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    Chapter 29: Sila’s Chamber of Secrets

    Soon after they left the pet shop, Varee was contacted by someone through her system window. Sila didn’t know who it was since he didn’t see nor hear anything from Varee’s system window. On top of that, he kept his manners by walking away from Varee’s conversation.

    After her conversation ended, Varee walked towards Sila.

    “My friend told me that there’s some unusual movement in the Main Continent. I will have to look after it so we will have to depart now. Don’t forget to board the ship tomorrow and log out around eight o’clock in real time, okay?” said Varee

    “It’s okay. Don’t worry about me and feel free to go meet your friend.” Sila said with a smile on his face. He was truly glad. It was even shown on his expression, “by the way, how are you going to the Main Continent? The ship boards tomorrow, doesn’t it?”

    Varee took out a crystal cube. A soft white light shone around it.

    “This is Crystal of Connecting, it’s quite expensive though. One set of it comprises of two pieces. My friend and I have one each of the same set. Upon using, the player can teleport to another piece’s holder, which in my case, is my friend,” answered Varee.

    She then took out a similar crystal cube and handed it to Sila.

    “If anything happens, you can use it to come to me too. Actually, you can just use it to follow me to the Main Continent right now.

    Sila shook his head, “Oh, no, thanks. I would like to stay here for a little while. I also want to try riding on a ship once.”

    Hearing Varee’s explanation, Sila perceived that if he had that crystal, Varee could also come to him at any time too. So, he didn’t want to take it.

    Varee frowned. This was the first time since she was born that a guy had shown an expression of not wanting to be with her this much. Normally, it would be her that was annoyed by the fact that guys always flocked around her. Crystal of Connecting that connected to Varee was an item that guys would fight to the death for.

    Nevertheless, Varee decided not to mind him for now. It was not too late to pay him back later.

    “Then, goodbye Sila, and Lookhin too,” said Varee before she teleported away.

    After Varee disappeared, Sila turned his head right and left to make sure that she had really gone and wouldn’t come back again. Finally, he grinned and walked away, doing what he wanted to.

    Firstly, Sila went to the Bounty Hunters Association to claim his reward from wanted players that he had killed. However, he received only 23,000 silver. That was not unexpected though since those players were kind of unskilled.

    The more surprising news for him was that; the clerk told Sila that his bounty had been increased.

    Sila’s Bounty

    From Heavenly Dragon Guild: 300 gold.

    From Royal Armament Guild: 1,000 gold.

    From groups of general players: 540,000 silver.

    Sila was shocked. He didn’t know about Royal Armament Guild at all. But it had put a bounty on his head higher than Heavenly Dragon Guild. Maybe it was a guild of someone he had killed. If that was the case, he would need to gather the guild’s information for himself. Anyways, there was bad news for him.

    “Mister Sila, there are thirty days remaining for you to claim these bounty rewards yourself if you aren’t killed by then,” said the clerk.

    “Hmm? There are still thirty days left? That’s the same as the last time I checked.” Sila asked. He personally didn’t want the rewards. He was just curious.

    “Well, when other players put more bounty rewards for your head, the time remaining will be recounted again.”

    Sila left the Bounty Hunter Association and went to Lucy at the Beginner Building to ask some questions. He was completely ignoring his own bounty that he wouldn’t be able to receive the reward. In fact, he felt strange at first when he had heard the rule about Wanted Players receiving their own bounty reward. It should be easy to get since all they need to do was hide for thirty days. Now he knew the truth. In reality, when the time was almost due, their enemies would just increase the amount to reset the time count. (Of course, there is the minimum amount to increase the bounty to prevent player keep doing this easily.)

    Sila asked Lucy how to turn off the system sound that always rang during the fight and how to block the function of the Couple Ring of Commitment.

    Lucy was surprised that Sila had gotten this ring and couldn’t help but laugh when she was told the story.

    “Mister Sila, you have Unseal, haven’t you?” asked Lucy.

    “Yes, I have. But I rarely use it.”

    “Then there’s a way.”

    Sila was glad. He excitedly asked her how to, which made Lucy giggled before answering.

    “When you arrive at the Main Continent, you should go to the Quest Building and enter the Psychic Room. There should be a quest to obtain the Seal skill. You can take that quest since one of the methods requires for players to possess Unseal first.”

    “So, with that skill, I can take this ring off, right?” asked Sila.

    However, Lucy shook her head, “No, sir. But with the skill, Mister Sila can seal the ring. Even without taking it off, its abilities will not work. Then, you can Unseal it again when you want to use its abilities again.”

    Sila grinned. Finally, there was a way to keep Varee out of his personal life.

    “Actually, Mister Sila didn’t have to come all the way just to ask me like this, you know? You can just contact me,” said Lucy.

    “Contact? But aren’t you an NPC?” wondered Sila.

    “NPCs controlled by real people can be contacted like normal players. You just have to add me into your NPC list similar to a friend list. But this function is only available when you have upgraded your system window to C grade or above.”

    Sila opened his system window and he really found it. Thus, he added Lucy in his NPC list to help him ask her future question without having to visit the Beginner Building again.

    Afterward, Sila and Lookhin left the Beginner Building. By the way, Lucy suggested Sila check Lookhin’s stat before they left. He agreed to her suggestion as he sensed that there must be something mysterious about it. Thus, he checked Lookhin’s stats while walking towards the Bank. However, except for the weird skill it had, everything seemed normal and weak as he had expected.

    Finally, he entered the Bank, ignoring the stare of many players that looked at him with malice.

    Pet Status: Lookhin   Level: 1

    Race: Brown Sparrow            Rank: Squire

    Health Points: 20 / 20 Magic Points: 0 / 0      Qi Points: 0 / 0 Psychic Points: 0 / 0

    Satiety: 98 / 100         Love Degree: 12%

    *Brown Sparrow cannot accumulate experience points.

    Active Skill:

    (S) Star Swallow

    You can feed B-graded or higher-graded card to Brown Sparrow as an alternative to normal pet food.

    “It only has one skill. But it’s S-graded. Its price must be high because of this skill.”

    Sila wasn’t shocked to know that his bird possessed an S-graded skill since he had known from Lucy that the grade of skills or items in this game wasn’t indicated by its strength but rather its rareness. Good grief, the skill to allow a pet to be fed by card was indeed weird and supposed to be rare.

    Upon Sila entering the Bank, the banker immediately greeted him. Obviously, there were many other players and guilds that deposited much more money than Sila. However, based on the banker’s analysis; Sila was a new player who was able to make money very fast on Beginning Island. He knew that this person would surely become a big customer very profitable to the bank so he began to greet Sila with VIP treatment.

    “Welcome, Mister Sila. How may I help you today, sir?”

    Sila was a little surprised that his name was remembered while he had never asked the name of the bank’s employee before. He felt like he was lacking etiquette here.

    “I just wanted to ask a question. Sorry, but can I ask you your name please?”

    The banker didn’t feel regret that Sila couldn’t remember him. Instead, he felt glad that he had a chance to introduce himself to Sila.

    “My name is Christopher, sir. You can call me Chris too. I’m one of the bankers here,” replied the banker.

    “Yes, Mister Chris. I just wanted to ask about this thing,” said Sila while he was showing the Couple Ring of Commitment on his finger.

    “This must be Couple Ring of Commitment. Would you like to open an account for couples, sir?” asked Chris.

    “No, no, I just want to know that do my… erm… another player can access my item storage here?” Sila was about to refer Varee as his girlfriend or his lover, but he was embarrassed. So he referred Varee as another player instead.

    “Of course she can, sir,” Chris replied with confidence.

    Sila sighed and asked, “That’s bad. Is there some way to prevent it?”

    Christopher's eyes shone brightly. He whispered slyly to Sila, “We better come to talk this way, sir. There are so many people here.”

    Based on Christopher's reaction, Sila guessed that there was a way for him. But it seemed to be a secret method that he shouldn’t tell anyone else. Anyway, Sila followed him to sit at a table in the area that had fewer people.

    “We also have some customers with the same problem as Mister Sila’s, sir. They’re young men who want to live to their fullest independently. They all want to have a private space that no one can disturb them,” said Christopher.

    Despite Sila not being sure about ‘young men who want to live to their fullest independently’ statement, the statement ‘want to have a private space that no one can disturb them’ was indeed true for him. Thus, he nodded in agreement hesitantly.

    Christopher smiled, “So, let me offer this product to you as a solution.” He then put down a black card in front of Sila.

    Sila picked it up. It was a card with complete black color whether its surface or its back. He also couldn’t read any of its descriptions.

    “This is Invitation Card to the Chamber of Secrets, sir. By the way, Chamber of Secrets is a special dimension. At first, it’s an empty small room which you can use it to store items. However, you can upgrade it later,” said Christopher, “And obviously, no one can enter this place unless you give your permission.”

    “So, it’s like owning a house?” asked Sila.

    “No, sir. It’s different from a house. The Chamber of Secrets will not be shown in your status window. Nevertheless, whatever you do in the room, no one can know it.” Christopher smiled slyly.

    Sila felt that this proposal of Christopher was off a little. Anyway, it would be nice for him to have a place where he could avoid Varee, since Varee could enter the bamboo hut now and his teacher seemed to chase him more often. Thus, the Chamber of Secrets seemed like a good option for him.

    “How much does it cost?” asked Sila.

    “10,000 gold for registering, and there’ll be a monthly fee of 5 gold for the next upcoming months, sir.”

    Sila was sad. “I don’t have that much money.”

    “Do not mind, sir. Although Mister Sila doesn’t have that much money right now, we have already evaluated your current items possession and your ability to obtain money. I’m pleased to inform you that we’re fine to give you a credit. You can just pay your payment in monthly basis with no interest being charged,” Christopher replied.

    The reason Sila had a good credit was because his speed of progression to obtain money and high-grade items. He even possessed a very expensive item like a Dragon Card. He would be able to pay the full amount if he just sold it.

    Sila accepted the deal and added Christopher in his NPC list as his private banker (his service fee was already included in the 5 gold coins per month.) Then, he signed some documents and got the black card. Christopher said that his Chamber of Secrets can connect to every bank, so Sila could just call Christopher and perform a business transaction there without having to go to the bank ever again. This was an additional service in case the card owner didn’t want to be seen.

    Afterward, Sila’s name was engraved on the black card. Sila inspected it and found that it turned out to be a premium credit card with no additional charge. Christopher said that it had the same ability as a normal credit card. It just had a secret option to teleport user to his Chamber of Secrets.

    “All of your items have been transferred to your personal room already, sir,” said Christopher.

    Sila nodded before activating its ability. Finally, the white light covered him and teleported him away. Other people would recognize this as someone using Returning Scroll. They just wondered why someone had used it in the bank like this.

    Sila appeared in a small black room. In one corner, there were items that he once had deposited at the bank. He sat down in the room and started circulating his qi. Now was nighttime so he decided to wait here until morning before he got out.

    Eventually, he started to play with Lookhin. He played with it for a while until he remembered its Star Swallow. Since Sila possessed many cards himself, he thought that it would be fine to feed some to Lookhin.

    Sila opened his system window and took B-graded Blue-Scaled Merman King Card out. He handed it out to Lookhin.

    “Lookhin, try using Star Swallow, okay?”

    Lookhin opened its beak and pecked at the card lightly. Soon, the card shone and disappeared. Sila looked at the result for some time but he couldn’t spot any change.

    “Strange, but never mind, it’s just only one card.”

    However, he noticed later that Lookhin seemed to be more obedient. Although Sila didn’t give any order, he just thought about something like wanting it to fly around, it would be flying around without him having to say anything. Sila also knew that it was hungry. Lookhin didn’t send any signal to Sila but Sila knew that it was hungry. He just knew it.

    “So Star Swallow can cause it to be more obedient? Well, that should be it.”

    Sila tried to search for more high-grade cards. However, except for the Great Millennium Ape Card that he was using himself, the only card left was the Earth Dragon Card. He didn’t plan to use it anyway. He also didn’t want to sell it as he learned his lesson from Varee and Burapha about the Merpeople Card that he didn’t know about market value at all.

    In the end, the situation that NPC at the pet shop had thought that it was very unlike to happen was finally happened for real. It was less than three hours that Sila had bought Brown Sparrow as a pet.

    Sila handed A-graded Earth Dragon Card to Lookhin before saying, “Lookhin, uses Star Swallow.”

    The card emitted the light and disappeared again. Lookhin flew around happily. Sila smiled at its cuteness without interest in Lookhin’s current basic stats.

    Author's Note: A hidden ability of Star Swallow shall be revealed in the next chapter.
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    Chapter 30: Star Swallow Skill

    The more Sila played with Lookhin, the more it became docile. Sila thought that it wasn’t a mistake to buy it.

    Lookhin hovered around. Although it wasn’t that fast, it was obviously quicker than a normal bird. However, Sila’s eyes weren’t keener than normal peoples, so he didn’t notice this difference.

    “Do you want to try flying outside?” said Sila.

    Lookhin landed itself on Sila’s shoulder and used its head to rub Sila’s cheek gently. Sila was charmed by its loveliness so he decided to go out although it was currently 2 AM.

    Sila went out of the room and found himself in the bank. Although it was still opening, there were not many players using its services right now. There were only two people that upon Sila leaving the bank, they started whispering something.

    Sila had to be surprised when he got out. There were more than ten players wearing armor blocking his way. Sila stopped his feet in front of the group, ten meters away.

    “Excuse me, could you please let me through?” politely said Sila.

    “Are you Sila?” said the man in red armor.

    Sila frowned. He observed these guys and found that there was a symbol of two swords crossing, making an X shape, embroidered on their collar. It was not a white dragon symbol so they were not likely to be Heaven Dragon guildmates.

    “Yes, that’s me. What do you want from me?” replied Sila.

    Then, the man made eye contact with the others. Their group began to spread in a circle around Sila.

    Sila realized that a battle was likely to occur so he wanted Lookhin to flee; then, it flew away without him having to speak his order out loud. It flew to land itself on a signpost that wasn’t far away from him.

    “You have no room to talk, you bastard. For a toad that wants to eat goose meat like you, we’ll teach you some manners today for our leader’s sake.” That man said while all of them took their weapons out.

    T/N: ‘Toad that wants to eat goose’s meat’ is a proverb, referring to someone who overrates oneself. It’s mostly used to say to an average man who aims to go out with pretty woman.

    Sila still didn’t understand. This man’s words were so nonsense. Sila also didn’t know why this man had to tell something in a proverb. Sila wasn’t sure since he hadn’t heard this proverb before, but it seemed like this man was accusing him of eating something he shouldn’t eat. Sila couldn’t remember himself snatching somebody’s food to eat. Even if he did that, it was just food. Do these guys have to assemble and gang up on him over it?

    Sila couldn’t tolerate this nonsense. He circulated Tortured Soul throughout his whole body. His eyes shone mysteriously. They looked just like the eyes of an evil spirit.

    The opponents realized that Sila was trying to resist. Seeing that, they laughed.

    Is this new player trying to resist them? Shouldn’t he get on his knees and beg for his life instead?

    “Arrogant bastard! Do you think you can defeat us?” said the guy who seemed like a leader of the gang.

    Sila didn’t answer their question. He stood firmly like a rock, waiting for his opponents to make the first move.

    One of the opponents came forward alone. In his hand was a flame red sword that was so sharp it could even cut metal off easily.

    The rest of them were still waiting. They all came from the Main Continent. Although they were underlings, they all thought beating the crap out of a single new player should be child’s play. Based on what they had seen, this guy even had to be pulled onto the stage by Goddess of Purified Water. This meant his ability was poor. The reason he was a winner of the event must have been due to Varee’s ability alone.

    They were low-leveled players of the Royal Armament Guild.

    By the way, Sword Emperor, their guild leader had been persuading Varee into his guild for a long time. However, Varee kept rejecting his offers.

    Since he didn’t want to forcefully make her join his guild, he gave Varee a time to reconsider; hoping that someday she would change her mind and join it.

    Then, one day, he had heard that Varee had brought her lover into the game. The Sword Emperor was among the top players in the game with a high reputation but he loses to a no-name new player. This thought irritated him. However, as expected of the Sword Emperor who was a guild leader, he didn’t panic and just calmly ordered his men to gather information on the player named Sila.

    Nevertheless, his men had gone one step further. They wanted to kill Sila a few times to please their leader so that they might be promoted to a higher position in the guild. Fame and money would come later. Killing a single newbie would get them a lot of benefits. They would be a fool if they didn’t take such an easy job like this.

    They had waited for Sila and Varee to separate. After that, once they had seen Sila entering a bank, they gathered friends ready to gang up on Sila. By the way, they had gathered only around ten people since it would be easier for them to distribute the shares.

    These guys expected the best. But there was an obstacle they weren’t aware of; it was a fact that Sila wasn’t a new player unable to put up a fight. Actually, they could already anticipate it from the fact that his bounty hadn’t been claimed yet. However, everyone here ignored that fact.

    Meanwhile, Sila was disappointed. He noticed that his opponents were full of confidence and wore not bad equipment. Sila had thought that they would be strong, but it was a letdown for him to see the opponent running at him was so slow and full of openings.

    “This is Millennium Flame Sword, an item in B grade that gives its victim a burn wound. You will feel torture without a way to cancel its effect until you died. Hahaha, you will have to get on your knees and beg me to end your life.” He said all that while running forward. The way he was able to say this long sentence indicated how slow he and his sword were.

    The sword was aimed at Sila’s forehead. Anyway, Sila was bored. After the fight at the beach, these minor fights didn’t cause him to feel excited anymore. He didn’t even have to use Qi of Little Divine Beings. He just moved his body slightly to cause the sword to barely miss his shoulder.

    The sword sank into the ground. Sila then used his foot to step on it.

    “Whether it’s steel sword or wooden sword, if it doesn’t hit a target, its power will become useless anyway. Shame on you to have such a great sword.”

    That man’s face was distorted by anger. He was about to pull the sword to slash at Sila again, but he couldn’t lift it up. Not only that, he couldn’t even let his hand go of his sword.

    Sila used Universe Momentum to chain this man’s hand with the sword while using his own weight to press it.

    “If your abilities are only this much, can you all just suicide? You’re wasting my time here.” Sila provoked all of them. Even if he was sure to win this fight, he would gain an upper hand if the battle became a tussle. It would be faster for him to end the fight too.

    His provocation worked. The rest of them were all coming at him. Sila didn’t wait to use God's Cathedral. His hand gestured circular and pulled all of them to the center before changing his power to become Tortured Soul empowered by Qi of Little Tiger. Immediately, more than ten of them became buried in an iceberg.

    Sila suddenly released his power to let their bodies in the iceberg without them dying. He wanted to plant this terrible image in their mind so there wouldn’t be these weaklings to disturb him in the future.

    “Stop right there!” shouted the man who wasn’t hit by Sila’s Tortured Soul.

    Sila turned his head to the voice. He found that there were two opponents still safe. One of them was the one who had just shouted, while the remaining one was holding something.

    Sila glared at the hand of that person. When he realized the object in that man’s hand, his fury surged. It seemed like he had been too kind to them.

    “If you don’t want this bird to die, you have to surrender now.” That guy said. His grip was about to break Lookhin.


    Anger surged within Sila. And this feeling was instantly linked to Lookhin.

    Although it was just a cute bird, its eyes flashed brightly with green light, the pressure around it became heavy. People around it started to feel uncomfortable. Even Sila, its owner, felt a little pressure. Needless to say, those two guys who were closest to it suddenly became so scared.

    “What are you doing? Die!” The one who hold Lookhin tried to squeeze it, hoping to kill it before it did something.

    However, no matter how hard he had squeezed, Looking didn’t die. It was just Level 1 brown sparrow but its skin was harder than a diamond. He squeezed it so much that his hand felt painful. In the end, he had to release his grab.

    After Lookhin flew out of his hand, it made a sound and many sharp rocks emerged. They pierced through all players there and changed the place into an execution area. Their bodies were torn into pieces. There was only one of Sila’s opponents left. He was now watching the situation with eyes that couldn’t believe all this.

    Even Sila had to avoid these rock spikes. When he noticed that there was one survivor left, he grabbed Millennium Flame Sword and threw it at that guy. With this, that guy writhed in pain full of a burning sensation for a while without a way to cancel its effect, before he died. It was just like what the sword’s owner had said.

    All the noise attracted people to come and see the situation. Sila didn’t want to stand out so he used Qi of Little Bird to jump along the roofs. He also didn’t forget to order Lookhin to follow him.

    As soon as he arrived north of town, he stopped. Sila chose this direction because if he went further this way, he would reach the harbor. It seemed like he wouldn’t enter the town anymore.

    Lookhin followed Sila. Sila was surprised that it could keep up to his speed. But after the second thought, Lookhin was a bird, so it wouldn’t be weird that it was able to follow him who used Qi of Little Bird.

    “How could you do that before, Lookhin? Didn’t the shop’s clerk tell me that you can’t fight?” said Sila.

    Lookhin stood on Sila’s palm. It didn’t say anything and only tilted its head like it didn’t understand his question.

    Sila didn’t know what to do so he opened his system window to check its stat. What he saw shocked him.

    Pet Status: Lookhin   Level: 1

    Race: Brown Sparrow            Rank: Squire

    Health Points: 20 / 20 Magic Points: 0 / 0      Qi Points: 0 / 0 Psychic Points: 0 / 0

    Satiety: 65 / 100         Love Degree: 31%

    *Brown Sparrow cannot accumulate experience points.

    Active Skill:

    (S) Star Swallow

    You can feed B-graded or higher grade Card to the Brown Sparrow as an alternative to normal pet food.

    *Upon using, there is 0.1% chance that the Brown Sparrow will receive the experience point equal to the experience points received from the monster of that card.

    *Upon using, there is 0.00001% chance that the Brown Sparrow will gain the skill of the monster of that card.

    Obtain Skills:

    [Qi type]


    [Psychic type]

    Special Skill: Mind Concealing (Blue-Scaled Merman King)

    Can conceal the mind to attack without system notice.

    Can conceal true basic stats from others.

    -        True Status

    Pet Status: Lookhin   Level: 850

    Race: Brown Sparrow            Rank: Squire

    Health Points: 250,000 / 250,000       Magic Points: 243,000 / 300,000

    Qi Points: 2,000 / 2,000                       Psychic Points: 95,000 / 150,000

    Special Skill: Mind Connection (Blue-Scaled Merman King)

    Can share a feeling between itself and owner’s.

    Can change its psychic point into mental oppression. The strength depends on the maximum amount of psychic point.

    [Magic type]

    Special Skill: Granite Spear (Earth Dragon)

    Create spikes from the ground. The number of the spike is not fixed. The number of spike and its strength depend on the amount of magic used.

    Special Skill: Earth Dragon’s Scale (Earth Dragon)

    Strengthen the body to increase the physical defense. The strength depends on the maximum amount of magic point.

    The more Sila read, the more he thought that Lookhin development was too fast. Anyway, he was curious. The success rates of Star Swallow were only 0.1% and 0.00001% respectively. So, why did it seem like all his cards that had used to feed Lookhin ended up in success?

    Then, the word of his in-game teacher about his lucky trait come in his mind. With that thought, Sila read the detail of Greed Card again.

    (S) Greed Card – Level 7

    Increases the minimum drop rate of all items to 30%.

    Increases the minimum drop rate of cards, to 50%.

    Increases the minimum chance to come across a special situation to 35%.

    Increases the minimum chance to encounter a hidden boss monster to 20%.

    Increases the minimum chance to end up being benefit from any randomness to 80%.

    You will earn 1.5 times more money when defeating a monster.

    You have a 0.02% chance of encountering Mammon, the Devil of Greed.

    You will earn only 10% of all experience point from now on.

    Sila frowned. The card’s level had increased and its abilities were better. However, the probability of being able to encounter the Devil of Greed sounded quite unlucky here.

    Sila looked at Lookhin that almost got hurt and realized that; although he didn’t want it to fight, as long as he couldn’t keep it away, it would have a chance for it to be hurt from a stray bullet. Thus, he changed his mind and decided to make Lookhin be potent enough to take care of itself. However, it seemed like the self-defense by Sila’s definition was slightly higher than the standard.

    Actually, this brown sparrow had been created by the Monster Department with good thoughts. Not only was this monster not strong, it couldn’t gain experience points through normal means, but its skill Star Swallow was also awkward. No sane person would feed a card to it since the probabilities of success were just 0.1% and 0.00001%. It is like wasting a tremendous amount of money on a monster that has no hope of getting stronger.

    But there was one single insane person here who didn’t regard the tremendous value of the card. This person was now brought out A-graded Great Millennium Ape and handed it to one brown sparrow.

    “Lookhin, uses Star Swallow.”

    At the end of his sentence, brown sparrow’s body emitted out light full of qi power. Its eyes were shining mysterious green lights.

    The legend of a cute yet scary monster started here. Sila had just created a first pet of Monster Soul that could use qi, psychic, and magic at its disposal.

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    "The legend of a cute yet scary monster started here. Sila had just created a first pet of Monster Soul that could use qi, psychic, and magic at its disposal."

    Did he just clear a hidden quest?
  • when a series of occurrences that would not have much benefit on their own add up to become a path of OP-ness.
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    Chapter 31: Farewell Beginning Island - First Part

    Sila used the Invitation Card to the Bamboo Hut to add his teacher's name into his NPC list and to tell his teacher that he was about to leave Beginning Island.

    The old man smiled happily and allowed Sila to do so, thinking that it would make Sila come to this place less often. He also told Sila that if it wasn’t something urgent, Sila should contact him by calling instead of coming here.

    Afterward, Sila came back to town. Everything seemed normal. Sila walked slowly towards the harbor at north. In the morning like this, there were not many players around the port. Players usually don’t hang out around the port if it isn’t a departure day. Well, today was a departure day so there were few.

    Sila went to buy a ticket amounting to 2,000 silver before walking around, trying to shop through the stalls set up by the players.

    One female merchant noticed Sila. “Bro, Bro, do you want to buy something?”

    Sila went over and looked at her products. Her shop displayed miscellaneous items ranging from potions to armor. There were not many products though. They might all have dropped from monsters.

    Sila didn’t know what to buy so he asked for female merchant’s advice.

    “You’re playing qi type, right? Are you interested in this steel sword? It’s quite good.” She suggested.

    “I’m planning to play using barehand though.”

    “Aww, using barehand is hard, you know? Only Lone Wolf, the Qi Emperor, is decent playing this way. The rest all use swords. Are you really not into swords?” She was still trying to sell her goods.

    Sila would like to tell her that the Right Arm of the Sealed One had prevented him from using weapons. Sure, he could snatch a weapon from enemies and use it temporarily, but he wouldn’t get a supportive skill like Sword Mastery so he chose not to use it.

    “Is your arm hurt? Or is it poisoned? Do you want an antidote?” She was looking at his right arm that was wrapped by bandages.

    “It isn’t poisoned. By the way, do you sell bandages?” Sila noticed that his bandages on his right arm started to look old and dirty.

    The female merchant nodded and took a new roll of bandages out. Sila picked it up and handed 200 silver to her.

    “Oh, do you have an accessory that can be used to seal a pet inside?” Sila said when Lookhin landed on his shoulder.

    The female merchant opened her system window and took one small golden ring out.

    “I have only this one, Bro. I don’t know whether it has that ability or not though. It was dropped from an elf in Illusion Forest but still hasn’t been unsealed yet so no one knows its ability. I bought it at 3,000 silver so I will sell to you at 3,500 silver since I don’t know whether it’s what you want.”

    Sila thought that its price wasn’t expensive so he paid for it. Then, he went to a corner and used the Unseal skill. The ring turned into a golden ring trimmed with a white jewel in a triangular shape.

    Sila opened his system window to inspect its ability.

    (B) Three World Ring

    Increases magical defense by 300 points.

    Can be used to keep three pets inside.

    Pet that was kept inside will have 20% more recovery rate.

    Provided user the artificial skill: Light of Forest [This skill will be lost if this item is no longer equipped.]

    Artificial Skill: Light of Forest

    Generates light. The light’s intensity depends on magic point used.

    Sila was glad that it was the ring he was looking for. It even provided him a skill that consumed magic point which previously was a useless stat to him.

    There were four types of rings that could be dropped form elves in Illusion Forest. First are E-grade Light Rings which had a very high chance of dropping. The second was C-grade Rings of Illusion Forest that could be used to keep one pet inside; its drop rate was decent. The third was the one that Sila had gotten, B-grade Three World Ring that could be used to keep three pets inside and provide the player with an artificial skill; its drop rate was quite low. The last and rarest one was the Ring of Elven; its ability far surpassed the three previous rings.

    All these rings had the same appearance when unsealed. Due to the fact that the cost of unsealing process was 100 silver and they mostly turned out to be low-value Light Rings, merchants often sold them in an unsealed state and let the buyers test their luck. Thus, Sila was considered lucky. But it was a chance that could happen to anybody anyway.

    Sila wore his newly acquired ring on the middle finger of his left hand, next to the Couple Ring of Commitment. It shrunk and fit into his finger. Sila looked at Lookhin that was flying happily in the sky and didn’t feel like keeping it into the ring yet. There was one hour left before the ship departed so he let it enjoy the wide space for now.

    Sila planned to log out inside the ship, which is a norm for everybody. Since the ship took three days to arrive at the Main Continent, most people used that time to log out and will log in again when the ship arrived. Doing so, players will appear at the harbor in the Main Continent without having to spend time inside the ship.

    Then, there was clamor coming from the path to Beginner Town. Sila, who was playing around with Lookhin, took a look at that way. He saw a group of players walking towards the harbor. He looked at them for a while before becoming disinterested.

    ‘Maybe they’re famous, I guess?’ thought Sila.

    However, while Sila was feeding bird food to Lookhin, that group of players stopped in front of him.

    “Are you Mister Sila?” said one guy from that group.

    Sila looked up at the person who had asked this seemingly popular question. Maybe he should put on a nameplate next time to prevent others from asking him.

    In front of him was a silver-haired handsome man. Even without being able to adjust 30% of his look, this guy would still be quite handsome in real life. (Sila also thought that even with being able to adjust looks to 30%; there are still many players with savage faces. This world was truly unfair.) This man wore a silver set of armors. There was also a saber hanging at his left waist. In conclusion, his style was a silver knight from a western kingdom.

    Sila nodded to answer the guy’s question while secretly using God's Cathedral to count the number of his enemies.

    ’seventeen… no it’s eighteen people. Those guys in the back don’t seem strong. But this man is special.’

    “My name is Shueria, one of the vice-leaders of the Royal Armament Guild. I have heard that my subordinates have troubled you last night.” The silver-haired man said, causing a ruckus from the sides.

    “I don’t mind. You subordinates didn’t cause me any trouble,” replied Sila.

    Those guys who had come at Sila last night become furious. Sila’s sentence clearly meant that they were not worth mentioning.

    “You bastard…” One of those guys tightly grabbed his weapon, but Shueria gestured his hand to stop him.

    “If they didn’t cause you any trouble, that’s good. By the way, can I ask Mister Sila something?” said Shueria.

    “That’s fine. However, before that, can I ask you one question first?” proposed Sila.

    Shueria smiled, making Sila become wary. He wasn’t good at dealing with this kind of person – the kind of person who able to keep their composure at any given situation. He was more proficient at dealing with hot-headed types.

    “You’re welcomed to ask any question, Mister Sila.”

    “Have I done something to your guild? Why are you guys targeting me?” Sila asked directly.

    “If it’s about last night behavior, it’s my subordinates’ fault. They were targeting you arbitrarily since your bounty tempted them. Do not worry, I will personally punish them later.” Shueria answered. “The actual reason why we’re putting a bounty on you is due to Miss Varee.”

    “Varee?” Sila had guessed wrong. He had thought that he might have accidentally killed someone related to this guild since he had killed many players during the event for couples. “How does Varee relate to this matter?”

    “About that, my leader has been interested in recruiting Miss Varee to enter our guild for a long time. And the fact that you came to this game has made things more difficult for us.” Shueria didn’t directly tell Sila that his leader was head over heels for Varee but did tell Sila that he was in the way.

    “I still can’t see why this is related to me,” wondered Sila. Whatever guild Varee decides to enter clearly didn’t relate to him.

    “Normally, Miss Varee is guildless, so we can wait for her to make her decision to enter our guild. But now, your existence might affect her decision. My leader doesn’t want things to become troublesome so he personally sent me to handle this.”

    “And may I ask how are you planning to ‘handle’ this?” asked Sila. His hand was still moving naturally to feed Lookhin.

    “It’s nothing much. I just want to invite you into our guild. With you in our guild, the chance of Miss Varee entering our guild will increase. But, if you refuse, I might need to make you quit playing this game.”

    “That didn’t sound like an invitation to me.”

    “That depends on your decision.”

    At the end of his line, Shueria’s Mental Oppression started to focus on Sila.

    Now, many players who listened to Sila and Shueria conversation realized what was about to happen. Merchants started to pack their items since they didn’t want them to be ruined by the battle. However, the scene of Shueria fighting an opponent was rare. So, they kept their distance but still took a look at Sila’s way. They were also contacting their friends about this story. Soon, this situation became a hot topic in the game’s forum.

    Sila was circulating Intermediate Qi constantly to defend against Mental Oppression. That was why he hadn’t been affected by it. However, once he tried to lower his qi, the pressure made him very uncomfortable. Thus, it was like he was forced to keep circulating Intermediate Qi all the time.

    Meanwhile, Shueria was surprised but didn’t let it show onto his face. Based on the information, Sila had just started playing this game for a fortnight. There was no way his Mental Oppression didn’t work but Sila was able to endure it. Sila was even a qi-type player. Shouldn’t his progress be slow?

    “What method are you going to use to prevent me from playing this game?” asked Sila.

    “I will kill you here and wait for you at the revive spot. Then, I will kill you again and again until you quit playing.” Shueria said with a smile, although he didn’t feel great about doing so inwardly.

    “Are you able to do that? Or will you take my bird as a hostage to force me again?”

    Shueria looked at the tiny sparrow. His system window indicated that it was just a level 1 Brown Sparrow.

    “I won’t do that, of course. If someone in my guild takes that shameful action, dirtying the guild’s name, I will personally punish him severely.”

    At the end of his sentence, one man who was behind him started to tremble. It seemed like ‘severely punish’ was indeed severely.

    “That’s good to hear. However, your plan has two flaws, you know?” said Sila.

    “Flaws?” Shueria wondered at Sila being able to keep his composure. A new player couldn’t possibly stand up against him. Why does this man still seem confident?

    “The first is; I’m an acquaintance of Varee in real life. If I just tell her about this action of yours, she will no doubt never enter your guild.”

    Though, Sila didn’t intend to do what he had just said. Nevertheless, he was aiming to buy some time so he had to keep talking. He knew his situation didn’t contain much value in Varee’s perspective.

    Shueria had already predicted this problem. It could be easy to guess that Sila was acquainted with Varee in real life since Sila seemed to enter this game by Varee’s invitation. However, there was no way a guy like him didn’t prepare a solution.

    Anyway, he now began to feel that Sila was trying to buy time. But he didn’t know why. In fact, Sila would be in a more disadvantageous position if their conversation was prolonged; since Shueria would have more time to gather guildmates.

    “Mister Sila, there are problems a man has to handle by himself. There’ll be no such man who takes this kind of problem to tell a girl just because he can’t handle it alone, won’t you agree?”

    The meaning behind Shueria’s sentence was that if Sila had to escape this situation by depending on a woman, he shouldn’t call himself a man anymore.

    Sila nodded, “I thought so too. This is a problem between us. Others shouldn’t interfere.”

    “Then, what about the other flaw you mentioned?” asked Shueria since he could guess the first one; but he couldn’t anticipate another flaw in his action.

    “The other is; your plan revolves around you being able to kill me here. However, what if I can kill you instead?” said Sila in cold voice.

    Shueria’s eyebrow was twitched by anger. He usually was a calm person but the thought of him, a predator, being insulted by a prey caused him to feel greatly agitated. Well, he was agitated from the start by Cross’s order to take care of this new player. However, he had to obey Cross’s order.

    ‘Just a little bit more,’ thought Sila.

    “Do you really believe you can win against me, Silver Knight Shueria, who fought alongside the Sword Emperor in the last war event?” Shueria said slowly with a tone that everyone could easily realize he was repressing his anger.

    Sila stood up and said; “Seal Lookhin,” then the brown bird turned into a light and went into his ring. He stared at Shueria for the first time.

    ‘Time to push,’ thought Sila.

    “I just realized that people from the Royal Armament Guild use words to fight. You guys all say you have this or that oh-so-great nickname but your guys fighting ability aren’t even half of what you bragged about.” He looked at Shueria arrogantly.


    “You all can come at me at once. I want to end this quickly. The ship is about to come.” Sila further provoked Shueria.

    “Don’t you guys dare interfere. I’ll kill him by myself.” Shueria ordered his subordinates. Afterward, he turned his head to confront Sila. His face distorted by rage. “And you, just draw out your weapon so that you won’t have any excuse when you die.”

    Shueria’s aura completely changed from a gentle knight as he had been. He had lost his previous composure that Sila had been wary of.

    “Fufu. Don’t be conceited; I don’t need a weapon for a guy like you.”

    This sentence of Sila was a signal for the battle to begin. Shueria drew out his saber from its sheath and rushed at Sila. Meanwhile, Sila circulated qi throughout his body. His body stood firmly.

    The kind of opponent that he most excelled at dealing with was coming now.  

    T/N: Shueria is pronounced as 'Chuu-ae-ria,' not 'Chuu-ria.' Kindly tell me if you think I should change it.
  • Sila the instigator is back at it again. It's just a game, bro. Just attempt to leave and if he fights, then protect yourself. No need to rile him up so much. Now I see all he wants to do is fight. what a blockhead, lol
  • Sila the instigator is back at it again. It's just a game, bro. Just attempt to leave and if he fights, then protect yourself. No need to rile him up so much. Now I see all he wants to do is fight. what a blockhead, lol
    maybe Sila just try to delay until his seal coodown to finish so he can use his right hand to battle those guys
  • Sila the instigator is back at it again. It's just a game, bro. Just attempt to leave and if he fights, then protect yourself. No need to rile him up so much. Now I see all he wants to do is fight. what a blockhead, lol
    It's all about the self defense bruh
  • polong said:
    maybe Sila just try to delay until his seal coodown to finish so he can use his right hand to battle those guys
    Dude, his hand is broken. He has to go to the lost kingdom of android to fix it since he chose qi over psychic
  • I'm new here, and I really like this novel, can't wait for new chapter...
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    Chapter 32: Farewell Beginning Island - Last Part

    Sila waited for the saber coming at him with a smile. The saber that strikes with prudence and the saber that strikes with fury are far different. Although this saber was filled with Mental Oppression, causing the blade to shake heavily; the saber was struck in a straight line without holding back.

    Sila circulated Qi of Little Fish. His left hand also used Worlds Crossing Bridge empowered by Qi of Little Tiger to parry this sword. Sila used his full power from the start since he was fully aware that he would be no match for an experienced player.

    Sila’s left hand stroke at the side of the blade. The saber was shifted a little despite Sila striking it with full force. This informed Sila about the power of the saber striking at him. Anyway, shifting just a little was enough for Sila; he evaded the blade to the right while moving the power of Qi of Little Tiger into his right fist. He also changed the power of Worlds Crossing Bridge into Tortured Soul.

    Now, Sila’s right fist shone mysteriously. The qi was so strong that even a player far from the fight still could tell it was scary. It was a fist that Sila quickly launched at Shueria.

    Shueria was shocked that Sila’s movement was quick to this extent. His saber was even deflected by Sila’s attack. He wasn’t ready to cope with this fist of Sila.

    He was aware that he wouldn’t be able to dodge this fist, so he focused Psychic Impact into his body to increase his defense. It was a basic skill of psychic-type player that could be used both in offense and defense.

    The sound of a punch connecting to a body was thunderously loud. Sila was knocked back three steps by the impact while Shueria had to take several steps back. Shueria was looking at Sila with eyes of misbelief. There was no way a new player could be this strong.

    Sila was also wounded by Psychic Impact. This was the first time he was injured from a fight against players. It was a good thing that Shueria was furious. He would be in tight spot if this guy calmed down.

    Sila circulated Recovering Qi to reduce the pain he felt. Recovering Qi was a useful qi that players tend to ignore. They thought that its ability was to reduce pain, whereas the painfulness in the game was only a tenth of in real life so it wasn’t too hard to endure. However, the true benefit of this skill was the ability to get better sooner. In a fight, the guy who recovers faster has an upper hand against the guy who doesn’t.

    Shueria felt some adulterated powers within his body. One was hot and one was cold. In a heat of the battle, he wasn’t sure how he should effectively deal with them.

    In that moment, Sila was rushing at him.

    He was surprised that Sila could recover faster than him since he was higher in level. Anyway, he had to stop thinking for now and countered Sila by thrusting his sword.

    In fact, Sila hadn’t fully recovered yet but he forced himself to be on offensive. That was because he couldn’t afford to give Shueria a time to think and calm down. He had to attack continuously.

    A thrusting sword was indeed fast but the area of impact was narrower than a slashing sword. As soon as Sila circulated both Qi of Little Fish and Qi of Little Bird, his body disappeared from the spot and reappeared again behind Shueria’s back. Then, Sila’s hand chopped at the back of Shueria’s head.

    Shueria saw that Sila had disappeared from his line of sight. However, he could sense the killing intent from behind so he was quick to evade. Resulting in Sila’s knife-hand missing his head but hit his shoulder instead. The pain immediately coursed through Shueria’s body. His feet sank into the ground by two inches.

    Although Sila’s attack had successfully connected, Shueria endured the pain and thrusted the saber under his armpit. Sila who was caught off guard had to hurriedly dodge. But the blade still slashed at his side, causing his blood to splash.

    Sila jumped away to keep distance between himself and Shueria. Both of them were staring at each other. Up to this point, even the witnesses were all looking at them while holding their breath in excitement.

    Sila circulated Recovery Qi again. He was watchful for the opportunity to strike. If he had a chance, he would attack immediately regardless of whether his injury was fully healed or not.

    “If the ability of the vice-leader is only this much, I can measure the level of the Royal Armament Guild now. It’s pathetic.” Sila provoked Shueria again. He didn’t want his opponent to realize the change in the body he just attacked.

    “Arrogant bastard! I’ll kill you right here.” Shueria stood up. He was now serious. He activated his skill, Psychic Boost.

    Shueria’s body emitted out the psychic aura that could be seen even with naked eyes. His eyes turned silver-color. His blade was shaking all the time. Its power was to the extent that it could slash even an air without any movement.

    Sila smiled, ‘It’s time.’

    Sila circulated the full power of Qi of Little Tiger and his body emitted red qi aura. Then, he focused the power of Ray Assemble into the knife hidden in his sleeve. With that, the aura from his body moved into the knife. The hidden knife now was shaking heavily.

    “Die!” shouted Shueria. He rushed at Sila with his saber lifting up into the sky.

    Sila remained motionless. He risked waiting for a perfect moment – the moment of an explosion

    And that moment came. Shueria who was coming at Sila suddenly cried out in pain. His psychic power decreased and his body halted.

    Everybody here except Sila couldn’t imagine what had happened, even Shueria himself. He was about to strike but suddenly, the hot and cold powers, which he had been able to suppress, intensified. His body was halted like it was frozen but his sensation felt like he was in the sea of flame.

    “Farewell,” said Sila while moving his left hand forward, “Light of Forest.”

    Once Sila had activated a skill, the ring shone brightly and the entire area was engulfed in white light. Everyone closed their eyes. This was the moment that Sila had aimed for. He didn’t need to see since he clearly remembered what he had seen before closing his eyes. He used his right hand to throw a knife away with full power.

    The shaking red knife flew at high speed. It pinned down at Shueria’s forehead. The knife couldn’t maintain the qi fusing in it anymore so it was broken into pieces as soon as it hit the target.

    Shueria’s body turned into white light and dispersed. He had died without showing his real skill yet.

    Sila had to plan this fight thoroughly. His abilities were lower than Shueria in all aspects.

    He had started his attack while they were still having a conservation. He used God’s Cathedral fused with Qi of Little Tiger to decrease Shueria’s health points without letting him know. He had prolonged their conversation for this reason.

    He grasped that Shueria was a calm fighter who attacked and defended carefully, based on the way he talked. Thus, Sila taunted Shueria to step into his game, forcing Shueria to abandon his composure. That was why Shueria couldn’t show his real strength. Sila was well aware that if he had to fight Shueria in his normal state, there was no way for him to win.

    Moreover, Sila realized that the power of Tortured Soul was still left in Shueria’s body. His enemy wasn’t a qi-type player and didn’t possess Recovering Qi. So, Shueria shouldn’t be able to drive an abnormal power out as fast as him. That meant Shueria had to suppress it for now and plan to eject it later.

    With that in mind, the hand that Sila had chopped Shueria was fused with Recovering Qi together with Qi of Little Tiger. The reason he had included Recovering Qi into his attack was to prevent his opponent to feel the Qi of Little Tiger that he had added. That was the first time Sila adapted Recovering Qi to use offensively.

    Afterward, his newly added Qi of Little Tiger had accelerated the power of Tortured Soul and caused it to explode inside Shueria’s body, making him halt.

    Next, Sila had used Light of Forest to prevent anyone from seeing him firing hidden weapon because he still wasn’t at the level of being able to fire it without being noticed yet. This hidden weapon was his trump card. He had concentrated all his qi into the knife as Qi of Little Tiger. That was why it could have killed Shueria.

    When the light faded away, Sila was standing there alone. Many witnesses were surprised as they opened their eyes. Shueria’s subordinates were confused. They opened their guild window to check Shueria’s status and found that he had died. They soon come to panic.

    “The vice-leader has died!?”

    A commotion spread around the harbor. People began to talk about what had just happened. The news of Sila being able to win against the Silver Knight Shueria was quickly shared in the game’s forum.

    A new player is able to defeat vice-leader of a Royal Armament guild of Sword Emperor in a one-on-one battle!

    Sila released Lookhin to fly around him. He then sat down and tore a bag of bird food to feed to Lookhin. His action was like his previous fight was not worth mentioning.

    “Do you guys intend to keep staring at me or what? Are you guys going to fight or escape? Choose.” Sila said.

    The rest of the members of the Royal Armament Guild seemed confused of what to do next. The guy in front of them was a guy who could defeat their vice-leader. They were surely no match for him. However, it would leave them a bad taste in their mouth if they were to let Sila, their target, go easily.

    The sound of a ship docking could be heard. Sila didn’t wait for them to answer his question. He stood up and walked towards the ship.

    “A-Are you going to flee from us?” said one guy from the Royal Armament Guild. Even he himself wasn’t confident in what he had just said.

    Sila stopped his foot, “I just don’t want to fight against incompetent enemies. But if you’re confident that you’re stronger than your vice-leader, feel free to come at me. Hurry up, though. I want to go now.”

    Members of the Royal Armament Guild could only swallow their saliva into their parched throat. They realized they were too incompetent to stop Sila. But for them to turn and go back, it would further damage the reputation of their guild. Thus, they had no choice but to stand still.

    “Well, I would like to take my leave, farewell,” said Sila as he went onto the ship.

    People began to gradually go towards the ship, leaving members of the Royal Armament Guild behind. The news of the new star, the promising newcomer who would soon shake the world of Monster Soul, began to spread out widely.


    As soon as Sila had gone into the ship, he quickly rented a private room. Once he was in the room, he spat out blood and laid on the floor.

    His face was deathly pale. The previous fight had forced him to overuse his power. He had spent all his qi into the last knife, leaving his body fragile. The true reason he had walked away without killing the rest of them was because he didn’t have power left anymore.

    That was why the last knife was so strong. It was fused with all his remaining qi. And the reason he released Lookhin wasn’t because he wanted to show his composure to scare them, it was for the case that they still wanted to attack him, he would have to rely on Lookhin to defend himself.

    Sila took two qi-recovering pills and ate them. Then, he had to circulate Recovering Qi for more than an hour to regain his strength. However, the harmful psychic within his body was superior to his power. Thus, even with his body fully recovered, he could feel that there was some virus erupting in his body. It was like he had a time bomb within his body, ready to blow up any time.

    With his thought of wanting to get rid of this unadulterated power, he soon activated Unblemished Aqua to banish this power. Then, although the psychic was thinned, it still left its origin in his body. And when Sila stopped circulating his qi, this core of psychic would begin to accumulate itself little by little. That meant, Sila circulating his qi was just an action to delay his death.

    This psychic was called Bomb Lurking Psychic, a high-tier skill of Shueria that had invaded Sila’s body since their first clash. Shueria wasn’t a vice-leader only in name, he could perform this counterattack even when defending. Meanwhile, Sila didn’t excel in defense, so the psychic could invade his body easily.

    Sila opened his system window to contact his nameless teacher. He told the story to him and asked his teacher for a solution.

    His teacher told Sila that there were two choices for Sila to make.

    “For first method, you have to die once, then Bomb Lurking Psychic will be gone from your body.”

    As his teacher finished the first method, Sila instantly asked for the second method. He considered that the first method wasn’t a way to solve the problem; It was just a way to run away from problem.

    “Alternatively, you have to keep circulating Unblemished Aqua to prevent the psychic to get stronger and damage your body,” said the old man.

    “And how long do I have to keep circulating it?”

    “It would be until you gain Qi of Little Turtle, I assume. Qi of Little Turtle is strong defensive qi. If you possess it, it will protect your internal organs. Use it together with Unblemished Aqua will result in getting rid of Bomb Lurking Psychic.” The old man answered, “It seems you are scheduled to visit the Underwater Palace faster than I thought.”

    As the call ended, Sila was sitting cross-leg on the bed. His body was glowing in the semi-transparent blue color of Unblemished Aqua all the time. He needed to circulate both Unblemished Aqua and Intermediate Qi to replenish the qi he lost.

    “Underwater Palace,” said softly Sila. It seemed the first destination of his journey in the Main Continent had been decided.

    Sila closed his eyes and logged out.

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    Guys. As my release rate is fastened and my editor is busy with some work, the edited version of the chapters are delayed for the time being. I think this problem will be solved soon though. Please enjoy the chapter or wait 2-3 more days for the edited version to catch up.

    @ShadowDC ; (about hidden quest toward Lookhin)
    No, he didn't. Seems like raising a pet to be able to use all qi, psychic and magic isn't involved or triggered any hidden quest.

    Admittedly, I normally agree with you blaming Sila (lol) since Sila at this time is quite immature (he will grow A LOT, I promise). But this time the situation is different. He has no way out as he is waiting for a ship to come. The only method left for him would be using "Crystal of Connecting" or Couple Ring to teleport himself to Varee. But you know how he thinks of her...
  • lol thanks for chappie. it doesnt really help that everyone feels no shame in bullying a newcomer. i mean, i know he is becoming op, but seriously. 

    plus, author just wants to show off Sila, i think, and how much stronger he has become. kind of forced, though.
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    I always try not to talk about the story as I'm afraid of spoiling it.
    Nevertheless, talking with readers is just too fun to pass on. I can't help it. lol. I enjoy reading feedbacks and criticisms from every of you.

    Again, allow me to express my thanks to everyone who read this novel and especially who post comment to reach me : ) Your supports surely mean a lot to me (and of course, to the author.)

    I know what you mean. In this kind of story where MC starts late, it's inevitable for author to come up with some plot to make MC 'decent'.
    However, it's true that it's kind of overstretch to make Sila defeats even vice-leader of a big guild (even with good plan.) Thankfully, author come up with a decent reason for it (which you will find out later in upcoming chapters.)
  •  :D

    those tend to be called ex machinas and plotholes lol

    but cant wait for next chapter. sounds a lot like Hunter X Hunter and Bomberman, sort of.
  • I mean the reason given already follow the story so far and isn't some B's plot armour of sorts 
    Anyways thanks for the chapter
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    Good news, guys. I will be able to fasten the pace of chapter release rate. I will be releasing one chapter a day from now on. (It's not permanently though.)

    Sorry but "Impacting Psychic" sounds stranger for me. As a verb, "impact" means 'affect' or 'influence' rather than impact as a noun.
    I planned to stick with "Verb+ing Psychic" format to all five principle psychics so I need a verb that means 'slam', 'hit' or similar.
    Thank you for your suggestion. Sorry to let you have to bear with my selfishness in this case.
    Psychic impact sounds better or psychic force.
  • telekinesis is actually a pretty cool power.
  • Psychic force and psychic blast fit better. So would qi type, psychic type and magic type.
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    Chapter 33: A Warm Welcome

    It was 8 in the morning when Sila got out of the life-supporting capsule. He got up and walked slowly around the room. Sila could walk normally now. But he could feel that his stamina was lower than before.

    Sila warmed up and began to try a light workout. He performed push-ups. However, his body really wasn’t in good shape; just twenty times and he could hardly do any more push-ups already. Usually, he could perform three sets of push-ups, a hundred times per set.

    His body was soaked with sweat when the door of his room opened. Doctor Panhathai went into the room.

    “Wait! What are you doing, Sila?” exclaimed the doctor.

    “I’m working out,” naively replied Sila.

    “You can’t perform serious workout like this.” The doctor scolded.

    “I usually perform much more serious workouts than this.”

    “That’s when you are in a good condition. But now your body needs recovering. Please refrain yourself from heavy activities.”

    “But I didn’t want to just lie down on the bed,” Sila argued.

    The doctor sighed. It seemed Rashine’s plan worked a little too well. Sila who had no spirit in doing anything before now pushed himself too much.

    “Then, I will give you a workout program later. You need to follow my instruction strictly if you want to recover soon.”

    “Thank you.”

    “Well, I will write it now. You should go and take a bath.” The doctor said while walking to the couch.

    Sila went into the shower. Cold water was pouring on his head, making him refreshed. He was thinking about the game.

    ‘Now the important thing is finding Montra. But what will I do once I meet him?’

    Before he had started playing, he thought he could easily find Montra since that guy seemed to be famous. Once he met Montra, he would ask him about his teacher and the reason why Montra had to cheat. He would also ask for a revenge duel. However, it wasn’t that simple once he entered the game.

    Firstly, Montra was very difficult to find. Not only did he have to travel to the Main Continent, but he also had to encounter Heavenly Dragon Guild’s members that seemed to be everywhere.

    Secondly, Sila hadn’t played any game before. He didn’t know that his avatar would be weak once he entered the game. He previously thought that since it was a virtual reality game, it would be just like him entering into another dimension with his current body. Based on the NPC’s explanation, he was aware that he wasn’t a match for Montra in the game. If it was about fighting ability in real life, he perceived that he would be slightly weaker than Montra. But if it was an in-game fight, there would be no way for him to win.

    So, Sila thought he needed to change his courses of action. Since the flow of time inside the game was five-times faster than in real life, he would have time to train himself more than normal. He had wasted his time in the hospital for one month already; he could afford to wait for another month.

    ‘Well, next, I should go to the Underwater Palace for Qi of Little Turtle and get rid of Bomb Lurking Psychic. Then, I’ll train myself hard while finding clues about Montra.’

    Once he had settled on what to do next, he calmed down. Of course, he still felt hatred towards Montra. But Sila wasn’t a stupid person. He was fully aware that he was inferior to Montra in all aspects, be it power or influence. Although his teacher taught him that the most important aspect of the fight was the mind, a certain level of fighting ability was also needed.

    Sila’s teacher always taught him to be as calm as water, being good at controlling his own emotions. If Sila could do that, Sila would be more skillful than this. The funny thing was, Sila could only do that once his teacher was gone. Before, he was a fighter type focused only on the offensive. But once he lost to Montra, he was able to calm his mind in battle. Although he couldn’t do that all the time, it was still a good start for him.

    Sila just hoped that his teacher would appear and see his current progress.

    Humans were strange creatures. They usually didn’t appreciate things around them. They only realized the value once those things were gone. The teachings from his teacher that Sila hadn’t cared much about before, he now started to understand how important they were.

    “Be as calm as water, hmm?” Sila used his hands to handle the water from the shower. He smiled. He really wasn’t very good at interpreting words. It seemed he would have to push himself to experience it for himself.

    Sila turned off the shower and sighed. His journey would be a long one and he still didn’t know his destination. He didn’t know what he wanted and what he would do once he beats Montra. Would he be satisfied? He didn’t know. He just had to try it.

    Sila wiped his body and wore new clothes that the nurse provided. He returned to the bedroom zone. Well, he was staying in a private patient room which had both a bedroom zone and bathroom within. When he thought about it, he realized he still hadn’t returned Rashane’s favor. This room cost was charged to Rashane.

    There were three more persons in the patient room. One was Rashane that was having a conversation with the doctor. One was a nurse preparing some equipment. The last one was Varee sitting on a couch.

    “Hi, Sila. Good timing. We’re talking about you,” greeted Rashane.

    “What’s the matter, Uncle?”

    “About you getting out of the hospital, of course.”

    “When can I go out?” happily asked Sila.

    “Your body has to be examined again. If there isn’t anything wrong, you will be able to leave the hospital in two or three days,” said the doctor. “Please come here. Let me examine your body.”

    Sila went to the bed, and then the nurse took some kind of tool to inspect his body. She told him to move his hands and feet around. Sila was looking at Varee. She was smiling and seemed to have something to say. But her mobile phone was interrupting.

    Varee picked up her call and walked outside to talk.

    “Good, no problem at all. It will take only some more days for you to leave the hospital,” said the doctor.

    “That’s good. By the way, where are you planning to live once you leave the hospital, Sila?” asked Rashane.

    Sila was stunned. He had been raised in the dojo. But after the incident, his dojo was closed down and he heard that it was seized by a bank agent. Although he felt that there was something sinister behind it, he couldn’t do anything to prevent it.

    “I don’t know, sir. Maybe I’ll find a job and rent a place.”

    “I’ll help you, then.”

    “Is that okay?” Sila felt bad as he was bothering Rashane in many ways already, including hospital fees.

    “Come on. I know a lot of people. It should be easy.”

    “In that case, thank you very much, sir.” Sila wasn’t stubborn as he was aware that he would have had a hard time finding a job in his condition.

    “Then, I’ll come and pick you up three days later. During the time, you shouldn’t think or workout too hard. You are almost recovered; it will be bad if your wound opens.”

    “Okay. I’ll keep staying online for three days then,” said Sila.

    Rashane smiled. At least Sila had learned to rest. He agreed with Sila’s suggestion.

    Sila picked up six nutrient pills and threw them into his mouth. “Let’s meet again in three days, sir.”

    “Wait. It seems like Varee has something to tell you,” said Rashane.

    Sila frowned. Does this girl even have to bother him both in the game and in real life?

    “Don’t mind it, sir. If she has something to say, she can easily contact me in the game anyway.”

    “Is that so? Well, let’s meet again in three days.”

    Sila put his palms together and said goodbye to both Rashane and doctor. The life-supporting capsule was closed down to cover Sila’s body and made him sleep.

    Meanwhile, Varee entered the room. She was shocked to see that Sila had already logged in.

    “Dad, why didn’t you tell him that I have something to tell him?” Varee said.

    Rashane was confused to see Varee being this panic. “Sila told me that you can just contact him once you are in the game.”

    Varee’s face went pale. “Dad, we need to go back home immediately, or else it will be too late.”


    Sila woke up in a cross-legged position. The pain coursed through his body immediately as he opened his eyes.

    “Argh!” Sila spat blood from his mouth and instantly circulated Recovering Qi.

    After fifteen minutes had passed, Sila felt better. He switched his power to Intermediate Qi and Unblemished Aqua. He checked his own body and discovered that the core of Bomb Lurking Psychic was bigger than before.

    “It seems I need to hurry.”

    Then, he spent his time in the room circulating his qi and playing with Lookhin. Until some time had passed and the naval announced that the ship would arrive at the Main Continent in fifteen minutes. Sila went outside.

    The sea breeze passed him. Sila released Lookhin to fly around. He noticed that people were looking at him and began to whisper. But he didn’t care. These people must have seen him fight against Shueria.

    The ship docked on the quay slowly. Although this place was called a city port, it wasn’t really a city. It was like a port at Beginning Island that the port is separated from the town. Well, there were many merchants setting up stalls to sell items to new arrivals, so this place became crowded. It was a big marketplace so people nicknamed it the city port.

    Sila was ready to leave the ship. Strangely, no one had stepped out of the ship yet. They were all opening a path for Sila to leave. Sila frowned. These people sure were weird. He just displayed some fighting skills and now they were this scared of him?

    Sila walked through the players slowly. However, even after Sila had stepped off the ship, no one moved. Sila looked around and felt that something wasn’t right.

    There were no merchants or stalls here at all. Instead, there were a group of players in armor and group of players wearing magic robes. They spread around the port. Their numbers exceeded a thousand.

    One man stepped forward. He was wearing light gorgeous armor. His hair was black and short. His body was full of muscles but his body wasn’t too big. In conclusion, he had a good shape and looked manly.

    “You must be Sila,” said that man.

    “And who are you?” asked Sila while he was looking around.

    “I’m Cross, Shueria’s guild master, but everyone calls me the Sword Emperor.”

    At the end of that speech, Sila had to look closely at this man. This man was very skillful. He could grasp this fact just by his stance that was ready to attack at any time.

    Now, Sila focused his thoughts on a way to escape from this place. He finally knew why everyone on the ship had kept whispering. They must know about the Sword Emperor being here. No, maybe everyone in the game had known this.

    Even in his best condition, he wouldn’t think that he could beat the Sword Emperor. Needless to say about his current condition where he had to keep using Unblemished Aqua all the time. The plan inside Sila head was to use Light of Forest to blind everyone here and focus all his qi into Qi of Little Bird to flee.

    “Don’t you dare think about running away, though. Just for you, I even went out of my way to invite a special guest to come here,” said Cross.

    Sila wanted to know more than ever whether psychic-type players were able to read people’s mind.

    “You mean Varee?” wondered Sila as his only acquaintance in the Main Continent was Varee. She also had mentioned that she had something to tell him. Is it about her deciding to join the Royal Armament Guild?

    Meanwhile, Cross felt furious inside. He wasn’t sure Sila was just making fun of him by mentioning Varee, knowing that he was in one-sided love with her, or not.

    “It’s not Varee, but he is a person you’ll surely be happy to meet.”

    Then, the area full of players in magic robes opened. One man was walking through them slowly.

    This man was handsome. His skin was white, so as his slightly curly hair. His shape was good, not too fat and not too thin. He was wearing an elegant-looking tight magic robe. His mouth was smirking mockingly.

    “It’s been a long time, Sila. It must be since you admitted to the hospital, mustn’t it?” said that man.

    Sila’s face was contorted with rage. It was a given that he remembered this guy. Even if this man was crushed to specks of dust, Sila would still remember this man. Since this man was the sole reason for Sila to play this game.

    “Montra!!!” Sila shouted out angrily.

    It was ironic that once Sila decided to change his plan not to find Montra for the time being, Montra instead appeared before him.

    T/N: This chapter marks the end of volume#1: "First Step into the New World"

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    @nail @pyro5379 @Evil_Ginger
    I admit defeat. lol. It seems I really am in need of a suggestion for cool names. First, let me state about this group of psychic skill's overall ability and my predetermined names for each of it. You are free to recommend any change to the names.

    1. Fusing Psychic: A psychic power that creates shape (e.g. change psychic energy into ball or sword.)
    2. Blasting Psychic: A psychic power that temporary increases energy output (e.g. temporary increase the volume and power of the psychic ball.)
    3. Embodying Psychic: A psychic power that adds properties into something (e.g. add lightning element or poison into psychic ball.)
    4. Slamming Psychic: A psychic power that push objects, including air, away (not exactly a telekinesis.)
    5. Shifting Psychic: A psychic power that controls, manipulates or gives condition to something (e.g. control movement of psychic ball or shift the target of the skill from one person to another.)

    While you guys are at it, can I also ask you to suggest me a name of a particular martial art? It's a martial art heavily designed for movement (dodging, step in, step out.) Its original name means "Twelve steps that can travel across the stars." I plan to use Twelve Celestial-Traveling-Steps for it. What do you think?
  • 1.  psychic shaping
    2.  psychic boost or overload
    3.  psychic enchantment or infusion
    4.  psychic force, slam, or pulse
    5.  psychic shift

    Celestial steps would be fine, You don't want an overly long name. Navel what?
  • 1. Conjuring Psychic       - Fusing
    2. Enhancing Psychic     - Blasting
    3. Transmuting Psychic  - Embodying
    4. Emitting Psychic         - Slamming
    5. Manipulating Psychic  - Shifting
  • lol, these explanations seem to fit support magic more than psychic abilities.
    1 conjuration or construct, maybe fabricate
    2 buffing, strengthening, fortifying
    3 enchanting, enhancing, amplify, augment
    4 assault, pressure, something gravity related
    5 influence, direct, manuever, steer
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    Chapter 34: The Cause of War

    Sila looked at the sight in front of him with the eyes filled with anger. The man in front of him was Montra, his final objective for playing this game, the one who Sila desired to drive into pain and torture.

    “You’re still looking as weak as before. I can’t believe you followed me into this game,” said Montra.

    “Where is my teacher?” asked Sila. That was Sila’s first question he had wanted to ask once he met Montra.

    “Your teacher? … He is with my teacher.”

    “I’m not interested in whom my teacher was with. I want to know where he is. What have you done to my teacher?” shouted Sila.

    “I can do anything I want. It’s my business. A loser like you doesn’t have the right to ask,” said Montra. “I heard that you would like to kill me, wouldn’t you? Can you really do that though?”

    He laughed. The people behind him also laughed.

    Sila’s face distorted with rage. He tried to circulate qi but it wasn’t effective. His qi needed to be used to suppress Bomb Lurking Psychic all the time. It couldn’t be used in combat.

    “But I’m a kind person. I’ll give you a chance. If you win against me now, I’ll tell you where your teacher is,” said Montra.

    “Are you for real?”

    “Of course, if you can, though,” Montra said that while gesturing with his hand to tell everyone to not disturb.

    In the real world, Montra’s abilities would be considered just slightly higher than Sila. But in the game that Sila had just entered, it was absolutely certain that Sila couldn’t win against Montra who had played the game for years. This shouldn’t be called a duel. It was a public execution.

    Sila didn’t have a choice. If it was about the Sword Emperor, Sila would flee once given a chance. But it was different now. His opponent was Montra. Even if he didn’t stand a chance, he still couldn’t run away. Running away here would affect his confidence in future confrontations.

    Once he had to fight, he must be able to fight.

    Realizing that, Sila took out a bottle of qi-recovering pills and poured all of them into his mouth. The light of qi power shined brightly. Sila threw the empty bottle away.

    The sound of the bottle breaking was a starting signal.

    Sila stopped circulating Unblemished Aqua. With the overwhelming amount of qi that ran through his body right now, the power of Bomb Lurking Psychic was automatically suppressed for a while. But this action of his was like stopping thirstiness by drinking poison. It only helped his body for a short period. Once his qi depleted, the after pain would be tremendous and his body would explode with pain.

    But this wasn’t the time to think about it. The only thought in Sila’s brain currently was: how can he beat Montra in a short period of time? And the only answer he could come up with was a hidden weapon.

    Sila swiftly moved his hands. Suddenly, six red knives flew out of his hands towards Montra with tremendous speed and destructive power. All six of them were fused with both Qi of Little Tiger and Qi of Little Bird.

    Montra showed a surprised expression once he saw that Sila could use hidden weapons. However, he didn’t flinch as he flicked his robe. Then, the two-meter-long unique mage staff appeared in his hand. The staff had the shape of a Chinese dragon holding a marble in its mouth.

    Montra spun the staff and then all the knives were swept away. Nevertheless, once all six of them had been deflected, another twenty of them flew at him.

    It was Sila who fired another batch of hidden weapons at him with the help of Qi of Little Fish as soon as he had finished firing the first batch.

    Montra lifted the staff into the sky, using magic power to create a shield in front of him. It could easily defend against all the hidden weapons.

    “Is this all you can do?” said Montra. He flicked the staff and then around fifty fireballs appeared in the air, floating.

    Sila looked at the sight with astonishment. He really wouldn’t be able to dodge them.

    Flame Meteor Showe-” Montra was about to release his fireballs to attack Sila. However, all of the fireballs suddenly disappeared.

    Sila smiled. This was his only chance. His remaining time was almost over. He fired another six hidden weapons towards Montra.

    Montra was still curious as to why his skill had been stopped. Once he spotted the coming hidden weapons, he then flicked his staff to deflect them again. “Same as ever.”

    However, looking closely, Sila had gone. However, an expert like Montra could easily detect that Sila had moved to his right side and was concentrating power.

    Montra concentrated magic power into the staff, making the dragon’s eyes on the staff to shine brightly. He turned his body to the right side to handle Sila. However, he immediately sensed “Mental Oppression” behind him. It posed a threat greater than Sila, causing him to turn his attention to.

    He was surprised. That threat was actually a small brown ball charging straight at him at a high speed. It shone brightly with qi power.

    At the same time, Sila fired his remaining qi-fused knives towards Montra.

    To defend both attacks thrown at him from different sides, it was indeed a difficult task to do. It was like writing with both of his hands at the same time. However, Montra was deserved to be called one of the Four Emperors, even with this situation that he didn’t have time to chant a spell, he concentrated magic power into his staff and spun it around to thrust at the ball, causing it to bounce off. Then, he evaded all the knives in the last second.

    He actually was able to evade them all. But there was a long wound left on his left cheek.

    His blood was dropping slowly. Montra was looking at the ball he had thrust and then realized that it actually was a small bird.

    Sila’s power was completely depleted from his last attack. He was spitting blood. His eyes were filled with regret that his last knife wasn’t able to kill Montra.

    Since Sila had come out of the ship, he had been keeping Lookhin in his chest for an emergency. It was his trump card in case that his body wasn’t in good condition. Previously, at the time Montra released the power of Flame Meteor Shower, he had ordered Lookhin to active Golden Needle to stun Montra. Later, he threw knives to cause a misdirection and then ordered Lookhin with Mind Connection to simultaneously attack Montra from both sides. Nevertheless, they failed.

    “Make me wondered for a moment. But in the end, it’s just a weakling and a sparrow working together. Well, it seems you were hurt before the battle,” said Montra.

    Sila didn’t respond. He lost again. His plan hadn’t worked. Now he could only circulate Recovering Qi to delay his inevitable death. He looked at Lookhin that was twitching on the floor as if it was about to die.

    Sila felt tears swell up. Even if this was only a game, his intimacy towards it was real.

    Sila said “Seal” softly to seal Lookhin inside his ring. He remembered that keeping a pet in the ring helped it recover faster. Sila hoped that it would work.

    ‘We are too weak,’ thought Sila.

    After this, he decided he would train himself and Lookhin so much more than this. From the previous battle, he was fully aware that Montra hadn’t been serious at all. This was the gap between their ability that couldn’t be filled in a short period of time.

    “I’m sorry, Sila. It seems you will not gain knowledge of your teacher’s whereabouts again. I really pity you. Well, goodbye again.” Montra said with an expressionless tone. It was as if what was in front of him was something unworthy to be emotional about.

    Montra lifted his staff empowering by magic power. The dragon’s eyes were shining brightly again. But Sila in his current state couldn’t even move his body. All he could do was close his eyes. Although this was a game, although he could revive upon dying, those facts didn’t make him feel at ease at all.

    ‘It ends here,’ thought Sila.

    *Crash!!* A crashing sound could be heard across the city port. Sila who was closing his eyes still couldn’t feel pain. Was being dead supposed to feel like this? There was no pain. Only darkness and the utter despair presented.

    Sila opened his eyes slowly. In front of him was a man standing between him and Montra. That man was wearing Wuxia clothes. His body looked strong and muscular. Sila was at his back so his face wasn’t visible for Sila to see. All he could see was that man’s hand was holding the staff with dragon’s head.

    “Are you going to interfere?” Montra said before jumping back to stand next to Cross who was showing a serious expression.

    The man who just entered the scene didn’t reply back. He turned his body to face Sila while handed Sila a bottle of pills similar to the bottle that contained qi-recovering pills Sila had just eaten.

    “It seems we finally meet again.”

    Sila took the bottle and looked at the man. Sila could instantly recognize him. This man was the man who participated in a duo quest at Mansion of Seven Deadly Sins with him.

    Lone Wolf, the Qi Emperor.

    Sila tried to talk to him, but the sudden sharp pain prevented him to do that. He had no qi left to circulate Recovering Qi anymore.

    “Just take one pellet and circulate Recovering Qi first. We can talk later,” said Lone Wolf.

    Sila poured a pellet into his hand. This pellet wasn’t brown like what he had eaten. It was golden and had a faint aura spreading around it. Sila didn’t have time to think much since the pain was getting all over his body. He swallowed it.

    As soon as the pellet entered his mouth, it left a sweet aroma and a cold feeling inside. However, as soon as it was swallowed, his body felt warm and hot. It didn’t take long for his qi to replenish. Sila didn’t hesitate to close his eyes and started circulating Recovering Qi right away.

    Once Lone Wolf saw that Sila was in better condition, he smiled. Then, he turned back to face against Montra and Cross.

    “It’s unbelievable to see both of you working together,” said Lone Wolf.

    “For mutual benefit, even an enemy can become an ally,” replied Cross.

    “I’ll be direct with you. Can you let this man go?”

    “Lone Wolf, do you know Sila?” asked Montra.

    “You could say that, but at the same time, we are not acquaintances.”

    “What does that mean?”

    “I had met him once. But we don’t personally know each other, that’s it,” answered Lone Wolf.

    Both Montra and Cross felt curious. Why would Lone Wolf involve himself for a man whom he had met only once?

    “In that case, it’s best for you not to get involved, don’t you agree? Especially for someone you don’t know.” Montra suggested.

    “I cannot accept that. If you guys don’t agree, I’ll have no choice but to force my way out with him.”

    “Do you really intend to force your way out of the combined forces of Royal Armament and Heavenly Dragon Guilds? Hahaha.” Cross laughed.

    “Well, when I forced my way to come here, I wasn’t stopped by anyone, was I?” Lone wolf said with an expressionless tone, causing Cross to stop laughing immediately.

    Based on energy type, qi type was considered the type that provided players the most basic stats. Thus, about Lone Wolf’s speed; although it wasn’t quicker than Shadow Emperor; it was considered quicker than both Montra and Cross.

    “Why?” asked Montra.

    ‘Why is everyone on Sila’s side?’ was what he wanted to convey. But he stopped his question mid-way. This situation didn’t just occur once, but twice, including that time.

    “It’s because I’m not like some kind of people. Do you know why I decided to play as qi-type? It’s because qi-typed players are usually honest and straight. Even if some are villains, they would call themselves a villain, not claiming themselves as righteous. We’re not like somebody that although claiming himself as righteous, his behaviors are not different from a bandit, no, even worse than a bandit. We’re also not like someone who can’t get a girl himself and then take his revenge on others. Why doesn’t he himself realize that the reason he can’t win a girl’s heart is because of his lack of ability?”

    Lone Wolf answered, his eyes were fixated at Montra and Cross.

    “You…” Cross’s anger was surging up. That last comment was obviously directed at him.

    “I still don’t understand, Lone Wolf. What do you have to dare insulting us like this? If we’re fighting one on one, it might be a close fight. But if we combine our power, with you having Sila as a burden, there’s no way you will survive.”

    Montra said that without being interested in what Lone Wolf had just said about his behavior being worse than a bandit.

    “Do you know the reason I’m late?” asked Lone Wolf, and as two of them didn’t seem to come up with an answer, he continued, “It’s because I have heard that two of Four Emperors were going to gang up on a single new player. At first, I didn’t believe the news, as that is the most disgraceful and cowardly action. However, once it was confirmed, I felt ashamed of my title that was grouped together with you guys. Thus, I contacted a certain someone whom also felt the same way. Then, we appointed to come here together. That’s the reason why I’m late.”

    Cross was so angry that it showed on his face. He had endured Lone Wolf bad-mouthing him long enough. Meanwhile, Montra stayed as calm as ever. One couldn’t say it was because he himself didn’t care or wasn’t interested.

    At the same time, a black shadow appeared beside Lone Wolf. Then, a figure dressed in black robes was slowly rising from that shadow. Under his black robes were also black clothes. His face was covered by a skull-shaped mask. However, everyone here could tell who this man was.

    Zero, the Shadow Emperor.

    “Now it becomes two versus two.” Lone Wolf said with a smile on his face.

    “Zero, what are you doing participating in this matter? This is completely unrelated to you, isn’t it?” said Cross.

    Shadow Emperor was the only one among the Four Emperors that was an individual player. Besides, among all Four Emperors, his ability was considered inferior only to Montra. These facts meant the Shadow Emperor was insanely strong.

    No one ever knew the face behind that mask. Even Montra and Cross were impressed that Lone Wolf was able to contact Zero.

    “I just agree with Lone Wolf’s opinion. I’m ashamed to be grouped together with you guys. Your actions are very disgraceful.”

    The Shadow Emperor was the most volatile among four. He did everything he wanted to do without caring for consequence. He was the first to release his black qi to circulate around himself, causing Sila to feel discomfort.

    Lone Wolf saw that, so he also released his qi to protect Sila.

    Seeing both of their opponents increasing their power, Montra and Cross also had to release their magic and psychic power to compete.

    The atmosphere around the city port turned into the worst state. The powerful auras clashing together, causing the sparking sound.

    A war that should have happened in five months seemed to breakout here and now, with Sila being the cause of it.

  • would have been fine for it to have just been the sword emperor, i think. realistically, anyway. Montra doesnt give a damn(but does?) and Zero is here for the principle of it. 

    but Qi Emperor? i sense...well, realistically, i feel like he has an agenda. honest my ass. all qi types are coniving.
  • I mean cmon is our MC is the Most simple minded make up you can get who doesn't want to use him
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