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Raiu is a  demon prince and only son of azazel the demon overlord he never liked  demon cultivation and the path his father walked on.On the day of his marriage he was betrayed and poisoned by his father , Future father-in-law and wife before dying he saw their mocking faces.As he fell into darkness after he woke up he was still in his body but he found himself in another place with the new life and hope will Raiu walk on the path of darkness and slay the world or he will still remain the old Raiu..?


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    Chapter 0 - The Fallen Prince *

    Azazel continent which consists of five main regions East - West - South - North And the cursed lands.Each region being control by a demon lord an absolute creäture from hell a being which can bring Catastrophe to a whole country with his sole power.East - West - South - North regions were under control of the cursed lands the

    ruler of cursed lands was a powerful being referred as overlord azazel.

    Inside - Cursed Castle.

    Inside the cursed castle was a pound which surface was emitting beautiful golden and white light.A young man in expensive clothing could be seen near the pound feeding

    the fishes the boy had beautiful hairs , eyes , and brows and handsome face he could be called a natural woman killer.Standing besides him were two maids in weird uniforms which could not be seen in mortal world.

    “Your Highness, Today you are marrying the south lord's daughter she is known as peerless beauty among all the girls.But why don't you seem happy ?

    ”.Asked one of the maids due to confusion.

    this man was the one and only son of the overlord demon emperor Azazel, 'Raiu' despite being son of the vile emperor Raiu never committed any vile acts or chosen to walk on path of his father he was merciful and a person with Brilliant soul.Because of Raiu not cultivating in demon methods Raiu was just a two-winged demon.Demons cultivation were divided into - winged , fallen , esteems , demon lord , overlord demons and so on because of not cultivating Raiu was weak and his father wanted to marry him off because he knew that if he lived here he will give up on his normal life because he knew that his son dont like the path of his father.

    “hmmmm.... just because i am not smiling doesn't mean i am not happy,Does it ?”.Raiu replied with a bright smile.he loved his father whatever his father would decide he would definitely agree to it.

    Inside - Cursed Palace Main Hall

    It was already dawn and the marriage ceremony was about to start people were gathering and discussing about the prince and daughter of lord south.

    “tsk..tsk..Such a pity, A beautiful young woman with great future...”

    “truely that good-for nothing raiu if it wasn't for his father i would have already killed that useless shit just to save miss Suzume.”

    Suzume was the name of the daughter lord south had.She were really beautiful even angels would surrender just to get her and now because she was marrying raiu many people were really Pissed off.

    “His Majesty is comming.”.Suddenly one of the royal demon guards shouted all people knelt at once.

    Suddenly an middle-aged man came into view he had crimson hair and eyes like a wild beast ready to rip apart his pray.He was totally opposite of his son.Beside him were three people one of them was his son and the other two were lord south and his daughter she looked like a ray of light in external abyss a total peerless,Her beauty could bring downfalls to numerous nations.


    “You may all rise,As you know already today is the day i Azazel the demon overlord of my continent shall marry my son with the daughter of lord Hex.Without any more delaying we should continue the ceremony.First will be the drinking ceremony.”.The emperor said with serious tone the drinking ceremony was the type of ceremony in which a couple will drink a special liquid made of demon ancestral blood and some other things.After it would come the contract ceremony and then both of them would be a couple and would finally be able to spend night togather.-:x

    “The ancestral ceremony <> will start now,His Majesty Raiu and Suzume you may drink the blood in the cups in front of you.”.Said the person in charge of the ceremony.

    Both of them nodded and then Raiu touched the tip of glass with his lips to drink it but .... suddenly he felt his brain was blank he felt his whole world has gone dark he could still see people but couldn't move and tell them that something had happened to him it was like he has been paralyzed.He used he remaining for to move his head towards the emperor and lord south so he could somehow tell them or hint them that something had happened to him but when he turned his face towards his father his future father-in-law and his wife he was dumbfounded there a mocking smile on their faces the crowd couldn't see but he clearly saw those mocking smiles on the faces of his father and other two,Two streams of hot water came out from both of his eyes he wanted to something but.before he could the world turned dark and nothing he could do he was dead,forgotten,betrayed,played with , he was poisoned,he was fooled.

    “Father why, why ,what did i do to you betrayed me you played with me you all poisoned me even i am dead i will still curse and will come to hunt you even after my soul is snatched away.”

    “This pain i will forever remember it,This world is not simple is as i thought i should have cultivated i should have become strong to rebel against this world vile rules.”

    “This pain you have given me i will not forget,I will come for you and i will slay you including your vile world.

    “Trust,Love,Believe,Friends Even family everything is fake.All real is strength.”

    “I want to live on i want to slay this world.”

    suddenly the darkness begin to fade away a ray of light appeared in his dark world sucking all the darkness into it like a tornado nothing in its way could stay,Ll remain was light a hope a chance.Suddenly the eyes of Raiu opened.
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    Chapter 1 - Gaining Youth Back ( Reborn As Demon )

    Suddenly the eyes of Raiu started opening.For a moment he felt like he has been thrown into some huge light source but it didn't took too much before he opened both of his eyes completely.It took him quite effort to get up,He looked left and right.


    'What now am i in Netherland or something? what is this place ?.A forest..?

    but what kind of.Why do i feel really huge presence of negative energies.'.Thought Raiu with sour head his head was hurting but after regaining some level of conciousness he felt that another part of his body was hurt and was bleeding.

    “What?,Aghhhh my back it hurts so much.It shouldn't hurt after all i am dead or not ?”.With confusion on his mind Raiu observed his body his fingers,hands,arms,legs he was cover in bruises and they were bleeding he was still his old body but how he clearly remember he was poisoned.

    “Why am i alive?.This is it,This is my chance to do what i couldn't do in past but what is this place there is energy good for demons i am sure this feeling is not of my world are there demons in this world as well.?”.

    After observing for a while Raiu decided that now he is in this place before getting out of this jungle he should cultivate and awaken his demon body he didn't wanted to die there might be different kinds of dangers in this forest.

    “Now is time i have to somehow awaken my new body the demon body it will at least take 6 years for rebirth after rebirth although i will have body of an 16 years old youth but i should at least reach 6 winged-demon stage directly that strength will be enough for me to get out of this place.”

    After thinking for a while Raiu found a really large and deadly looking tree which would make other Peoples soul shake just by looking at it and he then sat at the bottom of the tree cross-legged and started to circulate negative energy in his dentin and every pores of his body.After observing from less distance one could see thin layer of crimson dust above Raiu's skin.

    Time passed in blink of eye it was already 6 years after Raiu started his rebirth near the deadly tree could be seen a crimson egg like cocoon made of negative energy.It was time for Raiu to wake up his rebirth was almost complete.

    It was already night suddenly the egg like cocoon started shaking and took a shape of vortex \/ and entered into Raiu's flesh it took 3 hours for it to complete.

    Raiu opened his eyes with a satisfactory smile on his face.He had broken through to 6 winged-demon.In winged-Demon stages were two,four,six,eight,ten and twelve winged-demon stage this stage is a known as transformation stages for demons.After winged-Demon stage would come 'Fallen-Demon Stage' Also called as blood transformation stage which contains three sub-stages CRIMSON-BLOOD STAGE - PURPLE BLOOD STAGE - BLACK BLOOD STAGE.

    Raiu's body had changed completely this time he was devilishly handsome with dark-red eyes and brown-red hair his eyebrows looked liked they were specially made for those eyes to make more hard for womans to look away.Raiu's body looked like of an 16-year-old teen but an aura of adult could be felt from him.

    “Finally i can get out of this place.Hffff i hope i can find Peoples or else whom i will play with.Let me spread my wings and cover this world in darkness.”.Raiu muttered to himself.

    Suddenly two black wings emerged from the back of Raiu they look like wings of angels but at the same time they were black.Raiu looked towards the sky it was already night with just two flaps of his wings he started to fly it took him two more flaps to reach the sky,He was looking down from dark sky like a spider in abounded house perfectly matching.

    “Now lets search for life.”.said Raiu his voice was slow but an evil smile could be seen on his face.

    after saying that Raiu started to spread his demonic sense hoping to find someone or something.Suddenly Raiu found someone and smiled looking at the direction where he had found the life source.


    With a snort Raiu started to fly towards that direction.

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