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  • Chapter 82: Monster Queen

    In Sila’s previous matches, since both Fargo and Venom didn’t bring out their pet, Sila also didn’t bring out his own so he didn’t have an unfair advantage. However, at this moment, not to mention that Francine had the title Monster Queen, Sila’s condition wasn’t ready for battle at all. Thus, he didn’t hesitate to release Lookhin.

    A light flew from Sila’s ring and transformed into a dark brown sparrowhawk. Its sharp eyes shone a greenish light. The sparrowhawk didn’t care about the enemies in front of it. Instead, it flew to land on Sila’s shoulder and rubbed its head against Sila’s cheek as if it was persuading Sila to play with it.

    Francine was a woman in a cloth made of several kinds of monster’s leather. Both of her fingers and wrist were full of rings and bracelets. She was sitting on the left shoulder of a gigantic stone golem.

    She looked at the sparrow with eyes filled with curiosity. She didn’t know before that Sila had a pet. It was a sparrow, though its size was twice that of the usual sparrow that is sold in the pet shop.

    She wondered why Sila released such a pet at this time.

    “Hey, you, why did you release that little bird? Are you underestimating me?”

    Sila didn’t answer her. He turned his head to talk to Lookhin.

    “Lookhin, I’m sorry for asking this of you, but could you please help me by stalling for ten minutes?” Sila quietly said to Lookhin.

    Lookhin nodded. It flew and landed itself on the grasslands in front of Sila. Then, it started pecking itself without any care to the enemies in front of it. Witnessing such a scene, Sila no longer paid Francine any attention and closed his eyes to perform qi circulation.

    Even though Sila spoke quietly to Lookhin, Francine still overheard what he said. Her face reddened with anger. A little bird like this, she could easily crush it in a single hit. But what? Sila just ordered it to stall for ten minutes?

    Similarly, the commentators also heard what he said. Both Noppakorn and Rattana were doubtful. Nevertheless, as they were the commentators, they began to discuss what seemed to happen to the audiences.

    “It seems Player Sila took a severe degree of damage during his match with Venom. That last poison from Venom must have been very potent.”

    “By the way, Mister Noppakorn, I just heard that Player Sila has told that little bird to stall for ten minutes. Did I mishear?”

    “You did not hear incorrectly as I also heard it. Player Sila indeed said that.”

    “But, how is that possible? That bird is likely to be one he bought from the pet shop, though, it has more black lines and its size is slightly bigger.”

    “I don’t know whether it is possible or not. However, if this is about Player Sila, no matter what happens next, I don’t think I will be shocked anymore.”

    Later, however, when Lookhin started fighting, Noppakorn was still shocked.

    Now, the conversation and the shouts on the grandstand were all about cursing Sila. They were saying he was too ruthless to sacrifice the little bird just to gain more time to rest.

    “So cruel!”

    “How can he be so heartless?”

    “Go die by yourself!”

    “If you can’t win by your own, just surrender! Don’t abuse the pet!”

    And so on.

    In the VIP room that Burapha and friends watched the matches from, they were having a conversation about Lookhin too. The only ones that were still as calm as ever were Bow, Poluk, and Sebastian.

    “Hey, hey, isn’t that guy Sila too cruel? He is sacrificing his bird to the golem,” said Ratri.

    “I have seen Big Brother Sila playing with Lookhin before, but I have never seen him let it join the battle,” Burapha commented.

    “Where did he get it? Let’s hope that it’s not the same as the one that is sold at the pet shop,” Ratri asked.

    “Lookhin is a bird he purchased from the pet shop. I’m the one who bought it for him. I’m also the one who named it. It shouldn’t be a different bird,” Varee answered the question.

    “Ah? The pets that are sold at the pet shop aren’t suitable for battle. Doesn’t Sila know that? Or is it true that he really plans to sacrifice it?”

    “Sila isn’t that kind of guy. He might have come up with some plan,” Lone Wolf expressed his opinion, though he himself didn’t know the strategy that Sila was likely to use.

    “Maybe Big Brother Sila wants to confuse his enemy? Like Zhuge Liang playing his guqin on the viewing platform,” Burapha shared his own thought.

    T/N: In case that you don’t know, this line is referring to the Empty Fort Strategy in Romance of the Three Kingdoms.

    “Why is the plan needed? Lookhin is very strong.” Bow made a confused expression.

    “Strong?” Ratri recited the word. Meanwhile, everyone shifted their gaze from the match to Bow. “What do you mean by it is strong?”

    “At least, Lookhin is much stronger than Bow. Well, I don’t know how strong Lookhin is compared to Sebby.” Bow turned her body to ask Sebastian, “Between Sebby and Lookhin, who is stronger?”

    Sebastian showed a smile at the corner of his mouth. “If we are fighting seriously, I’m sure I can win against Lookhin although it will be quite a tough battle. Lookhin has a grave weakness. As long as this weakness isn’t fixed, Lookhin will always lose to a skilled opponent. However, I must admit that, even with this level of weakness, Lookhin is one of the opponents that I don’t want to fight against if I can choose.”

    “Lookhin’s rank is also higher than Bow,” Bow added.

    “What is the rank of that bird, though?” Ratri couldn’t help but curious.

    “Bow is not sure. Bow thinks Lookhin is at Marquis Rank~”

    “Marquis Rank? Bow, are you for real?” Varee was the one questioning. She was the one who purchased Lookhin from the shop so she was certain that Lookhin was originally a Level 1 Squire Rank monster. It was a wonder how Sila could raise Lookhin to reach a level higher than himself.

    “Lookhin’s level is 350, Marquis Rank,” Sebastian supported Bow’s statement. He had remembered information about Sila’s pet.

    “Marquis Rank, level 350? That guy Sila owns a marquis-ranked pet?” exclaimed Ratri.

    It wasn’t strange for Ratri to feel shocked. There are many players who utilized pets. However, most of the pets were only at Knight Rank. It was very rare to see a marquis-ranked pet as players would spend time grinding their own level instead of their pet.

    “Why are you only now feeling surprised, Ratri? Mister Sebastian himself is a Lord Rank monster,” said Lone Wolf.

    It might be due to the fact that Sebastian didn’t seem to be aggressive. Ratri had forgotten for a moment that Sebastian was also Sila’s pet.

    “By the way, won’t you go there to help Sila, Mister Sebastian?” Lone Wolf asked.

    “I’m about to go, sir, but Lookhin has already entered the scene. I don’t want to show off so I decided to wait for a little longer.”

    “Haven’t you guys realized? That man’s spells have been prepared for a while now,” said Poluk.

    “You can tell? Could it be that my ability has actually declined?” Sebastian turned to smile at Poluk.

    “Fufu, qi-types like me are disadvantaged against magic-types so being able to notice that magic users are preparing a spell is the most basic thing. If I can’t tell at least this much, I would have died a dozen times,” Poluk said.

    Lone Wolf was startled inwardly. That was indeed the basic thing that qi-type players like him had to do well. Regrettably, even though he didn’t let his guard down, he was still unable to notice that Sebastian had already prepared a spell.

    Poluk seemed to know what Lone Wolf was thinking about. He said, “Don’t be so down, kid. Your ability is very praiseworthy. You are just lacking something to make yourself grow.”

    Lone Wolf looked at Poluk. “What is it that I’m lacking? Could you please tell me?”

    “A goal,” Poluk shortly replied.

    “A goal? I don’t understand. I have a goal. I want to become stronger,” Lone Wolf argued.

    “Become stronger, is it? Let me explain this way. Just take a look at Sila. Sila’s goal is not grand nor noble. To win against Montra. It is this simple goal that pushed Sila to where he is. This goal pushed him to enter Monster Soul, to fight an unfavorable battle, to temper himself, suffer, and experience many hardships. Now, what about you? To become stronger? For what purpose? For whom? Although you are blessed with ability, talent, and perseverance, if you can’t answer this question, you would have a hard time reaching a new height.”

    Lone Wolf was deep in thought. It had never come to him why he wanted to become stronger. He just wanted to be strong. He had never thought that this fact would one day hinder his growth.

    “What about you? When will you go?” Poluk quit giving attention to Lone Wolf and asked Sebastian.

    “I’m going now, sir.”

    “Please let Bow go with you too.” Bow volunteered.

    “My dearest apologizes, Lady Bow should stay in this room. The arena will become much more dangerous from now on. I might not have time to look after milady.”

    “I agree with him. Bow, you stay here,” said Poluk.

    Bow puffed up her cheeks, pouting, but didn’t dare to offend Poluk.

    “When I’m back, I will make you a lot of delicious desserts, I promise,” Sebastian said to Bow, which she showed a big smile upon hearing. Nevertheless, she remembered that she should be sulking for the time being so she quickly pouted again by puffing up her cheeks.

    Then, Sebastian’s body disappeared, leaving only his shadow on the floor. Although he was still standing in front of everybody, no one was able to clearly see him.

    “Sebby, where are you? Bow can’t see you,” Bow said.

    Lone Wolf tried detecting Sebastian’s presence using his qi and found that he could still sense Sebastian, although barely. This somehow put his heart at ease. After he had met with Poluk and Sebastian, he always thought that his existence was so weak.

    “I’m still standing at the same spot. It’s just that you won’t be able to see me.”

    The dimensional portal appeared below Sebastian’s feet. To be exact, it was more correct to say that it appeared under the black shadow.

    Sebastian slowly disappeared from the room. His last sentence was lingering in the room. It was a sound that no one could locate the source of it.

    “It’s better not to see me. Only a single kind of person is able to see a grim reaper…”

    Everyone in the room except Poluk felt a shiver. No further explanation was required about the kind of people that was able to see a grim reaper.

    The ones who are dead.

    In the arena, there was a black shadow that appeared behind Sila but no one had noticed it yet.

    However, Lookhin had Mind Connection. It sensed that another pet of its owner had appeared so it turned its head to nod at Sebastian.

    Sebastian was surprised that Lookhin could spot him. He sent his thought to Lookhin using Lookhin’s Mind Connection.

    ‘Lookhin, you can defeat the enemies. I will protect Mister Sila myself.’

    Hearing that, Lookhin flew upward and stayed in the air in front of the golem, as if to challenge it.

    ‘Fufu, I better have some fun,’ thought Sebastian while casting a spell.

    Sebastian’s spell casting had reached the point that even Lone Wolf couldn’t notice. It was pointless to wonder whether Francine could notice that a spell had been cast.

    “Dear Lord Hades, King of the world of the dead. Due to a contract from the ancient era, please grant us the land of the underworld, where death is not the end but the beginning of all things. Even if the body decomposes, the soul will always remain to be imprisoned in the land of death where there is no time. Timeless Enigmatic Magic Domain.”

    Once the spell was cast, the light from the sky subsided. Everyone looked up into the sky and saw that the sun was still there. It was as if someone had dimmed the light of the world. Meanwhile, the grass on the entire grassland was withering and dying at a very quick pace.

    Francine didn’t know what was happening, but she guessed that this was Sila’s doing.

    “Cocoa, attack that bird,” She hurriedly ordered her golem to strike before Sila managed to complete whatever he was planning to do.

    Unfortunately for her, she overlooked many things. Firstly, the thing that she thought that Sila was doing had already been completed since Sebastian had finished casting the spell. As for another, this dark brown sparrowhawk duty was no longer stalling for time. Its duty was to annihilate its owner’s enemies.

    Lookhin’s body was strengthened by Steel Body Qi and Qi of Little Turtle. Its feathers were hard with the Dragon Scale passive skill. Its hawk-like eyes stared at the chest of the stone golem. It was a vital spot of stone golem that Sebastian had told Lookhin via Mind Connection.

    Lookhin’s size was small so it could move very fast. It precisely charged at the target like a bullet. Then, Lookhin pierced through the stone golem’s chest.

    Lookhin stayed in midair and spread its wings. The sunlight that shone on it left a majestic shadow of it on the arena.

    The entire process from the start to an end was less than five seconds. The stone body of the golem broke and crumbled onto the floor. Francine panicked and jumped from the golem’s shoulder. She stared at the little bird with eyes of disbelief.

    In fact, Francine wasn’t the only one that couldn’t accept what had happened. All the spectators were the same. Another round of silence filled the Colosseum yet again. It had happened too many times to count since Sila entered the arena. Now, no one even dared to leave the spot to buy a snack. Even the merchants who sold their products by walking through the audience were watching the match and forgot to collect the money from their customers.

    Soon, they started to discuss the origin of Sila’s sparrowhawk. Each of them asked several questions to each other but no one seemed to be able to come up with an answer.

    For the record, no one was interested in the corpse of the golem that was lying on the arena without turning into light and disappearing into Francine’s ring.

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  • Chapter 83: A Dark Brown Sparrowhawk

    Francine shifted her gaze between the bird in the sky and the remains of her stone golem on the ground. Although it was true that stone golem had a fatal weakness, it was hidden under its sturdy body. However, this little bird was able to precisely pierce through its stone body like it was a foam board.

    Well, Francine panicked only for a short while before regaining her cool. If there was a ranking of the players good at handling monsters in Monster Soul, her name would surely be among the top. Though, Francine was still curious about where Sila could find such an abnormal bird. If Sila really bought it from the pet shop as she first thought, how could he possibly train it to be so powerful in a short time? No, actually, even if she was given one year to train a bird from a pet shop, she would still be clueless of how to train it to be this strong.

    Nevertheless, a bird is merely a bird. Francine flicked her left wrist and summoned several of her pets that were favorable against flying-type creatures.

    “Release Sera, Frung, Nonolu.” Three lights flashed on the bracelet on her left wrist.

    Actually, Francine was able to release all fifteen pets she possessed to help her fight. However, as she was an expert at monster taming, she was fully aware that controlling multiple pets at the same time was as hard as writing using both hands simultaneously. Three monsters was her current limit to allow her to have complete control over them.

    On the contrary, Sila didn’t control Lookhin at all. In fact, he wasn't able to control it. Mind Connection was Lookhin’s skill, not his.

    Normally, the owner would be the one with Mind Connection, not a pet. The result of not possessing the skill caused Sila to be unable to control Lookhin. The most that he could do was send his thoughts to Lookhin. Whether Lookhin listened or not would depend on its loyalty and love toward Sila.

    By the way, Francine was able to guess the above fact as she knew that Sila was a qi-type player, not a psychic-type one. Usually, players who weren’t psychic-types avoided using a pet as they won’t be able to completely control the monster.

    ‘A monster controlled by its master is obviously better than a pet who acts freely.’ That was Francine’s belief.

    Sera was a big poisonous snake. Its length was longer than twenty meters while its scales were very colorful. Frung was a big eagle with illuminant feathers. Its size was gigantic compared to Lookhin. Just its claw was bigger than the sparrowhawk. As for Nonolu, it was an old brown hairy spider. Its eight eyes were looking all over the place.

    Francine flicked her right hand. The bracelet on her wrist then transformed into a whip. It was the ‘Lion-Subduing Whip’, an important weapon of Francine. It helped her have an easier time controlling her pets. Additionally, it also temporarily increased the power of any pets in her possession.

    Francine smacked her whip against the ground. Instantly, all three of her pets made a move. The giant eagle ascended upward and stayed above Lookhin. Meanwhile, the spider continuously fired its webs to restrict Lookhin’s mobility by reducing the space around it. As for the giant snake, it crawled to an upwind direction and released its poison to damage Lookhin.

    Lookhin flew around, avoiding the spider webs. The poison in the air wasn’t a problem for it at all. Lookhin’s poison resistance was even greater than Sila’s since it possessed both Hibernation and Qi of Little Turtle from the Great Millennium Turtle. This level of poison couldn’t bring any harm to it. If it wanted, it would be able to fly around like this all day.

    Nevertheless, Sila had only asked it to stall for ten minutes. Lookhin didn’t get that many chances to fight seriously so it didn’t want to waste time doing nothing.

    That big bird above it was very annoying. The big bird was trying to catch Lookhin using its claws. If Lookhin was hit by qi-reinforced claws, it might have a harder time flying.

    So, Lookhin decided to handle the big bird who was closest to it first. Once its body was reinforced by qi energy, its eyes shone a mysterious aura of qi, staring at the eagle. Not only was Lookhin’s stare infused with qi energy, but Mental Oppression was also being used.

    The eagle’s body froze in fear in midair and descended from the sky, crashing to the floor.

    Lookhin opened its beak and fired an almost invisible golden needle at the giant spider, causing it to stop moving. The spider web on the spider’s bottom was still connected to the remaining webs all over the arena. Lookhin landed itself on one of the spider’s web.

    Lookhin’s body started flashing a sky-blue light. Soon, freezing magic energy was released from its body and spread from the spider’s web to the spider itself. The giant spider instantly froze.

    Although Lookhin could use all three energy types - qi, psychic, and magic power - the cards that it had eaten were mostly magic-types. Thus, its most powerful energy was magic, followed by qi and psychic power, respectively.

    Lookhin soared back into the air. It was flying toward Francine when the snake saw that its chance was coming. The snake opened its mouth and swallowed Lookhin whole. However, Lookhin pierced through it and froze it on the floor. Lookhin’s green eyes were looking at Francine, causing her to be drenched in cold sweat.

    Although all three of her pets hadn’t died, not a single of them remained in proper condition.

    “I-Impossible. What happened? How can this bird use all three energy types? How come I didn’t know that there was such a monster in the game?” Francine stuttered.

    Her words caused everybody to be startled, including Noppakorn who had prepared his mind so he wouldn’t be surprised again. He also noticed that this bird seemed to use all three energy types but he wasn’t sure. However, as Francine had stated so, Noppakorn became certain that his thoughts were indeed correct.

    In the VIP room, the most surprised person was none other than Ratri. This was the first time that she had heard that there was a monster capable of utilizing all three types of energy.

    “It can use qi, psychic, and magic power? What kind of bird is this?” Ratri asked a question without expecting an answer. However, the answer came from Bow.

    “A sparrow kind~”

    Varee couldn’t help but show her a gentle smile. At first, she planned to purchase Lookhin for Sila to take care of it. Her aim was to lessen Sila’s training time. However, in the end, it seemed that even Lookhin was being trained by Sila.

    “Bow, do you know how Big Brother Sila trains Lookhin?” asked Burapha.

    “Ah? Bow doesn’t seem to see Lookhin being trained by Big Brother Sila at all. Lookhin is as strong as it is since the first time Bow sparred with it. Ah~ Bow remembers that Big Brother Sila fed Lookhin cards.”

    “Feed cards? What cards?” Burapha made a slip of the tongue wondering how a player can feed cards to a pet. However, Bow understood what Burapha was trying to say and began to answer.

    “Bow can’t remember their names. They seem to be a very old monkey, a very old turtle, a blue merperson king, the earth dragon, the water dragon, and the snow dragon.”

    “Wait, what? Do you mean the Great Millennium Ape Card, the Great Millennium Turtle Card, the Blue-Scaled Merman King Card, the Earth Dragon Python Card, the Water Dragon Leviathan Card, and the Snow Dragon Dorolia Card?” As Burapha was a merchant, he had collected this kind of information. So, using Bow’s hints coupled with the story that Sila had once told him, Burapha was able to guess that they must be those cards.

    “Yes, yes~ Exactly. Why is their name so hard to remember?”

    “Why does that guy Sila feed those cards to a bird? Is he rich in real life?” Ratri asked in wonder.

    “How can he be? He doesn’t even have a home. He is currently staying at my place,” Varee replied apathetically as she was looking at the arena while thinking about Lookhin.

    However, as everyone else saw that Varee told them that fact as if it was the most normal thing to say, they understood in their mind that the relationship between Varee and Sila was very intimate.

    T/N: In Thailand, it’s rare (especially so in 2011-2012 when this chapter was published) for a man and a woman to live together under the same roof before they get married. It is Thai culture.

    “…Is that so? Then, he must be rich in the game,” Ratri continued questioning to hide her embarrassment. She had been bad-mouthing Sila a lot so she didn’t know whether Varee was mad at her.

    Although there was news about Sila and Varee being a couple, no one had expected them to be this intimate. There were a lot of cases where couples in the game didn’t know each other in real life.

    “Big Brother Sila isn’t rich, that’s for sure. He even currently has a huge debt. The main reason why he is participating in this battle tournament is to find the money to pay off his debt,” replied Burapha.

    “Why doesn’t he sell the cards, then?”

    “I don’t know too. If I knew that Big Brother Sila possessed those cards, I would have already recommended that he sell them. If he had sold all of them, he would have cleared his debt and even have some coins remaining.”

    “Francine noticed Lookhin’s weakness.” Poluk’s statement broke the flow of the conversation. All eyes were shifted to the battle in the arena.

    During the conversation in the commentator room and VIP room, Francine felt that there was something off about Lookhin.

    “Release Knight, Winggy.” Two lights flew out of her rings.

    In front of her, there was a headless knight wielding a two-handed sword. It was one of the strongest pets Francine owned. Knight was a magical-being monster of Marquis Rank, level 500. As for her other released pet, it was a blue-feathered harpy of Knight Rank, level 1000. It ascended to the sky and began its attack.

    Hundreds of harpy feathers were fired at Lookhin.

    Lookhin flew past them with ease and charged its body at the headless knight.

    The headless knight placed its left foot forward while readying its weapon. Then, it brandished its sword at the incoming Lookhin.

    Lookhin flew to the left, barely avoiding the blade. However, the body of the headless knight released magic power. Afterward, its sword suddenly changed its direction and precisely slashed at Lookhin’s body.

    *Bang!* Despite Lookhin not dying from taking a direct hit due to the help of Dragon’s Scale and Steel Body Qi, it was severely wounded.

    Lookhin’s flying speed was slower as it was injured. With that, the harpy had an easier time firing a small tornado at the wounded Lookhin. Lookhin took another hit and fell to the ground.

    “Hehe, and here I thought you were something. In the end, you are just a little bird. You must have little combat experience,” Francine said.

    The fatal weakness that Sebastian mentioned was similar to Sila’ previous weakness:

    Basics of combat.

    Lookhin was no different than the previous Sila. No, to be exact, Lookhin was worse than the past Sila. At least Sila had some basic muscle and combat training as he grew up. However, Lookhin before it had met Sila was only a little bird in the cage at the pet shop.

    Sila’s feeding cards to Lookhin to make it stronger was a double-edged sword. Firstly, Lookhin had obtained skills too easily. It also didn’t have much experience using them against skilled opponents so it couldn’t properly make use of its skills. Lookhin was like a human child who is able to jump but can’t walk. It was like someone who could perform complex movements but couldn’t throw a straight punch. Although it had sparred with Bow, if it fought with the same or a higher level opponent, there would be no other result except for it to be defeated.

    Francine was calm, focusing her concentration on battling against Lookhin. She controlled the harpy to distract Lookhin’s movement while letting Knight perform attacks once there was a chance.

    Lookhin released a tremendous amount of magic power. Several stone spears pierced upward through the earth to the headless knight. The headless knight in an armor brandished its sword in a circle. Its sword was reinforced by magic power, cutting through the stone spears that aimed at itself and Francine.

    Since the spears appeared too sudden, Francine had light injuries on her right thigh and her left arm.

    ‘If things continue this way, even if I can defeat this bird, it will take a very long time,’ thought Francine.

    “Release Leica, Shuu, Gear, Jajamu, Parun, Torik, Thorn, Mulch.” Eight flashes of light flew from several accessories on Francine.

    Leica was a big yellow tiger with black lines. There was a horn on its forehead. Shuu was a terrifying black panther. Gear was a gigantic steel golem; its size was double that of her previous stone golem. Jajamu was a big insect which looked like a praying mantis. Parun was an earth-elemental fairy. Torik was a pterodactyl. Thorn was a living plant covered in vines. As for Mulch, it was a goblin holding a crossbow in its left hand.

    “Go kill that Sila,” Francine ordered eight of her pets.

    Since it was a simple order, there was no need for her to control her pets. She, her knight, and her harpy only had to keep this little bird at bay and let the rest of her pets kill Sila to achieve victory.

    Sila was still in a deep meditation state. He was particularly defenseless. It could even be said that she had already won the match.

    Meanwhile, Sebastian stood grinning behind Sila. Francine was a smart woman. Her plan only had a single flaw. She didn’t realize that Sila had another pet protecting him.

    “I will try not to be so eye-catching,” Sebastian whispered to Sila. Nevertheless, Sila was in a meditation state. He couldn’t hear any of Sebastian words.

    The size of the black shadow expanded from behind Sila’s back. The grim reaper was about to make his move.

    “Please be at ease, everyone, as death is always fair.”

    If someone were to see Sebastian at this time, he or she would witness his wicked smile and shudder in fear.

  • Chapter 84: A Grim Reaper and the Hourglass

    A cold and sinister dark magic power was released in front of Sila. All of Francine’s pets about to strike Sila came to a stop. Since they were not being fully controlled, their instincts kicked in and screamed at them that the opponent in front of them was too strong for them and that fighting would be suicidal.

    All eight of the monsters stopped in front of Sila. Their bodies were shivering with terror.

    Francine, who was currently controlling two of her strongest pets, noticed that her remaining pets had yet to initiate their attack. Thus, she decided to link her thoughts to one of the pets via Mind Connection and found out that it was rejecting her order out of fear.

    ‘What is it that causes them to feel fear? Sila is just an injured person.’

    “Attack now!” Francine ordered her pets again with a shout.

    However, there was no apparent effect. Her pets only moved closer to Sila for five or six steps before stopping their advance again. It would not be strange for them to flee from the arena at any time.

    Francine’s eyes were filled with anger. Her pets had never disobeyed her order before.

    She reinforced her whip with psychic power. The length of her whip increased to several meters. Francine whipped it against all eight of her pets, causing their eyes to change into red color.

    Their body size doubled. Qi, magic, and psychic power were surging all over the place. Afterward, they charged at Sila without any lingering fear.

    This was the effect of a skill called Monster Berserk, which forced the monster into a berserk state. It was a very useful skill if used correctly. However, there are not many players who have this skill. The reason is simple. Monsters in a berserk state tended to become stronger. Why do they want to grant more strength to a monster without gaining anything in return?

    Nevertheless, Francine utilized this skill by using it on her own pets. Once a pet is in a berserk state, they will attack everyone except their owner and colleagues.

    The monsters crazily and uncontrollably rushed at Sila.

    Granted, Sebastian had already expected from the start that holding them back with magic power oppression wouldn’t work for long.

    “O, thou who is being punished in the flames of hell, obey my command! As I am the representative for the King of Hell, bring forth the judgment flame to turn my foolish enemies to ash! Soul Scorching Hellfire.”

    A wall of flames appeared in front of Sila several meters away from him. The flames were deep red. The wall swayed and screamed as if it possessed a life. Many spectators watched the wall of flame with fright. That was because this wall of flame had a similar appearance to a row of burning humans. The flame moved closer to the eight monsters.

    Some of the monsters flew into the air, while some stayed in place. Once one of the human flames was close to a goblin, it jumped and hugged the goblin tightly. The goblin cried in miserable pain in harmony with the screaming sound of the flame. Many of the audience members immediately shut their ears and eyes. Their faces were pale.

    Francine was still startled when another human flame jumped at and hugged the giant praying mantis.

    “Gear, use Earthshake!” Since her pets were in a berserk state, Francine had no choice but to order directly with her shout.

    The gigantic golem lifted its fist and powerfully slammed it on the ground. The earth shook. The ground split apart and a path between the wall of flames was created.

    Witnessing the path, the remaining monsters charged that way.

    The match ended up in complete confusion. Francine was standing at the center of the arena. One side of the arena was freezing cold like she was in an icy hell. A dark brown sparrowhawk was battling against the headless knight and the harpy. As for the other side, there were human-shaped flames. They moved slowly, but every step they took, the withered grassland would always catch fire. This side of the arena was intensely hot like it was a hellfire.

    Soul Scorching Hellfire had a slow movement. Sebastian was well aware of this weakness. The black shadow flashed once more and the spell that he had delayed since he was in the VIP room activated.

    “Hourglass of Judgement.”

    A very big hourglass with a size comparable to the steel golem appeared in the sky. It soon fell into the ground, smashing the flying pterodactyl in its descending path.

    A black hourglass stood firmly in front of Sila. Inside it, there was no sand but four souls which were trying to escape.

    The hourglass had completely blocked the path that the steel golem had made. Actually, Hourglass of Judgement wasn’t an offensive spell. It also required a long casting time. In addition, the requirements for casting the spell were very restricting. That was why Sebastian had prepared this spell since before he entered the arena. He also relied on the fact that the hourglass always smashed down to perform an attack simultaneously.

    Using spells was all about timing, and the timing of Sebastian’s spells was very precise and praiseworthy.

    As Francine lost her concentration, Lookhin focused both its qi and mental oppression, targeting the harpy.

    The harpy fell down. Then, Lookhin used this chance to summon an insane amount of water to fill the entire arena.

    Many monsters were blown away by the sudden waves. However, the water didn’t extinguish the human-shaped flames. They just stood still, boiling the water surrounding them.

    Sebastian furrowed his brows. Lookhin hadn’t learned to control its power so it was also affecting the area around Sebastian and Sila. Since the arena was a enclosed dimension, there was no way out of the water. The water soon flooded the entire arena. It was already up to Francine’s knees.

    The water even reached Sila’s neck. The only reason why Sila’s body wasn’t washed away by the water current was because Sebastian had caught his body in place.

    The harpy was drowning. As for the headless knight, it couldn’t move properly with its knees in the water, though it still stood firm. Now, Francine had jumped and positioned herself on top of the steel golem.

    Lookhin’s eyes released cold magic power. Lookhin had never been troubled like this ever before so it became very annoyed. It planned to finish the life of every monster in one go.

    “This is bad/This is bad,” Francine and Sebastian exclaimed simultaneously.

    The body of the little bird was very transparent. It almost became invisible. The coldness started to freeze over the water surface.

    “Everyone, get out from the water, now!” Francine roared.

    The only spot left for standing was on top of the hourglass. The yellow horned tiger quickly hopped onto it. As for the earth-elemental fairy, she was floating so she wasn’t drenched in the water from the start. Unfortunately for the living plant, its movement speed was too slow for it to survive.

    Both the headless knight and the golem beside Francine were quite a distance away from the hourglass. Francine decided to change the target of her control from the harpy to the golem. She ordered both the golem and the headless knight to reinforce themselves with magic power.

    Lookhin dived into the water. Soon, the water turned into ice. All of its enemies underwater immediately died a peaceful death. Even the human-shaped flames vanished away.

    At the exact moment that Lookhin dove into the water, Sebastian grabbed Sila’s body. The black shadow flashed once. Death magic was being used.

    “Skeleton’s Tower.”

    A lot of human skeletons formed on the ground where Sila was sitting. It pushed both Sila and Sebastian upward. Both of them missed being frozen over by a hair’s breadth.

    This spell was originally used for distracting a flying enemy. Nevertheless, Sebastian made practical use of it. For the record, Lookhin’s spell wouldn’t do much damage if Sebastian was serious. However, Sila who was unconsciously circulating his qi wouldn’t survive.

    Without anyone noticing, no, it was more like everybody was too busying startled at the change of the battle to notice something like this. But, the number of souls in the hourglass had increased to nine.

    Currently, in the arena, the only survivors of Francine’s side were Francine herself, the headless knight, the steel golem, the yellow tiger, the black panther, and the earth fairy.

    “Just kill that Sila!” Francine ordered her pets as she was upset. This match was supposed to end up with her easy victory. She didn’t know why there were so many unexpected developments.

    The earth fairy threw a big boulder at Sila while the yellow tiger was accumulating lightning energy into its horn before firing the lightning beam. Additionally, the black panther’s offensive power and speed were strengthened by qi. It charged at Sila who was sitting on the skeleton tower.

    However, Sebastian was quicker. He had finished a spell.

    “Heart Piercer Pike.”

    The tower made of human skeletons turned into hundreds of spears. Sila’s body descended down before being caught by Sebastian and placed down on the ice field.

    The spears flew forward. They didn’t manage to kill even a single monster, though. Nonetheless, the monsters lost their balance and fell onto the ice field.

    Sebastian grinned. This battle had reminded of the time he dueled against Sila in the Mansion.

    “Release.” The bone spears transformed into skeleton bodies. Every one of them jumped and hugged the three monsters.

    Sebastian ended this series of move with the last skill, “Corpse Sending Soul Returning Life.”

    The skeletons radiated and caused a chain explosion. Silently, the number of souls in the hourglass increased by three.

    Francine was making a serious expression. All Sila did was sit and all of the skills that had been used so far were magic skills. She finally noticed that Sila had another strong pet beside Lookhin protecting him.

    Francine cut her Mind Connection from her pets and directed the skill at Sila’s direction. To be exact, it was directed at Sebastian.

    For the record, Francine possessed a very high comprehension level of psychic power. She could even connect her mind with her opponent. Since the magic type was unfavorable to psychic type from the start, Sebastian had no way to negate this inoffensive skill.

    ‘You are Sila’s pet, right?’ Francine spoke to Sebastian via her mind. With her Mind Connection skill being higher level than Lookhin’s, her every word was transmitted to Sebastian without missing out.

    ‘Your use of Mind Connection is very skilled. You’re not bad,’ Sebastian sent his thoughts back.

    ‘What do you want?’

    ‘I’m just serving my master. I don’t want anything in particular.’

    ‘Betray him. Kill your master and come to me. I can grant you everything you need,’ Francine told Sebastian.

    ‘Fufu, everything, you say? Could you please make an example?’

    Francine grinned. This Mind Connection’s utilization of hers was one of the main reasons she was titled as Monster Queen. She could incite a pet to betray its owner to the point that no one dared to bring their pet to fight against her anymore. Not only they were killed by their own pet, but their pet would also join Francine’s party later.

    ‘Power, authority, wealth, food, anything you want.’

    ‘Fufu, I would like to decline, then. What I want is something only Mister Sila can provide to me. You, on the other hand, cannot,’ replied Sebastian.

    ‘What? What is the thing that he can provide you but I can’t?’

    ‘Excitement, thrilling sensation, powerful enemies, and death. Staying under you, I might be able to have a comfortable life. However, that life is the same as the one I used to have. I wouldn’t follow Mister Sila otherwise. But, living with Mister Sila, even if I don’t make an effort, these kinds of thing will eventually come, fufufu.’

    Sebastian’s reply was the most correct one. It could be said that there was currently something shaking the world of Monster Soul with Sila at the epicenter. If Sebastian stayed with Sila, many powerful enemies would rush at him without him needing to make a move.

    Francine flinched. She had never met a pet with this kind of personality. She was at a loss for words.

    Sebastian continued, ‘By the way, I’m not your only opponent here, remember? Fufu.’

    Francine was startled and immediately cut her Mind Connection with Sebastian. It was this exact moment that the golem was crumbling and down on its knees. Francine quickly jumped off the golem and stood on the ice field, wearing a frown.

    The number of souls in the hourglass had reached fourteen.

    The dark brown sparrowhawk was flapping its wings in the sky. Francine stared at it for a moment before shifting her gaze to her defeated headless knight and steel golem who laid down on the ice field. At their chest, there was an orange-size hole.

    With the lower parts of them being frozen in the ice field coupled with no guidance from their owner, they soon met their end at Lookhin’s talons.

    All spectators on the grandstand gulped. They had never thought there would be a day where the Monster Queen was driven into a corner.

    “Hahahahahaha, I have never thought that I would become this miserable,” Francine ridiculed herself while laughing like a madwoman.

    Witnessing the scene, some spectators started to pity her.

    “Actually, I planned to use this in the war event. Well, whatever, I will do anything to kill Sila on this very day.”

    Francine let out a huge sigh. She opened her palm. “Release, Urs.”

    A tiny flash of white flew out from Francine’s ring. A girl the size of a butterfly appeared on Francine’s palm. This girl had transparent wings resembling a dragonfly’s. She was holding a flower in her tiny hands.

    She was a member of one of the rarest races in Monster Soul; a flower fairy.

    The tiny fairy sat on Francine’s palm. She gently smiled at her surroundings.

    However, Sebastian tensed up as soon as he saw this fairy. He instantly sent his thought to Lookhin.

    ‘Lookhin, kill that girl now! Hurry up!!!’ As Sebastian finished this sentence, he immediately reinforced himself with magic power. He also reinforced Sila as well.

    Lookhin was still confused, though it hurriedly charged at Francine.

    At the same time, Noppakorn slammed his hand on the table and stood up. His face was deathly pale as he noticed the little fairy. He hurriedly shouted at the microphone, completely disregarding the confused Rattana.

    “Stop the match now!”

    He didn’t wait for a response as he jumped at Rattana and started circulating his qi.

    Noppakorn’s shout echoed in the entire Colosseum. However, all it did was make the confusion worse.

    Within the VIP room, Poluk grabbed Bow tightly and started circulating his qi. Meanwhile, Lone Wolf was shocked and about to ask what was going on. Nevertheless, Poluk was quicker to declare some word.

    “Reinforce your body with power now!”

    Lone Wolf didn’t dare to delay. He immediately put up his qi reinforcement and also pulled Ratri into his embrace, covering her with his qi. Burapha was bewildered but he obediently followed the order by reinforcing his body with psychic power. As for Varee, she had already reinforced her body with her psychic power since she saw the fairy. She was later than Poluk when informing the matter, though.

    All of these situations occurred in a very brief moment. Everyone else was still looking at Francine who had a little fairy on her palm. Afterward, Francine closed her palm, squeezing the pitiful fairy. The fairy’s fragile body had no way to resist such force. Her body instantly turned into a pool of blood. The sorrowful screaming of hers resonated and was very unpleasant to the ear.

    That was the last scene that almost all the spectators in the grandstand saw. As soon as the fairy’s body scattered, everybody fell down on the floor.

    Well, to be more accurate, it should say that everyone in Colossia City had died.

    The number of souls in Sebastian’s hourglass increased by an uncountable quantity, filling it without any space left. The sky was shaking. The temperature within and around Colossia City was significantly increasing. The trees around the city started to burn.

    A system announcement went off all over the Colossia City. Nevertheless, only a few of the players would be able to hear this announcement.

    Player Francine has sacrificed the Grass Flower Fairy, Squire Rank, Level 1 to summon a monster via a special method: Sinful Oath.

    Monster Hellfire Dragon Solaria, Marquis Rank, Level 850 has appeared.

  • The Little Fairy so Pitiful  :( Poor Little Flower Fairy  :'(

    btw, Are Flower Fairy Death that so devastating like that?  is not that in the lv of Banshee Queen ? is the Author confused between Fairy and Banshee?  in a lot of novel the small flower fairy mostly weak and mob character. except certain Dimension Fairy and all kind of Fairy Queen.
  • The Little Fairy so Pitiful  :( Poor Little Flower Fairy  :'(

    btw, Are Flower Fairy Death that so devastating like that?  is not that in the lv of Banshee Queen ? is the Author confused between Fairy and Banshee?  in a lot of novel the small flower fairy mostly weak and mob character. except certain Dimension Fairy and all kind of Fairy Queen.
    Well, it seems she is indeed a mob character. It's just that, she possesses some ability that will be triggered upon some condition (will be explained in the next chapter).
  • btw, Are Flower Fairy Death that so devastating like that?  is not that in the lv of Banshee Queen ? is the Author confused between Fairy and Banshee?  in a lot of novel the small flower fairy mostly weak and mob character. except certain Dimension Fairy and all kind of Fairy Queen.
    maybe she is a rare flower fairy with the ability to summon monster
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    Chapter 85: Solaria

    The first sensation that Noppakorn felt was softness followed by a nice scent that tickled his nose. Sadly, he couldn’t keep daydreaming. Soon after, his face was imprinted with the sole of a foot.

    “Kyaa!! Nop, you bastard, what are you doing!?” Rattana screamed. Her face was red while she was stomping continuously on Noppakorn.

    “Ack, urg, oww, stop! I’m going to die!” Noppakorn blocked the stomping with his hands.

    ‘Oww, she even reinforced her magic power into her feet. Is she really going to kill me?’ Noppakorn inwardly thought while circulating Recovery Qi.

    “Why did you suddenly go crazy and hug me like that?” Rattana asked, her face was still red.

    “I just saved your life. Look at that.” Noppakorn pointed his finger at the grandstand. Rattana shifted her gaze to that direction and found that the spectators were all lying on the floor.

    “Ah? What’s wrong with them?”

    “They died. I don’t know why they haven’t turned into light and disappeared, though.”

    “Died? How?” Rattana looked around the grandstand and ended her gaze at the arena. The ice field was melting to liquid and began to boil over. The vapor covered the entire arena so she couldn’t see much of it.

    “They died from a sacrifice. The Grass Flower Fairy has a passive skill called Sinful Oath. Whenever the fairy is killed by its owner, its sadness that births from the betrayal will lead to vengeance. It will cause everybody in a one-kilometer radius who didn’t put up a resistance to die together with it. Then, a random high-level monster is summoned. The monster’s strength depends on the number of the sacrifices.”

    “Is there something like this? I haven’t heard of it before.”

    “Only a few people know. Flower fairy is a hidden race in the game. In addition, if this ability is triggered, it will permanently die and won’t be able to revive. This ability has only ever been used once before. It was during the last war event, at one of the branches of the Royal Armament guild. Most players weren’t there as the battle between Montra and Lone Wolf was occurring at another city. At that time, the monster that was summoned was merely a Cyclops, a level 100 Marquis Rank monster.”

    “Why was that?”

    “Well, that’s because most people have energy reinforcement active during the war event. Anyway, the number of players that died that time was still close to a thousand. However, this time is different. Many players weren’t prepared. I guess around ten thousand have died. I have no idea which monster is going to appear,” Noppakorn expressed his concern.

    The system alert went off, answering the question on their minds.

    Monster Hellfire Dragon Solaria, Marquis Rank, Level 850 appears.

    “A dragon? This is huge news.” Noppakorn hurriedly contacted Bluebird via his system window. However, no matter how many times he tried, he couldn’t reach Bluebird, causing him to be anxious.

    ‘Why can’t I reach Blue? Did something happen to him?’

    The conversation between Noppakorn and Rattana was announced via a microphone, so the special guests in the VIP room had heard the story.

    “Is there really something like this?” Burapha wondered.

    “Um, I have heard about it from my friend,” Poluk plainly replied.

    “As for me, I saw Francine do it in the previous war event. I didn’t expect her to have another flower fairy, though,” Varee added.

    “But, the summoned monster is not Francine’s pet, right? Can she control it?” Burapha continued asking.

    “That won’t be necessary. Although she can’t control it, she possesses a method to prevent it from attacking her. She is the Monster Queen after all,” Lone Wolf replied.

    “Wait, isn’t this too much? How can she just kill everyone in the city? This wasn’t part of a war event. The Royal Armament Guild can’t just shrug it off as Francine’s responsibility herself,” Ratri said.

    “Who says that everyone was killed? Look again,” Poluk said.

    At the grandstand, there were less than ten players who were still doing fine. This meant these players had reinforced themselves with power just in time. Normally, once an opponent acted suspiciously, reinforcing one’s entire body with power was an obvious reaction. Well, given that these players were only here as spectators but still managed to protect themselves, they were at least praiseworthy and careful players.

    Lone Wolf didn’t recognize any of these players. They seemed to be high-level players who didn’t belong to any guild yet. Lone Wolf was quick to remember their faces as these players could become either formidable foes or strong allies in the future.

    Now, all vapor had evaporated. Sebastian was carrying Sila’s body at the edge of the arena. At the center of the arena, a massive dimensional portal had appeared on the floor. A gigantic dark red dragon was summoned. The surrounding temperature became burning hot, so hot that it was hard just to breathe. The smell of sulfur spread all over the arena.

    Francine who was nearby, smiled merrily. She took out a knife and cut her own arm, creating a long wound. Blood was dripping on the floor. Then, she swung her arm so that her blood was splashed on the dragon’s body.

    “Blood Ally.”

    Francine activated a skill exclusive to human-race players. This skill allows the targeted monster to not hurt her. Meanwhile, she couldn’t deal any damage to it too. Moreover, as long as this skill was active, she won’t be able to use any of her other skills except Psychic Power Reinforcement. Well, she didn’t care. She was very confident that there was no way Sila would be able to win against a Marquis Rank, level 850, dragon. The winner of this match was her.

    Solaria was a massive dragon with flame-colored scales. There was a red crystal horn that resembled a sword on its forehead. Its wings were thick and sharp. Throughout its body, its numerous scales were as sharp as spikes. Even its tail looked like a sword. Its yellow eyes seemed very brutal and its teeth were placed in rows like a shark’s. Its breath reeked of sulfur.

    As slimes were a dragon’s nemesis and Solaria was a quick-tempered dragon, it didn’t give any signal prior to breathing fire at Sila.

    Sebastian was tense as his enemy turned out to be a dragon. Dragons were a top-tier magic-type creature. Although Sebastian’s rank was higher than it, Sebastian was more proficient in handling an army than dueling against a single dragon. Moreover, Solaria’s Dragon Domain was wearing away the health points of its enemies every passing second. If Sebastian neglected using his magic power to protect Sila, Sila would die in no time.

    “Afterlife Cold Breeze.”

    Sebastian flicked his wrist. Then, a cold wind blew and extinguished the dragon’s flame breath.

    ‘Lookhin, concentrate on using your ice power. Try attacking him when the chance arrives,’ Sebastian gave Lookhin instructions. However, once he turned around and looked at Lookhin, he found out that there was one more problem.

    Lookhin’s eyes changed from green to red. Qi, magic power, and psychic power shot up from its body. The power was so great that even Solaria shifted its attention to Lookhin.

    A system sound went off in Sila’s head. Although Sebastian couldn’t hear it, he could guess what was happening.

    Dark Brown Sparrowhawk Lookhin, Marquis Rank, Level 350, has less than 40% of its health remaining. It has automatically entered a berserk state. Its level is temporarily increased to 1000 and Player cannot control it for the time being.

    Without listening to anyone, Lookhin’s body turned incorporeal. The temperature of the arena decreased by several degrees. It charged directly at Solaria going as fast as it could.

    Solaria didn’t panic. It turned its body to face Lookhin. Then, it opened its mouth to exude its breath. The temperature was instantly hot again.

    Solaria stomped its right foreleg. The ground was shaking. A burning sword pierced upward through the ground.

    “Blazing Blade.”

    Lookhin was violently hit by the tip of the blade. The blade didn’t pierce through it but it was severely damaged. Lookhin coughed out blood.

    Blazing Blade was usually an offensive skill, but Solaria had used it as a defensive move. For magic-type creatures, although each spell had a specific characteristic, if one was able to use each of it at the right timing and right moment, one would easily become peerless.

    Despite Lookhin turning itself into the incorporeal form of a snow spirit which was supposed to be able to pass through any object, what Solaria did was the same as what Sila had done. Solaria had reinforced its Blazing Blade with magic power to make it able to attack Lookhin.

    “Shriek!” Lookhin let out a very loud, piercing sound. It concentrated its enormous magic power and formed several Granite Spears to attack Solaria. Unfortunately for Lookhin, Solaria’s Dragon Scales were too tough. These attacks only caused shallow wounds on it.

    Lookhin didn’t stop at that. Both of its wings were flapping, activating Soul Sealing Snow Fairies. It used up almost all of its remaining magic power. The entire body of Solaria was covered in ice.

    Solaria didn’t flinch from Lookhin’s attack at all. For it was a top-tier dragon, so the attack of a mere bird was insignificant.

    “Blazing Scales.”

    The scales of the dragon turned half-yellow and half-orange as if they were a burning metal. The spikes on its body were like a terrifying burning sword.

    The ice covering it body melted away. It was very unfortunate for Lookhin. Lookhin’s ice originated from magic power. Based on the elemental principle of magic types, ice was unfavorable to fire. For Lookhin to subdue the fire-element opponent using ice magic, Lookhin’s power would have to be much higher than the opponent.

    Not to mention that the current Lookhin was far weaker than Solaria. That was why Sebastian had warned Lookhin not to act instinctively. Sadly, Lookhin had entered a berserk state and didn’t listen to him.

    Sebastian watched the situation with great concern. If Lookhin were to die within Sebastian’s Timeless Enigmatic Magic Domain, that would become bad news.

    Sebastian shot a glance at its master. Sila had asked for ten minutes to perform qi circulation. However, twenty minutes had already passed but Sila showed no signs of regaining his consciousness.

    The butler turned to look at the Hourglass of Judgement. It was filled with the souls of all players in the city. At first, Sebastian had summoned this hourglass to play a prank on Francine. He was fully aware that he couldn’t collect enough number of souls to perform a sacrificing ritual.

    Sebastian also possessed a spell that required a sacrifice, though it was different from the Grass Flower Fairy. The fairy’s ability sacrifices lives while Sebastian’s spell sacrifices souls. The Grass Flower Fairy only took a life. Players won’t lose experience points or any item. However, Sebastian’s spell wasn’t the same.

    If the soul of a monster was sacrificed, the monster would be gone forever without a way to come back to life. Meanwhile, if the soul of a player was sacrificed, the sacrificed player would lose every item they possess as well as all of their money. The rank of the sacrificed player would also be demoted by one.

    If Sila was conscious at this time, he would prevent Sebastian from doing what he was about to do. However, Sila was unconscious. There was no way Sebastian would care about other people’s wellbeing.

    That was a given, though, as he was a grim reaper.

    “This kind of thing is their own problem, isn’t it? Please blame your own bad luck,” Sebastian muttered to himself. The present Sebastian never imagined that his actions would cause a very big problem.

    But, it was as he said. It was a big problem for others to take care of.

    In the near future, after the players in the city revived, they would demand a large compensation from the Royal Armament Guild. Then, as the guild leader, Cross would soon become the public enemy of the mass. Even Cross himself didn’t know the reason why he ended up in such a predicament.

    “Dear Lord Hades, King of the world of the dead. Due to a contract from the ancient era, this lowly one would like to provide you with these sinful souls as a sacrifice. Please grant this lowly one a tiny part of your power for this one to slay his enemy. Calaveras.

    The hourglass broke into pieces. The sky above turned dark, reminiscent of a starless night.

    For the record, even Sebastian himself couldn’t cancel the effect of Timeless Enigmatic Magic Domain unless thirty minutes had passed. Thus, the best course of action was to kill the Hellfire Dragon within the remaining ten minutes before Lookhin dies. As for Francine, she wasn’t a problem anymore. She had run out of pets and her power should already be depleted. Moreover, even if Francine was killed, the Hellfire Dragon would still remain here. So, Sebastian planned to kill the dragon first.

    The small dimensional portal appeared out of thin air in front of Sebastian. A human skull fully engraved with incomprehensible characters slowly flew from the portal. Sebastian took it in his hand.

    “Please don’t die, Mister Sila.” Sebastian placed Sila’s body on the ground. Afterward, he pushed the human skull into his body, causing his body to change.

    Now, Sebastian’s appearance was like a human skull floating in the darkness. Witnessing such an appearance, Francine's face was pale.

    The invisible body with the human skull quickly flew toward Solaria. Beside Sebastian, there were thirteen scythes floating around him. Each of them was pitch black. Magic power similar to a black mist was being emitted from them.

    Sebastian’s body flashed once. All the scythes stabbed at Solaria’s body. They pierced through the dragon’s scales and sunk deep into Solaria’s flesh.

    “Soul Cursing Stamps.”

    The hollow eyes of Sebastian flashed. The scythes instantly disappeared. However, looking closely, one would notice that each wound caused by the scythes was engraved with numerical characters around it. The numbers ranged from one to thirteen.

    As soon as Sebastian had activated the spell, the first number was gone. The wound on Solaria darkened. The blood stopped bleeding, but the dragon cried out in great pain.

    “Soul Snatcher Scythe.”

    The signature scythe of Sebastian appeared in the air.

    Flaming Blades of the Underworld.”

    Solaria activated one of the most powerful spells it had. Twelve red burning blades floated on the air and moved freely from place to place. Every swing of each of them caused the flame to ignite violently.

    Sebastian used his scythe to parry against Solaria.

    Soul Cursing Stamps showed their effect every passing thirty seconds. The dragon would be tortured. Meanwhile, Lookhin tried to attack Solaria too. However, there was no apparent result. Lookhin was obviously getting weaker.

    Without anyone noticing, Francine was holding a knife in her hand. She was slowly moving toward Sila, going a roundabout way, step by step.

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    Chapter 86: Weapon Subduing Fist

    Sila was engulfed in darkness. Even he didn’t know how he arrived at this place. The last thing he remembered was the match in Colossia City. He should be circulating qi now.

    “Did I die?”

    Sila had never died in Monster Soul. During his stay in the Slime Kingdom, once his health points reached the bottom, his body was always teleported to the edge of the cliff. Thus, Sila had yet to experience death.

    “You did not.” The gentle voice of a man echoed in the darkness.

    Suddenly hearing the voice, Sila was quick to try strengthening himself with qi. However, he wasn’t able to do it.

    “I’m conversing with you via psychic power. You won’t be able to use your power in this place as your body isn’t here.” The same voice could be heard.

    “Who are you? And where am I?” Sila shouted.

    “You don’t need to shout, I can hear you just fine. My name is --- and you are currently in my personal dimension.”

    Sila couldn’t hear the name of the opposing side. The sound seemed to be mysteriously cut off.

    “My name is Sila. Where are you?”

    “I’m in front of you. Please look again.”

    Sila could only see the darkness in front of him. He rubbed his eyes. Then, he found that he was no longer in the darkness. He was now standing on a beautiful plain. The grass was being gently blown by the wind. The atmosphere was very nice, chill, and peaceful.

    In front of him, there was a small white house. An elegant tea table was positioned in front of the house, beside a field of colorful flowers. Seated next to the tea table was a man and a woman.

    The man was dressed in a noble suit. He was handsome and wore a pair of glasses. His lengthy black hair was neatly tied up at his back. The one sitting next him was a very pretty woman with blond hair. She was in a beautiful white dress. The two of them were taking their time enjoying their tea.

    “Hello, Sila. This woman is my wife, Cynthia,” the man introduced the two.

    “Hello.” Sila put his palms together when suddenly, his body began to fade away.

    The man put his cup of tea on the table as he said, “We don’t have much time. For now, please listen to me.”

    Sila didn’t know what was happening, but he quickly nodded. His body was becoming transparent. He was starting to be able to see through his body.

    “Sila’s right arm is working now, at least temporarily. Despite how Sila doesn’t have any psychic power to provide to the right arm, some part of the power of Bomb Lurking Psychic is accumulating in it. So, Sila’s right arm can bring forth the power of Bomb Lurking Psychic at your will. The system doesn’t inform Sila of this so I want to personally tell you.”


    “Because I wanted to meet Sila at least once, as Sila might be someone who can make the game creator’s dream become a reality.”

    Sila’s body was about to vanish. He could barely see himself.

    “I don’t understand. How is it related to me? Which dream? What if I can’t help achieving it?”

    “That’s a lot of questions. Sila better ask me again when you meet me in person. You don’t need to concern yourself about it. Sila can just be yourself.”

    Sila was about to disappear. He still didn’t understand a thing, though.

    “Who exactly are you?”

    The man’s last words echoed as Sila’s body vanished. Sila could hear it clearly.

    “I’m the owner of the right arm that you’re borrowing.”


    The first sensation that Sila experienced was the smell of sulfur. Next was the dry heat, like that of a desert. He felt like he was in an oven.

    Sila opened his eyes at the moment that a knife was about to stab into his forehead.

    “Die!” Francine shouted as she was stabbing the knife at Sila. She had spent a very long time approaching Sila. As she had moved closer to Sila, the heavier her body became. This must be thanks to Sebastian’s spell that he had laid down.

    Sila had been trained to be keen at dodging in melee range since he was a child. His reaction was quick. Though, as he was in a sitting posture, he didn’t have many choices. He decided to lift his left hand to block the knife.

    *Stab* The small knife pierced through Sila’s left palm. Francine jumped back and felt very regretful that Sila had woken up.

    “Mister Sila, please hurry up and seal Lookhin.” A shout could be heard. Sila recognized that the owner of the voice was Sebastian. He turned his head to the direction of the sound only to see the floating human skull fighting against a gigantic dragon. He also witnessed a small hawk, which seemed about to die, kept attacking the dragon.

    “Sebastian? Lookhin? What’s happening here?”

    “Save your questions for later, sir. Lookhin is dying!” Sebastian shouted.

    Sila no longer gave it a thought as he said, “Seal Lookhin.”

    The hawk turned into light and was absorbed into his middle ring.

    The Hellfire Dragon’s body was full of wounds. It was still doing fine, though. The flame blades were nimbly flying around to the point that Sila’s eyes had a hard time following them.

    Sila tried moving his body. He found that his qi had regenerated to some degree.

    Sila wasn’t interested in Francine who was standing nearby. He flicked his left wrist and then her own knife flew right back at her.

    Francine lifted her right hand to block. The knife stabbed her right hand and stabbed further to the wall behind her, fixing her in front of it.

    Sila had become more proficient at using Universe Momentum after his match against Fargo. Thus, this knife glued Francine to the wall. If Francine was in a better condition, she would be able to pull it out. However, as she was now, there was simply no way for her to do that. The only way for her to get out of the wall seemed to be by severing her hand.

    “Wait right here,” Sila muttered before running to Solaria.

    Sila jumped at Solaria. While in mid-air, Sila recalled the previous conversation he had with the Sealed One. If what that man said was true, the Right Arm of the Sealed One should be able to function now.

    If he used this arm, even against the big fiery blades in front of him, he was sure that he could take them on. Sila was filled with confidence yet couldn’t figure out where it was coming from.

    Solaria noticed that Sila was charging at it. Despite it having wounds all over its body, they were only external ones. It still had a lot of magic power left in it and could easily keep fighting against the skull for a day. Solaria also realized that the skull wasn’t able to maintain this level of power for too long.

    One of the flame blades flew at Sila at high speed. As Sila was in midair, there was no way for him to evade it.

    Sila murmured to himself, “Unseal.” Then, the bandages surrounding his right arm were torn to pieces. The size of his right arm doubled, causing Sila to look like he was wearing a thick ancient armlet. The psychic power that was released from this arm was so great that every flame blade as well as Sebastian’s scythe shook in resonance.

    This was the power of Bomb Lurking Psychic that had been accumulating in Sila’s right arm. It was like when Sila reinforced his arm with qi. Usually, the longer one maintained the state of reinforcement, the stronger the power would become while the user would feel more tired. However, this right arm was a different entity, separate from Sila. There was no feeling of fatigue. Every time the Bomb Lurking Psychic damaged Sila, a part of its power would enter the arm like psychic power reinforcement.

    As soon as Sila unsealed it, the accumulated psychic power exploded.

    The arm that had been reinforced by psychic power for more than two months was as powerful as an atomic bomb.

    It was a power that no player could achieve without this arm. The power that was surging was more than Sila had ever expected.

    Once the flame blade came closer to Sila, he lifted his right arm to block it.

    Just touching the flame blade with his right arm and the flame blade eroded and broke in an instant. What happened to the blade should be similar to what Sila had felt when he was affected by Bomb Lurking Psychic.

    There was no time for Sila to feel awe. He waved his right arm once, trying to control the psychic power as if it was his qi via Cruise Breeze.

    The psychic power exploded. The remaining eleven Flaming Blades of the Underworld and Sebastian’s scythe were shattered into pieces like glass.

    Everybody watched the scene, holding their breath. Not to mention the people in VIP room and the survivors on the grandstand, even Sebastian and Francine couldn’t help but stop in their tracks and blankly look at the scene.

    Sila brought forth the maximum power of Universe Momentum. His body was pulled toward the Hellfire Dragon. He lifted his right arm. Excluding the psychic power, Sila even tried to reinforce the right arm with qi.

    *Pa* The sound of Sila’s palm lightly touched the dragon could be heard in the silence. Sila rotated his body and kicked at the dragon to send himself away from it, landing where he was standing before.

    Sila’s right arm emitted a soft light before deflating back to its original size. Sila looked at it and guessed that he must have spent all of the accumulated power in his previous attack.

    “You… slime brat… why… you…?” The Hellfire Dragon could only say that much before its back exploded into a big hole. Although the Bomb Lurking Psychic didn’t cause a big external wound, the dragon’s internal organs were all destroyed by eroding psychic power.

    Player Sila has defeated the Hellfire Dragon Solaria, Marquis Rank, Level 850. Player has received 300,000,000 experience points, 50,000 gold coins, (A) Hellfire Dragon Card 1 EA, and (B) Fire Dragon’s Scale 1 EA.

    Level of Player Sila has risen to 830.

    Player Sila has achieved a special condition of the quest: Decolonize Slime Kingdom. Seal of Fire has been destroyed. There are 4 Seals remaining.

    Level of the Black Grim Reaper Sebastian has risen to 500.

    The Hellfire Dragon wasn’t a pet, so Sila had gotten items and money for killing it.

    The dragon’s blood was raining down onto the arena, dyeing the ground into a red pool. The dragon’s body lay on one side.

    Francine shuddered in fear while Sila was falling, losing his consciousness. He was caught before he collapsed on the ground by Sebastian who had transformed back to the usual butler form.

    “You must have used up all of your power. It’s very impressive how you can kill a dragon in a single blow, sir. Anyway, I will let you rest.”

    However, the match wasn’t over yet. Based on the rules, Sila was just unconscious. The rules clearly stated that one of the combatants had to die or surrender for the match to come to an end. Then, the remaining one would be able to exit the arena.

    “Oh, right, I need to kill you. Please forgive me for forgetting it.” Sebastian turned his head to look at Francine.

    As Francine looked into Sebastian’s eyes, her face was pale. She hurriedly shouted, “I surren…”

    She was about to finish the sentence when Sebastian cast a spell.

    “Curse of Silencing Corpse.”

    Francine’s voice was suddenly gone. No words could come out of her mouth. For the record, this skill was normally used for disturbing the spell casting of other magic users.

    “Fufufu, the dead ones can’t talk. Don’t be in too much of a rush to surrender, madam. I even saved you for last.”

    Francine tried to escape. However, even though Sila had fainted, the knife was still glueing her hand onto the wall.

    “I really hate people like you who regard monsters as tools, madam. I guarantee that dying is only the lightest punishment. Oh, please don’t worry that I will be easy on you because you are a woman. Death is always fair.”

    Francine was deathly pale. Well, Sebastian wanted to let Sila rest so he didn’t have time to play. He placed two or three curses on Francine before sending her to the afterlife. However, dying was only the beginning for her.

    Francine had never been so glad to be able to die in her entire life. The last scene that she saw before she turned into light was a smiling grim reaper waving its hand at her.


    The barrier around the arena disappeared. Everyone in the VIP room descended to the arena. As for the survivors on the grandstand, they had left.

    Everybody ran to Sila who was being supported by Sebastian. Varee quickly inquired about Sila’s condition.

    “Mister Sebastian, how is Sila?”

    “He is just exhausted. I’ll get him to rest in the mansion.”

    “I’ll go too,” Varee said with great concern.

    Sebastian looked at her for a brief moment before saying, “Oh, please excuse my rudeness, madam, I didn’t notice that you are Mister Sila’s lover. In this case, please take this.”

    Sebastian handed a black card to Varee.

    “This is the invitation card that Mister Sila gave me. Once you activate it, kindly ask for Julia. As for me, I will use the power of the brooch to follow after.”

    This invitation card was an ownerless one. That was because Sebastian was Sila’s pet. When Varee took it, her name was immediately engraved onto the card.

    Varee gently supported Sila’s body. “Go to… erm… Mansion of Secret?” She recited the name of the place right beside her name. Then, both of them were teleported away.

    Meanwhile, Burapha was looking at the dragon’s corpse with great interested. “Release Lala.”

    Lala appeared next to Burapha. Everyone else showed a slightly surprised expression to see her.

    “Lala, uses these bottles to scoop as much blood as possible,” Burapha ordered, to which Lala nodded.

    Burapha didn’t know why the corpse of the dragon still remained. Usually, monsters disappeared within three seconds after being killed. That was why ingredient hunting was so hard. It was one thing to peel off the rabbit’s skin, but what kind of person was able to scrape off a dragon’s scales when the dragon was still alive?

    Burapha quickly brought his weapon out to scrape off the dragon’s scales. However, no matter how he tried, there was not even a scratch on them.

    “How could Big Brother Sila do it so easily?” Burapha murmured.

    Ratri asked Burapha, “Hey, you, do you mind if I get my hand on some of the dragon’s blood as well? I would like to give it to Hermit. That guy will be very happy to receive it.”

    “None of this belongs to me to begin with. It’s all Big Brother Sila’s. You can take some before the corpse disappears. I’m sure Big Brother Sila won’t mind,” Burapha replied without glancing back at her. He was still trying to scrape off the dragon’s scales.

    Ratri opened her system window. She took out some empty bottles to scoop up the dragon’s blood like Lala was doing.

    “That corpse will disappear in another five minutes, sir,” Sebastian informed them, causing Burapha to hurry up.

    At that moment, Noppakorn and Rattana walked to the gang. Noppakorn was holding a trophy in his hands.

    “Erm, about this… The host has died, so I guess I should bring this trophy to you guys.” Noppakorn handed the trophy to Sebastian.

    “Oh, I recognize you. You are the one who bad-mouthed my master during the first half of the tournament.” Magic power was released from Sebastian’s body. Noppakorn’s face went pale.

    “W-Wait, wait. I just did what Blue told me to do. If you’re mad, you should be mad at him!” Noppakorn hurriedly defended himself.

    “Mister Blue?” Sebastian weakened his magic power.

    “That’s right! That was part of Blue’s plan.” Noppakorn wiped the sweat on his face.

    “Then, where is Mister Blue now?” Sebastian asked.

    Noppakorn showed a worried expression as he said, “I don’t know. I can’t contact him at all. I don’t know if he is facing some problem right now.”

    “Sebby, where are we going? Can Bow go to see Big Brother Sila?” Bow asked.

    “Oh, should we wait for Mister Burapha to finish his business before we go together? Our mansion hasn’t had a guest for a long time. I bet that Julia must be delighted. Everybody else has died anyway. It will take another two hours before they revive.”

    Everybody agreed. Noppakorn and Lone Wolf seemed to want to have a word with Sila. As for the winning bet, the system would automatically transfer the money to Sila’s account.

    Two minutes passed, but Burapha was still unable to obtain even a single dragon’s scale.

    “Why are they so hard!! My hand hurts!” Burapha shouted.

    “It’s useless. For Hellfire Dragon’s Scale, you will need at least an A-grade weapon to…” Rattana was about to explain before stopping mid-sentence.

    She was agape as she saw Poluk approaching the dragon’s body. He threw one punch at it. Then, dragon’s scales rained down from the sky. As for the dragon’s flesh and bones, they all turned into ashes, leaving only several dragon’s scales and a horn on the ground.

    This was the result of the completed Genesis Punch. Poluk could even control which parts were destroyed and which parts remained.

    “We have wasted too much time. You better collect them soon so that we can go visit Sila,” said Poluk.

    Everybody was agape, except for Lone Wolf and Sebastian.

    “Are you ready?” Sebastian asked as he opened the spatial door to the Mansion of Secret.

    From this battle tournament, Sila would receive the title “Weapon Subduing Fist” from Noppakorn. Later, this title would become well-known throughout all of Monster Soul. The weapon in his title is not only referring to actual weapons across the world, but it also referred to the Royal Armament Guild.

  • Chapter 87: Bluebird’s Problem

    After everyone arrived at the mansion, they were all speechless at how vast and luxurious the mansion was. This place was even bigger than the main branch of the Victorious Wolves Sect.

    “Does this place belong to that guy Sila?” Ratri exclaimed.

    “Yes, Madam, everything in this dimension belongs to Mister Sila. It is divided into the mansion, the dojo, and the item maintenance room. There are many types of facilities. In this place, health and energy points will recover five times faster than normal.”

    “How many people live here?” Rattana couldn’t help but ask.

    “Mister Sila lives alone, Madam, if you exclude monsters and Miss Julia who is the head maid. Mister Burapha and Mister Bluebird visit this place sometimes, though, especially Mister Bluebird. He comes to this place almost every day.”

    “A very large amount of money would have been spent, no?” Noppakorn said.

    “Yeah, around 1,500,000 gold.” The answer came from Burapha.

    “1,500,000!!?” Ratri shouted, “How could he have that much money?”

    “Mister Sila has a high credibility with the bank, Madam. He was able to receive a loan. By the way, this reminds me, I guess I should take care of the matter with the banker first,” Sebastian said.

    “Is it even possible for the bank to lend that much money to an individual player? Usually, only large guilds like the Royal Armament and Heavenly Dragon guilds would have that kind of authority. Even our Victorious Wolves Sect can only ask for a loan of around a few hundred thousand,” Ratri said.

    “If Miss Ratri saw Big Brother Sila’s item collection, you would not be this surprised,” Burapha plainly said.

    “If you all would like to tour around the mansion, I will call Miss Julia to guide you. I will have to take care of Mister Sila’s debt first.”

    “But, everyone has died. Even system NPCs of Colossia City wouldn’t survive. There would be no one at the bank,” Noppakorn said.

    “I don’t need to visit the bank, sir. In this mansion, we can make a financial transaction by calling Mister Sila’s personal banker to come here. I will need to ask Miss Julia to call him,” Sebastian replied and called for Julia, “Miss head maid, please come here for a moment.”

    A soul body was slowly appearing behind everyone. Rattana was the first to notice Julia. “Kyaaa!!!” She unconsciously jumped and hugged Noppakorn who was standing closest to her.

    “Good day, everyone. I am Julia, the head maid of the Mansion of Secrets. It is nice to meet you all.”

    “Miss Julia, how are Mister Sila and Miss Varee?” Sebastian asked with concern.

    “Madam has already taken Master to rest in his room. Master is still unconscious. However, given that the mansion has a high recovery rate, Master will wake up at any moment,” Julia replied.

    “That’s good to hear. By the way, could you please call the banker for me?”

    Prior to this, the Chamber of Secrets was merely a small room and Sila could easily call for the banker just by shouting. However, as it was upgraded to the Mansion of Secrets, its size was bigger. Every transaction with the NPC needed to be done by Julia who was in charge of the mansion.

    “All right. Mister Chris will come here in another five minutes. I have instructed him to meet you in the tea room. Would you like me to lead you there, Mister Head Butler?”

    “There is no need. I remember the layout of this place. This, too, is the butler’s duty. By the way, these people are Mister Sila’s guests. Please guide them around the mansion.”

    “All right. Ladies and gentlemen, please follow me to the living room first. I will prepare snacks for you.”

    “Yay, yay, snacks, snacks~” Bow was delighted.

    Julia smiled gently as she said, “There is strawberry cake prepared, Lady Bow.”

    Hearing this, Bow happily jumped into Julia’s embrace.

    Sebastian separated from the team as he needed to go meet with the banker. The rest followed Julia into the mansion. The sight behind the door was elegant like they were in a king’s palace.

    “I really don’t understand that guy Sila. Why did he decide to create this dimension? Buying a house is at least three times cheaper!” Ratri criticized.

    Lone Wolf replied, “Sila must have his reasons, Ratri.”

    “But, 1,500,000 gold can do a lot of things. To us, we have to spend years to collect that much. Seeing him waste it on something like this irritates me so much.”

    “It’s Sila’s money anyway. He collected it himself so it is his choice to spend it on whatever he wants. It isn’t our place to criticize him,” Lone Wolf said.

    “That’s true, but…”

    Ratri’s irritation over how Sila had spent his money was not strange at all. That much money was not insignificant. It could be traded for 15,000,000 Baht in the real world. Anyone could live comfortably for a lifetime with this kind of money. Anyone would be irritated if they knew Sila had wasted it on something useless.

    [T/N: For your information, the monthly average wages in Thailand is around 10,000 Baht, meaning 15,000,000 Baht equals 125 years’ worth of incomes.]

    “Big Brother Sila isn’t the one who spent the money on the mansion. It’s Big Brother Blue instead,” Burapha quickly explained.

    “Blue?” Noppakorn and Rattana simultaneously said.

    “Yes, Big Brother Blue spent money on upgrading and decorating this place. It’s only that the bill ended up in Big Brother Sila’s hands.”

    “What!? So, you are saying that bastard put Sila in debt? Isn’t Sila angry?” Noppakorn asked.

    “Big Brother Sila didn’t mind much. As for why, you will realize if you get to know him.”

    Julia had heard that the guests were talking about Bluebird, so she said, “Oh, about Mister Blue, he is also currently in this mansion.”

    “Huh? Where?” Noppakorn asked.

    “Mister Blue arrived quite some time ago. He is in the sauna room.”

    Noppakorn gritted his teeth. “Geez, that bastard, I was even worried about him. In the end, he is just lazing around!”

    “Would you like me to call him?”

    “Please do.”

    Once they arrived at the living room, Julia served them snacks and desserts. Then, she vanished to call for Bluebird. In the meantime, everybody took their time enjoying desserts while waiting for Sila to wake up. Their topic of conversation was unavoidably about Sila and this mansion.


    Sila woke up on a big, white bed. The first thing he saw was Varee sitting beside him at the edge of the bed.

    “Oh, she even follows me into my dream to haunt me?” Sila muttered while getting up.

    *Pa!* A big pillow slammed into Sila’s face. This pillow was even reinforced with psychic power.

    “Oww, what is this about?” Sila was still in dazed so he didn’t dodge nor evade. He was lucky that it was a pillow. If it was a sword, he would already be dead.

    “Are you sick of me that much?” Varee said. Her face showed a cold expression.

    “Varee? Ah, is this not a dream? Where are we?” Sila turned around to observe the room. This single room was even larger than his old house.

    “The Mansion of Secrets. What? You can’t remember your room?”

    Sila scratched his head. It might sound like a joke, but Sila had yet to enter his own mansion even a single time. The only places that he had visited were the swimming pool and the dojo.

    “Is that so? This is my room, then. Well… Hey, wait!? This is the Mansion of Secrets so how can you be here!?” Sila exclaimed. His reason for buying this place was to avoid Varee. Despite him having a debt of millions of Baht, he was still holding onto it as he didn’t want to lose this private space. If Varee could come here, then what was the point of him buying it?

    “Mister Sebastian gave me the invitation card. Your mansion is very big. You must have spent a lot on it. Is this the reason for your debt?”

    Sila sighed. It was his fault for not informing Sebastian beforehand. Well, there was no problem. He could take back the invitation card later.

    “That’s right. By the way, did I win?” Sila asked for the result of the match.

    “You won. I’ll explain the details later. Now, everybody is very worried about you, Sila.”

    “Is that so? Where are they?”

    “They told me that they will follow us to this place soon.”

    “Um, wait… Release Lookhin.” Sila realized that he had sealed the injured Lookhin into the ring.

    The ring flashed and the little bird flew out. Lookhin seemed to be better to some degree due to the ring having a high recovery rate.

    As Lookhin noticed Varee, it flew and landed itself onto Varee’s palm. Looking back, Varee was the one who purchased and took Lookhin from the pet shop. She was also the one who named it. Hence, Lookhin was on very familiar terms with Varee.

    “You have grown a lot, Lookhin. You are very strong too.”

    Sila didn’t mind the two. He tried circulating qi and found that his power was recovering at a very fast pace. His condition would be better in a few hours even if he didn’t keep circulating qi.

    “Sila, I purchased Lookhin for you to take a good care of it. How can it become so strong? Did you do something to it? Moreover, how could you let it fight? It’s just a little bird.”

    “I just wanted Lookhin to be able to protect itself. I won’t let it fight if it is not necessary.”

    Julia knocked on the door as she said, “Master, everyone is waiting for you in the living room.”

    Sila got up from his bed. “Hello, Julia. Could you please lead me to them? I don’t know the direction.”

    “Please come this way, Master.”

    Sila must be the only one who didn’t know the direction within his own house. Julia led the way while Sila, Varee, and Lookhin shortly followed. During the walk, Sila was talking to Varee about what happened in the last match.

    “Big Brother Sila is awake!” Bow was the first to notice Sila. She jumped at Sila and let him hug her.

    Sila asked Julia for a handkerchief. He wiped the cream around Bow’s lip.

    “Hello, Bow. I haven’t seen you for a while but you seem to be heavier.”

    “Big Brother Sila!” Bow’s cheeks puffed up. She hopped from Sila’s embrace to Julia’s.

    “I’m kidding, Bow. It’s better for a kid like you to eat a lot.” Sila walked to everybody that was sitting nearby. “Hello, everybody, do you have some business with me? Varee told me that you have something to tell me.”

    “Hello, I’m Noppakorn and this is Rattana. We are friends of Blue. About our matter, please wait for a while until Blue arrives,” Noppakorn introduced themselves.

    Burapha said, “Then, Big Brother Sila, Mister Lone Wolf said that he has something to tell you.”

    Lone Wolf lightly nodded as he said, “Hi, Sila. This is my friend, Ratri.”

    Ratri slightly bowed at Sila as her greeting.

    “Hi, Mister Lone Wolf, Miss Ratri, what is it that you want to tell me?”

    “I originally had something, but now it’s no longer important,” Lone Wolf replied.

    “What do you mean?” Sila wondered.

    “At the beginning, I was afraid that Sila would be harassed by the Royal Armament and Heavenly Dragon guilds, so I planned to invite you into our guild. However, I have witnessed your matches today and realize that I worried too much.”

    Lone Wolf’s wariness wasn’t baseless. A single individual player being the mutual enemy of the two largest guilds in the game was practically a death sentence. Sila didn’t even have a grudge against a minor member. He was having issues with both guild leaders. If Sila entered Victorious Wolves Sect, at least he would have some backup. The Royal Armament and Heavenly Dragon guilds would have to think twice before harassing Sila.

    Sila smiled at Lone Wolf as he said, “Thank you for your concern. Mister Lone Wolf has helped me a lot. However, the problem between me and Montra is something I need to take care of myself. So, I will have to decline your kind offer.” Sila politely rejected.

    Seeing Lone Wolf, Sila was reminded of something. “Oh, right. It’s good that I met you. I would like to return this item to you.” Sila took out the bottle of Emperor Qi Pellets and handed it to Lone Wolf.

    “Emperor Qi Pellets!!” Ratri was startled. She hurriedly snatched the bottle into her hand as she turned her head to scold Lone Wolf, “How could you give it to someone else?”

    Lone Wolf furrowed his brows. “That’s rude, Ratri. How can one or two pellets compare to the life of a person?”

    “You’re always like this. Do you know how much effort Hermit has to spend to refine these pellets for you? We have spent a fortune on these. Watch me, I will tell Hermit what you did once I return.”

    Ratri poured the pellets into her hand to count them.

    “How many have you consumed? One, two, three, four, five. Ah? Why are there still five pellets?”

    Sila realized that they were something expensive so he wasn’t mad at Ratri. Rather, he admired Lone Wolf more, in the sense that Lone Wolf was kind enough to give such a precious item to someone he barely knows.

    “About that, I guess that they were very precious, so I gave you new ones instead,” Sila revealed.

    “The new one? Do you mean, you are able to refine Emperor Qi Pellets?”

    Sila didn’t want to talk about Greed Card so he answered indistinctly, “You could say that.”

    With that answer, everyone believed that Sila really had the ability to refine Emperor Qi Pellet. The recipe for this pellet wasn’t a secret anymore but the hard parts were the large number of resources and the refining ability. Well, seeing this mansion, at least Sila had an adequate capital.

    Ratri was embarrassed. She didn’t know anything but always talked badly about Sila.

    “Oh, right, Burapha, I have something to give to you,” Sila said to Burapha.

    “To me? What is it, Big Brother?”

    “This. I got it from the Hellfire Dragon. You might be able to craft some accessories using it.” Sila handed the Hellfire Dragon’s Scale to Burapha.

    “Umm, Big Brother, about this…” Burapha flinched. He didn’t take it.

    “Hm? What? Take it. I don’t know what to do with it anyway.”

    “About this, after Big Brother Sila defeated the dragon, I collected hundreds of them. I also collected its blood. I was about to share them with you.”

    “Ah? Is that so? Since you have collected them yourself, keep them. I’m not the one who collected them,” Sila replied using his logic. Although he was the one who defeated the Hellfire Dragon, he was unconscious and didn’t collect the items. If Burapha didn’t take the items, there would be no dragon’s scales. So, it was proper for Burapha to own those items.

    “You, do you know their worth?” Ratri was about to persuade Sila to change his mind. She thought that Sila just wasn’t aware of the items’ worth.

    “If they are with me, I won’t know what to do with them anyway. I think Burapha can make the most money with them, at least more than I can.”

    Burapha knew Sila’s personality so he was aware that Sila was sincere. However, the rest of the people, especially Ratri, Noppakorn and Rattana were looking at Sila as if he was an alien.

    “I’ll try crafting various kinds of accessory, then. If you like any, you must take them with you, is that fine?”

    “It’s fine. In this case, you better follow me to the item maintenance room. If you think you can use anything, just take them.”

    “Okay, I guarantee I won’t disappoint Big Brother Sila.”

    At that time, Bluebird who was missing for a while, stepped into the room with a serious expression. In his hand, there was a big roll of paper. Everybody stared at him.

    “Oh, Sila. I heard the news. Congratulations,” Bluebird greeted Sila as soon as he entered the room.

    “Ah, yes, do you want something from me?”

    “First, let me ask you, how much money did we obtain?” Bluebird asked with a very serious tone.

    “After deducting the debt, Big Brother Sila would have around a million left,” Burapha answered in Sila’s place as he knew more about Sila’s financial status.

    Bluebird sighed in relieved. “That’s a relief. I thought it wouldn’t be enough. I would like to use around a hundred thousand on information gathering, is that okay?”

    Sila thought that, if it was about finding his missing teacher, this amount of money didn't matter to him.

    “Sure, it’s okay. You can consider it the payment for hiring you.”

    “That’s cool. One problem is solved. Then, there is only one last problem. I have been thinking about it for two hours but still couldn’t come up with a solution.”

    Everybody was tense. What was the problem that Bluebird couldn’t come up with a solution? They were waiting for Bluebird to explain.

    Bluebird walked to the table and spread out the paper in his hand. Apparently, this sheet of paper was a map of the Colossia City. There were many unreadable symbols scattered on the map.

    Only Noppakorn and Rattana frowned at the sight of these symbols.

    “These are… Blue… Don’t tell me you’re…” Rattana muttered. Her voice was hoarse.

    “That’s right. I have been thinking about it for two hours but still couldn’t decide where I should place the singing stage. In the next two hours, the banquet celebrating Sila’s victory that I have spent so much time preparing is about to begin. Hey, Sila, where do you think it should be?”

    In the blink of an eye, Noppakorn’s foot was stamped onto Bluebird’s face without anyone stopping him.

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  • Chapter 88: Sila’s Treasure Room

    T/N: I've made change the term used for 'clothes' as it's a full body clothing. I will be using 'clothing' for this term from now on. (Basically, the Beginner Clothes will become the Beginner Clothing from now on.)

    After Bluebird had been trampled until he was battered without anyone stopping, it was decided that Sila’s banquet, which would cover the entire city, would inevitably happen. It was impossible to cancel the banquet and get the refund. Thus, Sila had no choice but to let bygones be bygones.

    “Hey, Big Brother Blue, if Big Brother Sila didn’t win, what would you do?” Burapha asked.

    “Fufu, Burapha, this is what I call trusting in a friend. Even if I didn’t spectate Sila’s battle, I was confident that Sila would become the winner,” Bluebird replied, stretching out his chest.

    “But, shouldn’t you ask Big Brother Sila first whether Big Brother Sila wants to have a banquet or not?”

    “There is no need to ask. This is also called trusting in a friend,” Bluebird replied, cunningly using the word ‘trust.’

    “All right, Blue. This one is fine. But, after this, please discuss with me if you want to do something like this,” Sila said.

    “No problem. Anyway, I organized this banquet with the thought to help you.”

    Everyone was curious. How could a banquet help Sila?

    Bluebird explained, “It is to give you a good reputation. At first, in order to spread the news about you quickly, I had to spread bad rumors about you. Now, the time to make you a good guy has come. If your image is good, we will be able to connect to people more easily. You might be unable to see the result now, but I guarantee that it will be beneficial to you in a long term.”

    As Bluebird explained, everyone started to look at him with a slight change of heart.

    “Master, would you like me to guide your guests around the mansion?” Julia said.

    Sila thought for a while before saying, “That’s a nice idea. I have never walked around this mansion myself. Oh, by the way, Julia, please allow Burapha access to the item maintenance room.”

    “Roger, permission accepted, Mister Burapha can now enter the item maintenance room. You have to inform me if you want to take something with you, though.”

    “All right, Miss Julia,” replied Burapha.

    Julia was an AI responsible for everything happening in the mansion. Every activity needed to be permitted by her unless done by Sila himself. The sequence of authority in the mansion was Sila, Julia, and Sebastian respectively.

    Luckily for Sila, Julia could properly handle her duties, which was expected considering how expensive she was.

    “Speaking of the item maintenance room, Master, new items arrived earlier. I have already categorized them. However, some of them are broken.”

    “New items? How come?” Sila wondered. He didn’t remember bringing items back to the mansion recently.

    “Mister Head Butler is the one who brought them here. By the way, he just withdrew Master’s money with him amounting 800,000 gold. I analyzed that it’s a reasonable amount so I gave it to him.”

    “Hm? Did Sebastian do that? That’s a lot of money, what does he need it for?”

    “Mister Sebastian told us that he would clear off your debt, Big Brother Sila,” answered Burapha.

    “Huh? But my debt is 1,500,000 gold, right? Why did he take only 800,000?”

    “Mister Head Butler said that he would take care of the remaining amount himself. He also told me that lessening the Master’s burdens was a butler’s duty,” Julia plainly informed.

    “Umm, Sebastian told me something like that once. Well, I have never expected that he could find that much money.”

    “In the case, Master, would you like me to guide you to the item maintenance room first?”

    Sila and the others followed Julia for five minutes to reach the item maintenance room. Once the door was opened, everyone was agape.

    Sila was also not an exception.

    His previously small item maintenance room had transformed into a spacious treasure room. The consumable items and equipment were categorized into zones. They were neatly displayed on many layers of shelves like in a library. The number of items easily exceeded ten thousand.

    “What is this? How can there so many items here!?” Sila exclaimed.

    “All of the items in this room come from Mister Head Butler. For the record, items in this zone range from E grade to C grade. Mister Burapha can take any of them from you without having to ask for further permission. As for B grade to A grade items, they are displayed in the inner area. For those items, except for Master retrieving them himself, anyone will have to ask for his permission directly or via me before being able to retrieve any of them. Lastly, for S grade items, only Master is able to take them out.”

    “This is not at a level of personal item storage room anymore. It’s comparable to the item storage room of a big guild,” Ratri said.

    “Julia, Did Mister Sebastian tell you how he got them?” Sila asked. Looking at these items, they shouldn’t come from monsters but players, as most of them were weapons, sets of clothing, and medicines. Not many monster’s ingredients could be seen.

    “Mister Head Butler didn’t inform me about that, Master.”

    Sila thought to himself, ‘Did he obtain them from hunting the players? But, Sebastian didn’t go out of my sight long enough to hunt that many players, did he?’

    Only Sebastian himself knew that these items came from the players that had died in Colossia City from the Sinful Oath ability of Grass Flower Fairy. In fact, this ability only sacrificed their life. It shouldn’t cause them to lose levels or any items.

    Unfortunately for them, they had died within Timeless Enigmatic Magic Domain. One of the traits of this domain was that the belongings of everyone who died in the domain ended up in Sebastian’s possession. In addition, Sebastian had later sacrificed their souls, causing them to lose 1,000 levels.

    Of course, with that good of an ability of the domain, it came with a high risk. If Sebastian were to die during the time that this domain was active, he would lose everything on him and his rank would be demoted by two. This time, Sebastian cast it since he thought the victory against Francine was assured.

    Sebastian’s death magic was one of the most difficult types of magic to use. The spells of death magic were powerful and there were a lot of spells available. However, many of the spells came with high risk or a very specific condition of use.

    The battle against the dragon was hard for Sebastian. He was a monster that is strong against an army. Some of his spells even had a condition that made it so he was only able to cast the spell once he killed enough opponents. As such, soloing against a dragon wasn’t easy for him, especially in a restricting special space where he couldn’t kill the surrounding bystanders, as he couldn’t exert many of his skills. If Sebastian was given a choice, he would be happier to fight against a dragon with a thousand of its underlings than a single dragon.

    His skill, Calaveras, was a skill that sacrificed souls in exchange for increasing his fighting strength. Despite that, just ten thousand souls were not enough for competing against a high-ranking dragon, not to mention that Solaria itself was also summoned by sacrificing ten thousand lives. Moreover, dragon’s scales have a very high tolerance against magic power. Although Sebastian’s rank was higher, the undead race is inferior to the dragon race. The only good point of the undead race was how tough it was to kill them.

    The inner area of the treasure room was smaller. There were only hundreds of items being displayed. All of them were high-grade items, though. Most of them were B grade.

    “And this, Mister Head Butler entrusted me to give it to Master. I haven’t classified it yet since the content inside is still not generated.” Julia handed Sila a trophy. It was a golden sculpture of a hand holding a small box.

    “Mister Sila needs to say ‘I take the reward.’ The trophy of the victor of Colossia’s battle tournament comes with a reward,” said Noppakorn.

    “Thank you, then, I take the reward.” Once Sila finished the sentence, the box freed itself from the hand and landed on Sila’s palm. As for the golden sculpture of a hand, it became a mere decoration, which Julia took with her to decorate the living room later.

    Sila looked at the small red box in his hand. There was a rectangular screen engraved on it. The system told Sila that he had gotten Colossia’s Random Box.

    “Mister Sila can set filters to decide the type of item it grants, be it a sword, some armor, medicine, or an ingredient. If you don’t choose, it will be completely random,” Noppakorn informed again.

    Sila looked at his tattered Beginner Clothing that he was wearing. It was very old and full of patches.

    “I choose wuxia clothing, then.” With that sentence, the screen in front of the box showed an icon of a martial artist. Afterward, Sila said, “Open.”

    The system announcement went off in Sila’s head.

    Player Sila has obtained (A) Unjust Wuxia Clothing 1 EA.

    “How about it, Big Brother? What do you get?” asked Burapha.

    “Look for yourself. Equip Unjust Wuxia Clothing,” Sila declared. Then, his Beginner Clothing was replaced with complete black wuxia clothing. Sila didn’t know what kind of fabric the clothing was made of, but it was very comfortable with his skin.

    By the way, Sila thought that this clothing looked very familiar.

    “A-grade Unjust Wuxia Clothing. Big Brother’s luck is quite good to get it,” Burapha said.

    Sila was aware that the outcome of the randomization was likely to be decent due to Greed Card.

    “It is the same one as Zero’s,” Lone Wolf noticed.

    “Oh, you’re right. They are the same.” Sila finally remembered where he had seen this clothing before. It was what Zero was always wearing.

    Sila read the clothing’ description.

    (A) Unjust Wuxia Clothing

    Increases physical defense by 500 points. Increases magical defense by 1,000 points.

    Increases physical attack by 20%, agility by 50%, movement speed by 50%, attack speed by 60%, and qi circulation speed by 10%.

    Restriction: Knight Rank or above.

    “Umm, this clothing specializes in speed. The defense is comparable to C-grade clothing. There is no self-repair option, unlike Cloud Roaming Hermit’s Clothing. I need to be more careful,” Sila muttered to himself.

    “If Master prefers, there are many sets of B-grade wuxia clothing for Master to choose,” Julia suggested.

    “There is no need, Julia. This clothing is very good. I will just try my best to take care of it.”

    “All right. Then, the next area is the innermost treasure vault.”

    In the inner area of the item maintenance room, there was another door. It opened automatically once Sila went near it. Behind the door, it was a very small room. There were only three items on display. Each of them had a name written on the nameplate in front of it.

    Everyone was agape while Sila needed to move closer to see what was written.

    “Orichalcum, the highest rank of Soul Crystal, and the highest grade of the Dimension-Invading Device?”

    Except for the Orichalcum, Sila didn’t know where the other two came from.

    Sila had gotten an A-grade Soul Crystal from killing the Snow Dragon Dorolia. The Soul Crystal is a growth-type item that will grow when the holder slays strong enemies. Since Sila had killed the Hellfire Dragon Solaria which is a dual dragon of Dorolia, the Soul Crystal underwent an upgrade and became an S-grade item.

    The highest rank of Soul Crystal can be used to upgrade an equipment made of Orichalcum by whopping three ranks. It is an insanely rare material that has a very specific usage.

    As for the Dimension-Invading Device, it originally belonged to Francine. She was about to hand it to Cross to utilize it during the war event. Sadly, she had died so it fell in the hand of Sebastian.

    It could say that Francine was very unfortunate. Not only did she lose all the pets she had, but her rank and level were also demoted to Squire Rank, Level 1 since she was killed by Sebastian, not Sila. In addition, Sebastian’s curse affected her life after death for a week. During that week, she would become temporarily immortal. If she dies, she will immediately regain 1 health point and be inflicted with the ‘corpse’ status condition. In the ‘corpse’ state, she won’t be able to gain any experience points nor can equip any item. This one week of Francine was long and torturous.

    Being near the Soul Crystal, as a weapon made of Orichalcum, Varee’s katana flashed a pale aura without anyone noticing.

    “Are you preparing yourself for a war? You even have the Dimension-Invading Device,” Ratri said.

    “Sebastian must be the one collecting it. I don’t even know what it’s used for.”

    “It can be used to invade a special dimension, sir.” Sebastian’s voice could be heard. Everyone turned their head back to see Sebastian. “Greetings again, everyone. Greetings, Mister Sila. How is it, sir? Do you like my present?”

    “I heard that Mister Sebastian has talked with the banker. How about it?” Sila asked.

    “Mister Chris is very happy, sir. In the beginning, he thought we’re going to pay only the first installment. Never did he expect that I was there to clear the debt. Now, Mister Sila’s credibility is even higher. The banker is delighted to inform you that you can get a loan of up to five million gold.”

    “I think I don’t need that much of the money though. By the way, Mister Sebastian, where did you get these mountains of items from?”

    “That’s a butler’s secret, sir. Anyway, Mister Sila can be at ease. I assure you that I didn’t kill anyone and loot their bodies.”

    ‘Really, I don’t lie. Those people die by themselves,’ Sebastian inwardly thought.

    Sila released a sigh of relief. “That’s good to hear. I thought that I have caused a problem for others.”

    Actually, Sila indeed caused a huge problem to a particular player without realizing it.

    “For now, I suggest us to move from this treasure room to other rooms so that all of you can get some rest. How about visiting the leisure area, esteemed guests?”

    Bluebird hurriedly volunteered, “Oh, if we’re talking about that area, I can guide you all to it myself. Don’t worry, that area is like my home.”

    Noppakorn and Rattana frowned. This good-for-nothing was always lazy around in another people’s place but still dare to shamelessly brag about it.

    “Follow me, guys~” Bluebird didn’t wait. He led the way out of the treasure room.

  • Chapter 89: Colossia’s Banquet – First Part

    Two hours passed by while Sila talked to the others about his match against Francine. Sila inquired about what had happened, which Burapha explained it to him with Bow trying to mime the descriptions to make the explanation more dramatic.

    “The banquet in the city is about to start. Would everyone like to move there?” Sebastian came and reminded them. Sila opened his system window to check the time. It was almost 8 pm now.

    “Big Brother Sila, when do you plan to log out?” Burapha asked.

    “I had planned to do that in two or three days, but I changed my mind. I think I might log out tonight.”

    Burapha opened his system window to check the time. “You might as well log out at one at night, Big Brother. That’s eight in the morning in real life.”

    “So, you are attending the banquet, right? That’s sweet!” Bluebird exclaimed happily.

    “Let’s go, Big Brother Sila. You can’t miss this banquet.”

    Soon, everyone teleported to the center of the city. Colossia City was full of decorations. Balloons, colorful fabrics, and western outdoor lanterns were floating all over the city. This sight reminded Sila of Beginning Town during the night after the event Seeking for Beginning Town's Best Couple.

    Though, the distinctive difference was that during that night in Beginning Town, it was only him and Varee being together. However, at this moment, there were many players on the streets. It could even be said that the city was overcrowded with people.

    There were two main reasons why the number of people was high. The first was, everybody had died at the same time, so their revival time was naturally the same moment. The latter was, these players were completely broke, without even a single silver. They could only stay on the streets without being able to enter restaurants or hotels.

    Many of them had already contacted their friends for help. However, it should take some time before they could get their hands on the money. Now, the bank was full of people. To make things worse, the monsters around Colossia City were too strong for them to fight with no gear. Thus, only a handful of players had left the city.

    In addition, there was a big stage located in the center of the main street. Many of the restaurants were booked. They weren’t even allowed to take a seat. Many people began to feel upset.

    “Let’s go onto the stage,” Burapha said. All the players in Sila’s group were not ordinary players. Once the signal was given, they all jumped onto the stage. Only Bow was being held in Poluk’s hand.

    All the gazes fell on the stage. Many of the players here could recognize Lone Wolf, Varee, and Sila. Meanwhile, the rest of the member in Sila’s team stayed slightly behind three of them.

    Noppakorn stepped forward. The reason why Noppakorn was the one who was asked to announce the news instead of Bluebird was because players knew him. Despite how Bluebird had a lot of connections with influential people, Bluebird’s reputation was not well known among ordinary players.

    “Hello, everyone. You all must be tired because of what happened today, so I will cut to the chase.” Noppakorn took a glance at the note he had gotten from Bluebird. “Since today is a good day, the winner of Colossia’s battle tournament, Mister Sila, seizes this chance to hold a banquet to celebrate his victory tonight. Everyone is welcomed to join in. We have already booked most of the restaurants. As for any of you who want to rest, we have also booked a hotel room for you. We wish you all enjoy your time during the banquet. Oh, more importantly, everything is free. This is all thanks to Mister Sila.”

    Everyone had been waiting for this word: free. Presently, they had no money, so free food and free accommodations were more than welcomed. Many people cheered, praising Sila.

    There were some people who looked at Sila with hostility. They didn’t make a fuss, however, since they knew their place and that they would lose if they got into a fight with him. No, they didn’t even dare to curse at him. Doing so would surely let them experience lynching.

    Now, in the game forum, the news of Sila’s victory was spreading around. Another topic that was equally popular was about demanding the Royal Armament Guild take responsibility for the mass death event that had happened. The latter topic was by no means negligible. Too many spectators had died. Despite how they belonged to small groups or guilds, their combined influence was even greater than that of a large guild’s.

    Unavoidably, Cross was responsible for this. He couldn’t accept such a demand for compensation, nor could he reject that he wasn’t responsible for it since no one would believe him.

    The lucky ones that avoided facing the loss of this event were the tournament’s participators who died in the quarterfinals. Since the Royal Armament Guild wanted to rush Sila to battle without having a break, these people fortunately still hadn’t revived when Francine activated the Sinful Oath ability.

    As for the round-robin, the system had set players to revive immediately after dying so that matches can take place continuously. Thus, the unluckiest one was Venom. As for Fargo, he had kept the promise with Sila by forfeiting and leaving immediately after the fight against Sila. Thus, Fargo had avoided the loss of this event.

    After being upset by a bad day, people could finally manage to smile. They began to enter the restaurants in the city. They were very thankful to Sila.

    Honestly, Bluebird didn’t expect this banquet to have that much of an effect. However, during our darkest times, if someone comes to help us, even if they don't do much, we are bound to feel very grateful toward them. This concept applied.

    Bluebird’s plan to make a good reputation for Sila was more successful than he had ever anticipated. This was the synergy effect of Francine, Sebastian, and Bluebird, joining forces.

    “What’s next?” Noppakorn asked Bluebird.

    “The singer will soon come to sing on the stage. As for us, I have already booked an entire floor of the best restaurant in the city. It’s the top floor with a panoramic view. You can enjoy looking at the entire city there.”

    “You booked the entire floor? You’re shameless to say that, Big Brother, you know? It’s Big Brother Sila’s money that you’re using,” Burapha made a sarcastic comment.

    “Don’t sweat the small stuff. The important thing is that we can celebrate together,” replied Bluebird.

    “Why don’t we just celebrate in the mansion, then? Why do we have to waste money on booking the entire top floor?”

    “The environment is just not right. Damnit, stop arguing with me. This is the best course of action.” Bluebird began to ignore Burapha as he hurriedly led the group to the booked floor.

    At that moment, the system alerted Sila that he was being contacted by someone else.

    Player Sila is being contacted by Player Ginny.

    Sila opened his system window. An image of Ginny appeared on the screen. She was still wearing the same equipment. There was a sword on her back.

    “Where are you?” Ginny was still as curtly as before.

    “Hello, Miss Ginny, how are you?”

    “Where – are – you?” She wasn’t interested in chitchatting.

    “Still in Colossia City.”

    “Where exactly?”

    “Umm, let’s meet in the restaurant in front of the Colosseum, then. I can’t remember its name but it’s the restaurant with a big fork and big knife on the sign in front of it. If you arrive there, just tell the employee there that you want to go to the top floor.”

    “See you.” She abruptly cut the system connection.

    Sila scratched his head. ‘Well, we will see each other soon.’

    “Big Brother Sila, is that person Ginny?” Burapha asked. His eyes were widened in misbelieve.

    “Yeah, that’s right. Hm? I thought you must have already seen her in her match against Venom during the quarterfinals.”

    “About that, I was looking at another match at that time. Venom isn’t as scary as Fargo so I was more interested in Fargo’s match.”

    “Although Miss Ginny lost, one of the reasons behind her loss was because Venom cheated,” Noppakorn began to explain Ginny’s match and the ugly truth behind it.

    “By the way, Burapha, do you know her?” Sila asked.

    “Oh, not really, it’s just that…” Burapha faltered.

    “It’s just what? Is it important?” Everybody was silent, waiting for the reply.

    “It’s just that she is quite cute. Hahaha,” Burapha covered up the topic by laughing it off.

    Everyone sighed. Burapha really had made a fuss over this small stuff.

    “Is she the one who owns the Solaria Sword?” Varee asked.

    “That’s right. Ah, her reason for coming here must be about this matter. We should go now, otherwise, she will be there before us.”

    Hearing that, they began to walk to the restaurant that Bluebird booked. Since it wasn’t far from the stage, they only took five minutes to arrive there.

    Upon entering the top floor, they saw that the food was already prepared on the table. Most of them were Italian dishes such as pasta. Everyone sat down on chairs, except for Bow who sat on the table.

    Ginny hadn’t arrived yet. Ratri seized this chance to ask, “By the Solaria Sword, do you mean the sword that drops from the Hellfire Dragon Solaria?”

    Burapha was deep in thought so he didn’t hear Ratri’s question. So, it was Sila who answered this question.

    “I’m not sure, but it’s very likely since the name of the sword is similar to the dragon’s name.”

    Soon, the door of the lift was opened. Ginny walked closer to Sila and immediately handed her sword to him.

    “Here is the sword, as promised.”

    Sila looked at the high-grade sword in Ginny’s hand. The sword seemed to be made of a precious material. The blade was glowing orange and seemed to be semi-transparent. Just being near it caused people to feel the heat emanating from the sword.

    Actually, Ginny could choose to ignore the promise and leave without saying anything, but she didn’t do so. This fact alone told Sila that Ginny was a person who keeps her promises. This kind of person could not be a bad person.

    “Please sit down first,” Sila invited her.

    Ginny frowned. She placed her sword next to Sila as she asked, “How much do you plan to sell it for?”

    At that time, Burapha stood up and walked to Sila. He said, “You’re Miss Ginny, correct?”

    “Who are you?”

    “I’m Burapha. I’m responsible for handling Big Brother Sila’s items. You could say that I’m his private wealth manager.”

    Everybody in the room was confused. Even Sila himself was confused when Burapha announced this.

    “You have a private wealth manager?” Ginny turned her head to ask Sila.

    “Umm, err, about this…” Since Sila didn’t concoct with Burapha beforehand, he was at loss for word. He wasn’t good at lying.

    Burapha was quick to act, “Big Brother Sila, you don’t need to explain, I will take it for you. We should be talking about the matter of the sword first. Miss Ginny, did you promise to Big Brother Sila that you would buy the dual swords back with double the price?”


    “Two million gold, then.” Burapha opened the palm of his hand.

    Everybody was confused at what Burapha was doing. It seemed only Bluebird and Varee could manage to smile knowingly.

    Sila was about to argue at Burapha about the seemingly too high of the price, but Bluebird stopped him and whispered Sila to wait and see.

    “Two million? Isn’t that too expensive? These swords aren’t worth that much.”

    “You’re right. If we are talking about them separately, one of them could only sell at ten thousand at most. Despite them being a high-grade equipment, their individual ability is useless. However, the story change when they are together. Wielding both of them, the downside of S-grade item is completely gone. Thus, their combined price shouldn’t be less than a million gold. Since you promise to buy them back at double the price, you need to pay us two million gold,” Burapha said, which shocked Ginny. She was fully aware that Burapha’s statement was not a lie.

    “But… but I don’t have two million.” Her voice trembled like she was about to cry. “I-I really need these dual swords.”

    “Too bad for you. No money, no swords. Anyway, I plan to sell them in an auction tomorrow morning. They could easily give us over a million. Anyone would love to get their hand on such high-grade magical swords.”

    Ginny was agape. “Wait, I, err…”

    “Don’t do this, Burapha. They are just swords. You don’t have to go that far,” Sila tried to stop Burapha.

    “Big Brother Sila, you’re too kind. You can’t be a good merchant this way. Just leave this matter to me.”

    Ginny fell into silence for a moment. “I really need both of these swords. What can I do for you in exchange? Anything is fine.” Ginny tone was desperate, completely different than her usual curtly tone.

    “Anything is fine? Are you sure?” Burapha made a serious expression.

    Ginny nodded.

    Burapha grinned. The fish had taken the bait. “Then, you can borrow them for the time being. However, Ginny has to go out with me until you pay off the money. Deal?”

    Everyone in the room was shocked, except for Bluebird and Varee who were able to predict this outcome.

    “You… what are you saying?” Ginny’s face reddened for a brief moment.

    “For the start, just have dinner with me tonight. We can talk about the details later,” Burapha ended his sentence by giving both swords to Ginny. He then placed an empty chair right next to him as he said, “Please sit down here.”

    Ginny looked at the swords in her hand. “Aren’t you afraid of me breaking the promise?”

    “You are free to do so. I can guarantee you that no one will chase you to take back the swords.”

    Ginny furrowed her brows while deciding. Soon, she pulled a sullen face and obediently sat on the chair next to Burapha. She was really in need of these swords but she wouldn’t allow herself to break the promise. Well, Burapha could see through her nature since she came to this room to give her sword to Sila. He just made use of this fact.

    “What’s wrong with you?” Sila said, “Why didn’t you just give them to her at the start?”

    Bluebird looked at Sila’s confused expression. He patted Sila’s shoulder and said, “You are a stone like your name, man.”

    Bluebird laughed out loud, causing the rest of the people to laugh too. Sebastian, Lone Wolf, and Poluk just smiled gently. The people that weren’t laughing in the room were only Varee, Ginny, Sila, and Bow.

    Especially the latter two, who couldn’t understand what was so funny.

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  • Chapter 90: Colossia’s Banquet – Last Part

    Time flew by while everyone casually chatted with each other. Burapha was telling the story of Sila soloing the Snow Dragon Dorolia. Burapha told it as if he was at the scene. In reality, however, he had listened to this story from Bow, causing the story to become overdramatic. Sila had to intervene many times.

    Ginny listened to Sila’s story with awe. She couldn’t imagine that a player who has played the game less than a month could raid a dragon alone.

    Once the story of Sila defeating the Snow Dragon came to an end, Ratri urged Ginny to tell the story of Ginny herself. “Hey, hey, what about the story of you defeating Solaria? Can you tell us?”

    Ginny didn’t reply. She was deep in her thought.

    Lone Wolf, who had stayed silent for a while, spoke instead. “It’s strange.”

    “What do you mean?” Sila wondered.

    “Although I watched Fargo’s match during the quarterfinals, I also watched Miss Ginny’s match in the smaller screen. I don’t think she could win against Solaria. You all have seen Solaria yourselves. You should get the idea.”

    Once Lone Wolf mentioned it, everyone seemed to be reminded of this fact, especially Sila. At first, Sila thought that Dorolia and Solaria were similar in strength. So, if even he, who was a Knight Rank player, could manage to solo Dorolia, it was entirely possible that Ginny, who was a Marquis Rank player, could solo Solaria too.

    However, based on Burapha and Bow’s story, Solaria seemed to be stronger than Doloria by at least two to three times. In that case, how could Ginny who lost to Venom manage to win against Solaria alone?

    Burapha tried to come up with an answer, “If she made sufficient preparations, she might be able to win, though.”

    “This lady couldn’t take on the dragon alone. I can tell whether or not anyone has the ability to fight a dragon,” Poluk said, “She isn’t good at dealing with territorial magic. The arena she had her match against Venom in was indeed an unfavorable one, but the same goes when you fight against a dragon.”

    Ginny spoke up expressionlessly, “You guys are right. This sword was given to me.”

    Everybody fell in silence. Their gazes shifted onto her.

    “I have never told anyone I won against Solaria myself. No one asked either.”

    Burapha said, “I understand. It’s just that, Solaria Sword is a high-grade item, there shouldn’t be anyone willing to give it to someone else for free…” Burapha took a glance at Sila and corrected his sentence, “I mean, there shouldn’t be someone else who is willing to give it to another player for free.”

    Sila wondered. “Why? If we don’t plan to use the item ourselves, why does it matter if we give it to the one in need?”

    “This kind of mindset can belong only to you, Big Brother Sila. Even if we don’t plan to use it, it doesn’t mean you need to give it away.”

    Ginny hurriedly argued, “No, you’re wrong. That person said exactly that. I asked him why he gave it to me, and he answered that he already has a favourite sword. He didn’t think it would matter if he gives Solaria Sword to someone else.”

    “See? I told you,” Sila said.

    Every player there felt puzzled. Was there someone else who thought like Sila?

    “Where did you two meet, though?” Burapha asked.

    “Before the previous war event, about five in-game years ago, I had just started playing Monster Soul. Once my friends and I arrived at the Main Continent, we went to the Lanova Volcano to hunt monsters together.”

    “Oh, that’s a habitat of Solaria,” Rattana said.

    Dragons are the magic-type monsters that scatter around the world of Monster Soul. Their numbers are few, and only a handful of them have their distinct habitat that is known among players. Solaria is one of them.

    “Yes, we just wanted to hunt the Squire Rank Fire Golems and Flame Bulls around there. However, it seemed my friends and I were too absorbed in hunting. That led to us accidentally fulfill the condition of awakening the Hellfire Dragon.”

    “Kill 200 Fire Golems and 1,000 Flame Bulls within twelve hours,” Noppakorn added.

    Ginny nodded. “My friends instantly died from its flames when it appeared. As for me, I was far away from it, but I almost died too.”

    “What happened next?”

    “Then, he came. A man who had long red hair. Based on his looks and equipment, he must be a magic-type fighter. He used a heavy sword as his weapon. Once he arrived, he shouted to the dragon and had a conversation with it, then, the dragon ignored me and fought against him.”

    “Had a conversation with the dragon?” Ratri was puzzled.

    “Yes, but I’m still in shock so I didn’t hear what they were talking about,” Ginny added.

    Poluk, who had yet to say anything, broke his silence, “That guy, did he fight against it using fire magic?”

    “Err… Mister Poluk, who in their right mind would use fire magic against the Hellfire Dragon?” Burapha argued.

    However, Ginny turned her head to Poluk, a surprised expression on her face. “Yes! You’re right! I told my friends but no one believed me.”

    Poluk nodded. This meant Poluk was sure to know something others didn’t. Everyone, including Ginny, fell into silence and waited for him to speak.

    “We and the dragons are mortal enemies. It’s natural that we have their information. The thing that the red kid did is called Dragon Ritual,” said Poluk.

    Everyone was interested in this information, especially Bluebird, Noppakorn, and Rattana. They were members of an information guild but had never heard about this.

    “What is it, sir?” Sila asked.

    “I planned to tell you later when the time comes, but I think telling you now is also fine. About this, the dragon race is different than other races which usually obtain three racial skills when players select the race. The dragon race is lofty and holds the rank in high regard. So, their racial skills are unlocked based on the user’s rank. At Squire Rank, Knight Rank, and Lord Rank, players gain the racial skills Dragon Scale, Dragon Ritual, and Dragon Soul, respectively. As for Dragon Heart, only one player can possess it.”

    “W-What are their abilities, sir?” Noppakorn excitedly asked. This is huge. The secret of the dragon race.

    “Dragon Scale is a passive skill. This skill allows the dragon who is a magic-type monster to have a defensive ability comparable to a qi-type being. As for Dragon Ritual, it is a skill that comes with a condition. Once you reach Knight Rank, you will have a chance to receive an exclusive quest from a dragon of your choice. The quest completion requirements are different for each individual dragon. Solaria’s quest is to have a one-on-one duel against it using fire magic and win.”

    “What will happen if the quest is accomplished, sir?” Noppakorn continued asking.

    “The dragon-race players who finish the Dragon Ritual will be granted the power of that dragon. Dragon Scale will evolve, gaining the property of the selected dragon. Dragon Ritual will be changed to Dragon Domain. Players who overcome Dragon Ritual will also be able to use various spells exclusive to said dragon. In short, the player will become the dragon itself.”

    Noppakorn wrote the answer down in his notebook and asked another question “What about the last skill, Dragon Soul?”

    “Dragon Soul is unlocked when they reach Lord Rank. Its ability is to condense their magic power to materialize their selected dragon. It’s similar to summoning the dragon. Well, it’s not that the dragon is actually summoned.”

    “What? Does this mean they can summon a dragon to help them fight? Isn’t that too OP?” Noppakorn halted his writing and exclaimed in surprise.

    “That’s why it is unlocked at Lord Rank. It’s not a rank that a player can easily attain,” Poluk said.

    Noppakorn was glad that he had unexpectedly obtained information regarding the dragon race. For the record, information about the dragon race was mostly a secret. Presently, there were only five players belonging to the dragon race. If these five didn’t talk, the secret of the dragon race would remain a secret.

    “Miss Ginny, do you know who that guy is?” Lone Wolf asked.

    “I don’t. That person fought against Solaria for an hour and finally defeated it. Then, he walked to me and gave me Solaria Sword. He said that it was his thanks for me waking Solaria up.”

    “You didn’t ask for his name, Ginny?” Burapha asked.

    “I did, but he didn’t answer. He said that his name wasn’t supposed to be revealed yet. He said that he would tell me his name if I were to obtain the sword that fits with it, though.”

    “That’s the reason you want to get your hand on Dorolia Sword, isn’t it?”

    “That’s right. He saved my life, after all, even if it’s just in-game.” Ginny’s voice was full of admiration.

    Burapha felt awkward. No matter how stupid they were, anyone would notice that Ginny had taken a liking to that man. As a result, what Burapha did by giving Ginny the sword was like supporting his love rival.

    “Where will you find him, though, Miss Ginny?” Lone Wolf asked.

    It wasn’t a strange question to be asked. Except for his appearance and his weapon, Ginny had no other information regarding this man.

    “I don’t know. I was only thinking about how to get Dorolia Sword.”

    It seemed she was the type of person who focused on one thing at a time. She planned to come up with the solution after getting a hold of the sword.

    “It’s not that hard, actually,” said Noppakorn.

    “How can finding a person who we don’t know the name of not be hard?” Sila asked.

    “If we only have Miss Ginny’s information, it would indeed be hard. But with Mister Poluk’s clue, it’s possible.”

    Bluebird already figured out what Noppakorn was getting at, but it seemed Sila and Ginny still didn’t understand.

    “I mean, based off what Mister Poluk said, that guy is definitely one of the players who are part of the dragon race. There are only five dragon-race players in this game.”

    “Ah, that’s true. I only have to search for these five.” Ginny was excited. She felt like she was one step closer to meeting that person. Meanwhile, Burapha didn’t say anything. He just sat there, silently.

    “Only four of them, in fact. That person clearly isn’t Montra. As for the remaining four, three of them belong to the Heavenly Dragon Guild while the last one is an individual player. That means, if you start by searching at the Heavenly Dragon Guild, you will surely know he is.”

    “How?” Sila asked.

    “Since three out of four belong to the Heavenly Dragon Guild, the chance that Miss Ginny can find that person in this guild is higher. Even if the red-haired man isn’t one of the three, that means he is the remaining individual player.”

    Sila finally got it. “Oh, right! You should definitely start searching there then.”

    Sila thought for a while before continuing, “By the way, Doesn’t the Blue Pigeon Guild already have the information of these people?”

    Bluebird replied, “No, we don’t. Except for Montra, these people didn’t make a move during the previous war event. Especially the Two Monarchs, these two haven’t made an appearance in public.”

    “The Two Monarchs?” Sila wondered.

    “It’s about the Heavenly Dragon Guild’s structure. For example, the Royal Armament Guild has One Emperor and Four Guardians. They are Cross, Shueria, Fargo, Francine, and Venom. As for the Heavenly Dragon Guild, it has One Emperor, Two Monarchs and Five Warlords, totaling eight people. This number corresponds with the symbol of their guild which is a white dragon twisting its body to make a shape of the eighth Arabic number,” Bluebird said as he analyzed, “Let me guess, based on his ability in Miss Ginny’s story, he must be one of the Two Monarchs.”

    Lone Wolf and Ratri were stressed. They had known about the existence of the Two Monarchs, but they didn’t imagine that one of them was capable of defeating Solaria alone. This meant Montra’s force was more terrifying than they anticipated.

    The tense atmosphere filled the room.

    “Kyaaaaa!!” The women’s screaming could be heard outside the room, followed by the sound of footsteps.

    Everyone in the room stopped talking and eating. The sound of footsteps was getting closer and closer. Everybody was tense and readied their weapons. Only Sila, Lone Wolf, Poluk, Sebastian, and Varee didn’t panic. They sat still, silently.

    The door of the room was opened. One particular man entered the room and immediately slammed the door shut. He quickly ran to the corner of the room.

    Everyone stared at this man with confusion.

    There were more footsteps approaching. They stopped in front of the entrance to the room.

    The sound of a woman could be heard. “Is he coming this way?”

    “No, I think it’s another way. This room is a VIP room, we can’t enter it if we don’t have permission.”

    “Is that so? Let’s go, then.”

    The sound of footsteps died down. The man moved away from the corner and released a sigh.

    “Ah, that was so close. Being handsome can be troublesome sometimes.” The man in white wuxia clothing fanned himself with his foldable fan. His posture was elegant.

    “Lomyok? Why are you here?” Sila wondered.

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  • Happy new years! Thanks for the translation. On top of re-editing beginning chapters I'd highly recommend starting up a Patreon or Paypal donation or wordpress site, and maybe even releasing a few volumes of ebooks on Amazon.
  • Chapter 91: Cinderella

    The Deity Lomyok waved at himself using his foldable fan. His gaze wandered around the room until it stopped at Varee. Then, he walked up to and shamelessly sat down next to her without asking for anyone’s permission.

    Varee’s brows twitched.

    “Hello, Miss Varee, it seems we meet again.”

    “Hello. This is unexpected. Didn’t you learn your lesson?”

    “A beautiful flower is naturally thorny. For a beauty like you, I won’t complain even if I have to risk my life or die.” Lomyok made a serious expression.

    “Is that so? Then, please die one more time.”

    Psychic power was reinforced on the tip of the blade of Shadow Moon Sword. In the blink of an eye, the sword precisely pierced through Lomyok’s heart, not even a millimeter away.

    Varee’s speed of psychic power reinforcement was much faster than Sila’s qi reinforcement. The situation was developed in such an unexpected way in a flash. Even Sila who sat nearby couldn’t move to stop her.

    “Varee! What have you done!?” Sila was shocked. The others were the same. Only Sebastian and Poluk were unaffected, their expressions making it seem like they just didn’t care.

    “This man is so annoying. Sila wouldn’t know how persistent he is,” Varee replied.

    “You don’t have to kill him, though. Don’t you think you overdid it?”

    “He won’t die from just this.”

    “How? You just pierced through his heart.”

    However, when Sila looked at Lomyok, he found that Lomyok was really alive and sound. The bleeding was less than Sila had anticipated.

    “The undead race,” Sebastian said, “I can feel it.”

    Varee pulled her sword out of Lomyok’s body. Despite how there was nothing blocking it, the bleeding had already stopped.

    “I am such a sinful man, to force a beauty like you to love and hate me to this degree,” Lomyok said.

    Varee’s eyes shone a vicious light. Her hand once again grabbed her sword, but Sila grabbed her wrist to stop her from doing so.

    Sila shifted his gaze from Sebastian to Lomyok. Indeed, in his match against Lomyok, Sila thought that this guy was really hard to kill. Thinking back, his match against Sebastian was the same.

    “Varee, did you already know this?” Sila asked.

    “No, I only knew that he was hard to kill. I would cut his neck if I knew this beforehand. I won’t miss next time, though,” Varee said expressionlessly.

    “Calm down, calm down. Don’t start a fight. By the way, Mister Lomyok, what business do you have with us?” Sila asked.

    “I don’t have any. I’m just fleeing from my fans. I spotted this room and thought I could hide here. Never did I thought that I would meet Sila and Varee.”

    “Is that so? Anyway, how about joining us having a dinner?” Sila invited.

    Everyone looked at Sila, especially Varee.

    “Ah-ha, I planned to do so even if you didn’t ask me to, don’t worry.”

    Then, Lomyok shamelessly started his dinner without caring for anyone. He even gave some food on the table to Varee.

    T/N: Just so you know, food sharing is common in Thai, even if they are international dishes.

    Noppakorn poked at Rattana who sat next to him. “Hey, hey, why don’t you ‘Kyaaa’ at him like you did in the commentator room?”

    Rattana whispered to him, “When Mister Lomyok died, I saw the close-up shot of his face being hit by the metal ball. It’s clear in my head every time I look at him.”

    Noppakorn didn’t continue asking and instead proceeded to eat. Meanwhile, Varee looked displeased the entire time.

    Varee, Burapha, and Ginny sat there without talking to anyone. Bluebird saw that the atmosphere in the room was too lifeless. He needed to come up with a plan to liven up the atmosphere.

    Having an idea, he began to write something down on a small piece of paper. Afterward, he used Psychic Bird Dance to summon a tiny tailorbird in his palm. In this room, only Poluk and Sebastian were aware that Bluebird was planning something, but they didn’t do anything to stop him.

    Psychic skills are normally hard to detect, and Bluebird was using a psychic skill with no killing intent.

    Bluebird walked toward the window and released the bird. The piece of paper was held in its beak.

    ‘I only have to wait. It shouldn’t take more than ten minutes,’ thought Bluebird.

    Ten minutes had passed. Varee stood up from her chair as she said, “I will go get some fresh air.” Then, she walked toward the balcony.

    Lomyok hurriedly stood up following her. “It’s cold outside. I’ll go with you.”

    Varee gave a deathly stare at Lomyok. She was deciding what to do with him when the door was opened.

    “Kyaaa, Mister Lomyok is really in this room.” One woman entered the room and caught Lomyok’s arm. Soon after, dozens of women following entered the room.

    “Hey, you, what do you think you are doing to my Mister Lomyok?”

    “Are you crazy? He is mine. Give him back!”

    “Ouch, ouch, don’t pull, don’t pull! Ouch!” This sound belonged to Lomyok. His doctrine was not bringing any harm to a woman. So, he didn’t resist the force despite being pulled back and forth.

    At the start, the group of female fans pulled him normally. However, as time went on, they began to reinforce their power into their hands. Lomyok would likely be dead by now if he wasn’t an undead.

    Varee grinned. “Mister Lomyok, I’m sorry that I can’t dance with you on the stage even though you’re so eager to dance with someone. Well, I’m sure many people here would love to dance with you.”

    Varee’s speech was like adding fuel to the fire. A deathmatch to snatch Lomyok to oneself intensified.

    “Ah? Mister Lomyok, do you want to dance? You can dance with me.”

    “Are you insane? Mister Lomyok wants to go with me.”

    “No, Mister Lomyok is mine!”

    “Wahh! Please stop! Help~~” Lomyok cried, but no one was interested.

    Then, the women dragged Lomyok away. Looking from the VIP room, everyone in the room could see Lomyok still being pulled even on the stage. What a strange view.

    Varee stood at the balcony, watching stars on the night sky. The time was soon to be midnight.

    Bluebird had been displeased with the atmosphere between Varee and Sila for quite a while. He decided to wave his hand to call Bow over.

    Bow hopped to Bluebird. The tomato sauce was still on her lip. “Do you need me, Big Brother Blue?”

    “Bow, this Big Brother wants to ask you to do something.” Then, Bluebird whispered something to Bow, which she nodded in response.

    “Please leave it to Bow,” Bow said before she moved closer to Sila. Finally, she jumped onto Sila’s lap.

    Sila saw that Bow’s lip was stained with sauce, so he wiped it for her.

    “Big Brother Sila, Bow wants to go to the balcony. Please bring Bow there. Please~”

    “Sure.” Sila carried Bow to the balcony. Arriving there, he spotted Varee. Bow urged him that she would like to watch the scene at the spot next to Varee.

    Varee took a side glance at Sila and Bow for a moment before she turned her head to continue watching the night view. Sila stood there next to her, but no one started a conversation.

    Bow turned her body to look at Bluebird, the mastermind, who was standing a distance away. Bluebird looked back at Bow and made a throat-slitting gesture. He also mouthed an ‘Do it’ to her across the room.

    Bow hopped on to the handrail of the balcony, between Sila and Varee. She said, “Are you two mad at each other?”

    Varee smiled gently at Bow. “No, we aren’t. Why do you ask?”

    Sila also replied, “Yeah, Bow. We aren’t mad at each other.”

    “Then, why don’t Big Brother and Big Sister talk to each other?”

    “It’s just that, this Big Sister doesn’t know what we should be talking about. The view is also beautiful tonight. Bow, aren’t you interested in watching the views?”

    “No, I’m not, Big Sister. If Big Sister Varee doesn’t know which topic to talk about, Bow will come up with one myself. How about we talk about Big Brother Sila’s story?”

    “Ah? My story? We better not talking about that. It wouldn’t be fun,” said Sila.

    “Then, how about Big Sister Varee’s story?” Bow changed the topic.

    “Mine is not fun too.”

    “You are really mad at each other! Don’t be mad!” Bow puffed up her cheeks.

    “We really aren’t mad at each other, Bow. We just don’t see the need to talk to each other,” said Sila.

    “In that case, please let Bow gives orders to Big Sis and Big Bro. You can’t be mad at each other at least until midnight. You also need to talk to each other,” Bow delivered an ultimatum.

    “Give orders? Don’t be like that, Bow. Big Brother Sila must have something he doesn’t want to tell anybody. The same goes with this Big Sister. Everyone always has some secret that needs to be kept.”

    “In that case, let Bow cast a spell on Big Sis and Big Bro. Until midnight, there will be no secret between you two. Of course, you two mustn’t be mad at each other.”

    “Hihi, your spell lasts until midnight? So, Bow is like the fairy in Cinderella story.”

    “That’s right~ Bow is the fairy, Big Sister Varee is Cinderella, and Big Brother Sila is the prince~”

    Varee’s face was reddened for a brief moment. Meanwhile, Sila looked at Bow for a while before deciding to do something.

    “Okay, Bow. Start with me, then. Um, Varee…” Sila turned his head to face Varee.


    “I don’t know you have realized it or not, but the reason I bought that mansion is to hide from you.”

    Varee listened to Sila. She then replied, “I already knew. There was one time that I saw you were connected to the game at the hospital, but when I came back home and logged in, the system showed that you were offline. It made me suspicious so I did some research and thought that it must be related to the Chamber of Secrets… Sila, we haven’t known each other for very long but my actions were too fussy and annoying to you. I even forced you to do what you didn’t want. I’m truly sorry about that. It must be because I envy you.”

    “Envy me? Do I have anything that makes you envy me?”

    Varee slowly shook her head. “It’s about my dad. Big Sister Vata left home a year ago but my dad doesn’t seem to be in a hurry to find her. Lately, since Sila entered the hospital, my dad always spent his time taking care of you. That’s why I wanted to tease you.”

    “That’s not true. Uncle cares very much about Miss Vata. Every time he talked about Miss Vata, he always looked like he was feeling down and longing to see her again. I think Uncle is just not good at expressing his feelings to you. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t care about her.”

    “Is that so? It seems our family is indeed not good at expressing our feelings. Be it dad, Big Sis Vata, or myself.” Varee’s face reddened for a brief moment again.

    She opened her system window and took the Invitation Card to the Mansion of Secrets to give to Sila. “Here, I’ll return this to you. Actually, the promise that you need to keep in touch with me applies only when you are in the hospital. Now that you’re fine, we don’t need to contact each other anymore.”

    Sila stared at the invitation card on Varee’s hand with mixed feelings. He planned to ask it back from her at the beginning, but when the time came that Varee wanted to return it to him out of her own will, Sila couldn’t reach his hand to collect it.

    Sila sighed. “Keep it. I’m living at your place now, so you should be free to visit my place too.”

    Varee was surprised at Sila’s reaction. She was sure that Sila wanted to take it back, but it seemed she was wrong. Varee silently put the card back in her system window.

    Bow broke the silence, “Yay~ It’s good that Big Sister Varee keeps it. This way, Big Sister Varee can come to visit Bow.”

    “I will surely come, Bow.” Varee turned her head to Sila. “It’s almost midnight. Do we still have anything that we need to talk? By the way, I have something to tell you, but I can’t tell you in the game.”

    Sila nodded in understanding. Varee’s secret might be similar to his Greed Card that forbids him from telling other people.

    “I don’t know. Even if we have, I think we can just talk later. Oh… wait, there is a question that I would like to ask.”

    “What is it?”

    “About Cinderella, what is it referring to?”

    “Big Brother Sila, don’t you know the story of Cinderella? When you were a kid, didn’t your parents tell you fairy tales?” Bow asked, feeling surprised.

    “I only have a teacher. He is not the type of person who tells fairy tales.” Thinking about his teacher, Sila’s eyes showed a sad expression.

    Both Varee and Bow noticed this. Varee knew that Sila didn’t have a father or a mother by his side. As for his teacher who was like a parent to him, he was a martial artist. Sila’s childhood must have been different from what others had. Varee was starting to understand why her dad seemed to care about Sila more than her big sister.

    Sila might look like an independent person who didn’t need help from anyone else. However, in reality, he was just a kid who took all the problems to himself. Sila didn’t have a normal childhood like others. The dojo and his teacher were all he had in his life.

    And both of them went missing at the same time.

    Vata just left home, but for Sila, his home had disappeared.

    Varee felt like she got to know more of Sila’s personality. It wasn’t like Sila didn’t want someone to enter his private space. It was just he didn’t know how to ask for help.

    Rashane was well aware of this fact. That was why he didn’t hesitate to help Sila despite Sila trying to reject.

    Well, Bow didn’t think that deeply. She just pitied Sila because he didn’t have a chance to listen to fairy tales.

    “No problem! Bow will tell Big Brother Sila myself. My dad told Bow many fairy tales when Bow was a kid.”

    Hearing that, Varee was starting to feel doubtful. Why did Bow know about Cinderella? No matter how cute she was, Bow was just a monster. Varee was sure that Monster Soul didn’t have the fairy tale implemented into the game. Monster Soul wasn’t that romantic.

    Well, it wasn’t important. Both Varee and Sila listened to Bow telling the fairy tale attentively. Midnight was approaching.

    “Once upon a time, there was a beautiful girl named Cinderella…”

  • Happy new years! Thanks for the translation. On top of re-editing beginning chapters I'd highly recommend starting up a Patreon or Paypal donation or wordpress site, and maybe even releasing a few volumes of ebooks on Amazon.
    Thank you for the suggestions. Our team indeed have a plan to re-edit past chapters. It's just that our priority is sticking to the release schedule so we didn't have enough time to spare. Anyway, we will certainly try to do that.

    As for Patreon, we have one. You can pay a visit if you are interested. >>

    The suggestion for releasing ebook in Amazon is eye-opening to me. I will surely look into it and see what I can do. Honestly, thank you again.
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    “Once upon a time, there was a beautiful girl named Cinderella, She is the Eternal Queen of Apocalypse, Born from Ugly low level Skeleton without emotion and desire. She evolve her race and Job slowly from:
    -Fragile Skeleton Kid->Job: Nove
    -Fragile Skeleton->Job: Novice Mage
    -Skeleton->Job: Novice Mage, Mage
    -White Skeleton->Job: Novice Mage, Mage, Arch Mage
    -Black Skeleton->Job: Novice Mage, Mage, Arch Mage, Wizard
    -Elite Skeleton->Job: Novice Mage, Mage, Arch Mage, Wizard, High Wizard
    -Superior Skeleton->Job: Novice Mage, Mage, Arch Mage, Wizard, High Wizard, Warlock
    -Supreme Skeleton->Job: Novice Mage, Mage, Arch Mage, Wizard, High Wizard, Warlock, Legendary Warlock, 
    -Lich->Job: Novice Mage, Mage, Arch Mage, Wizard, High Wizard, Warlock, Ancient Warlock, Necromancer
    -Elder Lich->Job: Novice Mage, Mage, Arch Mage, Wizard, High Wizard, Warlock, Ancient Warlock, Necromancer, Legendary Necromancer
    -Arch Lich->Job: Novice Mage, Mage, Arch Mage, Wizard, High Wizard, Warlock, Ancient Warlock, Necromancer, Legendary Necromancer, Magi Magister
    -Ancient Lich->Job: Novice Mage, Mage, Arch Mage, Wizard, High Wizard, Warlock, Ancient Warlock, Necromancer, Legendary Necromancer, Magi Magister, Thousand Master of Death
    -Primordial Lich->Job: Novice Mage, Mage, Arch Mage, Wizard, High Wizard, Warlock, Ancient Warlock, Necromancer, Legendary Necromancer, Magi Magister, Thousands Master of Death, Death Bringer
    -Overdeath->Job: Novice Mage, Mage, Arch Mage, Wizard, High Wizard, Warlock, Ancient Warlock, Necromancer, Legendary Necromancer, Magi Magister, Thousands Master of Death, Death Bringer, Immortal Queen of Death
    -No Life Goddess->Job: Novice Mage, Mage, Arch Mage, Wizard, High Wizard, Warlock, Ancient Warlock, Necromancer, Legendary Necromancer, Magi Magister, Thousands Master of Death, Death Bringer, Immortal Queen of Death, Eternal Queen of Apocalypse.

    Full Name:Evangeline Cinderella Anastaszriaxa Helliagehenna Abysszrhea Nethertari Satanaiel Luxcifeirra
    Race:No Life Goddess
    Body:Humanoid Female Body Created by the Law of Death, Essence of Death, Extremity Magic, Cosmos, Dark Matter, Origin Force. River of Time
    Job:Eternal Queen of Apocalypse and 13 others
    Domain: Pandemic, Curse, Hex, Nightmare, Time, Void, Darkness, Death, Destruction, Apocalypse
    Title: The Most Beautiful Yet The Most Deadly, Nemesis of All Life and 33 other Title.

     :D  :D :D


    Nether for Netherworld
    iel for angel name that ended with iel and el like Gabriel.
    Satanaiel a fictional name and character from Manga "Bastard!! Destructive God of Darkness", Satanaiel is The Lord Of All Angels in that Manga[if i remember it correctly], this name also appear in game "spectral souls resurrection of the ethereal empires", While the more shorter name like Satanael also appear in a lot of game like Persona, Megami Tensei, Agarest War and so on. Maybe and it's Possible that Satanaiel / Satanael is Satan True Name before he got kicked out from the heaven.
    Lux = Light
  • @rosidbeken I'm clueless of what are referring to. Haha. Is it your own idea of Cinderella? Or does it refer to another novel?  :)
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