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  • A want is a small ornate stick you hold in your hand and use to focus magic. You are thinking of a staff.
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    A want is a small ornate stick you hold in your hand and use to focus magic. You are thinking of a staff.

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    Chapter 35: Trump Card

    Sila opened his eyes just in time to see a confrontation between the Four Emperors. The fight was likely to occur at any moment.

    “Zero, are you going to start a war?” shouted Cross.

    “Another five months or now makes no difference to me. Nah, the sooner, the better for me. I’m too lazy to wait that long.” Zero increased his power again.

    Cross could hardly swallow his saliva. Today, he had prepared an army just for capturing and public executing Sila. Thus, his army only consisted of newly-recruit guildmembers around here. Meanwhile, he had left all of his vice-leaders to protect guild’s branches from Montra’s possible sneak attack just in case. With his current troops, he was aware that they could take down neither Lone Wolf nor Zero.

    The reason he had to prepare his guild to protect itself from Montra was that both he and Montra were just working together for mutual benefit. There was no evidence that Montra wouldn’t use this opportunity to backstab him.

    Of course, Montra also thought the same way. So the army of the Heavenly Dragon Guild today wasn’t that high, both in quantity and quality.

    They were only working together on the surface. In fact, the two of them were still looking for an opportunity to take on each other in order to reduce other’s war potential before the war event starts.

    “We challenge you guys to a duel, one on one,” Cross suggested.

    “One on one? And why should I listen to you? Since you guys called us an unjust side, how about Lone Wolf and me gang up on you together, Cross?” said Zero.

    “What did you just say?” Cross’s face turned pale. If he really was ganged up by both Lone Wolf and Zero, he would surely lose. “Anyway, I still have Montra by my side. It’s going to be a two-on-two battle.”

    “Kuhuhu, Cross, are you able to trust Montra that much? Let me tell you something. Montra is like a viper. If there’s a chance, he’ll kill you by his own hand, or at least he won’t hesitate to let you die by yourself.”

    “By the way, if we are to die here, there’ll be no problem for us, unlike you guys.” Lone Wolf added a comment.

    Cross turned his head to Montra whom still stood still expressionlessly. Cross was showing a worry expression. It was absolutely like Zero had said. He and Montra didn’t trust each other that much. If he dies, Montra would only be glad.

    Moreover, before a war event like this, they couldn’t be afforded to die. Otherwise, the morale of their guildmates would drop.

    Their guild’s structures were supported by influence and benefit. For Cross, if he couldn’t show that he still had a power to provide benefit to his subordinates, his guild would begin to break down by itself without anyone having to interrupt.

    Meanwhile, for Montra, he had declared himself as the strongest player in Monster Soul. With his influence, the Heavenly Dragon guild’s deeds would always be deemed as righteous. No one would dare to interfere, and no one would dare to say that the Heavenly Dragon Guild is evil. Thus, if Montra were to be defeated here, this structure would collapse instantly. His guild’s members would be in a state of chaos.

    On the other hand, Lone Wolf and Zero were different. Although Lone Wolf is the leader of Victorious Wolves Sect, a much smaller guild than other two, his guild had its own strong point. His guildmates are players who gathered just by Lone Wolf’s  bravery and kindness. They didn’t get much benefit or whatsoever. It could even be said that they are just a group of people admiring Lone Wolf. Thus, even if Lone Wolf were to die one or ten times, the number of his guild’s member wouldn’t decrease even by half.

    Needless to say, for Zero, as he was a guildless player, he was freed to die without caring about the people behind him.

    “But I agree with Cross, we should fight one on one,” said Montra. His word drew the attention of all people toward him.

    “You don’t have any right to propose how we should fight, Montra,” said Zero.

    “Normally I wouldn’t have. But today I have one.” Montra said while gesturing to Sila who was sitting on the ground. “That’s it”

    Montra had the same idea as Cross. He mustn’t die here. But Montra could see through this situation better than Cross. He’s using Sila as his pawn. The pawn that he could get rid of whenever he wanted.

    “If you guys attack us together, all the troops here will slaughter Sila and I’ll order Five Warlords and the Heavenly Dragon Guild’s troops to wait for Sila at resurrection point to keep killing him. How about it? Do you want to reconsider your action?” Montra said coldly.

    The expression on Lone Wolf changed for the first time. As Sila was still injured, if Montra and Cross just kept him and Zero busy, the remaining troops would easily baptize on Sila.

    The reason for him to come here in the first place was to rescue Sila, not to battle.

    It seemed like Zero had this exact same thought so he replied back immediately.

    “Okay, start with me then,” Zero said while stepping forward.

    Montra and Cross made an eye contact. Both of them didn't step forward though. They were clearly worried that going out to fight now was putting themselves at risk of getting stabbed from behind.

    Zero also grasped this thought of them.

    “You guys offer us to duel but now you are hesitating yourselves. What a shame.” Zero increased his power output, “Let me choose it for you, then.”

    The surrounding atmosphere turned cold and gloomy. Zero accelerated his unique qi power. Fighting with the strongest Montra would take time so he soared toward Cross without waiting for the other side to be prepared.

    Sila looked at the scene without blinking. Zero’s speed far surpassed his maximum speed when using Qi of Little Bird several times. In a flash, a streak of black shadow was approaching Cross.

    “Look closely, Little Brother. I guarantee that it’ll be beneficial to you,” said Lone Wolf, to which Sila nodded.

    Cross who wasn’t prepared was immediately forced to be on the defensive. He gritted his teeth. A sword appeared in his hand and was using to brandish by him.

    Waves of the psychic sword were directed at Zero. Zero then performed an impossible feat. He dodged to the left and the right simultaneously. No, to be precise, what he did should be called splitting into two bodies, left and right. Both bodies continuously stroke their palm to attack Cross. The left body aimed at Cross’s head, while the right one aimed at Cross’s heart.

    With two of his vital points being attack simultaneously, Cross summoned another sword in his left hand and used his psychic power. His sword then shattered and become small particles. All of them were fusing with concentrated psychic power. The sword’s debris scattered throughout the area. Montra had to jump back, while most of the debris plunged into both of Zero’s bodies. However, all of them went through the bodies.

    Sila stared at the scenes and was stunned. Zero was actually standing next to Lone Wolf as if he hadn't yet to attack Cross at all.

    “What happened just now was due to the highest level of Qi of Little Fish and Qi of Little Bird. Even I still don’t reach this level yet,” Lone Wolf said to Sila.

    “Huh? I have heard that you are the only one who possesses Qi of Little Divine Beings, aren’t you?” asked Sila.

    “I am indeed the only one who possesses a complete set of Qi of Little Divine Beings. Meanwhile, Zero has Qi of Little Fish and Qi of Little Bird,” replied Lone Wolf.

    Sila was captivated by Zero’s ability to use Qi of Little Divine Beings. Zero’s usage of Qi of Little Fish and Qi of Little Bird seemed to transcend human limit. Sila now truly realized that there were many people stronger than him in this world. Even the same qi could result in the completely different outcome when utilizing by different people.

    ‘I’m too weak,' thought Sila.

    Cross stepped forward. Both of his hands were holding swords that looked exactly the same as previous ones except that they were semi-transparent. They were shaking violently with psychic power. Both swords looked scarier than any skills Sila had encountered.

    It was Killing Psychic Sword, a high-tier skill of psychic-type, one of the trump cards of the Sword Emperor. By destroying his own weapon, Cross would obtain Killing Psychic Sword that has a higher grade than the one being destroyed by two whole grades. However, it can be used only for five minutes. This skill is powerful yet expensive to use.

    Cross emitted his psychic power out from his entire body. Even with Lone Wolf’s protection, Sila still felt uncomfortable. Sila began to feel worried for Zero who was directly targeted by this kind of power. So, he looked at Zero’s direction and witnessed a black qi lightly spread out of Zero’s body. Under the skull mask, Sila felt like Zero was smiling.

    Both figures suddenly leaped forward to clash against each other without any signal. The atmosphere around seemed to be colder and colder like an ice field. A chakram was appeared in Zero’s hand to fight with Cross’s dual swords.

    Each of their strikes come along with deep exploding sound. The clashes between them resulted in the area becoming more like a wasteland.

    As Zero used chakram to parry both swords, he immediately counterattacked by kicking at Cross’s abdomen.

    Sila couldn’t tell whether this kick was fusing with qi or not. But he knew for sure that at Lone Wolf and Zero’s level, they would surely possess Qi Concealment. Although he couldn’t tell whether there was qi concealed in this kick or not, if he was Cross, he would choose to dodge it. However, if he was really in Cross’s current position that was floating in the air by an impact, he would be at wit’s end of how to dodge it.

    Cross was also fully aware that he shouldn’t receive this kick directly. Thus, he slammed his foot on the air, jumping backward. This must be due to Psychic Impact of a higher level that Varee once told Sila about.

    Once Cross stepped back, a chakram in Zero’s hand was thrown out immediately. As it was in the air, it split into two, and curved to attack Cross in two different positions that Cross would have a hard time to cope with.

    Sila was a throwing weapon user himself. He felt like he had learnt something. Zero was fusing Qi of Little Fish into chakram. It was an action that Sila had never done before.

    Even with only one chakram, Cross would already have a hard time dealing with it. This time, there were two. Even worse, they were targeted at the position that Cross needed to step on. It could be said that Zero was forestalling him.

    Cross threw a sword in his hand to one of the chakrams. Upon contact, his sword exploded, causing a chakram to sway off its path. He also lifted other sword in his hand to block against the next chakram.

    However, upon contact, no impact was occurred. A chakram was vanished mysteriously. Cross panicked. He found out at that time that Zero had gone from his sight. Even Zero’s qi was no trace to be sensed.

    “Behind you,” said Montra.

    Cross didn’t have time to think twice. He slashed backward while turning back. Unfortunately, there was still no impact. He instead could hear a voice from behind.

    “Yes, Cross, behind you.” This time it’s Zero’s voice.

    Cross panicked. Zero’s speed had far surpassed his estimation. Lone Wolf’s speed was already fast enough to a terrifying degree, but Zero’s speed was even doubled from that. Cross now knew that he had no way to dodge. His only choice now was to put up psychic reinforcement into his back to block Zero’s attack.

    A palm that touch on Cross’s back was cold as if it was belong to a dead man. There was no powerful impact. Instead, a power penetrated into Cross’s body like a water seeping into the sand. This is a qi technique that attack slow but able to penetrate the defense.

    Cross jumped forward. He turned around and witness Zero whom stood idlily.

    A painful and cold sensation penetrated into Cross’s body. Back then, he had decided to put up psychic reinforcement to defense himself against a powerful blow. But Zero had instead used tranquil attack so Cross’s defense wasn’t effective.

    Cross had to concentrated his psychic to quickly drove away Zero’s qi out of his body. He had lost so many psychic power to do so. His body even still felt cold and couldn’t move as well as before.

    Zero still stood idlily. Under the mask that cover his face, everybody could sense that this man was now smiling.

    This was an eye-opener for Sila. So far, he used to think that tranquil qi was useless. In a fight, speed is an important factor, Sila hadn’t thought about giving a tranquil qi a try before.

    But just now, Zero made Sila realized. While it’s true that speed has its own benefit, slow also has its own benefit as well. The deciding factor is the user. Under some circumstance, slow yet penetrable qi is more terrifying than a high speed powerful blow.

    “Surprised? That’s a given. Sometimes, I even feel I am not deserve of my own title, the Qi Emperor, myself,” said Lone Wolf.

    There was a difference in fighting style between Lone Wolf and Zero.

    Zero’s qi was cold and mysterious, while speedy and unpredictable. His opponents often unaware of what they had been attack with. They mostly die glimpsing only a flash of shadow. Thus, Zero was titled as Shadow Emperor. Shadow also refer to a formless nature of Zero whom was a guildless player.

    On the other hand, Lone Wolf’s qi was what Sila’s teacher would regard as righteous qi. His qi was hot and active than flame. Simple yet powerful. His fighting style was confronting directly against an enemy, reflecting his righteous nature. Given how mighty and brilliance his character and his qi were, the title of Qi Emperor was then belonged to Lone Wolf by the mass.

    Cross gritted his teeth. Ever since the fight had started, he was unable to successfully land an attack on Zero. It’s Zero who dominated the fight. If he was in a large-scale battle, he might be able to use strategy, environment, or terrain to cope against Zero. But fighting one on one was now proven to be a very bad choice. Qi-type player is favored in a duel.

    “I have never dreamed that I have to use it before a war event,” said Cross. He couldn’t afford to lose here. It was time for him to show his trump card.

    “Use whatever you can, before you won’t be able to do so,” said Zero.

    Cross’s face was distorted with rage. His opponent even waited for him to show his hand instead of interrupting.

    “You will regret soon. This skill is what I developed from last year. With it, I am certain of victory in this year’s war event.”

    At the end of Cross’s sentence, his intense psychic power was release from his body, effecting the area around him. Everybody had to stepped backward as they couldn’t cope with this much psychic power.

    “Infinite Sword Tomb”

    Hundreds of swords appeared around Cross. All swords were floating freely as if Cross could control all of them easily. They resonated against each other and then scattered into dust. What was left were hundreds of floating Killing Psychic Swords.

    Cross grinned. With this skill, every of his swords will turn into S-grade swords with an option of self-explode into psychic power. Sure, Zero could dodge one or two of them. But with hundreds of them, Cross was certain that Zero couldn’t cope with them even if he was faster than he was. Just one of the explosion was enough to end Zero’s life.

    For the record, Cross used B-grade swords as a base since two grade increments resulting in maximum S-grade swords. Using A-grade sword or above would only be a waste. This skill was considered high cost to use already.

    Zero stood still as if he wasn’t threatened by them at all. Sila instead imagined that if it’s not Zero but him in that position, what he could do to avoid predicament? He couldn’t think of a way though.

    “Kukuku. Cross. You are funny,” said Zero, causing Cross to stopped grinning.

    “Are you out of your mind? You won’t be able to survive this trump card of mine,” replied Cross.

    “Kuku. Poor Cross. Even you who is the most foolish person among us can develop a trump card, don’t you think that we also come up with our own trump card?”

    Cross stunned. He was looking at Lone Wolf and Montra. Lone Wolf was smiling, while Montra was expressionless. Not accept nor denial. They seemed to agree with Zero’s statement.

    Cross felt furious that he was called foolish. At that time, there was a change in Zero’s body.

    A black aura was radiating around Zero. It was drifting slowly to surroundings, making normal players to feel suffocated.

    “How can you do that?” frowned Montra. He was familiar with Zero’s aura more than anyone.

    “Kuku. Do you really expect me to answer such a question?” replied Zero.

    Now everyone except Montra would like to know the identity of the black aura. Cross glanced at Montra, wanting Montra to tell him what it was. Montra was still looking at the black aura without blinking. One sentence was said from his mouth, causing everyone to startle. Even Lone Wolf’s expression changed.

    “It’s magic power,” revealed Montra.

    “I would call it magical qi,” replied Zero.

    Sila was very surprised as well. He was sure that this game only allow the player to choose one energy type. But now Zero was using both qi and magic. How could that be?

    Qi, magic, psychic is like hammer, scissors, paper. Normally, qi is favored against psychic, psychic is favored against magic, and magic is favored against qi. With Zero being able to use both energy types, it was like he can use both hammer and scissors together in janken.

    There will be only win or draw as a result. Unable to be defeated.

    Zero’s trump card is much more mysterious and terrifying than Cross’s.

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    Chapter 36: Emperors’ Power

    Although he was the one who started using a trump card, Cross was currently at loss of how to efficiently make a move. Qi-type players would be vulnerable toward these many Killing Psychic Swords of his, but it’s another story for magic-type players as they are usually armed with wide-area skills. To be concluded, Zero was absolutely in an overwhelming advantageous position.

    “Kuku. Why don’t you hurriedly use that trump card of yours? I’ve already said before. Use it now or you won’t be able to do so.” Zero broke the silence.

    Clueless of what to do, Cross decided to order tens of swords to strike. They were to measure Zero. All of them charged at Zero as their target. They were all shaking violently as if they could explode at any given time.

    Night Lance.” Zero waved his hand once. A silver ring on his middle finger weakly flashed. The air around Zero was distorted and turned into spears. Their number was exactly the same as the number of Cross’s charging swords.

    All black spears charged at each sword. Upon contact, they absorbed the swords into nothingness, preventing them to explode.

    “Dark element,” muttered Montra. He now realized that Zero was needed to be eliminated. The sooner the better.

    Dark-elemental magic users are focused in destructive and absorption power. They don’t possess many defensive spells but are superior in offensive ability. The most powerful magic spell currently in the game is also the dark element. Montra’s concern wasn’t baseless. He noticed that Zero was able to cast a spell while moving with qi. With Zero’s terrifying speed, who would be able to stop his casting?

    In Monster Soul, anyone could learn low-tier magic skills even if they aren’t magic-type player. However, without the supporting skill; Basic Magic; low-tier magic skills would be rendered useless as they can’t deal much damage. Next, mid-tier magic skills can be learned only among magic-type players. They have to choose a specific element in this phase though. They can still learn multiple elemental skills as long as those elemental skills are closely related to what element they choose. Lastly, high-tier magic skills are exclusive. One can learn only magic skills of the chosen element and cannot learn magic skills from other elements.

    T/N: Although author has named it as “Basic Magic,” it would be easier to understand if you think of it as “Magic Mastery” which passively increase the power of all magic-type skills. The same concept also applies to “Basic Qi” and “Basic Psychic.”

    For the record, I decide to stick with the original names as changing them would result in “Qi Mastery” that would sound weird when MC circulate it. (Not to mention Basic Qi has evolved to Intermediate Qi and that means the further confusion.)

    For Montra, Zero choosing the dark element was a scam. Usually, magic-type player tends to choose fire element over a dark element. As the powerful ability of dark element is traded by becoming very vulnerable to an attack. However, Zero has no weakness in this aspect. He was a qi-type player. He simply wasn’t vulnerable to common-level attack.

    Zero’s name was immediately marked as number one in Montra’s must-eliminate list.

    “Now it’s my turn to attack. Be on guard, Cross,” said Zero.

    Cross’s expression was gloomy. His enemy even told him he was going to be attacked. This was pure humiliation.

    It was unacceptable. He is Sword Emperor Cross. Not run-of-the-mill player to be humiliated.

    Zero put his palms together. Both of them were glowing with black qi. Upon putting his palms off, there was a black paper-thinned chakram floating on his hand.

    “I call this Soul Seeking Chakram. If you are hit by it, you won’t get away with just a small injury as it’s infused with curses. Dodge it well, Cross,” said Zero. He opened his palm. The chakram was spinning by itself in high speed.

    Cross was terrified. He ordered his swords to block the path between him and Zero. He also ordered some of the rest to keep attacking Zero.

    Since he had used Infinite Sword Tomb, Cross was keeping his distance from Zero. Although he is used to fighting at close range, with Zero’s speed, he would be at disadvantage. Thus, he abandoned his usual fighting style and attacked in a long-range instead.

    Meanwhile, Zero was an all-rounder. He was contrary to Sila who focus only on his strong points to make his weak points seem smaller. Zero instead used several methods to cover his own weaknesses. He is high-speed, strong in close-range combat. Although his attack power wasn’t on par with Lone Wolf, his attack instead harder to predict. He was packed with not only head-on attack but tricky ones. He even used a throwing weapon to cover his old weakness that he hadn’t possessed long-range attack skill. And now, He evolved even further by wielding magic skill to compensate for his lack of wide-area offensive ability.

    Sila was awed. Zero reminded him of what his in-game teacher said when Sila had chosen Qi of Little Bird over Qi of Little Turtle. At that time, his teacher had disagreed with his choice but didn’t give much comment. He was waiting for a day Sila could realize his choice himself.

    People like Zero must be the role model in Sila’s teacher mind. The Shadow Emperor might not have heaven-defying power but this man showed no weakness. Moreover, with only two of Qi of Little Divine Being, Zero could become one of top players as he was excellent at using them to a terrifying degree. Sila, on the other hand, possessed three of them. But his mastery of them was very lacking.

    A core principle of qi type is to cultivate. Starts simple and grows step by step. He who obtained many qi skills too fast should be careful as it was a double-edged sword. He might have good skills. But his lack of understanding was fatal. While it was true that he could fight well against a low-leveled enemy, he would be less than a dust comparing to an expert.

    His teacher Mora always tell Sila that the important thing is basic.

    He instead became arrogant just by possessing many high-tier skills. Giving it a thought, in fact, except for Intermediate Qi, he had no other supportive skills.

    A house without a strong base, no matter how splendor it is, it is bound to collapse easily. Sila knew it well. Despite that, he still didn't give it enough attention.

    For now, he could only keep this thought in his mind. He decided to train himself again. This time from the basic.

    The duel went on. Many of the swords charged at Zero, which he could easily dodge. Meanwhile, his thin Soul Seeking Chakram was separated into ten of it. They got thinner to the point that they became crystal clear and almost unable to see.

    Zero flicked his wrist. All the chakrams flew around. Some flew right while some flew left. Some flew straight and some flew spinning around Cross.

    Cross gritted his teeth. He controlled his swords to fend off chakrams. Nevertheless, chakrams were avoiding his swords as if they were a living being. Cross had to order his swords to self-explode, hoping for the blast to destroy chakrams. Unfortunately for him, even with that, there were still two chakrams left spinning at him without delay.

    While the chakrams were inevitably going to hit Cross, something unexpected happened.

    Chakrams missed their target. They just scratched Cross’s armor, leaving a trail but no damage to the flesh.

    When everybody turned their head to look at Zero, they discovered a reason. Next to him were tens of light swords buried into the ground.

    “Didn’t you say this is a one-on-one duel?” said Lone Wolf. His eyes were glaring at Montra.

    The truth was revealed. Just now, when the winner of the fight was closed to be decided, Montra saw an opportunity and fired light swords at Zero, aiming to eliminate him here and now. However, Zero was a first-class player. Even when his focus was on the duel, he still was able to circulate Qi of Little Fish to barely evade Montra’s sneak attack. Unfortunately, with his focus shifting to dodge an attack, his control on chakrams was then cut off, resulting in a miss.

    Although Montra would be glad if Cross were to die, right now wasn’t the right time. If Cross died, Zero and Lone Wolf might decide to combine their attacks on him. Thus, for now, Montra needed to save Cross’s life.

    “There’s no need to keep my promise against the wrongdoers. This is a battlefield. Anything can happen,” replied Montra.

    Sila was full of fury. Montra was the one who proposed for a one-on-one duel. But, when things seemed disadvantageous, he then despicably changed his mind and performed a sneak attack.

    “Is that so? Then, don’t blame me for making my move,” coldly replied Lone Wolf.

    “As I said, this is a battlefield. Everyone is free to make any move.”

    Lone Wolf started expanding his qi and walked several steps forward. The atmosphere instantly became hotter.

    “All of you, don’t pay attention to Lone Wolf and Zero. Go kill Sila,” ordered Montra. With that command, the Heavenly Dragon Guild members’ focus immediately locked onto Sila.

    Lone Wolf frowned. He knew Montra wanted to distract him.

    “Zero, please handle these guys. As for Montra, let me…” said Lone Wolf.

    Halfway through the sentence, Zero had already made his move. He charged at an army. Both his hands glowed with black aura. He used a dark-elemental spell to create black fog, blocking his opponents within, and then jumped into that fog himself.

    The screams echoed from within. No one could tell whatever happened in there as there was no escapee. The cries continued non-stop.

    “As for you, Little Brother, if anything happens, you need to protect yourself,” said Lone Wolf, which Sila nodded.

    Lone Wolf stepped forward to confront against Montra. Meanwhile, hearing the word protect made Sila concerned about Lookhin. He wondered whether it was getting better inside a ring.

    “Release Lookhin.”

    A light emerged from a ring. A little sparrow appeared on the floor. It twitched in pain. It seemed like the damage it had taken was fatal. Even high recovery rate within a ring couldn’t heal it well enough.

    Sila didn’t think much. He took another pellet given to him from Lone Wolf and fed it to Lookhin.

    Upon eating, Lookhin’s body was glowing with gold light. Its injury was completely healed.

    A system alarmed.

    Monster Brown Sparrow Lookhin has achieved a certain condition. Its rank is promoted from Squire Rank to Dark Brown Sparrow, Knight Rank, Level 1.

    Sila had to look closely to see that there’s some black color on its fur. Its body size also seemed a little bigger from before.

    Lookhin stood with its two little claws. It flew onto Sila’s head as if nothing was wrong with it. Sila felt glad that it was fine. He looked at a bottle of pellets Lone Wolf given to him. There were only two pellets left.

    “It’s a very good item. I need to buy it myself later,” thought Sila.

    Unbeknownst to Sila, he wouldn’t be able to obtain these pellets easily. These pellets are called Emperor Qi Pellet. Hermit could only produce five of them during his lifetime. Thousands of ingredients and more than 50,000 gold were spent into producing them. It was not an exaggeration to say that an enormous sum of Victorious Wolves Sect’s money was invested into these pellets. He gave them to Lone Wolf to use exclusively. Its effect was top-notch. It heals injuries and generates health point together with qi point. Maximum qi point is also increased tremendously. More importantly, it allows a creature to unconditionally, except being in qi-type, promote rank if the level has reached 1000.

    Lone Wolf had eaten one of them before he went to fight against the Silver Griffin to promote his rank from Knight to Marquis. Hermit would cough up blood if he knew that Lone Wolf had given such precious pellet to Sila. He would even fell into a coma if he knew that Sila feeded it to a sparrow.

    In Monster Soul, increasing level wasn’t that hard. It just needed grinding. Rank promoting was much harder. Many players had ended up in Squire Rank, level 1000, while skilled players were struck at Knight Rank, level 1000. Even Lone Wolf was struck at Knight Rank for years until recently. Thus, the ability to promote the rank of Emperor Qi Pellet was priceless.

    Sila looked at Zero’s fog direction. It was now starting to cover Royal Armament Guild’s members together with the Heavenly Dragon Guild’s. The cries still continued. Then, he shifted his sight to witness a fight between Qi Emperor and Magic Emperor.

    There was hot vapor emitting from Lone Wolf’s body. This was a phenomenon causing by his famous qi.

    Sun God Qi.

    “I don’t have much time so allow me to unleash my full ability,” said Lone Wolf.

    Montra didn’t answer. His body was glowing with white aura. Eyes of dragon locating at the tip of his mage staff were flashing continuously. Hundreds of magical light swords appeared around him.

    Witnessing light swords’ number, Sila was concerned about Lone Wolf’s safety. Lone Wolf seemed to guess Sila’s concern. Thus, he turned his back to tell Sila something.

    “Don’t worry. Do you forget that I also obtain a reward from the Mansion of the Seven Deadly Sins as well as you did?” said Lone Wolf. He paused for a while before privately sending a sound transmission to Sila, “If things turn out dangerously, please quickly flee from this place.”

    Sila then remembered. He had obtained Greed Card and Lone wolf had gotten Pride Card. Although he didn’t know what ability it possessed, if Lone Wolf said so, he might really don’t have to worry.

    Montra didn’t have a clue about conversion between the two. It seemed both Lone Wolf and Sila had gotten some reward from a place called the Mansion of the Seven Deadly Sins. Anyway, if it was a reward that Sila, a noob player, can obtain; such a reward shouldn’t be something big.

    As if to prove that Montra’s thought was wrong, Lone Wolf opened his palm. Pride Card was floating on it. Both Sila and Montra looked at it with curiosity.

    Pride,” softly said one Wolf.

    A card shattered into particles. Lone Wolf’s body emitted a golden, intense light. A system sound alarmed throughout the area.

    Warning to all players. Lone Wolf, Emperor Rank, Level 1000 has appeared. If player is killed by Lone Wolf, player’s level will be decreased by 1000, all equipment will be destroyed, all money in possession will be lost, and it will take you 52 hours to resurrect. Given the difference in rank, an evacuation is suggested.

    At the end of an alarm, the silence was filled throughout a battlefield. All eyes were glued at Lone Wolf.

    His body was still emitting gold light. His eyes were reddened as if he was berserk. His shirt was scattered due to a gust of powerful qi surrounding him.

    The peak that expert among experts could reach currently was Marquis Rank. But now, Lone Wolf soared surpassing that limit. An Emperor Rank. It is a final rank that nobody had experienced before.

    There was a slight change in Montra’s expression, but he was still confident. Meanwhile, Cross who was recovering his psychic point looked at both Zero and Lone Wolf at a loss for word. His trump card was nothing comparing to them.

    “Get ready, Montra,” roared Lone Wolf while charging at Montra at high speed.

    All magic swords rushed at Lone Wolf. But with only one wave of his hand, all of them were dispersed without anything left.

    Montra was hurried to cast another high-tier spell while Lone Wolf threw a punch at his chest. Strangely enough, Montra didn’t try to dodge. His body was hit and he was turned into a white light.

    “Win… already?” murmured Sila. The fight ended too fast. Montra lost in one punch. There was a strange feeling in his mind. Witnessing Montra died before his eyes didn’t help him to feel better in any way. Sila was starting to feel confused. He came to this game to revenge. Why is he not happy with Montra’s dead? Is it because he isn’t the one who delivers the killing blow?

    No, even if he was the one to do so, Sila got a feeling that he still wouldn’t be satisfied. What is it that he really wants to do? Is it something that he can only find in this game?

    “It hasn’t ended yet. It’s just a beginning,” said Lone Wolf, disturbing Sila’s confusion.

    Montra reappeared, emerging from a light. His magic power seemed to increase from before. He was pointing his staff toward Lone Wolf.

    Purgatory Flame.” An intense flame shot toward Lone Wolf. Its heat was enough to affect Sila, causing him to have no choice but to circulate Qi of Little Bird to leave the spot. Upon leaving, Sila was feeling hurt in his chest. He had to circulate Recovering Qi to relieve his pain.

    He looked back at the battlefield filled with the sea of flame, didn’t understand what was happening. Meanwhile, his right arm was shaking slightly.

    The title of strongest player in Monster Soul wasn’t given to Montra by chance. The main reason behind it was the fact that Montra was undefeated.

    Montra’s ultimate skill, Dragon Heart, was supposed to keep him from dying once. It has a long cooldown of three days. However, in the last year’s war event, Montra was killed more than a hundred times, but he kept self-resurrecting every time. As the war event prolonged, the Heavenly Dragon Guild unavoidably became victorious.

    This was Montra’s trump card.

    The trump card that caused him to stay at the apex of this game.


    (S) Pride Card – Level 10 (maximum)

    All basic stats increase by 100% when you aren’t in a party.

    You have obtained an active skill: (S) Pride.

    Upon skill activation, you will have 3% chance to encounter Lucifer – the Demon of Pride.

    A chance to encounter Lucifer will increase by 1% every time you use Pride skill.

    You will earn only 10% of all experience point from now on.

    (S) Pride Skill

    No resource is required to use this skill. You can only use this skill if possessing Pride Card.

    Cooldown time: 7 days.

    Unconditionally promotes your rank and level to Emperor Rank, Level 1000, for 10 minutes.

    All skills will be at the maximum level.

    During activation, player will not obtain money, experience points, nor items.

    There is 14% chance for player to become berserk. The chance will increase by 2% every time player uses this skill.

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    Regarding the top rank/level of veteran players, you might notice it already. However, allow me to clearly point it out.

    Even the Four Emperors (Montra, Zero, Lone Wolf, Cross) are still at top Knight Rank or low-top Marquis Rank. Their title "Emperor" is merely a title given by the mass. It is not representing their true rank in anyway.

    Lord Rank and Emperor Rank are the realm that is still out of reach for the current players.
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    Chapter 37: A Help from Varee

    Sila observed the fight in front of him without blinking. The fight in front of him wasn’t at the level he could witness easily. He was focusing his mind into the fight to gain the most experience out of it.

    Almost ten minutes had passed. Both Lone Wolf and Montra were still fighting in the sea of flame. Lone Wolf’s body emitted golden flames while Montra’s body was covered by white aura.

    Although he didn’t show it on his face, Lone Wolf felt pressured. He had thought that with Pride skill, he would be able to finish Montra off with an ability to give a penalty of 52-hour resurrect time to a player. Nevertheless, it didn’t work. The effect of his skill was coming closer to an end while Montra still kept self-resurrecting. In normal circumstance, his overall ability was a little below Montra. However, with Montra getting stronger every time he was resurrected, there’s no need to guess who the loser will be.

    Montra understood his skill more than anyone else. His understanding of Dragon Heart was at maximum. Even with various penalties from Lone Wolf’s ability, he was fine. All equipment on him was S-grade and had an indestructible property. He didn't care about losing 1000 level too as it didn’t demote his rank. Every time he was resurrected, his rank and level remained at Marquis Rank, Level 1. Losing money wasn’t significant either, as he kept most of his money in the bank.

    Sila could see that although Lone Wolf was having an upper hand, it was only temporary. Despite Montra dying more than ten times, he was still fine. If Lone Wolf couldn’t see through Montra’s secret to keep resurrecting, he would be bound to lose.

    Sila kept watching at Montra to search for his weakness. Finally, he discovered something.

    Every time that Montra died and resurrected, his left arm and heart would be slightly glowing. The glowing at heart position is understandable since the skill is named Dragon Heart, but why the left arm?

    Looking closely, Sila could see that Montra’s left arm was significantly paler than other. There was also a familiar symbol written on it. Sila frowned. He couldn’t remember where he had seen one before.

    Finally, he remembered. He unwrapped the bandage on his right arm and found the exact same symbol written on the Right Arm of the Seal One. Realizing this, he could think of many things.

    He had entered this game with ten out of ten painfulness degree, the same as Montra. He had obtained the right arm, so it was not weird for Montra to obtain the left one.

    Sila was recalling Bronze’s, the weapon shop owner, speech.

    “…His left arm was the embodiment of all ancient spells. His right arm was the defensive innovation from futurity…”

    The left arm is the embodiment of all ancient spells.

    Montra was a magic-type player, which was suitable to the left arm’s ability. It was not that strange from him to obtain some incredible skill. Thinking about it, it was regrettable that he was playing qi-type while the right arm has psychic-type ability.

    Lone Wolf’s golden aura faded off. The effect of Pride skill had come to an end.

    Montra grinned, watching Lone Wolf turned back to his usual self.

    “Is this all you capable to?” teased Montra.

    “What’re you talking about? I can keep using it for days. Be ready for it,” replied Lone Wolf.

    “For such a fraudulent skill, there’s no way for it to have no weakness. In this game, the more powerful item or skill is, the more restriction they possess. I guess that your skill must at least have a long cooldown,” Montra analyzed.

    Lone Wolf just smiled without answering. What Montra had said was true. His Pride skill couldn’t be used in succession. Moreover, the more he uses it, the more likely for him to go berserk. There was even a chance for Lucifer to appear.

    Montra concentrated his magic power into his body. His dragon staff was shaking like it was alive. The eyes of dragon flashed, glancing at Lone Wolf.

    “It ends here,” declared Montra.

    Dragon Heaven’s Ray…” Montra was about to unleash his spell, but it was stopped midway. He turned to look at Sila. “It will be your turn soon, Sila. Don’t quicken your dead.”

    Just now, Sila had ordered Lookhin to fire Golden Needle at Montra to cancel the skill.

    Sila stood up. He looked at both Zero and Lone Wolf. The whole mess was his personal matter between him and Montra. It was the time to stop unrelated persons to be involved.

    Sila was ready. He circulated qi over his body. It was painful. But he endured it. He walked three steps closer and declared.

    “Let’s end this.”

    His qi was overflowing. The sound of his bones cracking was echoed. He also faced with unbearable painfulness.

    “It had ended long ago. You just don’t realize it,” said Montra. His magic power was accelerating.

    Sila’s right arm was shaken. The same had happened to Montra’s left arm.

    A battle could be decided at any moment.

    “Stop right there,” a familiar voice interrupted. Everyone turned their head to look at the voice’s owner.

    Varee jumped into a battlefield. “Let’s wait for a war event to decide the victor. Now it’s not the time.”

    “Varee… moves aside,” coldly said Sila.

    “Sila. Right now, you are not Montra’s match. Just stop the fight for now.”

    “Why do I have to listen to your request, Goddess of Purified Water?” asked Montra.

    “You have your hand full of problems. It’s better for you to take care of them, isn’t it? Your beloved guild might face great damages otherwise.”


    “Just check your guild status message. You too, Cross,” replied Varee, turning her head toward Cross.

    Cross, who had tried to use his psychic power to hide his presence from Varee, became shudder. Nevertheless, he opened his guild status message as told.

    Upon checking it, both Montra and Cross became shocked. Their guildmates currently attacked each other.

    “What? Why is this happening?” Cross confused. Meanwhile, Montra glanced at Varee.

    The reason Varee came late was because she had been busy created confusion among the Heavenly Dragon Guild’s and the Royal Armament Guild’s members. She had disguised herself as the Royal Armament Guild’s member and had her friend disguised as the Heaven Dragon Guild’s member. Then, they infiltrated both guilds and instigated them to attack each other. Once the fights happened, she left the battlefield and come to rescue Sila.

    Cross stopped taken aback. He immediately withdrew. He had temporary set his guild status message to block all notifications so that he could take care of Sila all he wanted. Now his priority was to stop the meaningless fight. He wouldn’t let his people died uselessly more than it should be.

    Montra stood expressionlessly in front of Sila. “I can just go once I finish killing you people.”

    “But you don’t have that much time, I think? Although you might be able to kill all of us, if we join forces, we can keep you here for all day,” said Varee. “If you don’t hurry, the guild you have been painstakingly created might face with an irreversible damage, no?”

    Montra frowned. He was looking at Lone Wolf. “Lone Wolf, do you become so low that you want to join forces against one person?”

    Lone Wolf didn’t answer, but Zero replied in his stead.

    “Kuku. Aren’t we a wrongdoer? Isn’t this a battlefield? Anything can happen, right?” Zero said.

    Montra was speechless. Zero borrowed his own words to bite back at him.

    “Why?” Montra asked Sila.

    Sila couldn’t answer. He didn’t understand what Montra meant.

    “Why does everyone always stand by your side? Both this time and before.”

    Sila was clueless about Montra’s sentence. ‘Before? Does he mean the previous duel between us?’ Sila started to think that there was something more than he had known. Who was the one at his side? Didn’t he fight alone?

    “Next time, you won’t be so lucky, Sila.” Montra ended their conversation. He cast some spell and disappeared from anyone sight.

    Sila withdrew his qi back. The pain still kept hurting him. He had to sit down and circulated Recovering Qi again.

    A short time had passed, once Sila opened his eyes, he found that everybody was still waiting for him. There was one more woman in the group though.

    This woman is beautiful and gave a mature vibe. Her hair was long. She was wearing mage clothes. In her hand was a small staff. Sila was staring at her without blinking.

    “Are you feeling okay?” Lone Wolf asked.

    Sila still stared at that woman. Varee started to introduce her to the group.

    “Everyone. She is Vata, my senior at the university. It’s thank to her help that I can instigate both guilds to attack each other.”

    “Hello, I’m Vata. Um… does my face stain with something, Little Brother Sila?”

    Sila just came to his sense. “Sorry, I’m being rude, it’s just that you are looking like one of my acquaintance.”

    People ignored this topic. Varee started explaining what she had done, which caused Zero to giggle. Meanwhile, Lone Wolf was feeling like Sila’s injury wasn’t normal. He then put his palm on Sila’s shoulder to inspect.

    “Isn’t this Bomb Lurking Psychic? It’s quite serious. It has spread throughout your body.”

    “Yes. I got it when I fought against Shueria. Although I have won, I was injured.”

    “Kuku. To be able to win against Silver Knight Shueria, Silver Knight, you are quite good. I can see the reason why Lone Wolf asks me to help you,” said Zero.

    “that’s not it. Shueria is superior to me in every aspect. I only won because of strategy.”

    “Kuku. So what? Using strategy in a fight is normal.”

    Lone Wolf interrupted, “By the way, what are you planning to do next, Sila?”

    “My teacher told me that I can remove Bomb Lurking Psychic with Qi of Little Turtle’s help. I plan to get that first.”

    “Little Brother, let me be honest here. That psychic is spread throughout your body. Even Qi of Little Turtle might not help you.”

    Sila’s face was pale. Does he have no choice but to die?

    Zero seemed to have some idea. He inspected Sila for a short time, then laughed.

    “Kukuku. Is it a blessing in disguise? I’ve never expected this.”

    Everyone still didn’t understand the reason behind Zero’s good mood. They were waiting for him to continue.

    “Well, this is my personal secret…”

    Upon hearing this, Varee dragged Vata and herself away from the conversation. Then, Zero continued.

    “I’m about to tell you the reason why I can use magic. Previously, as you may know, I was a pure qi-type player like you and anyone else. However, since the last war event, I was defeated by Montra and fled away from the battlefield without dying.”

    In the last war event, Zero, who was an individual player, could move freely since he hadn’t had to care about guildmate. Upon facing defeat, he decided to withdraw. Thus, except Montra who was a victor in the war, Zero was the only Emperor alive. As a matter of fact, Cross and Lone Wolf had died alongside their guildmates.

    “If you can’t win, then flee, it’s a common strategy in war. I won’t ever fight in a sure-to-lose battle.” Zero said. He looked at Sila then continued, “Of course, there’s an opponent that worth fighting against even knowing you would lose. But for me, Montra wasn’t that guy.

    “Once I have fled, I realized later that Montra seeped his magic power into my body during the attack. It kept damaging me from within. I had no way to remove them and left with no choice but to die. However, I didn’t give up and went to a certain place to find a cure.

    “That certain place is rumored to give player a rebirth if one can survive hardship. With this clue, I decided to place my bet on it. By the way, that place is called Madmen’s Valley.”

    Sila frowned. He was very familiar with the name of this place. Where did he hear about it before?

    “I can’t tell you more details. I can only say that, once I survived there, magic becomes a part of me and make me significantly stronger. Well, that’s all. The rest is up to you to give it a try.”

    Sila gave Zero his thanks. Afterward, Lone Wolf came at him and transmitted some familiar qi into his body.

    “This is my Qi of Little Turtle. It should block Bomb Lurking Psychic to spread further. However, you need to know that you won’t be able to use qi until you can fix this problem, or else the psychic will act up again.”

    Sila felt the suppression feeling in his body. Now he couldn’t exert his qi anymore. Nevertheless, the pain was gone. He was happy temporary until he realized something.

    “What’s wrong?” asked Lone Wolf.

    “Now that I cannot use qi, how can I protect myself?”

    “Is qi the only thing you possess?” Zero said. Then, he vanished without bidding farewell.

    “As Zero mentioned, you should give it some thought, okay?” said Lone Wolf, “I need to go too. See you later.” Then, he left.

    Sila was left by himself. He was deep in thought.

    “Aside from qi, what else do I have?”

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    Chapter 38: Seed of Revenge

    Sila was left alone with his curiosity. He opened his system window to read all his skills and abilities he possessed. He pondered which power he had aside from qi.

    ‘The Right Arm is currently malfunction, so not this one. The hidden weapon is fine. But it won’t be enough for me to take down a strong opponent. What else do I have left?’

    Witnessing the skill list, Sila signed. He really had been relying on qi too much. Without it, he was left with nothing. The remaining usable skills were only Barehand Mastery, Hidden Weapon Firing, Unseal, and Heart of Slime.

    ‘Wait a minute, slime?’

    Finally, Sila realized it. Those two must want to tell Sila that he still has racial skills. Obviously, racial skills are exclusive to the race that player had chosen. They are an advantage exclusively for each race. Prior to this moment, Sila had been neglected them until he forgot about it in the end.

    “What are you smiling for?” Varee approached him together with Vata. She noticed that the other two had left without bidding their farewell to her.

    “Hm? Are you still here?” wondered Sila while responding with an uncaring attitude.

    “Yes, I am. Who do you think it is that saving your life just now? Not giving thanks is bad enough. Now you even want me to scram?” Varee was starting to piss off.

    “Oh. Sorry about that. And thank you. Anyway, I’m quite busy. Let’s talk again later.”

    Sila bid her farewell.

    “Wait. Where’re you going? You will become a target again, dressing like that,” mentioned Varee.

    Looking at himself, Sila found that his outfit was too ragged. As Varee had told, it was quite eye-catching. Coupled with the fact that he always wore this cloth, his enemy would easily recognize him.

    Sila searched his item window and found that he had no other clothes available.

    “Do you have any clothes I can borrow?”

    “No, I’m a girl. There’s no way I’m carrying male clothes with me.”

    With Varee’s reply, Sila turned his head toward Vata. However, she also shook her head, indicating that she doesn’t have one too.

    “Well, whatever. It’s fine this way.”

    As Sila was planning to go to Slime Kingdom, he thought that his enemy wouldn’t be able to follow him there easily.

    Varee was about to scold at Sila’s carelessness. However, Vata seemed to have an idea. She opened her item window and brought something out.

    “At least cover yourself with this. It’s better than doing nothing.”

    Sila took it. It was an old normal cloak. “I’ll return your favor later.”

    “Just take it. It’s a cloak for qi-type player. I’m unable to use it. It also hasn’t been identified yet.”

    Sila expressed his thanks to her. He decided to wear it. It covered him from shoulder to toes.

    “Unseal,” said Sila, causing Vata to surprise that he was able to use Unseal skill.

    A light illuminated around the cloak briefly. Then, the cloak became a little bit smaller. Although it wasn’t beautiful or had any aesthetic value, its texture was very soft and comfortable.

    Sila read its detail.

    (B) Beggar’s Cloak

    Increase agility by 5% and magical defense by 10%

    You will obtain 10% less coin when defeating monster.

    *Slowly repair itself when get damaged.

    Sila frowned. Is he still not poor enough? He has no place to live in reality and had debts in-game. Nevertheless, he wore it. He would remove it when he obtains other clothes.

    Sila bid both of them farewell before moving to the edge of the forest outside the city. At first, Varee told him that she can take him to the city. But Sila declined as he didn’t have any business there.

    Looking at the surrounding, there seemed to be no one following him. Sila then took his Invitation Card to the Slime Kingdom out.

    “Go to the Slime Kingdom”

    A pink light surrounded Sila, teleporting him away.


    At Madmen’s Valley.

    This place was quiet yet wasn’t peaceful. There were many high-level monsters around the place. It was rare for this place to have a visitor due to the harshness one had to encounter before arriving there.

    Crow was cooking a dragon soup in the pot. He had been simmering it for three days. Now the flavor would be already mature. It was a delicious food with high nutrient value.

    “Hmm? Is this…?”

    He sensed something. It was a weak psychic aura heading toward a place he was currently at. He was surprised that a visitor had come. Thus, he stopped his cooking and went outside.

    One man collapsed on the floor away from his house. The injuries on this man were severed. It was almost hard to believe that he could even walk in such condition.

    It seemed that what took him to this place was only his unyielding spirit.

    Crow moved closer to this man. He used his qi to inspect the man’s body, causing him to frown. Then, he returned to his house and took one bowl of dragon soup with him. Although he was moving at high speed, the soup in his bowl didn’t waver at all.

    “Drink it, kid. It’ll make you feel better,” said Crow.

    A man drank it. He could barely sip it at first. But once he swallowed the soup, a power was surging in his body, causing him to hurriedly drank the rest of it in one go. Afterward, he returned an empty bowl to Crow.

    He then took a deep breath and started stabilizing his psychic power, which Crow waited without saying anything.

    ‘How long is it that this place has a visitor?’

    Crow observed this man’s body. This man wore a broken silver armor. He seemed to use a sword as his main weapon but there was no sword nearby. Maybe it was lost along the way. This man’s hair color was silver. It was elegant under sunlight but his body instead dirty and battered.

    Although this man’s ability wasn’t bad, it would be almost impossible for him to travel to this place alone.

    This man finally opened his eyes. He could see that Crow was waiting for him.

    “Are you feeling okay now? By the way, welcome to Madmen’s Valley, kid,” said Crow.

    A man was looking around. This place seemed more like a small rural village. It was unexpected that it is the same place as Madmen’s Valley people always rumored about.

    “Is this an infamous Madmen’s Valley? A place rumored to make one experience a rebirth.”

    “Kuku. Everybody said so. Yes, it is. But it’s only when you survive the trial.”

    “What do I need to do?”

    “Kuku. Don’t rush things, kid. The trial will be available five days later. Now, you need to rest. With your current condition, you will be doomed immediately.”

    “Then, please pardon my intrusion.”

    “As far as I can see, your body is internally damaged by qi. Let me guess, you didn’t quickly remove it when you were hit by it, right? Now it had spread all over your body. It’s a dangerous qi possessing both hot and cold property. You must be experiencing a sensation of cold as ice yet sometimes hot as fire. Am I correct?”

    Silver-haired man nodded. “As I searched for a clue to solve this problem, I stumble upon this place.”

    “Alternatively, you can just die once, and it will be gone. You don’t have to go through Single-Horned Dragon Forest like you have done at all.”

    “I won’t ever choose that method. Otherwise, it will be like I die by his hand.” A man replied. His eyes were full of vengeance.

    Crow nodded. “I don’t particularly mind people like you. By the way, I’m Crow. Nice to meet you, kid.”

    “My name is Shueria,” replied silver-haired man.

    Apparently, this man identity is Silver Knight Shueria who engaged in a battle against Sila at Beginner Town. After that loss, he realized at his own weakness. It's not that he had never lost before. But he had never lost against someone that inferior to him in every aspect like that. He decided to reflect on himself by abandoning every responsibility shackling him back. He left Royal Armament guild and became an individual player so that he could have more time to develop himself.

    As for qi that left in Shueria’s body, it was obviously the power of Sila’s Tortured Soul. While Sila was attacked internally by his Bomb Lurking Psychic, he too was internally damaged by Sila’s Tortured Soul. Actually, at his level, he could easily remove this power in a short moment. But at that time, Sila had been preventing him from doing so by kept attacking non-stop. With it being in his body for too long, now it was impossible for him to remove it. Although this power didn’t directly decrease his health point, he had to deal with a painful sensation brought forth by hotness and coldness.

    If he died only once, this power would be gone from his body. But he wouldn’t allow that.

    Back then, once Sila used Light of Forest, an expert like Shueria could deduce that Sila was going to seal the deal. As such, Shueria bore with the pain and used Psychic Astral. This skill allowed him to escape from any attack. The downside is that it made his health points reached the bottom 1. He also couldn’t use any skill for one hour. Nevertheless, this skill had a power to deceive the system, causing anyone to think that he had died. A skill to manipulate the game system like this is unique only for psychic-type creature.

    Sila might get informed by the system that he had killed Shueria and obtained experience points. But if he had checked his status window back then, he would discover that he actually didn’t gain any.

    Afterward, Shueria escaped into the forest nearby a harbor. He couldn’t use any skill so there was no way for him to remove Sila’s power from his body. Once one hour had passed, it had become too late for him to do it.

    Tortured Soul had invaded deeply into his body and tortured him from within.

    But he wouldn’t allow himself to die in this state. This is a common thought for both Shueria and Sila.

    “Oh, you still haven’t chosen your race yet, haven’t you?” asked Crow. He was somehow surprised.

    Shueria nodded. Given how influential he once was, he was in a position to be able to choose almost any race for himself. But he had been clinging into the human race. Although choosing a race allows player to obtain new skills and some unique ability, he himself believes that human race is the most balanced race out there.

    Crow sighed. He took something out, showing it to Shueria. It was some kind of a stone.

    “This one is Philosophy Stone, an S-grade item. Upon consuming it, you will obtain a very special item.” Crow tossed it to Shueria.

    Shueria took it. “Why are you giving me this? Is it related to the trial you’ve mentioned?”

    “It’s a reward from another hidden quest. You will get it only if you are a human race and can reach to Madmen’s Valley alone by yourself. I’ve always thought that no one would be able to do it.”

    “What is its downside?”

    Shueria’s question wasn’t uncommon among players. In Monster Soul, most S-grade items and skills, though possessing very useful utility, always came with problems.

    “Kuku. It’s good that you asked. It’s nothing much. Your painfulness level will just be adjusted to 10 out of 10, which is equal to real life level, after consuming it.”

    Shueria looked at the stone for a while. Then, he stopped hesitating once Sila’s face surfaced into his mind. He needed strength. For that, no matter how painful he will get, he can take it.

    A system sound alarmed.

    You have consumed Philosophy Stone. Starting now, the player’s painfulness level will be adjusted to 10 out of 10, equal to real life degree.

    You have gotten the Seal Box 1 EA.

    A ring-size black box with silver chain covering it appeared and floated in front of Shueria. He grabbed it.

    A seed of revenge is sprouting. This world of ours is like this. Sila sought for revenging Montra and harmed people obstructing his way. But does Sila alone have a right to seek for revenge? Once the cycle of vengeance had started, it would continue sprouting endlessly if no one stops.

    The next time that Sila meets Shueria, Shueria’s ability would be far surpassed even the current Four Emperors.

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    There is a short conversation with the author (like a Q&A session) that happened after chapter 38. I think it answers some questions (else, you may think of them as a plothole or an unrealistic behavior) so I translated it. You can read below. I have re-formatted it to make it easier to read.

    Q: It was mentioned that Shueira had died. Why is he still alive?
    A: That was Sila's perspective. The fact is simply different than what he thought.

    Q: Shueria is a sore loser?
    A: This is a hard question. To me, he isn't a sore loser. He just disappoints in himself. Disappointing in himself for accepting such an absurd order to bully a new player from Cross, his leader. Then, he is more disappointed in himself by easily being provoked. He can accept his loss but he can't accept his weak mind that caused him to lose. That's why he decided to abandon his guild.

    T/N: This will be literally explained in the future chapter. (Not so soon though, that's a part of the reasons I decided to translate this session.)

    Q: Why can Montra keep reviving? Doesn't the skill have a cooldown?
    A: Its explicit detail will later be revealed. But I'm sure that some of the keen readers would have already noticed. The "reviving loop" is caused by the synergy of the skills. Remember? Skills of magic-type are generally great.

    Q: How can Montra die continuously without a change in his expression? Isn't his painfulness level 10/10?
    A: Instead of directly answer this question, let me give you a hint. Why do you think Montra has chosen painfulness level 10/10?

    Shueria chose 10/10 because he sought strength.
    Sila chose 10/10 following Montra's example because he didn't want to lose to Montra.
    But why did Montra choose so? He is the first to choose it. He didn't follow anyone. Why wasn't he hesitated in choosing so?
    Don't forget, the pain in the game is supposed to be scarier than in real life. There're curses and more ways of torture.

    T/N: Again, this will be literally explained in the not-so-soon future chapter.

  • meh, if there is one thing i wanna tell the author, is that op people are only op when they don't die so easily to one type of skill/ability/type

    having such a glaring weakness makes them glass cannons, not op. and it is becoming a martial arts story, not a gaming story, what with the ability to bypass the system and whatnot.
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    Chapter 39: Welcome to the Slime Kingdom


    A pink light was emitting on the stone plaza. Dozens of eyes watched such light with a happy expression. This kingdom hadn’t had a visitor for far too long. A visitor who would be their hope. Their Savior.

    Sila slowly opened his eyes. This place was quite dimmed. His eyes needed some time to refocus.

    This place is a big city made of stones. Some stone is normal stone while some are illuminating, which caused the city to dimly brighten by itself.

    Sila looked around and found that he was stared at by many eyes. However, the light was too dim for him to say which kind of creatures they were.

    Sila tried to walk forward but his body couldn’t move according to his will. Therefore, he attempted to contact to Lookhin using his mind.

    Then, a giant bird appeared in front of him. Sila was shocked and tried to get away. But he still couldn’t move. The bird approached and pecked at him lightly.

    “Lookhin?” Sila pondered. “Why do you get bigger?”

    “Instead, it’s Big Brother that becomes smaller.”

    A voice of a young girl could be heard from behind. Sila tried to turn his head but he still wasn’t able to. He could only shoot a sideward glance at her.

    The body in his line of sight wasn’t a girl, but a pink slime with a pink ribbon on its back. This slime looked cuter than the slime Sila had met in Beginning Island.

    “My name is Bow. What is Big Brother’s name?”

    Sila frowned. He just knew that slime could talk. It was not that he hadn’t seen a talking monster before though. But that was a dragon.

    “My name is Sila.”

    “Big Brother Sila come from an outside world, don’t you?” asked Bow.

    “Outside world?”

    “Outside of Slime Kingdom, I meant.”

    Sila was finally able to have a good look at his surroundings. The eyes around him move closer and closer. They were all slime’s eyes. He was currently surrounded by slimes varied in color and size.

    “Oh, yes, I’m a player who got the slime race. I came from the world outside.”

    There was a murmuring sound from these slimes.

    “And, um…, are you the one who slew Earth Dragon Python, and destroyed Seal of Earth?” asked Bow.

    Sila remembered that Python had mentioned something like that, so he answered. “Yes. I’m lucky to be able to do that though.”

    Sila’s answer caused the slimes to cry out and show their delight expression.

    “Finally… finally, we have hope.” One of the slimes said.

    “Quickly bring him to His Majesty.” Another voice said. Then, many slimes flocked around Sila.

    “Wait, don’t, I can go by myself,” replied Sila.

    “Big brother Sila. Are you able to move now?” asked Bow.

    Sila just realized. He couldn’t move since he had come to Slime Kingdom.

    “Why am I unable to move?”

    “You haven’t gotten used to it yet, I guess.”

    “Get used to what?”

    “Umm, you better see it yourself,” replied Bow. She turned around and shouted “Auntie March. Please.”

    Then, a big slime came forward. Auntie March was a pink-color slime with a cooking hat on its head. She approached Sila.

    Afterward, her color started fading away. The pink color turned into a transparent color but reflect light, like a mirror. Sila looked into it and then surprised.

    The mirror didn’t reflect his body but reflected a pink slime smaller than Bow. Its body was as small as an orange. Once Sila closed his left eye, the pink slime in the mirror also closed its eye too.

    “Wait, this is…” Sila panicked. Is that really him?

    “Welcome to Slime Kingdom. A city of slimes.” Bow smiled.

    With him unable to move, he was tossed onto Bow’s head and carried toward Slime King in the palace.


    Palace isn’t a suitable word describing this place. It was just a big building made entirely from illuminating stones. It shone brightly even at night.

    Bow carried Sila inside the palace. There were slimes in soldier equipment looking at them but didn’t block their way. Bow even said hello to them all the way.

    Upon arriving at the hall of the palace, Bow then dropped Sila onto the ground.

    Sila looked ahead. In front of him was an illuminating chair carved with decoration. There was a big golden slime with a crown on its head sitting on it.

    “Are you a newcomer?” said the golden slime.

    “Yes. It’s my first time arriving here,” replied Sila.

    “You are the one who partly solves our Decolonize the Sime Kingdom quest, am I correct?” asked the Slime King.

    “Yes. I just got it by chance though. It wasn’t my intention to do such task.”

    “Are you also saying that you weren’t trying at all when slaying down the Earth Dragon? Don’t be too modest. We have been waiting for you,” said the Slime King.

    Sila felt that there must be some kind of backstory. Actually, he had his suspicion since he had heard that slime’s nemesis is dragon race while their abilities are so far apart. There were also some keywords that the Earth Dragon had mentioned: Decolonize the Slime Kingdom and the Slime Seals.

    “What has happened? Why is it a slime’s duty to kill the dragons?” asked Sila.

    “Well, I think I should tell you a brief summary of what’s happened. Long ago, we slime used to be one of the mightiest races in this New World. We were strong yet peaceful and not aggressive. These reasons had earned us respect and friendship from many other races.

    “However, these brought forth the disdainful from dragon race. Dragons are race hails in nobility, unlike us slime whom even a king sometimes need to do groundworks. They believed it was a shame for them that we were equally respected as them. Therefore, they planned to get rid of us with the underhanded method.”

    “Why didn’t they ask for a direct confrontation?” asked Sila.

    “That’s because, if they tried to attack us head on, it would be hard for them to take us down. Even if they were to win, I dare say that their side would suffer so many damages, leaving them in a vulnerable position to be besieged by their other enemies.

    “The Eight Dragons asked and appointed us to participate in a sparring match held in our Slime Kingdom. Since they are noble guests, we then did our best to prepare for their arrival. Our people had all been gathered into the sparring arena.

    “Nevertheless, once the appointed time arrived, we then found out that all eight dragons had been surrounding us and performed their sacred and secret ritual: Dimensional Draconic Seal to trap us within. It caused us to be trapped forever in this place without being able to see the actual sunlight. We found out later that for this seal to be broken, us slime needs to prove that we are superior to the eight dragons.

    “Unfortunately, as all slimes were gathered together here, including me and three Slime Guardians, we have no hope to perform such task. We realize that we need to leave it for people outside to do so. That’s why we have been investing our power to increase the drop rate of Slime Card in an outside world. I also make sure that the slime outside is easy to die so that people can easily change their race into ours. However, we have waited for so long but there isn’t any hope until you, whom successfully hunt down the Earth Dragon, appeared and finally destroyed Seal of Earth for the first time,” said the Slime King.

    Obviously to Sila, Slime King’s plan was completely backfired. The result was contrary to what he expects to. With players recognizing slime as the weakest creature and obtaining its card in bulk, the value of slime race drops tremendously. No one would want to change into such trash race.

    “Well, Should I go back and tell people the truth? I think people didn’t change into the slime race because they didn’t understand your intention,” suggested Sila.

    The Slime King shook its body. “No, it’s me who is at fault. Quality is over quantity. Just you alone is enough.”

    The Slime King closed its eyes. Its body was slightly glowing in golden color for a while.

    “What have you done, sir?” asked Sila.

    “I collect the cards back. There’s no need for them to be easily obtained anymore,” answered the Slime King.

    Sila nodded in agreement. He actually didn’t bother much by this. But for him who was playing as slime race, it was quite sad that players always litter Slime Card on the ground. Lowering its drop rate should be for the best.

    “Well, I don’t have much time so please pardon my leave,” said Sila.

    “Is that so? But are you able to move already?” the Slime King smiled.

    Sila frowned. That was true. He still couldn’t move his body. If he needed to be in this form in the kingdom, it would be a nuisance for him having to rely on Bow carrying him to there and there.

    “How can I move, sir?”

    “You just need to concentrate. People usually do things unconcentrated. But in a slime form, you need to be fully aware of what you are doing,” commented the Slime King.

    Sila tried to concentrate and found that he was able to move for a bit. But when his focus broken, his body turned stiff. He needed to fully concentrate on moving to be able to move. This is like performing physical therapy. He needed to focus on his walk to be able to walk.

    “You’re good. Being able to move quite well this fast,” complimented the Slime King.

    “Thank you, so, I will take my leave now,” Sila said his goodbye again.

    “Don’t you come here for obtaining skills?” asked the Slime King.

    “Oh yeah, I forgot about it. I once heard that I need to overcome Way of Slime’s ordeal first.”

    “Kuku. You can obtain all three skills right here and now. As for Way of Slime’s ordeal, you will have to overcome it even if you don’t want to.”

    “I have to do it even if I don’t want to?” Sila felt curious. This game usually gives player a freedom to do the quest. Why would this quest be the exception?

    “You should try to go back to an outside world,” the Slime King said smilingly.

    Sila opened his Item Window. There was a Return Scroll in it. Even if he didn’t have a hand, he would be able to use it by voice command. “Return!”

    Nothing happened. “Return. Return. Return!” He shouted continuously.

    Nothing still happened. Sila turned his head to the Slime King.

    “As I have told you, Dimensional Draconic Seal prevent us all slime to go outside. That includes you,” said the Slime King.

    Sila frowned. “Does that mean I am stuck here forever until another slime wins against the eight dragons outside?”

    If that’s true, it would spell big trouble for him.

    “Although it’s true that you are slime, you’re just half-slime. Once you overcome Way of Slime’s ordeal, you will be able to return to your original body and able to go back outside together with exclusive skills for slime race,” explained the Slime King.

    Sila sighed in relief. “Is that so? Then, can I start now, sir?”

    “Yeah. We all want to go to the outside world as much as you do. After this, I will give you three skills of the slime race. Then, you need to go to the Cliff of Heroes to overcome Way of Slime’s ordeal. You can ask Bow’s for that place’s location. Under the cliff, you will face the trials from three Slime Guardians: Poluk, Viola, and Divine. You have to overcome their trial with the slime-race skill to be able to successfully pass Way of Slime’s ordeal.”

    Once the Slime King finished speaking, his body was emitting a bright golden light.

    A system sound alarmed.

    You have learned a racial skill: Fluffy Slime.

    You have learned a racial skill: Colorful Slime.

    You have learned a racial skill: Transparent Slime.

    “You should go,” said the Slime King.

    Sila nodded by shaking his body up and down. Then, he was gliding slowly following Bow and went outside the palace.

    Unbeknownst to him, his arrival to the Slime Kingdom caused the world of Monster Soul to experience slight changes.

    First, slime at Beginning Island doesn’t always drop card upon dying anymore. Slime Card’s drop rate become 0.01% which is equal to the drop rate of some Dragon Card.

    Secondly, Slime Card’s price was slowly increasing in both buying rate and selling rate. This is due to system correction that determines the card’s value based on its rareness.

    These two changes happened instantly upon Sila arriving the Slime Kingdom. However, as they’re slight changes that didn’t directly affect players, no one was still aware of them.


    Racial skill: (F) Fluffy Slime

    Qi-type skill. Slime is a fluffy being. With this skill, you can change your body’s fluffiness to become soft and cuddly.

    Racial skill: (F) Colorful Slime

    Magic-type skill. Slime is a colorful being. With this skill, you can change your body’s color to become favorable to other slimes.

    Racial skill: (F) Transparent Slime

    Psychic-type skill. Slime is a semi-transparent being. With this skill, you can decrease the opacity in your body to make sure that your skin stays bright.

  • Fluffy probably makes him resist blunt damage, and at higher levels maybe he will be able to make himself hard like rock.
    The other two I have no idea apart from camouflage and invisibility.

    I don't really know how these can be used but it's probable that each skill is good against a specific opponent like: qi>psy>magic>qi
    So Fluffy slime is good against psychic opponents, Colorful slime is good against qi users and Transparent slime is good against mages.
  • but can he even use the magic? i thought he couldnt.
  • not sure if this will happen but if these skills can temp change the variant of slime he is he might be able to use magic. this is assuming they are not just for defense. since the trial requires it to defend against magic it's proof enough that some slime types might be able to use magic. considering slimes are usually born from condensed magic it's surprising that any can't use it unless there derailing from the typical origin for this story. it's also plausible that the seals placed by the dragons are preventing the weaker variants from using and learning magic.
  • well, the arm of exodia is psychic based and is the reason he cannot use magic, if i remember correctly. However, i have stated already that skill descriptions are things i tend to skip over.

    perhaps it does not block the use of racial abilities, and this move counts as a racial ability with a magic effect.
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    oh, right, i forgot about that and here i was mixing it up with the slime. wonder what will happen once he takes it to the... is it the ancient android civilization?

  • @Evil_Ginger @TempestFlame
    Actually, slime race prevents him to use magic while the Right Arm prevents him to use main weapon and human-race exclusive skills.
  • lol. hard to remember stuff briefly read 3-4 weeks ago. thx for clearing this up sinless.
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    Chapter 40: Bow’s Decision

    Sila couldn’t open his system window while following Bow as it took his full concentration just to glide alongside her. Therefore, he decided to read slime race’s skill descriptions later.

    Bow seemed to be in a hurry. She went ahead of Sila as he was gliding too slow. She only waited for him when she was almost out of sight. This happened a lot, so Sila couldn’t help but comment.

    “If Bow is busy, you can just tell me where to go and I can go by myself.”

    “No, Big Brother, I’m not. I’m just impatient,” replied Bow.

    “Impatient?” wondered Sila.

    A big smile emerged on Bow’s pink body. “The faster Big Brother finishes your quest, the faster I will be able to witness the outside world. I’m just so happy. I have never seen the outside world before.”

    Sila felt surprised yet also pitied her. He looked around and found that it wasn't just Bow, but other slimes as well that looked at him with meaningful eyes containing one word.


    Sila started to feel worried. He wasn’t confident in himself. The more hope they placed on him, the more pressure he felt. Once when he was a child, his teacher always told him that he was putting too much thought into his actions. Sometimes, people don’t need to be concerned about unnecessary thoughts, especially during a battle. There is no need to think about what would happen if he loses or what would happen if he wins; he should focus on the fight itself, not the result.

    Sila was sometimes able to do it. But usually, when he faced stronger opponents, he couldn’t help but think that he might lose.

    With these thoughts running through his head, his body stopped moving. He needed to focus again to follow Bow who was waiting for him up ahead.

    Both of them finally arrived at the cliff located near the edge of the kingdom. There was a signpost saying this place is called the Cliff of Heroes. If it weren’t for the sign, the cliff wouldn’t look much different from other cliffs.

    “Bow, why is this place called the Cliff of Heroes?” asked Sila.

    “Because this is the place where slimes have to face against hard ordeals. It’s a place to test whether one is mature enough. If one wants to take on the ordeals, one needs to prove that one is brave enough to jump off this cliff,” answered Bow.

    Sila moved closer to the cliff. “Thank you for bringing me here, Bow. You can leave now.” He said as he saw her still standing on the edge of the cliff.

    Bow seemed to hesitate for a moment before determination flashed in her eyes.

    “Big Brother, jump after me, okay?”

    Sila couldn’t say anything back. Bow had already jumped off the cliff.

    “Hey. Wait…”

    Sila looked downward. The cliff seemed to have a bottomless pit, as he couldn’t see anything down there but darkness. As Bow said, bravery is needed to jump off and face against something unknown that is waiting for us.

    “Even a little girl like her can jump...” Sila muttered to himself. He swallowed his saliva and finally jumped off.

    Sila was descending. A dimmed light seemed to be slowly fading off. Sila was swallowed by the darkness. In the end, he was completely surrounded by darkness. Now he couldn’t see anything.

    It was truly dark. It felt like he himself had become a part of the darkness.


    He didn’t know how much time had passed. Once Sila woke up, he found that he was finally on the flat ground. He must have arrived at the bottom of the cliff. He was surprised by how this place was bright as daytime.

    “So you finally woke up.” A bass sound of a man’s voice rang out. Sila turned his head to look.

    There was a slime as big as the Slime King standing in front of him. This slime’s color was blue. A scar could be seen under his left eye.

    As Sila was a qi-type player, he could somehow sense qi deep within the slime’s eyes.

    “Yes, sir. I have woken up.” Sila replied before looking around. “Excuse me, sir, where is Bow?”

    “That girl? She is currently participating in the trial,” answered the blue slime.

    “The trial?” Sila was curious. Does this slime mean the ordeals of the Way of the Slime?

    “It seems you don’t completely understand, so I will explain. We slime are different from other races that are born with their natural energy type. For instance, dragons are magic-type creatures, merpeople are psychic-types, and wolves are qi-types. Usually, when humans choose a race, they tend to choose a race that is in line with their current energy type for efficiency. Well, choosing a race of a different energy type from their own is fine too. Doing so would grant you the skills of another energy type. Although it’s not an efficient choice, some people choose this way as it’s more versatile.

    “However, our slime race is different. We are able to use all three energy types when we are young. We only have to choose the energy type once we mature. It’s like a succubus that can choose its gender once it reaches adulthood. Though, slime needs to be accepted that they have matured. What that girl, Bow, is currently doing is trying to pass a trial to prove that she’s mature enough to choose her own energy type. It’s only that…”

    Sila was about to ask for more details, but as the blue slime paused at that moment, he felt that he wouldn’t like what he was about to hear. However, he asked anyway.

    “It’s only… what?”

    “It’s only that Bow is still too young. I don’t know if she will survive. Actually, she should’ve tried to do it in another five years, but she said she was in a hurry.”

    Sila’s body was pale. “Wait. Why didn’t you stop her then, sir?”

    The blue slime shook its body with a solemn expression. “I can’t. Jumping off the Cliff of Heroes means that she believes she is ready to face whatever fate awaits her. There are only two results: pass the trial or death. It’s a rule. The name of this place already implies that fact. If you dare to face the trial, you also need to accept the consequence of your actions.”

    Sila was stunned. He couldn’t believe that Bow was such a reckless girl. No, thinking about it, this decision of her was made partly because of him. She might have been standing at the edge of the cliff for so long, hesitating to face the trial. But his arrival shoved that hesitation of hers away.


    Such a powerful concept which can lead to either good or bad results. It is like water that can make a boat float while also able to drag it down. Bow must be impatient to get out of this place and she believes that Sila can help her do that. She believed in him so much that she showed her resolve by jumping off the cliff to obtain her freedom.

    “Don’t lose yourself in other people’s business. You would be better off being concerned about yours.” The blue slime interrupted Sila.


    “Is what I have said not clear enough? There are only two results waiting for any slimes who jump off the cliff: pass the trial or death.”

    Sila just realized at that time. He came to complete Way of Slime’s ordeal too.

    “My name is Poluk. I’m your instructor in the first trial,” said the blue slime.

    “My name is Sila,” Sila said with a quiet voice. He was still unable to stop worrying about Bow.

    “Don’t worry. I’m kinder than the others. For my trial, two days from now, I will let you fight against a Troll, a level 1000, Squire-ranked monster. You just have to beat it. Easy, right?” said Poluk.

    Sila pulled a wry face. He wouldn’t complain if he was in his usual human form. But with this slime form, it was hard to even move. Considering both this and the fact that he wasn’t able to use qi, how would he be able to win against a level 1000 Troll?

    Oh, he realized that he still hadn’t read the slime race’s skill descriptions yet.

    Thus, Sila opened his skill window to take a look at his newly acquired skills.

    “What?” exclaimed Sila after he had read the skill description.

    “What are you shocked about?” asked Poluk.

    Apparently, Sila was shocked at how useless these skills seemed to be. Fluffy, colorful, and transparent. How could these things help him in a fight? What about that tale telling him that slimes are comparable to dragons? Is this supposed to be a joke?

    “Umm, I remember that the Slime King told me that I can only rely on the slime race’s skills to complete the trials. Am I right?” confused Sila.

    “Yes. That’s correct. What’s wrong with it?”

    “Umm, I’m sorry, sir, but allow me to say it bluntly. I can’t see how these skills can help me in a fight.”

    “Are you suspecting? Well, as I’m the kindest and most handsome among three Slime Guardians, I will let your witness the might of the skill,” said Poluk while he was hopping into the center of the arena. “As I’m the most handsome and kindest slime, let me tell you something first. I’m a qi-type slime. The skill that I’m about to show you is Form…,” oops, what was it called again? Oh, right, Fluffy Slime.”

    Sila was distracted as he was curious about the criteria of how to indicate that slime is handsome or not. Therefore, he missed what Poluk was saying. He could grasp that Poluk was about to show him the Fluffy Slime skill though.

    “Release the troll!” shouted Poluk.

    The ground was slightly shaken. A wall in front of them was opened. Giant-size monsters walked through that wall. In their hand was a hammer that looked crooked just like their face.

    “Hm? Why are so many coming out? Well, whatever,” muttered Poluk.

    Tens of trolls walked in Sila’s direction. Their bodies were huge. One of their shadows could easily cover Sila’s tiny body. It was bigger than him even if he was in his human form. With him being in the slime form like this, the troll’s body looked so gigantic and there should be no way for him to beat it.

    “Watch closely,” Poluk said to Sila.

    One of the trolls lifted its hammer up, then smashed it down to Poluk. Meanwhile, Poluk didn’t even care to dodge. He instead stood firmly, welcoming the attack.

    Based on Poluk’s confidence, Sila didn’t worry at all. He decided to give his all to watch what was about to happen closely.


    The sound of something cracking could be heard as soon as the hammer collided with Poluk’s body. But it wasn’t his body that was damaged. Instead, it’s the hammer that was broken into pieces. Sila could see that Poluk’s body had turned gray like steel.

    “Watch again,” said Poluk.

    Then, Poluk sprung himself from the ground into the air. He was rolling as though he was a blue-color ball spinning towards a troll at high speed.

    Once Poluk landed on one troll, he was bouncing off and landing on other trolls as if he was a rubber ball. Sila focused without blinking and noticed that upon contact, Poluk’s body would turn gray like steel for a moment, then change back after he hit the troll.

    Poluk was floating in midair before his body turned black and dived towards the ground at a high speed. Once he was close to the ground, his color changed once more to white and he landed softly.

    All trolls turned into white lights and disappeared at that moment. Not even ten seconds had passed since the last troll came out.

    “Well? Did you understand anything?” asked Poluk.

    Sila nodded using his whole body, “Mister Poluk, why did you sometimes turn black and sometimes turn white?”

    “Think about it yourself. I have shown you enough.”

    Sila tried to use the Fluffy Slime skill. His body seemed to turn whiter. He had no way to tell whether his body had become softer or not though.

    However, no matter how long he tried, his body wouldn’t turn blacker at all.

    Seeing Sila that was trying, Poluk didn’t interrupt him. He just walked around Sila until the ground shook slightly again. This time, one orange-colored slime came hopping towards Poluk with a troubled expression.

    Poluk went to talk with the visitor and they began whispering about something. Sila turned his head to look at them. However, doing so caused him to lose control and release the fluffy state. He had to refocus his mind.

    ‘Being a slime is so troublesome. I can do only one thing at a time,’ thought Sila.

    Poluk and the orange slime seemed to have finished their conversation. The orange slime went back to where it had come from. The wall shook again and closed itself off. Meanwhile, Poluk walked toward Sila. Seeing that, Sila stopped his practice as he could guess that Poluk wanted to tell him something.

    “I have good news and bad news. Which one would you like to hear first?” asked Poluk.

    “Bad news first, then,” replied Sila. He was the type to keep the good part for later. This way, at least he would feel that the bad news was compensated by good news.

    “The bad news is… that girl didn’t pass the trial.”

    “Does that mean… she is dead?” Sila’s voice was shaken. Although it was true that he had only met her today, he could tell that she is a very likable and energetic girl.

    “Dead? Why are you cursing her like that? She just didn’t pass the qi-type trial. There are still the magic-type and psychic-type trials left,” said Poluk.

    Sila smiled. “Phew. You told me that it was bad news, so I thought…”

    “It is bad news though. I always hope that there will be one more qi-type slime. Geez…” sighed Poluk.

    Sila ignored this. At least Bow was still trying her best. It seemed like one could afford to fail up to two times in this whole ordeal.

    “What about the good news, sir?” Sila asked happily.

    “The good news is, just now, there was an error. All of the trolls have been released. There’s nothing for you to beat now,” replied Poluk.

    “Ah? What about my trial, then?”

    “Don’t worry. This handsome and kind slime has already come up with a solution.”

    “What is the solution?” asked Sila.

    “It’s easy. Just fight against me instead. If you win, you pass.” Poluk smiled.

    Sila’s body went paler without him activating any skill. He wondered how this slime differentiated between good and bad news.

  • I'm so kind and handsome, but because of that my IQ is low and I'm clumsy
  • im the kindest and handsomest, i dont know why everyone is afraid of me
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    Chapter 41: Poluk’s Trial

    “Isn’t it too hard, sir?” asked Sila.

    “How is it hard?” suspected Poluk.

    “At first, I need to fight one troll, but now I have to fight against the one who defeated tens of trolls within ten seconds. Isn’t this obviously harder, sir?” objected Sila.

    Poluk still pondered. “How? It doesn’t matter how many trolls there are, does it?”

    “Sir, don’t use your standard to measure others, please. I just started coming into this world, you know?”

    “Wait, didn’t you kill the Earth Dragon?” Poluk said with a confused expression.

    Sila sighed. He started telling Poluk how he had won against the Earth Dragon.

    Poluk finally nodded in understanding, “You are indeed just lucky.”

    “That’s right, sir. So, please think of a trial that I might be able to pass. Even just a slim chance is fine.”

    “Okay. Then, how about making me acknowledge you?” asked Poluk.

    “Acknowledge?” pondered Sila.

    “Yeah. Fight against me. But you don’t need to win. If I acknowledge that you have understood Form…, pu! what is it called again? Oh, Fluffy Slime, I will give you a passing grade. On the other hand, even if you win against me, if I decide that your understanding of this skill is lacking, you will fail,” proposed Poluk.

    Sila thought for a while. Compared to winning against Poluk, this trial’s difficulty level is significantly lower. Thus, he accepted the condition.

    “Well, let me be blunt. I’m stronger than you so I will only use this skill, while it’s fine for you to empower yourself with qi,” said Poluk.

    Sila replied spiritlessly, “the thing is… I can’t use qi now.”

    “When you were still unconscious, I inspected your body. It’s not that you can’t use qi. You just haven’t learned how to execute it properly.”

    “Haven’t learned how to execute it?” wondered Sila. He had used qi since the beginning. Why was Poluk saying this to him?

    “Yes. What level were you when you obtained qi?” asked Poluk.

    “Level 3, sir,” answered Sila.

    “Now I see what you are lacking,” said Poluk.

    Sila’s confusion grew. Why did obtaining qi at level 3 cause him to not be able to use it well? How is that related?

    Poluk could see that Sila was confused, so he explained, “Do you know which level normal people obtain Basic Qi?”

    “Level 50, isn’t it?” answered Sila.

    “Yes. Now think about it. If you are a normal qi-type player, but your level still hasn’t reached 50, what would you do?” asked Poluk.

    Sila now started to give it a thought. What would he do? Ignoring qi and hunting monster with the basic attack? That didn’t sound right.

    He couldn’t come up with an answer, “What would I do, sir?”

    Poluk sighed, “I guess you must be a direct-confrontation-type of fighter. You usually win against a weaker opponent or an opponent that rushes at you. But you always lose to calm and collected opponents, am I right?”

    Sila recalled all his battles. Although he didn’t know why, but it was exactly as Poluk had said. Therefore, he nodded in acknowledgment.

    “That’s because you couldn’t use qi directly,” said Poluk.

    “Use qi directly?”

    “Listen, all energy resources like qi points, psychic points and magic points. They are just pure energy before being spent performing the skill. The basic of the basics is to use them without relying on an active skill. It is used to strengthen your body directly. For instance…” Poluk walked toward a rock. He bumped into that rock, causing it to shake slightly.

    “Just now, I normally slammed my body at it. Next, I will strengthen my body with qi.”

    At the end of his sentence, Poluk bumped at the rock again with the exact same speed. This time, however, the rock shattered into pieces.

    Sila’s eyes were wide open. Based on Poluk’s jumping speed, his bump seemed very weak, yet the result was this destructive.

    “That’s it. You can also use it to strengthen your ankle to jump further. It’s easy to do. You just haven’t tried thinking about it. Given your ability, I think you can do it within a few tries,” said Poluk.

    Sila closed his eyes and concentrated on thinking, “qi, come, come, come, come, come.”

    Ten minutes had passed when, finally, qi power was surging around his body. The system alarm went off.

    You have unlocked a skill – Qi Reinforcement Level 1.

    “I get it!” Sila felt glad.

    “You are happy over this trivial thing? Qi Reinforcement is normally obtained before Basic Qi so, of course, it’s easy to obtain,” said Poluk, “Looking at you, it seems that you don’t possess many basic skills, movement skills, or martial art skills, do you?”

    Obtaining good skills from Lone Wolf’s transmission and the Right Arm of the Seal One was a double-edged sword. Powerful skills might cause Sila to easily beat weaklings, but against strong opponents, his weakness would be shown. Sila was like a person who could run but could not walk. If he couldn’t finish a fight quickly, he would eventually lose.

    For other qi-type players, Qi Reinforcement is the very first qi-type skill they would obtain. Later, they would train themselves by getting either martial art skills or movement skills based on their preference. Meanwhile, Sila had arrogantly obtained high-tier qi-type skills at the beginning. Given the superior speed and offensive attack power, he could finish opponents quickly. However, upon facing a true expert, the result wouldn’t be the same. For instance, when Montra smashed Lookhin using his mage staff, Montra didn’t use any skill except Magic Power Reinforcement.

    Qi Reinforcement, Magic Power Reinforcement, and Psychic Power Reinforcement, are F-grade skills that have limitless potential. Players can strengthen their body or a part of their body without limit. Though, they need to be careful, as using it incorrectly can cause the power to dissolve into thin air. Worse off, there can be a backlash which will inflict damage onto the user himself.

    “One more thing, you are using Qi Reinforcement incorrectly,” added Poluk.

    Sila who was still happy with his newfound power asked back, “How?”

    “You are really stupid. After seeing you use your Qi Reinforcement for that long, what opponents would be foolish enough to wait for you to throw a punch at them? By the way… aren’t you tired?”

    “Yes, I am, sir. Qi reinforcement is easy to use but so tiring to maintain,” answered Sila. He felt like he had run for ten kilometers despite how it had barely been a minute since he had successfully used the skill.

    “You are wasting your qi. Actually, you need to release your Qi Reinforcement the moment your attack connects with the target,” said Poluk.

    Sila stopped and tried again. This time, He quickly released his Qi Reinforcement. But the power that strengthened his body was low.

    “Ah? Then it’s not powerful, is it, sir?”

    “That’s the difference between normal people and an expert. Qi Reinforcement is a simple skill that anybody can use. But for you to use it well, you need to quickly release it while using the most appropriate degree of power,” Poluk said, while releasing Qi Reinforcement ten times in one second. The power surging each time was very powerful.

    “I can do it faster than this, but the power I get will be weaker. Ten times within a second is my current limit to use it in actual combat,” said Poluk, “Do you know why I am teaching this to you?”

    “Is it because I’m weak, sir?”

    “You’re a weakling, I know that much myself without having you to tell me. The actual reason I teach you this is because Qi Reinforcement has a similar concept to Formless… oops! Again! I meant, Fluffy Slimel,” said Poluk, “so, try practicing Qi Reinforcement first, then use it as a model for practicing Fluffy Slime later.”

    Sila nodded.

    “There’s one last piece of advice from the kind me. Do you want to hear it?” Poluk started a conservation again.

    “Of course, sir, what is it?”

    “Our slime-race skills always have more than one way that they can be used. The characteristic of our slime race is formless, so our skills aren’t limited to what they appear to be. Well, I have given you too many hints. I’m going now and will come back tomorrow. Your food is lying there,” said Poluk before walking away.

    Sila said his goodbye then focused his concentration on practicing Qi Reinforcement. Once he felt tired, he would stop, and then start anew. He was focusing on the speed of releasing qi reinforcement prior to the power obtained from it. He would increase the power later, bit by bit.

    Once he became quite accustomed to Qi Reinforcement, he decided to switch to practice Fluffy Slime. This time, his body became soft very quickly, unlike his first try before he had practiced Qi Reinforcement. Sila was glad by such result. Therefore, he tried harder in practicing Qi Reinforcement.

    He didn’t know how much time had passed. This place was under the cliff but it was always so bright even though there was no sunlight. Sila guessed that it must be due to some kind of artificial sun.

    Currently, Sila was quite proficient in Fluffy Slime. However, no matter how many times he tried, he had never once succeeded in changing his body color to black.

    ‘Mister Poluk said that all slime skills always have more than one method to use for. I have to try recalling the time he used this skill.’

    Waiting for his qi to regenerate, Sila was recalling the fight between Poluk and the trolls. He tried to remember which time Poluk’s color had become black.

    ‘This skill is similar to Qi Reinforcement. So far, he only used it for the brief moment that his body connected with a troll,’ thought Sila.

    “Wait,” Sila was talking to himself, “There’s one time he used it outside the combat, isn’t there?”

    Once Poluk had finished defeating the trolls, he was floating in the air. Then, his whole body turned black and dived downward at high speed, before changing to white before softly landing on the ground.

    “Usually, diving down at such speed should result in high impact, causing a loud noise. But when his body turned white, there isn’t even a slight crack on the ground.”

    Sila gave it some thought. He was racking his brain to come up with an idea. Finally, he got his answer.

    “I understand now. Hahaha. I’m quite smart, yes?” Sila was shamelessly complimenting himself.

    “Understand what?”

    A voice came from behind him. Sila turned his body to look and found that Poluk was standing there.

    “Oh, sir, have you been there all the time? I couldn’t feel your presence at all.”

    “I haven’t. One day has passed so I returned. Well, if I’m really waiting for you, you wouldn’t feel my presence either way. Now, tell me, what do you understand?” asked Poluk.

    Sila smiled and started to explain:

    “Fluffy Slime isn’t only able to make our body softer. It can be used to make us heavier, lighter, harder, and softer, totaling in four characteristics. Being heavier is used for attacking, being lighter is used for dashing, being harder is used to increase impact, and lastly, being softer is used to increase speed.” Sila made a big smile.

    “It isn’t 100% correct. But your understanding passes the mark. Very Good.”

    At the end of Poluk’s sentence, Sila’s slime body was glowing.

    A system sound could be heard.

    You have overcome the trial Way of Slime (Qi Part).

    Skill (F) Fluffy Slime has been promoted to skill (A) Formless Soldier.

    Sila was surprised and opened his skill window to check the new skill’s description.

    Racial skill: (A) Formless Soldier

    Qi-type skill. An art of the qi manipulation. Can be used to change a part of the body or its junction to become harder, softer, heavier, or lighter.

    The power of its effect is depended on Qi Reinforcement.

    Decrease opponent’s qi-based attack power by 20%.

    “Why are you letting me pass, sir? We still haven’t fought yet,” asked Sila.

    “I told you. If I acknowledge you, you pass. This trial’s objective is for you to understand this skill. Given that you have understood it to a certain extent, there’s no need for us to fight,” replied Poluk, “Viola will come here in a minute. Before we part, let me tell you something. The highest level of Formless Soldier is to become harder, softer, heavier, and lighter simultaneously. If you achieve this level, you can say with confidence that you’re an expert.”

    Once Poluk had finished, he dashed toward the wall. He hopped over it and descended down at high speed. This time, though, his body didn’t have any change in color.

    Sila realized something at that time. Poluk was very proficient in this skill to the extent that there was no need for him to change his body’s color. Poluk had been deliberately changing his color to give Sila a hint. Moreover, he even taught Sila Qi Reinforcement and gave him a clue about slime skills having more than one way that they can be used.

    “Mister Poluk is indeed a very kind person,” muttered Sila.

  • so he must past all three? I see. I thought he would have ended up being limited to just one.
  • Brasil said:
    Fluffy probably makes him resist blunt damage, and at higher levels maybe he will be able to make himself hard like rock.
     The kind Mister Poluk would let you pass his trial lol.

    It is amusing how often the answer to your questions tend to come up in the following chapter(s). Please look forward to it.  ;)
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