About Purple Bell's kidnapped

I've read something about Purple Bell being kidnapped by a pu**y guy who was supposed to help Chu Feng but when he saw PB ended taking her away, can someone tell me what happens afterward, how CF deal with this?

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  • Not sure where this came from but the only time when Zi Ling aka Purple Bell was kidnapped was when her parents came to bring her back home.
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    Ok I need details!!!! So she got kidnapped and what exactly happened? I heard Chu Feng raped the kidnapper's sis and fiancé but then I also heard him taking two years to take back PB. So can someone plz summarize what happened with PB's kidnapping plz???

    she wasn't kidnapped, rather her parents took her away. she was still with family, something like a house arrest. They had arranged her marriage with Murong Xun, when she'll turn 20. So they have about 4 yrs before the marriage.
    Chu feng is 17, PB is 16 yr old at that time. It took chufeng about 2 yrs to wipe out murong's clan and any other enemy he had. CF was already hostile towards murong xun, so when his fiancee torutured him, he was irritated... later when his sister and fiancee schemed to kill in challenge competition, he was pissed off. but the biggest change came when murong xun almost killed eggy, so he planned to kill him... raping was a petty revenge.
  • What ? he almost killed eggy ? how ? in which chapter? how eggy survived please give me details Eggy is my favorite character in all novels :D
  • hard to find a particular chapter in 2000 ch list.
    don't worry, the story and action is getting interesting now.
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    purple bell was kidnaped by the people who came from the holy lands ( along with the su sisters and his 2 bros and bunch of other people) but one of the dude who came from the holy lands got like captured by tan tai xue and chufeng and they basicly used him to threaten the other dude ( they are brothers) so that nothing happens to purple bell. at this point that dude found out purple bell's situation ( the poision) and was ultra happy, he then annoced that he was gona to marry purple bell and send out invitations to everyone in east sea ( on the invation he told everyone that chu feng and purple bell was in love with each other, and that because chufeng is weak and couldnt solve purple bell's posion he was taking her for himself)  when everyone goes the wedding he decleared to everyone how chu feng and purple bell loved each other and that he wanted her because of the posion's effect and that after he have sex with her she will lose all her cultivation and her divine body and become a sextoy for him.

    hearing this everyone present was pissed off, and some people even stood up to denounce him but he killed everyone that dared to speak. after a bunch of things happened tan tai xue shows up to trade his brother for purple bell and the other people. after which bunch of fights happened and tan tai xue gets wounded and nearly killed at which point chu feng shows up and saves the day ( using a special method he is martial king 4 tempory same as the holy land dude) seeing chufeng they were basicly like yeah you and what army? at which point chu feng's army of 10 million shows up which had 1 marital king 5, 3 marital king 4 and bunch of martial kings and lords. so begain a large battle during which using a baned martial technique chu feng ganks the holyland dude. then later kills off the murong family.

    after he recovers from his wounds during this battle he sees purple bell finialy getting her posion lifted ( at which point she went right from heavens 1 to like martial lord 1)then he leaves for the holy land with tan tai xue. so begains the next arc
  • What chapter is this?
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    940-990 ish i believe this was right after chu feng breaks into martial lord.
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    she eventually goes to the holy land with the su sisters and meets with chu feng again but doesn't show up as much as she did before.
    also she is arguably the herione with the most time spent with chu feng from chapter 350 - 600 she basicly shows up every chapter as she is traveling with chu feng, from600-1000 she is mentioned every other chapter(in novel time she spent a year traveling with Chu feng). also funny thing when author describs chufeng's friends and harem ( su sisters and 2 bro) he says purple bell and company so you almost never forgets her.

    so you dont need to worry since for the next 700 chapters you can almost say the main focus other then chu feng will be purple bell ( who is the best girl in the novel Imo)
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