What novel is it?

Hey guys,
I came across a novel some time ago and I read some 20 chapters and I left it at that time and now I don't remember its name. I am only remembering its content, I really want to know its name so if anyone who can guess its name then please mention it. I will be really thankful to you.
Content is:
Male protagonist: A
Female protagonist: B
In this novel, A loves B for a long time just to take break her heart and take revenge as his mother had died due to B's father. So he pretends to love B for at least 7-8 years. They have a lot of intimate times in relation but one he fucks her in front of her father to fulfill his revenge telling B and B's father about his plan that he had planned for this long time and then her father dies due to bad health and seeing this. Then he sends her to jail for 2 years and 8 months for doing fraud with the company in which she was working with him(He is the top boss of the company), she was his secretary so he had made her send some of company confidential file to a different company and managed her to blame her for doing cheating with company. When she went to jail she was pregnant with his child and he doesn't know about it.  While in jail she contacts one of her friends and asks him to keep her child and hide the child's identity from A. Her child has leukemia. When she came out of jail she went to A and showed him that she is no longer the same person she was before and now she is doing sex for money so she did sex with him in exchange of money nut her real aim was to get pregnant with his child and go away. Everything happens as she planned and then she leaves him one day. A has searched her everywhere but was not able to find her. After she managed to treat her daughter she wants to take revenge so she comes back to China with disguise.

I remember this much only, if anyone can help me then I will be very much thankful to him/her.
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