Searching for a lost light novel about a genius mc, please help me

Hey fellows light novel lovers,

I remember reading a light novel talking about a protagonist student very intelligent getting stronger and richer over time, there were several kingdom with neutral territory, he get richer getting lake in neutral territory who produced materials of quality for his training and cultivating, i think it was also harem like type, and there was an annual celebrating where 2 others academ from other kingdom who came later in chapter, he is a smart and op mc who was so smart and gave so much cultivating martial art materials for his kingdom ( also to get better deffenses against demons ), that he became his kingdom lord position overtime, i remember also there was demon kingdom who was looking to attack and was stronger than human, also there was in the desert a castle poped and human and demons gone to seak treasure, i read it a long time ago, and after i began reading tales of god and demons again, i really wanted to read this light novel again, that i really appreciated at that time, i think that is all i remember, i'm looking for your help guys. ( i searched over the internet about strong mc, intelligent mc, demons, etc.. but nothing looked familiar to me )

Edit: Another kingdom where all people were very strong and good natural high ranked martial artist, but very poor and were mostly enslaved, were add to his army later, and the mc after becoming lord secluded his kingdom to train everyone to get ready to defend demon attack



  • I think Tales of Demons and Gods has the main character taking over a lake of resources at some point. Don’t really remember any of the other stuff but it’s been awhile since I’ve read it.
  • ...It *almost* sounds like it could be Re:Monster...?
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