get through my shield! Lena, can we control the size of the energy shield?”

    “Yes, in fact we can expand it up to 30 times its current size.”

    “Great, then in half a second expand it by 1 meter please.”

    Boom! Kuwoong! Kukkkkkuu

    The Hydra which had misjudged its distance due to encountering my shield one meter earlier than expected, lost its balance and crashed heavily on the ground.

    After collapsing, 6 of its heads were busy sending long distance spells towards Lilinor.

    “Lena, focus the energy shield on my sword!”


    I spoke to Lena as ran to the closest wounded neck which had had its head blown off. Even after the head had been completely blasted to bits, the thick skin was already healing itself at a noticeable rate.

    “Lena, what’s the most toxic substance that you know?”

    “If you are thinking of introducing it through its bloodstream, I’d recommend Arsenic.”

    As she directly projected the atomic structure of Arsenic on my cornea, I immediately cast Material Creation before the wound could heal.

    “Create Material: Arsenic!”

    A black blob the size of a fist surrounded the tip of my sword.

    “Are you sure this poison is strong enough?”

    “A pure dose of arsenic is very effective against any carbon based material.”

    I stabbed the sword deeply into its neck, in order to directly apply the poison into its bloodstream.


    Within seconds the Hydra’s entire body began to convulse violently and I was thrown off as a result. Luckily the Rohim’s shield helped cushion the fall.

    “I guess that’s the power of arsenic.”

    It’s incredible regenerative ability allowed it to hand on for the next five minutes, but in the end it’s fate had already been sealed.

    [+76421 experience points]

    [Level has already reached Max]

    ‘Well that would have been a generous amount of experience, that’s too bad.’

    “Just how did you do that Johra? A poison that is powerful enough to surpass its regenerative ability?”

    “It’s called arsenic, I prepared it just in case.”

    “That goes without saying, a Hydra would normally be nothing but a sub-species of Dragons. But this one had so many heads that I’d dare say it was even more powerful than an adult Dragon.

    Lillinor was confused as she crossed her arms pensively. I went over to Viezda and carried to a bed which I had just created using plants.

    I ran up to the Hydra’s corpse, hoping for some good loot. I wasn’t disappointed when I found four rings which gleamed in a shiny golden light. I read the name written in its status window.

    “Party Ring?”

    “Johra I’ve read about this in a book.Sometimes rare items might appear from the corpse of dragons creatures. However a party ring is a pretty good find, There seem to be 5  party rings in existence; and the one who wears the thickest one can control how experience is divided among the other wearers.


    My eyes gleamed in excitement. This was the perfect item for me who had the ability to gain a tremendous amount of experience with my multi-kill ability. I would be able to power level any of my allies.


    “Johra what’s happened?”

    “Oh it was nothing.”

    I decided to keep it to myself until I could verify its use. My first plan of action was to try to help Viezda level up.

    I put the largest ring on my middle finger, it was quite wide so it was the only finger on which it wouldn’t slip out..

    It didn’t take long for Viezda to wake up from her condition, because she had leveled up from participating in the battle to kill the Hydra, and had regained all her mana. I placed the smallest ring on her left index finger.


    “You can think of it as an expression of my affection.”

    Viezda remained red-faced and embarrassed for the next little while as we walked around searching for a large group of those giant termites. They would immediately escape if they caught sight of Lilinor, so we had to leave her behind to do some hunting.

    “Found some!”

    “Johra, don’t you think there are too many?”

    “It should be fine, just try to adjust the strength of your fireball to slightly less than your maximum power, okay?”

    She nodded back seriously. Her expression was so cute that I couldn’t help but pet her head lovingly, before heading out to attract the attention of the termites.

    “Uo Oh!”

    I used my Warrior’s Taunt to great effect as dozens of them emerged from their nest. They did seem somewhat related to the minions I previously had in the Pit, but these were only 50 centimeters tall, and there were no flying termites to be seen.

    Schik! Schik! Schik! Schik!

    They ran towards me as the chomped down with their large mandibles.

    “Poison Fog!”

    I aimed the spell to land right in their path. I was really enjoying this latest spell, but I knew that it alone wouldn’t be enough to finish them.

    I held my ground, and enlarged the Rohim energy shield to stop them from advancing, as if they had run into an impenetrable wall.

    Schik! They attempted to bite their way through, but it was completely ineffective.

    “Viezda are you ready?”

    “Ready Master!”

    “Okay, start chanting!”

    It would take her about 2.5 seconds to finish her incantation, so I had to quickly make myself scarce and be at least 30 meters from the blast point by then. Therefor right after I had given her the signal, I deactivated the shield and rolled myself out of the way.

    “Essence of Fire, rain fury down on thy enemies. Fireball!”

    I didn’t have the time to completely get out of the blast range, having only gotten about 20 meters away. So at the last second, I covered myself with my fire resistant cape and endured the flames, suffering just minor burns.

    [+312 experience points]

    [+614 experience points]

    [+2557152 experience points]

    [Level has reached Max]

    ‘Succes, I’m able to completely send all my experience points Viezda’s way!’

    After gaining such a tremendous amount of experience due to my innate multi-kill ability, I was able to help Viezda max out her level.

    “Master… I feel awfully strong.”

    “Of course you are!”

    The termites had given up on chasing after us having suffered such catastrophic losses.

    I opened up her Status page to have a look.

    Name: Viezda
    Gender: Female
    Status: Normal
    Race: Dark Elf
    Class: Slave/Wizard

    Rank: G 
    Level: 77/77
    HP: 681/681

    MP: 2431/2431
    Attack: 267 (+5)
    Defense: 88 (+10)
    Agility: 113
    Intelligence: 642
    ✧ Unique Skills
    [Fireshock Lv 8] [Skill Steal Lv1] [Herbalism Lv1] [Fireball Lv7]

    ✧ Titles

    [Magic Slave (Johra)] [Curse of the Blood Moon]

    ✧ Evolution Choices

    [Moon Elf] [Blood Elf] [High Elf]


    “Huh? Moon Elf, Blood Elf, High Elf?”

    “What are those?”

    “Oh Viezda can also evolve?”

    “Well… wait, then does that mean that you can also evolve?”


    “Really? Well I want to me a Moon Elf! It would be like in those legendary tales of us Dark Elves where the hero was always be a Moon Elf!.”

    “Moon Elf? I’ve never heard of it.”


    Her in depth explanation soon followed.

    “High Elves have high intelligence and have very strong magic. There are only a few High Elves in existence. Blood Elves focus more and destruction magic and are therefore considered to be more evil compared to the High Elves. Lastly, the Moon Elves are more unique, and the least numerous. They are considered by the Elves as legendary immortals who can live forever. They are somewhat likened to Gods and there have been tales that they were involved in the war between Gods.

    “I had already made up my mind after having heard Viezda’s wishes.

    “Okay, let’s go with Moon Elf!”


    “Just stand still and accept the changes which will occur to you, don’t fight it.”

    She nodded back as I chose her evolution.

    Moments later she basked in moonlight which appeared out of thin air.


    “It’s fine, you look even more beautiful Viezda.”

    “Thank you so much! Did I really just become like one of those characters from those epic tales?”

    Viezda embraced me excitedly as I stroked her hair.

    “This is just the beginning.”

    I opened up her Status to see what it looked like after her evolution.

    Name: Viezda
    Gender: Female
    Status: Normal
    Race: Moon Elf
    Class: Slave/Wizard

    Rank: D 
    Level: 1
    HP: 184/184

    MP: 231/231
    Attack: 42 (+5)
    Defense: 28 (+10)
    Agility: 43
    Intelligence: 72
    ✧ Unique Skills
    [Fireshock Lv 8] [Skill Steal Lv1] [Herbalism Lv1] [Fireball Lv7] [Moonfire Lv1] [Magic Extraction Lv1] [Hidden Status Lv1]

    ✧ Titles

    [Magic Slave (Johra)] [Blessing of the Moon Goddess]

    “That’s great Viezda, your curse has been lifted!”


    Seeing her Status Page I was so excited and even rechecked it several times.

    “This isn’t some kind of joke right?”

    Viezda was still with a bewildered expression plastered on her face, and there were still termites watching us cautiously from a distance, but my eyes were glued to her Status.

    “No… its gone.”


    “Yup, it’s nowhere to be seen.”

    “Well… then what’s going on master?”

    I guess my expression was a bit strange, I was so surprised by her transformation that I wanted to shout out in joy.

    “It’s too cool Viezda! Moon Elves are great!”


    ‘Well… I guess I should help her level up a bit, and then it should be about time for me to decide on my own evolution.’

    I thought to myself as I planned the next step.

  • Chapter 95

    “Come with me Viezda, let’s hunt a few more of those Giant Termites.”

    It was inevitable that Lilinor would get bored since she couldn’t join in on the fun, but the priority right now was to get Viezda’s level up.


    The termites were still a bit hesitant to attack us, so I had no choice but to dash forward towards them.

    I Swung my sword to the closest one, and then moved on to the next. The idea wasn’t to kill them, just ensure that I had secured their aggro. I could hear the sound on their mandibles chomping down from behind me, but I was already somewhat used to it and it no longer scared me.


    I look back and realize that I have about twenty of them following me.

    Schik! Schik! Schik! Tak Tak

    “Ha, It’s not the first time I’m chased down by your kind. Poison Fog!”

    As I ran around kiting them, I cast Poison Fog behind me, and after about 5 seconds they had all been afflicted.

    “Viezda, hit them with a maximum power fireball!”

    “Essence of Fire, rain fury down on thy enemies. Fireball!”

    Viezda fell down to the ground due to having overtaxed her mana consumption, but surprisingly the termites had not died as of yet.

    “Oh right, isn’t she only level 1 now?”

    It was only at that moment that we had actually gotten ourselves into a bit of a dangerous situation

    “Don’t worry too much Johra, I’ve already taken the liberty of setting up the Rohim’s energy shield.


    The Giant Termites were bearing down on me, but were blocked by the Rohim’s shield.


    I walked casually towards Viezda, making sure to extend the shield to protect her as well.

    “When she wakes up, I should instead tell her to control her power next time.”

    It took quite a while until she finally woke up.



    Schik! Schik!

    The termites had not yet given up on attempting to get through the shield. In fact, by communicating through their pheromones, they had called over some reinforcements and we were surrounded by hundreds of them.

    “Uh… did this happen because of me? I’m sorry.”

    “I simply nodded gently, and caressed her face as she fell asleep peacefully. Her face was still pale as she had not yet fully recovered. I was expecting for her to easily kill the termites and with the level up her MP would have recovered much quicker. It was my miscalculation which landed us in this awkward position.


    Lilinor appeared on the edge of the trees, not too far away. Just the person I wanted to see.

    “Did you need some help?”

    “Yes please!”


    I saw Lilinor change into her dragon form.

    “Poison Fog!”

    I cast it everywhere around me, noticing that there were somewhere between 200 and 300 termites which had me surrounded.

    Thud! Thud! Oh ooh oh!

    It looked like Lilinor’s Ice breath was just about ready to fire.

    ‘Wait, I hope we don’t get frozen along with those insects. Also, it would probably be a good time to evolve since this would be quite a fair chunk of experience. I didn’t like Angels so that one was pretty much ruled out, so Meta-Human or Higher Human? I guess if I were to be a Meta-Human, it would be quite nice to be somewhat like Superman….’

    I was still conflicted as to which to choose.

    ‘Ugh… I don’t know, Meta-Human!’

    [You have evolved into a Meta-Human]

    [You have learned Spider Senses Lv1]

    [You have learned Web Shot Lv1]

    [You have learned Nano Spikes Lv1]

    ‘What… Spider Webs…’


    Just as I had selected my choice, Lilinor’s breath shot out.

    [+312 experience points]

    [+614 experience points]

    [+2,55,152 experience points]


    [Level increased 1 ➢ 10]

    [+312 experience points]

    [+614 experience points]

    [+2,55,152 experience points]


    [Level increased 10 ➢ 15]

    “Why are you only killing 13 at the time Lilinor?”

    As I looked around I noticed that she had elected to shoot out smaller more concentrated attacks instead of one large one in order to avoid hitting us.

    “Oh well, that’s too bad but I guess it can’t be helped as she’s worried about our safety.”

    [+312 experience points]

    [+614 experience points]

    [+2,55,152 experience points]

    When all the termites around me had finally been killed, I had reached level 29.

    “What kind of crazy amount of experience is this?”

    Obviously for most people this level of improvements was absurd, however it was still a bit slow for my standards.


    After finishing of all the Giant Termites, she turned back into her little girl form and ran toward us.

    “Johra are you okay?”

    “Yes, all thanks to you Lilinor.”

    “Thank goodness, I had gotten worried since you hadn’t come back after a  long time so I came to check.”

    It was quite cute to see her worried expression.

    “I tried to do something but it all turned out wrong, luckily you appeared at just the right time.”

    “Well of course it’s the least I can do for a friend….”

    She looked very proud of being able to lend a hand, which made her appear even more cute. I couldn’t help but want to thank her for her efforts.


    “Huh, what did you just do Johra?”

    I softly kissed her forehead, and her face turned red like a tomato.

    “It’s a way of saying thanks.”

    “Is that so? Well it’s quite nice, how about doing it again.?”

    She walked up to me and exposed her forehead expectantly, but I shook my head.

    “It would be considered rude to do it more than once.”

    “Ah so it was like that?”

    She gave me a suspicious look, but what I had told her was the truth.

    “Lilinor could you take care of Viezda for a while?”

    “Ok, I got it.”

    Leaving the two behind, I headed into the woods to look at my Status Page and test out my latest acquired skills.

    Name: Chompy (Johra)
    Gender: Male
    Status: Normal
    Race: Meta-Human
    Class: Warrior/ Priest/ Mage
    Rank: C- 
    Level: 29/999
    HP: 1211/1211
    MP: 412/412
    Attack: 150 (+3)
    Defense: 99 (+3)
    Agility: 422
    Intelligence: 131
    ✧ Unique Skills
    [Water Creation LvMax] [Lesser Healing Lv3] [Magic Chanting Lv2] [Poison Fog Lv2] [Decoy Lv1(Inactive)] [Spider Sense Lv1] [Web Shot Lv1] [Nano Spike Lv1]
    ✧ (Hidden) Unique Skills
    [Night Vision Lv1]
    ✧ (Hidden) Titles (Active)
    [Wizard of the Pit] [Master of Magma Hall] [Guardian of Corruption]
    ✧ (Hidden) Titles (Inactive)
    [Rat Trapper] [Hit-and-Run] [Savior Lv4] [Coldhearted LvMax] [Dragon Slayer Lv1] [Ant Exterminator Lv14] [Spider’s Bane Lv3] [Giant Killer Lv2] [Scuttles’ Grief LvMax] [Goblin’s Slaughterer Lv8] [Valenor’s Husband]
    ✧ (Hidden) Modifications
    [Avatar Lv1] [Creation Magic Lv1] [Resurrection Song Lv1]

    ✧ (Hidden) Creation Magic
    [Hidden Status] [Species Conversion(Human)] [Material Creation Lv8]


    Sigh… seems my gamble  in choosing to be a Meta-Human didn’t pay off. I mean Spiderman, what am I supposed to do with such loser-like abilities?”

    I couldn’t help but be a bit depressed being stuck with such a weak character. It was a story where all his girlfriends would die, and all his acquaintances would be miserable, how depressing.

    “With great power comes great responsibility… what a load of crap! ”

    Thrusting my hand forward while aiming at a nearby tree, I felt something shoot out.


    A web shot out, connecting me to the tree.

    “Congratulations Johra, you’re Spiderman.

    Lena’s voice rang out inside of me.

    “What congratulations! These abilities are useless.”

    “Really, but what if you combined it with your Material Creation, it could be pretty interesting no?”


    “For instance you can combine the web with carbon nanotube in order to make it super strong and nigh unbreakable. Or you can mix it with some arsenic to make for a very toxic Web Shot.”

    “Oh so I could use it like that?”

    “Yea, try it out!”

    “What combination should I use to test it?”

    “Let’s try some magnesium, I sent you the atomic structure.”

    “Create Material Magnesium!”

    I fired the web from my hand and attached the magnesium to it.

    Shu! Hwarrrr

    The flaming web shot out towards the tree.

    “Isn’t this just like a flamethrower?”

    “That’s right! I bet there are a bunch of useful combinations we can come up with.”

    Thanks to Lena, what I thought to be a garbage ability actually turned out quite useful.

    “If one thinks of Spiderman, then you should be quick and agile while also being able to climb walls right? Maybe that’s the purpose of your Nano Spikes.”

    “Should I give it a try?”

    I placed my palm against a tree and noticed that I could now hang in mid-air.”

    “Oh? It’s like I’m glued to the bark!”

    “Yup, it also looks like you move much quicker than before.”

    “Yeah, in the end the abilities aren’t all that bad right?”

    After testing out some more combinations to get a good grasp of my skills, I returned to meet the two girls.


    “Johra where have you been?”

    “Oh, just scouting about, anyways what do you think about going about clearing the floor?”

    “Sure, I’ll follow master wherever you go.”

    “Termites…isn’t it too annoying?”

    “Yea, but Viezda and I still need to raise our levels a bit.”

    “Hmm, by the way hasn’t the Dark Elf woman’s appearance changed?”

    Even Lillinor who was incredibly dense finally managed to notice. 
    “Her curse was lifted and she’s now become a Moon Elf.”

    “Moon…Elf? Was there even such a race?”

    I turned to look towards Viezda and noticed her gushing with pride.

    “It’s a legendary tribe of the Dark Elves,” said Viezda proudly.

    Well it’s quite amazing because normally Dark Elves are quite weak.”

    “It’s normal since Viezda is a colleague of mine, so naturally she’s strong.”

    “Hm, does it have something to do with that ring?”


    “Ugh, but it’s too big for me!”

    She had a ring I had given her, but even the smallest one was too large for her child fingers.

    “Shall we get going?”

    I went up and challenged a termite’s nest, completely unafraid. Thanks to my Spider Senses ability, I could detect danger before it arrived; and it would appear in slow motion, allowing me to react in time.

    Shu Shu Shu Shut!

    The Giant Termites coming out of the nest would all get caught up in my web which instantly immobilized them. The entrance to their nest was quite narrow, allowing only about 10 of them to fit at a given time.

    “Could you use your breath Lilinor?”

    “Sure, if it’s just a small sized one.”

    “Okay, go for it!”

    Huuuu! Hwarrrr

    Instantly dozens of insects turned to ice sculptures.

    [+312 experience points]

    [+614 experience points]

    [+2,55,152 experience points]

    [Level increased 29 ➢ 30]

    “Oh? What? Did I just level up?”

    Lilinor gave me a strange look.


    “I would normally never gain a level by hunting such pathetically weak monsters! What just happened?”

    “It’s thanks to the ring, I have the power to grant you extra experience. Of course it depends on whether I’m wearing it as well.

    She continued to look at me suspiciously, but I had told her the truth.

    “Let’s kill these bugs.”

    “Yes Master!”

    It didn’t take us too long to arrive to the bottom of the nest where the King and Queen resided. By then Viezda and I had both reached level 34.

    ‘Are you trying to exterminate us?’

    It asked me telepathically, but I shook my head in response.

    “Lilinor, just tell them that we were collecting experience.

    Lilinor sent a telepathic message to the King, and I got his reply.

    ‘Then have you gotten everything you came here for?’

    “Ask them to tell us how to go down to the next floor or else we’ll eliminated them.”

    “After exchanging some Telepathic messages, Lilinor looked a bit sad.

    “I know where to go.”

    “Ok, we’re done here then.”

    When we came out of the nest, there were a few termites nearby which were well hidden in their stealth modes, but I could still just barely sense them due to my latest abilities.

    Phew! Master, there wasn’t any chance to use my power!”

    “No, we’ve only gotten so far due to you strong Fireball ability. This time around there wasn’t much of a chance to showcase it, but I’m sure you’ll get the opportunity to do so in the next floors..”

    “Ok, I’ll try it out then”

    “Johra, this way.”

    Lilinor seemed to be a bit moody ever since we had left the termite’s nest. I recalled that she didn’t like needlessly taking lives, and it must have suddenly hit her when she realised that the King and Queen were sentient beings.

    Lilinor quickly walked into the jungle, and we had to catch up with her.

    “Lilinor, why do you look so depressed?”

    “It’s nothing, I’m fine.”

    Contrary to her words, her expression remained conflicted.

    “If you’d prefer you can choose to only kill beings that attack us, and we can try to talk things out sometimes, especially if they are creatures with intelligence.”

    “Can I do that? Wouldn’t it be dangerous for you if we always allow them to attack first?”

    I could tell she was still worried about me. After all there were hardly and monsters down here that could threaten her. Well, the Beholder was an exception as he was the boss of the first floor; and even then it was only because she wasn’t in her dragon form.

    “You just need to protect us is all.”

    “Is that so? You’re a true friend.”

    I could tell that she was grateful that I  allowed her to have more leeway as to what to kill. Still, getting rid of the termites was inevitable. They were one of the lowest existences  so these kinds of sacrifices were necessary. Perhaps and even lower lifeform like a worm would have been best. Or those Void Scuttles.

    ‘Yeah, those Void Scuttles were ideal for leveling, too bad there aren’t any around here.’

    We finally arrived to the magic circle which led to the next floor. Perhaps it was just like before where it only appeared once the Hydra had died.

    “We head to the next floor?”

    “Johra let me go in front just in case.”

    Maybe her plan was to kill as few of them as possible, hoping for monsters to flee in fear if they were to see her Dragon form. Either way I wasn’t too keen on dying an early death so I accepted her goodwill.

    “What’s in the next floor?”

    “What’s that Master? Isn’t it that a bee?”

  • Chapter 95

    Buuwong! Buwong!

    Flying in the air were countless bees, mostly in groups of at least 5, and about 60~70 centimeters long.

    “Why are there Killer Bees here?”

    Lilinor named the flying creatures quite confidently.

    According to Lena’s data they lived in large Hives and could communicate with each other through high-frequency waves. Also, just like the termites they had a Queen bee which they answered to. They had very high mobility in the air, and their stinger was their main weapon. However, although they looked similar to an enlarged form of a bee back on earth, the main difference was that their stingers were reusable, so they didn’t have that crucial weakness.


    A killer bee flew just two meters over our heads, then hovered there, staring down at us with its multiple eyes.

    “Master should I kill it?”

    “No, we are out here exploring so we will only strike in self defense.”

    I looked purposefully towards Lilinor and she nodded in agreement.


    It understood that we had no intention of harming it.

    “Wow, this is on an entirely different level when compared to the flower garden at the entrance!”

    “Right! I so want to lie down on those flowers after using Polymorph!”

    “Come down Lillinor, if you do that we might need to fight against those Killer bees!”

    An enormous field of flowers stretched out as far as the eye can see. However these flowers were far bigger than normal, it was as if we had come to a world of giants.

    Thud! Kuwooong! Kuwooong!

    The shadow of a huge being loomed in the distance.

    “Is that a giant?”

    “Not exactly, actually they are known as Titans, they can be considered as Demigods”

    “What? A Demigod?”

    Lena’s explanation soon followed to help me out.

    “Right Johra, they are the half god species which stayed neutral during the civil war among Gods. It is likely that the guardian of this floor is that Titan.

    “Lilinor it seems that we might have to fight the Titan in order to progress. How do you feel about that?”

    “Let’s try talking to it first. Contrary to what most people think, many Titans are actually intelligent creatures.”

    “Well, in any case, at worst we simply don’t go on to the next level.”

    Although fighting and gaining experience was one of the main purposes of our visit to this dungeon, our main goal was to kill monsters like those termites and bees, not humanoid ones. It would be a good idea to talk to the Titan, but in truth there was little hope as most creatures we’ve encountered in the dungeon have been very hostile

    “Alright Johra, then I’ll fly ahead and try talking to it.”

    “Polymorph!” Phaaaaat

    Lilinor took her dragon form and when to have a chat with the Titan.

    “Damn Lilinor, give us more of a heads up!”

    I grumbled as I embraced Viezda who was about to lose her balance, but Lilinor had already flown out of reach.

    “Is this space connected to another world as well?”

    The ceiling was almost 100 meters tall this time, littered with crystal which emitted a bright light. As far as I could tell the area was at least 2 kilometers long, and didn’t at all feel like an underground dungeon.

    “Are you alright? Did you get injured?”

    Viezda blushed as I held her in my arms. I was worried that she had been affected by the cold due to Lilinor’s dragon transformation, but she shook her head.

    “Let’s go catch up with Lilinor.”

    “Yes Master.”

    As we approached we noticed that they were still discussing something. Compared to Lilinor, the Titan was even bigger at almost 20 meters tall.

    “So that is a Titan? Can I win against him?”

    I found myself wondering out loud, I worried that it might be considered as a rude question, but luckily it was not the case.

    “My name is  Damascus, proud son of Hecate. Small kind creatures, you didn’t fight anyone on this floor. I look favorably upon you for not harming the bees of flowers in this garden, so I will give you permission to move on to the next floor.”

    Thud! Thud! Thud!

    The Titan then turned his back to us and carved a symbol on the ground before saying.

    I have temporarily opened the magic circle leading to the next floor, You may continue your adventure.

    “Ah wait! May take note of the coordinates to this dimension so we may return in the future?”

    I cried out desperately for the permission to come back.

    “Yes, as long as you come in peace, you may come visit this beautiful garden of mine any time.”

    “I’ll show the necessary steps to copy the coordinates on your cornea.:”

    With Lena’s help I completed the magic circle.

    “What kind of magic circle is this Johra?”

    It should be one used to move between dimensions, so if we leave our mark on it we can return here anytime we’d like.”

    “Why does it feel like you can do anything Johra?”
    “Not at all, I just do my best.”

    “He’s my Master, so he can do anything!”

    “So, how about heading over to the next level?”


    On the next floor we found the exact type of monsters we were looking for.

    There were hundreds of wild dogs, roaming the misty forests in lage packs. Well, it would be more accurate to describe them as Hell Hounds as they could breathe fire. Still, they would be easy opponents for Lilinor


    [+1321 experience points]

    [Acquired knowledge of Hell Hounds]

    “Lilinor, don’t kill them!”

    “Why, they were the ones that attacked first no?”

    “I need them.”

    “Well… okay then.”

    Lilinor pouted as she folded her arms in complaint. Although it was true that we had made a rule to not have mercy on any creatures which went out of their way to attack us, She was pouting because I scolded her despite her following the rule. I told the girls to wait at the edge of the misty forest and headed in.

    Tsss! Tak

    Using my Web Shot, I travelled to the closest tree.

    “Lena can you project their positions to me please.”

    “Sure, using a combination of sonar and infrared, I’ll display their positions directly to your cornea.

    Despite the heavy mist, I was able to clearly see the position of all the hounds nearby in 3D.

    “Good, I guess I should get started.”

    I used my Web Shot to muzzle the hounds as well as bind their legs. By the time I had tied them all up, the proficiency of my Web Shot rose to level 4.

    It only took about an hour to bind the 600 or so Hellhounds that were in my vicinity. It was quite an unfair advantage to be able to see them so clearly under these misty conditions, so it was a one sided battle.

    “Now that we’ve mixed in carbon nanotubes with the web, they can’t resist at all.”

    “In order to break free through physical strength alone, they would need to be at least ten times stronger.

    Gging gging

    As I listened to Lena’s explanation I gathered up all 600 of them and secured them all in the same spot, in the middle of the forest. It resulted in a mountain of living bodies, struggling to break free which was quite the amusing sight. It was almost like it was on large squirting creature, everything was going according to plan.

    I went back to fetch Lilinor and Viezda.

    “Johra, what is this?”

    “Experience Viezda. I’ll have to ask you to use you maximum strength fireball; and Lilinor will use her breath at the same time to finish off all those who didn’t die yet. Wait for my signal to make sure you time it well.

    “Yes Master.”

    Lilinor was excited and began to breathe in, while Viezda began here chant.

    “Poison Fog”

    I sent out my poison and waited a short time before giving them the signal to attack.

    “Three! Two! One! Now!”

    PooAaah! Wharrrrr

    An Ice Breath and a oversized Fireball shot out towards the large mountain or wriggling flesh. It erupted into flames, and then immediately after froze into a lump of ice.

    [+1321 experience points]

    [+2642 experience points]

    [+235,429,064,682,770,307,961,913,581,684,768,939,069,685,736,643,568,268,292,777,863,911,911,816,224,541,651,670,212,151,655,274,404,762,139,009,730,260,618,015,849,296,011,472,409,974,983,170,959,388,097,831,807,347,206,893,866,835,933,826,081,281,085,014,016 experience points]

    [Level increased ➢ 867]

    [Danger Premonition Lv1]

    [Extreme Reflexes Lv1]

    [Danger Sensing Lv1]

    [Insta-KIll Poison Needle Lv1]

    [Viscous Spider Web Lv1]

    “What many new skills appeared, but, even after all that I wasn’t able to hit max level?”

    I muttered to myself softly.

    “Just what is going on Johra? I just leveled up a bunch.”

    I looked sheepishly towards Lilinor which caught the falling Viezda.

    “I have a secret that allows me to gain a lot of experience.”

    Lilinor looked suspiciously at the mountain of corpses which had been charred black before being frozen into a large lump of ice.

    I let out a bitter laugh as I checked both Viezda’s and my own Status Page.

    Name: Chompy (Johra)
    Gender: Male
    Status: Normal
    Race: Meta-Human
    Class: Warrior/ Priest/ Mage
    Rank: B- 
    Level: 867/999
    HP: 713,241/713,241
    MP: 176,121/176,121
    Attack: 4762 (+3)
    Defense: 141,241 (+3)
    Agility: 71,211
    Intelligence: 21,311
    ✧ Unique Skills
    [Water Creation LvMax] [Lesser Healing Lv3] [Magic Chanting Lv2] [Poison Fog Lv2] [Decoy Lv1(Inactive)] [Spider Sense Lv1] [Web Shot Lv1] [Danger Premonition Lv1] [Extreme Reflexes  Lv1] [Danger Sensing Lv1] [Insta-Kill Poison Needle Lv1] [Viscous Spider Web Lv1]
    ✧ (Hidden) Unique Skills
    [Night Vision Lv1]
    ✧ (Hidden) Titles (Active)
    [Wizard of the Pit] [Master of Magma Hall] [Guardian of Corruption]
    ✧ (Hidden) Titles (Inactive)
    [Rat Trapper] [Hit-and-Run] [Savior Lv4] [Coldhearted LvMax] [Dragon Slayer Lv1] [Ant Exterminator Lv14] [Spider’s Bane Lv3] [Giant Killer Lv2] [Scuttles’ Grief LvMax] [Goblin’s Slaughterer Lv8] [Valenor’s Husband]
    ✧ (Hidden) Modifications
    [Avatar Lv1] [Creation Magic Lv1] [Resurrection Song Lv1]

    ✧ (Hidden) Creation Magic
    [Hidden Status] [Species Conversion(Human)] [Material Creation Lv8]

    Name: Viezda
    Gender: Female
    Status: Normal
    Race: Moon Elf
    Class: Slave/Wizard

    Rank: D+ 
    Level: 867
    HP: 11,442/11,442

    MP: 6,293/6,293
    Attack: 908 (+5)
    Defense: 721 (+10)
    Agility: 214
    Intelligence: 1421
    ✧ Unique Skills
    [Fireshock Lv 8] [Skill Steal Lv1] [Herbalism Lv1] [Fireball Lv8] [Moonfire Lv1] [Magic Extraction Lv1] [Hidden Status Lv1] [Inferno Lv1] [Meteor Lv1] [Volcano Lv1] [Hellfire Lv1]

    ✧ Titles

    [Magic Slave (Johra)] [Blessing of the Moon Goddess]

    ‘My stats seem to grow much quicker than Viezda’s, but she seems to also have some special ability to learn skills as she levels up, without needing to read them in a book. Well it seems to be worth it to go dungeon diving every now and then, I’ve grown a lot stronger. ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

    “Johra this is too strange, these low level creatures shouldn’t be able to allow me to level up….”

    “Well it’s not a bad thing right?”

    Lilinor was still filled with questions, but I only gave her some vague answer. Making sure that she was taking good care of Viezda, I kept scouting  around the place.


    “It should be about 150 meters away. I’ll send his position to you, but it looks like a Cerberus.”

    A large three headed dog soon came into sight. I wanted to get a good idea as to how strong I was, so I chose to solo the boss.

    “Despite my huge increase in strength, I still feel a hint of danger from it, could it be my new Danger Premonition skill?”

    At the end of the forest stood Cerberus, guarding the cave entrance behind it. His body size was about as big as Lillnor.”

    “He seems to be about B rank?”


    One of Cerberus’ heads caught sight of me and growled.

    Tsss! Tsss! Tsss!

    I tried the same trick as with the Hell Hounds, trying to tie its mouth with my carbon nanotube reinforced Web Shots, but it tore through it quite easily.

    “I guess my reinforced web isn’t enough against a boss class monster.”

    I barely caught sight of its tail rushing towards me, and I dodged by shooting a web to the closest tree.

    “Was that a snake? Was Cerberus’ tail supposed to be that of a snake?”

    Unlike the three heads which only stared at me hungrily, it was the tail that was doing most of the attacking as it moved at great speeds. Although more the moment I managed to keep dodging its strikes, it didn’t leave me any chances to counterattack.

    PooAaah! PooAaah!

    Two of its heads shot out a Fire and Ice Breath, flanking me from the sides just as I had dodged the tail.

    “Damn, this is getting too dangerous! Lena!”

    I instantly asked for Lena to help with the Rohim’s Shield.

    “I’m on it!”

    Taking their attacks head on, I was sent flying back into the forest. Thankfully the shield was there to protect my life, but I wasn’t in any hurry to return to the battle. Likewise, Cerberus didn’t chase me, and stayed in its post as the entrance’s guard dog.

    “Hmmm it only thinks about guarding the entrance? Should I try out my new skill? Insta-Kill Poison Needle!”

    As soon as I cast the new skill, a long white needle appears from my middle knuckle on each hand.

    “Insta-Kill? I wonder if that’s the case, or if there is only a certain percentage chance, I should try it out.”

    Krrrr pahaaaa shoopat!

    Cerberus sensed me from quite a distance and shot a breath my way. I used my Web Shot to swing from tree to tree. Even needing to roll around occasionally to dodge the tail which had a far longer reach than I expected. Finally using my superior agility, I was able to flank it from the side and stab it with the white needle.


    [Instant Poison level 1 ➢ 2]

    “Was it a failure in the end? Yeah,, as expected there is only a certain chance of success.”

    “It didn’t die right away and struck me with its tail. Rolling around I used my Web Shot to swing my way to its other side and stabbed it once again.

    Phuuuua Kung!

    [Instant Poison level 2 ➢ 3]

    [+61,441 experience points]

    [Acquired knowledge of Cerberus]

    “Already dead? It wasn’t that bad I guess.”

    I stared into the cave which stood behind its corpse.

    “Is that the path towards the next level?”

    I went back to getch Lilinor and the now awakened Viezda and proceeding to the next floor. But, unexpectedly there wasn’t a new dungeon floor awaiting us.

    “What’s that, doesn’t it look like an enormous temple?”

    “It should be… its a temple of the Gods, and it’s even rumoured that one of the Evil Gods which sided with Metatron is sealed here.”

    Lilinor spoke out as she stared at the huge temple with her arms crossed.

    “Is it truly a  temple of a God?”

    At that very moment an old man in gray clothing appeared before us.

    “You’ve gone through many tribulations to appear here adventurers. I even wondered if anyone would ever make it here.”

    Although the old man had an imposing presence, he didn’t give off any dangerous feeling of an enemy.

    “Who are you?” Viezda asked bravely.

    I however already had a good guess as to his identity.

    “Me? Well… where should I start….”

  • Chapter 96

    “I guess I can be considered as a spirit form of Jeduth.”

    “So it’s like that?”

    I had heard from Lena that Jeduth was a god who had the appearance of a gray haired old man with a powerful and intimidating voice.

    “Weren’t you sealed away?”

    “Ho ho, so there is a dragon with you? Yes, well at least now I understand how you managed to reach all the way here. I’m not Jeduth’s true self, but rather a memory left behind to provide guidance to others.”


    “Right, just before my main body was sealed away, I was created to help out adventurers such as yourself.”

    “Ha… help out? Are you sure you aren’t here to fight us instead?”

    From the narrowing of Lilinor’s eyes, it was clear that she held a grudge against this God.

    “Oh not at all, rather I’m here to reward the adventurer which has managed to clear the dungeon.”

    “Reward? What kind of reward are we talking about?”

    I was quite interested in so called reward. Also, the kind of information he could provide me with as one who had fought directly against the council of High Gods was priceless. The spirit of Jeduth seemed to take his time and think carefully.

    “Well the reward is only a one time thing and it goes to the first one to clear the dungeon. In fact, I never expected that I would have to give it out simply based on the power of the monsters like the Beholder and Hydra. Not to mention that you managed to kill Cerberus which is close to being a God ranked creature. It was quite beyond any of my expectations.

    After quite the long rant where the spirit in Jeduth’s form went on mumbling to himself, Lilinor interrupted him.

    “So where is this great reward? Since we’ve done all that then why don’t you bring it out?”

    “Well… actually it isn’t anything special actually. It’s just this simple looking necklace which my main body used.”

    “Ha, just a simple necklace?”

    “This is all I have with me right now, if it isn’t to your satisfaction I’ll return with another reward, please wait one moment.”

    As Lilinor was getting angry over the nonchalance shown by the gray haired man before us, Lena suddenly interrupted.

    “Make sure to get that necklace at all costs. There are certain myths which claim that Jeduth used to be a human, and that he only ascended to Godhood through the use of a certain necklace.”

    After hearing Lena’s explanation, I quickly interrupted Lilinor’s rant and chose to accept the necklace as the reward.

    Lilinor looked back at me in a mixture of shock and betrayal, but Jeduth’s memory stepped forward and placed the necklace in my outstretched hand.

    “Do you accept this reward as satisfactory compensation?”

    “Ah, just a moment Jeduth.”

    Out of  nowhere Viezda decided to interrupt.

    “Huh, what is it that you want Elf lady?”

    “Can I ask you a question?”

    “Sure, but we don’t have much time left.”

    “Time?” Lilinor asked.

    “Oh right, didn’t I mention this? Now that you’ve received the reward, then the dungeon will soon close, it’s all according to my contract.”

    “What contract is that?”

    “It has to do with those damned High Gods. Anyways, what was it that you were curious about Elf lady?”

    “I heard stories in my tribe that the God Jeduth had a certain pact with the Dark Elves.”

    “Indeed my original body had a certain connection with them, but you don’t seem to be a Dark Elf.”

    “I used to be one, but I’ve now become a Moon Elf.”

    “Oh, is that so? Then the prophecy has come to pass.”

    “What prophecy?”

    I wondered whether it had already been predicted long ago that Viezda would become a Moon Elf.

    “Right, there was a prophecy circulating amongst the Gods. It was concerning a Moon Elf which would arrive after the civil war between the Gods. I feel like there was more to it than that, but I can’t remember the whole thing.”

    “What! Why don’t you remember the most crucial part?”

    I shouted out but he simply ignored me.

    “Indeed Miss Moon Elf, now that you’ve evolved into your current form, then the curse which had been placed on the Dark Elves has been lifted. However, the High Gods will no longer be restricted from interfering with the mortal realm.

    “Thank you Jeduth.”

    Viezda bowed down to him, obviously grateful.

    “What restrictions were you talking about?”

    “Ah so it was like that?”

    Lilinor spoke out softly, clearly she knew something but had been keeping it from me.

    “Don’t you know about the time that the High Gods were chased out of the Mortal realm?”

    “No, please explain.”

    “Well that Dragon girl seems to know something, but it isn’t any big secret. In fact it was the council of the High Gods which were defeated by Metatron’s camp in the war between the Gods. However, this resulted in the GodKing himself, Skyfather, descending in order to Metatron away. Still, as punishment the Gods were banished from the Mortal realm and could only return if a God-level dangerous creature appeared.

    “Dangerous creature?”

    “Right, it doesn’t matter who or what it is, but rather its potential. In fact, a Moon Elf is such a creature, so now that the curse on the Dark Elves had been lifted, the High Gods will soon learn of this fact. The pact which my main body had made with the Dark Elves was that their curse would be erased with the arrival of a Moon Elf.”  

    “Then doesn’t that mean that the council of High Gods will all be out hunting for Viezda?”

    “It’s fine, since I was able to lift the eternal curse on my race, I have no qualms with giving up my life in exchange.”

    “Nonsense Viezda, your life belongs to me so you can’t simply give it away without my permission.”

    “Sorry Master, I hadn’t thought about that.”

    “Ha, what a self-centered little Elf you are.”

    Lilinor spoke out, but I was a bit disappointed with her line of thinking.

    “Hey, spirit of Jeduth, then can this necklace be used to achieve Godhood?”

    “How did you know that? Still, even if you do I wouldn’t recommend you taking that path.”

    “Why is that?”

    “To become a god you first have to solve the necklace’s curse, and that process alone is much worse than dying. My previous self lost everything due to that necklace, and it was all a part of Metatron’s plan. I definitely don’t recommend you to use it.”

    “Curse? What kind of curse? How do I become a God using it?”

    “Why is it that you want to become a god? From what I can see you seem to be powerful enough as it is.”

    “I have a lot of people I want to protect, including Viezda over here.”

    “I see… well if you plan on saving that Moon Elf lady, then this necklace can certainly help.”

    “Then how does one become a god with the necklace?”

    “It’s easy enough. You simply have to wear it at all times and overcome the curse you are presented with. Only then will you become a god.”

    “It doesn’t sound too difficult. It must be that the curse is very hard to overcome.”

    “Right, one can’t know what the curse is before putting the necklace on, and after that it is too late. Naturally it will be a terrible curse since the necklace grants you the power of a God, a certain price needs to be paid.”

    “When will the High Gods become aware of Viezda’s existence?”

    “It’s hard to say exactly, but their Angels descend upon the Mortal plane on a regular basis so I’d expect it wouldn’t be too long. Well, all long as you are in this dungeon you will be safe because the seal created to trap my main body, can also shield you from their prying eyes.

    “So it’s all okay as long as we are inside the dungeon right?”

    “Yes, but in the next five minutes you will be kicked out.”

    “What? Why so sudden?”

    “I’ve already given you your reward. But above all else I don’t want to spend any more time with a Dragon or Moon Elf.”

    “Didn’t you mention before that you had a certain contract with the High Gods to uphold?”

    “Yes, but I’ve already completed my end when I handed you the reward, so I think I’ll be closing the dungeon for the next little while. Taking a little break would be nice”

    He was quite the annoying fella. I expected that a God which rebelled against the tyranny of the High Gods would instead be a good guy, but the problems as that he was simply too lazy!

    “Then where will you be sending us?”

    “In the time it takes for you to blink you will be back in the garden of flowers, just before you entered the Labyrinth.”

    Jeduth face turned bright, no doubt envisioning kicking out us pesky invaders.

    Phit That personality you have is what made you get captured by the High Gods. Even if you have a strong power, you don’t use to its fullest potential because of your laziness.”

    Lillnor spat out venomously.

    “Well, I don’t have much of a choice in the matter because I’m simply a memory, so I have the same personality as my true body once had. Also, I’ve managed to complete my promise to the Dark Elves by lifting their curse, so that’s another weight off my shoulders. All in all its been quite a fruitful day.”

    “I have one more question.”

    “What is it? We really don’t have much time.”

    “What was the curse that Jeduth had to overcome to become a God?”

    “Do you really wish to know?”


    He stared into my eyes for a little while before continuing.

    “He appeared in a Dungeon and had to kill 100,000 monsters while only having 1 HP. If ever he were to die he was revived and had to start all over again.”

    “What… is that even possible?”

    “Normally it wouldn’t be, but Jeduth succeeded due to Metatron’s assistance. Still, the curse you receive can be entirely unrelated, it all depends on the necklace.”

    “Wait! Wait! I have one more ques….”

    I was cut off as we were all suddenly teleported out of the dungeon.


    “Johra did you save the marker for that dimension?”


    I had forgotten to do so, but luckily we still had the coordinates for the Titan’s floor. Yes, we would definitely be going there. I had made a decision after taking a look at Viezda.

    “Lena let’s quickly head back to the Titan’s floor.”

    “Okay, I’ll project to you the instructions now.”

    Right away I began to create a temporary magic circle by drawing in the ground and using any branches I found nearby.

    Seeing me create the spatial magic circle, Lilinor spoke to me worriedly.

    “I’m sorry but we will have to go our separate ways now. I have something very important which I need to do.

    “What’s going? I thought we were friends?”

    “We are, and I’d love to stay, but I can’t. I have a very important task which I can’t neglect.”

    Lilinor bowed down to me, clearly regretful that she would have to break her promise to me by leaving. After all a Dragon’s word meant a lot to them so it wasn’t easy for her to go back on her promise.

    “Then will we be able to see eachother again sometime?”

    Of course, this ring, yes… with this ring I think I’ll be able to fulfill my promise.”


    “Well, I think it would be best for the two of you to leave as soon as possible.”

    “You’re right, come here Viezda.”

    “Yes Master~”

    ‘Was it just me or did she become more forward after having released her people of the Blood Moon curse? Did she think that she no longer had any obligations to her race and could now pursue me wholeheartedly? I knew how she felt about me but my heart already belonged to another, so I tried my best to keep a certain emotional distance between us. Also, I’m curious about the curse which the Dark Elves suffered and how it came about. I’ll have to ask her about it sometime.’


    Just as I began activating the magic circle, I looked up to see Lilinor’s sad face.

    “Why are you so sad?”

    “When we next meet, we might no longer be on the same side, I’m sorry.”

    Looking up at me apologetically one last time, she turned around and disappeared into the forest as I activated the magic circle.


    “Little ones, you came back so soon.”

    It was the Titan Damascus which welcomed us. The gentle face and kind soft voice he spoke to us in wasn’t consistent with his giant and terrifying size.

    “We will have to be in your care for the next little while.”

    “It’s isn’t a problem for you to stay here and enjoy my garden, so long as you come in peace.”

    “I temporarily need a place to stay, is it okay if I build myself a house on the lower floor?”

    “It’s fine even if you want to build it here, it seems you have your own troubles.”

    Thud! Thud! Thud!

    We followed behind him as he led the way to the magic array leading to the next floor.

    When we arrived in the floor where we had hunted the Hell Hounds, we walked around before finding a suitable location.

    “What do you think about building our house over here?”

    “I looks like a good spot.”

    “Lena, is there someway for you to assist us in building the house?”

    “Master who is it that you are talking to?” I often catch you mumbling to yourself and the name Lena comes up a lot, who is she?”

    “Oh it’s nothing, Lena is simply some sort of magical assistant.”

    “ I tried to gloss over it with a simple explanation and she seemed to buy it.”

    “Building the house yourself wouldn’t be a simple task, I’d recommend creating a construction Android which would do the task for you.”

    I liked Lena’s idea and spent the next few days using my Material Creation to prepare all the necessary components for the Android. We occasionally had to go hunting for food, but usually it wasn’t a big problem because Damascus was glad to share the honey he collected from his bees.

    In the meantime, we camped out in a roughly made tent. Sure it wasn’t nearly as comfortable as a real bed, but it was better than nothing. Also the Hell Hounds which we had previously exterminated would respawn periodically, and would be our main source of meat. This outdoor lifestyle brought Viezda and I closer.

    After about a months time, my four construction Androids had built me an impressive manor at the edge of the misty forest. We had used the forest to build the house, and since it had remained untouched for centuries, the tall and thick oak trees made for great timber. The foundation was made out of poured cement which we created using Lime found in the ground, resulting in a modern looking human building.

    “Well, the good thing is I won’t be affecting history much this way since others can’t access the dungeon to see all these marvels of technology used in its construction.”

    Although we were living a secluded life in the dungeon, we had access to every amenity one could think of.

    “Hmm, it’s almost time to meet up with Daryl. Viezda, now that our house is built, I’ll head out by myself.”


    I felt that Viezda was quite disappointed. For the last month and a half we had spent most of our time together, so it would be strange now to be apart.

    “It’s okay I’ll be back before you know it.”

    “Yes Master.”

    “If it’s just the two of us, you don’t need to call me Master.”

    “Ah… yes… Johra….”

    She struggled to use my name as she blushed heavily. I simply patted her head and looked at the house we had just built.

    “Lena is there anything missing?”

    “All the essentials are done, but how about preparing an Android maid?”

    “Ah, why didn’t I think of that?”

    “If the quality of the construction is high then it would be almost indistinguishable from a real human.”

    “Right, but what about the energy to power it?”

    “The generator which we had created last time is sufficient.”

    “Okay then let’s get started.”

  • Chapter 98

    For Viezda this house we built was like one out of a fairytale. What other than magic could have allowed for such a manor that has never before been built in the past thousands of years.

    About ten days later, it was finally completed. From the outside it appeared like an old medieval structure. There were a total of four floors above ground, but it extended deep into the ground with 20 floors of basement. The above ground which was decorated in a medieval style was what we presented to others. Underground it was different, and was based largely off Gammasium, running completely on nuclear power.

    “Viezda, what do you think about our new home?”

    “Thank you Master, doing all this for me.”

    “No, it is my dream home, but I wouldn’t able to build it anywhere but inside this dungeon.”


    I opened the front door and welcomed in an emotional Viezda.

    “It is constantly defended by the Rohim’s energy shield.”

    Ji weeng—!

    As soon as we stepped in the shield activated, and since the Hellhounds weren’t able to break through it, our home had become a safe zone.

    “Good job Lena.”

    “Welcome Master.”

    Two maids come to welcome us at the door entrance. Naturally they weren’t real maids but androids which we had created. One was more humanoid, while the other had cat-like features. They introduced themselves as Delaila and Hannah.

    “Is this what kind of taste you have Lena?”

    “Of course, the cat tail and ears, I love fantasy.”

    Shaking my head we continued past the main entrance, but was instantly rooted in place by the breathtaking sight.


    Likewise, Viezda had her mouth wide open after seeing the glittering interior. She had never seen such opulence. The room which we had just come upon was based on medieval decoration, but it was truly over the top.

    “Lena isn’t this a bit too much? I mean, just the upkeep….”

    “It’s fine, the Android take care of it all, the process is completely automated.”


    Viezda was completely enthralled, going from room to room like a child on an adventure. I already knew most of what was inside, but still did the rounds to see the finishing touches.

    “Hmm underground is almost all Gammasium?”

    “Yes, my A.I. abilities are fully functional in here. ”

    “What about the android making machine?”

    “Yup, and we also have a greenhouse built to grow the seeds which Johra has been collecting.”

    “Oh those were the seeds which I had gotten from Damascus in the floor above us.”

    “Right, and after some genetic modifications, they will bear fruit quicker so we can be sustainable in the near future.”


    “This kind of genetic modifications has been commonplace even decades ago, and with the addition of magic the possibilities in this world are endless.”

    “Thanks again Lena, you’re always a big help.”

    “No problem, would you like to come here?”

    “Where is that?”

    “It can be considered as the core of the manor, and is the place where the atomic power which you have synthesized resides. Later we can refurbish it in order to function off your positron energy which would be more efficient.”

    “Do we need the enhanced output?”

    “Yes, all the previous construction androids have be refurbished into mining one’s and are constantly at work discovering new and rare minerals.”

    “Great, well if you need me to create any resources then just let me know”

    “Yup, also the Rohim shield can run indefinitely on the current power generator so we are prepared for any eventuality.

    “Well that’s good….”

    “And there are the two surprises which I have yet to mention.”


    “Please follow the lights on the ground.”

    After walking for a short while I came upon a pleasant surprise.

    “Are these all hot springs Lena?”

    “Yes, my sister used to think this was too extravagant, but I don’t agree. There are 40 different pools with varying temperatures and styles, along with a large 50 meter pool and a whirlpool to boot.”

    “When did you manage to build this? I had no idea!”

    “Of course it was done secretly in order to surprise you.”

    “Ugh… if you had time for something like this then the construction could have been done much sooner.”

    While I grumbled at Lena’s priorities, I heard a peculiar sound,

    “What is over here?”

    I heard Viezda’s voice appear from behind.”

    “It is a hot springs bath area.”

    “What are hot springs?”

    “They are….”

    Before I could continue, Hanna, the Android with cat ears spoke up.

    “Hot springs are baths where the water is warmed by the geothermal energy found underground. The water contains several minerals which help you relax and relieve the fatigue from your body. This area contains 40 different pools for your convenience. Please change and use these.”

    She handed us our bathing suits, mine was a speedo while Viezda was given a bikini.

    “Hey… you were awfully prepared weren’t you? Viezda! Don’t just change in front of me… I’ll step outside.”

    “It’s okay if it’s Johra.”

    Leaving the room I went to change in the hallway.

    ‘I’m a virgin so these kinds of situations are quite awkward.’

    “Johra it appears that Viezda is quite interested in taking the next step with you.”

    “It can’t happen because my heart is already promised to another.”

    “According to many books, there isn’t any law forcing you into monogamy. She is your slave, so there is nothing to worry about. ”

    “No, I’ve always considered Viezda as a colleague and never thought of her as my slave.”

    “Such a pity that you don’t take advantage of your position. I think this personality of yours is your greatest weakness. Throughout history, heroes who can’t conquer women often die young.

    “You don’t need to give me any advice on this matter, I’ll be fine.”

    “Yes sir, as you say.”

    Returning to the bathhouse after changing into my speedo, I saw Viezda waiting for me in her bikini.

    “Is this how I should wear a bikini Johra?”

    Her voluptuous body would for the most part be masked by the leather armor she constantly wore, but her bikini now exposed her generous curves in all the right places. Putting aside her milky white skin and fit body which were a result of her evolution to a Moon Elf, she sported large D cups which were quite the burden to bear for such a slender frame.

    “Viezda, you’re amazing… I just don’t know where to look.”

    I averted my gaze to stop myself from staring.

    “I’m glad someone thinks I’m beautiful.”

    “Well, you’re free form that curse now, so everyone can appreciate your great beauty, have some more confidence. Shall we step into one of these springs?”


    Walking towards me Viezda almost slipped on the floor and I caught her at the last second.

    “Sorry about that Johra.”

    “Not at all, the floor is a bit slippery so be careful.”

    The maid with cat ears had an awkward expression, maybe this whole situation had been engineered by Lena.

    After catching the falling Viezda to prevent her from falling, my little guy began acting up, as a reaction to holding such a beautiful woman wearing just a bikini in my arms.

    “I feel something hard touching me Johra, are you okay?”

    “I’m fine… it’s nothing. How about we enjoy those hot springs.”

    Lifting her up into a princess carry, it became obvious how hard I had gotten down there. Behind me the maid in cat ears gave me the thumbs up, which only made me more nervous.


    Climbing into the nearest one I laid her gently into the warm water. This spring was one of moderate temperature so revelled in it’s comforts.  


    Viezda let out a strange sound while I sighed in relief.

    Hooh… it’s been a long time since I’ve had a proper bath!”

    “You both are pretty dirty, so let’s change it into a bubble bath instead.”

    With a gesture from Hannah who was standing by, large bubbles and foam soon began to appear in the water.

    “Oh it had a bubble bath function?”

    “Johra are we under attack?”

    “No Viezda, it’s simply because we are quite dirty and need a good cleaning.”

    Frightened by the sudden appearance of bubbles, she had jumped into my arms like a scared kitten. The feeling of her soft chest pressing against me was truly heavenly.

    That naughty guy down there immediately stood up once again, truly putting me in a bind.

    ‘No, No, Don’t rub your body, hold on.. control…”

    Viezda was still a bit jumpy from all the bubbles, so I stroked her head to calm her down.

    The cat eared maid once again flashed me a thumbs up, while I stared back at her helplessly.

    “Johra I’ll try to create the mood, kukuku~”

    Following her bizarre laughter, the lights around us were dimmed, while only our hot spring was bathed in golden light.

    “Jora why did it get dark all of a sudden, and are those stars in the ceiling?”

    “I’ve simulated an outdoor environment. From the stars which are constellations one could expect to see outside at the moment, to a small breeze and the smell of fresh leaves in the spring.”


    She spoke to me through bone conduction so I’d be the only one to hear her. Viezda was still in my arms as we sat comfortably in our private bubble bath, the stars shining above us.

    “I am so happy to spend such a wonderful time with you Johra, I will never forget this moment.”

    Faced with her expression of pure bliss, all my safety guards in place melted away.


    Looking into my eyes and understanding my thoughts, she pressed her lips to mine.

    “You don’t need to say anything, I’m simply Johra’s slave. I’d do anything for you, and the fact that you want me is more than enough.”

    Viezda’s body which was pressed up against me was so soft and lovely, all sense of reasoning went out through the window.

    We began with a light kiss, and a jolt of ecstasy coursed through my body. That clear line which I had repeatedly told myself I’d never cross disappeared altogether.

    I lost track of how much time we spent in those hot springs, indulging in carnal pleasures. Simply a man and a woman, glued to each other as if time around us stopped moving.

    [Acquired ⦅Title: Playboy⦆]

    [Acquired ⦅Title: Father of Mysterious⦆]

    At some point we were both too exhausted and collapsed on eachother. Lena had the androids move us to the bedroom, which was Lena’s second surprise.

    “This Lena… Finally I did it! Seems  like a strange title appeared.”

    I descended into my very own nightmare, wracked with both the guilt and blissfulness of my latest lovemaking.

    “You are out of control”

    “Well..yes. But I don’t regret it. I love Viezda.”

    “What about Valerno?”

    “I love her too.”

    “Is that even an excuse, isn’t she your future wife?”

    I shook my head.

    “What’s your plan?”

    “I don’t know.”

    크크크 Are you dodging the question?”


    “Anyway since you are one step closer to fulfilling our promise, I’ll give you hint.”


    “Yes. You need to recruit the services of one who is close to the High Gods. It is the only way to keep your promise.”

    “What promise! Who are you?”

    “Me? I guess you know who I am now right?”

    “You are….”

    “Hahaha wake up! Before the pretty baby starts crying.”


    I woke up following that creepy laughter. After opening my eyes Viezda was fast asleep, using my arm as a pillow


    Staring at her lovely face I couldn’t help but lightly kiss her on the forehead.

    “Jo..hra did you sleep well?”


    Viezda’s shyness was even cuter. Despite having fully experienced each other just the night before, did it all get reset the next morning?”

    “Can we stay like this a little longer?”


    Blushing madly as I held her in my arms, she basked in my tender embrace like a frail and delicate flower.

    ‘She is so small.’

    Crouched up into a ball against me, she appeared so small and lovely. The day flashed by as we stayed in bed together, sometimes kissing, other times whispering words of love to each other.

    “Johra didn’t you have an appointment to keep?”

    “It’s fine, being with you is the most important thing for me right now.”

    “Don’t tease me!”

    We spent the next few days much the same, rolling around together in bed. We had the androids to cook and Hannah would bring us food periodically.

    “Johra you should really get going. I don’t want to be the reason that you fail to keep a promise.”


    I had no way to refute her. I was beginning to feel the dauntless pressure of all these tasks I had to complete.

    “No, I’ll simply prioritize spending time with Viezda and…”

    She simply pressed her finger to my lips.

    “Johra, I don’t need to know everything that is going on with you right now. I’m satisfied with being your little Viezda, so simply come visit me when you can, I will be waiting in this house.”

    Seeing her resolute expression I knew she had made up her mind. Despite being the master of the house i had in some strange way been kicked out by Viezda.

    “Okay I’ll get going.”

    “I’ll always be here waiting for you, so take care of your stuff and then be sure to visit me no matter what.”

    I teleported over to the library in the counts mansion, leaving behind a somewhat unwilling Viezda.


  • Chapter 99

    “Why has the Count’s manor been burned to the ground?”

    Clearly the place I had just teleported to was the magic circle in the Count’s library, but there was nothing but a scorched building in sight. Exploring further I noticed that the village at the foot of the manor had likewise suffered the same fate.


    I run at full speed towards Gartmar, It was already sunset, so no one could recognize me. In under an hour I had arrived before the Mayor’s home.

    Knock Knock!

    “Who is it?”

    “Mayor it is Johra.”

    “Hmm… so now you choose to show up?”

    Opening the door he welcomed me in, as if he had been waiting all along. He had an open bottle on the table and seemed to already be quite tipsy.

    “Mayor are you drunk?”

    “No, this is nothing.”

    I felt his eyes squinting in anger.

    “What’s happened here?”

    “Count Sion was captured as a traitor.”


    I couldn’t believe it. There was not reason for him to betray his country.

    “You see, with enough power one can decide what is true and what is false.”

    My hands balled into a fist.

    “And what about those living in the manor?”

    “The Count himself was whipped and burned at the stake to set an example. His family members and servants were either killed or sold into slavery. One can’t even consider coming to their rescue because there are simply too many guards watching over them, you won’t make it out alive.

    The mayor was trying to test my resolve.

    “Do you think I am afraid about them?”

    “Then will you rebel?”

    The glint in his eyes betrayed his tone, clearly it was something had he had already considered.

    “Who was behind this?  Tell me all you know about the location they are being held and who is guarding them.”

    He handed me some documents filled with related information, then tossed me some gold coins


    “You didn’t get this from me.”

    “Of course, you have nothing to worry about.”

    “I’m not worried, because if you fail, then I won’t hesitate to rebel.”

    I nodded back, probably the reason that the mayor was so depressed was that his next decision would have a huge impact on the lives of all his citizens.

    “Let’s get going.”

    Just as I left his house I took off running. In this day and age there was no available method of transportation faster than me sprinting. Unless you were using teleportation magic then you wouldn’t be able to keep up with my current speed.

    At my peak I could run somewhere between 300 and 400 kilometers per hour. Everything would turn into a blur as I ran in a straight line, crushing anything unfortunate enough to stand in my way.

    My destination was the royal slave market. I arrived there after about an hour and used my spider webs against a building to slow down my speed, landing atop the castle and looking around.

    “I should start over there.”

    It was the slave shop I had spotted in the middle of the large market.

    Circling around the back I set up a teleportation array on the back of the store as a precaution, then asked Lena.

    “Can we take a look inside and see if there is anyone connected to the Count.”

    “There seem to be five former servants, all sleeping at the moment. I’ll project their positions on your cornea.”

    I discreetly entered the slave shop, rescued the five and kidnapped the worker there for good measure. Firing up the Magic array I teleported them all back to our manor in the dungeon.

    “Thank you Johra, but please save the Count’s children instead of us lowly servants. The Count is already dead but we must save his two kids.”

    “Don’t worry about anything and simply have a good rest. Viezda, when this slave trader wakes up make sure he breaks the slavery contract with those five.”

    “What’s going on? Why are the Count’s servants….”

    “It’s a long story, Just trust in me. I need to head back now.”

    “Ok, leave this to me.”

    “Great, thanks!”

    I teleported back to the Slave’s market.

    “Johra if you find some highground I can map out this part of the city.”


    Using my spiderman abilities I climbed to the top of a watchtower.

    “This Royal slave market is quite large, but I’ve managed to identify the remaining 8 slaves connected to the Count’s household.”

    Using the same tactics as last time, I managed to rescue them all during the course of the night.

    “That voice, it’s sir Johra right?”

    “Is it you….”

    Both Jillian and Jerna were blind, having both of their eyes burned out. The moment I saw what pitiful state they were in, I couldn’t hold back the tears from streaming down my face. I had been in the dungeon while all this had gone down, otherwise I would have been able to prevent this from happening.

    “Sorry Jillian, Jerna.”

    “Not at all master, instead we were able to have some hope simply by the fact that you hadn’t been captured yet.”

    Jillian tried to speed objectively but I could feel the warmth through his words. Likewise Jerna’s joy from seeing me went without saying.

    “Good, let’s get you all to a safe place now.”

    Capturing their slave master I activate the teleportation array.

    “Young master!”


    As soon as the Count’s servants saw the two kids they ran up and embraced them, relieved that they were okay.

    “I’ll prepare artificial eyeballs.”

    “Is that possible?”

    “It shouldn’t take too long. The eyelids are easy enough to replicate, and although the cornea is a bit trickier, it should be fine. Please prepare some materials which I need. ”

    “Okay, Let’s do that right away.”

    Lena’s voice which was transmitted through Hannah lifted everyone’s spirits.

    “Will we be able to see again?”

    Jerna asked in a trembling voice.

    “Yes, no matter how hard the procedure is I’ll do my best.”

    “ is it possible?”

    “Don’t worry, I’ll make sure it comes true. Also, I’ll get those slave masters to release you from your contracts.”

    “I don’t think it is possible to erase a slavery contract though, perhaps only someone on the level of a God would be able to.”


    “According to past historical records he’s right.”

    “Then is there no way at all?”

    “I should be possible if they are in turn enslaved to you.”

    “Let’s do that, I wouldn’t want them to live their entire lives as slaves.”

    The captured slave masters seemed to have been rebellious at first, but had been properly educated by Viezda, judging by their numerous bruises and  general swolleness around their body.

    “All of you will transfer your slaves to Johra.”

    “Yess… Yes!”

    Unable to refute Viezda’s commands, they enslaved themselves to me and then handed over all their slaves which were connected to the Count’s household. A total of fifteen, thirteen workers and the two kids.

    “Viezda, time to take out the trash.”

    “Yes Johra.”

    “Oh No!”

    “We aren’t guilty, we’ve complied fully with your requests!”

    Ignoring their helpless pleading, she threw them over her shoulder and tossed them into the forest infested with Hell Hounds, never to be seen again.

    “Johra the medical wing is prepped, may I begin the procedure on the children?”

    “Will you begin the surgery immediately?”

    “It should first take about two days to artificially create them a cornea.”

    “Okay, Jerna and Jillian, follow these to maids to receive some treatment.”

    “Yes Master.”


    The two kids followed obediently behind the android maids.

    “Johra can we stay here?”

    It was the previous steward of the manor. I could see the pain and anger hidden in his eyes following the tragedy that had just occurred.

    “Of course, any friend of the Count is mine as well, you can stay here as my guest for as long as you’d like.”

    “I can’t simply impose on your kindness, I will take charge of the housework.”


    “In just a few hours we should have a new android which we can use to show them around and set up some tasks.”

    “Then I welcome you as my chief steward. Please wait here for a moment, there will soon be someone coming over to guide you through the manor.”

    “Thank you sir Johra.”

    Having handled everything at home, I teleported back to the slave market to go after the big fish.

    I was able to find his mansion due to the intel I had received from Gartmar’s mayor.

    “He has quite the debt to settle after all the anger he has caused me”

    I was like the reaper of death, travelling through the darkness of the the Royal slave market.

    “I hope you are having a nice dream, because from now on out you’ll only be feeling despair.”


    The Marquess of Leon closed the window to her bedroom and joined the Marquis on their bed.

    Shoot Shoo

    I easily captured all fourteen of their household, and tied them all up in spider webs before transferring them back to the dungeon.

    Whoop whoo

    Leon and his obese body stared at me angrily as he struggled to break free. The Count’s servants stood to the side watching with cold eyes.

    Steward, please see to it that no misfortune falls upon these people. Jillian and Jerna should have the right to take their revenge when they recuperate. For now there are several rooms on the ground floor that could accommodate them.

    An android with puppy-like Saint Bernard ears appeared along with the steward. It seemed that Lena had thing for these animal cosplays.

    “What is your name?”

    “It is Riley, sir Johra.”

    Nodding back to Riley, I left the prisoners in their hands.

    “Viezda, help our Steward.

    “Sure Johra.”

    I made my way back to Gartmar, but despite it being quite late, the mayor had yet to go to sleep.

    “Knock Knock!”



    “Come in, was there any missing information form last time?”

    I shook my head, the mayor had already sobered up from his previous drinking episode.

    “I came to report that I’ve completed the task.”

    His eyes popped wide open in surprise, before nodding as if having understood something.

    “Although it’s best if you don’t show yourself throughout the kingdom in the future, but none will know of your great deeds.”

    “That doesn’t matter.”

    “I feel bad, like I’m always in your debt.”

    “Mayor, was the marquis the one behind all this?”

    “Maybe, but it is likely that Miriam was the one pulling the strings.”

    “So it is him again.”

    “Did you kill Leon?”

    “No, I don’t want to give him such an easy death, but don’t worry they won’t be coming back.”

    “Yeah, and what about the survivors from the Count’s household?”

    “They will likewise not reappear in this kingdom, but worry not as they are all safe and well.”

    “Hmm… it is somewhat hard to believe that you have accomplished so much in such a short period of time.”

    I nodded back.”

    Johra, are you a Messiah for a High God?”

    “Not at all.”

    “I’m not quite sure what to make of you though….Once again, you are responsible for saving so many lives. Tell me if ever you need my help and I’ll do my utmost to support you.”

    “I wish the Mayor success and happiness for you and your family.”

    “Well, thank you.”

    “This is goodbye then.”

    “Won’t we see each other again?”

    “Hmm perhaps, but I doubt that you’d recognize me.”

    Saying our quick goodbyes I left the mayor’s house with a heavy heart. I already knew that his family would die sometime in the near future.

    ‘Should I return to save them, or would it change the timeline too much? I’ve already had quite a big impact, so just where lies the line that I shouldn’t cross?’

    I feel the heavy burden of the future weighing on my shoulders, but my priority is saving the people whom I love. I simply can’t around righting every wrong.

    “The Balkan empire huh? Aren’t they those guys which came up with a solution to create Chimeras, are they developing it right now?”

    I was making my way towards them and quickly arrived at the border. They had built an imposing wall to seperate the Balkan and Mirin Kingdom, but it wasn’t nearly tall enough to keep me out.


    I crossed into a forest, far away from any border garrison and patrols, before heading towards a nearby village, arriving there just as the sun began to rise in the horizon.

    “I recommend taking it slow and collecting information first, Johra.”

    “Okay. That’s good idea. Miriam shouldn’t be on the run and most likely feels safe within these borders. He doesn’t expect anyone to be chasing him into the Balkan empire. Well, if he got news of the Marquis’ latest demise he might be more careful, but it wouldn’t do him any good regardless. 크크크”

    I instinctively let out a creepy laugh

    Although it was never my plan to affect history much, he had to pay for his misdeeds. If you went after anyone I was close to, I would return the favor one thousandfold. It was simply my way of doing things.

    “Jir store, isn’t that a subsidy of Miriam’s family enterprise? Should I start there?”

    I instead visited a competitor.

    “Hello, is anyone there?”

    “Who is it so early in the morning? We aren’t open yet.”


    I threw him a pouch full of gold and the clerks expression changed in an instant.

    “My name’s Ben and I’m the manager of this store What can I help you with?”

    “I’m looking to buy some information, would it be possible to trade?”

  • Chapter 100

    “Follow me.”

    The clerk who had introduced himself as Ben led me to a dark, secluded room in the back. Inside sat a guy  who looked like some astrology gipsy after removing his hood.


    “This room is protected by a magic spell to prevent others from eavesdropping on our conversation. You can go ahead and ask him anything you’d like.”

    “Just who is he?”

    “Oh… you’ve never heard of them? They are a special kind of slave which are used in the business of buying and selling of information. They are very useful because their minds can be connected across long distances allowing for an exchange of information.”

    “And you can guarantee discretion?”

    “Naturally, any information regarding a client is secure.”

    “Good, then I’d like to know everything you have on the Jir company and Miriam.”

    For a split second I saw Ben’s expression turn livid, but he quickly regained his composure.

    “Did you get that Marion? Everything about Jir and Miriam.”

    The man named Marion was blue skinned and peculiar silver eyes. He began chanting a mantra and closed his eyes  for a while before speaking up.

    “The one known as Miriam is  actually Ardal Vermillion Tor, the second Prince of the empire. He’s only recently returned from a task of espionage in a neighboring country. There is also some news that that the third Prince has made several attempts on his life.

    ‘Hm… so he was a Prince.’

    “Sir, unfortunately the information you’ve learned today outweighs your earlier payment.”

    Ben motioned to me, holding the pouch of gold I had given him.

    “Okay, we never met each other.”

    I tossed him another one filled with even more gold and headed towards the exit.

    “Dear customer, please come back anytime. Also, as a courtesy I shall show you the way to Prince Ardal’s palace.”

    I couldn’t help but chuckle at Ben’s sudden change in attitude. Like a true merchant, he would always value a paying customer. After allowing Ben to instruct me how to get to the palace, I made my way through the mountainous path.

    It took me about half a day’s travel before the palace came into sight. I circled around to the hill and drew a teleportation array behind a large rock. I then spent the rest of the day checking out their security measures.

    “Lena, please highlight the Prince and any other notable figures.”

    “I’ll display it on your cornea at once.”

    The prince was located on the highest terrasse, in the center of the palace. It was the most secure location, and I figured that Ichan and the rest of his crew would likely be stationed near him.

    “I should start by cutting off the head of the snake.”


    My spider web allowed be to easily approach the palace, and the combination of the nanospikes and heightened senses, ensured that I made my way around undetected. Eventually I arrived at the entrance to the Prince’s chambers.

    ‘Hm, is that some Magic detection trap?’

    Right near the door my Spider Senses began tingling, allowing my to easily sidestep the trap. Had it not been for that, an alarm would have undoubtedly sounded, resulting in quite the mess.

    Shuu shhu

    Silently entering the room I shot out a few Web Shots, effectively binding his arms and feet. Having caught the Prince unawares, he was unable to form any resistance.

    Hoisting him up, I whisked him away and made my escape. I then returned to the rock on the hill and teleported back to our dungeon manor.


    Viezda was there, kneeling down on the ground.

    “Why would you be there on your knees? It doesn’t look very comfortable.”

    “I thought it would be a good posture to wait for you in, who is that man you are carrying?”

    “He is the one who is behind this entire mess.”

    Letting out an evil grin I carried him to a secluded room on the ground floor before heading back to the Prince’s Palace.

    “I might as well grab Ichan and Carline. Those guys are bad news and have likely committed countless crimes throughout their adventures. It’d be best to take care of them for a better future.”

    The kidnapping went off without a hitch. They were both fast asleep and had their defenses down, not to mention that I had reached such a level that very few mortals could resist.

    [Acquired ⦅Title: Kidnapper in the Dark⦆]

    ‘Hey, that title is a bit much….’

    Having knocked both of them unconcious, I swung them up on each shoulder and bolted threw the forest, towards my teleportation circle.

    “These will be the last ones.

    After sending the two of them through, I crushed the rock into several pieces so as to not leave behind any evidence. Anyways it had already gotten to a point that a greater part of our dungeon manor was housing prisoners locked in spider webs.

    “Lena, I’ll leave it to you to take care of those guys, just make sure they spit out any information they have first.”

    “Okay, I’ll convert Riley into interrogator mode and report to you when it’s done.”


    Viezda asked me with curious face.

    “So, is it all over now?”

    I had been going back and forth so much that I had forgotten my original purpose.

    “Not yet, I still have small thing left to take care of.”

    She shooed head, knowing me she understand that it wouldn’t remain a small matter.

    “Then I’ll see you next time.”

    “Yes Johra.”

    Using the teleportation array I reappeared in the ruins of the Count’s mansion.

    “Oh right, I wasn’t supposed to show my face again in this kingdom.”

    “Johra, did you want me to use a hologram to hide your appearance.”

    “Is that even possible?”

    “Yes I can make your face appear different, or at the very least incredibly hard to recognize.”

    “Good, with a different appearance it should all go smoother.”

    “Then when you enter the city I’ll project it.”

    “Okay, we still have some time then I might as well get some sleep.”

    I took a short nap, lying down in the ashes of the Count’s manor, before heading towards Gartmar.

    Life was blooming all around me as Spring was well underway, but my thoughts were very dark, occupied with the misfortune which my good friend the Count had suffered.

    “In the future I should keep my interactions with others down to a minimum.”

    Having come to the decision, I made my way to Darryl’s bakery, and only had Lena power off the hologram once I was inside.

    “Long time no see!”

    “Oh! Johra, how are you doing?”

    We gave each other a big hug. All the while a little girl stood silently behind him, grasping his sleeve.

    “Come here Ian, say hello to Johra.”


    “Hello , I am Ian.”

    “She suffered from a traumatic experience, that’s why she doesn’t speak very fluently.”

    “No…no problem…”

    I was truly shocked, stuttered and was unable to respond properly. So many thoughts were racing through my mind.

    “If that’s Ian, what will happen later on?”

    ‘This is the worst possible case. By influencing Ian’s future I could very well be putting mine in peril as well. How could I get out of this?’

    “Darryl let’s step outside for a second.”

    Pulling him to the side I spoke to him in a hushed tone.

    “I have some very important matters to take care of, so I don’t think I’ll be able to meet you again for quite some time. I’ve gotten a pretty decent reward for my last quest, so please take this money and give Ian a better life, away form this city.”

    I hand him a bag full of precious gems, it held enough of a fortune to ensure that he wouldn’t need to work another day in his life.

    “No need Johra, it seems like the situation you were in hasn’t been resolved yet, and we can live just fine the two of us without the money. Take care of yourself first.”

    “I shook my head. There would be greater dangers coming my way, and I had to distance myself from Ian’s child version.

    “I have plenty more, please accept this small amount Darryl.”

    Seeing my resolute expression, he finally caved and accepted the pouch.

    “You have to leave immediately?”



    He hugged me tightly and said.

    “Even though we might not be related by blood, I’ll always consider you as my brother. I don’t know what it is you are dealing with right now, but once it’s resolved I’m sure we can see each other again some time.

    “Take care brother.”

    Taking my leave I instructed Lena to fire up the hologram.

    “Please disguise my face.”

    “Got it.”

    Testing the disguise on a few acquaintances in the market, it became clear to me that it was quite effective.

    “Excuse me, are you miss Anne?”

    “Yes, but how do you know my name?”

    “I’m doing the bidding of someone who knows you well.”

    “An acquaintance?”

    Jingle jingle

    I pull out a small pouch filled with a few gold coins.

    “A friend named Johra asked me to give this to you as a goodbye present”

    She opened the pouch and upon seeing the shiny gold color, immediately tried to return it to me.

    “No, I’ve never done anything to deserve all this, I can’t accept it.”

    “Please take it, otherwise I’ll be in quite the bind.”

    “What? Mom, who’s this uncle?”

    “This is a friend of Johra”

    Ah is he an adventurer now? I was wondering if he was doing well. How is he?”

    The future Adventurer’s guild receptionist asked me with wide eyes

    “Well. Yes kind of.”

    She asked more questions after seeing my awkward response.

    “How do you know him?”

    “We are very close, closer than anyone

    “Hmm? Do you love each other?”

    “No it’s not like that! I’m already engaged with someone.”

    Since she was unable to accept any of my excuses I had no choice but to show her my ring in order for her not to misunderstand, I didn’t want her to think I was gay.

    “Can you accept this pouch on Anne’s behalf?”


    “Rina don’t!”

    “Hehe~ its fine. Since the uncle adventurer was going to give it one way or another.”

    As I was crouched down to give her the pouch, she patted my head with a knowing expression.


    She suddenly jumped up and kissed my cheek.

    “This is my gift to the begger adventurer. Tell him  I’ll thank him I’ll thank him properly when I’m older.

    [Acquired ⦅Title: Pedophile⦆]

    “Yeah…I’ll let him know.”

    I left the market in a hurry, sporting an awkward expression.

    ‘What kind of title is this? I’m not a pedophile.

    I began to cry in shame, but no matter how much I complained or how many tears I wept, the title didn’t disappear.


    I finally I stopped running when I arrived before the slave market.

    “Uhm, actually I had some business to take care of here, let’s look around.”

    I opened the door and showed myself in.

    “Excuse me sir, How can I help you?”

    The manager or the slave market welcomed me with a beaming smile.

    “Do you have any unique slaves?”

    “What would you characterize as unique?”

    “Johra, The slaves you are looking for are any that might have a bloodline which connects them to a God. Their races can be mixed bloods like: Dark Elves, Half-Dragons, Half-Nosferatu and Lycans.”

    ‘Thanks Lena.’

    “Im looking for either Dark Elves, Half-Dragons, Half-Nosferatu or Lycans. Do you have any slaves from those races?”

    “These days there don’t seem to be any Dark Elves around, and I haven’t heard of the other three races which you’ve mentioned.”

    “I see, then can you show me what your stock is like?”

    Sifting through the slaves of all three Slave traders in town, I finally found a hidden gem.

    ‘A High Elf in a place like this?’

    Her appearance was that of a blind kid, but in actuality she was a High Elf. Perhaps she was using some variant of polymorph or illusion which only I could see through, but I acted like I was ignorant of the fact.

    “Hmm… what about that kid over there?”

    “Him? We haven’t had the time to properly educate her since she’s just arrived, will that be fine? There is also no guarantee regarding her… health issues.”

    “How much?”

    I tossed him a pouch of gold coins. He caught it and after checking the contents inside instantly agreed.

    “This is enough, we can write up the contract immediately.”

    And so I had purchased a High Elf masquerading as a human.

    “My name is Melpomene, and as you can see I can’t see and therefore has some trouble getting around.”

    “Not problem, nice to meet you Melpomene”

    Having gained possession of the contract, I left the slave market together with my latest acquisition.

    “Hmm… I think it’d be best if we get you a decent pair of shoes.”


    I  gave her a piggyback ride and headed to the only cobbler in town.

    “We are looking for a comfortable pair of shoes, bring out your best quality.”

    “Sure, are these shoes for your slave?”

    “Yes, is there something wrong?”

    “Not at all, then I guess you’d want to look at a cheaper selection instead right?”

    “No, didn’t you hear me just ask for your best ones?”

    The store owner stare at me, dumbfounded for a good five seconds before snapping back to it. In this day an age I was certainly a strange customer.

    “What do you think Melpomene?”

    “I don’t mind, anything is fine.”

    “Good, then how much are these?”

    “Four silvers, sir.”

    “Here you go.”

    Helping her to put on her shoes, I then grab her by the hand to lead the way.

    “Now let’s get you outfitted with some new clothes, okay?”

    She blushes momentarily and replies in a shy voice.

    “Isn’t it still daytime?”

    [Acquired ⦅Title:StudHorse⦆]

    ‘Hey! That wasn’t at all my meaning! What is up with all these strange titles!’

    My complaints fell on deaf ears and my shameful titles weren’t going anywhere.


  • Chapter 101

    After guiding Melpomene to a clothes store, I spoke to Lena.

    “Would it be possible to cure Melpomene’s eyes?”

    “Well, it’s quite complicated because she’s lost her eyesight for quite some time, so it’s likely that even her brain has been affected and not just certain nerves. Trying to replace it with an artificial eyeball is almost impossible.”

    “Are there any other solutions?”

    “There are a few, but the chances of success are quite low.”

    “It’s fine if it can’t be helped.”

    After some time she came out in a brand spanking new outfit. However she seemed a bit out of place considering that she hadn’t bathed in quite some time.

    “Sounds reasonable.”

    After settling the price with the clerk, we left Gartmar behind.

    “Master where are we heading? This no longer smells like the city.”

    “Right, that’s because I’m taking you to my house.”

    “Oh… so in the end you are taking me there?”

    [StudHorse level 1 ➢ 2]

    ‘Ugh, not that again….’

    “Why is it that what you think about when I mention my home?”

    “I thought that the only reason one would buy a blind child like me was that you had some special fetish.”

    [Acquired ⦅Title: Fetish Lv 1⦆]

    ‘What! Why did another stupid title come out? At least give me a chance to explain myself!’ “Not at all, I already have a future partner as well my beloved.”

    “Huh? You already have more than one woman?”

    [StudHorse level 2 ➢ 3]

    “No… that’s…. ugh!”

    I shook my head and simply quit digging my own grave. Whatever I said was bound to create a misunderstanding at this point.

    “Anyways let’s head to my place, I have some things to take care of.”

    “Ha, just as I expected you just wanted to lure me back to your house!”

    [StudHorse level 3 ➢ 4]

    ‘I have to endure….’

    Grabbing her hand, I quickly created a teleportation array in this secluded forest.


    “Huh, where is this place? Just a few moments ago I could smell the nature and trees of a forest, but suddenly it smell like metal…”

    “Welcome home Master”

    “You arrived Johra!”

    As we arrived, the former Count’s servants and Viezda were waiting for us.

    “Why would you be  here waiting?”

    “It is our most important task.”

    I shook my head, then caught Viezda’s glaring stare.

    “Johra, is that child your new slave?”

    “Yes, I will stay with you in the future.”

    Melpomene answered with a strange smile.

    “How about a bath? You can meet everyone else after you’ve washed yourself properly.”

    [StudHorse level 4 ➢ 5]


    “Viezda please come and guide her.”


    I had to dump this troublesome girl on Viezda’s lap as soon as possible, lest I max out on my StudHorse level.

    “Why? Is it just coincidence I have new title when Melpomene says something.”

    “Lena? How about taking a look at Melpomene’s eyes?”


    Lena who took control of the maid Delaila  and joined the girls in the hot springs.


    “Master, dinner is ready.”

    “Nice timing.”

    They had prepared a buffet to welcome me in the main hall at the steward’s instructions.

    “Huh, how did you know when I was going to arrive?”

    “I received the news from Lena”

    ‘Ah, was he somehow able to get in touch with Lena? But how did they contact each

    other, was the dungeon dimension somehow different? I’d have to ask Lena about it later.’

    After having feasted on the buffet themed after Earth’s food, I summoned the maid Riley.

    “Did you get any information from Prince Ardal or the others?”

    “I think they should break by tomorrow at the latest. I’ll then collect all the information and report it to Lena.”

    “Good, and the Count’s children?”

    “They should be undergoing surgery later this evening. We’ve already prepared the artificial eyeballs using stem cells and some materials you’ve provided. We are simply waiting for them to be in top health before beginning the procedure.”

    “There shouldn’t be any problems right?”

    “Indeed, the probability of failure is estimated to be just 0.1%”

    “Good, but make sure to do your best. I don’t want anything to go wrong, these kids have been through enough.”


    “Can I go visit them now?”

    I arrived to the medical wing to the sight of Hannah putting eye patches on both Jillian and Jerna, then had them hooked up with an IV. It was supposed to help stabilize their condition.

    “Jillian, I heard you’ll undergo surgery later today.”

    “Yes, but don’t worry about us master. Even if it isn’t successful we are already grateful that you’ve saved our lives.”

    Jillian squeezed my hand but had a slight tremble.

    “Not it’s fine, I’ll make sure that you’re good as new. It’s the least I can do to repay the kindness which the Count has shown me. Not to mention that you’re also my disciple, so as your teacher I can’t fail you in this.”

    Neither of them had anything to add after that, but I could feel their determination.

    “I’ll see you both tomorrow and you’ll both be healthy as an ox, okay?”


    Leaving the two kids behind, I decided to go back and visit the Royal slave market. It still remained a mystery as to what was going on in that kingdom.


    The magic array which I had created in the alley was still intact. Two days ago after having raided the Slaver’s market, I created a hidden teleportation array beneath a sewer lid which was the reason it had not yet been found.

    “Ugh this smell… it isn’t even funny”

    The smell of the sewer where all the city’s garbage and filth gathered was beyond disgusting. I quickly got myself out of there and made my way into the city

    “Seems like they’ve upped the security around here, was it because of me?”

    There were even some soldiers patrolling through the alleys, in the distance I spotted a popular looking tavern.


    Walking into the tavern with the double saloon type doors, the was a crowd of people drinking and having a good time. The guards would occasionally enter and scan them for potential threats.

    I sat down inconspicuously in a secluded corner.

    “What would you like to order?”

    “Give me a pint of ale, along with some bread and ham.”

    I paid the man a silver for the meal and he soon returned with my food. The bread was somewhat stale and the ale was downright awful. In truth it was passable for this day and age, but when compared to the food which I’ve experienced I found it quite lacking. Still, I just climbed out of a disgusting sewer, so the food wasn’t all that bad in comparison.

    Tearing off a piece of bread, I spoke to Lena.

    “Lena, collect some information.”

    “Already on it, I’ll give you a breakdown of what others are saying while you eat.”

    Across the bar there were fives thug with rough appearances who were gathered together, drinking and being quite rowdy. Lena amplified their conversation through my bone conduction.

    “Senior, was the royal princess truly behind the kidnapping of the Marquis? ”

    “Shh, that is secret information that others are supposed to know.”

    It seemed that the elder looking fella was a royal palace guard. Those guards were all from the well known Phillips family , not only were they sworn to protect the royal family, but were also responsible for certain day to day affairs. Their influence differed from the nobles, but was still substantial.

    “It’s caused quite the big commotion. First count Sion’s rebellion, and now the disappearance of marquis Leon, not to mention that the princess herself had a hand in it. Just what is this kingdom coming to.”

    “I heard a rumor that the princess visited Leon’s manor after the fact. It was also a known fact that the Prince also argued against Leon’s claim that Sion was a traitor. When certain evidence about Sion came to light, the Prince was shunned, which was why the Princess went to kidnap marquis Leon.”

    “There’s another rumor that she is a witch.”

    “The chess game which the Count introduced a short time ago has been linked to traitors and has now been outlawed. When she used to play that game she certainly appeared inhuman.”

    “Yes that woman must be the one behind all this.”


    Without knowing I had clenched my fist and pushed down hard on the table. I had previously suspected that she had been behind the Count’s recent demise and was angry with myself for slandering her in mind because she had in fact been supporting him and suffered as a result.

    Still, my current action had attracted to much unwanted attention. Looking down I realised that I had sunk the table into the ground by pushing down too hard on it. It was only possible because of the instantaneous force I had used and the sturdiness of the table.

    The waiter, customers and both soldiers in and outside the pub had all turned to me.

    “Geez, I’m in trouble now.”

    Taking out a pouch of gold, I tried to settle it peacefully by paying for reparations.

    “Catch him!”

    “Damn it!”

    “Turn around the corner and I’ll use the hologram to change your appearance.”

    With Lena’s help I was able to quickly lose the soldiers chasing me and headed to the royal palace.


    Waited for night to fall before infiltrating the palace.

    “Lena can you track down the Princess for me?”

    Arriving outside of the prison cell she was being held in, I used Lena’s ability to see inside. She was standing pensively in the moonlight filtering in through the window. I was unable to read her expression.


    “Who are you?”

    “It’s Johra.”

    “How did you even get here? Anyways you seem fine so at least there’s that.”

    She seemed worried for my sake. When we had last met she had appeared somewhat unreasonable, which was the reason I suspected her in the first place.

    “There was some noise, everyone there must be an intruder!”

    I heard the shouts from the guards coming this way.

    “Princess, I apologize in advance for taking advantage of you.”

    “Just what are you planning on doing? You’ll just be labelled as a traitor.”

    I hoisted her up on my shoulder and replied.

    “Are there different degrees of traitor? Hold on tight!”


    My Web Shot reached the large bell of the Cathedral which was the adjacent building.

    “What is that!”

    Ignoring her cries of surprise, I distanced us from the royal palace with a few more Web Shots, continuing for about a minute until I felt some warm liquid running down my shoulder.


    “Don’t ever tell anyone! I’ll declare any mention of what has happened just now as blasphemy!”

    I chuckled to myself seeing her blush in shame. It must have been quite the frightening ride along my Web Shots, so her reaction was not entirely unwarranted.

    Leaving the Royal Capital behind, we headed back to the Dungeon through the use of a new Magic array.

    “Are you back already? Is that the princess, Johra?”

    Viezda and the steward were there to welcome me.

    “Johra, the surgery was successful and when they wake up I’ll let you know.”

    “Okay, I’ll have to ask you to help the princess clean up and get some new clothes.”

    After stepping through the array, she turned to examine herself. Red faced and ashamed, she quickly follow behind the cat-eared Hannah, following her towards the hot springs.

    “Johra, I’ll prepare for the surgery on Melpomene.”

    “Ok. Viezda, please prepare my clean clothes.”

    “Yes Johra.”

    Viezda was staring at me while I tried to get changed.

    “Viezda I’m trying to get changed here.”

    “Yes, I know.”

    “Well, if you’re looking while I change….”

    “What are you worried about, I’ve already seen it all.”

    “Seeing is one thing, but do you really need to watch?”

    “Hmm, just trying to refresh my memory, please let me watch.”

    I simply shook my head in defeat and got changed.

    [Acquired ⦅Title: Pervert⦆]

    “No! That’s not….’

    At this point I had given up on all these new titles.

    “Johra will you sleep here today?”

    Her eyes were shining in anticipation.

    “Um, I guess.”

    “I’ll be waiting.”

    She disappeared after saying her piece.

    “Why did that sound like a mandatory invitation?”

    I climbed up to the reception room on the ground floor and waited for the princess to arrive. She appeared about two hours later, led by my steward.

    “Johra, just who are you?”

    She sat before me and aske right away.

    ‘How should I answer her?’

  • Chapter 102

    “Hmm… it’s a bit hard to explain, it’s both a temporary look and at the same time the closest thing to my original appearance.”

    “Are you not human?”

    “I am, just not one from this world.”

    “Hmm… so you’re a visitor from another world. I’ve heard many of such tales of legendary heroes coming from other dimensions.”

    “I am not quite a hero, I might be the opposite in fact.”

    “Then are you evil?”

    The Princess became somewhat afraid.

    “Evil… I’m probably not that since I’ve already killed evil in the past.”

    “So what are you then? I just can’t seem to figure you out.”

    “Is that so? Well, just look at me know, what you see is what you get.”

    “That seemed to help Princess Mayardus calm down, but her hands still had a slight tremble as she reached for her tea cup.

    “Was it a good thing for you to rescue me?”

    “What do you mean, that’s like the definition of a good deed.”

    “Yes, but now I can no longer return to the palace thanks to your efforts. I’m like a fish that’s out of the water, waiting for my own death.”

    I had already expected this from her. She was now averting her eyes, as if waiting for my response.

    “Let me tell you a story from my homeworld. When I was young I used to have an aquarium in my house. I thought that my fish were small and cute, but later learned an interesting fact.

    The size of a fish is determined by how large the waters they roam in are. If you release a fish from an aquarium into a big lake, then it can grow larger.”

    “Huu… that’s a funny story. Are you trying to say I should live in a bigger lake?”

    “That was the metaphor.”

    “Then how big is this body of water that I’ll be living in, do I even have a choice in the matter?”

    “Perhaps you can thrive in the largest of oceans, but the choice has to be made now. You can decide to take the first step, or continue to live out the remainder of your days, secluded in this manor of mine.”

    The princess’ eyebrows furrowed into a frown as she replied.

    “What kind of choice is that? Well, if you meant thriving in the largest of areas, then perhaps I’ll be a conqueror, Queen of the whole world!”

    I nodded back.

    “Would you support me in that? Why does this feel like entering a contract with the Devil, or possibly a mythological god. Are you sure you’re not some kind of demon?”

    “I don’t think so. Truth be told I’ve never seen one, but I’m surprised you’d liken me to a god.”

    “Yes, back in time immemorial, gods banded together in order to seals the devils, and it was said that demons would strive to capture human souls. Are you after my soul?”

    “I don’t think so, after all what possible use would I have for your soul. I do however require you to make three promises.”

    “Three? Why do I get the feeling that this is some kind of retaliation for the conditions of our chess match.”

    “Hahaha… not at all. In fact I was more than pleased with the key you provided as a reward.”

    “Is that so, then what are these infamous three promises? You said, you will give me the world, so in truth I’m quite anxious to figure out what the price is.”

    “They are simple enough. The first is to never betray me, the second is to never show any hostility towards me and the last is to always in believe in me regardless of my actions.”

    “Such silly conditions in exchange for the entire world? No, I see, you want to conquer the world, but you require a puppet to stand in front of you and attract the attention right?”

    The princess was as sharp as ever. It was indeed my intention to use her as a figurehead to control the mortal world. I had already experienced the difficulties and tediousness of personally ruling an empire and was glad to delegate the task to a politically talented mind.

    In the next twenty years or so there will be several conflicts against both demons and gods, and it’s necessary to have a figure for the human race to unify them. Regarding this the princess Mayardus would be an excellent candidate.

    “Something like that, except that I’m not worried about the mortal world. I have a score to settle with a few of those celestial beings living in the sky above us.”

    “Are your opponents the High Gods?”

    I nodded back. This was a crucial point because if the princess chose not to oppose those High Gods, we would have no choice but to part ways here and now. It had already been decided that I would face off against them in the very end and this wasn’t likely to change.

    Are you aware that I have the blood of High Gods flowing through my veins?”


    I was unable to hide my shock and embarrassment. I had already know that there was a certain connection between the Mirin Kingdom royalty and the High Gods, but never imagined that it was to the extent that they were related by blood.

    “You didn’t seem to know. Among royal family we use the God’s stone to communicate with a High God. It does however cost us a certain amount of our life essence to ask a favor of them, this is the price to pay of entering a contract with the High Gods.

    “Then I guess you’d refuse my proposal…”

    The princess quickly shook her head.

    “Although I know that we are related by blood, I’ve never felt any sort of kinship with them. Despite all the injustices and depravity occurring in the mortal realm, they have never chosen to intervene. We are like abandoned children in their eyes so I don’t have any special feelings towards them.”

    “I see….”

    “I’m glad to accept your offer, and hopefully one day I can give those High Gods a good slap in the face.”

    “Hahaha… thank you princess, but in truth I have much more than just slapping those High Gods in mind.”

    “Good then, for now what is the next step? Is it some kind of blood contract?”

    “No, for now we do nothing. When the time comes we’ll sign the contract through a third party.”

    “Fine, so what do I do now?”

    “You prepare yourself to rule the world.”

    “And how do I do that?”

    “Do you know what leveling up is?”

    “I’ve heard of the system. It’s used by adventurers as a way to determine and increase their strength.”

    “Princess, there are three things which are necessary in order to rule the world: outstanding human relations skills, cutting edge technology and great personal strength. Without a combination of these three it would be impossible to dominate over all others for any significant period of time.

    “That is common sense, is that why you wish to aid me in increasing my level?”

    I nodded back to her.

    “ I have access to knowledge and technology which surpasses anything available in this world, this can be demonstrated in this one of a kind manor. That’s the first of two advantage you’ll gain from becoming my disciple, the second being the strength of levels which we will gain in this dungeon.”

    “When do we get started?”

    The princess seemed eager to start right now, but I needed her to calm down.

    “After my disciples Jillian and Jerna recover.”

    “Ah, so it was Johra who saved them.”

    “Naturally I couldn’t leave my disciples suffer such a fate.”

    “Because of you I was wrongfully framed.”

    “Sorry about that, but you can think of it as it being because of that misunderstanding that you are now on the path to conquering the entire world.”

    I let out a light chuckle, it wasn’t my intention but I had caused her quite a bit of trouble.

    “Was it also you who kidnapped the Marquis?”

    “I indeed had a hand in that.”

    “No way, and how about the recent disappearance of the second Prince in the northern Balkan empire?”

    “Yeah, you even know about that?”

    “Are you some kind if kidnapping specialist, Johra?’

    Her eyes narrowed suspiciously.

    “Count Sion was one of the few people I could call a friend. It was only normal for my to pay back their transgressions a thousandfold. Not to mention that they even made my two cute disciples suffer.”



    Her reply was unexpected. At first  I expected she would be afraid of the anger I’d shown,  but now it was clear that she was likewise seething with hatred.

    “I held my fair share of grudges with the Marquis, not to mention the second Prince from the Balkan empire.”

    “Okay, but the two kids have the final say in how the revenge is carried out since they lost their father.”

    “I know, it’s just too bad that I won’t have the chance to pay them back for all of their transgressions against me.”

    “You’d be next in line, just not right now.”

    “Johra, the two kids have recently awoken in the medical wing, would you like to speak with them?”

    Lena spoke to me.

    “My two disciples are now awake, would you like to visit them with me?”

    “Sure, I was worried hearing that the two kids were injured so it would be nice to see them.”

    “Hmm, then let’s check up on them.”

    After a short walk we arrived outside their resting room.

    “I heard that their eyesight had been compromised. What’s going on Johra? Why is it that these eyes look completely fine?”

    The eyes on the display screen showed that they were in perfect health.

    “With the technology of my other world it is possible for such a wound to recover. In the future you will also come to learn these things.”

    “That’s quite enticing, with such technology anything is within my grasp.”

    “That’s just the beginning, you have yet to see all that our technology is capable of.”


    Jillian’s voice came through a speaker, as he had seen us from the room window. Their recovery room was sterilized so we could only speak to them from the outside.

    “Hey Jillian, are you doing okay?”

    “Yes master. I don’t know if I can see again because of the cloth which is covering my eyes, but at least the pain is gone.”

    “Me too!”

    Jerna chimed in with a bright smile. The both of them seemed to be doing much better.

    “The surgery was successful so the two of you should be able to see again in about three days.”

    “Really? I thought I’d never be able to see again!”

    Jillian and Jerna’s happiness exploded out, likewise the princess standing beside me was stupefied.

    “From now on you can believe in your master.”

    “Yes Master!” they replied in unison.”

    “Well Lena, they might be bored for the next three days so how about making them study something? They can have auditory lessons.”


    “Study and practice hard you two.”

    “Yes!… Yup!”

    We then went to meet up with Riley who was our resident torture expert.

    “I have something to request of you Princess.”

    “What is it, does it have anything to do with this person?”

    “Ah right, I haven’t introduced you yet. This is Riley, a maid in my manor.”

    Riley gave a polite bow. Despite having her hands and apron stained with blood, her manners were impeccable.

    “Where you in the middle of gutting a pig, Riley?”

    “Yes, I was taking care of some pig-like humans.”

    “Pig-like humans?”

    The princess turned to me questioningly.

    “We have almost finish interrogating the Marquis and that second Prince, but we would require your assistance to verify certain facts.”

    “I’m happy to help, where should I go?”

    “Please follow me Princess.”

    Following behind Riley, the two returned to the torture room with pleased expressions. Riley had asked for some help in verifying certain facts in order to establish a baseline for truths, but perhaps it was simply and excuse to continue torturing them more.

    “It doesn’t matter though torturing them to the brink of death was Lena’s specialty.”

    “Please believe in me, I’m confident that they won’t die, Hehe.”

    Lena knew well the limits of a human body and would be able to push them to the very edge. As a torturer, she was perhaps far more effective and terrifying than the Devil himself.

    Going back to my room I took the chance to lie down for some quiet alone time, when I heard the sound of someone sitting on the bed.


    “Who is she? Did you want to have a theesome?”

    [StudHorse level 5 ➢ 6]

    “Ah.. why are you here? And why are you sitting on my bed?”

    “Would you prefer to do it on the floor instead of the bed? It’s a bit hard but it could be interesting.”

    [Pervert level 1 ➢ 2]


    From behind Melpomene, Viezda walked in and erupted into a fit of laughter.

    “No Viezda! It’s not like that!”

    “I told you that I don’t mind if you have another woman, but this is a bit soon.”

    “I’m innocent here, I was lying down when she  walked in and sat on the bed.”

    “I don’t like your cowardly excuses, didn’t we agree to sleep together tonight? Are you planning to have both of us tonight?”

    Viezda asked as she began undressing.

    “That’s not it! Melpomene why are you laughing? This misunderstanding was caused because of you!”

    “I can tell by your anxiousness that she is the one you love, but then who is your promised love in the future?”

    “Hoho… Johra, was there such a thing as a future love? How come she knows about it despite it being the first I hear of it?”

    “Viezda’s icy laughter made my hair stand up.

    ‘Shit! What excuse can I use now?’

  • Chapter 103

    ‘Time to think hard! I need to find a way to get myself out of this one.’

    My eyes darted between a disgruntled Viezda and a delighted Melpomene. The pain and mental torture I suffered travelling that desolate land for dozens of years as a skeleton couldn’t compare to the bind I found myself in at this very moment.

    “I feel like we are already quite close, can I call you sister?”


    “It seems that master loves big sister very much.”

    “Does he truly care for me so?”

    Viezda was conversing with Melpomene while she shot me a suspicious look.

    “Since I’ve lost my eyesight, I’ve learned to tell how people feel simply on their intonation. Also It’s very easy to catch someone with perverted thinking.”

    Melpomene turned to me sporting a mischievous smile.

    “My voice? Are you sure you’re not just spouting nonsense?”

    “Most of the time Master’s voice is clear and confident, but occasionally your perverted side seeps in, especially when talking about women. When you talk to me I can sense some expectation from you. Although I’m ready, it’s still a bit soon….”

    “Hey stop that Melpomene… I’m sure you’re having a ball with shy act, but you’re making it quite difficult for me.”

    Viezda seemed to be somewhat relieved having heard Melpomene talk. She took her clothes off and whispered to Melpomene.

    “Our Master is a bit wild in bed time, I can be here for you, to support you in your first time if you’d like.”

    ‘Damn, what kind of situation has this devolved into? This was never my intention.’

    I tried to refute Viezda, but she shot me a scary look, instantly silencing me. I simply lied back down in bed and accepted my fate.

    [StudHorse level 5 ➢ 6]

    Sigh…most men would be out of their mind with this blessing, but I just feel weird about it.’

    Of course it ended up being quite the exciting night, but more than anything it felt like I had become Viezda’s plaything.

    [StudHorse level 6 ➢ 7]

    I had already given up caring about these ridiculous titles. Viezda was beautiful and caring as ever. Melpomene however had her shy girl act during the day, but was an unhinged beast in bed.

    [Pervert level 2 ➢ 3]

    It seems that just thinking about these things would make these titles level up.

    When we woke up the next morning a serious topic suddenly came up.

    “Johra, I have something to tell you.”

    “ What’s up Viezda? You even woke up quite early this time around….”

    I was still somewhat anxious that she would ask about my future love which she had learned just last night.

    “In just nine months you’ll become a dad.”

    Her face shone beautifully in the morning light, no doubt it had all been planned out by Lena. I couldn’t help but let out some emotional tears.

    I had been living my entire existence just running from place to place, focusing on my own survival. Even if I was now quite strong, I still had some mighty opponents to prepare for in the form of the High Gods, so I’ve always felt that I had to be chasing after more power.

    I had now come across a turning point in my life. It was no longer all about increasing my personal strength, but about creating a better future.

    “Thank you Viezda!”

    “Johra! I’m glad you’re happy but I don’t think it’s good for the baby if you hug me so tightly.”

    “Ah… sorry!”

    “Uhh.. congrats sis. I’m a bit sleepy in the mornings so I’ll congratulate you properly later. Congratulations to master as well!”

    Melpomene mumbled a few words of congratulations before drifting back into sleep, but I was still ecstatic.

    “Did you know about this Lena? Why didn’t you tell me anything?”

    “Sorry Johra but Viezda insisted that she wanted to tell you herself.”

    “It was my plan, sorry.”

    “Not at all I’m so happy! How can I be a father? There’s now a new purpose to my life!”

    “There are still 9 months left, so you can relax for now.”

    I kissed her several times, unable to control my happiness.

    “From now on it will be difficult for us to sleep together, so I’ll let Melpomene take over.”


    “I know that you enjoyed yourself last night Johra, and I won’t take no for an answer. If its sister Melpomene then I’m okay with it, so long as you continue to love me.”

    “Of course, but Melpomene….”

    The first time is always the hardest and that already out of the way. Also, I accept her because she understands how much you love me.

    “I’m sorry.”

    She shook her head.

    “If you want to be a good father, you need to learn to say I love you more often, instead of I’m sorry.”


    “I’m a bit hungry, how about getting up and eating breakfast together? Melpomene, will you sleep some more?”


    “Johra, let’s go. For now I’d like to keep the news of my pregnancy a secret, because the first few months are the most risky ones. Later I’ll let others know.”

    “I understand.”

    As we walked down the hallway she leaned on my arm and whispered into my ear.

    “Oh and don’t touch the Princess.”

    “O…of course.”

    “To gain Johra’s favor she will likely be willing to do anything. If you can’t help yourself I’d understand, but try your best okay?”

    “I will.”

    “I know what it might be difficult because of your plans for her in the future, else you would not have brought her here. Also, I know that you won’t be keeping her here forever, but if the time does come, please remember my words and be wary of her. She is the kind of woman that knows how to steer a man’s heart.”

    “Yes, I’ll keep that in mind.”

    “I won’t ask much from you Johra. When I was at my lowest, you never treated me like the ugly beast which all others saw me as. Even when I was your slave you always treated my as your colleague and lover. I’ll always be waiting for you to tell me about my future love rival.”

    She stared at me with her shining bright eyes, but small tears had already begun forming. It was clear that now would not be the best time to let her in on my full life story.

    “I promise that one day I’ll tell you everything, just not right now. Can you give me a bit more time?”

    “I’ll wait for you for as long as it takes.”


    “I’m also glad that you’re thankful.”

    I felt my heart melting while I stared into her eyes and calmly stroked her hair as we walked into the dining hall.

    “Welcome master,” said the steward.

    A breakfast buffet had been prepared and the Princess was already sitting down, sipping her tea. Riley was also accompanying her.

    “Did you have fun yesterday?”

    “I indeed had a nice chat with Riley and….”

    I learned some new torture and interrogation techniques from the Princess. It seems that when humans lose all hope then they easily open up.

    Riley seemed to be very pleased about his torture session with the Princess. I couldn’t judge whether the Princess’ torture style was truly revolutionary, or whether it was just that Lena had created Riley’s personality to be so talkative.

    “So Riley, have we learned anything?”

    “The story begins with a man named Teiresias. He approached Prince Ardal and convinced him of a certain prophecy, in which he had to conquer Gartmar and the Mirin kingdom in order to save the World.

    “A prophecy huh…that rings a bell.”

    “He is quite famous. There are a lot rumors regarding him a long lost Messiah or even a Devil.”

    The princess chimed in with some extra details.

    I recall hearing about him from Nox previously.

    “Isn’t it a bit strange for the Prince to act solely based on a prophecy?”

    “Yes, at first prince Ardal was tight lipped and proudly exclaimed that he wouldn’t talk. Later when princess Mayardus appeared and revealed his weakness, he eventually broke down and told us that Teiresias had shown him the path to becoming Emperor of the Balkan empire.”

    “Ah, that makes more sense. He was acting in his own self interest right?”

    “Yes and he said it was his plan to absorb the Mirin kingdom in the future.”

    “So despite his dream being to become an Emperor, he focused on embezzling some taxes in a small town like Gartmar?”

    “But it made quite a lot of sense.”


    “If he hadn’t been so greedy, he might have succeeded.”

    “Why? What did he do?”

    “The prophecy from Teiresias was quite specific. He said, to befriend the first adventurer from Gartmar, along with a bunch of other steps. The Prince however ignored the adventurer part, and just used the other knowledge to control the outcome between Sion and Leon. He felt it was the quickest path to conquering the world.”


    “Maybe he thought that nobles would be far more influential than a lone adventurer.”

    My hairs stood up as I felt my skin begin to crawl. I was the first adventurer from Gartmar. If he had cultivated a good relationship with me as he was instructed, perhaps I would have indeed helped him take the reins of the Balkan kingdom.

    If that had occurred then the future would most likely look very different than it did now. Was that the intention of the prophecy? And what about the future which I’m familiar with? Suddenly I became very interested in meeting this Teiresias fellow.

    “Did you find out any information about the one called Teiresias”

    “We only know that he upped and disappeared about a month ago, leaving a letter behind for the Prince stating how disappointed he was in his performance.”

    “Understandable, I would do the same”

    “Sir Johra, Jillian and Jerna will recover their eyesight later today, would you like us to prepare a sumptuous dinner?” Riley asked.

    “Great idea, how about putting aside some food for the kids to eat later.”

    “No need to do that, the steward had already only prepared their favorite meals.”

    I gave the servants a heartwarming smile. They’ve always been taking care of these kids since they were very young.

    “Steward, there’s something I had been wondering about.”

    “Yes master?”

    “What happened to Levin?”

    “Ah… well he betrayed the Count in order to ensure his survival.”


    “It was order from Sion. He wanted for at least someone to survive in order to exact a revenge.
    “Was that really Levin? As I remember he was a lazy lad, never someone outstanding.”

    “He has  always presente a facade of being a sloth, but in fact he’s always been the most capable servant in the Count’s retinue.”

    “Really, then what is he up to now?”

    “Maybe he’s out there planning some sort of revenge.”

    “I’ll have to go fetch him, do you have any idea where he’d be?”

    “He has always been far to talented in hiding, so even if it’s me I wouldn’t know where to start looking.”

    “Very talented in hiding…quite annoying in this case.”

    “But if he were to know of our rescue, he’d attempt to make contact. ”

    “But how would you keep in touch?”

    “He would leave a certain sign at count Sion’s estate.”

    “Ah, then I should stop by and take a look.”

    “Thank you sir.”

    “Not at all, I feel it’s my duty.”

    Viezda looked at me with a gentle expression and I smiled back.

    “You have sweet eyes from in the morning.”

    “I can’t imagine why that would be. Oh and Princess, you’ll need to join Riley for the study sessions.”

    “Understood sir, I’ll  be with Jerna and Jillian. Would you please come with me, princess?”

    The two went out and I enjoyed a big breakfast alone with Viezda.

    “ I’ll have to go out today since I have a few things to take care of.”

    “How long should it take Johra?”

    “It might take quite a while, but if it’s too long then I’ll take the time to visit.”

    When it was about noon, I teleported to the ruins of the Count’s manor. The sun was high in the sky and I had large lunch which the steward had prepared for me.

    “Lena, can you find anything which might be considered as a sign?”

    “Don’t see anything right now, can you do the turn of the ruins a bit?”

    I walked around for almost an hour but we couldn’t find anything.

    “Maybe he isn’t ready to make contact.”

    “I’ll leave behind some reconnaissance nanobots.”

    “Good idea, but is it possible for them to stay in contact with our dungeon manor?”

    “Oh, I’ve been experimenting with your teleportation array and have managed to create a similar one, but only for the purposes of transmitting information. It’s how I can always stay in contact.

    “How convenient, no matter where we are I can always message back home! Does this work anywhere in the world?”

    “I think so, it’s some kind of fusion between science and magic, it has always been a dream of mind to combine the two!”

    After that though I kind of tuned Lena out because she went on to extrapolate her entire theory behind her fusion of science and magic, bringing up boring and tedious concepts.

    “So is out first objective the Killion dungeon?”

    “Yes, you can get their by boat, leaving from the most southern port of the Mirin Kingdom.

    “We aren’t in any big hurry, so we can just take our time. Also, I’d like to make teleportation array midway.

    “Ok, I can control the nanobots, but you’ll have to provide the material. ”


    It took about a month to arrive to the city-port. I was leisurely experience the life of a human adventurer, using a wagon and stopping and inns, but it wasn’t nearly as fun as I had anticipated.

    “Phew, although everyone romanticizes about a fantasy world, the truth is that they have primitive technology!”

    “Nonsense! You have magic, different races and a leveling system. It’s like a dream come true!”

    “I’m not so sure. Anyways now that we’ve arrived at the port, let’s teleport back to our home and visit, it’s been quite a while we’ve been gone.”

    “When you get home you’ll have a surprise waiting for you.”

    “What are you talking about?”

    “It’s a secret.”

    “Ugh, Lena….”

    “You can see yourself!”

    “Hmm okay.”

    I took some time to stock up on all the specialties they had in town, before exiting the city an heading to a secluded mountain to create the teleportation array.

    “Is that you Johra?”

    “Viezda? It’s only been a month, what happened?”

    “This baby… it seems very eager to be born!”

    Viezda stomach was huge and it was with great difficulty that she was able to get up and greet me. Melpomene had a big smile as she rubbed the belly.

    “Are you here Master pervert? At least this kid isn’t a pervert, I can hear that he has a very soft voice.”

    “How can you hear that from inside her stomach?”

    “Johra, it’s true. The baby reacts differently depending on who approaches.”

    Hearing Lena say that I became thrilled.

    ‘But is it not a normal child?’

  • Chapter 104



    My two cute disciples leapt into my arms, princess Mayardus followed behind them giving me a smile.

    “Both of you have recovered your eyesight, I’m glad.”

    “It’s all thanks to master.”

    “Actually Johra, it isn’t entirely the same as before.”

    “Oh, what’s the problem?”

    “No problem, in fact it’s the opposite, my eyesight has improved. Also if I can focus very hard I can even see an ants leg despite being 10 meters away.”


    “I had the chance to give them a small upgrade, it’s a good thing no?”

    Lena answered by taking command of Riley.

    “Jillian is it something that bothers you in your day to day activities?”

    “Well at first I was somewhat surprised, but I’ve already gotten used to it. It still get shocked sometimes when I can see the blood vessels on my arm, but I think I’ll adjust to the changes very soon.”

    ‘Wow, that sounds like something from a horror movie, can one even get used to that? Seems Lena might have gone a bit far with all these improvements, I might need to have a talk with her later on.’

    “By the way Johra, it seems like your son will soon be born.”

    “Yeah, I think so too. I often feel the baby kicking. Ooh… seems it was the first time it heard it’s dad’s voice so it was quite energetic.”

    One could see her belly bulging as the baby moved around. Apparently this signified that a woman was in her later stages of pregnancy.

    “Viezda it’s a bit hard on you to be walking around, why don’t I accompany you to the bedroom?”

    “Perverted master, do you think I can’t see through your plan? I’ll keep my big sister company.”

    [Pervert level 3 ➢ 4]

    Melpomene went up to support Viezda and threw me a look of vigilance. This title was already hopeless, I no longer had any doubt that Melpomene had complete control as to when it leveled up.

    “Ah, ok let’s go together then.”

    “Okay Johra, but it takes quite long for me to move around, so you can go on ahead first and I’ll catch up with you.”

    “No need, I’ll help support you the whole way and Melpomene can help from the other side. Princess, Jerna and Jillian, let’s talk some other time.”

    It took us about five minutes just to return to her bedroom.


    As she was getting into bed Viezda spoke out with a frown.

    “What was that Viezda?”


    “Please leave Johra.”

    Melpomene suddenly kicked my out in a cool tone.

    “Huh, why? Don’t you think I should be here?”

    “Silly, there are certain things a woman isn’t willing to show her man. Just leave please.”

    “What… ah… okay then.”

    I left the room and paced outside anxiously, but soon after I was allowed back.

    “It had something to do with her menstruation, I’m sorry Johra.”

    “Not at all, I just thought it was something serious like you being sick. How can I help? Are you hungry?”

    “Heehee… I’ve heard many stories of how great the master is, but it seems even you are helpless in front of a pregnant woman.”

    I ignored Melpomene’s teasing and focused solely on caring for Viezda,.

    “Johra, You can concentrate on your business, I have Melepomene and Lena if I need any help.

    “Can’t I stay more?”

    “No, it’s an order from Viezda, so you need to go.”


    Melpomene had an evil grin on her face as she watched me leave the room. I headed back to the living room on the ground floor to meet up with the two kids and princess Mayardus.

    “Master! You’re back, is everything okay?”

    “Yes, everything is fine, it’s just that I was kicked out.”

    I answered with a downtrodden expression.

    “Why does it feel like I’ve already lost to a child which hasn’t even been born yet?”

    “I’ve heard of stories like that, when a child is born then a mothers maternal instincts kick into high gear. The husband is relegated to being the support in the background, but this shouldn’t apply to you. A man like you should be able to do as he pleases.

    The princess spoke to me.

    ‘Huh did I say something strange? Why is she staring at me like that?’

    It got a bit awkward but I quickly changed the subject.

    “Since you two have recovered your eyesight, I think it’s about time for you both to decide on the punishment for the Marquis and Prince.

    “We’ve decided to follow master’s advice. You rescued us from the slave market, a fate which might very well be worse than death.

    “No this time it is different. In order to move forward you will both need to put this to bed. This is absolutely necessary so that you don’t keep this scar with you throughout your lives. I’m sure it’s what the Count would have wanted, and I do to.”

    Jillian and Jerna exchanged a look before answering.

    “Then we’d like to enslave the two of them.”

    “Just slaves? They keep their lives?”

    “Death would be too light of a punishment for them. My father suffered terribly as he died, so they can only pay for this crime with an even longer period of suffering.”

    “Hmm I see your point of view, but it would be troublesome is they somehow betray us in the future. We’ll need more than just some regular slavery contract. Lena?”

    “Yes Johra?”

    Lena answered after taking control of Riley.

    “Could we modify their bodies?”

    “Of course.”

    “Then it’s settled, the Marquis and Prince will be modified into maids of this household. Can we make it so that they will never again be able to refuse and order from either myself or the Sion family?”

    “Sure, I can make it so that they will suffer incredible amounts of pain should they have any thoughts of rebelling. A military type android would do nicely though, they might even have excellent combat skills and be quite useful later on.”


    “I’d rather have the Devil as an enemy than you Johra,” exclaimed Mayardus as she swallowed nervously. Jerna and Jillian however were delighted by the conclusion.

    “Good, well now that this has been settled we can move on to my next point….”

    “Master, we’ve decided to completely dedicate ourselves to you. Everything we are is only because you saved us, we’d do anything you want.”

    “No, that’s too much. You are my cute disciples, so I only wish for you two to grow up strong and live great lives.”

    “Thank you master.”

    Jillian had a determined face but Jerna held a complicated expression.

    “Johra, will we now start the leveling up which you mentioned to me previously?”

    “Something like that, but first we will have to get you all registered with the adventurers guild and get you set up with a class.”

    “How are we supposed to do that? Won’t there be people who recognize us?”

    I shook my head.

    “Don’t worry Jillian, others will never know your real identity. Also we will make a party of 5 members, you three and me plus one more.”

    “Will you truly be joining us? I feel like our difference in strength is far to big.”

    Jerna asked worriedly.

    “Don’t worry, I will help you close the gap quite quickly, just believe in me.”

    All three of them were still quite nervous and it seemed that they would require further explanation.

    “Lena, could you ask Melpomene to come over, and ask Viezda to lend her the ring I gave her.”

    “Yes sir!”

    After Riley left to fetch her, Jillian asked.

    “Just who is Lena? Whenever master calls she appears, regardless of where we are. Also it seems that Riley, Delaila and Hannah are sometimes Lena.”
    “She is my magical assistant and the three maids are magical creatures. They have their own personalities, but occasionally Lena can take control because she is a higher ranking existence.

    “What an amazing story. So many odd occurrences which I couldn’t previously understand now make sense, and it’s quite a bit easier for me to get behind the idea of a magical assistant after the way you were able to help me recover my eyesight. ”

    It would be difficult for me to explain the existence of artificial intelligence, so in order to make them understand I used the magical assistant white lie. Shortly after Riley reappears guiding Melpomene into the living room.

    “Master, I’ve borrowed her ring, but she seemed very sad hearing that you were taking it back.”

    “Uh… yeah, I’ll be sure to give Viezda a bigger ring next time. For now I’m loaning it out to you.”

    “Well I guess it’s your right.”

    Melpomene came and joined us on the couch.

    “So, once Viezda gives birth, the five of us will party together and explore the remaining three major dungeons. Also I’ve thought up a name for our party, Teosponias”


    All of them were surprised. I understood their reactions seeing as none of them had even fought against a monster before.

    “Lena, when is Viezda expected to deliver?”

    “Judging by her current growth, it should be within the next five days.”

    “Oh… okay then.”

    “Really Johra? How can we go into those four legendary dungeons in just five days? We don’t have any fighting experience….”

    “I can’t even see in front of me, what a dark future I must have.”

    “Melpomene… was that a joke?”

    “Hohoho~ you can understand my jokes, you do have a sense of humor after all.”

    “I give up.”

    I threw my hands up in the air in desperation as Melpomene broke out into a huge smile.

    In order to put their fear to rest, I began to go into greater detail about my plans. Naturally I only told them about how the ring functioned, but not my innate ability which would allow us to gain monstrous amounts of experience.

    The princess eyed me suspiciously, but at the very least she didn’t openly contradict me.

    “So you will help us disguise our appearances in order to register as adventurers and gain a class?”

    “Right, Lena can help you with that.”

    “Taking over Riley, Lena handed them each a necklace.”

    “When you wear it, it’ll change your appearance into that of someone else.”

    As the four of them tried it one, they quickly transformed into completely different people due to the power of the holograms. The necklace has been perfected to such a degree that it even changed one’s facial expressions.


    “Is this really happening?”

    “It’s the first I hear of such a wonderful tool, one can even use it without being skilled in magic. If this technology were to spread in the outside world it is sure to create huge waves.”

    “It would be best if you can help me keep this confidential, is that understood?”

    I made sure that they ensured its secrecy.

    “Well, I still can’t see so I have no idea what has changed,” Melpomene spoke out.

    “Let’s go and get registered tomorrow, it’s a bit late in the day right now.”

    “I’m looking forward to it.”

    “Me too!”

    “I can safely travel in the outside world with this tool and won’t have to stay cooped up in this mansion my whole life. Thank you so much Johra!”

    The Princess thanked me earnestly, but Melpomene protested immediately.

    “I’d prefer to stay beside Viezda. It’s too bad that I don’t have a choice in the matter since I need to follow your commands.”

    “Hey Melpomene, if you keep complaining so much I’ll tell Viezda.”

    “Okay, okay… show some mercy to the blind would you.”

    “Geez, you really know how to milk that handicap of yours.”

    Boo hoo~

    Melpomene stuck out her tongue childishly, before grabbing hold of Riley’s hand.

    “Please take me back to see big sis Viezda, I need to let her know that Johra is bullying me.”

    “What, when did I do that Melpomene?”

    However the two of them disappeared without any response.

    “Have you found some way to help Melpomene recover her eyesight?”

    Lena was quick to answer.

    “I’ve done a thorough investigation and it was just as I had suspected. She has suffered from this condition for so long that a simple transplant wouldn’t work. Not to mention that as a High Elf her brain is different from that of a humans, so I wouldn’t even know where to begin.”

    “I see.”

    In truth Melpomene had yet to come clean to everyone with the fact that she was a High Elf. I would have to look more into it later on, but at least for now there didn’t seem to be any easy solution to help her recover her eyesight.

    “Lena, help instruct Jillian, Jerna and the Princess about being an adventurer, the different classes as well as any information regarding the four dungeons.”

    “Ok, I’ll see to it.”

    Leaving the three behind I went to Viezda’s bedroom.

    Walking inside, I came upon the scene of Viezda rubbing her belly, while Melpomene put her ear to it, listening for any sounds. She was also singing a in a delightful cheery voice. It was the most beautiful song I had ever heard in my entire life.  Her song depicted a story of the gods and love among humans, promising a bright and new tomorrow.



    when Viezda called me out Melpomene abruptly cut short her song.

    “Why did you stop singing? It was wonderful.”

    “Hmph, this kind of song isn’t for you to hear”

    “Ah, why is it that I can’t listen?”

    I felt a bit hurt that I wouldn’t be able to hear that beautiful voice once more.

    “It’s not that….”

    Viezda spoke to me as she cradled a shy Melpomene.

    “She’s just too embarrassed right now. She likes Johra, but..she is too shy to admit it. If you two would just go ahead and do that….”

    “Big Sis!”

    Melpomene turned red like a tomato.

    “If you think of me as a sister then at least heed my advice. Speak truly, what do you think of Johra.”

    Tch! Johra’s nothing but a pervert.”

    “But didn’t you tell me previously that you liked him?”

    “Sister is so mean!”

    “Well if that’s what it takes to get you to listen then it’s fine.”

    “Ah I can’t stay angry with you….”

    The two women were embracing each other and I felt completely out of place.

    “It seems like I’ve completely lost my Viezda to this Melpomene….”

    Sighing to myself I retreated from the room and headed to my underground lab to study up the summarized version of the dungeons which Lena had prepared.

  • Chapter 105

    “What? Just when did I fall asleep? Oh, and why are Viezda and Melpomene here as well?”

    I had fallen asleep in my underground lab and somehow these two women had joined me.

    “I guess I would have been cold just falling asleep like that… did they come join me because they were lonely?”

    “You were all sleeping for quite some time, so I had Riley bring in a large armchair which you would all fit in,” Lena explained.”

    ‘Were they worried because they understood that I was a bit sad after feeling been ignored?’

    Picking up Viezda I brought her to her room and laid her down on the bed. I then returned to the lab to pick up Melpomene as well.

    “Johra~ bring me to a different room.”

    Melpomene who had just woken up gave me a deep kiss.

    “Well… about that….”

    “Don’t worry about it, I’ve already discussed it with Viezda.”

    I then fell asleep for a second time, however not before indulging myself in some alone time with Melpomene first. When I woke up in the middle of night, Viezda was asleep on my chest, while Melpomene was behind her .”

    ‘Isn’t it only awkward for me? ’

    They both had happy expressions which helped relieve my anxiety.

    The next morning I gathered the members of our Teos party and we prepared ourselves to visit Gartmar.

    “Lena, be sure to notify immediately if there are any signs of her giving birth.”

    “Don’t worry, I’ll let you know immediately.”

    “Go without any worries, Johra.”

    After speaking with Lena and Viezda, I turned to my party members.

    “Shall we go?”


    Melpomene was beside me holding my hand, while Jerna, Jillian and Mayardus stood around us. With all of us ready, I activated the teleportation magic.

    “Huh, where is this, master?”

    “We’re in the forest, not too far from Gartmar. It’s only about a twelve minute walk to the city.”

    “Ah that’s a city I never expected to see again.”


    “Well I can’t see anything, so I guess I’ll have to be satisfied with only the smell and sounds, Huuu~”

    Melpomene moment of self reflection increased my desire to cure her eyesight, but I simply didn’t know how. Although I did have a certain idea in mind, it wasn’t clear whether it would work so I could only put it to the side for the moment.

    “Where do you all come from, it’s my first time seeing you in these parts.”

    “We’ve come from very far away only to become adventurers.”

    “Is that so, how uncommon. Gartmar’s Adventurer’s Guild is quite new so it’s still quite rare for adventurers to come this way. I wish you all the best of luck.”

    The old guard let us through without much questioning. No doubt he was quite sympathetic since our party also included a blind girl.

    I was already very familiar with the layout of Gartmar, so we took the shortest route to the guild. Despite it being quite some time since my last visit, not much had changed since it was still quite the desolate place and the manager Chu was half asleep at her reception desk.

    “Ah, welcome! Oh, is this our first time meeting?”

    “Yes, we’d like to register as adventurers.”

    “Sure, please pay the registration fee, also I don’t believe that we have enough beginner sets for everyone.”

    “It’s fine, just give us the ones you have and we’ll split it among us, Is this the registration form?”

    “Yes~ Yes~”

    We simply made up our own names and the application procedure went by smoothly.

    “Huaa~ I was shaking in there!”

    “Me too! I was worried that someone would recognize us.”

    “If that were to be the case, we would have been stopped as we were entering the city. Still, now that we are officially adventurers it’s like having a new identity and fulfilling dreams that we couldn’t have in our previous lives, thank you so much Johra!”

    Princess Mayardus spoke over the two kids and thanked me earnestly.

    “We’re not quite yet finished.”

    “Oh, where are we going to next?”

    Melpomene asked curiously as we held hands.

    “It’s now time to receive our classes. We’ll visit some old friends whom I know well, of course they won’t recognize my current self.”

    The first one we went to visit was Ryan, who was in charge of the Warrior’s Guild.

    “Oh, it’s been quite some time since we’ve had any guests. Are you all seeking to improve your power as adventurers?”

    “Yes, please help us out with that.”

    Quickly taking care of that we then headed to the Wizard’s Guild.

    “Are all five of you here to get a new class? But it seems you all already have a class, is that okay?”

    “We would be in your debt.”

    The cute Fero who was the one in charge of the guild was kind enough to give us all the class.

    “Thank you so much Fero!”

    I even went out of my way to buy a ton of HP and MP potions in order to show our appreciation.

    “Can you carry that much?”

    “Not to worry, just this much….”

    I then divided up the items amongst us and stepped outside the guild.

    “Are we finished now?”

    “Not quite yet, there still remains one.”

    We then headed towards the temple and I handed over a silver coin to the friar standing by the entrance.

    “Would you be so kind as to guide us to meet priest Rohan?”

    “Follow me.”

    We then waited for a short time in the reception hall.

    “Somehow I end up meeting Rohan quite often.”

    While i was mumbling to myself, a younger version of priest Rohan showed up.

    “Is this some kind of special day? Why are so many youngsters looking for me all of a sudden?”

    “Are you priest Rohan?”


    “We’d like to register our class as priests please, we’re adventurers.”

    “Priests…? But all of you already have different classes.”


    “How extraordinary, some time ago there was a young lad who also had several classes and wished to become a paladin… what was his name again? Ah yes, Johra.”

    Our party members looked at me suspiciously but I kept up an innocent facade.

    “What kind of person was he, I wonder if we’d meet one day.”

    “He was a unique fellow, with clear eyes and many stories. It was fated by god that I’d meet him, but I haven’t seen him since. Still, I believe that we’ll meet again some day.”

    ‘I’m right here.’

    I wanted to answer that I was glad to see him again, but I couldn’t blow our cover.

    “Then would it be fine to register the four of us?”

    “I guess I can go through with just a simple ordination? I was recently summoned by the main Catholic Church so I’ll be leaving shortly.”

    “That’s what we want”

    “I see, okay follow me.”

    “Rohan brought us to the chapel and after giving a long winded speech ordained the other four members of our party, choosing to exclude me. It was only later that I learned that only a select few High Priests were capable of conferring priesthood onto others. It was his destiny to return to the Archdiocese after our meeting. In fact he was already a very high position member of the Church, but it was only due to his lack of ambition that he chose to remain in such a rural area.

    “I don’t know when we will next meet, but I hope that you all try your best to keep this city and its people safe.”

    “Won’t you come back here again?”

    “Well, I don’t think this task will end any time soon. There is a rumor that the recent issues are connected to the Devil. It has something to do with all the recent kidnappings among the nobility.”  

    ‘Ah was it because of my actions that Rohan is being called away for duty? How unfortunate.’

    “If you let me know where you are headed [perhaps we can see eachother again in the near future.”

    I asked question Rohan for some details about his travels. It was my hope to meet again so that I could influence his future for the better, after all having I was the one who affected it in the first place.

    After leaving the temple I then brought them to a weapons store.

    “Let’s see… for Jillian a sword and shield. For Jerna a staff would do well, for Melpomene uhh….”

    “Will I also fight?”

    “Absolutely not.”

    “Is it because I can’t see what’s in front of me?”

    “Don’t worry about it, we’ll figure something out. For now we’ll get you a shield.”

    “Your not planning on sending me out to the front line are you?”

    Melpomene made a ridiculous face.

    “Of course not, don’t worry about it.”

    The last stop was to outfit everyone with some armor. I purchased a set of leather armor for everyone and then we headed back into the forest which I can hunted in so many times with Viezda.

    “Look, it’s a horned rabbit!”


    “It’s so cute! But it looks a bit savage.”

    It took some getting used to but they were soon able to effectively hunt the rabbits with their swords and magic spells, resulting in decent experience.

    Scouring the outer edge of the forest, we were able to catch a total of ten horned rabbits, which allowed us to improve our teamwork and fit into our roles. However Melpomene soon after began to complain.

    “Why am I even here? I’m just a hindrance and you have to always lead my around by the hand.”

    I tried to lift her spirits with some encouraging words.

    “I don’t yet know of a cure for your condition but I believe that if we keep looking we are sure to find one!”

    “Didn’t I ever tell you Johra? The loss of my eyesight isn’t the result of an injury.”

    “Oh, were you born that way then?”

    “No, I was cursed.”

    “A curse?”

    “Well… I’ll just explain it to you tonight, I don’t really want to talk about it right now.”

    After nodding back solemnly to Melpomene, I called Jillian over.


    “Yes master.”

    “Are you now familiar with the basic skills and role of a warrior?”

    Jillian who had previously received some lessons due to his status as the Count’s heir, was already proficient with the sword and shield. Likewise he was improving in the skills he had just received from Ryan, so he answered confidently.

    “Please leave it to me.”

    “From now on we will be hunting more dangerous prey, so everyone make sure to be careful.”

    Up to now our hunting had been going very smoothly, but it seemed that my warning had gone a bit past the desired effect as it frightened them too much.

    “Okay, it’ll be a bit dangerous but not too much. Just be sure to watch your surroundings and protect Melpomene, also don’t forget to wear your rings.”


    Leaving them behind I headed deeper into the forest. My reasons for choosing this place were twofold, first was to gain some experience hinting as a party and the second was to power level then by using the goblins.

    Actually, I had one more reason to come here, which was Lilinor. I had yet to hear back from her and despite having travelled deep in the forest I couldn’t find any signs of her presence.

    “Where could she have gone?”

    I was luring all the goblins I could find in the forest until I had almost a hundred of them following me.

    “Master, behind you!”

    “There’s a bunch of them coming this way!”

    When I was still about twenty meters away form the group, I turned around to face the goblins.

    “Help me out Lena.”

    “Okay I’ve mapped them all out and predicted their trajectories. Those marked red are closer and therefore those you should prioritize.”

    “Perfect, thanks.”

    Shuu Shuu!

    I began trapping them with my Web Shots, but it took almost 30 minutes to capture them all. It was laughable that they would ignore their trapped comrade’s pleas and simply charge head first, resulting in a giant mountain of more than one hundred goblin bodies.

    “Is everyone wearing their ring?”


    “Then let’s get started! Lena, Rohim’s Shield!”

    Once the shield was up I began casting my skill.

    “Create Material: Positron!”


    I created a decent sized one and threw it to the center of the goblin mountain, resulting in a huge explosion.

    “Was that too much overkill?”

    [+5 experience points]

    [+10 experience points]

    [+5* 2^117 experience points]

    [Level increased ➢ 932]

    Following the mushroom cloud which shot up into the air, a wealth of experience points began pouring in. Fortunately we were protected by the shield and didn’t suffer any damage.

    “Still not max level? At least it’s still a crazy amount of experience.”

    “Master, just what is going on?”

    Everyone in the party was freaking out about the insane amount of level ups

    “This is the reason we are here, how is everyone looking?”

    I opened up their statuses to take a look.

  • Chapter 106

    Name: Jillian H. Ernheim

    Gender: Male

    Status: Normal/ Enhanced Eyesight

    Race: Human

    Class: Slave/ Warrior/ Priest/ Mage

    Rank: G+

    Level: 99/99

    HP: 312/312

    MP: 642/642

    Attack: 54 (+8)

    Defense: 52 (+11)

    Agility: 108

    Intelligence: 231

    ✧ Unique skills

    [Taunt Lv2] [One Handed Sword Mastery Lv2] [One Handed Shield Mastery Lv2] [Ground Smash Lv1] [Lightning Bolt Lv1] [Blessing of Defense Lv1] [Influence Lv3]


    [Balanced Lv3] [Team Player Lv1] [Blessing of Death Lv1]

    ✧Evolution Choice

    [Higher Human] [Meta Human] [Angel]

    ‘Hmm… Jillian seems to be leaning slightly towards a Warriors build. He would make for a good tank to stand on the frontlines. He should still however learn the occasional magic spell to give him more of a complete build. His evolution choices seem to be the same ones which I was presented with last time around, but what kind of title is that Blessing of Death? It’s so strange, I don’t feel like it had anything to do with me right?’

    Name: Jerna H. Ernheim

    Gender: Female

    Status: Normal/ Enhanced Eyesight

    Race: Human

    Class: Slave/ Warrior/ Priest/ Mage

    Rank: G+

    Level: 99/99

    HP: 244/244

    MP: 1048/1048

    Attack: 34 (+8)

    Defense: 44 (+11)

    Agility: 83

    Intelligence: 527

    ✧ Unique skills

    [Taunt Lv1] [Staff Mastery Lv2] [Recovery Lv1] [Fireball Lv1] [Ice Spike Lv1] [Magic Research Lv1]


    [Blessing of Wisdom Lv1] [Blessing of Knowledge Lv1] [Avenger Lv1] [Blessing of Death Lv1]

    ✧Evolution Choice

    [Higher Human] [Meta Human] [Angel]

    ‘OK, so Jerna is definitely going to be a mage. She also seems to have a title related to Death, as well as the same evolution choices as Jillian. But what are those wisdom and knowledge titles? They appear to be incredibly useful. Also, she has Magic Research! Since when did she have that? What an incredible find!’

    After having lived in this world for quite some time I’ve realized that it’s not just anyone that could view statuses, even their own. I was barely able to keep my composure, realizing that I she was a rare jewel which I had gained.

    Keeping my nerve, I then go on to observe princess Mayardus’ status.

    Name: Mayardus Gran Ainhart

    Gender: Female

    Status: Normal

    Race: Human

    Class: Banished Royalty/ Warrior/ Priest/ Mage

    Rank: G+

    Level: 99/99

    HP: 244/244

    MP: 1311/1311

    Attack: 32 (+8)

    Defense: 32 (+11)

    Agility: 72

    Intelligence: 717

    ✧ Unique skills

    [Taunt  Lv1] [Staff Mastery Lv2] [Detoxify Lv1] [Fireball Lv1] [Ice Spike Lv1]


    [Tenacious Spirit Lv3] [Throne’s Blessing Lv1] [Avenger Lv1] [Blessing of Death Lv1]

    ✧Evolution Choice

    [Higher Human] [Meta Human] [Nosferatu]

    ‘Wait… why does the princess have an evolution like Nosferatu? Isn’t that some kind of vampiric creature? And that Throne’s Blessing, does it have something to do with her Tenacious Spirit?’

    I once again had to take a moment to compose myself, before moving on to Melpomene’s status.

    Name: Melpomene

    Gender: Female

    Status: Normal/ Polymorphed

    Race: Human

    Class: Slave/ Warrior/ Priest/ Mage

    Rank: F

    Level: 199/199

    HP: 721

    MP: 2733/2733

    Attack: 76 (+8)

    Defense: 88 (+11)

    Agility: 147

    Intelligence: 1237

    ✧ Unique skills

    [Taunt   Lv1] [Staff Mastery Lv2] [Healing Hand Lv1] [Recovery Song Lv1] [Soothing Song Lv1] [Morale Boost Song Lv1]


    [Title Producer Lv1] [Blessing of Heaven Lv1] [Curse of the Nameless One Lv1] [Blessing of Death Lv1]

    ✧Evolution Choice

    [Curse Removal]

    ‘Huh, so she only has the one evolution choice, I guess it helps her break that curse right? She also seems to have a lot of skills which are related to singing, and what about that Blessing of Heaven? I can understand the Title Producer, but why is it so unique that it is rainbow colored?. I’m really curious now about the history of her curse.’

    While I was deep in thought observing the statuses of my party members, Jillian, Jerna and Mayardus had stopped talking and only stared back. They were not doubt curious as to why I had fallen silent for so long, but for now I was like a child opening his gifts on Christmas morning, my vision narrowed down to these new prizes of mine and nothing else existed at the moment.

    Melpomene on the other hand stood behind me and sang in a light hum. Although I couldn’t catch any of the words she was using, it felt like joyful song which uplifted all our hearts. Perhaps it was a Soothing song.

    “So by now you must have all realized that you’ve undergone some big changes right?”

    “Master, although it’s a bit tiring, the world appears so different compared to before. I can see so much more.”

    “Same here brother, it might have something to do with our enhanced eyesight, everything looks brighter. I also feel that my intelligence has improved, and I can understand much clearer the knowledge lessons which Lena had previously imparted to us.”

    “Indeed everyone seems to have changed a bit. For my part I have gained much confidence in myself, was it thanks to this ring?”

    Princess Mayardus’ mindset was no doubt connected to her Throne’s Blessing.

    Melpomene who had been pulling on my sleeve as she always had, didn’t realize her newfound strength and caused it to rip. Unfazed, she continued to sing her light hum, conveying to me her heartfelt feelings.

    “Once you’ve reached your max level, as humans you are able to go on to a next step.”

    “Really? Then….?”

    “Johra I heard that unlike other races, there aren’t any cases of that happening because it’s much more difficult for humans to hit their max level within our short lifespans.”

    The princess asked me with a dubious expression. Jerna and Jillian however sported a look of incredulity.

    “Normally that would definitely be the case, but it’s all possible due to this ring which I received from clearing the Jeduth dungeon.”

    “Such a legendary artifact has never been recorded in all of history. I have heard of a similar looking ring which can share experience between party members, but never one that can increase the experience received to such an extent.”

    ‘Ah… so the princess has heard of the party ring. Of course I can’t tell her the truth though.”

    “This is on a completely different level compared to those party rings, so it’d be best if you don’t mention the existence of these rings to others, okay?”

    I made up this white lie in order to hide that fact that the origin of such ridiculous amounts of experience was in fact me. On one hand I wanted to protect my secrets, but i also didn’t want to crumble the legendary image which my cute disciples held of me, by letting them know how easily I had achieved my strength with such a cheat ability.

    “So what you are saying Johra is that humans can also evolve?”

    I wondered how the princess had such precise knowledge about evolution. No doubt it was the royal family which had access to some secretive information which wasn’t made available to the public.

    “There’s a legend that the first king of our royal lineage had evolved into a Higher Human, a race with incredible Intelligence that surpassed anything a regular human might achieve. It was said that he had achieved an existence which brought one close to a god.”

    ‘Hmm, so High Humans  are something like God’s sidekicks?’

    In fact I was originally planning on using them to explore all three human evolution paths, but now that Mayardus had the ability to Evolve into Nosferatu, even more options were available.

    ‘It would be a bit difficult to convince a princess to turn into a vampire though, how can I go about this?’

    “I’ve heard about High Humans, but I had no idea that it was the founding king who was the first to become so, it must have been some classified information.”

    Jerna replied while looking at Mayardus curiously.

    “More importantly, do you have the ability to check our Statuses? I saw you staring at us previously. According to the records of our Royal family, only existences on like supreme sages had that kind of ability. Can it be that you can also do it?”

    It seemed that this princess had access to far more sensitive information than I imagined. I would have to keep a closer eye on her and choose my words carefully so as to have be exposed.

    “Yes, I have the ability to view Statuses.”

    “Really? Is it possible for me to evolve, Master?”


    “Yes, you can indeed Evolve.”

    I explained to Jillian Jerna and Mayardus what their current stats and evolution paths were.

    “Ahem… so Jillian can evolve into a Meta Human, Jerna a Higher Human and for the Princess it’s a Nosferatu.”

    Hearing my explanation the Princes’ expression turned cold.

    “Mayardus, are you aware that a Nosferatu is much like a vampire?”

    “Of course I know this much. They are very powerful and also have a much stronger vitality than humans.”

    “Yes… but you’d essentially become a vampire.”

    “As someone who wishes to rule above all others, this is a necessary sacrifice I suppose.”

    She seemed determined, and I felt a bit bad that I was manipulating her into this to satisfy my own curiosity.

    “Is it because vampires have specific weaknesses.”

    “Right, when it lacks blood then they fall asleep into a deep slumber and in the sunlight they become like any regular human. Also they are very weak to any weapons crafted out of silver.”

    Although it was different form the stories which I had heard about vampires, the princess seemed to be have all the facts and be making an informed decision, so I had no reason to oppose it.

    “I still think it might be a good idea to collect as much information about the Nosferatu as you can before picking it as an evolution. Is there any place you can think of where we can find such information?”

    “It can only be in our royal family’s private library. If it’s you Johra, I’m sure you can easily break in there.”

    I nodded back and asked her for any details she which my help me get in.

    I then teleported is back to the dungeon manor and planned my break in into the royal library. Viezda was lying down in bed all day because she was too heavy to walk around, so Lena didn’t let her come to greet us. We then had a sumptuous dinner together and left the three behind to continue to receive further instruction under Lena. Without anyone knowing, I escorted Melpomene down to the lab, just the two of us.

    “Can you tell me know what you know about your curse?”

    “Thank you for your concern, but before that….”

    “Yes? What is it?”

    “Why do you take such good care of me in spite of your doubts towards me?”

    “So you knew.”

    “Of course, I may not be able to see, but it makes me very sensitive to others’ feelings.”

    “Then why are you also hiding that you’re a High Elf? Is it also related to your curse?”

    “Ah, were you referring to my race?”


    “It’s a curse I’ve received form the gods. In order for my twin brother to receive the power of foresight, a certain price needed to be paid. My eyesight was robbed from me for that reason.”

    “The power to see in the future? What is your brother’s name?”

    “He is Teireisias . He’s known as the cursed prophet.”

    It was a name which I had heard several times already, form both Noc and Ardal.

    “So you were cursed in order for him to gain his power?”

    “High Elves are the race which are the most compatible with the power of the gods. Even then, there is still a certain price to pay to acquire such a power. This is an immutable truth, so because were twins and linked by fate, I suffered his punishment as a result. After my brother learned of this, he stopped creating prophecies for the Gods and we were cursed instead. That’s why he is now known as the Cursed Prophet.”

    “I see, so what kind of curse did you receive.”

    “My curse is eternal suffering, losing my eyesight is also a result of it. The ultimately my Karma will continue to deteriorate over time which would increase my torture.”

    “What a horrible fate.”

    “My brother once prophesied for me that my savior would be the enemy of the High Gods. That he would be one who breathes, yet doesn’t live. I never expected that it would be you, Johra.”


    “You aren’t human right, Johra? In fact you aren’t even alive are you? My brother’s prophecies have never been wrong.”

    I was left stunned and speechless. I had never imagine that she had seen through my identity to such an extent.

    “It doesn’t matter, you are my predestined savior, and I’ll follow you even if you are the Devil himself.”

    Melpomene demonstrated her utmost devotion as she prostrated herself on the floor before me.

    ‘Hmm… this might end up be a good thing instead. This brother of hers, Teireisias…..’


  • Chapter 107

    “Get up Melpomene, it’s a bit awkward if you stay prostrated like that.”

    “No, I won’t move until master accepts me.”-1

    “Are you testing my patience?”

    “I know too many of your secrets, and knowing your temperament it is likely that unless you accept me you’d kill me off. I can only wait like this, Master.”

    “Are you doing all this because of the prophecy which your brother foretold?”

    “Maybe at first, but now it is entirely out of my own free will.”

    “Hmm, but how can I tell whether you’re moving according to the prophecy or your own free will?”

    “How can I prove it to you? I simply know that I’m acting on my own free will.”

    “Who’s to say that your so called free will hasn’t already been determined by the prophecy?”

    “I’m certain I would have acted the same even without having any knowledge of the prophecy.”

    “Why would that be? I am simply your owner. If we didn’t have this slavery contract binding us, wouldn’t we just be strangers?”

    “We’ve already slept together.”

    “If that’s something you regret then Viezda can help you forget it altogether.”

    “When you chose me I already became yours.”

    “That’s only because on the slave contract. If it were another master it would be the same ”

    “I am blind.”

    “I’m already aware of that, are you seeking sympathy here?”

    ““No, just that when choosing a slave, it’s normal to pick one which has a useful ability.”

    “As you said, I am a pervert.”

    “Hm, were you insulted by those remarks?”

    “I’d be lying if I said no.”

    “Fine then, I was mostly curious as to why your voice would appear to shine so brightly when you were talking to me.”


    “Although I can’t see, when you talk to me I can feel your voice is more brilliant than any others.”

    “Didn’t you say I sounded perverted?”

    “That was just a lie I used to hide my true feelings. Ever since hearing master voice I had already decided to follow you.”

    “What is that supposed to mean?”

    “I just wanted to know what kind of a person could have such a unique voice.”

    “Maybe it’s just the way I sound.”

    “No, it doesn’t have anything to do with the tone or pitch, but some kind of hidden strength.”

    “Can it be that it’s because of the prophecy you’ve heard from your brother?”

    “No, instead my impression of my brother prophecy was one of disgust. I was fated to be with a repulsive and evil undead creature with the fate of the world hanging in the balance.”

    “Why does that sound like some kind of demon?”

    “Right, knowing that much I had already given up on my future, but ever since I’ve met master, my opinion has completely changed. The way you spoke to big sis and I, it was the most beautiful voice I’d ever heard.

    “Don’t talk like that, it’s too much.”

    “Let’s just say that ever since I’ve been cursed, I’ve always regretted having lost my ability to see. It was only when I met you and heard your unique voice that for the first time I felt blessed to be blind. I don’t care if I die now, I just seek your acceptance.”

    I looked down at her once more. She knew far too many of my secrets and was possibly being influenced by some unknown prophecy. By not accepting her would I be undoing that prophecy? Just what were the exact contents of that prophecy in the first place?

    This prophecy which had been made by Teireisias was too much of an unknown factor. Nox was sealed and Prince Ardal was imprisoned in my very own manor.

    Can we alter a prophecy? By knowing the future shouldn’t it be possible to change it? How can an unchangeable future even exist?

    An endless questions of existentialism swirled within me.

    Closing my eyes, I asked myself.

    ‘I don’t know which choice is the right one. It seems like regardless which one I choose I’ll be fettered to a predestined prophecy. And what if I decide not to choose at all, how would that affect the future?’

    Opening my eyes, I look back down to Melpomene and speak out.

    “I can’t accept you for now. Instead you will continue to serve by my side where I’ll be keeping a close eye on you.”

    “Ah, so in the end it went through as expected.”

    Inside of me I cried out in frustration. Was it already predestined that I would put off this choice? Just what does the future hold in store?

    “Yes, get up now Melpomene.”

    “Ye….s, Master.”

    Grabbing her heart in pain, she shot up to her feet. It was because as her owner, I had used her name to issue a command.

    “I don’t yet know you well enough, and because you’ve hidden your brother’s prophecy from me I can’t trust you. If it were entirely up to me you wouldn’t live to see another day, but since you are so close with Viezda, I wouldn’t want to see her get hurt. In the future you can’t reveal any of my secrets and you can’t keep anything from me. Is that understood, Melpomene?”

    “Yes, I promise. Don’t worry, I won’t betray you even if it costs me my life.”

    Giving me a sincere look, she gently grabbed my hand.

    “Yes, you may have deceived me once, but there won’t be a second time or I assure you that I’ll kill you myself. I been betrayed in the past and decided not to forgive anyone again. Maybe I’ll regret making an exception and giving you a second chance, but I just can’t bear to break Viezda’s heart right now.”

    “I would likewise never want to make big sister sad. ”

    “Any living being is capable of betraying others for their own benefit. The only solution to that is to end their lives.”

    “I’ll be different.”

    “Stop pretending to be so all knowing already. ”


    Melpomene cried out in surprise as I picked her up in a princess carry. She hadn’t expected for me to do that.

    “Don’t misunderstand, there no hidden meaning. You are simply my slave so I want to look after my property.”

    “Yes… Yes….”

    As I carried her back to the bedroom she lead her blushing face against my chest.

    “Do you want to do it with me?”

    “I have work to do.”

    “Are you preparing for the future, master?”

    Looking down at her with a frown, I ask “ just how much do you know.”

    “I think I might know more about your future than even you do, master.”

    “I see, well I’ll hear all about it some other day, I’m busy now.”

    “Yes, I’ll be waiting.”

    I left the room without saying another word.

    ‘How troublesome, both Melpomene and her brother know far more than they should about me. If that kind of information ever arrived in the hands of the High Gods, it could be used against me. For the moment I can’t let her out of this dungeon. What about Teireisias though? No, I don’t have time to worry about him right now.’

    I teleported out and arrived in the most southern port city of the Mirin Kingdom and boarded the boat for which I had previously purchased a ticket.

    “Geez… things have gotten even more complicated.”

    Staring out at the calm ocean, I tried to organize my thoughts, but peace did not arrive so easily.

    Three days later the boat docked at our destination which was an island.

    “This is Atol Island, home to the famous Killion Dungeon,” exclaimed the ship master as we prepared to disembark. Looking ahead of me I realized that it was a bigger island than I had expected. After all, it was said that it had a diameter of 60 kilometers.

    Leaving the harbor behind, I first headed to the outskirts of town and set up a teleportation array in a secluded area. I then headed to the village closest to the Killion dungeon. The dungeon itself was at the very center of the island, under a large volcano. Nearby, a small village had formed to serve the needs of countless adventurers. It had eventually developed into a decently sized city with a population of 20,000 people.

    “Why is it so hot?”

    Although in general it was true that the southern provinces were hotter, the heat generated by the volcano made the ambient temperature borderline unbearable, like that of a desert in midsummer.

    “Johra, the Killion dungeon is huge beyond imagination. To date, 20 entire floors have been discovered, each housing a wide variety of artifacts, flora, fauna and minerals. The resources harvested by the adventurers help fuel the industry that not only this city, but the entire island depend on. Also….”

    Lena continued with her detailed description.

    “ I’m aware, thanks. I won’t be the only one in there, got it.”

    I stopped by the Adventurer’s guild and took a look at their quests, before then doing the turn of the shops in town.

    “A finally found it.”

    “Where you looking for a map, Johra?” I would easily map out the place once you’ve walked in.”

    “No, I still need their crude maps, because if I want to go where none have gone before, it’s necessary to know what areas they have already visited.”

    “I see, you didn’t actually need the map, just wanted to know how much has already been explored.”


    After my short conversation with Lena, I walked into the dungeon. The first floor was named Cold Sand and although it was scorching hot outside, in here there was an endless desert filled with sand which was cold to the touch. Also, it appeared to be night time instead. It had definitely been around noon when I set foot inside the dungeon.

    “It seems that just like the last dungeon, this one is also exists within a separate dimension.”

    “I think so too, all my sensors are being affected, as if by some terrestrial magnetism.”

    It was the same for my Spider Senses. Everything seemed off, like the nauseating feeling of being spun around and around in a whirlpool.

    “I’ll be counting on you, Lena.”

    “Understood, I’ll start mapping out this floor.”

    10 minutes later we had a better understanding of our surroundings.

    “Going straight seems to be the best path here.”

    “The exit is in the opposite direction of the Moon.”

    “Does the moon not move in here?”

    “I don’t know, but I guess that if it did, the exit would change accordingly.”

    I spoke with Lena as we crossed the Pingdao Temple desert. I was occasionally attacked by some silver colored scorpions, but made quick work of them. It was quite boring so I kept conversing with Lena.

    “Johra, you need to immediately head back to your dungeon manor.”



    Creating a thin sheet of platinum on the ground I drew a teleportation array.


    The landscape changed before my eyes, and I noticed my servants waiting for me.

    “Master, it’s great that you’ve come, follow me!”

    The steward dragged me off without explaining further.

  • Chapter 108

    I heard some crying coming from the medical wing as the steward urged me on.


    “It was just born, come on!”

    As I stepped into the room, I first noticed my cute baby girl in the android Hanna’s arms.  Viezda was laying down, terribly exhausted, but the one thing that jumped out at me was that our baby’s skin a was a light blue for some reason. (Delaila/ Humanoid Android, Hanna/Cat Ear Android, Riley/ Dog Ear Android)

    “Did you give birth? Is that our child Viezda?”

    Looking up at me she nodded.

    “Please step outside since there’s a risk of infection.”

    Delaila drove me away and I was resigned to looking in through the window. Standing there in a moment of bliss.

    “Did I just become a father?”

    “Yes, Master.”

    The steward replied and give me a an encouraging pat on the back

    “Why is such a great thing happening to me? I don’t deserve it.”

    “Those kind of weak words are an insult to all fathers out there. ”

    Steward answered strictly.

    My mentality was still that of a high schooler. Although I had only spent roughly 6 months in this world, I had spent several years here last time around, not to mention my trip back to earth. My life’s clock which had been put on pause on that fateful day when I had tumbled down the manhole, had finally begun ticking again.

    No, I forced it to start ticking in order to be a proper father to this child of mine.

    “Master, this might just be a saying, but I’ve heard that a mother falls into her role naturally, while being a father requires determination.  If you are feeling anxious right now then it’s in fact a good sign.”

    “Thank you steward, your words are quite comforting.”

    “You are most welcome, although I’m sure you’d do just fine without my advice.”

    All my worries in the world vanished as I stared at this child of mine cradled in Viezda’s arms. Whether it was time which had stopped or some other mystical effect, I couldn’t care less and simply kept staring.

    Just for the sake of this child, I knew I was willing to forgive anything, and at the same time kill anyone in the world.


    Just after the steward left to put the finishing touches on our baby’s new room, Melpomene snuck up from behind and wrapped her arms around me.

    “Hi Melpomene.”

    “Is the baby pretty?”


    “How beautiful?”

    “Enough to forgive the world.”

    “Oh, then am I forgiven?”

    “No, that’s still up in the air.”

    “Did I truly commit a sin greater than the world itself?”


    “I want to have a child as well.”

    “We can’t”

    “Why not?”

    “I need to make sure there is nothing that can harm this baby girl of mine.”

    “Why would it harm her? They could be close siblings, just like Viezda and I.”


    “Do you mean it’s still a possibility?”

    “Not for now, there are things I need to do.”

    Hearing some voices coming this way, I removed Melpomene’s arms from around my waist. She pursed her lips in complaint, but she understood that it was because of the incoming footsteps, so she just focused on the sounds coming from the medical room.

    “Master, sorry we’re so late!”

    Jillian, Jerna and the Princess rushed down the corridor. Apparently they had just returned from some battle.

    “It’s fine, I also just arrived.”

    “What about the baby, is it born yet?”

    At that moment they all curiously looked through the window, drawn in by the sight of my baby girl.

    “Is that a mysterious creature?”

    “Mayardus exclaimed in surprised.”

    “I’m not color blind am I? She really is blue, right?”

    “Umm… I think so.”

    “Master have you named her yet?”

    “I had previously decided with Viezda that if we had a daughter, we’d name her Veznos”

    “Veznos? What does it mean?”

    Jerna asked curiously as she swished her blond her and rearranged it behind her ear with a bright expression.

    “It signifies forever.”

    “Forever? Like in immortal?”

    Jilion asked.

    “Actually, it means to not disappear, to be everlasting.”

    “Vez-nos… it’s a good, mysterious name.”

    The Princess nodded, repeating the name to herself in a whisper.

    “Viezda thought so too.”

    “I’m quite happy that you all like her name, it must be an auspicious sign.”

    “Come this way, it’s time for her to meet her father so let’s get you sterilized.”

    Ridley came out and led me into the adjacent room to get me disinfected. She had a creepy smile and I felt like a prisoner walking into a gas chamber in the Auschwitz concentration camp.

    ‘Is she trying to kill me off like this? No, I can’t die before even holding my baby girl….’

    The gases dissipated, putting an end to my delusions as she handed me a hospital gown.

    “Come this way. Also, do you even know the proper way of holding a baby? You need to have one hand support her neck while the other cradles her from behind.”

    More or less ignoring Riley explanation, I ran over to Viezda as soon as I entered the room.

    “Viezda! Our baby girl!”

    “Yes Johra. She just fell asleep after feeding, she must have been very tired.”

    Veznos was sleeping so peacefully, without a care in the world. I approached her with my finger, curious what it would feel like to touch her but Viezda glared at me dangerously, so I backed off and gave Viezda a kiss on her forehead. It seems one should not make a mother feel jealous.

    Although I could see the others waving excitedly form across the window, I was tuning them out, wanting simply to enjoy this moment just the three of us.

    “Johra why don’t why just call her Vez for now, she’s still young and a shorter name would be easier.”

    “Sure that sounds good.”

    “It’s our baby but why is she blue skinned?”

    ‘I’m not sure, but I think it might have something to do with her abilities, I’ll explain them to you later okay?’

    “Some mysterious blue light?”

    “What’s not the specific answer?”

    “Haha, don’t worry, it’s a good thing.”

    “Mom? Dad?”

    It had now been a week since little Vez had been born, but due to her abilities like [Rapid Growth] and [Quick Learner Lv7], she was unlike other newborns.

    The first time a child calls it’s parents is a very special moment, but I still couldn’t truly believe that I had become a father.

    I was having fun teaching our baby girl new things, and the fact that she learned super fast made it all the more enjoyable.

    I focused on spending a lot of time with Vez, which gave Viezda the time she needed to recover from the pregnancy.

    During the next three months Vez showed extraordinary growth. She stayed with me most of the time as Viezda took the time to explore the dungeon in hopes of rehabilitating her body.

    Vez was able to walk and talk as well as any adult, and had the knowledge of an average fifth grader. The blueish light she emitted had for the most for disappeared. She gained a better grasp on how to control it, leaving behind just a small tint and almost looked like a normal child.

    “Dad, please teach me about magic today.”

    She put on her cutest face and grasped her hands together as she pleaded. She knew that it was too easy to manipulate me.

    “If it’s about magic, although I use it, I don’t know much about it. Lena is far more knowledgeable about it than me so how about asking her?”

    “Ah but I want to hear it with Daddy.”

    “Ok, how about we go meet Lena together?”

    “Yup! Then will she come in Riley’s body today?”

    “Up to you Vez, do you prefer the Cat sister or Dog sister?”

    She had a cute expression as she seemed to seriously ponder over the question.

    “Hmmm… Yesterday was the Cat sister and the day before was the Dog sister, so today it’ll be the regular sister!”

    “Did you get that Lena?”


    Delaila was quickly sent over and began explaining the theory behind magic.

    “In fact, magic, in its fundamental form is just another kind of science.”

    “Oh, Are you sure?”

    I cried out in surprise but Delaila quickly shushed me.

    “Master please allow me to finish.”

    “Are you sure what you are claiming is true?”

    “Indeed it is, allow me to prove it.”


    “Yes, in fact it was through observing your use of magic which I was able to determine that science is in fact at the very basis of magic. Although I’ve only based this on observations, I’ve applied the basic scientific method.”


    “Yes, although I’m not 100% certain as of yet, there are several examples of simple magic which can be explained through science.

    I was baffled by her recent findings.

    I’ve analyzed thousands on books in this world, and it was clear that their understanding of science was very primitive, so this theory of mine indeed sounds a bit weak. Allow me to explain how I came to such a conclusion.”

    “Oh right, Vez you wanted to learn magic form this right? Is this okay?”

    “It’s fine, it sounds to be quite interesting so please continue sister Delaila.”

    “Vez is a model student, unlike some other pretentious student  which I know.”


    Despite feeling wronged, I was more curious about her subsequent explanation so I quickly focused.

    “There are still a few phenomenon which science can’t yet account for such as certain Myths; Positrons, where by trying to experiment on them causes the results to change, and Entanglement, which is the theory which all things are connected, regardless of distance. There are still a lot of mysterious things which exists outside the boundaries of science,  such as the pocket dimension in the dungeons we’ve visited.

    “Quantum theory? I’m not sure if it’s the best time for Vez to be learning that right now.”

    “I disagree, I believe it to be at the very foundation of magic.”

    “Really, what could magic possibly have to do with that?”

    “So what is used to cast magic?”

    “Mana, I guess… in this world we count it as MP.”

    “Right, it is known as magic element in this world.”

    “Magic element?”

    “Right, it is that which fuels all spells.”

    “Oh so it was something like that?”

    “Right, for example when you want to cast a spell, it requires a certain chant. That chant guides the magic element in a manner which matches your intentions.”

    “Oh… how interesting. Then is this magic element something sentient?”

    “Johra I’ll be trying to explain it to Vez so please bear with me.”

    “Sure sure teacher, but it seems it’s a bit complex for Vez, no?”

    “I think I somewhat understand it, it’s just like the vibrations when you talk. I remember when I would speak but my head was lying down on the bed, I could feel some vibrations. Is it something like that?”

    “Exactly Vez, When you say something, it causes vibrations. It’s these vibrations which act as a trigger for the magic element, in turn resulting in the spell you wanted to cast.

    “Then what about magic spells that are cast without any chants?”

    “For those instant cast spells, willpower is used as a substitute for sound, like some kind of EEG.”


    “A scan which monitors electrical activity, essentially light waves.”

    Delaila placed a sheet of paper on her hand, and through the emission of light managed to get it to vibrate. I feel that it was something only androids like her could achieve.

    “Wow Dad! Look at sister Delaila’s hands!”

    “I can only get to a frequency of about 30. Can you notice some differences on this paper?”

    “Yes sister! Depending on the area of the paper the vibrations can be faster or slower.

    Vez watched attentively with her glowing eyes.

    “In fact every substance in this world has its own frequency at which it vibrates. These vibrations affect each other and result in magic element, or the interconnectedness of this entire world.”


    I was incredibly surprised by this latest revelation.

    “Any material can vibrate and therefore be subject to some form of magic. It is the chant which dictates how it will react and then the composition of magic elements acts as the trigger, allowing the magic to manifest itself.”

    “Wow! With sister’s explanation it’s so easy to understand.”

    I felt a bit awkward having such a genius daughter, seeing as I still found this answer to be quite complex.

    “So in fact for there isn’t any one specific magic element? Any spell it can be cast without speaking right?”

    “That’s right Johra, all the material in the world share a root magic element. in order to get a spell off.”

    “Then by that logic, if you were to be in a vacuum then it should be impossible to cast magic.”

    “We would would need to try an experiment in that scenario. Perhaps which your ability to create materials we can set it up.”

    I was still struggling with Lena’s theory of magic. All that about applying advanced math and physics to create a magical circuit to guide the magic elements basically went in one ear and out the other. Vez on the other hand was like a sponge, immediately absorbing and understanding all new knowledge with a happy smile on her face.

    It was a treat to see how smart my daughter truly was, but it was sad that I had to pretend to totally understand so as not to lose any face as her father.

    “Ah, Mommy!”

    Viezda walked into the room and Vez jumped into her arms.

    “Have have you been little one?”

    “I’m hungry!”

    It was her feeding time so Viezda came to breast feed her. I was tempted to join in, but feared that Vez would get jealous and not want to share.

    “What are you up to Melpomene!”

    Returning to my lab I caught her fiddling with the necklace I had gained from Jeduth. When she heard my voice, she instantly put it around her neck.

    “Master it’s my destiny.”

    “What are you talking about? That isn’t yours to wear!”

  • Chapter 109

    “Get down on your knees Melpomene!”

    “Yes master.”

    Holding her chest in pain, she had no choice but to obey due to the slave contract.

    “Explain to me why you’ve done this.”

    I speak out viciously, hardly able to rein in my anger.

    “It is because of one of my brother’s prophecies.”

    “What prophecy is that?”

    “It is that the wearer of this necklace is sure to die.”

    “I see, okay then.”

    Placing my hand on her heart I cast my skil.

    “Create Material: Arsenic”


    I placed the Arsenic directly into her heart, causing her to vomit violently and faint shortly after.

    “Lena, could you confirm her death?”

    “She has gone into cardiac arrest, but there’s still some slight brain activity; however, the arsenic is blocking all neurotransmitters so it won’t be long now.”

    “How long until she is completely dead?”

    “2 minutes and 14 seconds until she is clinically dead.”

    Holding Melpomene’s corpse in my arms, I look down in sadness.

    “What a troublesome prophecy. I’d die if I were to wear the necklace? But if I were to wear it then I couldn’t take it off until I had ascended to Godhood?”

    As Melpomene’s life force slipped away, the necklace revealed itself once more. I tried to reach out and grab it but it vanished as I got close.

    “I guess it isn’t all that simple. I should hurry up and complete the Killion dungeon.”

    “Johra, all signs of life have faded, she’s dead.”

    “Okay, Lena please seal the room.”

    “Sound waves and light rays are blocked, and Rohim’s shield is now activated.”


    I began to cast my Resurrection Song. It was a beautiful melody which I would otherwise be completely incapable of reproducing. The spell seeped into her body causing her to bask in a golden nimbus. After about thirty minutes into the spell she once again drew her first breath.

    Drawing out a chair I sat down and began to read a book titled, Genealogy of Gods, waiting for her to wake up.

    It took some time, but she finally gained consciousness and mustered the power to ask.

    “Um… didn’t I die?”

    “Right, you did die.”

    “So I died and now I’m a ghost?”

    “No, I didn’t let that happen, You deceived me so I can’t let you off that easily.”

    I spoke with a grim tone, but hearing my response, Melpomene couldn’t help but let out a few weak chuckles.

    “Did you kill me and then bring me back?”


    “Why didn’t you just leave me die?”

    “I require the necklace you have around your neck.”

    “I think it’s gone now though.”

    “No, it’s still there, it just doesn’t want to be seen.”

    “I guess just saying sorry isn’t enough right?”

    Melpomene was giving me her sad puppy eyes but my heart was not easily swayed.


    “Then are you curious to know why? Why it is I wore the necklace?”

    “Yes, you just told me that the wearer would die.”

    “Yeah, it was set to happen today, the 95th day after your child was born.”

    “So you even knew the exact date, how did you learn of the necklace’s location?”

    There wa this one time which I heard of a conversation between you and big sister, discussing the necklace. I then learned that you had it stashed in the lab and after coming here on several occasions, I was able to confirm its exact location.

    “Lena, just what kind of security measures do you actually have in place?”

    “Johra, last time you told me not to monitor those close to you.”

    Hm, I vaguely recalled saying something along those lines.

    “At least that prophecy has been completed.”

    “Yes, all thanks to you.”

    “The moment I wore the necklace I learned the require conditions to become a god.”

    ‘So it seems that you can only know the information once you wear it.’

    “Tell me what the requirements are.”

    “It was to kill all those close to you.”

    The price to pay for Godhood was quite steep indeed. I’m glad that hadn’t worn the necklace and been faced with such a dilemma.

    “As expected, it isn’t so easy to become a God.”

    “Did you already know?”


    “So that’s why you have yet to try it on.”


    “But master.”

    “What is it?”

    “I think that the curse has changed since I’ve died and come back to life.”

    ‘Oh, can death cause the curse to change? That’s quite advantageous for us considering that I can easily revive her.’

    “So what kind of curse is it?”

    “I need to sleep with one million men.”


    ‘So the conditions aren’t only related to deaths.’

    “Master do you truly need this necklace back?”


    “I see. Then I’ll give it back, just give me some time please.”

    “How will you manage to give it back?”

    “I just told you, I need to just sleep with one million men, then I can lift the curse and hand you the necklace.”


    Although she had betrayed me to some extent, it was not to the point where I’d want her to lay with one million men. Not to mention that we’d already had sex and Viezda would be terribly disappointed if she ever found out.

    “You’ve already betrayed me once, but as if that wasn’t enough you want to now sleep with one million more men after having shared the same bed? I won’t allow it.”

    “Then what should I do?”



    “You will die and die again until the appropriate curse appears. Become a god and serve me in order to atone for the sins you’ve committed. This is now your path going forward.

    “Well… you’re saying it like that, but isn’t it because you also have some feelings for me?”

    Melpomene had a delightful smile learning that I didn’t what her to sleep with other men, but it was still a bit awkward since I had basically sentenced her to multiple deaths.

    Since that day we’ve only slept two hours per day, spending the rest of the time killing and then reviving Melpomene. After repeated uses we managed to perfect it down to an art, by which I killed her in the quickest and least painful manner, causing my Resurrection Song to jumped to Level 4.

    In that manner the next nine months flew by, and it was Veznos’ first year birthday.

    “Happy birthday Veznos!”

    The large dining hall was decorate with bright colors. It was the best birthday I had ever attended in this world.

    “Congrats Vez, here I prepared this for you!”

    Jillian handed her a chess set which he had personally carved.

    “Wow! What is this?”

    Vez now had the knowledge of a junior high school student, and the body of a five year old due to her Rapid Growth. The combination of genes from a MoonElf and a Meta Human gave her an incredible boost in learning ability.

    “It’s called Chess. It’s a game which master first showed us, and now you can play it as well.”

    The eyes of the Princess and Jerna began to shine. Soon they would have another worthy adversary.

    “I prepared this one for you Vez. I was a bit worried about how fast your hair was growing, so here you are.”

    Jerna handed her a dark red hairpin which matched beautifully with Vez’s sleek blonde hair.

    “Wow! It’s perfect, can I try it on now?”

    Jerna nodded back excitedly and helped her put it on.

    “Well… I wasn’t able to prepare anything special, despite you being the daughter of the man who saved me.…”

    She handed Vez a jewelry box which she had kept on her since her days in the palace.

    “Sister princess, this is too much so I can’t accept it.”

    Vez was already wise enough to refuse such an expensive gift.

    “It’s fine, I’ve been trying to put my past behind me, so you’d actually be helping me out by relieving me of such a burden.”


    “It’s fine, you can accept her gift.”

    “Thank you sister princess, I’ll cherish it.”

    After that every servant in the manor handed out their own gifts, and Vez would have a beaming smile every time. As her father, seeing so happy naturally brought a smile to my face as well.

    “This is all I have to give you.” Melpomene slowly made her way to the middle of the hall and began singing in her rich and pure elven voice.

    ‘Uhm… isn’t this song….’

    “Johra, isn’t this similar to your Resurrection Song?”

    Lena and I both had the same question as we were able to find several similarities between them.

    Melpomene’s song was so similar to my Ressurection Song, but others would never be able to recognize that fact.

    Her lyrics spoke of the gods and the sorrow of humans. It was a clash between eternity and mortality. We all listened with rapt attention, staring at Melpomene sing.

    “Johra, look at Vez.”

    Viezda came over and leaned her head on my shoulder. We both turned to look at Vez who was now shining in a bright blue light.

    “Johra, did you say Vez was a Demi God?”


    “I think that light represents her feelings, so she must be very happy right now.”

    Viezda put her arms around my waist at looked at our daughter with a smile. We were both content, seeing our daughter express such a big smile.

    I was even happy with Melpomene’s performance, despite her earlier betrayal. Naturally that didn’t change the fact that I had to kill her later that night.

    “Why are you hesitating, Johra?”

    “I had already killed her countless times, but for some reason tonight was different.

    ‘Is it really so important for me to become a God? Can’t I find some middle ground with the High-Gods and achieve a compromise? Even after killing her hundreds of times we have yet to find an easy curse. Is it really worth putting her through such torture?’


    While I was contemplating any further actions, Melpomene went ahead and decisively and stabbed her carotid artery.

    Devastated, I look down at her. I needed her to die but was unable to do it by my own hand. I stood there, looking at her corpse for a few seconds, sighing and my own weakness and praising her decisiveness.

    After resurrecting her she spoke out in a cheery voice, unlike that of someone who had just come back from the dead.

    “Master, I think this time is the one.”

    We would usually repeat this process 10 times per night, so she had experienced death roughly 2700 times over the past nine months.

    “It was certainly painful to die, both physically and mentally exhausting. Although it wasn’t easy on my end to kill someone I cared for, it was still much harder to do the actual dying part. And yet, she was strong enough to go ahead and commit suicide herself, knowing that it would relieve my mind on the burden of doing it myself. After experiencing this last one, I had chosen to put and end to this farce, but as luck would have it, a miracle occured.

    “Are you sure?”

    I answered Melpomene.

    “Yes, I think it shouldn’t be too hard to satisfy these conditions.”

    “What is it this time?”

    “To experience 100,000 deaths”

    “What? 100,000 times!”

    “I’ll get started.”



    She once again cut her own carotid artery, before I could finish talking. Through the countless experiments we had done, we learned that the smaller the injury, the quicker it was to resurrect her; therefore slitting the carotid artery was the most efficient way.

    ‘Uh… but didn’t the conditions reset after every death? I guess we can only find out once she comes back to life.’

    After a short time she once again opened her eyes.


    “Are you awake Melpomene?”


    “Are you ok? Did the condition change?”

    Melpomene shook her head and answered.

    “I’ve completed the first death.”

    ‘Is this some kind of special condition? It must be that this is a special case.’


    Melpomene once again killed herself without giving me the chance to get another word in.

    “Melpomene’s become a pro at dying….”

    And so we spent that night in a cycle of death and resurrection, creating a new record.

  • Chapter 110

    “Master I think that there are only 10,000 left.”

    Melpomene swiftly cut her own carotid artery once more after informing me. We had managed to achieve 1,000 deaths per day, for a total of 90,000 deaths in 90 days. I was now spending more than half of my day, about 15 hours, repeating this process of death and resurrection.

    At first our excuse was that Melpomene also wanted to have a child, but now it was getting harder and harder to explain. Thanks to this my odd titles had all reached maximum and most people around me took me for a lecherous pervert.

    I now only took about 50 to 55 seconds to complete the cycle of Melpomene’s death and resurrection. Due to this extreme repetition my Resurrection Song skill hit max.

    On Melpomene’s end it was simply dying over and over again, with hardly any time for words in between. After having repeated it for over 90,000 times, it had become like a mechanical process, and the boundaries between life and death seemed nonexistent.

    Death, resurrection and then death once more.

    An endless cycle which neither took into account the respect for life or the solemness of death.

    After undergoing such a unique experience, I began to question my beliefs.

    ‘What is is death? What is life? Just what is the meaning behind them if one can so easily be resurrected. Is there no soul? Why is it that in a world where Gods are actually present that there is no mention of the soul?’

    As I was pondering these questions Melpomene died a few more times.

    “Master, after all these deaths it seems that you’re still overthinking things.”

    She didn’t forget to immediately off herself after finishing her sentence. She had truly mastered the art of suicide. At first I was the one to do it, but she quickly took over as she was more efficient and ruthless towards herself.

    Due to this she gained the title [Suicide Addict LvMax]. Although I would previously be affected to a certain extent with the death of a sentient being, after being exposed to so many deaths, I no longer felt so touched.

    I had also discovered a truly interesting fact. If one were to die, but then be resurrected, they would suffer a penalty. This penalty would also occur at any subsequent revivals. Of course this wasn’t unexpected, after all there had to be some kind of balance for a cheat ability such as Resurrection. Still, even stranger was that if you killed yourself, you could gain some experience. At first these two seemed to balance each other out, but while the penalty was linear, the experience gained was exponential. So by your second suicide you’d receive twice as much experience and then four times as much for the third. It came out to quite an impressive figure.

    Due to this, Melpomene was able to evolve several times. From High Elf to Royal High Elf. then on to Arch Elf and finally Demi Elf. She was now just a step away from Godhood.

    Nevertheless her curse had yet to disappear. Perhaps it was so strong that it would only disappear once she became a God.

    The time it took me to think of this Melpomene had already died another 10 times, and in this manner we passed our entire night, up until the early morning.

    “Melpomene, let’s stop here for now.”

    “There are only about 9,000 times left, don’t you want to regain your necklace as soon as possible?”

    “It’s fine, I’m not in much of a hurry.”

    “Then please go back first, Master. I’ll stay back and clean up the blood.”


    I left her behind in the lab, with the task of cleaning up the monstrous amount of blood which had spilled on the floor.

    “Lena… the morning sunlight is a bit too bright.”

    “Johra that isn’t my doing, it’s….”


    “Ugh! Vez!”

    She rushed into my embrace my and I was hit with a bright golden light . Vez had already grown to the size of junior high schooler and would emit different colours depending on her mood.

    Her present golden light represented great joy.

    “Dad! Dad! I finally won a game versus sister.”

    Over the last 3 months she had developed a liking for the game of chess. Of course at first she wasn’t close to being a difficult opponent, but she learned quickly and just one month ago she overcame Jillian, and today she finally beat Jerna.

    “Congrats Vez! Jerna is very strong at chess.

    “Isn’t she just average though? Dad’s chess ability is the best in the world right?”

    “Well… about that….”

    I felt a bit bad about the deception.

    “Johra you know that someday you’ll have to come clean about it….”

    Lena spoke to me covertly, but I simply ignored her.

    For a little while longer I wanted to keep up the appearance of a super dad.

    “Even in chess there is a luck factor, so don’t get too ahead of yourself after just one win. There is always a stronger opponent waiting for you out there.”

    “Yup, you are so right. Even princess Mayardus is much stronger than Jerna, I have no chance against her.”

    “Yeah, the princess is good at chess.”

    “By the way, who is Lilinor? I heard about this mysterious sister who is even stronger in chess.”

    “Oh… she’s a friend of your dad’s, but we haven’t seen each other in quite some time.”

    “Ah, I hope that I can meet her some day!”



    “Yes, I promise.”

    In the past I would hold in contempt those fathers which were unable to refuse any of their daughter’s requests, but it appears that I had somehow joined their ranks.

    “Dad will you be going to bed now?”

    “I guess….”

    “It feels like you spend your entire days playing with big sister Melpomene, you should rest more often.”

    “Yes, I’ll do that.”

    Allowing Vez to lead me to our bedroom, I walked in to join Viezda who was resting after her morning exercises.

    “Johra are you tired?”

    Biezda stared into my eyes lovingly.

    “I’m sorry about all this Viezda.”

    “No, not at all.”

    “You see….”

    “I just hope that this remains a phase and that it doesn’t last too long.”

    It was terrible misunderstanding, but I decided to let it rest for now. Still I knew that I would have to soon explain myself to her so that she wouldn’t feel too sad.

    “It should be ending shortly.”

    I was running out of good excuses, but luckily she didn’t press the issue.

    I took a short three hour nap to catch up on some much needed rest, before getting up and preparing myself to attack the Killion dungeon with my party members.

    At this point we had already reached the 30th floor in the dungeon and had left a teleportation array there during our last visit. We continued to search in areas which had yet to be mapped out by other adventurers.

    “Master you said we’d be looking for a Gargoyle creature with crimson wings?”

    “Yes, I saw it the other time, it was holding what looked like a grimoire in its hand.”

    “Then if we catch him can we take the book and learn more magic from it?”

    Jerna asked curiously.

    I nodded back and answered.

    “It should be the case, but it’s rather hard to locate. Still, there have been several sighting of it over time, so if we take our time to explore carefully and our patient we should encounter it in the end.”

    Everyone nodded back and continued their hunting.

    Naturally Jillian had already followed in my footsteps as a Meta Human and Jerna had become a High Human. Both of their levels had also increased considerably. On the Princess’ side she had become a Nosferatu. Unfortunately they suffered from the same leveling penalty which I had experienced as a Demi Lich, so despite the thousands of monsters we had slain, her experience was slightly lower than the other two.

    To a certain extent it made a lot of sense seeing as she was now an immortal being, she would have a lot more time to level up compared to humans, so a certain balance was justified. It seemed that this sort of balancing act only appeared as one progressed in the higher tier evolutions.

    [Level has reached the Maximum]

    [Evolution is now Possible]

    Finally my long awaited evolution arrived

    As a Meta Human the last few levels were truly demanding, and it ended taking me a whole year and nine months before maxing out.

    “Huh… so is it finally time to evolve?”

    “Master did you manage to max out your level?”

    Once Jillian evolved into a Meta Human he had gained the ability to fly and control fire. According to Lena it matched the abilities of the superhero Human Torch. However it seems like he had gained an additional super hearing ability, as seen by the fact that he heard me murmuring to myself while in the midst of fighting a monster.


    “What’s your evolution Johra?”

    Jerna and Mayardus walked over after clearing the nearby monsters and asked curiously.

    “Just give me a break would you….”

    Name: Chompy (Johra)
    Gender: Male
    Status: Normal
    Race: Meta-Human
    Class: Warrior/ Priest/ Mage
    Rank: B 
    Level: 999/999
    HP: 999,999/999,999
    MP: 222,222/222,222
    Attack: 7,777 (+99)
    Defense: 222,222 (+99)
    Agility: 77,777
    Intelligence: 33,333
    ✧ Unique Skills
    [Water Creation LvMax] [Lesser Healing LvMax] [Magic Chanting LvMax] [Poison Fog LvMax] [Decoy LvMax(Inactive)] [Spider Sense LvMax] [Web Shot LvMax] [Nano Spike Lv8]
    [Danger Premonition Lv5] [Extreme Reflexes  Lv2] [Danger Sensing Lv3] [Insta-Kill Poison Needle Lv5] [Viscous Spider Web Lv3]
    ✧ (Hidden) Unique Skills
    [Night Vision Lv1] [Resurrection Song LvMax]
    ✧ (Hidden) Titles (Active)
    [Wizard of the Pit] [Master of Magma Hall] [Guardian of Corruption]
    ✧ (Hidden) Titles (Inactive)
    [Rat Trapper] [Hit-and-Run] [Savior Lv4] [Coldhearted LvMax] [Dragon Slayer Lv1] [Ant Exterminator Lv14] [Spider’s Bane Lv3] [Giant Killer Lv2] [Scuttles’ Grief LvMax] [Goblin’s Slaughterer Lv8] [Valenor’s Husband] [Pervert LvMax] [Stud-Horse LvMax] [Researcher of Sex Lv7] [Sadist LvMax] [Masochist LvMax] [Justicar of Death LvMax] [Cheat Death Lv. Max] [Slave’s Husband]
    ✧ (Hidden) Modifications
    [Avatar Lv1] [Creation Magic Lv1] [Resurrection Song Lv1]

    ✧ (Hidden) Creation Magic
    [Hidden Status] [Species Conversion(Human)] [Material Creation Lv8]

    ✧Evolution Choice

    [Demi Human] [Leader of the Fallen] [Revenant]

    “Huh, what the hell?”

    ‘Demi Human is easy enough to guess. It’s probably the same meaning as Demi Lich which means it’s just one step away from becoming a God. But what is this Leader of the Fallen? Sounds like some childish title, and what about Revenant?’

    “I can evolve into a Demi Human.”

    I didn’t announce my other choices. I didn’t want to say anything before fully understanding what these options meant.

    “Then will you evolve?”

    “If you choose to evolve I will protect you Johra!”

    “Yeah, you can count on me too!”

    Jillian and Jerna seemed super motivated but I simply shook my head.

    “Let’s head back for now, I’m pretty tired.”

    “What happened you didn’t sleep well last night?”

    Following Jerna’s question, princess Mayardus sported her crooked smile. This was certainly another one of those misunderstandings.

    “I guess so….”

    Unwilling to explain I simply sigh in despair and activate the teleportation magic.

    I’ll go rest so you guys take the chance to further your studies with Lena.

    The three of them gave me a knowing smile as I headed back to the bedroom.

    ‘So it’s between a Demi Human and two unknowns like Leader of the Fallen and Revenant, how troublesome.’

  • Chapter 111

    ‘For Melpomene it seems that even if she’s definitely hit max level, she isn’t able to evolve further. Could evolutions have some sort of cap? Could it be due to the cursed necklace or maybe even her original curse? It might even be that there exists a certain limiter in our genes which don’t allow us to cross a certain threshold and challenge the Gods.’

    It was an important fundamental question.

    A Demi Human was at the end of the day a knock off of a real God. Such a half heartedness would never allow me to gain the power I required to challenge the High Gods.

    Revenant sounded like one which involved an endless amount of grinding. If my goal was not one of vengeance against the gods, then perhaps it would have been a good choice.

    All that remained was the Leader of the Fallen.

    It was in fact the only viable option in my eyes. It was neither a race nor a profession and looking back through history there didn’t exist any record of it. Of course I had a certain amount of doubt towards it, after all to date I had blindly jumped into two evolutions. The first was the Enchanter, which although it was an interesting path, in the end it was quite useless. The second was the Demi Lich. I was completely caught unaware with its powers. Although it was indeed a strong evolution, if one is unable to properly control his powers, then it would only lead to his downfall.

    Looking back in the past at those occasions where I had blindly picked my evolutions, I realised that I had been quite lucky.

    I was once again in that very same scenario, so it was time to gamble once more.

    “Yes, let’s do it.”

    Recently my teenager spirit had begun to resurface.

    “I guess that at worst I’ll be treated as a bigger pervert.”

    I felt a rush as I finally decided on my evolution. Of course I did so knowing that I still had my Species Conversion ability as a trump card.

    [Evolved into Leader of the Fallen]

    [Levels removed]

    [All skills have been lost]

    [You have learned Destroyer of Creation Lv1 / Unlimited]

    [You have learned Corrupt Immunity]

    [Some titles have merged into Corrupt Lv1]

    “What’s going on… this is crazy!”

    I rushed to take a look at my status.

    Status: Normal
    Race: Leader of the Fallen
    Class: Warrior/ Priest/ Mage
    Rank: ??? 
    Level: ???
    HP: 999,999/999,999
    MP: 222,222/222,222
    Attack: 999,999,999 (+99)
    Defense: 999,999,999 (+99)
    Agility: 77,777
    Intelligence: 33,333
    ✧ Unique Skills

    [Destroyer of Creation Lv1 / Unlimited ] [Corrupt Immunity]

    ✧ (Hidden) Modifications
    [Avatar Lv1] [Creation Magic Lv1] [Resurrection Song LvMax]
    ✧ (Hidden) Titles (Active)
    [Wizard of the Pit] [Master of Magma Hall] [Guardian of the Fallen]
    ✧ (Hidden) Titles (Inactive)
    [Rat Trapper] [Hit-and-Run] [Savior Lv4] [Coldhearted LvMax] [Dragon Slayer Lv1] [Ant Exterminator Lv14] [Spider’s Bane Lv3] [Giant Killer Lv2] [Scuttles’ Grief LvMax] [Goblin’s Slaughterer Lv8] [Valenor’s Husband] [Father of Unknown Potential] [Corrupt Lv1] [Companion of Slaves]

    ✧ (Hidden) Creation Magic
    [Hidden Status] [Species Conversion(Human)] [Material Creation Lv8]

    “Shit! No… well at least I still have my Creation Magic, losing that would have been devastating.”

    Also those shameful titles have all disappeared and had merged into Corrupt Lv1

    “So what the hell just happened?”

    I was unconsciously grabbing onto the bed mattress when it simply disintegrated into dust.

    [Destroyer of Creation level 1 ➢ 2]

    “Just what is this destruction ability?”

    I stared at the pile of dust which just seconds ago had been my bed mattress with a stupefied expression.

    I then tried it out on some other items in the room before I became completely convinced.

    “Johra it seems to be an ability which accelerates the decay of material by influencing time. I can detect a rapid decline in the emission of radioactivity in those materials.

    “Yes I was also thinking along those lines.

    It was a strange ability which could accelerate the decay of any objects I touched. Although it sounded like it was a truly powerful weapon, I wondered if it was one which I could control.

    “Although it is very strong, it is meaningless against the Gods since they are immortal.

    I muttered to myself unhappily as I left the room and headed towards my underground lab.

    We still had to continue Melpomene cycle of death and resurrection.

    “Master I heard that you finally evolved today right? That’s great news, but let’s continue!”

    As soon as she said those words she instantly killed herself. We could only continue talking after she’d resurrected.

    “I evolved but it isn’t anything special.”

    This curse should be ending soon, so I asked her when she next revived.

    “How much is left?”

    “9812 times. These days our efficiency has dropped so it should take around 15 more days.”

    I saw Melpomene die as I whispered to myself.

    “Still 15 more days of this….”

    We went on through the night like a couple of machines, an endless cycle of death and revival. Due to my recent evolution my skills had disappeared which slowed down our progress considerably.

    “Let’s stop here, I’m tired.”

    “I only died a few times today, at this speed I’m not sure when we can finish, 크크크.

    Melpomene laughed weirdly, but her appearance had changed drastically compared to when we first started. She had deep dark circles around her eyes and her face was very pale.

    Viezda would occasionally ask if I was overdoing it a little bit, but I couldn’t now fix this misunderstanding. Once you’ve started on a certain path with a lie, you had no choice but to see it through to the end.

    I’ve already given up everything for this, crossing a line which human shouldn’t ever cross. I was also feeling the burden no more than ever after my latest evolution, so I simply headed to our bedroom to crash.

    “Huh, what’s wrong Viezda?”

    “Why’s the bed gone Johra?”

    I had completely forgotten about disintegrating the bed earlier today. Viezda was now lying down on a futon which had stretched out on the floor. Vez was probably learning form Lena along with the other three.

    “Sorry about that Viez, I had completely forgotten about it.”

    “No worries, sleeping on the ground like this isn’t so bad, it brings back memories of the olden days. Well, I say olden days but it only really has been about two years. Come lie down, you look tired.”

    “Yea, I’ll just take a quick snooze.”

    I ended up sleeping for quite some time. I used to have skills which helped restore my condition and lower fatigue, but this was no longer the case.

    When I opened my eyes once more, I woke up to the sight of Viezda’s charming sleeping face.

    “That was quite the nap.”

    “You slept for exactly 11 hours, 23 minutes and 17 seconds.”

    Lena’s timely report soon followed.

    “Ugh, and I still feel beat up.”

    After some minor complaints, it was time for us to continue in the Killion dungeon.

    ‘So although I can’t gain experience, at least it doesn’t stop the other party members from receiving their share through the rings.’

    “Did you evolve, Master?”


    “What was the evolution? Is it some continuation of a Meta Human? I wonder If I’ll one day get there a well,”Jillian continued.

    “It’s nothing special, just the ability to crush stuff.”

    I picked up a rock and gave them a demonstration.

    “Oh~ that’s a pretty cool ability, Master!”

    “Yes, but it’s quite useless.”

    “Isn’t that ability strong though? Can you crush absolutely anything?” Jerna asked in admiration.

    “I’m not sure, there doesn’t seem to be a cap on the skill level so…. maybe?”

    I was still wondering if this effect would extend to Gods as well.

    ‘I guess I might as well grind it just in case.’

    Whenever there was some downtime I would pick stuff up and crush them. Be monster corpses or stones, anything did the trick.

    [Acquired ⦅Title: Corrupter of Creation Lv1⦆]

    ‘Corrupter of Creation? I guess it’s pretty self explanatory.’

    Since then I continued to raise the skill Destroyer of Creation until finally the last day of the Melpomene killing cycle arrived.

    “Johra this should be the last time.”


    The moment Melpomene died for the 10,000th time, a deathly black fog began to form around her body.

    I hadt cast out Resurrection Song as a reflex, which might have interrupted her current transformation.

    “I hope all goes well…”

    The black fog and a certain golden light all began to circle her corpse. In the end the black fog began seeping into her body until there wasn’t any left.


    She came back to life, but her eyes were a creepy pitch black.

    “Johra, I’ve become a God.”

    The necklace reappeared around her neck as she looked at me with those eyes devoid of any emotions.

    “I can now see that you aren’t a living creature, Johra.”


    “No, you shouldn’t call me by that name anymore.”

    “What then?”

    “My name is Thanatos, the one which embodies the will of Death.”

    “Thanatos huh?”

    “Johra there were some myths back on Earth in which Death was personified by a God. It’s symbol was that it projected suicidal thoughts.”

    Even without Lena’s explanation I was able to guess this much. It was the birth of the God of Death Thanatos, after having experienced death 100,000 times.

    I was no longer able to see Melpomene’s, or rather Thanatos’ status page or skills. It was clear to me that she’d become an existence which surpassed me.

    “Hm… so what do you plan on doing now Melpo… no, Thanatos?”

    “I don’t know, what ever you require of me, Master?”

    ‘Huh? Master?’

    “Do you still regard me as your owner? Is this some kind of joke?”

    “Not at all, you will forever be my master.”

    “Even though you are now a God?”

    “Didn’t you know? Among Gods it is even more important to stand by your word. I will forever be Johra’s slave, and this fact can’t be changed unless you decide to throw me aside.”

    ‘Jackpot! I now have a God as a slave.’

    “Is that so?”

    “If you think I’m lying you need only ask me to do something to prove my loyalty.”

    I gazed at Thanatos but couldn’t help but think of Melpomene.

    “No, that won’t be necessary. Can you see now?”

    “I don’t think this is a human’s sight, but I can see in my own way.”


    “Then I’ll hand this over to you.”

    Thanatos removed her necklace and handed it to me.

    “Finally got it back, it’s certainly given me quite the trouble and could have caused my death.”

    “If I didn’t have Master’s help I would have suffered at the hands of the Gods’ curse for all eternity.”

    “I guess that’s true, but in the end you also underwent quite a traumatizing experience.”

    “It’s fine, you can call upon me whenever you’d like, I’m entirely yours to command.”

    “Uh… thank you.”

    “You and I share a bond deeper than that of a Master and slave.”


    “You’ll know about it soon enough.”

    “Go see sister for now. At the moment I can’t appear in front of humans. Except for when Vez is around, I’d negatively influence other creatures.”


    “Right, such as giving them suicidal thoughts.”

    What a terrifying ability.

    “Alright, but what do I tell the others?”

    “I think it would be best to say that the woman name Melpomene ran away.

    “Are you okay with that?”

    “I’ve already disintegrated all which belonged Melpomene when I became a God.”


    “I still have you. Which is the most important thing for me.”

    I felt her burning desire behind those pitch black eyes..


  • Chapter 112

    Thanatos had vanished after that day. Well, in truth she wasn’t so much gone, but rather became invisible and dogged my every step. Although I didn’t know the full extent of her powers, she was sure to be useful. Also, it was good to know that no one else could see her besides myself.

    The problem was that regardless of where I went, she was sure to follow.

    The bedroom was a given, the lab, during dinner and even while I was bathing or in the restroom.

    Just imagine a God of Death hovering beside you, watching your every move.

    The only situation where she couldn’t stay by my side was when Vez wasn’t around

    I was the only time which I was free of Thanatos.

    “Jillian, Jerna, Mayardus, don’t stray too far from me.”

    “Yes Master. Are you expecting it to become dangerous?”

    Hmph! I’m not that weak.”

    Although Jillian was quick to accept my concerns, the Princess was too proud. She was also a Nosferatu which was an elite vampire, so her strength was decent. At a B+ rank, she was almost on the level of a regular dragon.

    At the moment we were clearing a floor of the Killion dungeon which none had previously come to, but my assistance wasn’t at all required. Over the past year my party members have really gained a lot of experience and strength, becoming first rate adventurers.

    “Jerna, get ready there are a group of lizardmen ahead.”

    “Mayardus was the first to notice the enemy with her enhanced perception. Jerna’s class had already advanced to an Archmage.

    “Spirits of Ice heed my call, descend and freeze all before us!”

    Following her spell the dozens of Lizardmen who were charging towards us were instantly rooted in place, having become monster popsicles. Lizardmen were genetically modified creatures so they were quite weak towards ice magic.

    “My turn, Firestorm!”

    Jillian had the same mastery of the fire element just like the Human Torch did. Only it was different from conventional, but rather some esper ability. Unlike regular magic which usually existed as an external force, Jillian could even control the fire within his own body.


    Kieeek Kieek

    According to Lena’s readings his Firestorm reached up to 2,000 degrees Celsius. Between the Ice magic, Firestorm and Mayardus personally piercing their hearts with her bare hands, The group of Lizardmen were quickly taken care of.

    “What do you think, Johra? Still worried about us?”

    “If there was something to worry about, it wouldn’t be versus some puny Lizardmen.”

    Truth, I the reason I wanted them close to me was to keep Thanatos away, but I couldn’t very well tell them that.  

    “Johra seems to be staying quite close to us ever since Melpomen escaped, are you thinking that we will also run away?”

    “It’s not….”

    Jillian cut Jerna of, but the Princess continued.

    “That was Johra’s fault for overdoing it with her. Melpomene must have suffered too much at his hands so her running away is justified since she must have feared for her life.”

    I saw Thanatos give me a creepy smile from afar.

    “It’s fine if she escaped because I can still know where she is and that she’s safe. I’m in no hurry to go and fetch her and I’m willing to leave her alone.

    “What, did you go so far as planting some tracking device on her?”

    Jerna asked me somewhat bewildered.

    “Well it’s for her safety.”

    “It’s okay Johra, we won’t run away from you, we’ve already sworn to serve you until the day we die.”

    I was touched by the Princess’ comment, but was worried that she’d later become like Thanatos.

    “Want to continue? I was planning on going a bit further today.”

    “I understand, hurry along Jerna. Princess, you too.”

    Everyone nodded at Jillian’s suggestion,  and we all headed deeper into the dungeon.

    We had already achieved the limit of what had previously been mapped out in the Killion Dungeon, but hadn’t discovered any path which led to the deepest levels.  

    Two of the five paths hadn’t yet been explored, so it should be in one of those two.

    “Will we do the blue today?”

    “Hadn’t we decided on the red?”

    At each of the five entrances, the magic circles leading in had a certain magic jewel placed within them. All that were left now were the red ruby and blue sapphire.

    “I’d prefer the blue one….”

    “How about we let the majority decide?”

    “What’s a majority?”

    “Huh, you don’t know about the majority?” It’s when you choose something based on what most people picked.”

    It seemed that democracy hadn’t yet appeared in this world.

    “If you decide that way, then won’t the few whose opinions were ignored, complain?” The Princess asked coldly.

    “Right, but if you follow the opinion on the few and ignore the many, won’t it be the many complaining instead?” I countered.

    “I don’t know, in such situations isn’t it easiest to ask what is the God’s will?”


    “Master has such unique ideas.”

    “Let’s give it a try, so how is it done?”

    The Princess ended up agreeing in the end and it was put up for a vote.

    “Blue! Today’s color is blue.”

    The sapphire magic array was the one which we expected to go the deepest.

    “Does this one lead to a next stage?”

    In these dungeons the transition area between stages was usually protected by a boss monster.

    This time around we arrived at tunnel which only one path which was being guarded by a huge black dragon.

    “I don’t see any other way round it.”

    I nodded back worriedly. Although the three look excited to face off against a dragon, I knew that their recent success had gotten to their heads and that they were not its opponent.

    “Well, it wouldn’t be too bad for them to suffer a setback or two.”

    “The dragon can likely speak so why don’t we try communicating with it first?”

    “Is it possible that it would let us through without a fight?”

    I nodded back.

    “There is still a chance of settling this peacefully.”

    “Has it happened to you before?”

    “Yeah… so what should I tell it.”

    Unfortunately things didn’t go as expected since it never even bothered responding.


    As soon as we approached the dragon began to breathe in deeply.

    “Damn, get behind me, it’ll launch a dragon breath!”

    “Oh, but then what about you, Master?”


    “ Jerna! Quit fooling around and get behind me. Princess, you too!”


    I stepped forward to receive the brunt of its attack; however, just as the dragon breath was about to dissipate, the black dragon lifted its claw and pointed behind me.

    “Thor’s Thunder! Thor’s Thunder! Thor’s Thunder!”

    Pazzik! Paaazik!

    The three lightning bolts struck behind me. The Rohim shield was barely able to cope with the Lv. 9 dragon breath and shattered instantly when faced with the three lightning spells.

    “Sorry Johra, I wasn’t able to block those spells, they overwhelmed the shield far too quickly.”

    I looked behind me and saw three charred corpses. Only the Princess’ was twitching ever so slightly due to the enhanced vitality of the Nosferatu, but it would still take quite the long time to resurrect.

    “Dam you Krishna! How dare you kill my disciples!”

    Kung Kung Kung

    “Ho ho~ My breath was blocked by a mere mortal, not to mention that you even know my name.”

    The black dragon Krishna eyed me curiously as it approached.”

    “You don’t seem to be afraid of me.”

    I quickly reached out to its giant maw which was now within arms reach and grabbed hold of an exposed tooth.


    The dragon which had previously been confident that its defenses could never be breached by a mere human, now scuttled back in fear.

    “What… you can’t be human! Are you a Messiah? No, it can’t be, the seal of the Gods is still in place so you wouldn’t be able to enter if that were the case. Just what are you?”

    It had backed off cautiously, staring at me from a distance of one hundred meters.

    “Just stay there quietly like a good little boy. If you move, you’re dead.”

    I turned my back to him and began casting my Resurrection Song.

    “You dare turn you back to me, the incarnation of death and destruction? Ha ha, I’ll crush you like the little bug that you are!”

    Kung Kung Kung

    It angrily rushed towards me in an attempt to stomp on me.

    ‘Huh? Why did the dragon stop? Of course the Rohim shield had been raised to its maximum power so there shouldn’t be a problem, but it couldn’t have known that.’

    “Johra the black dragon seems to be lowering its head to something.”

    ‘Hmm… bowing down? Oh, right.’

    I remembered that Thanatos was still nearby.

    Black dragons were said to represent death and destruction, so it was only natural for it to be subservient towards the God of Death,Thanatos.

    Kuuuooo… How come you can hear me?”

    I bunch of loud sounds originated from behind me, but I couldn’t turn to take a look or it would interrupt my Resurrection Song.

    “Johra the dragon was just blown up into thousands of pieces.


    Finally my spell ended. It would still take some time for the three to regain consciousness, but they would surely be shocked by the scene before them.

    “There are pieces of flesh everywhere.…”

    “How are you doing, Master? I put that rude fellow into its place so I deserve some praise right?”

    Thanatos lowered her head expectantly, perhaps wanting to be petted.

    “Hmm… you did well, but I was hoping to use it to temper my disciples.”

    I rubbed her head with an expression of regret.

    “Oh… I didn’t know. Next time I’ll leave it half dead instead.”

    “No, just don’t attack it at all. These young kids won’t grow if you deal with every troublesome situation. A difficult opponent is a chance to stimulate their growths.

    “Oh~ Master’s wisdom is beyond compare. I’m so silly so allow me to punish myself.”


    Thanatos instantly severed one of her arms and presented it to me.

    “Please accept the apologies of this incompetent slave.”

    I frowned seeing her severed limb.

    “In the future don’t do that again. You belong to me in your entirety, so you can’t hurt yourself without my permission.”

    “Forgive me… I was too impulsive, Master.”

    “Stop that Thanatos, my disciples will soon wake up.”

    “Yes Master, I’ll continue to observe from afar.”

    Thanatos vanished as quickly as she had appeared.

    Huu. the biggest stalker ever, just what has my life devolved into.’

    As i muttered to myself, the three of them finally woke up.

    Ugh… what happened?”

    “Master where did the dragon go?”

    “How are you….wait, weren’t we fighting a black dragon?”

    “Um… how should I explain this?”

  • Chapter 113

    “We had all died previously right?”

    Actually the Princess hadn’t died, but rather lost consciousness due to her severe injuries.

    “Yes you were all dead.”

    “Then how is it that we are alive and well now?”

    They all looked towards me, pressing me for an answer.

    ‘I guess they’ll find out eventually anyways so it couldn’t hurt to let them know now.’

    “I’ve saved you. I can cast a revival spell, as long as there hasn’t been too much time that has passed.”

    They stared at me, shocked into silence.

    “Johra the ability to resurrect others has always been exclusive to the Green Elder dragon. Throughout history there has never been another, not even among the Gods.”

    Princess Mayardus answered with a hint of uncertainty.

    “Well if one can do it what is so strange about another person having the same ability?”

    “Is there even anything that’s impossible when it comes to master?”

    “Johra what about the black dragon? How did you deal with it?”

    I shook my head in regards to Jenna’s question. It hadn’t been my doing.

    “I have no idea.”

    I told myself that I wasn’t entirely untrue seen as I hadn’t seen it happen. Just a simple white lie to protect certain secrets.

    “Johra, then is it possible to resurrect the black dragon as well?”

    “If I were to do that won’t it just attack us once more?”

    I asked the Princess following here question, but she shook her head in response.

    “I heard that dragons will always repay any favor shown. So even if you were considered an enemy before, it is sure to follow you if you save its life.”

    ‘Hmm… I didn’t get the same vibe I did from Valenor and Lilinor. Is it because it’s the dragon of death and destruction?”

    Hearing the Princess’ suggestion I suddenly became eager to have the black dragon as a servant under my control.

    ‘It would be hard to pull it off though, the amount of damage caused affects the difficulty of the resurrection.’

    “Help me gather the pieces of its body and we will try to assemble back once more.”

    It took half a day even with the help of all three of them because Thanatos had thoroughly blasted it into thousands of pieces. I also had to try and collect and purify as much of the dragon blood which had spilt on the ground, making the task even harder.

    “Everyone, close your eyes.”


    It wasn’t that I was doing something secret, but rather that I was shy to be caught singing in front of others.

    The Resurrection Song ended up being quite long at about two hours. It was mainly due to the dragon’s size and pitiful state its corpse had been in.


    The dragon finally emitted a soft growl, showing some sign of stirring.

    “It’s alive!”

    “Have you done it, Master?”

    “How incredible!”

    The three were finally allowed to open their eyes and shouted in surprise.

    I was still a bit wary though at stared carefully at slumbering dragon which was about twenty meters away.

    After about thirty minutes it finally opened its eyes.

    “Was it you who rescued me?”



    “Simply because I could.”

    “Hmm… I’ve already been abandoned by my God, I no longer have any reason to live on anymore.”

    “Black dragon, are you the kind of being that wouldn’t repay the favor he’s shown you?”

    Hearing the Princess’ accusation he turned to look at me unwillingly.”

    Are you willing to accept this poor, half dead servant?”

    I nodded back.

    “Then I shall from here on out abandon this living body, Polymorph!”


    A large black sword appeared in place of the dragon. As It fell down to the ground it sunk in considerably causing a large tremor in the cave.

    I opened up the sword’s status page.


    Name: Krishna

    Damage: 6,666

    Durability: 7,213,112/7,213,112

    Magic Spells: [Dragon Flame Lv9] [Life Absorption Lv8] [Dark Space Lv7] [Telepathy Lv9]

    [Summon Lv7] [Magic Enhancement LvMax]

    “What? Did you become a sword?”

    “Please pick me up, Master.”

    I approached slowly and grasped the hilt. With a tug I was able to lift it, but despite my strength I felt it was quite heavy.

    ‘Since you can wield me, then I’ll properly recognize you as my master.’

    [Acquired ⦅Title: Krishna’s Master⦆]

    “Master is that sword the dragon?”

    Jillian asked curiously while I nodded back.

    “What, you’ve never heard of a dragon turning into a sword?”

    The princess asked somewhat smugly as Jerna approached with wide eyes.


    As Jerna attempted to touch the sword, it emitted a blinding light.

    ‘Master, please don’t let others touch me.’

    “Jerna, Krishna doesn’t allow others to touch it.”

    “It’s not like it’s going to wear down my me touching,” she answered disappointedly.

    “Master, the path to the next floor is over there.”

    Following Krishna’s defeat, the entrance had appeared.

    “Would you like to go?”

    Thanatos had a knowing smile on her face but I ignored her.

    ‘Huh, so is this all there is to this sword Krishna? If I were to use it versus an Angel or even a God, could I harm them?’

    ‘Master it is easy to draw blood from an Angel if you use me because we are more or less existences on the same level. If you take into account your strength as well, then it is likely that they can’t even withstand a single blow.’

    ‘Krishna, are you able to read my thoughts?’

    ‘Reading master’s thoughts is a matter of course for a tool such as myself.’

    ‘From now I even can’t even have any personal space?’

    ‘Don’t worry Master, I exist only as a tool in your service and would never betray you.’

    ‘Yeah… but I still require my own privacy.’

    ‘Privacy, what is that?’

    As we headed down to the next level I took the time to have a nice chat with Krishna.’

    ‘Ah… I understand. So when Master tells me to, then I’ll stop reading your mind.’

    ‘Yes, let’s do it like that.’

    Just as we finished our telepathic conversation, we arrived to the next floor where a young looking merchant awaited us. Behind him there was a large temple, much like in the past dungeon.

    “Are you the spirit of Killion?”

    Following my question my party members jumped in surprise, looking at the man’s appearance more closely.

    “No wonder I thought I recognized him!”

    “Right, it’s him!”

    “Are you really Killion’s spirit, one of those Evil Gods?”

    In answer to their questions the man simply chuckled, but didn’t say a word. He then began drawing something on the ground.


    “It’s some sort of hieroglyph. It is a language restricted to the Gods, I’ll try my best to decipher it.”

    The man which we assumed was Killion’s spirit finished writing some symbols on the ground, then placed a small jewelry box down and disappeared.

    “Is that the reward for clearing the dungeon?”

    Princess Mayardus reached forward to grab the box, as Lena shouted towards me urgently.

    “Quickly stop her Johra! This is a test.”

    “Mayardus, stop!”

    Unfortunately I was a step too late.


    Upon contact the jewelry box opened up and a black mist emerged, swallowing the Princess up.

    “Shit! Jillian, Jerna get back!”

    “But Master, the box….”

    “We need to save sister!”

    “Get back, that’s an order!”

    Seeing the two finally retreat I asked Lena.

    “Is Mayardus still alive?”

    “There’s no way to know as of yet. The glyphs on the floor indicate that if she were to pass the test then she’d survive.”

    “How annoying, we’ve already cleared the dungeon so what kind of reward is this?”

    I stomped angrily on the ground, causing the marble floor to shatter and go flying in every direction. The pieces of marble which came in contact with the black mist however instantly vanished.

    ‘Krishna do you know what is going on?’

    ‘Sorry Master, I was only ordered by the God to protect the entrance, that is all.

    ‘Which God ordered you?’

    ‘Shiva, the God of Destruction. There are two Gods which I served, the one of Destruction and Death.’

    ‘Who was the God of Death?’

    ‘I recently met with the God of Death, Thanatos, but before that it had been Hera’

    ‘Can there be more than one God of Death?’

    ‘Right, there can indeed be more than one God representing a certain faction, but there will always be a High God which the others will serve.’

    ‘Then which one is Thanatos? The High God of Death or just a minor God?’

    ‘We can’t know as of yet, it is only when they meet the other Gods of Death that the hierarchy is established.’

    ‘How troublesome.’

    Although I was ecstatic to have a God like Thanatos as a subordinate, I wouldn’t feel the same if she would later be under the control of another higher tiered Death God. Especially with her knowing so many of my secrets.

    “Johra, I have some hint about how to open the box.”

    Lena’s voice appeared like a beacon of hope.

    “What is it Lena?”

    “The glyphs are archaic so my database can’t translate crucial words though. It goes(Those who know… can obtain ….) Unfortunately that’s all I could decipher.”

    “Ah! Good job Lena, I can figure out the rest”

    “What! How can you solve it based on only that much information?”

    “I got it.”


    “Those who know a God’s true name, can obtain God’s power.”

    Just as I finish speaking the box opened and the mist finally dissipated, revealing the Princess, a strange creature and pieces of marble.


    “Princess Mayardus!”

    We ran up to her body which was collapsed on the ground.

    “She’s just fast asleep. Her vitals are strong, she’ll be fine.”

    We all let out a sigh of relief.

    “But what is that weird looking creature?”

    From out of the black mist also appeared a weird gray ball which seemed to have a life of its own.

    “Ho ho, I’ve finally awakened! Worship me you mortals, I’m back! Ha ha ha!”

    On the previously smooth ball, a couple of wrinkles appeared. Shortly after they opened up to reveal a large eye and mouth.

    “You shut up!”

    I gave it a strong kick, causing it to go flying across the room and remain embedded into the wall.

    “What? You dare to kick the God of Whispers! Actually…can you please help me out of here?”

    Ignoring it, I simply left it there in the wall.

    “Hey! Don’t leave me like this! Take me out of here?”

    “Shut it! I don’t like noisy guys like you the most. In the end we’ve gained nothing useful out of this dungeon.”

    I had been hoping for a huge haul after completing the Killion dungeon, but all we got was a noisy gray eye, a huge failure.

    “I’m a God! Also I know a bunch of secrets pertaining the other Gods! Do you know how often Metatron tried to pry those secrets out from me? So if you’d just help me get out of this wall, i could let you in on some highly sensitive information!”

    I was indeed curious after hearing him speak of Metatron. I decided to draw the teleportation circle and send my party ahead of me.

    “You guys go back first and take good care of the Princess. I have business with that thing.”

    “Yes Master.”

    They headed back to the dungeon manor, carrying the unconscious Mayardus with them.

    I then slowly made my way to the wall the grey ball creature was embedded in and dug it out.

    Haha, it was quite troublesome to have been trapped in that box, thanks for getting me out o’ Condemned One.”

    “I don’t need your thanks, so quickly tell me all those secrets you mentioned.”

    Tong Tong

    I instructed him while tapping his eyeball.

    “I’m the great God of Whispers! Are you trembling now, Condemned One?”

    “Stop speaking nonsense and start talking”


    Krishna’s tip of sword  hit it straight on. Although it managed to close its eyelid, it still got burned.

    “Pff… I’m an God, you could never… what you burned me? How? No, no stop!”

    One who had never suffered a setback was sure to cringe when first feeling pain, and a God was no exception.

    “Are you ready to talk now?”

    I asked as I held Krishna overhead in a threatening manner.

    “You think that I’d surrender to you, Condemned One? ”


    I saw something forming at the center of its eye.

    “Johra! It’s charging a spell! It appears to be very similar to the one cast by the Beholder in Jeduth.”

    “Yes, I’m on it.”

    I quickly pulled out the same mirror I had used last time.

    “Ahhhhh! How?”

    In the end his beam was reflected back on him.”

    “I’ve previously faced off against one who used a similar skill to yours.”

    Harpok was attacked by his own skill, and couldn’t move.

    “First I need to put you in your place.”

    I thrust Krishna in his mouth.”


    “What was that? I can’t hear you properly.”

    When I removed Krishna from the inside of its mouth were burning and smoke emerged. The veins on its eye seemed to be popping and it was clear that it was in a lot of pain.

    Ohhhhh Sa…..Ohhh

  • Chapter 114

    I left the burning blade inside its mouth for quite some time, before finally pulling Krishna out.

    “So, are you feeling a bit more humble now?”

    “Ask me anything… I’ll answer.”

    “No, I can’t feel that you are being earnest.”

    I stick my sword back into Harpok’s mouth.

    “Stop… just hold up one moment! I promise I’ve become more humble, give me a chance!”

    “Hmm… I just have trouble believing you, why is that?”

    “No, no, truly ask me anything and I’ll answer you to the fullest of my abilities.”

    “Ok, I’ll believe you for now.”

    I look down at Harpok with Krishna resting on my shoulder.

    “Are you a God?”

    “That’s right, I’m a God.”

    “Then have you heard of Metatron?”

    “Of course I know him, he’s the one who imprisoned me in this jewelry box.”

    I level my gazed at him and waited a moment before continuing.

    “What is your relationship with Metatron?”

    “He had some secrets which he wanted to pry out of me, so he kept torturing me to such an end.”

    “Torture? How can that have gone one for any significant amount of time? You fold far too easily to pain.”

    “That’s because something is special about your sword. Normal weapons aren’t capable of harming Gods. That thing must be an Artifact class weapon”
    “Is it? I have no idea, so then it’s possible to harm a God with these so called Artifact weapons?”

    “Yes, in fact it was the very reason that Metatron had been pressing me for answers. He wanted an Artifact weapon of his own.”

    “Oh so it’s something that can even harm a God, that’s good to know.”

    ‘Master, have you finally recognize my value?’

    ‘Right, it appears that you will be quite useful indeed.”

    “Well, even if it’s an Artifact then it can only harm minor Gods. It wouldn’t be able to even scratch those High Gods, not to mention anyone those God Kings.”

    “ God Kings?

    “For example, Skyfather and Metatron who were both on about the same level.”

    “Oh, then why was it that Metatron was so interested in getting his hands on an Artifact?

    He couldn’t possibly be so concerned with killing some minor Gods right?”

    “No, it’s just that Metatron’s ability is to slow down time and enhance certain attributes. If an Artifact were to be enhanced, then it’s possible that it could be used to harm even the High Gods.”

    ‘Hmm… slowing down time was his ability after all, I wonder how I can even counter that?’

    “So, did you resist his torture and not tell him how to acquire an Artifact weapon?”

    “No, I ended up caving and told him that to acquire an Artifact would require the sacrifice of a God, but I knew that he would fail. ”

    “I see… so you lied to him and led him into a trap.”

    “Well… I guess so, it was a small sacrifice for the peace of the entire world.”

    “Should I stick Krishan back into you? Are you lying to me right now as well?”

    “To you? No, no I would never, anything but that burning sword!”

    “You were scared of him which is why you talked, well at least he didn’t succeed.”

    “Well… all’s well that ends well, right?”

    It could see it’s eyeball swirling from side to side, it was obviously trying to come up with some excuse and appeared nervous just like a human might.

    “So the reason you’re locked up was that Metatron failed and took his anger out on you?”

    “No, actually after Metatron failed he came back to me and asked me what the proper way was..”

    “Hmm… then how did you answer him?”

    “Well… for the sake of peace in this world, I sent him elsewhere.”

    “To another universe?”

    “Right, a parallel universe. I told him that in there he could increase the strength of an Artifact  by absorbing the life essences of countless insignificant beings.”

    “Oh, how many is countless?”

    I asked with a large frown.

    “The magic required to enhance such a weapon would certainly require the sacrifice of billions of lives.”

    “So in order to save the lives of those in this universe, you sent him to reap the lives of billions in this parallel universe, right?”

    “Yes, something like that. What happens in another universe isn’t of my concern so it seemed like a good option.”

    I gnashed my teeth in anger.

    “I see, then how do you think someone from that other universe would react if he heard such a story?”

    “I couldn’t possibly fathom how a mortal thinks.”

    “Then what if that mortal felt like thrusting his sword in your mouth at this very moment?”

    “Wa… surely you aren’t from that universe. Truly this was never my intention….No, Woobwwob

    I stabbed Krishna deeply into him.

    ‘Should I kill this piece of shit?’

    ‘Master I’d suggest you put this guy to good use instead of simply killing it.’

    “Johra it would be far more beneficial to squeeze out all its knowledge rather than simply killing it.”

    Krishna and Lena both advocated for me to stay my hand, but I wasn’t yet ready.

    “Because of you, all life on Earth is now dead! Countless of beings across the universe have been sacrificed! What right do you have to continue living?”

    I kept my burning sword in him for quite some time, until his chin was lopped off and his tongue and inner mouth had completely liquified and spattered on the ground.

    Shhhhh Shhhh

    Harpok still wasn’t dead though. A God’s vitality was truly incredible, and it’s entire mouth was regenerating at a speed visible to the eye.

    “Johra you’ve chosen wisely. Simply killing it wouldn’t have been the right choice. After extracting all the information it has, it won’t be too late to then kill it in the most painful and brutal way possible. It should be subject to 100 times the suffering which those from our world suffered.”

    Lena was burning with fury at this latest enemy. Perhaps it was the will of her human creators which had seeped into her code and affected her judgement.

    “Thanatos are you there?”

    “Did you call, Master?”

    Thanatos arrived and prostrated herself at my feet.

    “I’m giving you permission to torture this thing in the most brutal way possible. I’ll lend you Krishna, so be sure to extract everything it knows and then report back to me.”

    “It’ll be done as you say, Master.”

    After borrowing Krishna from me, she grabbed hold of Harpok and with a wicked smile, vanished into thin air.

    “Johra, that being which used to be Melpomene is an unknown existence. Even the materials which make up her body are unknown and don’t exist in this world.

    “Oh, well it would be strange if death itself could be categorized as a material. Sigh…I am exhausted, I’ll be heading back.”

    My heart was heavy after finally learning the reason behind the extermination of all life on Earth from Harpok. No, it wasn’t only Earth, since Metatron must have likewise targeted countless planets. The thought of so many lives being extinguished simply so that one being could enhance his personal strength was sickening.

    Upon returning the my dungeon manor I first checked up on the Princess’ condition, before going to our bedroom to meet Viezda.

    “You’re back Johra.”

    “Yes, but it’s been a long day.”

    “Oh, what’s happened?”

    “I finally learned the reason behind a tragedy which has occurred in my past.”

    I collapsed on our new bed, completely exhausted. Viezda came up and snuggled up to me, while stroking my head in an attempt to comfort me.

    “I’m not sure what has happened, but since it’s already in the past then there isn’t much you can do about it now.

    “I suppose you’re right.”

    “Is it possible to prevent that same tragedy from occurring in the future?”

    “I don’t know, possibly.”

    “If you can’t do it, Johra, then no one can.”

    “Do you truly think so?”

    “It isn’t only a question of ability. You are always going out and try your best to do the right thing. I don’t think you need to worry about things which have yet to occur.

    “Hmm… even though it is something which concerns the lives of countless beings?”

    “The fault lies at the feet of the evil people who are the ones that are doing the killing. You can’t blame yourself for every wrong ever committed.”

    “Is that so? But I feel like that is just taking the easy way out….”

    “Right, but you can’t right every wrong, so don’t beat yourself up over it.”

    Hearing Viezda’s comment I suddenly remembered a conversation which was buried deep in my memory.

    “Right, I had made some promise, and something about some trial which would be unavoidable…just what was it already?”

    “Johra you sound tired, why don’t you go to sleep?”

    “Yeah… that sounds like a great idea.”

    As I tried hard to remember, my body succumbed to fatigue and I fell into a deep sleep where I once again met that person in my dreams.

    “I remember.”

    “Do you though?”

    “Yes, are you a ****”

    “Similar, I suppose, but still different.”

    “Different? In what way?”

    “That’s all I’ll say for now.”

    “I have a faint recollection of a promise.”

    “Indeed, when the time comes you’ll know.”

    “By the way why are we meeting in my dreams? I feel like I’ve known you for quite some time.”

    “This conversation isn’t our first, nor will it be our last. You will undoubtedly forget, but I’ll repeat it once more. I’ve opened the path to the destruction of all worlds in order to keep the promise between us. Present, Past and Future are all rushing towards the same continuum and the destruction is beginning to accelerate, you’d best hurry.”

    “What is that about, I still can’t entirely remember my promise. What if I don’t hold up my end? Will the entire universe be destroyed?”

    “Leave it at that for now. The flow of destiny is like a bubble underwater. It is hidden from sight, but as it grows larger and larger it will eventually rise to the surface and vanish. I am the embodiment of our Promise, Destiny, if you would.”

    “What are you talking about? I can’t understand it at all.”

    “Goodbye, and until next time.”

    “Hey, Stop! At least let me know when we next meet!”

    I woke up and realized I was simply talking to myself. Viezda and Vez were sleeping beside me, while the moonlight controlled by Lena filtered into our room.

    “Lena did you record all that?”

    “Yes, just as you instructed.”

    “Great, I’ll go watch it in the lab.”

    I headed underground to watch the video of my muttering to myself in my sleep. I was hoping to gain some understanding as to who I was speaking with and what it was about, but….

    “What! Why is it that the audio is cut off everytime I speak his name? Can the file be restored?”

    “It’s strange, I’ve even tried restoring the sound by using the vibrations in your jaw bones but isn’t possible for some odd reason. I will investigate my own algorithm.”

    It felt like a conspiracy that all the important audio was cut off and that even Lena wasn’t capable of restoring it.

    “Could it my some kind of magical interference? No, that shouldn’t be possible since I personally placed several layers of magical protection spells which Lena had come up with.

    But if it isn’t magic then just what could have caused this?”

    My intrigue towards the contents of my dream grew even larger. Not matter how hard I tried to remember what it was I dreamt about, nothing stuck.

    “Could it be some huge secret which if it were to be known could cause the immediate destruction of the universe?”

    I tried pouring over the recordings for anything which might jump out at me, but saw nothing of interest.

    “Could it be that it wasn’t a regular dream… but then what was it?”

    I watched the same recording over and over again, but learned nothing new. Likewise Lena was incredible frustrated.

    “Johra I’ve run a scan of my algorithm and everything seems fine. I don’t seem to have any corrupt data, so I have no idea what could possibly cause the audio file to fail. According to Ockham’s Razor, it might be background noise, but that just doesn’t make sense.

    “Lena, continue to analyse the footage. For some reason I feel that you’ve touched on an important point, but can’t quite put my finger on it.

    “Yes Sir!”

    The next day I once again set out with my party, as we prepped for the last two dungeons.

    The Parli and Baror dungeons were located in the New Continent. These largely undiscovered lands didn’t have any established means of transportation so I ordered Lena to create a submarine. The reason was that I didn’t want others to see us travelling on a modern boat, so a submarine would be stealthier.

    “Johra it should be easy enough to assemble it, just carry these pieces over.

    Lena had prepared and the parts for the submarine in 1000 different wooden boxes.

    “Hm… that’s a lot of work.”

    “After arriving to the beach I teleported the boxes over and it took 10 days time to finish assembling it.

    “Johra I’ve named this aircraft, the Nautilus.”

    “Wait, wasn’t it supposed to be a submarine?”

    “Well it could function as a sub, but it could also fly in the air or even into space if needed.”

    “You’ve definitely gone overboard again, no wonder it was so hard to assemble!”

    “It might prove useful someday.”

    The Nautilus was a relatively small submarine, being 20 meters long and 4 meters high. It was a total of 300 tons and could navigate under in any condition.

    “What is that in front?”

    “That is a mini version of  the Tri-force laser cannon we installed on Valen.”

    “It’s a bit too much, were you planning on blowing up a star, Lena?”

    “Well, you know what they say, better to ask for forgiveness that permission.”

    I naturally used it as its intended submarine function in order to cross the sea. It had its own autopilot function so I could enjoy the scenery of the deep sea. Unlike on Earth these waters were teeming with aquatic life.

    Along our ride there was even a 40 meter long Ichthyosaurus and a giant looking Octopus which which appeared like one of those mythological Krakens which considered the Nautilus as prey and tried to attack. Suffice it to say that things did not end too well for them.

    “Johra the entire sea has been mapped out.”

    Huh?Was this the reason we’ve been moving so slowly?”

    “It’s like killing two birds with one stone, the map might prove useful.”

    “Lena, in the future please focus only on the tasks you’ve been assigned. You sometimes go overboard which results in large inefficiencies.


  • Chapter 115

    “Wow, what a gorgeous beach, the white sand is so fine.”

    I stepped off the Nautilus and onto the shores of the New Continent.

    “Lena, keep the Nautilus hidden and safe.”

    “Got it, I’ll keep it on patrol mode along the coast.”

    The fauna in this area was unlike anything from our continent. There were colorful birds flying among palm trees.

    “It’s an environment similar to that of Rio Negro. It is also a tropical climate and it is teeming with wildlife.

    “That’s pretty amazing, but I hate insects.”

    Walking into the rainforest I tried to ignore the countless bugs which swarmed me.

    The strong sun rays were for the most part blocked by the heavy foliage, but due to us being near the coast, the humidity was unbearable and I almost suffered from a heat stroke.

    “Damn, what’s going on? Why is it so hot all over here?”

    “Johra a regular human would have already succumbed to a heat stroke and died, I think it’s best to take a break.”

    “Guess I have no choice.”

    I set up a teleportation circle beside a large tree and returned to my dungeon manor.

    “Ah, it’s like arriving in heaven.”

    The surrounded in the cool dungeon air I couldn’t help but cry out in relief.

    “Master, you’ve returned.”

    “Johra you came back!”

    In the bathhouse they had specially prepared a cold bath filled with ice cubes.

    “Great, thanks!”

    Without hesitation I jumped right in, cooling off my body.

    Sigh, I need to do more exercise, I’m getting lazy.”

    My destination the Pali dungeon was still 5 days away from the beach. That was still ten times the distance which I had travelled earlier today.

    After bringing my body temperature back to normal and regaining my condition, I returned to the rainforest.

    “Lena, set the course.”

    “Understood, I’ll project the map to your cornea.”

    I kept forging ahead towards the Pali dungeon with Lena’s guidance.

    Booooot Qauac

    It happened instantaneously, a creature broke out from the ground and stung my foot.

    “What the hell, where did that come from?”

    [You’ve been afflicted with the curse, Apollo’s venom]

    I grabbed the bright red scorpion that had just stung me and crush it instantly with my right hand. Looking down, the wound was quite serious and had even reached my bone.

    “How odd, I wasn’t even able to detect it with my sensors and prepare the Rohim shield intime.”

    “It’s no big deal Lena, just a small bite, but what is this Apollo’s venom?”

    That little scorpion had even been able to break through my defenses which can even stand up to a Dragon’s attack, not to mention that it evaded Lena’s detection. I was really curious about the scorpion and was eager to experiment on it, but unfortunately I had already destroyed it.

    “Johra it seems that the poison on your foot is quite serious.”


    The color of my foot was turning green.


    I quickly set up a transition array, intent on heading back to the dungeon but it didn’t work.

    “What’s going on, why isn’t it working, is it my magic? Material Creation! Material Creation! Why isn’t any of my magic working, is it due to the poison? Curse of Apollo? Shit this is the work of a God!”

    “Oh my dear master, even your cries of fury are beautiful.”

    Thanatos appeared beside me and looked at me with a grim smile.

    “Uhm… Thanatos don’t just stand there, do something about this!”

    “Sorry, but I’ve arrived too late. It looks like you’ll have no choice but to die now.”

    She placed her hand on my chest and stilled my heart.

    Huuuuh what are you doing… Thanatos….”

    “You know that my only ability is in killing, I don’t know how to save you other than my killing what is harming you.”

    I felt Thanatos’ deadly will invade my every bloodvessel, cleansing out the poison. Eventually I couldn’t hold on any longer and passed out due to the pain.

    Ahh Ahh Am I not dead then?”

    “Yes, fortunately not, Master.”

    “That damn Sun God, Apollo. Was the scorpion sent by him?”

    “I’m sorry Johra, in the future I will be sure to have the Rohim shield active at all times.”

    Hearing her apology I couldn’t help but snort coldly.

    “Then I will return to torture Harpok. Call me if you require my assistance, Master.”

    After Thanatos vanished the sunlight invaded my eyes and I had to cover them with my hands. I lay down on the ground for half a day, unable to stand up.

    “Damn, although the poison was removed, I’m still unable to use any magic. Could it be that the curse is still in effect?”

    I had tried to cast all of my skills but none worked.

    “Lena, help me draw the array well.”

    I created a perfect teleportation circle with Lena’s aid, but wasn’t able to get it to activate.

    “I guess I’ll return to the Nautilus, can you mark me the quickest route. I’ll also need to get drink and soon or else I might really die here.”

    I had become far less arrogant. Luckily it wasn’t too difficult for me to hunt my own food considering my high attack power and Rohim Shield. Also with Lena’s help I could easily find water and avoid getting lost, but the fact that my magic was neutralized meant that I was severely handicapped.

    “A God has directly interfere with me, I thought that they weren’t able to do that?”

    I couldn’t help but grumble at my complete lack of information. As I arrived back to the beach and onto the Nautilus, I immediately collapsed in bed.

    “Ah, so nice to have some regular temperature once again.”

    The Nautilus was fully equipped with food and drink and a comfortable place to sleep. It was the perfect place to regain my strength.

    I had no idea how long I slept, but by the time I had awakened, we were submerged 10,000 meters below sea level.

    “How long have I slept, Lena?”

    “About 19 hours.”

    Hoo Did you communicate with the dungeon manor? ”

    “I informed them about this situation, but for now there is no way to teleport back to the dungeon manor. Also there is no way for those inside to get out because there isn’t a real exit.

    If not for the Teleportation array, our dungeon house and this world were simply in two different dimensions.

    “So if I can’t resolve this curse I can’t return?”

    “In theory, yes. Although it might be possible to complete the array with magic stones, it would be incredibly unstable and the results unpredictable.”

    “And in the case of failure?”

    “It is unknown what would happen since magic stones aren’t very stable.”

    Hearing Lena’s explanation, I couldn’t help but despair. All my friends and family, along with all my preparations I had done in these last few years were located in my dungeon manor.

    Now I was restricted to hiding in the deep sea, helpless.

    “Lena where are we going?”

    “To the deepest valley of the ocean floor.”


    “Because Johra is in a weakened and vulnerable state and it should be a safe place to hide out.”

    “So I’m just a weakling now that I can’t use magic….”

    Frustrated, I reached into a small pocket and fished out the God necklace I already carried around with me.

    “This might be the only solution to my problems… no, not like this.”

    I stopped to think for a little while before calling her out.


    She instantly appeared before me.

    “Did you call for me, Master?”

    Unlike her sweet words, her voice was somber and a bit creepy.

    “Thanatos can you release me from this curse?”

    “Sorry that isn’t within my capabilities.”

    “Then can you teleport me to my dungeon manor?”

    “That is likewise something I can’t do. My only abilities are to kill and follow Master around.”

    “Then what’s the point of you being a God?”

    “Well, it might be to bring death to everyone other than you.”

    “Is there no other way that you could help me?”

    “I can make you die temporarily.”

    “Temporary death? Like somehow dying but still surviving?”

    Thanatos let out a hearty laugh.

    “Right, it would be a near death experience (NDE) You would effectively be dead for a very short period of time, but later come back to life. Of course if I were to make a small mistake then you’d die for real.”

    “You’re quite dangerous.”

    “There’s no way you’d think that I’d let me dear master come to harm.”

    Thanatos’ evil smile didn’t really inspire me with confidence.

    “Maybe we will try that out as a last resort.”

    “Okay, I’ll go back to torturing then.”

    “How long do you think you’ll have left?”

    “It seems to be having some effect. I’ve given him a few NDE now and he seems a bit dizzy as a result of it. But don’t worry I’m being careful not to kill him.

    “That sounds quite horrible, wait, Gods can also die?”

    “I am not sure yet, but the NDE worked.”

    Thanatos’ creepy smile returned as she recalled all the torture she had unleashed upon Harpok.

    “Okay, when you get some concrete information, let me know.”

    “Yes Master, I’ll go take good care of our friend Harpok”

    She instantly vanished, leaving me alone with Lena in this submarine.

    Hmmm what should I do?”

    I struggled to decide whether I should put on the necklace and chance it. It was quite the difficult choice, especially having seen first hand how challenging some of its curses were to overcome.

    “Damn, I can’t seem to find a solution.

    “Johra, I encourage you to rest and think on this with a fresh mind.”

    “You’re right, who knows maybe this curse will dissipate over time.”

    I spent the next three months on the ocean floor. I often checked on the status of the curse, but was worried to learn that it never changed.

    Finally one morning Thanatos was sitting on top of me as I woke up.

    “OMG! I thought I had a nightmare!”


    If you were to have nightmare with the God of Death, I can assure you that it would be an unforgettable experience.”

    “Damn, stop playing around again would you!”

    “Why? I like to touch master’s body.”

    “We need wait for the right time.”

    “I’m ready for you, any time any place….”

    “Fine, what did you come here for, Thanatos?”

    “Harpok’s torture has finally ended.”

    “Really? What have you learned from him? How is he?”



    “I think I might have accidentally killed him.”

    “You what?”

    “Hmm… he was kind of dead, but later he revived ”

    “What? Tell me everything.”


  • Chapter 116

    I was giving him the usual near death experience, when suddenly he threw himself at Krishna, choosing death. I tried to pull back the sword, but it all happened too fast and I was too late.”

    “Huh… so Harpok chose to die.”

    “Perhaps, I’m not so convinced that he actually died though.”

    “He’s still alive? How do you know?”

    “It seems to be one of his abilities, we can see his other life through his eye. I brought his body over.”

    Thanatos presented Harpok’s corpse with a grievous wound to its side; however his eye shown like a bright crystal, projecting his new life which was like watching a movie.

    “Is that Earth? It seems a bit similar to what it would look like in the future.”

    “According to the scene, It looks like a depiction of Earth right before the cataclysm.”

    “Right? Are they the parents, did Harpok reincarnate into a baby? Please take a look and figure out where it is Harpok escaped to.”

    “Got it!”

    I order Lena to research the scene captured on his eyeball.

    “Who were you talking to, Master?”

    Thanatos asked questioningly.

    “Ah, I was giving Lena the image to analyse.”

    “Lena, you mean those automated magical maids? Wasn’t she supposed to be back in the dungeon manor? Can she also exist in the water? I feel a bunch of aquatic life all around me.”

    “Are you truly able to sense life, Thanatos?”

    “Naturally, I feed off death so the ability to sense life is a must”

    “Is that all we are to you, prey?”

    I felt a bit uncomfortable being next to Thanatos since her recent transformation, especially that creepy smile.

    “You have nothing to worry about, Master. When your time comes I’ll make sure you have a beautiful death.”

    “Uhm… actually I plan on living a long and healthy life.”

    “It’s fine, I’ll be waiting.”

    “Right… so did you get any information out of Harpok?”

    “I’m not sure how important the information I got was. He’s been feeding me so much nonsense for so long that it became hard to distinguish.”

    “Okay, so what did you learn?”

    “Well the most important bits are probably those about your Fallen class, Artifacts, the background of your necklace and the politics between the High Gods. Which one do you want to hear first?”

    “They all sound pretty juicy, let’s start with the necklace.”

    “Heehee, I expected you’d be interested in that part. He seemed to know quite a lot as he was knowledgeable regarding items. What should I start with, the story behind the necklace, the rules regarding its curses, or the stories of the Gods which managed to achieve Godhood with its help.”

    “Start with the necklace’s background. Learning its origins should help us better understand it.”

    Thanatos’ lips curled into a smile.

    “It’s identity is actually that of a God which was a follower of Metatron. He was then transformed into that necklace. His name was Maitreiya , God of Ascendance and was in fact Metatron’s twin brother.”

    “What? He turned his own brother into such a thing?”

    Did Gods even treat their own families like tools? It was quite awkward to know that the necklace I was carrying around with me this whole time was in fact a powerful God.

    “Yes, although he was Metatron’s brother, it is said that he betrayed and was spying for the High Gods. For this reason he was turned in to this necklace and could only be released after having 100 individuals turn to Gods through the neckalce’s power.

    “Wow, then how many have there been so far?”

    “As far as Harpok was aware there have been 66 so far. They were all Metatrons followers, but some have already fallen. Right now there are only the remaining four, but they’ve all  been sealed in dungeons.”

    “Ah, so it’s confirmed that they are in the four legendary dungeons?”

    “Yes, according to Harpok the four dungeons were created to prevent the destruction of the world and promote the evolution of life.”

    “Yes, I think Jeduth had told me something similar. That the dungeons were desinged by the High Gods to imprison some dangerous monsters.”

    “Right, something like that, Master.”

    Thanatos gave me a smile, making the situation a bit awkward. Her smile on such a pale face was more than a it creepy.

    “It’s good that our information lines up, then what about the necklace’s rules?”

    I quickly tried to change the mood.

    “Have you heard about Divine Grace”

    “Yes, I think I remember something about that.”

    “Hmm… I don’t know much about it myself but I’ll try to explain what I’ve understood from Harpok.”


    “Divine Grace is formed as a result of interactions between living beings. Magic is comes from the elements, but Black magic depends on Divine Grace.

    “Hmm… so it’s connected to all living creatures.”

    “Divine Grace also determines the direction which a certain race might evolve and how much they can level up.”

    “Oh, well I had guessed that much based on my own experiences.”

    “Divine Grace is also the single greatest power a God can harness and wield. In order to collect that Divine Grace, the sacrifice of Life around the universe. And so, began one of the greatest wars in history as the Gods created factions and fought over the available Divine Grace.”

    “Hm… its seems the I will also need to fight for my slice of the power.”

    “That great war lasted for a very, very long time, until finally two major powers brought it to an end.”

    “Metatron and Skyfather?”

    “You know those two?”

    “Well one I actually crossed path with and the other I’ve heard about in passing. Anyways, please continue your explanation.”

    “Right, so Metatron wanted to completely regulated all aspects of life so as to be in full control of this power; whereas Skyfather wanted to let sentient beings like humans breed freely, so as….”

    “Wait, did you say breed?”

    “Yup, from a God’s perspective, mortals are just livestock bred for the purpose of creating Divine Grace.”

    “Wha…what arrogance!”

    “Is it though? Anyway, as you well known that war ended when Metatron’s faction was defeated and he was chased out into a different dimension.”

    “So we’ve learned quite a lot. It seems that this Divine Grace is at the root of a bunch of things like experience, evolutions and even the power of the Gods.”

    “Yes, and this necklace plays the role of amplifying Divine Grace. Most living creatures can only absorb a limited amount of Divine Grace, but once you wear this necklace that cap is basically non-existent and you can steal the Divine Grace of other creatures.”

    “Is it basically acts as an amplifier for Divine Grace?”

    “Yes, but before receiving that power, you are first cursed. The type of curse and how much Divine Grace can be obtained differs from person to person.

    “That’s why you became a God of Death”

    “In my case it was based on the numerous deaths and revivals, which was only possible due to Master’s help. According to Harpok it is quite rare for one to retain their personality after ascending to Godhood. He mentioned that a God’s power must have interfere during my ascension that allowed me to remain relatively unchanged.

    “A power similar to a God…”

    I recalled the Resurrection Song which I had cast at the very end and had mixed in with that dark power which helped her ascend to Godhood. If that had not been the case perhaps Thanatos would have killed me immediately upon awakening.

    “Do you have any idea why that is, Master?”

    “Uhm, not for the moment, why don’t you continue your story?”

    “Well that seems to be all Harpok knew about the necklace. Even after torturing him to the very limit he couldn’t reveal anything more.”

    “I see, well it has already been very insightful.”

    “Yes, there’s also that bit about the politics between the High Gods.”

    “Oh, anything related to Metatron and Skyfather?”

    “Yes, at the moment they are the two which stand at the very top of the divine hierarchy but they have been absent for quite some time. Still, Skyfather is considered to reign supreme, but there are other smaller factions of High Gods which don’t recognize his authority.”

    “Oh, like which?”

    “The most prominent group which calls itself Gnossian.”

    “Gnossian? That rings a bell… did you find out anything about them?”

    It definitely reminded me of the supreme sage Gnoss, but I didn’t want to say his name, for obvious reasons.

    “It’s a very secretive order, so even among the God’s which had joined, they might not necessarily know the identities of there fellow members. Harpok was part of their group, but even after a lot of torture the only identity he seemed to know was Gaia.

    “Gaia? Goddess of Nature Gaia?”

    “I guess that’s the one.”

    “Gaia huh… it’s not the first time I’ve come across that name. I guess that’s just one more reason to meet up. Do you know where I could find her?”

    Thanatos shook her head.

    “Harpok committed suicide before I could ask.”

    “Oh, that’s too bad. It was important to know that.”

    “I’m sorry Master, I didn’t expect his actions.”

    Tanatos looked frustrated at her failure, it was quite the funny expression to see on a God of Death, so I couldn’t help but sneak in a laugh.

    “No, it wasn’t your fault. By the way, where is Krishna?”

    “Oh, I left it behind. I’ll go fetch it right away.”

    “Wait, since you were able to carry Harpok with you, could you carry me as well?”

    “Well since the path I tread is that of Death, you wouldn’t survive the transition.”

    “Ah… so that is how you get around. It’s too bad I was hoping you could bring me back to the dungeon manor – Sigh.”

    Seeing me look all depressed, Thanatos added.

    “I’ll go get Krishna at once, Master.”


    She vanished into thin air.

    “Ah… I forgot to ask her some more questions about that land of death she travels through. I guess it’ll have to wait until next time I see her.”

    The Nautilus was quite quiet, only the sound of static was heard.

    With nothing to do I looked into Harpok’s eyes.

    It was showing the life of a happy family. A lovely mother and caring father. A great environment for a child to grow up happily and enjoy a promising future. I silently watched it play out until Lena reported to me about two hours later.

    “It’s an incredible coincidence. That video is 99% identical to what Gnoss’ house was on Earth. I compared it to the records that we had about all management related to Gamma…”

    “Ah… so Gnoss is involved here too? Wait… Damn it!”

    The voice which I had gone so long without having to listen to finally reappeared.

    “Did you call for me, Johra?”


  • Chapter 117

    “How are you… wait, where is this place? Harpok’s body is here too? What’s going on Johra? Last I remember we were attacking the Rohim’s home planet. How long has it been since then?”

    “Ugh… you just got back and are already so annoying, shut up.”

    “Who are you talking to? Where did that gem come from?”

    “Lena, I’ll need a moment to have an uninterrupted chat with my friend here, could you make sure all our countermeasure are up so no one can spy on us.”

    “Got it!”

    We hadn’t spoken to each other in quite some time but I had instinctively told him to shut up. It made beginning our conversation a bit awkward.

    Finally Lena’s eavesdropping countermeasure were up and we could start.

    Hoo I tried very hard not to think about you, but it seems that in the end I slipped up.”

    “Why? Surely our relationship was much better towards the end no?”

    “No, you should have told me how powerful Metatron was.”

    “How could I tell you, you were ignoring anything I said.”


    Knowing now that Gnoss was actually a reincarnation of Harpok complicated our relationship somewhat.

    “It’s okay, I know undeads like you don’t have emotions, after all I’ve observed you for quite some time…wait, why do you feel different? Leader of the Fallen, what’s that? It isn’t even a race or profession, a unique class? Ha ha ha~ you really do surprise me every time!”

    “What do you know, the real surprise hasn’t even arrived.”

    “Oh, and even bigger surprise? Please, do tell, I’m so curious!”

    “Do you know about Harpok?”

    “He’s the God which stands even above the supreme sages. He’s the God of Whispers and Secrets.

    “What, there was a God which the supreme sages served?

    “Yes, most of what I know, I do because of Harpok.”

    “I see….”

    “Right, to become a supreme sage you need to be compatible with Harpok’s Divine Grace. The former supreme sage who mentored me said that I was a great match with Harpok.”

    “Yeah, no kidding since you basically are Harpok.”

    “Ha ha, my mentor would also say that I resemble Harpok quite a lot.”

    “No, I’m not saying you’re like him, I’m telling you that you are Harpok.”

    “Wait what? I’m Harpok?”

    “Right, Harpok once reincarnated on Earth and that was your past life.”

    “Wha…what are you talking about.”

    “Look, Harpok’s body is here, but not his spirit. He’s already reincarnated.

    “What? Why would he abandon his body?”

    “I was torturing him for information and he couldn’t take the pain I suppose, so he committed suicide. After that, through his eye I could see that he had reincarnated and that he was living back on Earth. Living your childhood.”

    “How shocking… I mean it’s hard to believe, even for me who has access to such much knowledge.”

    “Here, I have your dead body.  Although you can’t see it, you should be able to feel something, right?”

    “Yes… I can still vaguely feel Harpok’s presence since he died a short time ago. By the way how did Harpok even die, a God’s body is supposed to be immortal.”

    “For minor Gods it is possible to kill them with an Artifact class weapon.”

    “Do you truly have an artifact weapon?”

    “Why do you ask?”

    “Well if this truly is a God’s body then I actually have some hope of resurrecting.”

    “Oh, how so?”

    “As you know I’ve long been banished and we can only communicate due to the binding contract we had made. However, if I were to come in contact with a God’s corpse, I believe I can take possession of it. Sigh… is this fate?”

    “Hmm… I see.”

    “Could you touch Harpok’s corpse, Johra?”

    I almost did what he asked out of reflex, before stopping to think. This was an opportunity, he couldn’t resurrect without my help.

    “Before I do so, let’s make a contract, Gnoss.”

    “Contract? Do we really need more of those between us?”

    “Of course, I still can’t 100% trust you so I need this as an insurance.”

    “Ok, what do I need to do.”

    “I only require you to fulfill one condition.”

    “Just the one? Is the reason there is only one because it’s a very stringent condition? Ok… just tell me already, I don’t have much of a choice.”

    The more he spoke the weaker he sounded. He knew that I had a confrontational personality that wouldn’t back down, so he tried the opposite by appearing submissive. He was truly a manipulative one.

    “I ask only that you be a true friend, and use all of your knowledge for my sake.”

    “Hm…a simple enough condition, but it’s actually quite deep. Still, my answer is yes.”

    “Great, thank you.”

    “Aren’t you wondering why I said yes?”

    “I know you will tell me first.”

    “The reason Harpok chose death rather than spilling his secrets is that he didn’t trust you. I know you Johra, and ever since you’ve kept that promise of getting revenge on the Rohim, I’ve decided to follow you to the very end. Now, when I get in contact with the God’s corpse I’ll be free of any restrictions and….”

    “Are you sure you’re not trying to trick me somehow?”

    “No, I promise you’ll get the full story after I take over that body.”

    “Is that a promise?”

    “Yes, I swear it on my very soul.”


    I brought the gem which Gnoss resided in and placed it on Harpok’s corpse. Upon contact it immediately absorbed the jewel and I stepped back to observe.

    “Uh… so is it reviving?”

    It took about half an hour, but his body regenerated all injuries and he opened his eye.

    “Is that you Gnoss?”

    “No, I’m Harpok again, but I now have Gnoss’ memories. Polymorph!”

    He transformed in to Gnoss’ human form.

    “Ah… it feels so comfortable in here. Could it be because all those memories which match up perfectly with this body?”

    Gnoss muttered to himself as he touched his body everywhere.

    “What you’re doing is a bit weird, put some clothes on Gnoss, I mean Harpok.”

    “Oh right, Polymorph!”

    He turned into the middle aged scientist which had contributed so much to the creation of Gamma.

    “Huh? Creator? Why are you here?”

    Lena piped up and broke the silence.

    “Ah… well basically it’s Harpok which has come back to life.”

    “Well even if you’re a bit different, you look the same. I didn’t think that I’d be seeing you again!”

    “Ha ha ha ~ Lena! How did you come over to this world? With Johra?”

    “It seems it was because Lena had planted some nanobots on my person.”

    “What? No one’s thought about this before, crossing over in such a way. Lena, you’ve managed to take with you all of Earth’s knowledge! ”

    “Of course,”

    “Absolutely! Take a look at this ship, it’s named Nautilus but it can also fly and even go into space!”

    “Wow, incredible!”

    This childish AI and its creator spent the next few hours chatting away and catching up.

    “Master, I’m back. Here’s Krishna… what’s going on? Wasn’t he dead?”

    Thanatos returned to a living Harpok, so she was confused.

    “It’s a bit complicated, but basically he’s come back to life.”

    “Oh… then can I torture it some more?”

    “Ah! Please, please don’t torture me anymore. We are on the same side now.”

    Harpok knelt down at Thanatos’ feet, pleading for his life.

    It seems that his time spent with her had been quite traumatic and left quite the scar.

    “Harpok, do you have a way to solve my current curse?”

    “It should be possible, Lena can you help me set up a three dimensional hologram?”

    “Sure father!”


    “Well, it was part of her programming to refer to me as father.”


    Along with Thanatos, we watched Harpok and Lena hard at work. Finally after five hours the three dimensional spell was completed.

    “That’s amazing, a magic array hanging in mid air.”

    “Creating a 3D array is truly quite taxing, it was only possible due to Lena’s aid. Come over here.”


    As I walked into the middle of the array, Harpok began casting a magic spell.

    “Can this be dealt with just a single spell?”

    Harpok nodded back and began chanting; however since it was to deal with a God’s curse, it was quite the long and complicated chant.


    Finally, my curse was lifted.

    “Marterial Creation: Iron”

    A piece of high quality Iron appeared in my hand.

    “I’m glad you’re back.”

    “Johra did you have that legendary necklace?”

    “How did you know?’

    Well I do have Harpok’s memories, so it’s easy to guess based on the questions Thanatos was asking in our torture sessions.”

    “Ah, right.”

    “I should be able to help you out. Wear the necklace and I can reset the conditions until you find one that you like.”


    “Yeah, don’t forget that I’m the God of Whispers and Secrets”

    “How convenient.”

    “Of course, why do you think that Metatron was trying so hard to pry that secret out of me?”

    I quickly put on the necklace.

    “What’s the condition?”

    “It says I need to poison 10,000,000 people.”

    Hoo, that’s a bit much.  Lena, let’s create the array I showed you earlier.”

    “Yes father!”


    They created another 3D magic array and I entered inside.

    “Now you just need to wait a while.”

    After about an hour my condition was reset.

    “What is it this time?”

    “Something crazy… I need to kill 100 million people with the use of magic.”

    “Damn, another ridiculous one.”


    “Shit, again!”

    After two months of resetting I finally found one which was doable.

    “This one should be fine.”

    “Oh, what is it?”

    “I need to make a planet which has a diameter of at least 1,000 kilometers.”

    “Oh, that’s not bad. No one even has to die. Lena, scan the star system for a suitable location.

    “I’ve already finished calculating and here are the results. If you use your Material Creation to power the Nautilus, we can arrive to the closest spot in 2 years time.


    Material Creation: Iron”

    “That’s enough for today, Johra.”

    “Good job, Johra.”

    “I’m indeed pretty tired tired.”

    “I’ll open up a direct line with the dungeon manor, it seems they all miss you.”

    “Okay, do it.”

    After a short time Vez’s hologram appeared before me.


    Her hologram tried to hug me but passed right through. She had grown so fast and looked like a budding 15 year old girl. Seeing my charming baby girl helped relieve me of all the fatigue I had been enduring.

    “How are you doing, Vez?”

    “Come back to the house, I want to see you!”

    “Yeah, I know baby but I can’t go back right now, it might take a while.”

    Gnoss had explained to me that it would be dangerous to use the teleportation array while in transit. Once we had arrived on the planet then would be able to set up the array and return.

    “Everyone misses you…. Big sis Mayardus, sister Jerna and brother Jillian. Mother is lonely everyday, come home soon, dad.”

    “It won’t be long now, just six more months.”

    “Really dad?”

    “Yes, not a day more, I promise.”

    Exhausted after having experienced such a loaded day, I fell asleep while travelling through the deep and empty space.

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    Hello, I use to host it on my own site, but hoping to join Wuxiaworld. I recently completed this novel and will now be working on Master of Strength, enjoy :D

    you have contacted RWX or someone from the WW team to apply.
  • Thanks for the advice @bosa2800, I will do so,but for the moment I will continue to grind out chapters and hope to get noticed.
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