The Great Ruler Fanfiction

The three Overlord of Great Thousand World looking at the young man in front of them. Flame Emperor Xiao Yan, Martial Ancestor Lin Dong and Planar Lord Mu Chen arrive after sensing the will of Great Thousand World has been summoned and another name written on the Sky List. They realise that young man has completely write his name on a first try but the words and characters is unknown to them. However the Flame Emperor has a deja vu feeling when looking at the words. He feel he seen that particular type of words before.

Lord Mu Chen finally spoken.

"Congratulation on completing your name on the Sky List. However we would have to trouble you with some explanation" 

The young man smile.

"My apology if I have offend all three of you. I only trying to find out how high I have reach with my newfound power."

Martial Ancestor asking

"I believe that you were from lower plane, aren't you?"

"Just like Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor, I'm also not originally a native of this world."

Both of the said Overlord didn't surprise with the statement. It is widely known in Great Thousand World that they were from lower plane and manage to become powerful figure earning respect and fear from many powerhouses.

"Originally my world was only an ordinary realm without any powerful expert. But that is because not so many of us was born with talent to become a cultivator. However, I on the other hand is different from the others. My ability to cultivate both Dou Qi and Yuan Qi is more than enough to become an Overlord of my own world. But I feel that I could become more powerful after successfully breaking the boundary between realms and arrive here where powerhouses are like trees in a forest, fish in the sea."

Flame Emperor can't no longer hold back and asked

"Can we know which lower plane did you come from?"

The answer only give a confusion to the Planar Lord and Martial Ancestor as they never heard of it but a great shock to Flame Emperor.



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