Has anyone watch WDQK drama adaptation Martial Universe?

Anyone who watch the drama adaptation, what do you think about the story?

Personally I'm a bit disappointed because the storyline and characters is so different than the novel.
The existence of Yimo is well known to everyone even to commoners.
Lin Langtian already join Yuan Gate and he is not arrogant like in the novel.


  • I just watched a few episodes today... Horrible adaption.

    There is absolutely nothing from the original material except names.

    The moment Lin langtuan showed up the series started to make me nauseous.

    This is a series clealy using Wu Dong Qian Kun to get views/sales...
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    Never read the novel, but I know from reviews its quite different from the novel. Its alright, but I find how Lin Dong is portrayed is irritating. Not sure how close that is to the novel, but I just find Lin Dong unsympathetic. In the sense he makes stupid decisions which just happens to work out because plot dictates. For example he attacks an enemy in a stupid way and gets his core shattered. However several episodes later he teams up with a person to defeat a demon, and that person got so injured he was going to die, so he gave Lin Dong his core. Several decisions work like this due to the person's selfishness.

    What other thing that irritates me is that he goes so self righteous about people being harsh on their defeated enemies who betrayed and tried to kill you. Even in the non Xianxia modern world, the crime for treason in several countries is execution.

    At this stage, I am more interested in the plot and seeing how the battle iwth the Yi demons (yimo) ends rather than because I feel sympathy for the characters.

    Now the author has also has another adaptation, for Battle through the heavens or fight breaks sphereis another translation of it. Not sure how faithful it is to the novel, but at least I find this engrossing and the lead character is actually sympathetic.

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