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    Chapter 66: A Revisit

    After Varee had left, Sila asked his teacher about the training schedule; he was wondering why the old man told him to go.

    His teacher explained, “When we began, I thought that you were planning on biding your time so I applied this training method. However, it’s a different story if you plan to participate in Colossia’s battle tournament coming in two weeks. This training method can’t turn you into a champion. The time is too tight.”

    “What should I do?”

    “You have to engage in real battles. Only real battles can help you grow in the shortest amount of time. The experience gained from one battle is much better than a month of self-training.”

    Sila felt glad that there was a way out for him. This method would allow him to become stronger in a short period of time and he would also get a chance to use Twelve Celestial-Traveling-Steps that he had practiced.

    However, his smile soon faded away. Burapha explicitly stated that he was banned from fighting anybody during this time. Lockheart City was crowded with people and the level of monsters living around there were also too low; it wasn’t a suitable place for him to train.

    “What’s wrong now?”

    “Well, according to the plan, I need to be in seclusion until the tournament. I really can’t go outside now. Can you suggest a solution for me, Teacher?”

    “No! That is your own problem. I’ve just provided you a training direction and now you’re expecting a training method from me? Think about it yourself. This is a part of your training.”

    Sila nodded in agreement. There were many things that he needed to do by himself.

    “What are you two doing?” A woman’s sound came from behind. Actually, Sila and the old man had long realized that someone was behind them. However, as Sila saw his teacher didn’t say anything, he similarly pretended to not notice her.

    “Dao, you’ve come at the right time. How is the task that I assigned you?” said the old man.

    “Not much progress, Teacher. But I do have some clues. I think I’ll obtain more information at the beginning of the next month.”

    “That’s after the tournament... I guess we won’t make it in time,” The old man softly muttered.

    “How is it related to the tournament, Teacher?” Silas asked.

    Sangdao answered in his teacher’s stead, “The thing is, Teacher told me to search for the whereabouts of two of his friends.”

    “They're the ones who will teach you the remaining martial arts. I hoped that you could learn more arts before participating in the tournament, but it seems you have to rely on what you currently have.”

    “Even with just what I currently have, it will take a long time for me to master them,” Sila replied.

    “Fufu. Being less arrogant, aren’t you? Anyway, you should go now; I need to talk with Dao. I will contact you if I get more information.”

    “Yes, Teacher.” Sila was about to go. However, Sangdao interrupted him.

    “Wait. You two are too careless. Have you come up with how Teacher can contact Sila?”

    Sila froze. So did the old man. “That’s true.”

    The nameless elder was an independent NPC. Although he had been added into Sila’s contact list, Sila was the only one who could initiate the conversation. There was no way for the old man to contact Sila. He was different from system NPCs like Lucy or Chris who could contact Sila if required.

    “Let’s do this. You and Dao add each other as friends. If I get more information, I’ll tell Dao to contact you,” proposed the old man.

    That was a good idea. Thus, Sangdao was added into Sila’s friend list after Bluebird. Sila left the bamboo hut, leaving a pair of father and daughter behind.

    Sangdao asked the old man, “Dad, won’t you tell Sila about that matter?”

    “The time has yet to come. He will eventually know it though.”

    “Can he take it? It is a very big matter.”

    “Regardless of whether or not he can, he has no choice but to take it. This is his fate. As a martial artist, his mind needs to be just as strong as his body.”


    Sila returned to the city. He felt hungry; he hadn’t eaten anything for a week except for the strange soup his teacher cooked. An army marches on its stomach so Sila decided to stop by a small restaurant operated by a player.

    A player who seemed to be both the restaurant owner and chef welcomed him.

    “We are only selling noodles at the moment as ingredients are hard to find these days. Is that okay for you, sir?”

    Sila wasn’t a demanding person so he ordered it.

    The noodle with a soup came one minute later. As Sila was about to eat, he accidently heard some people talking about something.

    “Have you guys heard? The rumors about that guy Sila.”

    Noticing they were talking about him, Sila concentrated qi into his ears so that he could hear better and eavesdrop.

    “Everyone knows about those. They were big news.”

    “That includes the rumor about him being a trickster, right?”

    Sila frowned. A trickster? Him?

    “Yeah. Actually, that guy is very weak. He is only famous by depending on the Goddess of Purified Water’s fame.”

    “He is only good at leeching off a woman. Look at him in the battle at the port. He could only watch the fights between the Four Emperors without being able to do anything. To think that he’s bragging about wanting to kill Magic Emperor Montra…”

    Another man nearby gave his opinion, “Guys, isn’t this rumor fishy? He was a rising star player at first, but now he’s a weakling? The change of the news around him is very suspicious.”

    “I thought that too at first, but there’s another rumor about him selecting the slime race. No one believed this news at first, however, the reliability of this news is easy to identify since there’s only one player who plays as slime race. I have personally confirmed this news. That guy really selected the slime race.”

    “The slime race? You mean that gelatinous monster around Beginning Town?”

    The two men nodded. “No smoke without fire, right? The rumor about him being the slime race is true, so other rumors must be true too.”

    “A huge amount of people who were friends of players killed by Sila are seeking revenge on him right now.”

    “Ah? I heard that the players who were killed by Sila didn’t want to seek action against Sila though. Why is there conflict between this group of players?”

    “Maybe they have some sympathy for Sila. Who know? Maybe they just don’t want to trample on an ant.”

    The conservation continued. They were mainly about the evil deeds of Sila who loved to bully newbies. Sila didn’t know whether this was Bluebird’s intended result or not.

    If Bluebird wanted him to become infamous, it could be said that his plan worked splendidly. Right now, Sila was not only a weak player, he was also the most hated player in the game.

    Sila was getting fed up listening to the curses directed at him. It seemed a talk with Bluebird was required. He opened his system window only to find that Bluebird was offline.

    Sila hurriedly ate the noodles. Despite the ingredients being common, the taste was superb. This meant the chef was very skilled.

    “How did it taste, sir?” The chef asked while taking 500 silver from Sila. For the record, it was considered very cheap.

    “It’s very delicious. This is the most delicious meal that I have ever eaten.” Saying these words reminded Sila of the baby manta ray bentos. For Sila, that bento was the actual most delicious food he had ever eaten. “Wait… There’s that place…”

    “Which place, Mister Customer?” The chef wondered.

    “Oh, it’s nothing. Thank you for the food. Excuse me.” Sila smiled and quickly took off. He finally found an answer. The talk with Bluebird could wait. Right now, there was a place for him to visit, no, to revisit.

    Sila went into an alley. He looked left and right to ensure that there were no other players beside him before taking out an emblem. The emblem that he had long forgotten.

    “Go to the Mansion of the Seven Deadly Sins.”

    With Sila’s declaration, the black emblem disintegrated into dust. The dust flew into Sila’s shadow and absorbed him into complete darkness.


    Upon regaining his consciousness, Sila once again arrived at the same lounge that he had visited before. This place was where his training truly started. Last time, he had come with Lone Wolf and had obtained two of Qi of Little Divine Beings. But now, he came alone. This was the most suitable place for him to train himself.

    “Welcome back again, Mister Sila.” A familiar sound rang out.

    “Hello, Mister Sebastian,” Sila turned his head to greet the butler.

    Sebastian’s appearance was the same as ever. Both his hair and his eyes were black. He wore a black butler uniform, contrasting with his smooth and white skin. His face was handsome and gave off a friendly yet mysterious aura.

    “Mister Sila is the only person who has visited this place a second time.”

    “I would like to use the training room for a week. Is that fine?”

    “You were granted such a privilege from the start, sir. Of course, it will be fine. Our service is the same as before. The resting room is there and the training room is there. Do you want to hear the explanation again?”

    “No need. Thanks.”

    Sebastian nodded. “You can only be here for one week. No more, no less. Also, you can call me anytime you need something, sir.” He smiled, which causing Sila to feel a strange chilling sensation.

    “Y-Yes,” replied Sila prior to walking to the training room.

    Sila began his training by fighting against large amounts of different kinds of enemies. They all had distinct attacking patterns. The training program included situations allowing him to be able to resist the qi, magic and psychic oppression. Although the oppression wasn’t as intense as his teacher’s, the quantity of the monsters made up for it.

    His comprehension toward Twelve Celestial-Traveling-Steps grew significantly. It took Sila less time to take each step. He didn’t need to think before he took a step anymore.

    Sila summoned stronger monsters as the days passed. He also summoned more of them at the same time. However, with him having fought against the Marquis Rank Water Dragon, Sila realized that Knight Rank monsters could no longer intimidate him very much.

    Sila’s level had yet to reach Knight Rank, Level 1000. However, with his newly adjusted basics, his opponent had to be a monster of Marquis Rank or above, or else a player, to pose a threat to him.

    Sila kicked the last Shadow Wolf, Knight Rank, Level 1000 monster causing it to disappear. He took a short break to regenerate his qi. Although he gained a lot of actual combat experience, it wasn’t enough for him to be confident in winning the tournament. Knight Rank monsters had predictable moving patterns if he fought them for long enough. He was in needed of a neck-and-neck or superior enemy, not large numbers of inferior enemies.

    Nevertheless, the training room in the Mansion of the Deadly Sins only allowed the player to summon monsters of Knight Rank, Level 1000 at maximum. Now Sila knew why Lone Wolf gave him the emblem without hesitating. With Lone Wolf’s ability, the monsters in this place were far too weak.

    “Let try asking Mister Sebastian if there’s a higher-leveled monster to fight. I only have one day left.”

    Sila walked outside of the training room to call for Sebastian. After a short while, a black butler appeared in the room.

    “Yes? What can I do for you, sir?”

    “I just want to know if there’s a stronger monster for me to fight.”

    Sebastian smiled at the corner of his mouth, but Sila didn’t notice. “Mister Sila wants to fight against a monster that is stronger than those that can be summoned, am I right?”

    “Yes. Is there a monster like that?”

    “Yes, there is. There is one monster like that,” Sebastian replied.

    Sila smiled. One is better than nothing. “Can I fight it?”

    “Are you sure?” Sebastian asked.

    “I’m sure. Please let me fight it,” Sila confirmed.

    “If you have decided, then it’s okay. Please follow me, sir.” Sebastian leaded Sila back to the training room. Sila quickly followed. Sebastian stopped at the center of the room.

    “Where is it? The monster that you mentioned?” Sila looked around. The room was still empty. There was no monster in sight.

    Sebastian turned around. He took off his white gloves and bow tie, then threw them away.

    “It is me. The strongest monster currently living in the Mansion of the Seven Deadly Sins.”

    At the end of the word, Sebastian eyes reddened. Dark magic particles together with sprinklings of blood scattered around him. Sila jumped back by reflex.

    A system sound alerted. It confirmed Sila that Sebastian wasn’t joking. He was indeed the strongest monster in the Mansion of the Seven Deadly Sins.

    You have achieved a secret condition: Ask Sebastian for a Duel. You have gotten a hidden quest: Duel Against the Black Grim Reaper. The details of the quest can be inquired from Sebastian.

    You have asked for a duel against Black Grim Reaper Sebastian, Undead Race, Lord Rank, Level 350 in conjunction with a hidden quest Duel Against the Black Grim Reaper.

    If you are killed by the Black Grim Reaper, you will take up to 3 days to resurrect. You will also lose all items in possession.

    Sila was sweating. As expected of an old saying, ‘Be wary of what you ask for, as it might turn out to happen for real.’ Sila wanted to fight against a strong monster. Now he got what he had asked for.

    T/N: 'Be wary of what you ask for, as it might turn out to happen for real.’ It’s a proverb warning people not to ask for things they don’t really want. E.g. Don’t ask for a tiger when you’re traveling in the forest, as it might really appear.
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    Chapter 67: Sebastian

    One man stood in front of Sila. If one excluded the magic particles merging with sprinklings of blood that surrounded him, he would look just like the gentle butler he used to be.

    Sebastian looked at Sila while Sila was looking back. No one was taking the initiative to attack.

    “For me to not gain too much of an advantage, allow me to fight you in this human form.”

    Sila didn’t answer. He had to be on guard at all times. He wasn’t skilled enough to talk while confronting an opponent of this caliber.

    “I’m a magic-type monster. The type of magic that I possess is death magic, which is categorized as unique magic. The drawback of this magic is that I can’t use any spells of any other kind. Please prepare yourself. I’m going to attack now.”

    Sila nodded.

    Sebastian rotated his left hand. A black, long scythe suddenly appeared in his hand. The surrounding magic particles fused together in the shape of a shadowy skull behind Sebastian’s back.

    If Sila’s eyes weren’t playing tricks on him, the skull was grinning.

    Sebastian hit the scythe’s handle against the floor. Then, the ground below Sila began to shake and he had to take several steps back. Afterward, dozens of swords pierced through the ground upward, nearing Sila’s previous spot. Once the swords missed their target, the sword holders, skeletons, rose from the ground.

    Dozens of skeleton soldiers handling steel swords stared at Sila with their hollowed eyes. Magic particles flew, surrounding the skeletons like vapor. Meanwhile, Sebastian gripped his scythe and rushed at Sila.

    Sila didn’t hesitate. He fired several daggers at Sebastian while dodging the skeleton soldiers using Twelve Celestial-Traveling-Steps.

    Unexpectedly, Sebastian didn’t perform any evasive movement. He spun his scythe as if it was lightweight, parrying many of the daggers. The rest of the daggers were blocked by the skeletons that rushed to protect Sebastian.

    Sila was within the attack range of the long scythe. The scythe spun beautifully in a circular motion and Sila was almost too late to stoop down, so it cut part of his hair.

    Nevertheless, Sila was a step closer to Sebastian. The effective attack range of a long scythe was mid-range. It wouldn’t be easy to wield in close-range. With this idea, Sila heavily kicked the floor, sending himself toward Sebastian.

    Despite being unable to use the blade on the scythe, Sebastian was still able to block all of Sila’s attacks using the scythe’s handle. Sila wondered whether all magic-type monsters were proficient in close-range combat. He put qi reinforcement into every punch and every palm. However, Sebastian could easily use the scythe’s handle to cope with them.

    Sila, upon briefly losing his focus, was kicked away by Sebastian. Although it didn’t hurt much, the gap was widened. Sebastian lifted the scythe up into the air. Its blade was shaking. Sila was within its attack range again.

    “Soul Snatcher Scythe.” Sebastian used a skill, causing the scythe to slash at Sila.

    Sila avoided it using Twelve Celestial-Traveling-Steps. He used his left hand to fire a dagger at Sebastian while firing an iron ball to slow down the scythe.

    The dagger accurately pierced at Sebastian’s chest while the iron ball wasn’t helpful at all. The iron ball didn’t even touch the scythe as it was slashed into two, then four, eight. The number continued to increase until it turned into dusts as if it was slashed a thousand times over.

    The two of them kept their distance. Sila hadn’t been able to completely dodge the last attack and there were several cuts on his arm. He would have been turned into mincemeat, had he been hit by it directly. Sila circulated Immortal Qi into the wounds to make them close.

    Sebastian pulled the dagger out of his chest like it was nothing. Blood slightly flew from the wound as he threw the dagger away.

    Sila quickly searched for other vital spots since it seemed that the heart was not a vital spot for Sebastian.

    “Don’t try to search for my vital spot, sir. There is none. That’s the advantage of us undead race. I won’t die even if your dagger pierces my head. The only way for you to kill me is by causing my health points to reach zero.”

    Sebastian’s word caused Sila to tense up. So far, Sila always defeated his opponents by attacking their vital spots. He had never encountered an enemy that had no vital spot before.

    “Anyway, Mister Sila is quite skilled. You’re as skilled as Marquis Rank monster even though you’re only a Knight Rank player. I’ll get more serious this time.”

    “Soul Eroding Bloody Fog.” Sebastian’s blood evaporated into red vapor. It gradually expanded all over the room. Sila slightly inhaled it and his lungs felt like they were being slashed by a knife. He placed his hand on his chest and gritted his teeth to endure the pain. His Shapeless Qi automatically activated. Maybe it was due to the power of Qi of Little Turtle within, the pain Sila felt gradually disappeared. He could breathe normally.

    Sebastian looked at Sila with a surprised expression. “You can endure the pain from the bloody fog? Normal Knight Ranks shouldn’t be able to. Although it doesn’t cause any damage, you should feel great pain and be unable to continue fighting. Mister Sila always amazes me.”

    At the end of the sentence, Sebastian threw the scythe toward Sila.

    Sila intended to step away. However, his feet were glued to the floor. Looking down, he found that his ankles were grabbed by several skeleton hands.

    “You should be more careful, sir. You can’t flee now, right?”

    Sila swiftly bent down and used his hands to destroy the skeleton hands pinning his ankles. The scythe flew over Sila’s head, missing by less than an inch. Sila looked up only to witness Sebastian’s smile.

    Sila felt a chilling sensation on his neck. He didn’t know what Sebastian's aim was but he sensed the danger. He bent down by intuition. Meanwhile, the scythe flew over his head back into Sebastian’s hand.

    “You dodged it again. Am I that unskilled?”

    Sila ignored Sebastian’s joke. He couldn’t detect Sebastian's returning scythe at all. If not for his hidden weapon practice lesson with his teacher, he would have already died by now. His teacher told him that martial artists should depend on instinct over brain. Don’t think while fighting because the brain can’t keep up with the speed of battle. Whatever his body told him to do, just do it. Sometimes, his teacher would fire perfectly concealed hidden weapons toward him. Sila couldn’t dodge them at first. However, he could sense the danger later. This kind of training was something he couldn’t experience in the self-training program.

    “I’ll play no more. I have lost a lot of confidence.”

    Sebastian put his palms together while the scythe hovered around him. The floor was shaking more than ever. Hundreds of skeleton soldiers rose from the ground, surrounding Sila.

    “Heart Piercer Pike.” The skeletons were compressed into tens of spears and flew at Sila from all directions.

    Sila disorderly stepped away while slowly moving toward Sebastian. Now, the importance of the training was no longer on Sila’s mind. This was an emergency. He had to do his best to survive. Sila expanded the power of God’s Cathedral, covering the area around himself to help him read the distance to be able to dodge faster. His steps might seem entangled but they were actually well-organized.

    Sebastian smiled while saying, “Release”. Then, the bone spears transformed back into skeleton soldiers. Sila was startled. He didn’t know that Sebastian could do this kind of move. Thus, he was held tightly by the skeletons. All of them jumped at Sila, blocking his sight.

    “Corpse Sending Soul Returning Life.” The skeletons radiated intense lights.

    Sila instantly put up qi reinforcement. Then, the explosions echoed. All of the skeletons exploded into pieces. Sebastian brushed away the dusts on his shoulder.

    Several daggers flew from within the smoke. Sebastian wasn’t careful enough so his whole body was pierced. One was even stabbed on his forehead. Nevertheless, Sebastian wasn’t bothered by it. He calmly took the daggers out of his body one by one while looking back at the disappearing smokescreen.

    Sila stumbled on the floor. Wounds were all over his body. Just now, upon realizing that the skeletons were about to blow themselves up, Sila did his best to put up qi reinforcement all over this body. Shapeless Qi also helped strengthen the reinforced power. Moreover, he successfully activated both hardening and softening attributes of Formless Soldier for the first time. His outer skin was as hard as steel while his internal organs were as soft as jelly to lessen the damage. He had to use these many skills just to survive Sebastian’s last attack. Sila’s qi was almost depleted.

    “And here I even calculated that you wouldn’t survive that level of attack. Mister Sila always continues to surprise me.”

    Sila ignored Sebastian’s words. He quickly rushed at the butler. After being attacked so many times, Sila certainly knew. Sebastian was proficient in attacking both long-range and mid-range but would only defend himself and try to keep a distance if the opponent came closer.

    “So you have realized.”

    Sebastian slashed at Sila, but Sila didn’t back off. His speed accelerated and he stepped closer to Sebastian. Sila used his shoulder to take the scythe’s handle.

    Sila changed himself into earth element to increase the power of his body. He used his qi-reinforced right hand to stab into Sebastian’s body.

    Blood flew out from the corner of Sebastian’s mouth. The scary thing was that his expression didn’t change at all. Sebastian spun his scythe and stabbed its handle at Sila’s left foot. As Sila didn’t put his qi reinforcement into his foot, the scythe’s handle pierced and pinned it to the ground. Afterward, Sebastian prepared to retreat.

    Sila’s left foot was pinned to the ground. He knew he would die if he let Sebastian successfully widen the distance so he stomped his right foot into Sebastian’s foot without thinking. This foot of his was both hard and heavy. Now, Sebastian’s foot was also pinned to the ground by Sila. The distance between them was only a cubit.

    Sila rapidly threw several qi-reinforced punches at Sebastian. These punches were not based on any martial arts. Now that he couldn’t perform Twelve Celestial-Traveling-Steps, Sila could only depend on what he had practiced since young; an unorthodox boxing.

    Sebastian’s expression didn’t change. His fingers were like claws. “Heart Gouging Bone Claws.”This was the only melee skill of Sebastian. His hands were so transparent that the bones were visible. The claws plunged down at Sila’s body.

    Now, the battle had turned into an endurance match. Sebastian was a magic type which had low health points but he was at Lord Rank. Meanwhile, Sila was only at Knight Rank but possessed high health points due to him selecting qi type. As a result, the two of them had similar amount of health points.

    However, Sila had spent too much qi in protecting himself from the explosion. The more he punched, the less qi he could put in qi reinforcement. If his qi was depleted, he could no longer defend himself against Sebastian’s attack. The damage he took was kept at minimum thanks to Shapeless Qi and Formless Soldier. If his qi was gone, just one claw from Sebastian would be enough to send him to afterlife.

    Meanwhile, it was different for Sebastian. With the unusual trait of user of the death magic, the closer he is to death, the stronger he will become. His magic power was also enormous. He could use the claws all day without taking a break.

    Now, Sila had very limited ways out of this predicament. Moon Reflecting Mirror was a no-go since he couldn’t use it together with another skill. Taking out a pellet to eat while fighting was also out of the question since his opponent wouldn’t allow it. As a result, the only way out left for Sila was Orbiting Cosmos.

    Sila used his remaining qi only for defense. As for his punches, he kept changing his elements and threw a punch at Sebastian one by one while observing Sebastian’s reaction toward each element.

    With that, Sebastian was surprised again. One of Sila’s fists was hard, one was cold, one was hot, one was fast and one was heavy. Sebastian was having a hard time defending against each distinct attack.

    After Sila changed his element to lightning, Sebastian’s body jolted. Sila grinned and held the lightning element within his fist. Every fist he punched at Sebastian kept the butler in a stiffened state.

    Sila continuously threw punch after punch at Sebastian. All of his magic power was used to empower these attacks.

    Sebastian realized the graveness of the situation. Sila was pulling him into his game. If he didn’t do something to fix this situation, he would undoubtedly lose.

    Sebastian’s right claw severed his own left leg that Sila was stepping on before jumping backward.

    It was a pity for Sila to lose the opportunity to continue his attack. He took the scythe out of his foot and held onto it for a while, before throwing it back for Sebastian to catch.

    Throwing the opponent’s weapon away wasn’t his style, especially when he decided to have a fair fight.

    Sebastian caught the scythe with suspicion. He used it as a rod to keep his balance while gazing at Sila with a surprised expression.

    Actually, Sebastian could call back his scythe anytime by his will. However, not only did Sila not throw his scythe away, Sila even threw it back for him to catch.

    Sila took pride in this fair duel. He didn’t take out the pellet to eat. He stood firmly while circulating qi to heal his wounds and recover his power. His eyes were sharp while looking back at Sebastian.

    Sebastian sighed, “I quit.”

    Sila was surprised.

    “The condition is for you to win against me, sir. Fighting to the death is not required. Admittedly, with me fighting in a human form, although I’m sure to be victorious, you would give me a very difficult time accomplishing that feat. Dueling one-on-one is not my forte anyway. Ah, look at me, my uniform is tattered.”

    “I also gained precious fighting experience from Mister Sebastian. I don’t want to kill you if possible. By the way, I don’t know whether monsters can revive upon dying.”

    “Most can’t, sir. But trust me, Mister Sila doesn’t want me dead. If I were to die, something scary would happen,” Sebastian said mysteriously.

    “Then, what’s next for us?”

    “Can you treat your own wounds, sir? I don’t possess healing spells. The only similar spell I have will cause you to become a living corpse instead. I can bring a first-aid kit for you though.”

    “I can heal myself using qi. More importantly, Mister Sebastian, what will you do about your leg?”

    Sebastian didn’t reply. The cut leg flew into his hand. He put it back in its original position as if nothing had happened.

    “Please allow me to change my uniform first, sir.” Sebastian vanished.

    Sila dragged himself to the resting room since this place had a higher recovery rate. He closed his eyes and circulated qi to regain his strength. With the help of both Immortal Qi and the high recovery rate of the room, all of Sila’s wounds were miraculously closed.

    Sebastian appeared after changing his uniform.

    “The time Mister Sila can remain in the place is almost running out, sir. Should we go now?”


    The system sound alerted.

    You have been acknowledged by Black Grim Reaper Sebastian, Undead Race, Lord Rank, Level 350. It has become your pet. Since the rank of Sebastian is superior than yours, you have no right to decline its offer.

    You have been acknowledged by Black Grim Reaper Sebastian. You have gotten (S) Black Grim Reaper Card 1 EA.

    You have been acknowledged by Black Grim Reaper Sebastian. You have gotten (S) Combat Butler’s Brooch 1 EA.

    You won against Sebastian within the Mansion of the Seven Deadly Sins, achieving a special condition of the hidden quest Duel Against the Black Grim Reaper. You have gotten Special Dimension’s Add-on: Merry Master.

    Once the system sound died down, Sila turned his head to look at Sebastian with amazement.

    “I’m the reward of the hidden quest. Please take care of me from now on, my new master.”

    T/N: This chapter marks the end of volume#2: Two Allies Against the Dragon

    There is a special chapter at the end of the physical book (aka, not available in web novel version) which you can access in Patreon.
    Though the special chapters are ultimately not necessary for understanding the main story, they will give you a better background story of certain characters. An example of a special chapter is A High Wall.

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  • Chapter 68: Other People’s Problem

    “Huh? I get Mister Sebastian as a reward?” Sila exclaimed.

    “That’s correct, sir. By the way, do you already own a house, Mister Sila?”

    Sila was still in shock. “I don’t own a house, but I own a Chamber of Secret.”

    Sebastian smiled. “That’s also good. That place is considered a special dimension too. You just got a brooch and a special dimension’s add-on, am I correct? Can you please give them to me?”

    Sila thought to himself why the system gave them to him in the first place if they were designed to give back to Sebastian. He obediently followed Sebastian’s request though. He handed all the items he had gotten back to Sebastian.

    “This brooch will allow me to have some privileges that a butler should have, sir. There’re many things that a pet can’t do. It will be inconvenient if I, as a butler who has a duty to serve Master, don’t have such privileges. As for this special dimension’s add-on, I will use it for you when I arrive at your Chamber of Secret, sir.” Sebastian equipped a black diamond-shaped brooch onto his uniform and kept a small box into his pocket.

    However, he handed the card back to Sila.

    “As for this card, you better use it for yourself, sir. Based on your fighting style, it’s very suitable for Mister Sila.”

    Sila kept the card inside his system window. He was thinking about feeding it to Lookhin at first. However, listening to Sebastian’s advice, it seemed he better brought it to the card shop to identify it first. It wouldn’t be too late for him to feed it to Lookhin later if he doesn’t like its effect.

    “Let me finish some tasks first,” Sebastian said while taking out five cards. “Oh, by the way, do you want to have another card from the Seven Sins’ series?”

    Sebastian’s word reminded Sila of the hand that came out of the portal. Sila shook his head. If he got one more, his level wouldn’t go anywhere. “By the way, what are going to do to them?”

    “As I’ll no longer stay in this place, the method for obtaining these cards have to be changed, sir. I have to undo the seal placing on them.”

    All five cards shone and scattered into white lights. They flew into the air before separating into several directions.

    “It’s done, sir. We can go now.”

    “Just now, what is that?”

    “I released the remaining five demons that were sealed inside the cards, sir. From now on, the method for obtaining the card from the Seven Sins’ series will be easier than ever. No need to spend a week staying silently with a complete stranger anymore. All you need to do is kill the demon.”

    “How strong are they, comparing to you?”

    “Oh. They and I are on a different level, sir.”

    Sila felt relief. If they were weaker than Sebastian, players would be able to hunt them down in no time. It seemed he hadn’t caused any problems.

    “That’s a relief. I was worried I may have caused a problem again.”

    “What do you mean, sir?” Sebastian didn’t understand.

    “Well, if these demons are strong, many people will be in trouble. However, if they’re weaker than Mister Sebastian, they will be killed by someone sooner or later.”

    Sebastian smiled. “Mister Sila, you’re misunderstanding something. What I meant by being on a different level is, each of them is much stronger than me. All five of them are in Emperor Rank. They are no longer being bound by the Mansion of the Seven Deadly Sins and will be able to roam free in this world.”

    “Huh? Won’t that be a problem?”

    “It might be, sir. However, it isn’t our problem, is it? It’s a problem for the unlucky ones that encounter them.”

    “Well, people will soon gather together and be able to kill them, right?”

    “I think no, sir. Each of them can transform into human form. It wouldn’t even be strange for them to live in the city.”

    “Transform into a human?”

    “Yes. Lord Rank monsters and above can transform themselves into a human. They also can develop basic skills like Basic Qi, Basic Magic, and Basic Psychic while training themselves to become stronger like humans do. Human-shaped monsters are far more dangerous than normal. There’s rarely the case of a Lord Rank monster being hunted.”

    Sila hardly swallowed his saliva. The highest rank monster that he had fought before was Marquis Rank. However, after the duel against Sebastian who was still hiding his power, Sila realized that the terrifying creatures in this game were not players but monsters of Lord Rank and above.

    “Won’t the world be in chaos?”

    “It might be, sir. It won’t happen soon though. The most dangerous ones aren’t these five demons.”

    “Hmm? There’re more?”

    Sebastian nodded. “Yes, sir. The most dangerous one is Lucifer who is in Mister Lone Wolf’s possession. He is the most powerful one among the demons of Seven Deadly Sins. It’s better if he is sealed. His power scale is at the level where he can easily destroy a city. The other one is Mammon in Mister Sila’s possession. Although he isn’t as strong as Lucifer, the terrifying thing about him is that he is very shrewd and likes to play dirty. He is both cunning and wicked. If you were to fight him, I suggest you finish the battle as soon as possible. Don’t listen to a word he says because he is an expert of cheating.”

    Sila kept Sebastian’s advice in his mind, in case he might have to fight against Mammon one day.

    “Mister Sila, you don’t have to be worried. This kind of thing is other people’s problem. Five monsters just happened to appear in the world. It’s something that can happen anytime. No one would blame you. People might even praise you for making a method to obtain Seven Sins Card become simpler.”

    Sila inwardly argued that no one would thank him, surely.

    “We should go now. This mansion is about to disappear.” Sebastian hurried.

    Sila took out a black card while asking the last question in his mind, “What about Mister Sebastian’s old master?”

    “He hasn’t come back for a long time. I don’t think he will come back to this place anymore. It’s better for me to search for him outside.”

    Sila nodded as he brought Sebastian with him to the Mansion of Secret.


    The first thing that Sebastian witnessed was a big mansion under the bright sunlight. He was amazed. This place looked nothing like the Chamber of Secret that he knew about.

    “You must have spent a lot to build this place, sir,” Sebastian said.

    Sila scratched his head. “Yeah, a lot. Being in debt is the problem that I need to solve.”

    “Umm, helping his master solving a problem is also a butler’s duty. I will try to find a way to help you out, sir.”

    “Thank you.”

    “Welcome back, Master. Could you please introduce me to this person? Is he your guest, Master?” Julia appeared in front of them.

    “Hello, Julia. This person will stay here with us from now on.”

    “You must be the head maid, I assume. I’m Sebastian, the new head butler. It’s my pleasure to meet you,” Sebastian greeted Julia.

    Julia was a little surprised to be addressed as the head maid. Nevertheless, she was the only one who maintained this place so it was not entirely wrong to call her the head maid. This mansion was big. Although she was skillful enough to take care of the mansion and the guests, it wasn’t weird for Sila to hire other people to help maintain this place.

    “Nice to meet you. I’m Julia, the head maid.” She turned her head to Sila. “Master, Mister Burapha just dropped by to inform you that you need to go to Colossia City quickly. As for Mister Burapha himself, he has already arrived there. The tournament will start in less than a week. If Master hurries, you should be able to arrive there in three days.”

    Sila nodded. He planned to go there immediately from the start.

    “You can travel at ease without any worries, sir. Miss Julia and I will take care of this place for you.” Sebastian took out the box of special dimension’s add-on and opened it.

    The dimension distorted for a moment before returning to normal. The area of the dimension had been expanded by two times though.

    “Julia, how are Lookhin and Bow?” Sila asked Julia.

    “The two of them are busy sparring with each other. They have been at it for many days. Does Master want me to call them?”

    “No need. I’ll come back again in three days to bring them with me. I should arrive there faster traveling alone.”

    Sila said goodbye to the two of them and left the mansion. He entered the city and visited several places to prepare for his journey. Although he could last for many days with just one meal, it was better to be prepared.

    Sila didn’t forget to visit the card shop to identify his newly acquired card. He took it back from the shop owner and read its ability.

    (S) Black Grim Reaper Card

    When Player is killed in battle, Player’s life will be prolonged for 15 minutes. Health points and all energy points will be refilled. All wounds will be healed and all skill cooldowns will be finished.

    If Player is able to kill the enemy that has killed you, the time will stop counting. Player will gain two times the experience points and money from the enemy.

    If the time runs out and Player can’t kill the enemy that has killed you, Player’s level will return to 1. Some of your equipment and half of your money will be lost. Player will also take one more day to be revived.

    If Player is killed again within this ability activation time, Player’s rank will be demoted by 1. Player’s level will return to 1. All of your equipment and money will be lost. Player will also take three more days to be revived.

    Sila was reluctant to equip this card. This card was both good and bad. Sure, fifteen more minutes could help him overturn the situation. However, if he couldn’t counter-kill his enemy within fiftteen minutes or be killed again, the result would be devastating.

    After giving a thought for a long time, Sila decided to equip this card into his system window. Now, the two cards that stood out the most inside his system window were the Greed Card, that had a picture of a black-haired man wearing a golden crown, and the Black Grim Reaper Card, that had a picture of a grim reaper with a scythe and an hourglass in its hands.

    “Hm? What is this?” Sila was startled at the description on Greed Card. It said the rate of Mammon appearing was 45% despite the fact that Sila had only used the Greed skill once. Actually, it should be at 30% as the description suggested.

    Mammon was the symbol of greed and unfair judgment. One could realize this much just by comparing it to Pride Card, which increased the rate of the demon appearing by only a small percentage upon using its skill.

    Sila no longer paid attention to the Greed Card. No matter how high the percentage is, he would be fine as long as he refrained from using Greed skill.

    “The next destination is Battle City Colossia,” muttered Sila. Once he left the city, he soon traveled at high speed using qingqong.

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  • Chapter 69: A Gift from Poluk

    By estimation, only one more day was required for Sila to arrive at his destination. For the past day, he had been totally ignoring monsters during his journey. He wanted to avoid people’s attention so he used a forest route to travel instead of the main road.

    With his current ability, he could recover his power while running, so it took Sila one less day of travel than Burapha anticipated. Sila’s journey was so smooth that he was surprised. It was the first time in the game that there were no problems in his path.

    After he passed through the forest area, Sila stopped using qingqong and started walking at a normal pace. He blended himself into the crowd and was about to enter the Battle City Colossia.

    The number of people in this place was less than the city port. It was still lively though. Players in this place were mostly fully dressed as if they were preparing for battle. Otherwise, there were merchants that aimed to sell equipment and potions.

    “Sila.” A voice calling for him could be heard from behind as Sila was about to walk past the city’s gate.

    Sila was quick to clad himself with qi reinforcement. This person calling for him must be an expert since Sila couldn’t notice his presence at all. Upon turning back, he noticed that the other party was a man that he had never met before. This man was burly. There was a scar on his face. He had a short beard and wore wuxia clothes made of cheap material.

    “You don’t have to use qi reinforcement. It’s me.”

    Sila canceled his qi reinforcement. He felt he was familiar with this man but he couldn’t recall meeting this man before.

    “Ermm… Who are you?”

    “Can’t you see? I’m Poluk, the most handsome slime.”

    “Mister Poluk? Eh? How can you come out? And why are you in this form?”

    “Monsters with Lord Rank or above can transform into human form, don’t you know?”

    Sila nodded as he had heard about this from Sebastian. Nevertheless, he still didn’t understand why Poluk could get out of the Slime Kingdom since he hadn’t destroyed all of the seals yet.

    “How can you go out? By the way, do you have business with me?”

    “I have, but we need to talk elsewhere. This spot is overcrowded.”

    Sila realized that he and Poluk were starting to attract attention because they were standing in front of the city’s gate. Poluk beckoned Sila to follow him before soaring into the forest near the city. Seeing that, Sila quickly followed.

    People felt slightly interested before looking away after a short moment. For them, the experts could be spotted around or inside Colossia City like this, especially near the monthly tournament day.

    Sila was following Poluk for an hour. Poluk moved very quick. If it was Sila before the lesson from the nameless elder, there would be no way for him to catch up. In the end, Poluk stopped his feet at some wasteland. Sila also stopped his feet around him.

    “You are quite good. I can see that your basics are getting better,” Poluk said.

    “My teacher suggested me to train in the basics so I have been training myself since then.”

    “Good teacher. Basics are the most important.”

    “Yes, sir. By the way, what is this about? Why do we need to talk this privately?”

    “It’s about Bow and the Slime Kingdom.”

    “About Bow?” Sila was curious. It was understandable about the Slime Kingdom, but why Bow?

    Poluk nodded and started telling a secret about Bow. Sila was very shocked upon being told that Bow was a real person. Although he had some suspicions, he didn’t realize it. It became very hard to distinguish between a real person and an AI as technology advanced.

    Poluk told Sila about the reason three Slime Guardians could go outside the Slime Kingdom. Sila somehow pitied the bandits. However, he pitied himself more after listening to Poluk telling him to defeat all the dragons before the war event start.

    “Don’t forget to go visit the Slime King to inform His Majesty that you have met me. We can’t contact each other and you are the only one who can freely go to the Slime Kingdom. As for us, we should be able to follow you back to the kingdom but we wouldn’t be able to go out again. I don’t know for the others but I want to stay outside for a little while longer.”


    “About the dragon, if you have to fight one-on-one against a Marquis Rank dragon now, how confident you are in defeating it?”

    “How confident I am?” Sila was deep in thought. He had never fought one-on-one against a Marquis Rank monster or above. The duel against Sebastian shouldn’t be included as Sebastian was holding back and the fight didn’t reach a conclusion.

    “Tell me, how confident are you?” Poluk pressed for the answer.

    Sila had been practicing basics and Twelve Celestial-Travelling-Steps all the time. Hidden weapons seemed to be more effective against players, not monsters. After he had dueled against Sebastian, Sila had come to realize that he didn’t possess any powerful attack skill.

    Although his teacher said that skills were not as important as martial moves, except for punches, kicks and basic attacks, Sila didn’t have anything. It would be better if he had learned Nine Sun-Melting-Fists.

    “Fifty-fifty, I guess, sir. I’m confident in dodging its attacks but I’m lacking in the power to end its life. I always aim for vital spots but a dragon’s vital spot is its heart that is covered by its scales which are highly resistant to qi, psychic, and magic. It’s almost impossible for me to kill it if it isn’t injured beforehand.”

    Poluk nodded. “Good. Your understanding of dragons has grown since the last time we spoke. So, your problem is that you don’t possess any powerful attack skills, right?”

    Sila thought to himself. He had fought against two dragons and needed to kill six more. It was natural to do some research and know this much even if he was a neglectful person.

    “Why don’t you depend on slime skills?”

    “Can I? I know that slime skills are strong. But, against a dragon…”

    “Fufu. Don’t underestimate slime skills. The reason why we’re the dragon’s nemesis is mostly due to these skills. Slime skills are especially effective against dragons, otherwise, we wouldn’t be sealed.”

    “Especially effective against dragons?”

    “Correct. For example, Formless Soldier can be used to destroy the dragon’s scales if you master it. Orbiting Cosmos is helpful for gaining resistance toward a dragon’s spells and magic power. As for Moon Reflecting Mirror, it’s better for Divine to personally explain it to you. In conclusion, with your current ability, you can surely kill a Marquis Rank dragon. You only lack knowledge, experience, and confidence to do so.”

    Sila nodded as he understood. He realized that the nameless elder and Poluk had an entirely different teaching method. The nameless elder would tell him what he couldn’t do and would teach him to do those things. Meanwhile, Poluk would tell him what he could do and would give an advice for Sila to make the best out of what he could do.

    “Well, it’s lucky that we have some time. There are still three more days until the tournament starts. I will give you advice for utilizing Formless Soldier. If you can master it, I will give you a gift.”

    “How did you know that I’m participating in the tournament, sir?”

    “If not, why do you think I decided to wait for you here? Based on your personality, you would be excited to participate if you knew there was going to be a battle tournament. Wanting to fight a skilled opponent is the desire of every martial artist. I believed that I could find you if I waited here.”

    Sila smiled in embarrassment. He was read completely. The debt aside, he had become excited to test his ability since he heard that there was a battle tournament being held.

    “Okay, now listen, Formless Soldier is a qi type skill. It shouldn’t take long for you to master it. You have mastered the basics so this shouldn’t take more than two days. You can make it before the tournament.”

    “Yes, Teacher.”

    “You don’t need to call me teacher. I’m just pointing out what you already have. I didn’t teach you anything new. Also, I don’t like being called a teacher. It makes me looks old.”

    Hearing that, Sila replied again, “Yes, Mister Poluk.”

    “Firstly, let me see you put up qi reinforcement,” Poluk continued when he saw Sila instantly clad his right fist in qi reinforcement, “Your ability has grown a lot. You are growing way too fast, I’d say. I guess you must be training very hard. You also trained Qi Concealment too, right?”

    “Yes, sir.” Sila was glad to receive praise. He had never received a compliment before from his other teachers.

    “How about Formless Soldier? What is your progress?”

    “I have once used hardening and softening attributes simultaneously, but it was a coincidence. I haven’t been able to do it again after that time.”

    “This kind of thing is like riding a bike. If you can do it once, you can do it again. You need to stop thinking that each attribute is a different power. All four attributes of Formless Soldier are originally one kind of power. It just separates into four attributes. Thus, there is no way that they can’t be merged together. Try closing your eyes and imagine. Activate all four attributes at once. Not one at a time.”

    Sila closed his eyes. He had always thought that each attribute was an entirely different power. He usually used harden coupled with heavying, otherwise soften coupled with lightening. However, upon hearing Poluk’s explanation, maybe he could unconsciously activate them simultaneously.

    Sila emptied his mind and activated the skill. Soon, his body was reinforced with all the powers of Formless Soldier, be it hard, soft, heavy or light.

    “I can do it!” Sila was very glad. He had never dreamt that he could do it this easily. He had anticipated that it might take him a long time.

    “Surely you can. The next step is for you to combine it with qi reinforcement. Qi will empower the power of Formless Soldier to its utmost limit. This is the prominent point of us qi types. However, remember that if you make a wrong move, half of the power will backfire on you. Try to be careful when you use it.”

    “Yes, sir.”

    “Do it. After you do it, try holding the power within you as long as you can.”

    This step was not too difficult. It only took Sila three hours to get the hang of it. Compared to the hardcore training with the nameless elder, this was too easy. However, Poluk warned Sila that the next step was the hardest part. It was the step required for the skill to become effective against a dragon.

    “Very good. You’re much more skillful than I thought. Your teacher that corrected your basics must be very skilled. I would love to meet him. Is he the same person as the one Divine told me that he had fought against once?”

    “Yes, sir. His name is Wu Ming.”

    “That doesn’t sound like a real name. But, whatever. We martial artists are only interested in battle prowess. The only thing that matters is whether we get to fight against a skilled opponent or not. Don’t forget to introduce him to me later, okay?”

    “Eh? Do you want to fight him? He is my teacher though.”

    “Are you afraid of being scolded? Don’t worry. Your teacher will even thank you. This is a martial artist’s desire. We want to compete against a good opponent.”

    Sila nodded. He began to understand the martial artist’s logic. Actually, he was one of the martial artists already.

    “Next, I will teach you a martial move named Genesis Punch. It’s my own move. Not a skill generated by the system. You know about independent NPCs, right?”

    “Yes, sir. An Independent NPC is an expert in each department or martial art.”

    “Correct. Slime skills are based on our own profound martial arts. Don’t forget to practice them in real life too. You might have a much harder time practicing them though, since you only need a thought in this game but an actual body in real life.”

    Sila nodded. This skill must be similar to Twelve Celestial-Travelling-Steps that was a real profound martial art. It was an origin of the skills in Monster Soul.

    “Try again. But, this time, imagine your fist as your whole body. You are a fist, and a fist is all of you. Forget your body. Only a fist exists in your mind. Forget everything except your fist.”

    Sila closed his eyes and tried to do so. His whole body turned a black color due to Formless Soldier. Nevertheless, the black color was starting to slowly concentrate into his right fist.

    There was nothing else in Sila’s mind. Be it thought, body, self-awareness or time. Only his fist mattered.

    The power surged into his right fist. His body turned back to be normal, except for his right fist, which was still black. Sila slowly opened his eyes.

    Poluk pointed his finger at one giant rock beside him. “Destroy it.”

    Sila didn’t wait. He threw a punch at the rock. Then, the rock turned into specks of sand without making any sound. It was an amazing sight to behold. Sila stared at his right fist without blinking.

    “Genesis Punch is a profound move that gave me the title of “Death in One Fist” because I never need to throw a second punch. All the destructive force is perfectly directed at the enemy without any waste.”

    Even Sila himself panicked, staring at his fist. This profound move was too dangerous.

    “I invented this profound move, but only a handful of people can cope with it. Thus, I decided to stay as an independent NPC in this game. This way, I can fight against people that can take on my punch.”

    Sila didn’t give his attention to Poluk’s story. A giant rock turned into dust. This wasn’t caused by a simple destructive power that exploded the rock. It was caused by a power that disintegrated the rock. Not even a single piece of the rock larger than a grain of sand remained.

    “The current you might only be able to use it with your right hand. However, although it’s called Genesis Punch, it can be used by every part of the body, be it the fist, foot, knee, elbow or forehead. Anyway, just the right hand is fine for now. You can train yourself to do other things later. The most important thing you have to do is finish the move in time. You spent almost an hour concentrating on that previous punch. You need to train to do it quicker. Maybe you need to decrease its power.”

    Sil nodded. Afterward, the training to use Genesis Punch went on for an entire day as Poluk continued giving advice to Sila. In the end, all their effort bore fruit. Sila was now able to use Genesis Punch in actual combat. Its power decreased by ten times though.

    “With your current ability, you may need several punches to get the job done. By the way, mastering this move might take years. That depends on you. Now, recover your qi. I’ll give you a gift once you finish.”

    “A gift?”

    “Yes, a gift. You’re sure to like it.”

    Sila closed his eyes and started circulating qi. He missed the chance to see Poluk taking a strange stone out of his pocket. It was a stone with a mysterious pattern glowing on it.

    Poluk sighed and muttered to himself.

    “I hope it isn’t too soon for him.”

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    Chapter 70: Duel Against the Snow Dragon – First Part

    After almost an hour had passed, Sila finished replenishing his qi points. Genesis Punch was indeed a powerful move but its power consumption was too great. Even Sila who had trained himself to be capable of regenerating qi while moving was still unable to regenerate qi spent on using Genesis Punch without sitting down and meditating. With his current qi capability, he could use only five Genesis Punches before having to recharge.

    “Only five punches, huh?” Puluk muttered after listening to Sila.

    “Yes, sir. Genesis Punch consumes too much qi for each usage. It seems I still need more time to train.”

    “That should be enough. You just started playing this game. I estimated that you would only be able to use it two or three times.”

    The reason Sila could use Genesis Punch more times than Poluk anticipated was because he had obtained Bone Restructuring Qi at the start. Later, he even ate a Millennium Peach and two Emperor Qi Pellets.

    “This puts me more at ease. It seems you are ready to take this gift.”

    “You don’t need to give me a gift, sir. Just being able to learn Mister Poluk’s personal profound move is enough of a gift for me.”

    “Fufu. You have to accept this gift anyway. It’s a gift from His Majesty.”

    “A gift from His Majesty?”

    Poluk told Sila about the shortcut plan that the Slime King had proposed. Listening to it, Sila’s jaw was agape. They even caught dragons for him to fight?

    They are dragons, not rabbits, right? How did you guys catch it like it was nothing? If Sila were to tell this story to someone, he would surely be marked as crazy.

    Poluk threw a stone at Sila.

    “Is this the Dragon Sealing Stone you just mentioned, sir?”

    “Yeah. I was reluctant to give it to you at first, but you are doing better than I thought. If you throw a punch at the dragon’s vital spot, just three punches should be enough. That means you can afford to miss as many as two times. Well, whether you can kill it or not, return and meet me at the gate, okay?”

    Sila inwardly argued. How could he return to the gate if he was unable to kill it?

    “Mister Poluk, won’t you stay with me?”

    “This is your mission, I can’t help you. I’m not a player but an independent NPC; helping you is breaking the law.”

    “I don’t intend for you to help me fight. I meant, can’t you stay to just watch how I fight it?”

    “I’m a slime-race creature too. What if it attacks me? Moreover, it has been sealed for five days already. It’s sure to become berserk.”


    “Yeah. If it becomes berserk, its level will increase to 1000. Well, for you, the situation is better if it’s berserk.”

    “How is the dragon being berserk better for me, sir? Doesn’t its level increase?”

    “Although its attack is more powerful when it’s berserk, its defense is weakened. Since you are still lacking in attack power, allowing it to be berserk is better. Moreover, the berserk monster moves by instinct. Trust me, you don’t want to fight a smart dragon.”

    Sila nodded in understanding.

    “After I go, wait for five minutes, then throw the rock onto the ground. Don’t throw it too far though. I’m going now.”

    Not waiting for Sila to reply, Poluk dashed back in the direction of the Battle City Colossia, leaving Sila and the mysterious stone behind.

    After he made sure that Poluk had gone, Sila threw the stone at the ground, stepped back several meters, and waited for the result.

    Even though the area around Colossia has a torrid temperature, once the Dragon Sealing Stone broke into two pieces, freezing air flew out of the stone and the trees in the forest were instantly covered in snow.

    Tree leaves, tree logs, and grass started to freeze over. The ice crystals flew around the area. The snow was starting to fall.

    Sila hadn’t seen the snow even once in his lifetime. Under normal circumstances, he would enjoy this scenery to his heart’s content. However, the system sound caused him to do otherwise and he instead readied himself for the incoming battle.

    Player Sila has coincidentally come across The Snow Dragon Dorolia, Marquis Rank, Level 250. Due to the hidden quest Decolonizing Slime Kingdom, if slime race creature is killed by the Snow Dragon, that slime’s rank will be demoted by 1 rank.

    Sila hadn’t even seen Dorolia yet when the next system sound alerted.

    Snow Dragon Dorolia has entered into a berserk state. Its level has risen to Marquis Rank, Level 1000.

    If slime race creature is killed by the Snow Dragon, that slime’s rank will be demoted by 2 ranks and will lose all the money currently possessed.

    Freezing magic power was released continuously and caused Sila’s body to shiver. Luckily, Sila’s stats were higher than when he had faced the Water Dragon. He also possessed the experience to handle a dragon’s ability. Sila activated Orbiting Cosmos and changed his body into the fire element. As his body became warm, he could again move normally.

    Poluk was right; Orbiting Cosmos could resist the wide-area effect of dragons’ ability. High-leveled dragons, especially the elemental ones, always possess an exclusive field magic skill named Dragon Domain, which is a skill that can be cast instantly. This skill will change the area around the dragon to be favorable to itself and harmful to enemies. For example, the Sandstorm of Python, the Ocean Whirlpool of Leviathan, and the Snow Country of Dorolia.

    The sight of the Snow Dragon appeared in front of Sila. It was a pure white elegant dragon. Its wings were a part of its arms and it was taller than any of the nearby trees. There was a unicorn-like crystal horn on its forehead.

    The only contradictory things to its dignified appearance were its reddish eyes and ferocious scream. It was now a savage dragon that desired to kill everything in its territory. Luckily for it, there was a nemesis of it inside its territory. Its red eyes were staring at Sila as soon as it sensed the existence of a slime.

    Not waiting for Sila to prepare, it flapped both of its wings at him. Hundreds of ice daggers appeared out of thin air and fired toward its target.

    Sila began by using Twelve Celestial-Traveling-Steps. Sometimes he was slow, sometimes he was fast. Surprisingly, he could evade all the ice daggers while moving forward.

    If he hadn’t learned Twelve Celestial-Traveling-Steps, Sila would have had to jump back using qingqong. However, what Sila needed to do now was move forward.

    Being large has the benefits of being large. Being small has the benefits of being small. With Sila being much smaller than the dragon, if he could get closer to the dragon, it would have a harder time attacking him.

    Sila used a step-in technique of Twelve Celestial-Traveling-Steps. His body dashed at the Snow Dragon in one go.

    Despite losing its reason, Dorolia’s self-defense instinct kicked in. It cast a spell to summon a huge number of ice pillars on the snowfield. Dorolia intended to restrict Sila’s area of movement.

    Sila could hardly move forward. These ice pillars weren’t normal pillars. Upon getting closer to any of them, the ice pillars would explode into several ice spears that shot at Sila, forcing him to have to evade them.

    The snowy wind was getting stronger and the green forest had completely turned into a white forest with snow covering everything. Although he didn’t feel cold, a step he took on the ground was different than a step he took on the snow; Sila had a harder time moving his feet.

    Looking at the dragon, Sila saw that it was blowing snowy breaths to decrease the temperature in the area.

    The ice pillars were very obstructive. Sila didn’t want to waste more time since the dragon seemed about to do something. He decided to waste one Genesis Punch to make a path.

    His right fist was thrown at the ice pillar in front of him. The pillar was blown away, turning into beautiful ice particles. A crystal road made of ice particles was directed at the dragon. Sila’s path toward Dorolia was cleared.

    Sila didn’t have time to enjoy the aesthetic sight. He narrowed the distance and approached the Snow Dragon without difficulty. His right fist was fused with the flame power of Tortured Soul coupled with Genesis Punch. He threw it at the chest area of the dragon.

    Once his fist connected, the effect of Genesis Punch was soundlessly shown. The dragon’s scales on its chest were destroyed. Its body wasn’t pushed backward even one step as the power of the punch wasn’t wasted on the unnecessary force.

    The dragon cried and threw its tail at Sila. Its tail was covered in ice thorns, like a morning star made of ice.

    Sila didn’t want to dodge as that would widen the distance between him and the dragon. In this emergency, he chose to throw his right fist at its incoming tail, spending his third Genesis Punch.

    Sila’s fist connected the dragon’s icy tail and the tail broke into dust. His body didn’t move an inch from where he was positioned. It was as if he just lightly touched its tail.

    Genesis Punch was befitting of being Poluk’s ultimate move. A perfect destructive power. Suitable for being both offensive or defensive with no need for complicated movements. Almighty strength is the answer for everything.

    With its tail being shattered into dust, the red dragon blood dyed the snow red. The dragon cried in agony.

    Sila ignored its scream. Now that the scales on the dragon’s chest had been blown away, he only needed one more punch at its heart to end its life. Sila was confident. Poluk’s ultimate move had put him into a very advantageous position. He had never dreamt that he alone could drive a Marquis Rank dragon into a corner like this.

    However, Sila was about to experience the danger of the cornered monster. Even a cornered rat can bite a cat to death. What Sila was fighting wasn’t a mere rat but a dragon. A Marquis Rank dragon is sure to possess something that justifies its level.

    The dragon’s eyes were getting redder. The ice-crystal horn on its forehead emitted a bright light. An intense magic power was unleashed from the dragon’s entire body. In an instant, everything around it was frozen over, including Sila.

    The skill that the dragon had used was Freezing Universe Frosty Ice. It was a skill that would automatically activate once the Snow Dragon was in a critical situation. Within the area of 500-metered radius, everything would be frozen.

    Poluk was affected by this skill too when he faced it. However, with Poluk’s ability, he could perform Genesis Punch from his body, quickly destroying the ice freezing him. Unfortunately, Sila didn’t possess such an ability.

    Normal people would die if being frozen. However, Sila’s body was currently in a fire elemental state so there was a thin layer of flame protecting his body. His body was still rendered immobile by the ice covering the weak flame though.

    Dorolia noticed that its opponent still hadn’t died despite being affected by Freezing Universe Frosty Ice so it lifted its right claw up. The magic power was reinforced into the claw, changing its color from white to light blue. Although this was just a common Magic Power Reinforcement skill, the amount of magic power that put into it was very high. The dragon’s claw attacked the ice sculpture that Sila was locked within.

    Sila was able to watch the entire attacking process but he couldn’t move at all. He gritted his teeth and decided to use the same method that he had used to survive from Sebastian’s Corpse Sending Soul Returning Life. His body was clad in qi reinforcement. His skin turned black, hardening like a metal; while his internal organs became softer to reduce an incoming impact. Even Shapeless Qi was added into his defense. Although Sila still wasn’t able to freely control this qi, it seemed to activate itself automatically when Sila was in predicament.

    The dragon’s claw struck Sila’s ice prison, causing it to blow apart. Sila’s body flew away several meters. The pain was felt all over the body. His qi was significantly lost in defending the attack.

    Sila pushed himself from the ground and coughed out blood, dyeing the snowfield in front of him into red.

    His qi was nearly depleted. Bomb Lurking Psychic began to act up. Sila felt like he was pierced by several needles. He had to circulate Immortal Qi to reduce the pain.

    Meanwhile, Dorolia didn’t attack as it was recovering itself too. It blew an icy breath at its tail to cover the wound with an ice. Even the dragon’s scales on the chest area was covered by a thick layer of ice.

    The dragon recovered faster than Sila. It inhaled, pulling an air into its lungs before blowing the ice crystals out. The temperature was decreasing faster than before. The ice started to cover Sila’s body. He needed to keep moving to prevent himself to be frozen.

    The Snow Dragon’s crystal horn emitted a bright light again. This time, ten of blurry shadows appeared in front of Sila. All of them were semi-transparent women with expressionless eyes looking at him.

    There was no system alert. This must be one of the Snow Dragon’s magic skills.

    The fairy-like women opened their mouths to begin singing a slow, gentle song.

    The beautiful scenery coupled with the women singing a melodious song caused Sila to be distracted. The Snow Dragon had its own fighting method. Sila had never experienced fighting against an opponent like this.

    In fact, most high-ranked monsters not only possess great strength but also unique fighting methods. Being pulled into the enemy’s pace is like losing half the battle.

    Sila felt like his eyelids were getting heavier. He felt so sleepy now.

    The lullaby didn’t stop. These women were the cause. Before he could get any sleepier, Sila fired the hidden weapons at them.

    However, the hidden weapons pierced through them without having an effect. These women were souls created by Dorolia’s Nirvana Lullaby magic skill. Its effect was accurately described by its name; once Sila slept, he would comfortably die. It was a merciful killing method.

    Sila’s fire elemental power could no longer keep up with Dorolia’s ice power. He started to feel cold despite not having canceled the skill yet. His eyelids were too heavy; he felt deathly tired and sleepy.

    His body told him to sleep. His brain stopped processing. It would be fine for him to sleep just a little while.

    Both of Sila’s eyes were slowly closing. His consciousness was gone.

    Sila had fallen asleep.

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    Chapter 71: Duel Against the Snow Dragon – Last Part

    Sila was very relaxed. He hadn’t rested like this for so long. Sleep without having to worry, train, or think about seeking revenge.

    He wasn’t even interested in the system message.

    The berserk state of Snow Dragon Dorolia has ended. Its level has returned to Marquis Rank, Level 250.

    A pair of blue eyes stared at Sila who was sleeping on the snowfield. It knew it was previously close to losing. In the berserk state, it prioritized attack over defense. Due to the fact that its specialty didn’t lay in powerful attacks but rather various fighting techniques, a level-250 version of it was more skilled than its level-1000 berserk version.

    “Is this one the slime who drove me into such a corner? Except for that fairy-race girl, I had never thought there would be another one daring enough to fight against me one-on-one,” Dorolia said to itself.

    Ice covered Sila more and more as time passed. Dorolia was a relatively peaceful dragon. Its nature wasn’t violent so it didn’t deal a killing blow to Sila. It usually waited for its opponents to die peacefully without feeling pain.

    Unbeknownst to it, it had made a very wrong choice to not sink its fang at the defenseless Sila at the moment.

    While Dorolia was seeing around to discover its whereabout, the qi in Sila’s body had stopped circulating. Bomb Lurking Psychic could never act at a better timing than this. Since Sila no longer had qi to protect his body, the pain spread throughout his body. It was very painful, waking him up from his slumber.

    “Arghhh!” Sila shouted. Dorolia turned its attention back at him.

    Sila’s eyes were wide-opened. He instantly circulated Immortal Qi while shaking himself out of the snow. He changed the element of his body into fire again. Looking at Dorolia, Sila noticed that its behavior had changed. It seemed to be a lot calmer. Its eyes also were blue instead of the previous red, suitable to its overall beauty.

    “Still haven’t died yet, slime?” Dorolia said.

    Sila furrowed his brows. He realized at that moment that Dorolia was no longer berserk. Sila was worried. Poluk had told him that Dorolia was harder to fight when it wasn’t berserk.

    “Won’t you talk? Anyway, time for a second round. This time, I will not show you any mercy.”

    The atmosphere that was getting slightly warmer began to get icy again once the dragon’s magic power spread around. Sila had to get help from the fire power of Tortured Soul to endure this level of coldness.

    “Nirvana Lullaby.” The Snow Dragon once again cast the spell that Sila previously couldn’t resist. Its horn flashed and the souls of the women appeared one more time.

    Sila didn’t wait for these women to sing a song. He charged toward Dorolia.

    “Soul Sealing Snow Fairies.” The crystal horn flashed again. The spiritual body of the snow women emitted magic power. The ground under their feet was frozen. It seemed their body was solidified and they could directly attack Sila from now on.

    The Snow Dragon knew better than anyone that its body was large so it would have a hard time fighting a tiny opponent. This skill covered what it lacked. These snow fairies were still invincible against physical damage, but now they could be more offensive.

    Sila probed their ability by firing a dagger at the fairy closest to him. Once the dagger reached her, it was frozen over and dropped to the ground. A large number of the snow fairies narrowed their distance to Sila. Their movement was slow but orderly. There was no way for Sila to break through them to Dorolia.

    Not only did the snow fairies approach Sila, but some of them also started singing a song.

    Sila started to feel drowsy again. He gritted his teeth and took out a short dagger to stab at his left hand. He gripped the stabbing dagger within. He wouldn’t damage his legs as Twelve Celestial-Travelling-Steps was currently one of his trump cards. Meanwhile, Genesis Punch could only be used via his right fist. Thus, for him, the left hand was the most useless one.

    God’s Cathedral was used for the first time in this fight against Dorolia. The sphere of qi covered all the snow fairies within. The flame power of Tortured Soul that he had been used on himself was spreading around.

    There was no screaming, but the snow fairies started to melt away as if they were ice sculptures. It seemed this skill of Sila was working. However, the result was very slow. He couldn’t afford to wait for them to melt completely.

    Dorolia exhaled and the temperature went down again. The melting process on the snow fairies was slowing down.

    Sila realized that there would be no way for him to win in such a competition. His total qi wasn’t enough to compete against the amount of magic power of Marquis Rank dragon.

    ‘I need to take the dragon down as soon as possible,’ thought Sila as he dashed toward the Snow Dragon.

    Many of the snow fairies moved to block his way. Sila slowed down and used his right hand to hit at one of them. The female fairy was blown away several meters. Sila was glad that he was somehow able to touch the body of these fairies. It must be thanks to Orbiting Cosmos and Torture Soul.

    However, even if he could touch them, it wasn’t like there was no side effect. Sila’s right hand was frozen in ice. Sila had to activate Ray Assemble to focus the heat into his right hand.

    Presently, he was using both God’s Cathedral which spread out the power, and Ray Assemble which concentrated the power. Two entirely different qi techniques were being used together.

    The system sound went off.

    Player Sila has mastered the God’s Cathedral and Ray Assemble qi techniques, and successfully circulated them together. The two of them have fused together and become the Galaxy Eclipse qi technique.

    It had been a while since the last time his skills had fused together. Even training with the teacher and dueling against Sebastian wasn’t able to accomplish such feat. Something like this really depended on chance and opportunity.

    Sila was now able to maintain the sphere’s heat while concentrating the power into his hand to melt the ice. Both powers allowed Sila to be aware of both the external environment and the internal power within him. The name Galaxy Eclipse must refer to his current feeling. The feeling of sensing both everything around and within him. It was as if the sphere was his own world.

    Sila’s right hand could completely resist the coldness of snow fairies. He also melted them away at the same time regardless of the distance. Sila used Twelve Celestial-Travelling-Steps to move forward while clearing the snow fairies obstructing his path with his right hand. His left hand was still gripping on the stabbing dagger to not allow himself to fall asleep. He was steadily narrowing the distance to the Snow Dragon. Step by step.

    Dorolia sensed the crisis. It wasn’t proficient at fighting at close range. Its strong point was its powerful, wide area-of-effect skills. It was more proficient at dealing with a lot of enemies instead of fighting one on one.

    With this realization, it started flapping its wings. A snowstorm was created, blocking Sila’s vision. Dorolia unleashed its magic power. Its crystal horn emitted a light and the Snow Dragon flew up toward the sky.

    Sila tensed once he noticed that Dorolia had flown up. If he was Bluebird, he would fly to follow it. However, he was not.

    With such a height, there was simply no way for him to reach by a normal jump. The little brain of Sila started to come up with a solution. Sila wasn’t a smart person. Nonetheless, since he had entered this game, he had always been forced to solve problems using his wit.

    ‘Damn. Flying is possible in this game but I can’t do it yet. Fighting in the air will render my footwork useless too. This is clearly a scam,’ Sila thought.

    The Snow Dragon was still keeping itself in the air. It was continuously blowing its freezing breath below. It was only a matter of time until Sila exhausted his qi and froze over.

    ‘A smart dragon is really more skilled than a berserk dragon. I wonder how did Mister Poluk catch it?’ thought Sila. Just fighting it was hard enough. To be able to catch it alive would mean Poluk’s ability far surpassed the dragon's.

    “Wait. Mister Poluk has fought it, right?” Sila exclaimed.

    One particular thought entered Sila’s mind. He might not know the method to kill this dragon. But, Mister Poluk had defeated it before. He just needed to find Mister Poluk’s method.

    “If I were Mister Poluk, what would I do?” Sila asked himself.

    ‘If Mister Poluk held back, he wouldn’t use too much power. He might even use less qi than what I’m currently using. Then, what did he do?’ Once Sila’s right hand struck at the last snow fairy, he pulled the dagger out of his left palm.

    “Formless Soldier,” Sila muttered. Poluk surely used this skill.

    Sila activated the light attribute of Formless Soldier to the maximum. Sila’s body was now so light that he could drift by the wind current. Sila bended his knees and activated the soft attribute to increase his flexibility. Afterward, He flicked himself ascending into the sky as if he was an arrow being fired.

    Sila charged at the dragon. However, his speed was exponentially dropping due to the concept of gravity. Once the distance between him and the dragon became twenty meters, his body completely stopped and started to fall down.

    Dorolia was startled by the fact that Sila could jump this high. It used the chance that Sila stopped mid air to perform an attack. Its crystal horn emitted the light again.

    “Hammer of Absolute Zero.” A gigantic ice cube appeared in the air above Sila. Its size was comparable to the dragon. The speed of it descending down coupled with the force of gravity made it seem like an icy meteor.

    Sila had no spare time to think twice. He wouldn’t pull himself downward since the dragon wouldn’t be kind enough to let him jump a second time. He disregarded his injured left hand and waved it at the Snow dragon while activating Universe Momentum.

    Since his body was many times smaller, it was him that was pulled toward the dragon instead of the other way around. Due to him not having time to pinpoint the location, Sila’s body was pulled toward the dragon’s forehead instead of the heart which was its weakness. He barely dodged the falling ice cube.

    The dragon was preparing to activate Freezing Universe Frosty Ice again. Sila could realize that by seeing that its eyes and its horn were glowing like it had done before.

    If he was affected by that skill a second time, Sila would surely die. This wasn’t a time for him to spare the number of uses of Genesis Punch. Everything would end if he died. Once Sila’s left hand grabbed on the dragon’s forehead, his right fist instantly threw at it at full force.

    This fist of Sila was empowered by Genesis Punch, Galaxy Eclipse, the flame power of Tortured Soul, and the fire element of Orbiting Cosmos. Once it connected to Dorolia’s crystal horn, a crack appeared on the flawless horn.

    Dorolia’s skill was forcefully canceled. The crystal horn was its source of magic power. Since there was a crack on it, Dorolia’s magic power would become muddled. Its massive body, that had been floating with the help of magic power, began to fall.

    Now, Sila was uninterruptedly throwing qi-reinforced punches at the crystal horn without a break. The size of the crack was expanding. A quarter of it was chipped away. The magic power pushed him upward into the air. His upper clothes couldn’t take the damage anymore and was torn apart.

    Sila coughed out blood in midair. Upon seeing Dorolia descending to the ground, he activated the heavier and harder attributes of Formless Soldier and dove down following it. His remaining qi power was reinforced into his body. The fire element from Orbiting Cosmos ignited Sila’s body and turned him into a human meteor.

    The dragon crashed to the ground, shaking it. Sila followed closely. He pulled his fist with the last Genesis Punch. The fist was thrown at the dragon’s chest. The ice armor of the dragon was shattered. The powerful blow pierced through the dragon’s heart.

    The dragon turned into a white light and disappeared, leaving Sila laid down exhausted on the snowfield.

    The system sound rang in Sila’s head, but he was too tired and just wanted to sleep.

    Player Sila has defeated the Snow Dragon Dorolia, Marquis Rank, Level 250. Player has received 100,000,000 experience points, 20,000 gold, (A) Snow Dragon Card 1 EA, (A) Soul Crystal 1 EA, and (S) Dorolia Sword 1 EA.

    The Dorolia Sword is part of a dual swords set. The other sword in the set, (S) Solaria Sword, is already owned by Player Ginny.

    Level of Player Sila has risen to 600.

    Player Sila has achieved a special condition of the quest: Decolonize Slime Kingdom. Seal of Ice has been destroyed. There are five Seals remaining.

    Sila didn’t pay attention to the system sound. He sat and recovered his power for ten minutes until he was able to move.

    His Cloud Roaming Hermit’s Clothes that he had obtained from defeating the Great Millennium Ape Boss had been utterly ragged. Sila searched his item window only to find that the remaining clothes he had were the Beggar’s Cloak and Beginner Clothes that he had forgotten to sell. Good grief, wearing something was better than nothing. Thus, Sila wore both of them.

    He also took a glance at the Dorolia Sword and realized that he had gotten some strange item again.

    Sila watched the snowy scenery in front of him. The snowfall was gently falling down. It would still keep falling until the magic power in the area decomposed.

    Sila stopped and admired the breath-taking view for a while before running to Colossia City.


    (S) Dorolia Sword [One-of-a-kind]

    The sword made of Snow Dragon Dorolia’s crystal horn. It contains the power of ice element. Physical attack power is 0. Magical attack power is 0.

    Upon holding, user will be affected by the frozen status condition.

    *The ability will be updated once it is used together with (S) Solaria Sword.

  • Chapter 72: A Very Weak Foe

    Sila ran past several trees. He wanted to reserve his strength so he didn’t use his full speed. During his way back, he noticed some players going toward the direction that he had fought against Dorolia. Sila wanted to avoid causing a problem so he hid himself every time he sensed players. With his current mastery of Qi Concealment, other than certain experts, no one would be able to detect him.

    Sila spent more than an hour before arriving at Colossia City’s front gate. He could see Poluk leaning on the wall next to it.

    “Mister Poluk,” Sila called to Poluk.

    “Took you long enough. I thought you might not be able to pull it off.”

    “I almost died. Dorolia was truly scarier when calm.”

    “Only fifty points for you. When you were frozen, instead of using qi reinforcement to defend against its claw, you should have activated Moon Reflecting Mirror,” Poluk said.

    “I couldn’t come up with other ideas at that time, sir. Moreover, I wasn’t confident that my Moon Reflecting Mirror could reflect the dragon’s claw… By the way, were you watching?”

    Poluk nodded. “Yeah, from afar. I returned here while you were regenerating your power.”

    “Why didn’t you wait for me, sir?”

    “Because you are too slow, of course. As for Moon Reflecting Mirror, just ask Divine. This skill is a modified version of Divine’s personal martial move. That guy will be able to give you a good advice.”

    “Yes, sir. What will you do next, Mister Poluk?”

    “I will stay here for a while to protect Little Bow. After this, I’ll go looking for someone strong to fight. The first one would be your teacher.”

    Sila took out a black card and granted Poluk access to his Mansion of Secret. A black ticket-sized card appeared and Sila handed it to Poluk.

    “I don’t know whether an NPC can use it, but you can try. If you can’t use it, I will go and call Bow to meet you.”

    Poluk received the card and kept it inside his shirt. “I can use it normally. We NPCs used to be players. We just don’t have a system window.”

    Poluk told Sila that he would go and visit Bow. Meanwhile, the battle tournament would start tomorrow so Sila needed to register his name today. Both of them agreed to meet again later.

    After Sila asked for directions from a player around the gate, he went to the registration desk located in front of the battle stadium.

    Colossia City had an Ancient-Greek-style atmosphere like Lockheart City, though Sila wasn’t sure whether Ancient Greece had the same architecture as this city. He just thought that it was quite neat. The floor was paved with stone and the buildings were made of layers of marble. In the center of the city, there was a Battle Colosseum which was like a symbol of this city.

    The registration desk wasn't crowded as Sila had expected it to be. Sila went to the desk and talked to the employee. He paid 500 gold as the participation fee.

    Sila was surprised at how expensive the participation fee was. He had thought that it was supposed to be cheap to attract the participators. Anyway, the employee gave him a reason. If it was the daily battle tournament, the fee would be only 100,000 silver. However, the monthly battle tournament, which had a special prize for the winner, was another story. To prevent too many players to participate, the entry fee was set at an expensive price.

    Once Sila left the desk, many eyes were staring at his back. Sila could sense them but he chose to ignore. Then, the conversation started as soon as he was gone.

    “What is that guy’s name?”

    “Based on his registration form, his name is Sila, sir.”

    “Sila? Is he the Sila who has been constantly mentioned recently in various rumors?”

    “I guess so, sir. His appearance is similar to the news. He also wears the Beginner Clothes.”

    “How is the credibility of those rumors? Are they valid?”

    “At first, they’re approximately 30% valid, sir. However, looking at him now, the possibility that the rumors are true should be around 80% instead.”

    “But that guy has won against Shueria, hasn’t he?”

    “We have already investigated it, sir. At that time, that guy was tricky. Mister Shueria was caught off guard. Moreover, Mister Shueria didn’t die. He survived using Astral Psyche.”

    “Is that so? Well, from what I saw, his qi is quite normal. It seems like those rumors are real.”

    “What should we do, sir?”

    “Give him a 10 to 1 odds.”

    “Isn’t that too high?”

    “It is. However, considering how little of his ability that has been seen and the ambiguous rumors about him spreading around, there is bound to be someone who would blindly bet on him. In that case, we will get easy money,” predicted the man.

    The other man nodded. He went and told Sila’s odds to the NPC. Then, he returned and watched the next applicants.

    These people were the members of the Royal Armament Guild who were responsible for discerning and deciding the gambling odds of each contestant. However, they couldn’t imagine that Sila possessed Qi Concealment which was a high-tier skill. The qi aura from Sila, although it wasn’t completely hidden, only a small amount could be detected. Thus, they made a mistake when gauging his true ability.

    Meanwhile, there was another man in black wuxia clothes wearing a turban and sitting on the table far away from them. This man had heard the whole conversation. He had been waiting several days just to listen to this conversation.

    Despite the fifty meter distance and the fact that there were a lot of disruptive sounds between the two parties, this man was able to listen to what he wanted to hear. This ability alone indicated that he must be either qi-type or psychic-type expert.

    A smile emerged on this man’s face. He put his money for the food on the table before disappearing like a shadow.


    Sila strolled around the city looking to buy new clothes for himself. However, the prices of the items being sold in this place were too expensive. Even the price of an item that could be found in Beginner Island was shockingly five times more than usual here. Thus, Sila decided not to buy anything.

    After he walked for a while, he stopped his feet in an alley.

    “Please come out. I know that you are following me.”

    A woman stepped out and appeared behind Sila. She was significantly shorter than Sila. Her height must be around 150 centimeters or less. Her skin was tan and she wore short-sleeved Arab clothes and pointed shoes. There was a turban on her head, on top of her pigtail. She also wore a bracelet on each of her wrists. However, her most outstanding features were her sharp eyes and the big sword on her back.

    “When did you realize?”

    “Since I entered the city.”

    “Are you Sila?”

    “Normally, shouldn’t you introduce yourself first?” Sila asked back.

    “Ginny,” curtly replied the woman.

    Sila frowned. This name was familiar, but he was sure that he had never met this woman before.

    “I need the Dorolia Sword.”

    Right after she mentioned it, Sila remembered. When he had obtained the Dorolia Sword, the system informed him that it was a set item. The holder of the other sword was Player Ginny. The name of her sword was supposed to be Solaria Sword.

    “Do you want to steal it?” Sila asked. Despite how she wasn’t being polite, she didn’t look like a bandit at all.

    “No. Are you willing to sell it?”

    “I see that you’re not a talkative person. Could you please explain to me why I should sell it?”

    “With it alone, you can’t even hold it. These swords need to be wielded together.”

    “I don’t plan to use it from the start. I just want to know why I should sell it.”

    Ginny sighed and started to explain. She told Sila that she had been trying to hunt Dorolia for a long time. She also added that Dorolia and Solaria Sword would drop only when the dragon was killed in a one-on-one battle, which was a very harsh condition. Her method to kill it was hit-and-run. She would fight it until she could no longer continue before she left. With every fight with it, she would understand it more, leading the next fight to be slightly easier.

    However, not long ago, when she was about to challenge Dorolia again, she found that there was already one man in the middle of a fight against it. This man even singlehandedly drove the dragon into a corner. Afterward, instead of him killing it, he just used the Dragon Sealing Stone on Dorolia, sealing it into the stone, then left.

    She didn’t know what to do. The elemental dragons were a special boss. There could only be one of each existing at one point, so if it didn’t die, another one would not spawn. It also takes years for it to respawn.

    She couldn’t wait that long so she decided to follow the man. Although she couldn’t keep up with his speed, based on his direction and the monthly battle tournament being held, she was confident that the man’s destination should be Colossia City.

    She arrived at Colossia and found that the man was sitting still in front of the city gate. Then, the system informed her that Player Sila had obtained Dorolia Sword. Afterward, someone came to talk with the mysterious man so she could deduce that the approaching man’s identity was Sila. Since then, she had been secretly following him.

    Listening to her story, Sila nodded in understanding. It just happened that Poluk had snatched her prey from her.

    “So, how much will you sell it for?” asked Ginny.

    “I can give it to you for free if you just tell me your reason for wanting it.”

    “Give it for free? Are you nuts? My reason is my own. You don’t need to butt in.”

    Sila could see the picture of Varee overlapping with Ginny for a brief moment. Everyone has their own problems. He was not the only one in the world who had problems to take care of.

    “Then, I won’t ask anymore. The sword is yours. Take it.”

    Ginny’s sharp eyes flashed with anger instead of a happy emotion. “Don’t you dare underestimate me.”

    Sila was startled. The other party was furious instead of being happy. Everyone in the world had a different perspective. It was incorrect to judge that someone else will feel the way you anticipated them to feel. This case was the same. This was the reason why doing good deeds was more difficult than doing bad ones.

    “What should we do about this, then?”

    “Have a bet with me.”

    “How?” Sila’s thought drifted to when he was having a bet with Varee at the restaurant. Did all the women love to bet? Then, a light bulb went off in his head. Sila had already complied to all three of Varee's requests. Why did she tell him that there was still one more left? Was he being cheated?

    Ginny’s voice pulled Sila’s thought to the present time. “The battle tournament in Colossia. I will also participate. In the battle between us, the victor will get both swords.”

    Sila was quick to argue, “But I don’t want your sword.”

    “If you win against me, I will buy both swords back from you for double the price. Deal?”

    She didn’t wait for Sila to accept or reject. She just left. Sila had no choice but to scratch his head. Although it was true that he wanted skilled opponents to compete against, the battle tournament in Colossia City had his debt at stake. He didn’t want to unnecessarily increase the risk he had to take. At the very least, if he really couldn’t avoid the fight, he thought it would be better to postpone it to a later time.

    However, Sila hadn’t added Ginny in his friend list so he couldn’t contact her.

    After hesitating for a moment, he decided to go back to his mansion first.

    After Sila appeared in his Mansion of Secret, he was shocked. The area was two times wider than before. His mansion was now a luxurious white mansion giving off the mysterious aura of the Mansion of the Seven Deadly Sins.

    “Welcome back, Master. All of your guests are in the dojo,” Julia greeted him.

    “Hello, Julia.” Sila nodded and went to the dojo. He found that aside from Bow and Poluk, Burapha was also there.

    “Hello, Big Brother Sila, have you already registered your name for the tournament?” Burapha greeted him.

    “It’s done.”

    “Then, pardon me. I will go and place a bet on you. I have around 230,000 gold now. Hopefully, your betting rate is high enough for us to make a great profit.”

    “In that case, take this money too.” Sila handed the money he got from killing Dorolia to Burapha.

    “20,000 gold? Big Brother Sila is quite fast at collecting money too.” Burapha was surprised. He invested almost 100,000 gold to reach his current capital. However, Sila seemed to gain money solely from hunting monsters.

    “I just killed a dragon,” Sila told Burapha.

    Burapha’s mouth was wide open. “You just killed a dragon? Another one?”

    Sila nodded.

    Burapha sighed. “I will go now. We should meet again one hour later at the restaurant near the registration desk to discuss our plan.”

    “Ah? Why won’t we do it here?”

    “The thing is, Big Sister Varee will be there too. I believe that Big Brother didn’t tell Big Sister Varee about this mansion, did you?”

    After they had departed last time, Burapha had already done his research about the Chamber of Secret and found out that the main objective of this special dimension was to avoid the lover. However, that was Sila’s own problem. That was why Burapha had always feigned ignorance every time Varee asked him about the debt.

    “Okay, then. See you later in one hour,” Sila said. Afterward, Burapha disappeared from this place.

    Lookhin flew to perch on Sila’s shoulder. It rubbed its head against Sila’s cheek to show its affection toward its missing master.

    Sila was moved by its cuteness. He was about to feed it the Snow Dragon Card before realizing something. He opened Lookhin’s status window and saw that its level had reached 1000. Hence, he fed it an Emperor Qi Pallet first.

    The system sound alerted.

    Monster Dark Brown Sparrow Lookhin has achieved a certain condition. Its rank is promoted from Knight to Dark Brown Sparrowhawk, Marquis Rank, Level 1.

    Lookhin’s size was 5-6 centimeters larger than before. Its eyes were as sharp as hawk’s eyes. Then, Sila fed it the Snow Dragon Card.

    Poluk, who was watching all the scenes, said to Sila, “Do you always feed that little bird the expensive items like that pellet and the dragon card?”

    “Yes, sir. Should I not do it?”

    “Nah, it’s cool. It is good that you don’t depend on in-game items. You will become more skilled this way.”

    Sila smiled at Poluk’s compliment. He was agreeing with Poluk. No matter how great these items were, they were just in-game materials. What he needed to depend on was his own body.

    Sila circulated qi while talking with Poluk and Bow until an hour had passed. Then, he teleported out of the Mansion of Secret and went to meet with Burapha.

  • Chapter 73: Last Night Before the Tournament

    Colossia City at night was particularly beautiful. The number of people walking on the street didn’t decrease much compared to in the daytime. The restaurants were full of people talking about the battle tournament that would take place tomorrow.

    Sila walked back to the registration desk. The restaurant that Burapha had mentioned wasn’t hard to find since it was the largest one next to the Colosseum. Sila went into the place.

    Everybody in the restaurant turned their eyes to Sila since no one else except him wore Beginner Clothes in Colossia City. Sila ignored their gazes and told the waiter that he had an appointment with friends. The waiter welcomed him and led him to special room number six.

    Once the door opened, Sila was surprised to see that there were three people waiting for him. They were Burapha, Varee, and Zero. Sila was clueless as to why Zero appeared at this place.

    “Big Brother Sila, welcome, sit here. We will talk while eating.” Burapha was the first to greet him.

    Sila walked to sit next to Burapha and then turned his head to greet Zero, “Mister Zero, why are you here?”

    “I’ve a business with Lone Wolf. I happened to run into Varee and remembered that she is your friend so I felt like dropping by to tell you something.”

    “Oh, I see. What is it?”

    “I heard that you will be participating in the battle tournament. Your odds are even as high as 10 to 1. I just want to warn you to be wary of being cheated.”

    “10 to 1? Is that very high?” asked Sila.

    “It is, Big Brother. The average odds are only 3-4. 10 to 1 is absurdly high. There’s even a new rule.”

    “What is the new rule?”

    “The odds are higher than usual, but there will be three rounds in the tournament. One has to win all three rounds to be able to obtain the betting money. You can withdraw from the tournament at the end of each round, but the money you will receive will be significantly lower.”

    “So, the bookmakers have a very big advantage, don’t they? There will be only one victor so they only have to pay the bet of that sole person.”

    “The bookmakers always have an advantage in every kind of gambling. It’s just too much for the tournament of this month,” Zero added.

    “And there are still people willing to bet?”

    “A risk is compensated by a higher return. There were complaints but they couldn’t change anything. By the way, the reason for the new rule is due to your participation.” Zero said.

    “Due to me? How?”

    Varee, who had been silent all the time, opened her mouth. “It is due to you. The gambling business is Royal Armament Guild’s business, not the system’s. The guild hires the NPC to conduct the tournament. The money invested in this business comes from Royal Armament Guild. At the port, Cross wasted hundreds of swords. With how close the war event is coming up, I guess that he is executing every way possible to increase their funds.”

    “This is the surprise that I planned to tell you, Big Brother. If we can win in this tournament, in addition to gaining money to pay off your debt, Cross is even the one who has to pay it for you. Big Brother has too many enemies. If we can manage to damage the funding of the Royal Armament Guild, this guild would even collapse on its own. This guild’s structure is supported by influence and benefit anyway.”

    Zero suddenly stood up. He put a turban on his head. “My business ends here. I am going.”

    “Wait. Will Mister Zero meet with Mister Lone Wolf? I want to give this item back to him.” Sila was about to take the bottle containing Emperor Qi Pellets out.

    “I’m just sightseeing. You better keep it to yourself and return it to Lone Wolf later. He will arrive at this city tomorrow.” At the end of Zero’s sentence, he was gone.

    Presently, Sila’s ability was significantly higher than before. With Galaxy Eclipse, he could sense that Zero had gone out of the room through the third window. Nevertheless, he could merely sense it but wasn’t able to follow Zero’s movement.

    Sila turned his head to the other two in the room. “What about Blue? Where is he?”

    “Big Brother Blue said that he has gotten some clues about Big Brother Sila’s teacher. He doesn’t want to leave this clue for long so he is personally investigating it.”

    Sila smiled. As expected of Bluebird the newshawk. Sila had thought it would be insanely difficult to get news about his teacher but Bluebird instead had gotten some clues already. Sila inwardly stopped complaining about the bad rumors Bluebird spread. Compared to the clues of his teacher’s whereabouts, these rumors were very trivial.

    Actually, giving how the time was very limited, Bluebird had decided to spread bad rumors about Sila. He knew better than anyone that bad rumors always spread faster than good ones.

    “Then, what should we talk about? We don’t know how they plan to cheat us anyway, though I will try my best to be wary of it.”

    “At the very least, be aware of their food and drinks. You better prepare them yourself or do not eat anything during the tournament,” Varee proposed.

    Sila nodded before starting to eat the food in front of him. “Oh, right. I’m not sure, but there is one thing that could possibly become a problem.”

    “What is it, Big Brother?”

    Sila told them the story between him and Ginny about the dual swords. Varee listened to the story silently as if she wasn’t interested. However, her right hand stopped in midair, holding the spoon.

    “A bet? There are many flaws in the proposal. How is that person certain that both of you will encounter each other in the tournament? What if you both lose? At the very least, I think Big Brother needs to add that person into your friend list.”

    Sila thought about Ginny’s behavior. “I think that person is not someone who gives attention to every detail.”

    “Well, please let me see the sword.”

    Sila opened his system window and took the sword out. Once he touched it, it exerted its freezing power out. Dorolia Sword was colder than any ice. Sila had to fuse the hot element into his hand to be able to place it down on the table. “Be careful. It’s very cold.”

    Burapha wore a pair of glasses and stared at it for a while before removing it. “Although it’s an S-grade item, you wouldn’t be able to sell it for high price. A dual item that each of it is one of a kind. Even with them together, their price should be too high for anyone to be able to purchase them.”

    “That person already has the other one, though.”

    “If Big Brother doesn’t plan to use it, you should sell it. You wouldn’t like to buy the other one anyway, would you?”

    Sila shook his head, indicating that he didn’t plan to buy it at all.

    “Does Sila want to give it to that person for free?” Varee asked.

    “I don’t plan to use it anyway. Why should I keep it?”

    “Ginny, is this person a woman or a man?”

    “The name is Ginny so, of course, she is a woman. Why does her gender matter anyway?” Sila asked back.

    Varee sucked up the water from the straw. “No, I’m just curious whether your decision to give it to her is related to her being a woman.”

    Sila was about to say that it wasn’t like that. However, talking about items made him remember something. He took out the Godly Oceanic Armor and Oceanic Trishula that he had obtained from the Water Dragon. He had unsealed them long ago.

    “I planned to give them to you long ago but I forgot.” Sila placed the items on the table, next to the Dorolia Sword, before he continued eating.

    The blue light armor and the trishula that was decorated with aquamarine were placed on the table. Burapha took out his previous glasses to inspect them. His eyes were enlarged. “Wow. Both of them are very good items. Does Big Brother Sila really want to give them to me?”

    Sila didn’t stop eating. He just nodded. “You don’t need to pay for them. Think of them as my thanks for all you have done for me.”

    “Thank you, Big Brother Sila.” Burapha already knew Sila’s nature so he didn’t importune Sila. “By the way, I also have one item for Big Brother.”

    Burapha handed Sila a small box.

    Sila took and opened it. Inside, there was a blue heart-shape hairpin decorated with several tiny diamonds. It looked very expensive.

    “It’s a finished product of the Jewel of the Sea that you gave me before.”

    “Doesn’t this belong to Varee? Why don’t you directly give it to her?” Sila asked.

    “Erm… I just think that it would be better if I gave it to Big Brother Sila.” Burapha mumblingly said.

    Sila didn’t give it much thought. He took it from Burapha and gave it to Varee. However, Varee didn’t take it. She just looked at it without saying anything.

    Sila placed it on the table in front of Varee while asking Burapha, “By the way, why did you choose to craft a hairpin?”

    “Ah, about that, since it’s an accessory for Big Sister Varee, I thought that I should craft one suitable for her. I didn’t choose a ring since she already has one. Also, a necklace or a bracelet would be hard to see with how Big Sister Varee tends to wear a kimono. In the end, I decide that it had to be a hairpin.”

    “Hey, Varee, why haven’t you taken it already? Why are you just looking at it?” Sila asked.

    “Sila, do you always give a gift to every woman you meet?” Varee asked.

    Sila didn’t understand Varee’s intention for asking such an unrelated question. “No, I don’t. Why do you ask? Won’t you wear it?”

    Varee pouted at Sila.

    “I don’t have a mirror.”

    “Is that so? I thought all women always carry one. I don’t have one either. Burapha, do you have one?”

    Burapha was about to say that a mirror wasn’t needed at all, just saying the word ‘equip’ was enough. However, he noticed Varees face reddened despite her expressionless face. Burapha inwardly grinned and answered, “I don’t have one, Big Brother.”

    Sila sighed. “Then, Varee, you just have to keep it and put it on later in your room.”

    “Big Brother, why don’t you help her put it on?” Burapha suggested, trying to hide his smile.

    “Should I? But I have never done this kind of thing before. Burapha, can you do it?”

    Why was his Big Brother so dense? Burapha hurriedly declined, “I have never done it too. By the way, it’s getting dark. I need to get up early tomorrow so I need to go now. Excuse me.”

    Burapha quickly said goodbye to both Sila and Varee and went out of the room.

    Sila was confused by Burapha’s behavior. It was just 9 PM. However, Sila thought that Burapha might have some more business to do so Sila didn’t interrupt him.

    “Well… I will try put it on you.” Sila took the hairpin from the box.

    Varee obediently leaned her head toward Sila. The process of putting on the hairpin wasn’t something complicated. Sila just had to remove Varee’s old hairpin before putting the new one in.

    Afterward, Varee took a mirror from her inventory to look at her new appearance. She was smiling mildly. Meanwhile, Sila was agape at her honest smile to the point that he totally forgot to ask her about the mirror that she supposedly didn’t have.

    “It looks okay. I’ll forgive you for all the things you have done in return.”

    “All the things I have done? Forgive? What have I done to upset you again? Oh, right, about our bet, I remember I have finished all the three promises you gave to me. Why did you tell me that there’s still one remained?”

    “That’s because you didn’t keep your first promise about telling me and my dad about your playing time. So, that promise is invalid. In conclusion, there is one promise left that you need to comply.”

    “Ah? I really didn’t intend to break the promise though. I planned to briefly enter the game but something unexpected happened.”

    “No worries. I’m in a good mood today. We can call it even and cancel the remaining promise.” Varee smiled.

    “Ah? Umm… okay. What’s wrong with you? Why are you suddenly in a good mood?”

    “Nothing in particular. It’s getting dark already. The tournament starts in the morning so we should go to rest now. By the way, where do you plan to stay?”

    “Oh, in a nearby hotel, of course,” Sila indistinctly answered.

    “Hmph. I will let you off the hook this time. See you tomorrow, then. I will watch you from the VIP seating.”

    Afterward, Varee went out of the restaurant with a smile on her face.

    Sila scratched his head. He then returned to the Mansion of Secret to prepare himself for tomorrow’s battles.

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    Chapter 74: The Preliminary Battle

    In the morning at the Colosseum, the number of players hanging around there was higher than usual. The commotion would be intense like this on the fifteenth of every month. The monthly battle tournament usually consisted of six to eight rounds. However, for this month, it seemed the number of rounds had been decreased to three or four. The detailed information would only be available before the tournament started.

    Sila went into the Colosseum and informed the NPC of his arrival. Then, he went to the waiting room.

    Upon entering the room, many eyes were staring at him. The atmosphere inside the room was intense and filled with the emittance of power. These powers were not used to oppress the opposing party but rather to gauge the ability of each individual.

    Sila didn’t want to waste his energy so he kept his qi within his body instead of releasing it. With Sila’s Qi Concealment, many players in the room looked at Sila with contempt.

    Sila sat on the bench in the room. Only a handful of people were having a conversation. Many eyes fell onto Sila but Sila did his best to ignore.

    Entering a battle tournament wasn’t something unusual for Sila. Before Teacher Mora went missing, he always brought Sila to compete against other dojos on a monthly basis. Sila had once asked his teacher why he had to compete against other dojos, but his teacher didn’t reply.

    In those tournaments, Sila sometimes won and sometimes lost. He mostly lost though. One thing he had learnt from those tournaments was to not be intimidated before the fight.

    The triangular jewel on Sila’s finger flashed without anyone noticing. In this tournament, Sila had brought Lookhin with him despite how the usual rules clearly stated that no pets were allowed. As for Bow, he no longer wanted to keep her in the ring after he had found out that she was a real girl. To prevent something bad from happening to her, Sila had left Bow in Sebastian’s care in the VIP room that Burapha had prepared. Well, it might be a needless worry since Poluk would also be there with her. Poluk said he wanted to witness Sila’s growth.

    The door was opened again. This time, the player entering was a small young woman. Her face was delicate but her eyes were as fierce as a tiger’s. These eyes of hers stared at Sila before she approached him. This young woman was Ginny.

    “Hello, Miss Ginny.” Sila was the first to greet her.

    “Um, you, I forgot to add you into my friends list yesterday.”

    “I thought so. There are many things we need to talk about.”

    Afterward, the two added each other into their friends lists. Sila told Ginny about what Burapha had said to him, about him wanting to sell the sword and the flaw in their bet.

    However, Ginny didn’t seem to listen to what Sila was saying. She just stared at her system window.

    Sila wondered if there was something wrong. “What’s wrong?”

    “Are you only at Knight Rank?” Ginny asked with doubt.

    “Hm? How did you know?”

    “B-grade system window,” She curtly answered.

    “Does it allow you to look at the a friend’s rank? Wow, cool. Mine is only C-grade.”

    Ginny didn’t continue to talk. She was greatly suspecting Sila’s ability. She planned to ask whether Sila had killed Dorolia alone but decided not to. The Dorolia Sword was all the proof she needed. It would drop only when a player manages to kill Dorolia in a one-on-one battle.

    She just didn’t understand how Sila could do it. Even she who was a Marquis Rank player couldn’t do it yet. Dorolia was a calm and collected dragon. It was unlikely that Sila could manage to kill it even with a plan.

    Actually, except for his own ability, the fact that Sila could kill the dragon was due to the help of slime skills. Slime skills are powerful and dangerous. They are also specifically designed to compete against dragons.

    “Little Girl, don’t waste your time talking to that little newbie. Come and talk to me instead,” One man teased Ginny, followed by a laughter from other players.

    It was uncommon for a female player to participate in Colossia’s battle tournament. Female players tend to play as long-range attackers or supporters. Even the combat ones don’t usually take part in the battle tournament. Thus, Ginny quickly became the center of attention.

    Though, unlike Sila, she didn’t hesitate to unleash her oppressive magic power. Silence fell. Many of male players shut their mouths and stopped making fun of her.

    A system sound echoed across the Colosseum.

    “Dear all participants, due to the number of participants this month being higher than usual, the tournament host has decided that a preliminary battle is needed. We will soon randomly sort and teleport each participant to one of eight battle zones that are separated from each other.”

    Commotion followed the announcement. Colossia’s battle tournament had never had a preliminary battle before.

    The system sound continued. Everyone had to quiet down to listen.

    “In the preliminary battle, all contestants have to fight against each other in a battle royale style. The last survivor of each battle zone will enter the quarterfinals. The rest of the rules are the same as before; no pets, potions, or supplements are allowed to be used.”

    At the end of the sentence, every contestant was randomly teleported away one by one. Sila was one of them.


    In Colossia’s Colosseum.

    All kinds of people were sitting and preparing to watch the tournament. There were ten VIP rooms available. One of them was booked by Sila’s acquaintances.

    Lone Wolf and Ratri were also here. Both of them had happened to meet Varee a moment ago and Burapha had invited them into the room to observe the battle. Varee and Burapha weren’t close to Lone Wolf so no one had asked him yet about the reason for his arrival.

    The sound telling them about the change of the rules ended, causing Lone Wolf’s brows to furrow. The battle tournament of this month was very fishy. He had never heard about the preliminary battle before.

    “Let’s hope that it won’t become a problem,” Lone Wolf said.

    “What’s the problem?” Burapha asked. Although he had done his research about Colossia’s battle tournament, this was actually his first time being related to it.

    “Well, it might be my needless worrying. I just think that the battle is indeed as distrustful as I have suspected. As expected of Royal Armament guild, especially during this time when the war event is near,” Lone Wolf said.

    “With this, can that guy Sila win?” Ratri said. She was the only one in the room who had never met Sila.

    “That’s fine. I think Sila can manage it. Although Cross wants to cheat, he couldn’t do it too obvious since there are many people here. He wouldn’t risk damaging his guild reputation too much. In the end, the deciding factor is contestant’s ability.”

    “Even if that’s the case. How confident you are that Sila will win? Don’t forget that this matter is related to our sect,” Rati continued.

    Varee and Burapha began to wonder. How did Sila’s victory or defeat relate to Victorious Wolves Sect? However, before Lone Wolf could answer, the door of the VIP room was opened.

    Sebastian, Poluk, and Bow entered. Sila had already mentioned to Varee and Burapha that these three would join to observe the fight. Nevertheless, except for Burapha who had met Bow and Lone Wolf who had met Sebastian, no one had met these three before.

    “Sebastian?” Lone Wolf exclaimed, “How can you be here?”

    “Hello again, Mister Lone Wolf. It seems we meet again,” Sebastian greeted him.

    In the mansion, Sebastian might be restricted by some kind of condition to not harm him and Sila. However, this place was another story. Lone Wolf didn’t know whether Sebastian was friend or foe so he secretly circulated his qi. He couldn’t imagine the danger of a Lord-Rank monster.

    “Welcome, Bow. I will introduce everyone to you,” Burapha talked to Bow and started to introduced people to her, “This is Big Sister Varee, Mister Lone Wolf, and Miss Ratri who is Mister Lone Wolf’s friend.”

    “Hello everyone, my name is Bow. The persons next to me are Sebby and Uncle Poluk.” Bow lowered her head.

    “It can talk? Is this one the rumored pink slime?” Ratri stared intently at Bow, “What are you guys to Sila?”

    “My status is a pet. Well, to be exact, I’m Mister Sila’s butler. As for Bow, she is Mister Sila’s Little Sister.”

    “Sebby is not a pet. Sebby is my Big Brother,” Bow argued.

    For the record, Sila didn’t like the sound of a ‘pet’. Lookhin was one thing, but Bow was actual person while Sebastian was stronger than him. Thus, Sila regarded Bow as his Little Sister and regarded Sebastian as his butler.

    “A pet? You? Aren’t you a player?” Ratri asked.

    “I’m not human. I’m a monster,” replied Sebastian.

    For the record, the AIs in this game were set to understand that Monster Soul wasn’t the in-game world. Every time player mentions the word ‘player’, they would comprehend that word as ‘human’. Meanwhile, when the word ‘real world’ or ‘outside the game’ is mentioned, they would comprehend such place as the special dimension that only allows human to access.

    “A monster? But you’re clearly a human. Oh? Are you a monster that has the appearance similar to human?” Ratri continued asking.

    Lone Wolf stopped the uncomprehending Ratri by stating the fact, “Mister Sebastian is a Lord Rank monster.”

    Burapha and Ratri were agape. Even Varee who was giving her attention to Bow was startled. She knew the best that Sila had only been playing this game for two weeks in real time. How could he manage to keep a Lord Rank monster as his pet? This was very incomprehensible for her.

    “Lord Rank monster in a normal dimension? That’s crazy. This is big news,” Ratri said while keeping her distance away from Sebastian. She started to concentrate her power to prepare for a fight that might occur.

    Meanwhile, Lone Wolf had quit circulating his qi long ago. He could sense that Sebastian didn’t possess any evil intentions. Now, what he was more interested in was the other man. This man should be a qi-type like him. Lone Wolf had tried to probe this man’s ability for a while but it was useless. He couldn’t measure the depth of this man’s power. That would mean this man’s ability was higher than him.

    The man who possessed higher qi than him, the Qi Emperor. Lone Wolf was dying to know this man’s identity and the relationship between this man and Sila.

    “What about this Uncle? Are you also a pet?” Ratri directly asked.

    “Ratri! Be quiet!” This was a first time that Lone Wolf scolded Ratri. Not to mention her, even the rest of the players were panic that Lone Wolf seemed to be this anxious.

    How could Lone Wolf not be anxious? At the very least, this man’s ability should be above his. Ratri was always with him. At the Victorious Wolves Sect, she was free to act without thinking. This lead to her being unthoughtful with her words.

    If this man was upset and wanted to kill Ratri, Lone Wolf wasn’t certain that he could protect her.

    Ratri’s eyes moistened, looking at her lover. Lone Wolf had never scolded her before.

    “I’m sorry. She doesn’t know what's what,” Lone Wolf expressed his apology to Poluk.

    “Don’t worry. I don’t mind. By the way, I’m not Sila’s pet. I’m just his acquaintance,” Poluk replied.

    Poluk’s friendly tone lessened Lone Wolf’s tension. He let out a big sigh and turned his head to comfort Ratri. However, she sulked.

    “Young Miss, don’t be angry at this young man. He is just worried about you. He even circulated Sun God Qi just to protect you from me. His ability is not bad,” Poluk said. In Monster Soul, there should only be a handful of people who could regard Lone Wolf as ‘not bad’. However, Lone Wolf didn’t feel humiliated. Instead, he began to admire Poluk.

    “Uncle Poluk is very kind. He wouldn’t be angry. However, if Big Sister did that to Master Viola… I don’t dare imagine the result. Anyway, Uncle Poluk is my uncle.”

    “Bow’s uncle? Is that mean…?” Burapha was curious.

    “Correct. I’m a slime,” Poluk filled the sentence.

    Everyone in the room was shocked. This meant Poluk must be a Lord-Rank monster too.

    “Two Lord Rank monsters in this room. Hermit won’t believe me,” Ratri muttered.

    “Better stop talking about us and pay attention to the tournament instead. The battle is about to start,” Poluk said, causing everyone to shift their interest to the arenas within Colosseum. There were currently eight arenas in their sight.

    “Where is Big Brother Sila?” Bow asked. After spending her time looking for a while, she could spot Sila in the fourth arena. Sila could easily be spotted as he was the only person wearing Beginner Clothes.

    “Why is Big Brother Sila still wearing Beginner Clothes?” Burapha was curious. He had believed that Sila was wearing Beginner Clothes to increase the credibility of Bluebird’s rumors. However, Sila should stop that already as the bet had been placed.

    “Big Brother Sila’s clothes were ragged after his fight against Snow Dragon Dorolia, that’s why,” Bow answered this question of Burapha. She was listening to this story from Poluk at last night.

    “Snow Dragon Dorolia? Unbelievable. How could a new player fight against a dragon?” Ratri argued.

    “I didn’t lie! Big Brother Sila really did fight against the Snow Dragon alone.”

    Ratri looked at Bow’s puffed cheek. She said, “I didn’t mean that you’re lying. But, umm, maybe your Big Brother was able to hunt it with the help of his friends. There would be no sane person who fights solo against a dragon.

    Poluk didn’t say anything but let out a mysterious laugh, “Fufu.”

    “Then, Big Brother Sila is really not a sane person. I have the evidence that he solo-killed the dragon. Look at this,” Burapha took out the Dorolia Sword that Sila entrusted him to take care of it.

    Ratri looked at the sword with her widened eyes.

    “Guys, look at the arena. The number of people is strange,” Varee, who was looking at Sila, spoke.

    Then, everyone noticed. The number of contestants in the fourth arena was significantly higher than others. They were more than fifty contestants in the fourth arena while the rest only had around ten contestants each. Some arenas even had only three contestants.

    “It’s Cross’ work,” Lone Wolf said. He spotted that more than half of the contestants in the fourth arena belonged to the Royal Armament guild. It seemed the ‘random sorting’ was not as ‘random’ as it should be.

    “This seems fun. It reminds me of my old days,” Poluk said.

    Ratri looked at everyone in the room with a peculiar feeling. Although many of them said that they were worried about Sila, they showed no concern on their faces. Good grief, she looked at the Dorolia Sword and sighed. Her eyes were fixed on the only player who wore the Beginner Clothes.

    What was special about this man? Why did everyone seem have faith in him?

  • Sila doesn't make sense.  He's in so much debt that he should be selling anything he doesn't need instead of giving it away like the swords.  I guess it would only be drops in a ocean of debt, but still.
  • vkg313 said:
    Sila doesn't make sense.  He's in so much debt that he should be selling anything he doesn't need instead of giving it away like the swords.  I guess it would only be drops in a ocean of debt, but still.
    Yeah, I, for sure, would do something like you said. Well, I guess Sila's thought process is like:
    - A new monster card? I will keep it to feed Lookhin later.
    - A new item? I'm not good with the price. Better give it to Burapha to handle it.
    - Oh? This woman said she is in need of this sword? Hmm... I haven't checked its price with Burapha yet.
    - Well, she seems urgent and it doesn't seem like she is a bad person. Getting this sword isn't included in Burapha's plan anyway. My debt is supposed to be cleared regardless of I have this sword or not. It should be okay if I give it to her. Anyway, let's hear her reason for wanting it.
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    Chapter 75: Not Really Strong

    “Good day, everyone. Today, we are given the honor of being the commentators of this month’s Colossia battle tournament. I, Noppakorn, and my co-commentator, Rattana, are at your service,” said the plain-looking man who sat beside a black-haired young woman in the special seats above the arenas. In this seating position, they could observe every movement in the arenas. Moreover, there were several large screens showing the different angles of the arenas.

    “Yes, hello, everyone. We are members of the Blue Pigeon Information Guild. We specialize in analyzing a player’s skills and fighting ability. Today, we were invited to give the analysis of the fights occurring in this monthly battle tournament. This is our tenth time doing this.”

    Both of them were invited due to their knowledge regarding player skills. No one was more knowledgeable in skills than these two. They were usually invited to analyze the fight to give joy to the audience.

    The Blue Pigeon Information Guild was neutral and knowledgeable so its members were often invited or hired to do this kind of task. It was also beneficial that they were being invited, as they could use this chance to collect information on the dark horses that usually appeared in this kind of event.

    “This time, the number of participants is really high. That must be the reason why there is a preliminary battle that had never taken place before. Miss Rattana, can you tell us which arena is interesting?”

    “I personally think that the fourth arena is very interesting. There are many contestants there. Many players wouldn’t have prepared for a battle royale so there must be quite a lot of confusion.”

    “Okay, so we will start at this arena first.” Noppakorn enlarged the screens showing the battle scenes of the fourth arena.

    “Oh? There is a new player here.” Rattana exclaimed.

    “Ah? I wonder how he got lost there. I feel pity for him. He won’t survive. Okay, the fight is about to start. Let’s watch it.”

    Rattana nodded. All of the spectators’ attention fell onto the fourth arena.


    At the fourth arena,

    There were many things that the commentators incorrectly analyzed. One of them was the anticipation that many people wouldn’t have prepared themselves for a battle royale. To prove this point, as soon as the fighting signal went off, more than thirty players went for Sila’s life in unison. They even came at him orderly as if they had practiced together for this kind of event.

    Once the battle had started, Sila slightly lowered his center of gravity. His feet were placed in the most suitable position. Sila was very experienced in the sudden changes that happened during battle. For example, for every fight he had against the dragon, he had never prepared himself before the fight. Thus, he wasn’t panicked at all despite seeing many players rushing at him.

    There were two things that were beneficial to Sila. Firstly, there were only players who specialized in close-combat. Not even a single one of them was a long-range attacker. This must be because one-on-one battles that would eventually take place, thus, all the player participating in this fight were close-combat fighters.

    Secondly, not every contestant was Sila’s enemy. There were more than twenty players who were put into this arena. Hence, not every attack was aimed at Sila.

    It wasn’t clear if Sila was lucky or unfortunate. His starting point was at a corner of the arena. This meant he didn’t need to defend his back while it also meant there was no way for him to step back.

    One spear was thrust at him. Sila didn’t hurry. He stepped obliquely using Twelve Celestial-Travelling-Steps while activating Moon Reflecting Mirror using his left hand.

    The spear user was shouting, “Die!” at Sila. However, uncontrolled by him, the tip and power of his spear was guided to the left and stabbed at another player next to him.

    The one who was stabbed fell into a rage, he shouted, “Such a sneak attack! Your cowardly bastard!” before slashing his blade at the spearman.

    Sila’s method was to lead other players to fight among themselves. He only needed to keep evading and parrying the attacks using Twelve Celestial-Travelling-Steps coupled with Moon Reflecting Mirror.

    The fourth arena soon became chaotic. The battle formation that was designed to gang up on Sila couldn’t show half its effectiveness. That was because each player was starting to aim at the “cowards” first.

    Presently, Sila depended only on psychic power. There were many rounds of battle waiting for him so he would like to avoid wasting his qi if possible.

    It was his first time using Twelve Celestial-Travelling-Steps within a chaotic battlefield. At that time when he fought against Sebastian, those skeletons summoned by Sebastian had slow movement speed and didn’t have many attacking patterns. When he fought against Dorolia, those ice pillars were a sitting target and the snow fairies were moving in a specific pattern.

    Nevertheless, his current battlefield truly fell into the confusing state. Some attacks were aimed at Sila while some weren’t. Sila had walked all over the arena. He stepped past many fights that occurred within the fourth arena but not even one attack could hit him.

    Sila’s ability to use Twelve Celestial-Travelling-Steps was growing without him being aware of it. To another people’s perspective, it would seem like Sila was just strolling around the battlefield as the onlooker.

    Lone Wolf was the first to notice what Sila was doing. He said, “Sila has indeed become stronger. I didn’t imagine him to be this strong within such a short period of time.”

    “Although that kid is a practice maniac, he is someone who will become much stronger by experiencing actual combat. Only being on a real battlefield like this could make him shine,” said Poluk.

    “Huh? I don’t see how that man is strong, though. All he is doing is evading the attacks. He’s yet to attack anyone,” said Ratri.

    “Sila must be planning to conserve his power and stamina, Ratri. Even if he could win against them all in a one-to-many battle, it isn’t a smart choice for him to take. He would be exhausted that way. The upcoming fights in quarterfinals are not something you should take lightly. The contestants able to win in the preliminary battle won’t be simple,” Lone Wolf explained.

    “Even if you told me he is someone who grows faster by engaging in real combat, isn’t his speed of growth too shocking? He just started this game two or three weeks ago.” Varee expressed her suspicion.

    Varee’s statement was not baseless. There were always walls that humans eventually had to encounter. These walls were called limits. Limits of self-practicing. Limits of talent. Whatever it is.

    Some people may have fast growth rate due to their talent or expertise. However, sooner or later, everybody would face these walls. The wall that they wouldn’t be able to climb over no matter how they tried or how many hours they spent. Only a handful of people could overcome such walls.Those people are referred to as geniuses.

    Lone Wolf silently listened to Varee. He fully knew the meaning behind her statement. For him, when he had just entered this game, his speed of growth also outstripped his peers. However, during this last year, his growth stumbled. Although it was true that he had become stronger than the him of the last year, it wasn’t as strong as he had expected.

    “Well, I think that kid was raised in a special environment. Despite that kid telling me that he was raised in a dojo, he doesn’t possess any martial arts. His mentor must have some motive for raising him this way. I guess that his mentor must have only aimed for Sila to have keen senses and combat knowledge. That kid should have only performed self-practice without any real combat experience. I don’t know his mentor’s reason, though,” Poluk gave his remark.

    Hearing this, Varee added, “My dad once said that he was very worried for Sila who was always practicing. My dad said that although Sila’s teacher was a good man, he hadn’t had a child before so he was sometimes too hard on Sila. When he was young, Sila didn’t get to play around like a kid his age. His main activity was practicing. He also didn’t get to meet many people except the other disciples in his dojo. Moreover, my dad said that Sila hadn’t been taught martial arts. Strangely enough, except for Sila, his teacher taught martial arts to other disciples. My dad had once asked him why but he didn’t answer.”

    No one would be able to comprehend Mora’s thought.

    Based on Varee’s story, Sila really hadn’t had a chance to train any martial arts. He was only allowed to engage in real combat once per month. Hence, after he had entered Monster Soul, the real battles had refined him to reach his current level. All his training in muscle, keen sense, instinct, and mind during the past twenty years were the roots of his growth.

    “The fight is about to end,” Poluk said. All the eyes in the room focused on the arena again.

    As the other arenas had fewer contestants, the victors had already been decided. As for the fourth arena, there were only six people left. The one who stood out the most would be a man in Beginner Clothes who was without a single scratch.

    Sila was surrounded by the remaining five. His hands were kept behind his back while he was looking around the arena.

    Sila’s strategy was no longer applicable. The fewer the players, the fewer fights occurred. Moreover, these five belonged to the same origin. Although there were injuries on their body, all of them were keeping their cool and waiting for a chance to attack Sila.

    Sila couldn’t help but smile. He wasn’t someone obsessed with fighting but sometimes it was fun for him when he got to fight. He quit using Moon Reflecting Mirror and started to circulate qi.

    For the record, Twelve Celestial-Travelling-Steps was a profound movement skill, not a skill generated by the system. It was the reason why Sila was able to use Moon Reflecting Mirror together with it.

    Sila concealed his qi but secretly expanded Galaxy Eclipse to cover all the five players. The radius of the arena was several times smaller than the area that he had fought against Dorolia so this was nothing hard for Sila to do.

    Then, Sila deliberately turned his back to one of the five players.

    Seeing the chance, that player immediately rushed at Sila while lifting a psychic-reinforced metal hammer in the air.

    Luckily for Sila, even if they were fighting in a group, they were not in the same party. That was why they couldn’t use a wide-area skill that would affect themselves. His opponents thought that Sila had played Monster Soul less than one month so just hitting him with a psychic-reinforced weapon was enough to send him to his death.

    Once one man moved, the rest also did the same in harmony. Looking at the scene, ten out of ten people would think that it was a group fight, not a battle royale.

    Sila’s smile contradicted with his position as the one being besieged. He lifted his left hand to the sky while releasing a huge amount of magic power. The triangle-shaped ring flashed an intense light.

    “Light of Forest.” With the skill name being announced, the light soon entirely enveloped the fourth arena.

    Sila only had few seconds. He reproduced Varee’s technique that she used on him at the Weapon Shop. Sila didn’t have any chance to clearly witness Varee’s fight but he perceived that Varee must be someone who could deal a powerful blow in an instant. Thus, when the need to kill enemies within the shortest possible time arised, Sila decided to use this technique of Varee.

    The hammer hadn’t even approached Sila’s body yet when two of Sila’s daggers that were reinforced with qi were fired at the throats of the two players that were furthest from him. For the record, they were about to lift their hand to cover their eyes from the light.

    Sila’s daggers hadn’t hit the target yet, but Sila continued his movement without waiting to see the result. He spun himself halfway and used his qi-reinforced left hand to strike at the nape of the neck of the hammer user. Since the hammer user didn’t defend himself using psychic reinforcement and was hit at the vital spot, this single attack of Sila was enough to kill the man.

    As for Sila’s right hand, it was imbued with the power from World Crossing Bridge. Sila parried the impact of the metal hammer and migrated the power within it. He also didn’t forget to add his own qi reinforcement into the attack.

    The hammer slipped from the owner’s grip and was thrown at the chest of another player. With the impact, his armor was broken and his chest was flattened. He coughed out blood and fell onto the ground.

    Using the momentum of the hammer throwing, Sila shifted his body to dashed at the last player.

    All of this didn’t happen because Sila was able to see during Light of Forest’s activation time. This skill was a normal item skill attached to the ring and also affected the wearer. That was why people tended not to use it but prefered light spells like Varee. However, Sila was a slime race so he couldn’t learn any spell except Orbiting Cosmos. Nevertheless, within Galaxy Eclipse’s effect, the word ‘see’ couldn’t possibly describe what he currently witnessed.

    Sila clenched his right fist. He put his qi reinforcement and the hardening attribute of Formless Soldier within it before throwing this punch at the unlucky player.

    The C-grade armor was broken into pieces and the man’s body flew away several meters.

    All these events happened way too fast. Simultaneously, the hammer hit the fourth player while Sila’s two daggers precisely stabbed at the first and second player’s throats. Sila didn’t plan to collect these daggers so he deliberately input more qi than usual to make it explode upon contact. At the same time that the daggers exploded, Sila fist connected to his last opponent.

    The light faded off. The scene in the arena caused everyone to feel confused. In the fourth arena, there was only a man in Beginner Clothes standing. Well, there was also one man collapsing on the floor. But his chest was flattened by the metal hammer. He would die sooner or later.

    After four to five seconds passed, that man finally died. The system announced.

    “The victor of the fourth arena is Player Sila!”

    A cheer echoed throughout the Colosseum. Although most people didn’t know how Sila could do it, they were happy and excited to see a dark horse appear in the tournament.

    The two commentators who always kept their eyes open to the fights in the fourth arena couldn’t say anything. Based on what they had seen, Sila had only activated the Light of Forest skill. It was just a trash skill attached to a ring.

    “Ermm… Mister Noppakorn, what is your opinion about the fight that just has ended?” asked Rattana.

    Noppakorn thought for a moment before saying his mind. “I believe that Player Sila is not as strong as he made us believe him to be. He just got lucky.”

    “Got lucky? Although it’s true that he didn’t do anything except avoiding attacks throughout the battles, in the end, he was able to win against the last five players, wasn’t he?”

    “That is why I said he got lucky. In addition, he is sly.”

    “Sly? How?”

    “Based on the information, Player Sila has been playing this game for no more than three weeks. There is no way for him to win against veteran players that have been playing this game for a year. My guess is, during his usage of Light of Forest, he performed sneak attacks on those five players. Those five were heavily injured from the previous battle so just a light hit was enough to take their life. As for the one that was hit by the hammer, obviously, he must have suffered from an attack caused by another player. Sigh. For Colossia’s sacred battle tournament, I don’t think that a coward like him deserves to be here. He won’t be lucky for too long. He will lose in the next round, I guarantee it.”

    Rattana furrowed her brows. Both of them were representing Blue Pigeon Information Guild and their analysis was supposed to be neutral. She didn’t think it was professional for Noppakorn to talk badly of Sila with such a baseless assumption.

    “Well, as for me, I think we will have to wait to see what he can actually do.”

    “Though, I don’t think we will be able to see anything. New players usually have very few health points. Just one hit should be enough to take care of him.”

    Rattana’s suspicions grew. What was happening? Why did Noppakorn talk badly about a player? Nevertheless, as she had known Noppakorn for a long time, she didn’t refute anything and decided to ask him about it later.

    Meanwhile, the atmosphere was different in the VIP room. Varee was smiling as she noticed that Sila mimicked her moves.

    As for Bow, she was sitting on several pads stacking together to heighten her field of vision to see the arena clearly. Currently, her cheek was puffed up. Next to her was Sebastian who was serving her tea and desserts.

    “How can that man talk badly of Big Brother Sila. Bow won’t allow it,” Bow said.

    “Lady Bow, you are not satisfied? Mister Sila has ordered me to take a good care of you. How about letting me handle this problem?” Sebastian said with a smile.

    “What will you do, Sebby?” Bow asked with innocent eyes.

    “I have one spell that is very suitable for someone like him. Lady Bow doesn’t need to know the details. You can just be certain that he won’t dare to offend Mister Sila ever again,” plainly explained Sebastian. However, the disturbance of black magic power in the air caused Lone Wolf to break out in a cold sweat.

    “Hey, hey, don’t spoil Bow too much,” Poluk warned.

    Sebastian smiled and replied back, “Yes, Sir Poluk.”

    Poluk could sense that, despite Sebastian saying so, the butler might plan to do it later.

    Well, this wasn’t his problem. Thus, Poluk no longer paid it any mind.

  • backbiter = person who talk behind someone back
    the correct english word for that is "backstabber"
  • null said:
    backbiter = person who talk behind someone back
    the correct english word for that is "backstabber"
    You make a good point.
    Backstabber would be slightly off as the attacker (the Royal Armament Guild member) and the player being attacked (normal player) is not a comrade, so it's not like there is any betrayal. The one who was hit was just angry at the fact that he was suddenly hit by (what he thought as) a sneak attack.

    I edited them as "cowardly bastard", "coward" instead. Any comments?
  • Sinless said:
    vkg313 said:
    Sila doesn't make sense.  He's in so much debt that he should be selling anything he doesn't need instead of giving it away like the swords.  I guess it would only be drops in a ocean of debt, but still.
    Yeah, I, for sure, would do something like you said. Well, I guess Sila's thought process is like:
    - A new monster card? I will keep it to feed Lookhin later.
    - A new item? I'm not good with the price. Better give it to Burapha to handle it.
    - Oh? This woman said she is in need of this sword? Hmm... I haven't checked its price with Burapha yet.
    - Well, she seems urgent and it doesn't seem like she is a bad person. Getting this sword isn't included in Burapha's plan anyway. My debt is supposed to be cleared regardless of I have this sword or not. It should be okay if I give it to her. Anyway, let's hear her reason for wanting it.
    So true.  Still an idiot.

    I wonder if Noppakornis actually working with Burapha to increase his odds.  Unlikely though.

  • Chapter 76: A Dark Horse

    “The next round is the quarterfinals. The quarterfinals and the following rounds will all be one-on-one duels. The tournament host will be the one who randomly matches the contestants and prepares the fighting arena for them. The rules are exactly the same as the previous round,” Noppakorn said.

    “I can’t believe that the preliminary round has taken almost an hour to finish. Usually, the result is out within thirty minutes for any round,” Rattana added a comment.

    “I think so. Anyway, the preliminary round has significantly decreased the number of rounds needed to be held. I believe that it is very good for saving us time. Well, the next round is about to begin.”

    Four arenas appeared in the Colosseum. All four of them were separated by an energy barrier that divided the floor into four parts.

    After the prelim, the players would get time to rest for at least fifteen minutes. The faster one became the victor, the longer the resting time one had.

    In the preliminary round, Sila was the last to become a victor. Thus, he had gotten the least time to prepare himself. However, that wasn’t a problem for him at all. Sila had spent very little power into his fight. His health points didn’t even decrease. He just needed two minutes to regenerate his power back to full.

    Ginny was also able to pass the preliminary round. She was closing her eyes and regenerating her power since Sila had come to the resting room. Sila guessed that she must have spent a lot of her power so he didn’t interrupt her concentration.

    “To every contestant, you all need to be prepared. You will enter the next round in thirty seconds,” the announcement resonated in the resting room.

    Ginny opened her eyes. She turned her head to talk to Sila, “Don’t hold back if we get to fight each other.”

    Sila smiled at the corner of his mouth, “I’m not strong enough to be able to hold back.”

    She nodded. The two no longer continued their conversation.

    Soon, every contestant was teleported into the arena. By the way, although Sila said he won’t hold back if he has to fight against Ginny, he hoped he wouldn’t encounter her.

    It wasn’t that he would hold back against a woman. His teacher, Mora, always taught him not to think that way during the battle, otherwise, it would be disrespectful toward the opponent. His teacher also told Sila that once they have stepped into a fight, the fighter is just a fighter, nothing more and nothing less.

    Nevertheless, Sila had never experienced a direct confrontation against a woman. Although he understood his teacher’s words, he wasn’t sure whether he would unconsciously hold back.

    Once his eyes opened, Sila found that he was standing on the grass-field arena. There was no notable difference between this arena and the usual one except for the grassy sensation under his shoes.

    Sila looked at his opponent for this round and felt relief that his opponent wasn’t Ginny but a man.

    This man wore elegant white wuxia clothes embroidered with golden lines. His face was very handsome. His hair was long and wrapped in a ponytail, similar to the hairstyle of a scholar in a wuxia novel. In his hand, there was a white foldable fan painted with several kinds of flowers.

    Sila took a look at himself. He was wearing wuxia-style Beginner Clothes that were made from a cheap brown fabric. There were many patches on the clothes from when Julia had fixed them. Although Julia had seamed them neatly, the trails were visible to the eyes. As for the Beggar's Cloak, Sila had unequipped it as it was in his way when he fought.

    Sila’s appearance couldn’t be considered good-looking though he wasn’t an ugly one. His hair was not too short and not too long. The only thing Sila did to his hair on a daily basis was combing through it one or two times so it was currently messy like a bird’s nest. Sila was growing up in a dojo so he hadn’t paid attention to being stylish or maintained his looks.

    Although he and his opponent were both wuxia-style players, the difference between their looks was unbelievable.

    Despite how the battle had not started yet, Sila was wondering why his opponent still hadn’t taken a stance. At the very least, his opponent should circulate qi or ready his form. On the contrary, his opponent seemed to completely ignore Sila. He was waving his hand at the audience on the grandstand.

    “Kyaaaaa!!!” The girls squealing was resonated from the grandstand, startling Sila.

    The two commentators shifted their interest from other arenas to the third arena where Sila was.

    “Oh, look at that guy, Deity Lomyok. He is in the third arena and matched against Player Sila. By the way, Player Sila’s title is...” Noppakorn looked at his system window then sighed, “Oh, he doesn’t possess one.”

    T/N: In the raws, the original meaning of his title (“Deity”) is “male deity/god/angel”. Nevertheless, it is a norm for Asia people (or at least in Thai) to use this word to refer to a man who is really handsome.

    “Kyaaaa. Mister Lomyok,” Rattana squealed with delight.

    Noppakorn turned to look at Rattana, “Please keep your cool, Miss Rattana. Be neutral, be neutral.”

    “Oops, I’m sorry for losing myself. Well, it can’t be helped. It’s a very rare chance for me to watch Mister Lomyok live.”

    Noppakorn made a boring expression, “So, he usually dies when you see him?”

    “Wah? What are you saying, Mister Noppakorn? Why do you have to act like this? By the way, aren’t you interested in Mister Lomyok at all? You are very strange.”

    “It would be stranger if I’m interested in him. I’m a man, you know?”

    Lomyok lifted his fan to wave at himself. The girls squealing was echoed throughout the grandstand, “Kyaaaa. Mister Lomyok is waving his fan.”

    Noppakorn was fed up with this. Although Bluebird had begged him to talk badly of Sila during the tournament to avoid the attention of people from Royal Armament guild, it was too much to ask him to compliment someone like Lomyok.

    “Kyaaaaa.” There was screaming like something big was happening. Noppakorn shifted his gaze to the arena only to find that all Lomyok did was just folding his fan.

    Noppakorn opened his system window to boringly read Lomyok’s information in a monotonous tone.

    “Player Lomyok. He is granted the “Deity” title based on his appearance and the beauty of his moves. He has never gotten a wound on his face. Some players call him “Jade-like Deity”. It's said that if there was a female’s beauty ranking in Monster Soul, Goddess of Purified Water would be among the top; On the other hand, if there was a male’s ranking, the first position couldn’t belong to anyone but Deity Lomyok.”

    T/N: Lomyok (pronounce as “Lom-Yhok”) is a name consist of two parts: Lom and Yok. ‘Lom’ means ‘wind’ in Thai while ‘Yok’ means ‘Jade’. Thus, the alternative to his title ‘Jade-like Deity’ is a play on the words in his name. (In fact, in the raws, his alternate title is something translated as ‘a male deity who has a jade-like face’).

    Noppakorn closed his system window while pondering how the hell the information of this player was mostly about his looks.

    “Hey, hey, why don’t you continue explaining?” asked Rattana.

    “The rest of the information is not yet to be confirmed. I’m afraid I will damage our guild’s reputation.”

    “Kyaaa. He just smiled at me,” Rattana let out a sound (together with a group of women who sat in the same side, and of course, all of them said that Lomyok had directed his smile at her).

    “Miss Rattana, I think we should continue doing our duty to analyze the player and the battle. Otherwise, if you squeal every time Player Lomyok clenches his butt, picks his nose, or farts, we won’t be able to do our job,” Noppakorn said sarcastically.

    “What? There is no way Mister Lomyok would do something shameful like that.”

    “Yeah, yeah, I was just pointing out the examples. There is no way Mister Lomyok would do something like that. Now, could you please turn your attention to the analysis?”

    “Wait, usually, it is your duty to explain the player’s background. Nevertheless, if you won’t do it for Mister Lomyok, I will do it myself.”

    “Please do. I would be very glad if you did it for me,” Noppakorn decided to stop talking about both Sila and Lomyok. Rattana could say whatever she wanted.

    Bluebird had begged him to give Sila less attention during his fights. Although this plan wouldn’t work for long, it could help Sila to some degree. In the preliminary, Sila didn’t show exceptional battle prowess so Noppakorn was able to cover it up.

    “Well, I, Rattana, will inform you about Player Lomyok’s information. Based on our source, the true identity of Mister Lomyok is a prince of a small country. He is a half-breed and is able to speak more than eight languages. Kyaa!!! How can he be this perfect? Ahem. The clothes that Mister Lomyok is currently wearing is made of the White Wyvern’s fur. Our source said that Mister Lomyok had raided it alone.”

    “Kya. Mister Lomyok is very strong.” The girl’s squealing could be heard all over the grandstand.

    “By the way, let me explain about the White Wyvern rather than Mister Lomyok,” Noppakorn interrupted, “The wyvern is a creature that is close to transform into a dragon. We can call it a scaleless dragon. It varies in species and size. Some of them are similar in size to humans while some may be as big as a dragon. For your information, the White Wyvern that we are talking about is five times larger than human. It lives in a group and their average rank is Knight Rank. Its habitat is unknown. If Player Lomyok ‘really’ did raid it alone, his ability would certainly not be too bad.”

    Rattana pouted at Noppakorn, “It is surely the truth. By the way, what are you saying? Not too bad? It’s a wyvern, you know? How many players do you think are able to hunt it alone?”

    “Oho, I think there are plenty of them. Not to mention the Four Emperors, I think the vice-leaders of every top guild could hunt it with ease.”

    Rattana was quick to deny, “But no one has tried. They are surely afraid of being unsuccessful to hunt it, unlike Mister Lomyok.”

    “I believe that they just don’t want to waste their time. The White Wyvern gives few experience points. The items that it drops, including its fur that can be used as a tailoring material, is useless.”

    “It makes Mister Lomyok look refined and elegant. How can you call it useless?”

    “Okay. I quit. I won’t argue with you anymore. Please continue,” Noppakorn didn’t want to waste more of his time on a useless matter about Mister Lomyok.

    “If you want me to talk about Mister Lomyok, even a day’s worth of time wouldn’t be enough. I better stop here. Next, please tell us about Player Sila.”

    Noppakorn read the information in his system window, “Player Sila, no title, he has played this game for about two weeks. Oh, his title status is Lover of the Goddess of Purified Water. The end.”

    “Given his average-looking appearance? I wouldn’t doubt it if he was Mister Lomyok.”

    “I think the appearance doesn’t matter. Anyway, please stop trying to relate everything to Mister Lomyok. The fight is about to start.”

    In fact, the signal indicating the start of the fight had rung a moment ago. However, Sila’s opponent only waved his hand, unfolded and folded his fan. Thus, Sila was standing confusing. He wasn’t sure of what he should do.

    Should he warn his opponent that the battle had started? Sila didn’t want to perform a sneak attack during an official match, especially to the one who seemed to be eccentric.

    “Um… Mister Lomyok, the fight has already started, you know?” Sila learned his opponent’s name from Noppakorn and Rattana’s analysis.

    “Oh, what is your name again? Sila, isn’t it?” Lomyok said while brushing his hair. The girls squealing was echoed.

    “Yes, I’m Sila.”

    “It means ‘stone’, isn’t that right? It is quite suitable for you,” Lomyok looked at Sila from his head to his toes, “You’re not well matched for the Goddess of Purified Water.”

    Sila frowned, “How is it related to Varee? Do you like her?”

    “No, I’m not. I just think that a beautiful girl is suitable for the handsome me, ah-ha,” Lomyok unfolded his fan. The girls squealing was echoed.

    “I don’t understand why people always like Varee. Be it Cross or others. Although that woman is quite pretty, her temperament is fickle. She also likes to meddle in other people’s business.”


    The sound of a wooden arm of an armchair being cracked could be heard within the VIP room number seven. Sila wouldn’t know that all the VIP rooms and announcers’ room were able to listen to the conversation within the arenas, unlike a cheap seat on the grandstand.

    Burapha looked at the broken arm of the armchair that Varee was sitting on it. He thought, ‘Take care of yourself, Big Brother Sila. I can’t help you with this.’

    Sila in the arena didn’t realize that he would encounter a problem in the near future. He was looking at Lomyok.

    Lomyok waved his fan at himself, “A beautiful flower doesn’t need to be useful. For me, just its beauty is enough. Since you don’t see its value, I might as well take it for myself.”

    Lomyok’s qi was spreading out. Sila quickly tried to resist by circulated his qi but soon furrowed his brows. Although Lomyok’s qi was quite threatening, its power was only at the level of the Great Millennium Ape’s.

    “What do mean by taking it for yourself?”

    Lomyok unfolded the fan and pointed it at Sila, “If I win, I will take Varee with me.”

    “But Varee isn’t an object. Moreover, I don’t like gambling.” Based on Sila’s experience, any time he made a bet with someone, problems always arose.

    “Ah-ha, you’re afraid of losing, I presume? Well, I won’t exploit you. I will imprint you into my memory if you win. Isn’t that an honor?”

    A girl squealing could be heard from the announcers’ room. “Kyaa. Mister Lomyok. Please imprint me into your memory,” Rattana screamed shamelessly. Meanwhile, Noppakorn was bored. Just when would these two start fighting already?

    Sila was agape. In this world, there is a person who is this carried away? It was Sila’s first time meeting someone like this so he was speechless and wasn’t sure how he should react.

    Lomyok bent down and took his battle stance. The squealing echoed for a short while before silence filled the grandstand. Player Lomyok was about to make his first move.

    Once his opponent had taken a stance, Sila was no longer negligent. He immediately circulated qi. By the way, although Lomyok’s stance looked very cool, it was full of openings.

    The foldable fan was unfolded. Lomyok ran at Sila. However, Lomyok’s movement was too slow. Thus, Sila tried firing a metal ball at Lomyok’s face.

    The metal ball hit Lomyok’s nose, causing a loud noise. Lomyok got a nosebleed.

    Surprisingly for Sila, this attack of him had aimed to take Lomyok’s life but Lomyok was still alive. That meant Lomyok was very tough, at least.

    Lomyok lifted his hand to cover his bleeding nose. Many female players flew into a rage. How dare Sila injure their Deity?

    “Ow, such a sneak attack,” said Lomyok.

    Sila was very confused about Lomyok’s statement. He had fired a metal ball straight into Lomyok’s face. How could that be called a sneak attack? Well, afterward, Sila let out a big sigh. He decided to no longer pay this person’s word any heed.

    “You dare cause an injury to this handsome face of mine. You need to be punished by my ultimate mov… Arg, Ouf, Ow… ultimate… Urg, Ow, Ouf.”

    Sila didn’t wait for his opponent to finish his sentence. He continued firing metal balls to Lomyok’s face. The handsome face was becoming distorted by pain.

    The more Sila fired his metal balls, the more his frown tightened. Every metal ball hit a vital spot but Lomyok still hadn’t died yet. His toughness far exceeded Sila’s estimation.

    Sila dashed at Lomyok. He didn’t want to waste too much time on someone like this. He readied his right fist, fusing it with qi before thrusting it at Lomyok’s face with his full force.

    The impacting sound resonated as Lomyok’s body flew away like a kite without a thread. He stumbled at the edge of the arena but still hadn’t turned into a light yet. Lomyok pushed himself up with a twisted face.

    “Just you wait, Si…” Not being able to finish his sentence, Lomyok turned into light and disappeared, leaving the uncompleted popular sentence of an underling in movies.

    Sila looked at his own fist with a confused expression. Although he didn’t use Genesis Punch, he had thrown his fist with full force at Lomyok’s vital point. Unimaginably, Lomyok didn’t die on the spot even with that.

    The cheers for Lomyok that had been echoing for a while came to a stop. The Colosseum fell into a complete silence.

    “The first victor to move onto the next round is Player Sila!” The loud announcement made Sila realized that the battles in the other arenas hadn’t ended yet.

    There was a commotion among the audience. The new player who seemed to make it to this round through sheer luck had unexpectedly defeated Lomyok, who was quite famous, with relative ease.

    Sila was teleported back into the resting room. However, his feats were a hot topic to discuss among the audience to the point that almost all of them ignored the battles in the other three arenas.

    Noppakorn put his hand onto his forehead and muttered something to himself. Meanwhile, Rattana was still shocked at the result of the battle so she couldn’t hear anything.

    “Blue, oh, Blue. Since your boy has displayed this level of combat prowess, I can’t cover it anymore. Your next round is surely going to be troublesome, Sila.”

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  • Chapter 77: The Last Four

    Sila was staying in the resting room alone. He had sat and circulated qi for five minutes but no one had yet to come into the room. Thus, he looked at the battles on the monitor. It didn’t take long for Sila to find the screen of Ginny’s duel.

    The monitor seemed to recognize that Sila wanted to watch Ginny’s match in the first arena. The size of the screen expanded so that it showed the birds-eye-view image of the match. Then many small screens appeared and showed images of this showdown from many angles.

    Ginny’s arena was more chaotic than Sila’s. The black muddy swamp flooded the ankles of both contestants. Obviously, both players would have a harder time moving in this kind of field. Ginny stood while grabbing one sword in each hand. Solaria Sword was still hanging on her back. Her body was covered in wounds. She was staring at her opponent with a stressful expression.

    Ginny's opponent was a skinny man with a goatee. His hair was short and his eyes looked devilish. His armor was a light armor in pale green color with a snake pattern. In his hand was a two meter long black cane with a snake’s head. His body had no wounds at all.

    The commentator’s voice could be heard after a long silence. Once Sila’s match had ended, their attention shifted to the other fights.

    “One fight has ended. We better take a look at another match. The match that is quite interesting to watch is the match in the first arena. One of the combatants is Player Ginny, a guildless player and one of the only two females among the top eight. This is her first time participating in the tournament but she managed to pass through the preliminary round. As for her opponent, he is the person that everyone must already know. That person is Venom the Poison Master, one of the vice-leaders of Royal Armament Guild,” said Noppakorn.

    “It is worth noting that there are many players from Royal Armament Guild participating in this month's battle tournament. For example, among their guild’s four vice-leaders, there are three of them competing,” Rattana added.

    “Many of you probably know this, but please allow me to explain. The Royal Armament Guild consists of Sword Emperor Cross as the guild master. Their main forces consist of four vice-leaders; Silver Knight Shueria, Poison Master Venom, Berserk Warrior Fargo, and Monster Queen Francine. In this battle tournament, except for Silver Knight Shueria, the remaining three of the vice-leaders have taken part in it.”

    “If I were to guess, it would be because Royal Armament Guild intends to use this battle tournament to re-rank their battle prowess.”

    “But I personally don’t think so. Firstly, Shueria doesn’t take part in it. In addition, there should be no need for them to re-rank their peers within a public tournament. That would unnecessarily help the other guilds obtain their data. I think there must be another reason.”

    The real reason behind why Royal Armament Guild had to send three of their vice-leaders to partake the battle tournament was mainly because of their hunger for the reward. From this month onward, Royal Armament Guild planned to be a victor of all the monthly battle tournaments to obtain the first place prize. Moreover, there was a secondary reason that everyone had yet to realize. That reason was Sila.

    Cross had a personal grudge against Sila. Hence, he planned to use this chance to vent his anger at Sila. Better yet, knowing that there was a high bet on Sila, Cross had even more reason to defeat Sila. However, Sila had won against Shueria before, even if it was a fluke. Thus, Cross decided to place his best three cards on the table.

    “It is a pity for Player Ginny. Her luck is really bad,” Noppakorn said.

    “Oh, don't underestimate women, there are a lot of strong guildless players in the game. Even Venom should be wary of her,” argued Rattana.

    “No, I don’t doubt her ability. She has passed through the preliminary round so her ability couldn’t be weak. However, fighting against Venom in a poisonous swamp is equal to suicide.”

    “For those who don’t know, the poisonous swamp is one of the Colossia’s fields of battle. The muddy swamp covers the combatant’s ankles and causes them to suffer from the poison status condition. The poison is not deadly, but it causes your movement speed to become slower and your health points to decline over time. Anyway, the antidote for this kind of poison could easily be found in almost every Item Shop.”

    “That’s correct. However, the rules of the fight clearly state that no medicine can be used during battle. Thus, Player Ginny can’t treat her status condition. As for Venom, his race is the poisonous cobra, so he has a very high immunity to the poison. Plus, his venom ability is on par with the medicine ability of Medicine Master Hermit from the Victorious Wolves Sect.”

    “Oh, so she is indeed unfortunate to get this field as her battle arena.”

    Noppakorn wanted to point out that the field might not be randomly selected as everybody had thought. However, he didn’t say it as there was no evidence.

    Ginny reinforced her magic power within both of her swords. Her health points were continuously decreasing so she needed to end this fight as soon as possible.

    As for Venom, he was smiling casually. There was no need for him to do anything. With his high tolerance against poisons, he just needed to prolong the fight to win this match without any difficulty.

    Ginny was a damage dealer. Her battle style was to inflict high damages with her dual swords and her quick movement. Thus, she was somewhat lacking in defense and stamina. To make things worse, she was a magic-type player. So, even though she was Marquis Rank, she had less health points than Sila.

    In fact, magic-type players who excelled in direct confrontation were few in number. That is because, given their relatively low health points, it is too risky for them to be counterattacked when fighting in close range. There were only a handful of players who chose this style and were able to become exceptional.

    Even though the playstyle had such a serious disadvantage, that didn’t mean they had no upsides. Their vulnerability due to their health points was compensated by their variety of attack skills. If they could be proficient in executing the right skills at the right time, they could be as strong as other playstyles.

    Wandering Gales,” Ginny cast middle-tier wind-elemental spell to speed up herself and ran at Venom.

    Even if her speed was increased, running on the muddy swamp was too much for her speed to be much use. To make things worse, her opponent was Venom who specialized in defense. He was also a magic-type like her and had chosen the earth element, the most defensive element, as his main element.

    Venom only needed a second to cast a spell, “Muddy Wall.”

    The mud on the swamp moved as if it was a living being. It rolled itself and became a thick wall between the two.

    Ginny struck the sword in her left hand at the muddy wall, but her sword sank into the mud. The terrifying aspect of this wall wasn’t a strong shield like Earth Shield but it was difficult to be damaged. Sometimes, a soft yet flexible texture was harder to destroy than a solid defense.

    Ginny gnashed her teeth. She activated her delayed spell she had prepared, “Frozen Flash,” while twisting the sword in her left hand. Sky blue magic power was released from the blade and froze the muddy wall. The wall then broken into pieces. Ginny quickly stomped her foot on the dirt to jump at Venom with her increased speed.

    Magic Delay was a basic skill of magic-type players. The number of skills and the time one could postpone the emission of spells depended on the ability of the individual. This skill isn’t very useful compared to skills that reduce the time it takes to cast a spell. Nevertheless, there were some players who mastered the use of this skill to be able to delay the spell’s activation for an entire day.

    Ginny’s body could approach the opponents for the first time in the match. Her dual swords slashed in a cross-shape.

    Twin Slaughtering Fangs.” Both of the swords radiated a sharp magic power while cutting Venom into multiple parts.

    Several people exclaimed with surprised, but Ginny furrowed her brows.

    That was because the sensation felt through the swords that cut through her enemy was not right.

    The split body parts of Venom exploded and mud flew in all directions. Ginny was in melee range so she was unable to dodge. Though, she did her best by raising her hands to guard against the explosion. Upon touching the exploding mud, she clearly sensed that her opponent had used Muddy Body skill. In addition, Venom’s Muddy Body was imbued with poison.

    Suddenly, Ginny felt her body ache and tingle. Her legs were rigid. She gritted her teeth to tolerate the pain. Meanwhile, Venom’s body emerged from the nothingness, about ten meters away from her.

    This was the result of Venom’s racial skill: Concealing Cobra. It was a skill specifically designed for ambushing. Although the user’s body didn’t disappear completely, it merged very well with the environment, causing people to have a difficult time sensing the user.

    “Kiki, unfortunately, pretty girl, that one was a fake,” Venom spoke for the first time since the start of the match. In fact, it was due to his Muddy Body that he was unable to speak.

    Ginny gnashed her teeth. It seemed she was also infected with poison that prevented her from speaking.

    “Oh-oh, you don’t need to say anything. You have been infected by my special poison and will die in another... ten seconds.”

    Ginny reinforced her entire body with magic power. However, her magic power decreased rapidly.

    “Sadly, pretty girl, you almost gave me a wound. Now, bye bye.” Venom waved his hands at Ginny who was leering back at him fiendishly.

    Soon, she spat out blood. Her skin’s color changed into dark brown. She felt pain all over her body. Finally, she turned into light and disappeared.

    “Oh, she did a very good job not writhing in pain. People usually feel very tortured. Such a strong-willed girl,” Venom said to himself.

    A system announcement let everyone knew that Venom had won in this match and had advanced to the semifinals.

    Sila watched the match with a vague expression. He wasn’t familiar with Ginny, but seeing her die in front of his eyes caused him to feel a little sad. Nevertheless, this was natural for the battle; there was always a winner and a loser.

    Unbeknownst to Sila, this match wasn’t as fair as he had thought. However, someone else knew this and was now suppressing his anger.

    *Bang* The sound of a table being slammed rang out from the commentator room. Noppakorn gritted his teeth and looked at the fight that had just ended, his eyes filled with anger.

    He was an expert in player skills. Naturally, he could see through the skills that Venom had used and their abilities. He was mad at the fact that a famous player as the vice-leader of the Royal Armament Guild had to play dirty in a match against a woman despite it being unnecessary. He had heard some of the Royal Armament Guild’s story from Bluebird but he couldn’t imagine that this guild was this ugly.

    “What’s wrong, Nop? Are you okay?” asked Rattana.

    “Oh, I’m fine. I’m just too immersed with the match. Please let me get some outside air for about five minutes. Could you handle the analysis alone for the time being?”

    Rattana looked into Noppakorn’s eyes. “Of course, but are you sure you’re okay?”

    Noppakorn got up from his seat and walked outside while replying, “I’m fine.”

    Noppakorn walked along the corridor of the stadium. There were few people walking nearby, shopping for food to eat. He stood still in the hallway and took a deep breath. Then, he opened his system window.

    What Noppakorn had seen from the match was cheating that was very hard to spot if you didn’t specialize in player skills. It was clear that Venom had activated both Muddy Body and Concealing Cobra since the start of the match without anyone noticing. Well, Venom could have delayed the spells while he was in the resting room. Although that was quite unfair, this act didn’t break any rules. However, it was the restriction of these skills that made Noppakorn realize that Venom had played dirty.

    Muddy Body was a skill that made an exact copy of the user. It could only be used in muddy areas, however, so it was not very popular.

    As for Concealing Cobra, it was a racial skill that completely merged the user into the environment. However, the user needs to know the surrounding environment when using this skill. For Venom to be able to delay this spell while he was in the resting room, the only answer to his victory was that he had known his field of battle prior to when the match even started, which meant this battle tournament was not fair. It was exactly like Bluebird had told him.

    The system window was opened to send a secret message. Noppakorn quickly typed some texts and immediately pressed the send button.

    To Bluebird,

    I agree with what you have suggested. Our plan will be executed when the tournament ends.

    From Noppakorn.

    He closed the system window and then quickly went back to the commentator room. Their guild was always neutral and had never acted against other guilds, but this position was about to change. It was as Bluebird had said. The world of Monster Soul was about to change. If a player didn’t adapt to it, they would only end up as someone else’s prey.

    The next announcement boomed throughout the Colosseum. Hearing it, Noppakorn realized that his choice to agree with Bluebird was indeed correct.

    “Now we have all four victors. They consist of Sila, Poison Master Venom, Berserk Warrior Fargo, and Monster Queen Francine. The next round will start in fifteen minutes. By the way, please note that there are some changes in the rules.”

    Noppakorn frowned. He had never been informed about the changes in the rules before.

    “What trick is the Royal Armament Guild trying to pull next?” He exclaimed and immediately rushed inside the commentator room.

  • Chapter 78: New Rules

    The entire audience in the Colosseum was in an uproar. Three of the top four were vice-leaders of the Royal Armament Guild. This was enough to be a hot topic of discussion. Furthermore, there was a change in the rules.

    Although this battle tournament was hosted by the Royal Armament Guild, the Colosseum is a part of the system. There were things that even the Royal Armament Guild couldn’t alter. Changing the rules was one of those things.

    Nonetheless, the system of Monster Soul provides players with a very high degree of freedom. There are exceptions in almost everything. The Royal Armament Guild was able to add the gambling house to the battle tournament thanks to this. This time, too, changing the rules was possible if the majority of the remaining participants gave consent.

    Sila stared at the system window that suddenly appeared in front of him. It gave him detailed information about the changes in the rules. It was waiting for Sila to accept or decline the changes.

    He looked at the current vote count.

    Accepted 3 / Declined 0

    “Well, I’ll be a minority even if I decline,” Sila said to himself while pressing the accept button.

    The system window disappeared together with the announcement from the host.

    “Finally, the time that everyone is waiting for has come! In the next five minutes, the next round of the battle tournament will begin. Please note that changes have been made to the rules with consent from all four combatants. The significant change is that, in the next round, the tournament style will be a round-robin in which each contestant will meet all other contestants in turn. This change is made because the host of the tournament realizes that there are less rounds in this month’s battle tournament. With a round-robin style, spectators will be able to watch more battles. Moreover, in the next round, there will be no pet restriction. Combatants are free to utilize their pets. However, the rule to prevent the use of medicine-type items is still applied.”

    There was a commotion on the grandstand after the announcement. The round-robin style with three of the four combatants being from the same guild? Now, even a child would realize that the Royal Armament Guild was being unfair.

    However, no one was voicing out their disagreement since most of them had placed their bets on the vice-leaders of the Royal Armament Guild. They were just praying that Sila didn’t die too miserably.

    “Bad, this is very bad. That guy is sure to die,” Ratri said after listening to the new rules.

    Varee frowned. Although she didn’t like Ratri’s statement, she couldn’t deny it. The Sila that she knew didn’t have the ability to win against a vice-leader of the Royal Armament Guild, not to mention winning against all three of them.

    “I think there is still hope for Sila to win, though,” said Lone Wolf.

    “Is there? This is very unfair to us. It is three against one. As it is a round-robin tournament, if Big Brother Sila loses or ties with the opponent just once, he will lose the entire tournament, unlike the opposite party.”

    “Based on my discernment, Sila’s current ability is less than Fargo’s, close to Francine’s, and a little stronger than Venom’s. Firstly, Venom is not a pure fighter. Sila possesses Qi of Little Turtle, granting him a high resistance to poison, so it is likely that he will win. As for Francine, although her ability is superior to Sila’s, the rule to permit the use of pets backfires on her. At least Sila has Mister Sebastian to help him. Anyway, I’m wondering how Mister Sebastian will be able to go to Sila’s aid,” Lone Wolf said.

    Although they could see the match from the VIP room up above, the arena is considered a kind of special dimension that prevented the entry of outsiders during the match.

    “Don’t be worried, Mister Lone Wolf, I have a method to go to Mister Sila,” Sebastian said while pointing to the brooch on his cloth. As the black color of the brooch is the same as his cloth, no one had noticed it until now. Looking closely, Burapha, Varee, Ratri, and Lone Wolf were all startled.

    “That brooch… don’t tell me Big Brother Sila gave it to you?” Burapha asked.

    “That’s correct, sir. Mister Sila gave it to me without hesitating and without asking me what it can do,” Sebastian replied smilingly.

    “What can it do, Sebby?” Bow asked.

    “Nothing much, Lady Bow. It just grants me a little more freedom. At the very least, it grants me the ability to teleport to Mister Sila anywhere and anytime.”

    “Wha, that’s good. Bow wants to go to Big Brother Sila too.”

    “Lady Bow, it is better for you to wait here. Leave the problems for me,” Sebastian smiled.

    Burapha was anxious. That brooch didn’t only have that ability. It seemed he had to find some time to warn Sila about it.

    The brooch on Sebastian’s cloth had many names. Combat Butler’s Brooch, Guardian Brooch, Monster Brooch, Life-Partner Brooch, and many more, depending on the type of a monster possessing it.

    The monster that possesses the brooch is no longer considered as a mere pet. It cannot be sealed without its consent. It can release itself from the seal anytime it wants. It can instantly teleport to its master and can do many things more without having to ask for its master’s permission. Anyway, all of those abilities of the brooch aren’t as terrifying as the ability to freely choose its own master. If the monster wearing it wants to serve a new master, it can just kill the current master to set itself free. Usually, this brooch is an item that will only be given to a pet that the master shares a deep bond with.

    No one in the right mind would give this brooch to a newly recruited pet, who even had a higher rank, like Sebastian. No one except Sila.

    “What about Fargo, sir?” Sebastian asked Lone Wolf. He didn’t have much information regarding humans.

    “Oh, Fargo? Fargo is surely stronger than Sila. Moreover, unlike Venom and Francine, Fargo doesn’t have to rely on petty tricks or pets. Just the word ‘power’ can be used to describe that man.”

    “But, Big Brother Sila is not weak. He has even won against dragons in a one-on-one fight,” Bow argued.

    Ratri said, “That’s that and this is this. Even if he can solo a dragon, he might use tricks, traps, or good strategies to be able to raid it. However, Fargo is very strong. Just being prepared is not enough to defeat him.”

    Burapha argued, “Being prepared is a word that I can hardly link to Big Brother Sila. He isn’t someone who plan things ahead. As far as I know, Big Brother Sila always adapts himself to the situation on the spot. I personally don’t doubt that he has defeated Dorolia alone but I am curious about his method to do it.”

    “Fufu. Power isn’t all you need to take down an opponent,” said Poluk.

    “But power is still necessary, isn’t it? How can we win against a more powerful opponent otherwise?” Ratri argued.

    “Being mighty doesn’t mean being powerful. Being powerful doesn’t mean being strong. Being strong also doesn’t mean being a winner. In battles, there are many components to be considered,” Poluk replied.

    Lone Wolf listened to Poluk and nodded his head. Wisdom from Poluk was very useful to him.

    “But if you possess enough strength, the tricks are no longer relevant. Just one punch of Fargo might be enough to take Sila’s life,” Ratri said.

    “That’s quite true, Big Brother Sila doesn’t seem too proficient in defense. I have never witnessed him receiving an attack head-on. I'm worried about this. How will Big Brother Sila defend against a powerful blow?” Burapha added.

    “Well, based on my experience fighting against him, Mister Sila is quite tough. He was hit by many of my spells but he still survived,” Sebastian commented.

    “That’s because Big Brother Sila is a slime. We slimes aren’t weak,” Bow repeated.

    Ratri’s suspicions grew. This was her first time hearing someone stating that slimes aren’t weak. The one claiming it was even a harmless-looking pink slime.

    “Hey, I’ve always been curious for a long time. Why do many of you seem to place your faith in Sila this much?” asked Ratri.

    “If Miss Ratri gets to know Big Brother Sila more than this, you will naturally know why.”

    “Because Big Brother Sila is Bow’s Big Brother~”

    “Because Mister Sila is my master, madam.”

    “Because of his behaviors, I guess?”

    “Because he is a senseless guy.”

    “Because that kid has a spirit of a martial artist, I guess?”

    The difference in opinions caused Ratri to wonder about Sila’s true character. Based on what she had heard, Sila was a strong yet stubborn person. He was kind and loved to share things among his comrades while also being negligent in the way he handled many things. He seems to live in solitude but he has many friends. No one seemed to hate Sila. Anyway, Ratri couldn’t see through Sila’s character. It seemed she needed to personally meet him to grasp his disposition. For now, all she could do was watch his battle to confirm whether he was as skilled as she was told.

    The battle would begin in the next moment. Sila was alone in a personal resting room. He was circulating qi while waiting for his upcoming battle. It seemed every combatant had their own personal room to stay in while waiting.

    There was food on the table but Sila didn’t dare to touch any. Putting poison in the food might seem old but better to be safe than sorry.

    Then, the announcement could be heard in his room.

    “Please be prepared. Player Sila will enter the arena in the next thirty seconds.”

    Sila stood up and double-checked the number of hidden weapons that he possessed. Finally, he was teleported into the arena.

    “The first round of the finals is about to begin. The match in the first arena is between Player Sila and Berserk Warrior Fargo. As for the second arena, it is a match between Poison Master Venom and Monster Queen Francine.”

    The field of Sila’s arena was simpler than he had expected. It was just a flat and circular arena with a radius of twenty meters. There was no way for any tricks to be involved.

    Good grief, although no tricks were involved, the fighting experts like Poluk, Lone Wolf, and Noppakorn could easily recognize that this kind of arena forced Sila to fight against Fargo in a direct confrontation.

    As far as one could see, Sila’s ability mainly depended on his superior movement skill. Thus, with him having to fight in the narrow arena, he would be at a very big disadvantage against Fargo who was stronger.

    Everyone who noticed this fact was worried for Sila. However, Sila himself wasn’t worried at all.

    He could say that he also like this type of arena. Before he had practiced Twelve Celestial-Travelling-Steps, dodging in a melee range using his keen sense had always been his strong point. Moreover, the narrower the distance, the more powerful his hidden weapons got.

    Sila wasn’t a foolish person. He might be ignorant toward the many pieces of advice he had received, but after the nameless elder had warned him, he no longer neglected the advice. Once he stepped into the match, he needed to know what he could do and what he couldn’t do. The same thing applied to his fight against a dragon. He wouldn’t complain whether his battlefield was advantageous or disadvantageous. We couldn’t pick the battlefield that was most suitable for us so why bother being concerned about it?

    If one always concerns about winning or losing, being advantageous or disadvantageous, being stronger or weaker, how can one be able to fight to the best of one’s ability?

    A short moment later, Fargo appeared in front of Sila. Fargo was a sturdy man with a savage face. He was significantly taller than Sila and wore brown short-sleeved wuxia clothes.

    Once he appeared, he looked around the arena and then stared at Sila.

    “I heard that you accepted the change of the rules.” Fargo suddenly started a conversation.

    Sila looked into Fargo’s eyes and replied, “Yes, I did.”

    “Why? Don’t you see that it is disadvantageous to you?”

    “The majority of participants had already accepted anyway. It doesn’t matter which one I choose, right?”

    “That’s right. But for me, it matters,” Fargo said while sighing.

    “How?” This time, it was Sila who was curious.

    “When I heard about you from Cross, I thought that you must be a disgusting person. However, now that I have personally met you, I’m confident that Cross is tricking me.” Fargo looked at the arena with a sad expression. “There is also this type of arena. Cross, you have changed too much. Prior to this, I didn’t understand. But now I think I know why Shueria decided to quit the guild.”

    In the beginning, the Royal Armament Guild was personally founded by Cross, Shueria, and Fargo. Their original objective of the guild was to help new players have a more enjoyable time playing this game. However, as time passed, the objective of the guild had changed without Fargo realizing it. One of the main reasons why Shueria decided to quit the guild might be because he had lost to Sila, but it couldn’t be denied that the bigger reason was the Royal Armament Guild itself.

    “I have decided. Today, whether I win or lose this match, I will quit the Royal Armament Guild too. Killing you will be the last order that I accept from Cross. However, you don’t need to fear that I will hold back against you. Since it is my last task, I need to do my best to successfully complete it.”

    Fargo’s voice was filled with qi. His declaration resonated throughout the Colosseum, indicating that he would not take back his words. A commotion emerged. The audience just found out that Shueria had quit. This news was surprising enough by itself. However, after this match, Fargo would quit too. That meant two of the vice-leaders decided to quit the Royal Armament Guild when the war event was almost upon them. This was a big scoop.

    “I don’t like exploiting anyone. About this type of arena, I don’t conspire against you. However, I can’t deny that this arena is favorable for me. Thus, I will allow you to throw a full-force punch at me. I won’t avoid it and won’t reinforce my qi to resist it,” Fargo resolutely said.

    Poluk and Lone Wolf smiled at Fargo’s sentence. Their nature was the same as Fargo’s so they knew why Fargo was doing this. Fargo was a sincere person. Despite how he was forced to do some tasks by Cross, among the Royal Armament guild members, his reputation was quite good. His nature didn’t allow him to betray his righteousness. Thus, he decided to let his opponent attack him once without any resistance to show his sincerity and that he didn’t conspire against Sila.

    Sila stared into Fargo’s eyes. He stepped forward to reach so that he could throw a punch at Fargo. All of the spectators swallowed their saliva, waiting to witness the might of Sila’s punch.

    Contrary to their expectations, what really happened was that Sila lightly placed his hand on Fargo’s body before pulling his hand back. Fargo was puzzled. What Sila did was just a light touch. There was even no qi fused in it. Fargo looked askance at Sila.

    “I also don’t like exploiting anyone. That one is counted as my one punch. We should start now.”

    Fargo stared at Sila before laughing, “Hahaha, this is gonna be fun. Well said. We better start now.”

    Both of them were close to each other with the distance less than even a meter. The qi releasing from both of them filled the entire arena. The spectators forgot how to breathe for a moment there. The fight could erupt at any time.

    Beyond their expectation, Sila planned to clash against Fargo in a head-on battle. Power against power. No techniques. This fight would shake the world of Monster Soul.

  • Chapter 79: Slime

    Silence covered the arena with the only sound heard being the qi emission from Fargo’s body. As for Sila, his qi was surging silently and invisibly with the help of Qi Concealment and Soundless. Even Fargo was surprised by the fact that Sila’s qi had reached this state.

    Sila was more proficient in offense than defense. Once he accumulated qi to some degree, he decided to launch the first attack to probe his opponent’s strength. His right fist reinforced with qi was thrown directly at Fargo.

    Fargo was surprised that Sila was the first to initiate an attack so he clenched his right hand and threw a punch at Sila’s body in return without moving from his spot. Sila wasn’t surprised. This meant Fargo was very confident in his own defense. Rather, Sila calculated that once his fist hit Fargo, Fargo would stumble and Fargo’s fist would lose its effectiveness.

    Sila’s fist was faster than Fargo’s so Sila wasn’t afraid of Fargo’s counterattack. However, once Sila’s fist actually connected with Fargo’s body, Sila realized that he had made a mistake.


    The sound and sensation of Sila’s punch striking Fargo’s body was like punching an iron wall. Fargo didn’t flinch even a single millimeter while Sila felt numbness in his fist.

    Sila was startled but he couldn’t afford to stay that way. Fargo’s fist was about to hit him.

    Sila realized that there was no way for him to avoid Fargo’s punch, so he gritted his teeth and prepared to block by activating the power of Formless Soldier. His skin was as hard as steel while his internal organs were soft like rubber. Sila was quite confident in its defensive ability in a melee combat.

    The sound of grating metal echoed once more as Fargo’s punch connected with Sila’s body. Sila was pushed three steps away.

    “Splendid. It is beyond my expectation that you could resist my punch,” Fargo gave his compliment while being somehow surprised.

    Fargo was quite certain that Sila was the type of player who specialized in dealing high damage and possessing a high speed. Logically, defense shouldn’t be Sila’s forte. However, from the previous punch, Fargo realized that Sila’s defense was rather solid.

    Similarly, Sila was surprised. Since he had obtained Formless Soldier, except for when he was dealing against high-leveled monsters, he could even take on the weapons of ordinary players. Unexpectedly, Fargo’s punch caused him to suffer.

    There was also the factor of Fargo’s unusually high defense. It was as strong as a dragon’s scales. This was the first time Sila experienced a player who his fists didn’t work against.

    ‘Just now, we were just probing each other’s strength. If he was serious, maybe I would be unable to resist his punch,’ inwardly thought Sila.

    The outcome of the previous clash shocked the spectators. A new player had blocked Fargo’s punch and only ended up being pushed back three steps. Moreover, the sounds of the attacks were weird. Many of them stared at Sila’s clothes, wondering if he was wearing hidden high-grade steel armor. However, no matter how they looked, Sila was wearing only Beginner Clothes.

    Even Noppakorn and Rattana, who specialized in player analysis, were confused. They didn’t know how Sila could accomplish such a feat. Noppakorn hurriedly checked Sila’s information.

    Sila’s information wasn’t something secret. His information that was spread by Bluebird contained more than 70% of the fact. Bluebird just twisted some logic in the information to make it appear that Sila was weak.

    While Noppakorn was summarizing Sila’s information, Rattana did her job by explaining Fargo’s information to the audience. For the record, Fargo’s information was also not a secret.

    “While we are waiting for Mister Noppakorn to double-check Player Sila’s information, please allow me to tell you about Player Fargo.

    “Player Fargo is a qi-type player. His rank and level are estimated to be Knight Rank, level 1000. He is one of the four vice-leaders of Royal Armament Guild and his title is Berserk Warrior. He is a member of the orc race and possesses Mystic Armor Qi. With this qi and the orc racial skills that focus on offense, we can conclude that Player Fargo has both a strong attack and a solid defense.

    “About Mystic Armor Qi, it is one of the Ten Supreme Qi. Its forte is its superiority in defense. If we are talking about defense alone, Mystic Armor Qi is even superior to Sun God Qi of Lone Wolf, the Qi Emperor.

    “With him choosing to be a member of the orc race, which specializes in offense while lacking in defense, the Mystic Armor Qi could completely cover this weakness of the race. Player Fargo must have put a lot of thought into his race selection.”

    While Rattana was explaining, in the arena, Sila didn’t listen to her at all. He was busy coming up with ways to fight Fargo.

    “You won’t come at me anymore? Then, I will.” Fargo firmly walked forward. Due to the nature of the narrow battlefield, there was no place for Sila to keep the distance.

    Fargo’s movement was simple, but his punches were quite fast. Sila depended on his keen sense and intuition to dodge them while throwing his fist back to counter.

    Sila’s barrage of fists was faster and every one of them connected to Fargo. However, Sila could feel that each of his attacks didn’t bring any harm to Fargo.

    As for Fargo, he had thrown more than ten punches at Sila but Sila was able to evade them all even in this narrow arena. Nevertheless, Fargo was starting to get used to Sila’s speed as time passed.

    Sila was wondering. Although Fargo was strong, Fargo’s only strong points were his powerful attack and firm defense. How could Fargo hold his ground if he faced an opponent who could deal high damage and was quick enough to dodge his punch?

    Anyway, Sila didn’t let his guard down. He was very certain that Fargo would have some trump cards left. He was bound to possess something that allowed him to reign as the vice-leader of the Royal Armament guild.

    “Light of Forest.” A light flashed from the ring. Meanwhile, Sila consecutively fired four qi-reinforced daggers without delay.

    Normal people would be panicked upon suddenly being blinded. Their qi resistance might be lowered for a moment. Sila was aiming for this.

    But Fargo didn’t panic at all. Once his eyes couldn’t see, he calmly strengthened his qi reinforcement throughout his body while lifting both of his arms to cover his face.

    All four of the daggers connected to both arms and the heart area of Farco. However, they immediately broke into pieces upon coming into contact with the power of Mystic Armor Qi.

    Sila was slightly startled. His strategy to use Light of Forest with hidden weapons always worked. Nevertheless, in front of Fargo, this strategy was like child’s play. Fargo’s defense was way too firm.

    Once the light subsided, Fargo neatly continued his attack. He could switch from defense to offense flawlessly, causing Sila to end his attack.

    Giving it some thought, Mystic Armor Qi was a combination of Qi of Little Turtle and Qi of Little Fish. Thus, it wasn’t strange for Mystic Armor Qi to possess dexterity that allowed Fargo to move flawlessly.

    “Try evading this punch,” said Fargo. He was slowly throwing a punch reinforced with qi forward.

    Sila furrowed his brows. No matter how he looked, this slow punch had no way to touch him so why had Fargo challenged him to evade it? Well, Fargo might just be spouting nonsense to distract him. Hence, Sila no longer paid it any attention and performed his usual evasive movement.

    Nonetheless, something unexpected happened. Sila felt his body moving slower. There was some unseen force that pulled him to Fargo’s punch.


    A loud sound echoed. Sila’s body flew away and heavily crashed into a stone wall.

    “Cough,” Sila spat out blood. That one had caught him off guard. Fortunately, the punch at least came at his right side, allowing him to lift his right arm to block against it.

    Despite how the Right Arm of the Sealed One malfunctioned and returned Sila’s right arm to its original human state, its power still lingered. Sila had noticed that, although he could feel pain, the wounds on his right arm always healed at a faster rate. Moreover, the bone within his right arm had never fractured.

    As if to prove that Sila was correct, Sila’s right arm that was used to guard against the attack was torn apart. A lot of blood was spilling on the floor. The bone behind the skin of his right hand was visible, but its color was silver. Not a single scratch was on it.

    Although the bone was fine, the muscles that were torn apart caused Sila a tremendous pain. He could no longer move his right arm. Sila hadn’t experienced this level of pain for a very long time.

    Sila hurriedly circulated Immortal Qi. He didn’t expect for his right arm to be completely healed. He just wanted to be quickly relieved from the pain. Anyway, as his body was in a critical condition, the Shapeless Qi that he couldn’t control moved alongside Immortal Qi to tending his wound.

    Sila took several deep breaths to relieve the pain. His right arm was tended at a pace faster than Sila had ever experienced. This must be the synergy effect of the Right Arm’s high recovery rate, Immortal Qi, and Shapeless Qi.

    Fargo looked at Sila with amazement. This Sila not only specialized in offense, defense, and speed; he was also proficient in healing. All of these powers should hinder each other and shouldn’t be trained together. No, it was possible to be good at all of them. But a new player shouldn’t be able to do that. Fargo wouldn’t think it was weird if Lone Wolf was the one who did all of these.

    Fargo started to realize that he should stop playing around.

    Fargo pulled his right fist toward his side and activated qi reinforcement. Meanwhile, his left hand was pushed forward and used Universe Momentum, his trump card, to pull Sila to him.

    Sila’s body was pulled toward Fargo. Now he realized the reason he was hit by the last punch. If he was someone else, he would feel confused. But Sila also possessed Universe Momentum so he knew which power Fargo was using.

    Apparently, Fargo had pulled Sila to Fargo’s fist. This was the first time that Sila had faced someone who possessed the same skill as him.

    Even Cross wasn’t aware that Fargo had this trump card. Universe Momentum was a special skill that Fargo had gone through a lot of trouble to obtain. He had spent almost a year to be proficient in it.

    The powerful yet slow fist of Fargo was effective thanks to the power of Universe Momentum. No matter how fast his opponents were, their speed would be rendered useless when they were pulled to his fist.

    Out of all of the eight skills that Sila had obtained from the Right Arm of the Sealed One, just mastering one of them would let someone to be called an expert. Each of them had many ways to be utilized.

    Sila had obtained all eight of them at the same time, which was why the nameless elder had warned him that getting many high-level skills won't always be a good thing. With Sila possessing too many skills, he wasn’t proficient in any of them, unlike Fargo.

    Sila calmed down. Since Fargo used Universe Momentum, this time he used it too. Sila pulled his body to the ground. Both of his feet were glued to the floor.

    “You can use Universe Momentum too?” Fargo looked at Sila with disbelief. The skill that he had worked hard to obtain was being used by a new player. What else could Sila do? Fargo didn’t dare imagine.

    Sila didn’t reply. He put his concentration into activating Universe Momentum and healing the wound on his right arm. Fargo’s power exceeded his so he couldn’t afford to lose his focus. If he opened his mouth to speak, he would surely be pulled to Fargo’s fist.

    Nevertheless, Sila’s proficiency was lower than Fargo’s. His fighting experience against skilled players was also lacking. Fargo no longer paid any attention to what else Sila could do. He decided to focus only on the battle.

    Fargo stomped his qi-reinforced foot on the arena floor. The floor broke apart and the impact caused Sila’s body to be slightly off the ground.

    Just slightly was enough. Fargo increased his power input and quickly pulled Sila who was floating toward him.

    Sila changed the way he used Universe Momentum from pulling to pushing. He pushed himself away from Fargo. The result was his body being fixed in mid-air. However, if one looked closely, one could witness that Sila was slowing being pulled toward Fargo.

    Anyway, that was fine. Sila knew that the basic of using qi reinforcement was activating it instantly upon contact. Fargo had been activating qi reinforcement into his fist for too long already. Sila just had to wait for Fargo’s qi reinforcement to lose its effect.

    Fargo grinned. He could easily predict Sila’s thought and came up with a countermeasure. He switched pulling power to pushing power.

    Now, coupled with Fargo’s power, Sila’s power worked against himself. His body was driven away and slammed into the wall behind him.

    “Argh!” Fargo was able to switch between powers at a faster speed than Sila had anticipated. Sila couldn’t resist in time. With him crashing into the wall, Sila lost his concentration in maintaining Universe Momentum.

    Fargo hurriedly pulled Sila’s body to him again.

    Sila realized that he couldn’t win against Fargo in a Universe Momentum’s showdown. Instead of pushing himself away, he decided to pull himself toward Fargo. This way, the timing of Fargo’s punch would be off and the power behind the punch would be diminished.

    Anyway, even with that, Fargo’s fist was too dangerous for Sila to ignore.

    The spectators were thrilled at the upcoming result. No one dared to blink.

    Sila’s right arm was finally able to move. Sila reinforced qi into his fist and activated Genesis Punch for the first time against a human opponent. His right fist clashed against Fargo’s right fist.

    There was no sound.

    Sila didn’t take any damage. This meant Genesis Punch was obviously stronger. Sila stared at Fargo.

    Fargo didn’t make any sound. He looked blankly at his right hand. Blood spilled from his arm. Fargo’s right arm was torn apart and wounds began to take place. It dangled towards the floor as if Fargo couldn’t use it anymore.

    Exclamations resonated throughout the Colosseum. With this scene, anyone would realize that in the previous clash, Fargo’s fist was weaker than Sila’s.

    Fargo, the Berserk Warrior, was inferior to a new player in a contest of power!

    Noppakorn switched between looking at the information in his system window and looking at the scene in the arena. He hesitated for a long time before deciding to continue commentating.

    “Err… We don’t have much information about Player Sila. However, it is certain that he is at Knight Rank, playing qi type, and is a part of the slime race.”


    “That’s crazy! How can a slime be this strong?”

    “Surely… you don’t mean those gelatinous slimes around Beginning Town?”

    “Is this information wrong?”

    A commotion was happening all over the stadium. However, before long, after the information was confirmed, the name Sila and the race slime began to be under observation from every player in Monster Soul.

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  • Chapter 80: Berserk Warrior

    Despite Sila coming out victorious in the previous clash, he was, by no means, feeling satisfied. On the contrary, Sila grasped that Fargo was more formidable than he had thought.

    Genesis Punch was able to break ice pillars into particles, turn dragon scales into dust, and completely erase a dragon’s tail. However, against Fargo who was a lower rank opponent than Dorolia, it could only manage to injure Fargo’s arm. Sila had thought that it would obliterate Fargo’s arm.

    Sila started to understand the difference between players and dragons.

    Firstly, dragons are a large creature, making them a bigger target to be hit, while players are similar in size. Also, for players who possess a lot of combat experience, they can think and react faster than dragons. This might be due to the fact that dragons are not familiar with one-on-one battles.

    In fact, there is another reason that Sila wasn’t aware of yet. That is, all the monsters lower than Lord Rank don’t possess basic support skills like Basic Qi or Weapon Mastery. They might possess powerful skills but they always lack the foundations that players have.

    In addition, Fargo had Universe Momentum like him but had mastered it to a realm that Sila didn’t know of. He had never thought that it could be utilized in such ways. Well, it was more correct to say that Sila had yet to spend time learning his skills seriously. So far, he had only used them when the need arose.

    Good grief, the person who was most surprised was Fargo himself. He had never expected himself to lose in a power contest. Now, he started to understand why Shueria decided to leave the guild to train himself over from scratch after losing to Sila. Maybe Sila possessed some quality that made him more special than others. However, Fargo couldn’t describe what it was that made Sila special.

    “At first, I thought you underestimated me by not being serious at the start of the battle. However, you were actually the one who was underestimated,” Fargo said.

    “You were also not being serious during the battle. You kept Universe Momentum to use in a deciding moment. It is not weird that I want to keep my trump card too.”

    “I wonder why you didn’t use this punch when I gave you a chance. To be honest, just this punch alone would be enough to kill the defenseless me.”

    “I have already stated my reason. I don’t like exploiting anyone.”

    Fargo nodded. “Anyway, I don’t believe you can use such a powerful move like that freely. Maybe you can only use it two or three more times. Otherwise, you would use it as soon as you realized that your usual attack didn’t work on me.”

    Sila didn’t answer. Fargo’s analysis was close to precise. Sila could only perform four more Genesis Punches. However, this weakness doesn't belong to Genesis Punch. It came from Sila’s own incompetence.

    Sila’s arm started to heal. The same thing applied to Fargo. Both of them were waiting for their prominent arm to recover to the point that it could be used in combat.

    Despite how Fargo didn’t possess a qi-type recovery skill like Sila, his Mystic Armor Qi was the evolved form of Qi of Little Turtle so it possessed decent recovery power. Fargo’s recovery rate was even as fast as Sila’s. As the nameless elder had told Sila, Shapeless Qi is too bland and has no obvious prominent point except its how it was hard to detect. Thus, the recovery power of the Shapeless Qi was weaker than Mystic Armor Qi.

    In the VIP room, Ratri was stupefied after witnessed the might of Sila’s fist. In fact, it was more correct to say that everyone except Poluk and Bow was very surprised. It was just Ratri’s reaction was more apparent than others.

    “What was that? How can that guy injure Fargo?” Ratri blankly asked. She didn’t expect anyone to be able to answer her though.

    “That just now is Uncle Poluk’s move that he has taught Big Brother Sila. It is a move developed from Fluffy Slime,” Bow answered.

    Genesis Punch is Poluk’s personal martial skill. It isn’t incorrect to say that it is a skill with the same root as Fluffy Slime. However, Bow had misunderstood the sequence of this skill.

    At first sight, it would look like Fluffy Slime is the basic skill prior to being upgraded to Formless Soldier. It will later become Genesis Punch once the user has mastered Formless Soldier skill. While, in fact, it is the opposite. Genesis Punch is the skill of Poluk from the start. Afterward, it was demoted to Formless Soldier by the game master. Even with that, it is still too powerful a skill to be able to get easily. That’s why it was sealed and became Fluffy Slime until the player can overcome the qi part of the slime trial.

    To summarize, Genesis Punch is in fact the origin of the Fluffy Slime.

    It was far from Bow’s understanding. Well, Poluk didn’t bother to fix this misunderstanding.

    “Slime skill?” Ratri was startled.

    “That’s right, Big Sister. Every slime has to learn three  basic skills. However, it depends on each of us to find out which skill we are proficient in,” Bow explained further.

    “So, Bow can do that too?” Ratri asked again. If this cute-looking slime could use such a move, the ranking of the strongest races of Monster Soul might need to be re-evaluated.

    “Bow is not as good as Sila. If we are only talking about Fluffy Slime, that’s it.” It was Poluk who answered for Bow.

    “Yeah, yeah, Bow is more proficient in Miss Viola’s and Mister Divine’s skills. If it’s about these two skills, Uncle Poluk has complimented me that I’m better than Big Brother Sila.” Bow gave a big smile. She took a deep breath of confident so her body was a little puffed up.

    “Well, Sila is not that good at executing this move. The real one should have already taken down his opponent. This brings a shame on my name. My title is Death in One Fist, you know? It seems Sila needs to throw at least two more punches to defeat that kid Fargo. Geez,” Poluk sighed.

    This much was already beyond people’s expectation but Poluk seemed to not be satisfied. Everyone in the room started to wonder which criteria this person used as a milestone.

    “By the way, what are the other two skills?” Burapha asked. He had never interested in Sila’s racial skills until today.

    “They are Colorful Slime and Transparent Slime, Big Brother,” answered Bow.

    Everyone silently listened to her answer. Although their names didn’t sound impactful or overbearing, if they considered the might of Fluffy Slime…

    During the talk in VIP room, Fargo’s and Sila’s arm had finally recovered to some extent. Fargo tried to move his arm. Although it was not completely healed, he could move it normally.

    The same thing applied to Sila. For him to defeat Fargo, he would have no choice but to rely on Genesis Punch. Sila could only perform Genesis Punch with his right arm. Thus, this right arm of him was very important to him in this battle.

    “Here we go again. From now on, you will know why I’m called Berserk Warrior,” Fargo said while closing his eyes. He was about to unleash his renowned skill.

    Berserk Orc

    Once Fargo opened his eyes, they had turned red. The qi around him stirred, greatly pressuring Sila.

    The orcs were a race that specialized in a berserk state. Usually, once one becomes berserk, he or she will experience an increase in strength while suffering a decrease in defense and losing control over the body. However, for the orcs, their qi energy will also power up. Better yet, they can keep their calm even while they are in the berserk state.

    This is the reason why there are many qi-type players choosing to become orcs.

    More importantly, for Fargo, with the increase in qi energy, his Mystic Armor Qi would naturally become mightier. That was why he could enjoy the increase in offensive power without the consequence of his defense becoming lower. He was also able to maintain complete control over his body despite entering the berserk state.

    Fargo closed the distance between him and Sila with a speed incomparable to before. The flow of the battle greatly pressured Sila’s movement. If Sila hadn’t experienced a warning from his teacher at the Bamboo Hut or hadn’t dueled against Sebastian in the Mansion of the Seven Deadly Sins, he would have a hard time moving. Sila was fully aware that just evasion wouldn’t be enough. He needed to rely on Twelve Celestial-Travelling-Steps to help him evade Fargo’s barrage of attacks.

    Having been forced into the corner, Sila performed the stepping technique without too much thought. His feet were stepping there and there eccentrically. Since space was limited, all Sila had to do was shorten his steps. The shorter the steps, the quicker he could move. Sila, who was in the middle of the barrage of punches, was moving so fast that normal people would sometimes see his afterimages.

    Despite how Sila seemed to be doing just fine, using such a complicated stepping technique consumed too much of his concentration. Moreover, Fargo’s punches were quick, powerful, and infused with the pulling power. Sila had to repel the pulling power form Fargo’s Universe Momentum with his own Universe Momentum.

    The battle had reached the state where no one dared to blink their eyes. All spectators were holding their popcorn, snacks or beverages without consuming them out of fear they will miss the decisive scene.

    Even the two commentators had lost their will to explain the battle. They could only stare blankly at the battle like the rest of people. They had totally forgotten their role.

    Sila’s qi energy was less than Fargo’s so he knew he had to end the battle before his qi was depleted. He guessed that Fargo could continue fighting this way for at least five minutes. It might seem short but any expert seeing this fight would know that only a brief moment was needed for Sila’s life to come to an end. Five minutes of Fargo was too long for Sila.

    Seeing the chance, Sila’s right fist was thrown at Fargo’s flank. His right fist was strengthened by Genesis Punch and qi reinforcement.

    Although there was no sound, it was obvious that he had caused Fargo an injury. Several wounds had appeared on Fargo’s side. His blood was dyeing his brown cloth black.

    Meanwhile, a smile was formed on the corner of Fargo’s mouth. “Caught you.”

    Sila, who was about to pull his fist back, realized that he had been tricked. His right fist was transfixed on Fargo’s body by Fargo’s Universe Momentum. Upon direct contact like this, the pulling power was too great for Sila to resist.

    “You can only use that move with your right fist, can’t you?” Fargo said while throwing a punch at Sila.

    “Argh!” Sila tried to dodge, but he couldn’t. He resisted the punch with qi reinforcement and Formless Soldier. However, the punch was still so strong. Sila thought some of his ribs had already fractured or cracked.

    In fact, Fargo had noticed from the start that Sila had used Genesis Punch with the right fist. At that time, Sila’s right arm was injured. Thus, if Sila could perform that powerful skill using both hands, Sila would have used his uninjured left one.

    Although it was true that Genesis Punch was really powerful, Fargo was confident in himself that he could resist one more of it. He was brave enough to use his body as bait to seal Sila’s movement.

    Fargo’s second punch was coming. Sila was throwing several left punches at Fargo but there were all ineffective. Despite Fargo’s defense was declined due to the wounds Fargo had taken, it was still far surpassed Sila’s attack using the left hand.

    *Clang* The sound of Fargo’s second fist hitting Sila was resonating. It was unlike the first fist that Sila hadn’t prepared so he had a better time blocking against it. However, if he was taken more hits, he would undoubtedly die. Fargo was mercilessly aiming at the same spot.

    Sila had to quickly come up with the solution to get out of this predicament. Just a brief moment later, he was smiling. He mimicked Zero’s move against Cross, injecting the power of Tortured Soul into Fargo’s body via his right fist. It caused Fargo to flinch for a moment.

    Fargo’s qi came to a halt, so Sila was able to pull his right fist away. Once he had done that, Sila didn’t wait for long to throw another qi-reinforced Genesis Punch at Fargo.

    Fargo’s wounds were torn apart more than previously. But he was still alive. He countered Sila right away.

    Sila’s ribs were hurting so he couldn’t dodge. He was punched at the chest. Surprisingly, Sila could maintain his posture and not fly away from the weight behind the first.

    Startling, Fargo looked at what was happening. Sila was mimicking him by using Universe Momentum to transfix himself to Fargo to keep the distance between them.

    Sila grinned. His left hand was grabbing on Fargo’s right wrist. Meanwhile, he threw his fourth Genesis Punch.

    Fargo’s body was covered in blood. There were numerous wounds on his body. His legs gave out and, finally, he collapsed on the arena. As for Sila, he was standing still while circulating his qi to regenerate his power.

    “I lost. I didn’t expect you to be able to use elemental tranquil qi. I’m too naive to think that you’re an offensive-style player just because you’re able to block against my attack.”

    “You’re very strong, Mister Fargo. I need to show many of my trump cards to fight you.”

    “Hahahaha, but you still have more, am I right? By the way, I have lost so I don’t actually have any right to ask for anything. However, can I ask you one question?”

    “Please do.”

    “The skill that you use to win against me, what is its name?”

    “It’s Fluffy Slime. It’s…” Sila had yet to end his sentence when Fargo interrupted.

    “Is it a slime skill?”

    “Yes, it is.” As Genesis Punch is a martial skill of Poluk who belongs to slime race, it is not incorrect to say that it is a slime skill, especially when it shares the characteristic with the Formless Soldier skill.

    “Hahahaha, slime, oh slime. From now on, if someone tells me slime is weak, I will let him try taking my punch. Hahahaha, I hope we will meet again, Sila.”

    “Yes, me too.”

    Then, Fargo’s body turned into light and disappeared. By the fact that he hadn’t died immediately even after taking four Genesis Punches, Sila concluded that Fargo’s toughness was even higher than Dorolia’s.

    The system announcement resonated throughout the arena.

    “The second winner of the round-robin is Player Sila!”

    Instead of a big commotion, a deathly silence reigned the Colosseum. No spectator had expected Sila to win. Many of them were rubbing their eyes, looking at the arena in disbelief. However, soon, uproars broke out. To be exact, Sila’s story was currently being seen everywhere in the game forum.

    Sila was still circulating qi while wondering why he had yet to be teleported to his resting room. Afterward, the surrounding arena turned into a muddy swamp. One particular man appeared in front of Sila.

    Sila recognized this man. He was the one who Sila had witnessed fighting against Ginny.

    The system announcement continued.

    “Since there are several matches, there will be no resting time between the matches. The combatant will only get to rest if you finish your battle faster than others. Once your next opponent finishes his battle, the next match will begin immediately. By the way, this explanation was already given to every participant prior to beginning the round-robin matches. Now, let the next match begin!”

    Sila in normal condition wouldn’t have a very hard time winning against Venom. However, after the match with Fargo, Sila’s qi was almost depleted, so whoever would emerge as the victor in this match was anyone’s guess.

  • Chapter 81: Poison Master

    Sila took a deep breath. He tried moving his foot but found that the mud that covered his ankles was quite sticky, but it wasn’t to the point that he couldn’t move at all. He inspected the change in the arena. The area was wider. Except for the muddy swamp, there was nowhere for him to place his feet.

    “Kikiki, you’re truly unlucky, kid,” A guy with a goatee laughed.

    Although Sila had witnessed this man in the match with Ginny, once Sila was close to Venom like this, he felt strong dislike toward this man. There were not many people that could get Sila to feel this way just from a first impression, but Venom managed to do that.

    Venom’s cobra-like eyes stared at Sila.

    Sila examined his power and found that his qi could be used normally. It was just almost depleted. He had spent too much qi in the match with Fargo. If Sila could get the chance to rest for fifteen minutes, his qi would recover to a decent degree. However, complaining wouldn’t help him in any way. He just had to utilize his remaining qi.

    If he was someone else, he would panic or fear being in a situation where he was disadvantaged both in location and physical condition. However, Sila wasn’t like an ordinary player. The more unfavorable his position, the calmer he became.

    Not to mention that Sila had evaluated the situation and found that he wasn’t in that much of a crisis. The unfavorable arena? Compared to Dragon Domains, a muddy swamp wasn’t something Sila would whine about.

    Sila was experienced in fighting on a disadvantageous battlefield. This was what set Sila apart from Ginny.

    As Sila was taking his time leisurely, it was Venom instead that had become restless. Usually, once his enemies noticed that they were on a disadvantageous battlefield, they would feel pressured and impatient to attack him. On the contrary, Sila became calmer. This made Venom to feel curious.

    ‘Is he so foolish that he doesn’t notice that this battlefield is filled with poison?’ This was Venom’s first thought.

    In fact, Sila could feel the poison since the start. Nevertheless, the arena’s poison wasn’t that potent. Sila could easily resist it by circulating Basic Qi coupled with Unblemished Aqua. Compared to when he first faced against Bomb Lurking Psychic, the poison from the arena had almost no effect on him.

    Venom was troubled. He had a defensive play style that focused on counterattacking. Normally, his opponent would hurriedly want to win and rush at him, which he would block using his solid defense. He would just wait for his opponent to be weakened by the poison. A prolonged battle was his specialty. It brought him ecstasy when his opponent showed an agitated expression while screaming and dying resentfully.

    Having said that, Sila wasn’t just calm, there was simply no sign of him wanting to make any move.

    But, once Venom let his guard down for a moment, a small dagger was fired from Sila’s hand, stabbing precisely into Venom’s forehead.

    All spectators exclaimed in surprise.

    However, Venom’s body scattered into muddy water. Sila wasn’t surprised as he had witnessed this skill before.

    Another Venom appeared on the left side, more than ten meters from Sila.

    “Kikiki. Too bad for you, that one isn’t my real body.” Ridicule echoed through the air.

    Sila wasn’t sure where the sound was originated from, but at the very least, it didn’t come from Venom’s body.

    “It seems you possess some kind of qi that can resist against poison. However, the poison of the Poison Master isn’t as weak as the poison of the arena.” Venom’s voice echoed all over the arena.

    “Use whatever you can, before you won’t be able to do so,” Sila taunted his opponent to make him reply back. It would help him pinpoint Venom’s location.

    “You… Don’t you dare think that I’m as weak as that idiot Fargo.”

    Hearing what Venom said, Sila furrowed his brows with anger. Previously, if someone told him he was weak, he would get angry. However, as he spent time playing Monster Soul, he realized that he was indeed very weak. Hence, he accepted that he was weak and no longer paid it any heed if someone mocked him.

    However, from his battle with Fargo, although it was only a single battle, Fargo’s nature was shown in the fight. Fargo was a sincere person who didn’t like exploiting others. This much was certain. Both Sila and Fargo respected each other. So, Sila felt angry hearing Venom badmouthing Fargo in front of him.

    Sila’s face was expressionless. It had been a while since the last time Sila felt angry. Anyone who faced Sila’s anger usually didn’t get a good ending.

    “Mister Fargo isn’t weak.”

    “Kikiki, what’s wrong? Are you saying you know him more than I do after just meeting him only once?”

    “Yes, I believe I know Mister Fargo more than you do.”

    “That idiot Fargo is a moron. No matter what reason he has for quitting the guild, be it an ideology or conviction, he still made a foolish choice. This world of ours doesn’t need something impractical like that. The important thing is our own benefit. Well, it’s a good thing for me that he has quit. At least my portion will be bigger.”

    Sila was still trying to find where Venom’s sound was coming from. However, he really couldn’t find it. It seemed Venom’s concealment ability was very well-developed.

    “One more thing, I don’t care who you have a grudge with nor do I care about who is right or wrong. The only thing I care about is that I can get my money. Kikiki.”

    Sila had heard enough. Although he didn’t know where Venom’s voice originated from, he still had another method to search for Venom’s location.

    “I had changed my opinion toward the Royal Armament Guild after meeting Mister Fargo, but it does seem that this guild has more people like you than him. At first, my only objective when I entered Monster Soul was to have a match against Montra. However, I have changed my mind. Allow me to include taking down the Royal Armament Guild as another objective of mine.”

    “Ha! Kid, don’t you get too cocky. Do you seriously think you have the ability to do that!? Don’t think too much of yourself just because you have won against Fargo. It seems I will have to show you the difference in our ability.”

    “Black Widow Spider Poison.”

    The brown muddy swamp was slowly turning black. Sila looked at his feet without moving a single step.

    His qi power shot up. Sila quit trying to find Venom using his ears. Instead, he relied on Galaxy Eclipse. The invisible qi sphere covered the entire arena.

    Venom’s real body could immediately be sensed in Sila’s mind. Sila quickly threw a dagger toward the empty space, causing the spectators to wonder what he was doing.

    “Argh!” The dagger stabbed something in the empty air. Soon, Venom’s body slowly appeared.

    “How did you know?” The cobra-like eyes stared intensely at Sila. The dagger had stabbed into Venom’s right shoulder. Black blood was bleeding from the wound.

    “Do I need to tell you? Could you please hurry up and show me the difference in our ability?” Sila taunted his opponent.

    “You bastard! Muddy Body!” The bodies made of mud appeared. Sila could sense that there were exactly twenty-five of them, excluding Venom’s real body.

    “Bone Dissolving Poison.”

    The muddy bodies had the exact same appearance as Venom. They were all as dark as black ink. It seemed Venom didn’t want to play around anymore. He wanted to quickly kill Sila.

    Sila could sense the poisonous substance that was fusing with the muddy swamp. It would soon arrive and begin to cover his ankles. Nevertheless, ever since Venom had activated Black Widow Spider Poison which Sila didn’t know about, Sila had already activated Orbiting Cosmos to change himself into the earth element. As Venom’s poison originated from earth-type magic power, it didn’t have much of an effect on Sila.

    The rule to ban the use of items became advantageous for Sila. Due to the ban, Venom wasn’t able to use his specially crafted poison.

    The Royal Armament guild had underestimated Sila. They thought that just the poison from the arena and Venom’s magic would be enough to kill Sila. Actually, if Venom had been able to use his crafted poison, Sila would not be able to defend as easily as he currently was.

    “Die!!” Venom waved his cane. All of the muddy bodies moved closer to Sila.

    However, compared to Sila’s speed, the movement of these muddy bodies was so slow. Sila looked at their feet and found that all of them had a part that connected with the swamp.

    The earth-elemental spells mostly required the power of earth. Muddy Body is one such skill so it is not strange for it to be this way.

    The ice attribute of Tortured Soul spread from Sila’s feet. Shapeless Qi that consisted of Qi of Little Tiger also moved at Sila’s will, strengthening the ice.

    The muddy swamp was slowly turned into an ice field. Sila had experienced changing a part of water into ice before, so changing the muddy swamp into one was a piece of cake for him. This was without mentioning that his power output was higher than the last time he did it.

    Since all of the muddy bodies were connected to the swamp, every one of them froze and could no longer continue moving. Even the lower part of Venom’s body was frozen.

    “Wha- Impossible… how can you do this?” This was the first time since the tournament started that Venom started to feel fear.

    Sila melted the ice around his ankles and walked on the ice field, moving closer to Venom. Each step resonated in Venom’s eardrums.

    There was no other sound. All spectators forgot to breathe. Sila’s bearing was fierce and brutal when he was facing Fargo. However, now he seemed cold and ruthless as if he was an evil spirit.

    A grim reaper was coming. Every passing step increased Venom’s fear and tension.

    “Don’t come any closer!” Venom screamed. There was no haughty expression on his face anymore. His face was deathly pale. He tried his best to break the ice freezing his lower body but he couldn’t. The most he could do was cause some crack on the ice.

    The ice freezing Venom wasn’t a common ice. It was ice created by qi. For the record, elemental qi was very powerful. Lone Wolf possessed hot elemental qi so he was titled as Qi Emperor while Zero possessed cold elemental qi so he is titled as Shadow Emperor. In Monster Soul, players that possess elemental qi are very rare. That was why Fargo was surprised when he found out that Sila could use elemental qi.

    Even Earth Dragon Python was unable to break free from this ice. Why bother mentioning Venom?

    Venom wasn’t as strong as the Earth Dragon. He wasn’t even a direct combat-type player.

    Venom always hid behind the scenes and controlled the battle. He was like a spider that likes to calmly watch the trapped inspects before eating them mercilessly later.

    However, today, he himself had become prey.

    Venom was relying on Sila’s exhaustion from the last match or a favorable battlefield. Meanwhile, Sila didn’t depend on such a thing. He paved a path to victory with his own strength.

    Sila stopped in front of Venom. The distance between them was less than a meter.

    “Mister Fargo tells me that, if someone says that slimes are weak, he would challenge him or her to take on his punch. So, in my case, if someone says that Mister Fargo is weak, I would challenge them to take on my punch too.”

    Silence filled the Colosseum. No one dared to make any noise, thinking that it would be impolite to this exciting atmosphere.

    Sila’s eyes were cold and expressionless. He was looking at Venom like he was a grim reaper that was about to take away someone’s soul.

    “Mister Fargo can resist four punches of mine. As for you, if you can take even one punch, I will immediately surrender this match.”

    Sila’s fist turned black. This fist of his had double the power of what he had thrown at Fargo since he had time to accumulate the power.

    “Nooooo!! I surren…”

    Genesis Punch smashed into Venom’s chest before he could finish surrendering. There was no sound. Venom’s body was torn apart as it turned into dust and disappeared.

    Soon, an unexpected development happened on Sila’s body. Shapeless Qi was circulating by itself to help its owner. Blood was dripping from his mouth.

    There was a deadly poison coming from the disappearing Venom’s body. This was another trump card that the Royal Armament Guild prepared for Sila. Venom was placed as the second combatant for him so that even if Sila wins, he would still have to suffer from a deadly poison.

    This poison of Venom didn’t originate from magic but from the special property of Venom’s physique. Hence, Sila’s Orbiting Cosmos couldn’t resist against it effectively.

    Sila’s qi was diminishing at a fast rate. He could barely stay alive thanks to Shapeless Qi that was trying its best to resist the poison. His qi energy was lower than ever. However, if he didn’t take a break and concentrate his mind on qi circulation, he would surely die in another ten minutes. As for his magic and psychic energy, they had reached the bottom as soon as he had taken in the poison.

    As everyone expected, the arena changed to a wide grass field. In front of Sila, there was a woman sitting on top of a gigantic golem.

    “The third winner of the round-robin is Player Sila! As for the fourth match, Player Fargo had abandoned the match so the winner is Player Francine. Now, let the final begins.”

    Sila’s face was deathly pale. His body was swaying. Since his qi was low, Bomb Lurking Psychic in his body created a disturbance again. Sila felt like he was stabbed by numerous needles. His health points decreased every second.

    Sila could no longer stand. He sat cross-legged on the grass field. Nevertheless, before he entered the meditation state, Sila murmured to his left hand.

    ‘Just ten minutes is enough. Please give me your help.’

    “Release Lookhin.”

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