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    Chapter 21: Goddess of Moonlight

    Jundtrathep was still shocked that they had actually won against the Earth Dragon; a monster of a higher rank. With this, she realized right away that Sila was actually a lot stronger than what Alice had told her.

    The experience points she had gained were very high. It caused her level to jump from 185 to 665 right away. However, the strange thing was that Sila had obtained less experience points than her despite the fact that he had been the one who fought the most.

    “Big Brother Sila, why did you get less experience points than me?” honestly asked Jundtrathep.

    “Oh, about that: I have one card that restricts me to receive only 10% of the usual experience points.”

    ‘10% of the usual experience points? He had that restriction yet he still raised his level this fast?’ Jundtrathep was impressed.

    “By the way, I’m impressed at how strong Big Brother Sila is. You are able to defeat a dragon alone.”

    “I always fight alone like this,” Sila replied with an expressionless face. But Jundtrathep could somehow sense sadness in his voice.

    Afterward, Sila inspected the items he had gotten from the Tree Dragons. Now, his remaining item window’s space was lower than 100. The items he had gained from defeating Tree Dragons were as follows: Dragon’s Root – C Grade 65 EA, Tree Dragon Card – C Grade 92 EA, Earth Ore 30 EA, and money amounting to 250,000 silver. His current savings would be considered quite high for an individual player.

    “Would you like to accept the money I had gotten? I don’t think I deserve it since I didn’t help much,” proposed Jundtrathep.

    Sila waved his hand. “No need. Who told you that you didn’t help me out? Jundtrathep, if you didn’t tell me that it was weak against ice elemental attack, I would have lost by now. You even used a skill to replenish my qi. Otherwise, my qi would certainly not have been enough to defeat the Earth Dragon.”

    That was Sila’s reply. He wasn’t the type of person that was stingy about money.

    “Well, I guess we should find the treasures that the dragon mentioned. We may get something good if we’re lucky,” he spoke up, and then headed towards the location.

    Jundtrathep didn’t say anything. But with Sila’s action, she believed she understood him more. She had a vague idea that Sila was the type of person that always distanced himself from others. If someone approached him too much, he would walk away. This might be due to some past event happening in his life.

    “Wait, Big Brother Sila,” Jundtrathep called out.

    Sila looked back, “What’s up?”

    “Next time you can just call me Jund; that’s my nickname. My username Jundtrathep is quite too long.”

    Actually, Sila wasn’t the type to care much about the name he used to call someone. But as he thought that Jundtrathep was a girl who might be concerned about how she should be addressed, he nodded.

    “Okay, Jund.”

    A delightful smile formed at the corner of Jundtrathep’s mouth. She felt as if she was now a step closer to Sila.

    Two of them had to walk for fifteen minutes to reach the location the Earth Dragon had mentioned. It was a big tree that looked like a Bodhi tree. It was high to the point that one couldn’t see the top of the tree while being at its bottom.

    Ten-meters above where they were standing, there was a big hole in the tree. More importantly, there was a light shining out of that hole. Sila presumed that the light must be from the treasure the Earth Dragon mentioned.

    Sila looked at Jundtrathep’s face before saying, “Let’s go up there, Jund.”

    But she shook her head, “Big Brother Sila can go alone. It’s impossible for me to reach there. You can just tell me about it when you have finished.”

    However, Sila thought that they had fought together, so this treasure belonged to both of them. He wanted Jundtrathep to witness what they would obtain together.

    “Then, let’s do it this way.”

    “W-Wah,” the voice came from Jundtrathep’s mouth when Sila lifted her up in his arm as if he was holding a princess.

    “Hold on to me tightly, okay?”

    Jundtrathep’s face was blushing. She didn’t reply but nodded once.

    Sila circulated Qi of Little Bird throughout his body. Then, he soared high as if he was a little bird flying up into the sky. His body precisely floated and entered the tree’s hole.

    Inside the hole was a small circular room. Being here, Sila found out that the light emitted from the tree’s hole actually came from the moonlight shining through this entrance and reflecting on a strange stone at the center of the room. Its shape was like an egg, but it was three times larger than a normal hen’s egg.

    ‘What? Upon having a death match against a dragon, this small stone is the only reward we get?’ Sila thought.

    “Ermm... Big Brother Sila.”

    A voice as soft as a whisper came from Sila’s chest.

    “Hmm? What’s wrong?” Sila bent his head down. The distance between their faces was very close. He founded that Jundtrathep’s cheek was now bright red.

    “... You can put me down already,” she answered faintly.

    With that reply, Sila then realized that he was still holding her in his arms. Thus, he put her down, while she pouted.

    Then, her attention was caught by the strange stone as well.

    “It’s beautiful,” exclaimed Jundtrathep.

    Sila then thought. ‘Umm... so women love things like this, huh.’

    “Well, let’s take a closer look,” said Sila.

    Both of them approached the stone slowly. But when the distance between them and the stone was shortened to one meter, the stone then emitted a bright light that caused them to close their eyes.

    The system sound alarmed.

    Monster Goddess of Moonlight Luna, Marquis Rank, Level 1, has appeared.

    The strange stone scattered into pieces. Afterward, when the light faded, a woman in ancient armor stood in front of the two. Her armor emitted a soft yellow glow. In her right hand was an ancient spear, while her left hand held a round shield with mysterious alphabets inscribed on it. On her back, there were elegant white wings. She had a very gorgeous look with short hair. Its length only reached her shoulder. In short, she was like a brave female warrior, except for the wings at her back and a halo floating above her head that made her look like an angel.

    Sila pulled Jundtrathep back to the rear. He felt regretful that he had been foolish enough to be tricked by a dragon to come here just to be killed. Now that he thought about it, the relationship between their races wasn’t peaceful, there was simply no way the Earth Dragon would be kind enough to easily give him a treasure.

    He circulated a little bit of his qi that had been left throughout his body. He decided to give it his all, planning that he would at least flee away with Jundtrathep.

    However, the angel who had just appeared looked rather friendly. There was no hostile movement towards them. Seeing that, Sila let his guard down a bit.

    “Am I correct to presume that it is you who released me?” asked the angel.

    Sila nodded instead of giving a proper reply.

    “I’m Luna, the Goddess of Moonlight, who has been sealed here since long ago. I’ve always been here, waiting for someone to release me,” said the angel.

    “I’m Sila, and she is Jundtrathep,” answered Sila, and he immediately continued, “we’re not here to fight. We’re here to collect the treasure that a dragon had mentioned. Anyway, it seems like we’re in the wrong place, so, if you would excuse us ...”

    “You two have come to the right place. I’m the treasure you’re looking for,” she replied with a smile.

    “You’re the treasure? I don’t understand,” asked Sila.

    “Yes. The person who comes to this place at night will be granted an option of getting me as a Partner. Moreover, you will also be able to change your race to one of the hidden races – God Race.”

    “Partner? God race?” Sila didn’t understand a thing. That was because the information regarding partnership and god race were high-classed information that couldn’t be known easily in Beginning Town which provided only basic information.

    Even Jundtrathep, who had been playing this game for a longer time than Sila, still barely had any information about partnership. Tiger had told her once that partner wasn’t something one could get just by being strong; it was something that required one to possess tremendous good luck too.

    As for the hidden races, they were something she hadn’t even known existed in this game.

    The angel saw Sila and Jundtrathep didn’t understand what she had said, so she began to calmly explain.

    “Partnership is a special bond similar to a bond with a pet, except one player is allowed to have only one partner. Still, a partner is different and greater than pet in the fact that it has more freedom and possesses player-like abilities. It can shop or hunt in your place over an unlimited distance. Its overall potential is also several times higher than a pet. Simply put, the partner can act like your double. Its versatility is very high.”

    Then, she continued.

    “As for the god race, it’s a hidden race that can only be obtained via special methods. Getting me as your partner is one of the methods to change your race to the angel species of the god race. For your information, it’s a species that no one ever had a chance to change to before.”

    “I have already changed my race. What will happen if I get you as my partner?” asked Sila.

    “That’s a shame. My answer is that you can still have me as your partner, but you won’t be able to change your race to our race.”

    “Then, what is the strong point of the angel species of the god race?” Sila asked again.

    This was a something he had learned by discussing various races with Tiger’s party. Sila now knew that each race had its own benefit. (Though, he still couldn’t figure the benefit of slime race yet.) So, he asked Luna for the hidden race’s sacred information.

    “The angel species has high and balanced capability overall, although they focus more on defensive abilities rather than offensive. The special skill of angel specie is a summoning skill; we can summon the guardian from heaven to fight in our place. We also have a resurrection skill that allows us to resurrect other beings. These two are unique skills that only us of the angel species possess.”

    Sila listened carefully and found that its strong points didn’t sound alluring to him. What is the point of ordering others to fight in his stead? He also didn’t like the sound of the supportive and defensive skills Luna had mentioned either.

    “Then, Jund, you should take it,” Sila simply concluded like this matter was just a last candy in his dish.

    “Eh? You want me to take it?” she shocked.

    How could she not feel shocked? What she had obtained from Sila so far was too much already. Just the experience points and money she had gotten from Sila hunting the Earth Dragon were plenty enough. Although it was true that Sila tried to tell her that it was due to her help that he could defeat Earth Dragon, in her opinion, she thought that Sila could still win the fight even if she was not there.

    And this time he even wanted her to take the treasure? There was no way she could do that.

    “Yeah, it doesn’t suit me well; that supportive thing the angel was talking about. I also don’t like having other people fighting in my place,” Sila simply replied.


    “Moreover, I have already changed my race, so one of the treasures would be wasted if I am the one who takes it. Oh ... or you’re more preferred to change your race to plant race?”

    “That’s not it, but ...”

    Of course, for her who had been playing supporting role, God race was certainly better than plant race, no, it might even be better than dragon race. Not only did it have higher quality supportive skills, it also suited her preference better. The only thing that kept her from accepting this offer was her courteousness. She had always been the one who ended up receiving something. There was also the fact that she and Sila had only met each other for only a short time – to be exact, it was less than one day. Accepting too many things from him would be improper.

    Sila ended this conversation by informing Luna.

    “Please make a bond with this person,” Sila pushed Jundtrathep forward.

    “Are you sure?” asked Luna. She was the reward of the hidden quest: Unseal the Goddess of Moonlight, where one was required to defeat the Earth Dragon at night with a party with less than three members. She somehow knew that it was Sila who was the main one who accomplished that quest.

    She was an existence that one might even kill his friend for, in order to obtain a partner and keep the hidden race for themselves, but Sila instead gave her away to someone else easily.

    Sila had no idea what Luna was currently thinking about. He was just a bit curious why she asked only him. Nevertheless, he confirmed his decision.

    “I’m sure,” repeated Sila.

    “I see, then...” she reached her hand to grab the hand of Jundtrathep which was now shaking a bit.

    Suddenly, the system sound alarmed inside Jundtrathep’s head, and since Sila was still in her party, he could hear its content too.

    Player Jundtrathep has made a bond with Goddess of Moonlight Luna, Marquis Rank, Level 1. Luna has become player’s partner now.

    Player Jundtrathep has changed her race to God Race (Angel Species). Due to the lowest rank of God Race being Knight Rank, Player Jundtrathep’s status and rank have been promoted to Apprentice Angel of Knight Rank, Level 1.

    Player Jundtrathep has obtained Necklace of Moonlight 1 EA. It’s a personal item which cannot be sold or transferred.

    Player Jundtrathep has learned a special skill: Summon the Guardians of Light.

    Player Jundtrathep has learned a special skill: Angel’s Tear.

    Player Jundtrathep has learned a special skill: Angel’s Blessing.

    Player Jundtrathep has learned a special skill: Land of Promises.

    After the end of system alarm, she was impressed by how many things she had just gained.

    “The necklace is to be used to seal me in, master,” said Luna.

    “Umm... how many cards do I have to collect to obtain the Invitation Card to the race’s kingdom?” Jundtrathep blankly asked. She was fully aware that she wouldn’t be able to collect even a single card.

    “For the hidden race, there’s no need to collect the cards, master. There’s also no Invitation Card available. That’s because discovering the hidden race was considered hard enough by itself,” answered Luna.

    Sila noticed that the morning was arriving soon, so they needed to go back to their camp.

    “Jund, I would like to regenerate my qi for about ten minutes before heading back to the camp. Please use this time to chat with Luna for now, okay?”

    Then, Sila sat down; he closed his eyes and began to circulate his qi.

    Just as she was suggested, while waiting for Sila to circulate his qi, Jundtrathep used her time to ask Luna about her newly acquired skills.

    Soon, Sila opened his eyes and stood up. It was the sign that he was ready to go now.

    “Luna, please stay in the seal for now, okay?” said Jundtrathep.

    “Yes, Master.”

    “Seal Luna,” with those words, Luna’s body was turned into light and absorbed into the Jundtrathep’s necklace

    “Let’s go,” said Sila to Jundtrathep. He lifted Jundtrathep in his arms then soared back to their campground.

    Jundtrathep’s cheeks were slightly dyed red. She couldn’t feel at ease no matter how many times she had been carried by Sila like this.


    Jundtrathep’s obtained item:

    (S) Necklace of Moonlight

    Increases magical defense by 5,000 units.

    Increases the power of light-elemental spells by 20%.

    Increases casting speed by 50%.

    Can be used to seal Luna – Goddess of Moonlight within.

    Jundtrathep’s acquired skills:

    (A) Racial Skill: Summon the Guardians of Light

    Magic point consumption is based on the number and the level of summoned guardians.

    The number and the level of the guardian that can be summoned are based on level of skill “Basic Magic” that user possesses.

    The summoned guardians can stay active for 30 minutes until: the end of skill duration, user cancelation, or being destroyed. (They can still stay active even if user is dead as long as skill duration hasn’t run out and the skill hasn’t been canceled by user.)

    (A) Racial Skill: Angel’s Tear.

    Consumes 5,000 magic points.

    Delay time: 60 minutes.

    Resurrects one player. The player that is resurrected by this skill will have 50% of his/her total health point.

    *Every player within 1-kilometer radius of the owner of this skill will not be turned into light immediately upon dying. Anyone who dies inside this radius will lie down as a corpse for 30 minutes instead.

    (A) Racial Skill: Angel’s Blessing.

    Consumes 5,000 magic points.

    Delay time: 60 minutes.

    Increases physical and magical attack power together with physical and magical defense of all party members by 100%. All members’ recovery rate of health, magic, qi, and psychic point will also be increased up to 5 times. The duration of the spell is 10 minutes.

    (S) Racial Skill: Land of Promises (Ultimate special skill of the strongest players of the god race - angel species)

    Consumes 500,000 magic points.

    Delay time: 7 days.

    Create a territory of 1-kilometer radius around user for 30 minutes.

    In this territory, every player, monster, and summoned monster that is user’s ally will be automatically and immediately revived upon dying. Health, magic, qi, and psychic points of a creature that is revived by this skill’s effect will be returned to 100%. Moreover, physical attack power, magical attack power, physical defense, and magical defense will be increased by 10% every time one is revived by this skill.

    *When this skill is activating, the user cannot move nor use another spell, or else this skill will be canceled.

    *This skill’s effect will be rendered useless to the user of this skill. Its effect will also disappear if the time runs out, user cancels, or user has died.

    *This skill will not affect creatures that were dead before the skill is activated.

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    Chapter 22: Secret of the Tree Dragon

    The sun was shining from the east. Morning had come to the Beginning Island. The fresh air around the forest gave off the scent of nature. Meanwhile, Tiger got out of his tent. He couldn’t help but be amazed by the realism of the game. He inhaled the fresh air into his lungs and looked around. Despite knowing all of these were just masses of data in the virtual world, he still felt awe that Monster Soul was like another world that coexisted with the real world.

    Tiger looked around and felt like something was missing. He frowned slightly and then remembered.

    “Hmm? Where is Sila?” Tiger wondered.

    Afterward, there was the sound of tents being opened. It was Aek and Tod who came out.

    “Good morning, Big Brother Tiger.”

    As expected of the twins. They even greeted at the same time.

    Tiger gave them a smile in return. Then, Aek looked left and right and said:

    “Where is Big Brother Sila?”

    “I don’t know either. Maybe he’s off to wash his face? Well, don’t worry; I’m sure Sila can take care of himself anyway,” replied Tiger.

    The three of them sat together around the extinguished bonfire. Tiger stacked the firewood into the fire pit to make it ready for cooking breakfast.

    The sound of another tent being opened caught their attention. This time it was Alice who came out of her tent. Her face indicated that she was still sleepy. She came to sit next to Tiger.

    “Yawwwn. What do we have for breakfast?” she said in a sleepy tone.

    “We don’t know too. Jundtrathep still hasn’t woken up yet,” answered Tod.

    “Huh? Is it really Jund we are talking about?” Alice tilted her head.

    As Alice said, Jundtrathep usually woke up early. In fact, she always woke up before anyone else here.

    Normally, the men here would have noticed that something was wrong right away. However, the fact that Sila was missing had caught their attention and they caused them to forget about Jundtrathep for a moment.

    Alice went to open Jundtrathep’s tent before shouting. “Big Brother Tiger! Jund is not here!”

    Tiger wasn't worried about Sila because he knew that Sila possessed outstanding fighting ability. Even upon encountering some monsters that he couldn’t win over, he would still be able to flee. But Jundtrathep was different; she was a pure supporting type which wouldn’t be able to survive in a dire situation if left alone.

    “I will try to contact her immediately,” Alice opened her pink System Window without waiting for their opinion.

    However, at that time, the sound of something moving in the forest could be heard on their right side. Tiger, Aek, and Tod quickly readied their weapon and pointed it in that direction.

    Nevertheless, the one that came out of the forest was none other than Sila who was carrying Jundtrathep at his chest. He stopped his feet in front of everyone.

    “Big Brother Sila, where have you been?” asked Tod.

    Sila didn’t want to lie, but he was too lazy to explain his long story. Therefore, he answered shortly. “I’ve been inside the forest, hunting monster to increase my level.”

    “What about Jundtrathep?” asked Tiger.

    “It seemed like she woke up at night and followed me into the forest. I thought that letting her go back alone would be dangerous, so we hunted together.”

    “Ermm... Big Brother Sila...” said Jundtrathep.

    “What is it?” Sila lowered his head to look at Jundtrathep’s face.

    “Please put me down already...” she answered in a faint voice.

    Sila realized that he had forgotten to put her down so he gently placed her down on the ground.

    “If you guys have any questions, please ask Jundtrathep for the time being. I would like to circulate my qi for an hour,” said Sila.

    “Okay, let’s talk again after you’ve finished your business,” answered Tiger.

    Sila sat down on the ground next to a bonfire. He closed his eyes and quickly entered into the meditation state.

    “Whoa, Big Brother Sila has been hunting all night, and now he still wants to train his qi?” Aek impressed.

    “That’s not it, Aek; qi-type player can circulate qi to release fatigue. It’s like taking a rest for them. I guess his fight must have really been hard last night,” Tiger explained to Aek.

    “Why doesn’t he take a potion instead?” asked Tod.

    “I don’t know either. It may be different in some aspect. I don’t have much information about qi type anyways.”

    “What about you, Jund? How come you were together with him?” Alice began to interrogate her friend.

    “Last night, I saw Big Brother Sila enter into the forest and wanted to warn him that the forest at night is dangerous, so I followed him,” replied Jundtrathep.

    “Don’t do this next time. If you’re worried, just tell me. I think Sila can take care of himself. It’s you who was risking yourself,” Tiger lectured Jundtrathep a little.

    Jundtrathep lowered her face down and felt guilty. She thought to herself that she was always causing everyone to worry. Feeling down, she walked away to cook as it was her duty.

    Tiger felt bad scolding at Jundtrathep, but it was for her own safety. Actually, Tiger wanted to inquire more on what had happened last night, however, he thought that it would be better to wait until Sila finished cultivating and ask both of them together. He told everyone his reasoning to prevent them from bothering Jundtrathep.

    Sila opened his eyes after cultivating for an hour. Looking around, he found that everyone was eating soup around a bonfire.

    Tiger saw that Sila had finished meditating so he gave Sila a bowl of soup rich with a delicious smell. Sila took it and noticed that there was a chicken wing floating in the soup.

    ‘Are there chickens in this game?’

    Anyway, Sila dismissed the useless thought and started to eat the soup, which was quite delicious.

    “First of all, Sila, I owe you an apology on Jundtrathep’s behalf. You must have been bothered by her sharing your experience points,” Tiger sincerely said that while Jundtrathep lowered her face down as if she was a guilty student in front of her teacher.

    “No, that’s not true. It’s actually my fault for going off without telling anyone. She just had good intentions and wanted to warn me.”

    “By the way, why did Big Brother Sila suddenly wanted to hunt alone at night?” asked Tod.

    “Oh, I just don’t want to cause everyone trouble,” answered Sila, “I just remembered yesterday night that dragons would always attack me no matter what the situation is.”

    “Huh? So, you decided to go and annihilate them all?” Aek exclaimed with a shocking expression.

    Everyone felt shocked too. What type of logic was that? Fearing that dragons would attack him first so he went to eliminate all of them before that could happen.

    Tiger thought of something and asked Sila:

    “By the way, is there a dragon in the area? I hadn’t known that before.”

    “Huh? You surely know about Tree Dragons, don’t you?” This time it was Sila who was confused.

    “But... Tree Dragons are plant-race monsters, aren’t they?” Tod interjected.

    “Plant race?” Sila still felt confused.

    “Yes, the Tree Dragon is a monster of plant race. It’s just the tree that looks like a dragon, not an actual dragon,” Aek explained.

    Sila suddenly felt so stupid. He didn’t ask for information and had been too quick to act, resulting in having to participate in an almost meaningless fight and causing a big commotion last night. Next time, he must seek information before making any action.

    “Well, how about the experience points? Did you gain a lot?” inquired Aek.

    “It’s so-so, I guess,” answered Sila by comparing the experience points he had received from Tree Dragons to the ones he had gained from Great Millennium Ape Boss. He thought so because Great Millennium Ape alone had given him more experience points than many of Tree Dragons.

    “Hey, hey, and what about your level now, huh? Jund?” Alice curiously asked Jundtrathep.

    Everybody wanted to know too. If Jundtrathep truly had joined Sila to wipe out all Tree Dragons together, her level should have increased significantly.

    “Err... 1.” Jundtrathep answered faintly.

    “Wah? You’ve been hunting all night but your level is only increased by 1?”

    “Come on, Alice. Jundtrathep is a player whose level surpasses 100; it can’t be helped that her level is raising slower.”

    Although Aek said that, in his mind, he too felt a bit disappointed by the fact that Jundtrathep’s level only increased by 1.

    Tiger was thinking the same. If both Sila and Jundtrathep really had eliminated all Tree Dragons, their level should have been increased more than that. So, he presumed that Jundtrathep had joined Sila much later, when he had almost completed eliminating Tree Dragons, so she gained very little experience points.

    “No, everyone is misunderstanding me. My level wasn’t increased by 1, it’s now 1,” Jundtrathep tried to explain.

    “Your level is 1?” Alice confused.

    “Knight Rank, Level 1,” said Jundtrathep.

    “WHAT!!?” everyone was shocked. Jundtrathep could understand their shock because she herself felt the same before.

    Even Tiger couldn’t assess the situation here. Yesterday, Jundtrathep’s level was surely 185. Her level mostly increased by sharing the experience points from the party’s members. Although her level was higher than everyone in the party (except Tiger), Jundtrathep wasn’t even able to win against Alice who was level 105 because she wasn’t a combat type.

    However, with all of that, her rank was still promoted just by hunting together with Sila for only one night?

    “How could you gain that much experience points? Even killing all the Tree Dragons in the forest shouldn’t cause that to happen,” Aek felt curious.

    Tiger was curious too. As Aek had said, even killing all the Tree Dragons in the forest wouldn’t cause Jundtrathep to rank up. It might be possible for Sila, but for Jundtrathep who could only depend on sharing experience points, that was simply beyond his imagination. Moreover, to be able to promote in rank, a special item or passing a special quest is also needed.

    “Umm... I didn’t kill even a single Tree Dragon with Big Brother Sila. Last night, Big Brother Sila has already killed them all when I reached where he was,” Jundtrathep made the story clear.


    As those words came out of Jundtrathep’s mouth, everyone exclaimed in unison. From here, one would take around an hour to reach the Tree Dragon’s nest. Sila slaying them all within that short period of time was very terrifying.

    “Ehh? If that’s the case, then, Jund, how could you level up?” Aek asked Jundtrathep.

    “Umm... It’s my fault. I didn’t know that if I killed all the Tree Dragons, the real Dragon would appear. Thus, Jundtrathep and I had to fight against a dragon together,” explained Sila, while Jundtrathep lowered her face down as she couldn’t claim the word ‘fight together’ herself.

    “Dragon!?” everyone exclaimed again. Now, nobody was interested in eating soup anymore.

    A Dragon was currently the strongest creature in Monster Soul. They could use magic and possessed the outstanding ability. They were also very rare to find even on the Main Continent. A dragon was a creature that players usually needed to gather in the hundreds to deal with. However, Sila instead had been able to defeat it alone (plus Jundtrathep, of course.)

    “Well, I had almost lost, but luckily Jund informed me that it’s weak against ice-elemental attacks.”

    “Oh, is it a dragon of wind-based element?” said Tiger.

    “Hmm, no, its title is Earth Dragon so I’m pretty sure it’s an earth-based element.”

    Tiger frowned, “but earth element is weak against wind element, isn’t it? Would you be confused with another game, Jundtrathep?” he turned his head to ask Jundtrathep, which puzzled her too.

    “Eh? Weak against wind element? But...” Sila also felt confused.

    “Freezing Soul” was a skill that Sila had learned in place of an ice-elemental psychic skill, so he always thought that it was an ice-elemental skill. However, Sila actually didn’t know anything about elements in the game. He had totally neglected them since the time he had known that he couldn’t use magic.

    ‘It seems I should study about this for a bit.’

    Sila made a note to ask his teacher later. If it was a question about qi, he believed that asking his teacher would be the best solution.

    “Oh, by the way, I have something to give you, Tiger,” said Sila before throwing the Earth Shield towards Tiger, “I’m sorry for Aek and Tod, but I think that the long-shaped shield would be more suitable to your fighting style so I decided to give this shield to Tiger instead.”

    Tiger inspected the information of the shield and felt shocked. It was an A-grade item which had already been identified. Meanwhile, the best equipment on him was only a C-grade item.

    He slightly shook his head and tried to return it back to Sila. “I cannot accept it. It’s too much for me.”

    “Please accept it. This way, our overall hunting ability will be increased. Besides, a shield obviously doesn’t suit my fighting style,” answered Sila.

    “But you can just sell it. Actually, it could be sold for as much as 500 gold.”

    “I’m not troubled by money or anything. Please just accept it, otherwise, I will get offended, okay?”

    “Well, then, thank you,” Tiger smiled while Aek and Tod took the shield to inspect.

    “Now, shall we go? I would like to go quickly and return. I’m afraid of missing the ship departure,” Sila changed the topic.

    “Okay, we will get going soon. We will go past the Tree Dragon’s territory and visit the Illusion Forest where elf-race monsters are to hunt for an Elf Card for Alice. We will then visit the area that the Man-Eating Plants live to hunt a Plant Card for Jundtrathep,” Tiger explained his plan.

    “If that’s the case, I don’t think we have to hunt Man-Eating Plants since Jundtrathep has already changed her race,” suggested Sila.

    Everyone was surprised again. Now, they already lost count of the number of times they felt this way today. It seemed like Sila always had something to surprise them non-stop.

    “That’s good, so, we can go back to the town faster.”

    Everyone comprehended that since Sila had eliminated all Tree Dragons and Jundtrathep already had three Plant Cards at hand from the start, it shouldn’t be too weird for them to be able to collect two Plant Cards for Jundtrathep to change her race. Thus, they didn’t ask for detail.

    All of them finished packing the tent and ready to go. On their way, Aek and Tod who were now walking beside Sila approached him and whispered to him half-jokingly.

    “If Big Brother Sila wants to sneak out to hunt again, next time, please don’t forget to invite us, okay?”

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    But if you believe in him and stick with it, I daresay that author's writing skill elavates at fast pace and this novel becomes very satisfying to read. At that time, it isn't too late for me to get hooked to story and reread chapters to familiar myself with some terms. (Or you can just ignore those terms if you feel like so. For example, I'm a fan of ATG in this site, but I too, don't feel like remembering all the phoenix's skill names that MC possessed.)
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    Chapter 23: Event - Seeking for Beginning Town’s Best Couple

    The journey of Sila and the team went on very safely. At their side were Tree Dragons that didn’t attack players first. What was shocking was their ability to respawn from their death last night. This fact alone caused Sila to feel even stupider. His lack of information resulted in him wasting all the time he had last night.

    The real benefit of the previous night’s fight was the increase in his curiosity. The more he fought, the more he doubted his own fighting ability, which made him want to reach his limits, especially about the ability of slime race.

    While everyone seemed to know all the characteristic and the efficacy of their race, he was the only one who didn’t seem to know anything about his own race. Thus, Sila promised to himself that he would seek for more information about slime race, and would visit the Slime Kingdom as soon as he arrived at the Main Continent.

    Three hours passed and they finally arrived at the edge of Illusion Forest which was a habitat of an elf-raced monster. For now, Tiger’s group needed to rest before preparing the plan.

    “From now on, let’s do as we planned: I will act as a tanker while Aek and Tod support my defense, Alice attacks from behind, and Jundtrathep casts the supporting spells in the rear,” concluded Tiger before turning his head to Sila, “as for Sila, you can just attack whenever you feel like it’s the right time. We haven’t practiced together so we can’t execute a more detailed plan.”

    “That’s fine by me. However, I would like to criticize your plan a little.”

    “Is there something wrong?” Tiger wondered as that was the plan that they had always worked on.

    “Um, your plan is not suited to Jund’s ability, that’s it,” replied Sila, which made everyone look at Jundtrathep in unison.

    “Doesn’t suit her ability?” Tiger repeated what Sila said. But when he wanted to ask for an explanation, Sila’s system window opened in front of Sila.

    You are being contacted by Player Varee.

    Everybody stopped their conversation and gazed at Sila’s system window. In the screen, there was a figure of a long black haired lady in a white kimono with a blue sea pattern.

    “Sila, where are you?” asked Varee.

    “At the Illusion Forest,” answered Sila while wondering why Varee contacted him.

    “You have to return to town immediately.”

    “Why do I?”

    “You promised to do as I say without questioning, didn’t you?” said Varee with a smile at the corner of her mouth.

    “I will have to ask what you want me to do once I arrive there anyways.”

    “About that, there will be a special event held by the system tonight. It needs two persons to participate so I want you to help me out. The reward from this event is something I want to get at all cost,” answered Varee.

    “Is that all?” Sila suspected.

    “That’s all. Oh, by the way, my dad has already read your note and he wants me to tell you that three days is too long. The doctor wants to examine your body before you leave the hospital so please log out earlier,” said Varee.

    Sila’s original schedule was to spend two weeks in the game. The ship would depart in three days and he would spend the remaining time on the Main Continent. Nevertheless, if the doctor ordered him to log out earlier, he would have no choice but to comply.

    “When does the event start?” asked Sila.

    “It’s six o’clock in the afternoon.”

    “Then let’s meet in another four hours, that’s five o’clock, at the restaurant.”

    “The restaurant is out of the question, it’s too crowded. Let’s meet at the hotel instead, in the same room that we used before,” replied Varee.

    Sila remembered that the restaurant was indeed crowded as she said. Varee seemed to be considerably famous so it would be dangerous and annoying if they were spotted.

    “Alright, see you then.”

    “See you.”

    The communication was cut off at the end of Varee’s sentence.

    Tiger’s party could hear all of Sila’s conversation but they kept their manners and didn’t interfere during the call. By the way, actually, the C-grade system window could conceal the voice and image of the person on the other side of the screen from people around the user. However, Sila had just upgraded his system window so he had yet to know about such function.

    “Who is she, Big Brother Sila? She’s so beautiful,” asked Aek.

    “It’s someone I happened to know,” replied Sila in an uninterested manner.

    “Is Sila an acquaintance of Goddess of Purified Water?” Tiger asked, he could recognize Varee’s face the moment he saw her.

    “I just happen to know Varee in the real world,” answered Sila, “By the way, it seems that I can’t go with you guys anymore. Please pardon me. I have to return to the town before the time gets dark.”

    “Big Brother Sila, are you okay? I overheard that you’re in the hospital,” asked Jundtrathep with concern.

    “I just have some minor injuries. Only a few more days and I will be able to get out of the hospital. Don’t worry, the doctor wants to examine my body just to be sure,” Sila smiled at her.

    Tiger could sense that Sila was the type of person who kept his problems to himself. For people with this trait, even if he was to have a big problem, he wouldn’t tell anyone. As such, Tiger guessed that what caused Sila to admit into a hospital wouldn’t just be minor injuries as he had said.

    “Oh, about my criticism earlier; just let Jund fight alone for a while and you’ll see what I mean. Now, I really have to take my leave.”

    In the real world, Sila was the assistant to his teacher who owned a martial arts dojo, so he knew that everyone had their own suitable style to motivate oneself. For some people, you might need to give them a compliment to get them stronger; while for others, you might need to insult them to push them to their limits (Sila is in this category. If there is something someone tells him it is impossible to be done, he will try even harder to achieve it.) Meanwhile, somebody might need clear guidance, while others might just need confidence in oneself.

    Jundtrathep was in the last category. She lacked confidence in her own ability so she always felt that she was weak. For someone like this, just letting her gain self-confidence would be enough for her to reach a whole new level.

    Sila added everyone as friends and told them to contact him once they came to the Main Continent. He gave everyone a goodbye before activating the Invitation Card to the Bamboo Hut and disappeared.

    Upon Sila being gone, the others began to talk again.

    “Just now, Big Brother Sila said he was going to attend tonight’s event at Beginning Town, right?” Aek asked while skimming through the game forum in his system window.

    “It seems so, what about it?” Tod asked Aek.

    “Look at this,” Aek expanded the window showing details of an event for everyone to read. Upon reading, everybody was shocked, especially Jundtrathep who showed a slightly sad expression.

    Event - Seeking for the Beginning Town’s Best Couple

    Starting Location: Beginning Town, Quest Building

    The number of participant: Unlimited

    Recommended level: Knight 1 and above

    Limitation: Never won an event held by the system before

    Detail of the event: Secret (But it’ll not be the same as the previous ones.)

    Winner’s Rewards: 3,000 gold and 1 S-graded paired item for two persons.


    Upon returning to the little bamboo hut, Sila immediately went to ask his teacher about the thing he wondered; which, the nameless old man smiled at Sila’s question and simply explained:

    “The principle of eight elements is only applied to magic types. For qi type, we have only two elements. Those two elements are hot element (yang) and cold element(yin). If I have to compare these elements to something in magic type, I would say they’re close to light and dark element.

    “In short, hot element are assembled with the property of light, fire, lightning and wind; while cold element has the property of dark, water, ice and earth.”

    “Hmm, then, how strong are they against opposing elements, sir?”

    Although the old man’s answer sounded simple, it still caused Sila to feel deeper doubt.

    “They’re mutually exclusive; both win and lose against each other. You can just pick whatever element you like to train without worries. As for the question why your Freezing Soul was more effective than Flame of Torturing, it’s simply because you’re more of an unjust side than a righteous one.”

    “An unjust side? Me?” Sila felt like he was a villain here.

    “It’s just something people named. It doesn’t matter you’re in an unjust side or a righteous one, it’s your actions that count.”

    “But why am I better at using unjust qi over a righteous one, sir?”

    “It’s due to what is pushing you. The positive mental and emotion are the source of Flame of Torturing’s power, while negative mental and emotion is the source of Freezing Soul’s power. Currently, the thing that pushes you into action is the negative thought, so it’s no wonder you are better at using Freezing Soul.”

    Sila finally understood. What drove him now was his vengeance toward Montra. He kept thinking that he needed to be much stronger than currently to get revenge against Montra. The freezing soul was, in fact, his own soul – a dark and vengeful one.

    The old man didn’t say anything much. He just simply gave Sila some advice. “You may think that you are strong, but I will say here that there are many people far stronger than you in this world. Although you’re very lucky to possess the chance to develop yourself faster than others, that doesn’t mean you’re better than everyone else. Mark my words: power doesn’t mean strong, strong doesn’t mean you will always win, and winning doesn’t mean you’re great. I hope that someday you’ll be able to understand what I’m saying.”

    Sila said goodbye to his teacher and left for the town to do miscellaneous things. At first, he planned to sell some items and identify the card. However, he realized that he didn’t have time to categorize the items; so, he visited the bank, planning to deposit all of the items instead.

    Due to the fact that it was the first time he had entered the bank, he was skillfully forced to listen to various benefits of the bank – which Sila hadn’t been interested in at all. His mind was full of the lecturing that his teacher had spoken to him when they parted.

    Upon finished listening, Sila deposited all of his miscellaneous items and gold coins there.

    It was nearly the appointed time when Sila walked out of the bank. He headed straight to the hotel.

    In front of the hotel, he found that Varee had been already there, waiting for him.

    Seeing him, Varee was quick to drag Sila to the Quest Building.

    “Wait, why are you in a hurry for? It’s not six p.m. yet,” said Sila.

    “The event starts sooner than I expected. Luckily, I have already signed your name in. Let’s hurry up and go to the Quest Building.”

    “Eh? What about the plan? What will I have to do?”

    “Just be flexible, that should do,” Varee negligently answered.

    They didn’t have a chance to talk much since the Quest Building was near. Now there was a large crowd in front of the building. The number of players was so high that the event’s organizer had to announce the detail of the event outside, in front of the building.

    A young woman who seemed to be the host of the event was standing on a wooden platform. Despite the lack of shouting, her voice resounded well in all directions.

    “... and that’s the content of this event. Since this time the restriction of a participant’s qualification is close to nothing, there seemed to be many people participating. Anyway, in order not to waste any more of your time, I hereby announce that now the event has begun.”

    With the end of her speech, everyone was immediately rushed to the south of the town. The previously large crowd completely disappeared in 5 minutes and the players left here were only Sila and Varee. The host spotted them and came down to talk to them.

    “Won’t you hurry to compete with others?” asked the host.

    “We’re late so we don’t know the details of the event,” replied Sila.

    The host nodded before explained concisely, “in short, you two must go to the special dimension called Merpeople Village that opened only during this event period at the south of the town. In that place, there will be a gem called Ocean Heart Aquamarine. The person who obtains that gem and brings it to me first will be the victor of this event.”

    “Just like that?”

    “Yes, but there will be two special rules applied, though. The first is, if one obtains Ocean Heart Aquamarine, there will be the heart symbol shown on one’s and partner’s head, and if any one of the two is killed, the Ocean Heart Aquamarine will be transferred to the nearest player.”

    ‘So the person who gets it will become a target of the public in an instant, huh,” figured Sila.

    “What is another rule?” asked Sila.

    “The other rule is; both you and your partner will have to share the damage being received. For example, if you are hit by something worth 100 attack points, you will suffer for 50 points while your partner will take another half. If one of you dies, your partner will die too. By the way, we, the host of this event will not be responsible for the loss of any player participating in this event. No matter it’s a dropping of the item, lose in experience point, or demotion in rank,” said the woman, “Do you have any more question, sir?”

    Sila was about to ask, ‘what event is this, why is it so troublesome?’ but Varee interrupted him before he could do that.

    “We have none. Let’s get going, Sila.”

    “Thank you,” said Sila to the host prior to going after Varee.

    Sila and Varee rapidly headed to the south. The shadow of two of them were gradually fading from the town together with the sun being set, leaving only the moon floating in the night sky.

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    Chapter 24: The Stone and the River – First Part

    Sila circulated Qi of Little Bird while cutting through the sky, heading toward the south at high speed. Strangely enough, Varee was always right beside him with equal speed no matter how quick he was. Two of them soared past many couples without being noticed. Well, if they were to be noticed; at the night time like this, they would only be seen as moving shadows on the tree.

    Sila glanced at Varee. No matter how he looked at her, it was unlikely that she was a qi-type player. Thus, he was surprised by the fact that her speed could be comparable to him.

    However, Varee herself also similarly impressed. How could Sila’s speed be this high even though he just started playing the game recently? Although the speed she was at right now wasn’t her top speed, it was quite fast.

    “Which type of energy have you chosen, Varee?” asked Sila.

    “I’ve chosen psychic type,” answered Varee, “why do you ask?”

    “Nothing in particular.”

    “You’re wondering how my speed can compete with yours who chose qi type, right?”

    Granted, Sila had intended to ask that exact question. But he thought that it might be Varee’s personal secret so he decided not to.

    “You didn’t ask me because you’re concerned that it might be my personal secret, no?” said Varee.

    Sila frowned. He was wondering why this woman always precisely knew what he was thinking. Is it possible that psychic-type player is able to perform mind-reading? If that was the case, he should be careful of what he thinks from now on.

    Varee saw that Sila didn’t respond so she began to explain. “It’s not a secret though, everyone in Main Continent knows how to move at high speed like this. This game provides us with very high degrees of freedom; no matter which energy type you’ve chosen, you would still be able to become a strong player.

    “The skill I’m using is one of the Principle Psychics called Psychic Impact. Normally, it’s a skill that can be used to attack opponents in close range, but I’m applying it to impact the ground whenever I jump to accelerate. Just so you know, for an advanced player, one may be able to use it to step on the air.”

    Sila took a look at the tree branch that Varee had landed on – it really was broken.

    If Varee was more excelled in this skill, she would be able to perfectly control the force behind her feet and perform a movement that left no trace.

    By the way, the branch that Sila used to jump into the air hadn’t been broken. This didn’t mean Sila’s movement was greater than Varee’s though. It was simply because their movement used different concepts.

    For Sila, he used qinggong to control his weight to be close to zero upon landing and then used the branch to spring himself up; while for Varee, her weight was the same but she increased the force to push herself to move faster instead.

    “On the other hand, for magic-type players, they would use a spell to levitate themselves to move swiftly. The degree of freedom this game provides us is unexpectedly high, that’s why it’s so popular.”

    Sila nodded as he understood, showing his gratitude to Varee.

    “You’re welcome,” said Varee.

    Afterward, Varee remembered something and took a bottle of white pills out of her system window before handing it to Sila.

    “What is it?” Sila received the bottle and asked as he couldn’t see its description.

    “Those pills inside are high-tier qi-recovering pills. Please use them wisely, they’re quite expensive.”

    “Hm? I heard that there’s no qi-recovering item available for sales, isn’t it?” Sila was skeptical as he heard that from Lucy.

    “There’s really none available in NPC shops, but these pills were made by a player. One bottle contains ten pills, each one of them should be able to recover 100,000 qi points.”

    “Qi points don’t show in system window, do it?” Sila asked again.

    “If your system window is C grade or above, it will display qi points and psychic points,” answered Varee.

    ‘C grade?’ Sila immediately opened his system window.

    Player Status: Sila

    Level: 620

    Race: Pink Slime

    Rank: Squire

    Health Points: 678,000 / 678,000

    Qi Points: 425,250 / 450,000

    Psychic Points: 200,000 / 200,000

    Magic Points: 360,000 / 360,000

    Social Status: Nameless Elder’s Main Disciple

    Sila found out that his qi points really were displayed, although he would need four to five pills to fill it from empty.

    Meanwhile, Varee was surprised to see Sila opening his system window. ‘Has he already upgraded his system window to C grade? Where did he get the money to do that?’

    Sila closed his system window before turning his head to ask Varee.

    “Where can I buy it? Also, how much is it?” Sila admitted that this item was very useful for qi-type player like him. Despite its recovery amount wasn’t high, carrying some of them would be proven useful sometimes. Who knows when he will be in a situation where he can’t spare his time and concentration to regenerate qi by circulation.

    “You can purchase it at the main branch of Victorious Wolves Sect. The one who made those pills is Hermit, the strategist of that guild. By the way, one bottle will cost you 10 gold.”

    Sila nodded and reminded himself not to forget to pay that place a visit; despite feeling that 1 gold coin per pill was a little too expensive. Anyway, he planned to carry two or three bottles of them with him.

    In fact, since Varee had known that Sila was playing as qi-type player, she went to buy those pills from a merchant that made a profit by reselling products from the Main Continent in Beginning Island. By the way, this bottle was the most expensive one that Victorious Wolves Sect sold to normal players. Needless to say, the ones that had higher quality than this one were only available for members within the guild.

    In Monster Soul that there were few qi-type players and they tended to be poor, Victorious Wolves Sect still could be able to operate due to two main reasons: The strength of its leader and the profit planning ability of Hermit. The qi-recovering pellets were the main revenue of the guild, as they held a monopoly of it.

    Sila kept the bottle in his clothing. He had deposited all his gold so he planned to pay Varee back once he had returned to the city.

    Thirty minutes passed and Sila and Varee finally arrived at Merpeople Village. Sila observed that all the players were looking at the same location so he followed their line of sight.

    The houses in Merpeople Village looked just like a villa on the group of islands. What made them different from a typical villa was the fact that they were not connected by a bridge or anything like that, since the residents were all merman or mermaids.

    Mermaids didn’t look pretty nor friendly like in the fairy tales. One mermaid sitting on the rock closest to Sila possessed fierce-red eyes. Of course, her lower body was replaced by a fishtail.

    Sila saw Mermen living in houses or in the water. They had human bodies but the head of a fish with razor-sharp teeth. He also noted that there was a harpoon in their hand.

    There were some players fighting these Mermen at the moment, but most of them were standing back without helping.

    “Why don’t they engage?” asked Sila to Varee.

    “Have you forgotten the rule? These people surely don’t intend to help other players at all. They’re waiting for the number of competitors to decline.”

    Sila frowned. He thought that this activity was merely just an event in the game. Why would people still be so selfish about it?

    People might see that Sila sometimes was hot-headed, easily upset and a stubborn person, but if you look for selfishness, you would never find it in Sila’s heart. His teacher always taught him to not be selfish. Don’t become a person who expects a reward for doing good deeds. There are already too many people who hurt each other by greed. Don’t allow yourself to increase the number of that kind of people.

    “Anyways, why are players attacking the merpeople? The condition to win is obtaining the Ocean Heart Aquamarine, not to kill the merpeople, isn’t it?” asked Sila. Although he recognized that these mermaids and mermen were ugly and frightening, he remembered that he once saw slime as disgusting beings too. It’s possible that if you were of the merpeople race, you would see them as beautiful creatures.

    Varee didn’t say anything but pointed her finger towards a specific merman holding the big golden trident and wearing a crown. It was sitting on the faraway rock and surrounded by a lot of other merpeople. The most important thing was a big heart-shaped icon floating on its head.

    Sila recalled the host’s sentence;

    “...there will be two special rules applied, though. The first is, if one obtains Ocean Heart Aquamarine, there will be the heart symbol shown on one’s and their partner’s head, and if anyone of the two is killed, the Ocean Heart Aquamarine will be transferred to the nearest player.”

    “I see, we have to kill that merman to obtain Ocean Heart Aquamarine,” concluded Sila.

    “Moreover, whoever finishes that merman’s life; he or she will have to breakout through a lot of players waiting here to bring the Ocean Heart Aquamarine to the host. No one here would be kind enough to let us go easily, especially after we wear down from the fight with the merpeople.”

    “So, it seems like we will have to fight both a group of merpeople and a bunch of players.”

    “No, there’s another way,” said Varee.

    “Huh? Is there another way?”

    “Yes, the other way is to wait for others to obtain the Ocean Heart Aquamarine then kill that guy. This method is the simplest and easiest one,” replied Varee in cold tone.

    Sila’s face turned expressionless, “I don’t like having other people to do my task, and I’m also not a thief.”

    “You must be angry at me for suggesting this method. You may commit that you’re not a thief and won’t kill another player. However, the others won’t think the same. All players standing here are ready to be a thief, and kill you off if they have a chance.”

    Sila didn’t answer. He knew that what Varee said was indeed correct.

    “Are you thinking that, just because you are being nice to others, others will also be nice to you? The world is not a beautiful place like that... and you obviously know it,” continued Varee. She deliberately reminded Sila about the matter related to Montra.

    Of course, Sila knew that. After he had been defeated by Montra after his teacher was held hostage, Sila had thoroughly thought about the reason Montra did this to him. However, he wasn’t able to understand. To be honest, his and Montra’s ability weren’t much different. No, Montra was even more skilled than him. Even if Montra didn’t play dirty, it was still unclear if Sila would be a victor.

    Moreover, in that competition, after the victor could be decided; Montra still deliberately attacked Sila to make him heavily injured, sending him to the hospital. Thus, Montra must possess a deep resentment towards Sila.

    However, even now, Sila still had no idea why Montra would hate him that much.

    The lesson he gained from that battle was, human always had reasons to do good deeds; for example, to change the world into a proper place, to bring happiness to their loved ones, and alike. Even Sila still couldn’t figure whether ‘doing good deeds without expecting anything in return’ statement was true or false. Since in fact, people still hoped to get good feelings obtained from doing good deeds. By the way, the opposite is also similar. Humans perform evil deeds to obtain something: money, power, etc. However, there was a difference. Sometimes people can do evil deeds without a reason. Some people are just evil.

    Sila stood still, which Varee knew that he was debating something in his mind so she didn’t interrupt.

    Then, Sila decided.

    “Well, we’ll do this. We’ll split the role: one will kill the merpeople and other will deal with the players. This isn’t a robbery. It’s just to prevent them from robbing us when we obtain the Ocean Heart Aquamarine”

    Varee nodded in agreement. For someone who didn’t want to hurt others first like Sila, that statement of his was enough of a compromise.

    “I’ll perform the role to hunt players myself. So, I’ll depend on you to deal with the merpeople,” remarked Varee.

    Varee split their responsibility as such, as she knew that, if given a choice, Sila wouldn’t choose to have to hurt other players. Though, it was another story if someone tried to attack him first.

    Sila could guess that Varee was concerned about him so he smiled gently.

    “That’s good, next, about the plan after we obtain the Ocean Heart Aquamarine...”

    “I’ll manage it,” interrupted Varee.

    Sila frowned. “Do you know what my plan is?”

    “It’s not that hard to guess. You intend to let me send the Ocean Heart Aquamarine to the host, while you’ll be busy stalling all the players here, right?”

    Now Sila felt that she must really be able to read his mind, “That’s correct,” replied Sila.

    “If that’s the case, I will be the one who stays and handles the players myself. You took the heart to send it to the host instead,” said Varee.

    “But that task suits me more,” replied Sila. He would hate it if he had to flee away while leaving Varee to be the one to face the difficulty alone. That was contrary to his nature.

    Varee smiled, “Well, I will go if you can give me a good reason that you’re more suited to this task than me.”

    Sila thought about it for a while before speaking, “You are more famous than me.”

    “And?” Varee was still smiling. She could already guess Sila’s answer but pretended not to know it.

    “You are famous; everybody knows that you’re skilled. So, if you’re here, not many players will choose to fight you but decide to chase after me instead. That’ll make our plan ineffective. In the other hand, if you go and let me stay, most player will most likely to target me and stay here; since getting rid of a no-name player like me would be much easier than the famous Goddess of Purified Water.”

    Varee nodded, “Okay, then let’s do it your way,” before stepping backward.

    “But how are you going to deal with the players? We still don’t have a plan...” said Sila as he noticed that Varee seemed to be on the move.

    Varee put her index finger on Sila’s mouth, saying, “This is a duo quest, okay? Do you believe in me?”

    While Varee put her finger off, Sila was stunned for a while before slowly answering, “Of course.”

    He had witnessed Varee’s ability in the restaurant. Even if he couldn’t follow her movements, he still perceived that she was highly skilled. She was also smarter than him, on top of that.

    Her smiling face truly looked beautiful. Her lips perfectly reflected the softness of moonlight which shone down from the sky. Then, Varee’s figure walked and disappeared away, only her departing words remain:

    “At the time you take a hold of Ocean Heart Aquamarine, the number of player here will be less than a half.”

    Sila still stood blankly for ten seconds before he realized that Varee had been gone. He shook his head to forsake the useless thought and tried to concentrate again. Later, he walked leisurely to Merpeople Village, keeping from the attention of many players.

    T/N: Like chapter 19-20, this time the name ‘Varee’ and ‘Nam’ (her nickname) literally mean ‘Water’ or ‘Aqua’. Thus, this chapter’s name ‘The Stone and the River’ basically refers to the protagonist Sila (=stone) being together with Varee (=water.)

  • How many times have I heard that from stories that ended up with a harem? lol

    On another note, this is a strange game where a newbie can be stronger than everyone else.

    You can scrap it up to skill, but that only amounts to so much. Don't most gamers have equipment that make them faster and more accurate? And stronger, for that matter. He tries to use that 'catch the bullet' nonsense will kind of be annoying. Do we happen to know the average player level of Beginner Island? If it is below Knight Level, then I could understand it. But then, why is Varee still here? Or did she come from the mainland?
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    How many times have I heard that from stories that ended up with a harem? lol

    On another note, this is a strange game where a newbie can be stronger than everyone else.

    You can scrap it up to skill, but that only amounts to so much. Don't most gamers have equipment that make them faster and more accurate? And stronger, for that matter. He tries to use that 'catch the bullet' nonsense will kind of be annoying. Do we happen to know the average player level of Beginner Island? If it is below Knight Level, then I could understand it. But then, why is Varee still here? Or did she come from the mainland?
    You can be sure that, at the very least, til the end of the novel, there is really no harem  ;) (excluding second episode though, as it is still ongoing.) 

    The answers for your next questions will be revealed in short time. But as they wouldn't spoil the plot, I think I can answer them for you.

    First, you have guessed correctly. Beginning Island isn't the exclusive place for new players. Players from Main Continent could re-visit there, although it rarely happens as it wouldn't worth their time. Varee just returned there to look for Sila as she was requested by her dad.

    Aside from Varee, some weak players also re-visit this place. Like those players who brought poison to deal with Sila, hoping for his bounty reward. (Or at least they had bought poison from the merchant that make profit by re-selling item there.)

    Second and lastly, players in Beginning Island are mostly weak. Averagely, their rank should only be at Squire Rank. (That why they were having commotion about an item that can let squire rank promote to knight rank in chapter 8.)

    Sila was currently strong against the weaks. It's thanks to the skills he had gotten from Lone Wolf and Right Arm of the Seal One.
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    Chapter 25: The Stone and the River – Last Part

    All people around the beach stared at one particular man in unison. That person was wearing ragged middle-class Wuxia’s clothing which could be bought in Beginning Town. He ignored everyone and walked slowly but steadily in the direction of Merpeople Village.

    That man was Sila.

    He intended to keep all the attention to himself so that Varee could perform her assassination easier.

    People were laughing scornfully at his conceited action. That middle-class Wuxia’s clothes might look decent, but equipment like that could be purchased easily if you had money.

    The main reason for them to look down on Sila was due to their current location, Beginning Island, is the place where every new player started. The thing is: the hardest energy type to start with was undoubtedly qi type. One must reach level 50 to learn how to use qi and reach around level 500 to be able to utilize it in battle. Meanwhile, for magic type, you could just purchase one nice skill book and cast it to kill monsters at ease. As for psychic type, if you invested some money on equipment then your combat ability would exponentially rise.

    Therefore, skilled qi-type players only existed on the Main Continent. Qi-type players that still on Beginning Island were bound to be weak. That was their mindset.

    Sila began to walk into the battle area where very few players fought against Merpeople. Then, the system sound rang.

    You have entered the territory of the Blue-Scaled Merman King, Squire Rank, Level 750. You cannot use Returning Scroll for the time being.

    Sila remembered that he also had been informed like this when he went to fight the Great Millennium Ape. It was a familiar experience. But the current Sila was not the same as back then, even if he was to encounter the Great Millennium Ape again, he was sure that he could handle it with ease.

    Three Mermen spotted Sila approaching and immediately thrust their harpoon to him. Sila frowned slightly as he wondered why the system didn’t inform him about their level.

    Sila still didn’t know that some races of psychic-type monster were being able to conceal their power to stealthily attack players. Merpeople race was one of them. In this case, the system would not notify players about such monsters. This is another fascinating aspect of Monster Soul Online that each power type had many unique abilities.

    The harpoons approached Sila. Some female players turned their eyes away, one leaned her face into her boyfriend’s shoulder to avoid the bloody scene. Even though if Sila really died, he would disperse as light in three seconds, some player still subconsciously averted their eyes to the gruesome scene.

    Unnoticed by anyone, the dim lights really appeared. It was by the hand of Varee who killed players in the rear, two at a time.

    Sila circulated Qi of Little Fish all over his body and concentrated it into his hands. Despite his hand’s movements looking rather slow, they actually parried all three harpoons neatly. Then, he brought out the power of Worlds Crossing Bridge which he had never used before and turned the momentum of all harpoons toward Mermen.

    Special skill: Worlds Crossing Bridge

    One of qi techniques. Allow you to migrate the power from one point to another. The amount of power that can be transferred is depended on your expertise.

    The stabbing sound could be heard three times almost simultaneously. All people were dumbfounded by the sight of Mermen stabbing each other. As for Sila, he just went through them as if he wasn’t involved in this matter. Even the players who kept their eyes opened at that moment still felt confused.

    Sila deliberately used Worlds Crossing Bridge that he wasn’t familiar with because he wanted to reserve his qi as much as possible. His enemy wasn’t just these Mermen but all the remaining players here after he had taken care of the Merman King. The method to borrow the enemy’s power to attack instead of his worked splendidly. However, if the enemy’s attack was too powerful then he wouldn’t be able to borrow it. Like when he had fought against the Earth Dragon, he couldn’t perform this technique at all.

    Sila gradually reached the coastline. The waves of the sea hit his legs. Now a problem arose. It was another reason that players remained offshore, except for the obvious reason that they were waiting for an opportunity.

    It was the sea.

    Fighting monster from Merpeople race while swimming in the sea sounded kind of stupid. But Sila also didn’t have that much confidence in his newly acquired Qi of Little Bird that it could allow him to step on the sea surface.

    Sila stopped thinking for a moment before deciding, ‘Well, I better use what I’m confident in.’

    He circulated qi and jumped towards the sea. His jumping power was beyond ten meters. It caused everyone to stun to see such qinggong.

    However, walking on the water was another level. The real hurdle would be the moment that his foot taps on the sea surface.

    But the sight later caused a commotion among the players. Upon Sila’s foot stepping on the water surface, his body wasn’t sunk into the sea but instead rebounded back and soared at an astonishing pace.

    The thing was, Sila had activated Freezing Soul in secret. When his feet touched the sea, that part of the sea would be solidified into a small ice field which he could use as a temporary foothold. Also, thanks to the ice being so small, it sank and melted away immediately when Sila stepped on it. Thus, from the distance, it looked like Sila was able to jump on the sea surface.

    “A great Wuxia!” someone shouted.

    There was a commotion among the players. It was very rare to meet a player who mastered qingqong to this extent. Not to mention that here was Beginning Island, and that guy seemed to be a new player since no one recognized him.

    Sila was heading to the hut. But there was more than a dozen of harpoons thrusting toward him while he was still in midair. It seemed like these mermen wanted to drag Sila into the sea.

    Almost instantly, Sila circulated Qi of Little Fish and directed all the harpoons into his hands without slowing down.

    Actually, Sila would like to use Universe Momentum to return their weapon right back at them. But with his current ability, he could only display two kinds of qi or qi technique at a time. Now that he was using Qi of Little Bird and Freezing Soul altogether, there was simply no room for him to display another qi-type skill.

    Well, his in-game teacher told him that he just needed to keep on training to be able to increase the number of skill he can use at a time. Sila also had asked his teacher how many skill his teacher could display simultaneously. The old man’s answer was shockingly eighteen.

    As a side note, he could use Qi of Little Fish just now because each of Qi of Little Divine Beings was counted as one.

    Next, Sila activated Hidden Weapon Firing to toss all the harpoons back at the mermen in the front line. With his posture holding the harpoons briefly and the fact that he did not shout out a skill’s name, other players could only recognize Sila’s action as simply throwing a harpoon, not firing a hidden weapon.

    Each harpoon he sent back was fused with Qi of Little Tiger. Although its speed looked pretty much the same as when the mermen thrust it toward Sila, it was very precise due to the increase in accuracy from Hidden Weapon Firing skill. The mermen soon became a light or get heavily injured, causing the sea to be dyed in red color.

    Sila’s feet finally landed on a hut’s roof in Merman Village. The time he took since he jumped from the beach to arrive here was less than a minute, indicating how quick all the incidents just now happened and ended.

    Sila turned back and witnessed the scene of two players turning into light one at a time without a sound. Thanks to all the eyes of players gluing at Sila, they still didn’t realize that some people behind them had gradually disappeared.

    Drawing more attention was needed. That was what Sila was thinking. Meanwhile, dozens of mermen suddenly and continuously rushed out of the hut. Strangely enough, their number didn’t make sense to Sila. It completely far surpassed the size of the hut.

    ‘With these many mermen, how could they stay in that tiny hut? It even seems like they can come out continuously without limit.’

    But he soon shook his head. This is a game. Whatever kind of logic is understandable.

    Good grief, he couldn’t leave it alone as it would become a big problem. Although the mermen were relatively weak, if their numbers increased too much it would become an issue. Wasn’t there a saying that even an elephant can be bitten to death by a large number of ants? These guys were different from the Great Millennium Ape who obstructed each other when they acted together. They could perform simple coordinated attacks.

    This was due to psychic-type skill that enabled monsters of this type to have strong command chains. Their command was linked between minion and boss by Mind Connection. They were different from qi-type monster that tended to be individually strong.

    Sila needed to destroy the hut before their numbers increased more than this. He activated God’s Cathedral and extended the sphere from the skill to cover almost all the huts here, and then he immediately executed Flame of Torturing.

    The result was as expected, the huts in the area started to burn. The mermen screamed in agony and quickly jumped down into the sea.

    The flame from Sila’s qi was invisible. But since the huts caught on it, it turned into the red flame that quickly spread out. The flames from his qi didn’t hurt him since he was the one controlling it, but the flame that spread out could damage him. Thus, Sila jumped to the faraway hut that wasn’t in his God’s Cathedral’s area of effect.

    Actually, if Sila concentrated Flame of Torturing throughout his body, these flames would have no effect on him. But he didn’t know that yet.

    The screams of merpeople and the burning of the huts dyed the night sky into a crimson red color. Some female players even had to cover their ears to shut the sound full of agony from the merpeople. The scenery was like hellfire on the sea surface.

    Sila looked back and witnessed that several players had died and turned into light. But no one noticed yet as Sila’s actions had attracted all their focus.

    Many players were surprised that Sila could set fire easily. But soon they remembered the sight of him skillfully handling the harpoons and perceived that Sila must be specialized in throwing the weapon. It was not weird that Sila would carry some fire bombs which could be bought from merchant players. That was what they thought. They didn’t know that their hypothesis had a big flaw. It was the fact that all the huts burnt down too quickly. It shouldn’t burn this fast if firebombs were the cause.

    Sila burned these huts down using qi. So every surface of the huts ignited simultaneously, causing the whole huts to burn. It was, of course, different from burning with firebombs that would start by the origin of the bomb and gradually spread out to other areas.

    It was safe to say that these players couldn’t grasp Sila’s abilities at all. It was due to their common sense that perceived qi-type player in the beginning area as weak. Also, from the start, Sila still hadn’t directly performed an attack, so they just thought that Sila was only skilled in qingqong.

    Sila burned down the remaining huts to prevent the number of mermen to increase. He then jumped and landed himself on the wood floating on the sea. Now, Sila tried to look for the Merman King that he thought he could easily spot it, since it was wearing a crown, holding a trident, and importantly had a big heart symbol on its head.

    However, he couldn’t spot any heart symbol even when he looked in all directions.

    Sila frowned. ‘Is it dead already?’ That was his first thought.

    It wouldn’t be strange if the Merman King died in such a chaotic situation that Sila had caused. But Sila still hadn’t obtained Ocean Heart Aquamarine yet, instead, he felt annoyed from the continuous alerts about experience point, items, and money he had received from killing the mobs. He promised himself that he will ask someone how to turn off these voices after the event finished.

    Sila considered that the probability of the Merman King diving into the sea was higher than it being dead.

    Many merpeople were swimming around Sila and approaching him from every side. It was as if they knew that they would be advantageous if they could drag Sila to an underwater fight.

    Sila could hear the sound of water behind him. But at the time he turned his head, the harpoon would be thrown at him from the other side. As his footing was limited, Sila could only dodge and didn’t have room for counter attacks. The merpeople who attacked Sila were smart enough to dive into the sea right after performing an attack.

    ‘These guys sure are smart. They can even perform a feign.’ Sila thought.

    Sila used God’s Cathedral and the fifty-metered radius around him was in his perception. Sila now knew the number of merpeople diving under him. But he still didn’t know which one of them was the Merman King.

    With God’s Cathedral, Sila could easily dodge the merpeople’s attacks. But he still couldn’t spot the Merman King even once.

    If the Merman King only intended for its subordinates to attack Sila like this, it would be a deadlock for Sila to keep fighting endlessly.

    The more time passed, the more waves to drive Sila to a coastline. Now players seemed to be less interested in Sila already. The occurrence of players being killed by Varee was becoming less and less.

    Sila figured that he needed to lure the Merman King out. But he couldn’t think of a method yet. He started to review the skills he possessed. His in-game teacher told him that qi-type players needed to be flexible. You can resolve any situation if you adapt to it.

    After that, Sila began to smile. He already came up with one method. If he couldn’t lure it out no matter what, then wouldn’t it be easier if he just attacked all of them altogether? This method even more suited his style. The only problem was that he had never tried to use qi like what he was planning. However, he could just try.

    He circulated Freezing Soul and the broken wood that was his footing began to freeze. Then, the frozen area was spreading into the sea.

    Instantly, Sila fused Qi of Little Tiger into his current qi circulation. The result was satisfying. The frozen area suddenly spread to the coastline, and all the merpeople were frozen underwater.

    This is called fusing offensive qi into another offensive qi. Since the principle of Qi of Little Tiger was to increase attack power, using it together with Freezing Soul would eventually strengthen its freezing power.

    Sila smiled at his own wit. The system sound alarmed continuously, and one of them was the sound that Sila had been waiting for:

    You have defeated the Blue-Scaled Merman King, Squire Rank, Level 750. You have received 2,000 experience points, gotten 50 gold coins, Blue-Scaled Merman King Card 1 EA, Jewel of the Sea 1 EA, and (Event) Ocean Heart Aquamarine 1 EA. Due to you taking part in the event, you are unable to use Returning Scroll for now.

    After the system sound ended, there was a pink big heart floating on Sila’s head. Sila soon checked his system window and found that Ocean Heart Aquamarine was gone. There was a short message form Varee.

    “I get your heart,” Sila read that vague message and believed that it must be due to Varee being really hurried.

    Sila gazed towards the groups of players. He noticed Varee standing behind everyone. Despite the distance, it wasn’t hard for him to spot Varee due to a big heart floating on her head. However, since the players were now gazing at Sila, no one noticed Varee disappearing from their back.

    Currently, Sila was standing alone on the ice field. Meanwhile, many players started to jump toward the coastline. Each of them readied their weapons in unison.

    “Next are these guys, huh?” Sila muttered softly while circulating Intermediate Qi.

    He began to walk back slowly with the same speed he used to go there.

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    Chapter 26: Tortured Soul

    Sila started calculating the time. It took him thirty minutes to get there so he needed to buy thirty minutes for Varee to arrive at the city. Although he didn’t want to kill anyone if possible, he wouldn’t be kind enough to let these players hurt him one-sidedly.

    Since he had spent a lot of qi in the previous fight, he decided to take a bottle of qi-recovering pills out and swallowed three of them.

    After circulating more qi, he could sense the effectiveness of these pills. They were worth the price. His qi points had recovered significantly.

    Many players began to march onto the ice field. As the fire had already extinguished, everything fell into darkness. There was only dim light from the moon when it wasn’t covered by a cloud. However, for qi-type players like Sila, the darkness was not much of a problem. Because qi-type players had higher physical abilities than other energy types to begin with. Also, Sila had been focusing his qi into his eyes to increase his eyesight. For Sila in this state, the image that he saw was hardly different from daytime.

    The number of players on the ice field was increasing over time. If given the choice to choose between fighting a group of merpeople in the sea and fighting a single player on the solid ground, it was no brainer which choice they would take. They even noticed that Sila walked back slowly. That obviously meant Sila had lost a big portion of his power. Qi-recovering items were hard to obtain in Beginning Island. In conclusion, this was a perfect opportunity for them.

    Sila stopped his feet when he was away from the players who spread around and surrounded him with the distance between them and Sila being about ten meters.

    “If your guys quietly leave me alone, no one here will get hurt,” Sila said in loud voice.

    Some of the players couldn’t help but laugh. It was clear that Sila had no power left. Despite that, had he just tried to threaten them?

    “You’re about to die, don’t you know that?” one of them sneered. This statement was supported by the laughter of other people.

    “Are you sure you can defeat me?” said Sila coldly while thinking that he really couldn’t talk rationally with these people.

    “No matter how strong you are, there’s no way a single qi-type player can get through five hundred people,” One man said.

    It was well known that, unlike magic type that possessed the wide-area-of-effect skill, qi type was more suitable for battling one-to-one.

    “Five hundred? I see less than two hundred here,” plainly replied Sila.

    Hearing that, most people turned their head to look back and shocked that there were really less than two hundred people.

    “Now what?” asked Sila.

    “No need to say more. These many people is enough to kill you anyway,” shouted another man.

    “Are you stronger than the Merman King?” Sila stopped briefly, “Or it’s only your big talk that’s strong?”

    That man’s expression became distorted. “Still full of yourself even though your death draws near, huh? Die already!” He shouted while lifting an axe in his hand and charging towards Sila.

    “Your actions are no different than a bandit’s. I will start with you then.” Sila raised his left hand to parry the axe with Worlds Crossing Bridge. At the same time, he used his right hand, which now emitted the light from the power of Ray Assemble, to hit violently at the back of the ear of that man. His opponent’s body got pushed to the other players. His axe also bounced off to player on the right.

    The battle had begun. Many players started to rush in. The front row was consisting of players wearing armor, indicating that they might be psychic type.

    Sila didn’t want to kill them too fast since it would make them too afraid and retreat to think of a plan. If the players’ attacks became more systematic, the situation would be much more difficult for Sila.

    With that in mind, Sila began to attack them at non-vital areas with only Intermediate Qi. He also threw people that came at him to the crowd to cause chaos.

    It was very chaotic on the ice field. But no one had died yet due to them taking only half the damage. Their partner also helped them recovery health points.

    “Let’s step back. We’ll retreat and have magicians and archers attack him from long range,” someone shout.

    Many people became aware of the situation and retreated from Sila. It was disadvantageous for them to continue tussling with a qi-type player like this.

    Sila frowned indignantly, ‘This is bad, I was only able to buy a little bit of time.”

    “Well, let’s get serious,” Sila said to himself softly. But one man near him heard his word clearly and felt shocked. Was this guy still not being serious? That question occurred in his head and he soon died without having a chance to run away.

    Sila pulled out his bloodstained hand from his opponent’s chest. He then noticed that a fourth of the persons that were here had retreated to the beach.

    ‘I need to reduce the number of enemies first,” thought Sila.

    Although there was an old saying about “Defeat the leader first if you want to beat the bandit group” or “You need to hit a snake in its head,” this situation was different. Those sayings usually proved to be true, but only if your enemies consisted of a few general and many subordinates.

    However, in this fight, if he focused on killing relatively strong players first, he would be punished later by a swarm of remaining weak players once he ran out of stream. Thus, in this case, he needed to decrease the number of people while terrorizing the rest of them. If things went well, then he could get rid of the remaining opponents easier while they were in a panic.

    T/N: The above sayings are Thai proverbs describing how to effectively deal with problem: focus on the core of the problem.

    Sila circulated Qi of Little Tiger into his feet and activated Flame of Torturing. As a result, the ice field immediately turned into its original form; the sea.

    Good grief, his footing disappeared with it so Sila quickly stopped his Qi of Little Tiger and switched to use Freezing Soul instead to build the ice field beneath his feet again.

    Unexpectedly, the system sound alerted.

    You have mastered Flame of Torturing and Freezing Soul, and successfully circulating them together. Two of them are now fused together and became Tortured Soul.

    At the end of the system sound, Sila could immediately feel that his previous qi techniques were now united as one. If he wanted the heat, it would become hot. If he wanted the cold, it would become cold. By circulating it throughout his body, he felt both warm and cool sensations at the same time.

    It was indeed like what his in-game teacher had told Sila, unlike magic-type players who would have to practice more and more complex spells as the game went on, qi-type players are contrasted in a sense that things get simpler and simpler. For a high-level qi-type player, just hitting an enemy with bare hands was lethal enough.

    Sila was delighted that his power had coincidentally evolved one step further. Obtaining a new skill like this tempted him to just test it right away. Sila circulated Qi of Little Tiger to increase the level of the heat from Flame of Torturing while maintaining an ice field below his feet by Freezing Soul.

    The scenery of hell was projected in everyone eyes. Many players were screaming in pain in boiling water as if they were in the hell’s cauldron. Mysteriously, Sila, on the other hand, was standing still on the unmelting ice field. It was as if he was a grim reaper. His only duty was to silently watch the punishment from hell.

    The players became more and more panicked. The screams kept getting louder and louder because Sila intentionally reduced his power to prevent these players from dying too soon. This scene and sensation burnt into the remaining player’s memory. Nevertheless, in the end, players in the boiling sea began to scatter as lights with a smile of joy that they could finally be free.

    Many players were terrified. But there were still some that could keep their composure. They prepared a series of attack for Sila at the beach.

    Sila judged that things would get dangerous if their preparation were more complete than this. He needed to strike in now while most people were still panicking.

    Sila increased his power to finish off all players in the sea. Then, he immediately circulated Qi of Little Bird and soared towards the coastline.

    The players at the shore, while their numbers were already less than half of the beginning, readied their weapons. Some of the magic-type players began to cast their magic, while the archers shot showers of arrows towards Sila (some could fire several arrows at once, using skills.)

    Sila intended to kill magic-type players who he was disadvantaged against first so he purposely jumped pass twenty warriors in the frontline. While being in midair, Sila decided to use God's Cathedral together with Worlds Crossing Bridge instantly.

    With the experience he had gained from obtaining Tortured Soul, Sila now knew that flexibility played a huge role in playing qi type. Using qi together yields a different result. Thus, Sila was now like a child with new toys. He tried to utilize qi in ways he had never thought of.

    When the arrows entered a three-meter radius of God's Cathedral, they changed their trajectory downwards and hit the warriors below instead. Two or three of them were even pierced through and through and turned into cactuses.

    However, now Sila was in midair and had nowhere to run. Many magic arrows were fired at him.

    If it was magic arrows, his Worlds Crossing Bridge wouldn’t be able to change their course. But he was in midair so he couldn’t evade them properly. Sila frowned as he was figuring out a way to utilize his power again.

    ‘If they can’t be evaded, then I’ll have no choice but to clash with them,’ thought Sila while activating Cruise Breeze that he had never used before. The wind was created as qi wave. It was another distance attack that Sila could perform in addition to the hidden weapon. Though the reason he hadn’t utilized it in an actual fight before was because its attack power was too weak to kill an opponent.

    Special skill: Cruise Breeze

    One of qi techniques. Allow you to freely release qi out of your body. The amount of releasable qi is depended on your expertise.

    The qi wave was fired in three layers and fused with Qi of Little Tiger. It clashed with the magic arrows and then exploded.

    The magic-type players watched that happened and cast higher tier spell without delay.

    Sila didn’t know how to land himself properly, so he pulled himself to the ground with Universe Momentum.

    With him just landing on the ground, the warriors rushed at him without giving him a chance to concentrate.

    Sila circulated Tortured Soul with full power, and also activated God's Cathedral to cover all the warriors around him. Their body now began to freeze, and the ice started to form. However, that ice was hot like a flame, which suddenly caused them to panic.

    Sila’s left hand displayed the power of Flame of Torturing while his right hand was showing the power of Freezing Soul. He struck each warrior near him to send them to death. Some of them were burnt like charred wood, while some scattered like ice.

    His next problem was the archers and magic users. They were at a distance and spread out in a fan-like formation. With Sila not yet to finish thinking about which action to take about them, the warriors around Sila had all died, and the next rain of arrows was fired at him again.

    Sila waited until the arrows drew close to him. Then, he used his right foot as his center of gravity and twisted his body once. The arrows rotated around his body and flew back in the opposite direction, thanks to the power of God's Cathedral and Worlds Crossing Bridge combined.

    He wasn’t waiting for the opponents to prepare, as he soared following those arrows.

    The arrows hit some of them and turned them to light. Other people saw Sila was coming and decided to withdraw. However, Sila used Qi of Little Bird to follow them one by one. Meanwhile, if he saw someone chanting a high-class spell, he would activate Golden Needle to stop their chanting and kill them later.

    Many of them had died. Now there was hardly anyone who still had a will to fight. Some performed hit and run techniques, while some used low-classed spells wishing that Sila who used up too much energy would soon die.

    Sila became upset that no one came to him. Thus, he activated God's Cathedral to cover the area. Its diameter now expanded to eighty meters, causing Sila to be glad, knowing that his power had increased.

    Then, Sila fused Universe Momentum into the sphere, pulling the players to him. Many panicked and immediately grabbed hold of the ground. Unfortunately, this was the beach. All they could grab was sand. Their body was pulled towards Sila.

    Sila in this state could use only Intermediate Qi, but that wasn’t a big problem, as all these players were originally long-ranged units. With Sila’s bare hand, some turned into light; while some were more unfortunate, they were hit and bounced off ten meters, prior to being pulled back again.

    Silas struck his last fist to the remaining magic-type player and turned him to light. Then, he noticed that there were four people left. They were out of his sphere’s eighty-metered range. Those players ran their ass off, escaping from Sila.

    Sila followed them at high speed. Meanwhile, he noticed that they were holding a Returning Scroll in their hand.

    Sila wondered. Maybe he was the only one who couldn’t use the Returning Scroll here. Anyway, if these guys went and joined the other parties which were waiting for Varee in the city, that would lead to a problem. (Actually, it wouldn’t be that much of a problem for Varee, but Sila was too hurried to think rationally.)

    That was a good chance for him that all of them turned their backs to Sila and focused on running away with the scroll in their hand. Sila tossed two knives from both hands, totaling four knives. All of them precisely stabbed the back of the head of those four. They all died without knowing the cause of their own death.

    As they turned into lights, Sila turned around to find survivors, which there were none.

    Sila walked to pick up the knives that he had just used and kept it in his Item Window. Then, he took a short break to circulate his qi.

    The system sound alarmed.

    You and Player Varee have successfully delivered Ocean Heart Aquamarine. You two are therefore declared as the winner in “Seeking for the Beginning Town’s Best Couple” event. There will be an awards ceremony, begins at 10 pm onward.

    Event “Seeking for the Beginning Town’s Best Couple” has come to an end. You can now use the Returning Scroll.

    Sila frowned at the event name and opened the system clock to see the time.

    ’Twenty minutes just passed,’ thought Sila.

    That meant Varee hadn’t used her top speed to travel with Sila. He now felt that he still had a lot more to work on.

    Sila took out the Returning Scroll and used it. His body turned into light and teleported to Beginning Town. The night scenery of a peaceful beach with the sound of the waves was left behind as if the fight back then had never occurred here.

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  • alright, thin out the herd, divert their attention, then pick off the troublesome ones in a gruesome manner to scare the others. good plan.

    turning normal players into criminals in your mind, rather hypocritical, i must say. Shame on you, Sila. 

    Actually...he seems to do that a lot. hmmm...
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    Chapter 27: Beginning Town’s Sightseeing at Night

    Sila arrived at Beginning Town. He walked towards the Quest Building and noticed that the number of people was significantly lower than before. Only Varee and Miss Host stood there.

    Sila approached them. He looked around realizing he had never witnessed the sight of a desolate and peaceful Beginning Town before.

    “Why is it so quiet?” asked Sila.

    “How can it not be? Players take two hours to revive; it will be long until the first one dying revives,” answered Varee.

    “Then, can we get the reward now?” asked Sila as he didn’t want to be the center of attention.

    “No can do, sir. This event is held by the system. We have to promote it for the game’s marketing,” said the young female host.

    Sila checked the time in his system window. It would take around two hours until the time came.

    “Well, I will be training myself then. As for the reward, you can take all of it. I don’t want any,” said Sila.

    To be honest, Sila thought the combat experience he had gained was more valuable than the reward. Moreover, Varee told him beforehand that she wanted this reward, so he didn’t care much what the reward was.

    Sila took out the Invitation Card to the Bamboo Hut. It made sense that the nameless elder was starting to feel annoyed as Sila always bothered his place to keep training himself without a break.

    However, Varee grabbed his hand when he was about to activate it, making him slightly blush.

    “Sila is always busy practicing. Just take a break sometimes. Now that we have two hours, I will be your guide to sightsee Beginning Town’s night atmosphere,” said Varee, “Miss Host, can we come back here two hours later?”

    “Of course, please take your time.” The female host smiled.

    “Let’s go, Sila.” Varee led the way without releasing Silas hand.

    When they left, the smiling host clapped two times. Suddenly, there were rows of floating shining lamps hovered on both sides of the street. They were originally prepared for the award ceremony tonight. But she decided to use it beforehand to create a romantic atmosphere for this couple.

    “Well, well, this couple is so sweet yet so savage,” muttered the host as she perceived that these two had killed all the players able to witness this peaceful atmosphere.

    The two might look like they were holding hands romantically, however, Sila was actually being pulled by her forcefully.

     “Hey, hey, you can release my hand now. I won’t leave, okay?”

    “Nope, we are the Beginning Town’s best couple tonight, remember?”

    Sila blushed slightly, “About this matter, why didn’t you tell me beforehand that this was an event for a couple?” asked Sila.

    “If I did, you wouldn’t be participating, am I right?” Varee asked him back.

    Sila didn’t say anything in return. If she had told him that fact beforehand, he indeed wouldn’t have participated. While it was true that they knew each other in real life, they still had just met. Sila felt that they weren’t close enough to attend an event for couples together.

    “Just let it go and let me show you around Beginning Town instead.”

    Then, Varee brought Sila to visit various places in Beginning Town. They even visited a Fortune Telling Shop that Sila wouldn’t ever consider entering.

    This romantic atmosphere (in a normal person’s perspective except for Silas) continued. Regardless, the two of them stopped by the market square. The place was usually crowded with merchants. However, right now there was only one merchant sitting alone. He even seemed confused and wondered why he was the only person with a stall here.

    Varee brought Sila to visit that merchant’s jewelry stall. She picked some accessories to inspect while Sila who wasn’t interested in jewelry started his conversation with the merchant.

    “Why are you here by yourself today?”

    “Well, there is an event for couples today. Almost everyone joined, but I’m not interested so I decided to sit here. However, I didn’t expect people to all be gone like this. If you two hadn’t come, I would have prepared to close my shop,” replied the merchant.

    Actually, the event “Seeking for the Beginning Town's Best Couple” was one of the most ridiculous events in the game. However, it always gave big prizes so a lot of people always attended. The absurdity of the event lied in the fact that its content changed every round: there was a time that the content was a duo singing contest. Since the only requirements for the event was being a couple, many people joined the event in case that something easy came up. That was why most of the participators teamed up for mutual benefits rather than being a real couple.

    Hearing the explanation, Sila understood why many of the players that surrounded him didn’t look like couples at all. This made him felt less guilty to kill them.

    “Did you craft these accessories by yourself? They’re beautiful and very well-made,” said Varee.

    “Yes, I craft all of them myself,” answered the merchant.

    Sila started to become interested in the items. They consisted of necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings, and common jewelry that looked quite good.

    Varee picked up many bracelets to try on herself and repeatedly asked Sila for his opinion. Good grief, Sila wasn’t interested in this kind of thing so he just replied that they all looked beautiful on her.

    “How about you Sila, do you want any?” asked Varee.

    “No, thank you. I think what I’m wearing is good enough.”

    Varee looked at Sila from his head to toe. No matter how she looked, there was almost no equipment on Sila.

    “What are you wearing right now?”

    Sila opened his system window. He thought, ‘The Right Arm of the Sealed One is unusable right now so it doesn’t count. The rest is…’

    “Well, there is this wuxia clothing,” said Sila.

    “And?” Varee really wanted to know which equipment had Sila put on.

    “Erm, it’s just that,” replied Sila.

    “That’s all?” Varee frowned. She wondered why. It shouldn’t be the case of lacking money though since Sila had upgraded his system window to C grade.

    Even the merchant was skeptical. With his sharp eyes of a merchant, the cloth that Sila was wearing must be C-grade Wandering Wuxia’s Clothing which increased both physical and magical defenses by 300 points, attack by 5%, qi point by 5%, qi circulation’s speed by 10%, and agility by 5%, together with the option of being able to clean itself but couldn’t self-repair (as expected of a merchant, they were completely correct). The cloth cost around a hundred thousand silver coins, so it was impossible that this man was poor.

    Sila was surprised that everyone seemed worried. For him, all sets of clothing were the same as he didn’t intend to rely on it. He would even still wear Beginner Clothing right now if it wasn’t dirty and ragged.

    “Well, in this case, you should buy something for yourself,” said Varee prior to trying many accessories on Sila.

    Sila felt bored so he started a conversation with the merchant again.

    “I think all of your products look pretty decent, so why do you seem not quite proud of them?” Sila noticed the expression of the merchant.

    The merchant was surprised that Sila could tell what he truly felt.

    “The reason is, although they look pretty, their ability is not that high. These could sell only in Beginning Town as there are plenty of better accessories in the Main Continent.” It was Varee who replied in a merchant’s place.

    Sila frowned and looked at Varee with scolding eyes. He felt that Varee’s speech was too mean.

    “I’m sorry. This woman was quite rude.” Sila said to the merchant. This time, it was Varee’s turn to frown. Wasn’t what Sila just said considered ruder?

    But the merchant shook his head, “No problem, Bro. What she said was completely correct. These goods of mine aren’t able to sell in the Main Continent, I know that myself.”

    “Most of the craftsmen in the Main Continent are dwarfs or plant race. Those two races have the skill to increase the ability of equipment and medicine. From what I saw, I guess you still haven’t changed your race.” Varee said to the merchant.

    “That’s correct. But the race that I want to change into is very rare. I want to choose my own path so I haven’t changed to another race yet.”

    Varee frowned again. She wondered which race was better in craftsmanship than the dwarf race.

    “And what is the race that you want to change into?” Sila thought that if it was a plant race, he would just give him the Dragon Tree Cards that he didn’t know where to use or spend it on anyway.

    “It’s a merpeople race, Sir.”

    “Merpeople race?/Merpeople race?” Sila and Varee exclaimed together with doubt. However, their doubt was different. Varee was suspicious of how the merpeople race was better than the dwarf’s, while Sila wondered whether it was too coincidental that he just happened to obtain a lot of Merpeople Cards recently.

    “Although Big Sister said that the best races suitable for craftsmanship are dwarf or plant race, there’s still more to it. Each of the races has their own aptitude. While it’s true that dwarf race is great in craftsmanship ability, it only specializes in crafting weapon and armor. For plant race, it specializes in medicine creation. There are also elf and fairy race that specialize in textile.” The merchant explained.

    “What about the merpeople race?”

    “Merpeople race specializes in jewelry. The jewel that merpeople polish is far more exquisite than others. However, there is a big problem with the merpeople.” The merchant’s expression saddened.

    “What is it?” asked Sila.

    “The problem would be the fact that merpeople monsters are rare to encounter. They all live deep underwater. The reason that the event today was to fight them must be partly due to this. The game’s creator might want us to try fighting it once.” Varee answered in merchant’s place. This was common knowledge.

    “Did you two get to fight against merpeople monsters?” asked the merchant. His eyes sparkled with hope.

    Sila nodded, while Varee shook her head as she hadn’t killed any merpeople. Her task was to assassinate the players.

    The merchant felt a little puzzled. These two were together but one had fought the merpeople while the other hadn’t. No matter how he looked at it, Varee didn’t seem to be the support type.

    Well, it wasn’t important. He quickly spoke to Sila.

    “Do you have any Merpeople Cards to sell to me, Bro?” asked the young merchant. He had played this game for a while, but he still hadn’t even seen a single Merpeople Card before. Although merpeople’s level wasn’t as high as dragon’s, the level of difficulty to obtain its card was considered harder than dragons.

    “Yes, I have. But can I ask for something first?” said Sila.

    A big smile formed on the young merchant’s face. He nodded to allow Sila to ask any question. Meanwhile, Varee was somehow surprised by the fact that Sila was so lucky to obtain the card. But after reconsidering the fact that Sila had killed many merpeople, it shouldn’t be so weird for him to obtain one or two cards.

    “How many cards are required?” asked Sila. He thought if a large number of cards were required as the slime race, what he had wouldn’t be much helpful.

    Hearing that, the merchant made a sad face. He perceived that Sila only had one card, which was a common scenario. It was not something easy to obtain.

    “It requires ten cards to change into merpeople race, and twenty more cards are needed to obtain the Invitation Card to its kingdom,” he replied softly. If he bought one card from Sila, he would still need twenty-nine more cards to fulfill his goal.

    Sila nodded, “Good, I just feared that it might not be enough.” He said before putting out all seventy-four Merpeople Cards to the merchant.

    Varee and the merchant were shocked beyond words. The merchant extended his hand to take them and inspected them via his system window. His hand was shaking heavily.

    “Th-Th-Th-The real deal, this many?” the merchant began to stutter.

    Varee looked at the card pile with amazement. Although it was true that Sila had killed many merpeople, the number of merpeople that died shouldn’t exceed three hundreds as she had witnessed. For the cards to drop this many, there must be something behind it.

    “Just take them. I already have a race myself,” simply replied Sila.

    “B-B-B-Bro, I don’t want this many. No, I mean, I don’t even have the money to buy all these.”

    “In that case, just take them for free,” Sila gave them easily like they were just candies left in his plate.

    Varee looked at Sila while thinking that common sense couldn’t be used to measure this man. She thought she had already seen through him, but he still had some actions that she couldn’t comprehend. This man wasn’t interested in external materials in the slightest.

    “F-F-F-For free?” the merchant looked at Sila incredulously.

    “Sila, you may be unaware of their worth. These Merpeople Cards are even more expensive than dragon’s. They’re an item that people can’t buy even if they have money,” warned Varee. She wanted to verify whether Sila wasn’t interested in cards or just didn’t know their value.

    Sila turned his head to the young merchant, seeing him nodding in agreement to Varee’s statement.

    “Why do you guys seem to be so shocked? It’s not a big deal. I said I would give them for free so they’re free. I’m going to sell them to the Card Shop anyways if you hadn’t told me all those craftsmanship things.” (They could be sold for 2 gold coins each.)

    Varee felt surprised but her face didn’t show that. She could feel her heart beating slightly faster for no reason.

    Sila thought that although they were expensive, they were just only in-game things. Sure, he also needed some in-game currency to spend. However, he was comfortable with what he currently had. He didn’t have any financial problems.

    He was unaware that this ‘just only in-game’ of him had ruined many friendships of people from the conflict of interests. Due to Monster Soul being a virtual reality game online, some people took it for real that this place was another world that exists.

    “B-B-B-But I really can’t just take them for free, considering how priceless they are,” said the merchant as he was calming down.

    “Then, let’s do it this way.” Sila took out Jewel of the Sea. “When you are ready, you will have to use this to your best to craft an accessory for this girl, okay?” Sila’s words made Varee turn her head to look at him again.

    “This is an A-grade item, Jewel of the Sea, hmm.” As expected of the merchant, he recognized it immediately just by looking at it briefly.

    “Can you do that?”

    “How can you believe in me? I may just take it away for myself.”

    “I believe that I trust the right person,” replied Sila. Meanwhile, Varee’s heart beat slightly faster. She felt that this man was different than others.

    As thing was decided, the merchant spoke up “I’m Burapha.”

    “My name is Sila, and this girl is Varee,” Sila introduced themselves.

    After that, the three of them added each other as friends. Burapha promised that he would contact Sila and Varee when the accessory was completed. By the way, Varee finally chose two jewelry pieces which Burapha didn’t mind giving them for free. Although Sila wanted to pay for them at first, Burapha rejected the offer and said that he had received too much already. Granted, Sila understood and then walked away with Varee. They were still holding hands but Sila was somehow accustomed to it already.

    Two of them spent their time around Beginning Town until other players began to appear. They checked the time and realized that it was nearly 10.00pm, so they walked back to the Quest Building with many players glaring at them. 

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    Chapter 28: Shouldn’t be a Problem

    If Beginning Town two hours ago was considered a desolate city, it would currently be considered as overcrowded. Many players gathered around the stage in front of the Quest Building. The number of players here exceeded the number of event’s participators. It seemed even new players or ordinary bystanders were interested in the commotion.

    “Mister Sila, Miss Varee, please come this way,” said the female host while waving her hand on the stage.

    “Mind your weight,” said Varee prior for her to use Psychic Impact to jump above spectators while holding Sila’s hand. As Sila was circulating Qi of Little Bird to lower his weight, Varee could perform this task without any difficulty.

    As they arrived at the stage, attention was on them. Then, there was an uproar when someone recognized Varee.

    “She’s Goddess of Purified Water, isn’t she?”

    The commotion seemed unlikely to stop. Goddess of Purified Water. Although she was an individual player, almost every player knew that the Sword Emperor had a crush on her. There were rumors that he had invited Varee to enter his guild many times. But she had always rejected him. Now she appeared in Beginning Town together with a mysterious man who seemed to be a new player. As a result, people began to discuss about this man’s identity.

    “Ladies and Gentlemen, please be quiet, the award ceremony will begin soon,” said the female host. It made the commotion quiet down to some extent. “Okay, firstly, it’s my pleasure to announce that the Beginning Town’s Best Couple for this month is Mister Sila and Miss Varee here.”

    The host held up the Ocean Heart Aquamarine, which was shining its blue light brightly.

    Instead of being interested in its beauty, people who never knew the name of Sila began to search for his information. However, there was no information regarding this name, even in the database of Blue Pigeon guild, the famous guild that specialized in information gathering.

    Meanwhile, the female host started to talk about the event’s sponsors and its history. Unfortunately, not a single one of them paid attention to her speech, including Sila who was on the stage.

    “…and the prize this time is 3,000 gold together with an item for a couple, which is an S-graded item.” She finished her sentence. It was at that time that people finally paid attention to her speech.

    “Just like that?” murmured softly Sila. He thought Varee would want something more extreme than this.

    “As Miss Varee had informed us beforehand, we have already prepared the prize,” the host said before handing a silver box to Sila. It was of a small size similar to a ring box.

    Sila wasn’t surprised about its size being so small since the box containing Right Arm of the Sealed One was also small like this. Perhaps all the boxes in this game have the same size. He also wasn’t surprised that Varee already knew about the prize beforehand, since she was the one who told him she wanted it.

    “If you want to know what’s inside, just open it,” said Varee. Her eyes looked equivocal, though.

    Sila frowned. He didn’t really want to know about the thing that Varee wanted, but his curiosity prevailed. It was something he had put work into, so just wanting to know what was inside was natural, right?

    As soon as he opened the box, the system sound alarmed.

    You have obtained Couple Ring of Commitment. You are forced to equip it and it cannot be unequipped unless given the consent of both parties.

    You are given the social status: Varee’s Lover.

    ‘I’m forced to wear something again. Next time I open the box, I should be more careful,’ thought Sila.

    He was frowning again when he saw that the ring was worn on his left ring finger. He immediately opened the system window to inspect it.

    (S) Couple Ring of Commitment

    A set item that comprises two rings. Must be worn by two players.

    When the ring wearers fighting together, all abilities will be increased by 20%.

    Each ring wearer can check basic status and location of another ring wearer, and contact him/her at any time with no constraint.

    Each ring wearer has the right to enter other ring wearer’s personal location as a place of his/her own. (Player still cannot use other ring wearer’s private item nor participate in his/her personal quest. Player only has the right to enter house or special dimension that other ring wearer can enter, except some places that have special conditions such as Mansion of the Seven Deadly Sins that limited to only those who possessed its emblem.)

    Sila gasped in dismay. This was a big problem. It meant from now on, what he did or where he was would be clearly visible for Varee to know. This item must be for people that were very close to each other, mustn’t it? He and Varee weren’t that close.

    Varee saw Sila’s dismayed face. She then approached him and whispered in his ear.

    “This is a payback for you entering into the game disregarding the promise you made with me and blocking my call. Now, you cannot block my call anymore. How is it? Do you like my present?” Varee grinned.

    Sila looked at Varee’s face. Did she do all this for that? He wasn’t the type that sweated the small stuff so he thought that others must be the same.  He didn’t realize women were the most mysterious creatures on earth. Small matters can become big problems, while big problems can become pointless in their perspective.

    “Kyaa. Look at them. They’re wearing couple rings together and whispering something. How cute,” commented the host who didn’t know anything.

    “Then, pardon me, but can we leave now? We have another place to visit,” said Varee.

    “Sure, sure. Teehee. May I ask where are you guys going to be lovey-dovey to?” The host teased them jokingly.

    Sila was now confused so he didn’t say anything. It was Varee who said “It’s a secret,” before jumping out. Leaving a scream of envy from the host and some female players behind.

    There’re also eyes filled with fiendish from one group of players glaring as they left.


    Sila was still confused while being dragged by Varee along the road. There were a lot of players here. Some of them looked at Sila and Varee but Sila was already accustomed to it.

    Sila finally got his chance to shake his hand off Varee and activate Invitation Card to Bamboo Hut. The white light glowed around Sila before teleporting him away from Varee. Sila smiled as he was victorious. Strangely, he also saw the same smile from Varee just before he left.

    Sila appeared on the walkway to the bamboo hut. He walked into the hut only to see that his teacher was currently weaving a basket (again). Sila greeted his teacher while the old man showed an annoyed expression on his face as if he wanted to say ‘this brat has come again’ before continuing weaving the basket.

    Sila told the old man about his battle at the beach. The old man listened to it and felt glad that his disciple’s ability had rapidly developed. This seemed to be a trait of slimes that he had once heard from Divine. He hadn’t planned to tell Sila about this fact yet, though.

    “By the way, who do you bring with you today?” said the old man.

    “Who do I bring with me?” wondered Sila.

    ”I’m referring to that girl behind you. Don’t you bring her here?”

    Sila smiled as he thought that his teacher just wanted to tease him, “Haha, teacher, stop it. I’m not the type that afraid of a ghost.”

    “Then, what are you afraid of?” The cheerful voice came from behind.

    Sila’s face went pale. He turned his head slowly just to find Varee, “How are you here!?”

    Varee didn’t say anything. She just lifted her left hand up to show him a shining silver ring on her finger.

    Sila sighed deeply before turning his head back to talk with his teacher.

    “Anyway, I would like to spend the night here,” said Sila.

    “No, no. I’m terribly sorry. This place is not a hotel and I also have my task to do.” The old man rejected hurriedly. Despite saying he was sorry, there was a delighted smile on his face, “You may go now. I have some business to take care of.”

    Sila wasn’t sure whether the old man actually had business to take care of or not. Lately, he felt that the old man was always trying to chase him away. Anyway, the old man was his teacher now. Obeying the teacher was something he had been taught since childhood. Thus, he said goodbye before turning to light and disappearing. Varee also did the same after greeting the old man.

    “Hahaha. Serves him right. Now that brat will know how he had annoyed me.” The old man laughed before picking up a basket to continue weaving happily.


    The two of them reappeared at the location where they left off.

    Sila now ran out of his patience, “when will you quit following me?”

    “Until you go offline and have a doctor check your body,” answered Varee.

    Sila sighed, ‘Fine, I will log out now.’

    “But don’t do it now. It’s currently 3 AM in the real world. Logging out tomorrow should be more appropriated.

    Sila frowned. He finally got the chance to ask what he had been curious about, “Are psychic-typed players able to read other’s mind?”

    “Well, well, they do, or maybe they don’t?” Varee said with a mischievous smile.

    Sila felt he was defeated. He decided to keep this question for himself for now. He had to ask another player instead as Varee surely wouldn’t answer his question.

    “If you have nothing more, please come with me. I will bring you to a particular shop.”

    Varee said while dragging Sila into a shop that was close by. He was dragged in too quick to know what kind of shop was it.

    Upon entering, he soon realized that he was in a pet shop. Each corner filled with animals. There were both real-life animals and animals so weird that Sila didn’t know what to call them.

    “A pet shop?” wondered Sila.

    “Yes, sir, a pet shop. We are quite popular among players. What kind of pet are you looking for today, sir?” asked the salesman who suddenly came to them.

    “We’re looking for a pet that cannot be used in combat,” answered Varee.

    Varee dragged Sila to the pet shop because she wanted Sila to have something to do except practicing and fighting for revenge. Based on his ability despite the fact that he just started playing this game, in addition to his personal talent, he must be engaging in real battles non-stop. That meant he wasn’t resting much. If he had some burden like a pet, he would enjoy the game more.

    As for Sila, he was okay to keep a pet. In the past, he had wanted to have a pet but didn’t have one. His teacher had told him he wasn’t responsible enough. Thus, it was good for him if he could have one in the game. Sila also agreed with Varee’s statement that he didn’t want a combat-type pet. He wasn’t the type that depended on others to fight in his place.

    “Are you interested in a horse, sir? You can even ride on it,” recommended salesman.

    “I can use qinggong myself,” said Sila.

    “What about a hen, sir? It can even lay eggs for you to eat.”

    “A hen? No, please. Isn't it too strange?”

    “Well, pardon me, sir, but could you please be more specific about what kind of pet you would like to have” asked the salesperson.

    Varee didn't interrupt Sila as she guessed that Sila also wanted a pet himself. Sila thought about the salesperson's request for a while prior to giving his answer.

    "A kind of pet that’s weak and useless, but not ugly. Oh, it should be easy for an amateur like me to take care of too. Is there a pet like that?" Sila requested for an animal easy to pet and hard to die.

    The salesperson frowned. At first, he was about to recommend a chameleon, but it wouldn't do since it was quite ugly. After thinking about Sila's request for a minute, an idea popped into his mind. The salesperson then asked Sila to wait here and went to a backdoor.

    He came back with a birdcage in his hand. Inside the birdcage was an ordinary-looking brown sparrow.

    "So cute," said Varee.

    "Here, as you requested, it is very weak and useless. It's quite cute too, isn't it? Taking care of it is easy too, it won't die as long as you feed some rice and water to it. How about it? Do you like it?" explained the salesperson.

    "I like it. How much does it cost?" asked Sila.

    "1,500, sir," replied the salesperson.

    Sila handed over 1,500 silver. But the salesperson shook his head.

    "What's wrong?" asked Sila.

    "My deepest apologize. My previous statement wasn't clear. I meant its cost is 1,500 gold, sir.

    "1,500 gold! Didn't you just say it is useless? Why is it this expensive, then?"

    “Erm… it has one strange skill, causing a fair price to be like this, sir.” The salesperson replied hesitantly. He even didn’t say anything about its skill.

    “If you want, I can pay for it. We just obtained 3,000 gold from the previous event anyway,” suggested Varee.

    Sila wasn’t concerned about money. He just felt that there was something fishy about this bird.

    Actually, Varee also felt it too. But she thought that the more problematic the bird was, the better. Since it would cause Sila to take care of it more, resulting in lessening his practice time.

    The sparrow tilted its neck and made a chirping sound. Sila couldn’t stand its cuteness so he had to tell Varee to pay for it. Once the bird flew out of the birdcage, it landed itself onto Sila’s hand as if it knew who its owner was.

    You have obtained Brown Sparrow, Squire Rank, Level 1 as a pet. Please submit your pet’s name.

    “Which name will you choose for it?” asked Varee.

    “How about Birdie?” answered Sila while Varee rolled her eyes. She had been expecting something like this.

    She could sense that Sila was the type that was negligent about naming an animal. He would name a cat ‘Kitty’ and name a dog ‘Doggie.’

    “Poor thing. I’m the one who bought it. So please let me be the one who names it, okay?”

    Sila wondered why Varee took it seriously. Well, he didn’t care, “Up to you, then.”

    “It’s Sila’s bird. How about naming it Lookhin?” suggested Varee.

    T/N: ‘Lookhin’ means small rock, small stone, or pebble in Thai. By the way, I hope you guys still remember that Sila literally means rock or stone.

    “That’s fine,” answered Sila.

    The name Lookhin has been confirmed.

    Thus, Sila got a pet named Lookhin in possession. It was flying around playfully.

    Afterward, Sila bought bird food and asked for information about the item that could be used to keep a pet as he once witnessed Jundtrathep use a necklace to keep Luna away. However, the salesperson said that it was not available in this shop. He would have to seek it from merchants or buy it on Main Continent. Finally, both Sila and Varee left the shop with Lookhin perched on Sila’s shoulder.

    The salesperson watched the two of them off and let out a sigh.

    “Wheww. Finally sold. That problematic bird that the Monster Department has created. Actually, if it wasn’t for that skill, that bird would be weak and useless as he wanted. Nevertheless, that player seems poor. He even had to let the lady pay for him. He won’t be able to obtain many high-tiered cards anyway. Yeah, there shouldn’t be a problem.”

    He then welcomed another customer whom just entered the shop. At that time, he still wasn’t aware that the problem he concerned was soon to emerge.

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    "Slamming Psychic "sound strange ,how about "impacting psychic" It will be more accurate to "จิตกระแทก"
  • is that bird going to eat cards to get stronger?
  • poor sila. pretty much just met the girl but already whipped.
  • Well shit chimera bird ehh
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