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    Chapter 53: Invading the Underwater Palace – First Part
    The members on the raft had originally been lively and seemed to enjoy having a conversation along the way. However, after three hours had passed, the journey on the raft was more boring than they had imagined. They had nothing left to chitchat about.
    Sila closed his eyes and tried to empty his mind, readying himself for the upcoming battle.
    Burapha was standing on the front of the raft. He was sweating despite the wind blowing strongly. This was because he had constantly been using Water Spirit for more than three hours. His psychic points had been depleted twice, stopping the journey two times while he waited for his energy to be fully recovered.
    Meanwhile, Bluebird was sleeping while standing up in his tailorbird form next to Burapha. As for Bow and Lookhin, Sila had sealed them into his ring when they first got on the raft as he wasn’t sure that he would have the time to look after them.
    The raft had come to a stop. Sila, who had been fully rested, opened his eyes only to see nothing but skylines. As for Bluebird, he woke up, frightened by the sudden stop.
    “I wasn’t sleeping, Boss!!” Bluebird shouted.
    Once he had fully woken up and looked at Sila and Burapha who were staring at him, Bluebird was quick to peck at his feathers and change the topic.
    “Resting again? When will we arrive there? Can you please hurry up? It’s almost midday.”
    “Damn, Big Bro. You are always sleeping. How do you qualify to be a nitpicker? The one who is very tired is me,” complained Burapha.
    “That’s fine. We can rest for a moment before we go on,” Sila said.
    “There is no need. We have arrived.” Burapha sat down on the raft.
    Sila and Bluebird were looking around. There was no visible object in sight except the sea and the sky.
    “We have arrived? Are you sure?” asked Bluebird.
    “Try opening the map. I’m certain we have arrived. The distance will be no more than 100 meters off,” said Burapha.
    Sila bent his head down to look into the water. Although the sea was very clear, he couldn’t spot the bottom of it nor the identity of the Underwater Palace.
    “Please wait for me to regenerate my psychic points for a moment before we go. Now, we should summarize our plan,” Burapha said while Sila and Bluebird nodded.
    “First, Big Brother Sila can fire hidden weapons, but firing hidden weapons underwater won’t be that effective unless they’re a harpoon-like object.” Burapha’s sentence ended by him taking out around fifty of harpoons to give them to Sila.
    Sila looked at the harpoons with eyes filled with curiosity. Their appearance wasn’t the same as usual harpoon he had seen. They were shorter to the point that they were more like steel arrows. On the head of the harpoons, there was a small yellow stone buried on it.
    “I have modified it to make it shorter. Ordinary players will need a harpoon shooter to fire it, but for Big Brother Sila, I think you can fire it yourself. I also gave them to an acquaintance craftsman to bury Lightning Insect on their head. However, it was too urgent so I can prepare only 42 of them,” Burapha explained.
    Sila nodded. Burapha was indeed a careful person and very well-prepared.
    “You are very well-prepared,” Sila complimented.
    “Of course, I guessed that Big Brother Sila wouldn’t prepare anything in advance. If there is a person who goes to fight against a dragon without being prepared, that person would only be you.”
    “Hey, that’s not true. I’ve prepared for this fight too. See? I’ve bought a lot of health potions,” Sila argued.
    “People always carry potions. That won’t count as being prepared, Big Brother. By the way, what kind of health potions did you purchase?”
    “What kind of health potions? They’re the normal kind, obviously. They’re potions that increase health point the most, you know?” Sila showed off his potions to Burapha.
    “How do you plan to drink those underwater?” Burapha asked.
    Sila was speechless while looking at the health potions in his hands. ‘How? That’s right… its content would leak out immediately if the cap is removed, wouldn’t it?’
    Burapha opened his system window and took out health potions similar to Sila’s. The sole difference was that they didn’t have a cap. A straw was attached to each of them instead.
    “These are Health Potions for Ladies. Don’t mind their name though. Mainly, they are attached with a straw. They are usually used by a woman who doesn’t prefer to drink directly from the bottle.”
    Sila took around ten of them from Burapha. He put them into his system window and said, “I will give you the money later.”
    “There’s no need, Big Brother Sila. Do you remember the excess Merpeople Cards that you have given to me? There is a shop in Merpeople Island that willing to buy them for 100 gold coins each. I sold ten of them for raising my initial funds. Then, I put four of them on the auction. I’m currently waiting for the auction time to come to an end. I have already become a millionaire. In a sense, my business is funded by you. Thus, for Big Brother Sila, everything is free.”
    “Do you possess that many Merpeople Cards?” asked Bluebird.
    “They’re Big Brother Sila’s possessions. He has given them to me. I’m now keeping thirty of them with me,” Burapha answered.
    “Why don’t you put all of them on the auction?” Sila asked.
    “This is the reason why you can’t be a merchant, Big Brother. If I put all of them on the auction, their price would drop due to a higher in supply. It is better to release only a few of them at a time so people fight to win them by placing higher bids,” Burapha answered.
    “How much do you gain from each of them?” Bluebird asked.
    “Each of them should be sold at approximately 5,000 gold coins, I guess.”
    “5,000 gold coins!!” Bluebird’s eyes were wide open. For four of them, that would be 20,000 gold coins. This wasn’t an amount that individual player was normally able to possess.
    Anyway, Sila didn’t listen attentively to it. He was just thinking that, to help him clear his debt, he should ask Burapha to come to his Chamber of Secret later to appraise the prices of the items he had collected.
    “About the plan, Big Brother Sila will be the main damage dealer, while Lala and I will help attacking if given the chance. As for Big Brother Bluebird…” Burapha looked at Bluebird.
    “I will support you guys,” Bluebird said.
    “What do you mean by ‘support’ though,” Burapha asked.
    “I mean, I will watch your back. If the situation changes, I will act to help your guys.”
    “To summarize, you’re planning to just stand by?” Burapha plainly said.
    “Rather, you should say that I’m preparing myself to handle any given incoming situations. It sounds better.” Bluebird tilted his head, trying to be cute.
    Sila didn’t argue. He was planning to fight alone from the beginning. It didn’t matter whether Bluebird intended to help him or not.
    Burapha sighed. “At least, I will give these Underwater Bombs in your care. I have brought them to use in an emergency situation.”
    At the end of his sentence, he put fifty of red tin cans on the raft.
    “These tin cans are Underwater Bombs?”
    “Yes, don’t you know that despite being a newshawk? It’s no wonder that you were fired from your guild,” Burapha mocked Bluebird.
    “I wasn’t fired! I just took a break to discover myself. By the way, my field of interest is not the information of items .”
    “Yes~ I see.” Burapha seemed to not be interested.
    “Anyway, Burapha, are you ready now?” asked Sila.
    “It will take around 10 minutes for my psychic points to be fully replenished.”
    “I will go in advance, then. Just in case we aren’t in the right spot. You can follow me when you’re ready,” Sila said.
    Burapha didn’t reply. He thought that Sila must have some urgent matter to do to be this impatient. Anyway, he sent the party invitation to the two.
    Party: Kill the Great Turtle +1
    Party Leader: Burapha, Squire Rank, Level 1000
    Health Points: 390,000/390,000 Psychic Points: 556,500/556,500
    Member: Sila, Knight Rank, Level 1
    Health Points: 860,000/860,000 Qi Points: 955,000/955,000
    Member: Bluebird, Knight Rank, Level 1000
    Health Points: 800,000/800,000 Magic Points: 1,640,000/1,640,000
    T/N: Author seemed to make a mistake in Burapha’s psychic points being full.
    Burapha looked at Bluebird’s stats and frowned. This man seemed to be quite skillful, so why is it that his actions were not like an expert at all? He later dismissed this thought though. Bluebird was a vice-leader of the Blue Pigeon guild. It wasn’t weird for people in high positions to have subordinates grinding experience points for them. There were many players out there that had a high level but actually weak.
    “I will send Lala with you though,” Burapha said.
    Sila nodded while using the lighten attribute of Formless Soldier to make sure that the raft can take more people on it.
    “Release Lala.”
    A woman appeared on the raft. She had light blue hair that was held together by a hair pin in the form of a shell. She was wearing a polite deep blue dress.
    “Greetings, everyone.”
    Sila greeted her back, while Bluebird in bird form was drooling, “Whoa, she’s so pretty.”
    Burapha ignored Bluebird’s behavior. “Be prepared, Lala.”
    “Yes, Master.” Lala jumped into the air with a beautiful motion as if she was a professional diver. Her two legs transformed into fishtail in the air. She dived into the sea without the splashing sound.
    Fish’s Ally.” Burapha touched Sila’s shoulder while activating his skill.
    Sila’s body was temporary glowing in the soft blue light.
    “Big Brother Sila, now you can breathe underwater, resist water pressure, and perform other actions almost as well as a merperson for 30 minutes. However, be aware that your movement will become stiffer. Please familiarize yourself with water first.”
    Sila dived into the sea. While he was floating on the sea surface, he tried bending his head down underwater and found out that he really can breathe.
    Suddenly, Bluebird said, “This mission should be easy. Actually, it may be a good that Sila decided to hunt the Great Millennium Turtle before the Underwater Palace surfaces above the water.”
    “Why?” Burapha asked.
    “Based on the information I have gotten, it seems all four mysterious places have a concept that if you invade them before they appear naturally, there are no subordinates to help the boss.”
    “Really?” Burapha said. This was good news for them.
    “I’m not sure about the Underwater Palace though. It is the case for the Labyrinthine Forest Cathedral and the Cloudy City. Thus, this place should be the same.”
    “Hm? In the end, will there be the subordinates or not?” Burapha asked.
    “I don’t know too…” replied Bluebird.
    ‘In that case, why did you bring this up?’ Burapha inwardly sighed.
    “Anyway, follow me later.” Sila didn’t wait for a reply and immediately dived down.
    Sila used the breaststroke to swim underwater. His body was moving slowly though. Although he didn’t feel much water resistance, his speed had become much slower.
    Sila sighed, yet there were bubbles coming out of his mouth instead.
    ‘Moving slowly like this, how can I fight well? It seems I have to adapt myself using the skills I possess.’
    With that thought, Sila activated the heavier attribute of Formless Soldier. His body was as heavy as an anchor and dived down to the bottom of the ocean without him having to do anything.
    Lala watched Sila’s actions with astonishment. She hurriedly swam after Sila.
    On the sea surface...
    The body of a blue tailorbird flashed one time before transforming back into a human form. Bluebird appeared and whistled in a very good mood.
    Currently, Burapha was already in the sea and was about to follow Sila. Although his psychic points still weren’t fully replenished, they were almost full.
    Anyway, seeing Bluebird’s carefree behavior, Burapha couldn’t help but feel pissed.
    “I forgot to tell you one thing,” Burapha said.
    “Hm? Are you still here? What is it?” Bluebird replied.
    Burapha was suppressing his anger. Although it was true that Bluebird wasn’t a part of the initial plan, isn’t chilling like this too much for a teammate?
    The system sounds were ringing in both people’s head.
    Monster Underwater Guard, Squire Rank, Level 800 has appeared.
    Monster Underwater Guard, Squire Rank, Level 800 has appeared.
    Monster Underwater Guard, Squire Rank, Level 800 has appeared.
    Monster Underwater Guard, Squire Rank, Level 800 has appeared.
    Monster Underwater Guard, Squire Rank, Level 800 has appeared.
    Burapha was alarmed. This meant Sila had already encountered a group of monsters. He turned his head to look at Bluebird. “Big Bro, didn’t you say that there will be no subordinate monsters?”
    Bluebird spread both of his hands. “Teehee. Information can be faulty sometimes. This is common.”
    “There’s no time. I will now go after Big Brother Sila to help him. As for what I was about to say before, I want to tell you that those bombs are 300,000 silver coins each, you understand?”
    “Huh? Why are they free for Sila but not for me?” Bluebird argued.
    “For an unprepared person like you, you have to purchase them from the money-sucking merchant like this.” Once he finished his sentence, Burapha then immediately dived down.
    Bluebird looked blankly at the bombs on the raft and muttered.
    “Well, I won’t use them so there is no need for me to pay.”
    He then opened his system window.
    “How can you say I’m unprepared? I’m a very well-prepared person.”
    Then, he took out a fishing rod and started fishing. Not only that, he even took out a pair of sunglasses and a straw hat to wear, preventing him from the sunlight. Lastly, he took out a glass of fruit juice and placed it next to him.
    He was humming in a good mood.
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    Chapter 54: Invading the Underwater Palace – Middle Part
    The system alarm was going off continuously but Sila didn’t hear them as he had turned off the system sound. He heard only the first alarm that went off when he encountered a monster.
    Finally, Sila’s feet stepped onto the bottom of the ocean. He turned his head to the left only to see the Underwater Palace next to him. There was only a 10-meter distance between him and it.
    More than a hundred Underwater Guards were swimming out of the Underwater Palace. They didn’t look like merpeople he had met. They had two arms and two legs like a human, but their head was that of a fish. Some had a head that resembled a shrimp while some had a head that looked like a crab.
    Each Underwater Guard took out a trident and charged at Sila.
    Sila continued to focus on looking for the Great Millennium Turtle. This must be a drawback for turning off the system sound.
    He readied a harpoon in his hand. Since the beginning of the game, Sila had never once seriously used a weapon due to the penalty of the Right Arm of the Sealed One. However, after it had malfunctioned, Sila found out that he could wield weapons normally.
    He wasn’t familiar with handling weapons, but with him being underwater and unable to move properly, using a weapon should be better than using his bare hands.
    Many of the Underwater Guards stabbed their trident at Sila.
    Instead of dodging, Sila hardened his body using Formless Soldier to block the attacks. He knew that he couldn’t dodge all of them anyway.
    The tridents stabbed Sila and the metallic sound echoed throughout the sea. They were all stopped by Sila’s skin. During that time, Sila had a chance to counter attack by stabbing his harpoon toward one or two of them.
    Lala also was doing her best to defeat the guards. She was swimming at high speed and attack the guards in her swimming route.
    Once she turned her head to peek at how well Sila had handled the guards, she was able to witness the strange sight.
    It was the sight of Sila standing still and trading blows with the Underwater Guards. Both sides continued stabbing each other. The weird thing was that the guards’ tridents were completely blocked while Sila’s harpoon could easily pierce through them. The Lightning Insect on the harpoon performed its duty and electrocuted the guards, sending them on to the afterlife.
    ‘These guys are easier to kill than I anticipated,’ Sila thought.
    What Sila was thinking was not entirely correct. The slime race’s skills are a direct counter to dragons, so their power is naturally high. Coupled with the training from the Slime King which increased Sila’s mastery in using the skills, it could be said that Squire Rank monsters are no longer a threat to Sila. They must be Knight Rank or higher to pose him a threat.
    Usually, normal players would have to take a step-by-step approach to reach this level of battle prowess. However, Sila had skipped many steps so he himself couldn’t measure his own fighting ability. That was why he regarded the Underwater Guards as weak.
    Plus, there was even help from Burapha. The lightning harpoon was able to inflict more damage to water type monsters. Once it stabbed into the opponent, the Lightning Insect would inflict continuous damage by electrocuting the enemy every five seconds.
    Finally, the Underwater Guards recognized that they couldn’t harm Sila so they backed off from him. Burapha had arrived at this moment so he couldn’t witness the previous strange sight. He was relieved to see that Sila was fine.
    Sila tried to ask Burapha by gesturing with his hands, ‘Where is the Great Millennium Turtle?’
    Burapha didn’t gesture back but pointed at the Underwater Palace.
    “Blub blub blub blub?” (Is it inside the Underwater Palace?) Sila asked.
    Burapha waved his hand to deny that statement. Again, he pointed at the Underwater Palace.
    Sila followed the direction of Burapha’s finger. He couldn’t see anything except the Underwater Palace.
    Soon, the answer came out by itself. The Underwater Palace was shaking and slowly pulled upward together with the ground.
    Sila rubbed his eyes. He finally found the Great Millennium Turtle. Actually, it would be weirder not to see it due to its size.
    The entire Underwater Palace was located on the turtle’s shell. A huge black turtle was moving forward slowly. It was the largest monster that Sila had ever encountered. Even the huge Earth Dragon was only half the size of the Great Millennium Turtle.
    Sila was lost in thought. He didn’t have any ideas on how to defeat it. Based on its size, he would have a hard time damaging it. He was looking at Burapha who was still calm.
    “Blub blub blub blub,” Burapha said.
    Sila furrowed his brows. He couldn’t understand a thing.
    Burapha opened his system window and typed in it quickly. Afterward, there was a message sent to Sila.
    Sila hurried to read it.
    From Burapha 1/1
    Based on Big Brother Bluebird’s information, the Great Millennium Turtle has limited attack patterns. Its strong points are only its high defense and high health points. Big Brother Sila should pierce all the harpoons in it and back off. Then, we can just wait until it dies.
    Sila nodded once he finished reading. Maybe all the Great-Millennium monsters were like this. For example, the Great Millennium Ape Boss only had one strong point, which was its speed. Its other specs were not very threatening. The fact that its attack seemed terrifying at that time was only because Sila back then was a new player.
    Sila tried firing one of the harpoons because he had never fired them before. The harpoon flew slower comparing to the knife he was used to firing. However, the Great Millennium Turtle was a slow-moving gigantic target so it was easily stabbed by the harpoon.
    The harpoon flashed a yellow light every five seconds, but the Great Millennium Turtle was almost completely ignoring the damage. It might think that somebody had lightly tapped it.
    Using the opportunity that the Great Millennium Turtle was still unaware of the danger, Sila hurriedly stabbed the harpoons continuously. Once two of the harpoons flew out of his hands, the next two immediately followed.
    The harpoons were pierced all over the Great Millennium Turtle’s body. The light from the lightning harpoons was flashing non-stop as if a disco ball was turned on.
    It seemed the Great Millennium Turtle finally noticed Sila. It turned its head toward him and opened its gigantic mouth to swallow the sea water.
    Sila didn’t understand what it was trying to do. Did it want to spout water out of its mouth? Doesn’t this sound too harmless? Anyway, Sila activated the harder and heavier attributes of Formless Soldier to strengthen his defense just in case.
    The Great Millennium Turtle stopped swallowing water and indeed spouted water out. The sea current was shaken. Sila could feel it. However, he couldn’t see the water that was directed at him.
    A water bullet underwater.
    Sila didn’t know what to do except increase his qi reinforcement. Although Poluk had taught him to use qi reinforcement only upon contact, Sila couldn’t see the attack so he had no choice but to keep his qi reinforcement up all the time.
    In the next five seconds, Sila’s body was hit by the unseen powerful bullet. His body was hurting all over. He was pushed backward to collide with the boulder that was one meter behind him.
    Sila inspected his health points and felt shocked. It had decreased by almost 200,000 points after only one blow despite him doing his best to put up qi reinforcement.
    Looking back at the Great Millennium Turtle, it started to swallow the sea water again.
    Sila turned his head to look at Burapha and Lala, expecting their help. However, those two were busy preventing Underwater Guards from pulling out the lightning harpoons on the Great Millennium Turtle’s body.
    ‘Hahaha. Since when did I start expecting the help from others?’ Sila smiled at his own thought in a self-ridicule manner. He had always been alone since young. It was his nature to not depend on others.
    ‘This is my own problem. I have to handle it myself. What should I do though? If I get hit again, it will take only two or three more blows for me to die,’ Sila thought while taking out a Health Potion for Ladies to drink.
    In this game, the potions don’t have an immediate effect. They increase the recovery rate of the player for a brief period. The potions or medicines that have an immediate effect are those that refined by players. They are also very expensive.
    ‘I have seen it. No, I was even hit by it. Will I be able to use Moon Reflecting Mirror to return it?’ thought Sila.
    Though, Sila hadn’t tried it yet. He was still thinking over. Moon Reflecting Mirror was a very risky skill. He had to use it at the exact moment that the attack was coming. He also couldn’t activate another skill at the same time.
    He had used heavier and harder attributes of Formless Soldier coupled with qi reinforcement before, but he still had taken damage around 200,000 points. There was nothing to ensure that he wouldn’t die in one hit if he disregarded his defense.
    ‘What should I do? Should I take the risk? Is there no way for me to make the bullet visible?’
    Sila was looking around. He couldn’t see anything except the sea and the sand.
    Not long after, he smiled. He took the red tin box out. It was the Underwater Bomb that he obtained from Burapha a night ago. He had only five of them though.
    The Great Millennium Turtle stopped swallowing water and was about to spout it. Sila didn’t wait any longer and threw the bomb toward the sand in front of him.
    ‘Let’s see whether it will work or not.’
    The Great Millennium Turtle once again spouted the water bullet. The bomb was blowing at the same time.
    As expected of an expensive item, the bomb was powerfully exploded, causing the sand to blow away. Sila could clearly see the water bullet. He put his hands in front of him. Once the bullet came closer, he immediately used his hands as a paintbrush, activating Moon Reflecting Mirror.
    The water bullet was very powerful. Once it collided with Sila’s palm, he instantly realized that there was no way for him to reflect it right back at the Great Millennium Turtle. Having no alternative, Sila instead parried the water bullet away to his right side. The water bullet crashed there, causing a long mark on the sand.
    ‘If the attack is too powerful, I won’t be able to reflect it. I need to be more careful next time,’ Sila reminded himself.
    The Great Millennium Turtle swallowed sea water for the third time. Its body was badly bruised though. It seemed the lightning harpoons were finally showing their effectiveness. The Great Millennium Turtle would die in a short while.
    ‘There is no way I will allow you to fire another one.’
    Sila tightly grabbed two of the Underwater Bombs. He fired them like hidden weapons toward the Great Millennium Turtle. Once they left his hands, he promptly fired another two of them. Now, Sila had no bombs left.
    The four Underwater Bombs flew toward the Great Millennium Turtle. Instead of exploding, they were swallowed into its mouth.
    The Great Millennium Turtle’s stomach became slightly bigger from the explosions within its body. Then, the lightning from the lightning harpoons seemed to be much more effective as the Great Millennium Turtle was crying in pain.
    At first, the Great Millennium Turtle didn’t take much damage despite its element being weak to lightning. It was due to its body being full of natural qi reinforcement. However, with it taking the explosive blow from Sila’s bombs, its qi became dispersed, causing it to take full damage from the lightning.
    For it to re-activate its qi reinforcement, concentration was required. As it was now, only death awaited it.
    The system sound alarmed.
    Player Sila has defeated the Great Millennium Turtle, Knight Rank, Level 650. Player has received 15,000,000 experience points, 3,000 gold coins, (A) Great Millennium Turtle Card 1 EA, (B) Millennium Turtle’s Shell 1 EA, and a Scroll of Qi of Little Turtle 1 EA.
    Level of Player Sila has risen to 150.
    Player Burapha has defeated the Great Millennium Turtle, Knight Rank, Level 650. Player has received 150,000,000 experience points, 1,000 gold coins, and (B) Millennium Turtle’s Shell 1 EA.
    Player Bluebird has defeated the Great Millennium Turtle, Knight Rank, Level 650. Player has received 300,000,000 experience points and 1,000 gold coins.
    The subordinates of the Great Millennium Turtle were gone. Everyone sighed in relieved. The mission that seemed almost impossible to accomplish was instead easily ended in success with Burapha’s preparation, Sila’s cleverness, and Bluebird’s support(?).
    However, the system sound that everyone didn’t expect to hear echoed in their head.
    Player Sila has achieved a certain secret condition: Killing the Great Millennium Turtle underwater while being a member of the slime race.
    Player Sila has awakened the Water Dragon Leviathan, Marquis Rank, Level 200, from its slumber due to the Decolonize Slime Kingdom quest. If a slime is killed by the Water Dragon, that slime’s rank will be demoted by 1 rank.
    Sila was shocked and quickly took out the map he had gotten from the Slime King. Then, he blamed his own carelessness. The spot of the Underwater Palace was overlapping with the blue spot on the slime seal map.
    The sea current was shaking. Sila knew well how strong dragons were. It wouldn’t be as easy as the Great Millennium Turtle. He was quick to swim upward while activating lighter attribute of Formless Soldier. He didn’t have to fear that he would miss the Water Dragon. It was sure to hunt him who was its mortal enemy.
    Burapha who listened to the system’s alarm also felt shocked. He calmed his mind as he witnessed Sila swam upward. He and Lala hurriedly followed Sila. Both of his hands were busy typing something on the system window.
    On the sea surface,
    “I’m fishing on the shore. It’s surprising no fish have been caught. I’m fishing until I’m bored. No fish have been caught, I’m surprised.” The humming was echoed softly in the air by Bluebird.
    T/N: These are the lyrics of an old Thai song.
    He reached for a glass of fruit juice with his hand, sucking the straw one time.
    “Hahh, very refreshing. When will those two come back though?”
    The system alarmed Bluebird that there was an incoming message.
    “Hmm? I guess they have finally finished it.” He muttered while reading the message.
    From Burapha 1/1
    The situation has changed. Please be ready to support.
    P.S. Dragon
    “P.S. Dragon? Is it a typo? Aha. Is he testing my information comprehension ability? This must be a secret code.”
    As Bluebird had been afraid that the system alerts would interfere with his fishing, he had turned off the system sound. Needless to say, Bluebird had no clue what was happening underwater.
    Bluebird placed his fishing rod on the raft and began to ponder about Burapha’s secret code.
    “Dragon, dragon. What should dragon mean? This kind of a secret code… don’t you dare think that a vice-leader of Blue Pigeon Guild like me can’t solve it.”
  • Chapter 55: Invading the Underwater Palace – Last Part
    Sila changed his body to become as light as possible. Despite this, his ascension toward the surface wasn’t as fast as he hoped it to be. Sila turned his head back and saw a pair of large blue eyes glancing at him. The sea water around him seemed to become heavier, and it felt like his body was being pulled back down.
    Just the pressure caused by the magic power was enough to hinder Sila’s movements. Now he finally understood the might of a marquis-ranked monster.
    In Monster Soul, there are five ranks: Squire, Knight, Marquis, Lord, and Emperor. The ranks have 1,000 level each for players to gain. On the surface, it looks like all creatures have 5,000 level to achieve. But in reality, there is a large gap between each rank. A gap that if you can surpass it, your ability would increase exponentially.
    The difference between a Lvl. 1000 Squire Rank monster and a Lvl. 1 Knight Rank monster might seem small as there is only one gap between them, but in reality, they are incomparable.
    While Squire Rank monsters weren’t worth a glance from Sila’s eyes, Sila himself wasn’t worth a glance from the Water Dragon.
    The higher the rank, the higher the difficulty to surpass it. But if one can surpass such a gap, one’s ability would soar to a higher realm.
    Sila was pulled toward the Water Dragon. He didn’t know how much time Burapha’s skill had left before it expired, but it wouldn’t be enough for him to defeat the Water Dragon.
    Now, the more Sila swam, the more he was pulled back to the bottom of the ocean.
    ‘Shit. What should I do?’ Sila panicked.
    He had used the heavier attribute of Formless Soldier to descend down and planned to used lighten attribute to ascend up. However, with his body becoming lighter, it was easier for him to be pulled downward by the Water Dragon.
    While he was being pulled downward, Lala came to him and grabbed his arm while swimming upward. Sila was thankful and tried to lighten his body again to make it easier for Lala to pull him up.
    He was finally able to see the raft from far away. At that moment, five of the Underwater Bombs were drifting down toward them. It seemed Bluebird had begun his support.
    Meanwhile, Bluebird was busy deciphering the secret code. It was at that moment that he could feel the raft beginning to shake. A few of the Underwater Bombs on the raft fell down into the water.
    “Damn. Those are expensive.” Bluebird couldn’t catch all of them in time. He did his best to keep the remaining from dropping into the sea though.
    The sea was shaking. The sounds of the explosions were echoed underwater multiple times. The raft was about to torn apart due to the powerful waves.
    Sila, Burapha, and Lala appeared on the sea surface. Sila was quick to climb up to the raft.
    “Great, Blue. Your timing to attack was perfect. It is now stunned, but it won’t take long for it to recover and follow us up here,” Sila said.
    Bluebird had no idea what Sila was talking about, but as he noticed that they were compliments, he was quick to accept them. “For the mighty me, this much is a given.”
    Sila wasn’t interested in the answer. Meanwhile, Burapha sealed Lala into his ring and followed Sila onto the raft.
    “Hey. What are you doing? The raft is about to sink,” Bluebird said.
    “Once the dragon comes up, it will sink anyway. Just look at the raft’s condition,” Burapha argued.
    “Well, stop arguing for now. What should we do? Do you guys have a plan?” Sila asked.
    “I do, but it wasn’t originally a plan to use against a dragon though,” Burapha said.
    “We should follow Burapha’s lead then.”
    “Hey, hey, in the end, what does ‘dragon’ mean?” Bluebird asked with an honest face.
    “Dragon means dragon, Big Bro!! It doesn’t mean anything else. We have wasted too much time. We must start now,” Burapha irritably replied. He didn’t care about Bluebird’s reaction and snatched back the Underwater Bombs from Bluebird’s hands. “Lala and I will be swimming while keeping our distance. I don’t think we will be able to get close to it. As for Big Brother Sila, you should stay on this raft. You’re a close-range fighter, so I don’t know whether you can get close to it or not.”
    “I will try to find a way then,” Sila replied.
    “Luckily for us, Big Brother Blue is a magic-type player. Which element you have chosen though?” Burapha tried to ask.
    There are 8 elements for magic in the game: earth, water, wind, fire, lightning, ice, light, and darkness. Players can use low-tier spells of any element. For mid-tier spells, players can use some of them. As for remaining high-tier spells, players must form a contract with the chosen element to increase their understanding and mastery toward said element. The tradeoff is that they won’t be able to use mid-tier spells of other elements anymore. This is an important choice for all magic-type players as they can choose only once and they won’t be able to change later. Hence, there are many magic-type players that put off making the decision to choose their element until the moment of truth arrives. This way, although they couldn’t use high-tier spells or more powerful versions of spells below that, they would be able to use every mid-tier spell.
    One of those said players was right here.
    “I have yet to choose the element. It can’t be decided easily,” Bluebird answered.
    “Quickly choose the lightning element. Time is precious,” Burapha plainly said.
    “Hah? I belong to the tailorbird race. Won’t the wind element seem cooler?”
    “You should be thinking about surviving before being cool. Also, help us in attacking too. Don’t just support.”
    Bluebird grumbled but he was still willing to do it, though he had a condition. “You guys have to let me publish an article about this.”
    “Deal. Please hurry up though,” Sila cut the conversation as he sensed the incoming crisis. He felt the magic oppression from under the sea. The dragon would come at him in no time.
    Burapha released Lala and gave her half of the bombs he had. He also didn’t forget to give five of them for Sila to use in the emergency. Both of them swam in different directions.
    Sila used his hands to split the raft in half. He was standing on one of them while the other was left for Bluebird.
    “It’s going to sink anyway. We should separate our group so that we won’t become a bigger target,” Sila said, which Bluebird nodded to in agreement.
    The two smaller rafts drifted away from each other. Sila could see that Bluebird had closed his eyes and began to chant some words.
    “O, the great Lord of Thunder who owns the sky above the heaven! Please grant me your almighty power to punish our enemies until they have been turned into insignificant ashes by the heavenly tribulation bolts of lightning.”
    The sky was shaking. The clouds were becoming darker. The cumulonimbus clouds appeared and began to cause the thunderstorms. They were blocking the sunlight and caused a thunderous sound louder than the waves.
    Suddenly, a bolt of lightning struck Bluebird.
    Sila watched the situation with great interest. He had never witnessed the ceremony for choosing an element before. It looked very sacred. Though, it would be grander if there wasn’t an “Aack” sound from Bluebird.
    Bluebird’s body was glowing with a yellow aura. His ring was also glowing the same color. The electric currents were flashing around Bluebird. It would look very cool if Bluebird’s equipment wasn’t destroyed, leaving only his underwear.
    “Damn. I forgot that my cloth belongs to the dark element. So stinky. It’s very expensive. Why do you have to burn it!?” Bluebird shouted at the sky. He picked up the torn clothes to wrap around his waist to prevent himself to be an eyesore.
    The sea water was now spinning like a whirlpool and the two broken rafts were spinning around the center of the whirlpool. Due to the whirlpool’s radius being quite long, Sila’s and Bluebird’s rafts were separating by quite a distance.
    The body of the Water Dragon surfaced at the center of the whirlpool. It seemed the Water Dragon itself was the cause of the whirlpool. Now, Sila could finally have a good look at his opponent.
    The Water Dragon was like a hybrid of a western dragon and a shark. It had multiple rows of sharp teeth within its mouth. Its scales were blue, smooth, and glittering. There was a shark-like fin on its back, while its tail was like a fish’s. Both of its hands were connected with its wings. Sila didn’t know whether it could fly though, as its wings were looking more like fins.
    Its blue eyes flashed with tremendous magic power. They were staring attentively at Sila.
    “I was wondering who dare to interrupt my sleep. Surprisingly, they are just lowly merpeople, slime, and tailorbird,” said the Water Dragon.
    “It can talk?” Bluebird exclaimed. Sila wasn’t surprised though, as he had seen a talking dragon before.
    This dragon was less talkative compared to the Earth Dragon. Once it had finished its sentence, it didn’t continue the conversation. Instead, it summoned a hundred water balls and fired them at Sila and Bluebird.
    Sila used Moon Reflecting Mirror to parry all of them away. For the record, he couldn’t reflect them back as the number was too high.
    As for Bluebird, his eyes were flashing with a bright light. He just moved his body slightly but surprisingly; all the attacks flew right past him without creating a single scratch.
    “It seems I have to deal with this lightning tailorbird first,” the Water Dragon said.
    “Huh? Why are you targeting me first? Look! A slime is over there.” Bluebird pointed his finger at Sila.
    “That slime is weak. I can kill him anytime,” the Water Dragon replied.
    Sila frowned. His face turned expressionless. Why is everyone in this game always regarding him as weak?
    The Water Dragon shook its body. Several waves were splashed toward the raft that Bluebird was on. It planned to sink the raft. A bird underwater would be no different than fish food.
    “Sheez! Do I have to get serious already?” Bluebird muttered.
    Bluebird put his right hand in front of his face, revealing the ring attached with a bird-shape jewel on his middle finger. The ring lightly flashed.
    “Psychic Bird Dance.”
    Ten thousand birds flew out of the ring. The numerous bodies completely covered the sky, the chirping sounds echoing continuously throughout the area.
    “Psychic Bird Transformation.”
    Bluebird's body transformed into one of the ten thousand tailorbirds. His appearance was exactly the same with them, but his color wasn’t blue like usual but brown instead. He soon was swallowed up into the swarm of birds.
    Sila could no longer differentiate Bluebird from the rest of the birds.
    The same thing applied to the Water Dragon. It didn’t imagine that Bluebird could do this.
    The swarm of birds flew in circular formation in the air atop the Water Dragon.
    Below, there was a whirlpool created by the Water Dragon. Atop, there was a circle caused by numerous flying birds. This sure was a strange sight to behold.
    Bluebird wasn’t really bragging when he had mentioned that he would be able to escape even if the Four Emperors gang up on him. With the combination of these two skills, he just had to order the birds to flew into different directions to be able to flee from the scene.
    The ring that Bluebird was currently wearing was Nest Returning Bird Ring. An S-grade item which he had gotten together with his hidden race. All the birds in his possession had transformed into this ring. It allowed him to summon up to 10,000 tailorbirds. All of the tailorbirds from this skill were counted as bodies created by a psychic-type skill, so they don’t share experience points with Bluebird. Upon dying, they would return to the ring and Bluebird would have to wait 7 days for them to be revived.
    The three racial skills of Bluebird were:
    (A) Psychic Bird Dance
    A skill that had to be used in conjunction with the ring. Bluebird could only use this skill in his human form. It allowed him to summon up to 10,000 tailorbirds. The experience points that the birds received would be transferred to Bluebird. All the birds don’t have a concept of rank and level. Instead, their abilities are fixed at 0.1% of Bluebird, both stat-wise and skill-wise. Bluebird usually uses these birds to gather information.
    (A) Psychic Bird Transformation
    A skill that allows Bluebird to transform himself into a tailorbird. Actually, he can choose any color to transform into. However, as his preference color is blue, he usually transforms himself into blue tailorbird.
    (A) Psychic Bird Connection
    A passive skill. It is a command-type skill that allows Bluebird to precisely order the birds in his possession without being confused.
    As for the ultimate skill, (S) Psychic Nest Returning Bird, Bluebird had studied it for a long time but he still couldn’t grasp how to activate it. Due to the fact that the Tailorbird Kingdom does not exist, he had to learn all of his skills by himself. Unfortunately, no matter how hard he had tried, he still couldn’t comprehend the activating condition of his ultimate skill. He had no choice but to master the remaining three skills.
    “Soundless Lightning.”
    The sound of Bluebird using his spell could be heard.
    One of the birds was briefly glowing yellow. Then, it soundlessly fired a lightning bolt at the Water Dragon. The body of the Water Dragon slightly shook. This was an attack of the element that it was weak against so it was slightly injured.
    “What an ant-bite level of attack. You will have to fire more than ten thousand of them to hurt me. You would already be dead during that time though, little bird,” the Water Dragon sneered.
    The sea was manipulated by it, firing like a laser beam toward the sky. This attack caused around twenty birds to die.
    There was Bluebird’s voice among the swarm of birds, “Although we are just little birds, if there are many of us, even a dragon would be pecked to death.”
    “Soundless Lightning.”
    Another lightning bolt fell toward the dragon.
    The Water Dragon was about to open its mouth to argue again that this level of attack wouldn’t be able to take down a dragon even in the wildest dream. But upon looking upward, it was shocked at the sight in front of it.
    Actually, not just the dragon, even Sila, Burapha, and Lala were now staring blankly at the sky without the slightest interest in the dragon.
    The bodies of all the tailorbirds were glowing yellow. At first, only one of them was glowing. Then it became two, then three. All of the tailorbirds had begun to glow. They were flying in a circular formation, the electricity flashing between each of them created the majestic sight. Bluebird’s magic power was covering the clouds in the sky with the intense yellow light.
    “Soundless Lightning.”
    Ten thousand lightning bolts fell toward the dragon. The light was too intense that everyone had to close their eyes.
    Sila was now beginning to think that, within this world of Monster Soul, his existence was a very small part of it.
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    T/N: I have provided Sila's Skill List in the post below this post. Please check it out if you're interested (or just forgot about their ability and want to be reminded lol).

    Chapter 56: Shapeless Qi

    The heat from the numerous Soundless Lightnings caused a small part of the sea to boil instantly. The vapors were covering the scene.
    Three of the players still couldn’t be at ease because there was no system sound to alert them about the Water Dragon’s defeat.
    The vapors began to fade away as the sea’s temperature was cooling down. Burapha sent them the signal that he couldn’t spot the dragon. Bluebird who was flying in the sky also sent them the same one.
    The system alerted. However, it wasn’t the alert that they hoped to listen.
    Monster Water Dragon Leviathan lost more than 30% of its health in an instant. It has entered a berserk state. Its level has risen to Marquis Rank, Level 1000.
    If slime race creature is killed by the Water Dragon, that slime’s rank will be demoted by 2 ranks and will lose all the money currently possessed.
    The whirlpool began to spin again. This time, however, the flow of magic power was now several times stronger than before. It was getting harder for Sila to breathe due to the sheer pressure.
    By the way, Sila didn’t care at all that he would drop two ranks if he died. One or two is the same as he would have to restart at Squire Rank anyway.
    The Water Dragon reappeared at the same spot. However, its body was two times larger than before. What was even more surprising was that it grew another head. Both pairs of eyes were staring at the sky.
    The sea around it turned into big waves. Hundreds of water pillars shot up toward the sky.
    A part of the swarm of birds was shot. Every bird that was shot fell down into the sea. The number of birds that were dying exceeded 1,000. Based on this, just three or four more of the same attack would be enough to completely annihilate all the birds.
    “Hey, don’t just stare blankly. Help me!” Bluebird shouted.
    Burapha and Lala regained their senses. They threw several bombs toward the dragon. The accuracy wasn’t a problem here as the whirlpool would swallow the bombs into its center, which was the location of the Water Dragon anyway.
    The sound of explosions echoed. The Water Dragon used one of its head to shot water pillar at Bluebird while using its remaining head to create a water wall to defend itself against the explosions. It also attacked Burapha and Lala if given the chance.
    Burapha and Lala had to keep swimming to avoid the Water Dragon’s series of attacks. They were now having less chances to throw the bombs.
    Sila looked at the battle with frustration. He didn’t possess any long-range offensive skill. His only means of attack was by throwing the five bombs he had.
    ‘It would be better if I can use qi…’ thought Sila.
    Sila muttered to himself, “Wait. I have already gotten a Scroll of Qi of Little Turtle, haven’t I? Will it work in time though?”
    Without further ado, Sila began to read the Scroll of Qi of Little Turtle. The scroll was opened, revealing a picture of a black turtle. Sila, who had never used this kind of item, stared doubtfully at the picture.
    The black turtle flew out of the scroll and dispersed itself into numerous black texts. They flew and splashed onto Sila’s body before seeping into him.
    The system sound alarm.
    Player Sila has learned a skill: Qi of Little Turtle – Level 0.
    Sila wasn’t surprised by the fact that he had obtained a level 0 skill. He had heard about this from his nameless teacher. The qi obtained by a scroll always starts at level 0. It is unusable at this level. Players need to cultivate it until their body is in sync with the qi. Players would be able to activate it once the level of the skill reaches 1. However, this is undoubtedly the hard part. Each player has different qi that is suitable for them. The qi that some players only need one hour to level up might take a year to level up for others.
    Sila had no way to know whether Qi of Little Turtle was suitable for him or not. Needless to say, not to mention a year, just a mere minute was too long for Sila to waste.
    Although his teacher had told Sila to try practicing qi from the start to experience hurdles, Sila now had to ignore it. What he needed at the present was a shortcut. Sila quickly opened his system window and pulled out the baby manta ray bento box. Then, he began eating it.
    Bluebird, who had ordered the birds to scatter around and fire lightning bolts at the dragon from time to time, noticed what Sila was doing and shouted.
    “What!? You are eating at a time like this? Help us!!!”
    The Water Dragon heard the shout. It fired water pillar at the source of the voice.
    Bluebird could barely dodge. However, hundreds of birds around him had died from water pillars. He furrowed his brows in his bird form.
    “I have to use it now before I lose any more birds.”
    Fifty tailorbirds shined yellow, the magic power in the area surging. The electric currents were flashing throughout their bodies.
    “Thunderbolt Explosion,” Bluebird ordered them to use a skill.
    All fifty birds flew toward the dragon. The Water Dragon seemed to know what would happen so it turned its other head from Burapha and Lala to fired water pillars at the incoming birds.
    Among the fifty birds, only around ten of them managed to reach the dragon. Upon contact, their bodies exploded as bombs of electric discharge. The Water Dragon was severely injured. It let out a cry of pain. Its blue blood was dripping and there were several open wounds on its body.
    Thunderbolt Explosion is a magic self-destruction skill. As it is a skill that sacrifices the user’s life, it is considered a very powerful skill despite it being a mid-tier spell. Bluebird let his birds sacrifice their life instead of his own. Although the damage was only one-thousandth of the original, with enough birds, it would still show a noticeable result.
    Burapha used this chance to throw more bombs at the Water Dragon, while Lala was also doing the same.
    The Water Dragon was even more berserk than before. Its two heads focused on offense while completely disregarding defense.
    Burapha and Lala were busy dodging its attacks in a very disorderly way. Thousands of birds also fell down from the sky. Currently, their number was half of what they started with.
    Sila’s raft was sinking. He stuffed the last of the food in his mouth just in time. As a side note, baby mantra ray bento is very delicious. However, Sila presently had no time to appreciate such a thing. He forced himself to gulp down the food without chewing.
    The system sound alerted.
    Player Sila has successfully finished cultivation. The skill Intermediate Qi – Level 100 has been promoted to skill Primary Qi – Level 1.
    Player Sila has successfully finished cultivation. The skill Qi Circulation (Intermediate) – Level 100 has been promoted to skill Qi Advanced Circulation – Level 1.
    Player Sila has successfully finished cultivation. The skill Recovering Qi (Intermediate) – Level 100 has been promoted to skill Immortal Qi – Level 1.
    Player Sila has successfully finished cultivation. The skill Bone Restructuring Qi (Intermediate) – Level 100 has been promoted to skill Full Body Restructuring Qi – Level 1.
    Player Sila has successfully finished cultivation. The skill Qi of Little Turtle – Level 0 has been promoted to skill Qi of Little Turtle (Advanced) – Level 1.
    Player Sila has successfully finished cultivation. The skill Qi of Little Tiger (Intermediate) – Level 55 has been promoted to skill Qi of Little Tiger (Advanced) – Level 1.
    Player Sila has successfully finished cultivation. The skill Qi of Little Bird (Intermediate) – Level 43 has been promoted to skill Qi of Little Bird (Advanced) – Level 1.
    Player Sila has successfully finished cultivation. The skill Qi of Little Fish (Intermediate) – Level 44 has been promoted to skill Qi of Little Fish (Advanced) – Level 1.
    Player Sila has promoted four of Qi of Little Divine Beings simultaneously. Qi of Little Tiger, Qi of Little Fish, Qi of Little Bird, and Qi of Little Turtle have fused together and become Shapeless Qi – Level 1.
    System sounds rang continuously. Once it mentioning all four qi being fused together, Sila was shocked. He intended to use Qi of Little Turtle to stop Bomb Lurking Psychic without relying on Lone Wolf’s qi. He wasn’t sure that this newly gained qi could be used in substitution for Qi of Little Turtle.
    ‘Do or die. I have no choice but to try,’ thought Sila.
    Sila began his qi circulation. However, nothing happened. No special effect. He couldn’t feel his own qi. Instead, Bomb Lurking Psychic was acting up. Sila’s body was hurt all over. He closed his eyes and tried to order Shapeless Qi to circulate again. This time, the power of Bomb Lurking Psychic was slowly being suppressed to the point that he didn’t feel pain anymore. This meant Shapeless Qi was working. Nevertheless, Sila was curious. Even at this moment, he still couldn’t feel his own qi at all.
    Anyway, just knowing that he could finally use qi was enough.
    Sila tried activating all the qi techniques he had. He found that he was still able to use two of them at the same time. Nevertheless, Shapeless Qi was seemingly non-existent, even for him. That was why it wasn’t included in the two qi skills that he could use simultaneously. This meant that, including Shapeless Qi, Sila was now able to exert three different powers of qi at the same time.
    The time was precious. Sila wished to end this battle as soon as possible. He quickly swallowed an Emperor Qi Pellet and then activated Tortured Soul. His eyes shined mysteriously as if he was a spirit of vengeance. He suddenly dashed toward the dragon.
    Once his foot landed on the sea, that part of the sea was immediately frozen and became a big foothold. Sila stepped on it and sprung himself at the Water Dragon.
    The Water Dragon could sense the other source of power coming at it from its side. Its two heads stopped paying attention to the swarm of tailorbirds and looked at its new opponent.
    Sila’s frost power slowly froze the sea to become a thin sheet of ice. The Water Dragon felt that its body was becoming colder. Surprisingly, the air that it breathed in was so hot like it was breathing in the volcanic vapors.
    Hundreds of water bullets were fired at Sila.
    Sila swiftly dodged them all as if he was a fish playing in the water. Once he successfully evaded all of them, his speed accelerated like a bird soaring in the sky.
    The Water Dragon increased its magic oppression on Sila. However, it seemed like it didn’t work on Sila anymore. The power of Qi of Little Turtle within Shapeless Qi performed its duty to defend Sila against such pressure. Now, Sila had the potential to cope with this level of magic, psychic, qi oppression, and killing intent.
    Sila fired two Underwater Bombs at the Water Dragon. However, both of its heads prepared a water shield to successfully block against them.
    Sila immediately fired another three bombs. This time he had imbued the power of the Cruise Breeze qi technique into them. Once the bombs approaching the water shield, they curved to the side like they were alive. They accurately collided with the Water Dragon’s body and exploded.
    “Geezzzz!” The dragon cried out in pain. The size of the wounds it took were tinier than usual but the damage it had taken was too immense. This was due to Sila imbuing the Ray Assemble qi technique into the bombs. Compressing the size of the explosion while increasing their power.
    Bluebird and Burapha were surprised at Sila’s action.
    Burapha had known that Sila was skilled, but he couldn’t imagine that Sila could corner the dragon to this degree.
    As for Bluebird, he wasn’t surprised at Sila’s offensive ability. He had witnessed many players more skilled than this before. What was shocking for him was Sila’s growing ability. Sila wasn’t like a new player at all. Sila’s ability was like a veteran player that had played this game for years.
    When Bluebird was being serious, he was more cautious than even Burapha whom had less experience. Witnessing the change of the battle flow, Bluebird immediately ordered all the remaining birds to activate Thunderbolt Explosion. Thousands of birds were shining in the yellow light, covering the sky.
    “Sila, move away,” Bluebird shouted.
    “No need. Do it now,” Sila replied.
    Even being in the same party, there are many skills that still deal damage to the same side. Thunderbolt Explosion is one such skill that affects all creatures around the target. Bluebird didn’t know whether Sila was aware of this fact.
    “This skill affects everyone, you know?!” Bluebird shouted.
    “Don’t worry. I have my way out!” Sila shouted back while continuing to attack the Water Dragon.
    Bluebird didn’t know what to do. He could only trust in Sila’s word. He sent a signal to Burapha and Lala to move far away. Then, he ordered all the birds to charge at the Water Dragon.
    The Water Dragon immediately tried to dive into the sea. It was a better choice to dodge this attack now and resurface later.
    Sila couldn’t allow it to escape. There is a saying that, upon hitting a snake, one should strike it until it dies. This dragon was a two-headed snake so he needed to completely shut its way out.
    Sila activated God's Cathedral. Its power radius was 100 meters. Then, he also activated Universe Momentum to pull the dragon toward him. With the support of Shapeless Qi, the pulling power was as fierce as a tiger, forcing the dragon to remain on the sea surface.
    The Water Dragon panicked. It had always been the one pulling opponents toward it. Never in its wildest dream did it imagine that it would be countered by the exact same move.
    Although it was true that Sila could only use three qi skills at the same time, slime-race skills weren’t included in this. The method for him to escape from Bluebird’s skill was Orbiting Cosmos.
    The sentence of Master Viola was popping in his head.
    We are magic.
    Sila changed his element into lightning. He wouldn’t dare use his power sparingly. He consumed all of his magic power in one go, and held the lightning element within his body.
    The explosion occurred. The mass Thunderbolt Explosions of Bluebird might be powerful, but the power of Sila’s skill was even mightier. A big flash absorbed everything within. Everyone couldn’t see what was happening. Everyone except for Sila.
    Silence reigned the place for a short while. Sila was seeing things in slow motion. The blinding light wasn’t hurting Sila’s eyes at all. The intense heat caused by bolts of lightning felt like a warm sunlight for Sila. Everything seemed too peaceful. Sila was feeling surprisingly calm at this moment. Now, Sila was lightning and the lightning was Sila. There was nothing that could differentiate the two of them. This must be the meaning behind the words “We are magic” of Viola.
    Once the light dispersed, time seemed to flow normally again. Others might be unable to adjust their eyes to the previous blinding light, but Sila had witnessed everything. He was fully aware that the Water Dragon was still alive.
    Sila released the power of God’s Cathedral and instead activated Ray Assemble. He fused both his qi and remaining electric currents into his right hand. He also imbued the power of Worlds Crossing Bridge within. He wasn’t waiting for the Water Dragon to set itself up. He struck his palm at its body.
    Upon his hand hitting the dragon’s body, no effect was immediately apparent. All the destructive power move into dragon’s heart due to the power of Worlds Crossing Bridge and then exploded.
    The dragon’s body shook once. The system alerted at the same time that the dragon turned into a light and disappeared.
    Player Sila has defeated the Water Dragon Leviathan, Marquis Rank, Level 1000. Player has received 100,000,000 experience points, 8,000 gold coins, (A) Water Dragon Card 1 EA, (A) Water Dragon’s Scale 1 EA, (A) Water Dragon’s Fang 1 EA, (A) Godly Oceanic Armor 1 EA, (A) Oceanic Trishula 1 EA, and (S) Ocean Heart Aquamarine 1 EA.
    Level of Player Sila has risen to 450.
    Player Sila has achieved a special condition of the quest: Decolonize Slime Kingdom. Seal of Water has been destroyed. There are 6 Seals remain.
    Level of Greed Card has reached the maximum limit. Player has learned a skill: (S) Greed.
    Player Burapha has defeated the Water Dragon Leviathan, Marquis Rank, Level 1000. Player has received 1,000,000,000 experience points, and 5,000 gold coins.
    Player Burapha has accumulated a lot of experience points and successfully defeated a monster that is two ranks higher. Player’s rank has been promoted to Knight Rank, Level 1.
    Player Bluebird has defeated the Water Dragon Leviathan, Marquis Rank, Level 1000. Player has received 2,000,000,000 experience points, 5,000 gold coins, and (A) Water Dragon’s Scale 1 EA.
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    Sila’s Skill List (Rough Version)

    T/N: Some qi skills are semi-active skills. That means they are passive skills but can also be used/circulated to make the effect stronger.

    [Passive Skills]
    Barehand Mastery
    Increases attack power when the user isn’t holding a weapon.

    Hidden Weapon Mastery
    Increases attack power of hidden weapons.

    Qi Reinforcement
    Strengthens the body.

    Qi Transmission
    Transmits qi to others.

    Basic Qi > Intermediate Qi > Primary Qi
    The most basic form of qi. Increases the effectiveness of other qi-type skills.

    Qi Circulation > Qi Advanced Circulation
    Increases the speed of qi circulation. Qi circulation helps the user to replenish qi energy and also increase the effectiveness of the circulated qi.

    Recovery Qi > Immortal Qi
    Heals the user’s physical wounds and relieves pain.

    Bone Restructuring Qi > Full Body Restructuring Qi
    Increases the maximum number of health points, qi points, magic points, and psychic points.

    Qi of Little Fish
    Increases the user’s agility and dexterity.

    Qi of Little Tiger
    Increases the user’s offensive power.

    Qi of Little Bird
    Increases the user’s speed.

    Qi of Little Turtle
    Increases the user’s defensive ability and tolerance.

    Shapeless Qi
    Qi that combines all of the attributes of the Qi of Little Divine Beings. Hard to detect and hard to control.
    [Active Skills]
    Unseals and identifies the sealed or unidentified objects.

    Hidden Weapon Firing
    Fires a hidden weapon directly from the system window.
    [Racial Skills]
    Formless Soldier
    Qi-type skill. Changes the user’s body to become lighter, heavier, softer, or harder.

    Orbiting Cosmos
    Magic-type skill. Adds an element to the user’s body. The elements that can be added are fire, ice, wind, earth, lightning, and water.

    Moon Reflecting Mirror
    Psychic-type skill. Reflects or parries an attack.
    [Special Skills]
    Can activate qi-type skills without saying its name.

    Qi Concealment
    Can hide the aura of qi.
    [Item Skills]
    Ray Assemble
    Focuses qi energy into a single point.

    God's Cathedral
    Releases qi energy to form a sphere around the user.

    Worlds Crossing Bridge
    Migrates/Redirects power from one point to another.

    Universe Momentum
    Repels or attracts (pushes or pulls) an object from/to the user.

    Unblemished Aqua
    Cleanses impurities.

    Cruise Breeze
    Releases qi energy into a wave.

    Flame of Torturing > Tortured Soul
    Adds the hot element into qi energy.

    Freezing Soul > Tortured Soul
    Adds the cold element into qi energy.

    Light of Forest
    Releases a flash of light.

  • For the Racial Skills I suggest putting which energy goes with the skill.
  • For the Racial Skills I suggest putting which energy goes with the skill.
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  • Chapter 57: Shortcut to Quest Accomplishment
    As the system alert came to the end, Sila collapsed and sat down on the ice field that he had created. He began to cultivate so he could regenerate his qi.
    Bluebird descended and transformed himself back to human form. Meanwhile, Burapha sealed Lala into his ring as she would regain her power quicker there and walked toward other members.
    The two of them didn’t disturb Sila as he was recovering his qi. They instead sat on the ice field and calculated the gains and losses from this battle. Bluebird’s seemed to have lost the most from this out of the three of them. His clothes were destroyed and his level stayed the same. He didn’t tell the others that his clothes were an expensive A-grade equipment. As for Burapha, after he had deducted his the amount he invested in preparations, he had gained around 1,000 gold coins, indicating how much he had spent on the items used in this battle.
    Sila slowly opened his eyes. He felt like his speed in qi circulation had become faster. Maybe it was due to the higher grade of Qi Circulation. However, no matter how he had tried, he couldn’t remove Bomb Lurking Psychic from his body. Although he had completely suppressed it, it was still left in his body. The feeling of having a foreign object inside his body was troubling regardless of how harmless it was.
    “How are you, Big Brother?” Burapha asked.
    “I’m better. I still can’t remove Bomb Lurking Psychic out though,” replied Sila.
    “How long has it been in your body?” Bluebird inquired.
    Sila tried to count. “About three weeks.”
    Bluebird nodded. “Given how long it has been in your body, it is normal for you to have a hard time removing it. Just take your time and slowly remove it bit by bit until it is gone… I guess.”
    “You guess?” Burapha was curious.
    “I don’t know for sure. If I did, I would be playing qi type by now.”
    “Ah? You don’t know such information even though you’re in an information guild? It’s no wonder that you were fired,” Burapha mocked.
    “Hey, hey, how many times do I have to tell you that I’m not fired? I’m just taking a break to go on a trip of self-discovery. This qi thing also isn’t my field of interest.”
    “Take it easy, you two. I also have a method that I haven’t tried yet. This is my own problem. I will deal with it myself,” Sila said.
    Bluebird and Burapha didn’t continue the conversation. Both of them were the same regarding being experienced in meeting many people. Bluebird was a newshawk so that was inevitable. The same goes for Burapha who was a merchant. The two of them were aware that Sila was the kind of person that distances himself from others.
    “What should we do next? Are we going back now?” Sila asked.
    “Let me take a break first. Although it’s true that I can breathe underwater, swimming for hours is too taxing for me.” Burapha was sitting cross-legged next to Sila.
    “I would like to rest too. I’m not a musclehead like qi-type players who always circulate qi to release fatigue, you know?” Bluebird also sat down.
    “I will practice my skills then. Please tell me when you guys finish resting,” Sila said and began to close his eyes.
    Suddenly, Bluebird picked up an ice cube and threw it at Sila’s face. Luckily, Sila sensed it and tilted his head to dodge just in time.
    “What are you doing?” Sila was curious. Why did Bluebird abruptly throw an ice cube at him?
    “Instead of chatting, you are practicing? Do that later when you are alone, okay?” Bluebird complained.
    “When I heard about Big Brother Sila’s habit from Big Sister Varee, I thought that Big Sister Varee was exaggerating. Unexpectedly, it’s true. You are too hard on yourself, Big Brother Sila. This time I’m with Big Brother Bluebird. It’s better for you to halt your practice at the moment,” Burapha added.
    Sila sighed. He was more used to being alone so he didn’t know what to do in this situation. “I see, I get it. What should we talk about then?”
    “Can we talk about your story? How did you become an enemy of Montra? By the way, you don’t have to be so polite. We are friends. Talking politely is creeping me out,” Bluebird said.
    “Friends. Yes. What do you think we are to you?” Bluebird said.
    “But we just met each other not long ago, didn’t we?” Sila wondered.
    “You only have a few friends, don’t you? Being someone’s friend is not connected to the time spent together, you know? Two people chatting every day for a year doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re acquaintances. Meanwhile, just getting along well together for five minutes can result in becoming best friends.”
    “Bluebird, do you have a lot of friends?” Sila asked.
    “My role is information gathering. Getting along with a lot of people is my job. One more time, just calling me Blue is sufficed. You should cut down the politeness too.”
    “Yes, of course,” Sila replied.
    [T/N: It isn’t obvious, but Sila has been using polite language when talking to other people for a long time, including this time.]
    “Well, well, please tell us your story. I heard that you and Montra are having a quarrel in the real world. What exactly has happened?” Bluebird inquired.
    Burapha also added that he wanted to know too. Hence, Sila began telling them the story about him and Montra. This was the first time that he had shared his problem with in-game friends.
    In the Slime Kingdom...
    Two days had passed but the screams were still echoing throughout the kingdom. The slimes were already used to hearing such voices. The screams had become like a cricket’s sound for them.
    The Slime King and three Slime Guardians assembled at the central plaza to discuss the future of the Slime Kingdom.
    “Divine, about the dimensional portal, how is it?” The Slime King asked.
    “I have sent my psychic body through the portal and found that it really can go outside. It’s like Your Majesty has speculated. The seals of the eight dragons don’t have an effect on this portal. We can go outside. Though, I don’t know how long the portal can stay opening. I guess that this night may be its limit,” Divine replied.
    “That’s great. Poluk, Viola, and Divine. Could the three of you go outside and bring Bow back?”
    “Your Majesty, I think Sila can protect Bow properly though,” Poluk commented.
    “I don’t disagree that he can protect Bow. But what about taking care of her? I have just listened to Sila’s story from Divine. His journey is full of enemies. Can he take care of Bow like that? What if he always seals Bow inside the ring?”
    “If it’s Your Majesty’s command, I will try my best to do so,” Divine said.
    “Your majesty, aren’t you concerned too much? Bow is likely to be fine,” Viola added.
    “Viola, just ‘likely to be fine’ is not enough of a warrant for a father at all,” the Slime King said.
    “Father? Does this mean?”
    “Correct. Bow is my biological daughter. She is also an independent NPC like us.”
    “But, isn’t Bow just a monster? If she was an independent NPC, she wouldn’t be able to become a pet or partner of a player. Based on the law, only AIs are allowed to be a player’s pet or partner,” Viola wondered.
    “Bow is a special case. She is the reason I made a condition with the game creator to become the king of this cursed kingdom,” the Slime King said. The silence fell. No one dared to talk as they knew that the Slime King stopped the conversation to reconsider whether he should go on telling his secret.
    “If it’s a secret, then there is no need for you to tell us,” Poluk broke the silence.
    “If it’s you guys, I think I can tell… My story started three years ago. Bow was only four years old at that time. She was in an accident and went into a coma. Several doctors tried their best but Bow didn’t regain her consciousness despite her injuries being fully healed. All I could do was wait. Wait for her to regain her consciousness by herself.
    “Then, I was invited to play the beta version of Monster Soul. It was at that time that I discovered the existence of the brain scanner. Although Bow was still in her coma, she would still be able to stay inside this game world with that device. So, I made a deal with the game creator to allow Bow to live inside this game. However…”
    “Her age is the problem, isn’t it?” Divine guessed. He was a prudent person so he recognized the problem immediately.
    “Yes. A brain scanner has the age restriction for the user. My deal is illegal and has to be done in secret. Bow isn’t allowed to truly live as an independent NPC but as a monster. Nevertheless, that is more than enough for me.
    “She has been awake in this game for longer than she has in real life. Listening to her request to go outside, I didn’t dare to object. Sila also seems like a good person. However, his fate is bound to be filled with battles. How can I allow my daughter to live such a life?”
    Poluk wiped the tears from his eyes.
    “As independent NPCs, we can do anything as long as it doesn’t conflict with the role given to us by the game creator. Regrettably, my role clearly forces me to stay within this kingdom until all of the seals have been broken. However, you guys are not the same.”
    “Our responsibilities are to protect the slimes, conduct the Way of Slime’s trial, and follow the orders of the Slime King. There is no rule that prevents us from going outside,” Divine said.
    “Yes, so, I would like to leave Bow in your hands. At least until all the seals have been broken.”
    “Following the Slime King’s orders is naturally our duty. Bow is also a slime so this matter is within our responsibility,” Poluk said.
    “This is not an order from a king but a request from a father. Although it’s true that we can die multiple times in this game, but what kind of father would like to see his own daughter dying?” the Slime King asked.
    “Naturally, we will gladly help you. However, what about Sila?” Poluk asked.
    “You can tell him or not, it’s up to your guys to decide. However, please instruct him explicitly that he can’t tell anyone this secret,” the Slime King said.
    “It seems Sila is having a quarrel with Montra. For him to defeat the high-ranking dragon, one method is to use the reward obtained from completing the Decolonize Slime Kingdom quest. However, the next war event will start in four months. Personally, I don’t think Sila can finish this quest within four months.”
    “There’s no way,” Viola added, “One year might suffice, but it’s definitely impossible within four months.”
    “Yeah. The more he goes deep into the Main Continent, the stronger the eight dragons become. The conditions for them to appear are also troublesome. Some of the condition even requires longer than a month to prepare. The fact that Sila could defeat two of them is very fortunate enough,” Poluk commented.
    “Anyway, Sila might find another way to overcome the Dragon’s Heart skill. There are many methods to do that,” Viola said.
    “Although what you said it’s true, the other methods require all luck, skill, persistence and time. I think we better focus on the existing method,” Poluk said.
    “In this case, we have to help him,” Divine said.
    “How? This is a quest for slime-race player. It’s not like we can defeat the dragons for him,” Viola argued.
    “I have a way,” the Slime King interrupted. He took three stones out.
    “Dragon Sealing Stones?” Viola exclaimed.
    “Yes. We are the dragons’ mortal enemy so I possess this kind of item. There are only three of them though. Fortunately, it matches up with you three.” the Slime King threw one stone to each of them.
    Dragon Sealing Stone is an S-graded consumable item that can be used to seal a dragon inside. The condition to seal the dragon is to severely weaken it first. Its downside is, this item isn’t designed to tame a dragon. It just locks the dragon within. Once the dragon comes out of the stone, its health would be fully replenished.
    “Unfortunately, we are half-NPC, half-monster so we can’t contact Sila via the system. Nevertheless, Sila is the sole slime-race player. It shouldn’t be hard for us to find him,” Poluk said.
    “We are a group of three people. Once we go outside, we should travel in different directions to catch different dragons. We will also search for Sila’s whereabouts during our trip. If any of us find Sila, that person will take care of Bow,” Divine said.
    The three of them nodded in agreement. “Deal. There’s just one problem. We can’t help Sila fight the dragons. I don’t know whether he can handle it,” Poluk said.
    “He has no choice but to do it. Now, Sila has already defeated two dragons. With our help to bring three of the others to him, only three will remain for him to hunt. This is the only shortcut for him to be able to complete the quest prior to the war event.”
    “We definitely can’t catch the Darkness Dragon or the Light Dragon for him, that’s for sure. Those two are very troublesome,” Poluk said.
    “We should go before the portal closes,” Viola hurried.
    “To prevent you three from becoming the center of attention, you should change into human form,” the Slime King suggested.
    For all monsters in Monster Soul, upon reaching Lord Rank, they would obtain the ability to change into human form, like Sebastian in the Mansion of the Seven Deadly Sins. For the record, the ranks and levels of all three Slime Guardians were Lord Rank, Level 1000.
    Their bodies began to transform. Divine in human form was exactly like him in psychic form. Meanwhile, Poluk was a sturdy man with a short beard. He was wearing cheap wuxia clothes which revealed his breast muscle. As for Viola, she was a red-haired woman with a ponytail. Her facial appearance was charming and mature, and her eyes were red. She was wearing pink clothes designed for a magic fighter.
    “Sometimes I wonder, why do you like to change into psychic form when you can just transform?” Poluk asked Divine.
    “My psychic form can do more things than my human form, I’d say.”
    “I don’t like my human form. People always say that my eyes are scary. I like myself more in slime form,” Viola muttered.
    The three of them were standing in front of the dimensional portal. Before they went, Poluk turned his head to ask the Slime King.
    “What will you do about these thieves? Although their level doesn’t go down, each of them has died more than a hundred times already.”
    “These guys dared to try kidnapping my daughter to sell so I would like to teach them some lessons.” The Slime King’s eyes shone with killing intent.
    Poluk swallowed his saliva. Normally, the Slime King never showed his angry side to anyone. These thieves were so pitiful. Luckily for them, the dimensional portal could only open temporarily. Once the portal closed, the slime seals would push every one of them out as they were not a part of the slime race. Poluk didn’t dare imagine what would happen if these guys used the device that creates a permanent portal.
    The three of them walked through the dimensional portal. Would their emergence in Monster Soul help Sila solve his problems or just make more? Only God would know.
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  • Chapter 58: Secret of Monster Soul
    It took Sila an hour to finish his story. That was because after he had told them about how he had met Montra, Bluebird and Burapha were urging him to tell them what he had done since he first entered the game. Sila told them everything except what happened in the Mansion of Seven Deadly Sins. He didn’t forget that his reward would be confiscated if he told anyone. Sila didn’t care about his card, but as that was a duo quest, he was more concerned that Lone Wolf’s card might get confiscated if he were to tell them.
    Because Sila took an hour to tell his story, he missed his chance to reunite with Poluk, Viola, and Divine who had appeared in Lockheart City.
    “I finally understand,” said Bluebird.
    “Hm? What do u understand?” Sila asked.
    “Many things. But there are still puzzles left.”
    “What are they then? Just tell us already. Stop acting like you know everything,” Burapha said.
    “At least, I now understand the bigger picture more than Sila himself.”
    “More than me?” Sila wondered. He was the one who told the story. How could Bluebird be confident with saying he understood the story better than Sila?
    “Sila still doesn’t know the secret of Monster Soul. It isn’t strange that you can’t connect the dots in your own story.”
    “Wait. Please stop. Are you sure you’re not spouting nonsense here, Big Brother? I can’t see how Big Brother Sila’s story is related to Monster Soul Online,” Burapha argued.
    “Is that so? Then, let me ask you this: There are tons of virtual reality games out there. Why did Montra pick this game to play?” Bluebird tried to give a hint.
    Sila and Burapha were really curious. Right after the brain-scanning technology had been approved by the masses ten years ago, the era of virtual reality games came. Monster Soul Online was launched two years ago, but it was not very popular due to its degree of freedom being too high. Its level of harshness was just not suitable for everyone to enjoy playing. Despite this, there are still many hardcore players that like it as it is. Hence, even though Monster Soul Online has never been the most popular virtual reality game, it has never fallen from the top ten rankings.
    “Is this matter really related to Montra?” Sila asked.
    “It is related to all of us,” Bluebird said.
    “Let me ask one more question. Why do you play this game, Burapha?” Bluebird inquired.
    “It’s because of my dad. He ordered me to play this game. My home is a lance dojo. My dad was once invited to play this game during its testing period. Once he came back, he suddenly ordered me to play it. Nevertheless, my dream is to become a businessman in real life so I kept declining. I ended up playing it a few months ago though,” Burapha answered.
    “As for me, I started playing because my friend recommended it to me. He is my sparring partner,” Bluebird said.
    “I still can’t see how all of these things are related to each other,” Burapha wondered.
    “Let me firstly tell you about Monster Soul. Do you guys know how many years have passed since this game started operating?”
    “There will be a celebration campaign for their second anniversary soon, so two years, am I right?” Burapha guessed.
    “You’re close. Actually, this game has been operating for three years already. It’s just that the first year was its closed beta.”
    “Closed beta shouldn’t be included. It was purely for testing the system, wasn’t it?” Burapha argued.
    “If they just wanted to conduct a normal system testing, how come your dad was invited to participate?” Bluebird pointed out.
    Burapha was speechless. Thinking about it, he really couldn’t understand the reason. His father also didn’t explain anything to him. He just left home for several months until he came back and invited Burapha to play the game as well.
    “Is this conversation still about Montra?” Sila asked. He had listened for a long time but still didn’t see how things connected to him or Montra.
    “Keep listening and you will see soon. What I am about to say is classified information that our guild doesn’t sell to anyone. This matter is top secret. There are many people who know about this though.”
    “Wait, wait. How come there are many people who know about the secret? Isn’t this contradicting?” Burapha argued.
    “Don’t interrupt me, man. Listen to me first. The thing is, this game’s creator had a dream to create a lawless virtual reality world. He wanted to build a world that will become a battle stage of monsters. In the end, he was successful in creating a virtual reality world named Monster Soul. However, he discovered that this world was missing something. Although there were vicious monsters and humanoid artificial intelligences, he wasn’t satisfied. The thing that was missing was the life.”
    “The life?” Sila pondered.
    “Yes. You can call it the flow, emotion, diversification, life, or anything else. The thing is, the game was lifeless. Despite having the most advanced AI, ultimately, they are just machines. Despite how it seemed like they could think for themselves, their ability to think was merely a product of a machine learning. The game creator wasn’t content with his world. Thus, the game began to change.
    “The thing that computers cannot replace is humanity. Although humans aren’t perfect like machines, isn’t that imperfection ‘life’? Once he had this idea, he invested a lot of money to contact and invite master-class experts from all over the world to participate in playing this game during the closed beta. Burapha’s dad must have been one of them.”
    This conversation reminded Sila of one thing. Three years ago, his teacher had indeed left the dojo for months. His teacher had mentioned about going to do some business abroad though.
    “During the closed beta, the game was much harsher than how it is currently. There were no levels, health points, or system windows. Only personal ability mattered. The game creator had collected such data and later implemented the skill system.
    “As you may know, using a brain scanner affects the user’s physique. The brain, mind, and physique are connected to each other. If the brain registers pain, the physique will also feel pain even if there is no external wound. In other words, if the brain thinks the body is being developed, the physique will also be developed.”
    “You mean, if we keep playing this game, one day we will become superhuman?” Burapha asked.
    “You have been reading too much manga. How can such a thing be possible? What I am trying to say is, this game can help you gain experience that you can’t obtain in real life. There is a risk of dying in actual combat but you can die anytime in this game. Don’t you agree that this game is very suitable for practicing actual combat?”
    “You’re right. Some techniques of martial arts are too dangerous to be used on a real person, meaning the user can’t properly learn it or improve it. However in this game, you can freely use them,” Sila agreed.
    “That’s correct. So, after the closed beta had ended, there were many experts that didn’t want to return to their home but wanted to continue playing this game.”
    Burapha couldn’t comprehend the thoughts of those experts, but Sila could fully understand. He said, “I can understand them. To us martial artists, there is always the longing to fight against a skilled opponent. Therefore, a world where we can fight for real without having to hold back, where there are tons of monsters, where there are experts all over the world gathering, it is like heaven. No one would want to leave such a place.”
    “That’s true. Though, not all of them decided so. Sixty percent of those people have family or important matters that required their return to take care of. Nevertheless, the game creator created the AIs based on their personalities. Although they are not as talented as the originals, they are enough to be their substitutes. As for those who decided to stay, if they remained as players, the normal players would have no way of competing with them. Thus, the game creator defined roles for each of them to play.”
    “Yes. A role regarding the backstory of Monster Soul. These roles would prevent them from leaving some place or forcing them to perform some duties. However, outside the restrictions befalling on them, they can do whatever they want. These people are called independent NPCs.
    They’re kind of like the individual players who aren’t affiliated with any guilds. The independent NPCs are not controlled by the system. This aspect makes this game more complex and realistic, which is what the game creator wanted.”
    “I still can’t see how this story is related to Montra though,” Sila said.
    “You’re looking at the leaf without seeing the tree, and looking at the tree without seeing the forest. The related thing is, those experts are influential people in real life and tend to have tons of disciples. Most veteran players in this game are either those who know nothing of this game’s history or those who had it suggested to them by others. Based on Sila’s story, Montra is likely to be the latter.”
    “Regarding Montra’s reason for playing this game, I don’t see how it is connected to Big Brother Sila,” Burapha argued again.
    “It is surely connected. This world is the center of reality’s battleground, so Montra being the strongest player is like saying he is more skilled than other martial artists. Most people wouldn’t dare to offend such a person. Sila, aren’t you curious how your teacher has been missing for many days, yet there aren’t any clues? This is because many people are on Montra’s side.
    “Be it the real world or Monster Soul’s world, there is one fact that will always be true. Power reigns over everything. In the real world, power might come in many forms like wealth or fame. But in Monster Soul, only strength matters.”
    “But this is only a game. How can real life be related?” Burapha couldn’t help but argue once again.
    “This world might be nothing but a game in your opinion. For many other players however, this game is a reality and the reality is instead just a game for them. This game is too real. People deeply immerse themselves in it. For those who don’t want to be Montra’s in-game enemy, they would feel the same in real life. Among them are influential people in real life and are likely to have authority over a trivial investigation into a missing person.”
    Sila was speechless and didn’t know what to do next. At first, he just wanted to get revenge on Montra. Later, he changed his plan to ask for his teacher’s whereabouts before obtaining his revenge. How come the problem had become this complex?
    “There is a solution to this problem though,” Bluebird said.
    “Is there a solution?” Sila wondered. The issue seemed too big for him to handle alone.
    “The solution is simple yet difficult.
    “The simple part is, you just have to defeat Montra in a fair fight. The majority would change their standing and become yours. Montra uses his single hand to cover the sky, declaring himself as the strongest in Monster Soul. His distinctive point is that he has never lost in a battle. However, this is also his weakness. If he loses even once, his sphere of influence would collapse. There will be no more support from others. After that happens, it will depend on what you would like to do next.”
    “What is the hard part?”
    “The hard part is the same thing as the simple part. Montra has never lost in a battle because he is a genius fighter. I despise Montra’s face too but I have to admit that his superior fighting ability is real. He is among the earliest players of this game. Based on our guild’s latest information, Montra is currently at Marquis Rank, level 1000. He has yet to choose an element so he can use spells of all elements. Despite that, he miraculously possesses hundreds of high-tier spells. He has also learned and mastered more than thirty types of martial arts. He is a genius among geniuses. Other early players like him cannot achieve half of what he does.”
    “Martial arts, more than thirty types!?” Burapha exclaimed.
    Sila was as shocked as Burapha. There are many martial arts in this world, each of them different from each other like languages. Some are similar, while some are completely different. For Montra who had mastered thirty types of martial arts, it wasn’t the least bit exaggeration to hail him as a genius fighter.
    Silence fell over the group. Sila felt like he was facing a very big hurdle; a mountain named Montra that was too tall for him to see the top. Sila couldn’t help but inwardly question: if Montra was this skilled, why did he have to play dirty in the match? Sila might not have been Montra’s worthy opponent even if that was a fair match. Is this related to how his teacher went missing?
    “Well, don’t stress yourself out. Don’t just focus on the end of the road. Try solving the problem bit by bit. The problem will eventually become smaller.” Bluebird hit Sila’s shoulder.
    “I just realized how serious the problem that Big Brother Sila faces is. Anyway, I will try to help you, at least financially. A huge amount of money might be needed to pick a fight with a large guild like the Heaven Dragon guild,” Burapha said.
    “As for me, I’m poor and broke. But I know a lot of people. I will try searching for your teacher’s whereabouts,” Bluebird said.
    “Really? Can you do that?” Sila wondered.
    “I also have some connections even in real life. I might find some clues if I’m lucky.”
    Sila smiled. “Thanks, you two. I will surely return this favor.”
    “The gratitude is accepted, but the return is not. For friends, helping each other is natural,” Bluebird said, which Burapha nodded in agreement.
    The first assembly of these three players was the beginning of a new legend that would cause the world of Monster Soul to undergo a drastic change in the future.
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    Chapter 59: Clearing the Old Debt

    It was four in the afternoon. A system sound alerted Sila, reminding him to log out in the next twenty four hours. The brain scanner had an alarm function that Sila hadn’t turned on the first time he played.
    “Are you going to log out, Sila?” Bluebird asked.
    “Yeah. The sound just now was alerting me to log out within a day. I have to log out before noon tomorrow.”
    “I will log out tomorrow morning too,” Burapha said.
    “In that case, have you guys finished taking a break yet? I would like to visit a bank before nighttime.”
    “Five more minutes please.” Bluebird lay down. “By the way, what are you going to do at the bank? Deposit money? I suggest we go to a restaurant instead. I will treat you guys to a meal to celebrate successfully raiding a dragon.”
    “I am going to clear my debt. I currently owe 10,000 gold to the bank. I better clear it now that I have the money.”
    “10,000 gold!!!” Burapha shouted. “What have you spent that much on?”
    Sila scratched his head. He didn’t dare to tell them that he had spent that much so he could hide from Varee.
    “I spent it on a storage space.”
    “A storage worth 10,000 gold? Isn’t that too expensive?”
    “Th-there are a lot of items. They’re very safe in there.” Sila tried to avoid the question.
    “Didn’t you only start playing recently? Isn’t the normal storage sufficient?” Bluebird raise his suspicion.
    Sila shut his mouth. He couldn’t answer anymore. He wasn’t a good liar.
    Bluebird noticed that Sila didn’t want to answer, so he said, “You don’t need to explain if you don’t want too. Anyway, may we visit there?”
    “I want to see a storage worth 10,000 gold too,” Burapha added.
    For Sila, his storage was only a place to avoid Varee. Hence, he didn’t mind if the two of them came to visit. He even planned to invite Burapha to appraise the value of the items he had from the start.
    “Yes, you can. Wait a moment.” Sila took out a black card.
    “Chamber of Secret?” Bluebird said.
    “Hmm? You know about it?”
    “The information about it is available in our guild. I suspected this was the case since I heard you say the storage was worth 10,000 gold.”
    “What is a Chamber of Secret? Tell me more,” Burapha asked.
    “You’ll see it in a moment. I haven’t seen one either.”
    Sila allowed Burapha and Bluebird to come in to his Chamber of Secret. Two black cards the size of movie tickets appeared in the air, each of them engraved with the name of a visitor. Sila handed them over to Burapha and Bluebird.
    “Hold it and say Go to Chamber of Secret…” Sila’s body was gone despite him having yet to finish his sentence.
    “Hm? Where did Big Brother Sila go?” Burapha turned left and right.
    “He was saying something. ‘Go to Chamber of Secret’...” Bluebird’s body disappeared too.
    Witnessing Bluebird’s disappearance, Burapha finally understood.
    “Go to Chamber of Secret,” said Burapha. He disappeared just like the other two did, leaving an ice field behind.
    Sila’s body reappeared in his Chamber of Secret. The black card reacted too fast to his order so he was sent here immediately after he finished the phrase ‘Go to Chamber of Secret.’ Bluebird and Burapha soon followed after.
    Both of them looked around and said simultaneously: “So narrow.”
    Sila ignored both of them for the time being. He put the short knives that he wouldn’t be needing for a while back into his item window.
    ‘Once I finish clearing the debt, I should call teacher to ask about Shapeless Qi,’ thought Sila.
    Burapha just noticed that there was a pile of items in the corner of the room that Sila was now standing at. His eyes bulged out upon witnessing a particular stone.
    “O… O… O…” Burapha was stuttering.
    “What happened? Oh what?” Bluebird said.
    “Orichalcum!!!” Burapha shouted while pointing his finger at the stone next to Sila’s feet.
    Bluebird’s eyes followed Burapha’s finger. Sila noticed that they were looking at the stone so he kicked the stone up with his feet and caught it.
    “Wahhh! What are you doing? What if that scratches it?” Burapha rushed over to Sila.
    Sila handed the stone to Burapha, who gently held it.
    Bluebird walked over. He had heard about Orichalcum before even though the information of the item was not within his field of expertise. Actually, it was rare to meet someone who hadn’t heard its name. Orichalcum was very well known, a legendary mineral.
    “If it’s genuine Orichalcum, just kicking it shouldn’t scratch it though,” Bluebird said.
    “Oh right. I forgot,” Burapha replied while still holding it gently. He took out a pair of glasses to wear. Sila guessed that it must be the equipment merchants use for appraising items. “It’s genuine.”
    “Is this stone that valuable?” Sila asked.
    “Stone? How can you call Orichalcum a mere stone? It is a legendary mineral, you know? As of now, except for this one, only two others have ever shown up. Big Brother Sila should have already seen both weapons that are made by them,” Burapha said.
    “Have I?” Sila wondered. How could Burapha be so sure that he had seen them? Even he himself didn’t know.
    “I’m certain. The first one is Big Sister Varee’s Shadow Moon Sword and the other one is Montra’s Dragon Head Staff,” Burapha explained.
    Bluebird was quick to add, “Orichalcum possesses a soul. A weapon made by this mineral can obtain experience points to upgrade itself. It’s an S-grade item without penalty and it’s also almost unbreakable. Its market price is unimaginable.”
    It reminded Sila of Varee’s form-changing katana. He remembered Varee also had mentioned about it being able to accumulate experience points, but he didn’t know that it was made of Orichalcum.
    “But Varee told me she got her katana from joining a race of magical beings though? She didn’t mention Orichalcum at all,” Sila said.
    Bluebird stared at Sila, hesitating to continue.
    “About that, I can say for sure that it wasn’t true. Simply joining a race of magical beings surely won’t give you this mineral. Although there are not many players joining this race, I’m acquainted with a few. The prominent point of the magical beings is their superior ability to utilize items.” Bluebird stopped for a while. “I guess there is some complex circumstance, or else she lied to you.”
    “The origin of Big Sister Varee’s katana is even more mysterious than Montra’s mage staff. Everyone in the game knows that Montra obtained Orichalcum as a reward for winning in the previous war event. But for Big Sister Varee, one day she just had it despite her being an individual player. The reason behind her high bounty reward is mainly because of her katana. Players would like to know how she got it,” Burapha added.
    Sila fell silent. Of course, he also had something he didn’t tell Varee. But not telling and lying are different. If she really had complex circumstances, she could just choose to not explain. Instead, she lied to him. Or is it like his Greed Card that came with a condition?
    Burapha noticed that Sila felt down. He interpreted that Sila was sad to know that Varee had lied. Burapha still wasn’t aware that these two weren’t a real couple.
    “I guess Big Sister Varee must have her reasons. Don’t think about it too much, Big Brother Sila.”
    Sila waved his hand in denial. “I don’t care about such a thing. I’m just thinking about requesting you to appraise my items. Maybe I’ll sell some of them.”
    “Sure, I’ll help. Where are your items?”
    Sila pointed his finger at a pile of items behind him. Burapha’s eyes followed there.
    “Wah!! Why do you leave Dragon’s Roots on the floor? What’s more? These many Tree Dragon Cards? Earth Ores?” Burapha categorized the items into several groups.
    While waiting, Sila called for Christopher. Not over a minute was needed before the banker arrive in front of Sila and Bluebird.
    “Hello, Mister Sila. How can I help you today, sir?”
    “Hello, Mister Chris. I called you here to pay off my debt.”
    “Do you already have 10,000 gold?” Chris wondered. A month had not passed yet. This was too fast.
    “Yes. Is there a problem? Could it be that the due date has passed? Is there interest?” Sila asked. If there really was interest, he would be in a tight spot. He only possessed around 10,000 gold.
    “No, sir. I’m just surprised.”
    Sila handed his black card to Chris. Chris took it and looked around the room.
    “The room seems rather narrow with more people, doesn’t it? May I ask whether you would like to upgrade the room, sir?” Chris proposed.
    “Oh? It can be upgraded? What will it become after being upgraded?”
    “Please take a look, sir.” Chris opened his own system window and pushed it toward Sila and Bluebird. The window was displaying ‘Upgrades Catalog of Chamber of Secret.’
    “You have it, sir. I have already added the upgrade function into your system window.”
    Upon reading the catalog, Sila could see that increasing the room size was not expensive. Only a hundred gold was required. Sila also checked the training equipment being sold.
    “I would like to have this one, this one, and this one,” Sila told his request to Chris.
    “Do you confirm these marked transactions, sir?”
    “Confirm.” At the end of Sila’s sentence, the room suddenly become wider. There was also a punching bag in the corner of the room.
    “Ah? And here I was wondering what kind of room it would become. You’re very tasteless in decoration, you know? What will you do when you feel tired? Sleep on the floor?” Bluebird said.
    Sila was well aware that he wasn’t good at room decoration. His teacher had once teased him that his room was like a jail. There was only a bed, a wardrobe, a table, a chair and nothing else.
    “I forgot. At the very least, I should have a bed,” Sila said.
    “Rest assured. You’re depending on the right person. Resting is one of the most important parts in human growth. A good training schedule must be accompanied with good rest. I’m the expert of resting(?) so just leave it to me.” Afterward, Bluebird pulled the catalog toward himself and began to select several things.
    “What are you two doing?” Burapha walked toward Sila once he was done categorizing Sila’s items.
    “We’re upgrading this room. By the way, how about the items?”
    “About that, you should be able to sell them for at least 30,000 gold.”
    “That much?” Sila pondered. Are the items that valuable?
    “Yes, for the record, this amount is excluding Orichalcum. I think you’re better off keeping it for crafting a decent weapon that you can use. As for the rest, I know their market prices so I’m able to sell them at around this price. If you were to sell them yourself, you would gain 3,000 gold at best.”
    “The different is as high as 27,000 gold?”
    “Yes. For example, these Dragon’s Roots. You didn’t keep them properly so some of them are rotten. They must be sold to alchemist players. For Earth Ores, they must be sold to weapon makers, especially near lightning-element monsters’ habitats. As for the Tree Dragon Cards, selling them at the black market should yield highest price,” Burapha explained.
    “Black market?”
    “Yes. It’s a special dimension where players can freely buy and sell any item, but the products sold there are hard to discern. If Big Brother Sila wants to visit there, you better come with me. I will help you.”
    Sila nodded.
    As Burapha noticed that Bluebird still hadn’t finished selecting upgrades, he suggested, “Big Brother Sila, as you plan to upgrade this place anyway, I would like to recommend that you add an item storage room, a mineral storage room and the likes. Paying for these rooms is worth the investment. Big Brother Sila tends to neglect taking care of items. Like this time, the rotten Dragon’s Roots means you have lost the equivalent of 1,000 gold. In addition, I guess you had better invest in a supporting AI. Later, you only have to place items in this room and the AI will automatically take care of them by arranging them in the correct rooms. That will make things easier for you. You will also find your items easier this way.”
    As expected of a merchant, Sila easily agreed to those reasons and decided to comply with Burapha’s suggestion. He told Bluebird about this request.
    Bluebird nodded before clicking on several items on the catalog.
    “Mister Sila. Please come and confirm your transactions, sir,” said Chris.
    Sila didn’t bother to recheck. He confirmed it without reading the list. “Confirm.”
    Once the confirmation was completed, the tasteless black room was suddenly transformed into mid-sized mansion. Its size was expanded several times and became quite spacious. Next to the mansion was a pool with a mini waterfall. There were also gardens and more things that Sila couldn’t name. This wasn’t even including the things that he had yet to see within the mansion.
    “Mister Sila. Your outstanding debt balance is currently 1,500,000 gold, sir. You have good credit so we can give you this much of a loan. However, you need to pay us at least 500,000 gold within 30 days, sir,” Chris said.
    Sila was dumbstruck. He had just cleared his debt and now he owed money again. This new debt was even many times more than his previous one. Not to mention the 1,500,000 gold, he couldn’t even find a way to gain 500,000 gold in a short time.
    Bluebird was shocked too. He didn’t know that the total sum was this expensive. He was too immersed in shopping with someone else’s money so he completely disregarded the price.
    Bluebird transformed himself into a blue tailorbird and flew to land himself on Sila’s shoulder. His eyes were clear. Tilting his head, trying his best to be cute, he said,
    “At least you can choose wallpaper for free, my friend. You even get a discount for the next purchase.” Bluebird tried to talk about the good points.
    Sila was lost in thought. It seemed that next time, he would need more time to consider making someone his friend.


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    Chapter 60: The Plan to Overcome the Financial Crisis
    Although Sila wasn’t the type of person that bothered himself with finance, being 1,500,000 gold in debt was putting him at his wit’s end. This amount was too high. Even defeating a dragon granted him only 8,000 gold. After doing calculations, for him to obtain 500,000 gold within 30 days, he would need to hunt 63 Water Dragons. This meant Sila had to hunt two of them per day.
    After the task was completed, Chris took his leave. He didn’t forget to inform Sila that the due period would start counting from the next midnight. Looking at the time, this meant Sila had gained seven more hours to work with.
    After Chris had gone, the three of them gathered to figure out how they would solve this problem. Sila tried to ignore Bluebird and inquired the seemingly dependable Burapha.
    “I can’t come up with any plan at all. Burapha, do you have a good idea?”
    “The amount is too high. I think I could barely make it with our current funds if it was 200,000, but 500,000 is too much for me.”
    Sila sighed. “What if I can’t pay? Will there be a problem? Seizing this property?” If it ended with his property being seized, Sila wouldn’t feel much pressure. He just ended up as he was before.
    “I think it won’t end with just that. They would confiscate all your assets. Then, if the amount is not enough, Big Brother Sila would end up being in debt for real.”
    “What do you mean by being in debt for real?”
    “I mean in debt in Thai Baht. This game is connected with your bank account, remember?”
    Sila was pushed into more pressure. The bank account wasn’t his own. It seemed he had caused another problem for his uncle again.
    “I don’t know the exchange rate between in-game currency and Thai Baht. How much is 1,500,000 gold?”
    Burapha sighed. “In Monster Soul, silver can only be spent in-game and cannot be converted into gold or real-life money by the system. There are some merchants that are willing to buy and sell it, though. The average exchange rate is 10,000 silver for 1 gold. As for gold, it can be converted into real-life money but not the other way around. But then again, there are merchants that are willing to trade. The exchange rate defined by the system is 1 gold for 10 Baht.”
    “1 gold for 10 Baht!!!” shouted Sila.
    “Yes. Monster Soul Online is the game with the highest exchange rate. This means Big Brother Sila is currently 15,000,000 Baht in debt. Can you manage that much?”
    T/N: 15,000,000 THB is around 450,000 USD or 400,000 EUR.
    Sila was dumbstruck. Not to mention the debt, he was currently missing his dojo. He also didn’t have a place to stay.
    “I think there are two possible solutions available, but I’m not sure they are a good idea.”
    Sila was able to smile somehow. “Explain quickly. We will decide later.”
    “The first one is to sell the Orichalcum. Its price should be at least a million, but I’m not recommending this method because urgent selling would result in selling it for less than what you could get. Also, despite all players wanting it, not a single player possesses that much wealth. The only ones that would be able to purchase it are large guilds like Heavenly Dragon or Royal Armament. However, it is still questionable whether they’re willing to invest a million in a single item.”
    Sila nodded. He understood. A guild’s money didn’t belong to a single player. Even Montra or Cross should not be able to recklessly spend it. Moreover, Sila didn’t feel like trading with those two.
    “What is the other solution?” Sila asked.
    “The other one is from a tournament that is always held at Battle City Colossia every month.”
    “Isn’t this good? It suits my style. I’m not proficient in making money but I have no problem fighting. Never thought that there’s such a way.”
    “Hmph. Are you crazy? The winning prize is only 1,000 gold,” Bluebird argued.
    Sila was confused. Why did Burapha mention this method, then? 1,000 gold might be a lot for many players, but it was very insignificant for Sila now.
    “I’m not referring to the winning prize. What I’m aiming for is the money betting in the black market,” Burapha revealed his thought.
    “Betting?” Sila wasn’t proficient in this kind of thing.
    “That’s correct. I need to come up with a more detailed plan later, but at the very least, I think we can have Big Brother Bluebird help out.”
    “Huh? Do I need to help too?” Bluebird said in a lazy tone.
    “Yes. To be honest, this problem arises mainly because of you.” Burapha handed Bluebird a sheet of paper. It was the sheet that summarized the expenses of the upgrades.
    -        Training equipment and space increase (Big Brother Sila) 280,000 gold.
    -        Item management facilities, including support AI (Burapha) 350,000 gold.
    -        Entertainment equipment + a bunch of useless things (Big Brother Bluebird) 870,000 gold.
    Bluebird took a side glance at it and had to shut his mouth in helplessness.
    “Fine. What do you want me to do?” He asked.
    “I need the information of all previous tournament participants. The previous tournament just ended five days ago so we have twenty-five days left, which should be enough for us. As for the betting in the black market, I will handle it myself.”
    “Only that? I can just retrieve such information from the guild’s database now.”
    “There’s more.” Burapha turned his head to Sila. “Big Brother Sila, are you planning to participate yourself?”
    Sila was preoccupied thinking about Battle City. He wished to go there soon.
    “Hmm? Me? Um… I think I will participate myself. This is my own problem anyway.”
    “I see. Then, I have to request Big Brother Blue to spread the news about Big Brother Sila being a weakling. Please make it realistic, though. This will help the betting rate be in our favor.”
    “I don’t think we have to go such lengths though. Just gaining the money for the first due date is more than enough. Later, we can reuse this plan,” Sila wondered.
    “That shouldn’t do. If we plan to obtain this much through gambling, we will have to do it in one go. Once you have shown your true power, the next time you participate, we will only get a small amount. I plan to clear the debt in one try. In addition, if this works, there might be a surprise for you, Big Brother,” Burapha smiled.
    “What surprise? Is it a good or bad one?” asked Sila. What he needed the least now was unexpected news. He had experienced too many big surprises today.
    “It’s a pleasant one, but I won’t tell you now. Please let me confirm it first.”
    As Burapha said that it was a pleasant one, Sila said nothing more about it.
    “Now, what should we do next?” Sila asked.
    “We should separate and do our set tasks. Once I’m online again, I will try my best to increase our capital so we have more to spend on the bet. I will meet you guys again in three weeks.”
    Sila nodded.
    “As for Big Brother Blue, please spread the news as soon as possible. Be caution of not being too noticeable, though. Don’t let anyone know that the news comes from us.”
    “Regarding news and information, you don’t need to lecture me. Rest assured. In the next three weeks, Sila, you will become the weakest player in the game,” Bluebird proudly declared. Hearing that, Sila felt like he was indirectly being condemned.
    “The most important thing for Big Brother Sila is that you have to stay quiet during these weeks. You are free to practice or hunt monsters, but you are banned to participate in a fight against any other players, because that would completely ruin our plan. If you really can’t avoid the fight, please do your best to escape. Try to look like you barely escaped alive, if possible. Nevertheless, you need to get stronger and can’t lose in the tournament. This plan of us ultimately depends on you.”
    Sila finally understood the heaviness of his duty. This caused him to hurry to meet his nameless teacher and start practicing himself.
    “Then, I’m leaving now. I will contact you guys if anything changes.” Burapha turned into light and disappeared as soon as he finished speaking.
    Bluebird sighed. “I planned to enjoy swimming, resting, or being the first to jump into the jacuzzi tub in the beginning. Nonetheless, three weeks for spreading the news is too short of a time. The longer the rumor, the more credible it is. In this case, I will get to work immediately.”
    Bluebird was gone after Burapha, leaving Sila alone in front of a mansion.
    Sila intended to contact his nameless teacher but he later found that he couldn’t. The Mansion of Secret (Bluebird had renamed it) blocked all communications.
    Although he didn’t feel tired anymore, Sila’s qi points still hadn’t fully regenerated. Thus, Sila decided to regenerate his qi points first before he left, since the recovery rate here was two times faster than outside.
    Firstly, Sila released Bow and Lookhin outside.
    Bow was excited to look at the mansion and hopped around happily. As for Lookhin, it was flying above Bow. It seemed Sila’s previous order that told it to look after Bow was still in effect.
    Seeing Lookhin, it reminded Sila about the two new A-grade cards that he had just gotten. They were the Great Millennium Turtle Card and Water Dragon Card.
    Sila opened his system window and found that there were many items in there. He took all of them out.
    The female voice was directed to Sila.
    “Do you need me to arrange them, Master?”
    Sila was startled. He turned around and witnessed a woman dressed in a maid uniform. He couldn’t clearly see her face no matter how he looked at her. If he wasn’t paying attention, he would see her as a floating maid dress.
    “Oh, hello?” Sila was still confused that there was someone other than him in here.
    “Hello, Master. Do you need me to arrange your items?” She repeated.
    “Arrange items?”
    “Yes, arranging items. I’m the AI stationed in this mansion. It’s my duty to support Master and your guests here.”
    “I see. You’re the AI that Burapha mentioned. Yes, please arrange items for me. I don’t know what to do with them myself.”
    “It’s my pleasure.” She waved her semi-transparent hand once, then the items were gone from the sight.
    “Do you want anything else, Master?”
    “Oh, nothing more. Thanks.”
    “Please call me if you need something.”
    Sila nodded, then she disappeared. Sila wondered why the support AIs have to possess a body. Isn’t it fine just let his items automatically arrange themselves?
    “Ah, I forgot to ask her name,” Sila exclaimed as he recalled.
    “My name is Julia, Master.” The sound reverberated next to Sila’s ear.
    “Wahhh!” Sila shouted and jumped forward.
    “What happens, Master?” asked Julia.
    “Don’t suddenly appear or disappear like that. You startled me,” Sila said. It was true that he wasn’t afraid of dragons. However, ghosts were a different case. They were untouchable, weren’t they?
    “Roger, Master. I’ll be careful next time.” Julia grinned. She must think to herself that her smile was cute. Then, she slowly dispersed into thin air.
    Sila shuddered. ‘Ouch, she’s even scarier than before. Having a ghost maid like this, isn’t my mansion considered haunted?’
    Turning left and right. He couldn’t spot Julia anymore. Sila took two cards out and handed them to Lookhin.
    “Lookhin, Star Swallow.” The two cards dissolved into specks of dust before being swallowed by Lookhin.
    Lookhin’s body emitted magic power. Its eyes were shining with qi energy. Sila nodded in satisfaction. It seemed that the skill worked successfully for both cards. He was lucky again.
    “Lookhin, please look after Bow. I don’t know where she went,” Sila said, to which Lookhin nodded before it flew away.
    Upon swallowing more cards, it seemed Lookhin had become more obedient and was also able to understand him more. Although it couldn’t talk, Sila preferred it this way. If it could talk like Bow, he would have no time to do anything else.
    Sila walked into the training area. It was built separately from the mansion and looked like a Japanese dojo. This must be Bluebird’s choice.
    Sila slid the door made of wood and paper. He left it open for the air to flow in and out. He entered the dojo, sat down and started cultivating. It was finally time for him to inspect his own qi and body after a long battle.
    Primary Qi was flowing throughout his body and Sila soon entered the meditation state. The cultivation that Sila planned to finish in an hour unexpectedly lasted until the morning of the next day.
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    Chapter 61: Ten Supreme Qi
    The artificial sun within the dimension of the Mansion of Secret showed its radiance in the morning. Sila regained his consciousness after twelve hours had passed. He started cultivating in the evening and felt like he had cultivated for only a brief period of time. That was why he was currently surprised at the sight of the morning light.
    Sila opened his system window to check the time. It told him that it was 7.00 a.m. of the next day.
    “Big Brother Sila. You’re finally awake.” Bow jumped onto Sila’s lap. There was Lookhin sleeping next to her.
    “Bow, I, umm, how long have I slept?” Actually, he was cultivating. But he was too lazy to explain. It was fine if Bow thought that he was sleeping.
    “Since yesterday evening, Big Brother. Big Sister Julia told me not to disturb you, so I didn’t. By the way, Big Sister Julia is very kind. She made a lot of food for us to eat.”
    ‘Us’ must refer to Bow and Lookhin.
    Julia was an AI maid of the mansion. It was her duty to take care of all the guests in this place.
    Sila stroked Bow’s head gently. “Then, please play with Lookhin and Julia for the time being, okay? I’ll be back soon.”
    “Where is Big Brother Sila going?”
    “I’m going to meet with my teacher to ask him some questions. This area prevents me from communication so I have to go there personally.”
    “What should I do while Big Brother is gone?”
    “How about practicing by yourself? You can’t just play around all the time. His Majesty Slime King has told me to look after your skill proficiencies too.”
    Bow scowled, “But I don’t have to fight, do I? I already have Big Brother Sila protecting me.”
    Sila thought to himself that Bow was truly like a child. This game’s AI was certainly realistic.
    “I may not be with you all the time, though. Bow, you should at least be able to take care of yourself to a certain degree.”
    “But I don’t like practicing.” Bow pouted. “In the Slime Kingdom, papa also forced me to practice. He wants me to be strong and healthy. I don’t see why I should become stronger, though.”
    The thing was, the Slime King forced Bow to practice in hope that if Bow’s in-game body got stronger, it might affect her actual body. Although it was a baseless hope, he was willing to do his best to make it happen. However, Bow was unaware of this fact.
    “Let’s do this, then. If Bow becomes stronger, I will give you something you want.”
    “Really!? I want new ribbons. Many of them.”
    “Of course, you can have them. So, you have to try your best to become stronger, okay?”
    “Okay~ But how much stronger should I become?”
    “Umm, I’m not sure myself. Oh, let’s do this. How about you become stronger than Lookhin?”
    Bow looked at Lookhin who was sleeping. “But Lookhin is only a sparrow, no?”
    “Yeah, that’s it. Just become stronger than a sparrow. You’re fine with that, right?”
    “Okay~ Big Brother Sila better prepare yourself to buy me a lot of ribbons.” Bow smiled, full of confidence.
    “Fine, fine. I’ll prepare money for them. Bow, could you please go to the next room first? I will ask Lookhin to go after you soon.”
    Bow nodded and jumped off from his lap. She hopped to another room of the dojo.
    Sila whispered to Lookhin, “Lookhin, please hold back, okay? Don’t hurt her, but don’t lose too. Do your best to make her try her best. Try to use qi, psychic, and magic equally. This way, Bow can train all three slime skills.”
    Lookhin looked back at its owner with its sharp eyes. It nodded once before flying after Bow.
    Sila was the assistant to his teacher who owned a martial arts dojo before. He knew that Bow was the type that disliked practicing. For her, he needed to make her feel like it was a game instead of practice. Motivating her with a promised reward should work.
    “Julia,” Sila called for the female maid.
    “How can I serve you, Master?” Just a sound could be heard. After a moment, her body slowly appeared in front of Sila.
    Sila got goosebumps again. The slowly-appearing Julia was as scary as Julia who appeared from behind.
    “I would like to ask. When I’m offline, what happens to Bow and Lookhin?”
    “If Master seals them, they would be in a semi-hibernation state until Master comes back. But if Master releases them, they would have to take care of themselves. For Master’s reference, most players don’t like doing so.”
    Sila nodded. “Can I ask you to take good care of them here?”
    “Yes, Master. It’s my duty anyway.”
    Hearing that, Sila felt relieved. Bow had been sealed inside the Slime Kingdom for a very long time. If possible, he wouldn’t like to seal her inside the ring.
    “Go to Bamboo Hut.” Sila’s body instantly disappeared.
    The bamboo hut in the morning was a very peaceful place. The sound of bamboo leaves carried by the wind was like a natural music to the ears. The nameless elder was currently cooking his breakfast. The brown soup was boiling in the pot.
    Sila’s body appeared in front of his teacher. The teacher took a side glance at him briefly.
    “So you have gotten Qi of Little Turtle,” muttered the nameless elder.
    Sila looked at his own body while wondering which part of him showed that he had gotten the qi.
    “I can feel the qi from your body. You have been heavily reliant on your Qi of Little Divine Beings. The Qi Concealment technique you inherited from me has not had much progress.”
    Sila felt guilty. He really didn’t practice Qi Concealment and the Soundless skill as his teacher had advised. Although they were skills that he had directly inherited from his teacher, he had neglected them and always relied on qi he obtained from other sources.
    “I’m sorry, sir,” Sila said in an apologetic manner.
    “You might see them as unimportant, but let me tell you again. The basics are the most important. Don’t you dare neglect your training. No matter how superior those advanced qi are, they are just an extension of the basics. No matter how high a tree grows, it will die if its roots are rotten. Remember my words well.”
    “I’ll keep your words in mind and I’ll practice harder.”
    “Good. So, what business do you have with me today?”
    “I have two questions about qi and one personal question to seek your guidance, teacher.”
    “This seems like it will take a long time. You don’t look like you have eaten breakfast yet. We will talk while eating, then.”
    Witnessing the breakfast in the pot, Sila was about to deny his teacher’s suggestion, but his teacher was quicker. A bowl of brown soup was put in front of Sila. Its odor caused Sila to endure it without showing a disgusted expression on his face.
    “You may begin asking.” The old man fed himself a spoonful of soup and exclaimed that it was delicious.
    Sila ignored his teacher’s exclamation. He also wasn’t interested in tasting the soup. He soon began to ask.
    “The thing is, once I got Qi of Little Turtle, it was immediately changed into Shapeless Qi. I want to know why. I also want to know how to use it. Do you happen to know, teacher?”
    “Fufu. Qi of Little Turtle immediately changed into Shapeless Qi, you said? Are you sure you didn’t eat baby manta ray?”
    “Oh, yes… I forgot. I was hurried to use qi at that time so I came up with a shortcut.”
    “That’s it. Did you know that there are ten advanced qi in this game? They’re called the Ten Supreme Qi. Every person can possess only one of them.”
    “What about Qi of Little Tiger, Little Turtle, Little Fish and Little Bird, Teacher? Are they included in Ten Supreme Qi?”
    “No, they aren’t. The meaning behind the word ‘Little’ in their name is referring to the fact that they can be further developed into more advanced qi. Qi of Little Divine Beings are merely a part of Ten Supreme Qi.”
    “They are merely a part?” Sila was shocked. He had regarded Qi of Little Divine Beings as very powerful qi. He couldn’t imagine they were just a part of more superior qi.
    “Correct. The principle of qi type is fusion. The more you practice, the smaller your skill pool becomes. When Qi of Little Divine Beings reaches an advance state, they fuse together and become one of the Ten Supreme Qi. By the way, the Ten Supreme Qi consists of Water Dragon Qi (Tiger + Fish), Cloudy Tiger Qi (Tiger + Bird), Sun God Qi (Tiger + Turtle), Shadowless Soul Qi (Fish + Bird), Mystic Armor Qi (Fish + Turtle), Immortal Bird Qi (Bird + Turtle), God Avatar Qi (Tiger + Fish + Bird), Queering Metal Qi (Tiger + Fish + Turtle), Frost Demon Qi (Tiger + Bird + Turtle) and Deploring Fairy Qi (Fish + Bird + Turtle).”
    “There is no Shapeless Qi?” wondered Sila.
    “For some reason, Shapeless Qi is not included in Ten Supreme Qi. It is still regarded as an advanced qi though, as it originated from all four Qi of Little Divine Beings.”
    “So, Shapeless Qi is the best, right? It originates from all four qi.”
    “Your thought is too shallow. Although it’s true that Shapeless Qi possess all the abilities of four Qi of Little Divine Beings, its ability is too bland compared to other Ten Supreme Qi. Its prominent point is its shapelessness. It’s harder to be discovered, but it’s also harder to use. Shapeless Qi is at the realm of regaining the natural state of qi. With your current ability, I dare say that you're not yet qualified to use this skill.”
    Sila was glad for nothing. Shapeless Qi was as shapeless as its name. Even he himself still found it hard to detect his own qi.
    “All qi experts are using qi that suits their personality and battle style. None of them possess a duck-like qi like you.”
    “A Duck-like qi?” Sila’s qi was being compared to a duck.
    “Yes, a duck. It can fly but not as well as a bird can. It can swim but not as well as a fish can. It also can crow but not as well as a rooster can. To be concluded, it can do everything but it’s not good at anything.”
    “Is there a way to fix it, Teacher?”
    “There’s a way. Not a way to fix qi, though. It is you who needs to be fixed. Everything in the world always has its own usage. However, I won’t tell you. Try to come up with a way yourself. How can you always depend on asking others? If you keep going like this, just when will you have the ability to think for yourself?”
    “Thank you for your guidance, Teacher.”
    “No need. Guiding a disciple is a teacher’s duty.”
    “Yes. My next question is, yesterday, I cultivated as usual but it took me as many as twelve hours to finish. Do you know why?”
    “Oh, dear. That is a normal occurrence. Your qi has become too advanced for your body to keep up, so both of them are trying to close the gap disregarding your awareness. The gap is wide so they need a long time. This problem is not hard to solve. You just have to train your body so that it can keep up with your qi. Or else, just keep circulating your qi. The time it takes for circulation will become shorter over time.”
    “But I’m always using my body in battles. Doesn’t it count as training the body?”
    “It isn’t the same. You must be relying a lot on in-game skills, correct? If you want my advice, I suggest you to try fighting without skills or qi. This is what it means to train the body. You can just fight against the same opponents that you have defeated. You’ll know how hard it is to do that. You're always relying on shortcuts. However, do you know that there’s no shortcut to becoming a true expert?”
    Sila felt like he was heavily slammed by the last part. ‘There is no shortcut to becoming a true expert.’ He had always been reminded of this sentence by his real teacher.
    However, once he had entered the game and acquired many powerful skills, he had become  such an arrogant character. He had neglected the teachings of his own dojo, always depending on qi and skills even though he had practiced martial arts in real life.
    He always thought that he was different from other players. He had a goal in his mind. To win against Montra. To find his teacher. To become stronger. However, in the end, he was no different than the players who just came to enjoy the game day by day.
    Looking at what he had been doing, his resolve meant nothing. It was just a weightless sentence.
    “What about the last question, the personal one? I’m not available all day, you know?”
    Despite Sila felt like his teacher seemed to be free all day, he was too depressed to argue. He started telling the story of Montra that he heard from Bluebird. About Montra’s genius in possessing several powerful skills, mastering thirty different kinds of martial arts, and could not be killed.
    The elder listened to Sila with an expressionless face.
    “And? What are you planning to do?”
    “I don’t know, Teacher. I really don’t know.” Sila was dejected.
    “You have heard about it from others. However, have you seen it with your own eyes?” said the old man.
    “Teacher, do you mean that this information might not be true?” Sila’s expression slightly brightened. If it wasn’t true, there would still be hope for him.
    “True, then what? False, then what? He can possess 1,000 skills. He can master thirty martial arts. He can have three heads or six hands. And then what? Do you need to possess more skills than Montra? Master more martial arts than Montra? Or have more arms and legs than Montra to win against him?”
    “No, Teacher. I don’t think I’m capable of doing all those things.”
    “Then, what are you capable of?” His teacher asked.
    “What am I capable of?” Being suddenly asked like this, Sila couldn’t come up with an answer.
    “Correct. Sun Tzu has said that, if you know your enemies and know yourself, you will not be put at risk even in a hundred battles. You don’t know what Montra is able to do. In addition, you also don’t know what you’re capable of. I think you don’t need to fight him at all. You are sure to lose. Better quit this game and escape to the real life world. Based on what you have said, winning against Montra is only your baseless imagination. You’re not trying anything at all.”
    Sila opened his mouth, wanting to refute. However, he couldn’t. The words of the nameless elder were fierce yet true.
    “Good grief, I’m still your teacher. Hence, the next time you come to me, if you can come up with an answer about how you can win against Montra, I will gladly guide you. However, you have to come up with the answer by yourself. Don’t ask anybody.” The tone in the old man’s voice was gentler.
    “How I can win against Montra? By myself?”
    “Yes. Don’t tell me it is impossible, though. The one that thinks oneself is going to lose from the start has lost half of the battle already.”
    Sila pondered it, but he still couldn’t come up with an answer.
    “I didn’t tell you to answer me right now. Take your time. Of course, the quicker, the better. For now, I will give you a clue.”
    “Is there a clue?” Sila wondered. Didn’t his teacher just tell him to find an answer by himself?
    “It’s not quite a clue, though. Try eating the food that I made first.”
    “Food? You mean this brown liquid, right?” Sila lifted the bowl up. Its odor entered his nose.
    “Yes. Eat it in one go and tell me honestly about its taste.”
    The desire to acquire the answer was more intense than his dislike toward the food. Sila was currently seeking a way to make himself stronger. He would endure any hardship to achieve that goal. Sila swallowed it in one gulp.
    Honestly, Sila still hoped that its taste might be good despite its appearance. However, there was no miracle. Its taste was exactly like its appearance. He was experiencing an indescribable disgusting taste as soon as it entered his tongue. He tried his hardest to not show his thought on his face.
    “D-Delicious,” Sila muttered.
    “I want an honest answer. Not an answer to appease me. Do you think I don’t know how it tastes? I’m the one who cooked it myself,” The old man said with obvious chilliness in his voice.
    As his teacher wanted an honest answer, Sila no longer tried to be thoughtful. “It’s not delicious at all, Teacher. It tastes terrible.”
    “But I think it’s delicious,” The old man said, “That’s the clue. Now go. I hope you will have your answer the next time we meet.”
    Sila couldn’t comprehend the clue at all. How was the deliciousness of a soup related to winning against Montra? However, there was no way for him to probe for the answer. His teacher’s action was clearly telling Sila to go away.
    Sila prostrated himself and said goodbye to his teacher before he left the bamboo hut. His mind was preoccupied with a question from the nameless elder. The answer that he gives his teacher next time would clearly indicate whether he was just a common person or an expert.
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  • Chapter 62: No One is Perfect

    After leaving the bamboo hut, Sila went straight to the hotel. He paid 1,000 silver to rent a room for one stay. He didn’t want to go to the Mansion of Secret as that would disturb Bow’s practice. He also didn’t dare to wander in town as he was afraid to encounter some opponents, which would be a detriment to Burapha’s plan.
    Sila was fixated on coming up with the answer by himself.
    “What am I capable of?” Sila decided to look through his system window. His skills were all the same except for one additional skill.
    “Greed Skill?” Sila tried to recall what had happened. He finally remembered that he had gotten it after killing the Water Dragon. He forgot to check it as there were so many things for him to do previously. Sila began to read the description of the card and its skill.
    (S) Greed Card – Level 10 (Maximum)
    Player obtains an active skill: (S) Greed.
    Increases the minimum drop rate of all items to 40%.
    Increases the minimum drop rate of cards to 60%.
    Increases the minimum chance of coming across a special situation to 40%.
    Increases the minimum chance of encountering a hidden boss to 30%.
    Increases the minimum chance of benefiting from any randomness to 80%.
    Player will earn twice as much money when defeating a monster.
    Upon skill activation, player has 0% chance to encounter Mammon – the Demon of Greed.
    The chance of encountering Mammon will increase by 30% every time player uses the Greed skill.
    The chance of encountering Mammon will decrease by 1% every time player gives 10,000 gold to Mammon.
    Player will earn only 10% of all experience points from now on.
    (S) Greed Skill
    No resource is required to use this skill. Player can only use this skill if possessing Greed Card.
    Cooldown time: 30 days.
    Can repair, refill, and replicate an item.
    Cannot be used on an item that is unique in the game, or personal item.
    Cannot be used on an item that has had Greed cast on it before.
    Sila didn’t fully understand its description, but it did look like it could increase the quantity of an item. Luckily, Sila had one item that he wanted more of. That item was the bottle containing Emperor Qi Pellets. It belonged to Lone Wolf but he had eaten too many of the pills already.
    Sila imitated Lone Wolf by opening the palm of his hand and focused his mind to use Greed skill. The Greed Card instantly appeared, floating on his palm. It was like what Lone Wolf had done. The difference was, depicted on Sila’s card wasn’t a picture of six-winged archangel but a picture of young black-haired prince with a golden crown. He was surrounded by all kinds of jewelries and treasures.
    “Greed.” Sila activated the skill.
    The card in front of him scattered into dusts. The dimension around Sila began to shake.
    A nauseating and disgusting sensation soon filled the room. The air in front of Sila distorted into a football-sized black hole. A hand which clearly wasn’t human pierced through the hole.
    Sila swallowed his saliva. The opposing hand opened its palm, waiting. Sila realized that he needed to put his item on this palm. He put a bottle of Emperor Qi Pellets onto it. Once it landed on the hand, the hand slowly pulled back into the mini dimensional portal.
    After not even five seconds had passed, the same hand pierced through the portal again. Revealing its palm, there were surprisingly two bottles of Emperor Qi Pellets there. Sila anxiously extended his hand to take them.
    The moment he took them, the hand suddenly grabbed onto his wrist tightly and tried to pull Sila into the dimensional portal.
    Shapeless Qi automatically activated and concentrated into Sila’s wrist to strengthen it.
    “Argh.” The hand squeezed Sila’s wrist like serrated metal and the portal expanded. Sila didn’t have any time to think. He immediately activated Hidden Weapon Firing to summon three daggers into his free hand. He reinforced them with his qi and fired them at the devil’s hand.
    As knives stabbed into the wrist of the devil, its grip loosened a little. Sila hurriedly reinforced his wrist with qi and forcefully pulled it back.
    Sila’s wrist was finally freed. He took several steps back to stand at the corner of the room. Looking at the red mark on his left-handed wrist, he felt tremendous pain; it was as if it was broken. Sila looked back at the dimensional portal. Its size was shrinking to the original size.
    That hand returned to the portal. As the portal continued to close, a man’s voice echoed from it, “Please come again next time.” It came together with high-pitched devilish laughter. Then, the portal completely shut down. The atmosphere inside the room returned to normal.
    Sila still felt shocked at what had just happened. If not for the pain on his wrist and the fact that there were two bottles of Emperor Qi Pellets lying on the floor, he would think that what he had experienced was a dream.
    Sila circulated Immortal Qi into his wrist. The pain soon subsided. The bones seemed to be healed too.
    Five minutes later, Sila took both bottles of Emperor Qi Pellets to see their contents. There were five pellets in each of them. He threw them into his system window. Now, the problem of returning the items to Lone Wolf was gone. He even had one more for himself.
    The experience he got from using Greed caused Sila to not want to use this skill ever again. He neither wanted to see that hand a second time nor experience the nauseating feeling that the portal filled the room with.
    He inspected the status of Greed Card again. The chance that Mammon would appear had gone up to 30%.
    He decided to leave the problem for later. What was more important to him right now was the answer to the old man’s question.
    Sila sat on the bed. Usually, when facing this kind of question, he would always seek an answer from others. But this time, his teacher explicitly stated that he must come up with the answer by himself.
    Almost ten hours later, Sila, who didn’t eat nor sleep, was still sitting on the bed motionlessly. He was still completely unable to find out the connection between the terrible soup and Montra.
    The system alerted him that it was time to log out. Sila closed his eyes and logged out, having yet to find the answer.
    Sila opened his eyes to the same hospital room. There was food placed on the table next to him. He got up from his bed and ate his last hospital meal. It was a rice congee mixed with shrimp that automatically warmed itself with the help of a high-tech bowl.
    Sila ate several spoonfuls of it until the door of his room opened. Uncle Rashane and the doctor entered his room.
    “Have you been awake for a long time?” greeting Rashane.
    “No, Uncle; I just woke up not long ago.”
    “Finish eating, then change your clothes, okay? I have prepared some for you.” Rashane handed over a paper bag to Sila.
    Sila opened it and found that there were several casual clothes inside.
    “They’re my clothes from the old days. Is that okay? I can buy new ones if you don’t like them.”
    Sila hurriedly rejected, “No need to do that, Uncle. I can wear anything. These ones are fine.”
    “Is that so? While you’re eating, please let the doctor examine your body again for the last time. While you do that, I’ll ask the employees to move this life-supporting device.” Rashane walked toward the door and beckoned two staff members to come inside.
    Sila got up from his bed and sat on the sofa. Meanwhile, the employees quickly disassembled the device with expertise and neatly collected its pieces into a box. Sila was impressed. He himself wasn’t good with machinery at all. In his dojo, except for an old computer and a keyboard, there were no other technological devices at all.
    The doctor examined Sila’s body and agreed to let Sila out of the hospital. Sila hurriedly finished his meal and changed his clothes. Meanwhile, Rashane pardoned himself to pay the hospital bill, while Sila quickly followed. As Rashane took the bill, Sila sneakily took a glance at the amount on it.
    ‘230,000 Baht.’ Sila felt guilty. If he had performed physical therapy earlier, the amount might have been much lower than this. Sila decided to not cause any more problems for his uncle. He would stop at nothing to clear the debt of 15 million.
    “Let’s go, Sila. The staff will carry other things for us later. My car can’t carry all of them.”
    Both of them went to Rashane’s dark-brown car, waiting for the staff to move things to a pickup truck next to it. Sila just noticed that Varee hadn’t come with Rashane.
    “Where is Varee, Uncle?”
    “Varee is playing the game. Good grief, it’s true that her grades didn’t drop, but maybe she’s playing too much.”
    “Where are we going?”
    “We still can’t find Mora so Sila, you should stay with me for now. I believe we will find him soon. I would feel uneasy if you lived alone. My house has a vacant room anyway.” Rashane’s eyes were filled with sorrow when saying this, but Sila didn’t notice it.
    “Has there been any progress with the investigation?” Sila asked, to which Rashance shook his head.
    The staff came to them to inform that they had finished packing things. Rashane and Sila got into the car to drive home. It took them around two hours to arrive at Rashane’s house. Only now did Sila realize how far Rashane’s house was. Despite that, Rashane had still visited him almost every day. This showed how much Rashane cared for him.
    Rashane’s house was a white two-storey house made of wood. It was located quite far away from the main city. There was a small dojo next to the house, which Sila looked at with curious eyes.
    Rashane ordered the employees to carry things into the house and approached Sila. Seeing Sila’s interest in the dojo, Rashane explained:
    “That was my wife’s dojo. She practiced martial arts.” Rashane looked at the dojo with a sad expression.
    “I still don’t know how your wife passed away,” Sila said softly.
    “It was a car accident. A car was about to hit Varee and my wife used her own body to block it.”
    “My condolences, Uncle,” Sila said
    Rashane nodded and fell into silent.
    “About the room that I’m about to stay in, was it your wife’s room?”
    “No, it’s my daughter’s room.”
    “Varee’s?” Sila was startled. How was it possible for him to sleep in Varee’s room?
    “It’s my oldest daughter’s. Her name is Vata. She left home two years ago, shortly after my wife had passed away.”
    “She left the house? Why?” Sila thought that he had heard this name before, but he couldn’t recognize it immediately.
    Rashane was making a sad expression again. “It was because of me.”
    Sila frowned. How could a good person like Uncle Rashane cause a problem for anyone?
    “Why do you think so, Uncle?”
    “When my wife stopped breathing, I was in an important meeting with my clients. At that time, the company was facing a financial crisis. I thought that since she was already in doctor’s hands, she would be fine. After I finished the meeting, I hurried to the hospital, but it was too late. She was gone. I still remember Vata’s face to this very day. She was looking at me with resentful eyes, asking me repeatedly ‘Why didn’t you come? Mom kept calling for you the whole time...’”
    Tears appeared on Rashane’s face. Those events must have left a big scar on his heart.
    “After that, she left home. I couldn’t find her no matter how hard I tried. Sila, I’m not a good person. The reason why I’m helping you is because I know what it feels like to be separated from someone important. Taking care of you is just a part of my selfishness. Hearing of you being admitted to the hospital, it reminded me of my wife. I was afraid to arrive late again.”
    Sila fell silent. He didn’t know about Rashane’s problems before. It was too big. He couldn’t possibly come up with any words of comfort.
    “You don’t need to be concerned about my problems, though. What about you? You have your own problems, don’t you?”
    “Uncle, you can tell?” Sila was surprised.
    “Sort of. Tell me, maybe I can help.”
    Sila shook his head. “This problem is one I must solve with my own ability.”
    Rashane fell silent. He knew that Sila tended to distance himself from others, but some problems are better solved with many people rather than alone.
    “Sila, do you know what I do when I’m facing a problem?” Rashane started a topic.
    Sila frowned. “Does a skilled person like Uncle… also have a problem?” He had listened to many words of praise from the doctor toward Rashane during his stay in the hospital.
    “No one is perfect, Sila. I also have things that I can’t do. For example, that life-supporting capsule? It’s like a foreign object for me. I couldn’t possibly do anything about machinery. Thus, I hired those employees to help us. Those guys are better than me. If I were to do it myself, we would still be at the hospital, loosening the knots,” Rashane said it jokingly.
    Sila smiled at Rashane’s word. However, in the next instant, his expression changed.
    He finally knew the answer.
    “Thank you, Uncle,” Sila said with a bright smile.
    “Ah? Did you solve your problem?”
    Sila nodded. “Yes. It’s thanks to Uncle. I have finally come up with the answer.”
    “If you have found a solution, then I’m happy for you.”
    One of the employees came to Rashane to inform that they had finished the installation. Rashane signed his signature on a device to confirm their process. Then, the employees took off.
    “Are you going to log in?” Rashane asked.
    “Yes,” Sila replied with a smile.
    “Then, go. I’m going to work too. By the way, can I ask you to bring Varee with you the next time you log out? Really, what’s with you two? There’s always one of you logged in. Can you two please log out together just once?”
    “Yes, Uncle. Next time, I will bring Varee out with me.”
    As Rashane and Sila went into the house, Rashane smiled merrily. After his wife had passed away, that smile had left the house. But now, even Sila was able to smile. Rashane was glad that his decision to invite Sila to Monster Soul was the right one.
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    Chapter 63: Sila’s Answer

    Rashane’s brown car left the house. Sila went to the second floor as directed. There was a door with a sign stating ‘Vata’s Room.’ Sila opened it and entered into the room.

    Sila had never entered a girl’s room before, but he didn’t expect it to be like this. In the room, there were tons of posters of Bruce Lee, the actor of many action movies in the previous era. The room was quite messy. The only thing indicating that this place was a girl’s room would be the bedsheet with a kitten pattern. On the table next to the bed, there was a brain scanner and a single picture frame.

    Sila took a peek at the picture. It was a picture of Uncle Rashane and his family. The woman standing next to Rashane must be his deceased wife. In front of the couple, there were two girls standing. One of them was Varee, so the other one must be Vata. Even though it was an old picture, their appearances had not changed much. Looking closely at Vata’s face, Sila finally recognized her. She was the person that Varee introduced as her senior at her campus.

    Sila couldn’t understand. Despite Rashane being in such a sorrowful state, why did Varee, who seemed to be in contact with Vata, not mention Vata to her father? Sila normally wasn’t someone who minded other’s business, but as this was a matter related to Uncle Rashane, he would like to return his benefactor a favor. He decided that he needed to have a conversation with Varee about this.

    Sila poured several strawberry-flavored nutrient pills into his hand and swallowed all of them. He then wore the brain scanner and connected into the game.


    The morning rays shone through the window inside the cheap hotel room that Sila was in. Now that Sila had gotten his answer, he got up from the bed and went to open the window to breathe in the fresh air.

    Sila planned to go to the Mansion of Secret first before going to give his answer to his teacher. He wanted to know how much progress Bow had made after one day of training.

    Sila’s body instantly disappeared when he activated the black card. Opening his eyes, he noticed that he was back in front of the Mansion of Secret.

    “Welcome home, Master.” Julia’s voice came from behind.

    Sila was starting to get used to Julia’s behavior of appearing and disappearing. He turned around to talk to her. “Hello, Julia. How are those two?”

    “Does Master mean Miss Bow, Lookhin, or your friend?”

    “My friend? Who is that?”

    “Mister Blue, Master. He is currently playing inside the pool that way.” Julia gestured her hand.

    Sila nodded, said his thanks and went the way Julia mentioned. The pool was behind a row of small bushes. Sila couldn’t find the entrance so he walked over the bush, only to see Bluebird laying on a rubber raft. He was wearing a pair of sunglasses, chilling on the center of the pool.

    “Oh? Sila? Why are you here?” Bluebird greeted Sila.

    Sila frowned. Shouldn’t that be his question? This place was his own mansion. “I’m here normally. By the way, do you have any business with me?”

    “Business? No, I don’t. I just wanted to rest. How about it? Want to enjoy the pool with me?”

    Sila hurriedly declined, “I don’t think that’s a good idea. I have many tasks to do. Please enjoy your stay.” Sila began to walk away.

    “Wait, Sila.”

    Sila turned back. “What?”

    “About spreading the rumor, I have already finished it. But it should take some more time for the rumor to effectively show its result. As for your missing teacher, I have already asked my acquaintances to investigate it. I’ll let you know if I learn anything.”

    Sila nodded. Despite Bluebird having a childish personality, he seemed to be reliable to some extent.

    The sound of a battle echoed from the dojo. Sila walked inside and found Lookhin and Bow sparring against each other while Julia watched.

    Sila went to Julia’s side to witness the fight.

    Lookhin was flying and spinning in the air. Sila could tell that this wasn’t Lookhin’s top speed, but it should be fast enough for Bow. With a level gap of more than 1000, it was a hard battle for Bow even with Lookhin holding back its ability. Bow was hopping around inside the dojo. During the initial phase of any slime skill, the skill must be used in close range so she was having a hard time coping with Lookhin.

    Lookhin charged toward Bow. Its body was reinforced with qi. Meanwhile, Bow jumped and charged back at Lookhin. Her body was as hard as an iron ball and also as hot as a small fire. Seeing this, Sila could tell that Bow had changed her element to fire.

    Without stopping, magic power surged out of Lookhin’s body. Three water balls appeared in front of it and flew toward Bow in straight line.

    Sila thought that Bow would lose here. However, once the water collided with Bow, they bounced off left and right. The last one was even reflected back at Lookhin.

    Lookhin was hit by the reflected water ball and became soaked. Bow immediately changed her element into lightning. Unfortunately for her, Lookhin stopped its body in mid-air. A stone pillar also pierced through the floor to block Bow. She slammed into it, causing the pillar to shatter, before bouncing back to her original position.

    The two of them were staring at each other. Sila watched all of this with surprise. He previously thought that Bow wouldn’t be able to keep up with Lookhin at all. Even with Lookhin holding back, she shouldn’t be able to resist this well. More importantly, Bow could even simultaneously activate Moon Reflecting Mirror together with other skills. Her changing of elements was also quicker than him. Sila couldn’t help but be amazed.

    Little did Sila know that, Bow had practiced all these skills for five years in-game. There were only three skills and she was compelled by the Slime King. She lacked fighting experience and had a low level, resulting in less power that she could bring forth. Nevertheless, her expertise in these skills were even higher than Sila’s.

    Lookhin sensed Sila. It stopped using qi and flew to take a break on Sila’s shoulder. Meanwhile, Bow just noticed Sila. She rushed at him.

    “Big Brother Sila… Lookhin is too strong. I can’t win even once.”

    “You can fight very well, though. I can’t perform some of your moves myself.”

    “It’s my papa’s fault. He always forced me to train. I even had to train with Mister Poluk, Miss Viola, and Mister Divine too.”

    “Then, why did you not pass Way of Slime’s ordeal?”

    “Because, the three of them said ‘for His Majesty’s daughter, doing this well is only natural. I won’t give you a passing grade yet’,” Bow said while mimicking the deep voice of Poluk.

    Sila smiled mildly. He had thought that his trials were hard enough, but they seemed to be even harder for Bow.

    “Keep it up. You will pass them soon. I’m here just to look how well you are. I’ll be away for several days.”

    “Where will Big Brother Sila go?”

    Sila went down to his knee, stoking Bow’s slimy head. “I’ll go out to train too. Like Bow, my training is still not enough. You have to do your best too. We’ll become stronger together. I’ll buy you a lot of ribbons when I’m back.”

    “Really? Then I’ll try my best to train.”

    “Good. I’m going now. Lookhin and Julia, I’m leaving Bow in your care.”

    Lookhin nodded, while Julia bowed her head.

    As his business here was done, Sila then teleported to the bamboo hut.


    Sila appeared at the bamboo hut. He followed the narrow path between rows of bamboo trees. The wind was flowing gently. Sila breathed in the air filled with the aroma of bamboo leaves into his lungs.

    He approached the bamboo hut in a good mood. However, he stiffened once he reached there.

    In the area that his teacher usually sat weaving a basket, there was a woman sitting there instead.

    The woman was very beautiful. Her eyes were big, and they were looking at the basket. Her light-brown hair was long and reached the center of her back. She was wearing a short soft-yellow-colored cheongsam together with Chinese pants and sandals. There was a Chinese sword placed next to her.

    Upon sensing him, she stopped looking at the basket and shifted her gaze toward Sila. Her light brown eyes seemed to be asking a question. The silence reigned the place for more than ten seconds before she opened her mouth.

    “Are you Sila?”

    “Hm? Me? Yes. I’m here to meet with my teacher. Is he here?”

    “Teacher?” She slightly furrowed her lovely brows, thinking for a short while. “Umm… he is right here.”

    “He is here?” Sila wondered. Looking left and right, he couldn’t see anybody.

    He had already witnessed Divine’s transformation. Is this woman his teacher in another form? Although he was astonished by the fact that his teacher could transformed into such elegant woman, he wasn’t too surprised. This was just a game, after all.

    Sila hurried to put his palms together as he said, “Hello, Teacher.”

    The woman was somehow surprised. She clasped her palms in response.

    The sound of an old man could be heard from behind her. “What are you doing?”

    “I’m greeting teache- … teacher!? Why are you here? Hm? Wait, how can there be two teachers?” Sila wondered.

    “How am I here? This is my place so it’s natural that I’m here. What’s up with you today? Are you feeling sick?” The old man put his palm on Sila’s forehead.

    Sila kept his eyes at the woman. She smiled and giggled in a reserved manner.

    Sila’s face turned red. He was tricked by this woman.

    “Hm? Dao, are you still here? You should go now. Don’t forget what I told you.”

    She put her palms to say her goodbye. “Yes, Teacher. I’ll contact you if I get the news.”

    The old man nodded while the woman left. She was mildly smiling when she walked pass Sila, causing him to bend his head in embarrassment.

    “Who’s she? I always thought that you lived alone, Teacher.”

    “Sangdao. She is my daughter.”

    “Your daughter? Didn’t she just call you teacher?”

    “She is also my disciple. She calls me father when we are alone. I taught her to call me teacher when there are other people around.”

    Sila opened his system window. One of the title statuses of his was Nameless Elder’s Main Disciple. “I thought that I’m your only disciple though?”

    “Dao is under my guidance in real life since she was young. She rarely visits me in game. This time, I have work to assign to her so I called her here.”

    Sila nodded in understanding. He knew from Bluebird that there were many real-life martial experts in this game. It seemed his teacher, too, was one of the independent NPCs who were martial artists in real life.

    “With you being here, I assume that you have come up with the answer,” said the old man.

    Sila dismissed Sangdao’s face in his head and refocused on the matter that brought him to this place today.

    “Yes, Teacher. I have gotten an answer.”

    The old man smiled. He went to the area that Sangdao was sitting a minute ago and picked a basket to continue weaving. “Go on.”

    “Yes, Teacher. Nobody is perfect. Despise Montra seeming to be fully equipped with wisdom, abilities, powers and undefeated feat, he is also a human. Every human is sure to have some weaknesses. I have to find them by myself, look at them by myself, think about them by myself and act toward them by myself.”

    “What about you? What are you going to do?”

    Sila continued, “I’m still too weak, but being weak means I can still grow further. I might not be fully equipped with various good traits like Montra, but I don’t need to be like Montra. People have their own different aptitudes. I don’t need to possess several skills. I don’t need to train hundreds of martial arts. I just have to be proficient at what I have; to be able to compete against Montra. Though, I still don’t know how can I reach such level. My journey ahead is a long one. What I can do now is walk step by step. At this time, I guess I have to start with the first one.”

    “Fufu. My last question, how many arts you think you should be proficient at until you can compete against Montra?”

    Sila replied without having to think, “Just one is enough.”

    “Wrong,” The old man refuted. However, Sila’s expression didn’t change. He firmly believed in his own answer.

    “I personally think that just one art is enough. Although teacher thinks differently, I still trust in my own thought.”

    “Fufu. Such stubbornness. I’m not declining your idea though. Your answer is right. Only, you’re wrong when you said that you will have to learn only one martial art.”

    “What do you mean, Teacher?”

    “What I mean is, you must at least practice three martial arts. I will teach you one of them. The rest depends on whether you can find them or not.”

    “Three martial arts? Find them by myself?

    “Correct. I would like to teach you all three martial arts myself if I can. However, I mastered only one of them. You need to find the two people who mastered the remaining ones. They’re also living in this game.”

    Sila frowned. “Will they want to teach me?”

    “I’m certain that they would be willing to teach you,” said the old man.

    “Why? Why would they be willing to teach me?” Sila knew that each personal martial art was developed with effort, experience, and time. With the hardship of martial art creation, there would be no one who is willing to teach one’s art to others for free without a proper reason.

    “You’ll know once you meet them,” The old man mysteriously said.

    “About these martial arts, what are their names?” Sila asked.

    “Nine Sun-Melting-Fists, Six Moon-Grabbing-Claws, and Twelve Celestial-Traveling-Steps.”

  • Chapter 64: Twelve Celestial-Traveling-Steps
    “Could you repeat that, Teacher?” Sila couldn’t listen to their names properly.
    “I’m telling you that you need to learn three martial arts. The arts are called Nine Sun-Melting-Fists, Six Moon-Grabbing-Claws, and Twelve Celestial-Traveling-Steps. As long as you are proficient in these three arts, even if you don’t win against Montra, it’ll at least be a close fight.”
    “Just a ‘close fight’?”
    “That would depend on you. These three martial arts are superb, but to completely comprehend them, you will need effort, experience, talent, and time,” The old man said, “There’s also a hidden weapon art. I’ve heard that you have revealed your hidden weapon publicly, correct?”
    Sila bent his head down in shame. He was in the wrong. His teacher even explicitly instructed him to not use hidden weapons until he had reached a level where could fire them tracelessly.
    “Don’t feel down. I didn’t expect you to master it in a short time anyway. You’ve just started practicing hidden weapon art recently. You’re doing well enough, having reached your current level.”
    “But now that everyone knows that I can use hidden weapons, they will become wary of it.”
    The old man nodded. “Have you heard the phrase ‘True Is False, False Is True?’”
    Sila shook his head in denial. The old man sighed and said, “I’ll show you then. Prepare yourself for a hidden weapon!”
    Sila panicked and jumped back several meters. However, nothing happened. “What’s that? There is no hidden weapon, Teacher.”
    “Correct. There is none. When it’s time for using a hidden weapon, you can use it or simply ignore the chance to use it just to confuse opponents. Even better, you should flick your wrist sometimes. This is ‘True Is False, False Is True’.”
    The old man’s explanation reminded Sila of Viola’s trial. She had done that to him too. At the time, Sila was amazed, but he eventually forgot it as time passed. Sila inwardly promised himself to give more attention to the lessons he learned from others.
    “Thank you for your guidance, Teacher,” Sila expressed his thanks.
    “Well, I’m going to impart my martial art to you now. Do you have any business to take care of? This should take several days for you to learn.”
    “No, Teacher. I have already taken care of everything.”
    “Good. Then, let’s start. Firstly, I ask you to forget every martial art you have learned so far. From now on, do not interrupt my teaching, no matter what.”
    “Wait, Teacher, I don’t understand.”
    “Have you passed Way of Slime’s ordeal yet?”
    Sila nodded. “I have.”
    “Did Divine not teach you about being calm-hearted?”
    Sila thought for a moment. “I don’t think he did, teacher.”
    “He didn’t teach or you didn’t care to learn? Teaching doesn’t mean directly telling you. If you don’t try to think for yourself what you have gained from lessons, there would be no way for you to surpass your teachers. When will you be able to grow if you always take a lesson at face value? Don’t you want to invent your own martial art?”
    “Invent my own martial art? There’s no way I can do that, Teacher.”
    “Fufu. Giving up already? Do you know what? Your own martial art might surpass even the one I’m about to teach you. It is invented by you and used by you. What kind of martial art could be more suitable for you than that?”
    Sila imagined a day he performed his own martial art. It was a very blurred and faraway dream for him.
    “Stop daydreaming for now. This matter may even take ten years to do. Only you yourself can know how long it will take.”
    “Yes, Teacher.”
    “Good. What I want you to do is emptying your mind like an empty glass so that water can fill it. If you have prejudice or close your mind, it would reduce the effectiveness of the learning process. Are you sure that Divine didn’t teach you this?”
    Sila recalled one of Divine’s statement. “A calm mind is the strongest psychic?” He exclaimed.
    “See? He has already taught you. It is the same thing. Being calm means you don’t think about winning or losing. You are one with yourself. This way, you can be well aware of all the changes.”
    Sila bent his head down again. Viola had taught him ‘True Is False, False is True.’ As for Divine, he explicitly informed Sila that a calm mind is the strongest psychic. However, due to his own negligence, he hadn’t kept their lessons in his mind at all.
    “We shall start now. What I’m teaching you is Twelve Celestial-Traveling-Steps.”
    “Is it a movement skill? I thought I would get to learn offensive martial art first.”
    “Interrupting me from the start, aren’t you? The principle of a battle is to attack without being attack. So, as a martial artist, you need to learn how to defend yourself first before learning to attack others. Well, I shouldn’t blame you. It must be due to your previous teacher’s teaching that you are what you are.”
    Upon hearing the old man mention Sila’s original teacher, it reminded Sila about the training he had received from a young age. Teacher Mora believed that offense was the best defense. Hence, Sila’s main moves were offensive ones. He only depended on his intuition for evading incoming attacks.
    “Let me continue. Among these three martial arts, the art that suits you the most must be Nine Sun-Melting-Fists. Twelve Celestial-Traveling-Steps would come in second. The hardest one for you will be Six Moon-Grabbing-Claws. By the way, I will only impart Twelve Celestial-Traveling-Steps to you.”
    “Does Teacher know about all three arts?” Sila asked, to which the old man nodded, “Then why don’t you teach me all of the arts?”
    “I know them but that doesn’t mean I understand them. I’m not allowed to impart to you all of the arts. One person can only impart one art.”
    “Then, can you please teach me an offensive art instead?”
    “No can do. Although Nine Sun-Melting-Fists is really suitable for you, I’m not the one who will teach you this art.”
    “Then who will teach me this art?” Sila inquired.
    “Chi!! I told you to not interrupt me. Do you want to train or not?”
    With this, Sila had no choice but to stop asking. “I want to train, Teacher.”
    “Good. I’ll start explaining. The name of these martial arts can already tell you what they’re about. Nine Sun-Melting-Fists is an intensely offensive art. The word sun melting refers to the fact that it is a powerful art as if the suns are melted into the fist. Six Moon-Grabbing-Claws is a defensive art that is slow and complex. It is an art that required effort to learn. The word moon grabbing is referred to it being able to catch even the moon hanging into the night sky. As for Twelve Celestial-Traveling-Steps, it is both movement and kicking art. It is an art about several changes in a way of stepping the foot on the ground. As several as the stars in the sky. Thus, the name celestial traveling.”
    At the end of the sentence, the old man used a tree branch to draw a big circle on the ground. He then divided the circle into twelve parts and walked into the center of the circle.
    “Twelve Celestial-Traveling-Steps contains only twelve steps, but these twelves steps contain hidden changes within them. Each step can freely be a step on the same spot, a step forward, or a step backward. Thus, there are unlimited ways to step. Now, I will show you all the twelve steps. Remember them well.”
    The old man reinforced qi into his feet and slowly started walking. The ground sank around one-inch deep below his feet for each step he took. Upon completing stepping twelve times, he returned back to the original spot. There was exactly one footmark on each part of the circle, totaling in twelve footmarks.
    Sila furrowed his brows. Each step of the old man was sometimes far, sometimes short, sometimes stepping forward, something stepping backward. The more he looked, the more confused he got.
    “Come and stand here.” The old man pointed his finger at the center of the circle.
    Sila went to stand there obediently. Two of his foot was on the footmarks that were left behind. Sila’s feet were smaller than his teacher’s so he could stand comfortably.
    “Now, follow my example and start walking. You can do it slowly.”
    Sila followed the footmark. He could remember the movement because of the left footprints. If he were to do this without the footmarks, he wouldn’t do it further than three steps.
    The first three steps were comfortable, but the next three steps were confusing. That was because there was a need for him to twist his body. The following three steps were more problematic as they were too far apart for him to reach. Sila had to put qi into his foot to jump to the next footmark. As for the last three steps, they seemed to require the unreasonable movements to complete. He needed to step awkwardly to finish them.
    Sila wiped the sweat away from his forehead. The stepping was many times harder than what he had thought when he saw the old man did it.
    “Barely acceptable. One comment though, no, actually, there are several comments for you. First, you put your qi into your movement. This art is a real-life, martial movement skill which doesn’t require inner force to do. Second, you always looked at your feet. Will you look at your feet when you’re fighting? Next, your steps are way too slow. You must step with confidence. Do not hesitate.”
    “Yes, Teacher.”
    “One more time. No inner force, no looking at the feet. Step quicker too.”
    Sila tried again, but he failed. He couldn’t even step as well as the first try. He had to perform over fifty tries until his teacher said, “Acceptable.”
    Sila sat down on the floor, panting. The feat of performing confusing movement was more exhausting than engaging in an actual battle. Real battles usually end after a short period of time. That’s why people need to train harder for that short but deciding moment.
    Training might be a boring action for many people, but Sila’s original teacher had always been strict on him since he was young so Sila was used to it.
    “Did I say you could rest?” The old man asked.
    “I’m sorry, Teacher.” Sila stood up.
    “Good. Return to the circle and continue walking until I tell you to stop.”
    Sila kept walking until he lost the sense of time. The sun was setting. The light of the sunset dyed the sky into orange.
    “Enough. Come and eat your dinner,” The old man called Sila.
    Sila went to collapse at the hut. The old man handed a green greasy soup to him. Sila was currently very tired and hungry. He wasn’t interested in its identity. He quickly swallowed all of it. He didn’t get to aware of its taste.
    “After you have finished eating, prepare yourself to train the hidden weapon art.”
    “Train the hidden weapon art? Shouldn’t I finish Twelve Celestial-Traveling-Steps first before doing that?”
    “Fufu. If I wait until you master Twelve Celestial-Traveling-Steps, a year would have passed. My most proficient art is still the hidden weapon art. Since you are my main disciple, it would bring  shame to me if you showed your terrible skill to the world.”
    “I’m sorry, Teacher.”
    “Use your apologizing time to train yourself. The main use of hidden weapons is only firing and collecting. These two alone are hard like climbing a mountain. Let’s start immediately. Right now, you can only fire hidden weapons in straight line, correct? I will teach you techniques that will allow your weapons to travel in an arc, scatter mid-flight, or return to you after firing. All of the techniques are dependent on the type of hidden weapon you’re using though. Nevertheless, if you reach the advanced state, whatever you fire would give no different results.”
    The old man placed many types of hidden weapon on the floor. There was a needle, a short dagger, a short spear, a shuriken, a metal ball and many others. He then taught Sila to fire each of them differently.
    A long time had passed. Sila was getting sleepy.
    The old man saw Sila yawning. He asked, “You have obtained Primary Qi already, correct?”
    Sila nodded. His Basic Qi had developed to Primary Qi already.
    “That’s good. Until you can proficiently use Primary Qi, I forbid you to use Shapeless Qi no matter what happens.”
    “Why, Teacher?” Sila asked.
    “Because your proficiency of Primary Qi is low. That’s why you can’t control Shapeless Qi. I plan to fix you from the basics. We’ll have you start from the beginning. This will be more beneficial to you in the future.”
    “Thank you, Teacher.”
    “It may be a little hard, but you’ll surely get stronger. Will you be able to endure the hardship?”
    Sila grinned. If it would make him to become stronger, no matter how hard it was, he would gladly endure it.
    “No matter how hard it is, I can endure it.”
    “I’m relieved to hear it. From now on, each day, you will train your stepping for twelve hours, your hidden weapons art for four hours, your qi for four hours, your Qi Concealment and Soundless skill for three hours, and spar with me for an hour.”
    Sila put his fingers to calculate. One day consists of 24 hours. 12+4+4+3+1 equated to exactly 24 hours.
    “What about eating, resting and sleeping time, Teacher?” Sila was curious.
    “You have already attained Primary Qi. The food that you just ate should be enough for you to survive a week. If you feel tired, circulate Primary Qi during training. If you feel exhausted, circulate Immortal Qi. This will help you to familiar yourself with circulating qi while moving. Oh, when you circulate qi, you have to train your Qi Concealment too.”
    Sila’s jaw dropped. This was several times harder than he had ever anticipated.
    “Training that hardcore... what if I die?”
    “No need to worry. That is the reason why martial artists tend to train themselves in Monster Soul. You can come back to train again even if you die. This is not the real world.”
    No words came out of Sila’s mouth. He finally became aware of the frightfulness of the Monster Soul today.
  • Chapter 65: Teacher’s Warning

    The hardcore training continued for a week. Given how tough it was, even Sila, who was a training addict, now finally wanted a break.

    Moreover, within these past two days, after the levels of his Qi Concealment and Soundless skills reached the maximum, his training schedule intensified. Currently, he had to train stepping for sixteen hours, hidden weapons art for six hours, and spar with his teacher for two hours.

    During the sparring, his teacher would use only Twelve Celestial-Traveling-Steps and hidden weapons against him. This was to make Sila study them more.

    Now, Sila could understand why his teacher motivated him to train Qi Concealment and Soundless first. At its maximum level, Qi Concealment allowed him to conceal qi in the hidden weapon, making it even harder to be detected. Similarly, Soundless at the maximum level allowed Sila to soundlessly use all qi-type skills. Even the sound of friction when firing a hidden weapon was gone.

    Teacher said that only by being able to do that, could he start calling himself a hidden weapon user with great confidence.

    As for Twelve Celestial-Traveling-Steps, the more he trained, the more fun it got. In a single step, he could freely decide any of the twelve steps to be his next step. There really was an unlimited number of ways for him to step. His teacher wasn’t exaggerating at all when he told that it would take a lifetime to master this art.

    After Sila had familiarized himself with the twelve steps, he was able to notice that sometimes his teacher only moved half a step forward. In addition, his teacher could also change the step in a split-second. Teacher told Sila to keep accumulating basics and one day he would also be able to do the same.

    “Stop,” said the old man. Sila was surprised. This was the first time within a week that he heard this word.

    Sila realized in the next moment afterward that there was a visitor. Thanks to his increased proficiency in Primary Qi, his ability to detect had also gone up. Sila wondered what the extent of his teacher’s ability was.

    “Varee…” Sila muttered.

    Varee jumped out from the row of bamboo trees with a surprised expression. She was using high-tier Psychic Concealment that she was proficient at. Sila’s teacher was one thing, but to think that even Sila could detect her presence before he was within her attack range. This made her astonished at the growth speed of Sila. She inwardly decided that she, too, needed secret training.

    “Hello, Sila.”

    “What business do you have with me? I’m busy training.”

    “Have you been training all the time? Did you get some rest? Didn’t you just get out of the hospital?” Varee asked with great care.

    Sila was biased toward Varee since she had lied to him. She didn’t even reveal Vata’s identity to her own dad. So, he replied, “If you don’t have any business, then go. I’d like to continue my training. I have a task to do.”

    The caring expression instantly vanished from Varee’s face. Her eyes were cold and expressionless. “A task to do? Is it related to the 1,500,000 gold debt?”

    Sila was shocked that Varee knew about this, but he didn’t let it show on his face.

    Varee couldn’t tell what Sila was thinking anymore with her Emotion Reading. Sila hadn’t known yet that the highest level of Qi Concealment also allowed him to conceal even his own emotion.

    However, as Varee had acquainted herself with Sila for some time, she could guess what he was thinking.

    “If you’re wondering how I know, don’t bother trying to guess. The Couple Ring of Commitment that we’re wearing allows me to see your financial status. Today, I’m here to ask you what your plan is.”

    “I have my own solution. You don’t need to bother,” Sila evaded the question.

    “There’s no way I cannot be bothered!” Varee said in a loud voice. Sila was surprised as he had never seen Varee shouting before.

    “Why?” asked Sila.

    Varee’s face was reddened for a while before quickly turned back to normal. “T-That’s because if you can’t clear them, my dad would be the one responsible for it.”

    “Don’t worry. I’ll surely clear them,” Sila replied, trying to be confident although he himself wasn’t sure whether he could obtain the money.

    “I think I have the right to know anyway.”

    Sila also thought that Varee really had the right to know. Hence, he began telling her about Burapha’s plan. His teacher, who also listened to it, nodded after hearing the plan.

    “That’s all. If I can win this tournament, I’ll be able to clear the debts.”

    “I see. However, this plan still has a flaw.”

    Sila frowned. He was very confident in Burapha’s plan. Sila admitted that Burapha’s battle prowess might be lacking, but Burapha’s planning ability was superior than anyone he had met.

    Well, he had never met with someone who was really skilled in planning ahead before.

    “How?” Sila asked.

    “No need for this young lady to answer. I can tell you. Your plan is decent but the one in charge of planning is still lacking experience. You guys can come up with this plan, but don’t you think that others can also come up with the same plan? The owner of the casino has surely come up with a way to prevent such a plan,” His teacher answered in Varee’s stead.

    “Correct. Although it’s an independent tournament, there are always two or three Royal Armament guild members participating every time. Everyone knows this. Otherwise, there would be many rich players out there. Not to mention, there are likely to be dark horses that want to gauge their own abilities. Last time, there were none, but who knows how many of them will come this time?”

    Sila suddenly felt like his plan was a little too shallow. Burapha was a merchant so it was possible that he was unaware of this fact. However, why didn’t Bluebird say anything despite being a member of the top information guild? Well, if he asked, Bluebird would say something along the line of ‘It’s not in my field of interest.’

    “That means there will be tons of skilled players, right?” Sila smiled. He wanted to know how much stronger he had become.

    “That’s correct. But you should be wary of being cheated rather than thinking about that.”

    “I can be cheated?”

    “Yes. Although it’s a free-style tournament, if the contestants are the Royal Armament Guild members that are hostile against you, they are likely to gang up on you.”

    “No problem. They all can come at me at the same time.”

    “Fufu. Too arrogant, young lad. There’s one thing I haven’t told you yet. I planned to tell you when two weeks have passed, but the situation has changed.”

    “Tell me what, Teacher?”

    “You’re still not trained to fight against multiple enemies. With your current skills, it’s true that you might have a close match against a skilled opponent. However, the more your enemies, the less space for you to use your stepping technique. Your experience in actual combat is also lacking.”

    “Actual combat? I have fought against multiple enemies before though, Teacher?”

    “Fought against or massacred them? The further you venture into the Main Continent, the more skilled your opponents become. It’s good to be confident, but do not let it become arrogance.”

    “Is there that much of a difference? Using the skills learned from Teacher, I should be able to keep up with them.”

    “Fufu. I guess all kids are like this. Shedding no tears until seeing the coffin. I better show it to you directly. Young lady, step back.”

    Varee could guess what the old man intended to do. She obediently jumped backward.

    The old man walked closer to Sila. “I hoped you would be more proficient than this before I told you, but looking at your high confidence, I guess I need to shatter it for your own good. In the sparring lessons you have with me, they aren’t real fights as there was always something missing. I will show you now.”

    Sila was about to ask what was missing when the old man declared, “Prepare yourself.”

    The eyes of the old man glared at Sila intensely. The elder’s qi filled the space and put a heavy pressure on Sila. Sila’s body became heavy. His feet were struck on the ground as if he was chained by it. The sweat came out from his face. Fear had overtaken his mind.

    It was a feeling like he could die anytime.

    There was a slight movement in the old man’s sleeves, causing Sila to frighten at the possibility of a hidden weapon being fired. The old man stepped forward. It was a movement to cut the distance short of Twelve Celestial-Traveling-Steps. Seeing that, Sila decided to step sideway to evade. However, he couldn’t move his feet.

    ‘Move. Damn it. What’s happening? I’ve already done this hundreds of times. Teacher is just stepping forward,’ Sila ordered his body, but it didn’t move according to his will.

    Sila barely moved from the spot. Meanwhile, the old man only used two more steps to be able to stand behind Sila.

    The old man’s palm was reinforced with qi. It lightly touched on Sila’s back.

    He suddenly activated the full power of Primary Qi into his back to increase his defense. Realizing that he couldn’t take this palm head on, Shapeless Qi automatically acted up by itself to further increase his defense.

    Sila’s body flew away from the impact to hit several bamboo trees, breaking them. Varee rushed at him to help Sila back on his feet, which Sila declined her help by brushing away her hand and standing by himself. He went to confront his teacher again while circulating Immortal Qi at the meantime.

    “Your stepping just now was too slow. What’s wrong? Why didn’t you use the stepping technique that you’re very proud of?”

    Sila fell silent without replying. He had realized what was missing from the sparring lesson. It was a flow of the battle. Both the feeling and the pressure he got were entirely different.

    “Just now wasn’t my full power. However, if you face many decent opponents at the same time, that feeling just now is what you would feel.”

    “I thank you for your guidance, Teacher.”

    “Getting back to the topic, I can help reduce the flaws of the plan, but the rest will depend on you, Sila.” Varee took out her handkerchief to wipe the blood at the corner of Sila’s mouth. However, as Sila saw this action of Varee, he took a handkerchief to himself and wiped the blood on his own.

    “How can I know that you won’t lie to me?”

    Varee’s expression changed. “Sila doesn’t trust me? This is the first time I’ve heard of you not trusting someone.”

    “That’s because you always lie to me. About your Orichalcum sword. About inviting me to join the event for couples. How can I be certain that you won’t lie to me again?”

    Varee looked straight into Sila’s eyes. “Sila, you have spent some of your time in this game. You must already know what kind of game Monster Soul is. When I told you about my katana, that was the first time I’ve met you. Although you might be a good person in real life like my dad suggested, people always show their true personality in this game. I didn’t know what kind of person you are. How did you expect me to tell you my secret?”

    Varee’s reasoning made sense. In this game, there were only a handful of sincere people like him and Lone Wolf. However, as he was still biased, Sila continued, “What about Vata? Why didn’t you tell your dad about her? Don’t you know how worried Uncle is?”

    Varee’s expression changed again. “Sila, you know this already? Does my dad know this? Have you already told this to my dad?”

    “I haven’t had a chance to tell him yet.”

    “Good. Don’t tell my dad.”

    “Why do I need to listen to your request?”

    “Sila, you still remember the bet we had at the restaurant, right? You have agreed to obey three of my requests. I would like to state my second request now. Don’t tell about Big Sister Vata to my dad. I hope a man like you won’t break our promise.”

    Sila was speechless. He had already forgotten such promise. However, realizing that this request of Varee had a loophole, he was glad. Varee just prevented him to tell Rashane about Vata. What he needed to do was the other way around; go to Vata and encourage her to come back home. It seemed another task was added to Sila’s to-do-list.

    “Since you two have finished coming to an agreement, go so that I can take a rest. I’ve been training this young lad for a week without any break,” said the old man.

    Sila was about to refute that except for the two-hour sparring sessions per day, he always saw his teacher taking a nap. However, he didn’t dare to.

    “Please excuse my rudeness. I’ll leave.” Varee turned her head back. “I’ll go fix the flaw of the plan.”

    “Wait. How are you going to do that?”

    “Do what I’m proficient at… player killing,” Varee plainly replied. The atmosphere turned colder.

    “Who will you kill? And why do you need to kill?”

    “The possible dark horses. Many of them. As for the reason, there is none in particular. I just have the urge to kill someone, especially someone nearby.”

    It wasn’t strange that Varee was in a bad mood. At first, she just came to visit Sila out of her concern. However, Sila not only tried to chase her out but also picked a fight with her, let alone stepping into her family matters.

    “Before I go, let me tell you something, Sila. Everyone has their own problems. You are not the only one in the world who has a problem to take care of. You only need to solve your own problems. As for my family’s problem, I’ll solve it myself.” Then, she left.

    Sila sighed and softly muttered, “What’s with her? Why is she so angry? I don’t understand women at all.”

    The old man put his hand on Sila’s shoulder. “You don’t understand? Have you not had a girlfriend before?”

    “No, Teacher. I used to have one,” Sila murmured.

    “Just one? Anyway, the number isn’t helpful here. Women are indeed very hard to understand. Given my experience, let me warn you of something so that you don’t need to experience it yourself.”

    “What is it, Teacher?”

    “Don’t make her angry. An angry woman is several times scarier than an angry man.”

    Sila was acquainted with only a few people. He didn’t quite understand this warning of his teacher.

    He didn’t know that he was the reason behind the upcoming deaths of many members of the Royal Armament Guild. It was a result of Varee’s anger.

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