Disciples Of Card 卡徒 By Fang Xiang

Chapter 1 Cards for a living
   The nib swept  lightly over a  caesious card. The thin blue lines run smoothly under the tip of the pen, and with the grew of pale blue lines in the card, a complicated pattern became flawless gradually.
   Chen Mu's eyes were fixed on the card intently, with gently breathed, as he was afraid of scaring something. On closer inspection, Chen's right arm never moved, he only uesd his wrist to paint. His right  wrist  was as flexible  as a snake, and soft as boneless. 
   Chen put it on a pile of cards casually, his movements were natural and skilful.  His face remained focused as he finsihed the card, and he had only fifteen cards now, ten short of today's task. He was currently working on a one-star energy card, as a kind of lowest level energy card, it was the most widely used and consumed cards. But at that time, the room was covered by darkness.
   'Damn it, the energy card is done again!' Chen muttered, as he took an one-star energy card from the heap. Then, with a gentle push on his right wrist, the Du Yi on his right wrist emitted a bright light. With help of the light, Chen step towards the corner carefully, the room was a mess so that he didn't want to knock anything. There was a square meter on the wall in the corner, Chen put his energy card into a slot in the meter. 
   With the card putted in the slot, the was restored to light. The instrument showed a number of 100, Chen didn't expect to run out of the energy, it seems that he had to paint one more card today. Back to his desk, Chen quickly plunged into work, his life relying on the lowest energy card. Since he learned to make these cards three years ago, he had never stopped working 25 cards each day. 
   Chen Mu's room was very narrow, less than 40 square meters, and there was an old desk. Expect the desk, the room was full of clutter-- piles of old books and scattered materials. 
    He lived in this humble place for three years. This is a special federal relief room, a small room like this can be rented by only a hundred and fifty Odi a month. For a poor man like Chen, there was no place like this. What's more, it was much better for him. He had even seen the whole family of four lived in the same size of a room.
   At 5 p.m.,Chen finally finished his work --25energy cards. he counted the cards carefully, to make sure the number was correct, then he placed the energy card into the pocket of his clothes charily. 
   On the street, the night was getting heavey. The lights were dazzling in the night, and the fire from the shuttle car's tail, which flew by from time to time in the sky. Chen tightened his coat and looked up at the sky, the cold was getting worse, it seems that winter is coming. But there was no extra thought to lament the passage of time, heating is a more consumption, Chen calculated in the heart. 
   Passing by the back door of Dong Wei college, Chen had been walking for three years, but every time he saw those students coming in and out together, his heart still cannot help but felt a strange emotion.  After straightening up his mood, Chen quickly walked towards a small shop next to the college, which called 'Dong Wei grocery store'--there were at least 20 similar shops with the same name around Dong Wei college. For three years, Chen came to the shop every day, rain or shine. But he didn't come here to buy anything. Instead, he came her to sell the energy cards.
   As soon as he came in, the owner noticed and sid, ' ah, here you are, Mu.'
   'En, uncle Hua.' He answered the shopkeeper. Uncle Hua, the owner of the shop, was an old man in fifties, the years had left an indelible mark on him. The wrinkles, half white hair, wearing the reading glasses.
   'There were today's cards.' Chen put the package out of his clothes carefully, pulled out the stack of energy cards, and handed it to uncle Hua '25.' he said.
   Uncle Hua took the cards and put it on the shelf, then he said with a smile, ' thank you for sending the cards everyday, otherwise i'll be short of supplies here.'
   Chen smiled, but did not answer, he knew uncle Hua was joking. One-star energy card was the cheapest energy card and also one of the most consumed cards, what's more, located near Dong Wei college, how can only sell 25 energy cards a day?
   Uncle Hua also knew the temper of Chen Mu, didn't talk nonsense, asked directly, ' cash or transfer?' ' transfer.' chen answered simply, and then handed a pale green Odi card to uncle Hua. After the settlement, Chen Mu said goodbye and wanter to leave.
   Uncle Hua stopped Chen suddenly and said, 'wait a scend, Mu.'
   Chen Mu stopped and turned to look at uncle Hua with a little surprise, ' is there anything else, uncle?'
   Uncle Hua took out a goose yellow paper from the drawer and looked at Chen Mu with a smile, ' I almost forgot, this is a certificate for card maker training's class, it was attached by a dealer yesterday. It's just a piece of paper for me, but I think it can help you, take it, Mu.'
   Looking at uncle Hua, Chen was moved, he knew how much the old man helped him over the years and without him, Chen Mu believed that the current life was also out of reach for him.
   Three years ago, when he first learned to make one-star energy card and peddled them aroud, but few people were interested and no one were willing to buy it. The amount of one-star energy cards required was so large that businesses were more willing to buy them in large quantities. What's more, Chen Mu can only make 30 cards in a day at most. For businesses, this is too few. 
   Fortunately, he met uncle Hua. Uncle Hua agreed to buy his energy card, but the price of each card was 103 Odi, two Odi less than the wholesale price. Even so, Chen is grateful to uncle Hua. 
   Four years ago, Chen was a homeless boy who living in a shelter. Once, he met a card maker, a dying card maker. He used food which saved for 5 moths in exchange for a seven-day extension of the card maker's life. Over the course of seven days, he learned the skill of making an one-star energy card. When the card maker died, he left nothing for Chen Mu. Chen Mu buried him in a deserted suburb. He did not know the name of the card maker, but his fate began to change.
   He spent a year trying his best to do short-time work, during this time he did six different kinds of work, in that year, he was only 12 years old. It was also in this year that he finally had a small savings. a thousand Odi. He bought all the ingredients for the energy card. The teacher told him that the wholesale price of one-star energy card in market was 105 Odi, and the retail price is 110 Odi, while the cost only need 98 Odi.
   An one-star energy can be made by every card maker, but not many people knew the difference between the price and cost, and even if they knew, few people will think of making money from it. One-star energy card is one of the simplest card, it has been fully industrial production, and even a master card maker can only make 20 to 30 each day, the output is really small. Besides, for card makers, they have 100 ways to make money instead of making one-star energy card. But for Chen Mu, the money was enough to feed him.
   He only made eight for the first time, losing almost 200 Odi, but that gave him hope. However, he was hindered from selling energy cards. The merchants were not interested in the few energy cards he had. He ran all day without eating, when hen entered uncle Hua's shop at 8 p.m., his leg were tremling and he almost reach the edge of a coma after not getting any rice and water all day. 
   The price of 103 Odi was lower than the wholesale price of 105 Odi, but Chen feels overwhelmed with joy. He sold all his energy cards, bought the cheapest food, and used all the rest of the money for the materials.
   After that, Chen's life finally settled dowm.
   Twenty-five energy cards a day, he didn't break one day. 
   Three years passed in a hurry, in this three years, he just made on card-- one-star energy card. In the following year, he was able to keep costs at 97 Odi, it was only one Odi in difference, but it was a great encouragement to Chen Mu. In addition to making the energy card, he spent all his time studing how to reduce costs. 
   Finally in the third year, the cost of card controlled by him in 95 Odi, each card he can gain 8 Odi, he can earn 200 Odi each day steadily, which he couldn't imagine three years ago. The monthly income of 6000 Odi had enabled him to live a normal life, but he continued to live in the alms-house, which required only 150 Odi a month.
   Come back to earth, Chen Mu smiled to uncle Hua and said,' Thank you, uncle Hua', then he took the card in his pocket carefully.
   Training courses, especially those for card makers, were among the most prevalent for now. They are oftern in the advertising of stunning, such as this courses' certificate said ' Dong Wei college admit degree' or ' Dong Wei college senior professor teach' . In fact, Chen Mu knew clearly what is inside, the training institutions will pay a part of money to Dong Wei college so as they can maintain this nominal relationship.
   However Chen was still willing to listen to what they said in the training class. Making cards is one of the most difficult knowledge, he had no given up self-study for these years, but little effect. It was not until last year that he understood what was going on about making card. He had such a poor foundation, during more than 10 years of wondering, he has never received any education.
   For a teenager without any foundation, it was difficult to teach himself to make cards, which is famous for its difficulty and obscurity. He had no doube for his talent, however, that he could learn to make one-star energy card in a week from memory alone, and the card maker also praised him for his talent.
   From then on, he set aside the goal, which was temporarily too high for him, and began to turn to the most basic theory. No matter how tired he was at work every day, he will find time to learn the boring knowledge.
   After saying goodbye to uncle Hua, Chen Mu walked south along an alley. It's Saturday, he had another job.
   After walking through two streets for about 20 minutes, he came to a second-hand junk card shop.
   'Hi, man!' he was greeted by a thin, black, who named Xiao Hei.  He was also the owner of the acquistion site. Chen came here every Saturday and Sunday night for a three-hour short-job.
   Chen Mu nodded slightly towards Xiao Hei, but his face was still indifferent.
   Xiao Hei had become accustomed to Chen's face. When Chen came here to ask for a short-job, Xiao Hei had refused firstly. Since the site had been run by his father, they never  hired anyone.
   Recruiting? He had no spare money.
   But when Chen said he would not pay, Xiao Hei finally agreed. Of course, Chen is still paid something, he usually choosed some old cards to take away as his wages. Sometimes Chen will pick out a few unused energy cards from the waste piles. Xiao Hei calculate by himself, he saved alot of money on the energy every month. However, he was a little curious about the reticent Chen. How did he knew that there was still energy left in these cards?
   Since then, however, he has been smiling at Chen Mu every time.
   Chen crouched down and began to sort the piles of old cards. There were many kinds of cards, including energy cards, object cars, simulacra cards, and even some rare botanical cards. But all the cards here were useless, and what Chen needs to do is sort then out.
   The work went on so fast that it became apparent that he was very familiar with it.
   Chen Mu turned over his wrist and threw a card to Xiao Hei ' Well, this card can use for a while.' With at least half energy in the two-star energy card, Chen couldn't figure out why the original owner had wasted it. The capacity of a two-star energy card is 1000, which means, there was almost 500 energy in it.
   ' Hey, thanks, brother.' Xiao Hei looks at the card, smiled, and ran to the meter then inserted the card, when he saw the number '523' on it, he laughed so hard that his face almost crumpled.
   Chen did not pay attention to it, and he did it single- mindedly. Although some of the old mid-level cards, such as three-star or four-star cards. But to him, it was of little value. The only thing he was interested in right now is a one-star energy card.
   Three years of making cards gave him an different cognition about the lowest level card. There were more than one way to make an one-star energy card, Chen had collected 12 different ways to make one-star energy card from here. Chen Mu was inspired by the various structures. It was because he borrowed some skills from these structures that he succedded in reducing the cost of makeing one-star energy card to 95 Odi. But such good fortune did not come every day, and so far he had only collected twelve.
   But good luck today.
   Looking at the one-star energy card in his hand, it is a new structure that Chen never met from the surface texture.
   He put the card aside and went on digging. There were too many one-star energy cards, but Chen goes to great lengths to check them out. He was so fast that he could tell if he wanted it by simply touching the card.
   All of these came from his familiarity with the one-star energy card. This kind of understanding is made continuously for three years and left. He didn't need to see, he can judge whether a star energy card just by feeling. whether the structure of the cards he hade ever seen. he was so familiar with them so that he knew every detail of them.
   However, this card.....................



  • Chapter 2 Mysterious Card 
       Chen Mu put out an one-star energy card from the pile, looked at it carefully.
       From the texture of the surface, this one-star energy card was no surprise. It used the most widely uesd Barkis structure, the most common structure. Chen, however, felt something different about the card.
       Weight - this card was slightly heavier than the average one-star energy card. Making tens of thousands one-star energy cards, Chen Mu had already familiar with the weight of the cards. No matter what structure it used, as long as it was an one-star energy card, its weight will not exceed a certain range.
       Obviously, the weight of this card was not in this range.
       With his eyes closed, his forefinger and thumb stroked lightly over the card's surface,  Chen Mu felt the texture and structure caerfully.
       The texture was too shallow and weak, this feeling......this feeling......Chen frowned and recalled the feeling. 
       That's it! Chen's eyes suddenly lit up-- like someone painted on lighter material!
       But, why? Chen's heart cannot help but rise bigger doube. From the hand feeling, the material of this one-star energy card was extremely hard, also heavy, according to general rule, the texture that characterizes above should felt stronger.
       Why was that? It was so weird!
       After cheaking again the energy card carefully, Chen did not find out what caused the strange phenomenon. There was nothing wrong with the texture, and from the flency and beauty of the brush stroke, it was definitely a master level. Even though he hade made one-star energy card for three years, he cannot draw such beautiful lines with himself.
       This also made Chen more confused. One-star energy card in master level, this phenomenon itself was so strange, what master card maker will make one-star energy card? If this card was a five-star card, Chen will feel more normal.
       After thinking a while, Chen put this strange card in his pocket with another one-star energy card which had the new structure.
       Chen, who finally finished his work, let out a sigh of relief.
       He was absorbed in his work and now he felt a little tired.
       ' I take these two cards with me.' Chen Mu said to Xiao Hei.
       'Ok, no problem.' Xiao Hei smilled, he already hade a lot of harvest today, Chen helped him find five unused energy cards today, his mouth was almost crooked.
       In Xiao Hei's heart, Chen Mu was quite strange. He can tell from Chen's clothes that he was a poor child. Poor children like this will never let go of anything that can be saved. These unused energy cards picked out by Chen Mu were a big money in their eyes. Chen, however, was untereseted in these unused energy cards, and was more interested in those one-star energy cards which were totally used, it was so weird.
       Of course, the idea was only in his mind. If Chen was normal, the energy card will never fall into his hand, these were money!
       While laughed in his heart, Xiao Hei simleed and said goodbye to Chen Mu.
       It was ten o'clock when Chen Mu got home. After eating something, Chen couldn't wait to take out the two energy cards he got today.
       The first one-star energy card brightened chen's eyes.
       It used a structure he had never seen before, and the complex lines were made up of pale blue lines, covered the hole surface of the card. The one-star energy card was the normal size with a soft texture and a smooth surface, but if touched carefully, he can feel the raised structural lines.
       The commen person saw such complex pattern, only can feel dizzy, did not know how to start.
       While Chen's eyes lit up when he saw the structural lines. For this threeyears, he had to face similar patterns every day. Although the structure was different from the card in front of him, thery were also complex. The twelve new strctures also gave him a lot of experience.
       To work out the structural lines of a card, be sure to find its starting point, then follow the line of the structure to continuous deepening, will be easier to understand.
       The one-star energy card is complex, but it is the simplest of all cards. But even so, Chen took three hours to understand the purpose of each stroke. But he needed a lot of practice to make a same one-star energy card use the new structure. So he gave up now, and a lot of practice meant a lot of consumption, though he had saved some money, it was not enough for him to spend so much.
       Most importantly, he had calculated that the cost of the new structure's card was slightly higher than the one he made currently. It was not his style to spend a lot of money practicing a new structure that means nothing to him. However, he still can learn something in the new structure, a cyclic compression structure may be incorporated into his own energy cards' structure.
       Chen Mu thought a while as his fingers swept across anotherenergy card--the second one-star energy card he got from Xiao Hei, also the weird one.
       There was nothing surprising about this one-star energy card, which was used the most widely standard now. However, it was the brush painting on the card that attracted Chen Mu's attention.
       The lines were graceful and smooth, and the strokes were very familiar. Every curve was around and full, and the strokes were excellent.
       This card looks rather old, must be the work of which master early. But it was not there too point attracted Chen's attention first, it was the weight and thickness.
       This old one-star energy card was one tenth heavier than a normal energy card. The weight of an one- star energy card is very small, even a tenth of it was hard to detect. But Chen made so many one-star energy cards that he can feel it the first time he picked it up. The same situation as the thickness. This one-star energy card is thicker taan the averge one-star energy card.
       That was the biggest reason the card caught Chen's attention. The one-star energy card is the earliest and most used card, and its standard had been formulated since its inception. Up to now, the so-called standard structures and materials are no different from the original. 
       How can an one-star energy card which made by a master make such a different?
       It was so weird........
       Chen was naturally reminded of the material aspect. Had the unknown master found a new material for the one-star energy card? In order to make a living, Chen Mu has been working on how to reduce the cost of an one-star energy card, which had aroused his stong interest.
       He removed the energy card from the energy meter then the room was plunged into darkness.
       After a moment's hesitation, Chen grited his teeth and inserted the strange card into the room's energy meter.
       Gee, no?! The room was still dark with no light.
       Chen Mu was stunned a secont, how it could be?
       'That's impossible!' It was the first thought that came to Chen's mind. There was no evidence of any use on this card, and the deplete energy card can be distinguished at the first glance for Chen Mu. He can assure that this card, though old, was one that had never been used before.
       The card has the perfect structure, no mistakes, and was much better than Chen's own one-star energy card. Such an energy card, absolutely no reason to damage.
       But now the reality was that it really cannot provide any energy.
       Chen re-inserted the energy card into the energy meter and the room returned to light. The meter was not broken.
       Then what was wrong with that?
       Chen Mu watched the energy card carefully under the light.
       Chen's hand brushed over the card, a guess suddenly rised from Chen's mind, was this itself an invalid card?
       Would a master make an obsolete one-star energy card? That's unlikely, Chen muttered.
       Eliminating of one factor after another carefully, correct structure, no traces of use, no sigh of energy loss, but no energy.
       The material? An idea hitted Chen a flash, but thought of that slightly thick hand feeling, the more he thought it may be related to material.
       He put the side of the card under the light and looked it carefully. The side of the card, less than a millimeter, has two extremely light coler boundaries. It turned out that this card was actually made of three different materials. As the colors of the three materials were very close to each other, it was hard to find them.
       Failed experiments? It seemed that this was the best possible. Many years ago, a master tried and failed to improve an one-star energy card, but the failed experiment wurvived somehow and Chen found it.
       This seemed to be the most likely scenario.
       Chen was a little disappointed. If so, the card would be worthless.
       His finger brushed over the edge of the card subconsciously, suddenly, he felt different. 
       He put the card back in front of him in a hurry. Maybe it was too old, the edge of the card has begun to peel off. Chen who had lost interested in this card just now, suddenly became curious. If it fitted his guess, the master must had thought that all three materials could be combined to improve the one-star energy card. Chen had a clear understanding of his own level, it was not as good as an ordinary beginner, he had never received any training in card making.
       However, he also had confidence, this was an one-star energy card! From the beginning, he had been studying one-star energy card only, and he was too familiar with them. There had been no breakthrough since the last change to the one-star energy card. Today, this card gave him another inspiration, since there was no breakthrough in structure, why not try on material?
       With that in mind, Chen was interested in the material of the experimental card. Although this card was a waste, but was no doube from a master, he cannot compare with it in all aspects. So Chen Mu decided to study the bonding of the three layers of materials carefully.
       Opening the layer which had begun to peel off carefully, Chen can not help but said inside, no matter how strong the material was, in the erosion of the time, also difficult to protect its luster.
       When Chen Mu had fully uncovered the film on the surface, sudenly he was completely stunned, staring at the card, transfixed, like being struck by lightning.
       As black as the night in the new surface of the card, tens of thousands  of silver lines slender like hair, like a spider web fully cover the whole surface, seemingly chaotic, but any a small part, can be found it is exquisite from the lithe and graceful arc transition, rigorous structure, complicated nesting.
       The silver lines, as thin as a hair, was difficult to distinguish with human's eyes. It looked like capillaries, like the silver lines was flowing slowly.
       What is this? It is a card?
       Chen muttered to himself unconsciously, his brain in a situation of complete semi-stagnation.
       It took him ten minutes to recover from the chaos, he rubbed his eyes to make sure it wasn's illusion.
       His speculation was completely off course. It was not a failed experiment, this was clearly a card in disguise. With his limited knowledge, Chen did not know what the car was. In face, the card was far more complicated than Chen knew, such perfect lines, suc superb craftsmanship, which he had never seen or even thought about.
       At the recyling site, he had never seen a card of such high quality, though it was all junk, but he had never seen such a card of such complexity and delicacy.
       What kind of card was this? Chen Mu's curiosity was at an all-time high. 
  • Chapter 3 Training Course
       More than 500 years ago, the founder of the card theory, Rosenberg, first proposed the card theory and successfully created the first card. Since then, after more than 500 years of development, various kinds of cards had emerged one after another. Prior to this time, the original card forms were largely found in various religions and were considered to be an unnatural power. Until now, some religions still had many skillful card makers and card fighters, the source of them even more than the Rosenberg's era, in this respect, their inheritance was more mysterious.
       But it was Rosenberg's appearance that shattered the mysterious aura of the card system. He studied and expounded card structures systematically, and invented many cards, such as today's energy cards, whose standard structure was first proposed by Rosenberg. So the card theory became a new discipline.
       About 300 years ago, another great card maker, Hainer Van Sant, brought the development of cards into the golden age. The year he was born was exactly 200 years after Rosenberg first proposed the card theory. The two greatest card masters in the history seem to echo each other in this way.
       Hainer Van Sant lived in an age or heroes, during that one hundred years, numerous cards were invented by many talented card makers. As one of great card makers as same as Rosenberg, he led the creation of 97 cards. During that time, many famous card makers emerged, such as Rozzi, Chemosih and so on.
       After all these years of development, today's card science was quite different from that of 500 years ago. The whole discipline had become more detailed, more diverse and more in-depth.
       While with the card theory of Tian You Federation introduced into Mohardy Realm and The Abyss Palace, the two realms outstanding person aborb quickly, and according to the characteristice of their own rigion, a unique card theory suitable for their two realms was developed. Therefore, the card theory was futher supplemented and expanded, and new cards were emerging in an endless stream. It was a glorious age, a era that many people yearned for deeply.
       With the development of card theory and the emergence of all kinds of cards, it was moer and more difficult to divide the types of cards. So far, there was no definitive way to divide.
       However, one of the most direct and easy ways to find out what a card can do is ues it! Using a card requires Du Yi--intrument for using cards. Coincidentally, it was also invented by Rosenberg, the founder of the card theory, and perfected by Hainer Van Sant. Today's Du Yi were becoming more sophisticated and had more and more auxiliary functions. For example, there was a searchlight on Chen Mu's Du Yi, but its core remains unchanged.
       On the outside, Du Yi was a rectangular box with three straps that can be fastened to the arm. There was a slot at the top of Du Yi, which was used for cards. Generally, Du Yi has at least two slots, the better the number of slots will be more. One of the two slots for using base card such as energy card, while the other slot inserts the card the user wants to use. To put it bluntly, Du Yi is a device that connects energy cards to other cards. The energy cards provide energy to use the other card for the prupose of user.
       Of course, Chen Mu's Du Yi was not a high quality product, you cannot buy a great one by 200 Odi. Also, Chen Mu rarely used the Du Yi.
       Without hesitation, the card was inserted into the slot above the Du Yi, and a unused one-star energy card was selected and inserted into the slot below. After that, Chen took a deep breath and pressed the activation button on the Du Yi.
       A translucent screen suddenly appeared in front of Chen Mu with a line of words on it.
       'The energy card does not meet the specification, please use the energy card above three-star.' 
        Three-star energy card! The startled Chen Mu had determined that the caed was a real premium card. Generally, the higher level the card, the higher level of the energy card, and the faster the energy consumption. Chen Mu knew the common sense.
       But this was the problem. He didn't have a three-star energy card, so if he want to know what kind of the card is, he had to buy a three-star energy card. However, the price of three-star energy card is not a small number.
       The capacity of an one-star energy card is 100, a two-star energy card is 1,000, and a three-star energy card is 10,000. 
       The unified retail price of an one-star energy card is 110 Odi, which means that the average 1 energy point is one Odi. Ther price of a two-star energy card is 1,250 Odi, on average, 1 energy point takes 1.25 Odi, while the price of three-star energy card is as high as 15,000 Odi, on average, 1 energy point costs 1.5 Odi.
       That's why one-star energy cards were the most widely used, after all, there were more the poor.
       Over the past three years, he had bee frugal, working day an night, and was worth only 80,000 Odi. He was hesitant to bring out 15,000 Odi to buy something. Having lived as a vagabond since childhood, he valued money more than others because he knew it was the basis of life.
       After a long time of hesitation, reason finally overcame the impulse, and Chen decided to let it go for a while. He did not throw away the two films that had been posted on the card, but kept them.
       Life returned flat, but Chen Mu had a new habit, every day he can't help but picked the card out and brushed it. Every time he looked this card, he will be immersed in the complex strcuture and perfect lines.
       But life must continue, this period of time he was not accomplish nothing, he succeeded in bringing a different cycling structure to his own one-star energy card, which made the cost drop 2 Odi. In other words, he now earns 50 Odi a day more than past.
       It can be said that the structure of his card was quite different from the standard structure, but it was hard to see if you don't look carefully. But who's going to take a close look at the one-star energy card?
       The certificate the uncle Hua gave him last time was taken out by him, according to the date, it is today.
       The class was held in a building next to Dong Wei college. Chen thought there would never be many people in that class, but he was filled with a group youth when he came into the class. They were all teenagers, laughing and cursing, playing in piles.
       Chen took a seat next to the window at random. Years of wandering life, Chen was good at sense motive, a quick glance revealed to him that all these people lived in ordinary families. But it was natural, if their families has money, how can they will come to such a low-level training class? Dong Wei college was the No.1 choice.
        Looking out of the window, the Dong Wei college, just a wall away from Chen Mu, from this location, he can see the playground in the college clearly. Neat and clean uniforms, confident smiles and polite greetings from each students. 
       Inexplicably, Chen felt a bit uncomfortable, a bit of bitterness rising in his heart. Take back to the earth, Chen cannot help but smile at silence.
       'What's wrong with me? Three years ago, I was afraid that I would never have such a life, now, what could I not be satisfied with?' He told himself inside, must be satisfied, he was already very lucky!
       Thought about this, Chen cast his eyes again to Dong Wei college, although were still slightly envious, but there were more peace in his eyes.
       At that moment, the teacher came into the classroom and the room was quiet.
       The teacher is a young man in his twenties called Jia Ming. Looks average, but has a sharp tongue. Said a lot of at the beginning, like he was a student of professor named Jia Ziling from Dong Wei College, had a partnership with the college, looking for a job will be a very simple thing after these coursed. The students below were dazzled by a wave of bragging.
       Chen Mu, on the other hand, frowened, and his life as a vagabond gave his an insight into the worle. In his view, the lecturer was far more like a swindler than a card maker.  
       The boast took half the morning.
       However, Chen was disappointed in the other half morning, Jia Ming was totally read the book. Over the past three years, Chen had been learning by himself and read more than 100 basic books. He even knew that what Jia Ming was reading now is the genral introduction to card theory compiled by Wang Jing.
       He had already read the book more than ten times, but because of his poor foundation, much of it was still unclear.
       He soon foucused his attention on the lecture.

  • Chapter 4 Zuo TingYi
       Jia Ming's lecture was really bad, he was not a student of professor Jia ZiLing at all. However, he had some relationship with professor Jia ZiLing of Dong Wei College. He is the nephew of professor Jia ZiLing. Relying on this relationship, he started this trainning course under the name of Jia ZiLing. The professor knew what his nephew does, but things like this were not uncommon and had no impact on him, so the professor would give help sometimes.
       Jia Ming was not very good at card making, but he was eloquent and knows the tricks of bluffing. Of course, reading text books is not enough, after all the content on the books is not much, so that it is necessary to add some other content. He knew exactly what the tainees were, and soon he had a good idea.
       As long as it was simple and basic, he was going to talk a lot about it, very specifically, even a basic theory. As for the deeper, he said nothing.
       At first, it seemed that the teacher's lecture was quite informatiove. But an expert would sneer at it, and it was a complete fudge.
       But Chen Mu was fascinated. he had such a poor foundation that sometimes he didn't knoe where to search. Suffering from no guidance, Chen's progress had been extremly slow for the past three years. In the professional card makers' eyes, these foundations are taken for granted, they think there is no need for such a detailed explanation. While Jia Ming was talking a lot about the basic content, just to Chen Mu's taste. Now many points that were puzzled were suddenly opened up.
       From then on, Jia Ming's class, Chen Mu was all present. Theory and practice complement and promote each other. For three years, Chen had been trying to improve the one-star energy card on his own, it had given him a lot of experience. In contrast, his progress was rapid.
       He had a little confuse about one-star energy cards past, but now he had a clearer understanding of the structure of the one-star energy cards. 
       'Well, we're done with one more session, en... I'd like to tell you a good news, which is because we are co-organizing with the Dong Wei College, so we can participate in the annual refresher exam held by the Dong Wei College. Everybody go back and make a card then give it to me next class. If any of you are selected, you are likely to be selected for further study at the Dong Wei College.' Jia Ming said solemnly.
       Although he has less knowledge about making card, he has a good relationship with his students because he is a good talker and a humorous guy.
       The next day everyone handed in their cards. Chen Mu was hading over an one-star energy card. 
       The so-called refresher exams are designed for the students who join the training course co-hosted by Dong Wei College and other organization. The idea is to give those who attend classes with outstanding talent a chance to study properly. Over the years, however, it had become a thing of formality, and neither the organizers nor the college had taken it seriously. Embarrassingly, only two students had been selected on the refresher exams for more than 30 years.
       Also, Jia Ming didn't take it seriously, he knew very well about his students, but he was afraid that no one could make a complete card. So instead of registering the names of the cards, he shoved them into a pocket. 'Oh, what a hard life!' he was taking three classes.
       Jia Ming, who finished all his classes, went to his uncle's office at Dong Wei College, threw three pockets on the table then went to have a fun.
       When Jia ZiLing returned to the office, he saw the three pockets then frowned. Jia ZiLing was over 50 years old, there already were many wrinkles in his face. Although it was clear that the selection were just words. but since said, the programe still needs to go, but how could this kind of thing be done by a formative professor?
       Jia ZiLing pressed the button on the DU Yi in his hand, this one is much more elegant than Chen Mu's Du Yi, it was only about the size of a palm-hand, with numerous intricate patterns carved out of sterling silver, and three straps made of serrated crocodile leather from the Mohardy Realm. There are four slots in the meter.
       A translucent screen of light appeared before hime, with long lists of names on it. This is the communication card. The invention of the communication card was only 30 years away and was widely used now. It had different levels depending on the distance it can cover. The communication card of the highest level can achieve whole the Tian You Federation, also, the price was not affordable for ordinary people. Now ordinary residents generally used the one-star communication card which just cover the local city, Jia ZiLing's was much higher, three-star, can cover the whole region.
       Jia ZiLing tapped a name on the curtain of light use his finger wears a sapphire ring.
       After about five seconds, an image of a handsome young man appeared on the light screen, with a long hair that look neutral and a chill between the eyes.
       'What can I do for you, teacher?' said Zuo TingYi in a respectful tone.
       'Come to my office.' Jia ZiLing said.
       About ten minutes later, Zuo TingYi came to the office.
       'You take care of these things.' Jia ZiLing pointed to three pockets on the table.
       Zuo TingYi responed and began to organize the cards in the three pockets. Seeing Zuo TingYi without any impatience, Jia ZiLing nodded with satisfaction. Zuo TingYi was his favorite student, he not only had talent and excellent performance, but also highly respected his teachers and was meticulous in his work. Almost all of his teachers liked him very much. Also he is clever, will send expensive gifts to teachers every festival. He is the most perfect student in almost all teachers's eyes.
       One by one, the cards in the pockets were sorted out. Most of them were ugly and full of mistakes. Although there was no change in the expression on his face, but helplessness under his heart. 'This kind of shit is my turn, really annoying.'
       Wasted card!
       Wasted card!
       This one, what? Such a simple card, the error incredibly not less than 15??!!
       Another wasted card!
       He was almost impatient.
       Finally found a normal card!
       Zuo TingYi length sigh of relief. An one-star energy card would never give him a peek if it were in norma, but for now, he was a little excited about this card.
       After arranging the three pockets, there was only on normal card, one-star energy card, in front of Zuo TingYi. 
       Zuo TingYi just going to report to Jia ZiLing, suddenly thought that he should be more careful, don't be ridiculous, those absurd wasted cards let Zuo TingYi's heart still fluttering with fear, if there is a small mistake on this card that he didn't notice, it would be a shame.
       He quickly placed the only normal energy card in front of his eyes carefully.
       He let out a sigh and his expression changed slightly.
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    Chapter 5 The Odd One-Star Energy Card
       Hearing the sigh of Zuo TingYi, Jia ZiLing awaken his eyelids, barely opened his eyes, he checked his appearence, gently cough then asked, 'What's the matter, TingYi?'
       Zuo TingYi seemed didn't hear him just stared at the card on his hand.
       Jia ZiLing slightly frowned, raise the volume, felt a litter unhappy, then said, 'What happened on earth?'
       Zuo TingYi then reacted and turned quickly: 'Professor, this card is a bit odd.'
       'Odd? What's strange?' Jia ZiLing asked, confused.
       Zuo TingYi hurriedly put the energy card in his hand to the teacher: 'This card, this card, this crd.....'
       What happened to this guy today? Jia ZiLing frowned slightly, Zuo TingYi was always determined, speak simply, never hesitate like today. 'Show me.' He said.
       Taking the card from Zuo TingYi's hand, just an one-star energy card, what is there to make a fuss about?
       He sat up with a jerk, the casual on his face vanished at once, replaced by an inordinate gravity.
       'There's something odd.' Jia ZiLing muttered to himself, staring at the energy card on his hand, even he, a senior card maker at Dong Wei College, could not tell if the one-star energy card is wrong.
       There are many differences between the structure of this on-star energy card and the standard structure. Jia ZiLing has rich experience, but are these changes or wrong? He was a little uncertain, and hen had never seen these altered structures before.
       Zuo TingYi saw the confusion of his teacher, said,' Professor, how about we try if it can be used?'
       Jia ZiLing' eyes shined at a moment. Right! Just check the card to see if it works, then it can be saw that if it's wrong. But there was a look on his face like he had already thouht of. Then he coughed softly, 'Well, you've grown up a little bit, said what i'm thinking.' 
       Zuo TingYi said modestly, 'Professor is as wise as the sea, can a student match you?'
       Jia ZiLing was pleased in heart, but said, 'you also need not be too modest, ther are only few students who can match you.'
       'All are taught by professor, then I have today.' Zuo TingYi slghtly bowed.
       'I'm very happy that you don't forget the professors, TingYi.' The two persons boast each other, then Jia ZiLing pretended profundity and said, 'Fine, let us see what's the strange of this card.
       All kinds of devices were very complete in Jia ZiLing's card making room.
       Card making is a difficult subject, but there are many learners. Among card makers, polarization is extremely serious and the gap between rich and poor is very wide. Low-level card makers often have a poor livelihood and it is not easy to earn a living. Intermidiate card makers had been able to have a good income to feed themselives. While once can become a senior card maker, will immediately become hot, become the target of all organizations.
       Low-level card makers can only make one-star or two-star cards, but now one-star and two-star card can realize industrial production, which is why low-level card makers' life is hard. On the other hand, the cards above three-star can only be made by card makers, which is why middle and senior card makers are so hot.
       Dong Wei College had offered a generous offer to recruit the senior card makers to teach. Not only the good money, but the annual research costs and other things, all of these are enviale. Jia ZiLing had his own personal card making room, in which all kinds of equipment were provided by Dong Wei College.
       What he used now is a card analyzer, which is a highly professional instrument with complex operation. Only card makers will purchase and learn hwo to use it. But it is also very comprehensive, it can analyze the texture and structure of the cards, also the age and so on. 
       'A new structure as expected!' Seeing the final anaylsis report, regardlee of the stunned Zuo TingYi, Jia ZiLing was in deep thought, his knowlegde is much higher than Zuo TingYi, and he certainly knew that there are many type of one-star energy card structures besides the standard.
       Analysis report was very detailed, this one-star energy card used standard materials, although there was a difference between painting and structure, but on the performance, it was same as the standard energy card, without any potimization.
       No value! Shaking his head, Jia ZiLing was a little discouraged, spent half a day, but did not get anything of value. As a senior card maker, he will never think that this one-star energy card is not optimized for its performance, but its cost!
       In his view, to optimize the cost of an one-star energy card is a strange idea at all.
       Throw the card away casually, Jia ZiLing did not intend to waste time on this matter, the time of a senior card maker is very prcious!
       Zuo TingYi also did not expect the one-star energy card to be optimized on cost. He was a wealthy man who saw money as a piced of shit, and cannot think of there are men who want to make money on an one-star energy card that cost just over 100 Odi. In face, he had never used an energy card below three-star.
       However, as the only complete card in the three pockets, Zuo TingYi, after the destruction of numerous scrap cards, was quite fond of the card's maker. He wanted to help him participate in the promotion examination at first, but after looking for a long time, he didn't find the name of the card maker, so this matter ended up like this.
       Chen Mu's life had no changed much. He still made one-star cards every day as usual. However, due to the harvest of the previous training class, his study had come a long way. Most immediately, his energy card strokes were more rounded now. He estimated roughly that this would increase the capacity of his energy card by three percent.
       However, one-star energy card itself has less energy, it was hard to see something by this.


  • Chapter 6 Telekinesis
       Chen Mu sometimes will think of the card which has the lines like the complex vast galaxy in his drawer,  but thought of the price of a three-star energy card, as high as 15,000 Odi, his heart went cold down immediately. It had become his habit to play and brush this mysterious and complicated card for a while every day, and now it was left on the table by him.
       Although curious about the silver black card, Chen Mu resisted buying a three-star energy card. He thought for a whily deeply, In addition to the three-star energy card, his own skill was the fundamental reason for his decion.
       He had a very poor foundation, very poor, and was inferior even to the ordinary low-level card makers. Spending time on this card now would no help him much in his development. If the foundation is not firm, the higher the danger, and narrower it will be. He did not know the great truth, but he did know the simple truth from childhood wandering.
       These days, he had been enjouing rapid progress, over the years, he had never stopped thinking, though progress had been hampered by a number of key qusetions that he did not how to solve. After the plug was pulled out, the rush of pleasure was unmatched.
       He thought he's ready to start experimenting with one-star vision cards.
       The vision cards are a traditional strength of the Tian You Federation. Rosenberg, the founder of card theory, was best at vision card. The initial stage of the vision card is virtual shadow, then the advanced stage is substantialization. In fact, the low-level vision cards are useless, they can just make some visions, although are very realistic, actually is a kind of image, not to hurt people. Experienced men can tell it at a glance.
       However, the power of the advanced vision cards are quite frightening. It can excite the energy from the energy card and simulate it into objects through special arrangement and combination. It is the representative of high-end weapons and the special weapon of the cassians--who fight using vision cards and energy cards. Such a card is called vision card. But generally, what ordinary people call vision card basically means the low-level vision card.
       There's a big difference between making a vision card and an energy card. The energy card can be made as long as the card maker understands its structure and the skill of drawing is sufficient. But the vision cards are different, it need the card maker to have certain telekinesis. Telekinesis is the ablility of communication between card makers and energy.
       Energy, material quality, is the most core skills that card makers need. 
       Telekinesis can be improved in a special way, which is a required course for every card maker and cassian. In the current card makers' assessment, telekinesis was one of the most important and most basic abilities, it had very strict classification.
       Of course, telekinesis was not only needed by card makers. Somen professions, such as cassian, the professional user of vision cards, also have certain demands on telekinesis.
       In fact, in the early years of the card system, in Rosenberg's day, there was no such thing as cassian as a specifical profession. Card makers at that time, were also the most familiar people to cards, they were also very good at how to use cards, how to manipulate cards. That era was most of the card division, they were both card makers and cassian.
       Until three hundred years ago, an era of Hanier Van Sant, after two hundred years of development, the number and type of card had reached a considerable figure. Which means more cards can flow into the hands of the normal people who are not card division, and with the card system became more and more complex, card makers needed to learn much more than they did in Rosenberg's day, and they began to focus on research and learning the theory of making card.
       Since then, a new profession had emerged--cassian. They are professionals who use cards, and because they put all their energy into how to use the card to its best, so they use cards more better than card makers. Human's energy is limited, both learning to make cards, but also can use cards, card divisions were often unable to achieve top in both aspects.
       Over time, the distinction between the two occupations became more and more distinct.
       But there were alternatives, too, such as Hanier Van Sant, he was a gifted card maker, but he was also one of the top cassians of his time. He was slso the last card division.
       For now, card makers and cassian had different emphases on the exercise of telekinesis. Most card makers focused on the perception of energy, while cassians focused on the control of energy.
       There were many ways to tarin telekinesis, but there is one common characteristic, which was the need for media. Different media will directly affect the characteristics of telekinesis. The characteristics of the telekinesis will affect the card directly. And the nature of the card ill dircetly affect the cassians who use the card. So in many places, some schools, the card makers and cassians often coexist, the cassians use the cards which made by their own school, due to the telekinesis had same source, they tent to produce the biggest power of the card. For example, the Bitter-Silence Temple, they made all kinds of heart-cards, if you are not from Bitter-Silence Temple, it was hard to use it, almost impossible, and enven if you can use it, you cannot use the card to its full power.
       Compared with the card makers, the number of cassians more. The dignity of card makers need not to say more, but the premise was, you at least have to reach the middle or higher level. Also, compared with card makers, cassian is much more adaptable, private bodyguards, exploers, mercenaries.... In addition, cassians who were good at controlling the water-shuttle card, they are the best exploration of the seabed. While the cassians who are good at controlling the detection cards, was not only a necessary person for local security, but also for each expedition.
       There were many kinds of cards, and as the user, there were also many different kinds of cassians.
  • Chapter 7 Change of Card
       Card makers, also the maintainer of card. However, normal cards are rarely repaired because fixing a card can dedegrade the card's performance and cost a lot. But if it is a rare card or a hige-level card, it will not be available for sale. If it is damage, then it can only be rapaired.
       Chen Mu's telekinesis was very low. The card maker who thaught him did not teach him how to train his telekinesis. Although there were some tarining way in the professional textbook. Chen had also started training as scheduled, but so far, little effect. Chen Mu was relieved about that, the circulating on the market, of course can only be normal even bad. For a card maker, the way to improve telekinesis is the core secret. In today's competitve society, no one would be so selfless to disclose it.
       There were many ways to improve telekinesis, and also many more famous one. The five great-areas of Tian You Federation, each great-area had a famous school of cark making.
       In fact, in the five great-area, card makers and cassians were not separate, in a sect, there were both card makers and cassians. The Bitter-Silence Temple in Van AS area was to take the heart as the medius, to exercise the heart through asceticism, so as to improve the telekinesis.
       The five great-area have five famous academic institutions: Moing in Bei Lian district, Zhong Da Book Palace in Shang Gan district, Bitter-Silence Temple in Van AS district, Star Mansion in Zuo He district, Frost-Moon Continent in Tian Dong Li district, in addition to the Federal Comprehensive University in capital, these was the six most famous universities in the whole federation.
       In total, there were five great-area in Tian You Federation, 22 common-area, and the Dong Shang City where Chen Mu was located, is a city in the Dong Xing area which is a common-area. You can move to everywhere between the 22 common-area as you wish, but it was almost impossible to settle in the big-five, must have certain certificate of making card or other skills. The conditions of the five great-areas were much better than those of the common areas, and many people have a lifelong dream of being able to live in the big-five.
       Of course, the short stay like tour and sightseeing were not included.
       Dong Wei was not good at the university rakings, but it was also well known locally. Unfortunately, even at this school, Chen did not have the opportunity to study there. What he practiced to improve the telekinesis was the most superficial method, and his talent in this field was limited, so even though he practiced for two years, he still did not have much progress.
       But he was not discouraged, he just keep practicing every day. This method requires nothing more than the medium, whatever it is, anything in his daily life. So chen used what he knew best, an one-star energy card he made. The energy card he used to practive telekinesis had changed dramatically, becoming more detail and transparent. The card seemed to have a very mysterious connection to him, but he could not tell what it was clearly.
       Thanks to his long term efforts, although his telekinesis was low, he can barely make a vision card of one and two-star.
       He had memorized the structure of the one-star vision card over and over again and was alreaday familiar with it. He began trying to make his first one-star vision card.
       Damn it! This stroke is wrong! The first card is scrapped.
       The second also faild!
       Third faild!
       The sweat on Chen Mu's forehead began to trickle out, and he finally realized the difference between make a vision card and an energy card.
       In terms of materials, a card mainly consists of two parts: card material an ink. The card material is the carrier of the card ink, while the card ink is used to delineate the structure. The composition of the card ink is ver complex, how to adjust the card ink, is the basic content that every card maker must learn.
       Making a vision card is no longer just darwing the structure with a pen, but a matter of using the control of telekinesis to fit the card ink and the card material together. This makes it much harder. 
       Chen Mu now found it was hard to maintain, his telekinesis was just enough to make an one or two-star vision card, this continuous productiong had exhausted his spirit.
       This feeling, made him more tired than making 20 one-star energy cards.
       Unwittingly, Chen fell asleep on his desk. This time, he slept like a log. He was too tired.
       Outside the window, stars covered the whole sky, whether was getting colder, the light of stars made this more coler. The shone and clear stars shone, through the window, on the table on which he lay sleeping.
       The mysterious card lay quitely in the corner of the table, bathed in the starlight.
       The room was quiet except for Chen's snoring.
       Suddenly, on the surface of the card, the spidery silks of silver lines began to brighten up, while the balck card became darker and purer.
       Gradually, some parts of the silver line began to dim. even so faintly that it was almost imperceptible, and the spidery-siken structure began to unergo new changes.
       The point at which multiple silver lines intersect was not affected, however, it was still getting a little brighter.
       The changes continued for ten minutes.
       The face of this card had changed dramatically. The intricate silver lines on the black card disappered, leaving countless silver highlights like stars in the night sky.
       It was five hours after Chen Mu woke up. He was awakened by the cold from outside. Rubbing his sleepy eyes, he shook his head hard then stood up. somewhat confused, trying to drive away the heavy drowsiness in his body.
       Takin a deep breath, with a bit of cold air, Chen quickly woke up totally. The corner of his eye flashed across the table, and suddenly his body froze, like a clay figure, he stood motionless.
       It was five minutes before he came to his senses. The first time he came to himself, he pinched his arm. Although he did not dream very ofent, it was probably a dream, he thought. But the pain in his arm told him the scene was not a dream.
      The mysterious card was now beyond all recognition, and the countless silver threads on the black card wer all gone, leaving only a few scattered and disorderd silver dots. If he had known it was a high-level card before, then he could not tell what it looked like now.
       The change in the card was completely beyond Chen's knowledge, and he stared at the card in his palm with astonishment.

  • Chapter 8 Dilemma
       Suddenly, with a movement in his heart, he fingered the card into the slot of the Du Yi on his wrist.
       'Di.' The card still projected same image as last time.
       What happened to this card? Chen's curiosity suddenly grew so strong that he wanted to rush out to buy a three-star energy card.
       Impulse is the devil! Impulse is the devil! Chen muttered, reminding himself that it is a big money, with great difficulty, he could hardly contain himself. For the normal person, will buy a three-star energy card immediately, however, Chen managed to resist, he never lacks restraint.
       Gradually calm down, he soon thought clearly. At present, the first task was to learn how to make vision cards, which was a qualitative leap for him. Although this is a simple and small wish, but for Chen, who had been struggling alone, had been looking forward this day a long time.
       He had no time for other distractions now. That was why he didn't want to use his savings. He didn't know how long it would take him to make it and how much material it would take, so he kept putting up with his curiosity and didn't buy a three-star energy card. This card is mysterious, but making vision cards was Chen's wish for years. When he was a young vagabond, he was often fascinated by the vision card ads created by the shifting colors of light outside the stores, and he always forgot the cold that his thin clothes could not withstand.
       The food and clothing was now perfectly satisfactory to him, if not this wish, he would not have studied card theory so seriously. Just making the energy card had allowed him to continue his life, and to be honest, he was happy with his life now.
       He was not a man of great ambition, and most of his childhood wishes were simple and ordinary, which was enough food and clothing, also a room to live. The only thing that had not yet been realized was the colorful vision card ads in winter night which remained in his memory. 
       Huuuu, Chen Mu muffed out all the air in his chest and gently puts the mysterious card in the drawer. He would never have tried to solve the mystery of this card before learning how to make the vision cards.
        Looking at the pile of waste cards on the table, Chen did not speak, and sat down again. He was accustomed to failure. All the time, he had been alone to explore, failure was a common occurrence for him. If he got discouraged each failure, he wouldn't be where he is today. 
       Try again! Chen clenched his fist.
       Seven days passed.
       Chen's tired face was hard to hide. His eyes were bloodshot. In front of him, there were countless cards piled up. None of the surface texture of these cards was complete. For seven days, he had been trying to make vision cards without a break, however, he failed.
        He could not let the telekinesis control the pen in his hand, he could feel the strong physical nature of the ink on the tip of the pen clearly, but he couldn't control the liquid and make it stick to the card. The liquid was like a wild horse, which does not listen to orders.
       Chen's telekinesis was very low, and after several twists and turns, he had to rest and wait for his telekinesis to recover. For seven days, he drawed the vision card day and night, but it didn't work. The blow to his faith made him feel more tired than the mental and physical fatigue.
       What went wrong?
       Chen pulled the shaggy hair painfully.
       Decadently sitting on the chair, looking at a pile of waste card on the table, Chen was dazed. These days, it was not just Chen's energy that was expended, it was also a lot of money. One of the biggest was the cost of raw materials, which, despite being one-star vision card, had cost about 10,000 Odi. 
       'My meager savings can not withstand several times of such torment!' Chen Mu smiled bitterly in his heart.
       Standing up, openning the window, the sun shining brightly on his face, the warm making him squint contentedly. Anyway, he must to take a break. 
       Waling in the street full of sunshine, the bad mood of Chen, caused by the failure to make one-star vision card, unconsciously relaxed. Sunny weather was also one of the favorites of waifs, because they don't have to worry about the cold, don't have to about losing life in the cold wind.
       Humming a song, hands back in the back of the head, Chen Mu stroll at will.
       Unconsciously, he walked to the gate of Dong Wei College.
       He had never went inside of the college before, with this thought, Chen straight to the Dong Wei College.
       There was no restriction on the entry and exit of non-members of the institute because of its beautiful scenery and numerous historical sites, there were many tourists. The profits generated by these visitors were a large money. Therefore, every college council had made great efforts to clean up the environment of the college, which had become one of its characteristics. Although Dong Wei College cannot stand in the top 100 of federal university in academic field, it was ranked among the top 10 most beautiful universities in the federation every year, which was also the pride of the whole city of Dong Shang.
       Walking into Dong Wei College, there were crowds of tourists everywhere. Visitors and students can be easily identified. Students were always dressed in neat school uniforms. But wherever he went, Chen was different.
       His shaggy hair, wrinkled and dirty cloths, with a pair of slippers and unwashed face, made him a beggar.
       Ignoring the eyes of the people around him, Chen Mu laid down on the grass unperturbedly. When he was a young vagabond, he was accustomed to the cold and warmth of the world.
       Lying on the ground was so natural that people around were more certain that he was a beggar and they went around in a roundabout way. 
       Chen Mu ignored this, lying on the grass and enjoy the sunlight, it was too comfortable for him.
       At this moment, the sound of someont taling reached his ears.
  • Chapter 9 Understand
       'Yan Er, why sad, tell me what happened, do not hold it in your heart.' A woman's voice.
       Soft and sweet, very pleasant. Chen Mu comment in his heart, but he had no intention of opening his eyes. It was no longer attractive to him.
       He had seen a beautiful woman who used her high heels trampled his vagrant friend, and the woman hurled insulted at his friend. He had never thought that such a sweet voice could speak the most evil language. However, the reason was only because his companion had accidentally soiled her heels while begging for food.
       His friend was 6 years old, and he was 8. He did not think of anything, without hesitate, pouncing, trying to knock the beautiful woman away, but he was too young. As a result of this, they both got countless small pieces of bruise in their bodies. His vagabond companion had left him that winter, too, and would never wake up again. It was too cold.
       From then on, when he heard those sweet female voices, he could not help but thinking of that scene. 
       Chen Mu frowned slightly, but soon let it go. He told himself that it was not worth destroying his good mood for the sound.
       The sound of their conversation kept coming into his ears.
       'Sister, somehow, I just can't make the vision card of Blue Skin Rabbit. I've tried it many times, but I can't! My telekinesis is the best among whole class! But I'm the only one who hasn't made a vision card!' The crisp voice was very sad.
       As a little girl, Chen can guess the age of the little girl roughly without opening his eyes.
       'What do you feel when you makes a card, tell me, Yan Er.' The sister was a good listener.
       'Well, I don't know, but I feel that I can't control my pen, I remember its structure, but when I do it, I just can't finish it.'
       Chen, who was lying on the ground, suddenly opened his eyes, though the sister were behind him, his ears stood up so high that he didn't want missing any word. The little girl's problem was almost the same as his!
       'Well, don't worry, Yan Er, one-star vision card is very simple, you are so clever, certainly can succeed.' First she encouraged her little sister, then she began to point out the key: 'You have never made a vision card before. Although you have good telekinesis, but your experience is poor. Many teachers tell not so clearly about this question. We do not use the telekinesis to control the match between materials, but to induce. It is like a lead, just a guide. And what really happens to fit and change depends on the physical nature of the material itself. Understand?'
       Chen's mind was like a thunderbolt from a sunny day, suddenly lit up. Induce.... Induce..... That's it! All the problems seemed to have been solved at this moment.
       By the time Chen got up, the two girls had disappered. He did not know that the sisters had left for more than one hour, and he had been unconsciously thinking for more than one hour.
       He can't wait to rush to home. If he had a flight card, he could fly back!
       Running like mad, he almost crashed into the door.  As soon as he entered the room, he sat down in front of the table then started to make one-star vision card. His heart was now full of confidence, and he had a presentiment that he would succeed this time!
       Took a deep breath, calm down the rumble of the heart, Chen Mu slowly cool down.
       When his chest had subsided, he took a blank card and laid it in front of him.
       Without hesitation, the tip of the pen fell on the card.
       The telekinesis was so clear, as thin as a hair, wrapped around the tip of the pen, as smooth as sliding on the ice, without a hitch.
       The whole texture was made in one breath and there was no longer any sense of difficulty. It was wonderful!
       He prodly put the completed card in front of him and looked at it carefully. Chen's heart was filled with a sense of achievement. Nature is really wonderful and incomparable, ah, just a layer of window paper, stabbed, another realm!
       He inserted the card into the slot of his Du Yi, pressed the activation button.
       A fist-sized ball of light floated in front of Chen Mu, warm and giving off a soft white light.
       Chen Mu reached out his finger excitedly and touched the ball. His finger seemed to reach out into the air and disappeared into the ball. The ball of light was just virtual, or an image, not a real entity. This is the characteristic of the low-level vision card, while the high-level vision card can use energy to simulate the reality, which is the most essential difference between low-level and high-level cards.
       The success of one-star vision card had also loosened Chen's tight mind string. Working day and night had put his health at a risk situation. The relaxed Chen was immediately drowned by the endless drowsiness.
       He slept for two whole days and two nights, and at last he was awakened by hunger.
       Waking up, Chen muddled through some food to fill his stomach.
       Accustomed to sitting at the table, Chen Mu was somewhat stunned. The biggest problem in his mind all time -- making one-star vision card, was solved. Now the qusetion is just the fineness, a slow process that requires accumulation to accomplish. 
       It was Chen's dream to make one-star vision cards, but now it had come true, he felt a little lost. Two-star vision cards? There is no difference between the two different cards, for him, it was not a problem.
       For a while, Chen lost some of his goals. Once upon a time, one-star vision card in his eyes was so far away, he had been working hard for this desire. He never thought about what he would learn after learning to make one-star vision cards.
       'Forget it, the days are still going by, so keep making your own one-star energy card. It has cost you a lot of money this days.'
       After holding a card, Chen wanted to start making an one-star energy card. Suddenly he thought of the mysterious card.
       The pen stopped in the air.
       The mysterious card had strange powers, and he could not get it out of his head.
       Putting down the pen, Chen took the card out of the drawer. The gossamer silky silver texture on the card's surface had long since disappeared. There were numerous silver dots, big or small, dark or bright. Every time Chen saw the card, he would always felt a bit of an illusion of vastness.
       Vast, this feeling is really strange! Chen smiled at himself.

  • Chapter 10 Mystery
       15,000 Odi. Looking at this strange card, Chen Mu was not sure. No longer constrained by the desire to make one-star vision cards, he was drawn to it by intense curiosity, and the balance began to tilt rapidly towards this card.
       Do it! Chen Mu made up his mind, at the worst he can spend a few months earning it back.
       Chen Mu did not hesitate to go out and buy a three-star energy card.
       On the street once again, Chen's mood had been completely different with the last time.
       The sky was covered by shuttle-cars, and the air from their tails was faintly audible. Shuttle-cars are expensive and certainly not affordable for people like Chen Mu. The core component of the shuttle-cars was a card that can generate high speed airflow, it can generate huge thrust through the special structure inside the shuttle-car. The skilful cassians, who do not need shuttle-cars at all, can control the airflow cards flexibly to fly faster and more slick.
       Unable to afford a shuttle car or control the airflow card, Chen Mu was forced to walk on his own legs.
       The three-star energy cards only be available in sophisticated stores, which are not cheap after all. Chen Mu was the first time to enter such a high-class card shop, burnished smooth floor and the light can be seen, the room was surrounded by a light refreshing fragrance. In the glass counter, various high-class cards were placed on red flannelette, each with a detailed description of the card below it.
       The beautiful and generous card salesgirl was dressed in a neat uniform.
       'Hello, what can I do for you?' The card salesgirl did not despise Chen for his slovenliness. They all had excellent professional qualities, were used to the big occasion. Many people who were not good-looking would spend a lot of money here. Not all rich people will care so much about their clothes. It was not uncommon to see people who were obsessed with research and didn't pay attention to appearance.
       'Three-star energy card!' Chen Mu has no nonsense.
       A rich man indeed! The salesgirl was happy under her heart, a three-star energy card needs 15,000 Odi, today' performance is just up to the standard.
       Chen never drags his feet, once he dicedes to buy it, he won't think anything else, and he pay the bill very generous. This made the card seller more convinced that the man in front of her was a rich guy.
       'Do you want anything more, sir? We have everything here, we are the best card shop among the town. If we don't have the card you need, we can make the reservation for you and send it to the senior card maker who has business contact with us to make it for you.' The girl saled enthusiasm.
       The dazzling array of high-class cards nearly dazzled Chen's eyes and he swallowed saliva in secret, shook his head and said, 'No, there is no card I need.'
       Out of the card shop, the cold air outside made Chen's brain wake up immediately. After standing there for a long time, he bursted out laughing. It seemed that he was too weak to resist the allure of the high-class cards. Leaving those unrealistic thoughts behind, and remembering the mysterious card that was still at home, his heart suddenly warmd, and his strong curiosity made him run faster.
       Running furiously, Chen Mu opened the door and entered the house panting.
       Secrets about the mysterious card haunted Chen Mu. It had been disguised so lifelike that what kind of card needs to be camouflaged? What was the purpose of its disguise? And those two layers of camouflage film, was also master's work, but which master?
       All of those can arouse the curiosity of everyone, but the stangest was not these. The stangest thing about this mysterious card was that the texture on its surface had changed dramatically overnight!
       Chen Mu had never heard of a card whose textre can change. Once the texture of the card is formed, it is a strong abnormality, and the bonding between materials is irreversible. The power of match is so strong that even the irresistible force of time can only loosen it a little bit, but it cannot be arranged in another way.
       If this card is really someone's work, what an amazing skill he should have!
       The mystery of all this, like countless little insects, made his heart itch.
       Now, at last, the time had already come to solve this mystery! Chen was excited.
       Picked up the mysterious card on the table and gently rub the card, Chen then quickly inserted the three-star energy card into his Du Yi. 
       Without hesitation, he pressed the activation button.
       As the darkness fell around him, he suddenly came into a completely strange space. What a vision card! The horror in Chen' heart can no longer be expressed in words! He never thought that vision card can achieve such a state, this is the real 'fantasy'! This is definitely a very advanced vision card! He never though he could meet such a high-level vision card, although he knew what he saw was false, but Chen's face changed, this card completely insulates him from the surroundings.
       There was nothing but darkness around him, and he seemed to float alone in the void of endliss darkness.
       'For the first steop, please complete the following 18 actions.' Suddenly, Chen Mu heard an old voice. The words seemed to stick to his ears, not loud but clear. Chen Mu can't help but turn his head and look back. What he saw was nothing but a vast black void.
       The voice disappeared, then in Chen Mu's eyes suddenly appeared 18 puppets with different movements. These figures were indistinct in appearance, but perfect in shape, they do their actions over and over again. 18 puppets, each of them had different movements, some of them were so weird.
       Shocked, Chen began to observe the puppets'movements carefully. He looked at one ot the figures, who suddenly had a mass of word around him. Chen hurred to read the words carefully. These words were a detailed description of the action and a few things to note.
       After reading the words, Chen began to try to follow the figures.
  • Chapter 11 Gymnastics?
       Because of the vagabond childhood, Chen was somewhat malnourished when he was younger, while life got better now, his body began to grow stronger and stronger. Although on the surface, his body shape was not as strong as that of others, in fact, his physical quality was extremely good, and he seldom got sick.
       However, when Chen tried to do one of the movements, he found that it was extremely difficult, and it was very demanding on the strength of the legs, which was not his stong point. Did a few times, Chen's legs were as limp as mud. Chen didn't know if he really did these actions, but the soft and sour feeling from his legs was real and clear.
       Chen Mu tried all 18 movements, he could only do three of them. And he found that if he did one of the standard actions, the doll would dim. If he was not doing exactly the same action as the doll, it was not going to change.
       In addition to this change, no change took place around Chen, no matter how he struggled.
       Exhausted from the ordeal, Chen's biggest problem now was not how to finish the movements, but how to escape from the fantasy.
       Around his was a void of nothing, and there was no sign of anything but the dolls. Was it the 18 puppets?
       Chen soon rejected the idea, and all the puppets were illusions. Or he had to complete the 18 actions? Chen Mu bitter smile, if really so , that would be miserable!  It would take him quite a bit of practice to complete the 18 movements, not now. Break the illusions? No need to think about it, it was impossible to break such a brilliant illusion by his own power.
       So what was the key to getting out of this fantasy? Think of all kinds of legends about the advanced vision cards, Chen Mu's forehead a little bit of cold sweat.
       If he can't find this key point, there were only two possible outcomes. One possibility was that the energy from the energy card runs out, then the illusion dissolves itself, and the other was that he died of thirst and hunger before energy runs out.
       A sweat drops down the bridge of the nose and eventually drops from the tip of his nose into the endless dark void below.
       Chen Mu, who had never been in such danger, did not panic. It was not the first time his life had been in danger. Wandering as a young child is accompanied by many dangers besides hunger and cold. Stray dogs can also be deadly to street children. There were also those vicious human trader who saw the street urchin as a fat piece of meat.
       But never before had Chen Mu felt so heleless. In his eyes, this card represents the highest skill of the vision card, unattainable. For a newbie card maker who had just learned how to make one-star vision card, this was the existence that can only be looked up but cannot be overcome. This sense of danger was not only external, it was also from internal.
       Chen Mu forced himself to calm down. The card, he believes, must not be designed to trap the user in a fantasy world. Because in that case, there would have been all kinds of lethal attacks, not peace. It could just be that he didn't find the key to getting out of the fantasy.
       He did not pass the orthodox card maker's education, wanted to use already learned knowledge to solve the problem was obviously not realistic. After thinking about it for a long time, Chen decided to use a stupid method, which was the elimination method, one by one, anyway, there were not many things in the fantasy.
       But he had touched almost everything in the illusion! There was no reaction. Where might that be?
       Void, doll, himself!
       An idea flashed in Chen Mu's mind, right, he had ignored a kind of possibility all the time, that was himself! In the whole realm of illusion, there was nothing but void and a couple of dolls, and himself!
       Chen Mu's eyes fell on his wrist, startled suddenly, on the wrist, his Du Yi was very visible! Almost subconsciously, Chen pushed down the activation button.
       Huooooo, the scene changed and Chen Mu went back to his familiar room
       Two legs were soft, thoroughly relieved Chen Mu sitted on the ground. Too tired! He can't move even one finger now.
       In order to try the 18 actions, his physical strength was exhausted, and he was highly stressed in mental later. Both the body and the mind had under gone a severe test.
       Chen Mu fell asleep on the floor.
       Chen Mu was awakened by hunger again! It is terrible to wake up hungry. Chen Mu hated the feeling of hunger, which was probably the shadow left by his previous wandering.
       He is not picky about what he eats, as long as he is full. Open the fresh food cabinet and a cool air hitted him in the face. The inner core of the fresh food cabinet is a cooling air card, which can keep the food fresh. It is very cheap, but uses a lot of energy each month.
       Such as cooling air card in fresh food cabinet, heating card in heat boiler and so on, these cards are not advanced, the grade is only one or two-star, but become an indispensable part of people's life. Both are capable of large-scale industrial production, which makes them less expensive.
       The use of low-level cards radiates to every area of the average people's life. Ther are two undisputed masters in the card world, Rosenberg and Hanier Van Sant. Rosenberg first developed the card theory and created the first energy card and vision card in human history. Hanier Van Sant not only took Rosenberg's vision cards to an unprecedented level, but he created many other cards that were different from Rosenberg's.
       Both masters climbed to the top of the card world.
       However, in this world, there is an equally outstanding figure, who, in another way, gives off an incomparably brilliant light, and is called the master most close to the two grandmasters!
       This is Roche! Roche's status as a advanced card maker is so bleak among those outstanding card makers in history. But such a card maker, set off an unprecedented revolution in card world. He devoted his life to connecting cards to the lives of ordinary people. Many cards that were originally too high to touch were brought into the lives of ordinary people because of him.
       Fresh food cabinet, heat cooker, shuttle-car......
       He was always full of brilliant ideas, which made those humble one and two-star cards exert great value, and people's life changed dramatically. It had also improved the lives of many lower-class card makers who struggle financially. This also brought him enormous wealt, he was also full of wisdom in management, his wealth like a snowball, in just a few decades, had become the largest weatlth among the whole federation in that time. To this day, the Roche family was still one of the few powerful families in the federation.
       However, Roche is a controversial figure, in the eyes of traditional card makers, he is a typical example of the unscrupulous. At that time, Hanier Van Sant derided him as 'a guy with stink of money'. But in many people's eyes, he is a real genius, a different kind of genius. That was what Chen Mu sees.
       Breaking the rules is not something everyong can do.
       Chewing the hard bread, he sat down in front the table, his eyes on the mysterious card again. The enigmatic card remained a mystery to this day. He couldn't find an answer he wanted to find. Originally thought that with the three-star energy card, the mysterious card exactly what card can be out of the water, but did not expect, in the end, unknown.
       The vivid illusion in the card cut him off from all contact with his surroundings as if it were another worle. Even though he could not find a way out, it still gave him a stong shock.
        It turns out that illusion can do this!
        While thinking about the vision card he made, Chen was even more frustrated. However, the frustration lasted only a few seconds, and Chen believed that such a vision card, in today's word, can be made by absolutely few people. Then came the great encouragement. Vision card, the most traditional card in the Tian You Federation, such great!
       Subconsciously chewing hard bread, Chen's mind was full of those 18 different forms of action. It was not a means of attack. Chen was not cassian, but fighting was common when he was child.
       In any case, those actions were a bit like gymnastics stuff.
  • Chapter 12 Lei Zi
       However, it is absurd to making such a high-class card for a set of gymnastic exercises, this speculation made Chen want to slap his mouth.
       Thinking of those puppets who darkened because completing the actions, Chen recalled his own speculation at that time. Is this just the first step?
       Right! The first step! He remembered what the old voice said: 'First step, please complete the following 18 actions.' There seems to be a new mystery behind it.
       Sure enough, he was frightened by this card. He understood such a simple qusetion after making a big detour.
       Chen Mu had found his life's purpose again. One was to solve the card's secret, the other was to improve his own skills in making vision cards. The fantasy in this mysterious card, which was completely beyond Chen's comprehension, greatly stimulates him. It was not realistic to try to make a three-star vision card in a short time, but he can make his fantasy more realistic, just like the fantasy created by mysterious cards.
       However, the daily work--one-star energy card still needed to be continued, but this period of time was quite overexpended.
       As he munched the hard bread, Chen Mu arranged his life.
       Paaa! A freshly baked schedule stuck to the wall, Chen nodded in satisfaction.
       Life did not change for Chen Mu. The only surprise was that he was fast nearly haft as efficient at making one-star energy cards. He didn't know if it was because he had learned how to use telekenisis, but now it was surprisingly easy to make an one-star energy card. It also gave him more time to devote to the other two things he planned to do.
       The other two things, however, had moved relatively slowly. Chen can only do half of the 18 actions. These 18 acttions require a certain of strength, softness and responsiveness. However, the practice in these days improved his physical fitness.
       The vision cards had little entry, but it was not easy to make the illusion be hard distinguished from the true reality. He had to constantly observe, among everything. Chen was not in a hurry about this, he knew it was a slow process of accumulation.
       Armed with the one-star energy cards, Chen went to uncle Hua's grocery store.
       Uncle Hua didn't look well, but he was very happy to see Chen Mu: 'A Mu, I haven't seen you for a long time.' Then a strong cough followed.
       'Uncle Hua, are you all right?' Chen Mu showed some concern. Uncle Hua was one of the few people in the world who really cared about him.
       Uncle Hua gasped, forced smile said: 'Not a big deal, may be some recent flu, I am strong though a little old. How have you been? I don't see you sending me your energy card, and I'm afraid something was wrong with you.
       Looking at uncle Hua's pale face, Chen Mu's nose sour, forced smile and said; 'What can happen to me, I was learning to make vision cards recently, which was took for a while.
       'Oh, have you learned? Uncle Hua showed interest.
       Chen Mu nodded, 'Well, only one and two-star.'
       'Ha, I guess you can make it, A Mu, you must have a good future because you are so smart and diligent.' Uncle Hua was as pleased as he had heard that his nephew or son had made an achievement, and this gave rised to a series of coughs.
       Chen watched uncle Hua anxiously, but he didn't know what to say.
       Uncle Hua finally stopped coughing and turned his face from pale to red. He said with a smile, 'You must work hard, A Mu, I've always wanted a billboard made by vision card, well, it's better to contain a little blue orchid, which is the specialty of my hometown.' Uncle Hua's eyes showed deep homesickness.
       'Well.' Chen Mu nodded vigorously.
       Coming out of uncle Hua's grocery store, Chen's mood was heavy.
       'Mu Tou.' Chen Mu suddenly heard someone calling him. He turned around and saw a man dressed in exaggerated clothes running towards him.
       This was Lei Zi, partner of Chen Mu when he wondering. But he was adopted, and he had always had a good relationship with Chen, and was Chen's only friends.
       His adoptive parent were well off when they were still alive, and he would took care of Chen occasionally. Until recently, his adoptive parent died, then he had to stop studing and return to semi-wondering. Chen Mu was born cold and dull, and with the word 'Mu', Lei Zi simply called him Mu Tou--means of wood.
       He was wearing a colorful shirt, which was too bigh and baggy. His hair was unkempt, with two huge metal rings hanging from his ears and a pair of soiled slippers trailing at his feet. The outfit startled Chen.
       He stopped and waited for Lei Zi.
       'Hey, meet you on the street? Am I dazzled or has the world changed?' Lei Zi said with an exaggerated expression.
       'I'm here for selling energy cards.' The two knew each other well and Chen was not going to talk nonsense.
       Lei Zi nodded his head. He knew Chen Mu very well.
       'Oh, by the way, I rechently got a job.' Lei Zi said.
       'What job?' Chen Mu asked with interest. His adoptive parents were very kind to him and kept him in education, which was always what Chen Mu wanted. However, a storm may arise from a clear sky, his adoptive parents died in a car accident. In Chen Mu's mind, he can support Lei Zi's education, but Lei Zi was rejected him. This guy was surprisingly tough in this aspect, and Chen knew that people like them have much higher self-esteem than ordinary people in this aspect. If he was Lei Zi, he will do the same reaction.
       Lei Zi had been trying hard to find a job. These days, Chen had been so immersed in making vision card and deciphering the mysterious card that he had no time to care about anything else.
       'I got a job at a small card-film company, mainly doing some jobs as a writer.'
       'Card-film?' Chen Mu knew what the card-film is, the so-called card-film are the dynamic images created by the vision cards to show a story. The capacity of the story is determined by the number of vision cards. Generally, the number of vision cards required for each card-film is about 20 to 50. Most of the characters and animals in the card-film are exaggerated and looked very cute, so it is deeply loved by people.
       Card-film had been around for 30 years, but it wasn't until a decade ago that it began to take off, it was a new industry.

  • Chapter 13 What Card Is It?
       Chen Mu didn't think that Lei Zi could get involved in the film company, but it was a relief, this guy has always been flexible in dealings and he can talk with others like old friends. Although Chen Mu didn't understand the writing or what, he still had more confidence in Lei Zi.
       'Why do you dress like this?' Looking at Lei Zi, Chen Mu asked.
       Lei Zi grinned and said, 'I'm now also artist, this is the most popular style in the circle.'
       Then he put his head close to Chen Mu and whispered, 'I must to, or I'm too embarrassed to say hello with others.'
       'So how are you?' Lei Zi asked Chen Mu.
       'Same as before.' Chen felt that his life was no different than before.
       'Alright, I won't talk to you, I'm gonna work now. After a while come to my house, there are three bottles of Qing Yun Liu Shui wine left.' To meet in haste, to depart in haste.
       Qing Yun Liu Shui wine is a kind of fruit wine, the taste is very light, Chen Mu and Lei Zi all like it very much, but it is expensive, the few remaining bottles in his house were bought by his adoptive parents. Lei Zi will only take it out when Chen Mu come.
       Chen's life began to simplify again. But life probably never changed in his eyes. Every day he praticed 'Gymnastics' and made energy cards to make a living, the time he spent making vision card was used in careful observation. Making vision cards everyday to practice was too expensive, he had no money to waste. However, he still had a lot of achievements, such as the changes in the light of different parts of the object, and how to make the illusion more three dimensional and so on, he had touched the door.
       Everything went well, expect for the 'Gymnastics', which took him three months to complete, even though he practiced for about four hours per day.
       But it payed off. 
       Chen's body was now extremely soft, and his hands, legs and waist were full of flexibility and can make many incomparably strange gestures. This softness was not as sofe as the paste, but like steel wire, the strength also increased greatly.
       Looking at himself in the mirror, the naked body, though not muscular, but perfectly symmetrical, if he bulged his muscles slightly, the muscles emerge as a clenched steel string.
       This was the result of his practice. Chen Mu was so plesed with his body that he didn't expect the 18 movements to have such an amazing effect on his body. It made him feel worthwhile. He doesn't care about his looks, it cannot bring food. But health is important, and he could clearly feel that the body was better at control than it had ever been. That's what he felt when he made the energy card, his hands were more stable, more nimble. Of the 18 actions, three are dedicated to dexterity of the fingers.
       'Must to exercise 'Gymnastics' everyday.' Chen Mu thought so.
       Now that he could easily complete 18 movements in one sitting, it was time to re-enter the fantasy realm of that mysterious card.
       Chen had not activated the mysterious card since his last retreat from the fantasy. 
       Pressing the activation button, Chen entered the dark void again.
       18 puppets still did the same actions.
       With some anticipation and some curiosity, Chen took a deep breath.
       His body began to move.
       Chen's body was like a snake. One after another, his bizarre movements change with his body, every time he completed an action, one puppet turned dark.
       This set of 'Gymnastics' he had become familiar with, he completed them one by one, like flowing water, without any delay.
       After all 18 actions, Chen Mu breathed alittle, Although very skilled, this set of movements is still quite hard.
       What happened next? Chen was full of curiosity.
       18 puppets accidentally all darked down, Chen's long-awaited change finally happened!
       Two cards! Two cards floated in front of Chen, one light blue and the other orange. The radiated a faint light, floating in the void.
       As his first experience, Chen was not afraid. He was curious and tried to touch one of them. He touched the orange card, the card were enveloped in a pale orange glow, soft and warm.
       The moment Chen's fingers touched the orange card, it split into two cards, each orange card has a number, one and two.
       Chen was so excited and interested, then his fingers immediately touched the number one orange card.
       'One-star vision card making.'
       This orange was a complete one-star card making tutorial, each step and detail had the image, the dynamic image deduction lets Chen Mu, a fresh card maker took it as treasure!
       If the 18 actions only made him curious, this one-star vision card tutorial was priceless to him.
       How real! All the details were exactly the same as reality, and each image released by the card had a mind-boggling fidelity.
       His mind had just disengaged from this shocking spectacle, then was soon firmly drawn to the 'tutorial' of illusion! He was so hungry for the knwoledge that he stared with a sort of rapture at the changing illusion of motion. What could attract him more than what he saw now?
       All the time, he had been struggling along, the pain which no on guide he knew best. How could he give up suce an opportunity now? He even worries about what he might have missed if the dynamic illusion had only been played once.
       The number one card comtained more information than he had expected. Not only there was a complete one-star vision card tutorial, but there were also many tips for making one-star vision card. Chen was ecstatic with the tips, which were enough to raise the level of his skill for making one-star vision cards.
       The world is filled with love. Chen muttered subconsciously.
       Until Chen pulled out of the card illusion, he felt his brain get a little fuzzy.
       The two cards in the orange color are all related to the knowledge of the one-star  vision card, and the light blue card in the fantasy is also a kind of card making course, but this kind of card had never been heard of by Chen Mu, it is called majorization card.
       Chen was not surprised that, he had not heard of too many cards.
       In the evening, he recovered his composure. He was now curious about the question: what is this card for?
       There was no connection between the gymnastics and the one-star vision card making. 
       Never before had a strong curiosity haunted Chen Mu, who wanted to find out all the secrets of the enigmatic card and, at the very least, what its ultimate purpose was.

  • Chapter 14 Entrancing
       With the guidance of the tutorial in this card, the skill of making card was progressing rapidly. The knowledge about the cards in the tutorial was an eye-opener for Chen Mu. Instead of training and making energy cards, he spent all the rest of his time immersed in the mggical fantasy of the mysterious card.
       While rest of the timen was spent observation. Tutorials always taught theoretical knowledge, which requires a lot of practical experience to improve. Observation is the first step. The so-called half virtual and half real, if even the real image had no concept, then how to make it. To do this requires a great deal of careful observation.
       This is a must for making low-level vision cards.
       This also brought him serious sequelae, for example, when he ate the bread, he could not help staring at the bread on his hands for six or seven minutes. When he recovered, his stomach was already so hungry that he felt a cramp.
       Once he observed something too carefully, he was prone to long periods of lethargy, which was called entrancing. At this point, his reaction became so sluggish that everything around him seemed to be isolated from him.
       And once he went to meet Lei Zi, they were talking and drinking with reluctant face. As they drank, Chen suddenly lost his voice, Lei Zi called him for a long time and got no respond, saw him staring at the cup on his hand, sitted there in a daze. Lei Zi who thought something had happened to Chen Mu and turned pale with fear.
       Making card is a very expensive profession, which is the characteristic of this profession, because every kind of card's learning, requires a lot of practice. Chen's money was not large enough for him to use like those rich children. He hade to observe more at daily life and be prepared to reduce his consumption when making cards. Besides touching the blue card in the fantasy world for the first time, Chen never touched the course of so-called 'majorization card'. The present knowledge was enough for him to understand for a long time.
       Bite off more than one can chew, Chen Mu always restrained to himself.
       Chen Mu cherished and attached great importance to every opportunity to making vision card, and he had made dozens of modifications to every plan he made in advance. He would not let go of every detail, and wouldn't start until everything is well enough. Such a cautious attitude, if seen by others, they were absolutely surprised that he was only making a one or two-star vision card.
       But Chen's method proved effective. Now the illusion from the card he made can be extremely realistic. But he was not satisfied, and every time he thought of the lifelike vision in the mysterious card, his pride vanished.
       Of course, he knew that the illusion of the one or two-star vision card could not be compared with the illusion of the advanced cards. The difference between them is not in the form of color or light, but the difference between virtual image and entity. This was beyond his power.
       But since he could not work on this aspect,he worked hard to be more realistic.
       He was going to make a vision card billboard for uncle Hua.
       His mood got heavy when he thought of uncle Hua. Uncle Hua's body was getting worse and worse, his cough was getting bad too. During this period, Chen Mu went to uncle Hua's shop mor frequent, sometimes he would accompany uncle Hua to take care of the shop, or chat. However, Chen Mu had always been so bad at words, most of the time uncle Hua was talking, he was listening.
       Chen had been wanting to give uncle Hua a vision card billboard, a perfect one without defect, he didn't begin, he felt his skill was not enough, it was also one of the reasons to prompted him to get a great progress for this period.
       However, the progress of this period made him felt that it was time. There was also a deep concern in his heart, which was uncle Hua's body. That was why he made the decision. Another important reson was that, a while ago, his skill of making dynamic vision card finally achieved a breakthrough, which a problem bothered him for a long time.
       Releasing the dynamic illusion is only one more annular structure than the static illusion. But as long as card makers, all know the difficulty of making dynamic illusionary card is much higher than static illusionary card. The most intuitive manifestation of this is that on the price, the price of the dynamic vision card billboard is more than three times that of the static vision card billboard.
       How to make the illusion move, smoothly and naturally, this is a very difficult task for the novice.
       For example, the image relased by a vision card is a waterfall, and the illusion made by many novices is like uncooked silver noodles. To be true as reality, it needs a lot of detail, ripples and folds as the water flows, splashes of water, and mist in the air. Experienced card makers can do all this well, and many senior card makers are not as good as those who specialize in making dynamic vision cards.
       In the card world, there is a famous saying--details determine results.
       This is accumulation of experience and practice, can not allow any false.
       However, Chen is patient, which had a lot to do with his childhood experience. It is not easy for a street urchin to get food if he is not patient enough. A 'master' of the vagabonds like Chen Mu who can survive a long life, patience is surprisingly enough.
       Observation, for long long time, he would not find it boring.
       His progress was so rapid that he surprised himself a little. He doubted for the first time whether he was really a genius in card making.
       The eagle flies, the rabbit walkd, wind moves, water flows, and the moon and sun alternate.......
       The dynamic vision cards he created were all vivid. While the best dynamic vision cards he made were not these, but busy pedestrians, dogs and cats roaming in the night.....These images of childhood were so deeply etched in his mind that he could made them without thinking, and these became one of his great treasures.
       Today, he planned to make a vision card billboard for uncle Hua. However, Chen who had no experience in making the billboard, planned to take a look around the street to see what other people's billboard looks like.

  • Chapter 15 Vision Card Advertising 
       The best place to see the billboard is Golden Street, the most prosperous commercial street in Dong Shang City.
       Golden Street was one of the oldest streets in Dong Shang City, it had existed since the establishment of Dong Shang City. The street were lined with tall buildings, crowded with people and stores, almost all the top shops had their own shops in Godlen Street. This was the perfect place to look at a vision card billboard.
       No matter how small the store was, there was a vision card billboard, especially at night, the beautiful light from vision card billboard made this place like a fairy tale world. The night view of Golden Street was very popular with both local people and tourists from other places.
       But when he though about it, he was stunned to find that he seemed to be coming to Golden Street for the first time.
       As one of the local signs, Golden Streen is not available for homeless people and beggars. Later on, Chen had been fascinated by cards and shopping was never part of his schedule.
       So many people!
       It was Chen Mu's first feeling when he entered the Golden Street. There was a huge crowd, made him a little uncomfortable.
       But he quickly turned his attention to the vision card billboards around the stores.
       Big breast, small waist with fat buttock, bright eye and tooth with red lip. To Chen Mu's bewilderment, the illusion he saw most of the billboards was actually the beautiful women. Some of these beatuiful women stand, or bend down to make the pose that please enter, the faint cleavage with a  seductive look, really tantalizing.
       He even saw a number pedestrians passing by these beautiful women's visions, hands would always pass through the breast of the illusion intentionally or un intentionally.
       Chen Mu was speechless, was this popular now?
       Go straight ahead, Chen Mu saw all the belle illusion and pass. But he soon found that the bigger the business, the more creative and sophisticated its vision card ads were.
       Like the vision card billboard he was looking at right now. The illusion it unleashed was so big, about two floors high.
       Chen Mu stood in the doorway of the mall, staring up at the illusion of the billboard, forgot himself.
       Looking down from the night sky of the city, tall buildings ablaze with lights.
       A grim-faced man in black, standing at the top of a tall building, looked ahead with indifference.
       In a corner of a dark street, a blind man raised his head in an inquisitive way, his empty eyes directed towards the empty sky.
       In the moonlight, a woman in a tight brown leather suit was gently wiping cards from her hands when she raised her head.
        Faces that were either mature or immature, beautiful or ugle, keep flashing.
        While music was suddenly nervous, looking down in the sky, black shadows were jumping from tall buildings, all of whom were extremely agile. On their faces, however, there were serious look, and the dense drumming of the music made people's heart suddenly clench.
       More and more people, all running fast in the same direction.
       The roar of a wild animal that Chen Mu had never heard before, the sound was loud and deep, shooked the field. As if in responsed to this roar, the wild beasts were roaring like a great wave, rushing to their faces.
       Outside the city, wild animals flooded to them like crazy.
       Those who were trying to run were move a bit faster.
       Finally, the two waves collide!
       Fiery dragon, cold crescent blade, brilliand meteor shower.....
       They appeared in this space one after another, the change of color and the light complex and indeterminate, dazzling. The fierce collision, stirred up countless lights broken stars, lit up the night. The fighting was almost suffocating.
       The man in black was surrounded by a fiery dragon, who was like a god of war when his every attact was heavy and sometimes accompanied by an explosion.
       While the women in the tight brown leather suit was quick and nimble to dodge the attack of the beasts, the blue and white crescent blade wave was constantly drawn out from her hands.
       The blind man was walking among the beasts like a ghost, holding a bamboo pole, every time the pole struck the ground, hundreds of lights appeared out of nowhere behind him, piercing the beasts, leaving a long tail of light in the night sky like a meteor shower.
       There was doubt that the battle was ultimately won by human, the final close-up was on the inside card of these heroes's Du Yi, the store's logo--Double Ring Card Store.
       How dazzling!
       Chen could not help admiring. It can be seen that the level of this billboard is not very high, only two-star, but its content is extremely rich, and the characters and buildings in the illusion are extremely realistic. The most remarkable thing about it is that the visual comflicts of its special effects are very stong. 
       This ia a very successful magic card billboard, very attractive!
       Chen Mu can guess that billboards like this one must be very expensive. This billboard is not very high level, but it is very difficult to make. It's rich in content, and one two-star vision card cannot hold that much content. It contains at least five cards, but it is seamless in connection, it is hard to see if not a card maker.
       There are so many talented people in this worle! Not every card maker can do that. At least Chen knew that he was far from that. This trip was very worth.
       The card salesgirl at the Double Ring Card Shop was very strange. The man at the door, who had been standing for half an hour, seemed to be looking at the vision card billboard. The vision card billboard was created two years ago at a huge cost, when it was released and created a huge sensation throughout the Dong Shang City. Her heart was still full of pride when she recalled the pomp of this days, every day there were people in circles around the door to see the advertisement. It was also from that year that the store's turnover began to increase at a surprising rate.
       However, no matter how good the ad is, once it was been on for two years, people would lose interest in it. Gradually, fewer and fewer people watched the ad, which was on one for now. It was originally intended be replaced by another vision card billboard, but the card maker who made this billboard had died. They had also found several other famous card makers, but the effect was far less than this one, so there had been no replacement. What made her surprised was, now there was still man who had interest in this vision card billboard, really a rare animal. 
       After a while, the strange young boy was still staring at thevision card billboard. The card seller thought it would affect her business if someone stood in the doorway for too long. She planned to take the initiative.
       'Hello, may I help you?'
       Chen Mu woke up, then shook his head, 'No need.' He understood what the card seller meant and ,without saying anything, turned and left.
  • Chapter 16 Information
       Since seeing the vision card billboard in Double Ring Card Shop, Chen Mu had lost interest in other vision card advertisements. He wondered why there was such a difference in the advertisements of other stores, which were bigger than the card store he had just passed?
       However, this time Chen was also very fruitful, at least he saw what to call the real vision card advertising. In his eyes, those vision card billboards under the guise of beautiful women cannot be counted as vision card advertisements at all.
       Knowledge was up, but reality is cruel.
       For current Chen Mu, there was no way to make the same level of work as the vision card billboard. He still planned to make a vision card billboard for uncle Hua, but not for the beautiful women.
       After a visit, the design of the billboard for uncle Hua had been almost completed. Now all left was to make it. It would take about three days to complete.
       'TingYi,' There was a loud sound behind Zuo TingYi. He stopped and turned around. This was a good friend of Zuo TingYi, HongTao.
       'Ha ha, you guy finally got caught by me!' HongTao ran forward and looped his arm around the neck of Zuo TingYi.
       The thin Zuo TingYi were immediately led forward by him a staggering.
       'Take it easy and be polite!' Said Zuo TingYi, frowning unpleasantly.
       HongTao's face did not care, 'Come on, what appearance, I'd say, you guy is false.'
       HongTao is 1.8 meters tall, with a strong body, which made the school uniform tight. In addition, he is handsome and cheerful, like full of sunshine in smiles, and enjoys high popularity in the college. And bold and chivalrous character, let him become one of the school's most important figures.
       By contrast, the figure of Zuo TingYi looks too thin. But the tighter uniform made him look even more personable, with the card maker's special personality making him more popular among girls than HongTao.
       'Article 91 of the school' regulations, students should pay attention to their appearance in public places.'
       'Article 16 of the dress code of Dong Wei College, Students must wear a school uniform to enter the school with the class day, especially the neckline, buckles....'
       Zuo TingYi stood upright, smoothing his school uniform at first, followed by a expressionless, wordless way, as his eyes fell on the open collar of HongTao's school uniform.
       'All right, all right, I surrender!' HongTao begged for mercy. Since entering the school's disciplinary office, Zuo TingYi had become the first student in school history to be able to recite all 722 rules, no matter details. HongTao was not afraid that Zuo TingYi would take him to the disciplinary office, but that he would never end his speech.
       'Hey, look, that's XinYi.' HongTao saw the opportunity and immediately changed the topic.
       Not fari from them was a girl with a pink hairpin. She held a piece of ice cream in one hand and a colorful gossip magazine in other, followed by a large dog and a small dog.
       The expression of Zuo TingYi returned to nature, and he lifted his foot then walked forward. Zuo TingYi nodded, 'Are you intersted in her?'
       'No!' HongTao quickly shook his head, 'I dare not, do you know who her brother is? The chief officer of the police office of Dong Shang City, ha, last time Aragorn was intersted in her, then he was dragged directly to the police office and stayed there for five hours!' HongTao tut marveled. 
       'Well, he deserve it.' Zuo TingYi snorted contemptuously. He was always disdainful of Aragorn, a dandy. Zuo TingYi comes from a famous family, while Aragorn's father is arich man, but in the eyes of such an aristocratic family as Zuo TingYi, he is no different from a nouveau riche. It was just that the guy was smart enough not do anything in front of Zuo TingYi.
       'Have you heard that someone from Star Mansion is comming to our college sometime?' HongTao asked.
       Zuo TingYi looked at him with a slight surprise. 'You are quite well informed.' Zuo TingYi is deeply loved by teachers. He knew about the things of the school a little earlier. And he was in the school disciplinary office, involved in school arrairs, much better informed than the average student.
       'Hey, that's it.' Said HongTao, then with a look of indignation, said, 'You guy are too boring to tell me such a big news.'
       'I didn't know that long ago,' Explained Zuo. 'The college asked us to tighten our discipline so as not to lose face in front of others.'
       'How long? What are they doing here?'
       'For over a month, I don't know what they're doing, just talking about communication or something.'
       'What level of competence do you think the students of Star Mansion are? What an expect!' HongTao's eyes flashed with a fervent light. He suddenly turned his head.' TingYi, do you want to go to the Star Mansion?'
       Zuo TingYi stopped and thought for a while before shaking his head, 'I dont know, although the Star Mansion has fallen down a bit in recent years, it is one of the Big-Six, the depth of its foundation is far beyond that of the average college, besides, their visit is not certainly related to recruitment.
       'Come on, in my opinion, nine times out of ten it has to do with admissions. How many years have the Star Mansion not communicated with other colleges, not for the student source, what is that?' HongTao doesn't think so, and if he want, his chance is big. Zuo TingYi knows his strength, HongTao's real strength is much higher than he usually shows.
       'Then why did they choose our school? Zuo TingYi pointed straight at the core of the problem.
       Right, if it was because of the source of students, why would Star Mansion choose Dong Shang College? There are more powerful institutions than Dong Shang College, how could it be the turn of Dong Shang College?
       'Em........' HongTao was silent.
       'I don't know if they are from the inner or outer mansion.' Zuo TingYi leisurely said.
       'Had better be inner mansion, outer mansion much boring.' HongTao put aside the question and caught the topic of Zuo TingYi.
       Zuo TingYi looked at HongTao contemptuously, 'I'm afraid that the students from the outer mansion are not what some of our school's so-called masters can deal with.' 'The So-called master', he said very clear about this four words.
       'TingYi,' said HongTao with a dry smile, 'You are raising the spirits of others and suppressing our own confidence.'
  • Chapter 17 Belated billboard
       As one of the Big-Six institutions, Star Mansion has a long history, and its founder is even more famous, which is Heniar Van Sant. For this reason, despite its decline over the years, Star Mansion had not fallen out of the Big-Six, but it had already ranked the bottom.
       The decline of the academy had a direct bearing on their rules.
       There is an inner and outer school in Star Mansion, at a certain time each year, the school will select some students with outstanding achievements and talents from the outer school to study in the inner school. The inner school is the core of Star Mansion. Everyone who can come out of the inner school, no matter the card maker or cassian, has left a lot of legends in history.
       But not only are the conditions of admission extremely strict, it is also not easy to come out. No one had been able to get out of the Star Mansion for a whole decade, which was the main reason why it had fallen in rencent years. And the other five of Big-Six, not to mention the soaring Federal Comprehensive University, even the Bitter-Silence Temple which has few students, every two or three years, there were bound to be one or two amazing figures.
       Only there were no one can out of the inner school of Star Mansion for ten years.
       All these years, the place of Star Mansion was supported by those students from the outer school, just barely supporting the present awkward situation.
       However, it can also be seen that the students of Star Mansion are stonger than those of other universitys. So Zuo TingYi just had said this, made his friend who always proud shy.
       The vision card billboard for uncle Hua was finally completed today, seven days after Chen Mu left for Golden Street.
       The final product made Chen Mu quite satisfied.
       The card body fomed by the bark of thousand cloud tree after special tanning is translucent white, and the half palm-sized card body, the delicate and complex pattern formed by the dark blue texture. Chen's writing skill was already quite great, the line is fluent and smooth.
       A green orchid as tall as a man, with green leaves, slender stems, milky white flowers, slightly swinging. Every ten secends the flower of orchid can spurt out a few colorful broken light, it changes like water mist, streamer overflow color, gradually change into 'Uncle Hua's Grocery Store'. 
       At night, this green orchid would bloom all its splendor.
       In the space of this five days, in addition to this green orchid vision card billboard, Chen also produced another vision card.
       The card is a replica of the fantastic advertisement he saw in the Double Ring Store that day. However, because Chen's level was far from that of the creator of the vision card, he had not yet been able to reproduce such a complex vision card advertisement.
       Chen's vision card is only part of it. In the illusion released by the vision card, Chen was intrigued by the fiery dragon which surrounding the grim-clad man.
       Dzaaling and hot, representing strength and power. This is the three-star vision card--Flame-Dragon card, belongs to the intermidiate combat card. This fire dragon is completely simulated by energy, and under cassians' control, it not only gives off amazing heat, but also has explosive properties, flexibility and powerful. It is the favorite of many cassians.
       Chen's imitation of this vision card is related to the Flame-Dragon card, but it is only an one-star vision card. In other words, this is not a real Flame-Dragon card, but a Flame-Dragon phantom card. This card can release a very realistic image of the Flame-Dragon, but this illusion is only made up of light, not any harm.
       But he had to say that the illusion of the Flame-Dragon released by this vision card made by Chen Mu is too lifelike!
       The vivid Flame-Dragon, illusory body formed by layers of flame, dance in the sky once the fire is released. From time to time, it crashed a shower of crimson sparks, as if to choose someone to bite, with horrible sound.
       Chen had never thought before that illusions could be so complex, the Flame-Dragon phantom card was a product of Chen's impulse.
       But it also made him understand how far he was from the card maker who had created the Double Ring Store's advertisement.
       Took the vision card billboard for uncle Hua, Chen Mu's mood became a litter better again. This was one of the few things he wanted to accomplish in his ordinary life. Today it was finally finished. His heart was full of anticipation while he thought of the surprise on uncle Hua's face when he saw the illusion released by this vision card.
       He almost trotted all the way to uncle Hua's grocery store.
       However, the closed door let his heart was heavy, suddenly rise a bit of ominous foreboding.
       He quickly ran to the store nearby, found a shop owner, eager to asked, 'Hello, why uncle Hua didn't open the door today?'
       'Who knows, he hasn't been here for days!' The shopkeeper glanced up at Chen Mu and replied with understatement.
       Chen Mu came home in a daze. Almost every day since then he had gone to uncle Hua's grocery store, but each time he returned disappointed, and uncle Hua's store had not been opened since it was closed.
       He tried to find out where uncle Hua lived, but none of the shopkeepers knew.
       Chen Mu knew that uncle Hua might have finally reached the last step. As a matter of fact, he had this feeling when uncle Hua kept coughing.
       This left him in a mood of sadness for quite some time.
       Years of stability had made death strange to him.
       Uncle Hua's death was a great stimulus to Chen Mu, and he couldn't tell what kind of stimulus it was. But he practiced as hard as he could, practicing the 'gym' and making the cards from the mysterious card. This exercise was in completely different state from the previous one.
       Training day and night, he completely forgot the time. He was almost tired to death every day, but he kept on, with a bit of sadistic training that he didn't want to have any spare time. He was afraid, afraid of uncle Hua, and the past.
       He wanted to keep himself busy!
       He didn't leave home except to buy daily necessities. He began to practice the 'gym' and making card everyday, and start to touch some knowledge of majorization card. But it was only contact, though it was only the basis, the difficuly of the theory still made him feel very hard.
       In his opinion, it is a new field, one he had never imagined.
       During Chen Mu's hard training, a big new happened in Dong Shang City.

  • Chapter 18 Grievance Of Lei Zi
       The Star Mansion, one of the Big-Six, suddenly announced a student exchange program with Dong Wei College. Thsi news was nothing but big news in the small Dong Shang City.
       What is Star Mansion? It is one of the Big-Six. Its history is much longer than that of today's most prestigious Federal Comprehensive University, and it was founded by the father of card theory, Heinar Van Sant.....
       Every glory of Star Mansion before was excavated, and for a time it seemed as if it had become the pride of all the inhabitants of Dong Shang City.
       At Dong Wei College, students all walked upright and energetic.
       The purpose of the college was also the most discussed topic. Many residents of the Dong Shang City scoffed at the news for the first time, saying it was false.
       The environment of Dong Shang City seemed to have become clean and tidy overnight. There was no more garbage on the street and no homeless people. There were wall-painting workers everywhere, and this was the order of the mayor.
       The number of visitors to Dong Wei College had increased sharply, many people were very curious about why this unknown school was favored by Star Mansion. Within a week of the announcement, the college had recieved hundreds of communications from other schools.
       Chen Mu did not know this, of course. He had not gone out for quite a long time. But if he did, he probably wouldn't think it had relationship with him.
       Training and learning as usual every day.
       He didn't know why he was doing this, he didn't want to know, he just didn't want to stop.
       In this kind of training with a bit of masochistic learning, his progress was quite rapid.
       Chen Mu felt like he had a dream, a dream that seemed very long or very short. He woke up from the dream, but he felt a little strange to himself.
       He seemed full of strength. He can now lift with one hand what he used to lift with both hands easily. In addition, his telekinesis also became much more swift, and the explosive power, flexibility and overall increase. His muscles, by contrast, did not increase much.
       What struck him most was that his body became soft enought to bend almost at will, reminding him of the acrobats in the troupe. Their soft bodies can even move slightly in narrow tubes. But they were all girls in 12-13 years old, and girls were born to be more flexible than boys, at a time when their bodies were softest.
       But himself? he was sixteen and still a man.
       Of course, in Chen Mu's eyes, there is no difference between boys and men, at least for him.
       Although Chen had made amazing progress in this area of training, his mood was still a little grey. These advances did not surprise him. Now he seemed to have lost his curiosity about everything except the mysterious card.
       He was still just training and learning, mechanically, with a bit of habit. But his brain had begun to think again. However, he wasn't thinking about the meaning of life or anything like that, which was too far away for hi. In fact, uncle Hua's death had a great impact on him, and he sometimes had unnecessery emotions that he could not help but feel.
      The dead are dead, the living are still alive.
       Life is real, and he was not used to thinking about the meaning of life. Now he was thinking about one of the most basic problems, which was life.
       Uncle Hua died, and for Chen, it was not just a person who cared about him left him forever. It also meaned that from now on, his one-star enery card would be looking for a new buyer. It was a big problem, and if it didn't work out, everything to him is a mirage, it was unrealistic. He must solve the problem as soon as possible.
       Just then, Lei Zi came.
       As soon as Lei Zi came in, he fell straight down on Chen's bed and complained, 'Oh, how comfortable I am. Mu Tou, your old bed seems to be getting better.'
       Chen Mu ignored him and got up to pour him a glass of water, 'Why are you here today?'
       'I miss you.' Lei Zi blabberly blabberly, soon bittered face, suddenly jump out a feeling: 'This world, beg for a life really damn not easy.'
       Upon hearing this, Chen Mu knew that this guy had suffered some kind of grievance, or suffered some kind of hardship, and came to him to confide. He knew what to de, and that was to do nothing and just listen quietly.
       Sure enough, Lei Zi sat up, a cynical look on his face: 'Mu Tou, you say, what the hell of the world, how much effort dad has put into my work, that motherfucker took all the credit without saying a word, hey, what a kind of fucking director he is?'
       In the furious narrative of Lei Zi, Chen finally understood the whole story.
       Lei Zi was young and willing to work hard, and soon became familiar with the context of his career. With a few years of education and being clever himself, he began to try to write his own plays. His advances were discovered by the director, who praised him and promised him as a formal writer if he could produce a good play.
       Having hope, Lei Zi though hard day and night, worked hard, then finally made a play that satisfied him. He was handed over to the director, who was also very surprised, then decided immediately, according to this play started production.
       Lei Zi was happier than anyone to see his own efforts valued. He also expected the appearance of the card-film more than anyone else, but what he didn't expect was that after the card-film were finished, and be sent in the market, he found out that the writer's name belonged to the director, He was like struck by lightning and could not come back for a long time.
       When he found the director angrily, the director just sneered at him and threw him fifty thousand Odi, never mentioning the promotion of him as a formal writer. He threatened to be kicked Lei Zi out of the company if he talked something outside.
       To his pride and anger, the card-film quickly became a hit, and in just two weeks it had topped the sales charts. The director also became a hot figure in the card-film circle with this film.
       All his anger and energy seemed to be drained away with the end of the story and he sank back into bed. Chen Mu listened quietly, without any indication. In fact, both he and Lei Zi had seen much more than this unfair thing, but Lei Zi had put too much effort into this script, so he would be so angry. But intellectually, he and Chen never thought there was real justice in the world.
       'How is your learning about vision card?' After a long time, Lei Zi asked Chen Mu feebly.
  • Chapter 19 Let's Make The Card-Film
       Chen Mu shook his head, 'I haven't made for a while.' He had been working hard to understand the basic theory of majorization card.
       'What are you doing these days?' Lei Zi seemed to hear an incredible thing, sat up and looked ao Chen Mu. He knew his friend very well. Chen Mu is not a playful person, or maybe he doesn't have the concept of play or relax in his mind. In Lei Zi's opinion, Chen Mu is like a good young man who never shows fatigue, never knows boredom, and eager to learn to learn vision card, but has a poor foundation.
       However, he was so surprised to hear that Chen Mu said he had not touched the vision card for some time.
       Chen Mu mutely said nothing. He didn't know how to explain it.
       Lei Zi knows, this expression in his face, shows him don't want to explain. If Chen does't want to say something. Lei Zi believe that on one in the world can pick a word out of his mouth.
       'Come on, don't show that face, I don't care you say or not. Is there anything you've done before? Show me.' Lei Zi pretended to relax.
       The partners had always been like this, when they are indignagt, they will vent the anger spontaneously, and when the other is upset, even if they were not happy, they will never make it worse and keep a bitter face.
       Chen Mu conveniently threw to Lei Zi a vision card: 'Well, this one.'
       'Hey, let me, a feal writer in the circle fo card-film , identity your vision card, and I'd tell you, my eyes are so good, don't be sad to be hurt by me.' Lei Zi boasted and hand over the card from Chen Mu.
       'Ha, the historic moment has finally come.' As he chattered, he clumsily inserted the vision card into his Du Yi.
       Seeing the clumsy movements of Lei Zi, Chen Mu was wondering, wasn't this guy flexible before?
       He didn't know that his body's dexterity, agility, and strengh, eyes, were different now than before. So he would suddenly feel that the action of Lei Zi is very clumsy and unreasonable. It was not the Lei Zi that became stupid, but his level became higher. But now he didn't realize it.
       Lei Zi pressed the activation button.
       Suddenly, a huge monster appeared out of thin air, almost filling the room. A dragon! A flame-dragon! Its long body circled and danced, its crimson eyes fixed on him as if to penetrate into his heart. A shuddering chill up his brain along the spine.
       'Mom!' Lei Zi rolled his eyes, fell backward and fainted. 
       Chen Mu looked at the faint Lei Zi in silence. He didn't realize that a vision card could scare a person out of his mind.
       Go over to Lei Zi, close his Du Yi, the fearsome dragon disappeared from the air at once.
       Chen Mu did not wake up Lei Zi, but sat down beside him, it was a pity that there was no wine. But just sit quietly and let his thoughts drift. Serenity with no sorrow. Chen Mu looked like a log.
       It was more than ten minutes before Lei Zi woke up.
       As soon as he woke up, he got up and looked around. 'There was something, did you see, what was that?'
       'Well, I see.' The expression on Chen's face did not change at all: 'It was the Flame-Dragon, a three-star combat vision card.'
       'Ah! Three-star combat card?' The expression of Lei Zi immediately froze, passed 10 seconds, suddenly he turned over his head, ask stupidly: 'When did you change to be a cassian?'
        'No, it is an one-star vision card, the flame dragon is just an illusion.' Chen explained, but he was a bit roud that the illusion he created can scard people out of their wits.
        'Illusion?' Lei Zi was stunned and then shook his head desperately, 'It is impossible, Mu Tou, stop teasing me, what do I do? I'm a writer of card-film! Contacting with the illusion day and night, I can separate if it is illusion at a glance. That, that can never be an illusion!' Lei Zi concluded in a very decisive tone.
       'When did you be cassian? By the way, the three-star card? It is not cheap!' Lei Zi looked doubtful.
       Chen Was lazy to explain, he went to Lei Zi and opened his Du Yi.
       'Touch it.' Said Chen.
       The vivid flame dragon appeared again.
       Lei Zi still scared, but compare with the last time, it was much more calm, only his crus shivered. Looked to Chen Mu, he seemed not kidding, Lei Zi then timid and stretch out a hand to touch this huge dragon.
       This touch was empty.
       'Hey!' The empty feeling on his hand surprised Lei Zi, it was an illusion. His heart, which had been hanging over all the time, was at once relieved. As soon as he relaxed, he became interested in the dragon's vision. He walked around the dragon's vision, tutting and sighing from time to time.
       'Oh my fucking god! It is the same at real! Mu Tou, I didn't expect your skill to reach this level, really scared me!' Lei Zi was so excited that he could not stop talking.
       Chen did not care much about the praise of Lei Zi, he laid down on the bed.
       Lei Zi watch it for ten minutes before he relunctantly put away this vision card. Turning around, his face was strangely happy.
       'Mu Tou, I have an idea!' In Chen's eyes, Lei Zi was in a state of complete excitement.
       'What idea?' Chen replied.
       'Why don't we make a card-film?' Lei Zi leaned forward and looked at Chen Mu expectantly.
       Chen Mu looked at Lei Zi carefully, saw he was serious, not like a joke, thought about it, then said: 'Lei Zi, I know nothing about the card-film, I can't do it.'
       Lei Zi was not discouraged: 'Mu Tou, your can make the one-star vision card like this, card-film is only a piece of cake. I believe that you can learn card-film in a very short time. It is much simpler than the illusion of the flame-dragon you created. I'll do the script, I'll do the sales, you just have to make the vision card! I've been this circle for quite a while, I know how it works. Mu Tou, you have the power, I also have! We are the best partner!' There was strong confidence in his words.
       Chen was thinking carefully, since uncle Hua died, he had not found job, Perhaps, making card-film also was a good choice.

  • Chapter 20 What Is Card-Film
       Lei Zi bit his teeth: 'Mu Tou, I know what you are thinking. You can do it! Trust me, when did I lie to you? That 5,000 Odi is our initial capital, I'm going to put it all in. Mu Tou, don't hesitate, do together!'
       His eyes were wild with enthusiasm.
       They looked at each other for a long time and hesitated for a moment, Chen Mu nodded: 'OK, I'll try.'
       'Yeah!' Like a child, Lei Zi jumped up at once. Looking at the cheering Lei Zi, Chen Mu smiled.
       They immediately began to discuss.
       50,000 Odi is not much for a card-film, and Chen had put hia savings into it, eventually raising one hundred thousand Odi.
       But it was still too little for a card-film, so they diceded to make a short film first.
       The script would be written by Lei Zi, who had only on request for Chen Mu, to understand what the card-film was like.
       Just in time, Lei Zi knew that there would be a lecture about card-film at Dong Wei College tomorrow, so they decided to go there.
       Early the next morning, with two dark circles under his eyes, Lei Zi came to Chen's house, he was so excited last night that he couldn't sleep.
       'Why so many people here?' Chen was a little strange, at Dong Wei College, the number of people who visit was twice as many as it used to be. There was crowd everywhere.
       'Because of the coming of Star Mansion, these people are here for look the event.' Lei Zi said with yawning.
       'Is the Star Mansion coming to Dong Wei College?' 
       'What? You don't know such a big news?' Lei Zi looked at Chen Mu like he was an alien: 'Hey, you absolutely are Mu Tou!'
       Chen was still thinking the news that the Star Mansion was coming to Dong  Wei College. Dong Wei College is a very sacred place in the eyes of Chen Mu and Lei Zi. But campared to Star Mansion, no one will notice its existence. The Big-Six, in the eyes of ordinary people, are like the myths and legends.
       Three years ago, a boy from Dong Wei College was selected to enter Zhong Da Book Palace, also one one of the Big-Six. That shook all of the city, the boy also received a personal meeting by the mayor. 
       The Big-Six have a fairly strict selection system, and their main targets are residents of the Great-Five districts. For residents of 22 common areas, the condition are much tougher. If a teenager from common areas can get the higher education of Big-Six, that means his talent is absolutely outstanding. 
       Chen Mu felt so strange about the Big-Six, which had always been high up in the hierachy and discriminated against the policies of the common distrits, came to Dong Wei College.
       It looked like Dong Wei College was entering a period of rapid development. Chen Mu thought. With this momentum, the college can gain too many benefits, its reputation would be greatly enhanced, also in other aspects. 
       After the initial shock, Chen recovered his composure. The news was shocking, but it had little to do with him. He was not a student of Dong Wei College, nor would get benefit from it. His life would not be affected.
       In a sea of people. Chen Mu and Lei  Zi had to force their way out. Chen was ok, his previous training had made him much stonger, so he didn't have to work hard, but Lei Zi looked much more discomfited, wheezing, with clothes were also crumpled up. Lei ZI carned his nect to look around, regardless of his clothes.
       'Here! Here!' Someone nearby was waving his arms.
       Lei Zi was so happy that he rushed to him with Chen Mu.
       'On my fucking god, your college took off now, almost can not get in.' Lei Zi complained.
       In front of Chen, was a student in school uniform, but looked like a thief, short and obscene, really not like a good man. 'Hey, indeed, it is said that this year's finanicial income skyrocketed, schools are considering whether to waive next year's tuition fees.' The words from him were triumphant. 
       'All right, don't show it off to us.' Lei Zi seemed to know him very well and introduced Chen Mu: 'This is my best friend, Chen Mu.' Then he turned to Chen Mu and said, 'He is my friend, his name is Lao Shu, but we call him Mouse.'
       Looking curiously at the people sitting around him, it was the first that Chen Mu entered the classroom of Dong Wei College. Most of them were students, but Chen Mu found several others who were just like him. 
       A female student stood on the platform and the class immediately bengan to be quiet.
       'Be quiet, everyone, today we are goona look the recently acclaimed card-film--Summer. Since its release, the film has received a great deal of attention, with its excellent story and character description. It is arguably the most noteworthy film of recent times. 
       Chen Mu suddenly found the face of Lei Zi was full of pity, the hands holding on the chair were slightly trembling.
       Chen Mu suddenly knew and asked softly, 'Is that yours?'
       'Right.' Lei Zi bit his lips, with a scary pale face.
       With a sigh from his heart, Chen said nothing more, but put his mind on the card-film that were about to be played. It was the first time he had ever seen a card-film.
       The Du Yi can also be used to play a card-film, but now there were special devices for playing Card-film. Which playing in the classroom now is that, the illusion was clearer, and it had a special sound cards' slot, the soud was very good.
       Half an hour later, the film was finally came to an end.
       'This is the card-film?' Chen Mu asked Lei Zi incredulously.  
       Lei Zi had returned to normal, he knew what Chen Mu was thinking, 'Yes, so you have confidence now.'
       What a surprise! Chen didn't know what to say. In his opinion, neither the object nor the character is not realistic, which had been exaggerated and simplified. As far as the difficulty, it was far lower than that of the Flame-Dragon card produced by Chen Mu, not to mention the vision card billboard of Double Ring card shop. 
       Although it was not known whether the skill of the the film is good or bad. Chen believed that the story of the film was the best. He had to say that there is no doube about the talent of Lei Zi in this field. Even people like Chen Mu, who are cold and dull, are fascinated.
       Chen believed that if it was more realistic, the effect would be better.
       But then thought again, in that case, the cost would be astronomical! It was no wonder, then, that all these simplified and exaggerated images were used.
       He didn't know that it was just one reason, making the film exactly like real life was not only much more expensive, but also much more difficult. The card maker whse technology can achieve such a level is too rare.
       Then, several classic card-films were played.

  • Chapter 21 Aragorn
       Hong Tao sat sideways in the last row, looking at Zuo TingYi who sitting upright beside him, said in surprise, 'Hey, when did you start to like card-film?'
       'Like?' Zuo TingYi shook his head. 'I don't like it.'
       'But you're really into it.' Hong Tao looked puzzled.
       'You can't just do things on the surface, but you also can't do them well on the surface if you really want do somthing.'
       'Hypocrisy!' Hong Tao despises and yawns, 'I'm tired, anyway. Hey, why you pull me to see a fucking card-film, you'd like to watch it, you can buy one by yourself, why we come here?'
       'We can't just stare at the surface......'
       Hong Tao quickly interrupted him, impatiently said, 'Focus! Focus!'
       'I cone for her.' Zuo TingYi looked very composed.
       'Her? which her?' Hong Tao looked puzzled.
       Zuo TingYi looked at the corner of the classroom: 'Man SiYing.'
       With a petrified expression on his face, Hong Tao took half a minute to recover, as if he had heard some explosive news: 'Man SiYing? My fucking god! When did you hook up with her? TingYi, your are wrong this time, I was hidden by you so hard, ah, not a bit of information. But when do you start to know love, you stone man.....'
      Zuo TingYi ignored Hong Tao and said to himself, 'I have heard that Aragorn has interest in her recently.'
       It choked Hong Tao , and it took him a long time, then he stammered: 'How do you know?'
       Hong Tao suddenly realized that Zuo TingYi looked at him as a fool, and he realized how stupid he had asked this question. Zuo TingYi, one of only two students in the disciplinary office, had power and was well-informed. Except for Zeng XinYi, the head of the possip party, he was probably the most well-informed person in the school.
       'But what's your business?' Hong Tao looked up and down at his friend in a strange way. ' You don't look like the man who would help others.' He said.
       'According to the latest decision of the college, any inharmonious incidents on campus are strictly prohibited in order to complete the communication with Star Mansion. I am the key member of the disciplinary office, cannot just see it happen.' Paa! Sitting in the front him, Zuo TingYi closed a brick-thick volume of The Theory Of Cards and said.
       With a startled look on his face, Zuo TingYi added: 'The point is, the college has assigned it to me.' His expression was helpless, but he quickly recovered, 'Given the high acivity of Aragorn recently, I decided to follow up on the incident by myself.'
       'What the hell? That's waht happened.' Hong Tao was somewhat dull: 'This kind of boring thing, why do you pull me in?' 
       Zuo Ting Yi glimpsed Hong Tao, spit out one word: 'Bully.'
       Dong Wei College has a free style of student, and has little binding force on students. While the college do not want to offend students who were most from rich families or noble families. Therefore, most of the disputes between students were igore, and ultimately settled by the studens themselves. Even if something goes wrong, students don't blame the college. So it was also a problem for the security of the college.
       The reason why Zuo TingYi was able to enter the disciplinary office was not only because he was loved by teachers, but also because fo the powerful family behind him. The displinary office was originally a place to offend people, but Zuo TingYi is only a card maker, his force value is infinite close to zero.
       But he was also a tough guy, and he asked for five good cassians fromhis father. Leading the five senior cassians, Zuo TingYi began to vigorously rectify the school spirit after he went back to shcool, with iron fist to start the renovation. Almost all the tough figures in the school were severely beaten by him. Some of them are from good family, but not as hard background as his family, and there was no one can compete with the five cassians.
       At that time, the atmosphere of Dong Wei College was changed, the school was very satisfied and fully supported Zuo TingYi.
       It was this legendary exprience that established the reputation of Zuo TingYi as one of the most powerful figure in Dong Wei College. Since then, the playboys had watched him as a mouse sees a cat, and even the teachers of the disciplinary office had feared him. Zuo TingYi did not need to rely on the threat of five senior cassians then.
       Another student at the office was Zeng XinYi, who had no interest in the work but is passionate about gossip.
       Aragron was a famous playboy fo the college, and he was very bed. But few can compete with him because of his rich family. And he was smart, generally, he never touched any of the powful persons in school. There were two kinds of people in the school that cannot be provoked, one was that the background is harder than him, the other is that superior in strength, such as Hong Tao.
       He bullied students from normal families, such an Man SiYing. He was surrounded by a group of rich boys of his own kind, all of them were typical dandy.
       At such a sensitive time, the college would not want any negative news, so Zuo TingYi took action as soon as he got the news. As it happened, they were sitting right behind Chen Mu and Lei Zi.
       In front of the classroom came a woman's scream: 'What are you doing? Rascal!'
       Then came a chorus of laughter.
       'Hey, pretty girl, don't insult me, rascal? Where are you, our rascal?'
       A rascal and glib voice joined in, and there was a wild laugh about him. This is Aragorn. Aragorn has round head and round face, with a round belly and short legs, make him like a human being made of balls of various sizes. 
       'You!......' The girl blushed with anger and did not know what to say.
       This incident also interrupted the piece in the classroom, and many studens left the classroom immediately after seeing the troublemakers.
       Chen was somewhat stunned.
       The sound.....

  • Chapter 22 Small Thugs Also Have Great Power (1)
       On that sunny day, the grass of Dong Wei College, passed into his ears from behind him. It was the sound that woke him up to the confusion of making an one-star vision card. Although the explanation for that in the mysterious card is more detailed and profound, the voice is still clearly remembered by Chen Mu.
       His eyes suddenly turned in that direction.
       The group around Aragorn stood up and looked at Man SiYing unkindly.
       At this point, a few remained in the classroom.
       At the same moment, Aragorn's side noticed Hong Tao and Zuo TingYi in the last row. His face changed and he pulled Aragorn in a hurry.
       Aragorn also noticed Zuo TingYi, and his expression changed. He had known the reputation of Zuo TingYi from the moment he entered school, so he had always avoided conflict with him. Un expectedly, he still met him.
       Paa, the book was closed.
       Zuo TingYi stood up, expressionless: 'I am Zuo TingYi from the displinary office, your actions have violated articles 137, 49 and 142 of the school's rules, and violated articles 1, 9 and 32 of the regulations on Interim Administrative rules of Dong Wei College. The circumstances are serious, please follow me to the disciplinary office with me.'
       The expressions of the group can not help but change on by one, the fierce reputation of Zuo TingYi in the whole Dong Wei College was well known.
       Aragorn looked pale, but frightened by the fierce reputation of Zuo TingYi, he said politely, 'Dude, this is an exaggeration, don't be so serious.'
       Zuo TingYi ignored, the face was still experssionless: 'Need no nonesense, follow me to the disciplinary office.'
       Lei Zi on the side of Chen Mu pulled his suit, indicated to leave. The two were accustomed to these scenes, and naturally knew that it was safer to avoid it. And they did not have to through this mess, either way. 
       Chen Mu did not move like a log, which surprised Lei Zi. What was wrong with this guy today? Got wrong drag? As far as he knew, Chen was never a man full of chivalry. If a person live a life like their childhood and is full of chivalry, in Lei Zi's opinion, it is either a fool or an aspirant. But today, in an unusual state, Chen Mu muddled Lei Zi. However, since Chen Mu did not move, Lei Zi also naturally with him back an forth. There is no need to think about it, whether it is Chen or Lei Zi will do similarly.
       Aragorn's expression turned more pale, he never thought of it, and it was clear that Zuo TingYi was aimed at him. He was use to infested in college, it was a great honor for Zuo TingYi to do so.
       'So, classmate Zuo is not gonna do me a favor?' Arogorn turned cold, and his voice gloomy. Almost as soon as he had finished speaking, the flunkies around him stood up, looked not good.
       'Yo, it seems that there still are fearless man nowadays. Hei hei.' Hong Tao stood up slowly, making a strange mockery. His left hand, seemed to stroke the Du Yi on his right wrist casually. Then he laughed at Zuo TingYi: 'Hey, they are not afraid of you, you have been a failure to this level?'
       Hong Tao was also a famous person in college. Of course, his fame cannot be compared with Zuo TingYi, and his fame was due to his strength. As a leading figure in the school of cassians at Dong Wei College, his strength was unfathomable and it was said to be comparable to some professional cassians.
       Now it looked as if the rumors were true.
       A cassian, who was beside Aragorn, saw the gesture of his left hand, his expression changed slightly heavy. He was at least 30 years old, not a student at all, and ten to one that he was bodyguard from his father. This phenomenon was normal to the dandies and girls, and the school was largely silent about it.
       Hong Tao looked at the cassian with a smile on his face. Between his left fingers, two little red dragons are flying happily. The two little dragons only as big as  thumb, ahd their scales were visible clearly.
       The cassian, who was clearly terrified of the two little dragons, looked like a big treat, he was surronded by seven glowing green lights, like seven fireflies floating around him.
       Chen was the first time to see cassian's fighting, greatly curious. The gragons in Hong Tao' hands should be a miniature version of the Flame-Dragon he made, and the glow of the lights beside the cassian was only seven, far less than that of the blind man in advertisement.
       Suddenly, Hong Tao's eyes flashed, his left indexx finger flicked, then a small dragon shot out.
       So fast! Chen, who was watching, was startled. His reaction speed was much faster than before because fo the training, but he thought he could not avoid it.
       The cassian was no weakling, and three birght lights darted towards the little dragon, dragging its long tail in the air, leaving three stunning streaks of light on Chen Mu's iris.
       Paa! The sharp crackle suddenly stung many people's ears. Just where the two colide, energy annihilation releaseda powerful shock wave.
       Chen Mu felt pushed by a person, almost stood unsteady. The rest of the class, were as same as Chen Mu.
       However, the two men did not intend to continue to fight, and the situation  resumed confrontation. 
       Looking at the battle he did not understand, there was a glimmer of envy in his eyes. 
       Not to mention the confrontation between the two, this empty classroom, Chen and Lei Zi were very conspicuous.
       'These two friends seem not familiar, I don't know which department of you?' Aragorn suddenly turned and smiled at Chen and Lei Zi. Although he don't know the strength of these two, one less enemy was more likely to win.
       Chen did not speak, as if he did not hear, Lei Zi also tightly closed his mouth.
       Aragorn's face was instantly laughing away, and he was really angry. If Zuo TingYi did not care him, he would fee quite normal and nothing remarkable. But how could not be angry when they dared to act as heroes in front of him.
       He winked to the man next to him.
  • Chapter 23 Small Thugs Also Have Great Power (2)
       Seeing Aragorn's behavior, Zuo TingYi said calmly: 'It seems that you want to try.'
       'Hey, you name reverberated in college like thunder, but I don't want to go to the disciplinary office, so, sorry to offend.' Aragorn laughed.
       Zuo TingYi did not say anything, but only a step back, the face was still calm and impassive, but a flash of cold in his eyes.
       Hong Tao was also suffering now, Aragorn had a very strong guy around him, who was no weaker than himself. Hong Tao knew he had met a senior cassian this time. Cassians must to exercises their telekinesis, and the more powerful he is, the better stronger telekinesis he has, which makes them have sharp intuitive and sensitive to their peers. For example, the cassians who com from Bitter-Silence Temple, in this aspect can be said shocking, they just need to have a look, then they can have a general understanding of rivals.
       The number of students in Bitter-Silence Temple is the lowest among the Big-Six, they are seldom. But the cassian who accompanied to Aragorn, gave Hong Tao a very strong sense of danger. Although they had only one collision, but it was enough for him to make a judgment.
       But because of that, he did not have the energy to take care of others. He was not worried about Zuo TingYi, there probably was no one dare to let him suffer injury in this school. He believed that though Arogorn was courageous, he knew that stakes. So he would never hurt Zuo TingYi, Hong Tao was worried about the two students in the classroom and Man SiYing.
       Even though the most fromidable cassian confronted him, the dandies around Aragorn were also numerous. While it can be seen the two strangers were not strong through their physique.
       Chen took a step foward and put Man SiYing behind him, his other hand already picked up a bench. 
       Lei Zi was sensible, unmoved, and took a chair in his hand.
       The world of street unchins is cruel, and it is impossible to live to today if they had not fouht. Wether it's a one-on-one hit or a brawl, they had long been used to it. The street gang, little rascal, these were former rivals. In this aspect, they were experienced. As soon as they seized the chair, a ferocious atmosphere erupted.
       Lei Zi bit his lips, and his face began to change grim, though nothing changed in Chen, but in his eyes, the chil almost overflowed.
       It's better to start first!
       There is no speech in the fight between the thugs. Chen Mu held the chair in his hand and suddenly hit out!
       Bam, this hit a man on the head accurately.
       The wooden chair broke instantly, just leaving only on leg on Chen's hand, and countless pieces of it scattered. The man who had been shot was shocked to think that the enemy gave him no chance to speak something.
       Blood flew from his head, and he gave a shriek, closed his eyes, fell backward. 
       The crowd had not yet reacted, Lei Zi unwilling to show his weakness, raised his chair.
       Paaa! Another muffled sound, accompanied by a scream, a handsome dandy's face was like open a soy sauce shop, colorful, hands covering his face, he struggled in ground painfully.
       All the people, expect Chen Mu and Lei Zi, were shocked.
       Even Zuo TingYi, his throat could not hele but swallow saliva. They always compted with each other in background, or family even money. The fight was always done by thugs, never had seen such bloody scenes.
       The crowd back a step.
        At the same time, a woman screamed behind Chen Mu, almost piercing everyone's eardrums. Man SiYing stared what happened in front of her in terror.
        Chen Mu and Lei Zi, on the other hand, were unmoved, they threw away their broken wooden legs leisurely and grabbed a chair again.  
       Lei Zi very despised them in his heart, these people seem to be a crowd, but are rookies. If he had konwn that one of these people was a cassian who could have killed them with a wave, he would have run away with Chen Mu at first.
       They knew how to fight exactly, the expression changed calmer, as if they had done something ordinary. This also let Aragorn gang felt this two people's brutalities, they immediately timid in heart.
       'What? No one?' Lei Zi raised his eyebrows, raised the wooden chair in his right hand, and pounded it hard on the table. Bam! This time, the group was even more scared.
       They are crazy! This was what all the people in the place thought. When they thought of the brutalities they have just done, especially the boy who was hit on the face, they felt the same feeling. Almost everyone seemed to feel the strange itching on their face.
       Chen said nothing, but took a step forward.
       Shaaa, Aragorn gang together to back a step, the only who did not retreat was that cassian. He did not look at Chen or Lei Zi at the moment, and all his attention was focused on Hong Tao. In his eyes, the two men were clearly nothing more than a street rascal, the real danger was Hong Tao!
       He was the one who deserves the most attention!
       The cassian now regreted that he was not able to see Hong Tao's strength clearly, and that he was not hitting his best, that made him into a passive position. In his view, the most powerful guy of rivals was Hong Tao, under his threat, Hong Tao was not easy to fight. In this way, they had the advantage of being numerous.
       However, he did not expect that such a large group, was still completely the underdog against only two thugs.
       It was a bunch of crap!
       He could do nothing now, he did not dare to make any moves easily just like Hong Tao, through the fight just now, he knew that Hong Tao was not weaker than himself. If they started to fight, he can not control the energy in a small range, the residual waves of energy from the collision will not be harmful to him and Hong Tao, but his little boss, can not be spared. 
       All his attention was focused on Hong Tao, and he was no longer able to target anyone.
       The brutalities of Lei Zi and Chen Mu also surprised him. It was not the first day he had been protecting his young master, and he knew the Dong Wei College as well, include the students. The students he saw in daily life were cautious in the test, for fear of hurting their classmates and themselves. He had sneered in his heart, and he who had been through real combat, knew that it was useless to make such elaborate moves in real danger.
       It was the first time he had seen such aggressive students at Dong Wei College, he was most surprised by the malevolence in their eyes, which must have taken many battles.
       Chen Mu was already tearing down the wooden chair. During the fight just now, he felt that the chair was not very useful.
       Step on the chair with his left foot and wrenched forcibly, paa, the back of the chair separated from the chair, Chen Mu tried, satisfied nod. It was obvious that the strength of his hands was much greater than before.
       This behavior made those people who were already a little nervous even more scared. Among them, a lot of dandies began to shiver.

  • Chapter 24 Thugs Also Have Great Powers (3)
        The bodyguard of Aragorn sighed in his heart that they would lose this time. It was easy for him to deal with a few dozen of these thugs alone, however, it was not expected that the final factor determing the victory of this fight would fall on these two guys.
       Chen was excited and surprised. He could fee the fight was different with before. The feeling that power was under the control of his heart was infinitely clear.
       What surprise him was something else.
       At the moment when he had just swung out of the chair, the movement of the enemy as slow as a slow motion in his eyes. He could hit the hapless students student easily without thinking. It was a feeling that had never been felt before, so strong, but like it came suddenly, it went wthout warning, just in a blink of an eye, the world came back to normal.
       If it wasn't for the fact that this was an college, while that guy was a student, not a gangster, then Chen Mu would have killed him just now!
       He and Lei Zi had been taught by the cruelty of reality, never give enemy any chance, as anyone who had been outside for life knew.
       It seemed the training during these days had some effect on his body. Chen was a little confused and uncertain. Because he could feel that he can control power more accurately and more freely. He could never have been so neat before.
       The world suddenly became slow, although only for a brief moment, but Chen Mu had been deeply intoxicated by it.
       He was excited and undaunted. He now hoped these people would come and let him enter that magical world again.
       Aragorn saw the eyes of Chen Mu and Lei Zi, the fear flash in his eyes.
       These two guy were different from Zuo TingYi.
       No matter how big the conflict between him and Zuo TingYi, their bodies would not be harmed. What they would lose was their power, which was one of the unwritten rules of Dong Wei College. The rumor which said he had been took into the police department and been abused by Zeng XinYi's brother, it was all false. He was only warned by him.
       This was probably the conflict between dandies.
       When they grow up, they may become deadly enemies, either you die or I die. But now, before they are fully independent, they need to restraint, wich is characteristic of the entire upper class of the Tian You Federation.
       No one ever gave him the feeling he had now. In a few minutes, he believed, if the others had beaten or run away, these two guys would not hesitate to slap their chairs at himself. His body guard, he could not help but look at him, the bodyguard and Hong Tao were now looked like two cocks, staring at each other.
       At the thought of the boy who had just fallen, he was still struggling painfully on the ground, hunched like a shrimp, and his mournful cry had no ceased. Aragorn's heart twitched.
       He swallowed hard and his forehead was already wet with sweat.
       A wise man knows when to retreat. Although the disciplinary office was terrible, in fact, expect losing face, he would not be physically hurt. But in here it was different. His eyes followed the wooden chair in Chen's hands.
       A coles look at these two guys, one man with all the glittering cheap objects on his body, he was a very clever man, as could be seen from the quick gleam of his eyes. But the other looked even more ordinary, ordinary height, ordinary clothes, in the eyes of people like Aragorn who love to enjoy life, such as this kind of clothing is absolutely coarse. Even in the aspect of appearance, there is no place outstanding.
       But such a common man, whom Aragorn would never have looked at more often, gave him a sense of fear, which he felt he could not understand this guy. This is a rare occurrence in him, a mcerchant family by birth, he had a great talent for observation, and was adept at it by education, but to his surprise, he met a man today whom he could not understand.
       He decided to compromise temporarily.
       'Well, I'll go to the disciplinary office.' Aragorn's words brought a collective sign of relief to his fellow playmates.
       The matter ended in such a way that Chen Mu and Lei Zi were the first to leave, and no one dard to stop them. Zuo TingYi tried to stop them, but when they left without a word, he and Hong Tao looked a little angry.
       The mood of Hong Tao and Zuo TingYi was naturally out of Chen's consideration.
    Originally, Lei Zi wanted to say hello to them. After all, the blind could see that these two guys were also very powerful people in Dong Wei College. Today's experience was enough to make both sides friends, which was good for their future development.
       However, after a look at Chen Mu, he did not open his mouth, in fact, he was rather sorry.
       Soon, Lei Zi forgot all about this little regret and said excitedly, 'Hey, it was a nice fight today, ' But a question came to him suddenly, then he asked strangely: 'What is wrong with you today? Why do you want to meddle in this? This is not your style.'
       'That girl did me a favor.' Chen's answer was simple.
       'Oh.' Lei Zi surprised, immediately asked: 'So that's it, you always dont interfere in others' business, come on, come on, hey, what did that pretty girl do for you? But I don't think she know you, she even did not say hello to you.'
       'It's about card making.' Chen said all about that day.
       'Well, we do the right thing today.' Lei Zi realized.
       They know the world is cold and dark, and tey seldom got help from others. Therefore, they also cherish their help to others. Although this time, the girl was just help Chen Mu by accident, but Chen Mu thought he should give her return, so he stand out without hesitate today. They didn't think about how much they could help, but they felt they should stand out. It was this simple thought that made Chen do this behavior.
       This might seem ridiculous to ordinary people, but with the same experience with Chen Mu, Lei Zi can understand.
       The incident was nothing more than an a small interlude between Chen and Lei Zi. It was just that the scene of the fight would come up in Chen's mind from time to time. As for the girl, when the favor was returned, there was no debt to each other, and that was how they handled themselves. Do not desire, do not expect, live first, as for enmity, if they have the ability to repay, then must to pepay, if they dont have, then just remember it.
       They did not know that Aragorn and Zuo TingYi had serched the school all over during this time, but still could not find them.
       Chen Mu and Lei Zi were desperately trying to make the card-film, this not only contained the dream of Lei Zi, but also Chen' life.
  • Chapter 25 Disscussion
       They had so little money to spend that thye had to work hard. The film's story cannot be too long but it had to be sttractive, which was a difficult challenge for Lei Zi. He wroth it over and over again.
       Chen Mu couldn't be relaxed too, though the production had not yet begun, he kept making adjustments in his mind. Although the picture was not complicated, how to enhance the performance was a very difficult problem. The biggest problem was that they had no extra money to make experiment.
       In other words, Chen needed to reduce the failures, which can also greatly reduce production costs. Clearly, his interest in cost control went far beyond his desire for knowledge of cards. For both of the poor, cost is life.
       Finally, on the very day that the Star-Mansion delegation arrived at Dong Wei College, the script was finally completed. Chen and Lei Zi were at home discussing the script when the others went to see the legendary Star Mansion.
       They had an extremely heated discussion.
       Chen asked Lei to tell him every dital of the effect he hoped to achieve, such as the change of ligh, the background, clothing, the expression of characters.
       Chen asked more and more specific, more and more detailed, some even had been ingored by Lei Zi. While Lei Zi never encountered such a battle, felt also difficult. But he understood that Chen's idea of saving costs, so he did his best.
       For two weeks, the disscussion took whole two weeks. Next to the scrpt that had only a few thin pages, there was a thick stack of drafts. The drafes were filled with the results of two days of disscussions.
       Both of their eyes were bloodshot, but it seemed that they were in good spirits.
       After two weeks of discussion, Chen already knew the whole story. Not only that, but almost every picture of the story, every detail of the picture, he was already familiar.
       Now, what they need was not to start making right away, but to rest.
       They slept for two whole days.
       Unbeknowst to the sleeping couple, during their discussion, the Star-Mansion communication group had moved to Dong Wei College. This event attracted the attention of the entire federation, what was originaly limited to communication between Star-Mansion and Dong Wei College had become the ceremony of the whole city.
       Wang Ze was the student representative of Star-Mansion, tall and thin, with a long-face, eyesight is very sharp. He was a third-year student in the outer school of Star-Mansion. If the outer school students cannot get into the inner school, then they can graduate in four years. Wang Ze, as a cassian, was only average in strength, but he is skilled in the social affairs.
       It can be seen that Star-Mansion attached great importance to this communication activity. In addition to the forth grade students because of the preparation for the final exam, there were some seniors among the students in the other three grades.
       While in Dong Wei College, Zuo TingYi was responsible for this event.
       'Are you used to living here?' Zuo TingYi saw Wang Ze, he gave him a polite greeting. The students' delegation will stay here for two months, during this two months, college would not make any requirements on them, they can do whatever they want.
       Wang Ze was also very appreciative of this polite student, Wabg was birn in a famous family, so he had a good impression on Zuo TingYi's grace. He smiled: 'Thanks for your care, your college's care is also meticulous, only on this way, I'm afraid of we cannot be accustomed after we go back to school.'
       'Ha ha, thanks for your compliment, by the way, several students  of your school took part in the wild training organized by classF, grade 3. In thsi way, the teachers responsible for their safety may not be enough.' Zuo TingYi said.
       In total, there are five great district and 22 ordinary districts in Tian You Federation, plus capital, there are 28 districts. Ther are not contiguous, and almost all are independent of each other. For example, Dong Wei District, which Dong Shang City is located in, there is a continuous forest outside the Dong Wei District, where is the most primitive and wild place. It is ruled by other creatures, they are powerful, dangerous and deadly, also in great numbers. In the history of the founding of the federation, each district was founded on the blood of countless ancestors.
       Outside the federation is wilderness, thick virgin forest, dry desert, and towering snow-capped mountains. No one knows what is it after through those place. But countless explorers set out every year, no one can return.
       There is too much danger out there, in the wild, there are so many powerful creatures, some of which cannot even be beaten by the best of humans, that they are the darlings of nature.
       However, the wild is also a treasure-house, rich in goods, and the furs of those beasts are enough to make the greedy human desperate. Highly prized cards, the materials they require, are almost obtained from dangerous, wild, powerful animals.
       While the discovery of the realm-window and grey-realm, let the entire Tian You Federation into a frenetic era of exploration. In the year 2910, the first realm-window was found in wild, then soon the grey-realm associated with the realm-window was found. The realm-window, which human had found in the wild, is a gate wasy to other realm, while the grey-realm, the passage the connects the two realm-windows, is said to be a word of grey, hence its name. Then, the first new realm was discovered, which is now the Mohadi Realm. And the discoverer, Yang Sen, also obtained tremendous honor and wealth.
       Tian You Federation vigorously promote exploration, and allow private to explore, to find a new realm, can get a lot of rights and interests, such as if the two realms start commercial trade, he can get ten percent of the tax, such as the discoverer trade perferences, and a series of priority can be obtained, these priority can also transfer or sell. As soon as the policy was introduced, a number of consortium-funded expedieions sprang up. Since then, with the development of card theory, cassians had shown more and more powerful fighting capacity, and stands out among other military professions as the first profession. The high demand of society of cassians also stimulated the rapid development of card theory.
       The wild has also become a paradise for countless adventures, but it has also buried countless adventures like hell.

  • Chapter 26 The First Card-Film (1)
       Dong Shang City is on the edge of the Dong Xing District. Every once in a while, the college organizes its students to go out into the wild for training. But in order to keep students safe, a large number of teachers will accompany them. Although they won't go deep into the wilderness, strict protection were put in place to avoid unnecessary danger.
       This time, several studens from Star Mansion wanted to take part in the training, but there were no enough teachers with them because of no perparation. But these students were adamant, which posed a dilemma for the college. If there is any danger to the studens during the communication, the consequences are unimaginable. So Zuo TingYi ran to discuss with Wang Ze, hoping that he could restrain the students of Star Mansion.
       Wang Ze immediately understood the meaning of Zuo TingYi, he smiled, but quitely said, 'You dont need warry about them, before they come out, the principal had told then that if something happened to them, Star Mansion would certainly bear the burden. The students in our school, more or less, have some means of self-protection, which need not be worried.
       Although the tone was gently, but there was no doubt that he have confidence. Zuo TingYi, stunned a little, then release, they are after all students from Star Mansion, must have some abilities.
       Nodding his head, Zuo TingYi took leave to Wang Ze to do the work of mutual consultation.
       Looking at Zuo TingYi away from back, Wang Ze was a little distracted, he was responsible for the entire exchange mission, shoulder heavy responsibility. Looking around, the look became a little complicated, but soon it was calm again.
       Thinking of the past glory and decline of his Alma mater, Wang Ze felt his blood boiling and made up his mind to do this mission as his best.
       As soon as Chen Mu woke up, he felt refreshed and took some food then cleared up the script.
       It was not long before Lei Zi woke up.
       'Morning.' Chen did not look up, his hand was finishing the draft.
       'Morning.' Lei Zi said, got up, stretched, and moaned a little. Then he turned around to Chen Mu, 'Mu Tou, are we going to buy materials today?'
       'Right, I was just going to tell you about it.'
       Outside the store, Lei Zi's face was livid, twitched, and he squeezed a few words out of his teeth: 'This ia a robbery!' His face ached as he looked at the few Odi left on his hand.
       Chen Mu did not pay attention to Lei Zi, he was now completely immersed in a kind of satisfaction. The bag in his hand was full of materials of card and ink, he had never had so much materials.
       Back home, Chen kicked Lei Zi out. He needed to be quiet while making cards, and to keep Lei Zi quiet was as hard as to get a mute to speak.
       Looking at the mountains of materials in front of him, he suddenly burst in an unprecedented feeling of confidence. Although he had only primary materials, this did not hinder his enthusiasm for card making.
       Chen Mu did not make cards immediately, although the details of the story had been seared into his brian, he needed to turn the details of the story into the surface texture of cards. And he did not have enough materials, he could save a lot of money with one less mistake.
       Chen never thought he was more talented at making cards than anyone else, but at one point, he felt he was doing better than everyone else.
       That is he is diligent enough! In order to save money, he had to construct the card in his mind. This would not only save a lot of money, but also make the card maker more familiar with the card structure.
       It's just preparation.
       Dian Chen Stone, Luo Xin Juice, with the same dose of Blue Slurry, use a small fire slightly cook for 10 minutes, until Dian Chen Stone completely dissolved, the ink became slighly thick, there will be a circle of light blue waves with the bar stir, and spicy. Chen now looked more like a wizard in the novels than a card makers.
       The story, called Encounter, was well known by Chen.
       Without waiting for the ink to coll down, he quickly took a blank card, picked up a bevel-blade pen, and gently dipped a bit into the ink. Without and hesitation, the bevel-blade pen fell on the blank card.
       The line was like flowing water, or a winding snake, without even a second of hesitation. Along the tip of the pen, with a bit of heat, the ink fell on the blank card, giving off a slight white light under the control of Chen's telekinesis.
       His eyes were focusd and his expression was very serious.
       This is what Chen learned from the illusion of the mysterious card. When creating a vision card, if you start painting when the heat of the card ink, the tone will be very soft and smooth, and the combination of the card surface and the card ink will be better, the performance of vision card will be better.
       However, it takes about two minutes to cooling, in other words, Chen Mu has to make the entire card in two minutes, which is why Chen had to make repeated calculations about the structure of the card.
       He knew every detail of the structure on the card, and his hand which had drawn a million one-star energy cards was stable like the most sophisticated instrument, with no error.
       The using of telekinesis of Chen Mu was far worse than that of his hand, which can be said to be hard-won.
       Fortunately, so far, there was no mistakes.
       A rose-like pattern became more and more complex as the tip of the pen extends, each line of the pattern glimmers, flickering, like breathing.
       The expression on Chen Mu's face was still so attentive and meticulous, but he sweat from his forehead showed that it was not a easy work.
       Even after much preparation, he ignored a deadly question. That was the use of telekinesis! He had been preoccupied with how to familiarize hiself with the structure, but neglected in the telekinesis.
       His breathing began to get a little out of whack, the use of telekinesis was quite mind-consuming, expecially for those who did not have a high level of telekinesis and did not use it skilful. Now he felt more and more hard, although the feeling from the tip of the pen was still so smooth and all the structures could easily and clearly appear in his mind, he had felt somewhat powerless.
       The light of the pattern on the card began to fade.
       If the light in the pattern disappears before the card is finished, the card is compeletely wasted. 
       The blue veins on his forehead was thundering, and the heavy breathe was burning hot, the sweat turned from dew to a stream. The only thing that hadn't changed was Chen's pen.
       The feeling of emptiness of telekiness made Chen very uncomfortable, but he had no choice.
  • Chapter 27 The First Card-Film (2)
       His teeth were clenched, his eyes were wide open, his normally calm and piece eyes were red now, and the movements of his hands were soft and gentle, as Chen Mu tried to summon up the last of his telekinesis.
       A light hook line, the tip of pen with a wonderful small arc, giving the faint light that cannot be detected by naked eyes. Immediately, he turned his wrist, giving a full force of the press. The last telekinesis of Chen was also injected into the card.
       The whole card suddenly burst into light. The card, which was only a glimmer, suddenly lit up, and then recovered as usual. Thsi card also became a true vision card with nothing special. Only the last burst of light left a beautiful remnant on the iris of Chen Mu.
       Chen Mu was slumped on the chair, soaked to the skin, his breath heavy, and eyes flashing with joys.
       Successed! He made it!
       It was a thrilling ride, but he did it!
       This vision card was the most complicated one he had ever made. The consumption of telekinesis was beyong his expectation, but he still succeeded. An unspeakable burst of joy filled his chest.
       He picked up this card with trembling hands, though the pattern of the card was well known to him, he still felt the mystery and power it represented.
       He was in a state of feverish excitement the whole day, he put the card into his Du Yi and watched it over and over again.
       But the next day, he calmed down and had to think about the situation yesterday. He knew that luck was a very important factor in yesterday's success. If he were asked to do it again today, he would have fifty percent chance of success.
       Fifty percent, That's a pretty low probability, and it means a tremendous loss. But now he and Lei Zi cannot afford these waste.
       However, it occurred to him that the Flame-Dragon he made was far more exquisite that thsi card, but he made it much easier. Why was that? Normally, the Flame-dragon is more difficult, but the true is opposite. He remembered clearly that though he had alittle problem in making Flame-Dragon card, totally, he was quite relaxed.
       After a deep analysis, he suddenly understood. Although the requirements for the illusion are simple, the requirements for the dynamic are very high, so it was difficult to make it.
       Chen was deep in thought, tapping his right hand on the table.
       Suddenly, Chen Mu suddenly thought of the another kind of card in the myeterious card--majorization card. He skimmed through the knowledge of majorization card, in that time, all of his attention were focused on the vision card. However, he was impressed by one of the words--'majorization', means dynamic computing.
       This was the phrase that had just flashed through his mind like an electric flame. He felt vaguely that this kind of card, which he had never heard of, might solve the problem.
       This sudden discovery made Chen's spirits soar, and he immediately entered the illusion of the mysterious card without hesitation.
       Chen came in for two days with one night. When he out of the illusion of the card, his eyes were deep-sat and his lips were so dry. For two days and one night without a drop of water, his spirit was not in the slightest droop, his eyes were in full bloom as if he had just found some rare treasure.
       Hyper, hyper in spirit, he couldn't wait to get to work, but his bad physical condition forced him to eat and rest first.
       Even though it was a rest, his brain didn't stop. The high-speed brain was struggling to digest the harvest from the illusion, with swallowing the bread subconsciously.
       No one knew the joy of Chen Mu in this moment, more so than learning to make energy cards. He was young and limited that years, and did not understand how learning to make energy cards would affect his life. Now he knew that this kind of card calld 'majorization card' would change his future hugely.
       Over the next three days, Chen plunged into work, he did not care about the worle, even when Lei Zi came, he kicked him out too.
       There was only one thing in his mind now, his new idea and structure.
       Hong Tao looked at the students around him, and looked at those several star college students, exclamation in his heart, is really from the big school! The students at Dong Wei College were mostly on foot, while the students at Star Mansion were flying in the air.
       Although Hong Tao can also fly, but he cannot as calm as these several Star Mansion's students. Flying requires airflow cards, like the shuttle-car available on the market, the core is airflow cards. The structures of shuttle-car are built to fly easily, but the human body is not shaped to fly, so if you want to be able to fly by are card alone, you need very good skills, more advanced the airflow card, the stronger the airflow feleased by it will be. Accordingly, the difficulty of its control will rise sharply. Not only that, but flying requires great balance.
       Students at Dong Wei College generally use the light card, whice is a simplified version of the airflow card, which produces a certain amount of downward airflow to reduce the weight on their legs. It is easy and simple to use and can greatly improve walking speed and save energy.
       However, seniors is above this kind of card. The thrust generated by the advanced airflow card is so powerful that they can fly faster than the shuttle and are far more flexible than the shuttle.
       Hong Tao knew at first that the students' airflow cards were at least three-star, and at his level, he could also use three-star airflow cards, but he was not proficient enough. The students from Dong Wei College looked at the others with envy, and this situation was rather unpleasant to the teachers who lead the team.
       There is always something in a young man's nature that is a little aggressive, and though they knew that the other side was far superior to them, they still push on. The speed of the crowd immediately greatly increased, the teachers saw it, but did not stop.
       Very soon, they were going into the danger zone. Only then did the leaders order everyone to rest and regain their strength. Most of the students at Dong Wei College were gasping for breath, because cassiasns had no advantage in terms of physical exertion. 
       On the other side, all the students from Star Mansion were calm and piece.
       Despite the loss of face, the team leaders were aware of the danger ahead and needed to keep the studens safe anyway.
       One of the studens in Star Mansion, who was wearing glasses, suddenly turned his head, his right hand suddenly raised. 
       A half palm-sized white wave blade appeared out of thin air on his hand, like a curved moon. 
       The curved moon was suddenly unbound, like an arrow from a string, tearing the air with a clear, whistling sound as it hurtled in a thicket about 300 meters away from them.

  • Chapter 28 The First Card-Film (3)
       The wave blade sank unhindered into the bush.
       In their surprise, the bush sudenly shook violently. A bule python, about thigh size, writhed in pain on the ground.
       The students from Dong Wei College were stunned, unbelievably, to see the pythons writhing on the ground. Even the teachers also looked startled.
       The most shocking, however, was Hong Tao, who had always thought highly of himself, now knew that there were people byond him. He could see more clearly that there was not only one blood line on the snake, but two symmetrical blood lines, left by the wave blade running through the whole body.
       Big-Six, really so stong? Hong Tao's heart was like the breaking of waves. Star Mansion ranked at the bottom of the Big-Six, however, random student, strong to this level!
       It was as if the student had done a trivial thing and just nudged his glasses.
       In front of Chen Mu were ten completed cards, numbered in the corners from one to ten. He was satisfied, what could have been a more perfect result than this? Not only  did he manage to make them, but he also reduced the estimated 30 cards to 10, which would have cost about a third as much.
       He was more satisfied with his harvest than finished the cards, which was majorization card. He now had an interest in these amazing cards. The ability to compress the comtents of 30 cards to 10 proved the magic of the majorization card. Of the then cards that had been completed, not one was majorization card, they were all vision cards. In fact, from the knowledge of the mysterious card, the use of specialized majorization card had reached a very advanced level. What Chen Mu learned now could only be regarded as knowledge about 'majorization'.
       Just a few basics could do this, it also made Chen look forward to when he can really use a real majorization card, what would be the amazing effect?
       Lei Zi looked at Chen Mu like an alien, 'Mu Tou, how do you do it?'
       'It can be complicated to explain.' Chen said as he drand water.
       'Then forget it.' Lei Zi quickly changed his tune. He knew Chen very well, in his eyes, Chen is a fanatical card lover, if even he said more complex, it must be very difficult. It was quite a pain to hear Chen say things that he didn't know.
       He didn't care about the technical issues, he only cared about the quality of the film.
       'Perfect, perfect!' Lei Zi tutted in admiration, the two hug metal earrings moving back and forth, his face satisfied, 'This card is the best I've ever seen! Mu Tou, your technique is great! Of course, the script is also perfect.' He thought what he said was not exaggerated, whether from the picture, or from the story, this card-film was airtight.
       The realistic style of the picture, reasonable light and dard rendering, coupled with the compact, smooth suspense-filled story, this card-film was very appealing.
       He suddenly stood up,  hands uplift in the sky, a face arrogance way: 'Wow ha ha, it is time we Mu Lei partners dominant the whole card-film world.
       Chen was pleased to see Lei Zi so excited, but reminded him: 'Now what you think about is how to sell them. Well, and the sound card.' Sound card needs special order, Chen could not make it.
       'Ha ha, these problems just leave to me.' Lei Zi's said.
       They immediately took action, Chen made the remaining materials into the cards, Lei Zi had to order the sound card, and sold all the card-films, they now were penniless, and if they didn't sell the card-films, they would soon be without money for food.
       Chen moved faster than Lei Zi, and with the experience of the first set, he did it very quickly. Later, it might be the use of telekinesis was more, he got a lot of progress, and this also made Chen Mu more relaxed. Now a set of ten cards, he only needed on day to finish. By the end, the number of completed was five sets.
       The cost per set is 3,000 Odi, with an average of 200 cards per card. The most expensive was the sound card, 800 Odi per card, with 200 Odi of packing, the cards looked extremely gorgeous and exquisite. According to Chen's idea, they can make a lot of money if one set sells for four or five thousand. The price was made by Lei Zi, which was 10,000 Odi, left Chen stunned, he was wondering if the price would ever be sold. However, Lei Zi said it was the market price. Is this business so lucrative? Chen did not think of his card-film contained ten card, the general card-film contained 30 to 50 cards, this caused them to make the card-film so high profit.
       But to his sruprise, Lei Zi sold five in the firest week, so they made a net profit of 35,000 in a week. This speed, which made Chen Mu daze.
       This thing cannot eat or wear, unexpectedly can sell this price.
       In the secon week, Lei Zi sold ten sets and netted seventy thousand.
       Chen was puzzled: 'Where did you get so many idiots?'
       Lei Zi looked at Chen with a look of disdain: 'I at least have been in this circle for so long, how cannot know some persons? You think everyone is just like us? What oters pursue is spiritual satisfaction, understand? Ten thousand Ode, in their eyes, is just money fo a meal. Besides, romantic love, like our Encounter, is a kind of antidote to the rich ladies. There is a word called, the spirit is priceless, we sold cheap, that is looked down on their spiritual word.'
       Chen Mu did not know what to say.
       After the initial excitement, Chen soon got used to it, and by the end, it was all about numbers. Two months after, Encounter sold more than 150 sets, nearly made a million Odi, each one got half million.
       Where this guys had ever seen so much money, for a while, they looked at each other, dazed.
       'We........we're rich!' Lei Zi was so excited that his eyes were golden.
       Different from the calm on his face, Chen was also very excited in his heart, with this half million Odi, he could guarantee that he had lived well for a long time. He knew the necessary of money in a piece life.
       More than one hundred and fifty sets of sales, to make Lei Zi very satisfied, Chen naturally more. According to Lei Zi's prediction, sales to this number was almost over, after all they were not a company.
       'Mu Tou, I'm going to travel.' Said Lei Zi.

  • Chapter 29 Intense Cracking Action 
       Chen understood and noded, Lei Zi had this desire from childhood, no one was more clear than him.
       'Shall we go together?' Lei Zi asked.
       Chen shook his head, 'I' still going to be at home.'
       There was not much he could do about this Fanaticism, Lei Zi looked down on him and said: 'Boring you.'
       When Lei Zi went out, Chen didn't need to make card-films, so he studied the mysterious card. 
       It was during this time that the craze for Encounter became more and more popular among girls at Dong Wei College. Whoever had this card-film would immediately had been borrowed by numerous people, but not wait for them to renturen to the orgianl owner, then will be borrowed by another friend.
       The heroine and the hero of a encounter, affecting the hearts of countless people, countless girls were touched by the twists and turns touching the story to tears.
       While Encounter had become one of the hottest items at the college, girls were surprised to find that they can no longer buy this card-film. And those shops who sell the card-film were anxious, looking at this good business was in at the moment, unluckily that teenager with two huge earring cannot be found again. The shopkeepers were furious, but helpless.
       Girls knew really cannot buy, had no choice but to take the curve.
       There was no shortage of senior card makers at Dong Wei College, and they had received many requests from girls to copy the card-film. At school, where the hormones of youth are flying, a word from beautiful girls is more effective than a teacher. These card makers who ususly almost disjointed with the society excited, simply wanted to exclaim to the sky: 'Our time has finally arrived!'
       Several girl were more generous dedication on the genuine card-film.
       These days, priacy was a highly technical activity that can only be inferred from the texture of the card. But soon, these senior card makers of Dong Wei College were all dumbfounded. From the texture of the cards, these card can only be regarded as one-star vision card. As a matter of fact, such low-level cards were no match for those senior card makers, some of whom can even make three-star vision card.
       Curiously, the cards, although they did not seem to have complex textures, were duplicated every time. Once or twice might be normal, but if it was 70 or 80 times, then it was interesting.
       So weird!
       These young card-makers looked at each other, Did the legion of pretty girls turn to them for help the first time, and they ened in failure?
       The leader of the card makers bit his teeth: 'Fuck, brothers, we're gonna make it! Or we would lose our face in front of the girls!' In front of him, pairs of red eyes showed they were not willing to fail. They could not help but shouted at the throat.
       All eyes of campus were focused on here. They cannot affort to lose the face. The best students of card makers in each grade were gathered, and they would carry out the most powerful attack and battle organized by students of the Dong Wei College.
       Did not break the Encounter, they have no face to the pretty girls.
       The standard research topic model, the most powerful students, they would use the most advanced equipment in Dong Wei College, to completely crack the Encounter.
       Chen didn't know that he had made such a big wave at the college, in his mind, naturally, it never occurred to hims that anyone would be willing to devote so much precious time and energy to such a boring task.
       He had veen immersed in his studies these days. The extra money allowed him to practice making cards. He was now learning how to make two-star energy cards, which can provide one thousand of energy. It costs only about 800 Odi, but it saled 1,200 Odi. Chen Mu found that, the more advanced the cards, the bigger the profit.
       There was not much knowledge about majorization in the mysterous card, and the knowledge was not complex, it was easy for Chen Mu to learning.
       In this period of time due to practice a lot of times, Chen in the card making processed rapidly, now he compared to a few month ago, almost like two different persons. Expect making card, his body was much better than before, The result was remarkable, Where couldn't see any shadow of the emaciated youth.
       With his great figure, the muscles of his body loomed as he undressed. His hands could now easily lift three times the weight he used to carry. What struck him most was that the softness of his body had reached a point of extreme exaggeration.
       He had already past the age of flexibility, he cannot understand why it happened.
       There were some actions fouced on his fingers in the whole set of gymnastics, which were his favorite. Because the flexibility of fingers is very important to card makers.
       Chen was very satisfied with his life now. He did not have to worry about money in the short term. He had knowledge to learn, materials to practice making cards.
       The two-star energy card was made entirely out of question and was suppose to be practiced several times, but it was successful in the first time.
       Hong Tao met Zuo TingYi and Wang Ze in campus, he nodded to Wang Ze and said hello. Then his eyes fell back on Zuo TingYi, laughed and asked: 'You don't join into the cracking action?' The cracking action had been the hottest topic at college, Zuo TingYi as a card maker, so Hong Tao asked him, but more like joking.
       Zuo TingYi expressionless: 'I am very busy.'
       He was really busy. During this period, his main task was to communicate with the students in Star Mansion. As a result, his time was basically spent on Wang Ze these days. Of course, his reputation was so fierce that no on dared to look for him.
       Wang Ze lightly simled and said: 'The cracking action I also heard, dont know the progress.' It is a pity that this exchange was all about cassians. Otherwise, he must let the students from the card making department to participate in this activity. What could be more effective than this activity to narrow the distance between them and students from Dong Wei College?
  • Chapter 30 Intense Cracking Action (2)
       'It's said that there is no progress.' Hong Tao shook his heasd.
       'With their strengte, the possibility of success is basically zero.' Said Zuo.
       'What do you mean?' Wang Ze asked, these days together, he knew the temperament of Zuo TingYi, that his attitude toward the card making was extremely rigorous. Hong Tao was more familiar to Zuo TingYi, was also a face of strange to looked at Zuo TingYi.
       Zuo TingYi's face was a little strange: 'I have studied the card-film, it is not as simple as it seems.'
       Hong Tao and Wang Ze looked each other and did not know what to said, then they turned to Zuo TingYi again, waiting for his more explanation.
       'The guy who made this was very clever, he made some changes to the structure of the vision card, I haven't figured out what the effect of that was. But I guess it's probably just to prevent others from copying.' Zuo TingYi hesitated for a moment and then said: ' I'm not sure, I don't rule out other possibilities, but anyway, this card maker is very good.' He paused and again stressed, 'Very high!'
       A name flashed through his mind: 'Mu Tou!' The name of the card maker and writer was weitten on the card-film, and the two names were well known among the girls at Dong Wei College. Zuo TingYi was not interested in the scriptwriter, but was curious about the card maker. 
       It was the first time they had heard Zuo commented on other so high.
       Hong Tao said, 'I'm not sure, isn't that a set of cards are all one-star vision cards? How much better can he be?' 
       Zuo TingYi looked Hong Tao as an idiot: 'I do not communicate card making questions with idiot.' He made a gesture to Wang Ze, meaning he say.
       Wang Ze mused, 'I don't know much about the card making, but I've heard that the skill of a card maker is not that he can make several star cards, but his understanding of the rules in card, rules in energy.'
       Hong Tao nodded, suddenly said, 'Is it like cassians, not to see how advanced the cards he can use, but to see how he can use his cards and control the energy?'
       'That's what it means.' Wang Ze nodded steadily and took a look at Hong Tao. 'You have a solid foundation, just use it more flexibly and try more, you can do better.'
       Wang Ze and Hong Tao now had been familiar with each other, Wang Ze's stength, Hong Tao had not seen, but those students of Star Mansion in the field training had great respect for him.
       And the word of Wang Ze, that Hong Tao heard in his ear, and remembered in his heart, like he had understood.
       Chen Mu probably could never have imagined that his cards would be studied by so many people and give such a high comment. That changes in the set of vision cards, is not what anti-piracy structure, but a way to use the 'majorization'. It was just he combined the knowledge related to 'majorization' with the vision card, which was why the card sed had only ten cards. Generally, a story of the same length takes about 30 vision cards.
       Chen Mu got more interested in the knowledge of majorization soon, and he kept integrating the knowledge of majorization into the vision card. He found that the majorization structure can greatly improve the efficiency of the dynamic card, but not much help to the static card. When making the same image of the vision card, the telekinesis consumption of vision cards with majorization is much lower than the normal cards.
       But his energy was more on the mysterious card.
       Finished? That's the end? Chen looded at the illusion accidentally, unknowingly, he had learnt all the foundation knowledge of the majorization card.
       Just as he finished the last sentence, the steady illusion suddenly changed. Still the void, the two cards representing the majorization cards and vision cards were missing.
       There were 12 grey cards in front of him, the card are gray, and you can see the texture dimly, but nothing when close.
       Chen Mu tried to touch one of the cards, which he used last time to trigger the majorizationg card and vision card.
       'The simulated-water environment vision card, level requirement one-star, simulate the water environment, can be activated by below three-star energy card, the specific parameters are as follows......' 
       Chen Mu was dunbfounded.
       Simulated-water environment vision card, what kind of card it is? From the requirements above, it should be able to simulate the environment in the water, but, how could there be such a vision card? Perhaps he was ill infomed. Chen Mu comforted himself.
       The detailed parameters above immediately let Chen understand the intention of this mysterious card, it needed to mak these 12 cards by himself!
       It must be! To make sure, he touched each one of the cards.
       All of these cards were strange, not only unheard of, but not even thought about. The requirements, such as the swordfish card, require not only the speed of the swordfish, but also the movement of the fish in accordance with the extremely complex laws, the formula alone made him numb.
       After touching the 12 cards, Chen took a breath of cool air.
       He did not knew what the cards were for, but one thing was certain: none of them were easy to make. Although they mostly belong to one-star or two-star card, but Chen had no clue so far.
       There are 11 of vision cards in the 12, the rest is majorization card, complete majorization card.
       'I don't really want to make all these 12 cards, do I?' Chen stared at the 12 grey cards, with a little bitter in his mouth.
       Cost, that was the second thought that came to him. The cost of these twelve cards.........
       The bitterness in Chen's mouth was a little more serious, 'Afraid of all the money are not enough.  Spending such a large money on these cards, it is a lie to say I don't feel bad.'
       But in his heart, there was a vague expectation that if he can really make these 12 cards.....
       The card with strange requirements, the most important is there is a special majorization card in the 12 cards! These days, the biggest feeling of Chen Mu was the powerful of the majorization cards. He just used the technique majorization in the vision card, then it can play such a huge effect, how about the special cards? He dard to think.
       It was this expection, or curiosity, that ultimately drives Chen's decision.
       Fuck it! As he gnashed his teeth, 'Do it!'
  • Chapter 31 Intense Cracking Action (3)
       Dong Wei College, the cracking team had expanded from 15 to 30, with mandy senior card making students joining in. But so far no progress had been made in cracking, and it never occurred to anyone that almost all of the senior card makers at Dong Wei College were held back by such a series of cards. Many of them had even passed the certification of an intermediated card maker.
       However, not every students in card making department would do the cracking. And these students, many of them were quite capable guys, in this world, there are always some people who never access to oil and salt.
       The so-called cracking team was often dismissed at the college.
       Zuo TingYi carefully studied the vision card in front of him, this Encounter, he had been getting from his sister for two weeks. All his spare time in the last two weeks had been spent on this set of cards. He was also curious why this set of cards could not be cracked.
       However, the truth is brutal, and so far he had shown on sign of breaking through. It was a bit of a shock to him, as he grew up with a much higher education than other students. Ther were a surprising number of card makers in his family, some of whom were much better than the so-called professors in the college. Under the influence of this, his level was far beyond his peers.
       Just with his identity and family, there was no need to go to that grading.
       Zuo TingYi was proud, and setbacks were more likely to arouse the proud in his heart.
       And this set of cards, had such condition apparently.
       He was very unhappy that he had been so long at the loss of a set of cards. Of course, a very important reason was that his sister was so precious to this set of cards that he could not to analyze it by the instrument. His family had a special card making room, the instruments inside were more advanced that the school's.  But analyzing it with instruments could easily cause damage to the cards. 
       However, he found now that he could not see through the card without using the instrument.
       On these cards, the structures that are different from ordinary cards were less that five percent, and he believed that this five percent was what makes this card unique.
       A pretty girl's figure apperared in his mind, with a hint of tenderness in his eyes, and a wry smile at the mouth of Zuo TingYi, it was afriad she's going to have a fight with him this time.
       But soon his eyes grew firm and cold again. Picking up the card on the tabel, he walked quickly into his card making room.
       The card making room of Zuo TingYi is about 270 square, in which there were various precision instruments. No one else would come here except him, and even his sister would never set foot in this place.
       Open the vision card structure analyzer, this instrument was specialized for analyzing the vision cards, but generally, it was used to analyze the high level vision card. Before today, the lowest level of vision cards analyzed on it were all three-star, it was the first it was used to analyze an one-star vision card. But this was also probably the first time such instruments had been used to analyze such low-level cards.
       Zuo TingYi was not belittled because of the low level of the cards, on the contrary, his current attitude was probably the most rigorous he had ever been. To be able to use a structure that he couldn't understand at all in a card, this was a sign of great strength.
       Sit on the console, Zuo TingYi opened the vision card analyzer. The instrument is almost one person high. Its core component is a very advanced and strange detection card. The card is five-star, and the way it is detected is very different from a normal detective card, which is why this instrument so expensive.
       There were only three companies that can produce this kind of vision card analyzer among the whole federation, and all of them need to be ordered before they can be purchased.
       Zzzzzzz, the re light flickered continuously, showing that the analyzer was continuously exploring the various structures of the card.
       The results would be displayed by the external card of the analyzer.
       On teh light screen in front of Zuo Ting Yi, the indexes were beating continuously. Zuo TingYi watched the data attentively. The meaning of the data was familiar to him, so far, nothing unusual had been found.
       The data beagn to slow down, but Zuo TingYi's heart rate had become a little faster. In his experience, he knew that the analyzer would detect the structures which he couldn't understand.
       He dared not blink for fear of missing any detail. He felt a little dry of his mouth, and soon he could not help laughing at himself. It was funny that he felt nervous because of an one-star vision card. He kept his heart beating faster, holding his breath, staring at the light screen.
       Di di di..... At that moment, a sudden, sharp alarm sounded.
       Fuck, Zuo TingYi changed face, quick run to the analyzer in front.
       He was still a stop late, before him, the instrument flickering smoke. Obviously, the vision card was dead, its structure might have been damaged beyong repair.
       Suddenly, he smelled something different. Turning sideways, he saw a puff of white smoke rising out of the gap iin the analyzer.
       Zuo TingYi's face turned black.
       At the sight of the materials, Chen felt a strong sense of satisfaction. Why not? This was spent half million of him, all the money he had gotten in the card-film, and he was back to his old penniless state.
       A small part of this materials was the stuff he had never thought before. The price of this little bundle of materials seemed to him to be staggering, half a million, almost four hundred thousand spent in that.
       Twelve cards, of which the difficult was so high, Chen wondered if he could finish. But he threw himself in anyway, knowing that if he could solve all the problems in these 12 cards, his skill of card making would definitely rise several steps.
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