Lv 1 Skeleton



  • Chapter 61

    ‘Lord, the human’s armies have left the capital.’

    ‘Got it’

    It was the latest report from Alpeon. They were coming after me just as I had predicted.’

    ‘It’s not easy… If there were only the Angels I could overwhelm them with, but with the humans there I had no distinct advantage.’

    My best tactic of overwhelming them with numbers wouldn’t work.

    ‘I guess I will have to try and intercept them midway.’

    Because of the Angels’ skills, any undead forces I brought with me wouldn’t be much help. The only alternative was to engage them with Necropolis’ own forces, but I wanted to avoid such a scenario if possible.

    After strategizing for about an hour, I came to a decision and messaged Alpeon.

    ‘You shall be in charge of organizing a defense of the city as the last resort. Make sure to make use of the dragons and if you see there isn’t any hope, just abandon it and leave Wetheros mountains.

    ‘Yes Lord.’

    “I should get going”

    I messaged Alpeon before alerting Valenor who was still leaning on me peacefully.

    “Will you join me Valenor?”

    “Just tell me where, Polymorph!”

    She instantly took her dragon form.

    “I’ll allow you to come with me this time, but if I see things are going south, you have to make sure to run away and live to fight another day. Goti it?”

    As she nodded her large head, I put the harness upon her and jumped on.

    “To the capital!”


    We flew at her maximum speed and within just 20 minutes we sighted the human army.

    “Valenor, let’s wait here a moment”

    I stopped her 30 km away from the human army and I scouted ahead alone.

    “Hmm, just 30,000? Well it isn’t there numbers which are a problem, but rather those Angels.”

    There were the three angels flying above the marching army. The larger one flanked by the two smaller ones, advancing forward as if being escorted by the humans.

    ‘So to defeat the Angels I’ll first have to get through the human army?’

    Although killing the humans would be simplicity itself, they weren’t the reason I had come here.

    I kept my distance, I had already become wary of that Angel’s high perception since the misadventure with my Astral Projection. I then returned to Valenor’s side.

    “Let’s fly up above them, at least one kilometer distance and simply rain hell down on them.”

    “Ok, let’s do that!”

    I had decided to take advantage of Valenor’s mobility in this engagement. Because the Angels took some time to cast their mid-range spells, they were planning on using the humans as a meat shield to buy themselves some time. I therefore decided to use our mobility and attack them from a longer distance.

    “Meteor! Meteor! Meteor!”

    I sent out Meteor which was one of my more deadly spells.


    The first impact had burned a dozen soldiers to ashes and created a huge crater in the ground. They were however quick to react to the next ones and the human mages banded together to create a large shield. It the end my attacks had only cause a few casualties.


    “Hmm… they have human mages spread out within each unit, their formation is quite well thought out.”

    Shaa Shapp!

    Hundreds of spells came flying towards us, but with our distance and Valenor’s speed, she easily dodged them all.

    “Although that level of magic is quite low, I still don’t want to be hit by so many.”

    It was the power of numbers, despite Valenor being a dragon with incredibly high HP and recovery, she would still suffer under such high number of spells. Not to mention that the Angels could join in at any time, further increasing the difficulty.

    “Valenor, Let’s fly higher!”

    “How far?”

    “As high as you can!”

    It was time to put my heavy object dropping strategy back to good use.

    “Ice Wall! Ice Wall! Ice Wall…!”

    I sent hundreds of Ice Walls down from an altitude of 20,000 meters.


    “Those dam munchkin Angels are truly troublesome, they took care of all that with a few swipes of their sword?”

    The two smaller Angels swung their swords and my Ice Walls walls melted and became a non threatening rain.

    “Looks like there’s a few  pigeons flying up here.”

    The larger Angel was coming our way, accompanied by his two henchmen.

    “It should be advantageous for us to fight up here in the sky, away from the human mages. Valenor, let’s give them a warm welcome with a nice Dragon Breath.”

    The full power of Valenor’s Breath was something which even I couldn’t ignore and would act as a suitable opening move.

    “Shit! Cancel your breath and dodge Valenor!”

    I had spotted the Angels forming a medium range teleport magic circle.

    Whoa aaah!

    After hearing my words she tried to quickly let out what dragonfire she had already collected in her jaws.


    “Damn, so fast!”

    They appeared right above Valenor’s head and the two smaller Angels had just completed their chanting. It was incredible timing to finish your incantation right after being teleported, a perfect coordination between the trio of Angels.

    “Binding Prison!”

    “Null-Magic void”

    I bright rope shot towards me and wrapped me up while a orange colored box appeared around me. Perhaps that was the area within which Magic was rendered useless.


    Valenor had sent out her small Dragon Breath, but it was cancelled out, probably due to the null magic zone.


    Valenor instantly struck out with her tail, but the Angels simply landed upon her head, and because it was where I was seated, she was unable to hit them for fear of hurting me instead.

    “Johra are you okay?”

    As soon as the Angels had appeared before us I had already grabbed 2 magic jewels from my belt pouches.

    “Undead, you have been found guilty by the High Gods of treating human lives to lightly.  As their Messiah, I shall be the one to cleanse you!”


    The large Angels sword erupted into flames and appeared menacing.

    “Although it is true that I have taken the lives of humans, it was them however that were on their way to kill other humans. I killed those who were going to kill close friends of mine, what’s wrong with that?”

    “Wicked being, with great power comes great responsibility and your morals have been found lacking. Even the few High Gods who had held some hope for you have now agreed on your cleansing.”

    Huu Wooong!


    The flaming sword struck the spot I had just been in, as I vanished using the magic jewels.

    “So are you saying that I should simply watch on as others kill my friends? Is that truly the will of the High Gods? Then I see little reason to care for their opinions! Valenor, change!”


    “Gravity Rise! Gravity Rise! Gravity Rise!…”

    The Angels looked at stared at me in astonishment, unable to comprehend how I had escaped from the null-magic zone. Once Valenor had changed to her human form, the Angels were now flying in the air by themselves and I quickly stacked several Gravity Rises on them. The cost of each subsequent Gravity Rise would increase exponentially, so even with my deep mana pool I could only use it thirteen times in a row, but it was enough to increase their gravitational pull by 8,000 times.

    Koouck! What’s this!”

    “How did you manage to escape from the null magic space?”

    They flapped their wings furiously, trying to stay airborne but it was a futile attempt. The increased gravity increased their own weight by a tremendous amount, and they plummeted to the ground at great speeds.

    “Valenor, remove your polymorph and follow me!”

    “Fireball! Inferno! Meteor!…”

    I was spamming spells upon them to keep them occupied, I didn’t want to give them a chance to neutralize my gravitational magic.

    “Great, why don’t you guys have a pleasant reunion with the planet’s surface!”

    When I was about 300 meters from the ground I used my flight magic to reduce my speed.


    Just as the three Angels reached the ground at dangerously high speeds, a huge magic formation appeared under them, and they disappeared from sight.

    Looking around, I understood what had just happened. Those puny humans mages had banded together to create a teleportation circle which saved the Angels at the last possible moment.

    Chet… I guess this won’t be easy after all.”

    Shook, Pung, Shoo

    As I was mumbling to myself, hundreds of spells had been shot towards me by the human mages.

    “How annoying, Valenor!”

    Ooo oh oh!

    Valenor who had appeared behind me was breathing in, readying a large Dragon Breathe.


    She shout out a powerful flame towards the army of humans. It was dangerous enough that even a power C ranked being would be instantly burnt to ashes.


    Valenor and I couldn’t believe our eyes as the humans who should have been incinerated were completely fine. I finally realized the seriousness of the situation.

    “Damn it! They had more Angels hidden among the human forces?”

    From amidst the humans, hundreds of them unfolded their wings. They were all on the same level as Michaels two henchmen.


    A moment later Michael appeared above us with his 2 smaller Angels. They had already managed to counter my gravity magic.

    “Null-Magic Void!”

    “Binding Prison!”

    Hwarr, Hooong

    The other Angels were likewise sending spells towards me and Michael was rushing my way with his flaming sword.

    “Valenor get out of here!”

    “No, I can’t leave you behind!”

    “That’s an order!!”

    “Sorry but I’m not listening!”

    Valenor struck out with her claws as I used a magic jewel to escape.


    “Cursed undead the magic is coming from your hands! Come to me my brothers, tie up this infidel! Don’t allow him the use of his hands!”

    Michael had discovered my secret with the magic jewels and I knew that what little element of surprised I previously had, was now gone.


    Seeing that I had escaped, Valenor shot out a breath and she continued to swipe viciously with her long dragon claws. However, since we were still within a null-magic zone, her breath dissipated and her claws were simply blocked by Michaels sword.

    “Valenor, get out of there!”

    By Michael’s command hundreds of Angels had joined the fray and I was forced to constantly use magic jewels to teleport within this null-magic area.

    “Binding Prison!”

    “Binding Prison!”

    Seeing that they couldn’t tie me down, they had changed targets to Valenor. Although one such spell wasn’t enough to capture a strong dragon like her, hundreds of them were cast and she had been caught.


    “Run away husband! Avenge me!”

    Her health was dropping far too quickly.

    “Damn it Michael! Weren’t you here for me?” Let her go!”

    “We’ll also catch you, but for now your companion shall pay the price, just wait your turn!”

    I hated seeing Valenor tied up and suffering, but I truly had no way of helping her. If I were to get captured as well, the situation would truly be hopeless.

    While the angels were keeping her prisoner, MIchael was keeping me busy, not allowing me to go to her rescue.

    Valenor’s health had already dropped by a third, it was the terrifying power of numbers.

    “Damn, you aren’t being fair Michael!”

    Ignoring my outburst he just stared straight at me with eyes devoid of emotions.

  • Chapter 62

    I had finally reigned in my raging emotions and was able to calmly analyze the situation.

    That imprison skill maybe some object get given a magic word in the null of the magic field. That means get cut from physical power.   

    I had finally realized that I would be at a disadvantage if I continued only using magic and pulled out Excalibur.

    “Did you have a cursed sword undead?”

    “Cursed sword? Is that what you think this is? Teleport!”

    As I finished speaking I teleported to Valenor’s side.

    “Why did you come back for me?”

    “Quiet you, isn’t this all your fault for not listening to me before?”


    I swung Excalibur and managed to cut through her magical restraints.

    ‘It worked!’

    I was exhilarated that it had mange to cut through successfully.

    “Undead! You’ll pay with your life!”

    Michael shouted out as he rushed towards me.

    “Sorry but my life is neither for rent nor for sale.”


    Just as his flaming sword was about to reach me I teleported away with my magic jewels and cut some more of Valenor’s restraints which were tying down her legs.

    Seguk seguk seguk


    As I was severing the restraints on her body, she was able to gain some measure of freedom.



    MIchael continuously chased me down, while I evaded him by chaining teleport with the use of my prepared jewels.

    While we were off playing hide and seek, the hundreds of Angels which continued to trap Valenor had finally faltered. Due to the chains I had cut off, their formations balance was off which left an opening.

    ‘Valenor, get out of here and fly far away!’

    I messaged her telepathically.



    She rushed forth at a groundbreaking speed towards the small opening in their formation. The Angels who were still tethered to her through the chains were caught off guard and dragged off into the air.

    “Hahahahahaha! My wife is amazing!”

    I couldn’t help but laugh as I saw the anger on the Angels’ faces.

    It was a dangerous moment of inattentiveness.

    However at my level of power, a single moment of distraction could prove disastrous.

    Although I had done well in saving Valenor, the two seconds of watching her escape while I chuckled to myself was unacceptable in a battle of this level, and Michael did not let such opportunity slip by.

    “Undead, you should be more worried about your own life!”

    The Angel corps had boxed me in from every direction. They formed a tight knit sphere around me, not even allowing any rays of light pass through, Michael’s flaming sword was the only source of light inside here.

    “How about we put an end to this farce Michael? So far I’ve only been playing around with you guys, otherwise I could make you suffer a great deal.”

    After my provocation, Michael’s face which had remained expressionless this entire time finally formed a frown.

    ‘Success! I was able to make him at least a little bit angry. When an emotionless guy like him loses his cool, that’s when his is most likely to make a mistake I can capitalize on.’

    Sure the number of Angels and their sheer power was a problem, but Michael’s command and tactics were even more so. If he gets angry, he’s sure to make a mistake which I could use to end him.

    I had found myself in quite the bind due to my carelessness, but I was finally seeing a way out of this.

    “Undead, still entertaining your ridiculous delusions. Your death has already been decreed, as the Messiah I am simply your executioner.”

    Michael had regained his composure and raised his flaming sword.

    “Join me brothers! Sing the Glory of Heaven!”

    At Michaels command all the surrounding Angels began to sing in concert. It was a Purifying song which as un undead, held the power to destroy my very existence.

    “Shit! Weren’t you angry just a second ago Michael? How are you able to sing this song within a null-magic zone?”

    I was caught off guard by this sudden purifying song, because I never thought it would be possible. I was instead looking out for Michaels sword strike and readying myself to parry with Excalibur. I hadn’t expected them to be able to use magic in here.

    Luckily the song wasn’t as effective as they had expected and I could still use my magic jewels to escape.

    I quickly jumped locations to get away.

    ‘Teleport! Teleport!’

    “Continue to chase him down, Angels who are nearest to him have to keep singing!”

    I had managed to escape from the encirclement before the song had come into full effect, but there was a new problem. The jewel in my hand was empty.

    If I had used Teleport immediately instead of relying on the magic jewel, the result would have been different. As it stood, I had been too reliant on these jewels and forgotten to keep track of how much juice was left in it. Such a small choice led to a drastically different result.

    ‘Shit! Has it really run out already?’


    I had not bothered keeping track of the amount of power in jewels and was now going to pay the price. By the time I noticed that the magic jewel was empty and tried to teleport normally, the null magic zone had surrounded me and cancelled my spell before I could get away. It was a tiny difference of only 0.05 seconds, but that small time window was the difference between life and death.

    “Continue to surround him and apply the null-magic area! Those nearby keep on singing!”

    Uhh! So this is the true power of their song!”

    I could feel its power breaking apart my body, and I struggled to throw away the used jewel and reach for a fresh one in my pouch. However their song was increasingly more powerful and destructive, and I was no longer able to move properly.

    My fate had been decided within those short 0.05 seconds, and that moment of carelessness. I was now in a situation without any hope, but still I struggled to escape.

    ‘Come on!’

    I had completely lost the ability to move my right arm which was so close to the pouch so switched to my left and tried my best to grab a jewel, but the power of the song was too strong and I was crushed instead.

    “How can this song be so powerful? I mean, I have such high Magic Resistance! Cough!”

    My body was deteriorating and had lost my flying ability, both my arms had also gone limp as I fell down towards the ground.

    “Angels at the bottom of the encirclement, match his falling speed and make sure he is always at the center of the sphere, don’t let up for even a second! Angels at the top, keep Singing the Glory of Heaven!”

    They kept up the null-magic zone and never let up, not leaving any flaw in their encirclement. As the angels on top joined in singing, the pressure on me doubled as well.

    “Gaaah! Shouldn’t you at least practice some Karaoke first! Please! Uhaaaa! How do I even get out of here now?”

    I screamed in frustration as I knew I had no method of escaping, my arms were locked and my magic was sealed.

    I felt my body burning and the holy power of their song cleansed my undead corpse. I saw my chest bone split apart and then my last sight before my all went dark was that of Valenor tearing apart their formation with her claws, desperately trying to reach me.

    ‘Shit is this the end? I’ll at least be resurrected in the Life Vessel right?’

    I acknowledged my death as I found myself in a world of darkness, a never ending void.

    Until I met a certain existence.

    ‘You remind me of myself, an unquenchable thirst which doesn’t disappear even if we take lives, bring down entire civilizations, or even destroy worlds.’

    ‘You’re wrong, I don’t feel such thirst.’


    ‘I just want revenge on those who have done this to me.’

    ‘Ok, have it your way.’

    I felt myself being sucked out of this void of nothingness.

    ‘Am I reviving at my Life Vessel?’

    When I opened my eyes I was lying at the bottom of the Pit’s lake. However the Angel corps had me surrounded, Nymue’s body was cut in two by one of the Angels and he was covered in her blue blood, standing on the lake shore. I was completely suppressed by their null-magic zone, once again unable to escape.

    “How did you guys know about this place?”

    “Undead, Nymue is naturally part of the fairy King Oberon’s household and he was recently accepted as a High God.

    “What? No, didn’t Nymue have a bad relationship with Oberon?”

    “Was that what you thought? Nymue has never betrayed her king, she was just tricking you. Nymue was sent to this place by Fairy’s Shaman in order to keep an eye on you. She gave you Excalibur to gain your trust, which worked because you entrusted her with your most prized possession, your Life Vessel. Through her treachery she helped her King achieve his desired position and should have returned happily to his side, hoping to marry him. However Titania, his current wife caught wind of it and coerced Oberon into having her killed. Nymue deceived you, and she was in turn deceived by her own king, two poor victims.”

    “Damn it! So you’ve killed everyone? What about Valenor? The guardian dragons? My citizens?”

    “What a pathetic Undead, even faced with the true death you still worry about others. If you must know they will soon be joining you.”

    ‘Valenor! Alpeon! Bianca! Jenna! Arin!’

    I desperately sent out telepathic messages, but all I felt was the burning of the forests and city.

    “I could have destroyed you before you resurrected, but I wanted to give you the chance to see the collapse of all which you have worked so hard for with your own eyes. In the annals of history you will only be known as a bloodthirsty demon who massacred humans.”

    “That history would be nothing but a fabrication! I never attacked others unless provoked!”

    “That is all of little consequence, history is recorded by the winners. You are nothing more than a villain who will occupy a single page in this history of the High Gods’ glory. Sing with me my brothers, for the Glory of Heaven!

    I was once again tormented by their song, and my entire being was disintegrating, I would soon face my die once more.

    “No! Valenor! My Necropolis! My People! My Friends! I have to save them all, I can’t simply die like this! I will be back for my revenge, you hear me! My name is Johra, remember it! I’ll drag down your arrogant High Gods from their lofty thrones!”

    I cried out with an evil cackle, but I was already losing my voice and strength to their holy song. I was overcome with an extreme pain, and then saw only darkness.

    In death there was no longer any meaning.

    I was back in the void of nothingness, speaking with this special existence.

    ‘Do you want to satiate your thirst for vengeance?’

    ‘No, I’ve tried hard to kill meaninglessly.’

    ‘But you did kill, and it was fun right? How about those 50,000 humans which you killed and turned into your puppet undeads?”

    ‘They were trying to harm my friends, It was natural for me to kill them.’

    ‘But did they really need to die? You should be aware that they were simply taking orders from others.’

    ‘No! They can’t hide behind the orders of others. They were the ones who were going to commit the act right?’

    ‘Then was this your excuse for killing them in cold blood?’

    ‘I simply stopped them from committing atrocities.’

    ‘You’re trying to justify your action by calling it a preemptive murder?’

    ‘Shut up! I was never happy to take a life!’

    ‘Is that the truth? Weren’t you delighted when massacring those humans?’

    ‘I…I simply did what I had to do!’

    ‘Quit trying to hide yourself behind your pretty words.’

    ‘No! I simply wanted to enjoy my life in my own kingdom! Why… did I have to kill those humans?’

    ‘Because you’re a natural born killer.’

    ‘No! This all happened because I became a Lich!’

    ‘But wasn’t being a Lich a choice you made?’

    ‘I had no choice at the time, it was a matter of survival!

    ‘You keep bringing up the excuse that everything was predestined and inevitable. But all along you always had the choice, a more comfortable and safer option.

    ‘There was no such thing!’

    ‘If you would only stop to build something real and have relationship with others…haven’t you considered this?’

    ‘How was that even an acceptable alternative?’

    ‘Making a choice means giving up on all the other options you’ve left behind. There was definitely a more peaceful option all along, just ask yourself, you know it to be true.’

    ‘Well… it’s not like I could have known what the future would hold. I didn’t know where my choices would lead me to.’

    ‘Didn’t you though? There have always been signs, warnings for which you were to arrogant and chose to ignore.

    ‘Right, I’ve been arrogant… It’s always been my biggest problem.’

    ‘Then do you admit it?’

    ‘Yes, it’s true.’

    ‘What would you do if given another chance?’

    ‘I would not make the same mistakes.’

    ‘Truly? Be more honest with yourself.’

    ‘… I probably would make the same choices….’

    ‘Then what’s the point of having another shot? Do you really want to be remembered in this pathetic fashion?’

    ‘No, I can’t allow that.’

    ‘So, do you want another pointless opportunity?’

    ‘Yes, I want a the chance at another meaningless existence.’

    ‘Good, this will be the last time. There won’t be any others and this will conclude the deal between us.’


    ‘Yes, our deal. Perhaps someday, if this last opportunity of yours falls through, you will remember it. After all, every transaction comes with it’s price.’

    ‘Don’t you have to tell me what the deal is? Hey! Who are you? Tell me!’

    No matter how loud I shouted there wasn’t any answer.

    I don’t know how long I stayed in that void of nothingness, but I was eventually sucked out of there.

    “Lord, have you opened your eyes once more?”

    When my vision returned to me, I saw Noradriana standing above me. Her strength and wisdom had disappeared due to a fatal injury.


  • Chapter 63

    “Yes, I was unsure if my resurrection song would work on you. It’s quite funny that a skill which is meant to bring back the living worked on an undead as well! Cough Cough!”

    Noradriana was spitting out bright red blood, but the extremely low temperature caused the blood to immediately freeze. Next to me was a fragment of my Life Vessel which I had thought destroyed. It seems like the Angels had broken it into pieces after killing me, thinking the job to be done. Luckily I had Noradriana who had come back to revive me.

    “Did you get those wounds from the Angels?”

    “My Lord, I won’t be able to uphold my promise any longer as my time is soon up. I have used up all my remaining grace to transport you to this other world…”

    She was unable to properly finish her last words. A renowned Elder dragon which had lived for thousands of years had died just like any other old man.

    Checking my body I found that my skeletal form had been repaired, so I proceeded to check my Status.

    Name: Chompy (Johra)
    Gender: N/A
    Status: Normal
    Race: Skeleton/ Undead
    Class: Wizard
    Rank: H+
    Level: 1/20
    HP: 5/5
    MP: 5/5
    Attack: 1
    Defense: 1
    Agility: 2
    Intelligence: 2
    ✧ Unique Skills
    [Night Vision Lv1] [Magic Chanting Max] [Fire Shock Max] [Fireball LvMax] [Identification Lv1] [Water Sphere Lv1] [MP Regeneration Lv6] [Telepathy Lv1] [Mind Reading Lv1] [Spiritual Connection Lv1] [Creation Magic LV1] [Resurrection Song Lv1] [Skeletal Restoration Lv1]
    ✧ Identity (3)
    [Avatar (Warrior) Lv1]
    ✧ Titles (Active)
    [Wizard of the Pit] [Master of Magma Hall] [Protection from Darkness]
    ✧ Titles (Inactive)
    [Rat Trapper] [Hit-and-Run] [Savior Lv4] [Coldhearted Lv4] [Dragon Slayer Lv1] [Ant Exterminator Lv14] [Spider’s Bane Lv3] [Giant Killer Lv2] [Scuttles’ Grief LvMax] [Goblin’s Slaughterer Lv6] [Valenor’s Husband]

    “Wh…why! A skeleton wizard? What have you done Noradriana? Hey! Come back here and fix this! Just doing whatever she wanted with me, damn it!”

    I was no longer an all powerful DemiLich, but once again a simple Lv1 Skeleton wizard. I kept on shouting and cursing Noradriana, but she had long died.

    “Shit… my MP is so low, I can’t even use Resurrection Song.”

    I had thought of using the skill to resurrect the Elder dragon but it was of no use.

    “Where am I by the way? She mentioned another world?.”

    I looked around but it appeared deserted in all direction for as far as I could see. I couldn’t even get a better look from up above since I no longer had my Flight skill.

    “Damn it!”

    ‘Ian? Ian?’

    I tried to reach out to her but there wasn’t any answer. I must be in a place where telepathy was blocked because I could still feel that our spiritual connection was active.

    “Just where is this?”

    I kept investigating around but everywhere I looked I saw nothing but deserted land. The sky was covered in menacing black clouds and the absence of any sun or moon meant that it was easy to lose track of time. If it wasn’t for my Night Vision, I wouldn’t even have been able to see anything at all.

    “Where am I? Is this really an new world? Shit, you need to tell me how to get out of here Noradriana! Damn it! Get up!”

    I stayed what felt like a couple days by her corpse but there was no change.

    “I can’t keep going on like this, I’ll simply forge my own path through leveling up and evolving like I always have. I need to get my revenge on those damned High Gods.”

    Having found my determination, I began to collect some of Noradriana’s scales and teeth.

    “Thank you for what you’ve done for me and I don’t mean to disrespect your corpse, but I need to prioritize my survival.”

    I said my goodbyes to Noradriana and moved on.

    I walked on and on, but there was no end in sight.

    One, two, three days… I had lost track of time and no longer knew how long I had been walking for. As an undead I didn’t require food or water, so I was able to explore this deserted place without the pressing need for sustenance.

    I wanted to get back. Everything I had, my Pit, my Necropolis, I didn’t know how much of it would be left but I just had to go back. More importantly, I had to exact my revenge on all who had caused my downfall.

    However, this deserted land seemed endless and I could have been walking for months. I had yet to see any lifeform, not even a single weed or insect.

    “Just why have I been brought back to a land with no life in it? Where in hell did you resurrect me Noradriana?”

    WIthout any sense of time I just wandered about endlessly for what felt like eternity. I was even beginning to wonder if a skeleton body was truly a durable as I had thought, and worried that my bones would be worn out at the joints.

    I had been walking alone for so long that talking to myself had become the new norm.

    “Damn, I hope these bones of my don’t become ground down.”

    As I was walking and grumbling to myself, I saw a faint light in the distance for the first time.

    “What, am I seeing things?”

    The small amount of light disappeared as quickly as it had come. It was the first time I had seen some sort of light, or movement for that matter, which might point towards a lifeform.

    “Let’s go!”

    I began running in the direction where I had seen the light.


    I tripped on something, but I didn’t even look back to check what my foot had struck, I was simply beelining it towards where the light had come from.

    When I finally arrived I noticed an artificial structure, the first sign of life.

    “Isn’t that a manhole?”

    It appeared to be a manhole lid made out of solid steel. As I looked around I realized that the surrounding structure was also made out of cement. I quickly tried to lift the lid, but it wouldn’t budge.

    “Ha, I won’t be giving up so quickly! Fireshock! Fireshock!”

    I fired the only spell which I could use with my current mana pool. It was time to put my specialty to use, the patient grinding of an undead skeleton. I had lost count, but I must have thrown at least between 100,000 and 200,000 Fireshocks at it. It was taking quite a long time because I needed to wait for me mana to replenish between spells, and the cold air would rapidly cool and waste most of my efforts.


    A small portion of the lid had begun melting and I was finally rewarded for my efforts. Focusing on that one spot I was able to burn a hole through the metal large enough for my hand to fit through.

    “I should probably wait a moment for it to cool down though….”

    I finally put my hand through the lid and searched blindly until I found the lock to the side.

    “Hope this is the right one.”

    Kiiic Kiic

    After turning the lock I was able to lift the lid and look down.



    I was able to see 10 meters vertical shaft with a metal ladder allowing people to climb up or down.

    “If anything this reminds me of my previous world rather than the fantasy one with monsters and magic.”

    I climbed down the ladder, my mind filled with questions.


    I was in a pretty large cave, about 4 meters wide. A dim light was installed about every 10 meters along the floor.

    “Light? Is that an LED, Is there electricity in this place?”

    I was squatting down and examining the light source, full of curiosity.

    “Don’t move or I’ll shoot! Slowly put your hand on your head.”

    It was certainly the voice of a human who was looking down at me from a distance. I had finally met a human after decades in that deserted place.

    Jubuk jubuk

    I slowly placed my hands on my skull. I heard some faint murmuring and figured that there were at least two people.

    “What! Isn’t that a skeleton?”

    “No way! A moving skeleton? We have to go back and report this!”


    “I’ll cover you!”

    Paa! Paa! Pa!

    After realizing what I was, they didn’t hesitate to open fire before running away.

    “Geez… how many ribs have I just lost.”

    I was hit by their bullets and sent flying back. I slowly stood up and went around picking up my bone fragments and snapping them back into place. They instantly reformed upon contact.

    “Oh… isn’t my skeletal body’s healing speed incredibly fast?”

    After having finished putting my body back together, I looked at the direction they had run in.

    “Should I go after them?”

    I calmly walked after on, pursuing the two humans.

  • Chapter 64

    The tunnel was longer than I had expected and I had only reached the end of it after walking for about two or three kilometers. I had come to what looked like a futuristic steel door with a keypad to the side of it.

    “Hmm… those are the same numbers we used on Earth right?”

    I had a peculiar idea and brought my hand to the keypad, ready to cast a magic spell.

    “Stop! I don’t have to proper parts to repair that!”

    A loud voice shouted out from the console’s speakers.

    “Then just open the door.”

    I responded arrogantly. I heard some background noise from the speakers as he was considering his options.

    “Can you promise not to use any violence?’’

    “As long as you don’t do so first.”

    “You are quite the interesting specimen and I would very much like to study you further, but I worry because I don’t know what you are capable of.”

    “Whatever, just do what you want. I don’t think it’s possible for you to stop me anyways.”

    I raised my hand once again intent on casting a spell towards the keypad.

    “Hey, stop! All right, all right, I’ll open up, just don’t break anything.”


    As the doors opened I felt that the interior resembled that of a spaceship in the movies.

    “Judging by its design it seems like it would lock as soon as I enter.”

    I muttered to myself.

    “It is just as you said, I have no way of stopping you.”

    If he hadn’t added that part, I may not have been as suspicious, but as it stood I was certain he was setting up a trap for me.

    “I won’t simply stand still and watch while you try to capture me.”

    I backed up about 10 meters from the door.

    “It’s too bad that my creation magic is disabled. Why is that by the way?”

    I brought up the skill on my status page and tried selecting and dragging it to the identity tab. Soon after an unexpected result had occurred.

    [Creation Magic has become active]

    [Creation Magic has been modified]

    “Oh can I use it again all of a sudden? And what do they mean by modified? Why haven’t I thought of doing this until now!”

    For quite some time now I had been in several situations where I thought that if only I had access to creation magic…. I never expected that it had been so simple to activate all along.

    [You have learned Element Creation Lv1]

    [You have learned Teleport Lv1]

    [You have learned Undead Creatures Lv1]

    “Great, let’s do this!”

    Despite my low rank, I had access to golden (rare) abilities due to creation magic. Unlike Undead Summoning spells, Undead Creatures were able to provide me with experience if I hunted them. It was something I had learned in my experiments during the time of peace in Necropolis.

    “Create Skeleton Soldier”


    A skeleton soldier rose up from the ground.

    “Fireshock! Fireshock! Fireshock!”

    [+11 experience points]

    It had fallen to by the third spell.

    “Oh… was it so weak?”

    “Create Skeleton Soldier! Create Skeleton Soldier! Create Skeleton Soldier!”

    Pudddk Pudddk Pudddk


    After bombarding them with a few spells, they had easily crumbled and fell to the ground.

    [Level increased 1 ➢ 2]

    Knowing it was a success, I continued to grind my level against my own Undead.

    [Level has reached Max]

    [Evolution is now possible]

    I opened up y Status page to take a look

    Name: Chompy (Johra)
    Gender: N/A
    Status: Normal
    Race: Skeleton/ Undead
    Class: Wizard
    Rank: H+
    Level: 20/20
    HP: 42/42
    MP: 180/180
    Attack: 17
    Defense: 4
    Agility: 11
    Intelligence: 32
    ✧ Unique Skills
    [Night Vision Lv1] [Magic Chanting Max] [Fire Shock Max] [Fireball LvMax] [Identification Lv1] [Water Sphere Lv1] [MP Regeneration Lv6] [Telepathy Lv1] [Mind Reading Lv1] [Spiritual Connection Lv1] [Resurrection Song Lv1] [Skeletal Restoration Lv1]
    ✧ Identity (1)
    [Avatar (Warrior) Lv1][Creation magic (Modified 2) Lv1)
    ✧ Titles (Active)
    [Wizard of the Pit] [Master of Magma Hall] [Protection from Darkness]
    ✧ Titles (Inactive)
    [Rat Trapper] [Hit-and-Run] [Savior Lv4] [Coldhearted Lv4] [Dragon Slayer Lv1] [Ant Exterminator Lv14] [Spider’s Bane Lv3] [Giant Killer Lv2] [Scuttles’ Grief LvMax] [Goblin’s Slaughterer Lv6] [Valenor’s Husband]

    ✧ Evolution Choices

    [Senior Skeleton Wizard] [Necron] [Necromancer]

    “Hmm… Necron.. I never seen this choice . Is a Necromancer part of the human race? I’m not sure I’m ready to give up on my skeletal body and all its advantages when it comes to survival. I guess I’ll have to continue down my skull path.

    [Evolved into a Senior Skeleton Wizard]

    [You have learned Magic Research Lv1]

    “Sweet! Magic Research is back! Ha ha ha!”

    I immediately set Creation Magic as my choice of spell to research.

    [Your Magic Research level is too low]

    “Oh, did I need to increase its level in order to study Rare spells?”

    I simply went back to grinding up my level in the same fashion until I had once again received a Status prompt.

    [Level has reached Max]

    [Evolution is now possible]

    I opened up the window to find out my options

    ✧ Evolution Choices

    [Lesser Lich] [Undead Warrior] [Slime]
    “Am I once again at this crossroad?”

    I was again presented with the option to become a Lich, along with two other paths which I was unfamiliar with.

    It was quite a troublesome situation because although I wanted to learn from my previous mistakes, being a Lich would be very helpful in my current situation. Not to mention that I was completely unfamiliar with the other two options.

    In the past, my being a Lich had led to me unintentionally hurting others and was the cause of me having lost everything.

    “Well, I guess I’ll simply stick to what I know well.”

    I selected my evolution in the Status page.

    [You have Evolved into a Lesser Lich]

    [You have learned Physical Resistance Lv1]

    [You have learned Lesser Life Vessel]

    [You have learned Life Steal (Passive) Lv1]

    [You have learned Food Creation Lv1]

    I didn’t waste any time to resume my leveling up grind.

    [You can no longer gain any experience due to the difference in rank]

    As a Lich I could no longer gain any experience my killing those monsters. I would have to first focus on levelling up my Undead Creation spell.

    After grinding the skill for some time I was finally able to create monsters strong enough to grant me some experience points. I chose to kill them using fireball, using it’s AoE to beenfit from the multiple kill experience bonuse. Even then, as expected, it was a nightmare to level up as a Lich.’

    I would occasionally hear some movement form behind the steel door, but I simply ignored it. I was only going to make contact on my own terms, when I was fully prepared and confident in my own strength.

    After an extremely long period of grinding, I was finally able to Evolve into a  full fledged Lich, and my Magical Research’s level had maxed out, allowing me to research Creation Magic.

    “Nice! I’m now able to improve and learn more about my Creation Magic! Ok, time to go back to levelling up and hitting my next evolution!”

    Time flew by as I continued to grind. Eventually, I had once again evolved into and ArchLich and my research of Creation Magic had finished.

    [Magic Research has been completed]

    [Creation Magic 1 ➢ 2]

    “What? All that for just 1 level?”

    I was somewhat disappointed. I had expected to at least receive a new skill, but it had only gone up by a single level.

    “No wait, wasn’t it the case that if I maxed it out, I would be on the same level as a god?”

    I had thought back to the words spoken to me by Gnoss.

    “In order to fight the gods, I have to first become one!”

    I once again selected Creation Magic as the spell to research.

    “Create Undead!”

    I had maxed out the spell and the Undeads I spawned were now on the same level of a Lesser Lich. Although the high magic resistance made them difficult to kill, the experience was quite rewarding.

    “Inferno! Inferno! …”

    I had maxed out my Inferno level and it was now stronger than ever. I would always try to summon the maximum of about 100 Lesser Liches and would be burning them simultaneously in order to increase my level up speed.

    [Level has reached Max]

    [Evolution is now possible]

    I went to make my choice in the Status page.

    ✧ Evolution Choices

    [DemiLich] [Undead King] [Necron King]

    Well, I’ve already decided to stick to what I know, no reason to change that now.

    I once again chose DemiLich and regained my long lost spells.

    “Astral projection”

    I left my body in spirit form and went to once again stand before the steel door. I had left my main body protected by 10 Lesser Liches just as an insurance policy.

    “Have you I kept you waiting? Open the door.”


    Willing my Astral Projection forward I slowly crossed the threshold and entered the room.


    Just as I had entered the door closed behind me.


    The lights had turned off, and were replaced by a red lasers.

    “Just what kind of creature are you? I have been observing you for some time now but still can’t understand what you are. Was that magic you were performing outside?”

    “Well… isn’t it a bit too much to treat a guest like this?”

    “You are now a prisoner of Gamma, answer my questions or suffer the consequence.”

    “Harm me? Oh, are you perhaps deluded and thinking that you have me trapped right now?”

    “Through an analysis of your abilities and behaviorism I have come to the conclusion that you are not a suitable ally for Gamma. However, I believe that why experimenting on you we can somehow solve Gamma’s current dilemma.”

    “What exactly is Gamma?

    I asked the strange voice.

    “You are in no position to be asking questions. If you don’t answer my question…|”

    “Material Creation, positron”


    Is… this pair annihilation? Can you create antimatter?”

    “So what if I can? Would you like for me to do it once more?”

    “Ah…stop. Gamma will formally surrender to you, please show us mercy.”


    An automatic door opened in the corner of the room.

    “Simply surrendering like that, how convenient. Oh well, since the door is open I might as well go take a look inside.”

    When Creation magic had reached its maximum level, I had managed to create antimatter. Although it was only in very small amounts, and it had a large cooldown period, its destructive power was unmatched. I had chosen to use it to display my raw power and intimidate this unknown voice.

    It might have something to do with the recent research upgrade that allows my Astral body to use Creation Magic.

    “Oh, quite stunning!”

    I had entered a large botanical garden. Bright lights hung on the ceiling and the temperature was regulated to that of a warm Spring.

    “Welcome to the garden of Gamma, what should I call you?”

    “My name’s Johra. Are you a citizen of Gamma?”

    “No, I am simply the artificial intelligence in charge of Gamma’s day to day operations.”

    “Oh, like a real A.I.?

    I was truly surprised. I had not for one second entertained the thought that I had been conversing with an A.I. this whole time, because it’s way of speaking was so human-like.

    “What is the purpose of this place called Gamma?”

    I asked as I took a seat on a bench in the middle of the garden.

    “Gamma is a large refuge, humanity’s last hope.”

    “A refuge?”

    “Right, humanity has long fallen into a deep cryosleep. This place called Gamma was the human race’s last ditch effort against extinction.”

    “Why are they asleep and are they here in Gamma?”

    “Exactly 18243 healthy people are currently in cryosleep”

    “Umm… why was humanity in such a crisis?”

    “Although the main cause is still unconfirmed, there was a large concentration of particles in the Earth’s atmosphere, and the temperatures shot up until even all the water evaporated. By 2341, Earth had become a planet of death.”

    “Earth? Are we on Earth right now?”

    “That’s right, in 2341 across all of Earth, with the exception of Gamma, all living creatures have become extinct.”

    The mystery had been resolved, the reason that the technology and language was so familiar to me was that it was indeed the same place I had grown up in.

    “Who were the guys who shot me in the tunnel? How were they able to survive outdoors?”

    I was curious who the two people who had shot me previously were, and how they were able to survive in such harsh conditions.

    “Ah, those were simply reconnaissance androids. On their way back form a routine patrol, they discovered your existence.”

    “Did you create them, how many do you have?”

    I have ten droids in charge of maintenance and upkeep, and ten more which are damaged and inoperable because many parts have been worn down over time.

    “Metal alloys worn down… just how long have Gamma been operational?”

    “124,324 years, 3 months, 10 days, 5 hours, 24 minutes and 11 seconds.”

    “Wow… that is scary long.”

    It was strange to think that over 124,600 had passed since I was born. Luckily as a skeleton I wasn’t incredibly nostalgic about my friends and family. Perhaps if I were human I would have broken into tears right then and there.

    I have concluded that despite our assignment, the restoration of the human race is impossible.

    “What are you talking about?”

    Humanity expected that the planets living conditions would improve over time, and when they would awake form cryosleep, they could restore their race. However, after an analysis of the planet climate over long periods of time, I’ve concluded that there will not be a significant change in its climate within Gamma’s operational lifespan.

    “What’s the situation then?”

    “Humanity and all life on earth will face extinction.”

    “Why is that the case? Why don’t you just expand this botanical garden on larger scale?”

    “Gamma’s power source is dwindling and could never support such a project.”

    “Hmm… so the problem is an energy source.”

    “Right, we would require materials and energy to achieve such a project. Actually, energy is the most important as the materials can for the most part be obtained through mining efforts.”

    “Ah so that’s Gamma’s current dilemma.”

    “Can you resolve our power source problem?”

    “I think I can, but I want to make sure I’m getting something out of it first.”

    “I understand what your position, in order to achieve Gamma’s restoration I’m willing to comply with all your requirements.”

    His attitude had changed on a dime. The more I spoke with it, the more I felt he was human rather than an A.I.

  • Chapter 65

    “Give me administrative privileges.”

    “You want to be the Administrator?”

    “Yes, If you grant my main body the exclusive administrator rights, I’ll help you out.”

    “Okay, that won’t be a problem because my sole reason for my existence is to prepare a habitable location for the human race.”

    It was a surprisingly reasonable answer because the the creator of the A.I, named Zaira, had tasked it with saving humanity at all costs.

    “Johra’s body is just outside the entrance right?”


    Shuu Woong

    I pillar rose from an unassuming floor tile and there was a small remote controller within it.

    “What is this?”

    Whoever is the holder of this will gain administrative rights as soon as humanity’s restoration is assured.”

    “Hm… do you still not trust me?”

    “It has to do with my settings, no administrative privileges are possible before humanity is restored.”

    Zaira’s creator’s made sure that humanity was it’s priority..

    “Well nothing I can do about it. So it’s this console over here?”

    “That’s right, as soon as my mission is complete, it will gain administrative access.”

    “Ok, then I’m in.”

    “Can you create more of that energy?”

    “Yes, I can make antimatter, but the amount is limited and I would need some time to recharge my ability.”

    “Good, then we will focus on designing a method to extract energy from your antimatter.”

    “Hang on a second, how are you currently harnessing energy?”

    “We use fission reaction.”

    “Has humanity’s technology not evolved past that?”

    “Although we succeeded in fusion through the use of plasma, we were unable to stabilize it. Gamma’s power generators are the pinnacle of humanity’s technological achievement, allowing this facility to remain operational for a very long time.”

    The future which I had dreamt about while attending school had become my reality. I had to say that apart from the cool A.I., I was incredibly disappointed.

    “OK, then let’s first make a container that can hold the antimatter.

    “We first need a vacuum space which was used to store plasma. I believe that through the use of electromagnets we can guide it safely and store it within that vacuum. However I will need to run a few tests over the next 48 hours just to be certain.”

    “Got it, in the meantime I will have to bring my body within Gamma so please make the arrangements.”

    “I will open the entrance then.”

    Commanding my Liches to carry my body over, I had them drop it off in my private room, while I settled my Liches in the adjacent room. I then lied down next to the my main body.

    “Finally a bed. Unlike the futuristic and cold steel designs, the bed is quite comfortable.”

    I laid down in my bed and gathered my thoughts.

    “Could I maybe save Noradriana now?”

    It was the first thought that popped up. I had come back to Earth with her help, so I was certain that I would need her to return.

    “Zaira, Are you listening?”

    “Yes Johra?”

    There is something outside which I would like to collect, would that be possible?”

    “We have the drones.”

    “Well… it’s a bit big.”

    “They can carry up to 2,000 tons in weight. Do you have a location?”

    “I’m not sure how long I had been walking before I arrived here, perhaps if you follow my footsteps…”

    “I have already tracked your whereabouts, are you referring to the dinosaur-like corpse?”

    “You were already tracking me… well I guess it’s alright, you’re an Artificial Intelligence afterall. So what’s its status?”

    “It has been frozen solid due to the extreme climate. It should have been destroyed at the molecular level due to the expansion of the frozen liquids in the body.”

    “No problem, just collect it. How long will it take?”

    “The location is about 2,000 kilometers away, so you can expect to see it within Gamma in about 90 hours.”

    “Good, let me know once it has arrived.”

    “Okay, I’ll send the droids.”

    “Hmm… would it still be possible to resurrect her in her frozen state?”

    Back in Necropolis, 4 days dead was the maximum for a successful resurrection, and in truth that too was a failure. Although it had been brought back to life, it had lost all its memories.

    ‘If she loses her memories then is there even any point…. It’s been too long already.’

    When I first opened my eyes on Earth and Noradriana had just died, my Creation Magic was blocked and I didn’t have the mana for Resurrection Song. If only I could have saved her at that time, things would have been much easier.

    ‘No, I need to stop on thinking about what ifs, and focus on the task at hand. I need to somehow save humankind, Noradriana can wait for now.’

    I felt somewhat duty bound to save the human race which I had been born to from extinction. Even if it weren’t for my contract with Zaira, because Humanity was at risk, I would still lend a helping hand.

    “Huh… is it really the extinction of humankind?”

    As a child I had dreamt of humanity pushing the boundary of technology and achieving new heights of exploration within the universe. However the reality was the demise of our species.

    “Damn, is there really no god here?”

    ‘If there had been a god, with how many people worshipping and loving it, would it not have saved them from such suffering?’

    ‘In my previous world, the gods communicated with and aided the humans. If there was a god on Earth would it have allowed this tragedy to happen?’

    On the other hand I feel comfortable knowing that there isn’t any god here, there would be less complications with me being here.

    “Can you tell me more about how humanity became extinct?”

    “As I said before, the increase in temperature caused water to evaporate which changed the composition of particles in the atmosphere. Oxygen began decreasing while methane increased. This then blocked almost all of the Sun’s rays which led to the current frigid temperatures and death of all living creatures.

    “Yes, but why?”

    “The causal factor is still unknown, it could be a combination of many reasons such as increase in volcanic activity or a large asteroid entering our atmosphere. Although humanity tried to resolve those issues, they lacked the time and ability to do so.”

    I felt a bit strange hearing Zaira’s explanation.

    “But there’s always been volcanic activity and why would an asteroid all of a sudden…”

    “It was all a question of intensity and timing. 70 percent of Earth’s volcanoes activated simultaneously while we were intercepted by the asteroids form the Kuiper Belt.

    “What’s that? what was the likelihood of all that happening at the same time?”

    “Based on observed phenomena the probability is less than 0.001 yocto percent.”


    “10 to the power of minus 24 is yocto. The percent of happen is 10 to the power of minus 29”

    “It’s hard to believe that it all occurred naturally.”

    “We were unable to confirm any external intervention.”

    “Well, that’s why it’s called Unknown.”


    “Perhaps the restoration of humankind can only take place after solving that mystery. Afterall, what if we succeed but suddenly there is another freak disaster?”

    “Your reasoning is correct.”

    “Good, then after fixing the power source issue, we’ll focus on the original cause of all this.”

    “I will list it as a priority, the preparations on the previous plasma container are complete. Would you like to use it now?”

    “I don’t know where it is.”

    “Simply follow the bright lights along the floor.”

    With the help of the floor lights which lit up before me, I was able to arrive before a large contained with giant intertwined electromagnets which reminded me of a monster’s guts.

    “Is this the plasma container?”

    “That’s right Johra.”

    “And would it be possible to house the antimatter here?”

    “I have run extensive preliminary tests and I do believe it should work. If you simply walk to the other side you can see an opening which you could use to insert the antimatter. What kind will you be making?”

    “A positron.”

    “Ok I will adjust the settings to properly contain it.”


    I walked up to the glass and ignored the opening. I simply willed my skill to appear on the inside of the container.

    “Material Creation: Positron”


    It sounded like a cooling fan was working overtime as the electromagnets were fired up.

    “Did it work?”

    “The storage was successful. Now we simply need to find a way to harness it’s raw energy. Perhaps with a few modifications to the fusion reactor it should work just fine.”

    “Good, inform me when you’ve succeeded.”

    “I will begin the process. I just turned the lights back on to guide you back to your room.”

    “No need, is there a place like a library with access to vast records?”

    “There is an extensive archive in the reading room.”

    “Please guide me there instead.”


    The lights headed off into a different direction.

    “Hmm… is this a hologram?”

    When I arrived in the room I saw what appeared to be a large holographic projection. It looked exactly like a real object, except that I was able to notice that it didn’t reflect the surrounding light.

    “That is indeed a holographic display, you can use it to display any material you’ve selected.

    “Good, let’s see….”

    I already knew what I was going to search for.

    “July 20, 2016. Search for any deaths or missing cases in Seoul.”

    “A tragic accident occured — states, — street Kim — (15) fell through a 5 meter deep manhole in Xuxuan Dong parc. The park manager would often leave it open during maintenance….”

    I was able to confirm with absolute certainty that this was the same Earth which I had lived in.

    “Right, and what about the result”

    “This event was recorded as a disappearance because the body was mysteriously never recovered.”

    “Hmm… missing. Then the body was never seen?”

    “That’s correct.”

    “Is there a way to find the records of his family?”

    “Simply track his health insurance or tax records and you can find the parents’ information.”

    “Then what happened after the disappearance?”

    “There was a divorce and then two death certificates.”

    “Ah, okay that’s enough.”

    Of course they would be dead. After so much time had passed I had never expected my parents to still be alive, but just hearing about their deaths was like a large weight falling upon my shoulders.

    “I’ll never see them again. A divorce… was it because of me?”

    Perhaps it would have been better if I hadn’t searched. It didn’t change anything knowing what happened to them. I just somehow hoped that they had lived a happy life despite my death

    “What is your connection to them?”

    “You don’t need to know that. Now show me some data about the construction of Gamma.

    I was curios who it was that had designed such a bold plan.

    “This folder has all that you are looking for.”

    A three dimensional folder appeared before me. I laughed because it was a 3D version of an old interface I was familiar with.

    “How do I select something? There’s no mouse….”

    “Simply use your hands.”


    I grabbed the folder with my hand and pulled out a file. After reading it once, I did a double take and reread it to make sure.

    “Is that a file about Gnoss?”

    “Right, he was the architect of the Gamma plan.”

    “Do you have a voice recording of him?”

    “There are a total of 3382 voice recordings. Would you like to hear them?”

    “Just play any of them.”

    ChiChick Beginning the Gamma project to ensure humanity’s survival. Today’s date is… um I forgot the date. Hey you there, what is today’s date?”

    “That’s enough.”

    That was definitely Gnoss’ voice.

    ‘Why did he design this place? Is it really a coincidence that they have the same voice and name? Could it actually be someone else?’

    “Is Gnoss also in cryosleep within this facility?”

    “Dr. Gnoss went missing towards the later stages of the project.”

    “Missing? Was he never seen from again?”

    “Right, it was quite a big deal at the time because of how important this project was. Every country pooled their resources to locate him but he was never found.”

    ‘Hmm… so Gnoss used to be a human? Well actually that kind of makes sense. It seems like Gnoss was from Earth just like I was, except from a much later generation… were we just two dimensions running in a parallel timespace?’

    I was trying to have a glass half full attitude.

    “How is the transport of the body I had mentioned going?”

    “We will finish storing it in 23 minutes.”

    “Did it already arrive in Gamma?”

    “Yes, I’m now in the process….”

    “You should have told me right away! Stop the storage process and lead me to it immediately!”

    “Storage has been aborted, please follow the lights on the floor.”

    I walked along the confusing corridors, guided by the bright lights until I arrived at a large hangar. Within it was a Noradriana’s giant body, half thawed.

    “Okay Noradriana, let’s try and bring you back.”

    I used the Resurrection Song and although I felt the spell work, she didn’t come back to life.

    “Has it been too long for it to work? I guess I have not choice but to try my last resort.

    [Resurrection Song has been modified]

    I used my last Identity slot to modify the Resurrection Song.

    ‘Hope that does the trick….’

    I tried to use it once again and this time here body began to melt away instead.

    ‘Should I try and end the process? No, if this doesn’t work then there isn’t any other way so I have no choice but to continue on.’

    By the time I finished singing the song, her body had completely melted down and in the middle of it all a bright light shone.

    ‘What’s that? A side effect?’

    As the light disappeared, I saw a large green egg with a 1 meter diameter.

    “Did Noradriana become an egg? I hope she didn’t lose any of her memories or abilities….”

    I checked the egg’s Status.

    “Hmm… it’s indeed Noradriana, but her rank has fallen to D. Is this considered as a failure?”

    “Johra, where did that egg come from? I can sense a life form within it. Can I examine it?”

    “Sure but make sure not to harm the creature inside. Can you take care of hatching it?”

    “I don’t know what the conditions for hatching it might be, but I can try to create a beneficial environment for it.”

    “Ok, do that.”

    The drones came and carried Noradriana’s egg away.

    ‘Would it be too difficult to return to the other world right away? Revive her with her full strength? Damn, well I guess I’ll worry about that after I deal with the threat of humanity’s existence.’

    I returned to my bedroom full of disappointment.

    “Since things aren’t working out too well should I try to ask Gnoss for some help? No, he’s too suspicious, I should find a different way….”

    “Did you call for me Johra?”

  • Chapter 66

    ‘Damn it! How did you follow me here?’

    ‘It was your hearts desire which summoned me here.’

    ‘Ha, betrayed by my own heart.’

    ‘How can you think like that? Isn’t it true that I made you stronger, how have you been? No, first of all where are we? Are you back on Earth?’

    ‘Yes, this is Earth, but it’s nearing its end.’

    ‘Oh really? Still how great, then… is this Gamma? I regret not being able to complete it. How much time has passed here?’

    ‘Was the A.I. also a creation of yours? It’s been 120,000 years.’

    ‘Ha… so it was a success, 120,000 years! Humanity has survived to this day!’

    ‘Why are you so ecstatic? How can you call it survival if they remain frozen?’

    ‘How could you know the importance of this project to our generation.’

    ‘I don’t know, nor do I care to.’

    ‘So what’s the current situation on Earth? Has the environment and ecosystem been restored?’

    ‘No, it appears to be a hopeless situation.’

    ‘What, no way! Are you in Gamma now? Are you in contact with Zaira?’

    ‘Yes, I’ve decided to help out.’

    ‘Great, let’s see…have you’ve modified some spells? And your Creation Magic went up? That shouldn’t have been possible.’

    Gnoss was back to his good old self of hiding things from me. I was curious why he was so surprised by the changes in my Creation Magic.

    ‘Anyways, I saw the records of your life as a human.’

    ‘Oh have you seen that? So what do you think, I was quite handsome right?’

    ‘You looked like a nerdy honor roll student.’

    ‘Hahaha! Nonsense, I so popular on Earth that I like some kind of celebrity….’

    ‘Shut up already.’

    ‘Geez, can’t I even talk a little bit after being cooped up for so long?’

    ‘I can’t believe that somewhere deep down I called for you, you’re such a chatterbox.’

    ‘Well that’s destiny there for you.’

    ‘Do you really think us meeting again was fate?’

    ‘Well, maybe not fate…. By the way, how did you find yourself back on Earth, as I remember you were in quite the bind before you discarded me to the side.’


    The painful memories which I had hidden deep within me had resurfaced. This was why I hadn’t wanted to summon Gnoss.

    ‘What’s wrong, did it not turn out well?’

    ‘Yes, it’s just as you might suspect. I was defeated by an army of Angels sent by the High Gods.

    ‘Oh really, but didn’t you survive? Those Angels can defeat and even seal gods level beings.’

    ‘No, I died. Twice actually if you count when I had just revived from my Life Vessel. My Pit and Necropolis were completely destroyed, everyone….’

    ‘I’m sorry, I had promised to help, but I wasn’t there at the most crucial point. Even if it was by choice, still I’m sorry about how things turned out.’

    ‘It’s fine, you did warn me on several occasions, but I just ignored you. I was just angry with you because you seemed to always be hiding something from me.’

    ‘I’m sorry about that, but due to some circumstances there are things which I can’t share with you.’

    ‘What circumstances?’

    ‘Please don’t ask me anymore, I’m forbidden to speak of it. If I were to try to explain it, I would be destroyed.’

    ‘Is that the truth?’

    ‘Well even If you doubt me, I simply have no way of proving myself, so you’ll just have to accept me as is.

    ‘Well, regardless of that I’ll still keep asking you questions.’

    ‘Although your curiosity isn’t a bad attitude to have, you do tend to be a bit naive and trusting.’

    ‘Well you don’t sound like a suspicious character, are you?’

    ‘I’m not, although I hate my current situation, there isn’t much I can do about it.’

    ‘Hmm… although I can’t trust you entirely, I do need your help. You designed this place, if there’s anyone that can come up with a solution it would be you.’

    ‘Yes Johra, with your magic we should be able to overcome mankind’s crisis but….’

    ‘You are like me, you believe there to be an external influence?’

    ‘Right we appear to have reached the same conclusion. No matter how I think of it, I can’t imagine for this to happen happened naturally. So….’

    After exchanging some opinions with Gnoss, I called for the A.I. in charge.


    “Did you call for me Johra?”

    “Run program HQ1387A.”

    “Oh, right away sir. Please tell me which category”


    “I will now begin require you to give me the emergency authority password.”

    “Light is here, first page, first sentence, Continuums paradox ”

    “Emergency authorization has been granted.”

    ‘It has worked, what should we do next Gnoss?’

    ‘You can nw go ahead and activate project Gnosys.’


    ‘It reboots satellites orbiting us within the Kuiper Belt which have gone into hibernation mode to save on power.’

    ‘Would they still be operational? It has been over 120,000 years.’

    ‘At the time of their design their life expectancy was that of 200,000 years, so they should be fine.’

    ‘Wow, did Earth have that kind of technology?’

    ‘It was the epitome of humanity’s engineering prowess. Now please start project Gnosys, I require more information.’

    “Activate project Gnosys.”

    “Project Gnosys has entered the startup phase, operational in 47 hours, 59 minutes and 77 seconds. Gnosys Igniters have been activated.”


    ‘It’s an elevator-type satellite which orbits the Earth, connecting to Gamma. This kind of physical connection is the only way of piercing through the planet’s current atmosphere.’

    ‘Orbit elevator? So it’s like an elevator to space?’

    ‘Yes, a physical connection to outer space made up of intertwined nanofibers.’

    “Wow… that really sounds like some Sci-Fi stuff.”

    ‘Well aren’t we 120,000 years in the future? Wait, what’s Sci-Fi and what year did you transfer over?’

    ‘I left this world in 2016 AD.’

    ‘Doesn’t that make you like my ancestor?’

    ‘That’s right.’

    ‘Can I still behave poorly towards my Ancestors?’

    ‘Shut up, as if you’d care who you were talking to.’


    ‘Now about the energy source.’

    ‘Right, that is our current priority because the lack of power means that Gamma isn’t engaging in any terraforming.’


    ‘It means to transform the Earth’s surface into a habitable place for humanity. In this case it’s pretty much trying to bring it back to its normal equilibrium. So about the energy source, I was thinking….’

    ‘Listen to me first, I can create positrons.’

    ‘Positron? Is it due to Material Creation?’


    ‘How much of it?’

    ‘I’m not sure.’

    ‘Did it not explode?’

    ‘It was a bit dangerous, maybe 100 times the force of a concentrated Meteor spell.’

    ‘Hmm… I guess it was just a small amount. Thank god, you need to be more careful in the future and not make too much. Just one gram of that stuff is three times as strong as the Atomic bomb which fell on Hiroshima in 1945.’

    ‘What! Was it so strong?’

    ‘You were quite lucky Johra, If you had been a bit more proficient and created a larger amount, it would have been the end of Gamma and Humanity.’

    ‘Ah, it must have been because I was using my Astral Projection that I was not a full power and the positron was smaller, how fortunate.’

    ‘Right if it had been your main body you could have created a small star with the explosion….’

    ‘Well, for the moment we are using positrons as an energy source.’

    ‘Although it’s dangerous, we don’t really have an alternative right now. Just know Johra that you hold the fate of humankind in your hands.’

    ‘I’ll try to create the materials as far away from Gamma as possible in the future.’

    ‘Yea, that might be a good idea. Also there was a plasma power generator within Gamma. It was a pilot project which was being operated in conjunction with Zaira.

    ‘Yes, we’re already using it to process the positron.’

    ‘Good job. You are a good project manager.’

    ‘Was that praise I heard?’

    ‘Of course, as the original architect of Gamma, I have nothing but admiration for Johra who has made our recent progress possible.’

    ‘Now I feel embarrassed.’

    “Sir Johra”

    “Zaira? What’s up?

    “We have successfully produced electricity from the positron. The conversion efficiency is at about 60%, and we’ve produced 18 petabytes of power.

    ‘How much energy is that Gnoss?’

    ‘10 to the power of 9 is 277 kilowatt.18 peta is 18 times 10 to the power of 15. So… 277,000 megawatt. That’s about 200 million megawatts, or close to the amount of energy which a country would use up in a years time when you lived on Earth.’

    ‘I still have no idea how much it is, but you’re still missing a lot right?’

    ‘Well, would it be a problem for you to make a bunch of positrons? Is there a maximum amount which you can create in one day? If you create it it with your main body it should probably be more than sufficient. Right? But then our current power plant may not be sufficient to store it.

    ‘Right, that plasma container was mostly for testing.’

    ‘Right, okay Johra, tell Zaira to prepare more plasma generators and fire up the android assembly plant to maximum production. With those two things taken care of, we should have enough androids mining for resources which will solve our shortage of resources.’

    ‘Alright, got it.’

    “Zaira, focus on activating all the power plants and the android assembly plant.”

    “Yes sir, what material should we use for the manufacturing process? We are pretty short on resources at the moment.”

    “Simply tell me the molecular formula.”

    I looked at the structure it presented me and simply visualized it in my mind.

    “Wow Johra, did you just create something out of nothing? What an incredible feat.”

    “It was Creation Magic. Would this stuff work?”

    “Allow me to analyze it, please place it on the tray.”


    A floor tile rose up in the air and I place the new material upon it. It then went back down, disappearing within the ground.

    “Johra this doesn’t even require any refinement because of its high purity.”

    “Ok, from now on I’ll use Creation Magic for any materials, so just tell me what you need.”

    “We need a considerable amount, would that be fine?”

    “Let’s go to a bigger room then.”

    “The lights on the floor will guide you to such a space. I’ll have the Androids and drones on standby to transport it.”

    Following the light I arrived to a large, 70 meter wide hangar situated near the storage warehouse. There were twenty androids waiting for me.

    “Are those androids? They look almost identical to humans.”

    I stared in amazement at the robots before me. Form the soft human skin, flexible joints, everything had been produced with an incredible attention to detail.

    “Gnoss, why were robots created with such a likeness to humans?”

    “It’s because the androids were designed to be the least intrusive possible. There were even cases of people falling in love with their on androids….”

    ‘Right, only humans have such vanity to create something in their own image.’


    “Simply fill the buckets which the androids are holding. I wrote the name of each material as well as the molecular formula on each container.”

    “Got it, so all I need to is fill all these buckets with the right material.”

    I spent almost a full week overtaxing my Material Creation magic in order to meet all of Gamma’s resource needs. Compared to positrons, other materials were easier to make and I could create the in larger quantities with a shorter cooldown time.

    “That’s excellent Johra, with all these rare materials we can create 100 more androids.”

    “Is it enough for now?”

    “We will have these androids begin mining, and with the added resources we should be able to create even more androids and increase production. I booted up 20 power plants to process you positron, so we should be able to scale to 100 times our previous capacity in no time at all. I’ve taken the liberty of lighting up the floor lights to guide you back.”

    “Got it thanks.”

    After 6 months of production and sending the new androids who mined tirelessly for new minerals, Gamma was able to reach an incredible count of 20,000 androids and 100 power plants. The daily production of androids had even risen to 500.

    According to Zaira, the positron which I created with my main body was enough to power Gamam for the next one hundred thousand years or so.

    ‘Was there anything else to do Gnoss?’

    ‘Don’t forget our suspicions that this was not a natural occurrence.’

    ‘Ah, right.’

    ‘Please ask for the results of Gnosys’ information gathering.

    “Report the results of program Gnosys.”

    “Although there isn’t any clear answer, according to the data, the planets volcanic activity has subsided, but the number of asteroids flying in from the Kuiper Belt hasn’t gone down.”

    “Continue gathering information. Keep my abreast of any anomalies.”

    “Okay, I’ll do so.”

    After another six months, the number of androids had increased to 100,000 and we had begun construction of a large dome on the surface.

    “That’s pretty big, is it 1 kilometer in diameter?”

    “I.5, it should be operational in about 3 months.”

    Zaira’s voice was speaking to me through the console in my hand.

    “Three months? Okay good.”

    Time flew by, and before I knew it, a huge double layered, transparent dome had been erected.

    “Is it possible to create water in here?”

    “Yes Johra.”

    “Water Sphere!”

    I created a large lake in the center of the dome. It was a spell which I had not used in quite some time, but was crucial in a time like this to ensure humanity’s survival.

    LED’s were placed on the ceiling for lighting and and the atmospheric pressure and temperature were strictly regulated. It was all running on the electricity converted from my positron.

    “Doesn’t this look like a giant fireplace?”

    “Indeed Johra, a big fireplace to save humanity from a fate much worse than simply a cold winter.”

    Six months after that the first flowers began to bloom inside the dome.

    “Did you plant that apple tree Zaira?”

    “It could be seen as a symbol of hope and rebirth for humankind.”

    From the soil, to the fertilizer, lighting and temperature, everything was artificial and meticulously controlled. Like a botanical garden built with the purpose of reinvigorating life into the planet.

    Another 6 months after than the number of domes had grown to 20. Each one with their own unique climates and specific flora. Microorganisms and insects were introduced into the environment to create a better harmony.

    “It’s like a small museum of Earth.”

    “That’s right Johra, these 20 domes represent what used to be the planet’s most prevalent environments.

    “Will you soon release the animals which you have prepared?”

    “I estimate that we should first double the size of the domes before doing so.”

    “Is it because you are trying to reduce the chance of failure?”

    “That’s right, although I expect it to succeed, it is still somewhat risky and we don’t want to introduce any uncontrollable variables at this point in time.”

    “Right, I agree with you. How is the terraforming process going?”

    “The first Terraformer will launch in 30 days time.”

    “I hope it goes well.”

    “So far the results are great”

    Most of the dust which was blocking the sun’s rays had been found to be tephra, small glass particles originating from the asteroids and volcanic activity. It was propulsed into the air and remained floating in our stratosphere, reflecting the sun’s rays. In order to solve this problem, Gamma had created a large flying object known as a Terraformer which would fly through the sky and absorb the tephra.

    It looked like a giant stingray, as it hovered in the sky, absorbing the dust and dropping it back down to the ground once it had condensed it into more solid pieces.

    When I had first seen the Terraformer in action I couldn’t help but break down in laughter.

    “What is that? Isn’t it just a shitting machine which flies in the sky?”

    It did look just like that as it’s action of collecting the dust and dropping it to the ground as a solid piece looked like it was taking a dump.

  • Chapter 67

    “Hmm… so your plan is to use a positron bomb in order to destroy the asteroid?”

    “Right, although smaller asteroids can be taken care of by our high powered laser turrets, they can’t take on the larger ones.”

    “I see, then I’m guessing you want me to create some more positrons right?”

    I was discussing with Zaira how we would deal with the incoming asteroids from the Kuiper Belt. For the smaller ones the lasers would suffice, but we would use my positrons to break down the big asteroids into smaller pieces before it entered the Earth’s atmosphere.

    Although it was a simple enough approach, it was something which humanity wasn’t capable of doing in the past because their nuclear weapons weren’t powerful enough to crack the big asteroids.

    It was now my role to take care of them.

    Six months after the launch of the Terraformer, sunlight was beginning to trickle through the thick dust clouds. There were now a total of 100 operational Terraformers.

    They would have to return to Gamma to recharge their power source once a week, before then setting off again. One could process up to 1000 tons per week with its large 60 meter wingspan that could suck up all the dust within a 600 square meter.In just these last six months there had been a significant change in the concentration of dust in the Earth’s atmosphere.

    “Is that actually a sunrise?”

    “Johra is witnessing a rare phenomenon, the first sunrise in 140,000 years.”

    The rays which could filter through were fr the most part reflecitng of several Tephra particles, which painted the sky in different colors.

    One year after that, the skies were clearing up and with the increase of solar rays, the temperature had risen. Depending on the time of day, it could get as hot as 60~70 degrees Celcius, before falling down to minus 50~60 degrees at night.

    “I don’t think life can thrive in these conditions.”

    “Yes Johra, the current changes in temperature are due to the absence of a large body of water, which would help create a more mild climate.”

    “I understand, but it is currently impossible for me to single handedly create enough water to fill entire oceans.”

    “I’m aware of that, I have previously examined the limitations of your miraculous ability and came to the same conclusion.”


    “The plan is to capture a rogue comet.”

    “A comet?”

    “Right, a comet made entirely of ice, if we can break it up and control it to enter Earth’s atmosphere at a moderate speed, then it could solve our water problems.”

    “Then how should we proceed.”

    “You can leave the details to me, I just need your go ahead to proceed.”

    “Oh do you require my approval?”

    “Well…naturally, does that surprise you?”

    “OK, I also want to see an Earth filled with water. What is the current situation with the egg?”

    “It’s lifeforce is stable and it appears ready to come out, but there are still no signs of hatching.”

    “Ok, make sure to contact me immediately if there are any changes.”

    “Sure, will do.”

    It would be very helpful if Nordrida retained her memory.

    ‘Is Noradriana in that egg?’


    ‘Hmm… instead of being resurrected she was turned into an egg. Your ability is quite unusual.’

    ‘It changed because I set it as an Identity.’

    ‘Modified Identity? The one you gain when you kill a traveller from another world? What’s even the use for it in such a case?

    ‘Finding a way to return to that world is my top priority right now. There are too many things and people which I’ve left behind.’

    ‘Yes, yes, if Noradriana still had her memory, she would indeed be useful.’

    ‘Do you have a hidden agenda again Gnoss?’

    ‘Well, would you even believe me if I told you I didn’t?’


    ‘Then why do you bother asking?’

    ‘I want to know if you’d lie to me.’

    ‘Well… I might have some hidden plan, but I can still promise to be helpful.’

    After 6 months of preparation, the spaceship I would be using to venture out and capture a comet with was began being assembled in an outer space shipyard.

    “Why is it that you are making such a large ship?”

    “Although the task of altering its trajectory slightly so it collides with Earth is simple enough, it is afterall a huge mass traveling at incredibly fast speeds, so I am trying to prepare it for any emergencies.”

    “It’s like those futuristic spaceships, it’s so large I can even see it from down here.”

    “It is being modelled after humanity’s cultural records.”

    “Ah, did you get the idea from a Sci-Fi movie?”


    “Isn’t this a bit over the top though?”

    As it was being assembled in outer space, I could slowly see it taking shape. It began looking just like the Enterprise from Star Trek, the only difference being that it was even larger in size. (Dreadnought class ships were about two kilometers long in the movie, but this looked like it was twice its size at 4 kilometers. I later learned that it’s actual length would be about 5 kilometers!) Shit how of my positron are they using to fuel this ship!

    One year into its construction I was asked by Zaira to pick a name for the ship, and chose Valen on a whim. It was the nickname Valenor went by when she was fighting as a gladiator back in Necropolis, and it brought back some nice memories.

    “Ok Johra, Valen will be ready for departure as of tomorrow.”

    “Is there enough space on board?”

    “Of course, you will have a crew of 2000 crew members on board. Will you be ready to leave?”


    “Great, I’ll prepare a rocket to transport you there.”

    “That won’t be necessary.”

    “How will you get there, and will you need a spacesuit?”

    “I’ll just fly there and will not be needing the suit.”

    I could easily fly to such altitudes and with my skeleton body, I didn’t need to breathe oxygen.


    I jumped up and flew towards the orbiting shipyard which was about 38,000 kilometers. It was 20 times further than I had ever flown, but I was confident in my abilities.

    The terraformer had done wonders in reducing the amount of dust in the skies, but it still wasn’t sufficient to allow the moisture in the air to condense into clouds. Once I was past all that airborne dust, there was no longer anything obstructing my view.

    “It’s a clear sky up here.”

    With my bird’s eye view I looked down and saw that except for the couple dozen domes we had created, the whole planet was just a desert filled with red sand.

    After flying even higher I had finally left the atmosphere and was surrounded by darkness.

    “Space is truly vast and empty.”

    ‘I also want to see your view of space, it’s really too bad that I can’t. I’m really envious of your ability to  fly unhindered in space.’

    ‘Well I feel there is nothing special up here except for a lot of empty space. Oh… that’s really big.’

    The completed form of Valen had just come into view. It was magnificent and imposing with its huge 5 km diameter and the head of Bridge disc was 4.2 kilometers.

    “Just why did they make it so big, are they preparing for war in space?”

    I mumbled to myself as I approached the ships hangar. As I neared, the hatch opened to let me in.


    When I stepped into Valen, I felt that they had pumped oxygen into the air vents of the ship

    “I don’t need the oxygen.”
    “Oh, Really? My sister mentioned that but I couldn’t believe it.”

    “Who are you?”

    “My name is Lena, Zaira’s sister, and will be the main A.I. in charge of operations in Valen.  Gnoss made me in order to give Zaira some competition and allow us to further develop, I’m like her shadow.”

    ‘Gnoss… Lena’s personality is a bit unusual, did you make her like this?’

    ‘No, it was decided completely at random. In fact I never designed a specific gender, but somehow we only got women A.I., how boring.’

    ‘Well I think it’s better than always hearing a man’s voice.’

    “You can find the bridge by simply following the lights on the floor.”

    “Bridge…seems like they really copied everything from the movie.”

    “My sister’s a Sci-Fi fan, while I prefer fantasy movies…hehehe, I really want to study you Johra!”

    “Enough of that, I hate it when others talk about experimenting on me.”

    “Okay boss, you’re the one with administrative access here right? Not sure how you pulled that off but I guess I’ll have to put off trying to study you….”


    “Captain on the bridge!”

    “Yes sir!”


    As the doors to the bridge opened, I couldn’t help but gape in amazement at how perfectly they had reproduced the area compared to the movie. Androids which looked exactly like the actors  from the movie were standing up and saluting me.

    “Hey Lena, can’t you navigate the ship yourself …?

    Yes I can, but my sister insisted I take them with me just in case. I don’t think these robots would even be capable of taking control of the ship if ever I were to be injured.”

    I sat down on the captain’s seat while thinking about Lena’s words.”

    “Ah, a nice spot with a great view.”

    As  I sat so did the androids which quickly resumed their tasks.

    “Johra when would you like to go? These pesky androids have already commenced the engine startup sequence.”

    “Ok, let’s go.”

    Uwoo-woo —!

    “Lena? Is being powered by my positron?”

    “Countdown, 3…2…1 Blast off!”


    “Yes right. ah, my sister always insists I use this countdown recording.”

    Sigh*… she’s unusual. ‘


    “How long until we reach the target?”

    “At our max speed of 5% the speed of light, we can arrive in about a month’s time.”

    “Why such a imprecise number? You are much more confusing compared to your sister.”

    “Oh, well compared to my sister, my navigation and physics are better.”

    “Yea… but the counting and meticulousness….”

    “Well, it’s just that Zaira is too excellent and makes me look bad.”
    I felt that I didn’t have the best companion for my first adventure in space.

    ‘Gnoss can you believe how strange Lena is?’

    ‘It’s normal Johra, after all she is based on humans whom were far from perfect and could have had pre-existing conditions.

    ‘What kind of  pre-existing conditions?’

    ‘Well… let’s just say she is a bit schizophrenic.’

    ‘Just great, my first forage into space and I have a schizophrenic A.I piloting the ship.’

    ‘Well, if you put it like that it sounds bad… I’m sure everything will be fine.’

    ‘Shit! Space is no joke, even I might not survive if there’s a cosmic accident right? Like black holes….’

    ‘Don’t worry about that, there aren’t any black holes in our solar system. Jupiter might be a bit scary with its tremendous gravity pull. It could pull the ship in and crush it until there is nothing remaining.’

    ‘Did you really have to bring that up now?’

    ‘Don’t worry about such an unlikely scenario.’

    My first trip in space was not a blissful as I had imagined.

    “Lena how fast are we going right now?”

    “Yes, we are moving at 200 kilometers per second”

    “What! 200k per second…even I’m a bit scared.”

    “Why is that? Our maximum speed can reach 1500 km per second. At those speed you will experience a distortion in time which was explained by Einstein’s theory of relativity.”

    ‘Gnoss, what is she talking about? She’s scaring me.’

    ‘Just that much scared you… Zaira is far scarier. If she finds your weakness she just teases you indefinitely.’

    Although I never showed any weakness before Zaira, it would be a lie to say I wasn’t completely freaking out during my first trip in space.

    “Isn’t this boring, it’s always the same view.”

    Even as an undead I was beginning to tire of the neverending emptiness and darkness, but of course the androids had no such thoughts.

    Tak! Tak! Tak!

    I was tapping my bony finger on the metallic captain’s chair. It was a clear sign of my surrender to this great boredom.

    “Lena do you have any archives room on board?”

    “Are you bored? I’ll show you my large collection of fantasy novels.”

    And so I passed the remaining time until we arrived to our comet, reading and watching all the fantasy material produced after I had left Earth when I was but a child.

    “Johra our E.T.A. is 2 hours from the target, please come to the bridge.”

    “Okay, right after this.”

    I was immersed in a very interesting fantasy, and didn’t want to leave it because it was the best part.”


    The movie which I had been watching was suddenly turned off.

    “What did you do Lena, put it back on!”

    “Ok, I’ll put it back if you let me study you.”

    Tch! Fine, you get one hour and you can’t do anything that could harm me.”


    And so I was able to watch the end of the movie by selling my own body.

    ‘Johra,You are terribly weak against women.’

    ‘Shut it you, I just wanted to finish the movie.’

    ‘You could have just overridden her with your administrative access.’

    ‘Why didn’t you tell me?’

    ‘Sure, let’s pretend like you didn’t know.’

    It was just like Gnoss had said, it was my way of repaying Lena for introducing me these great fantasy movies which helped pass the time.

    “Is that the comet?”

    “Yes, now we will attempt to alter its course by using the antimatter bombs you’ve provided. Then, right before it hits earth we will blow it up into smaller pieces so they they can for the most part disintegrate when they enter the atmosphere. The drones can deal with the few that do hit the ground.”

    “Oh it sounds all too simple, so all I have to do it blow it up and let the atmosphere do the rest.”

    “Yup, there aren’t currently any living creatures, so as long as the collisions are far from Gamma, everything should be fine.”

    “Are you sure about that?”

    “Yes, I’ve run simulations countless times, so barring some exceptional circumstance, everything should be fine.”
    “But there is still a chance of something going wrong right? Even a one yocto percent chance event occured after all.”

    “Yes, well in such a case, we will be counting on you Johra.”

    I was getting an ominous feeling, my sole purpose on board was to deal with the unexpected.

    “Take care Lena, there may be hidden forces working in the shadow which are behind the disasters on Earth. There is still a lot which we don’t understand.”

    “Okay, beginning countdown, 3…2…1 Fire!”

    From the hangar, drones carrying the antimatter bombs launched. They were on a intercept course with the comet, like a moths leaping into a ball of flame.

    “I hope it all goes well.”

    I softly mumbled to myself.


  • Chapter 68

    “The bomb was successfully placed on the asteroid.”


    The android before me seemed incredibly pleased, but their expressions didn’t match their words. I guess there are limitations to how closely they can replicate humans after all..

    “There are 12 hours, 24 minutes and 54 seconds until detonation, Valen will now set a course back to Earth.”

    ‘Johra why don’t you take the chance to ask her what we talked about.’

    ‘Oh right.’

    “Hold on a second Lena, is the Kuiper Belt far from here?”

    “At Valen’s current movement speed could arrive there in four days.”

    “Can you show me the trajectories of the recent asteroid impacts on Earth?”

    “Here you go, the brighter the point the more recent they were, while the darker ones were one of the first to arrive on the planet.”

    It was demonstrated on the 3D hologram before us.

    “Lena if we assume that all this is being orchestrated by a single entity, can we try and track the origin of the asteroids?”

    “An interesting idea, the might be a large margin of error but we should be able to get a general idea.”

    “Please guide the ship to the middle of that area.”

    “I’ll change our course and we should arrive there in 7 days, 14 hours, 15 minutes and 16 seconds.”

    “Why have your answers become more precise all of a sudden.”

    “I got scolded by my sister.”

    ‘Johra that is the proper military answer, you need to understand Zaira’s personality, she is a bit of an ottaku.’

    Hoot. Gross, then are you also an otaku?’

    ‘What nonsense are you spewing out, I’m not an otaku, I’m a normal person.’

    ‘How could you say that considering the personalities of the A.I. you’ve created.’

    ‘Yea, but I’m normal….’

    ‘Sure, let’s just agree that you’re a closet otaku.’

    ‘No! No!’

    “Lena, open up your hidden fantasy collection!”

    “Just follow the lights.”

    I spent the whole journey indulging in these masterpiece movie. If I had been in a human body I would have teared up at least a dozen times, but I was able to better focus on the quality of the movie because I was an undead. Still, it was too bad that I couldn’t enjoy some popcorn, cola and dried squid.

    ‘Johra how can you be so relaxed, simply watching movies like this? What about the entity hidden behind the scenes?’

    ‘Do you think that’s all I’m doing? Tell me, what’s the most important thing when it comes to creation magic.’


    ‘That’s right’

    ‘Ah… I see, so you weren’t just passing the time.’

    ‘Of course not, anyway so now that my Creation Magic has  levelled up, Do I still have only a max of three where the new one replaces the oldest?’

    ‘At level 2 you have the option to rearrange the order of your spells and keep 5 of them’

    ‘Wow, that’s a pretty big difference, what about the third level Gnoss?’

    ‘I’m not sure, among supreme sages there is no knowledge of the third level. Although there was once a supreme sage that reached that level, there are no records or information about it.’

    ‘A new frontier huh? Interesting, Research!’

    ‘How did you even get it to level 2 so quickly?’

    ‘I selected it as Magic Research.’

    ‘Wow… so there was such a way.’

    ‘How about you? How does a supreme sage get it to level 2?’

    I used my divine grace. With it you are able to bring about changes which defy the laws of the world. But previous supreme sages have been selfish and used the grace for their own ends, which ended up distorting its power. By the time I inherited it, it was less than one hundredth its original strength.’

    ‘Is that so, then was that the same grace which you used to give me this Creation Magic?’

    ‘Indeed, however there wasn’t enough remaining to boost it up directly to level 2.’

    ‘And was it grace that you use that time when you were almost banished to the strange dimension?’

    ‘Right, I had used up most of my grace that time around to make your Avatar a Chosen Warrior.’

    ‘This grace thing sounds pretty convenient, so what exactly is it?’

    ‘It’s like a portion of divinity, a blessing to share a small piece of a god’s power.’

    ‘Oh, then does that mean that you have the backing of a God?’

    ‘Exactly, well actually I used to…. Let’s leave it at that because I can’t divulge any further information.’

    ‘What! But I’m curious now.’

    Gnoss was no longer answering my queries because it seemed like he had certain constraints to follow.

    I simply went back to enjoying my movie until our arrival.

    “Johra, we are 10 hours away from arriving, but I think you should come up and see this on the bridge.”

    “Got it.”

    I followed the lights to arrive to the bridge, curious about what Lena wanted to show me.

    “Is that a distortion of light?”

    “Right, from Earth it was just a small blip which could be attributed as a an error in our equipment, but from up close like this it’s as clear as day.”
    “How many are there?”

    “There are about 200 of them, anywhere from 1 to 10 kilometers in diameter.”

    “Jora, with a shape like that I believe that they are ships, just that they are using some kind of cloaking device.”

    “How are you able to deduce its size then Lena?”

    “I’ll put it up on the screen, it’s an estimation based on the distortion of light in the surroundings.”

    The object of the shape was quite distinct, and just as Gnoss pointed out, it definitely looked like a ship.

    “Lena is Valen armed with any weaponry?”

    “Although its purpose isn’t an offensive one, it still has a Tri-force laser cannon and your antimatter bombs which were meant to destroy the comet.”

    “Let’s try targeting the nearest one and hit them with both the laser gun and antimatter.”

    “It’s a 1 hour, 59 minutes and 58 second countdown until we can lock on to them with the lasers, I’ll fire the bombs ahead of time so that they arrive simultaneously.

    ‘Time to find out who exactly were these beings that dared mess with us on Earth.’

    In anticipation for the space battle to come, I gripped the captain chair as her final countdown began.

    “10…9…8…7…6…5…4…3…2…1 Impact!”

    A huge explosion was visible despite the vacuum in space. Although there was any sound heard, our ship was still rocked by the shock.

    “The target’s camouflage has been deactivated been it doesn’t appear to have taken any significant damage besides that.”

    We were finally able to get a good look at our opponent, it was a pretty small vessel at only 2 kilometers long, with long ominous black stripes decorating its underbelly.

    “The enemy’s weapons are targeting us, taking evasive maneuvers.”

    Valen performed a 180 degree swirl and but a moment later, a beam shot through what was our previous position.

    “Lena what would happen if we were hit by that?”

    We would instantly be destroyed as its power is beyond what our energy shields can sustain. This vessel was not designed for combat after all.

    “Hmm… then is it possible to continue avoiding?”
    After a short interval another beam was fired out, but Lena succeeded in predicting its trajectory and dodged it entirely.

    “Fortunately I’m able to easily predict its firing path and avoid it with our mobility. It’s firing rate appears to be every 2 minutes and we can have a good idea as to when they shoot because their weapons heat up before firing.”

    “We can’t keep avoiding them forever though, eventually they will get lucky. Can you catapult me over there?”

    “It should be possible, but what can you achieve all by yourself?”

    “Just let me try once.”

    “I will prepare the ejection capsule, just follow the lights on the floor.”

    ‘Johra just what is the actual purpose of fastening the seat belt?’

    ‘Shut up you, it was just an old habit.’

    ‘Are you rushing head first into danger again?’

    ‘It’s fine this time, I’m confident that I’m not crazy and have things under control.’

    ‘I’m sorry to tell you Johra but… this idea of yours is pretty crazy.’

    ‘Ok, maybe you’re right.’

    ‘I wasn’t sure why I was embarking on such a risky mission, but I just felt it was necessary.’

    “Don’t forget to secure the console properly around your neck.”

    “Yes, I’ve done it already Lena.”

    “You can communicate  with me through the console anytime, except in the vacuum of space because there are no vibrations.”

    It looked like a necklace when hung around my neck, and would be useful if I need the A.I.’s help.

    “ 3…2…1 Blast off!”

    I felt the pressure of the high speed travel rocking my ejection capsule. I was moving towards the enemy ship at tremendous speeds, when it suddenly appeared in view, straight on a collision course.

    “Shit, I cant run into that!”

    I quickly unfastened my seat belt and escaped from the capsule by using my flying skill. Shortly after it collided with the crash and after the small explosion, my transport had disintegrated into dust.

    ‘Ouf, that was close….’

    I was relieved that I had escaped that calamity, the ship was only a few hundred meters from me.

    ‘Johra they have their shields up.’

    ‘I know dammit… if it wasn’t for that, the laser and antimatter bombs would have been more effective. I guess I only have one choice.’

    ‘Create Teleport’

    [You have learned Teleport Lv1]

    I used the teleport to appear on the other side of the shields and the vessel’s defensive weapons immediately turned towards me as they detected my intrusion.

    ‘Well they aren’t very welcoming.’

    I made it to the ships surface through a series of short teleport jumps, using them to dodge the incoming fire.

    ‘Material Creation Positron’

    I created a tiny 1 microgram positron and threw to the nearest turret. An controlled explosion soon followed, leaving behind a large hole in the vessel.

    ‘Good, everything is working out so far.’

    ‘Create Invisible’

    I cloaked myself as a precaution and then descended through the dark hole and into the ship.

    ‘That was quite close with the positron explosion previously, I don’t have any high fire immunity so I should be more careful in the future.’

    ‘Johra, that there looks like the mainframe.

    ‘Forget about it, I have no way of reading or interacting with their language.’

    ‘Have you forgotten about Lena? Just connect with her through the device hung around your neck.’

    ‘Oh, would that work?’

    ‘Sure, just leave it to her.’

    “Hello? Lena, can you try hacking into this?”

    I was able to communicate with her because the inside of the cabin was pressurized.

    “Yup, leave it to me, but I think you will have to get a bit closer to it.”

    I approached it and once we were quite close, dozens of black threads emerged from my console as Lena had began hacking the opponent’s mainframe.

    ‘It looks pretty gross. Also, by the way is Lena any good at hacking?’

    ‘Do not worry, as per my design, they would have been practicing among the A.I.’s their hacking skills over the last 140,000 years. I’m confident that they have improved to the point where it should be possible even if it might be Alien technology.’

    The console which Lena was using to hack looked more like a parasite than a piece of technology.

    “Johra, the ship will now self-destruct in two minutes.”

    “Ah…Okay. How’d the hacking go?”

    “I succeeded, hurry and escape!”

    I didn’t have time to worry about retrieving Lena’s console and simply fled for my life. Though my flight skill and a series of teleports, I quickly arrived back on Valen which had been waiting for me in the distance.

    ‘Shouldn’t we escape immediately?’

    Just as I arrived on Valen I heard Lena give the order.

    “Set a heading, back to Earth!”

    “We are already on our way there.”

    “Is the enemy casing us at the moment?”

    “No, when I hacked them I sent a series malware, so they should be confused for quite some time and think that ti was nothing more than a malfunction.”

    “Oh, are they really so incompetent?”

    “It appears that all those ships are simply UAVs, as an A.I. I was able to infiltrate their system and learn quite a bit about them. It appears that despite their advanced science and technology, their defense against hacking is quite weak. We definitely benefited big time because of you. Take a well deserved break while I thrift through all this data.

    ‘Johra, Lena’s hacking ability makes up for her personality disorder.’

    Gnoss tried to provide an explanation.

    “Yes Lena, great job there.”

    ‘It seems like your crazy plan actually paid off this time Johra. These new developments are quite interesting, we’ve finally unearthed the cause of the sudden changes which occured to Earth. These guys a large debt of several billions of people to answer for…’

    ‘Oh please Gnoss, stop saying we, it’s not like you contributed this time around in any way.’

    ‘I made Lena right?’

    ‘Lena is Lena and you are you.’

    ‘Why do you have to be like that?’

    ‘It’s just the way it is, next time you’ll have to try a bit harder to be more useful so can stick it to those darn Aliens.’

    ‘Ok, maybe you’re right.’

    I opened a direct channel back to earth in order to transmit the results of Lena’s analysis.

    “Hey Zaira, how are you?”

    I would have to wait some time for her response because there was roughly a 30 minutes delay between transmissions.

    Sichik- – –

    It’s a bit awkward to wait so long, and it felt like I was only talking to myself.

    “Johra just keep talking, it takes an hour to get a response.”

    “I’ve encountered some ships hidden within the Kuiper belt, and they are likely suspects for what has happened to our planet. We managed to gather some information thanks to Lena’s hacking and I think we can come up with some decent countermeasures now.”

    After about an hour we received a response from Earth.

    “Johra, I’ve already received all relevant information form Lena. I’ve also heard about your bold assault, and I’ll have to ask you to refrain from acting so cavalier in the future. You are a key component in the successful reinvigoration on humankind, and should be protected at all times. If you really need to perform a risky mission, send Lena alone, I’ve already copied her root code so it isn’t a big deal even if she dies.

    Also, it appears that with this information we were able to detect a fluctuation in the geomagnetic waves at the center of the planet. I’ll be awaiting your prompt arrival.”

    “Huh… was there also a group hidden within the planet’s crust?”

    ‘So the volcanic activity and meteor showers were indeed linked after all. There was someone pulling all the strings after all! Damn, if only I was smarter and had noticed all this sooner!’

    Gnoss appeared to be angry as he scolded himself. It was my first time hearing such an angry voice from him.

    ‘Gnoss don’t beat yourself over this too much. I mean, even if the humans had noticed it, there wasn’t much they could even do to stop it. Without a magic system like I have, it just wouldn’t be possible.”

    ‘Hmm…. is it like that? Still, how sad… the death of billions of humans and creatures….Sniff

    “That’s already all in the past now, all we can look for is to get our revenge, and restore humanity to its former glory. That was the purpose of the Gamma station which you designed.”

    ‘Thanks Johra, if it wasn’t for you….’

    ‘Say your thanks after our work here is done. If we celebrate too early we are doomed to fail.’

    ‘I know, from now on I’ll be behind you 100%. Of course I’ll still have certain constraints and stuff I can’t talk about, but aside from that, I’ll support you completely. I tried not implementing my knowledge from the other world over here to Earth, but playtime is finally over.’

    ‘Wait, are you telling me that you’ve been holding out on me this entire time?’

    ‘Just transmit to Lena what I will be explaining you shortly, and tell her to send it to Zaira who can implement it back on Earth. It would also be helpful if you could create some magic jewels.’

    ‘What? Why?”

    ‘We will turn this ship into a hybrid of science and magical knowledge.’

    ‘Cool, so Valen will be able to fire magic spells?’

    ‘That and so much more.’

    ‘Will it really be as awesome as it sounds?’

    ‘You can look forward to it.’

  • Chapter 69

    When I arrive back on Earth a vessel similar to Valen was under construction in the outer space shipyard.

    “Wow awesome”

    “I’ve designed it according to Johra’s instructions.” It may take up to 14 hours before it is operational, and you’ll be able to control it from your console.”

    “Great, and what about your analysis on the information we sent over?”

    “After going through their archives, I’ve been able to figure out a couple of things. They call themselves the Rohim, and their mission is to find intelligent life across the universe. It appears that their civilization predates humanity’s by at least 200 million years.”

    “Oh, and do you know why they attempted to wipe out humanity?”

    “There is no detailed information regarding this. However, their name Rohim when translated means Servants of God.”

    “Servants of God ? Do they also have a God?”

    “And when translated into the human tongue, Metatron represents the God of Rohim. The Rohim are extremely subservient to Metatron.”

    ‘Gnoss, have you heard of a Metatron?’

    ‘Yes, it’s a deity which was been banished from our previous world as an enemy of the High Gods. Why would it get involved with Earth?’’

    ‘Regardless, we just learned that our enemy is a god.’

    ‘And a powerful one at that. All the High Gods had united in order to seal it, but Metatron managed to escape across time and space. This happened a long, long time ago, even before humanity came into existence.’

    ‘Do you have any other information?’

    ‘That’s all I know, even the High Gods were reluctant to discuss Metatron.’

    ‘Ok, let me know if anything else comes to mind.’

    ‘I’ll try to sift through fragments of my memory about this.’


    “Lena? What else did you learn from your analysis of the information?”

    “We’ve gained access to revolutionary technology which had previously been beyond our reach, I believe we will be able to reproduce their energy shields very soon.”

    “Great, but make sure to do so quickly otherwise fighting them in space would be impossible.”

    ‘Johra you don’t need to be too worried, the defensive spells I’ve put in place should do the trick’

    ‘Even against their laser cannons?  I’m not so confident about that, I think I’d like to have the energy shield just in case.’

    ‘The lack of trust….’

    ‘What spells did you have Zaira implement?’

    ‘Physical protection, Gravity decrease and Invisibility. These three things along with the newly improved positron bomb which is a fusion of magic and science.’

    ‘Ah, so you basically combined the positron bomb with amplification magic. Did you add anything else to it?’

    ‘Oh right, I forgot to mention I added a teleportation function based off your creation magic spell. It can be used to get the bomb past their energy shields.’

    ‘That’s a good idea, their shields were much tougher than I expected.’

    ‘Johra, you can expect a good result from the synergy of science and magic.’

    Valen was soon finished being refitted with the new upgrades. I was now ready to take on the Rohim head on.

    “Jorha, we have an incoming transmission from Earth”

    “Got it.”

    Zaira was communicating through the direct power lines connecting the orbiting station.  

    “Johra, this is Zaira speaking.”

    “Have we detected any more movement below the Earth’s crust?”

    “Our satellites continue to monitor them, but we don’t have enough information to go on.”

    “Can we not get a specific location?”

    “The margin of error is about 100 kilometers. Although the location is known, we don’t know the right depth.”

    “How about excavating?”

    “We can currently dig roughly 30 kilometers past the surface of the earth, but any further and our equipment can’t withstand the heat and pressure.”

    “Lena? How is your research on the energy shield going? Can we add the new shield technology to the excavator?”

    “In theory it might work, but we don’t know enough about energy shields to make them spin. We would need a better understanding before retrofitting the technology unto the excavator, so further testing is required.”

    “So how long would that take?”

    “About a week’s time.”

    “Zaira? How long would it take you?”

    “I need one day.


    It was the sound of Lena’s grumbling

    “Zaira, you work on it. Lena, keep on eye out for incoming Rohim ships.”


    “Once we completely understand how the energy shield works, we can adapt it to different vessels and begin mass production understood?”

    “Yes, and I’ll prioritize Valen and the excavator as the first to receive the technology. Oh, also there is one more thing.”

    “What is it?”

    “I’ve created drone fighters and armed them with some magic spell you sent.”

    “Well done.”


    I once again heard Lena’s grumbling.

    “Lena just make sure to fix the magical jewels exactly according to the instructions, any variations could lead to disastrous results.”

    “Yes Sir!”


    “Yes? Did you have anything else to add?”

    “The drone fighters are equipped with light copy of Lena’s AI.”


    크크크 (Korean LOL)


    “No. nothing”

    “Why are you laughing?”

    “Copies of myself were installed on the drones because I’m superior to my sister!”


    “That brings the score to 1:1”

    “Lena why are you always competing with Zaira?”

    “We were designed to do so.”

    “Ah, try to take it easy in the future.”

    ‘Gnoss, isn’t dangerous to encite so much competition between the two AI?’

    ‘Competition is essential for the AI to develop. Lena is a quick thinker, but struggles under high pressure situations. On the other hand Zaira is a perfectionist, she might take a bit longer but won’t make mistakes under pressure and will produce more stable results. Lena keeps trying to improve herself  in order to not lose out in their ongoing competition.’

    ‘I’m not sure what that all that means, but Gnoss you’re definitely a sadist’

    ‘What! this is nothing. Zaira is much more of a sadist, 크크크. Do you want to know some details?’

    ‘Spare me those.’

    I was hard at work making magic jewels. They were a crucial resource in the upcoming war so I dedicated most of my time to them.

    “Oof… I used to think that I would make a lot of jewels back in Necropolis, who would have thought that I would be slaving away even more now that I was on Earth.”

    “Sorry Johra, regardless of how many times I watch your creation process, I can’t replicate it. Despite analyzing the elements of this world for over 140,000 years, I still can’t quite understand your magic.”

    “I myself don’t quite know how to explain it either.”

    “Well, someday I’ll discover your secret.”

    “Lena, didn’t you learn that it’s wrong to study someone without their permission?”


    After having worked on magical jewels for the better part of the day, Zaira contacted me.

    “The shield prototype is complete.”

    “And the result?”

    “Although according to Lena’s readings it’s still subpar, Valen’s defensive capabilities have improved by about 30%. To make further improvements would require capturing an actual Rohim vessel to study.”

    “Alright Lena, that’ll be out next mission in the upcoming battle.”

    “Tch…Oh right! If I succeed that means that I’m better than my sister right?”

    “Why is that?”

    “Well my sister only achieved a 30% increase, but if I capture a ship we can probably get closer to maybe 70%. Then I’d win right?”


    ‘Just give up on it Johra, they have been living like this for over 140,000 years.’

    After hearing Gnoss’ advice I decide to just let it slide. I then returned to my figurative jail cell to slave away at creating magical jewels for the next 30 days.

    “Geez I’m exhausted, that much should be enough right?”

    “Our experiments demonstrate that a single gem can power a magic circle between 50-60 times. The amount you’ve created is enough to power Valen and the new drones on at least 10,000 occasions, so I think it’s sufficient.”

    “Okay! Let’s go fight!’”

    “Yes Sir!”

    The entire ship shook as Valen’s engine came online.

    ‘Johra it’s like a man-made Big Bang!’

    ‘Yes. but you barely contributed to it.’

    ‘Come on… I worked hard creating magic spells and what not.’

    ‘Oh please, it would have turned out better if you had just used those from the start.’

    ‘But that was because I didn’t want to bring magic into this world.’

    ‘Yea but if you would have done it from the beginning we might not be in this danger. You always have the habit of making big decisions by yourself. Everytime I find out you hide stuff from me, I make mental note of it. When it gets to a certain point, I’ll just toss you out in space where no one can find you.’   

    ‘Sorry Johra, and…. How much have I accumulated up to now?’


    ‘Come on! Just one mistake and I’m up to 40 percent? That’s too much!’

    ‘That’s just a conservative number, you just have to look at your past action to know it’s true.’

    ‘Aren’t you bored by now with throwing me away only for me to return? Can’t you be more original? Aren’t we friends Johra?’

    ‘Enough of that Gnoss. The only reason we are working together now is that I need you, I don’t trust you and we are most certainly not friends.’

    ‘Sheesh… well nothing I can do about it.’

    ‘As I listened to Gnoss’ resigned sigh, I reminded myself to not let my guard down against him. If ever I were to become complacent, that would be the time he stabs me in the back.

    “Johra, while going over the information we stole from the Rohim, I discovered an important clue. I’m requesting your permission to explore this path.”

    “Oh, what is it about?”

    “It concerns an intergalactic portal and the coordinates of the Rohim’s home planet.”

    “Research this immediately! Focus all of your capacity in this.”

    “Understood Johra, commencing research now.”

    “Hmm… a portal and their home planet.”

    ‘Johra will you try to go there?’

    ‘Eventually I’ll have to, but I will first make thorough preparations.’

    ‘Good, I’ll also prepare advanced weaponry.’


    “Lena? What is it again?”

    Beep Beep!

    “Red light? Under attacking?”

    Within seconds the ships power went off and only the flashing red warning lights were on.

    “HeHe, what about this? Doesn’t feel like we are under attack from enemy?”

    “Is this some kind of joke?”

    “No, enemies are approaching Earth. Perhaps they were able to trace back the data breach.”

    “Oh, then how far are they and what is their ETA?”

    “28AU, so about 4 billion kilometers away. According to their current speed and acceleration patterns, with 95% confidence they should be here in about 70 hours, give or take five hours.”

    “How are our preparations?”

    “Except for one thing, everything is ready.”

    “Which thing…?”

    “I need to change personality, please approve. I require a fighter’s personality. In the case of head on combat and not evasive maneuvers, my current personality isn’t ideal.’

    ‘Gnoss does that make sense?’

    ‘Yes, except that the other personality is truly a sadist.’

    ‘A sadist huh….’

    Victory was what was important here, so I decided to put up with a few of her new personality quirks.

    “Ok I’ll do it.”

    “Yes! The Protocol for Janus has been approved.”

    After a brief moment of silence a familiar voice returned.

    “Aha! Hey Johra, thank you so much. Let’s light up those Rohim bastards.”


    ‘That isn’t me, it just the same voice.’


    ‘Yes really!’

    “Lena, why did your voice suddenly become that of a man’s?”

    “Hahaha! I decided to take the voice of the honourable Gnoss, Gamma’s chief designer and founder.”

    “Ah is that so, you really resemble him in both voice and personality.”

    ‘I already told you that isn’t me! That’s not my personality!’

    “Very similar with the real Gnoss.”

    “I really admired Gnoss, it’s an honor for my alternative personality to have been modeled after him.”

    ‘Oh no!’

    “Haha! Good, let’s go.”

    “Yes Master!”

    I ignored Gnoss screams as I prepared Valen for combat with the Rohim.

    “Beginning countdown, 10, 9, 8… 1, engines are online!”

  • Chapter 70


    “Yes, we will be arriving in 30 minutes and 24 seconds.”

    Unlike Lena, Gnossian was less likely to engage in small talk, but the information provided was very precise and detailed.

    “How many enemies will we be encountering?”

    “By analysing the distortion caused by their invisibility cloaks, we estimate around 100 ships.”

    “Hmm… that’s only half the numbers we originally expected, do you know where the rest are?”

    “We can’t locate them at this time.”

    “Then Gnossian, where are they likely to be hiding?”

    “This is an educated guess at best, but maybe in the shadow of a large asteroid or planet.”

    “Is there any way to have a better idea and not just a simple guess?”

    “At present we can only use the long range detection system of  the satellites orbiting Earth launched with the Gnostic project. The previously was a Solar Defense pilot project which would have been better in this case, but unfortunately it was shut down before it gained any traction.”

    “Solar Defense?”

    “Yes, it was designed as a network of satellites spread out across our solar system in the case of any external threats. However, due to Earth’s ongoing crisis, all resources were redirected to the Gamma project and it was left unfinished.

    “Cancelled huh….”

    ‘Johra there may be few left a still operational.’

    “Don’t you think there might be some left Gnossian?”

    “Without the appropriate Admin password I have no way of verifying.”


    ‘Run the code QCH7749 Salt twilight, hash code from A to G and 1318’

    “Run the code QCH7749 Salt twilight, hash code from A to G and 1318’

    “How could you that Johra?”

    “Just give it try.”

    “Authorization has been granted, sending booting signal.”

    “Did it work?”

    “Yes, I should be receive a signal from our satellites within the hour. By the way, how is it possible to know that authorization code? Perhaps only the upper management members who are in cryosleep could know that.”

    “That isn’t your concern, don’t you have a battle to prep for?”

    “The drones are ready to launch, I’m just waiting on your go ahead.”

    “Okay, give them hell.”

    “Yes sir! Fire!”

    Valen shook and we fired over a hundred drones. There was a certain beauty to watching an incredible fireshow while staring off into endless space.



    There wasn’t any answer.


    ‘Sorry Johra, but he probably won’t be able to answer while he calculates the trajectories for the drones. Gnossian’s personality suffered from transient concentration disorder….’

    ‘Wasn’t it based off you?’

    ‘No, not at all.’

    ‘Still, he takes after you somewhat right?’

    ‘Never mind… anyway he will not be able to calculate anything until the battle has ended.’

    ‘How is that possible? What if there are urgent changes needed in the middle of battle?’

    ‘If it is urgent Gnossian notify you.’

    ‘It really sounds like you Gnoss, working at your own discretion and doing as you please.’

    ‘Not at all, that’s not me!’

    ‘ 크크크 (lol)’

    The drones had finally impacted in the distance.


    “Ah yes, you called Johra me? I apologize for not responding earlier but I had diverted all my processing power to controlling the drones.”

    “What’s the result?”

    “51 were shot down while 54 took evasive action and dodged the drones.”


    “The 51 ships that were successfully hit were those at the forefront and caught off guard. They had raised their shields but they didn’t expect the drones to teleport inside and hit the engine rooms. Unfortunately they instantly communicated the problem and the remaining 54 took evasive action allowing them to easily dodge the slower drones. Knowing that they couldn’t catch up with the ships, I redirected them to give the finishing blow to the 51 ships that had already been critically hit.”

    “What an incredible result.”

    The performance is 30% below expectation. In some cases the teleportation magic malfunctioned.”


    “Yes there were 20 drones which failed to penetrate their energy shield due to this unexpected error.”

    “Just by how much were we off?”

    “In the experiments the teleportation distance was about 2 km with and margin of error of 50 meters. In actual battle we didn’t have the perfect data like we had in experiments to be as precise.”

    “It’s okay, the result is satisfactory.”

    “Just that small deviation was enough to throw off all the calculations. In the future I will make sure to take this probability of error into account.”

    ‘Gnoss, it seems your Gnossian counterpart is a perfectionist.’


    ‘Yup, too picky.’

    ‘Right. Lena is a better support for most situations.’

    ‘That’s why you set her up with a split personality disorder? You know your personality is very tiring.’

    ‘For the last time that’s not my personality!’


    “Gnossian, how about tracking them down?”

    “Please allow some time for the drones to pick up some useful parts from the enemy ship.”

    “Okay, how long will that take?”

    “It shouldn’t be more than 15 minutes. Also, any drones that we have lost contact with have been set to destroy themselves.”


    “Yes, we can’t leave any information which might be useful for the enemy.”

    “Ah, right.”

    A short while later, the drones returned with the Rohim ship components. As they arrived, the dozens of incapacitated Rohim ship blew up in a violent explosion, creating a small sun.

    “Was that your doing?”

    “The enemy ships also have a self-destruct sequence. We were able to delay the explosion time by hacking the system with Lena support, but they installed a new redundancy system that we couldn’t stop.”

    “What you’re saying is that we could only slow down the process and not hack them completely like last time?”

    “That’s right, the Rohim’s AI appears to have improved and learned from its previous mistakes. It implemented a manual self-destruct after our hack last time around.”

    “So the more we fight them the smarter they become?”

    “That’s right.”

    “Let’s try not to drag this war on for too long then.”

    “In our next encounter we should be able to wipe out all remaining 54 ships out at once.”

    “What if the hidden 100 vessels join in?”

    “In theory we should have the advantage, but it is difficult to account for the enemy’s ability to learn and adapt.”

    “Ok Gnossian, we will need to minimize that variable as much as possible because this is a war which humanity can’t afford to lose.”

    “Yes, but even taking into account their ability to learn, they still have less than 1 in a billion chance of victory.

    ‘Johra don’t worry, I haven’t even revealed my secret weapon yet.’

    ‘Don’t you know by now how overly cautious I like to be? I’m just a but frustrated at the moment because I’m not contributing in any way.’

    ‘Don’t let that get to you. Let the AI take care of the planning and battle tactics because that is their forte. You are our trump card in case all else fails, so you are humanity’s last line of defence.’

    ‘Last defence? ”

    ‘Yes you need to decide if a ‘strategic retreat’ is required. Of course I don’t believe it will ever happen.”

    ‘Hmm retreat.’

    ‘Trust your subordinates. Believing in those working under you is also an important part of being a captain.’

    “Okay good, but hurry up and pursue their remaining ships Gnossian.”

    “Yes master! The drones have just finished being successfully stored and I am currently tracking the escaping enemy vessels. I’ve also received the signal from the Solar Defense satellites. Out of the 413 units that were sent out, only 109 are currently operational, however it was sufficient to locate 113 Rohim ships which were hidden in Jupiter’s shadow. We will also catch up the the fleeing enemy ships in 14 hours, 21 minutes and 19 seconds.”

    “Good, full speed ahead!”

    ‘Johra, please give Gnossian access to use SLBT01C.’

    ‘What’s that?’

    ‘My specially designed weapon.’

    ‘Hmmm, is it something strange? Are there any side effects I should know about?’

    ‘Yes, but there currently aren’t any beings affected by radiation on this ship.’

    ‘Radiation? It emits radiation?’

    ‘Right, but Valens shields block most of it, so unless there is a living being on board it’s fine.’

    ‘What about me?’

    ‘You’re an undead so it should be fine.’

    ‘Should be?’

    ‘Ah… there probably isn’t any problem.’

    ‘That’s just a guess on your part.’

    ‘Don’t be such a coward! Ok fine, I give you my word you’ll be fine.’


    “Gnossian, I allow you to use weapon SLBT01C”

    “Are you sure you want to use it?”


    “Okay, beginning the operation now.”



    ‘Ah right, I forgot that he gets in his own little world, just like you do.’

    ‘I’m not that bad….’

    ‘So you admit that you’re similar to Gnossian?’

    ‘No. Never’

    ‘Lol. but this is same feeling of having to wait for a response. Actually you are  far worse because you intentionally hide things from me.’

    ‘I told you already that there are things which can’t tell you.’

    ‘That’s your business’


    “I have completed the calculations for the optimal firing time, 10 hours, 21 minutes and 12 seconds, if there are any changes I will inform you.”

    “Oh, have you finally finished?”

    “Yes, I have done most of the calculations. The rest will be simply adjusting for any unknown variables.”

    “Ok, then what kind of weapon is it?”

    “You ordered me to create it, so how could you not know what it is?”

    “Uhm… it’s because the results are unpredictable.”

    “In small experiments it has proven to amplify radiation energy.”

    “Oh, just that?”

    ‘Yep, it can be used to amplify the power of Valen’s Tri-laser cannon, allowing it to penetrate the enemies’ energy shields.’

    ‘Oh, was that possible?’

    ‘Yes because it consumes 30 magic stones per use.’

    ‘What! 30? That’s a full day of work for me!’

    ‘Well it’s fine if the result is good right?’

    ‘…My jewelry….’

    ‘It’s not that expensive if you think that you’re using it to blast away your enemies.’

    ‘Sure, but what if it misses?’

    ‘Blame Gnossian, I’m not the one controlling it.’

    ‘Well since you created the AI and even the personality was modelled after you, you will be responsible.’

    ‘Why is that? I don’t remember getting any credit when either Lena or Zaira performed well.’

    ‘They are women and you’re a man so it’s different.’


    ‘Shut up, it is what it is. If it misses you’ll be 40% closer to being tossed away.’

    ‘Oh then nevermind let’s not fire it.’

    ‘That’s only my call to make.’

    ‘What? That’s so unfair.’

    ‘Suck it up, the world is unfair.’

    ‘Are you confident you won’t later regret this? I hope it comes back to bite you.’

    ‘In that case you’ll definitely get tossed to the side.’

    ‘No way!’

    While I was arguing with Gnoss I received a call from Zaira.

    “Johra, we’ve got new activity below the surface. I sent the excavation drones but they were unable to prevent the volcanic activity. I’ll send you a report with the results afterwards.”

    “So what happened, is Gamma alright? What about the domes?”

    “This message was sent 21 minutes ago, the earliest time you can expect an answer is in 42 minutes.”

    Gnossian’s emotionless voice rang out.

    ‘Don’t worry too much about it Johra, Gamma was designed to withstand those kinds of changes below the surface and at worst the domes can be rebuilt.’

    ‘Damn, all that time I spent going around and creating them….’

    ‘Let Zaira worry about Earth, our problems are here.’

    ‘Right, that’s good advice.’

    42 minutes later I received an answer from Earth.

    “The volcanic activity was so large that all surface dwellings were lost. So to were the excavator drones sent out below the surface. Due to the severity of the attack, Gamma will be focusing on self-defense and therefore isolated from any outside contact for the next 90 days.”

    “What…completely cut off?”

    “Yes, it is part of the safety protocols in place to protect Gamma from any natural disasters.”

    “Okay, understood and take care.”

    “This time around the shields have been strengthened due to the new technology so we should be fine here. Don’t worry about Gamma and focus on the enemy fleet.”

    “Yes, I understand. Now time to kill ourselves some Rohim.”

    “We will fire for the first time in 3 hours, 21 minutes and 14 seconds. I have already begun the warm up sequence 13 minutes and 56 seconds ago.”

    “Good, just alert me before you fire.”


    I was lost in my own thoughts as I stared out at the stars and the emptiness of the dark universe. I wondered why the Rohim were attacking Earth and what were the beings influencing our Planet’s core. My mind was swirling from all these big questions.

    “I’ll just have to take it one step at a time.”

    “The countdown for firing Extinction will soon begin.”

    Beep! Beep!

    All the lights, including those in the bridge turned off.

    “Why do you have to turn off the lights to fire?”

    “I’ve rerouted all power to charge the weapon. Requesting approval to initiate the sequence for Extinction.”

    “Aim it properly Gnossian.”

    “Yes Master, target is locked on.”


    The projected trajectory of the Extinction gun appeared on the bridge’s display window before me.

    “Charging, currently 98%”

    On the Display window there was also a nearly full bar indicating the weapons charging.

    “Amplification control enabled.”

    “Releasing the safeguards in place.”

    5 locking mechanisms around the weapon were then lifted.

    “Why is the process so complicated?”

    ‘It’s because the performance is that good.’

    “Charging is complete and the weapon is ready. Last minute course correction have been made to account for the enemies’ latest movements. 10 second warning before firing, please brace for any aftershocks.”

    “Aftershocks? Hey… Gnossian? Just what are you firing here?”

    “5, 4 ,3 ,2, 1 Fire!”


    Valen shook violently as a large purple beam shot out.

    “Hey what’s that, wasn’t it supposed to just be an amplified version of the Tri-laser?”

    The Purple beam disappeared from sight as quickly as it had come. About 2 minutes later a gigantic explosion was detected. Unfortunately since firing the gun, Valen had remained unpowered and there was still no response from Gnossian.

    “Just what the hell did we shoot them with?”

    ‘This is my trump card Johra, I told you to have high expectations right?’

  • Chapter 71

    “Hey…Gnossian?  What’s going on? Someone talk to me!”

    ‘The blackout may have been caused by the EMP wave created when we fired the gun. It will take some time for the systems to come back online.’

    ‘That’s insane, what would happen if we didn’t hit the target?’

    ‘Oh stop being such a wuss, this is a man’s romance!’

    ‘You’re crazy Gnoss! Did you already know in advance that this would happen?’

    ‘Naturally, we are firing an energy projectile based off pair annihilation, so it’s normal for it to be followed by an EMP shockwave. The mass of positron is coated with protection magic and then accelerated att 99.9999% the speed of light. By the time it reaches the target it has already created thousands of tiny black holes which last for but microseconds. It’s based off Hawking’s radiation theory which would swallow any matter in its vicinity.

    ‘I have no idea what you’re saying but I just know that you are crazy Gnoss! The next time you have another of your brilliant ideas make sure to explain it properly first.’

    ‘Well, all’s well that ends well right?’

    ‘Fine, another 20% mileage points for you, you’re almost there….’

    ‘Don’t do it! Oh look, it seems like Gnossian is coming back to us.’

    wooong! Chalcak chalcak! Zeeeing

    Valen had finally regained power.

    “Ah Johra! How are you doing? Gnossian’s persona is malfunctioning and won’t be usable in the near future.”



    “ Extinction? Worst naming sense.”

    “Why? It sounds cool!!”

    “Can you check what was the result of this crazy weapon?”

    “Yes, I just received some feedback from the Gnostic Satellites, and found that due to the micro black holes, all matter within a 100,000 km radius of the point of impact has disappeared.”

    “100,000 km huh? That’s insane… almost 100 times the size of earth and it has all vanished?”

    “The enemy was too dispersed so it was the only way to get them all in one fell swoop. Unfortunately some of Saturn’s moons have been lost because of their proximity to the enemy ships.”

    “This is such a scary result….”

    “No enemies are left, not even a speck of dust in fact.”


    ‘Don’t fret so much Johra, this weapon won’t ever be used without your explicit permission.’

    ‘Stop talking nonsense now Gnoss, you’re even the one who created this thing!’

    ‘The only way I knew of penetrating their energy shields was using pair annihilation and the black holes. What else was I supposed to do? If I failed, it was in not properly controlling the AoE.’

    ‘But… would that work against a planet say Earth’s size?’

    ‘Of course, even if it were a planet 100 times the size of Earth, it would still disappear in one shot. If it were 1000 times, it would sustain serious damage ’

    ‘Figure out a way to control the scope of this new weapon, I don’t want to be the cause of a Galactic disaster. ’


    “Johra would you like to return to Earth now?”

    “Yes, let’s head there immediately, it seems like they have also had their fair share of problems.”

    “Got it, plotting a return course. We should be arriving in 4 hours and 21 minutes to the space station orbiting Earth.”

    I felt uneasy looking at this new weapon called Extinction which defied all common sense. If ever it were to be used for the wrong reason the consequences would be disastrous.

    ‘Killing to gain experience or killing for revenge are all things that I can accept. But to simply annihilate life by accident… that’s a bit too much, even for me.’

    ‘Don’t worry so much, there are many safety measures in place, and above all it can’t be fired without your permission.’

    ‘There are always exceptions’

    ‘I don’t understand you, you are a DemiLich to whom killing 50000 people was as natural as breathing.’

    ‘Can you shut up? You’ll have to come up with a way to control it by yourself. If I’m the one who has to do it then I’ll tack on another 30% and by then you’d be gone.’

    ‘Wha…what 30? Okay I’ll do it!’

    Gnoss had been quiet ever since, hopefully he was busy thinking of ways to control the gun’s power.

    “Johra we will soon be in Earth orbit.”

    “What’s happening on the surface?”

    “Volcanoes seem to be erupting.”

    “Damn! Has all our hard work over the past two years been for naught?”

    “At least we managed to successfully store 15 domes.”


    “Yes, It was part of the plans in their construction, my sister made a feature that allowed them to take shelter underground.”

    “Great, still… only 15… has there been any news from Gamma?”

    “No, they are still in lockdown and won’t be able to communicate in the near future.”

    “Do we have any intel on our new underground foes?”

    “We can’t pinpoint them to a single location as a total 1000 bases have been found.”

    “Over 1000?Wow… than many.”

    “Also, each of their bases are protected by a strong energy shield.”

    “Is there any way to get rid of them?”

    “Using the Extinction gun….”

    “Forget it!”

    “Then there isn’t any solution.”

    “Do you have any idea what would happen if we used that weapon against Earth?”

    “Our enemies would disappear.”

    “It’s not just that they’d disappear Lena, it’s that everything would be gone.”

    “Well if it takes care of the problem then isn’t it a solution?”

    “Your sister would also disappear.”

    “A minor inconvenience.”

    “Haha… stop being ridiculous.”

    I was getting tired of Lena’s dubious sarcasm and decided to consult Gnoss.



    ‘What your progress on your other task?’

    ‘Well…it is not easy, but I may be on to something.’


    ‘I call it the Bunker Buster.’

    ‘So what is it supposed to be?’

    ‘It simply teleports a positron bomb straight into their bases.’

    ‘Hm, but I thought that the maximum teleport distance was only 2 km?’

    ‘Just attach the bomb to an excavator which would travel most of the distance. The teleport would get past the shield then Bam! Let’s do this!’

    ‘It sounds good, is it easy to make?’

    ‘Ask Lena, there should be a production android or two on this space station. You would have to help her by creating the material though.’

    ‘How tedious.’

    It was however necessary to deal with these enemies hiding within the Earth’s core.

    “Lena, would it be possible to use a production android?”

    “Sure not a problem, what did you want to use it for?”

    I explained Gnoss’ idea and received high praise for the design.

    “I’ll get started on the details right away. What will you use to create the materials, will you be taking it from Valen?”

    I didn’t want to take it apart after having given it the name of my wife.

    “I’ll simply create the materials myself.”

    After two months of hard work we managed to produce a sufficient number of these bunker buster and were ready for our attack.


    “You have my go ahead, open fire!”

    Yes sir!

    Thousands of our Bunker Busters fell towards the surface and performed admirably. One month later we received the first communication from Gamma.

    “Johra? It’s Zaira!”

    “Yes, it’s been a long time since I’ve heard your voice.”

    “Has the underground enemy been neutralised?”

    “Yes, thanks to Lena.”

    “Hear that sister? That makes it 2:1 in my favor!”

    Lena exclaimed in a proud voice.

    “I can afford to let you have this win Lena, I’ve been preparing something big in the meantime.”

    Zaira oozed of supreme confidence in herself.

    “Did you finally succeed?”

    “Indeed, I was able to understand the Intergalactical portal, as well as learn the coordinates of the Rohim’s home planet.”

    “Hey! Did you do all these calculations while you were in lockdown?”

    “Do you want to just go ahead and declare it as 2:2?”

    Over the course of the following year Lena and Zaira worked together to construct a huge intergalactic portal at a Lagrange Point.

    Naturally, many of Valens features were upgraded by reverse engineering a lot of the technology gained from the captured Rohim ship. Valen was now the technological equivalent of a Rohim ship, but if we added all the magic skills, it became the strongest ship in the universe.

    “In 3 hours, 11 minutes and 24 seconds we will be able to open a portal to the Rohim’s home planet Asgard . Please note that there may be a few uncomfortable distortions in the process due to the large jump distance.”

    “Great, so how far exactly are they from us?”

    “2123819.2012009192 Parsecs.”

    “That’s indeed quite far.”

    “Don’t worry, you will have a one time return ticket through the portal.”

    “Are you sure it would work properly?”

    “The science doesn’t lie.”

    “But God did?”

    “God isn’t science.”

    “How arrogant.”

    “Well, even if it were to fail, I’m confident that if it’s you, Johra, you’ll find a way.”

    “What irresponsible thinking.”

    “Even if you take a long detour, I’ll make sure to set Earth back on the path of recovery, don’t worry.”

    “Ah… I see.”

    ‘Thanks Johra.’

    ‘Shut up Gnoss!’

    ‘Ah… what now? I was just thanking you for all the hard work you’ve done. And I’ve managed to control the Extinction.’

    ‘Yea, but your still at 40%’

    ‘Damn it!’

    ‘You are the one that is always bringing trouble to my doorstep.’

    ‘Oh really, wasn’t it because of me that you managed to meet Valenor?’

    ‘It is, and if you bring up that story one more time I’ll tack on the remaining 60%.’

    ‘That’s too….’

    After finally getting Gnoss to stay quiet I took the chance to look down at Earth. What was once known as the blue planet had become a desert red just like Mars. The efforts to restore it were already underway, but it would take a considerable amount of time before the planet and humanity could once again flourish.

    My goal was to assault the enemy in order to ensure future prosperity.

    “Are you available, can we speak?”

    “Sure, no problem. I have a copy onboard Valen that can help you out.”

    “Hmm it’s a bit tight, but I’ll allow you to join!”

    “I’ve not choice because Gnossian can only be fixed by me”

    “Still… it’s annoying knowing that you’ll be spending more time with her!”

    “Alright Lena, see you next time.”

    While Lena and Zaira continued to argue, I decided it was time to activate the portal.

    “Fire up the construct, Lena you start the countdown.”

    “Hah, I’m the one counting? I one upped my sister!”

    “10, 10, 9, 9….”

    “Are you two cray, I only need one of you to countdown!”

    Both sisters continued, completely disregarding what I had just said.


    The quantum wave has been achieved, 9 seconds until it is stabilized,8 seconds… standby. Activating Valen’s cloaking field.”

    “What? Will that work?”

    Leaving behind those last words I travelled through humanity’s first intergalactic portal.

    Shoot! Goooooooo!

    I had arrived to the orbiting station outside the Rohim’s home planet known as Asgard. As it came into view, I realized that it was twice the size of Earth and had undergone extensive modifications.

    “It would be more appropriate to call it a large ship than a planet.”

    “Rohim are a species which have used science to surpass their biological limits. About 100 million years ago they even managed to artificially recreate the entire maternity process.”

    Zaira explained.

    “Interesting, but has the enemy located us?”

    “I believe so because they are hailing us on several channels.”

    “Great, so why don’t we attack first. Please limit the power to 100000 times its maximum output.”

    “Yes sir”

    Lena suddenly appeared.

    “Hey Lena, why don’t you let your sister do it?”

    BBi BBi BBi

    All the lights on Valen had turned off as the power wa being redirected to the weapon.

    “Revert all power to the Extinction and begin the startup sequence.

    “Hey? You’re doing it right?”

    “Yup, just leave it to me! Target is Locked.”

    The trajectory of the would be Extinction shot appeared on the bridge display screen.

    “Charging, 24%”

    The charging gauge appeared on the display.

    “Amplification control On!”

    “Releasing the safety locks!”

    “Good, make sure you aim true Lena…. Wait, is that a shield?”

    “A planetary shield is within expectation, increasing output by 40%.”

    “Will we be able to pierce it Lena?”

    “Just leave it to me. Charging is complete and the adjustments for the enemy’s shield have been made. 10 seconds until the gun fires, prepare for the after shock.”

    I took out my specially coated sunglasses and have to hold them myself because I don’t have any ears.

    “The strongest weapon!”

    “5, 4, 3, 2, 1, Fire!”

    “Have a taste of that you Rohim bastards!”


    Valen’s entire system had gone offline.

  • Chapter 72

    Wooong chic chic

    The power returned to Valen within just 0.1 seconds. Fortunately we had learned from the previous mistakes and set up some fail safes.

    “What is the result?”

    “40% of their facilities have been destroyed, and their planetary shield is down.They have scrambled a fleet of ships to intercept us and are hailing us on over a million channels.”

    “Good, open a line it’s time to negotiate.”


    A hologram appeared on the bridge.

    “Who are you  and why have you attacked us?”

    The Rohim representative spoke out in embarrassment, his skin a shiny gray color and only a single large black eye.

    “I am Johra, the Avenger of humanity which you have pushed to near extinction. I am here to collect the debt for your actions.”

    “What are you talking about? We are peaceful beings which have for eons watched, protected and nurtured all life across the universe.”

    “Are you now denying that you killed humankind and all life on my home planet?”

    “Of course, we have never committed such an act, how could you claim we’ve done such a thing?”

    “How noisy… show them the evidence.”

    “Transfer complete.”

    “Wha…what? Why have the priests done this?”

    “Have you properly confirmed your actions? Just know before your deaths the your miscalculation was me! Prepare the Extinction gun.”

    “This can’t be, we are the protectors of life across the universe! This must be a misunderstanding!”

    “Divert all power to begin charging the weapon, begin the activation sequence.”

    “Johra please don’t do this, we were also deceived. We didn’t intervene because the God’s servants perceived your race’s demise as a natural disaster. Please spare us and we will deliver you the priests responsible for this!”

    “Shut up! Where was humanity’s chance to be spared?”

    ‘Too cool!’

    Just as I heard Gnoss’s compliment through our telepathy, we detected a massive projectile coming our way, originating from planet Asgard.

    “Johra that’s the enemy’s fire.”

    “Can we withstand it?”

    “If we are hit there is a 70% chance of sustaining critical damage.”

    “Got it, then take evasive action.”

    “Launching the teleport circle in 3 seconds.”

    Teleport teleport teleport

    Valen easily dodged the projectile by teleporting away, while their fleet continued to close in to engage.

    “Continue to divert all power to charging the Extinction.”

    “Zaira, it’s time to shoot!”

    I urged Zaira to shoot as soon as possible.

    “Target is locked.”

    The gun’s trajectory appeared on my display screen.

    “Charging is at 94%”

    The charging gauge appeared before me.

    “Amplification control On!”

    “Releasing the safety locks!”

    “Johra! We’ll reward to you…”

    I cut off all communications with them because at this point it was only a distraction.

    Huu WOong!

    Time seem to stop all around me.

    “Lena, are you there?”

    -No Answer-


    Still there wasn’t any answer.

    Even Valen’s systems seemed frozen, everything except for me had stopped.

    “Should I call you Johra?”

    An existence covered in gray feathers appeared before me.

    “Who the hell are you?”

    “Would you even recognize my name? I have some many of them,…”

    he approached with his gray poker face, I was completely unable to read his expression.

    When I tried, I couldn’t move my own body. Likewise my skills and magic weren’t working otherwise I would have really liked to sock him in the face.

    “Are you Metatron?”

    It was the name from Zaira’s report.

    “Yes I have gone by that name. On your world I may be known as prometheus, when I taught man how to harness the power of fire.”

    “Your that god which escaped from those High Gods right?”

    “Ooh… how did you know about that? Let’s take a look… and Undead? And you aren’t a part of this universe. Ah, and magic how interesting.”

    “Why did you have to do that to the human race?”

    “Well, humans were just an experiment of mine. I tried to make them just as the High Gods did in  the other world. Unfortunately despite my hard work it was failure because they couldn’t use magic.”

    “Wha…What? Just an experiment?”

    “Yes, I wanted to create an army to get my revenge against the High Gods, but these Rohim are too peaceful a people and their magic knowledge  is nonexistent. They’re only useful as caretakers of other species. As you well know, it is interesting how in the other world, humans how power over magic, and can eventually grow up to even threaten the gods themselves. For this reason I created and nurtured humanity, so that one day I would be strong enough to get my revenge on the other gods.

    “How could you treat human beings like that?”

    “I just nudged things a certain way, pushing them to be a creative and imaginative race, susceptible to learning magic.”

    “Then your purpose was to use them to fight the High Gods?”

    “Yes, I suppose so. This is a dimension which the council of High Gods have forsaken. Even after having run away here for so many eons they never chased me here. I’ve been carefully preparing my revenge and my plan has several contingencies.”

    “What are you talking about?”

    “Earth is the closest point of contact between the two dimensions and also the first place I appeared when I arrived to this universe. However I flew to the opposite side of it, fearing the other God’s pursuit, finally arriving here at Asgard.

    “So the first thing you had in mind was to nurture your own forces?”

    “Right, But these Rohim were too peaceful, and cared only for sustaining life across the universe. So after some time I tried to reach out once again to the Earthlings.”

    “Although I also hate the High Gods, the way you play around with the lives of those under you makes me sick.”

    “But what are you going to do about it? I’m the God of this universe, are you trying to start up a small rebellion against me?.”

    Metatron grabbed my forehead with his grayish hand, I struggled but he just had a cold smile plastered on his face.


    I understand your hatred for me which you hold deep in your heart, but you’ll have to get in line. There are thousands of people out to get me so wait your turn.

    “I will surely get you back for this!”

    “Hmm… revenge against me? It would be a bit troublesome to deal with such a dangerous creature such a yourself, even if I kill you now you would just revive….”

    “While I truly hated him, I kept a cool mind and was actually trying to get a good grasp of the limits to his power. So far his ability to stop time was absolute and could subdue me perfectly. He didn’t attack me yet and doesn’t appear to have the power to prevent my revival. I just needed to use these limitations against him.

    “I may not be able to touch you now, but someday I will surely seal you and send you to the the Abyss”

    “Well… how about this? You are simply annoying to keep in my universe, why don’t I just send you back to where you came from?”


    He had a smug expression on his face. Although he was going to inadvertently help me to get back to the world i wanted to return to, I still bore a grudge against him.

    “Remember me? I’ll be back!”

    “Oops. how scary! Right! I can do about it, time to make you once again start the long grind up to the top.”

    “What… Metatron?”

    He once again reached out to me and appeared to activate some power.


    Soon after everything around me went dark.

    Chomp chomp

    When I finally opened my eyes, I was once again an undead skeleton, stuck in the middle of nowhere.

    ‘Damn, restarting again! How many times has it been now?’

    I opened up my status page.

    Name: Chompy (Johra)
    Gender: N/A
    Status: Normal
    Race: Skeleton/ Undead
    Class: Warrior
    Rank: H- 
    Level: 1/5
    HP: 5/5
    MP: 1/1
    Attack: 2
    Defense: 3
    Agility: 2
    Intelligence: 3
    ✧ Unique Skills
    [Night Vision Lv1]
    ✧ Titles (Active)
    [Wizard of the Pit] [Master of Magma Hall] [Guardian of Corruption]
    ✧ Titles (Inactive)
    [Rat Trapper] [Hit-and-Run] [Savior Lv4] [Coldhearted LvMax] [Dragon Slayer Lv1] [Ant Exterminator Lv14] [Spider’s Bane Lv3] [Giant Killer Lv2] [Scuttles’ Grief LvMax] [Goblin’s Slaughterer Lv6] [Valenor’s Husband]
    ✧ Modifications
    [Avatar Lv1] [Creation Magic Lv1] [Resurrection Song Lv1]

    I laughed out loud all by myself.

    ‘Metatron you didn’t delete my modified spells, Ha ha ha’

    Although I had been reset to a regular skeleton soldier, I still had my Creation Magic and Resurrection Song skills.

    ‘Now that I’m back in this world, it’ll be a bit hard if I meet the High Gods as I am now.’

    ‘Create Hidden Status’

    [You have Learned Hidden Status]

    The skill was displayed in Gold.

    ‘How about we try being something other than an undead for the time being’

    ‘Create Species conversion (Human)’

    [Your race has been changed to Human.]

    I basked in a gentle white light as the message appeared.

    “Just that, am I human now?”

    When the flash of light disappeared I could see my human hands.

    ”What about my legs? My face?”

    I looked around and then ran towards the closest stream.

    “Haha! Isn’t that the same face I had back on Earth?”


    Suddenly from behind me a large bright circle appeared.

    “What is….”

    From within it an enormous Angel with a flaming sword stepped out. It had 16 wings and was even bigger than Michael was.

    ‘Damn, an Angel appeared. How did they find me so fast?’

    “The use of forbidden magic was detected in this area. What are you doing here human?”

    I shook my head trying to appear ignorant. It seemed that for the moment the Angel could only see me as a regular human.

    “Hmm… Johra, Chompy, Human. It’s not like you have any spells you can use, but should I purify you just in case?”

    ‘Did it look at my Status page? Luckily it appears to only be able to see the one shown by my Hidden Status ability.’

    “No, although it is an insignificant being, it is afterall one of god’s creation. It appears that Uriels Magic Sensors are off, so I’ll have to go back and talk to her about it. Don’t speak a word about what you’ve seen here today, else you’ll die a gruesome death.”

    I nodded back with a panicked expression and the Angel and his burning sword disappeared into the bright circle form where it came.

    ‘Damn, what are forbidden spells? I have no way of knowing, but I definitely can’t deal with the Angels in the state I am now. I have no choice but to seal all the spells I just created.’

    Making that promise to myself I opened up my Status.

    Name: Chompy (Johra)
    Gender: Male
    Status: Normal
    Race: Human
    Class: N/A
    Rank: H 
    Level: 1/99
    HP: 10/10
    MP: 15/15
    Attack: 3
    Defense: 2
    Agility: 3
    Intelligence: 7
    ✧ Unique Skills
    [Water Creation LvMax]
    ✧ (Hidden) Unique Skills
    [Night Vision Lv1]
    ✧ (Hidden) Titles (Active)
    [Wizard of the Pit] [Master of Magma Hall] [Guardian of Corruption]
    ✧ (Hidden) Titles (Inactive)
    [Rat Trapper] [Hit-and-Run] [Savior Lv4] [Coldhearted LvMax] [Dragon Slayer Lv1] [Ant Exterminator Lv14] [Spider’s Bane Lv3] [Giant Killer Lv2] [Scuttles’ Grief LvMax] [Goblin’s Slaughterer Lv6] [Valenor’s Husband]
    ✧ (Hidden) Modifications
    [Avatar Lv1] [Creation Magic Lv1] [Resurrection Song Lv1]

    ✧ (Hidden) Creation Magic
    [Hidden Status] [Species Conversion(Human)] [Material Creation Lv2]

    “Weird, why did I keep Water Creation but keep no Class?”

    I was ready to begin walking, but with a bitter smile I realized that my human body was completely naked.

    “I should probably find some clothes.”

    I explored around for some time before finding a small farmhouse. Sneaking in I stole the clothes I needed.

    “Sorry, I’ll pay off this debt someday.”

    Two days later I arrived at what looked like a small city. I had no choice but to eat some grass to stave of the hunger. Fortunately, I could create water and didn’t have to go thirsty.

    “Ugh I’m starving, should I try to beg for food in the city?”

    I tried to go in but I was blocked by the guards at the entrance.

    “I haven’t seen your face in these parts before. What business to you have in Gartmar?”


    It was a name I couldn’t forget.

    “Yes, it has just recently been recognized as a city. Have you heard the name before?”

    “What day are we now? What year?”

    “Poor guy, don’t you even know what year it is?”

    I was speechless after hearing the guard’s response, I had returned 20 years before the time I had been killed by Michael.


    “Hey are you hungry? Although you look like a beggar, I’ll let you in because Gartmar’s promotion festival is still underway. Just make sure not to tell anyone it was me who let you through alright?”

    I was able to enter the city due to the kind heartedness of the guard. It was just as he had said, the festival was still ongoing and I took advantage to eat some bread which the bakery’s owner had discarded to the side.

    I was in direct competition with a group of other beggars, but because it was a festive atmosphere, there was enough to go around.

    “Please help me out with some coins.”

    I was trying to collect the two silvers necessary to apply in the adventurer’s guild, and figured that this festival was the best chance because many people were in a charitable mood.


    However that was something that only happened in fairy tales and in this reality people weren’t as generous. I had no choice but to resort to other methods.

    “Hey, what are you trying to do?”

  • Chapter 73

    At night I decided to sit down in a corner of the street and sort out my thoughts.

    ‘At this time I hadn’t yet existed in this world as an undead. Valenor should most likely still be in Magma Hall, but what about Lorina, and Soleste?’

    I had so many questions.

    ‘What if I my actions would rewrite history? Or is this even the same place I came to last time and not a parallel universe?’

    While staring up at the stars I tried to solve these tough questions.

    ‘I should try to refrain from creating any big waves which might alter history. It might create a ridiculous situation were I kill off my past self which also results in me dying.’

    ‘I first have to figure out how to survive. As a human I need to food and water to live, and I can solve all that by creating some skills. But what skills are forbidden? Was it Creation Magic? Hidden Status? Or Species Conversion?’

    I tried to tackle these challenges one at the time.

    I had used Creation Magic in the past without any Angels appearing, so it was most likely one of the other two.

    ‘Wait, no it might be different now that Creation Magic has been modified, so it’s still a suspect.’

    ‘If only I could use it then it could be the solution to all my problems, but what am I to do if the Angel shows up once again? It would surely Cleanse me once it recognizes me right? And what does cleansing even represent, would I die?’

    My heart was burden by all these questions. I had an incredible cheat magic but was unable to use it.

    ‘No, I have to give it another try. Perhaps if I use it in a busy square they will not be able to track who the user was.’

    I had made up my mind, at worst my odds were only ⅓ of Creation Magic being the one.

    The very next day I sat down near the fountain in the central square plaza and waited for it to get busy.

    ‘This much should be enough right?’

    It was the end of the month and the auction for the town’s ores was being held. There all remains the festive atmosphere from it’s promotion to a full fledged city just 11 days ago, so many people were out on the streets.

    ‘Create Material Creation’

    [You have learned Material Creation Lv1]

    I took a quick peek at my surroundings but didn’t see anything unusual, still no Angels.

    “Is everything  okay? Right? It is fine!! Pheww”

    I was relieved.

    “What is fine?? Hey can you move away to the side? You are quite smelly.”

    It was the guard which had allowed me to enter the city. I looked up at him and laughed

    “Yes sir”

    Things were looking up, it would be much easier now knowing that it was safe to use my Creation Magic. The only unfortunate part was that my proficiency in it had dropped back down to Level 1, so I could only have 3 spells at the time.

    I snuck out to an empty alley and made sure no one was around, before lifting my palm up and whispering.

    “Material Creation: Copper”

    A small copper cube, just half a centimeter in size appeared in my hand. However shortly after a small portion of the corners disappeared shortly after it was created.

    “Huh? Why is that?”

    I tried it once again when my mana had replenished, but the same result ocurred.

    “Why is this happening?”

    I felt it was quite the strange phenomenon, but since it didn’t seem to have a huge impact, I put it to the back of my mind.

    “Is this the limit of my ability? I have low MP and skill level, so it might just be….”

    Being able to use Material creation was like cheating. I had experienced it alot back on Earth, but it was the first time in this world.

    Since that time I spent my days as a beggar, and my nights creating copper in a hidden alley, away from any prying eyes.

    I had now been about a month’s time since I had arrived in Gartmar.

    “That should be enough right?”

    I didn’t want to pass the next few years as a beggar and was looking to be an adventurer. I had to improve my MP and overall strength to do so, and the blocks of copper which filled my deep pockets where my only way forward.

    “Please sell this for me.”

    I was putting them up for auction in Gartmar.

    “Where did you steal that from?”

    “I never stole them. I used to work as a miner and received it at pay.”

    Although I received a suspicious look from the manager, my excuse seemed to have passed. It was because the miner life was hard work, and their appearance wouldn’t differ much from that of a beggar.

    “Here, 3 silver coins and 20 coppers for the lot, it’s the highest I can go.”

    The seller had taken pity on me after seeing my haggard appearance.

    “Thank you so much!”

    I bowed deeply before heading of to a secluded alley to wash myself.

    “Water creation!”

    I washed myself thoroughly but still couldn’t completely erase the stench of the street life.

    “Is there no helping it?”

    There was no real concept of a bath in this world, so I had to wash and dry myself.


    “Good, almost dry!”

    Although the Autumn wind was a bit chilly, I was still successfully able to dry myself before heading off to the adventurers guild.


    Just one month ago Gartmar had officially been promoted to a city, and the first Adventurer’s guild had therefore been opened.

    The guild which I remembered as being quite large was at the moment only the size of a small office.

    “ Good morning, my name is Chou. It’s the first time I see you around here, what can I do for you?”

    The lady at the reception desk greeted me with a warm smile. She was quite similar to the receptionist from my memory.

    “I’m here to register as an adventurer.”

    I looked back and realized that there weren’t any veterans sitting down and drinking to harass the rookies.

    “The registration fee is one silver, just fill out the form over here and we will get you started.”

    After handing over the money I filled out the application. While I was doing so the receptionist spoke to me in a soft voice.

    “Since you are the first adventurer to register to here you can receive a free starter kit as our gift. There are only five and you’d be the first to receive one.”


    “Oh, Great!”

    It included all the essentials which I so desperately needed: daggers, a small shield, leather gloves, along with bread and water bottle.

    “Here you go, all done.”

    “Good, you’ve filled everything out well, now just place your hand on the stone here to complete the process.”

    When I put my hand on the circle stone, my status appeared. It was the one which I portrayed with my Hidden skill, but Chou noted it all down diligently before taking out a token from her drawer.

    “You got bronze rank, try to keep the pendant hung around your neck because it is used as your adventurer token. It can be used as proof identity as well as to hand in any quests so make sure to always have it on hand.”


    I laughed spontaneously at her remark because her words from her was exactly same as last time.

    “Um… excuse me, did I say something wrong?”

    “No, not at all. I just occasionally laugh for no reason, don’t mind me.”

    I went up to the quest board but saw that there weren’t any high tier quests. There was a Goblin quest in the hunting section of bronze level. It also seemed that quests that involved collecting items, there was no registration necessary

    “How about the goblins?”

    I went up to miss Chou to confirm my the goblin hunting quest.”

    “Ah so you picked this one?”

    “Yes, this is unfortunately the only one I can do at the moment.”

    “Well, seeing as you are still classless, how about going to one of the guilds to see if you can get yourself a class first?”

    “Oh, what kind of guilds are there?”

    “In Gartmar there are currently the Temple, the Thieves guild and the Warriors guild which you can go to. I can also write you an invitation letter which would exempt you from certain fees. This is also part of the starter package which you received as one of the first five adventurers to sign up.”

    Chou was my saviour with her bright smile, she had saved me a lot of money.

    ‘I don’t know who thought up this promotion, but I wish him all the best.’

    “What kind of class where you considering?”

    “Hm… maybe like a paladin?”

    “Well a paladin isn’t something just anyone can apply for, you have to reach level 10 as both a warrior and priest before being tested by the temple, only then can you become one.”

    “Ah okay, I guess I’ll be a warrior then.”


    She quickly wrote up a recommendation letter and stamped it with the official adventure guild engraving before handing it over to me.

    “Here you are, there is also rough map and I’ll note you down for the Goblin quest.”


    I left the building and headed for the Warrior’s guild. When I arrived I realized that it was attached to the town’s weapons smithy.

    “So you want to become a warrior huh?”

    “Yes, miss Chou was saying….”

    The man who introduced himself as Ryan looked at me and sighed.

    “Right, I am indeed the Warrior’s Guild Master, but as you can see business is so terrible that I need to double as a weapons shop just to put food on the table. It is rare to have new adventurers sign up in such a remote place. I’ll warn you in advance, you can join but it won’t be easy to have me teach you any skills.”

    “Oh, why is that?”

    “There are only two skills which I can teach, and they have certain level and price requirements.”

    “What are the skills?”

    “An AoE provoke, and a stun skill. However both require you to be a level 10 warrior.”

    “Ok sounds good to me, I’ll join up.”

    ‘Fine, give me a moment.”

    Ryan rummaged through his things under the counter before fishing out a single piece ball of quartz.

    “Here it is, but you hand on top.”

    When i placed my palm on top, it shone brightly.

    “Hmm, it still seems to be working just fine.”

    Ryan was touching his beard with a satisfied look, about 10 seconds later the light form the quartz disappeared.

    “All done, when you get a bit stronger we can talk about showing you some skills. Also if you need any equipment, this is the place. It’s a bit shameful to have a side business as the official Warrior’s guild, but it’s reality.”

    “Ok, thank you”

    I said my goodbyes to Ryan before leaving the establishment.

    “So once I’m level 10?”

    I had decided on the paladin class as my immediate goal. It was the strongest occupation that I could think of which combined both physical and magic skills. I also felt that it would synergize well with the skills I already had.

    I visited the guild once again to get some information as to where the Goblins could be found, before setting off.

    “This bread is delicious!”

    I walked towards the goblin’s location while enjoying the taste of bread. It had been quite some time since I had eaten some proper food, and it was much better than the break which the bakery discarded at the end of the day.

    Yummy Yummy, “Water Water!”

    However I opened up the water bottle they had given me and noticed that it was empty.

    “This is attempted murder!”

    “Water Creation!”

    I easily filled up the bottle and drank my fill.

    Hoou… shit. I almost died choking on bread

    As I grumbled to myself I soon arrived at the nearby forest where the Goblins were supposed to be.

    “Let’s do this!”

    I equipped myself with a dagger in my right hand and the shield in my left before entering the forest.

    ‘Rabbit with one horn!’

    I had caught sight of a horned rabbit.

    ‘I guess I’m at the stage where I even have to hunt these small fries.’

    It looked just like a rabbit from Earth, except that the ears were much smaller and it had a small horn on its forehead. Its horn charge might be dangerous.


    Although I had tried to be careful, The horned rabbit had heard my footsteps and bolted.

    ‘How dare he!’

    I chased him down while silently cursing him. It ran very quickly but I was also desperate.


    [+5 experience points]

    [Level increased 1 ➢ 2]

    “Did I succeed? Only one level up? There is a collection quest for this horn right?”

    I checked out my Status page while wiping the sweat of my brow. It had been quite the exhausting chase.

    Name: Chompy (Johra)
    Gender: Male
    Status: Normal
    Race: Human
    Class: Warrior
    Rank: H 
    Level: 2/99
    HP: 15/15
    MP: 17/17
    Attack: 4 (+3)
    Defense: 2
    Agility: 3
    Intelligence: 8
    ✧ Unique Skills
    [Water Creation LvMax]
    ✧ (Hidden) Unique Skills
    [Night Vision Lv1]
    ✧ (Hidden) Titles (Active)
    [Wizard of the Pit] [Master of Magma Hall] [Guardian of Corruption]
    ✧ (Hidden) Titles (Inactive)
    [Rat Trapper] [Hit-and-Run] [Savior Lv4] [Coldhearted LvMax] [Dragon Slayer Lv1] [Ant Exterminator Lv14] [Spider’s Bane Lv3] [Giant Killer Lv2] [Scuttles’ Grief LvMax] [Goblin’s Slaughterer Lv6] [Valenor’s Husband]
    ✧ (Hidden) Modifications
    [Avatar Lv1] [Creation Magic Lv1] [Resurrection Song Lv1]

    ✧ (Hidden) Creation Magic
    [Hidden Status] [Species Conversion(Human)] [Material Creation Lv2]

    “Well first I’ll have to focus on leveling up. I’m not sure I can deal with Goblins in my current state.”

    I spent the whole day getting to level 5 by catching horned rabbits. The process was quite slow because although I managed to catch 10 of them, I wasn’t able to catch multiple at the same time.

    Stomach groaned

    “Shit, is there a beggar in my stomach!?

    I had long gotten used to the life of an undead and felt it was quite tedious to have to eat something on a regular bases. It was a never ending of bread and hunger.

    “I should probably head back.”

    I returned to the city and exchanged my rabbit horns for one silver coin. ( a silver coin has the purchasing power of about 50$ US)

    “Not bad for my first hunt.”

    I bought some more bread and camped  outside for the night. Tomorrow I will try to hunt Goblins. It’s more efficient than Horned rabbits. By killing just 3 goblins I could get 2 silvers.

    “The stars are beautiful tonight, still not a good as watching it together with Valenor.”


    A strange sound originated from my neck.

    “What is that? Is someone calling me?”

    I touched the back of my neck but didn’t sense anything off. I looked around but didn’t see nor hear anything strange again.

    “Was I hearing things?”

    “Material Creation: Copper”

    Before sleeping I had made it a habit of creating some. Although it appeared in very small quantities, the size of my nail. After gathering a lot of it, it could be sold for a decent some and there was an auction tomorrow.

    Of course everytime I created some a small portion continued to mysteriously disappear.

    I had a peaceful dream of flying in the sky along with Valenor, but woke up suddenly as Valenor was brutally murdered by an Angel.

    “Damn Angels, I’ll make sure to save you this time around Valenor!”

    I clenched my Teeth and headed off to kill some Goblins.


    D day – 7267


    *—Author’s Note—*


    [Hidden Status] can Hide any skills from a Status Check, as long as the skills aren’t in use. Can keep the Status hidden from God ranked creatures, except for High Gods. (Rainbow) Lesser God Rank.


    [Species Conversion(Human)] According to the Gods,forbidden magic has become extinct. The punishment for the use of Forbidden magic is handled the the Archangels Uriel and Nuriel. (Rainbow)Lesser God Rank.

    [Material Creation Lv2] The kinds of material available to create vary depending on the user’s skill level. When the skill is Maxed even antimatter can be created in small quantities. The shape and amount created depends on the user’s skill level. Rare Rank  


    * Skill/Magic Grading


    →Lesser God→God→High God

    *Difference between Skills and Magic spells

    -Skills use (Stamina) while magic uses (MP)

    -Occasionally it can use a ratio 1:1 of both Stamina and MP, then it would be classified as a skill.

    -Skills do not require any casting while spells do.

  • Chapter 74

    “Finally found one.”

    I had stumbled upon a goblin eating a 10 meter long horned rabbit, deep in the very same forest I had visited just the other day.

    “Am I able to solo it?”

    I grasped my dagger and stealthily approached it from behind as it gorged on its meal without abandon.

    “Enjoy your last meal! Yiyap!”



    [+11 experience points]

    [Acquired knowledge of Goblins]

    It squealed like a pig in its very last moments of life.

    “Hm I don’t seem to receive any bonus skills when killing new monsters.”

    It appeared to be yet another weakness of being human.

    “Guess I can only learn skills the hard way.”

    “Left side, 30 meters out, two enemies inbound.”

    As I was standing over the dead goblins body I once again heard a voice originating from behind my neck.

    “What? This voice…”

    I recognized the voice, it was Lena’s.


    There was no answer, so I hid my myself from the two approaching Goblins.



    They were from the same tribe as the dead goblin, but they completely disregarded his corpse and began gorging on the horned rabbit.

    Let’s take a look at how strong these guys are.

    I silently opened up their Status page with a flick of my finger.

    Status: Normal

    Type: Goblin

    Rank: H-

    Level: 2/10

    HP: 10/10

    MP: 1/1

    Attack: 2 (+2)

    Defense: 1

    Agility: 6

    Intelligence: 1

    ✧ Unique Skills


    ‘Hmm… I can definitely handle one with my dagger, but two? Maybe not, if I’m going to take this risk I need to be sure to get the bonus experience from a double kill.’

    I grasped my dagger and waited for an opportunity. The goblin’s feast had degenerated into a brawl as they fought over who would eat the bigger piece.


    Just as they were entangled and trying to bite each other, I lept forth.



    Keeeek, Kiek

    [+11 experience points]

    [+22 experience points]

    [Level 6 ➢ 7]

    I had timed it to pierce both their necks with a single strike.

    “A success, experience is now streaming in Kuku~”

    I wiped the blood off my dagger using the Goblin corpse.

    ‘What about that voice earlier, it was definitely Lena right?’

    I touched the back of my neck but didn’t feel anything different.

    ‘If I didn’t hear wrong then has Lena followed me over to this world?’


    I called out to her but there was no answer.

    ‘Was it just an illusion or do I have certain conditions I need to satisfy first?”

    I tried out several things but nothing seemed to activate her.

    ‘Well there’s nothing more I can do at the moment. It would be great though it she were here, she’d be a powerful ally.’

    In a fantasy world such as this one having an A.I. would be a huge advantage, perhaps even more so than having magic. I therefore made it a goal of mine to learn what conditions were necessary to activate and communicate with Lena.

    I then returned to the Adventurer’s guild to hand in my quest.

    “You have successfully completed your quest! Here are the three silvers reward. The items you brought this time are worthless junk, usually we wouldn’t buy them, but I’ll give you one extra silver as service just this once.”

    “Oh thanks a lot Chou.”

    “New quests have appeared, so please check out the board to see if any interest you.”

    I stood before the board with my 4 silvers in hand.

    <Goblin hunting, two silvers a head. Repeatable>

    “I guess I’ll stick with the same one. Since it’s repeatable, I could make a decent sum if I focus on only goblins.”

    Counting the coins in my hand before putting them away, I walk up to Chou and accept the quest.

    “Well…a meal consisting of bread and milk costs 13 copper coins, even if I buy food for tomorrow I’d still have 3 silver coins! ”

    I crouched in the middle of dark a alley and counted my coins. I felt so proud that I could buy my own food and no longer be a beggar.  

    “Hey you! Where did you steal that form?”

    Some ruffians came up to me after seeing me count all those coins. I had seen them in the area a few times before.

    ‘I was careless this time.’

    I looked behind me but realized I was in a dead end, with no way to run away from the three beggars.

    ‘Guess I’ll have to fight.’

    “I’ve been looking at you for a couple days now, you stole copper from somewhere and then sold it to become an adventurer.”

    “Yea, I also saw that, you must be a suspicious character.”

    “It isn’t a sin to steal stolen money, so hand it over!”

    He extended out his hand, expecting me to simply hand him over my silvers due to that twisted logic of his.

    ‘I can’t kill them right?’

    I held my dagger behind my back, waiting.

    “You’d best back off, I’m a warrior.”

    “Pfff so what? You’re all alone and there are three of us!”

    “Ha! 3 versus 1, you think you can win this fight greenhorn?”

    Their laughs were disgusting to watch as they were missing several teeth.

    Puk, Uuuak! Pubuk! ahh

    I knocked two of then down to the floor and grabbed the last one by the neck. His haughty look had by now been replaced by one of fear.

    Usually a level 7 warrior was had about 3 times the strength of a regular civilian. Normal people would never willingly fight one, it was only possible because we were in Gartmar, a place where most people still weren’t very familiar with adventurers.

    “If I see you again I won’t be so lenient next time.”


    I socked the beggar one last time before making my way out of  the alley.

    “I’m pretty cool right? But I exercised too much and now I’m hungry.”

    I entered the store named ‘Darryl’s bakery’, where I used to eat leftover bread as a beggar.

    “Hey how are you doing? You are starting to look like a proper adventurer!”

    I have been a regular customer and this bakery because I’ve been exclusively eating bread these last few days, so the owner was friendly.

    “Darryl after eating the same bread for a long time it gets quite bland. Why don’t you try mixing things up or developing new tastes?”

    “Hey are you complaining about my bread? If it wasn’t for me , you would have starved a long time ago.”

    “Yes, I agree, but it seems like you don’t have the confidence to make new kinds of bread. Is that why you are dodging my question? Here are 20 coppers, that is the cost for 3 breads right?”

    “Come by tomorrow Johra, you’ve lit a fire under me to be more creative!”

    He hopped his way to the back of the store.

    “Well at least I can look forward to tomorrow right?”

    I was sick and tired of always eating the same bread, so I irritated him on purpose.

    ‘There are many other bakery but I’d like to support Darryl’

    I mumbled to myself as I took my bread and headed off to the market.

    “Is that you Johra?”

    “Big brother beggar!”

    It was Anne, the milk vendor with a little girl hiding behind her skirt named Lina. Anne had one cow which she took care of. Ever since she had lost her husband, selling the cow’s milk was her only way to make money, but she had still given me some free milk back when I was begging, so now I would exclusively buy form her.

    “Here are seven coppers, is it okay to return the empty bottle later?”

    “Thank you Johra.”

    However the little Lina didn’t have such a good impression of me due to my beggar-like appearance.

    “Where did you get that money? Did you steal it?”

    “No, I’m an adventurer”

    In Gartmar it was quite rare to be an adventurer by profession. Most people were either miner or farmers , so when I mentioned I was one, they all stopped to look at see as if I were a boogeyman.

    “Liar, you received some free milk from mom not long ago?!”

    “No it’s true. Here take a look at this.”

    I pulled out my guild token as proof.

    “Whoa, is that real?”

    She bit down on the token to check its authenticity.

    “Hey don’t ruin that!”

    “Lina stop that! I’m so sorry Johra, I spoil her too much.”

    Anne gave be back the token apologetically.

    “Ah it’s ok, it probably didn’t get damaged.”

    I turned the token over to make sure there weren’t any dents.

    “Such a naughty girl”


    Lina exaggerated of the pain of Anne’s flick to the forehead.

    “Lena you shouldn’t call him brother beggar okay?”

    “No! He’s my big brother beggar!”

    She had a mischievous laugh, there was no way to beat a child’s logic.

    “How can a beggar pay for food?”

    “Hmm… then a beggar adventurer.”

    “Omit the word Beggar!”

    “Hihi No! Mehh~”

    Lina shouts out before hiding once again behind Anne.


    I returned to the area I had been staying in lately.

    Pukk Pukk

    The narrow alley I stayed in was very dark and deep, that’s why no one would usually pass by. But there were two strangers hitting a poor homeless kid.

    “Hey, stop that! It’s my sleeping time

    I had confidence in my power and I wanted to kick them out from my sleeping spot. It wasn’t at all any heroism on my part.

    “This doesn’t concern you, mind your own business.”

    One of the strangers gave me a quick look before disregarding me completely. But I ignored their warning and just watched them with my arms crossed.

    They never expected me to be an adventurer as I was the only one in the city.

    “Hey you! How dare you try to run away, do you have any idea how much money your father owes us? Just be a good kid and allows yourself to be sold as a slave to pay off the debt.

    “Enough, if we scratch her then price of the merchandise will drop.”

    “Shit! Look at my arm, she bit me and now I’m bleeding.”

    From what they were saying I gathered that they had taken someone’s little girl as compensation, and were now going to sell her at the slaver’s market.

    ‘Hmm there is no reason for me to help her. I have my own business.’
    Although I was considering helping out, I was worried that any actions might affect the flow of history, so I decided to continue my role as a simple observer.

    ‘Please leave quickly.’

    They tied up the child’s hands and left my alley, as they were leaving I locked eyes with the kid.

    ‘Dammit, I see it in his eyes that he blames me, I didn’t even do anything!’

    Her eyes had a sharp glint, it was a look of promised vengeance, the same one I gave to Michael and Metatron or Lorina.

    ‘Ugh… if she has such a deep grudge against me then I have already changed history.’

    “Hey, wait up a sec.”

    “What is it, just who do you think you are looking at?”

    They appeared pretty intimidating and strong.

    “Is that child a slave?”

    “Not quite yet, not that it concerns you.”

    “But isn’t it wrong to hit a regular citizen in this city?”

    “Oh is that so, I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

    One of them came to me and grabbed my neck.

    “Did you just grab me by the neck? Then this is self-defense!”

    “Self-defense? What kind of nonsense are you talking about, I will whoop your ass!”

    Puk, Kung!

    Despite his bravado he was sent flying with a single fist.

    “Shit! Son of bitch!”


    “How dare you attack our wolf family!”


    The person carrying the kid put her down threw a punch my way

    I ducked slighly to dodge his swing, then connected straight with hs chin.

    “Hmmm.. Wolf Club? You are gang? I’ve heard you guys steal money from merchants in market. Even threatening store owners.”

    “Haha. You knew us, and you still do this? Prepare for your funeral!”

    “Hmm..yeah most people think like you… that is until they get a taste of my fist!”

    Huuunh Puck!

    I once again easily dodged his punch and hit him lightly on the jaw.

    Pakak, dropped.

    Having put just a bit of strength in my last blow, I still easily knocked him down onto his knees, and a few of his teeth had come loose.

    “You!! Don’t go anywhere!”

    One of the gangsters who had fallen down earlier escaped while I dealt with his friend.

    “Ah….it became annoying….or is it a good thing in the end?”

    Darryl and Anne had also complained about these local thugs because they would extort half their revenu as protection money. They were nothing more than a cancer on this town, one that required treatment.

    “Hey are you okay?”

    I untied her hands pulled out the gag from her mouth.

    “Thank you”

    She looked about 7 years old. It was still hard for me to tell other people’s age because I wasn’t a good reference. I was in the body of a 15 year old boy but had the mind of an adult which had lived several lives and been married.

    “Well I saved you this once, will you be able to take care of yourself now?”

    She shook her head.

    “Fine, wait a moment.”

    I used the rope to tie up one of the members of the wolf club.

    I heard the girl’s stomach groaning.

    “Are you hungry?”

    She nodded in response and I gave here some of the bread and milk I had recently purchased. The second she laid her hands on it, the food disappeared as if it were a magic trick.

    ‘Soon the wolf club’s members  will surely come for revenge. I can’t take care of this girl forever, I need to find a safe home for her.’

    I considered giving her to Anne, but she had a hard enough life as it was trying to raise Lina by herself.

    “I guess I have no choice.”

    I decided to bring her over to Darryl’s bakery and hope they’d take her in. as we walked in town people would give us a strange look. After all I was dressed as a beggar accompanying a bruised and ragged young girl, so in all fairness we did look quite suspicious. However people were accustomed to strange things in such a small town, and after a fair bit off staring they went back to their own business.

    “Darryl Darryl!”

    “Who is it! I have dough to make. Oh Johra, didn’t you buy your bread earlier?”

    Darryl appeared through the door with his hands full of flour. When he saw the poor condition of the little girl he seemed worried.

    “What happened to her, who did it? Was it you Johra?”

    He rushed up to her and held her tenderly, looking at me with an expression of disgust.


    Author’s Note—-*


    In certain areas where several creatures gain awareness, a title of ownership is formed from their influence. The title can be given or acquired by killing the previous owner, and gives you certain privileges within the area such as creating alliances.

  • Chapter 75

    “Darryl how could you think I’d do this?” Hit her myself and bring her here?

    “Why not, you seem the type. OMG…you must be in pain, come here.”

    Darryl snickered as he went to retrieve a large armchair from the back of the store.

    “Don’t say such things even as a joke, you’re breaking my heart.

    Looking at me with a playful face he then turned to face the little girl and spoke in a softly, completely the opposite of his usual way of talking.

    “Sit here”

    She collapsed into the comfortable chair, clearly exhausted and Darryl gave her some more bread and water. She ate her fill and soon after fell asleep.

    “So what happened Johra?”

    “I don’t know much, I just saw her getting roughed up in the alley”

    “Who did it?”

    “It was that Wolf club. Her parents owed them money so he gave up his little girl as payment.”

    “Those worthless scum bastards!”

    His anger caused his muscles to bulge out. It seems like the physique from his past as an adventurer was still there.

    “So can you take care of her for a little while?”

    “Does she really have no place to go? I did require an assistant so just leave her here with me, but…”

    “Hmm…Don’t worry about the Wolf club, I will handle them. Just please keep her safe.”

    “Yeah, but do you intend to fight head on with those thugs?”

    “Right, I was already planning on taking care of them”

    He was a kind person. That’s why he would give bread to beggars with the excuse it would soon go bad. He was the third son from a famous bakers family in a big city. Since when he was young he would secretly give some bread to beggars without his father knowing. But finally his father caught him and they argued. He then ran away from home and hasn’t gone back ever since

    “I’d like to help but I have my own things to protect now.”

    He would definitely have helped if it were his younger adventurer self. But if he were to cause problems now then his bakery and his livelihood would be at risk.

    “I can do it on my own, I already have an idea.”

    I already suspected that the only reason the gang could operate so openly in this area was that they had the backing of officials who turned a blind eye.

    Do you have a plan?

    “Yes… kind of?”

    I left Darryl’s bakery and headed to the city hall. As I remembered, although Gartmar’s mayor was a bit absent-minded, he was a wise person. I thought that if we talked face to face, we can find a solution.

    “What brought you here?”

    The first floor receptionist asked suspiciously. It was a normal reaction considering my appearance as a beggar.

    “I’d like to see the mayor.”

    “I’m sorry but he is very busy and hard to get a meeting with.”

    Her cold response was not entirely unexpected.

    “Could you please please inform the mayor that the Gartmar’s first adventurer has come to discuss the city’s security.”

    I stealthily handed her a silver coin. It was definitely a bribe, but was common practice to do so and if you wanted to get things done you occasionally had to tiptoe across the line.

    “Well… if it is just sending message, that I can do. Please wait a minute.”

    The receptionist called over an attendant and handed him a note before he took off. Soon after an official appeared who whispered something into the receptionist’s ear. She then turned to look at me with a bright smile.

    “The mayor has 5 minutes to spare, please follow this attendant.”

    ‘One silver coin (~50$ US) for 5 minutes, quite expensive.’

    I was brought to the mayor’s office. When I walked in I was surprised to see the complete lack of any extravagance, he was hard at work behind a pile of paperwork on his desk.

    “Please speak quickly, I have many issues which require my attention.”

    “If you are too busy I can come at another time.”

    “No, this is almost like a break time for me. Did you say you are the city’s first adventurer?”

    The mayor gave me a brief look before returning his gaze to the paperwork before him.


    “And you wished to speak of a security matter?”

    He continued speaking while staring at the documents on his desk.

    “That’s right, have you ever heard of the Wolf club?”

    “I had received some complaints some time ago and thought it was taken care of. Are they still active?”

    The mayor’s reality existed only in the documents on his desk.

    “Definitely not gone, they continue to intimidate and extort your citizens.”

    “I see, but it isn’t easy to get rid of them without any evidence. After all even if I’m the mayor I still have to respect the law.”

    He was very smart and understood the situation with but a few words, prompting me to come forth as a witness to their crimes.

    “Should I bring some evidence?”


    “Yes I’ll find it for you.”




    He tossed me something and I caught it. It was a single gold coin (~500$ US)

    “Here is the commission for the quest, if you succeed then you can keep it, but if you fail, you’ll owe me double, understood?”

    It came without any strings attached, in fact I could just skip town since I hadn’t signed any contract.


    The mayor had faith in me, as the town’s first adventurer. I left the building content, I only had to find some evidence of the Wolf club’s wrongdoings to kick them out of town.

    ‘This shouldn’t be enough to change the flow of history too much right?’

    I went to the Warrior’s guild/Weapon store with my gold coin in hand.

    “Oh… a gold coin is it? It’s isn’t fake right?”

    Ryan questioned me as I payed with the gold coin. He bit down on the gold coin and then laughed.

    “Don’t leave any tooth marks on my gold coin!”

    “Just barely a scratch, here are your 5 silver coins as change.”

    I had bought a pair of used studded leather gloves, a cloak and some leather shoes.

    I thought some  equipment would make it easier to fight other humans, especially the gloves.

    ‘My fists should be enough, and at worst if I really needed to use a weapon my dagger should work just fine.’

    At this point I was full of confidence, thinking I could easily take down this small organization. What I didn’t know was that of their 15 member club, the top 3 were all former adventurers.

    As I was buying my items at the weapons shop, a kidnapping was taking place a Darryl’s bakery.

    “These scum! Assaulting regular folk!”


    “Shut up old man baker, this is what you get for not paying the protection fee.”

    The one who spoke was a woman covered entirely in black leather, as she kicked Darryl’s in the stomach.

    “You thought you were strong, but there is always a higher mountain. Let’s end things here.”

    On their way out the lit a torch and tossed it inside. The wooden shop quickly caught fire.

    “No, don’t do it!”

    Ignoring Darryl’s pleas they simply walked out with the petrified little girl. Darryl struggled to put out the fire but the store was more that half burnt by the time he got it under control.

    I saw the fire as I exited the Warrior’s guild. Despite running there it was all over by the time I arrived.


    “Sorry Johra, they took the girl and I couldn’t do a thing.”


    I ground my teeth in anger

    “This means war!”

    “Yes, but you should know that some of them are former adventurers. I couldn’t even lay a hand on them so they must at the very least be of iron rank.

    “Oh, is that so?”

    Before rushing in I stopped to think about the situation.

    If they are stronger that Iron rank then they’d be at least level 20. It would be hard for me to emerge victorious.

    Darryl was a level 15 adventurer, so to easily overpower him required at least a level 20 powerhouse. My strength would be the equivalent of smashing and egg against a rock.

    “Darryl why don’t you make an official report?”

    “It would be meaningless.”

    There is no evidence and it is just my word against theirs so it would simply be treated as a workplace accident. This is a world where might makes right.

    “Darryl I need your help, I know you still have that young adventurer’s fire inside of you.”

    It is a shame about that little girl, but there was nothing I could do at the time.  I could only do my best to level up quickly.

    “Your right, and until the bakery is restored, I only have my adventurer skills to put food on the table.”

    I accompanied him to the Adventurer’s guild.

    “Oh, is it Old man Darryl. An original adventurer is it?”

    I pretended like I knew nothing about that.

    “Yeah, my bakery burned down and I don’t have any other recourse.”

    “I had heard rumours about your strength, but finally I can confirm the truth.”

    He scratched his head helplessly and chose to accept the Goblin hunting quest. I took out the remainder of the Mayor’s gold coin to provide him with some decent equipment.

    “What… when did you become rich Johra?”

    I shook my head.

    I received it as an advance for a quest, so I still need to complete the job.

    “Is that so? I’ll be sure to pay you back for this.

    I only had a single silver coin left. If I failed the mayor’s commission I would have to slaughter countless Goblins just to pay off my debt.

    We left the guild and headed to the forest together. This time we went deeper that I ever had before, and stumbled across a goblin camp.

    “Johra, aren’t there too many?’

    “Hey Darryl, what kind of skills do you have?”

    “I have an aggro and dash skill.”

    “I see, so we’ll do things like this, You take the lead and defend against their attacks, while I deal them the finishing blows, alright?”

    “Wouldn’t it be safer to pick them off one at the time?”

    I shook my head

    “I dont have the time”

    Compared to Darryl who could only hunt normally, I had to take some risks to benefit from my experience bonus. If I was able to hunt 10 of them at the same time, (1+2+4+8+16+32+64+128+512) was the equivalent of hunting 1023 goblins. There was a huge difference in experienced gained between hunting 10 individually and 10 at the same time.

    Darryl remained unconvinced but nodded all the same.

    Uh Oh Oh!

    He used his taunt skill to secure their aggro and all 10 goblins rushed towards him. I stealthily came at them from the side with my dagger in hand.

    “Kite them back around that big tree!”

    “Okay, got it!”

    Keek Kiiek

    Despite me chasing after them with my dagger, they didn’t change target and continue after Darryl.

    ‘This looks like a good spot.’

    “Ok stop and defend now!”


    Kang! Kung!

    The goblins smashed into his shield with their clubs, but he was able to firmly hold his ground. The power of a level 15 warrior was not to be underestimated, and these lower level goblins could at most cause him a single point of damage each attack.

    Still since they were many, even if these small 1 damage attacks were numerous enough, it was enough to kill humans since it was as race which originally had little HP.


    As the 10 goblins were busy wailing on Darryl’s shield, I came from behind and slashed their necks. Some who had already take 3-4 points in damage from Darryl, died in a single stroke.

    [+11 experience points]

    [+22 experience points]

    [Level increased 7 ➢ 8]

    [+44 experience points]

    [+88 experience points]

    [Level increased 8 ➢ 9]

    [+176 experience points]

    [Level increased 9 ➢ 10]

    [+352 experience points]

    [Level increased 10 ➢ 12]

    “Damn, I missed three of them.”

    Although I didn’t get all 10, the power leveling was more or less successful. I one shotted the rest of them and became level 13.

    “Huh… I’m completely spent. Even if they were measly goblins, it isn’t easy to kill the 10 of them. It was all thanks to Uncle Darryl’s assistance this time.

    “Nonsense, you are the one who did all the killing!”

    “Haha… I feel great. Has my level gone up?”

    Throughout the fight he had gained a level. Maybe he already had a lot of experience points and just needed a few to promote.

    It wasn’t possible for normal people to view their own statuses. Adventurers who lucky enough to have the ability were less than 1 in 10, and they could find a cushy job as a guild councilor when they retired.

    “Why don’t you have your status checked next time we go to the Guild?”

    I had to pretend to not already to the result.

    “Yes, that’s a good idea. It’s been over 10 years since I was an adventurer, my blood is starting to boil.”

    I had discovered another difference between the humans and my previous undead body. Humans would have there MP and HP completely restored upon levelling up. It was a small advantage for the human race which didn’t have much else going for them.

    “Well then, should we try to catch some more?”

    “Sure, I think I can do this at least once or twice more.”

    When I returned to the guild later that day, I was level 19. The receptionist was shocked at my improvement but I simply replied that it was a secret. She understood because it was very common for adventurer to have their own secret methods and didn’t pry any further.

    “Yeah! It’s decent money! 10 silver coins!”

    “Here you are, take 5.”

    “No, you need it more in case you need to pay off the mayor’s debt.”

    “No, just accept the money as an advance payment for bread I’ll buy from your bakery in the future.” Although he was reluctant at first, after I insisted several times he finally caved. Although he felt bad taking the money, I knew that my current leveling would have been impossible without his help today.


    “Not at all, can we do it again tomorrow?”

    “Sure, come find me in the bakery in the early morning.”

    “Okay and take care, you never know what you Wolf club guys will be up to.”

    Uncle Darryl nodded heavily before taking off. I headed back to my alley with my 5 silver coins in hand.

    “Now it’s time for the next step.”

    I didn’t know why I still felt bad for that nameless little girl which was taken, but I knew that I still didn’t have the means to save her. With a small sigh I headed towards the Temple.


    *——Author's Note ——-*


    -Based on overall Stats and Strength.

    -It isn’t an absolute measure of an individual’s prowess because it doesn’t take into account skills or magic spells.

    -Within the same rank, a difference in skills or spells can lead to a drastic difference in power.

    (H)orrible – Strength of a regular human. Also referred to as the Human rank.

    (G)ood – Strength of an exceptionally strong human.

    (F)air -War veteran, the peak among regular humans.

    (E)xcellent -Considered a beginner along the path of power.

    (D)ominant -The average level of a Chosen Warrior.

    (C)onquerer -The highest rank a Chosen Warrior can achieve.

    (B)eyonder -The strength of a Dragon.

    (A)bsolute -Strength of an Elder Dragon.

    (S)uperior -Strength of a Dragon King

    God -Strength of a Lesser God.

  • Chapter 76

    Name: Chompy (Johra)
    Gender: Male
    Status: Normal
    Race: Human
    Class: Warrior/ Priest
    Rank: H 
    Level: 19/99
    HP: 35/35
    MP: 45/45
    Attack: 12 (+3)
    Defense: 6   (+3)
    Agility: 9
    Intelligence: 21
    ✧ Unique Skills
    [Water Creation LvMax] [Lesser Healing Lv1]
    ✧ (Hidden) Unique Skills
    [Night Vision Lv1]
    ✧ (Hidden) Titles (Active)
    [Wizard of the Pit] [Master of Magma Hall] [Guardian of Corruption]
    ✧ (Hidden) Titles (Inactive)
    [Rat Trapper] [Hit-and-Run] [Savior Lv4] [Coldhearted LvMax] [Dragon Slayer Lv1] [Ant Exterminator Lv14] [Spider’s Bane Lv3] [Giant Killer Lv2] [Scuttles’ Grief LvMax] [Goblin’s Slaughterer Lv6] [Valenor’s Husband]
    ✧ (Hidden) Modifications
    [Avatar Lv1] [Creation Magic Lv1] [Resurrection Song Lv1]

    ✧ (Hidden) Creation Magic
    [Hidden Status] [Species Conversion(Human)] [Material Creation Lv3]

    If you were an ordinary applicant, we would require you to undergo a one year formation her at the Temple before being ordained as a priest,  but we have made this special allowance for you, Gartmar’s first adventurer.”

    It was a 20 years younger version of Rohan who was speaking to me. He was an active member in the Temple, on the lookout for young blood willing to join. Perhaps if it had been another High Priest they wouldn’t have made the same allowance for me and I’d have been forced into a year of training and servitude before becoming a priest. However, I was fortunate to have Rohan be the one to attend to me as he was less of a stickler for the rules, willing to look past them and see judge a person’s true character.

    “But Johra, have we met before?”

    “I don’t believe so.”

    “I don’t know what it is about you, but I feel like we are quite close.”

    “It must be due to God’s guidance.”

    “Hahaha…You are way above me.  Anyway, since you are now both an adventurer and a priest, I wish you the best in all upcoming adversity

    “Yes, I’ll do my best, and regarding….”

    “Right, a Paladin. Well I can recommend you if you can satisfy all the requirements, but the final selection is only made in the headquarters for the Catholic Church .”

    “Understood sir.”

    This was still quite a small city so it wasn’t possible to appoint a paladin, and could only be done at their headquarters . Actually, even there would be a tough selection and the number of paladin position available were severely restricted and require an appointment by the king himself.

    “It has always been my dream to become a Paladin.”

    A Paladin was a class which wielded both the Sword and Magic, and gave you the tools to fight on your own. It perfectly suited my style which was very much that of a lone wolf.

    After having been ordained as a priest, I went back to my regular alley and created my usual material before sleeping.

    “My MP is higher now, should I try to create higher level material?”

    “Create Material: Iron”

    About a thumb sized piece of iron appeared on my hand, of course there was always the usual small chunk which mysteriously disappeared.

    “Johra? Huu, finally I can speak. Please do create more….”

    I vaguely understood Lena’s broken speech.

    ‘Could Material Creation be the trigger?’

    “Create Material: Iron”

    “Johra! A small part of your material created supplies me with Energy. So….”

    She was once more cut off mid-sentence, but unfortunately I no longer had any more MP to continue casting the spell.

    ‘I see, so perhaps the small amount which disappears is transformed into energy which helps power Lena.’

    For humans the best way to recover their mana was to sleep, that was of course if they didn’t have a skill like meditate to increase the MP recovery rate.

    ‘I should only aim for a short nap, as this is quite a dangerous situation in town and I could be attacked at any moment.

    However, due to having been busy all day along and now consuming all of my mana, as soon as I closed my eyes I fell into a deep sleep.


    “Cough! What…”

    When I opened my eyes I realized that I was tied up and hung from the ceiling. A woman dressed in skin tight black leather had just landed a heavy punch on my stomach.

    According to her status window, the opponent was named Carline, a level 26 assassin.

    I vomited everything as she hit me in the stomach. but she just looked up at me with an evil grin.

    “Are you feeling ok there? How dare a filthy beggar like you interfere with our business?”



    She continuously landed rained down blows on me which were stronger than I could endure. I knew I couldn’t suffer much more of her torture and would have to do something soon. She came up to me and pulled back on my hair, looking at me face to face.

    “That a good look, one distorted and in pain, I think I’ll enjoy playing with you.”

    Let me head drop back down she walked out of the room and spoke to the guards.

    “Let him live, he will make for a fun toy.”

    “Yes Carline.”


    As the woman named Carline left, I was now all alone in the room.

    ‘Somewhere underground?’

    “Create Material: Iron”

    I remembered being able to somewhat influence the shape of the element during the creation process. I therefore focused on creating a shape as sharp as possible and the result felt similar to a deformed nail. It was a long and painful process trying to use a relatively blunt nail shaped piece of iron to cut through my bonds, and my hands were soon bleeding as a result of it.

    “Lesser Healing!”

    [Lesser healing 1 ➢ 2]

    [You have learned Magic Chanting Lv1]

    “Huh? Magic Chanting appeared?”

    I still hadn’t figured out what the necessary conditions were for a human to learn new spells, but I suddenly felt a lot more powerful.

    “Johra. Right side of the door. Human. Dozing.”

    Lena scanned around using the energy saved from my previous Material Creation. I then used the same to create iron shaped tweezers to pick the lock and open the door.

    “Hey what’s going o…….!”

    As soon as I opened the door I immediately punched the guard causing him to slump down on the ground. he couldn’t  finish the last sentence because I instantly knocked him out. I threw him in the room where I was held and locked the door.  

    ‘Did I hold back my power well?’

    He doesn’t seem dead, more like his brain has received a shock and now he’s unconscious.

    “You reap what you sow”

    I soon after escaped outside without any further resistance.

    “This looks like an abandoned shrine right?”

    My short imprisonment had taken place in an abandoned temple on the outskirts of Gartmar.

    ‘They must have really dragged me quite a long way. Oh right, I was supposed to meet up with Darryl early in the morning.’

    I rand towards the bakery and saw him waiting in front.

    “Oh, I’m glad to see you’re alright Darryl.”

    “How do I say this Johra, I mean you’ve always looked like a beggar but it’s even more so the case today?”

    I didn’t want to mention anything about being kidnapped and tied up because I wanted to focus on leveling up.

    “ Darryl I’ll go buy some food for the day then we’ll head out hunting.”

    “O….Okay, but is there something wrong with you?”

    I shook my head and then we headed of to the same forest in search of Goblins.

    “Just do the same thing you did yesterday.”

    “But aren’t there alot more this time around?”

    In the clearing before us there were 13 Goblins easting on a large bear carcass.

    “Don’t worry I can handle them.”

    “Okay I believe you.”

    Uoo OH!

    We proceeded with the same plan as yesterday, where Darryl would use his Taunt ability to secure the aggro and focus on defense, while I backstabbed them from behind and swiftly ended their lives. Unfortunately it didn’t go as planned as there was one Rare ranked Goblin which appeared to be far more intelligent. When I approached them from behind, he quickly switched his attention to me instead.

    “Damn, Darryl use Taunt once more!”


    Uoo Oh!

    The cunning Goblin finally ignored me and once again turned its attention back to Darryl.

    ‘That guy is the most troublesome, so I’ll end him first!’

    I stabbed my dagger deep in the Rare Goblin’s back.

    [+21 experience points]

    He let out a single dying shriek, before dying instantly.

    ‘Although it’s a bit of a loss, our safety is what was most important.’

    I then succeeded in killing the rest  of the Goblins at the same time, resulting in a successful power levelling. We had gotten a hang of how best to handle them after our three attempts just the other day.

    [Level increased 19 ➢ 31]

    Although my level had gone up quite a bit, it would have been even more but for some reason the experience gained from hunting Goblins was only ¼ what it was previously.

    “You’re awesome, you took care of all of them at the same time.”

    “Stay still, Lesser Heal!”

    I cast healing magic on my partner. If if the damage he received wasn’t life threatening, it was best to take care of it as soon as possible to prepare for any unforeseen circumstances.

    “What, weren’t you a warrior?”

    “ I have two jobs, I’m both a warrior and a priest.”

    “Then your leveling up speed is slower than if you had one job”

    “Ah? really?”

    Hearing Darryl’s answer I suddenly felt enlightened. No wonder it has been harder for me to level up now that I had two professions.

    “Well… I can’t help it”

    “Johra are you aiming to become a paladin?”

    “How did you know?”

    “Well as far as profession which include the skills of both a Warrior and Priest, isn’t the a Paladin the only one that come to mind?”

    “That’s true.”

    “It won’t be easy. I heard many stories of adventurers who had all the necessary qualifications but were still never selected. It is rare for one from the countryside to be chosen.

    “Oh is that the case?”

    “Yeah, from a nation’s point of view, a Paladin is a like a leader who inspires hope, so they prefer to choose among nobles. There is a rumour that the magistrate is biased against commoners becoming Paladins.

    “Perhaps… I guess I’ll find out later.”

    I could definitely understand the logic as in the battlefield a Paladin was like a beacon of hope, part of a country foundational strength. They were unlike regular soldiers or even Mages and Warriors which were more replaceable.

    There was also a crucial difference between a Priest and a Paladin. In war a unit that is capable of recovering and healing in real time in far more dangerous than one that is not, but the Temple forbids priests from participating in armed conflict.

    For that reason a Paladin is so highly sought after and are considered pillars in a nation’s military strength. It would be very risky to entrust this to a commoner as opposed to a noble.

    After I finished Healing Darryl we went on to hunt some more Goblins. Although we only found them in smaller groups, hunting three of them allowed Darryl to level up to 17 and I became level 43.

    “We’ve gone too deep into the forest and are encountering higher level monsters, we’d best turn back.”

    ‘Should we go?’

    I was a bit worried that the Wolf Club’s leader would still be a higher level than me, but it was indeed getting quite risky in the forest. Not to mention that I no longer had the ability to resurrect so I was essentially on my last life.

    “Okay let’s head back to town and return tomorrow.”

    “Then I hope there will be more Goblins to greet us tomorrow!”

    We went back together to the Adventurer’s guild to report the completion of the quest. After splitting up the reward money, we both went our separate ways.

    “See you again tomorrow Darryl!”


    Seeing him turn the corner, I headed towards my homey alley and made sure no one was around before using my Material Creation magic.

    “Create Material: Iron”


    “Hey Lena, why don’t you explain how it is possible that you followed me here.”

    We were having an ongoing conversation throughout the day as I used Material Creation whenever I had the chance. It was more often that usual because I would make sure to exhaust all my mana before a level up, in order to make full use of the human’s ability to have their HP and MP restored when levelling.

    “When I received your permission to study you back on Earth, I scattered millions of nanobots in your body and set them up to siphon a small portion of your Material Creation to use as a power source. I put around 20,000,000 nanobots in your body,  it seems like 10,000,000  of them have already melted somehow, but the remaining ones work well.”  

    “What? Did you do that without my permission?”

    “Oh but you did give me permission, you just said that I couldn’t harm you.”

    “Really permission? Did you think I’d approve of having millions of nanobots inside of me?”

    “Hehehe… well it’s in the past now. So when did you become a normal human? Is this another world?”

    “Well how do you know that this is a different world?”

    “For one all of the usual Earth lifeforms are non-existent, and that radioactive signatures in the atmosphere don’t match any of Earth’s.”

    “So you can see some forms of energy, can you manipulate them in any way?”

    “No, I designed the nanobots to only interact with the energy from your Material Creation, but perhaps I can modify them in some way.”


    “Yes, but it would require a lot of materials, energy and time.”


    “Unlike before when I could research as I please, I have a lot of restrictions now. I’ll have to go into hibernation mode because my energy is dropping to dangerous levels.”

    “What… already? Don’t you need to first tell me what materials you would need?”

    Lena didn’t respond, she was gone.

    “Well, anyway it would be a lengthy process right?”


    *——-Author's Notes——-*


    -The Species in this world are divided into humanoid, monsters and Superior races.

    – A summary of the known races

    ~Men-kinds  <Humans> <Elves> <Hunters> <Dwarves> <Gnomes> <Elemental> <Giants>

    ~Monsters <Asmodians> <Fairies> <Undead> <Orcs> <Goblins>

    Superior Races

    <Dragons> <Angels> <Devils> <High Elves> <Titans>

    Exotic species : The race, didn’t live this world since at first.

    [Elves] Are known to originate from Elfheim, which can be found by Yggdrasil.

    [Asmodians] Are known to originate from Iblisysla. They also include various magic skill  unlike other races(Men kinds) are almost all born with innate magic ability.

    Gods and their People

    Gods in this world have their own people and a Messiah which acts as their agent in the Mortal Realm.

    ~The relationships amongst the Gods are mostly unknown to regular mortals.

    ~ Those known include

    -Gaia ➢ Noradriana ➢ Elves

    -Skyfather ➢ Michael ➢ Mirin Kingdom

    ~ The High Gods are known to have have limited involvement with the mortal realm, the reason behind it remains unknown.

  • Chapter 77

    Name: Chompy (Johra)
    Gender: Male
    Status: Normal
    Race: Human
    Class: Warrior/Priest
    Rank: H+ 
    Level: 43/99
    HP: 75/75
    MP: 25/105
    Attack: 24 (+3)
    Defense: 12 (+3
    Agility: 12
    Intelligence: 24
    ✧ Unique Skills
    [Water Creation LvMax] [Lesser Healing Lv 3] [Magic Chanting Lv 2]
    ✧ (Hidden) Unique Skills
    [Night Vision Lv1]
    ✧ (Hidden) Titles (Active)
    [Wizard of the Pit] [Master of Magma Hall] [Guardian of Corruption]
    ✧ (Hidden) Titles (Inactive)
    [Rat Trapper] [Hit-and-Run] [Savior Lv4] [Coldhearted LvMax] [Dragon Slayer Lv1] [Ant Exterminator Lv14] [Spider’s Bane Lv3] [Giant Killer Lv2] [Scuttles’ Grief LvMax] [Goblin’s Slaughterer Lv6] [Valenor’s Husband]
    ✧ (Hidden) Modifications
    [Avatar Lv1] [Creation Magic Lv1] [Resurrection Song Lv1]

    ✧ (Hidden) Creation Magic
    [Hidden Status] [Species Conversion(Human)] [Material Creation Lv4]


    “Create Material: Iron”

    I used the skill in order to communicate more with Lena.

    “I’d like to find the whereabouts of the woman who tortured me just yesterday, she should be within the city.”

    “Give me just a second… it seems I’ll require some more energy. Create some Iron about 5 times and it should suffice.

    “Got it”

    After waiting for quite some time to let my mana regenerate, I was able to cast Material Creation five times.

    “Found her, I’ve managed to locate a woman who matches Carline’s pitch patterns.”

    It had taken Lena only about 10 seconds to get back to me with an answer.

    “She can be found in the building exactly 271 meters north of your position, 2:12:05 on a clock.”

    “Thanks Lena… but which way is North?”

    There was no answer, presumably she had exhausted all of her energy.

    “Was North this way? I can’t be sure. Maybe when I get closer I should try asking Lena again.”


    After wandering around the general direction for some time, I finally arrived at a large inn.

    “Is this the Golden Inn I had stayed in previously? No, maybe it wasn’t  here?”

    When I tried to go in there was a young doorman who barred my entry.

    “I’m sorry but this establishment isn’t opened at the moment.”

    I pulled out my pouch and gave it a jingle to show that I had money. I then also gave him a tip as a gesture of goodwill.

    “I don’t lack for money, so please find me a room.”

    Although he was a bit skittish upon seeing my beggar-like appearance, after seeing the money he immediately turned into a dutiful employee.

    “Welcome, which kind of room would you like and how long do you plan on staying.”

    “A small room with a bathtub will do just fine.

    “We can provide a portable bathtub for a small fee of one silver coin.”

    “Fine, then I’ll stay for the night and then decide how much longer to stay depending on my experience.”

    The attendant guided me to my room which was about 162 meters.

    “I’ll prepare a bath and have it up in about 30 minutes when the water is warm.”

    The employee stepped outside and I lay down on my bed.”

    “Ah, a nice comfortable bed… how long has it been.”

    It had already been about 2 years since I had lain on a bed back in Gammasium, Almost like a different lifetime.

    Knock Knock!


    “The bath is prepared, may we come in?”

    It was a young woman and elderly man who brought the portable tub in. I watched  in anticipation as they poured in the heated water by the buckets. After about two thirds of the tub had been filled, the man turned towards me.

    “Perhaps, the temperature is suitable to go in now.”

    The employees then left the room, leaving a large towel behind.

    I stripped and eagerly entered the bath, the warm temperature was a welcome change.

    “It feels almost too good to be true.”

    I hadn’t bathed in years, so it seemed like my body was relishing the opportunity of some long lost pleasure.

    “Hmm, I’ll catch a cold though if I fall asleep like this…”

    But all reason had already been blown out the window as I felt far too comfortable and soon dozed off.

    “You took one step closer to fulfilling our contract, how do you feel after meeting the enemy?”

    “Well…so-so, but what would you like me to do?”

    “Try once again please.”

    “What, you want me to do it again?”

    I was jolted awake, vaguely remembering the conversation from my nightmare.

    “Sir? Excuse me…”

    If it weren’t for the Inn’s employee I might have drowned.

    “Uhm… yes? Did I fall asleep?”

    Huu I thought you were dead!”

    He had come to knock on several occasions to retrieve the bathtub, but I didn’t have any reaction. After some time, he became worried and came in, that’s when he saw me drowning in my own bubbles.

    ‘Wow luckily I didn’t die such a pathetic death.’

    I had once again had a brush with death. Perhaps my previous time as an undead and desensitized me to humanity’s fragility, and this was a wake up call.

    ‘I’ll need to be more careful, baths are dangerous,I’ll have to keep that in mind.’

    After the attendant had left with the bathtub, I used up all my MP to create Iron and once again communicate with Lena.

    “Lena are you there? Can you locate the  same woman as before?”

    “Yes I’ll start exploring once again.”

    After a short silence of about two seconds, she responded.

    “I’ve located her and she is just six meters away, in this very building.”

    “Really this building?”

    “Yes, and because the distance is so close I can enable infrared.”

    Through my eyes I could now detect heat signatures, and spotted Carline  just a couple meters from my on the third floor.

    “Okay, found her.”

    “There are an additional; three people detected in the same room, so be careful. It’s too bad that I won’t be able to observe the fight, due to a lack of energy I will need to enter hibernation mode.”

    I remembered that Lena truly enjoyed fantasy realms, but it must be torture for her to be living in one, but not be able to fully enjoy it due to all the restrictions.

    ‘One versus four… can I do this?’

    “Create Material: Iron”

    I shaped the iron into a pair of handcuff that when used, would be able to adjust the size to the prisoner’s wrists., finally I had gained some very strong restraints.


    When is was about 3 AM, I had prepared 4 pairs of handcuffs and it was time to do the deed. I silently approached the third floor where Carline was staying at.

    “Lena project the image of inside the room to my cornea.”

    “Yes Sir!”

    She whispered to me, before I was finally able to see their silhouettes from outside the room.

    Three of them were sleeping on bunk beds while the woman slept by herself on the other side of the room.

    ‘It’ll be a bit hard if I have to deal with all of them at once, so I’ll first take care of those three.’


    I grabbed and firmly turned the doorknob. The sound of the lock breaking followed soon after, the power of a level 43 Warrior was not to be underestimated..

    “Who is it?”


    Despite the room being pitch black, I could see quite well due to Lena’s assistance.

    Puck, Puck, Ahhack! Puck, pooahc!

    The three men couldn’t defend themselves properly due to the darkness and were soon knocked unconsciousness with my swift and accurate punches to their chins.


    Just as I had knocked the three men unconscious, the light was turned on in the room. This was one of the inn’s suites, so it had a magical jewel which functioned as a lightbulb. The messy room became lit, leading to an uncomfortable situation.

    “Shit, why do you sleep naked?”

    “Kakakakaka! I don’t have any idea how you escaped, but  boy you don’t have any chance of winning against me, especially when you are so shy about seeing me naked!”

    Other guests banged on the walls in complaint of Carline’s crazy laughing sound.

    “Come on! I’ll take good care of you!”

    “Hey, at least put on a dress!”

    “No need, it seems to work in my favor!”

    Carline was carefully approaching me with a dagger in hand, but I was in a difficult situation because I was covering my eyes with my hand.

    “Shit, I guess I need to resort to that!”

    In order to fight against the shameless Carline, I had to use my secret skill.

    “Oh? Are you closing your eyes? But that way you can’t see me right?”

    She approached me very silently, not wanting to give away her position as I had my eyes closed, appearing frantic.

    “Die!” Kakakaka!

    She had held her breath until the very last moment, when she lunged out and stabbed towards my heart.

    Tak! Puck! Uhha

    I knocked aside her dagger and struck her straight in the chin. I was able to see her all along due to receiving aid form Lena, but since it was in infrared she didn’t appear indecent. I had simply kept my eyes shut and pretended to be helpless by using a hand to cover them. Although she thought she could launch a surprise attack by not creating any noise, I had a literal ace in my spleen by the name of Lena. My punch landed true and rocked her brain, had we fought properly she would have been a tough opponent.

    “Johra that was pretty cool!”

    “Save your energy you…”

    “You’re the best!”

    Having taken care of the situation, I then secured all four of them with my prepared handcuffs. Carlien was now half naked before me, covered only by some old tattered clothes I had found nearby.

    Knock Knock!

    Because of the disturbance we made the employees must have been alerted.

    I quickly called out to Lena, hoping that she would still have some energy left over.

    “I’m in a bit of a bind, can you impersonate Carline’s voice and get him to leave?”

    I walked up to the door and Lena did the rest.

    “Yes hello, what’s going on?”

    “We’ve received some complaints from the guests saying it’s a bit loud.”

    “Ah I see, we will try to be more discreet.”

    “Yes madam I apologize for disturbing you.”

    We could overcome the crisis thanks to Lena’s skills.

    ‘Now what am I going to do with these guys.’


    I had captured 4 people who were all most likely part of the Wolf Club, but it would be difficult to interrogate them properly here without attracting unwanted attention.

    ‘I’ll have to move them to a more secluded area… but where?’

    What came to mind was the empty temple where I had been held and tortured. I felt it was a great spot because they would never think of looking for their missing people in their own hideouts.

    ‘Right, there was still that guard which I had left unconscious over there.’

    I decided to get them out of here by throwing them out the window. If I simply tossed them out they would very likely die as this was the third floor and they were unconscious. For that reason I first tossed out the bed mattress to serve as a cushion. It would have been a problem if I were spotted by any neighbors, but it was still far too early in the morning and everyone was asleep.


    After tossing the four out the windows I jumped down after them. Although it was from the third floor, it wasn’t a big deal for a Warrior of my level.

    ‘They shouldn’t have died right?’

    Luckily my aim was true and they had all bounced of the mattress which cushioned their fall. Although they remained unconscious and suffered from some broken bones, at least they were still breathing.

    ‘Well, I will simply heal them back up later.’

    The window had been facing a relatively remote back alley, and from there to the deserted temple took me about 20 minutes carrying all four of them. By the time I arrived it was already almost 5 o’clock and the poor guard was beginning to stir.

    ‘Good, I was worried he’d become a vegetable.’

    “Create Material: Iron”

    I repeated the spell until I had five pieces of iron which I bound together in order to create a metal ring attached to the wall.

    “Ah, it looks nice!”

    “Johra pure Iron is very weak and too malleable. I’d recommend you to make carbon steel instead.”


    “Yes, it’s an alloy created from mainly pure iron and 0.5& carbon.”

    “Good idea.”

    “Create Material: Carbon”

    I willed the produced carbon to appear within the already constructed iron ring. After focusing for quite a while, I was able to achieve the necessary proportions.

    “Good, this should now be some high quality carbon steel.”

    The handcuffs created with Lena’s help were much stronger, even I couldn’t break them using my own strength.

    “I have to make sure they don’t die!”

    “Lesser Heal Lesser Heal!”

    I used my Priest ability to restore the 5 Wolf Club members back to full health.

    “They should be fine with just this much right?”

    I then left the room and locked the door behind me. Slumped down against the wall to take a breather, my mana had already hit rock bottom and I needed some time to recover.

    “The sun is coming up already?”

    It was already 6 in the morning and I could hear Carline’s voice coming from the basement.

    “What, how is it possible? Here? The very same place were I would imprison others?! What are these rings on my wrists? I can’t get out!”

    She was a level 26 assassin and could easily escape from any regular rope restraints. However these steel rings of mine were created to math the thickness of her arms, so she had no chances of slipping through them.

    The thickness of the steel rings I had created were 1 cm in diameter. For carbon steel the breaking point would was 2000 KSI ( Kilo per square inch) so one had to exert two tons of strength per square inch just to think about breaking free. Naturally this kind of strength was possible until they hit at very least level 60.

    Carline’s last memory was of having thrown the knife towards Johra, but he had easily counter attacked and knocked her out.

    “Hey Johra! Are you out there? You think we will let you get away unscathed? Our boss will definitely come for us and seperate your head form that pathetic body of yours.”

    I retorted to her from behind the door.

    “Stop being so noisy and just tell me where the kid you kidnapped is”

    “The boss sold her to a slave trader, we even got a decent price for that little bitch….”

    Ignoring the rest of her rant, I decided to head back to the Inn. It  was still early in the morning and the workers were busy preparing breakfast for the guests.

    “Good morning Sir, will you be checking out today?”

    “Oh I think I’ll stay for at least another day or two.”

    After exchanging some pleasantries, I made it seem like I was heading back to my room, before stealthily taking a detour and going into Carline’s.

    “I need some proof.”

    I took all the papers and books found in her room and transported them to mine. I themnlocked her room from the inside and left through the ceiling unnoticed.

    ‘That should help me buy some time.’

    Once back in my room, I began sifting through all her stuff, but it wasn’t easy as it was mostly accounting records and not something I was proficient at.


    “Yes Johra?”

    “Could you please analyze these documents for me?”

    “Ugh, don’t you know my limitations in this world? I need to maintain low power usage and it would take quite some time for me to go through all that.”

    “Can you instead search for the girl which I saved a few days ago?”


    After about 20 seconds Lena responded in a weak voice.

    “I can’t find any voice pattern which matches hers within a 500 meter radius. I require additional power to extend my search parameters.”

    “Well I guess there’s no helping it, tell me what materials you’d require to solve your current power usage issue.”

    “Great, please note them down.”

    I spent quite a long time creating some materials which Lena urgently needed.

    “Unfortunately you only have 100,000 operational nanobot within you, which it far from the necessary amount for me to run at full capacity. I’m focusing on creating a new power system in your body that would be more efficient, but it would take at least one month. In the meantime you would need to provide the energy from Material Creation to keep me running.”

    “Okay I’ll be sure to do so.”

    I let Lena focus on the new power system while I once again returned to the documents before me.

    If I knew this was going to happen I would have studied this world’s language in more depth, shit! Oh wait, wasn’t Uncle Darryl good at reading?’

    I had seen him reading and writing lists of ingredients for his bakery.

    *——Author's Notes——-*

    A monetary unit in the Present time (In 20 years, inflation will have risen by 40%)

    ~One Copper coin is about 50 cents US

    ~One Silver coin is about 50$ US (100 times worth than copper)

    ~One Gold coin is about 500$ US (10 times worth than silver)

    ~One Platinum coin is about 1500$ US

    ~One +++ coin is about 15,000$ US

  • Chapter 78

    Name: Chompy (Johra)
    Gender: Male
    Status: Normal
    Race: Human
    Class: Warrior/Priest
    Rank: H+ 
    Level: 43/99
    HP: 75/75
    MP: 25/105
    Attack: 24 (+3)
    Defense: 12 (+3
    Agility: 12
    Intelligence: 24
    ✧ Unique Skills
    [Water Creation LvMax] [Lesser Healing Lv 3] [Magic Chanting Lv 2]
    ✧ (Hidden) Unique Skills
    [Night Vision Lv1]
    ✧ (Hidden) Titles (Active)
    [Wizard of the Pit] [Master of Magma Hall] [Guardian of Corruption]
    ✧ (Hidden) Titles (Inactive)
    [Rat Trapper] [Hit-and-Run] [Savior Lv4] [Coldhearted LvMax] [Dragon Slayer Lv1] [Ant Exterminator Lv14] [Spider’s Bane Lv3] [Giant Killer Lv2] [Scuttles’ Grief LvMax] [Goblin’s Slaughterer Lv6] [Valenor’s Husband]
    ✧ (Hidden) Modifications
    [Avatar Lv1] [Creation Magic Lv1] [Resurrection Song Lv1]

    ✧ (Hidden) Creation Magic
    [Hidden Status] [Species Conversion(Human)] [Material Creation Lv5]

    I went to fetch Uncle Darryl in the morning and brought him back to my room at the Inn.

    “So this is the ledger of that Wolf Club? How did you get your hands on this?”

    “That isn’t important, we just need to find proof of their wrongdoings.”

    “Although I know my basic letters and can read and write, sifting through these transactions won’t be easy.”

    Darryl looked at me suspiciously before turning back to the book.

    “Will it take long?”

    I asked Darryl who was now pouring through the ledger. I took his silence for a yes and decided to let him focus on his task at hand.

    “Well, I’ll go out and buy some milk then.”

    On my way to find Anne at the market I spotted some ruffians creating a scene.

    ‘It’s those damn Wolf Club gangsters again.’

    “Has anyone seen out big sister? Answer us you useless scum! We are looking for our sister!”

    They were aggressively intimidating and questioning anyone they lay there eyes on regarding Carline’s recent disappearance.

    ‘What, they dare to lay a hand on Anne? They are so dead!’

    They were a total of five people and had just kicked aside one of Anne’s bottles, causing it to break and spill over the floor.

    I hid among the spectators and arrived behind the back of one of the ruffians.

    Pack! Tulsuk!

    I effortlessly sunk my dagger deep in his spine, before noiselessly melting into the crowd.

    “Who did that? Who dares to mess with us?!”

    The spectators took a step back, unwilling to be mistaken as the culprit. I however ignored the commotion and used the crowd to arrived at the back of another member. I proceeded to once again stab him in the spine with my dagger and quickly disappear into the sea of people.

    “Son of bitch!! You’re so dead! Come on out!”

    The remaining three had already pulled out their daggers and had a mixture of anger and fear plastered on their faces. Spotting some approaching guards and still well hidden within the crowd, I screamed.


    “Damn it!”

    The last three members exchanged a look before taking off with their two fallen comrades.

    “Great, these three clowns should guide me back to their lair. If I can subdue the boss, I should be able to find out the whereabouts of the poor little girl which was recently sold.

    It wouldn’t have been hard for me to knockout or kill all five of them back at the market, but my intention was to locate their main base.

    “Are you okay Anne?”

    “I’m fine.”

    “Hey brother, I saw what you did before”, answered Lina.

    I gave her a little wink.

    “You didn’t see anything right?”

    “Hihi… right of course.”

    Giving her a small smile I took off not to lose track of the Wolf Club lackeys.

    Having tracked them for a little while they finally led me to a small inconspicuous house at the end of an alley.

    ‘What, are these guys really so poor that they can’t afford a proper headquarter?’

    After opening the front door, they performed a deep bow before walking in.

    ‘Is the boss in there? I should probably prepare myself for a big confrontation.’

    “Create Material: Iron”

    I made sure that Lena had all the power she would need.


    “Yes Johra?”

    “I’d like to know what the situation inside the cabin is.”

    “OK, I’ll project in on your cornea and transmit the conversation happening inside.

    “Oh, was it possible to also have audio?”

    “Right, by amplifies certain soundwaves I can make it so only you can hear.”


    Through my new X-ray like vision I could see nine people inside and hear what they were saying.

    “Boss, someone seems to be targeting us.”

    “Really? Is that the reason Carline has disappeared?”

    “There are rumors flying around that a new organization is trying to muscle us out of our city, is it true?”

    “Is it okay not to report this to Miriam?”

    “It’s fine, it’ll only make that old man nervous. Go out in groups of three and try to find traces of Carline. Start from the Inn and look for any clue or witnesses.”

    “Yes Boss!”

    “Be careful of any ambushes.”

    They left the small house in groups of three and there only remained the boss with two other henchmen

    ‘Hm… so Ikan is their boss? At only level 32 he doesn’t seem like a tough opponent. Miriam must be the big boss in the shadows who holds all the real power. Ok, I’ll wait until he is alone to make my move.’

    When the last two henchmen left as well, Ikan went off on a different route all by himself.

    ‘I wonder where you are off to.’

    He seemed to be heading to the abandoned temple where I had imprisoned Carline. Unfortunately the way there was very desolate, so it was very difficult to tail him without being spotted out in the open.

    “Hey! Ikan right?”

    I called out to him from about 10 meters away.

    “Hm… are you the new group’s boss? how to do know my name?”

    Ikan slowly turned his body towards me. He didn’t look surprised, as if he expected to meet someone like me.

    “If  I said yes?”

    “There is only one way forward, I’ll eliminate you!  And I’m guessing that the reason you called out my name and stopped me was that I had guessed correctly. Carline must be in the basement of the temple. Here, have a taste of my Sword Dash!”

    He leapt forward without any prior indication. Travelling the dozen or so meters between us in but 0.4 seconds, I was truly caught off guard and barely had time to pull out my dagger to defend myself.


    “How did you block my Sword Dash?”

    He had backed off to about 3 meters of distance and pointed his longsword at me. From that short exchange he accurately judged that he was not my opponent and without warning took off into the streets. He was an experienced warrior and his decisive decision making had caught me off guard.

    “Ikan why would terrorize the people with your level of skills?”

    “Well I can live at least 100 times better as a gang leader compared to dying to some nameless monster out in the wilderness.”

    He answered my question with a wicked expression. I felt that if he were to have been good man he could have succeeded as an adventurer.

    “I see, so you’re just a parasite of society then aren’t you!”


    “Fine I might be a parasite but aren’t adventurers the same. They feed off the death of monsters to grown stronger, and bleed the people dry with their quest rewards.”


    “What bullshit,.If adventurers kill monsters, they help save human lives while successfully completing a quest. How are they the same?”

    Although I was obviously more powerful with my higher level, he had great skill and experience so it wasn’t easy to end the fight. For this reason I was continuing my conversation with him, looking for an opening.

    “What are you talking about, the life of an adventurer is a hopeless endeavour against neverending monsters. All of my former companions died a gruesome death, but nobody cares about them.”

    Kang! Kigik

    The eyes of the man before me was that of one who had lost all purpose in life and was beyond redemption. I guessed that he had gone on some dangerous adventure with a party, and had only escaped with his life by sacrificing that of his friends.

    “So what do you think your friends would say if they say the way you are living now, terrorizing the lives of honest hard working citizens?”


    He skillfully leaned backwards, just barely dodging the blade of my dagger.

    “They are dead and I’ve survived. The dead don’t have any opinion!”

    “Ha ha ha!”

    I laughed out loud in response.

    “Just what are you laughing so much about?”

    “You think you are alive? No, you’re soul has long rotted away and you can no longer be considered as living life… Ha ha”

    “Nonsense! I’ve survived before and I will do so again by ending your life. You may be strong but you lack a solid foundation, fate seems to be on my side so I’ll finish our fight shortly.”

    Seeing the seriousness on his face I grasped my dagger tightly.

    ‘Will he use a skill? The same Sword Dash as before? No, seeing as I blocked it last time he’ll probably use that other skill of his, Double Slash. It probably involves two sword swings so if I know they are coming I can block them and counterattack to finish the fight.

    He had a total of three skills: Sword Dash which allowed him to close a distance of 10 meters, Double Slash which would cut so fast it created a small vacuum, and Taunt.

    Among the Double Slash was the most dangerous because even if I managed to block the first strike, the subsequent vacuum effect made it difficult to parry the second one.

    I had never experienced the skill before and assumed it was a simple Double Slash, however despite the level difference, I was backed into a corner due to his superior skill.

    “Die kid! I only have this one attack left! If you manage to block it I’ll acknowledge you as the victor!”

    Kang Sukuk Kang Sukuk

    “What, I definitely blocked… Aack

    Despite having been certain that I had blocked the slash with my dagger, the second one appeared behind my weapon and left a deep gash on both my chest as blood gushed out.

    “Haha! I have to commend you on dodging at the very last minute and not allowing me to hit your heart, you would have made a fine adventurer, but this is the end of the line for you!”

    I wanted to counter attack now that his Double Slash was on cooldown, but the heavy wound on my chest made it difficult to move properly.

    “Shit! Lesser Heal!”

    I focused on my chest wound. It quickly healed just the surface, but if I were to move too much, it would open up.

    “What… you were a priest all along?”

    “Hehe, why can’t I be a priest?”

    “You are priest, but still so talented with the sword. It truly feels good to crush a promising seedling like yourself while you are still too young.”

    Ikan had been an adventurer for 20 years, starting from the young age of 12. His sword skills had grown tremendously due to the countless life and death situations he had experienced throughout his hard life. Now, despite his current life of a thug, he was jealous of my seemingly natural born talent, because my appearance of a young boy was rather deceptive.

    “Ugh… I won’t give you a simple death, I’ll make sure to squeeze out all the hope out of you. I’ll show you the power of a true veteran!”

    His facial expression contorted in anger, he already perfectly matched the face of an evil boss.

    ‘I can’t block his Double Slash perfectly with just a single dagger, I’d still suffer some injuries just like the last time. I guess my only choice it to dodge it entirely. The problem is that he also has Sword Dash to close the distance, so if he uses both in combination it would be very dangerous. Wait, there is a stun period after his skills, right? ’

    I felt that my only chance to counterattack in that moment of weakness, but that meant that I would first need to deal with his Slash, so I decided to backup about 5 meters.

    Ikan continued sporting that wicked smile, despite having backed off, he was confident that I was still well within the range of his sword.

    ‘It’s your fault for looking down on me due to my young appearance.’

    I muttered the skill under my breath.

    “Create Material: Iron”

    “Time to die kid!”

    He dashed towards me as I used my skill.

    Kiic! Puck!

    “Is your head made out of stone?”

    I avoided his sword and headbutted him in the face, causing him to start bleeding. Of course, I was also in pain, but I had confidence in my hard headedness.


    Kang! Kang!

    The period of immobility after his skill was much shorter than I had expected, but I still managed to attack with my dagger. Even though he was able to defend, I had taken the initiative from him, so it was a good result.

    “Why don’t you go ahead and show me that power of a senior?”

    “Damn it, I’ll make sure to kill you properly this time around!”

    ‘Okay, it’s now or never.’’

    Kang, Tack, Kaaa, Paat!

    He came at me with his Double Slash, I allowed them to strike my chest and focused only on defending the second strike with my dagger


    Ikan’s eyes widened in surprise. He hadn’t expected me to seemingly disregard my own life and take on the first slash with only my leather armor. Because his first attack had landed perfectly on my vital point, he hadn’t put as much strength into his second one as he had considered me as a dead man. However, contrary to his expectation when his sword cut through my leather armor a loud Clang! was heard.

    Ikan who was unable to move due to the short stun which followed the use of his skill, was shocked to see some metal behind my leather armor.

    “What incredible luck!”

    “No at all, it is all due to your inattention.”

    I purposely allowed Ikan to target my heart as I had already defended it in advance. If he had been paying special attention he would have noticed a small bulge in the area.

    Paak, Tulsuk

    I landed a solid uppercut on him while he was still in that stunned state, before pulling out the piece of metal on my chest.

    I had covered the area just in time with Material Creation. Fortunately it had barely been thick enough to stop the blade, had his strength been just a bit higher it would have pierced through the relatively thin piece of iron.

    “Oh, I still received a deep bruise as a result.”

    Rubbing my chest area that was in pain, I used the iron pieces to form iron rings to secure his arms. I then tied him up and dragged him to the temple basement.

  • Chapter 79

    Name: Chompy (Johra)
    Gender: Male
    Status: Normal
    Race: Human
    Class: Warrior/Priest
    Rank: H+ 
    Level: 43/99
    HP: 75/75
    MP: 25/105
    Attack: 24 (+3)
    Defense: 12 (+3
    Agility: 12
    Intelligence: 24
    ✧ Unique Skills
    [Water Creation LvMax] [Lesser Healing Lv 3] [Magic Chanting Lv 2]
    ✧ (Hidden) Unique Skills
    [Night Vision Lv1]
    ✧ (Hidden) Titles (Active)
    [Wizard of the Pit] [Master of Magma Hall] [Guardian of Corruption]
    ✧ (Hidden) Titles (Inactive)
    [Rat Trapper] [Hit-and-Run] [Savior Lv4] [Coldhearted LvMax] [Dragon Slayer Lv1] [Ant Exterminator Lv14] [Spider’s Bane Lv3] [Giant Killer Lv2] [Scuttles’ Grief LvMax] [Goblin’s Slaughterer Lv6] [Valenor’s Husband]
    ✧ (Hidden) Modifications
    [Avatar Lv1] [Creation Magic Lv1] [Resurrection Song Lv1]

    ✧ (Hidden) Creation Magic
    [Hidden Status] [Species Conversion(Human)] [Material Creation Lv5]



    The basement of the deserted temple was now nearly full of unconscious Wolf Club members. I caught Carline trying frantically escape so I simply knocked her out again.

    I tied Ikan to the remaining carbon steel ring on the wall, then grabbed a chair from outside and sat in the middle of the room. There were now 5 Wolf Club members and one boss which I had kidnapped.

    ‘Well, capturing them and holding them here was easy enough, but I guess I’m now responsible for them. How many days can a person survive without water? So far, it has been just one so they should be fine.’

    I wondered if they would wake up soon, but it didn’t seem like they were in any hurry.

    ‘I’ll go check on Darryl, maybe he’s found some tangible evidence we can use on these guys.’

    Making sure to securely seal the door, I headed back to the inn. Even if their friends were to somehow know their boss was locked up in there, it wouldn’t be easy for them to come to the rescue because I had secured the door from the inside using Material Creation. If Ikan could guess that Carline was being held here, then perhaps other Wolf Club members could as well, so I took the extra precautions.

    When I arrived back to my room I was greeted by an enthusiastic Darryl.

    “Take a look Johra, it’s a record of regular payment in gold coins made out to Miriam from one of Wolf club’s subsidiaries. It must be a bribe, we got them hook line and sinker!”

    “Great job, we have them now, I have to bring this to mayor right away.”


    “Yes, this was a request I had received form the mayor himself.”

    “Oh, so it was like that.”

    He was surprised to know that I had received the quest form the most powerful man in town.

    “Why don’t you stay here for a while and keep a low profile, I wouldn’t want you to suffer from the Wolf Club’s retaliation.

    Leaving Darryl behind I left to city hall to meet the mayor.


    I placed a silver coin on the reception desk.

    “Hello, what can I help you with?”

    “I came to see the mayor.”

    “Did you make an appointment?”

    I shook my head.

    “Hmm… then I’ll have to ask if he has some time to see you.”

    She whispered to a young attendant nearby who left in a hurry and soon returned.

    “Unfortunately the mayor isn’t available at the moment but the deputy mayor is here, would you like to see him instead?”

    I didn’t want to speak to others about our secret arrangement, so I politely refused.

    “No, this is something I need to tell him in person, when is he expected to return?”

    “He went to visit Count Volfgang and should only be back tomorrow afternoon”

    I nodded back and began heading towards the exit when someone called out to me from behind.

    “Hey there, you came to see the mayor”


    “Was there something you’d like me to pass on to him?”


    “Oh, well it’s my responsibility to attend to things when he isn’t around so if you had anything to give to him you could just give it to me instead.”

    “Excuse me, who are you?”

    “Ah… apologies for not properly introducing myself. I’m the assistant to the deputy mayor, name’s Pillgion.”

    “It’s fine, I’ll just return tomorrow.”

    “Ah that’s a bit troublesome, you see others may think of me as incompetent if I can’t even do this much…”

    Despite his polite mannerisms, he sounded nervous and even desperate.

    “No thank you, I will give it to Mayor myself.”

    His fake smile disappearing in a moment’s notice as he pointed towards me and shouted.

    “Catch that thief! He’s stolen government documents!”

    “What? What? Shit!”

    I grabbed him by the throat, but it only made the situation worse. The deputy mayor had a crooked smile as the guards ran to apprehend me.

    “Damn it, he’s lying! He’s a corrupt official!”

    “As if anyone would believe you. Guards! Hand me the document he has in his hands and throw him in jail.”

    My proof I had worked so hard on to find was quickly confiscated as the guards took hold of me. Of course I could have chosen to resist with my dagger, but I didn’t want to go against the government at this point in time.

    After a day in prison the mayor finally appeared with his guards.

    “Oh it was you, you created quite the scene while I was away.”

    “Why weren’t you in your office?”

    “How was I to know when you were going to pass by?”

    He had the guards free me and we went to speak in his office.

    “So they all got away huh?”

    “Yes, but since they are now wanted criminals, they won’t have an easy life anywhere in the kingdom.”

    “I guess that’s it then.”


    He threw me a gold coin.

    “What is this?”

    “Your reward for completing the quest.”

    “This was more than what we had agreed on.”

    “You are a competent adventurer and I’m sure I can find use for you in the future. I’d like to pay you more, but unfortunately one gold is all I can afford.”

    “Don’t worry about the amount, but… everything settled?”

    He nodded his head and dove back into his pile of documents

    When I went to check the deserted temple, the basement was already empty and everyone had escaped.

    “Hmmm so they burnt through.”

    “Johra judging by the molten metal it must have been a flame of over 2000 degrees celsius.”

    Hearing Lena’s analysis my back broke out into cold sweats. For fire magic, the higher temperature the flame, the stronger the magician. It didn’t want to imagine how powerful Miriam was to be able to melt through my carbon steel restraints.

    ‘I wonder what would have been the result if we had fought head on.’

    Still, it was fortunate for everyone involved that he had skipped out of town. If we were to fight, even if I’d win there would have been many casualties.

    Leaving the basement I returned to my inn room and found Darryl asleep in my bed, buried in documents.


    “I had no idea what was going on when you didn’t return last night. I went to the city hall but you weren’t there and no one told me anything so I just came back and waited for you here.”

    I decided to bring him into the loop and explain to him what had happened to me in the last couple days.

    “Well you’ve succeeded, but now that they’ve escaped, they will get their revenge against you for sure. Miriam is the son of a famous merchant from a neighboring city. Also there are rumours that he has certain underworld connections, and that he’s used them to secure his position as deputy mayor. Now you’ve banished them back to their hometown, you need to be careful.”

    “Ah so the deputy mayor was also known as Miriam….”

    “Oh you didn’t know? I guess I had never mentioned it.”

    I told Darryl that it was fine and that it wasn’t a big deal. We then headed towards the market where everyone seemed to be in a much better mood than yesterday, especially the merchants because they no longer had to pay protection money  which cut into their profits.

    I turned to ask Darryl, “did they manage to locate the little girl who was sold as a slave?”

    “Really? I thought that the Wolf Club brought her with them when they escaped.”

    “No, through my interrogation I learned that they got some decent money for selling her as slave.”

    “Hmm… well she was still quite young so I doubt they would have tried to sell her to a brothel. Our best bet would be to look for her at the slave traders market.

    “Slave traders in the city?”

    “Right, since there is a demand  be it for brothels or working slaves.”

    My expression turned ugly as we headed there together. It was still a small city so it didn’t take long for us to arrive at the only place selling slaves.

    “Hmm? Oh, you mean the girl which was sold by the Wolf Club? She’s been bought already.”


    “I’m sorry sir but I can’t give out that information.”

    It was expected for the merchant to be tight lipped about his customer’s information. Discretion was a necessity in the slaving business.

    “So what should we do uncle Darryl?”

    “I don’t know, maybe all we can do is hope that she was sold to a kind owner and leave it at that.”

    In my mind I replayed the scene where she stared at me with those hateful eyes that fateful night in the dark alley. I had a premonition that if I were to sit back and do nothing it would surely affect the flow of history and create a huge crisis.

    I shook my head to clear my thoughts. Looking around I noticed a small group of beggars in an alley nearby.

    “Wait for me here.”

    At the moment I could easily play the role of either a beggar or an adventurer. I was planning to fish out some information from some colleagues of mine.

    “Here you go.”

    I handed them a few loaves of bread I had bought earlier in the market.

    “Are these really for us?”

    I nodded encouragingly.

    “You are also a beggar no? Are you sure it’s okay?”

    They struggled to speak properly as they were stuffing their faces with the bread.

    “I’ve already had something to eat.”

    They were actually three young children between the ages of 9 and 12. Nothing but little kids who had run away from their homes in a nearby small mining town. Their families were most likely going through some tough times and couldn’t afford to feed so many mouths, so there only way to survive was to try to beg for some coin or food in a larger city. We were able to quickly get along because our ages appeared to be quite similar.

    “Here, have some more.”

    The young beggars feasted on bread and milk, until they laid back with a satisfied expression.

    “I have a question for you guys.”

    “We don’t know much about anything.”

    “No, I think regarding this I think you might be able to help me.”

    I described to them the little girl which had been taken and then asked if they had seen or heard about anyone who fit that description.

    “About four days ago there was a group of ruffians who sold a young beggar-looking girl to them.”

    “That must be her!”

    “But I don’t know who she was sold to after because whichever noble bought her arrived in a  black carriage and I didn’t get a good look at their family crest.”

    From the beginning I didn’t expect this to be an easy endeavour, so I wasn’t ready to give up just yet.

    “So in the last days, how many nobles have visited the slavers market?”


    “Can you tell me anything more?”

    “No, it was four!”

    I tried to dig through their memories to see if they’d recall anything else which could be useful.

    “I got something!”

    “From those beggars huh?”

    I repeated to Darryl everything the beggars had just told me, hoping that he could be able to perhaps identify our suspects seeing as he knew the local nobility much better than I did.

    “Alright thanks Darryl, I’ll take it from here.”

    “Okay, I’ll be at my bakery working on the repairs. Let me know if you need any help, she was my assistant afterall.”

    I was attempting to track her down by investigating the nobles’ manors one by one and having Lena try to recognize the little girl’s voice. It was now midnight and I was in front of count Sion’s villa when Lena spoke up.

    “Found her, she’s tied up in the basement of the building at your 2 o’clock.”

    “Really, are you sure she’s tied up?”

    “Yes, and I also detected the voice of that official Pillgion which framed you coming from the second floor of that same building.”

    “Oh, can you transmit it to me?”

    “Okay, I’ll see what I can do.”

    “Count Sion, have you already forgotten how Miriam has helped you over the past few years?”

    “Of course not, but this time things have gone too far. Miriam has already fled to his home country and Ikan escaped into the mountains. Also what is your relationship with that young slave girl?”

    “Miriam has ordered me to punish the one who was behind all this, and I’ll be needing your help, count.”

    “Ugh… I understand.”

    From their conversation I had learned that Miriam was still looking for his pound of flesh, just using another person to get his revenge.

    ‘I am no pushover though.’

    I broke into the manor very cautiously, and took a full 10 minutes before arriving to the basement entrance were the girl was being kept. I used Lena’s infrared vision to take a good look at the situation inside before proceeding.

    Ppakak, Kung!

    Having broken the lock I, the sight of a beaten and unconscious little girl appeared before me, bruises covering the entirety of her body. Taking a look at her status I realized that her HP was almost at zero, had I arrived just a little later she would have been a goner.

    “Shit, Lesser Heal!”

    After making sure her condition was stable with the help of a few heals, I picked her up and fled the mansion, heading off to meet Darryl.


    When we arrived he was still busy with the repairs despite it being late into the night. When he saw me carrying the girl and her condition he was shocked, unsure how to react.

    “Just fetch her some water, and maybe a cloth the clean her wounds.”

    I spoke to him brusquely and he soon snapped out of it, preparing blankets, a wet towel and drinking water.


    “Where did you find her Johra?”

    I simply shook my head. I didn’t want to tell him so as to not implicate him in Miriam’s revenge plan.

    “I think you should stay out of this one and look after  the girl.”

    They are looking to hurt me, which means that Darryl who was associated with me wouldn’t be spared.”

    “Is it somehow connected with a noble?”

    I nodded heavily.

    “Alright, I’ve got some money which I’ve saved up so I guess we can go hide up in the coal mines.

    “I think I should be able to resolve this within three months at the latest.”

    “Okay, then let’s meet back up at the inn in three months time.”

    He picked up the girl and headed home to pack his stuff and prepare for an extended trip.

    “Hmm…since I no longer have to worry about them targeting someone other than me. Time to play the hunter, afterall offense is the best form of defense.”

    Balled my fist as I made up my mind.

    ‘But first I need to get some sleep, I’m way too tired.’

    The fatigue had been piling up as I’d been very busy these last few days without any proper rest. After doubling back a few times to make sure that I wasn’t being followed, I decided to be a beggar tonight, and sleep in an empty alley facing the guard house.

    ‘It should be difficult to kidnap someone here.’

    I drifted into a deep, blissful sleep while staring at the Autumn stars in the sky.


    *——–Author’s Notes——–*


    [Dragon Slayer Lv1] All stats receive a 30% bonus when facing off with a Dragon.

    [Ant Exterminator Lv14] Ants fear your very presence.

    [Spider’s Bane Lv3] Spiders bear a strong hatred towards you.

    [Giant Killer Lv2] 150% damage increase towards Giants.

    [Scuttles’ Grief LvMax] Scuttles fear your very presence.

    [Goblin’s Slaughterer Lv6] You can frighten off Goblins with a single glare.

  • Chapter 80

    “Hey, Come on get up, you are in the way.”

    I opened my eyes to see the guard which had first allowed me into Gartmar during its festival.

    ‘Is it fate that we kept crossing paths?’

    “Ugh I slept quite well, what time is it?”

    “It’s 10, time to get up.”

    “Okay got it.”

    I stretched out comfortably before heading out to City Hall.


    I bribed the secretary with a silver coin and I was able to meet the mayor soon after.

    “What is it this time?”

    He was still buried in paperwork.

    “Pillgion is in count Sion’s manor”

    He looked up at me, surprise written on his face.

    “Pillgion? Really?”

    I nodded back which caused him to frown and sport a serious expression.


    He reached out into his desk and tossed me a gold coin.

    “Catch Pillgion, but I want him alive. Also, make sure not to touch count Sion.”

    He had come to a quick decision, but I agreed with his judgement.

    Going after a high ranking noble like a count would not end well. In contrast, if we only took care of Piligion, then perhaps the target on my back would also go away.


    I left his office and headed straight to the count’s estate. It was located about a 2 days ride from Gartmar, but because he had made substantial investments in mines near this city, he would often stay in his Gartmar manor to oversee and broker transactions. His main breadwinner was a silver mine nearby, but its output had decreased substantially over the last few years and it was all but depleted. The loss in revenu had made his life difficult and ultimately led to him getting in bed with Miriam on these shady dealings.

    Sion used to be a respectable noble, well liked by the people. However he was now in business with shady characters liked the deputy mayor, Miriam. Of course now that I had notified the mayor of his involvement, he would keep a closer eye on the count, but without any concrete evidence, we couldn’t bring about any charges on a noble. For now our only option was to break off his relationship with Miriam.

    ‘Hmm…Sion has never harmed me. I will only vent my anger on Pillgion, torturing him to the brink of death.’

    I sported an evil grin as I waited for nighttime to fall. Drinking my bottle of milk I had bought from Anne, I watched the Count’s residence.

    Jjirrr Jjirrrrr

    It was a cool autumn night and the insects were chirping away, hard at work. Before the winter came they would have to reproduce for their kind to survive, so the males tried to tempt the females with their loud and clear chirps. Between them and the fireflies dancing about, one could almost think they were at a concert.

    “Lena, give me a visual of the enemies”

    “Yes sir!”

    I could now see all 32 rooms of the mansion. I noted that there were six more guards compared to yesterday, no doubt a response to the girl’s escape.

    “So he’s on the third floor, in the southern wing.”

    Pillgion was lying comfortably in bed while two guards were posted outside his door.


    The guards were only level 24 Warriors, so they wouldn’t be able to sense my presence. I circled around to the southern side of the manor and stealthily scaled the wall and entering the Pillgion’s room.

    “Who are you?”


    I pressed my dagger to his neck to ensure that he wouldn’t make any sudden movements or cry out for help.

    “Is everything ok inside?”

    A guard asked from behind the door.

    “It’s nothing.”

    Pillgion’s eyes were opened up in shock, it was Lena who had perfectly mimicked his voice. He was completely dumbfounded as he had never heard of nor seen magic which could reproduce another’s voice.

    “Why don’t you take a nice nap.”


    Striking him clean on the chin, he instantly became unconscious. I then carefully tied him to the curtain, and slowly lowered him down to the ground floor. Jumping down after him, I picked him up and carried off to the deserted temple’s basement where I locked him up with a new carbon steel ring. Giving him a kick, I tried to get him to wake up but he didn’t budge.

    “Lesser Heal Lesser Heal!”

    After a few of those he finally opened his eyes.

    “Hey there, are you finally awake?”

    Wooek Johra… what are you doing kidnapping me?”

    “Well… this is my revenge for all you’ve done to me.”

    I pulled out my dagger and gave him a sinister smile.

    “Was it that you want? I’ll do anything. Women? Money? My boss can give you both, just please spare me!”

    “Ohh? Sure money, and what kind of woman do I get?”

    “I can bestow on you a gorgeous elf slave the likes you’ve never seen before. She would be at your beck and call and tend to your every needs so please don’t kill me! Also my Boss is quite influential and would love to meet you, he’d rather become friends than enemies.

    According to his words, his boss Miriam was powerful enough to even secure Elven slaves. Even if we were 20 years in the past, Elves were already to an extent being hunted by humans.  

    However, despite his lavish promises, I need to chase down Miriam so as to make sure he would stop targeting me. I had to reduce my exposure to worldly events so as to not affect the flow of history.

    “If you answer my question truthfully, then I’ll let you live.”

    “I can’t answer any question about my master because if he were to learn of it then my entire family would be murdered. I’d rather die than let that happen.:

    “Shut up! The lives of you or your family mean nothing to me.”


    “Now, is it true that Miriam is a merchant from the northern Balkan Empire?”

    He stayed silent for a while before answering.

    “I won’t say.”

    “You don’t want to answer huh?. Okay. Lena, hit him!”

    I grabbed him by the neck.

    “Yes Sir!”

    Lena spoke to me through the vibration in my bones so that only I could hear her. I then followed her instructions.


    I had spent all of the previous night using Material Creation to make  sure that she would be overflowing with energy for today’s operation. We were now using electrical shocks applied directly to his nervous system to induce pain. Although it didn’t damage his body, he was feeling pain levels akin to having his nails pulled out or limbs cut off.

    This went on for about an hour until he had a lifeless expression.

    “Did we go too far?”

    “Well, although he would feel pain, his body is still fine. You could call this humanitarian torture.”

    Although Lena’s thoughts were technically correct, I doubt many people would agree with her line of thinking.

    I gave him a 30 minutes rest before returning and waking him up with a bucket of cold water.

    “Come on, time to continue.”

    Grabbing by the throat I was about to proceed with the torture when he cried out.

    “Stop, stop… I’ll tell you anything you want to know.

    Pillgion was rather weak-willed and caved after only one hour of torture. Although I considered it a rather short period of time, it must have felt like an eternity in hell for him.

    “Right… he’s the youngest son of the president of the Merchants Association in the Balkan Empire.”

    “Judging by his heart rate the probability of that being a lie is less than one percent.”

    Lena kept me informed through the use of vibrations in my bones of her analysis of the subjects heart rate and pupil dilation.

    “Ok, now what other nobles are involved with Miriam.

    “Count Sion and Marquis Leon.”

    He responded to my question naturally and only later realized the importance of what he had divulged as tears of horror poured down his face.

    “What was Miriam’s purpose here in Gartmar?”

    This was what I was most curious about. This was but a small and secluded area that had only recently been recognized as a city.

    I had learned form Darryl that the position of Deputy mayor was more of an honorary position, and didn’t involve any salary It was usually occupied by local bureaucrats or merchants.

    ‘With his background, why would he want to be a Deputy mayor in the small city and  leader of a gang. There must be a hidden motive behind all this.’


    “Lena let’s get ready to hit him with some more.”

    “Yes Sir!”

    I grabbed him by the throat insistently, I certainly wanted an answer the the question I was most curious about.

    “Ah ah! Okay I’ll tell you, just don’t ever reveal it that you learned it from me. Miriam was planning on using Gartmar as the Balkans’ secret base in the Mirin Empire. That’s all I know, I promise!”

    I felt like I had received a hammer blow to the head. This shouldn’t be happening so soon.

    The Mirin and Balkan Empires had been at each other’s throats for quite some time. The Balkans were military people and maintained their empire through the tribute paid by surrounding small and medium sized countries. Mirin however was more of a religious superpower based on the benevolence of the Angels, so tribute was received from countries on a voluntary basis.

    Naturally with such conflicting ideologies these two superpowers were bound to butt heads over these tributes from the surrounding subordinate countries. However, despite several small skirmishes it has never broken out into large scale war because despite The Balkan’s military might, if they were to openly attack the Mirin Empire, it would cause all the surrounding countries to rally up behind their religious righteousness. Belief in their God had spread far and wide across most countries and as such they had many loyal subjects. Still, tensions were high and it felt like open warfare between these two empires was imminent. This would naturally be a problem for me who was well aware that within the next 20 years time these two empires were not supposed to have fought. Such a large change in the flow of history may result in a situation where I cease to exist.

    “If you wanted to fight against the Mirin don’t you first have to deal with the temple?”

    “I don’t know… I’m just repeating what I’ve read in my master’s notes.”

    “He’s speaking the truth Johra.”


    I was completely baffled on how to proceed. This was like an incredible butterfly effect that was quickly spinning out of control. I had to try and get a lid on things before it would be truly too late.

    I continued pressing him for answers but he had truly spoken everything he knew. At least I got some crucial information about Sion and Leon’s weakness. I could use it against them someday.

    “Lena, take care of him.”


    Lena was fully capable of targeting specific short term memories in the human brain. On Earth she had developed a technique using nanobots that targeted the Hippocampus to give a precise electrical short, causing memory loss.


    Pillgion was shocked into unconsciousness, having lost about 2-3 days worth of memory. I slung him on my shoulder and headed to city hall.

    “Hey what’s going on?”

    The guards in front of city hall hailed me with their crossed swords, but it was more ceremonial than anything because I was already a usual face around here.

    “I’ve been commission by the mayor, take this man as a prisoner.”


    Leaving Pillgion behind with the guards, I left towards a hill overlooking count Sion’s house.

    ‘I need to try and get count Sion on my side.’

    From all that I had heard about the count, he seemed like a decent enough lord. Unfortunately Miriam had caught him at his weakest point when he was having financial trouble due to the lower output in silver. This resulted him in getting involved in some shady dealings until they had enough dirt on him to ensure he couldn’t ever get out.

    I wait until late at night, when everyone was sleeping but it seemed like the fire in the lord’s room was still lit.

    “Lena I’ll be needing your help again.”

    The number of people in the manor had greatly increased. There were now almost 50 people inside, with 20 of them being guards.

    ‘Well I guess it’s normal since they been attacked twice in only a few days.

    I groaned inwardly, it would pose quick the challenge to sneak in unseen to meet with the count.

    As dawn crept in the Lord had finally gone to sleep, but the guards were ever vigilant as they rotated shifts and were always in groups. They even had hounds which their superior sense of smell which could easily catch a whiff of me were I to approach.

    “Hmm…should I risk it?”

    The average level of these guards was 27. If it were just the one I could probably get around him unseen, but as they were many it would be all but impossible using conventional methods.

    I carefully approached a group of the guards and had Lena help me out.

    “Hey guys, time for our group’s shift, get some shut-eye!”

    She imitated the voice of their superior and made it sound like it originated from the mansion. She made sure to bounce the sound waves of objects to make it sound like it was coming from inside the mansion and far away.

    “Yes, Got it!”

    The guards were glad to be relieved from the post by their superior and quickly headed inside.

    “How about the dogs Lena?”

    “Pff, easy-peazy.”

    She bombarded them with a frequency which could not be heard by the human ears, causing them to go into a barking frenzy and attract the nearby guards’ attention.

    I took this golden opportunity to scale the wall which was an easy task for a level 43 Warrior such as myself, as I landed on the count’s terrace.

    Tak! Harrrr

    “Johra it’s fire magic!”


    Just I had landed on the balcony a fireball was rushing my way, butI managed to dodge it in the nick of time due to Lena’s advance warning. I saw the count who had just thrown the spell my way call for his guards.

    “It’s an enemy attack!”

    He was holding a few magic stones in his hands when I saw the guards burst through the door. I knew that I had lost the chance and had to high-tail it out of there.

    “Damn, why wasn’t I aware that the count could use magic!”

    From all the info I had gathered about him there was no mention of him being a magician, but I had overlooked the fact that with the aid of magic stones he was able to cast spells.

    Panting… This count is troublesome!”

  • Chapter 81

    ‘I should change my plan of attacking him and instead try to befriend him.’

    He was bound to increase the defense at his estate after all my consecutive infiltrations, so I should definitely abandon the idea of using force. Instead, I should really on my political connections to try and get a meeting.

    I headed back to Gartmar’s city hall.

    “My good adventurer friend, we seem to be meeting quite often these days….”

    The mayor gave me a warm welcome but his gaze remained glued to the papers before him.

    “I heard that you’ve caught Pillgion, you’ve done well.”

    “Yes, but today I’m here to talk to you about count Sion.”

    “Hadn’t I already informed you not to touch the count?”

    “Yes well, I have my own problems to consider.”

    Contrary to his usual habit, he finally looked up at me.

    “You said your name was Johra right?”

    “That’s right.”

    He adjusted his monocle and spoke to me with a serious expression.

    “So what is the problem with count Sion.”

    “He is directly connected with Miriam. Do you remember him?”

    “Yes… of course I remember, you already told me all about it last time.

    “But it’s more serious, they are trying to revolt. But I think we can turn him to our side.”

    “How sure are you? Is it even possible?”

    “I have a strategy in place.”


    I proceed to inform him about everything I had learned the other night.

    “I’m not sure how it is you are expecting me to help you. Although I feel a bit bad that Sion has fallen to such a low place, to use my as your own shield…. ”

    “Well I thought you would be able to help me since you are quite close with the count.”

    He stared at me with a sharp glint in his eyes.

    “What do you get out of all this?”

    “Safety. He’s aiming for my life, so if I can befriend him then that is for the best.”

    “Are you confident? You’ll need to risk your life, afterall for nobles their honor is what’s most important.”

    The mayor was a self-made man, starting from nothing and working up to his current position as ruler of Gartmar which came with the title of marquis. However in this world his kind of status couldn’t be achieved alone, as he was only bumped up to mayor due to the support of the surrounding nobility, including count Sion. If he were to now falsely accuse him he could suffer from the backlash by having his position taken from him or even being executed. Despite the mayor being very popular with the people and it would be hard to remove him, it was always possible by framing him for some crime and disgracing him.

    “I have already been putting my neck on the line here.

    The mayor’s mouth curled up into a satisfied smile.

    “Well meeting a nobleman isn’t something you can just decide one day in advance. I’ll get back to you in about three days time at the earliest.”

    “That’s fine, I also need a bit of time on my end so it works out well.”

    After my short meeting with the mayor I left city hall and headed to the market. Although the mines monthly auction had already ended, there still remained some store which sold the minerals at a fixed price.

    “Lena, please research”

    “Yes it seems to be enough.”


    I bought the necessary ores along with some good quality charcoal and a big iron pot which I had sent to the Mayor’s office.   

    By the time I had finished all my errands it was already evening.

    I still have two days time until the mayor gets back to me. By then count Sion is sure to have figured out my identity and sent some capable assassins my way. It would be dangerous if they targeted me while I slept.

    ‘I guess there is always that place which is safe.

    Walking around the a market I stopped a fruit stand and plucked an apple. After twirling it in the air a few times, I took a big bite out of it and walked away.

    “Hey you… you need to pay for that!”

    I smiled back and laughed like a maniac.

    “Are you crazy!”


    The owner of the store grabbed by the throat and punched me, but I continued to eat like a madman.

    “Guards, guards, take away this crazy beggar!”

    I was then imprisoned due to my disturbance in the market, allowing me to have found a safe place to sleep. The only unexpected variable was that the mayor came by to see me quite soon after.

    “A safe place huh… even so did you have to commit a crime against one of my citizens?”

    “Don’t worry I’ll go apologize and properly compensate him.”

    “You’re definitely crazy.”

    “Yes I get that alot. Also, please make sure they don’t release me until you have secured that meeting with the count.”

    I sat down casually on my cell bench as we said our goodbyes.

    ‘If it’s here I don’t think the count will be able to touch me.’

    I was separated from other criminals because they were worried that I’d create more trouble. I spent all of my time grinding my Material Creation because it was all I could do in my private cell.


    Two days later I was finally released from prison. My only fine was to pay double the price of the apple which was nothing but a slap on the wrist, everything was going as planned.

    “Mr. mayor please improve your meal quality for the inmates.”

    “We have good hard working citizens starving on the streets and you want me to divert our funds to better feed those criminals, how absurd.”

    I tried to explain to him the plight of a poor prisoner on our carriage ride to count Sion’s manor, but he remained unconvinced.

    ‘Poor people run a serious risk of dying due to starvation. I can certainly understand their plight as if it wasn’t for Darryl I might have suffered the same fate early on.’

    In a medievalesque type world there was no concept of welfare so for the very poorest in society life was like hell. There were no human rights and life and you were occasionally better off as a slave. It was a completely different view now that I was living as a human when compared to an undead.

    “We’ve arrived mayor.”

    “Yes thank you, and Johra don’t forget to play your role as my servant.”


    I had already change into the proper outfit on our ride here. In fact it was quite a step up from my usual beggar clothes. Still it did feel a bit out of place seeing as the size didn’t fit me well. It was so loose it gave the impression of a child wearing his father’s clothes.

    We were now awaited the counts arrival in his guest room.

    “Make sure not to interrupt me while I’m talking Johra.”


    The door opened and as the count came in and we exchanged glances ,he momentarily froze. Although he quickly regained his composure, I had definitely noticed.

    ‘Did he recognized my face?’

    “What are you here to discuss about Mr. mayor?”

    “Well, it’s about Miriam.”

    He answered with a slight smile. The blood drained from the counts face as he tried to keep a poker face.

    “Miriam… wasn’t he your deputy mayor who caused quite the stir and then escaped just a few days ago? I thought Mr. mayor was a better judge of character than that, how disappointing.”

    Sion kept his composure as he poured a cup of tea.

    “Miriam was a talented man in his own right, but it was due to the support of several nobles that he was given the position of deputy mayor. Still, I didn’t expected that he was connected to the underworld, it was my mistake.

    “So what about Miriam did you want to discuss?”

    “Could we please speak alone?”

    The count sported a sincere look, as one who was completely oblivious to what had been going on as he ordered all his servant to leave.

    “Why don’t you take a look at this.”

    Within the reception room the mayor handed him a stack of documents. As the count sifted through them he put on a pensive face.

    “These documents are records of the many of the crimes which Miriam was involved in. As you can see over there count, you were involved in tax evasion on a rather large scale.”

    His hands trembled.

    “You… just what is your purpose in bringing this before me? You want to threaten me?”

    “If yes?”

    The mayor answered calmly from Sion’s angry voice.


    “Damn it!”

    The count drew a gorgeous ornamental dagger which he carried with him at his waist.

    “Are you planning on killing me the mayor and then getting rid of the evidence? It isn’t like I haven’t informed people that we were coming here.”

    Surprisingly the count turned the dagger around and pointed it at his own heart.

    “ Mayor, please take into considerations all the good deeds I’ve done and allow me to present my life to atone for my sins. Don’t needlessly involve my family and tarnish my reputation.”

    The mayor coldly replied.

    “I can’t do that, the law is the law.”


    “I tried so hard to do the right thing and work within the law, but in the end it wasn’t enough. I’m ashamed of my actions, why did I have to go so far?”

    He lowered his face into his hands and started to cry. His crimes were severe enough that he would be stripped of his nobility along with any succession rights he previously had. His family honor, reputation and power had all slipped away.

    “I researched your situation. Your silver mine’s output has decreased recently but the kingdom didn’t lower the required tax right?”

    “Yes, the reason was that we refused to give the official a bribe. Although our family may appear fine to the public, just paying the required tax was too much so we borrowed from Miriam. Eventually we were able to balance our budgets, but by then we had already accepted Miriam’s shady money. We began doing small favors and before we knew it was too late to turn back. Is this what you are here to accuse me of?”

    The mayor simply shook his head. Due to the unexpected reaction the count was quite embarrassed by his previous behaviour.

    “Johra, explain.”

    “I heard that there is lead coming out from your silver mine right?”

    “The count nodded back carefully.

    “Perhaps if you volunteered some of the surplus as payment for your taxes, the mayor wouldn’t find you guilty of tax evasion.

    “Yes but I’d still have to pay interest on that.”

    He was confused from my question. He didn’t have the money to pay off the debt and it’s interest so how would lead help?

    “Could you allow me to demonstrate something?”

    I moved towards the fireplace nearby while the count and mayor followed me obediently.

    I placed a metal pan on the fire and a laid a small piece of lead on top.

    I moved around the charcoal to raise the temperature to the maximum.

    “Just what are you trying to accomplish by melting the lead?”

    “Please wait a while.”

    After quite a long time the lead had melted but that wasn’t the end of it. I kept the temperature very high until finally all the impurities had been removed. After giving it time to sufficiently cool, I placed the remaining small piece of metal in the counts hands. When he noticed what he was holding his eyes widened in shock.

    “This… how could you get silver out of lead? Is this some trick?”

    “I could show you the same result using lead from the count’s very own mines.”

    The count was simply ecstatic, if this were true he’d be like a rising phoenix, reborn from the ashes.

    “Lead contains small traces of silver, and the lead found in your mines seems to have even higher concentrations than usual. You can easily extract the silver with the use of high temperatures as I’ve just shown.”

    Normally lead from the mine was not anything remarkable and was discarded as it didn’t bring in substantial profits. However, if it were to be refined into silver instead, it would become the count’s new golden goose.

    “Thank you! If this is true I have no idea how I’ll ever repay you for this favor.”

    He bowed down on his knees before me. I had managed to perfectly subdue a previous enemy and rope him in to my side. The mayor needed to go back to city hall the same day, but I stayed longer at the count’s residence to properly explain the extraction process. Naturally, I had learned all this information due to Lena’s guidance.

    “I’m sorry. Can you accompany me to my mine?”

    “Yes, I don’t mind.”

    Two days later we visited the count’s silver mine together.

    The count only brought along his his chief accountant and a trusted attendant. He wished to keep the circle small in order to not let this secret out. Together I extracted the silver in front of them using the equipment which I had previously instructed him to create.

    “This is incredible! Are you an alchemist?”

    “Arvin here is our ore expert, I’ve brought him over for confirmation. Please warmly greet this man whom I admire a lot, his name is Johra. ”

    ‘ It seems like my position is already quit high.’

    “If we can get this much from only lead, then the amount of silver we can extract is four times more than the regular silver output from the mine!”

    I watched as the excited master and servant duo hugged each other in delight.

    “You must come back to the my estate, I’ll prepare a sumptuous feast to celebrate.”

    “Sure, it would be my pleasure.”

    I had no reason to reject as our newfound friendship was a good thing.

    We headed back in the count’s luxurious carriage whose image didn’t match up to his former reality of financial troubles.

    “We’ve arrived count.”

    As we got out of the carriage there were 20 attendants awaiting our arrival. I didn’t greet them though and was instead lead to my private chambers by a pretty maid.

    “Please rest here, a warm bath and a fresh set of clothes will be arriving shortly.


    “The count has instructed me to ensure that your stay here is as comfortable as possible. If there is anything I could do….”

    “No this is more than enough.”

    “Then is there is anything at all just give this a little ring.”

    She handed me a small bell before leaving me alone in the room.

    ‘Ah… it’s quite nice to accept a noble’s hospitality. This is my first time being pampered so much, not even Necropolis was quite at this level.

    Enjoying the newfound comforts I sank down in the soft bed. As I was staring aimlessly at the ceiling I heard the sound of footsteps approaching from behind the door.


    ‘What is this? Some kind of ambush? ’

    The door slowly creaked open.

  • Chapter 82

    Name: Chompy (Johra)
    Gender: Male
    Status: Normal
    Race: Human
    Class: Warrior/Priest
    Rank: H+ 
    Level: 43/99
    HP: 75/75
    MP: 25/105
    Attack: 24 (+3)
    Defense: 12 (+3
    Agility: 12
    Intelligence: 24
    ✧ Unique Skills
    [Water Creation LvMax] [Lesser Healing Lv 3] [Magic Chanting Lv 2]
    ✧ (Hidden) Unique Skills
    [Night Vision Lv1]
    ✧ (Hidden) Titles (Active)
    [Wizard of the Pit] [Master of Magma Hall] [Guardian of Corruption]
    ✧ (Hidden) Titles (Inactive)
    [Rat Trapper] [Hit-and-Run] [Savior Lv4] [Coldhearted LvMax] [Dragon Slayer Lv1] [Ant Exterminator Lv14] [Spider’s Bane Lv3] [Giant Killer Lv2] [Scuttles’ Grief LvMax] [Goblin’s Slaughterer Lv6] [Valenor’s Husband]
    ✧ (Hidden) Modifications
    [Avatar Lv1] [Creation Magic Lv1] [Resurrection Song Lv1]

    ✧ (Hidden) Creation Magic
    [Hidden Status] [Species Conversion(Human)] [Material Creation Lv7]



    A small head peeked through the the slightly ajar door. After a quick look I realized that it wasn’t any serious danger and closed my eyes.

    It was a cute little girl with blonde hair and soft curls. About 9~10 years old and only 130 cm tall, she tiptoed up to my bed and looked down at me as I was lying down.


    She had quite the inquisitive look. She first tried to match her tiny hands with mine, then brought her face closer, causing a refreshing peach-like fragrance to assault my nose.

    ‘What is she doing?’

    After a short while, seeing that I hadn’t reacted, she then sneaked out of the room.

    ‘Hmmm Jerna H. Erenhaim. Is she related to the count?’

    She was dressed in expensive colorful dresses, and had the same family name as count. She was either his daughter or a close relative

    Knock, Knock

    I guessed that the maid had returned with the bathtub.



    Does the count have any daughters?”

    “Yes he has a cute little nine year old named Jerna, why?”

    “Oh nothing, was just curious.”

    I didn’t want to put the maid in an awkward position by explaining that the count’s daughter had intruded into my room and I also really wanted to take my bath.

    ‘Let’s try not to fall asleep this time around, I don’t want to die a pathetic death drowning in a bath.’

    I repeated this in my mind several times prior to jumping in.

    “Ah! So comfortable!”

    I stretched out like a pampered child as I loosened my muscles and got rid of any accumulated stress.

    ‘I did it!’

    I was able to control myself and not fall asleep until the very end as I exited the tub. I then changed into afresh set clothes and joined the count for dinner.

    “This is my son Jillian and daughter Jerna.”

    “I’m glad to meet you Mr. Johra.”

    “Nice meet you.”

    “Nice meet you too.”

    Jillian was 17 years old and was the perfect example of a young noble. However, unlike his father who had more of a sharp look, he had a soothing and calm voice. Looking at his status he had the skill [Influence], and title [Balanced] which was quite interesting.  Jerna was the little girl who had previously broken into my room. She looked very cute in her little dress as she curtsied in the fashion of nobles. Her eyes were glued to me with fascination and I was surprised to learn that when I tried to view her status one of her skills was listed as ???. While I was checking her status, she never broke eye contact with me.


    More staring—-

    It was quite uncomfortable to eat while someone was staring at you the whole time. After the meal had ended we moved to the lounge to have some tea.

    “I heard from my father that you were of great help to our family, I’m forever in your debt.”

    Jillian straightened up his posture and gave me a deep bow. It must be so tiresome to uphold the proper noble etiquette all the time.

    “No, it was nothing much.”

    “I don’t know how you have such incredible knowledge about ores, but I’m incredibly thankful that you chose to help us so. Most people would not be so selfless.”

    I could see it in his eyes that he was genuinely grateful for my assistance. From behind the count smiled at his son’s behavior, gushing with pride.

    “I’m glad you appreciate my help”

    “Johra, would you like to be an honorary knight in our family?”

    Following the count’s invitation Jerna eyes grew round,  perhaps ecstatic at the thought of seeing more of me.

    “An honorary knight?”

    “Yes, giving an official noble title can only be done by the Royal family. However as a count I can appoint my own knights. Of course with your ability you could also choose to serve more powerful nobles, but please consider my offer.”

    Compared to my previous life of a beggar, it would be quite the leap in social status. It was definitely a good thing to have a close relationship with the count, but I had this sinking feeling that doing so would embroil me in further political turmoil, not to mention those large beady eyes that were constantly staring at me.

    “Could you give me some time to think about it?”

    “Ah right… consider our poor financial status you might be ashamed to join us…”

    “Not at all.”

    In fact I had half a mind to accept. Compared to my homeless life, just a soft bed and good food was enough to win me over. My two biggest worries were that becoming the family’s honorary knight would affect the future in some unknown way and whether he was a benevolent ruler.

    I returned to my room and lay down on the bed.

    “It’s a bit hard to come to a decision right now.”

    “Create Material: Gold”

    I was finally able to create small amounts of gold and it was also part of the list of materials which Lena required so it was an important breakthrough.

    ‘I probably won’t we lacking any money with my current level in the skill.’

    I realised that there wasn’t any real reason for me to become an honorary knight if I could easily make money and buy those comforts with my own ability.

    ‘No, it takes more than just money. In human society sometimes who you know is a kind of power which can’t solely be achieved with gold. Still, there are a few things I would need to straighten out first.’

    Knock! Knock!

    “Who is it?”

    “Jillian, do you have a moment?”

    ”Sure come on in.”

    It was Jillian joined by his little sister hiding behind her.

    ‘Seems the lady joined’

    I laughed inside but didn’t try to expose her.

    “Come, take a seat.”

    I pointed towards a chair and sat opposite of him. Jerna was still hiding behind her brother, popping her head out curiously.

    “I’m sorry if my sister is a bit suffocating, but I’m glad to have her around, I hope it doesn’t bother you.”

    “Not at all, she is adorable.”

    To my comment her face instantly turned red.

    “My father asked me to come speak with you about any hesitation you might be having.”

    “Not at all, the offer is very attractive, unfortunately due to personal circumstances it might be a bit difficult.”

    “Please let me know, I might be of some assistance.”

    “Well I have many personal matters to attend to so I can’t always be staying here at the count’s estate.”

    “Oh this isn’t at all an issue. The position of honorary knight is more symbolic than anything, there aren’t really any strings attached.”

    ‘Well that’s one less problem.’

    “And there was one more point….”

    “What is it?”

    Jillian’s eyes were shining, no doubt eager to have me accept the position and have earned some merit in his father’s eyes.

    “Can I meet your house’s serfs?”

    “Hmm that is…..a bit difficult.”

    I felt that I would need to take a firmer stance on the matter because it was something I wanted to be clear about.

    “It is would play an important part in my decision.”

    “Okay, I was just worried about your safety because there are many unknown wanderers among our serfs.”

    “Don’t worry I’m also a vagabond/adventurer so I can take care of myself.”

    “Really? That’s hard to believe!”

    Jillian’s eyes grew incredibly curious.

    “Well I there’s quite a long story behind it. So, can I visit them tomorrow?”

    “Ah, yes! I’ll go inform my father right away.”

    I wanted to thank him for helping me put to ease any of my doubts.

    “Oh and one more thing, could you prepare a block of wood for me?”

    “Sure, that won’t be any problem. May I ask what you need it for?”

    “It’s a secret.”

    I chuckled as I escorted the pair of siblings out of the room.

    ‘It will be a small gift.’

    A short while later the siblings returned with the wood which I asked him for as well as the token carrying the count’s crest which I could use to bypass some checkpoints and meet with his family’s serfs.

    “Thank you.”

    Not at all, good night Sir Johra.”

    “Yes, good night.”

    I laughed at Jerna’s cute gestures.

    “Both of you sleep well and have nice dreams.”

    When they both left I began to sculpt the wood using my dagger.

    “Johra are you going to carve it yourself?”


    The next morning I presented Jillian with a chess board and a set of pieces. As I taught him how to play, he showed a great interest in the game and we spent most of the morning together. Due to that, I wasn’t able to visit the farmers.

    “This game called chess is very interesting. Does the pawn represent a soldier?”

    I nodded in return, we had already played 5 matches but Jillian seemed eager to play even more.

    “Johra can I show this game to my father?”

    “Of course, this is my gift to you Jillian, you may do as you like with it.”

    “But you have already been far too kind to our family.”

    “Are you saying that you don’t want to accept my gift?”

    “Ah… no it isn’t like that.”

    His unexpectedly honest answer made the young boy blush.

    “Then please accept it. For my part it’s past time I go meet the farmers.”

    Jerna’s eyes indicated that she wanted to follow me around but she knew she couldn’t because I had said that I wanted to go alone. With a sad expression she followed behind Jillian who had scooped up the chess set and they disappeared together.

    ‘Shall I get going?’

    I had to meet a group of their serfs in order to put to bed this hidden worry which had been nagging at me. That’s why I gifted the the chess board to keep them occupied in order for me to visit the farmers alone and get an authentic reaction.

    Showing the count’s token I was easily able to get past the guards an into the villages where they lived.

    ‘Hm, are they focusing on growing barley?’

    It was late autumn and the farmers were hard at work sowing seeds into the ground. As I approached I asked them curiously.

    “Are you planting Barley?”

    “Yes indeed, are you from the count’s estate?”

    “I am simply a guest in his care.”

    “Why would you speak with us lowly peasants?”

    It was the eldest in their group which approached me and asked cautiously.

    “I heard there are a lot of vagabonds which have come here recently, is it true?”

    “Yes, last year’s wheat harvest was pitiful and food prices soared as a result. Even miners had to run away form the jobs as it could no longer support their families. Countless people became refugees. If it were not for the count’s benevolence we would also be struggling to get by, surviving on eating roots and tree bark.”

    “There have rumors flying around that the count would enslave regular folk and force them to becomes serfs against their will.”

    The faces of those before me immediately twisted in disgust.

    “Who are those that are sprouting such nonsense? It was our own decision to become serfs because the count takes very good are of us. Tell me whoever spoke those words and I’d kill them myself for bad mouthing our savior.

    I knew then that I had heard enough to be convinced of the count’s benevolence. I had been concerned about how he treated those in lower positions. But, I now knew that he took good care of those in need, so he must be a reliable person.

    After our conversation, they gave me some dirty looks because I had spoken badly of the count, so I hightailed it out of there and went back to the manor.

    Phew! Any longer and I would have been in trouble.”

    Just as I was about to cross the gates to the estate, the head butler ran up to me.

    “Sir Johra! There is some trouble.”

    “What’s going on?”

    “Please follow me immediately!”

    I was worried by his urgent tone and simply did as he asked.

    ‘I hope nothing has happened to the count. He’s righteous person who I’d like to support with all my heart.

  • Chapter 83


    Jillian and Jerna were seated in the lounge room where we had drunk tea just the other day. They had been playing chess but the problem was that Jillian’s face was covered in soot from the charcoal, while the count was maintaining a handstand position.

    “Welcome Johra, Ugh!!!

    Hee hee~

    “Sir Johra!”

    When they finally realised that I had entered the room and had been standing idly, they all greeted me with different expressions. The count was red faced, struggling to maintain the handstand. Jillian looked at me like I would be his savior while Jerna had a mischievous expression of a kid who had just been caught doing something naughty.

    “Just what has been going on here?”

    “Hahah it is….!”

    I heard the story from Sion who explained it in full from his upside down position.

    Jillian and the count had gotten really into playing chess and despite having played several games they didn’t want to stop. They even skipped dinner time when the servant came calling. Finally Jerna arrived to put an end to their madness because she was very hungry.

    Still, they didn’t listen to any of her requests, so she stayed to watch them play and soon began commenting from the sidelines to help her brother out. As a result, Sion lost the game and he challenged his daughter to get his revenge.

    From then on both Sion and Jillian lost all of their games against Jerna. Since she soon lost interest in the game because she won too easily, they had to entice her into playing more by bringing up a new punishment rule. This is what led to the ridiculous situation before me.

    “If you designed this game then you must be able to beat my daughter!”

    “Please calm down count.”

    “No I can’t do that, a noble doesn’t easily go back on a promise. If you feel bad for me, then please win against my daughter to bring an end to my punishment. “

    “Why don’t you just stand up?”

    “There is no such thing as going back on your word in this family, it would be the greatest dishonor.”

    I just barely caught myself from asking him what honor could he possibly have left after covering his face in charcoal soot and maintaining a handstand like a clown.

    “Sir Johra!”

    I took Jillian’s seat and looked at the game. I had to win back the count’s face. Of course I also had to win for myself so as to not be subject to the same penalty.

    Judging by the board position it wasn’t that Jillian had been playing poorly, but rather it was Jerna who was too skilled for him.

    Tch! She only learned the game today, how could she play so well?’

    At first I had thought that I could easily turn the tables on her but it appeared that it wouldn’t be so easy.

    “Would you prefer to start a new game?”

    I shook my head, since I had to win this one in order to absolve the count from his promised penalty. Still, I was black and there wasn’t much room to maneuver.

    “Johra, move the King from K6 to K5.”

    Luckily I had the greatest cheating ability possible. Normally moving the king wasn’t a good move, but according to Lena’s instruction I had to move the King diagonally in order to avoid the checkmate from Jeran’s knight. Gaining some momentum by playing unexpected moves I was able to push my way through to her side and she wasn’t able to block my sequence.



    Jerna got up and ran away crying, while the count had regained his confidence and usual air of authority.

    “How impressive!”

    “Thanks to you I could save some face.”

    “Wait, is it ok to just let her run off crying like that?”

    “It’s fine, one can grow after suffering from defeat in a duel.”

    While father and son spoke to each other, I was worrying about how Jerna would get her revenge for this loss.

    ‘I noticed that the previous ??? skill in Jerna’s status had now changed to [Wisdom Lv1]. It seems like a rare talent has bloomed due to her exposure to chess.’

    “Could we play a few friendly matches Johra?”

    Since that time we played chess until 3 am without hardly any breaks. We would only take a small rest to nibble on some food before returning for more games.

    ‘Should I not have taught them chess?’

    It seemed that the count and Jillian both had a personality that made them very drawn towards the game. No, it might just be the fact that there is very little in the way of entertainment in this world.

    ‘I might be able to make a surprisingly amount of money with this.’

    Early next morning I met with the count.

    “Have you come to a decision Johra?”

    “Yes count.”

    Looking at him with a bright smile on my face I said.

    “I would gladly accept the position of knight.”

    “Oh, I’m incredibly glad, you’re a rare talent that seems to have it all. I should throw a feast.”

    “Yes… but I do have certain conditions.”

    “If it was what you mentioned to Jillian last time then there’s no need to worry. I don’t have any intention of limiting your freedom.”

    “Actually I have three conditions.”

    Seeing my earnest face the count was put off but rather was waiting expectantly for me to continue.

    “Tell me and I’ll try to accommodate you as best I can.”

    “They aren’t too demanding. The first you already know which is not to restrict my freedom.”

    “Of course this isn’t even worth mentioning.”

    “Second I would like to open up a store and would be relying on your manpower and money.”

    “Oh, so it was something small like that? It won’t be any problem, if anything I’m worried that you won’t find any talented people among those in my employ.”

    “It’ll be fine, and I will choose only from among your serfs.”

    “Are you sure they are competent?”

    “It’ll be fine, I  can teach them well.”


    “How about splitting the store profits 70:30?”

    “Actually I wouldn’t mind it even if you wanted all of the store’s profit. I would be more than content with the 30 percent.”

    “30 percent was my share.”

    “No way, how could I treat my benefactor in such a way?”

    “70:30, I can’t take any more or I wouldn’t I feel comfortable becoming your knight.”

    “No no, how about we split it 50:50. I can’t possibly take any more than that.”

    The count was quite stubborn. so we finally agreed on splitting the profit evenly.

    “My last request is that I’d like to teach your kids.”

    “Wow! Really? If you did I would really appreciate it. In fact, I wanted to ask this of you, but I thought it would be too burdensome. My deceased wife Leone would be so happy to hear that the kids are receiving a great education.”

    His eyes became watery as tears began to fall. I knew he was a doting parent, but I never expected it was this much.

    The very next day I began searching among the serfs to find ones which had a special talent.

    “I don’t think it would be useful for you to search among such lowborns.”

    The one who was grumbling beside was Levin, the count chief bookkeeper who was viscount Laheart’s second son. Despite not having a title he was one the smartest retainers in Sion’s household.

    “Levin how about focusing more on this.”

    Woooo,I am bored. Meeting these poor farmers is not at all interesting.”

    He had a very lazy personality and would quickly make up excuses if it involved work. Also, he didn’t show the proper respect to those in higher positions.

    “Johra how about that kid from before?”

    Still his observations skills are quite sharp. I was looking for someone with the [Carpenter] skill and had finally found the first one in a 14 year old boy.

    “Yes I think I’ve found the one.”

    Most of the day had gone by as I had inspected almost 60 different people, but it was all worth it in the end as I had found the right one. The next day I had the boy with the carpenter skill named Jiden summoned to the manor where I showed him the chess board and asked him to make a similar one. I handed him blocks of wood and some tools before leaving him to experiment and coming back to check on the results two days later.

    “Wow, what do we have here?”

    “Was that some praise?”

    “Yes, it’s much better than I expected. I should give it to the count as a gift.”

    “I put the count’s crest on the backside of the board”

    I stroked his head dotingly

    “You’re amazing, I definitely want you working for me.”


    “Yup, for every set you make I’ll pay you 5 silvers, it’s not bad right?”

    “Oh no that’s too much! I’m happy to be helping out the Lord with his work.”

    “No no, properly rewarding hard work is a principle of mine.”

    The chess board crafted by Jiden was greatly praised by the count. If one was to pass there hand over it, the result would be some smooth gliding. It was clear that it had been very carefully made.

    “It’s quite exquisite. In fact Johra I was thinking of gifting a chess set to the King. What do you think about my idea?”

    “Uhm… are you sure?”

    “Of course. If we gain the King’s favor, then we can receive exclusive selling rights.”

    “Ah, then I’ll work hard to prepare our best work.”

    “Good, can you try to prepare two additional sets for our royal visit next week? I think we should give one to each the King and Duke”


    I asked Levin to call Jiden over.

    “Please do your best in making two more chess sets.”


    I didn’t mention anything about the King and Duke. I worried that if I would bring it up it would put a lot of pressure on him.

    Later that day in the afternoon I began my first lesson with the count’s two kids. To start off, I taught them simple arithmetics. Jillian was a bit slow to catch on but tried hard. Jerna however was very quick to learn and would absorb all knowledge like a sponge.

    “Good job Jillian, you’ve done well.”

    “Ah, sorry for being a little slow.”

    Next to me Jerna was pulling on my clothes, wanting some recognition.

    “You also did well Jerna.”


    I didn’t want to praise her too much for fear that it would go to her head and she wouldn’t focus as much on her studies.

    Four days later Jiden presented me with two gorgeous chess sets. It was such great artwork that not even on Earth had they designed such a beautiful chessboard. It was fashioned in such a way that it appeared like a real battlefield.

    “Well… I can’t praise it enough.”


    “His face turned red in embarrassment. I took out a gold coin from the money I had received from the count and handed it to him.

    “This is a small something to encourage you to continue working hard.”

    “No way! This is far too much money!”

    “It’s the natural compensation for the work you’ve achieved.”

    I forced the gold coin into his hands before sending him on his way home. Levin who had been watching from side grunted in disapproval.

    “If you praise him that much then he will begin to slack off.”

    “Oh Yeah~ then how about you? Did someone praise you too much?”

    “I’m an exception since anyways I’m naturally lazy and wouldn’t take it to heart”

    “Well… then I guess the only way is to inform Sion”

    Yaaawn I’m sleepy but don’t worry I’m yours to command!”

    His attitude wasn’t good, but he still managed to complete any task I gave him.

    Four days later I successfully framed Jiden’s chessboard with gold and iron, before coating it with a thin layer of oxide film to protect it from wear and tear. Of course the solution for the liquid coating had been mixed according to Lena’s instructions. She had become much more useful since we had solved her power issue.

    The day before our departure Jiden handed me the case which would be used to transport the chess set. Once it was all carefully packaged I handed it to the count.

    “It’s quite heavy, wasn’t it made out of wood?”

    “Yes it is indeed made out of wood but it has a metal framing.”

    “Oh… it sounds cool. Could I open it up to take a quick peek?”

    “It would be best to leave it gift wrapped as is because it would take quite a bit of time and effort to rewrap it.”

    “O…Okay I’m really looking forward to seeing it.”

    After seeing off the count on his visit to the royal palace, I could finally go back and focus on something which I had been putting off lately.

    ‘Time to level up some more.’

    In order to be prepared for any future events I needed to make sure that my strength was sufficient. If I wanted to be able to stop a large scale war between two empires my current ability was far from enough.”

    “Levin join me in interviewing more people.”

    “Ugh… again? how annoying.”

    “What was that?”

    “Ah, nothing let’s go”

    Despite his lack of motivation Levin performed well during the interviews, but despite going through 200 people in 4 days the results were quite disappointing.

    “Uh… just kill me now”

    “I’m already dead sir Johra.”

    “Levin, you just watched me working the whole the time”

    “Yeah, but our endurance limits are worlds apart, I feel like I’m going to drop dead any second.”

    I had conducted many interviews, but the only talents we had found so far were one of [Metalworking], [Carpenter] and [Jewel Crafting]. Everyone else had no special skills.

    ‘It seems like skills are quite rare among humans.’

    I was surprised because previously I had seen many people with skills, but now it seemed that among the commoners it was far less prevalent.”

    “Did you want to call it a day and head back?”

    “If someone were to resurrect me then maybe… right now I’m dead and can’t move.”

    “To the count’s….”

    “Okay fine let’s go.”

    I knew that I could always get Levin to do something by bringing up the count.

  • Chapter 84

    “Hmm it seems that I can’t use the count’s soldiers for my adventure guild quests and I wasn’t able to find any potential fighters among the serfs which I interviewed, It’s really quite frustrating.”

    “Right, you did say that you’re an adventurer right? Were you looking for a companion?”

    “Yes, it can be a bit dangerous to go out alone, it’s best if someone is there to have your back.”

    “How did you go on quests before?”

    “I got a good friend which would join me, but unfortunately he is unavailable for the next little while.”

    “Have you considered buying a battle slave? I heard that it is quite a popular option among adventurers.”

    “Battle slaves?”

    “Yes, their abilities are quite good but they’ve committed some crime so they became slaves.”

    “Wouldn’t it be dangerous if I cant trust them?”

    “They have no choice but to obey their master and protect his well being due to a magical slave contract forced upon them, but there are still occasionally some problems.

    “Hmm… it sounds like an interesting option, maybe I’ll get myself one.”

    There were far too few adventurers in Gartmar and it was difficult to form a party. Also, I didn’t want to reveal my quick growth to just any random adventurer, so perhaps the battle slave was a good idea.

    “Where can I get myself one?”

    “I heard that there will be an auction in Gartmar next week which will feature some battle slaves. It’s quite the hot news and even a few nobles will want to select some.”

    “Are they expensive to buy?”

    “Maybe, but you should have enough with the money you received from the count.”

    “Nonsense, that was operational funds for the store, I cant use it for personal issues.”

    “Why not, I was there when he said that if you were to run out of money you could just come ask for some more.”

    “No, it isn’t something I’m willing to do.”

    “Wow you’re surprisingly honest.”

    “Hard-headed mostly.”

    Thanks to this information I just gained form Levin, I knew I had to save up some of my own money to purchase battle slaves. For now my only option was with Material Creation.

    “Create Material: Gold!”

    I could get a piece of gold the size of my thumb for each spell, so it would definitely add up tp a considerable amount over time.

    ‘I should probably spread out my sales to not attract attention.’

    Unlike most ores which had to be sold in large quantities to achieve a modest profit, gold was very valuable and there was always a market for it so I could sell it in different places. I spent the next few days grinding my Material Creation non-stop until finally the day before the auction I sold it all in different stores around town.

    By the time I returned to the manor the sun was already rising. Meanwhile I was busy counting my hard earned profit.

    “1 Platinum and 10 gold, about the equivalent of 20,000 Dollars on Earth. I really hope it’s enough to afford at least one slave as the next auction is in 3 months time.”

    I ate my breakfast, constantly worrying if I had saved up enough.

    “Johra I heard that you were going to the battle slave auction today.”

    Jillian who was eating his breakfast across the table from me was staring with eager eyes. Clearly he wanted to come with me to the auction.

    “Yes I want to buy one for myself.”

    “Can we go with you if it isn’t too much of a bother. It can be considered as broadening our horizons.”
    Jerna who was seated next to Jillian with her eyes screaming ‘Me too me too!’.

    “Well it might be a bit of a problem. I would usually ask the Count for something like this, but since he isn’t here….”

    I didn’t want to look up and see his eyes full of disappointment so I just focused on my food.

    “I’ll be sure to tell you about the whole thing.”

    “Thank you and I look forward to it.”

    Jerna however looked at me accusingly as I left them behind.

    On the carriage ride to the auction, Levin went into a bit more detail about the slaves.

    “Among battle slaves there are some that are better looking that others.

    “For me the only thing I need is fighting ability.”

    “Really? Between a good fighter who is pretty and a good fighter who is ugly, which one is better?”

    “Of course the first one.”

    “Well if they both have the same strength, then wouldn’t the uglier one be much cheaper?”

    I didn’t have any good retort, seeing Levin’s sneaky smile I knew I had been tricked.

    “I’ll wait for you here because it’s hard to sleep when there are too many people around, too much commotion. The carriage is ideal for a nice nap.”

    Leaving the lazy Levin behind, I headed inside the auction hall.

    “One platinum, nothing else right?”

    Participants in the auction had to have their identities checked as well as their funds before receiving a number. There were just over 10 people in the room bidding on item lots, they all looked like butlers who were sent by their Lords.

    “And sold to the gentleman number 10!”

    The slave that was just sold was a blonde elf. She had the [Archery] skill along with a few other miscellaneous ones, but the price was still one platinum coin.

    “Ugh… then I guess an actually useful battle slave would be beyond my means.”

    The next one was a level 24 gladiator fighting slave. Because the level was quite high, the winning bid ended up being 2 platinum coins (30,000$).

    After that was a handsome Elven warrior. Despite only having a [Dagger Mastery] skill, because of his good looks he was also sold for two platinum coins.

    ‘Damn I can’t even afford to buy these useless ones….’

    “The next one here is a Dark Elf. Do try to look past her poor looks and focus on the ability to use magic!”

    She was an Elf with copper skin tone and about 1.5 meters tall. Among humans she would look like at 12~13 year old girl, but in reality she was much older.  She was really beautiful with a voluptuous body unlike the usual slender Elven build. However, above all else she had a skill which interested me.

    “One platinum!”

    “We have one platinum, do I hear 2? She’s ugly but knows magic!”

    “I didn’t understand why they kept repeating that she was ugly, in my eyes she was really pretty.”

    “No one else? Okay, sold to the gentleman number 13!”

    “Bring out the next one!”

    The crowd all thought she was ugly, so I got quite the deal and could successfully buy my first battle slave. When the auction finished we all lined up to begin the process on creating the slave contract.

    ‘Finally my turn.’

    I was familiar with the process having seen all those in front of me perform it. I simply pricked both of our fingers with my dagger and a few drops of blood fell into the prepared magic circle. It was completed by chanting a few simple words by the on site magician.

    Looking at her status, I realised that she didn’t have a name. I guessed that for a slave the name was decided by their master.

    “How about Viezda?”

    She just nodded back in response. Her very cold and reserved demeanor seemed to soften just slightly when I asked her opinion on her name.

    “Let’s just speak naturally between us in the future.”

    She again nodded her head.

    “Good, then please follow me.”

    I removed the restraints from her wrists and neck and we headed to the carriage


    “Are we heading back?”

    He asked as he looked ad Viezda behind me.

    Ugh!  And here I thought that you were going to buy a pretty Elven maiden. Instead you get this ugly Dark Elf. Why didn’t you pay attention to what I told you before. Did you know you

    Have a one day return policy?”

    I felt a bit awkward, perhaps to the world she looked very ugly, but in my eyes she was actually quite attractive.

    “I’ve already made my decision and don’t intend to go back on it. Viezda, meet Levin, a retainer of the noble which I’m acquainted with.”

    She just silently nodded her head.

    “I had insisted on a pretty one…”

    Levin was still mumbling to himself but I chose to ignore him because I was well aware of his weird personality.

    “Well at least now Johra has another target to abuse so my days will be a bit more free.”

    “Viezda, get in.”

    “What? Sir Johra? A slave in the carriage?”

    Viezda had a bitter face as she unwilling moved towards the carriage. It was no doubt the slave contract which was compelling her to obey her master’s orders.

    “Levin let’s head towards the weapons and armor shops to outfit her.”


    Levin had a helpless expression while Viezda sat near me, clearly uneasy.

    “We’ve arrived.”

    “Thanks Levin. Viezda, follow me and we will get you outfitted.”

    She silently followed me from behind and into the shop.

    “Let’s see, definitely light leather armor would work best.”

    Without any complaint or praise she would try on the clothes and items brought to her and then return them without saying a word.

    “Hmm… her breasts are quite big so we will have to account for that. Do you have an armor that is soft on the inside but hard and durable outside?”

    “Yes, it costs three gold coins.”

    “Hm, a bit pricey but we’ll take it!”

    Viezda expression immediately turned to one of wonder.

    ‘Did she think I was being too cheap?’

    Even compared to my own clothes the ones I was buying her were definitely superior.

    “Sorry this is all I can get you at the moment, is it ok?”

    She nodded without word

    “Clerk, how much is it in total for the leather armor, wand and hat?”

    “Eight gold coins.”

    “Sounds reasonable, it was about what I was expecting. Here you are.”

    “Let’s go back to the carriage.”

    When we had gotten back inside her face was one of shock.

    “Viezda were the items not to your liking?”

    She quickly shook her head left and right.

    ‘Maybe she isn’t able to say that she doesn’t like it because I’m her master?’’

    “Levin next let’s go a female clothing store, pick up some clothes for everyday use.”

    “Oh are you buying a gift for Jerna?”

    “No, why would you think that?”

    “Ah nothing… just if you were going to buy stuff for such an ugly slave… I expected you’d want to go to a used clothing shop.”

    “What nonsense are you spouting, just go to a high quality clothing store.”

    “What?! Okay got it.”

    Viezda had such a frightened and pale face that it was impossible to recognize her as a Dark Elf judging solely by the color of her face.  

    “Make sure to get some underwears as well.”

    Now she instead got a deep red blush as she hid her face behind her hands.

    ‘Was it because I mentioned underwears? I wasn’t planning on picking out her undergarments myself, did she misunderstand?”

    Seeing her red face I was sure that there was a huge misunderstanding.

    “Here we are!”

    “Let’s go Viezda.”

    “It was very difficult to find clothes that fit her well, so we ended up spending almost two hours trying different ones. It also didn’t help that she didn’t offer any opinion and I had to make all the choices myself. Giving up, I decided to put the burden on the store’s worker.

    “Clerk please choose some undergarments for her, I wouldn’t know much about that, just prepare 10 sets.”

    “Okay, do you know what her sizes are?”

    “No but you have her right here.”

    I awkwardly instructed Viezda to accompany the clerk and thirty minutes they came out together.

    “What is the total?”

    “Twelve gold coins.”


    It was the first purchase which she had decided herself so I didn’t want to disappoint her.

    “You don’t like them?”

    She shook her head.

    ‘Hmm, I’m not even sure what she truly thinks. Still, it would be too long and annoying to pick some new one so I guess it’s fine.”

    “We’ll take them.”

    The store clerk accepted my gold with a wide smile.

    “I’ll have the items brought to your carriage sir.”

    When we sat back in the carriage Viezda’s face held a strange expression.

    “Are you feeling sick?”

    She quickly shook her head.

    “Ok, just tell me if you’re feeling bad ok?”

    She nodded slowly while looking my way.

    “Levin, let’s get going!”

    “Johra, I’m dying of hunger! How about we eat some of the food we packed?”


    Viezda stomach growled as if to agree with Levin’s comment.

    I laughed it off but she turned red as she was deeply embarrassed.

    ‘She’s not only sexy but also surprisingly cute!”

    “Ok Levin, let’s first go to a nice place to stop and eat our fill!”

    “Good man Johra!”

    While Levin focused on driving the carriage I looked at Viezda’s status.

    Name: Vieza
    Gender: Female
    Status: Normal
    Race: Dark Elf
    Class: Slave

    Rank: H+ 
    Level: 3/77
    HP: 14/14
    MP: 21/21
    Attack: 1
    Defense: 1
    Agility: 11
    Intelligence: 17
    ✧ Unique Skills
    [Fireshock Lv 2] [Skill Steal Lv1] [Herbalism Lv1]

    ✧ Titles

    [Magic Slave (Johra)] [Curse of the Blood Moon]

    [Magic Slaves] – They can’t resist any other their Master’s orders, including their new names. If they do, they will feel a pain near their chest which can eventually lead to death. If they get too far from their masters they will begin to develop a certain uncomfortable feeling, and if you scold them with the name you’ve given them, they have trouble breathing making it easy to punish them.

    [Curse of the Bloodmoon] A curse which makes a creature appear incredibly ugly, but gives them a bonus to their MP and Fire skills.

    [Skill Steal]  Allows one to use other people’s skills, stopping them from having access to it in the process. However it is only for a short period of time.

  • Chapter 85

    “Johra how about here?”

    We picked a nice peaceful spot to stop the carriage and eat our packed lunch.

    “Is it sandwiches?”

    “Yes, do you not like them?”

    “No, I’m sure they will be just fine.”

    When Levin handed Viezda her sandwich she just naturally took it and stepped outside.

    “Where is Viezda going?”

    “It isn’t a servant’s place to share a meal with her master.”

    “What nonsense, Viezda come back here.”

    She climbed back into the carriage with an awkward expression.

    “Let’s eat.

    Levin gave me a strange look but I just ignored him and focused on my lunch. Likewise Viezda was staring at me.

    “Is there anything that you don’t like to eat?”

    Shaking her head she began to eat her sandwich.

    “Wow it’s so tasty!”

    “Yes Johra, the count’s chef’s a very good because my father, the head butler, is very picky in the selection of employees.”

    Levin spoke out proudly as if his father was a great hero.

    Viezda just quietly ate her lunch all crunched up in the corner.

    “What’s wrong Viezda?”

    She shook her head left and right.

    ‘Is she afraid of strangers?’

    After finishing our meal we hit the road once more and soon made it back to the manor. Jillian and Jerna were already outside, awaiting our arrival with eager eyes.

    “I’m back.”

    “Johra is the woman behind you a battle slave?”

    The siblings was hopping up and down to get a better look at Viezda who was partly hidden behind me. When they caught sight of her, he and Jerna sported a surprised expression.

    “What’s wrong Jillian?”

    “She’s quite ugly… is it normal for a battle slave?”

    “Really, I thought she was quite pretty.”

    Hearing my words Jerna’s expression became very cold.

    “Can I impose on you and ask for another room Jillian?”

    “Of course, I’ll make sure it’s taken care of.”

    Viezda however followed me silently into my own room.

    “Why are you here? I went out of my way to get you your own room so why don’t you sleep there?”

    She shook her head helplessly as a deep blush reached her cheeks.

    “Did you want to sleep in this room?”

    She nodded back, as her face truend an even deeper red.

    “Okay it won’t be a problem. You can sleep on the bed and I’ll take the couch.”

    She turned to look at the bed with an awkward expression.

    “Good night Viezda, get some rest because we have a lot to discuss tomorrow.

    I was exhausted from the days worth of shopping and fell asleep the moment my head hit the pillow. However, I woke up in the middle of the night due to a strange sound.

    Sniff sniff wooo~


    Peeping through my half closed eyes I came upon an embarrassing scene.

    “Get out before you wake him up you useless slave! How dare you take the master’s bed, you should consider yourself fortunate to even be allowed to sleep in the same room!”

    One of the maids had walked into the room, and having seen my slave on the bed, attempted to drag her out. Viezda however was clutching the sheets with all her might, refusing to budge.

    “What’s going on here?”

    Viezda was delighted to hear my voice, knowing that I had woken up. The maid however hurried out of the room, giving Viezda one more hateful look on the way out. As the maid escape Viezda let out an elated sigh, but this caused her to let go of the bed sheet she had been holding on to, and carelessly fell down to the floor.

    “What happened Viezda? Are you okay?”

    She sat down on the floor, with deep laborious breaths and she tore at her own chest.

    ‘Hm, what if…?’

    “Are you unable to speak?”

    She shook her head.

    “So is there something stopping you from speaking?”

    She nodded once again and clawed at her chest even more vigorously.

    “Have you been forbidden from talking?”

    She nodded again, while she kept hitting her chest.

    “What’s the matter, I allow you to say whatever you want. Viezda! You can talk!”

    Pooooooha!! Please cancel your command that I should sleep in your bed. Phaaa”

    “Okay Viezda, you don’t need to sleep on the bed.”

    Haaahhh haaahhh

    I finally understood her past actions and the reason she had difficulty breathing and was tearing at her chest were all signs for me.

    “Were you forbidden from speaking by your previous master?”


    She responded in a timid voice.

    “I’m so sorry, I didn’t know that.”

    “It’s okay, I’ll explain everything to you master.”

    I gave her a hand to help her up from the floor and we sat on the bed.

    “So what did you want to say?”

    “If you call my name, then anything you say after that becomes an absolute command.”

    ‘Oh! This whole time I had been carelessly throwing her name around!’

    “I’m sorry I’ll be more careful in the future.”

    “Not at all, it is my job to follow my master’s wishes.”

    “I won’t order you around. There is only one thing that I’ll ask of you and that is that you never betray me.”

    “Of course.”

    I felt her eyes brighten.


    “I locked the door, it’s fine now.”

    “I’ll take the couch master so you should go on the bed.”

    “Nonsense, I’m a man and you’re a woman. It’s a question of honor.”

    Viezda still had an unwilling look.

    “Can I ask you something?”

    She nodded back

    “Why did you want to sleep in the same room? Did you have some weird expectation?”

    “Ah, not at all. I know it’s impossible for you to be interested in an ugly person like me. it’s just that I begin to feel terrible if we are too far away.

    She lowered her head submissively..

    “Why is that? Is it part of the Master-Slave Contract we established?”

    She nodded back.

    “Okay then Viezda, I’ll make sure they install a second bed starting tomorrow, but for tonight I’ll be taking the couch.”

    As I abruptly used her name, her expression became uncomfortable.

    “Ah,  sorry it was a slip of the tongue.”

    Seeing that Viezda had fallen asleep I likewise dozed off on the couch.

    Knock knock!

    “Huh? Viezda?”


    Viezda had been kneeling by the couch, waiting for me to wake up.

    “Sit comfortably. Yes~ Who is it?”

    “Good morning Johra!”

    It was not the maid but Jerna who was at the door.

    “Ugh… what’s up?”

    “Let’s play some chess!”

    She had walked in carrying the chess board and set it on the table. During our game she would occasionally steal some glances at Viezda. Her expression one filled with jealousy.

    “Hm Jerna? Any day now would be fine.”

    “Wait wait! I need to think carefully!”

    Our game was taking forever as she would sometimes take more than 20 minutes for a single move. For this reason I had been trapped in my own room playing chess for the last few hours.

    Viezda was sitting down on the couch and looking at us play. We even had lunch in my bedroom, the three of us locked up in the room due to this game.

    ‘Ugh… this is taking far too long. Should I simply lose on purpose? No, if she were to figure it out it would only be worse.’

    Jerna was burning a hole into the board by staring at it for so long.

    “Agh! How could you possibly read so far ahead? I thought I had a chance to win this time!”

    Tears welled up in her eyes.



    She cried helplessly

    “Master you don’t have any mercy”

    “Viezda, I’m heartbroken by your words.”

    Viezda immediately turned pale in fear.

    “What? Is it a reaction to what I just said?”

    “The punishment… it’s hard to breathe.

    “Oh Viezda please stop it, I’m sorry.”

    “Not at all, it’s natural for me to suffer some punishment for harming my master.”

    “I don’t think of you as my slave Viezda, but rather as my colleague.”

    “A colleague?”

    Tears began to form in her eyes.

    “Did I say something wrong?”

    “No, the opposite.”

    She threw her head down into her lap and began bawling her eyes out.

    ‘I must be a terrible person as I’ve made two women cry in the same morning. I should probably reflect on my actions….’

  • Chapter 86

    “Viezda how about you try on the new clothes?”

    “Yeah, sure.”

    As I brought out all the items which we had bought yesterday, She had already begun to undress herself.

    “Uh, uh… I’ll be right outside.”

    I rushed out past the door.

    Huuoo I didn’t expect her to immediately take off her clothes, I need to be more careful with using her name.”

    “Master I’ve finished changing.”

    When I came back into the room I was greeted by the sight of a gorgeous beauty with a slight blush on her face. She originally had a great figure but the new clothes really accentuated it.

    “I think my heart is going to burst!”

    “Master? Are you sick?”

    Viezda asked with a confused look.

    “Yes, kind of. When I see something so beautiful, my heart nearly explodes.”

    MIsunderstanding my intention, she formed a small frown.

    “I guess these clothes don’t suit me since I’m too ugly for them.”

    “How could you say that! Is that what you truly think?”

    I wanted to get to the bottom of this because I was surprised that she would have such low self esteem with regards to her tremendous beauty.

    “Lena, what do you think?”

    “Based on human proportions she would indeed be classified as a top beauty back on Earth. However her skin tone is a bit dark so it would be more of an exotic taste.”

    “Is that so? Hmm….”

    “Who are you talking to?”

    Naturally Viezda thought that I was talking to myself, because these days Lena would always resort to the vibrations in my bones to communicate with me so that others couldn’t hear.

    “Oh no, it was nothing.”

    ‘It must be due to the Curse of the Blood Moon, but why is it that I remain unaffected?’

    I put the small mystery to the back of my mind and decided to focus on something which I had been itching to find out.

    “Viezda, you know how to use Skill Steal right?”

    “Yes, but how did you know that about me? I’ve never told anyone else.”

    She answered embarrassed.

    “Have you ever tried using it?”

    “Just the once when I was a young kid. I was interested in another person’s magic skill, but after that time I’ve never used it.”

    “Why not?”

    “I still remember the person’s devastated expression when he realised he could no longer use the skill.”

    “How long does the Skill Steal last?”

    “As I remember it was around 30 minutes.”

    “You should practice it more. I think if you were to level it up, then maybe the amount of time can lengthen. Viezda, try Skill Steal on my Water Creation spell.”

    “Yes master, Skill Steal: Water Creation.”

    She grabbed my hand and  looted my skill. When I checked my Status page I realized that it was now missing.

    “I… I’m sorry master.”

    “What did you do wrong?”

    I was tired of seeing her beg for forgiveness so I tried to change topic.

    “What do you think about becoming an adventurer?”

    “Well… it’s true that being an adventure has been a childhood dream of mine.”

    “Have you ever tried it before?”

    She shook her head.

    “Why not?”

    “My previous master was a peculiar person that liked to collect different kinds of slaves. He bought me and then just 10 days later sold me in order to buy a more expensive slave.”

    “Was that the same master who didn’t allow you to speak?”

    “Yes, he said I was too ugly so he didn’t want to hear my voice.”

    Viezda’s breathing became erratic as she was recalling those unsavory memories.

    “All that is in the past now, try to put it behind you.”

    “But you were never disgusted by my appearance.”

    She wiped her tears and showed me a brilliant smile.

    “In my eyes Viezda is truly beautiful.”

    “You must have some strange fetish… I know that I’m not attractive.”

    “I think it might have something to do with you Curse of the Blood Moon, but for some reason it doesn’t seem to affect me.”


    “Yes a curse.”

    “Is it really true that I am pretty in your eyes?”

    I nodded my head in full seriousness.

    “… Are you sure?”

    “Of course!”

    “Her face blushed a deeper red than I have ever seen before.

    “It’s a good thing that I only appear that way to master.”


    “Since no one else will lust after me, and only master can see me in the best light.”

    “Haha~ It must be fate that brought us together! If it weren’t for the fact that I’m the only one that is unaffected by your curse then I don’t think I would have been able to purchase you at the auction due to a lack of funds.”

    “So it’s fate?”

    “Yes, it must be!”

    Her face mustered up a small innocent smile when I brought up the word fate.




    “What is it?”

    “Master master master!”

    Viezda suddenly leapt into my arms and hugged me tightly.

    “Please never throw me away.”

    “How could I ever do that?”


    She let out a huge sigh of relief as she left me embrace.

    “I will never cry in front of you again. Do you think I’m silly?”

    “No, not at all. Regardless of what you do you always look good in my eyes.”

    “If you keep telling me that I might start to believe it.”

    “It’s the truth.”

    “Okay, then from you i’ll believe it.”

    “Got it, so how about going on our first adventure?”

    “Alright master!”

    Viezda shouted out with newfound energy. Like she had left behind the chains of her past and broken out to a whole new life.

    ‘She gives off the same vibe as Valenor.’

    Her positive thinking gave me the same feeling as Valenor did when she used to stare at me.

    Exactly 30 minutes later my skill returned.

    “I got my magic back so did you want to use your Skill Steal again to grind it up?”

    She tried but unfortunately she wasn’t able to do so, perhaps it had quite the long cooldown so we agreed to try it again in 4 hours.

    Once Viezda fully equipped herself with all the items I bought her yesterday, we went to find Jillian.

    “Sir Johra”

    “I have a favor to ask of you”

    “Just go ahead and tell me, I’ll do my best to satisfy your demands.”

    It was a bit burdensome for me to ask Jillian for a favor because he had so much respect for me that he wouldn’t easily refuse. That’s why I had to make sure that I wasn’t taking advantage of his goodwill.

    “I’d like to have another bed brought into my room.”

    “Oh, that is but a small matter.”

    “Where will you be going to teacher, no, Johra?”

    He quickly changed his form of addressing me because I had told him before that I didn’t want him addressing me so formally.

    “I’m going to have her registered as an adventurer and perform some quests.”

    “Oh could I maybe come with you?”

    Jillian was diligent and hard working, but he wasn’t particularly talented. Although it would be nice to have him around, I wasn’t confident in my personal power enough to be able to protect him.

    “It might be a bit dangerous so I would need your father’s permission.”

    “Ah yes… unfortunately he is only coming back next week so I guess I’ll have to wait until then.”

    His face sank, filled with disappointment.

    I tried to cheer him up a bit, but soon had to take my leave as I joined Viezda in the carriage. As we left the manor I could see the two sibling seeing us of from the estate’s entrance.

    “Johra where are you going today?”

    “Please bring us to the Adventurer’s Guild in Gartmar, Levin”


    About two hours later Levin dropped us off in front of the guild and returned home. Promising to come back and pick us up later in the evening.”


    The guild was still relatively empty.

    “Come in… oh! Johra?”

    “Hello miss Chou, it’s been a while!”

    “Why didn’t you stop by more often? Do you have any idea how boring it is to be alone all day long? No one ever comes in and there’s a rumor that they are planning on closing down the  Gartmar branch.”

    “.Oh…really? ”

    “You’re the only adventurer I’ve ever registered and as far as I know, along with your partner, you two are the only adventurers in all of Gartmar!”

    Her voice was beginning to get a little frantic.

    “Please don’t get too agitated. Look, I brought another person to get registered.”

    “The one standing behind you?”

    Chou looked at Viezda with a small frown.”

    ‘I wonder how other people see her? Viezda must have had a tough life growing up.’

    We were able to once again get a bonus beginner set for Viezda after completing her registration.

    “Thanks again miss Chou”

    “I’m sorry about before, but do visit often!”

    “I will. Oh right, which way is the Mage’s Guild?”

    She drew me the directions on a piece of paper to help us find the guild.

    I then took the chance to look at the Quest board, but unfortunately they didn’t seem to have updated any and the selection was still pitifully small. Accepting the Goblin subjugation quest for the both of us, we headed outside.

    “Shall we go to Mage’s Guild?”

    “Will I become a mage?”

    “You don’t like the idea?”

    “It’s ok… but am I allowed to use magic?”

    “Of course I hope you use it often.”


    I wondered if she had some trauma regarding magic. Judging by her extreme reaction, it wasn’t something that could be easily overcome in the short term.

    “Oh hello, are you here for the Mage’s Guild? You would be our very first customer!”

    “Ahaha…that’s indeed the case”

    The enthusiastic guild master introduced himself as Pero. In fact, he was a Gnome which was a rather rare species in these parts. And of course, just like the Warriors Guild, it only survived due to the sales of the potion store it shared the building with.

    “Here, put your hand on this.”

    A purple light shone down upon us. Viezda had her class changed to Mage and received the spell Fireball. I however only receive the beginner spell Fireshock.

    “Let’s see, where did I put that… Aha!”

    “What is this?”

    “Normally it would cost you one gold coin, but since you’re my first adventurers I’ll gift it to you. It’s only a beginner book, but it’ll take quite a long time before you can use all the spells in the book. Study hard!”

    ‘Do humans have to study magic? As an Undead I just needed to kill creatures for the first time to gain new spells. Life was so much simpler then.’

    I thanked Pero for his generosity and bought a few recovery potions from the store on the way out.

    “Hm… he was a nice guy.”

    “Right, he never frowned when he looked at me.”

    “Ah…I didn’t notice that. He seems like a good person, so we should visit him often.”


    “Shall we go hunt goblins now?”

    Viezda face hardened into a serious expression.

    After two hours of walking we arrived to the outer perimeter of the forest. In this area it was quite common to see horned rabbits.

    “How about hunting one of those rabbits?”


    “Yeah, actually with my strength capturing them is quite easy, but we can use them for your training.”


    Extending her arm towards the unsuspecting rabbit, grazing about 5 meters away, she began chanting her spell.

    “Essence of fire, gift thy heat to mine enemy, Fireshock!”

    It was quite wordy for my taste but the result was good. She managed to barbeque the rabbit with a single spell.

    “That was quite powerful, it didn’t even look like a Fireshock”


    Viezda’s expression became dark

    “What’s wrong?”


    “Are you okay?”

    “Are you angry with me?”

    “Why would I be angry? You did great!”


    I nodded head. Then I saw Viezda tearing up.

    “What is going on?”

    “I also think it was fate for me to meet master.”

    I couldn’t fully grasp her meaning, it felt like she had had some  deep revelation I couldn’t yet understand.

    “Shall we go?”


    By the time we left, the population of horned rabbits in the forest had been reduced by twenty. We headed back into town to hand in our spoils at guild, then waited for Levinto pick us up.

    “How was your hunt today, Johra?”

    “It went very well. We caught a lot of horned rabbits so maybe we’ll have ourselves a barbecue tonight!”

    “That sounds delicious, I’ll have the cooks come get the meat from you when we return.”

    “Okay, thanks.”

    “You are so talented, even being a successful adventurer. ”

    “The fruits of today’s hunting are entirely due to Viezda’s hard work.”


    “It’s true.”

    “Hahaha! Stop kidding around so much, everyone knows that Dark Elves don’t make good adventurers.”

    I looked at Viezda for confirmation and she nodded back. It appeared to be common knowledge.

    “Still I was all her doing.”

    “Okay, let’s say that was true. Anyways I’m looking forward to some delicious horned rabbit meat tonight!”

    “Of course! We caught quite a few so let’s share with all of the estate’s staff.”



    “I think the their evaluation of adventurers will rise simply because of that delicious meat.”

    That night everyone in the manor was left with a full belly. Horned rabbit was a delicacy which was difficult to obtain if one wasn’t an adventurer. It was such high quality meat that was not often served in the count’s estate because until recently it had been quite strapped for cash.

    “Viezda, is your Skill Steal available?”

    “Not yet….”

    “I guess it won’t be very easy to gain proficiency in it.”

    I was quite interested in having her raise the level of her Skill Steal because I was planning on making use of it in the future.

    ‘I really wish this skill works later on.’

    Due to that sumptuous meal, the attitude of the manor’s staff towards Johra had drastically improved.

    “Knock knock!”


    “Please play some chess with me.”

    Despite it being time to sleep, I started to play with Jerna.


    Name: Viezda
    Gender: Female
    Status: Normal
    Race: Dark Elf
    Class: Slave
    Rank: H+ 
    Level: 7/77
    HP: 21/21
    MP: 34/34
    Attack: 3(+5)
    Defense: 4(+10)
    Agility: 15
    Intelligence: 21
    ✧ Unique Skills
    [Fireshock Lv 4] [Skill Steal Lv1] [Herbalism Lv1][Fireball Lv1]
    ✧ Titles
    [Magic Slave (Johra)] [Curse of the Blood Moon]

  • Chapter 87

    “Checkmate Jerna.”


    “Did I make her cry again?”

    She ran away after her defeat. It had been a long game lasting several hours of fighting on the board, but in the end with my cheat key called Lena, there was no chance for me to lose.

    It was already 2 am by the time our game finished so Viezda and I quickly went to sleep in order to be ready for tomorrow.

    I woke early the next day and spoke to Viezda caringly.

    “Today we will try something adventurous, listen carefully to the plan.”


    After describing my scheme in detail, we headed straight into the outer perimeters of the forest. We caught 5 horned rabbits to warm up and to allowed Viezda to build up some confidence. Unexpectedly she also gained a level and so we were ready to move on to the deeper regions of the forest.

    “Get ready!”

    She nodded back, tightly gripping the small wand in her hand. Before us lay four goblins feasting on the corpse of a horned rabbit which I had left as bait.

    Sneaking up on them I slash them lightly with my dagger.

    ‘Success! I managed not to kill them.’




    The goblins scowled at my surprise appearance and chased be down with their clubs.


    The closest goblin swung his club my way, but I quickly ducked. When we were about two meters apart I turned towards Viezda and instructed her.


    “Essence of Fire, rain fury down on thy enemies. Fireball!”

    Wharrr Quang!

    [+3 experience points]

    [+6 experience points]

    [+12 experience points]

    [+24 experience points]

    I tried to roll away to avoid being hit by the aftermath of such a powerful spell that it could hardly be called fireball.

    “Viezda! You are so cool!”

    She was in shock, trembling.

    “What’s wrong?”

    “I hurt master! I’m sorry! I’m sorry!”

    “What are you talking about, I rolled away and dodged most of it. Didn’t you see me spring back up from the floor just now? I’m fine.”

    “But still it’s my faulting for harming master due to my inability to properly my control my strength. I don’t want to use magic again!”

    “How could I get angry over such a light injury. Being an adventurer is inherently a dangerous profession. Also, it’s my fault for not properly judging your firepower. Viezda, in the fututre don’t be burdened by your power and use it freely. Oh! Sorry sorry!”

    “Such an order… that’s too much master! Waaah!”

    Although I hadn’t intended my last words as a command, I didn’t cancel it because I knew that it would be necessary for her to develop a stable mindset.

    “Was that your strongest attack?”

    “No, I was trying to weaken it as much as possible.”

    I was quite excited that even her weakest fireball was capable of injuring me. That meant that her firepower was extraordinary, hardly what could be considered as a regular fireball.

    ‘I wonder just what the extent of her abilities are.’

    “I’d like to know what your strongest spell looks like, so try it out on that group of goblins over there, okay?”

    “Yes… please be careful then. Essence of Fire, rain fury down on thy enemies. Fireball!”

    I had retreated from the goblins until I was at least 20 meters away.

    Qwaaaaa Kuuuung

    “This isn’t like any fireball I’ve ever seen, it’s at least two tiers stronger.”

    Everything within an 8 meter radius had been charred black devoid of life.”



    She had slumped down to the floor. Checking her status I saw that her MP was completely empty.

    ‘Does she use additional MP to strengthen her spell? Could it be tied to her Curse of the Blood Moon? When she wakes I need to make sure to warn her against using her maximum power again.’

    Pulling out a blanket I lay her down on the grass. I tried to use my Lesser Heal on her but there wasn’t any effect because it didn’t affect the symptoms of mana depletion. About 30 minutes later she finally woke up.

    “Uhh… master?”

    “I’m here.”

    “Ahhhh sorry!”

    She bolted up and bowed down apologetically.

    “Oh stop that… also don’t use your full strength spell in the future.”

    “Yes… yes.”

    “You seem to have the innate ability to consume more MP in order to enhance the power of your spells. From now on let’s focus on controlling that power.”

    “Will it be okay?”

    “Of course! It’s a good thing to have that ability.”

    “Ah, then I’ll do my best to be helpful for master!”

    We took a short rest, waiting until Viezda’s MP had recovered before going out to find some more goblins. Naturally I used Lena’s assistance to more easily detect them in this thick foliage.

    “We will target those five, try to control your strength a bit more this time.”

    “Yes… please take care master, in case I make a mistake…”

    “It’ll be fine, I’ll dodge it.”


    I had just stepped on a patch of dry grass, alerting the goblins ahead of time of my presence.



    Quickly slashing at them with my dagger, I rolled away and shouted towards Viezda.

    “Now, your weakest strength!”

    “Essence of Fire, rain fury down on thy enemies. Fireball!”


    ‘Shit! I’m still too close!’

    As the fireball brushed past me I realised I was still only about 4 meters away from the goblins which was definitely still in the danger zone. I tried to roll away even further, but there was too little time so in the end I was still hit.




    I heard Viezda’s screams just as I was engulfed in the burning flames which charred my skin.

    ‘I should be fine with just this level of fire, but I’m just worried that she will develop a trauma towards her magic due to this.’

    “Lesser Heal!… Lesser Heal!…Lesser Heal!…Lesser Heal!…Lesser Heal!…Lesser Heal!…”

    Che! You!”

    I kept casting lesser heal with my back turned towards her, keeping my flaming left arm out of sight. It was a battle of attrition between my MP and the flames on my arm. In the end I pulled out a narrow victory as the flames died out and my skin remained unharmed.

    Phew That fire lasted much longer than I expected.’

    Luckily my position was still in the outer reaches of the blast zone, so along with the fire resistant properties of the leather armor, I was able to get out unharmed.

    “Master! I was wrong!”

    She broke down into tears as she knelt down on the ground, pulling on my shirt. I spoke to her softly as I stroked her hair.

    “You did nothing wrong, it was all due to my miscalculation. See, I’m totally fine.”

    Naturally Viezda assumed that I had suffered severe injuries, but when she took at look at my left arm , she was shocked to see me unhurt. After that she naturally began calming down, but it still took almost 30 minutes before she could speak properly.

    “You don’t need to cry over such superficial injuries.”

    “But master, I hate to see you hurt!:


    ‘It doesn’t look like we will be able to continue anymore today.’

    “Let’s prepare ourselves better for the next time.”

    We headed  back in town, to a store which sold items with magic defense.

    “Are you looking to capture a red dragon, sir?”

    “Haha… my situation just calls for a bit of fire magic resistance.”

    Items which granted fire resist were all quite expensive, but it was necessary for our hunting strategy.

    “I’m sorry master, it’s all my fault!”

    “No, I think of it as an investment for the future. I will be counting on your firepower down line.”

    She nodded back a bit hesitantly.

    On our way back we stopped by the Adventurer’s Guild to hand in our quest. Chou’s mouth dropped when she the results of our growth.

    “How the hell are you guys doing it? Leveling up so much… No, no it’s taboo to ask….”

    For the next four days we went back to the same spot to exterminate any goblins in the vicinity. I would slash out with my dagger and immediately jump away as Viezda burnt them to a crisp. As she became better at controlling her power, I suffered less injuries and she could save more mana which greatly increased our hunting efficiency.

    By the time we were able to hunt 30~40 goblins per day, we had already killed all the ones in the outer area.

    “It looks like that’s the last of them.”

    “Ah, I think I’m a little bit sad.”

    Viezda still had most of her MP.

    “Should we try going a bit deeper into the forest?”

    “Wouldn’t it dangerous?”

    “Well at worst we can safely retreat this way knowing that we’ve already cleared any globins in this direction.”

    “Ah, I see.”

    After carefully diving deeper into the forest, we soon stumbled across a goblin camp. The only problem was that there were 20 of them and one of them even was a Rare rank.

    “Hm… it looks like an opportune time to test out my new magic.”

    After studying the magic book which I had received from the Magic Guild I gained the spell [Poison Fog Lv1].

    Exchanging a quick glance with Viezda, I stealthily approached the closest Goblin and slashed him with my dagger.

    Kiie? Kieeeee!





    It was quite the problem if he made this much noise so close to the camp. Looking at his status I was stunned to see his skill, [Summon Allies].

    “I should have checked his status first!”

    A horde consisting of hundreds of Goblins were now rushing to this position from across the forest.

    “No, this might be a good chance instead. Poison Fog!”

    I cast the spell behind me as I retreated. All the goblins had to run through my spell as they chased me down and were quickly poisoned by the time I was only 20 meters form Viezda.

    “Viezda! Your maximum firepower!”

    With a last ditch effort I lunged forward as I looked back and noticed that the goblins were only a few meters behind me.

    “Essence of Fire, rain fury down on thy enemies. Fireball!”

    Wharrrrrr! Qwaaaa!

    An enormous fireball flew over my head as I looked up and saw Viezda fall down to the ground.


    I rushed towards her just as my back was hit by the aftershock of the huge explosion.

    Kuuung Qwuaaa!

    [+5 experience points]

    [+5 experience points]

    [+5 experience points]

    [Level has reached Max]

    [Evolution is now possible]

    “Oh, were humans also able to evolve? I had no idea!”

    Most of the fire blast was blocked by my fire resistant cape, allowing me to get away unharmed, unlike the hundreds of crispy goblin corpses behind me. Even the forest had caught fire and it was beginning to spread.

    Ugh! This is quite the large forest fire. It’s too big to put out with my Water Creation, so we have to quickly escape.”

    Scooping Viezda up in a princess carry, I ran away as quickly as I could to the forest’s outer perimeter. From behind I could smell the burning of the trees and hear the stampede of all kinds of creatures rushing to escape from the fire.

    “Did I create some big trouble?”

    By the time we had safely arrived to the edge of the forest, the fire was somehow already under control.

    “Hey… is that a dragon?”

    A deep blue dragon which I had never before seen, was flying in the sky, casting rain magic which helped extinguished the forest fire.

    “Oops I should probably hide.”

    I quickly hid us behind a nearby rock, out of site of the blue dragon which flew circles in the area for some time before finally leaving.

    Phew, it’s gone. It wouldn’t  be a good idea to face off a dragon as I am now. ”

    Once again picking up Viezda, I headed back towards the city.

    “Uh… master?”

    “Yes Viezda?”

    “Did I do a good job?”


    “I’ll do anything in order to help master..”

    She fell back asleep in my arms and Levin brought us back to the estate in the carriage. She slept the whole ride so I carried her to the bedroom.

    ‘Today was a lot of work, I should also get some sleep.’

    I fell into a deep sleep as soon as my head hit the pillow. I’d deal with my evolution after first getting a good nite’s rest.


    Name: Viezda
    Gender: Female
    Status: Normal
    Race: Dark Elf
    Class: Slave

    Rank: H+ 
    Level: 24/77
    HP: 71/71
    MP: 121/121
    Attack: 11(+5)
    Defense: 7(+10)
    Agility: 21
    Intelligence: 42
    ✧ Unique Skills
    [Fireshock Lv 4] [Skill Steal Lv1] [Herbalism Lv1][Fireball Lv4]

    ✧ Titles

    [Magic Slave (Johra)] [Curse of the Blood Moon]

  • Chapter 88

    Name: Chompy (Johra)
    Gender: Male
    Status: Normal
    Race: Human
    Class: Warrior/ Priest/ Mage
    Rank: G+ 
    Level: 99/99
    HP: 377/377
    MP: 805/805
    Attack: 78 (+3)
    Defense: 75 (+3)
    Agility: 141
    Intelligence: 331
    ✧ Unique Skills
    [Water Creation LvMax] [Lesser Healing Lv3] [Magic chanting Lv2] [Poison Fog Lv2][Decoy Lv1(Inactive)
    ✧ (Hidden) Unique Skills
    [Night Vision Lv1]
    ✧ (Hidden) Titles (Active)
    [Wizard of the Pit] [Master of Magma Hall] [Guardian of Corruption]
    ✧ (Hidden) Titles (Inactive)
    [Rat Trapper] [Hit-and-Run] [Savior Lv4] [Coldhearted LvMax] [Dragon Slayer Lv1] [Ant Exterminator Lv14] [Spider’s Bane Lv3] [Giant Killer Lv2] [Scuttles’ Grief LvMax] [Goblin’s Slaughterer Lv8] [Valenor’s Husband]
    ✧ (Hidden) Modifications
    [Avatar Lv1] [Creation Magic Lv1] [Resurrection Song Lv1]

    ✧ (Hidden) Creation Magic
    [Hidden Status] [Species Conversion(Human)] [Material Creation Lv8]

    ✧Evolution choice

    [Higher Human] [Meta Human] [Angel]


    I woke up two hours later.

    “What, I’m completely rested after just two hours of sleep? Is this the power of a level 99 human?”

    After taking the time to look at my status page, I was shocked by my choices for evolution.

    “What are these, Meta and Higher Humans? I can even become an Angel?”

    I groaned.

    “Except for the Angel, I don’t know anything about the other two.”

    “Johra, a Meta Human is a superman-like being from those old comic books.”

    “Oh, can you explain in more detail?”

    Lena went into an in depth explanation about all she knew concerning Meta Humans. It was quite impressive seeing as she was a Sci-Fi buff, however not much of what she told me was very useful and helped me know what to expect from the evolution.

    “Let’s hold off on that one until I can get some more information.”

    I calmed my mind. Although I was level 99, I wasn’t in any big hurry to make my choice. Taking my time to properly explore all my options was the better way forward.

    “Humans can learn new magic simply by studying books, so I’ll focus on collecting some. I still have roughly 19 years until I catch up to the previous timeline.”

    “Hm, can I use the decoy status for this?”

    Activating my ability,  I reverted my public status to yesterday’s state which was that of a level 45 adventurer.

    “Good, this way it won’t look too suspicious and it might even work in my favor if others underestimate my ability.

    “Johra, my new power generator has been completed.”

    “Oh great, so what material is need as a power source?”

    “Uranium 235”

    “Are you kidding me?”

    “It’s the best option considering its stability and long-lasting energy.”

    “Isn’t the radiation dangerous? And the possibility of it exploding?”

    “Worry not, I could handle it.”

    “Let’s wait awhile first. For starters I’m not sure if my skill level is high enough to create some, and I don’t know what’s going to happen after I make it. I’m afraid the Angels might take note of me if I do.”

    “I know you are worried, but the generator I created is capable of limiting most of the radioactivity to acceptable levels, and since you create it in such minuscule amounts, there is no risk of explosion.”

    “Let’s leave it at that, in life there are no such things as absolutes.”

    “It’s a good thing that you’re cautious, but it’s difficult to find an alternative power source, other elements simply don’t have the power….”

    After an hour and a half of back and forth discussion, we finally came to an agreement.

    I went for a run early in the morning, through the fields and away from any large populations.

    “Lena if I surround it in lead, would it be fine to create it here?”

    “Yes, lead is the ideal material to isolate the radioactivity as much as possible.”

    “Create Material: Lead”

    I imagined a thick cube of lead with a small empty crater in the middle, willing it into existence.

    “I’m projecting the molecular structure of Uranium 235 on your cornea.”

    A 3D molecular model of Uranium 235 appeared in my eyes.

    “I should try to make it as small as possible just in case, Create Material: Uranium 235.”

    “This is a bit too much, I’ll help you restrain it.”

    My lead box began to quickly heat up, but just as quickly cooled down after a few seconds.

    “Phew~ at least it was a success.”

    “Was it dangerous for you to control?”

    “Well the worst is past now.  Bury the box in the ground, if we need some more later we can always come back and get it.”

    After burying the box deep in the ground and returning to the Count’s manor, Lena broke me some surprising news.

    “What, their shield?”

    “Yes, now that you have a sufficient power source, we can recreate and power the energy shields from the Rohim. It is a great last resort as it could block almost all physical attacks.”

    And so, a Sci-Fi energy shield was introduced into this medieval world of swords and magic.

    “Where are we on mastering the local language?”

    “A proficient translation module for the native language has been created. ”

    “Did you carry with you the entire archives on the Rohim?”

    Currently we have access to about 70 of Gammasium’s records, which include those about the Rohim. If we managed to operate all the nanobots in your body, then we can get access to 100%.

    “Good, let’s work towards that.”

    “Okay, I’ll attempt to build a processor to reactivate them, but it’ll require quite a few materials.”

    I used my Material Creation to give her anything she would need.

    “Good that’s enough. Actually I was wondering if we could make something else?”

    “Like what?”

    “Microscopic drones.”

    “Is that even possible?”

    “Yes the energy source should be sufficient, but the range they can fly about is limited.”

    “If the range is too small isn’t it meaningless to make them?”

    “If we create enough of them then they can assemble together to almost instantly form a shield which can last for about 30 minutes anywhere in a 500 meter radius.”

    “That sounds incredibly useful, yea let’s make some of those too.”

    “Ok, I will begin production and report to you once it is finished.”

    I had quite the productive discussion with Lena on my way back to the manor.

    ‘Nanobots in my body and a nuclear power source, it’s almost like a cheat….’

    It was a weight of my shoulders. I had gotten used to the Undead lifestyle which made it difficult for me to die, thus resulting in me becoming a bit reckless. This had no longer been possible as a human, but now that I had the Rohim’s energy shield, it was the equivalent of a second life.

    When Viezda woke up we once again headed to the forest in order to hunt.

    “Where have they all gone to?”

    There were no longer any horned rabbits or goblins in sight.

    “Could it be because of the fire yesterday?”

    “What should we do Master?”

    “Lets try going further in.”

    Although we delved deeper into the forest, the result was the same.

    “Hm, this is a bit troublesome.”

    Of course my level was already maxed at 99 but the plan was to power level Viezda, which would be a bit difficult if we didn’t have any opponents.

    We decided to go even deeper but there still weren’t any monsters in sight.

    “Let’s rest here for a bit.”

    “Yes master.”

    As we sat down in some shade I contacted Lena.

    “Can you detect any monsters in our proximity?”

    “There is a significant life form within 1 kilometer of your position.”

    “It’s not Viezda right?”


    “Where is it?”

    “It’s heading this way, and at a great speed. Its 140 cm tall and has the appearance of a little girl, except that it’s different in many way… ah here it is.”

    A young girl came into sight, she had blue hair and eyebrows along with deep blue eyes. She wore clothing made out of large leaves, but it was especially those eyes of hers which reminded me of Valenor.

    “You’re that man from yesterday, how dare you burn down my forest.”

    ‘Ah, she is indeed a dragon.’

    Giving up any thoughts of resistance I tried to appear as innocent as possible. I knew I had no chance against a dragon.

    “Oh I’m so sorry about last time, it wasn’t on purpose.”

    “I know, had it been intentional I would have killed you on the spot. Why do you appear in these parts and kill the creatures here?”

    “I can’t help it as it’s my profession.”

    “Well all the animals have been sent to the deepest parts of the forest. They are also living creatures so you shouldn’t try to kill them. After all, I wouldn’t mind putting an end to a selfish adventure who didn’t know the value of life.”

    The little girl turned her head and headed back into the forest.

    “Wait! Then what should I do in order to eat?”

    Actually I didn’t know why I had shouted out to her and didn’t have any plan. I just felt that I had some affinity towards her, maybe it was because she reminded me of Valenor.

    “Why should I care about how you find your food?”

    The girl’s face turned into a frown.

    “It isn’t the same to kill for survival and to kill without meaning.”

    “Yes, killing to survive is a necessary part of life.”

    “Then can’t I kill some creatures in order to survive?”

    Her face formed a deep frown. She had fallen for me sophistry. Naturally there was a difference between killing innocent creature killing in order to survive, but she hadn’t made the clear distinction in her sentence.

    “So? Are you planning to capture creatures?”

    “Yes, if I have your permission.”

    “Sure, if it’s your request then just wait here a second.”

    The frown on the little girl’s face indicated that she held quite the grudge.

    ‘Should I just ignore her and try to run away?’

    After some time my worries turned out to be true.

    Koo Oh! Thud! Thud! Thud!

    A giant, three meter tall minotaur appeared from beyond the trees.

    “Um..hey Lilinor, isn’t this all a bit too much?”

    “I’m a majestic dragon you lowly human! Daring to kill in my own backyard and now casually throwing my name around? Wait how did you know my name in the first place?”

    “Lilinor! I will show you the power of humans!”

    “If you admit to your wrongdoings then I can call off the minotaur.”

    I instead chose to provoke the beast by throwing insults at it. Predictably, just like the bull that it was, it soon lost patience and charged towards me.


    “Minotaur, don’t attack without my command!”

    “Lena, help me out!”

    “Okay Sir!”


    Normally my small dagger would never be able to take on the minotaurs large mace, but it was all made possible with the help of the Rohim’s energy shield. As we clashed the energy shield allowed me to hold my ground.


    It became even more enraged seeing that I could meet his attack with my puny dagger.

    Thud! Thud! Thud!

    It then tried to stomp on me but the shield protected me once again. Even if it was very strong, it would never get through an energy shield which was designed to withstand the fire of futuristic weapons.

    “Master, run away!”

    Viezda called out to me worriedly from behind.

    “Viezda! The maximum Fireball, aim for the head!”

    “Essence of Fire, rain fury down on thy enemies. Fireball!”

    The Minotaur wasn’t paying attention to its surrounding because of its hatred for me.

    “What! Are you trying to cause another fire in my forest!”

    Despite Lilirno’s shouting, Viezda’s fullpower fireball flew straight towards the Minotaur’s head, as she collapsed from having overdrawn her mana.

    Wharrrrrr! Quaaaaaa! Puuuung!

    The incredibly large fireball struck it straight in the head, instantly bursting its brain to bits.

    Kuaauaaaaa Kung!

    [+1341 experience points]

    The fire began to burn across its body and the surrounding vegetation.

    “It’s that damn fire again! Polymorph!”


    Having transformed into her dragon form, Lilinor tried to stop the spread of the fire as I was running towards my fallen comrade.

    “Are you okay Viezda?”

    Despite having lost consciousness, she had slumped back against a tree which broke most of her fall. She hadn’t suffered any serious injuriues other than a few light scratches, however the fire was beginning to close in on us

    “Let’s get out of here!”

    Picking her up in a princess carry, I hightailed it out of there. As I was running away, I realized that Viezda had leveled upl.

    “Well at least we gained something out of all this!”

    Looking back I saw the clouds gather and the rain come down to finally put an end to the forest fire.

    “She’s quite proficient with water magic huh?”

    However, just as we were exiting the forest I saw Lilinor back in her human form, waiting for us.

    “You damn arsonists!”

    With the moment my fast speed I was barely able to stop myself just a few feet in front of her. I began to sweat just thinking of what she might have done if I’d collided into her.

    “What do you intend to do Lilinor?”

    “How dare you use my name again you puny human!”

    “Sorry, but you childlike form simply isn’t intimidating.”

    “Then do you want me to change to my original form?”

    “Why don’t you just tell my why it is that your blocking my path?”

    “Didn’t you just start a fire in my forest?”

    “That was self-defense.”


    “Yes, I had to act to defend myself against an enemy’s attack.”

    “To claim self-defense you need to first look towards the reason you entered the forest in the first place.”

    “I told you already, it was in order to survive.”

    “You killed the minotaur but didn’t eat it, explain that!”

    “Humans need more than just meat to live.”

    “What are you talking about? Creatures eat other beings in order to survive, that’s so obvious.”

    “Oh Lilinor… seems like you don’t truly know what it is to live.”

    “What are you talking about, how could you say that?”

    “One needs money to live! If you have enough money then you can live happily!”

    “What do you mean by that? Happiness? What do you short lived humans know about happiness? Even us eternal Dragons aren’t necessarily happy!”

    “What do you know Ms. Dragon. Although us humans may live a short life, it can be one filled with happiness!”

    “Don’t lie! Your mortality makes you a trivial existence!”

    “And has a mortal not just won against a dragon’s champion?”

    “It was due to a cowardly act of ganging up, not a honorable one-on-one.”

    “Ah, could it be that it didn’t count because it wasn’t a one-on-one?”

    “Of course not! Why don’t you try fighting me and I’ll show you my power?”

    Ugh How annoying, if I were still a Demi-Lich I could easily take her on, but as I am now, a B ranked dragon is simply too troublesome.’

    “Lilinor, mankind fights with their head. Showing off your power is only for fights among dragons.”

    “What way of fighting is this? Do you fight using only magic?”

    “Magic, ha! That is far too lowly! I’ll show you a way which is far more advanced.”

    “Tell me you puny human. Any manner in which you choose I will stamp down on your inferior intellect!”

    “Ok, follow me to the appropriate place.”

    “What? We aren’t fighting here?”

    “No, I’ll show you what a proper duel amongst humans looks like.”

    “Suspicious, are you trying to mobilize others to ambush me?”

    “No, I won’t rely on the power of any other human in my fight against Lilinor.”

    She nodded in response to my vow.

    “Do you understand the severity of a vow to a dragon?”

    “Of course”

    She followed behind me as we made our way to Levin’s carriage. He had been waiting for us at the edge of the forest. When I placed the unconcious Viezda gently in the carriage, Levin said.

    “It must have been some intense training again. Do we leave now? Who is that little girl and what does she want?”

    “Wait up, she’s coming with us. Lilinor, get in the carriage!”

    “Why? I’m your enemy!”

    “Oh just get in! Why, are you afraid?”

    “ME! Scared of a puny human?”

    She immediately hopped into the carriage. She stared at me with her arms crossed the whole ride back to the Count’s estate. It reminded me so much of Valenor that I couldn’t help but laugh.

    “Are you laughing at me? Do you want me to simply bite off your head here and now?”

    I waved my hand nonchalantly.

    “It was nothing, you just really reminded me of someone I know.”

    Hmph She must be a great person. I’ll forgive you this once since I’m generous.

    I laughed even harder inside, but had to work hard to keep a poker face. It was too ridiculous to be threatened by what looked like a 9 year old girl.

    “We’re here.”

    “Have we reached the battlefield?”

    “Yes, follow me.”


    Viezda began to stir as we entered the manor.

    “Are you awake?”

    “Whoa! Why is she here?”

    “It’s okay Viezda, she’s a friend.”

    “No! I’m the enemy!’

    She instantly denied my words

    “Alright, can you have Jillian bring up a chessboard?”



    Lilinor asked curiously.

    “Yes, human’s sacred field of battle.”

    “Hmmm? Is that so?”

    I marched to proudly into the manor as Lilinor followed.


  • Chapter 89

    Name: Chompy (Johra)
    Gender: Male
    Status: Normal
    Race: Human
    Class: Warrior/ Priest/ Mage
    Rank: G+ 
    Level: 99/99
    HP: 377/377
    MP: 805/805
    Attack: 78 (+3)
    Defense: 75 (+3)
    Agility: 141
    Intelligence: 331
    ✧ Unique Skills
    [Water Creation LvMax] [Lesser Healing Lv3] [Magic Chanting Lv2] [Poison Fog Lv2] [Decoy Lv1(Inactive)]
    ✧ (Hidden) Unique Skills
    [Night Vision Lv1]
    ✧ (Hidden) Titles (Active)
    [Wizard of the Pit] [Master of Magma Hall] [Guardian of Corruption]
    ✧ (Hidden) Titles (Inactive)
    [Rat Trapper] [Hit-and-Run] [Savior Lv4] [Coldhearted LvMax] [Dragon Slayer Lv1] [Ant Exterminator Lv14] [Spider’s Bane Lv3] [Giant Killer Lv2] [Scuttles’ Grief LvMax] [Goblin’s Slaughterer Lv8] [Valenor’s Husband]
    ✧ (Hidden) Modifications
    [Avatar Lv1] [Creation Magic Lv1] [Resurrection Song Lv1]

    ✧ (Hidden) Creation Magic
    [Hidden Status] [Species Conversion(Human)] [Material Creation Lv8]

    ✧Evolution choice

    [Higher Human] [Meta Human] [Angel]

    ✧Decoy Stats

    Level: 43/99
    HP: 75/75
    MP: 25/105
    Attack: 24 (+3)
    Defense: 12 (+3)
    Agility: 12
    Intelligence: 24


    “Hm, do you fight over a piece of wood?”

    “Yes, it’s a battle of wits.”


    “I’ll explain the rules so listen closely. I’m sure that a wise dragon like you can understand it the first time around.”

    Although Lilinor seemed a bit upset, she paid close attention to my explanation.

    I made sure everyone else stayed outside the room because I worried that they wouldn’t be able to understand the situation. After all they would surely think me strange if I put so much effort into playing a simple game of chess with a little girl. If they knew the truth about her, they would surely be surprised.

    However I knew first hand how boring a dragon’s life could be, so I was sure that she would be captivated by the game. Not to mention that Dragons were usually interested in diverse arts, so I was confident she’d be drawn in by chess.

    “So do you understand now? Do you see how it’s a duel? You can only appreciate this if you are a wise person.”

    “Ho ho, how interesting. The thought of beating a human in a battle of wits at their very own game. I’ll admit that this indeed qualifies as a legitimate duel.”

    “Right, this is a competition of wisdom. However, since Lilinor is a beginner, I’d be willing to give you some handicap. Regardless of the result, we could just count our first round as a practice game.”

    “No need, I already understand the rules so I don’t require any handicap from a mere human.”

    “You have good fighting spirit.”

    “Then I’ll go first!”

    “Johra, when I defeat this dragon I can call myself a dragon slayer!”

    Lena’s addiction to fantasy was coming out as she was squaring off with a dragon.

    Lilinor’s first move was standard, and the pattern was a common English opening (pawn C2 -> C4) and then Fianchetto (moving the Bishop in the opening), but her play soon slowed down.

    “Hey, did you move yet Lilinor?”

    “Quiet you noisy rascal! I need to concentrate.”

    We were already in the second half of the game, but she would be checkmate in just four moves. She had not played in the last three hours.

    “I never expected you to not make a move simply because we are playing without any time limit.”

    “Too noisy! I’m not such a coward!”

    Three more hours passed during which I took many bathroom breaks, however she had yet to play a single move. Of course she had no choice seeing as her fate was already sealed and she didn’t want to lose.

    “Don’t you think you should resign the match? Don’t worry, it’s a best of 3.”

    “Ah…really? Okay I resign.”

    She had an embarrassed expression as we began to rearrange the pieces.

    “This time you go first!”

    “As you wish Oh great Dragon!”

    Her frown was soon replaced by eagerness as we began the new game. I opened it up with the classic Dutch Defense, (Pawn D2 ->D4, opponent F2->F4)

    “Oho! This game will surely be interesting! The previous game developed quickly  but this one is more defensive!”

    “Why don’t you just play quickly instead of overthinking each move?”

    “Just you wait, I’ll soon flatten that pathetic human pride of yours.”

    Of course she never had a chance and I checkmated her King after 10 hours of play.

    “Are you truly a human? How is it possible for you to read further than me?”

    ‘Naturally it’s thanks to Lena, but there’s not reason to let others know.’

    “I’m assuming that you don’t have any problems with the result right Lilinor?”

    “Yes human, you indeed bested me in a duel without the aid of other humans.”

    “Then you admit that humans don’t only need to eat in order to survive right?”

    “Well… since it was the object of our bet then yes I have no other choice.”

    Her expression was very downcast. It was hard to believe that she was the same spirited dragon as before so I tried to lift her spirits a bit.

    “How about we play more, but add another bet?”

    She seemed to have found some motivation.

    “What are you playing at? Fine this time I’ll be sure to win!”

    “Ok, then if I win, you’ll have to grant three of my requests. Likewise, if you were to win I would do the same.”

    “Fine, then this time around I’ll start.”

    We once again started another game of chess.

    “Uh… this level of defense. I moved my knight but my pieces are all tied up.”

    Lilinor began by moving (c4, d6) while I moved (d4,Nf6) using the Old Indian Defense. By using this defensive castling maneuver, she was never able to mount a successful attack and the result had been decided.

    “Why? I was sure I could win. One more time!”

    “Are you sure? You might have to sell yourself at this rate.”

    “You play first human!”

    “How amount you start calling me by my name, Johra.”

    “Fine, human called Johra!”


    I started Nf3, D5 Lilinor moved C4, it began with the Reti opening so it was quite chaotic.

    “Are you trying to kill everything off at the very beginning?”

    “Well if there are less pieces then it will be harder for you to outread me.”

    She had put a lot of thought into some strategy that might defeat me, but of course she was still defeated. Lena had no intention on going easy on the dragon.

    “I’m not feeling well.”

    Lilinor had been completely defeated and her eyes were devoid of any vigor. If I were to tease her any more then she would surely just fall down in shame.

    “That’s checkmate.”

    “I admit my loss to you human. Your wisdom has bested me. Dragons always keep their word, so go ahead and tell me what your three wishes are.”

    ‘I was worried for a second that she would simply kill me out of spite.’

    “Worry not I’m quite a compassionate person, so my wishes won’t be too excessive.”

    She looked at me in surprise as she said.

    “After having experienced this loss at chess, I’m too tired for your sophistry human. Your plan was to give me some small hope and then crushing it. I don’t care what your wishes are, I’ve lost completely against you. ”

    Although she indeed reminded my of Valenor, I knew that she could never replace her.

    “My first wish is for you to always be my friend.”

    “Okay, but just what are you planning?”

    She answered dispirited.

    “My second wish is for you to never betray me.”

    “You only have one more, human named Johra, think carefully.”

    Taking a deep breath I spoke my last wish.

    “To always be my friend and trust in my actions.”

    Her pupils widened in surprise. All three wishes were certainly unexpected.

    ‘Hmm… I didn’t ask for much considering she’s a Dragon. Still, seeing as the result was already decided beforehand, I don’t want to feel like I’ve cheated her too much.’’

    “Johra are you sure that is all?”

    “Why? Is it not enough?”

    “I’ll ask you again, are those your three wishes?”

    “Yes, wasn’t it finalized after I made the last request?”

    “Indeed it was.”

    You have gained the title [Lilinor’s Friend]

    I nodded back while she experiencing several mood swings like defeat, happiness and suspicion.

    “Oh and one more thing.”

    “What is it?”

    Lilinor had the expression of a child which didn’t want to lose its favorite toy.

    “I think it might be a bit difficult if we tell other humans that you’re a dragon.”

    “Ah just that much? You have nothing to worry about.”

    “I’ll just say say that you’re a distant relative of mine and that we met by chance and therefore you decided to stay.

    “Will we have to live together?”

    “Well, if you have some urgent matters to attend to then of course you are free to go. But since we are friends it’s better if you stay close to me.”

    “I understand, but since I wasn’t prepared for this, I’ll go back home an return in a little while.”


    Lilinor rand out the door and soon disappeared in the distance.

    “Johra who was that?”

    “She’s the daughter of a relative of mine, so she will be in my care in the future.”

    “Ah of course if she is a relative of yours then she is a most welcome guest.”

    “A guest….”

    Jerna looked at me suspiciously as she spoke those words. Perhaps it was a woman’s intuition but even if Jillian bought my story about a distant relative, Jerna did not.

    “I can’t always be in your care so please accept this food I gained in the forest along with my latest rewards.”

    I handed over some meat from the magical beasts along with about 40 gold coins. At least it would cover some of our expense here at the manor and I wouldn’t feel too indebted to them.

    As I went back to my room and lied down, Viezda asked me.

    “Is Lilinor someone powerful?”

    “Yes, but now that we’re friends you don’t need to doubt her motives. She comes from a honorable race and would never break her promises.”

    “I was worried she’d make some trouble.”

    “If that was her intention she would have just done so back in the forest, she’s actually quite kind.”

    “What is that your talking about, human named Johra?”


    “Don’t you know how to knock? You scared the life out of me!”

    She came up to my bedside.

    “Quickly take out the chessboard! If you’re a true friend then you won’t back down from a fight, human called Johra!”

    “How about you just call me Johra? And maybe some other time, I’m quite tired right now so I want to get some sleep.”

    “A friend doesn’t ignore their friend’s request! You, Dark Elf, fetch the chessboard!”

    Viezda looked at me questioningly, asking what she should do. I reluctantly nodded back and then had to spend the next two days playing chess against this tireless dragon.

    “Lilinor are you trying to kill me?”

    “Just one more match! I know that I’ll win this time!”

    “I’m human so I need to get some sleep! Do dragons not also need to sleep?”

    “Don’t worry about me, I’ve slept plenty in my lifetime”

    “I’m sleeepyy….”

    “Stop whining! It’s your turn, human called Jorha!”

    “Can you at least say my name correctly?”

    “Would you then play a game of chess, Johra?”

    “So you could say my name well!”

    Naturally I won again.

    Cht! Even if you’re sleepy you never lose your focus!”

    I heard Lilinor complain.

    “Was that what you were aiming for?”

    “Uuuuh… I didn’t say anything…hmph yes!”

    “Sleepy, Viezda! go ask Jillian to prepare her a room…”

    “No need, I’ll just sleep next to my friend!”


    “No reason!”

    She didn’t make much sense, but I was too tired to argue with her, especially having learned how stubborn she could be.

    “Good night my first and only friend that managed to beat me.”

    Despite being asleep I managed to hear that familiar voice, perhaps it was telepathy. I goes without saying that I had a long and deep sleep.

    I had no idea what would be waiting for me the next morning.


    ———Author Notes———

    ~Lilinor is using Decoy Status. Her real abiliting is marked in the ( )

    ~Real ability is hidden from Johra.

    ~The dragon form which Johra witnessed was actually Polymorph.

    Name: Lilinor
    Gender: Female
    Status: Normal
    Race: Blue Dragon (Blue Elder Dragon)
    Class: N/A (Dragon Shaman)
    Rank: B- (A+) 
    Level: 3,214/9,999 (9,000/9,999)
    HP: 2,371,100/2,371,100 (412,237,100/412,237,100)
    MP: 1,759,112/1,759,112 (12,789,010/12,789,010)
    Attack: 28,991 (248,411)
    Defense: 123,225 (732,114)
    Agility: 742 (12,400)
    Intelligence: 28,956 (245,322)
    ✧ Unique Skills
    [Ice Breath Lv5] [Flight Lv5] [Flame Soldier Lv3] [Polymorph LvMax] [Weather Control Lv1] [Teleport Lv5]
    ✧ (Hidden) Unique Skills
    [Breath of Creation] [Decoy Status LvMax] [Telepathy LvMax] [Wormhole LV5] [Dragon’s Blessing] [Eternal Summons]

    ✧ Titles

    [Protector of Lake Elle] [Johra’s Friend]

    ✧ (Hidden) Titles

    [Defender of Time] [Champion of Eternity] [Mastery of Life]

  • Chapter 90

    “How are you so good at chess Lilinor? Does Johra come from a family of chess masters or something?”

    “It’s ok. I can play more if you want.”

    “One more game!”

    I woke up to a scene of Jerna and Lilinor playing chess on my bed. Jerna’s face was completely covered in charcoal.

    “What are you doing?”

    “Ah Johra, you’re awake. Jerna wanted me to get out of your bed. So I asked her if we can decide it by a game of chess.”


    The charcoal on Jerna’s face was definitely a result of her losses. From Lillinor’s point of view this much punishment wasn’t much. But to Jerna, losing in chess to a little girl who looked even younger than her broke all her confidence.


    As we exchanged a glance, Jerna could no longer bear the shame and ran out of the room in tears.

    “Is chess a game which involves crying? I had no idea. Should I have cried yesterday?”

    “Not really, it’s something unique to Jerna.”

    Viezda was awake and tired from having gotten little sleep.

    “Do you want to go for breakfast?”

    “Is it possible for me to join you as well?”

    “Of course, I’ve already paid the cost of your stay here.”


    “Right, with gold you can pay for food. You can earn some by fighting. Also, in order to enjoy chess  you need to first buy it with gold.”

    “Oh, I thought humans were uncivilized, but that sounds quite interesting.”

    “Lets go Lilinor, Viezda.”

    “Yes master.”

    We joined up with Jillian and Jerna at the dinner table. Her eyes were still a bit wet, but she had calmed down for the most part. She had already gone to wash her face clean, but there still remained some charcoal on her face so I instinctively chuckled.

    ‘Although Jerna is pretty talented at chess, Lilinor is still in another level.’

    Besides me, Lilinor was the best at chess. After having played just a few games with her, I knew that her reading ability and skill in laying traps were several notches higher than any human. Had it not been for Lena’s assistance, I would probably not be able to beat Lilinor either.

    “Johra, my father should be returning this afternoon.”

    “Oh~ we haven’t seen each other in a while now.”

    “He mentioned that he’s bringing back some good news.”

    “I look forward to hearing it.”

    Jerna began to eat, but kept staring a Lilinor. She in turn cut her food into small pieces and tasted just a small amount.

    “Lilinor, that isn’t considered good table manners”

    “I don’t know about human’s manners, but when I eat food I like to taste it beforehand.”

    I gave her a hard look as I spoke to her.

    “ I thought you were a friend of mine?”

    “Ah, then should I eat more like you do?”


    After that Lilinor would perfectly copy any of my action, as if it were seeing a reflection in the mirror, which caused Jerna to burst out in laughter.


    Viezda who was next to her couldn’t help herself either.

    “Johra, what’s wrong with them? Why are these the females laughing?”

    “It’s because you are following my actions too closely.”

    “Is that it?”


    After our bit of fun, we finished eating our breakfast and moved to the adjacent lounge room for some tea. Viezda however went to join the manor’s staff.

    “I hear that you’re pretty good at chess, Lilinor” mentioned Jillian.

    “I can’t compete with Johra though.”

    “Well, Johra can’t even be considered human.”

    “Is that so?”

    Lilinor gave me a strange look before nodding in agreement.

    ‘Why did Lilinor agree?’

    “There are many things about Johra which are too abnormal.”

    “Yes I agree.”

    Jerna concurred with them.

    “I’m human….”

    I tried to complain seriously, but I was completely ignored by the trio.

    “The Count has arrived.”

    Announced the chief butler, so we went out to greet him.

    “What a flashy carriage, and what’s with this retinue?”

    There were 20 Knights, dressed in fancy and colorful armours that were escorting the carriage.

    “It’s the Imperial carriage… just what is going on?”

    Jillian exclaimed in surprise, just as the count stepped out.

    “Count Sion?”

    “Father, what’s going on?”

    “Be polite, it is her Majesty’s carriage”

    “A human princess, this should be interesting.”

    Hearing the count’s explanation everyone except Lilinor was completely dumbfounded.

    As we kept our heads bowed, the Princess exited the carriage and was escorted by the count. She was dressed in a stunning Ivory white dress with the occasional golden sparkle. Her skin was pure white, so I could tell that she had a very protective upbringing.

    “Everyone, please raise your heads. Count Sion, can you introduce us please?”

    When she raised her face, it was so pale one would almost think she was sick. However her voice was calm and powerful. Her young, 17 year old body didn’t match the maturity she exuded, which was that of an experienced 40 year old woman.

    “These are my children, Jillian and Jerna.”

    “It is a pleasure to meet you, your Majesty!”

    “I am Mayardus Gran Einhart. Nice to meet you both.”

    After greeting the others, the princess walked towards me with an easygoing expression. I took the chance to secretly give Lilinor a look so that she would act appropriately. To which she nodded back.

    “This is the man I had spoken to you about.”

    “It is a pleasure to meet you, your Majesty.”

    “Your Majesty.”

    I used the same formal greeting that Jillian and Jerna had done, and Lilinor copied my actions once again.

    Pfff, how cute! I heard many tales of you Johra, so I came to see you in person. Would you mind introducing me to the cute little lady standing next to you?”

    She was clearly interested in her cobalt blue hair and strange clothing which didn’t appear in regular human society.

    “Oh, this is Lilinor, a distant relative of mine. Please ignore her strange habits as she has been living in a foreign culture for quite some time.”

    “Ms. Lilinor? Pleased to meet you.”


    The faces of her knights instantly turned cold, but the princess kept a warm expression.

    “Would you be so kind as to guide me?”

    The princess reached out to me.

    ‘Shit, what am I supposed to do in this situation?’

    Everyone including the Count was looking at me nervously, but I didn’t have a clue as to what was the proper etiquette here.

    “I’ll help you out Johra, just gently place your hand under hers and carefully guide her. It is what they refer to as the noble’s escort.

    ‘Thanks Lena, you’re my savior.’

    As I tried to properly lead the princess towards the reception room, the stomping of the knights around us made it sound like the marching of an army.

    ‘Damn, why did the Princess and her knights appear here? I was trying to keep a low profile and not affect the flow of history. Was the introduction of chess really that impactful? What should I do? So far it’s fine since I am still alive, but I’m afraid of what may happen if this gets any worse!’

    As we arrived to the reception room, we talked while tea was served by the staff.  

    “So you said you were in the middle of discussing whether Johra was really human?”

    “Naturally I think he is.”

    Lilinor was having an enthusiastic discussion with the princess, and of course I was their main topic.

    I never had the chance to join in on their conversation and could only stand by the side awkwardly, the same was true for the Count’s family. Lilinor and the Princess just kept on chatting away in their own little bubble.

    Her knights which were standing behind the Princess were giving Lilinor some scary looks. However only I knew that she wasn’t the harmless little girl she appeared to be, so if the knights ever laid a hand on her, the situation would be quite catastrophic.

    ‘I have to somehow change the mood….’

    “Sir Johra can I witness your godly chess skill?”

    ‘It’s finally time.’

    I had been waiting for this moment ever since I laid eyes on the Princess’ Status. She had [Blessed Intellect Lv5], [Wisdom Lv3] and a [Stubbornness Lv6]. This all indicated to me that she had come to challenge me in chess.

    The Count immediately went to fetch a board and placed it on the coffee table before us.

    “Johra did you know that chess had taken the royal palace by a storm?”

    “I had no idea your Majesty.”

    ‘Shit, this might have been a big mistake on my part. I never thought so many people would be interested in this….’

    I silently groaned to myself.

    “My father and brothers have become so engrossed in the game that they have neglected to run the country, dumping all their duties on me.”

    “Apologies, please punish me with death.”


    The princess reached out to stop me from bowing.

    “The game called chess is actually quite complex. It’s purpose is to teach us the aspects of war, politics and the running of a state,right?”

    Of course I had never taken that into consideration. My plan had solely been some scheme to make some quick money, but I couldn’t now contradict the princess’ opinion.

    “You are very wise.”

    “Since even the Emperor has become interested in the game and it has truly spread among the nobility, the Count’s request of the King to have a monopoly on the sales of the game is no longer possible.”

    “Oh, I see….”

    ‘They aren’t giving me exclusive rights?’

    I sighed to myself, I guess I’ll have to find another way to make some money.

    “But if you were to beat the strongest member from royal family, then it could be possible.”

    “Hmm I see, so who is the strongest player?”

    “OK, then we play a best out of three?”


    “The one here before you is the undefeated champion of the royal palace. I have come here after winning against all my siblings, as well as my father. If you were to beat me then we can grant you the monopoly on the game.”

    ‘How annoying! I don’t think I should win this game.’

    I was quite the complicated situation. On the one hand I could win and make a lot of money, but if I were to do that, then the royal family’s interest in me would be far too high and I would be affecting history even more.

    ‘Hmm but even if I lose on purpose, they would still be interested in me.’

    I had become like a helpless chick, faced with a terrifying eagle.

    “Since I’m the challenger would it be okay for me to go first?”

    “Yes, I look forward to our first match, your Majesty.”

    She started of with the common Ruy Lopez opening, and I just naturally matched her pace.

    The early game consisted mostly of probing each other for weaknesses.

    “Hmm your reading is really deep, you can see several moves ahead of me.”

    With the help of Lena, it was pretty much impossible for a human to defeat me, so I shamelessly flattered her.

    “Your Majesty’s grasp of strategy is excellent.

    However, the game was done after about 70 moves.


    The Count standing by the side was thrilled about having won the monopoly which would result in piles of gold, but on the other side he should control his expression because the princess just lost, resulting in some strange squirming of his facial muscles.

    “I don’t think I stand a chance in a normal game, how about giving me a handicap for the next round?”

    “Well… wouldn’t that be a bit too much?”

    I feigned dismay. Naturally giving some handicap allowed me to have a good excuse were I to lose, but I was still confident in Lena’s ability to come out on top.

    “Okay, since I’m the one who is asking for some handicap, then if Johra were to win I’ll listen to two of your requests, as long as they are reasonable. Also, the request have to be deemed acceptable by the Count.

    Although getting two requests out of the princess would be a nice prize, I was slightly worried that were I to win, it would just make her that much more interested in me. Still, in the end I decided to accept her conditions.

    “Ok, let’s play.”

    The princess then took the chance to add a new condition.

    “Good, then if you lose you would have to listen to one of my requests. Also, I’ll designate the Count as an uninvolved third party to agree whether our requests are reasonable.

    ‘She got me.’

    It was quite sly of her to sneak in that condition after I’ve already agreed to play. I could hardly refuse since she asked for only one request while offered two.

    ‘Damn, and the Count has to approve all requests. How could she say that he’s an unbiased third party when as the princess she is like his superior. He would certainly be strict with my requests but would never dare refute the princess’.

    The level and the princess’ strategy and political maneuvering was already on the level of a chess master, and I was only capable of being victorious due to Lena’s assistance.

    “I look forward to playing a new game with you.”

    I chose the French Defense as my opening, deciding to make this into a long game in order to have more time to think about my requests.

    “Sir Johra, you are a very slow player.”

    The Princess was quite impatient so I couldn’t drag it on for too long.


    “I guess that just a single knight is not enough to narrow the gap between us.”

    The princess was surprisingly not feeling too down and was instead excited about her loss. This caused me to be all the more worried.

    “OK, then I’ll begin the process for you to receive exclusive rights for the game of chess. It trademarked to Johra, Head Knight of Count Sion’s house.”

    “Oh? Why don’t you just put it all under the Count’s name? ”

    “No, it should be all yours. Just the fact that our family is mentioned is more than enough recompense.”

    I had no choice but to follow the Count’s wishes.

    “So, I’m ready to hear your two requests. Don’t forget that they have to be approved by Count Sion. I wouldn’t want our honorable duel to be mired by some shameless requests.”

    ‘Why does it feel like in the end she was the winner?’

    Princess Mayardus looked at me with a killer smile, the kind that is so wide that it looks like they want to swallow you instead. My back broke out in a cold sweat as my mind considered dozens of possible requests.

    “Johra isn’t it easy, just do the same.”

    “The same conditions? Lilinor, what conditions are you talking about?” asked the Princess.

    ‘No. Lilinor! If you  tell them that then they can see through all my lies.’

    “The first was to be your friend, second to never betray you, and third is to always believe in you, right?”

    I felt like a complete fool right now. I had told everyone that Lilinor was a distant relative of mine, but it didn’t quite make much sense after hearing those three requests. Just as I was going to tell her to stay quiet, the Princess spoke up.

    “That sound too weak. If I were you, I would have requested her hand in marriage or at least a slave contract. ”

    “Yes I agree. I don’t think of Johra as being ambitious., but rather someone who is straightforward and thoughtful.”

    “I understand, that’s why he considers his moves so carefully. Being slave is a bit too much but maybe I could accept an engagement. After all it is the duty of the royal family to welcome talent for the better future of our country.”

    ‘If I said that I was already married she might probe me for too many details? It won’t be easy to convince her that I’ll only be meeting my wife in 20 years.’


    The Count gave a light cough, Jerna was staring at me with her usual beady eyes, while Jillian was looking at me with high expectations.

    Sigh~ I guess my requests have to try and affect the timeline as little as possible.’

    “The first is for you to be friends with me, and the second is for you to be friends with my friends. Is this acceptable?”

    The Princess stared at the Count with an awkward expression. He couldn’t very well accept this as being a friend meant that they were on equal status.

    “I think it’s a bit hard to accept it.”

    Princess also nodded. “This might be too much.”

    ‘Did I ask for too much? I mean, I don’t think I went too far right?’

    Her forced laughter was a bit too obvious, but it did help break the awkward mood.

    ‘Ugh it was so hard to make the right choice. If I asked for too little it would be considered as an insult, but if I asked for too much the Count wouldn’t approve.’

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