looking for some suggestions

Hello guys, im looking for a new novel to read. 
What im currently reading and w8 for more chapters to stack:
ATG - realy like the novel, MC and harem ( i really enjoyed part with demon princess)
MGA- like ATG but not so good
ISSTH - finished, really good but i like harem and the MC was an eunuch 
CD - same as ISSTH
Emperors Domination - love the story and MC, prob the type of MC i like the most (only cons is he doesnt care about opposite sex, or even if he does it's hard to determine)
TDG - good novel, but dropped by author
Skyfire Avenue - it's ok, something different than standard xianxia
CSG - some part are very nice but i stopped it for a moment, 
LLS - good thing is he actually knows what to do with his harem, but a little to simple, still ok
All above novels I really enjoyed reading. 
PMG - dropped for now, every enemy is the same and do the same shit, enemies are literally retards,

As you can see I like OP MC with some echii/mature stuff in it. If MC is strong from the start it's even better. 
I will list titles if thinking about starting to read, maybe you can suggest something:
God of Slaughter
Great Demon King
Ancient Strengthening Technique
Mad God
Dungeon Defense
Great Demon King
Everyone Else is a Returnee
The Experimental Log of the Crazy Lich (not sure about this) 
Warlock of the magus world
Release that witch
My wife is a Beatiful CO

If you have any more suggestions feel free to point them :) 
Also i hate JP MCs that have huge harems and all they can do is touch a girl hand (harem is DxD is fucking retarded as is MC). 
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