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  • Chapter 275: A Reunion

    Sila still showed a serious face as he glared at the three monsters. Soon, Clute was the first to submit to the pressure and open his mouth.

    “I’m sorry. I’m in the wrong...”

    Mamon quickly added, “That’s right. I don’t know what you are talking about, but I’m sure he is the one at fault. Punish him.”

    Sila lowered his voice as he asked, “Clute, what did you do? Tell me.”

    Clute nodded and took an egg out of his clothing. “I went against your request to kill dragons. This child seemed pitiful, so I kept it.”

    Clute then told Sila what happened. When people—including Clute—were watching Lomyok heroically fight against Eleanor, fate seemed to play a prank on him. Lomyok, who had been maintaining an advantage so far, suddenly slipped on a banana peel and fell over. His head knocked against a sharp rock and his defense temporarily fell. It was at this exact moment that a giant dragon soared toward him and swallowed him whole, leaving nothing behind after his death.

    Meanwhile, Eleanor was at the border between life and death. Just a single light attack would kill her. Clute pitied her, so he activated the rune of birth to turn her into an egg and secured it.

    Mamon laughed. “Kiekkiekkiek! Caught you, you thief! What a hypocritical bastard. You deserve to be severely punished.” He shifted his gaze to the egg. “Aside from being a thief, you are also stupid. A dragon egg can’t be hatched unless it is given warmth from a female dragon. You better let me eat it rather than keep it.”

    Clute quickly hid the egg in his embrace. “You can’t!!”

    Lookhin drooled, staring at the egg in Clute’s hands. She restored her calm expression a moment later and continued to act innocent, though her gaze still lingered on the egg.

    ‘I have to get my hands on it, then put the blame on Mamon,’ Lookhin thought as she formed a plan in her mind.

    Sila sighed. “I didn’t mean the egg. I meant the disappearance of dropped items.”

    Mamon quickly blurted out, “Why don’t you ask this glutton bird? I saw what she did.”

    Lookhin abruptly turned to Mamon while transforming back into her human form. “Psycho frog. Snitch. You have no friends.”

    Hearing that, Mamon immediately realized his secret had been leaked. Only a handful of beings knew his original identity, and one of them was in this room. He turned to Clute and roared. “There is no way this glutton bird would know about my genuine form! You told her, right? You damn blabbermouth golem!”

    Clute nodded. “I did. Lookhin asked me. I told her since it doesn’t seem to be a secret.”

    “It’s my business, not yours! It’s me who gets to decide whether it’s a secret or not!!” Mamon viciously glared at Clute.

    Sila asked what was going on, and Clute quickly recounted how he had told Lookhin that Mamon’s original form was a frog, though his appearance evolved as he ranked up—from Squire, Knight, Marquis, Lord, to Emperor. In the end, his genuine form changed from a frog to a human—a creature full of greed.

    Sila then realized that Mamon’s human form wasn’t due to him having reached Lord Rank, but because it was his genuine form. Thus, he couldn’t transform back and forth like Lookhin. Come to think of it, there were some monsters who resembled humans, such as Elves. Unexpectedly, Mamon was one of them.

    “Easy, easy. Don’t fight,” Sila said while interfering, “By the way, Mamon is right, Clute. You shouldn’t have revealed someone’s secret to another person without their permission.”

    “I’m sorry,” Clute said as he turned to Mamon. “I’m sorry, Mamon.”

    “My name is MAMMON, the prince of the demon world! The great ruler of devils!! Even you plan to call me by that name, huh?!!”

    “I noticed everyone else calls you this. I thought you would like it, Mamon.”

    “I hate this fucking name!!” Mamon roared.

    “Mamon, Mamon, Mamon,” Lookhin muttered to no one in particular. “Mamon, psychotic frog.”

    Mamon frowned, but a smile soon emerged on his face. “...You shitty omnivorous glutton bird. I saw you eat something during battle. I guess you are the reason behind the disappearances. You must have eaten all of the items, right?”

    Lookhin flinched. She didn’t expect the conversation to come back to her. She turned left and right, trying to find a helper. “Clute?”

    Clute made eye contact with Lookhin’s pleading eyes. He swallowed his saliva as he turned to Sila while avoiding eye contact. “I... Er... I was wrong. I... saw dragons and thought they seemed delicious, so I ate them all... probably?”

    Mamon laughed, high-pitched. “Kiekkiekkiek! An innocent boy trying to lie? What a joke. Lying requires practice, you fool. Take me for example—”

    Sila frowned. “So you lied, Mamon?”

    Mamon’s laughter came to an abrupt stop as he made a serene expression. “I did not. I have never told a lie even once in my lifetime. I’m hailed as the most honest and upright demon in the entire demon world. You can verify my words by asking any demon. If anyone dares to— Ahem, I mean, no one will ever contradict my statement.”

    “Really?” Sila asked, his pitch raising toward the end of the word.

    “Absolutely,” Mamon replied confidently.

    Sila smiled inwardly. Of course, he thought Mamon was lying, or at least hiding something from him. There was no demon around for him to ask. No, even if there were, he wouldn’t be able to believe their words.

    Mamon was playful with his words, changing subjects so fast that Sila almost lost the flow of the conversation. As expected of an eloquent demon prince.

    “Lookhin... obediently confess your crime. Don’t place the blame on Clute.” Sila stared into Lookhin’s eyes. Finally, she gave in and told the story with her awkward speech.

    During the battle, she happened to feel hungry as she fought. Thus, she took out a handful of bananas—which she had snatched from Indigo’s kitchen—and ate them. She was still unsatisfied after eating them though. It was at this moment when a dragon collapsed in front of her and was burnt by the flames of another dragon, sending a nice aroma into her nose. She couldn’t resist it as she tossed her banana peels away, abandoning her duty of providing protection for the players, and plunged into the grilled dragon, savoring it to her heart’s content. A brief moment later, a scream rang out, and Lookhin noticed Lomyok being eaten alive just because she was too busy eating. Mamon saw all of this from start to finish.

    “In conclusion... you were busy stuffing your belly and neglected your responsibilities, right?” Sila asked to confirm, and Lookhin nodded weakly.

    ‘I was wondering how a banana peel happened to be in the Dragon Kingdom. Unexpectedly, Lookhin was the one who dropped it. Wait... Does this mean Lookhin was responsible for Lomyok’s death? How bad could that guy’s luck be?’

    “Now that you have pinpointed a criminal, punish her! You’re wasting my time here, you know?” Mamon urged.

    “Umm. If Lookhin was the one at fault by unconsciously eating the items altogether, that mean I have to take responsibility.” Sila pressed his thumb on his temple, massaging it. Items dropped from dragons didn’t sound cheap. He was concerned about his wealth after compensating everyone.

    “Hm? Wait! This story is strange!” Sila exclaimed.

    Sebastian asked, “Pardon, sir?”

    “Mamon is the sole innocent person... This is close to impossible,” Sila muttered to himself.

    “What do you mean?!!” Mamon argued, “Why is it so unlikely for me to be guiltless?”

    Mamon showed the saddest expression he could make. “I’m greatly disappointed. I did nothing wrong... yet I’m suspected purely because I’m the lone white sheep among the two black ones... the sole innocent amidst the gang of vile bandits. Oh... To think that doing only good deeds would lead me to this... Poor me. All gone... my trust and my loyalty are all gone. If this is the case, I shall leave... I shall leave to take my chances on my own. I shall leave for the place where there are people who trust me and receive my trust.”

    While Mamon was slowly walking away, Clute quickly interrupted, “Err... I’m so sorry that I also suspected you.”

    Mamon shook his head. Each of his steps were firm and resolute. “It’s too late. Once spilled, water can’t be put back into the glass. They are gone... my hope and trust... I have to leave.”

    Sila swiftly took action by flicking his hand toward Mamon. However, his hand bounced off an invisible armor that was hard enough to bring pain to his wrist. Apparently, Turtle Cage—Mamon’s new armor—could block Sila’s attacks to some degree.

    Sila changed his approach by gently grabbing Mamon’s ankle and holding him upside down.

    “What the hell are you doing to me?!!”

    “Mamon, you are hiding something under your shirt, right?” Sila’s statement caused Mamon to flinch.

    Six or so small rectangular boxes fell from Mamon’s body. Sila seized one of them and inspected it. It turned out that the box was an item storage device. It was quite useful for monsters like Mamon, who didn’t have a system window for item storage. Each box had an illustration of a fish engraved on it.

    “Put my Fish Tank down!”

    Instead of listening to Mamon’s order, Sila opened it. A pile of items then came flowing out of the box in his hand, with each item seeming to be high quality.

    Julia opened the remaining boxes to inspect.

    “Some of the items belong to Master. I suspect Mister Mamon took them from your treasure room. Oh? There are also weapons from Lost Grea City’s warehouse, dragon ingredients, and a great number of Soul Crystals.”

    “Mamon...” Sila placed the boy on the floor. “Do you have anything to say to me?”

    “They are all mine! You said it yourself that I could charge for my labor, which I did! My condition is that I keep eighty percent of total revenue.”

    “Eighty percent!!” Sila exclaimed.

    He blankly looked at the piles of items. For the record, Mamon always kept a number of his creations to himself. He would do the same even if he didn’t personally take part in the production and was only the one responsible for the idea. Apparently, while Lookhin ate one dragon in the Dragon Kingdom, Mamon seized all of the remaining items dropped from dragons to compensate for his labor. In fact, more than half of Sila’s items had already been claimed by Mamon.

    No wonder Sila felt his personal wealth was decreasing lately. He always thought he was simply bad at using money.

    “You once told me that I was free to use your items like they were mine. Remember?” Mamon asked.

    Sila replied, “In that case, your items are mine as well. Sebastian, please take all items from the Dragon Kingdom and split them among participating players. Julia, from now on, please help with the books. Record every item Mamon has.”

    “Yes, sir!” Both the head butler and the head maid replied simultaneously, ignoring a certain person’s arguments.

    “You can’t!!” Mamon shouted. “Some of them came from my own hard work!” He pointed at a pile of Soul Crystals.

    “I equally charge eighty percent of your total assets as my labor cost, then. It’s fair now. Sebastian, take them all,” Sila closed the deal.

    “What?!!” Mamon exclaimed, “But I was the one working the hardest!”

    Clute wondered about that. “But... in the Dragon Kingdom, I saw you doing nothing but grinning.”

    “I was cheering on everyone in my own style!! You could only reach that kingdom thanks to me! Did you expect me to help in the fight as well?”

    Sila didn’t want to drag the conversation on. “Let’s say everyone has to work to atone for your crimes.” He shifted his gaze to the butler. “Sebastian, handle this matter as you see fit.”

    “Yes, sir.” Sebastian politely bowed.

    “I didn’t do anything wrong!! I’m innocent! I refuse to be cheated!” Mamon groaned, though no one seemed to care.

    Sila exited the room. Asava and Vlad were waiting for him.

    Asava gently smiled at Sila. No matter what happened, Sila always saw a smile hanging on this person’s face, making it difficult to read his thoughts.

    “Being able to properly handle internal conflicts is a necessary skill for the Wulin Lord, I must say.”

    Sila nodded at Asava’s words. “We have to invest our time in the most important matters and leave trivial things like this for later. Do you have any other missions?”

    “None. Our only task is to help you become the winner of this war event. The rest are not important. Right, Vlad?”

    Vlad nodded. “Exactly as Asava said.”

    “In that case, let’s go immediately. Every second counts.” Sila placed one hand on Asava’s shoulder and the other on Vlad’s, then spoke the incantation. “Go to the Slime Kingdom.”

    The light enveloped the three before moving them to a different location in an instant. The trio appeared in the Slime Kingdom, which was quite different from the last time Sila had visited. The sky was bright. The wind was strong. The kingdom was full of high-spirited slimes.

    “Our Hero has returned!!” A similar-looking orange slime, who Sila always spotted hopping around the kingdom, came to greet him. It roared, “Our Savior! Our Venerable! The Most Handsome One! The Coolest and Strongest in the Universe!”

    Compliments bombarded Sila from all directions, to the point where he was getting embarrassed. He immediately raised his hand and told them not to praise him anymore.

    Many of the slimes stared at the two new visitors. Sila quickly introduced, “These two are my brothers. They are guests.”

    “The Hero’s brothers are our brothers, ya. They’re welcome, ya~”

    Sila couldn’t help but smile. “Where are His Majesty and the three Slime Guardians?”

    “They are in the palace, ya. I will be responsible for leading you to them, ya.” The orange slime made a solemn expression and Sila felt that, if it could, it would’ve saluted like a soldier.

    “I know the way, so you don’t have to go out of your way. Please make yourself comfortable. I will see you again later.”

    “Don’t forget to join us at the celebration party tonight, ya~ We are excited to show off our abilities. These abilities have been sealed for a very long time.”

    Sila wasn’t sure he would have the time for that. Still, he nodded in response. The three people walked toward the stone castle located in the deepest part of the kingdom. The slimes that encountered them along the way showed respect and welcomed them with the highest level of hospitality.

    The gate leading to the palace was swung open, showing the Slime King sitting on a throne while the Three Slime Guardians were standing on his right.

    “Hello, Your Majesty and the Three Slime Guardians.” Sila bowed and gestured to the two people beside him. “These two are my brothers. Their names are—”

    “Asava and Vlad...” Poluk interrupted, “You sure have grown a lot. What about Himeko? She didn’t come with you?”

    Asava stared at the Three Slime Guardians. He hardly recognized them, especially the vibe they gave off. However, he could easily deduce who they were.

    “As I expected. There was no way the three of you could die that easily. It turned out that you faked your deaths. Please accept this disciple’s respect, Teacher Tetsu, Teacher Raizo, Teacher Saya.”

    His teacher—Tezuka Raizo, the Eminent Immortal—turned out to be a polite gentleman with a weak physique. Meanwhile, Vlad’s teacher—Kisaragi Tetsu, the Earthbound Reaper—gave off a different aura but some of his facial features resembled the one he knew. Lastly, Heaven’s Heiress—Minatsugi Saya, Himeko’s teacher—looked absolutely nothing like the teacher he remembered. Still, he believed he got her identity right based on the three of them being together. Without this clue, not to mention him, he was certain that even Himeko wouldn’t be able to recognize her own teacher. Saya was a master of disguise. Even the way she moved or reacted was subtly different from the Saya he had known since childhood.

    “Teachers?” Sila wondered. His brain then proceeded information at an incredible rate.

    “The Three Slime Guardians are Kimon’s Heirs of the previous generation?”

    An alarming truth suddenly struck Sila.

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  • Sinless said:

    Chapter 275: A Reunion

    “Hello, Your Majesty and the Three Slime Guardians.” Sila bowed and gestured to the two people beside him. “These two are my brothers. Their names are—”

    “Asava and Vlad...” Poluk interrupted, “You sure have grown a lot. What about Himeko? She didn’t come with you?”

    Asava stared at the Three Slime Guardians. He hardly recognized them, especially the vibe they gave off. However, he could easily deduce who they were.

    “As I expected. There was no way the three of you could die that easily. It turned out that you faked your deaths. Please accept this disciple’s respect, Teacher Tetsu, Teacher Raizo, Teacher Saya.”

    His teacher—Tezuka Raizo, the Eminent Immortal—turned out to be a polite gentleman with a weak physique. Meanwhile, Vlad’s teacher—Kisaragi Tetsu, the Earthbound Reaper—gave off a different aura but some of his facial features resembled the one he knew. Lastly, Heaven’s Heiress—Minatsugi Saya, Himeko’s teacher—looked absolutely nothing like the teacher he remembered. Still, he believed he got her identity right based on the three of them being together. Without this clue, not to mention him, he was certain that even Himeko wouldn’t be able to recognize her own teacher. Saya was a master of disguise. Even the way she moved or reacted was subtly different from the Saya he had known since childhood.

    “Teachers?” Sila wondered. His brain then proceeded information at an incredible rate.

    “The Three Slime Guardians are Kimon’s Heirs of the previous generation?”

    An alarming truth suddenly struck Sila.

    This was a shock to me, who would have guess that the three slime guardians were part of Kimon and were the previous generation of Kimon as well.

    The investigation of Clute, Mamon, and Lookin were great and lighten the mood of all the event we have so far. It was also funny to read.
  • Sinless said:

    Chapter 275: A Reunion

    “Hello, Your Majesty and the Three Slime Guardians.” Sila bowed and gestured to the two people beside him. “These two are my brothers. Their names are—”

    “Asava and Vlad...” Poluk interrupted, “You sure have grown a lot. What about Himeko? She didn’t come with you?”

    Asava stared at the Three Slime Guardians. He hardly recognized them, especially the vibe they gave off. However, he could easily deduce who they were.

    “As I expected. There was no way the three of you could die that easily. It turned out that you faked your deaths. Please accept this disciple’s respect, Teacher Tetsu, Teacher Raizo, Teacher Saya.”

    His teacher—Tezuka Raizo, the Eminent Immortal—turned out to be a polite gentleman with a weak physique. Meanwhile, Vlad’s teacher—Kisaragi Tetsu, the Earthbound Reaper—gave off a different aura but some of his facial features resembled the one he knew. Lastly, Heaven’s Heiress—Minatsugi Saya, Himeko’s teacher—looked absolutely nothing like the teacher he remembered. Still, he believed he got her identity right based on the three of them being together. Without this clue, not to mention him, he was certain that even Himeko wouldn’t be able to recognize her own teacher. Saya was a master of disguise. Even the way she moved or reacted was subtly different from the Saya he had known since childhood.

    “Teachers?” Sila wondered. His brain then proceeded information at an incredible rate.

    “The Three Slime Guardians are Kimon’s Heirs of the previous generation?”

    An alarming truth suddenly struck Sila.

    This was a shock to me, who would have guess that the three slime guardians were part of Kimon and were the previous generation of Kimon as well.

    The investigation of Clute, Mamon, and Lookin were great and lighten the mood of all the event we have so far. It was also funny to read.

    Well I guessed one of them was(Divine) but all three now that surprised me I wonder if the slime king is the last one too... now I just need to get the fact that Viola is Montra's mother to sink in

  • Chaostic said:
    Sinless said:

    Chapter 275: A Reunion

    “Hello, Your Majesty and the Three Slime Guardians.” Sila bowed and gestured to the two people beside him. “These two are my brothers. Their names are—”

    “Asava and Vlad...” Poluk interrupted, “You sure have grown a lot. What about Himeko? She didn’t come with you?”

    Asava stared at the Three Slime Guardians. He hardly recognized them, especially the vibe they gave off. However, he could easily deduce who they were.

    “As I expected. There was no way the three of you could die that easily. It turned out that you faked your deaths. Please accept this disciple’s respect, Teacher Tetsu, Teacher Raizo, Teacher Saya.”

    His teacher—Tezuka Raizo, the Eminent Immortal—turned out to be a polite gentleman with a weak physique. Meanwhile, Vlad’s teacher—Kisaragi Tetsu, the Earthbound Reaper—gave off a different aura but some of his facial features resembled the one he knew. Lastly, Heaven’s Heiress—Minatsugi Saya, Himeko’s teacher—looked absolutely nothing like the teacher he remembered. Still, he believed he got her identity right based on the three of them being together. Without this clue, not to mention him, he was certain that even Himeko wouldn’t be able to recognize her own teacher. Saya was a master of disguise. Even the way she moved or reacted was subtly different from the Saya he had known since childhood.

    “Teachers?” Sila wondered. His brain then proceeded information at an incredible rate.

    “The Three Slime Guardians are Kimon’s Heirs of the previous generation?”

    An alarming truth suddenly struck Sila.

    This was a shock to me, who would have guess that the three slime guardians were part of Kimon and were the previous generation of Kimon as well.

    The investigation of Clute, Mamon, and Lookin were great and lighten the mood of all the event we have so far. It was also funny to read.

    Well I guessed one of them was(Divine) but all three now that surprised me I wonder if the slime king is the last one too... now I just need to get the fact that Viola is Montra's mother to sink in

    I like to imagine that the Slime King is Mora's Teacher and the last of the Kimons that decided to quit but realized eventually down the line that it was not the best idea to have isolated Kimon since it makes it harder for the Wulin Master's Association to operate. They eventually met back again in MSO and somehow pact things up.
  • Chapter 276: Join Forces

    Kimon’s Heirs of the previous and present generations gathered in a way that had never happened before. Asava stood next to Sila as he thought deeply about something. Meanwhile, Vlad rushed to Poluk and kneeled down. He kowtowed three times to show his respect.

    Poluk smiled as he stroked his main disciple’s head.

    “You haven’t changed at all,” he continued, “We are technically dead people. There is no need to pay us respect anymore.”

    “What is the story behind this?” Sila asked. His question caused everyone to fall silent as they weren’t sure where to start.

    After a short while, Divine broke the silence. “I have to say the story starts with your teacher, and heir to the Demon God, Mora.”

    “Teacher Mora?”

    Poluk interrupted, “Don’t you think that’s too far in the past? This will take some time.”

    “Mn. We have to even if it will take a while. The time has come for Sila to be aware...” Divine stopped briefly before continuing, “...about the existence of the enemy.”

    “The enemy?” Sila wondered. “Whose enemy? Mine?”

    Divine shook his head. “You got it wrong. I mean the association’s enemy.”

    “The association? You mean the Wulin Masters Association? Do we have an enemy?”

    Asava interrupted, “I have never heard anything about our association having enemies aside from small conflicts with some trivial groups. However, based on the fact that the three of you had to resort to faking your deaths... that means this so-called enemy is extremely formidable.”

    “You got it right. This enemy is so strong and shrewd, possessing great strength, influence, and wealth. Moreover, they always stay in the shadows, so very few people know about them.”

    Asava immediately asked, “May I ask whether this enemy has a name?”

    Divine nodded. “They do, but I can’t tell you even that. That’s how scary they are.”

    “You can’t even tell us their name?” Sila wondered. How could there be such a mysterious foe?

    Divine drew a picture of a dead tree on the floor, its roots looking just like electronic circuits. “Presently, our world relies heavily on technology. You can find electronic equipment anywhere in the world no matter where you look. The enemy has a lot of influence in this regard. As soon as their name is mentioned, their nearest agent will be alerted. If they have even the slightest suspicion that you are aware of their existence, you—along with the people you were recently in contact with—will be eliminated.”

    “...The most efficient way to keep a secret,” muttered Asava. However, to think that 'the enemy' would eliminate all suspicious people and recent contacts... that was too much. Even the Hell’s Gate Islands had a policy stating that they would assassinate only the target if possible.

    “Talking about them in the game is too dangerous. If you want to know more about them, let’s talk later when everything is finished. We will have to logout and meet in a place devoid of electronic equipment,” Viola added.

    “The story I’m about to tell you is what I listened from Mora. Remember that it may not be accurate since the only witness of the event is Mora,” Divine said before starting his explanation. “One day in the past, the previous Wulin Lord—Mora’s teacher, the Demon God Zenga—secretly obtained a letter of challenge. The contents of the letter both described in great detail the existence of the association and threatened to reduce it to rubble. By the way, this event occurred after the Demon God’s three disciples had gone their separate ways. Only Mora stayed with his teacher and accompanied him.

    “Mora told us that the sender appointed the Demon God to duel in a certain deserted wasteland. Once the two arrived at the destination, the person awaiting them was only an ordinary-looking man around in his early twenties. He didn’t possess any inner force at all, or at least it was undetectable. This characteristic caused the Demon God to have great doubt. The surprising thing was that this man could fight equally against Zenga.”

    “A person without inner force could go up against the Demon God without being disadvantaged? That sounds unreal. Flaming Cloud Qi is hot, intense, and incredibly flexible. The Demon God Zenga was said to be extremely proficient at using the Flame Part. Ordinary people would feel their blood boil and die from a mere touch of his hand,” Asava strongly expressed his doubt.

    Divine nodded. “What you said was correct. However, based on what Mora told us, that man could really fight without showing any profound arts. The battle lasted two hours before the mysterious man made a mistake and eventually fled.”

    “Why did the Demon God let him go?” asked Asava.

    “Because he was incapable of following the man. He maintained his peak form by stimulating Flaming Cloud Qi for two whole hours. Soon after the man left, the Demon God’s body was engulfed in flames and he died despite the battle ending with his victory. Sensing that his end was approaching, he imparted some dying words to Mora—the only person who knows everything Zenga said. Still, one thing was certain—there is a traitor in the association. Thus, Mora concealed his teacher’s cause of death, claiming that it was an accident, to prevent internal conflict.”

    “A traitor?”

    “Yes. The Demon God said that the man had prepared countermeasures against Flaming Cloud Qi in advance. His flame couldn’t penetrate the man’s cloak at all. It must be clothing especially designed for blocking his attacks. Furthermore, the man’s reaction speed was several times greater than normal people, and his ability to predict the Demon God’s moves was too keen. He was sure that someone must have leaked his personal martial arts to the man beforehand. Although Flaming Cloud Qi was famous, only a few close allies knew the Demon God’s fighting style. It implied that the traitor must be someone very close to him.”

    Asava raised a question, “Isn’t that jumping to conclusions? It’s too soon to be certain that there is a traitor with just that.”

    “Good question, Asava. Listen on,” Divine complimented his disciple for being skeptical. “Mora then secretly approached us three and begged us to disappear for the sake of becoming the association’s secret force while investigating the traitor’s existence. As everything was agreed on, we spent some years preparing our second personas while imparting our arts to our disciples. We then faked our deaths and disappeared from the world at the previously agreed upon time.”

    “So, who was the traitor, sir?” Sila asked. He was sure that people at Kimon’s caliber would have already found out the truth.

    Contrary to Sila’s expectations, Divine shook his head. “We don’t know that even today. Well, Sanon is the most suspicious one since he is the Demon God’s last disciple who learned the least from Zenga. Furthermore, he often had conflicts with people in the association due to his different point of view and opinion. Thus, there was a time when we sent Saya to approach him. Still, we are not certain he is the traitor.”

    “Eh? But I heard that Sanon is aware that his wife...” Sila shot a side glance at Viola. “...belongs to Kimon, isn’t he?”

    Viola said to no one in particular, “True is False. False is True. The more he thought he knew me, the more he would lower his guard.”

    “So? We got nothing in the end?” asked Asava.

    Divine smiled. “That’s not it, Asava. At the very least, we have confirmed that the traitor truly exists. There was a certain event that happened six years ago. Saya pretended to leak the fact that she was aware of the traitor, and the news did reach the organization. On that night, the organization sent an Executive, whose authority is only second to the vice leaders, to take care of this matter personally.”

    “Executive?” Sila repeated the word. He felt this organization sounded like a company.

    “That’s right. We used to be clueless about this enemy, but we later learned their structure from Saya. The organization consists of one Boss, one Right-Hand Man, one Left-Hand Man, and six Executives. Each of them is a wanted criminal in the present era being pursued by all countries. They possess different kinds of talents and fortes. The person sent that night was Faceless Viola, the master of forgeries.”

    Viola continued the story, “She was indeed skilled. Unfortunately for her, I laid a trap in advance. Otherwise, I would have been the one to die that night. After I killed her, I used Corpse-Disposing Powder then disguised myself as her, entering the organization. Viola had never revealed her real face to others and the Executives rarely communicated, so this plan worked.”

    Divine added, “On that day, Saya requested the association’s help through the Three Elders in order to probe their reactions. However, no help arrived. Worse off, the place that the association led her to was full of the organization’s traps. That means the traitor must be someone with the authority to influence an Elder’s orders... or one of the Elders themselves.”

    Silence filled the palace and remained there for a long time.

    To break the awkward atmosphere, Sila opened his mouth, “Then... why did you come to Monster Soul?”

    “For two reasons: taking a break, and work,” Poluk replied as he shifted his gaze to the Slime King, “One of our tasks is gathering comrades to stand against the organization.”

    The Slime King quickly dashed their hopes. “I’m an outsider, not related to any of this. I will just pretend I didn’t hear anything. By the way, I’m not the one you are looking for.”

    The Slime King had known for a while that the Three Slime Guardians sought something from him. In any case, since the three didn’t request anything, the Slime King decided to remain silent. On the other hand, the three Guardians had long since realized that the Slime King was keeping a close eye on them, so they hoped for him to initiate the conversation. As it turned out, the two sides rarely talked to each other. They only managed to become closer when Sila entered the Slime Kingdom.

    “We are aware that you are not the one we are looking for. However, you surely know his whereabouts and where the thing he hid is,” Viola said calmly.

    Despite being indirectly forced to answer, the Slime King didn’t feel angry at all. “It’s pointless. My older brother died a long time ago, and only he knew where the thing you are seeking is. Even I’m clueless.”

    Divine frowned as he spoke, “How could he have died when we still heard rumors about him making an appearance in the game, not that many years ago. In fact, that was the reason we decided to become Independent NPCs. Aside from Monster Soul, he has never appeared elsewhere.”

    “I met the Tiger God, by the way.” Sila’s sudden words drew everyone’s attention to him, making him feel uncomfortable. “Eh... Did I say something wrong?”

    “Sila, do you know the Tiger God?” Divine asked. They avoided mentioning the name to prevent Sila from learning too much. Unexpectedly, Sila had already been aware of the Tiger God’s existence.

    The Slime King shrugged. “In the Dragon Kingdom, right? How was he?”

    “I didn’t get to see him, sir. But, based on his voice, I think he seemed to be a bit unwell.”

    Coming across Sila’s information, the Three Guardians understood that the Slime King had lied to conceal his older brother’s whereabouts.

    The Slime King showed a dry smile. “I didn’t lie though. He did die. I buried his body with my own hands.”

    “He instructed me to tell you something, Your Majesty,” Sila said. The atmosphere seemed to be extremely serious. All eyes were drawn to him, making him feel tense. It was like their gazes had locked on to his lips, waiting for him to speak holy words.

    “Um... he said Joshua broke a promise he made with him. Someone has practiced his Grand Deity’s Breathing. Please help him stop that person before they reach the last stage.”

    The Slime King’s indifferent expression crumpled, and he suddenly looked serious. “Grand Deity’s Breathing is not a combat art. No one should ever practice it.”

    “Did the Tiger God tell you anything else, Sila?” asked Divine.

    Sila shook his head. “No, sir. That was all.”

    “Grand Deity’s Breathing? I have never heard of it before. Well, since it’s the Tiger God’s profound art, it must be an unequaled, matchless art. No doubt about it,” Poluk expressed his opinion.

    The Slime King shook his head. “No, it isn’t an excellent art as you imagine. The reason why my brother invented it was so absurd that you would struggle to believe it. Even I, the one closest to him, still found it unbelievable. I can tell you later if you really want to know more about it.”

    He turned to Sila, asking, “My brother must have wanted me to reward you in his place, right? What did he say?”

    Actually, Sila wasn’t so shameless as to demand a reward by claiming that the Tiger God had promised him. Still, the Slime King was his blood-related younger brother. He naturally knew his older brother’s character. Hu Xian was the kind of person who absolutely refused to be indebted to anyone, no matter how small the debt.

    Sila said in a soft voice, “He said I can have his old item. Though... honestly, you don’t have to give me a reward for something like this.”

    The Slime King explained, “Well, in fact, your reward for completing the slime quest is none other than his old item. With it, I guarantee you that no dragon will be your match. It was exactly because of this item that he was hailed as the Chaos Emperor Dragon. Wait just a moment.”

    “Yes, sir...” Sila nodded.

    The Slime King left his throne and exited the room. As the room now only consisted of people of the association, Sila and Asava explained their intentions and the reason why they came to visit the Island of Beginnings.

    Hearing Sila and Asava’s plan, the Three Slime Guardians gave strong nods in satisfaction.

    “It’s a good plan. You can put the matter regarding the association’s enemy aside for now. They aim to strike us when we are weak, so our first priority is to quickly handle the internal conflicts. The later we crown the Wulin Lord, the riskier. We should take care of the selection quickly then unite our people. We will be ready to fight the enemy once the association is strong and stable.”

    “It’s decided then. Quickly eliminate the Heavenly Dragon Guild, so that we can prepare to fight the organization,” Asava summarized.

    “Is that okay with you, Miss Viola...? About Montra...” Sila asked in a soft voice.

    Viola immediately replied, “The association comes first. In any case, he thinks that I’m dead, so there is no problem.”

    As everyone was discussing details about their next course of action, the Slime King came back into the room, holding a black metal box in his hand. He then handed it to Sila.

    “Take it. The Tiger God’s old weapon—the weapon that once shook the world of Monster Soul.”

    Sila received the box with anticipation, feeling thrilled. His mind wandered as he predicted what inside the box. What would he do if it wasn’t a sword? What if it was a strange kind of weapon he had never seen before?

    However, once he opened the box, he couldn’t sense any power from the thing inside at all.

    Could it be that it was so powerful to the point that his senses were unable to comprehend its strength? Just thinking about it gave Sila a sense of soul-stirring excitement. He gently held the item up in order to inspect it.

    “A black feather?” Sila blankly looked at the bird feather in his hand. He span it around to find out how special it was. “Was this the Chaos Emperor Dragon’s old weapon?”

    Silence temporarily filled the room until the King and his three Guardians burst into laughter simultaneously, making Sila confused.

    Poluk was the first to speak, “Even when the four of us were here, he still managed to pull it off. This guy truly deserves my respect.”

    The Slime King’s lips curled slightly upward. “I admit I am clueless as to when it went missing. It could have been years ago.”

    “What happened?” Sila asked.

    Divine explained, “A certain burglar has broken into our home. He is pretty famous, even. Asava should know about him as well, right?”

    Asava nodded. “I can’t say I don’t know him. He is the martial world’s number one thief. No matter how modern the world has become, he still relies only on his two hands and his profound art to steal. More importantly, his personality is said to be mischievous as he often robbed from the rich and gave to the poor. Unexpectedly, he also plays this game.”

    Asava took the black feather in Sila’s hand and spun it around. “His habit is leaving behind a black feather in place of whatever he stole. His name is Crow, the Sky Thief.”

  • So, the present that Sila was supposed to get from the chaos dragon emperor and the slime king and that was stolen by crow is the second sword that he got from crow when he went into the valley again.
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    So, the present that Sila was supposed to get from the chaos dragon emperor and the slime king and that was stolen by crow is the second sword that he got from crow when he went into the valley again.
    No, Sila's second sword (the Crystal Demonic Sword) was the reward he got for arriving at the Madmen's Valley alone.
    This slime race's reward (the Tiger God's old weapon), on the other hand, was another item. It's the reason why Crow had said that Sila would surely revisit to the valley.

    Just to be clear:
    In the 1st time Sila visiting the valley, he met Crow, trained Tiger Dragon Qi, met Sanon, learned Six Claws, encountered his Dark Self, met Mora, learned Nine Fists, and came to know about the Wulin Master Association. (Whoa! That's a lot.)
    The 2nd time, Sila got to have a light spar against Crow, acknowledged and was acknowledged by Dark Self, and got the Crystal Demonic Sword.

    If he wanted to ask Crow about the Tiger God's old weapon, he would have to visit the valley for the 3rd time.
  • So that means Sila must pass the test again if he want to ask or maybe get the reward from Crow. And so this time maybe Sila must defeat him once and for all to get that. I mean completely defeat him without external help.
  • Chapter 277: Slimes’ Heritage

    By nightfall, all of the slimes and non-slimes had gathered in the central square of the Slime Kingdom. There used to be a big boulder with the Millennium Peach Tree on top of it, but Viola had destroyed it. A temporary stage was set up in its place. The Slime Kingdom was full of buildings made of shining stone, making the place as bright as day.

    Everyone sat at the tables surrounding the stage. The tables had all kinds of food and beverages laid out on top. No matter what dishes Sila tried, they all tasted amazing. There were more than ten different kinds of grilled meat, each with their own distinct flavor, and they all went well with the slime race’s special dipping sauce. As for the beverages, they seemed to be fruit juices that Sila had never seen before. He tried a blue drink and found that its taste was a mix between a watermelon and a cantaloupe.

    Chatting and laughter rang out with no signs of stopping. Meanwhile, the same old orange slime ascended the stage. Glancing around, he found that no one was interested in his presence.

    “Ladies and gentlemen, please kindly give me some of your attention, ya,” the orange slime tried to shout, but his voice was like a drop of water in an ocean.

    Sila was about to stand up and tell everyone to pay attention to the stage, but Poluk—who was sitting next to him—laid a hand on his shoulder as he said, “Just watch.”

    Despite feeling doubtful, Sila obediently remained seated and observed Orangey (Sila personally gave the orange slime a name since he had yet to see another slime with the same color).

    The small slime tried to gently divert everyone’s attention to him two more times, but his attempts ended in vain. Being certain that no one would obediently listen, he cladded himself with psychic power reinforcement.

    Racial Skill — Slime’s Roar.

    “EVERYBODY, LISTEN HERE!!!“ Orangey’s shout reverberated like thunder, making all of the slimes flinch. Considering his small body, it was totally unexpected that he could make such a loud noise.

    Sila hadn’t prepared for it, so he felt his ears hurt for a while.

    After the thunderous roar, the silence that Orangey desired finally came, although it was coupled with the combined gazes of everyone present, making him feel slightly embarrassed.

    Orangey coughed once to clear his nervousness before his lips began to move, yet no sound came from them. Curious, Sila circulated qi to his ears to strengthen his hearing sense, but it didn’t work. Orangey’s speech lasted for a minute yet Sila did not hear a single word. The unusual silence caused him to feel restless. It wasn’t until Orangey said “Begins Now!!!“ that the sound of the wind, forest, and insects returned.

    Clap, Clap, Clap.

    The Slime King applauded while the rest of the slimes remained silent. No one could tell if they were too shocked or simply lacked the hands to clap.

    Poluk said in a loud voice, “It seemed your speech was remarkable. Still, did you forget that your Slime’s Roar will make people around you become deaf temporarily?”

    Orangey was at a loss for words. That meant no one had heard his speech. In order to become the perfect host of this celebration party, he had even prepared a script in advance and rehearsed a hundred times.

    It was a pity. His speech just now was perfect. Still, it would be strange and not magical anymore if he had to repeat it again. In the end, he left the stage dejectedly while saying, “Err... in any case, welcome the first one, ya.”

    A red slime, with a single horn coming out of its forehead, hopped onto the stage and showed its fire-breathing skill. Seeing the scene, Sila was surprised. He knew slimes could change their magic elements but he had never known they could breathe flames.

    He turned to ask the Slime King who sat beside him, “What was that just now, sir?”

    The Slime King placed an empty glass on the table. “That’s our racial ability that was sealed—Way of Slimes.”

    “Way of Slimes?” Come to think of it, Sila recalled that his skill, Way of Slime, was sealed after he accomplished the quest.

    “Mn. Actually, in the unsealed state, every slime originally had only one skill, Heart of Slime, which could be promoted to Way of Slime. In a sense, you can say that we slimes only have one skill while other races have four—including the ultimate skill of the strongest member.”

    Sila opened his system window and checked his skill list. “I have Formless Soldier, Moon Reflecting Mirror, and Orbiting Cosmos though.”

    The Slime King didn’t find it surprising. “That’s because our race has the ability to teach our own Way of Slimes to others, though the learner has to meet some criteria in order to learn them. Understand? The skills you have are Poluk, Viola, Divine’s Way of Slimes. Your previous Way of Slime, the one with the ability to alter your power, belongs to me. I could lend it to you only until the quest completion. My power shares the same foundation as the Marvelous Bible, my family’s heirloom. According to my family’s regulations, I can’t have an outsider inherit it. You will have to find your own Way of Slime from now on.”

    “My own Way of Slime?”

    “It may be difficult. Way of Slime is something born from within. It can be influenced by experience, profound arts, things that you have a strong impression or anything. It’s mainly about understanding yourself. For example, my older brother—Hu Xian—was originally a slime, yet his Way of Slime was Chaos Devourer—the ability to gain strength from creatures he ate. As he continued consuming, his existence mutated to keep up with his ever-increasing strength. In the end, he became a complete dragon. Actually, Way of Slime is like what players call Rhythm, though the result of the skill is more obvious. You can call it slime-styled Rhythm.”

    Sila frowned. He couldn’t even activate Rhythm, which was said to be a basic for elite players. The reason must be because his power was too everchanging. He had never truly mastered his power before it changed form. As such, the identity of the core of his power was faint and couldn’t be measured. This trait was the prominent point of Flaming Cloud Qi, but it worked against him when he tried to create his own Rhythm or Way of Slime.

    The Slime King continued, “Normally, for you to learn another slime’s Way of Slime, you would have to approach them and complete the conditions that the chosen slime sets for learning the skill. The troublesome part is that you can only learn one skill at a time. Once the conditions are met, you will have to come back and meet the skill holder to obtain the skill before you can learn another one. However, since you have the Slime’s Record in your possession, you can ignore this process. You will acquire the skill immediately as soon as the conditions are met. The only prerequisite is that you have to witness the said skill first. In fact, this celebration party, where each slime is displaying their skill, was set up specifically for you.”

    Hearing so, Sila quickly took the Slime’s Record out and found that the number of pages really increased. With each display, one more page would be added to the Record—showing the skill’s name, an illustration, its basic information, and the conditions for acquiring it. Still, the very first page remained the illustration of twin slimes with no description.

    “That page is for your own Way of Slime. When you have created it, it will show up there.”

    “My Way of Slime...?” Sila muttered to himself while igniting qi flame on his palm, trying to understand the characteristic of his own power. Regardless, no matter how long he stared into the pitch black flame, he got nothing.

    “Those who know others are wise while those who know themselves are sages. Sila, you will have to understand yourself first,” Divine commented.

    Poluk placed his glass down, looked at the Slime King, and said, “Well, even without such a skill, Flaming Cloud Qi is already one of the Five Crown Jewels. You are already so capable despite your young age. Give yourself a dozen more years and you will be undefeated under the sky like the two brothers from the Tiger Family.”

    “Even we lost once, and to the same opponent at the same time as well.” The Slime King gave a dry laugh, though everyone seemed to ignore his statement, thinking that he was just being humble.

    Sila, however, was more interested in something else. “What do you mean by Five Crown Jewels?”

    Everyone at their table stopped talking and locked their gazes on Sila. Asava was the first to speak, asking, “Sila, don’t you know the meaning of the Five Crown Jewels?”

    Sila shook his head while Viola let out a sigh. “You are a member of the underground world yet you are this oblivious? Even if Mora didn’t tell you anything, you should have at least heard the term from someone else.”

    Before Sila lost any more face, Asava hurriedly explained, “The Five Crown Jewels refer to the five supreme profound arts recognized by people in the martial world, though this can change from generation to generation. They are like the topmost jewels crowned on the coronet. In the current era, no one is unaware of Most Mysterious—Marvelous Bible, Most Bizarre—Flaming Cloud Qi, Most Profound—Ocean-Surrounding Dragon Technique, Most Unfathomable—Heavenly Reservoir Qi, and Most Unequalled—Blossoming Lotus Art. They are the Five Crown Jewels of the present generation.”

    Seeing that Sila was interested, Asava continued, “Most Mysterious refers to the Marvelous Bible of the Tiger Family, passed down through their bloodline only. It is the art of making the impossible possible. Most Bizarre is Flaming Cloud Qi from the Hell’s Gate Islands, representing a demon and a god coexisting in a human body. Most Profound refers to Elder Sanon’s Ocean-Surrounding Dragon Technique. Just a single display of power shook the entire martial world. Most Unfathomable is Heavenly Reservoir Qi from the Sky Tower Clan. The purest form of bottomless inner force. Lastly, Most Unequalled is Blossoming Lotus Art from the Serene Temple. Win without fighting. Dismiss enmity without taking offensive actions.”

    Divine added, “That means the Flaming Cloud Qi you are using is one of the five greatest arts of the current era, Sila.”

    Going over what he had just heard, Sila wondered. “Hmm? One of them belongs to the Sky Dragon Dojo?”

    Everyone exchanged glances, feeling surprised that Sila was oblivious even to a certain tale. Even the youngest one here, Vlad, had heard about it.

    “Such an impactful and important event... Hasn’t Mora told you?” asked Poluk.

    Sila shook his head again. “He hasn’t. This is my first time hearing that the Sky Dragon Dojo has such a strong art in its possession. In this case, there is a possibility that Montra has—”

    Asava interrupted, “Sila, you heard me wrong. I didn’t say the Sky Dragon Dojo has one of the five greatest arts. What I said was that one of them belonged to Elder Sanon.”

    Sila was confused. “Are they different?”

    Divine explained, “Yes, they are. In fact, he displayed the art only once, yet it has been considered a legendary feat ever since. The event is one of the reasons why we suspect he might be the traitor.”

    The tale was an old one. Vlad had listened to it at least ten times already, so he lost interest and stared at the shows on the stage. Only Sila became attentive to the story.

    “The event took place at a yearly conference several years ago. At that time, Poluk’s teacher and the Demon God Zenga were the only remaining Island Masters of their generation. The Earthbound Reaper had a hot-headed personality, so he stormed into the meeting and demanded fair treatment for Kimon. Their argument soon escalated into a fight. Both of them possessed almighty strength and they didn’t hold back in showing their ultimate moves. The situation was very dire. If the Demon God died, the people in the association would claim justice by slaughtering Kimon’s members. On the other hand, if the Earthbound Reaper died, Kimon’s members would start a massacre in order to take revenge. Still, the level of battle was incredibly high. No one dared to interrupt as they would meet their demise the second they came into contact with any of the two’s moves.

    “It was none other than Sanon, still in his twenties at the time, who intervened between the two. He bared his chest against Flaming Cloud Qi while using his back to receive Vajra Qi. Miraculously, he came out alive despite taking the two hits simultaneously, though the injuries on him were serious. Seeing that even the Demon God’s youngest disciple could achieve such a feat, Poluk’s teacher decided to withdraw. It could be said that Sanon was a hero who had successfully prevented a civil war. All the people in the conference applauded and roared in celebration.”

    Sila could hardly swallow his saliva. Flaming Cloud Qi and Vajra Qi were formidable and fierce in different ways. He knew he would be incapable of replicating the feat. It was amazing, and even scary, to think that Sanon could do it when he was not that much older than Sila was right now.

    “So that’s Ocean-Surrounding Dragon Technique, right?”

    “That’s right. However, the tale didn’t end well like you might be thinking. The Demon God Zenga’s character was as wild as a flame. He asked Sanon what art he used to intervene previously, to which Sanon answered by saying that it was Ocean-Surrounding Dragon Technique, an art he had invented personally. Hearing this, the Demon God became enraged, scolding Sanon and saying that he was disrespectful by showing off that his strength was superior to his teacher in front of a crowd. Then, he exerted Flaming Cloud Qi to burn Sanon’s inner force and profound veins. With that being done, Sanon would forever be unable to build up inner force further than a negligible degree. He would be unable to practice high-level arts for the rest of his life. The Demon God’s anger didn’t stop there. He declared that in the future whoever uses Ocean-Surrounding Dragon Technique will be classified as public enemies, subjected to execution on the spot. Thus, there is no way Sanon would have imparted the art to others. You can be sure of that.”

    Sila listened to the tale with bewilderment. “W-Why...? Why did the Demon God have to do that?”

    “The Demon God’s character was quick-tempered. That was to be expected. Sila, you still don’t understand how the martial world functions. Sanon made his teacher lose face in front of people from the association. Being made crippled could be said to be a light punishment already. In any case, the Wulin Lord’s order was absolute, meaning we must all follow it without missing a single letter. The order remained without being retracted even on the day the Demon God died. Therefore, Sanon is considered someone whose hatred toward the association must be intense. People still respect him though. That is why they crowned Ocean-Surrounding Dragon Technique as one of the Five Crown Jewels despite it only being displayed once.”

    “That was too cruel. I now understand why Montra would want to become the Wulin Lord. I guess he must want to cancel this order.”

    “That is possible. Or, Sanon can be a traitor who aims for Montra to become the Wulin Lord and will take revenge against the association once he has acquired enough power. Don’t look at things too optimistically, Sila,” Divine warned.

    “But... I heard that Mister Sanon opposes the decision to make Montra the Wulin Lord. Isn’t that right?”

    Viola opened her mouth. “Sanon is a smart guy. It’s possible that he is pretending, sending a false signal.”

    Poluk added, “A story from the past belongs in the past. As for the present, what that becomes will be up to the people of the new generation like you. This is your era, Sila. Use our past actions as lessons to help you decide what choices you want to make and what path you want the association to walk in the future. We all make mistakes. They are inevitable. It’s what you can learn from them that’s important. You can think of them as another heritage from the older generations.”

    Sila took every lesson he learned today to heart while enjoying the shows prepared by slimes. The party continued smoothly and merrily, not counting the time when Orangey got drunk from Night Grape Juice—the specialty fruit from the Illusion Forest—and used Slime’s Roar two more times to make everyone listen to him.

    Several slimes came to greet Sila one after another and offered efficient methods to acquire their Way of Slimes while thanking him for setting them free and granting them the happiness they felt today. 

    Sila continued listening to experiences, warnings, or even Monster Soul’s legends from the Slime King, the Slime Guardians, and Asava with excitement. He didn’t get a wink of sleep and before he knew it, the sun had risen.

    Finally, the party was over. The peaceful and joyful time had eventually come to an end. Sila bid everyone farewell as he planned to join Bluebird in the Magic Kingdom like he had planned.

    The night was memorable. However, it might be the last happy moment he would ever feel before the war event started. Thus, Sila tried to submerge himself into the atmosphere as much as he could. He then left the place along with the flash of teleportation. There was a high chance that visiting the Magic Kingdom would lead to difficult situations, so he went back to Belacia City first in order to make preparations, including inviting Julia, Sebastian, Lookhin, Mamon, and Clute to go with him.

    If he was lucky, nothing would go wrong. However, based on his experience, Sila was aware that things never went according to plan when he was involved.

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    Chapter 278: Art of Magic

    “Thank you for using our service!”

    That was what the inter-city teleportation service provider said once Sila handed him 5,000 silver as a transportation fee. For the record, this amount was remarkably cheap considering that he didn’t have to waste days traveling across the land.

    The Heavenly Dragon Guild provided both transportation services and convenient stores at incredibly cheap prices. There were no special privileges for guildmates either. Because of this, positive comments and reviews about the Heavenly Dragon Guild’s actions could be found all over the game forums.

    There was no such thing as a high-quality product that sold for a cheap price. There would only be cheap subpar products or expensive exceptional products. Based on Sebastian’s analysis, the Heavenly Dragon Guild must have been the one to shoulder most of the cost as their products were sold at half the market price.

    The Merchants Association expressed their shared opinion, stating that even when one considered the low logistic costs due to the three main cities being ruled by Montra, the Heavenly Dragon Guild would barely profit from this with just a few silver coins per order.

    Beluga weighed in by saying that what the Heavenly Dragon Guild was doing was called ‘Predatory Pricing.’ It was a strategy to drive competitors out of the market by setting very low prices. They didn’t want profits, and were instead waging an economic war. Despite no blood being shed, the consequence of such a war could be more deadly than killing each other with swords.

    Beluga also said that, before the war event, every player had their life as their prime asset. Even if they died, they could revive. Even if they lost levels, items, or money—they could always regain them so long as they continued to play the game. The more time they invested in the game, the stronger they would become.

    In any case, Montra’s economic war was scary. Controlling players’ basic needs such as commodities, potions, tools, and weapons meant he could indirectly manipulate players’ actions to some degree. Actually, the effects were becoming more and more visible even when only two days had passed.

    Transportation between the three main cities became so easy and comfortable with teleportation devices. Although this business idea started from the Blue Pigeon Guild, the Heavenly Dragon Guild’s service was cheaper and more versatile. Even the devices they used were not the ones bought from the system but specially built by Siaferia City’s technology, allowing several people to teleport at the same time. Even transporting items was as easy as pie. Needless to say, people were no longer using the logistic services provided by the Mountain Thieves League.

    Selling products at such a low price was something that even the Merchants Association couldn’t afford to do. Selling at the same price meant a loss, yet no customer would spare them a glance if they sold products at the usual price. Montra completely ignored the market price that the Merchants Association had agreed on, causing many merchants to go bankrupt.

    Beluga speculated that, in the worst case, the Heavenly Dragon Guild would seize control of Monster Soul’s economic activities, becoming the sole monopoly. If that day truly arrived, it would lead to a different kind of problem—the lack of competition.

    Living in society was supposed to be a competitive activity. In the utopia where people could gain things they wanted easily, the world would become stagnant and evolution would come to a stop. Ultimately, civilization would face a regression.

    Honestly speaking, Sila couldn’t tell whether what Montra was doing was right or wrong, or if Montra had other plans in motion behind the curtains. Sila admitted he didn’t excel at this topic. Still, his confidence no longer waver like before. He was certain that even Montra couldn’t shoulder all of the responsibilities on his own.

    Exactly as Rashane had taught Sila—People had different talents and skills. Sila was certain that he would be able to govern the association in his own way even if he wasn’t an all-rounder like Montra.

    He was going to prove that fact, using Monster Soul as the stage.

    Exiting the teleportation building, Sila didn’t put on a disguise. He only covered himself with the simple Beggar’s Cloak. This act was due to Viola’s recommendation. When he discussed traveling with the master of disguise, she told him that a human’s brain is a storage overflowing with information, a large amount of which is never properly organized. Therefore, if a bystander didn’t personally know him, there was a high chance that they wouldn’t be able to recognize him with just a wanted poster or a video. In fact, seventy percent of all players would be unable to recall his face while twenty percent would be suspicious yet would end up ignoring him as his real identity had nothing to do with them. Only a few would recognize him and take action.

    Viola’s principle—True is False, False is True—explained that wearing a mask would make him look more suspicious while an amateurish disguise was no better. On the other hand, walking confidently was more than enough. Humans are creatures who tend to avoid unnecessary troubles. Hence, if someone really approached him, there was a high chance that they would be an enemy.

    The message from Burapha and Bluebird set the location for their meeting in one of Lafesta City’s hotels.

    The Floating Magic Kingdom was a group of five islands hovering on top of clouds, connecting to each other with rainbow bridges. The city’s architecture was mesmerizing, as if it were the abode of gods. Sila could see residents and visitors walking around with gleeful expressions, as if there was a fun festival being held.

    Once he had pinpointed the destination, Sila walked across a rainbow bridge and reached the designated island.

    ‘This city is so big. Twice as large as Zhongsuyuan City and Grea City,’ Sila thought as he walked. Unbeknownst to him, it was due to the fact that Lafesta City had been unsealed. If Sila went to Siaferia City, he would come to know that its size was comparable.

    Spotting the hotel from afar, Sila was about to feel relieved that he could reach the destination without issues. However, as he walked past a certain building, a magic circle suddenly appeared under his feet, emitting bright light. Naturally, people shifted their attention toward him.

    Sila flinched as he was panicking, quickly cladding himself with qi reinforcement.

    ‘What is happening? Is it a trap?’ Sila tensed up as he raised his guard, searching for killing intent or any potential threats. However, no matter how much he looked, nothing happened. The people around him didn’t give off malicious vibes. Rather, they seemed to be happy for him, even clapping and smiling at him, making Sila confused.

    Sila’s reaction to the situation wasn’t strange. Every city he had stepped into so far always exuded a sense of competition or even survival of the fittest. On the other hand, the Magic Kingdom had been under the Heavenly Dragon Guild’s administration from early on in the game’s service. The guild always provided basic needs to everyone with fairness, reducing their struggles. They only had to commit to their assigned duties to be compensated with impartial benefits. It could be said that this place was the sole oasis in the brutal desert named Monster Soul.

    A certain man ran out of the building. Seeing the man’s face, Sila recognized him. He was the service provider NPC, Dan, who he had met in Grea City and the one who helped Sila pick a Lordship.

    “Oh, Mister Si— cough, Mister Customer. Please come in.”

    Sila was still confused. In any case, the light emitting under his feet was too eye-catching, so he quickly and obediently followed Dan into the building.

    The interior was exactly the same as the one he had seen in Grea City. Noticing Sila’s gaze wandering around, Dan could guess what he was thinking.

    “This place is my special dimension, sir. It connects to all three main cities’ Information Buildings. Actually, I originally only had a few tasks. I had very little to do with my time. However, one of the customers completed the main cities unsealing quests consecutively, leading to a sudden increase in my workload. I need to provide help to those who come to ask for new quests that were recently unlocked. It was too sudden. I couldn’t train interns in time.”

    Sila half understood and half didn’t. In fact, he didn’t particularly care. “What happened just now?”

    Dan summoned a bottle of freshwater. “Would you like to drink first?”

    Sila shook his head in denial, so Dan became the one to drink it himself. He then started to explain, “Mister Sila, you just obtained a special reward.”

    “A special reward?”

    “Yes, sir. It’s one of many hidden abilities. Although it’s not obvious, Monster Soul right now is evolving. As such, we need players to evolve as well. Technically, most hidden quests were estimated to become available at least two years from now. However, as some players have caused the game to take an abrupt leap, they became available much sooner.”

    Dan snapped his fingers, causing the magic formula under Sila’s feet to shine brighter. Knowing that Dan was an assistance NPC, not Independent NPC, Sila wasn’t afraid that the man would harm him.

    “Originally, the hidden ability—Art of Magic—was supposed to require more conditions for a player to acquire it. However, presently, the only conditions are having attained the essence of magic and visiting the unsealed Magic Kingdom.”

    In fact, the city conqueror had the right to set a number of conditions to acquire the ability such as having to perform a few city quests, paying tribute to the city conqueror, or staying in the city for a while. However, Montra declared his intentions to the system, making it as easy as possible for humans to obtain any abilities that were beneficial. He didn’t want anything from it. As a result, Sila became the one gaining benefits from Montra’s decision.

    “Art of Magic is meant to be given to those who are worthy of wielding magic. Originally, magic has an obvious weakness of lacking uniqueness. The Art of Magic can add a special attribute to the magic you own, making it more special.”

    Sila thought he got the gist. Still, he asked for a more detailed explanation to make sure that he understood it correctly. “May I ask for an example?”

    “Certainly, sir. Imagine two players using the same type of magic. Let’s say Fire Magic. If these two players use the same skill in the same environment, the result will be exactly the same,” Dan explained slowly. Seeing that Sila nodded at his words, he continued, “However, if one of them has obtained the Art of Magic, their flame will be imbued with a special attribute. For example, it lasts longer, burns fiercer, or is even capable of healing the target. In that case, their magic will be more difficult to cope with compared to others. Actually, such an ability is exclusive to a few elite magic users. Only a handful of creatures in the New World possess this kind of ability.”

    “Oh, like Sebastian’s,” Sila exclaimed. He recalled Sebastian’s spells possessed the Bleeding, Intensified Pain, and Undying Corpse debuffs.

    The light climbed up his body, quickly reaching his head. He felt his body becoming warm. Dan then said, “It’s done, sir.”

    “Eh? I thought I would get to choose the attribute like how I got to choose my Lordship.”

    “That’s not it, sir. The system has generated it for you based off an analysis of your use of magic since you started playing. As I have seen so far, no one has ever been disappointed by the chosen ability, sir.”

    Sila opened his system window, but he was clueless about where to look. “Where can I read its details?”

    “It’s a supplementary ability attached to your Basic Magic skill. In the case that you don’t have the skill, it will be attached to your primary magic skill instead.”

    Knowing where to look, Sila clicked on a certain skill. His primary magic ability came from the fight against Zero. Being reminded of the Shadow Emperor, Sila regretted that he had died.

    (A) Triple Horsepower — Transcendent Rank.

    The base of your magic power. Triples your magic power utilization speed.

    ***Your magic exerts 300% of its usual power at melee range. The power decreases according to the distance between you and the target.

    Sila read it out loud for Dan to hear.

    Dan opened his system window, showing the analysis of Sila’s usage of magic, and explained, “It might sound weird, but the system analyzed that Mister Sila mostly uses magic at melee range despite magic usually being used at mid to long-range and its damage won’t drop with distance. Well, if you are good at using magic this way, it means your magic will become thrice more powerful.”

    “I’m not good at using magic, so I could only use it that way.”

    “You don’t need to be so humble, sir. If you are not good, there was no way you would have attained the essence of magic. This is all for today, sir. I look forward to seeing you again.”

    “See me again?”

    “Yes, sir. You have yet to collect the Arts of Qi and Psychic. Actually, you’ll receive them here as well. It’s just that there is a condition that you must visit me in each unsealed kingdom. It’s a touchy detail. I guess we will meet at least two more times.”

    Sila took the chance to ask Dan questions that he could think of, obtaining useful intel in return. For example, in the three unsealed main cities, there were quests for players to acquire Individual Qi, Unique Magic, and Special Psychic. In any case, Sila lacked the qualifications to learn any of them. These skills could only be obtained by a player with ordinary qi, magic, and psychic power. Sila didn’t have a single ordinary energy type, so those skills would never be his.

    For the record, ordinary qi, magic, and psychic power referred to the system-generated basic energy that the system bestowed to players when they selected their energy type, with the conditions that the player didn’t alter them through special means or hidden quests. Apparently, Sila’s basic qi had been altered since he fused it with psychic power to create Yin Yang Energy. His magic was magical qi derived from Zero’s. As for his psychic power, it was the Dark Psychic Corrosion skill that he obtained through the hidden quest in the Valley of Immortals.

    Sila bid Dan farewell and entered a hotel for his appointment with Burapha and Bluebird. There was no unexpected situation this time, exactly as he wanted. Arriving at the appointed room, Sila noticed both of them waiting for him. Surprisingly, there was one more person, whom he hadn’t prepared to meet, sitting in the room.

    “Oh, Sila, you have come.” Sangdao was the first to spot him. She greeted him as she stood up.

    Sila hadn’t met Sangdao since just before his fight against Infernee’s clone with Bluebird. Many eventful situations happened since then, making him forget most topics unrelated to the war event.

    Burapha stood up. “Big Brother Sila. We accidentally stumbled on Miss Sangdao just a moment ago. Knowing that we plan to raid the Heavenly Dragon Guild, she volunteered to help.”

    Accidentally? If it was Sila from before, he wouldn’t have given this word a second thought. However, his life so far had been manipulated at times when he was unaware. Thus, he came to distrust this word.

    Divine had explained to him that, although the chance wasn’t as high as others, Vichien was also a suspect. Before the Demon God went out to duel against the mysterious man, he had called Vichien over for a private conversation. No one knew what they talked about. The Demon God might have suspected Vichien or they might have just had common conversation between teacher and disciple. Still, as the contents were unknown, it was best to anticipate the worst and suspect him. That was why Divine approached Wu Ming as the Slime Guardian in order to investigate him.

    Divine figured out that Vichien held back in the fight against him, so he did the same. As a result, the duel came out as a draw. Each side was wary of the other’s motives. Hence, they respected each other as friends on the outside while probing their hidden agenda in secret.

    “Sila, what are you thinking about?” asked Sangdao.

    “Oh... It’s nothing. By the way, what’s wrong with Blue? He is unusually calm,” Sila diverted the topic.

    Burapha approached Sila and whispered, “He has been this way since I came. I’ll admit that he often annoys me. However, seeing him so quiet is rather unnerving. I’m not sure I prefer this Bluebird over his usual self.”

    Sila could guess the reason. It seemed Yardpirun was an excellent leader. With her being in a dilemma, even the playful Bluebird was tense, becoming a totally different person.

    “Blue, the building next to the hotel is the Information Building. You can acquire Art of Magic there if you have attained the essence of—”

    Bluebird stopped Sila’s words by raising his hand and discharging electricity. His lightning was cyan instead of usual color. He glared at the Heavenly Dragon Guild’s blueprint and replied to Sila without removing his gaze, “I already acquired it.”

    “What about Unique Magic—?”

    “The quest is not accessible for me as my magic is magical qi, not basic magic. Well, that’s good. I heard that the new magic would replace the basic one. It would take time for me to learn and ruin our chances of saving Boss. It’s better to use something I’m familiar with. Quit interrupting me and let’s focus on the plan. We’ve only got one shot.”

    Burapha shrugged in response, indicating that Bluebird had been this way for a while. The atmosphere was stressful and gloomy.

    Sila sighed as he believed he had to do something. He turned to ask Burapha. “There is an arena here, right?”

    “Er... Yes. The top floor of the hotel has a rental arena. Why do you ask, Big Brother Sila?”

    Sila didn’t answer Burapha’s question. He turned to Bluebird. “Blue, you have to follow me now.”

    “Where to?” Bluebird asked, his gaze still locked onto the blueprint.

    “I know I’m not good at coming up with plans or strategies. However, what I’m sure of is that, as you are now, not only can you not rescue anyone, but you’ll also deliver yourself to death. I’ll prove that using my only talent—duelling.”

    Bluebird slammed his palm on the table, sending cyan lightning along it. “There is no way I’ll die! I have never died since I started the game, not even once! Do you think you are good enough to look down on me now that you’ve become strong? Even though I don’t like fighting, that doesn’t mean I can’t fight!”

    Sila shook his head. “I wouldn’t dare look down on you, Bluebird. However, right now, you are not the Bluebird I know. You were the one asking me to help increase the odds of rescuing Yardpirun. Right now, my opinion is that you are an obstacle to the operation.”

    Bluebird was no longer in the mood for talking. He stood up and led the way. “Follow me.”

    Sila followed Bluebird to the top floor while Burapha followed behind, feeling confused. “Why did he have to enrage Big Brother Blue? This is getting more stressful.”

    Sangdao quietly followed the three. She could guess Sila’s intentions. “Don’t worry. I believe Sila knows what he is doing.”

  • Now he know before he is just a puppet before the association. Why it took him so long to realize that huh, sigh....
    For Montra. Damn.. He want to make a world utopia where  everyone is always in dreamlike state. that is smart and fool at the same time. Smart because he want to make a heaven and fool because he already know it's impossible to happen even in the virtual reality, where the strong always prey the weak.
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    Now he know before he is just a puppet before the association. Why it took him so long to realize that huh, sigh....
    For Montra. Damn.. He want to make a world utopia where  everyone is always in dreamlike state. that is smart and fool at the same time. Smart because he want to make a heaven and fool because he already know it's impossible to happen even in the virtual reality, where the strong always prey the weak.
    To be accurate, he realized that ages ago, around the time he met Sangdao in real life. He even got angry at the Elders when they told him about the association, upset that they were using him and Montra as their pawns. This chapter merely emphasized it.
  • Chapter 279: The Mysterious Tailorbird Mask Man

    The playfulness, mischief, and curiosity that used to fill Bluebird’s eyes were nowhere to be seen. Because of this, Sila was getting worried. In any case, Burapha rented the arena for an hour. The cost of the service was quite high, but it came with a small function.

    The Magic Kingdom’s rental arena was a special dimension. Those who entered would have their data scanned and imprinted. Once they came out, their avatars would be rollbacked to before they entered the room. That meant people couldn’t earn experience or skill levels in the dimension. They could only train their ability to fight, though they didn’t have to be afraid of getting hurt or abnormalities.

    The arena had a size similar to a football field, which was considered quite large for a one-on-one duel. It was perfect for both Sila and Bluebird though, as the two of them specialized in movement.

    Burapha stood awkwardly next to the arena, asking, “How will you decide the victor?”

    “The one who admits he can no longer fight loses. The other wins,” Bluebird proposed expressionlessly.

    It was an absurd rule, but Sila agreed, “Fine by me.”

    Sila glanced at Bluebird’s fighting stance. Based on the footing that was more professional than before, Sila was aware that Bluebird must have put a lot of effort into learning Zero’s art. Narin and Bluebird were close friends, so it was natural that Bluebird could comprehend more of Zero’s art than Sila in such a short time. Especially when Bluebird focused on nothing but learning the art while Sila practiced multiple simultaneously. Furthermore, regarding Zero’s art, Sila only learned it to impart it to Bluebird. He didn’t have any intention to use it himself.

    After hearing about the martial world from Kimon’s members, both the old and the new generations, Sila came to know that profound art piracy—an act of practicing other’s art without their permission—was a great crime in the martial world. Needless to say, learning them by watching them in action counted as mimicking, not stealthily learning. However, Sila intended to impart Zero’s art to Bluebird. For him to do that, he had read every word recorded in the manual, resulting in remembering a part of it subconsciously.

    This matter related to the Slime King’s Encompassing Ocean Art. With this profound art, Hu Hai could comprehend the entirety of his enemy’s profound art despite only seeing some of it in action. He then could use the art as well as its original inventor. In fact, in most cases, he could use the arts better than the original users. It led to a debate discussing whether his action counted as profound art piracy or not. Eventually, some groups of people came to disdain Encompassing Ocean Art, though they could do nothing against Hu Hai. All they could do was call it a dark art behind his back.

    Even though the Slime King didn’t impart Encompassing Ocean Art to Sila, he taught him its core concept. Even so, he warned Sila not to waste too much time trying to comprehend it. Either Encompassing Ocean Art or Chaos Devourer Art required the Marvelous Bible as a foundation. Without it, Sila could spend a lifetime practising it and never master all of it.

    The Slime King told Sila that Encompassing Ocean Art was related to what people called the ‘Sea of Empathy.’

    Aside from consciousness and unconsciousness, humans also have emotional synchronicity. The art was based on the belief that all humans are connected to each other through invisible links within the Sea of Empathy. For instance, we can laugh by simply seeing others laughing or feel sad when we see someone crying. Encompassing Ocean Art sublimated this aspect, raising the practitioner’s cognitive ability. Once Hu Hai saw the opponent’s fighting stance, movements, and some circulation paths of their inner force, he would be able to easily fill the missing parts, complete the art his opponent was using, and instantly use it perfectly as if he had practiced it for years.

    Even if Sila didn’t get to learn Encompassing Ocean Art, this knowledge was quite useful for him. Purely by observing Bluebird’s placement of feet, Sila could imagine six possible ways in which Bluebird could move. Flaming Cloud Qi’s Cloud Part also helped to increase Sila’s reaction speed, preparing him to cope with any of them.

    Bluebird vanished from the spot, leaving only a trail of cyan lightning. His take-off was excellent, comparable to Zero’s.

    However, Bluebird’s speed was slower than Zero’s by at least two degrees. If he was Zero, he would already be standing behind Sila. Instead, he was next to Sila.

    Sila circulated Flaming Cloud Qi, emitting black cloud out of his skin. It was different than Flaming Cloud Qi’s usual color, which was blood red. This meant his Flaming Cloud Qi had started to mutate.

    Even until now, Sila still didn’t understand why different kinds of qi he possessed could merge and fuse into one through the purification of the Flame Part. Some of them were only in-game skills, such as Element-Changing Nightmare Magical Qi and Shapeless Qi.

    Prior to mastering the Flame Part, Sila could easily distinguish between in-game qi and real-life qi. However, after the fight against the dragons of light and darkness, all of his qi arts strangely seemed real to him.

    Sila joined his left index and middle fingers together and materialized an earth-element sword, slashing in front of Bluebird to obstruct his path. The slash was firm and heavy like a stone fortress.

    Bluebird stopped his feet and rotated his body, baring his claws and brandishing them at Sila’s face without any loss in speed.

    Zero’s Shadow Reaper Hands was fast and persistent as if it were a shadow that always followed its host. For the record, Bluebird replaced Zero’s dark elemental magic power with lightning magic power. The cyan flash was so bright that it temporarily blinded Sila, forcing him to rely on instinct to catch Bluebird’s wrist.

    “Lightning Charge!” Bluebird activated one of the chantless low-tier skills. His magic power instantly clad around a part of his body.

    Sensing danger, Sila raised his foot against Bluebird, but his kick connected with nothing but thin air. Apparently, Bluebird had slipped through his capture, staying in mid-air for a while before landing on the floor.

    Sila frowned as he felt his right arm turn numb. There was no pain, but he had a slightly more difficult time moving it. He felt surprised because he could tell that Bluebird hadn’t used any powerful spells so far. It seemed the abnormality was caused by Bluebird’s Art of Magic.

    “So your Art of Magic can cause paralysis,” Sila guessed while trying to move his numb right hand. “You could paralyze even Illuminus?”

    “That arm can negate all kinds of damages, but doesn’t protect the user against abnormal statuses,” Bluebird calmly replied. Sila spotted a blue shadow flashing behind Bluebird’s back. It seemed that Asmodeus was the one providing Bluebird with this knowledge.

    Among the Sealed One’s seven parts, the part that could resist against all kinds of abnormal statuses was the Torso of the Sealed One. For the record, the right arm was for blocking attacks, while the left arm was for dealing large amounts of damage through powerful spells. The right leg was for replicating legendary weapons, suitable for a duel. The left leg could control environments and create omnipotent domains. The eyes existed for analyzing and evaluating, seeing through distance, space, and time. Lastly, the heart was for replenishing qi, magic, and psychic power at an unimaginable rate.

    Most if not all players were oblivious of this intel. However, it was a given that an intelligent monster like Asmodeus was fully aware of it, especially when the information was related to the person who had sealed her.

    Sila couldn’t help but be amazed. He had to admit that he indeed had looked down on Bluebird’s fighting ability. It seemed his friend had been training hard these days. He must have focused on practicing Zero’s art while letting Asmodeus teach him about in-game abilities. As a result, he had become a lot stronger.

    Still, it didn’t mean he had a shot at winning against Sila. No matter how hard Bluebird had trained himself, a short period of time was not enough for an ordinary person to catch up to someone who had spent years practising. Bluebird was currently abandoning his strongest prominent point. As he was now, there was no way he could defeat Sila.

    Among all of the Five-Attributed Cloud Qi’s moves, Sila right now could use any of them with ease. The only exception was the last and ultimate move—Judgement of the Grim Reaper—which he felt was incomplete.

    After he had mastered the Flame Part, he could use any moves according to his will. In fact, he might be able to exert more than one move simultaneously.

    True, he might still be lacking in the defense department. However, Sila was positive that Bluebird had no hopes of defending against his attack.

    Dual Overwhelming Attributes — Earth absorbs Water, Steel Sage.

    Sila accelerated his speed in the same manner that Bluebird had taken off in the beginning. He vanished and instantly reappeared behind Bluebird. His right hand was still paralyzed, and he wasn’t sure how long it would stay this way. As such, he opted to exert his power through his left hand instead.

    A tiny blade made of qi covered the tip of Sila’s left index finger. He used it to stab Bluebird sixteen times in one second, subduing the flow of his power by damaging his acupoints. Sila then flicked his pinky, materializing an invisible chain to wrap around Bluebird.

    Being bound both internally and externally, Bluebird was left powerless and in a state where he could no longer continue fighting.

    “Oi! Release me! Let me fight again!! The next time will—!” Bluebird struggled, refusing to give up. Ever since he had started playing Monster Soul, he had never been captured or died. However, currently, he was bound on the ground, with no way to break free.

    He was honestly confused about why the battle turned out this way. He was confident that he had become a lot stronger recently. Even if he was weaker than Sila, it was still weird for him to be completely subdued within a few moves.

    Sila released a heavy sigh. He was about to unbind Bluebird and explain the reason behind his loss. However, an unfamiliar sound interrupted him.

    “It will be useless regardless of how many times you try. You will certainly lose. Knowing that you would lose, why didn’t you run away?”

    The voice rang out from the right side of the arena. Everyone quickly turned their heads that way but found no one. Instead, there was a broken table. Sila frowned as he remembered that the wooden table was in a perfect state when he entered the room.

    Sila circulated his energy at full power in order to find the source of the voice. However, his profound sense seemed to play a trick on him as he couldn’t detect any uninvited guests at all.

    “There!” As Sangdao was standing in the corner of the room, her view was broader than the others’. She pointed her finger at Sila.

    Sila momentary flinched before turning back, witnessing the voice owner silently standing behind him, showing his back to Sila.

    The uninvited guest was a chubby man wearing a ragged cloak. He squatted next to Bluebird and tapped his right hand on Bluebird’s chest, dispersing Sila’s energy binding him. As a result, Bluebird regained his freedom.

    Sila was shocked. Even though he didn’t put his all into restraining Bluebird, it was surprising that this chubby man could invalidate his power in an instant.

    Everyone frowned once the chubby man stood up and turned around, facing them. It was because the man was wearing a wooden bird mask which seemed to be exquisitely crafted by a great artisan. There were no holes in the mask—not even for the eyes, nose, or mouth—implying that it was pointless for someone at his level.

    “Your strength lies in your unpredictable fighting style. You fled when the opponent anticipated you to fight, and fought when they thought you would definitely escape. Changing your fighting style as you previously did was like giving a free meal to your opponent. They would enjoy the easy victory,” the nameless man explained.

    Asmodeus took shape in the air. “You!! How can you be here? The Tailorbird Ki—”

    She couldn’t finish her sentence as the nameless man flicked his finger at her, sending her intangible body—which shouldn’t be touchable—away from Bluebird. Asmodeus returned to the form of the Lust Card before onto the floor.

    “What Ki? I’m the Mysterious Tailorbird Mask Man.”

    Sila, Burapha, and Bluebird looked at the man while feeling dumbfounded. They didn’t know the man’s identity. However, one thing they knew for sure was that he could forcefully unequip a card that should be permanently bound—the Lust Card of the Seven Deadly Sins—with a single flick of his finger.

    “Why didn’t you use your racial skills? If you used them, there was no way you would lose,” the man said loudly and proudly while looking at Bluebird, before muttering to himself, “Ahem... well, it would also be difficult to win.”

    “Who are you, sir?” Sila raised a question. He didn’t know the intentions of the man who called himself the Mysterious Tailorbird Mask Man. All Sila did know was that this man was a psychic-type master. He could trick the system and infiltrate a private room, and he also possessed a technique that allowed him to ignore an item’s limitations. Such an ability only belonged to the psychic type.

    The chubby man stretched his back. His height was below Sila’s by a few centimeters. “I’m a friend of justice. The Tailorbird Mask Man... who is shrouded in mystery.”

    “I can call you the Tailorbird Mask Man, but... what is your business with us?”

    “Nothing. I just want to see the faces of Sila—the Seal Breaker—and Montra—the Law Breaker. Both of you happen to be in the same place, so I went out of my way to take a glance. All over the three worlds, the responses to you two are mixed; some glorify you while some curse your ancestors. Unexpectedly, the two of you are younger than I thought.”

    “Eh? What did you just say?” Sila exclaimed. He didn’t understand anything that the Tailorbird Mask Man said, especially those weird titles.

    “Hm? Are you really clueless or are you just pretending? Don’t you know that the three worlds are in states of chaos due to the actions of you two?”

    Instantly, the Tailorbird Mask Man vanished and reappeared next to a window. Burapha quickly gave him a warning. “Sir, this place is a special dimension. That window is not real.”

    “Kid, as a psychic type, don’t let common sense chain your creativity.”

    The Tailorbird Mask Man pressed his palm against the window, breaking it. The wind from outside soon entered the room, rendering Burapha speechless.

    “If you really don’t know, just ask someone who knows. I’m too lazy to explain... Adios~” The man then jumped out the window. Sila and Burapha ran to it and found that the window really connected to the outside of the hotel.

    Bluebird stood up, sweeping dust off his clothing. He extended his hand to recollect the Lust Card. “Hmm?”

    He found two more cards neatly stacked below the Lust Card, in a way that he wouldn’t have noticed if he hadn’t touched them.

    Bluebird looked at the two cards. One of them had an illustration of a tailorbird soaring through the sky while the other was a fat tailorbird perching on a tree branch. Inspecting them, he found that they were the B-grade Wandering Tailorbird Card and the A-grade Fatty Tailorbird Card.

    Bluebird was greatly confused. This was the first time he knew tailorbird cards existed. He obtained the race accidentally by taming an insane number of tailorbirds. However, tailorbirds in Monster Soul normally gave a player nothing when killed—be it experience points, money, or items. He didn’t understand how the tailorbird cards could be found.

    In any case, he stored all three cards in his system window for the time being. He walked to Sila and asked, “Where is he?”

    “He left,” Burapha replied, before asking, “What about you, Big Brother, are you okay?”

    “Umm... I’m fine.”

    “Are you sure?” Sila asked, looking at Bluebird while feeling worried.

    “Umm. I know my mistakes. I promise you that I won’t be this way when the time comes,” Bluebird assured them. Although he didn’t go back to being easy-going like usual, his state of mind seemed to be a lot better. Sila hoped that Bluebird would behave like usual once they had rescued Yardpirun.

    “What about the man just now? Is he a friend or a foe? I tried to look at his face behind the wooden mask using Psychic Eyes, but I failed,” Burapha asked.

    “I don’t think he is a foe. Based on the fact that Asmodeus knew him, I guess he is a monster rather than a player.”

    “A monster? A Lord Rank monster, then?”

    “I believe he is an Emperor Rank one,” speculated Sila. At his level, he was able to tell apart the ranks of monsters to some degree.

    Burapha didn’t agree with him though. “I doubt it, Big Brother. Lord Rank monsters are already rare and have to meet certain conditions before they can make an appearance. I believe Emperor Rank monsters are the same, and can’t travel around as freely as this one does.”

    “Well, you have a point. What should we do?”

    Bluebird commented, “Since he had no ill intentions, just let him be. Let’s stick to the plan tonight. If it’s Boss, she will be able to give us a good suggestion. She is always so capable.”

    The two of them nodded. Still, Sila added, “Blue, can you help me find intel on the Seal Breaker and the Law Breaker? These titles seem to be related to Montra and me.”

    As he asked this, Sila opened his system window and checked his titles, only to find that there weren’t any new ones. It meant the title wasn’t well known among players.

    For the record, when someone’s title was known by more than 20% of total active players, the system would register it as that player’s title.

    “I’ll try, but don’t expect too much.” Bluebird shrugged. He was more interested in the tailorbird cards.

    “Since we have nothing further to discuss, let’s split up. We will start the plan at 9pm tonight. Let’s meet again at the designated location.” Bluebird was the first to exit the room. He wanted to visit the card shop to unseal the cards he just obtained.

    As for Burapha, he remained in the room, asking Sila to give him pointers regarding his martial moves. Feeling worried about Burapha, Sila was more than welcome to advise him. As for Sangdao, she didn’t want to interrupt the two, so she left to inspect the city’s surveillance spots.

    At this moment, the citizens of the Magic Kingdom were still happily shopping and sightseeing in the floating city, unaware that a catastrophe would strike them tonight.

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    For Montra. Damn.. He want to make a world utopia where  everyone is always in dreamlike state. that is smart and fool at the same time. Smart because he want to make a heaven and fool because he already know it's impossible to happen even in the virtual reality, where the strong always prey the weak.
    To be accurate, he realized that ages ago, around the time he met Sangdao in real life. He even got angry at the Elders when they told him about the association, upset that they were using him and Montra as their pawns. This chapter merely emphasized it.
    yes i know it but he still do a thing the association want to him so it looks he become a puppet who have no will at all. if the elder want A he do A, if its B then he do B. If he truly realize that a long time ago he should oppose that kind of thing they did for him. After all with Sila talent i believe he can do better right. Someone ever said to me "A true genius who have talent won't work for other cause she/he can make her/his destiny by himself if she/he works hard even until she/he die." Like that Montra character
    Of course every things is still can not happen if The One Above is not give its permission, but that kind of thing still it happen in real life too right.

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  • Chapter 280: Switching Duties

    It was truly a beautiful night. Sila had never been in a place where he could see dazzling stars so clearly before. The floating Magic Kingdom lingered about a kilometer up in the air, so the view was comparable to standing at the peak of a mountain and looking at the stars. There were no clouds. The stars looked like they were competing to see which one could shine the brightest.

    However, they would soon be obstructed by the smoke of flames. Deep down in his heart, Sila regretted being the one who brought conflict to this peaceful city.

    Raiding the Heavenly Dragon Guild’s headquarters might sound like a crazy plan. However, the fact was Sila had a lot of help. The ones raiding might consist of only Burapha, Bluebird, and him, but there were more than ten people helping from behind the scenes.

    Montra granting anyone access to the city had a downside in the form of allowing his enemies to easily infiltrate the city. Sure, he could detect and prevent an army. However, Sila mobilized only a handful of players from Belacia City, asking the ones who weren’t heavily injured during the Dragon Kingdom raid for help.

    Upon Sila asking, three people who instantly volunteered to help were Snow, Menar, and Balaz. The three of them were magic-type players, so it was a given that they would like to visit the unsealed Magic Kingdom to tour around and obtain new quests. In fact, it could be said that helping Sila was just their way of killing time and having some fun.

    Sila, Burapha, and Bluebird were laying on the rooftop of the nearest building to the Heavenly Dragon Guild’s front gate. They were looking at the detailed blueprint of the guild prepared by Yardpirun. It was indeed very precise, yet there was an area that she couldn’t draw despite being one of the Five Dragon Warlords. It was Montra’s private room, which only three people other than him—Kawin, Revin, and Zazae—were allowed to enter. It was the sole black spot on the map. Unfortunately, Sila’s objective laid in that section.

    An island heavily shook as if an earthquake had occurred on one of Lafesta City’s floating islands. Citizens stopped in their tracks, confused. Roof tiles dropped on the ground throughout the city, echoing like an orchestra. Cracks appeared on the beautiful rainbow bridges.

    On the furthest island, people could see a giant beanstalk growing in the middle of the town, quickly and severely damaging surrounding buildings. Before people could calm their panicking hearts, ice pillars soon emerged from the nearby island, accompanied by unnerving and screeching deafening screams. Last but not least, flames began to ignite across islands, followed by massive clouds of smoke.

    As everything went according to the plan, Sila and the other two further lowered their heads to hide.

    A familiar-looking man stepped out of the Heavenly Dragon Guild’s headquarters. He had a metal helmet covering his face but wore nothing to protect his upper body, showing his strong muscles that were as hard as steel. He was none other than one of the Five Dragon Warlords who had lost to Sila before—the Black Star Warlord, Lost Ghost.

    “What’s happening?” Lost Ghost led a dozen of guild members out of the front gate.

    “There are three guildless players making chaos in the town, sir. It seems they just obtained new abilities and want to try them out. Our men have gone to put a stop to them, but they became crazier. Furthermore, flames suddenly erupted from every corner of the city. We’re currently extinguishing them.”

    “The war event is near. We can’t let them damage the city. Send ten people to each island. The rest stay in the guild. This could be a strategy to entice the tiger to leave its mountain lair.”

    Bluebird whispered to the two, “The distraction just started, but the Heavenly Dragon Guild already knows that the cause is three guildless players. This means their intel must be excellent. Our window of opportunity may be shorter than we thought.”

    Sila and Burapha nodded. Their plan centered around having Snow, Menar, and Balaz cause a ruckus while Sangdao and the remaining players from Belacia City started fires throughout the city, forcing the Heavenly Dragon Guild members to leave their headquarters and take care of the problems. During that time, the three of them would sneak into the guild.

    Their operation had two objectives.

    The first was obviously to rescue Yardpirun. This was the most important task as tonight was their only chance. If they made a mistake this time, their second attempt would become significantly harder since Montra would surely prepare traps. As for the second goal, it was the team’s inferior goal, yet Sila’s main objective. It was for him to borrow Montra’s Realm-Crossing Gate and meet Joshua.

    Realizing that there was no way for him to enter Joshua’s domain within the foreseeable future using normal means, Sila decided to take advantage of the intel Ramiel provided, which stated that Montra has a miraculous item capable of transporting him to anywhere in Monster Soul. Apparently the gate was under heavy protection through qi, magic, psychic power, and the system. Hence, Sila brought many experts to help him in the task.

    Lookhin wouldn’t be very helpful in the operation. On the other hand, Sila expected a lot from Julia—the expert regarding the system—Mamon—the devil prince who was the master of item utilization—and Clute—the expert regarding ancient runes. It took him a long time to persuade Clute—with the help of Lookhin’s pleading eyes—to agree and become his pet temporarily.

    “I will inspect the guild, discerning whether someone has already intruded or not. Stay on guard. Protect me for the time being,” Lost Ghost ordered. Ten of his subordinates then surrounded him.

    “Rhythm of Subduing Earth,” Lost Ghost activated the skill, and his body dyed black. The black color spread along the ground and around nearby buildings with no sign of stopping.

    Bluebird frowned. He shifted his gaze to Sila, asking, “Will he be able to cover the entire guild with his psychic power?”

    “I’m not sure. However, based on his expression and confidence, it seems likely. He is not in the middle of a battle, so he can put his mind into expanding his senses,” Sila replied.

    In fact, one more reason that allowed Lost Ghost to achieve the task was due to the buff he got from Montra’s Emperorship.

    “What should we do, then?” Burapha asked, feeling worried.

    “Avoiding contact with the surface should be enough,” Sila commented as he floated three inches above the roof using qi while Bluebird transformed to a tailorbird. Meanwhile, Burapha showed an awkward expression, suddenly feeling like he had become a burden.

    “Burapha, can’t you use Psychic Impact?” asked Bluebird.

    “I can. I can leisurely jump or perform a double jump in the air, but I can’t stay in mid-air for too long.”

    Sila took a look at the time displayed in his system window and made a quick decision. “Yardpirun will re-enter the game in ten minutes. There is no time to waste. We have to switch duties. Burapha, you take care of Lost Ghost. Bluebird, you find Montra’s private room. As for me, I will be responsible for rescuing Yardpirun.”

    Lost Ghost’s Rhythm was approaching them. If they didn’t change positions, they would be caught soon. Still, Burapha and Bluebird weren’t sure Sila’s new plan was the best idea.

    Originally, Sila’s role was to expose himself while Bluebird went to rescue Yardpirun and Burapha searched for Montra’s room. The difficulty and risk for each task descended in sequence. Exposing oneself meant appearing in public. The enemies would rush at him. The risk was the highest, so Sila had volunteered to perform this task. Next, the duty to rescue Yardpirun meant the encounter against Ginny, the Ice Flame Warlord, was unavoidable. Hence, they agreed not to have Burapha take on this role in order to avoid complex situations. As for the last task, the risk was uncertain. There might be traps or people waiting inside. However, failing to complete the task didn’t affect Yardpirun’s safety, so they had assigned this duty to Burapha.

    Bluebird argued, “We spent a lot of time carefully planning this operation. Do you think switching duties now is a good idea?”

    “If we don’t, we can’t proceed. I will surely rescue Yardpirun. Trust me.”

    “I know I can trust you. However, with the reassignment, Burapha will get the hardest job,” Bluebird still persisted.

    That was indeed the case. Both Sila and Bluebird got easier jobs while Burapha had to take on the most difficult role.

    “Umm... I...” Burapha hesitated. He had no idea how to win against Lost Ghost. He was inferior to Lost Ghost in both overall abilities and experience. Worse off, they were both psychic type, so the difference in strength would be clearer. This was while ignoring the fact that he didn’t get to fight one-on-one. The longer the fight lasted, the more enemies he would have to face due to reinforcements.

    When Sila had volunteered to take on this duty, he felt nothing special as he was used to the mindset that Sila could overcome any danger. However, once it became his job, he realized that it was an extremely important task and he couldn’t afford to make a single mistake. This realization made him respect Sila more.

    “Blue, since you trust me to do your job, I will say that I trust Burapha to do my job as well.” Sila’s reply was resolute. He knew Bluebird was worried about the success of this operation, so he assured him, though he really meant it.

    “If you put it that way, then I have no choice. Good luck, Burapha,” Bluebird said as he then flew away toward the guild.

    Instead of leaving, Sila tapped Burapha’s shoulder once and said, “Psychic power is heavily tied to emotions and creativity, both positive and negative. They are both strengths and weaknesses of this energy type. If you can control your state of mind and the opponent’s, then victory will belong to you.”

    Sila ascended into the air, sending a sound transmission to Burapha using qi, before vanishing like a ghost. With Sila’s final piece of advice, Burapha was left alone.

    As he was by himself and had no one to rely on, Burapha had to force his way out with his own ability. He released a heavy sigh as he estimated the distance between him and Lost Ghost. He then concluded that he wouldn’t make it with his double Psychic Impact.

    Burapha’s advantage right now was him being in the dark while Lost Ghost was in the open. He wanted his first attack to be as profitable as possible, so he wanted to perform a sneak attack on Lost Ghost. However, it was a difficult task considered the defensive formation around Lost Ghost. The only spot he could aim for was right above Lost Ghost’s head.

    A lightbulb turned on in his mind. A certain crazy battle plan emerged in his mind. It was so eccentric that even he himself was unsure of its possibility.

    As a psychic type, don’t let common sense chain your creativity... the Tailorbird Mask Man’s voice echoed in his mind.

    Burapha summoned his lance into his hands. Lost Ghost’s Rhythm was about to reach where he stood. He had to take action right now.

    Fish’s Ally.

    Burapha soundlessly activated one of his racial skills. Usually, this skill could grant other people the ability to breathe underwater for a certain period of time. On the other hand, when used on beings of the same race, he would be able to communicate with them through telepathy. Burapha tried activating it while focusing his mind on Lala, his partner who was currently sealed, as the target.

    Communicating with a monster in an accessory... Burapha had never considered that it was a valid option. Fortunately, he heard a reply.

    —Yes? Burapha.

    Burapha felt elated, his lips curling into a smile. This action working indicated that his next idea was possible as well. He quickly explained his plan to Lala, who listened attentively.

    Lost Ghost’s Rhythm finally reached the building Burapha was on. Burapha properly maintained his Mind Concealment and took a silent jump. He activated Psychic Impact two times, approaching Lost Ghost. However, like he had calculated, the distance he traveled was far from enough.

    As Burapha was about to lose his momentum in mid-air, Lala came out from his ring. She brandished her Trishula and used the blunt edge to strike Burapha’s feet, sending him upward before returning to the ring.

    Through a temporary foothold, Burapha could repeatedly activate Psychic Impact two more times, reaching the air above Lost Ghost’s head without anybody sensing him.

    Burapha roared ‘Success!’ inwardly. Who would have thought that he could seal and unseal Lala without the voice command? 

    As a matter of fact, before Sila left, the sound transmission he sent contained psychic type’s ultimate secret.

    “For psychic-type skills, as long as they don’t explicitly forbid you from doing something, that means you are allowed.”

    Lala exited the ring once more. This time she struck her Trishula downward, fiercely sending Burapha to the ground, then returned to the ring.

    It was debatable whether the Heavenly Dragon Guild members were too used to living in the sky or not. Even their headquarters was located on the Floating City. They didn’t expect enemies to descend from the sky, especially when the space around them was clear without any footholds.

    Burapha landed right behind Lost Ghost. He immediately struck his lance at Lost Ghost, once.

    Since Lost Ghost’s subordinates were showing their backs to him, facing the surroundings, it took them a second to realize that an enemy had appeared. Burapha seized their momentary surprise to sweep his lance around, before a black javelin emerged from Lost Ghost’s back and flew at him.

    Burapha ducked down to evade the attack and relied on the enemies’ loss of balance to break through the encirclement. He stopped his feet once he had secured a comfortable distance, looking back at Lost Ghost and the others with a calm expression that oozed confidence, even though he himself was far from confident.

    The soldiers inspected themselves and found that they were uninjured. Feeling dumbfounded, one of them let out words of wonder, “Nothing happened?”

    Lost Ghost canceled his Rhythm and concentrated his power on himself. He asked, “Who are you?”

    “The Eastern Sea Evil God.” Although he didn’t quite like the title people came up with for him, Burapha wanted to put on an intimidating look. Thus, he decided to declare the title that sounded overbearing.

    One of the guild members scoffed with contempt. “Heh. Only your title is terrifying. What a lame sneak attack. You couldn’t even leave a scratch.”

    Burapha’s lips curled into a mysterious smirk. “Kukuku.”

    “What are you laughing at?”

    “Who said I did a sneak attack? I simply showed you how pathetic your defensive formation is. If I really wanted to kill you, then you all would have turned into light by now.”

    “You’re a terrible bluffer! You are just stalling. Guys, let’s finish him!”

    Indeed, Burapha was stalling for time, but it wasn’t the way they thought. Burapha was waiting for his infiltrated power to flow to their vital spots.

    His patience soon paid off.

    “Well, I’ll just show you.” Burapha bumped the end of his lance against the ground, spreading a gentle ripple.

    Eastern Sea Sailing Lance Art — Undercurrent.

    The negative power inside their bodies was small in amount, yet it was locked onto their vital spots. Suddenly, the ten people felt their hearts being squeezed. They coughed out blood and writhed in pain. The same sensation happened to Lost Ghost, but his overall strength surpassed his minions, so he was relatively fine, just suffering from small internal injuries.

    Regrettably, the power Burapha left inside their bodies was too few. Nobody died.

    He quickly came up with a suitable remark and declared, “That was just a warning. You can come at me together.”

    Lost Ghost swept his eyes around, observing the surroundings. After he had confirmed that Burapha was alone, he issued a command to his underlings, “Those who can move, take the injured ones to get healed. Also, call three more units to this place.”

    Despite his apathetic expression, Burapha groaned in his mind, ‘Hey, stop. Just you alone are already more than I can chew.’

    “Should we gang up on him, sir?”

    Lost Ghost assessed the situation. He realized Burapha possessed some kind of bizarre power. With just a small amount of psychic power, Burapha dealt heavy damage to his men. As such, he deemed Burapha a dangerous man. The war event was near. He didn’t want his men to lose levels pointlessly.

    With that thought, he came to a decision. “Don’t. We don’t know what tricks he has left. Just encircle him. I will take him on alone.”

    Burapha waited until everyone had surrounded him before casually speaking, “Since I’m so much stronger than you, I will give you a handicap. You can attack me once. I will not dodge it. Okay? The Losing Warlord, Lost Ghost.”

    Curses were thrown at Burapha from the surrounding people. Lost Ghost gritted his teeth. He had held deep shame ever since his loss to Sila in a one-on-one match. Furthermore, he couldn’t take Bluebird down. He became more enraged once he had acquired intel about the man. It turned out that he was incapable of defeating even someone with a weird title like The Bluebird of Happiness.

    Now that Burapha had touched the old scar in his heart, he let out a roar of rage.

    “You bastard! I was named the Black Star Warlord long before you started making tiny splashes. Do you think you are so formidable just because you gained a little fame? It’s me who is so strong that I have no problem giving you a handicap! Attack me!!”

    “Deal,” Burapha replied as he strode forward. No one put a stop to his approaching steps. He then lightly tapped his lance on Lost Ghost’s body.

    “What is the meaning of this?” asked Lost Ghost.

    “I don’t like exploiting anyone. That was my one attack. We should start now.”

    Discovering that Burapha was a straightforward man with a more upright nature than he had thought, Lost Ghost was surprised. This situation was reminiscent of the prelude to the fair fight between Sila and Fargo, making Lost Ghost give a look of respect to his opponent.

    “Good! Since you are an honest man, we will have a fair fight. No one will interrupt our battle.” Lost Ghost’s order caused his subordinates to step back, leaving enough space for the two to fight.

    Burapha showed a solemn expression, but his heart was dancing with joy as his plan had worked perfectly.

    ‘You stupid Lost Ghost! Who wouldn’t seize such a profitable opportunity? You took me, a money-sucking merchant, too lightly!’

  • Chapter 281: Merciless Repossession

    While Burapha was fighting Lost Ghost, Sila laid down on the wall, watching the people who were running out of the guild through the front gate. After observing Burapha for a while, he became more confident that, at the very least, his friend wouldn’t be easily defeated.

    Unfortunately for Lost Ghost, based on the Five Elements principle, his Psychic Earth Attrition was considered a power of the earth element while Burapha’s psychic power belonged to the wood element that was strengthened by water. Wood drains Earth, so Lost Ghost was at a disadvantage. More importantly,  Burapha had already secretly sent his gentle power inside Lost Ghost’s body. These facts encouraged Sila to think that Burapha wouldn’t lose.

    Even so, that wasn’t a real issue for Burapha. The real problem was that while he couldn’t lose, he also couldn’t win.

    It was a given that he couldn’t lose. On the other hand, he mustn’t win too fast. If he did, the rest would gang up on him, blocking him from escaping. The worst part was that Burapha couldn’t make his intention of stalling for time become too obvious, as it would raise suspicions. The enemies would quit standing around doing nothing and charge at him.

    Sila was still waiting, looking at the last batch of people running out of the guild. All of the people running seemed to belong to Lost Ghost’s faction. He didn’t see any subordinates of the other Warlords at all. It seemed Bluebird’s intel was spot on. Since many cities were unsealed at once, the Heavenly Dragon Guild had to divide their forces. Only Lost Ghost and Ginny remained in the headquarters. It was a golden opportunity for their raid.

    Bluebird’s intel was actually reliable without missing anything important for once. It was quite an eye-opening experience for Sila.

    Sila checked the time again. Yardpirun would come online in eight minutes. Should he stay around for a bit more to help Burapha in case an emergency situation arises or not?

    Bluebird’s original rescue plan was to enter the room at the last minute, distracting Ginny and seizing the chance to quickly help Yardpirun escape.

    Considering the next courses of action, Sila soon shook his head. Seeing Burapha’s expression brimming with confidence, he soared inside the headquarters and stuck to the ceiling. Given his ability, he didn’t have to rely on little tricks like Burapha. He could leap through the air using qinggong and stick to a wall or ceiling using pulling power. It was a difference in physical specs between qi and psychic types.

    Qi type didn’t have to rely on active skills. Their physical body was naturally superior to psychic types.

    Sila believed the time had come for him to place his full trust in Burapha. In fact, he had just thought of the negative result that might occur due to the switching of duties.

    The person showing up was Burapha instead of him.

    This seemingly insignificant change of plan could easily lead to grave consequences of the operation. If the person showing up was Sila, most Heavenly Dragon Guild members would come out, probably including even Montra. On the other hand, Burapha making an entrance posed a certain risk. Although Burapha hadn’t shown up together with Sila frequently, someone might be able to deduce the relationship between the two, leading them to think that Sila could be here. They might realize that the chaos in the city was a diversion to lure a tiger out of its den, while Burapha was yet another layer of the strategy, luring more tigers out of their inner area.

    Once they had realized this possibility, they would change their countermeasures, leading to an error in Bluebird’s plan.

    If he was Bluebird, Sila would enter the room at the last minute, make a commotion, and flee with Yardpirun. However, the plan had already changed. Since this duty ended up in his hands, Sila decided he would use his own approach.

    The war was about to start, yet Sila had never gotten a chance to utilize the aspect of his Lordship that made him choose it. He had yet to kill anyone belonging to the Heavenly Dragon Guild. Reducing one more Warlord meant his side’s chances of victory in the war event would increase. His desire to kill intensified.

    War is about cruelty, fighting for the sake of survival. Even though Sila had known her before, Ginny at this time was one of the Five Dragon Warlords. Taking pity on her would only lead to his downfall.

    The Ice Flame Warlord was alone in the room. Her overall strength was also inferior to Sila’s. There would be no better chance to eliminate her.

    Once he had finished checking the surroundings and ensuring that no one was nearby, Sila descended and stood in front of a certain door. Bluebird’s intel implied that Montra had placed some kind of spell to limit the use of transporting items within the room. He had to bring Yardpirun outside in order to let her use a Crystal of Connecting.

    Sila took a deep breath, circulating qi internally. He hid his hesitation under the powerful qi reinforcing his body. His two hands pushed the heavy door forward. The first sensation he felt behind the door was intense heat as if he was within Solaria’s Dragon Domain.


    The inside of the room was bright due to magical lanterns floating throughout. However, the source of this abnormal heat came from a cluster of flames next to the Ice Flame Warlord, twenty meters away from the door. Sila speculated that the spot where the flame was burning must be Yardpirun’s revival spot. It was his duty to make Ginny step out of that area.

    Sila silently closed the door behind him while applying his qi to prevent sound from leaking out. As long as the level of battle in the room wasn’t too intense, he was certain that no one would be able to sense that a fight was happening inside.


    Ginny furrowed her tiny brows. She opened her system window, trying to contact others. Immediately Sila flicked his wrist, and a lightning-cladded suntetsu flew abruptly and powerfully. Ginny sensed it coming and dodged it in time. The suntetsu struck the wall behind her and dug deep into it.

    Ginny frowned as she showed a stern expression. She had only removed her gaze from Sila for an instant, but the distance between them had been shortened by Sila’s Twelve Celestial-Traveling-Steps.

    With no change in his expression, Sila declared, “Prepare yourself, Ice Flame Warlord.”

    Ginny summoned both of her signature swords. She quit trying to contact outside as she fully realized that there was simply no way for her to achieve that when Sila was this close to her. The moment her concentration was split or moved, Sila’s hidden weapon would mercilessly put a stop to her movements instantly. She had to be extremely wary of Sila’s hands.

    Similarly, Sila was wary of Ginny’s dual swords. The two swords were as mesmerizing as before. No, in fact, with the two of them being together, they both eluded magical charm, elevating their beauty to yet another degree.

    Recently he had been having a headache about where to find proper swords. It was fortunate that he met Ginny here today.

    “If you give me the two swords and swear to separate from the Heavenly Dragon Guild permanently, you can leave. I won’t follow you,” Sila offered.

    “What did you just say?”

    “You heard me. There’s no reason for me to repeat myself.”

    Ginny tightened her grip. “You’re exactly like how Revin described you. You pretend to be a good man, yet underneath that mask is a vile person. You’re no better than a bandit.”

    Upon listening to the insult, Sila didn’t feel angry at all. His psychic power was difficult to control when he was enraged, so his mental fortitude had grown stronger as he practiced controlling the ability. Sila at this moment was extremely cool-headed compared to his past self. From an outsider’s point of view, it wouldn’t be strange if they thought Sila had become a totally different person.

    “I don’t know what Revin told you, and I don’t care either. But if we’re going to point out bandits, let’s start with you. I won those swords fair and square from a bet—a bet that you came up with yourself. Burapha set their price at two million gold, right? Until today I still haven’t gotten even a silver coin. So, which one of us actually the bandit here?”

    Ginny gritted her teeth. “Burapha traded these swords for the Dragon Killer Sword. The two of them now belong to me, legitimately.”

    “Legitimately?” Sila scoffed. “Those swords, I merely left them in Burapha’s care. That didn’t mean they belonged to him. In any case, the word 'trade' is a stretch. Everyone knew that Revin intended to kill Burapha and snatch his sword back. Burapha was just fortunate enough to live through the situation. I would say Burapha got his hands on the Dragon Killer Sword with his own ability, not through trading!!”

    Sila’s voice became louder with each word. He wasn’t there when his friend was bullied and nearly died. His mental oppression intimidated Ginny, causing her to reinforce her body with magic power.

    “...You said you didn’t want them. You even said you wanted to give them to me for free,” Ginny shouted back, “You have changed, Sila!”

    “You too have changed. Ginny in Colossia City was a proud woman. At the very least, she wouldn’t accept items that didn’t belong to her.”

    Ginny’s eyes trembled for a brief moment. Sila took the chance to move his feet.

    Noticing that her opponent had vanished without a trace, Ginny immediately activated her ultimate skill, afraid that it would be too late if she didn’t use it now.

    “Ice Flame Dual Slashes!!”

    Since she couldn’t tell Sila’s position, she summoned flames to engulf the entire room while the sharp materialized ice shards flew all over the place. Sila was a scary opponent. She had to exert the full extent of her ability to cause damage to the room, notifying her guildmates to help her.

    Ginny ducked down, rotated her body, and swung both swords toward her blind spot. Revin once gave her pieces of advice that when an enemy disappeared, she would usually find them in her blind spot and that she should pour her attacks toward the spot with no hesitation.

    This would work against ordinary players. However, her opponent this time was Sila, a martial artist who excelled in melee combat. There was no way some general advice she heard in passing would work on him.

    Dual Overwhelming Attributes — Water extinguishes Fire, Flame-Ice Dual Strike.

    A flame made of qi spiraled around Sila’s right wrist while psychic power that was as cold as dry ice coiled around his left. Both powers supplemented and overpowered each other, generating hot vapor and distorting the space. The magical flame from Borderless Sea of Flame was extinguished by the chilling frost while the ice shards from Seismic Avalanche were melted by the scorching flames. Sila’s face that Ginny saw through vapor was no different than an evil spirit ripping the space apart with his two claws.

    Sila’s right fist wildly struck the Dorolia Sword as he materialized a chain to wrap around it, along with Ginny’s hand. At the same time, his left hand, clad with ice power, slashed at her other wrist with no mercy.

    Showing mercy to your opponent is equivalent to endangering yourself. A fight would only result in a winner and a loser. Be it religion, nationality, age, or gender, none of it mattered. It was a genuinely fair world, a contest between what someone could do and what their enemy could do.

    The materialized sword that was used through Flame-Ice Dual Strike was sharp and heavy. It severed Ginny’s wrist with absolute precision. The cut was neat with no spilled blood and was beautifully frozen as if it was a masterpiece created by a first-rate artisan. Nevertheless, it was a cruel work of art. The iciness of the frostbite digging her flesh was so strong that Ginny shed tears. She gnashed her teeth, refusing to express her weak side.

    Sila squeezed her hand holding the Dorolia Sword, crushing her bones in the process. He knocked the falling sword in mid-air then held onto it himself.

    Unexpectedly, the sword’s natural coldness was immensely powerful, running through Sila’s veins. His arm was frozen first before the rest of his body, freezing him alive in a single breath.

    “The First Summer.”

    Ginny cast one of the spells belonging to Season Magic. A warm sensation enveloped her body and alleviated her pain. However, that was it’s limit. It couldn’t regenerate her severed hand. To regrow a missing organ, a special kind of magic or qi with healing properties was required.

    Ginny took a glance at the ice block with Sila inside. It seemed she had gained victory this time due to luck. Still, being lucky was also a skill.

    “Just wielding it doesn’t mean it’s yours, Sila. It’s still registered in my weapon slot. The sword doesn’t acknowledge you as its rightful owner. You’re not worthy of it,” Ginny said to no one but herself. She just wanted Sila to know the reason behind his loss.

    She sighed. The system had yet to inform her about Sila’s death. That meant he still had a chance of survival. Sila was too dangerous. Leaving him alone might cause a problem, so she decided to land a killing blow to him before it became too late. She accumulated magic power into the Solaria Sword, preparing to strike at the defenseless Sila.

    “Summer Flash.”

    Flames burst out from the Solaria Sword, shaking. They flared up and danced upon Ginny’s hand as if she were holding a giant sword made of flames.

    Suddenly, Sila’s voice, which was soft yet clear, entered her ears. It was like a grim reaper was whispering words next to her.

    “It’s actually you who is not worthy. You haven’t slain even one dragon. You don’t deserve to be the swords’ owner. Their value is wasted in your hands.”

    Listening to the words, Ginny became frantic. She hurriedly swung her sword at Sila. Despite her speed, the ice was broken before she hit it, showing Sila holding the Dorolia Sword covered in black flames. He had unleashed Flaming Cloud Qi to suppress its freezing power just in time.

    Heaven’s Dismissal — Sixth Sword Style, Surging Flame.

    The Dorolia Sword let out a dreadful sound, as if it was being tortured, burned by black flames. The black flames on the sword absorbed the power of nature around them to strengthen themselves. At that instant, Ginny felt thirsty, her body became weak and her skin became dry as if she had been lost in a desert for a long time. Even the flames on the Solaria Sword were incinerated.

    The exchange of swords lasted only an instant. The clash between the two swords radiated intense heat, immediately burning Ginny to death with no time to scream.

    The symbol of Sila’s Lordship was shown under his feet. Sila traded half the experience points he was supposed to get to extend Ginny’s respawn time. With this action, Player Ginny wouldn’t be able to participate in the upcoming war event. He had successfully crippled the Heavenly Dragon Guild’s power to some degree.

    The Solaria Sword without an owner dropped to the ground and entered Sila’s system window, along with the Dorolia Sword, due to King’s Treasury. The system notified him about Ginny’s death and what he had obtained. For the record, the experience points he acquired from defeating her were nowhere near enough for his experience bar to budge. Thinking that he would need to defeat monsters of players of a similar or higher rank in order to level up, Sila shrugged.

    Reminded of the words that the Slime King had left him before he departed, Sila opened his system window and looked at the four swords in his possession. He muttered to himself, “I was worried it would be difficult to get my hands on high-grade swords with the war event’s beginning so close. Luckily, I obtained two swords sooner than I thought. This many should be enough, I guess.”

    Personally, he didn’t want to reclaim the items he had given to others. However, these swords were related to the reward he was supposed to acquire from accomplishing the racial quest, Decolonize the Slime Kingdom. There was a reason why he needed numerous weapons that could resist Montra’s powerful spear.

    A white light soon emerged next to him, revealing Yardpirun. She tilted her head, wondering why Sila was here instead of Bluebird. Still, she knew that the situation was risky, so she didn’t ask anything to waste time.

    Sila brought her out of the room and handed her a certain Crystal of Connecting. He then contacted Bluebird, informing him of his success, but chose not to contact Burapha, as he didn’t want to interfere with his concentration. Regardless, he still told Bluebird to assist Burapha on the way back. He suggested the two make an escape without waiting for him. He was confident in his mobility. If it was just escaping, he was positive that he could make it out this place alive.

    “Sila, aren’t you coming with me?” Yardpirun asked.

    “I still have unfinished business here. You can go first, Yardpirun. Bluebird will follow you soon.”

    She then disappeared with another flash of light. Bluebird soon sent Sila the map leading to Montra’s room. The previous black zone on the map was finally visible, and the middle of it was marked with a red cross. The map came with a message from Bluebird, telling Sila to be careful.

    Ginny was one of the Dragon Warlords. It was highly likely that her death would have already appeared on the guild’s activity log. If Sila wasn’t hurry, things might become more hectic. Thus, he forwent concealment and poured everything into speed, rushing to Montra’s room.

    Since he had already entered the dragon’s nest, he should grab as much as he could. He had to meet Joshua today, as there wouldn’t be another chance.

  • Chapter 282: Borrowing the Realm-Crossing Gate

    Sila dashed through the air as if he were a gust of wind. His qinggong made no sound and left no trace, even when each step covered ten meters. His current speed was only one level below Zero’s. Considering the time he spent playing the game, no one would have a word for his rate of growth.

    Montra’s room was further than Sila had previously thought. It took him more than a minute to reach his destination. He glided over a wall, jumping higher than fifteen meters and reaching the guild’s veranda on the second floor. He came across a metal door, which he calmly cleaved in two with a sword materialized over his index finger. He swiftly entered the room, circulating his qi internally to reinforce his body in case there were any surprises waiting inside.

    Montra’s room was plain, like the offices belonging to diligent workers that were commonly seen in films. There was a chair behind a large desk, and along the wall to the back was a row of stacked bookshelves. Other than those, there was a sofa and a small table, along with a full body mirror in a corner of the room.

    No one was in the room.

    “Mamon, Clute, Julia,” Sila called out the three from the Mechanical Evil God’s Protection. Mamon was originally attached to the armor, so his presence was to be expected. As for Julia and Clute, Sila had to unregister the Crystal Divine Sword and the Crystal Demonic Sword in order to store them.

    “Othala (Homeland).”

    As discussed, Clute’s first action was to activate his Rune Magic. He engraved a letter on the floor, one inch deep. For a certain period of time, no one would be able to easily break into this room unless the letter was damaged.

    “This is Montra’s room. What I’m seeking must be in this room,” Sila explained as he swept his gaze out of a window to inspect the surroundings. Aside from the commotion in the city and around the front gate, everywhere else seemed peaceful. Maybe too serene, in fact.

    Julia opened her system window and performed a simple inspection. “I’m detecting traces of spatial expansion. Based on the size, I guess it’s located beneath us.”

    The rest of the information was a player’s personal secret, so Julia couldn’t access it. After thinking about what she said, Sila got down on the floor and knocked it while feeling doubtful.

    “This room is on the second floor. How can it be below us?”

    Mamon tapped his feet on the floor, showing an annoyed expression. “Don’t bother taking physical details into account. That underground room is a special dimension. I wouldn’t find it weird even if this room connects to a mountain or the sea. It’s just an entrance.”

    “Mamon? Do you mean the expansion may not be a basement room?”

    “What I meant was that the nature of that expansion didn’t matter. It can be a basement room or whatever. What we really need to find is the entrance.”

    Mamon toured around the room, leisurely knocking on walls as he went. Finally, he stopped in front of a bookshelf. He revealed his devilish grin as he tapped a hidden mechanism inside. A clicking sound rang out as the surface of the sole mirror in the room trembled. Its edge illuminated, showing ancient characters. This phenomenon obviously captured everyone’s attention.

    Seeing that Clute showed interested in the characters, Sila asked, “What do you think, Clute? Are those runes?”

    Clute shook his head. “No, they’re not runes. Rather, they’re ancient magical letters used in old rituals. It’s the language used among gods. The writer of these characters must be extremely knowledgeable. This mirror, acting as the entrance, is being protected by the power of gods. Unless you are the writer, you have to possess a power belonging to a god in order to unlock the passage.”

    “What rubbish are you spouting? I’ve never heard of anything like that before,” Mamon jeered as he touched the mirror’s surface. In that instant, his body was electrocuted. He briefly let out a painful cry before pulling his hand back.

    “See? I told you,” Clute sighed.

    Sila did the same. A golden light showed a faint glow from his chest. He couldn’t sense any resistance from the mirror as his hand submerged into it. The mirror’s surface became white, ready for visitors to enter.

    “Lucifer’s Evil God’s Essence...” Sila muttered as he looked at the golden light emitting from his chest.

    Clute speculated, “I have heard that Lucifer was once an angel. It’s possible that his power is categorized as one belonging to a god.”

    “In that case, we’re lucky. We’ve passed this particular protection. Let’s proceed.” Sila led everyone into the mirror, their guards up.

    Behind the mirror was a staircase leading to a basement. The surroundings were pitch black with only one light source from the glowing Realm-Crossing Gate located below.

    Noticing the gate, Mamon rushed to its control panel. He finally found the Hell Jade he had been seeking for so long, though it was covered in cracks and the surface was rough instead of smooth.

    Most of his personal great plan was dependent on this certain gem. He carefully held it in his hand while gritting his teeth. “My Hell Jade... It’s full of cracks. How did this happen?”

    Actually, the Hell Jade was not the only object that wasn’t in a perfect state. Even the Realm-Crossing Gate was in an awful state. It looked like it could break at any moment.

    “Even though it’s our intention to destroy it, it would be bad if it broke before we got to use it,” Sila said with concern in his voice.

    The Realm-Crossing Gate, which could teleport the user anywhere in the three worlds, was too dangerous to be left in Montra’s possession. If the Heavenly Dragon Guild could appear anywhere during the war event, the Wicked Union would have no chance of victory.

    Clute glanced at Mamon, “Is it your important treasure, Mamon?”

    Mamon was too stressed to mind Clute calling him by the name he hated. He lightly and gently stroked the Hell Gate while being afraid that he would cause more cracks to appear.

    Observing a tense atmosphere with Sila staring at the gate and Mamon rubbing the gem, Clute accumulated his magic power and engraved a letter similar to “B” on the floor. He even intentionally wrote the letter bigger than usual, then surrounded it with a magic formula one meter in diameter.

    “Berkano (Birch Goddess).”

    After the invocation, vines that were full of vitality emerged from the letter and wrapped around  the Realm-Crossing Gate, including its control panel. Everyone turned to Clute, seeking an explanation.

    “It’s the rune representing fertility. As long as I pour my magic power into the rune, the objects it supports won’t break.” Clute stood motionless in the middle of the magic formula.

    Sila smiled happily. At least his arrival today wasn’t in vain. “Mamon, help me open the gate.”

    Mamon was deep in thought. Sila needed to tug him a second time before he realized he was being talked to. “What did you just say?”

    “Help me open the gate.”

    Mamon fiddled with the control panel before saying, “We don’t have enough energy. Power equal to one Gem of Catastrophe is required to use this device.”

    Sila didn’t waste time as he immediately tossed the Moon Amethyst to Mamon, who said nothing in response and quickly slotted the gem into the control panel. He injected his psychic power, which had the ability to enhance items, and opened a dimensional portal even though he had only one gem, unlike when Montra did it.

    “Where do you want to go?” asked Mamon.

    In fact, Sila didn’t know Joshua’s precise location. After considering what to do for a bit, he asked, “Can you make it to lead to the last place Montra visited?”

    Mamon answered the question with action. The portal turned white. Sila ducked his head through it and found that the scenery behind the portal was a meadow with grass swaying from a gentle breeze. Sila could confidently say that this was the right place. It was because he had already seen it twice before.

    “This is the place. I’m going to meet the Sealed One. Who wants to come with me?” Sila asked as he waited in front of the portal.

    “Nah. You may go without me. I don’t want to see that kind of person. In any case, I need to maintain this gate. In order to save energy, I will close the portal once you’ve gone in. How long will you be there?” asked Mamon.

    “Ten minutes, I guess.”

    Mamon had to look after the gate while Clute had to maintain the magic formula. As a result, only Julia followed Sila inside.

    Once the two of them went past the portal, Mamon shut the gate’s function down.

    “Kiek—” Mamon opened his mouth as he was about to let out laughter, yet he stopped as he realized that he wasn’t the only one in the room. He quickly inputted more commands using the control panel, opening the portal a second time.

    Mamon declared loudly, “Hey, I changed my mind. I think I’ll tag along. Can you guard this place alone?”

    Clute was maintaining his focus, so he replied back without taking a look. “Sure. No problem.”

    Mamon showed a delightful grin as he passed through the silver portal, entering the land emitting heat and darkness.


    As for Burapha, he had been trading blows against Lost Ghost for ten minutes or so already. Lost Ghost’s body was devoid of injuries while Burapha’s had several cuts. Lost Ghost’s Psychic Earth Attrition was supposed to be more lethal, but Burapha could weaken it considerably through his lance and his psychic power that held an elemental advantage. Burapha would have already been a dead man long ago if the one fighting him was any other Dragon Warlord.

    As the battle went on, Lost Ghost eventually became curious. Burapha’s clothing was only a costume that naturally came with no options. It was a wonder why Burapha could fend him off so long despite that.

    “Even though you’re not wearing armor, you’ve still managed to hang onto your life against my Psychic Earth Attrition for so long. You can boast about this in the afterlife,” remarked Lost Ghost.

    Burapha immediately bickered, “Rather, the one who can boast about getting to die by the Eastern Sea Evil God’s hands is you. The reason I’m not using protective armor is because I want the fight to be equal, or it wouldn’t be fun.”

    It was a lie, obviously. Burapha’s lance contained defensive power equal to high-grade armor. On the other hand, the reason why Lost Ghost didn’t wear any was because of the nature of his psychic power that could constrain an opponent’s movement. The effect became stronger when it came into direct contact with enemies. Lost Ghost not wearing armor wasn’t for showing off his muscles. It was for attacking and defending at the same time. Any physical attack against him would be weakened upon coming into contact with his body while his body itself could inflict damage on his enemy.

    Lost Ghost had a big build, but his hands moved swiftly. His black javelins flew from his palms like they were hidden weapons. Meanwhile, Burapha was tranquil. He slowly rotated the lance using his family’s lance art and the Six Moon-Grabbing-Claws techniques that Sila had imparted to him. His eyes locked onto Lost Ghost, reading his movements and searching for his weaknesses. He also emitted psychic power based off advice he had received from Asura.

    Burapha’s psychic power was gentle and difficult to detect. He unleashed it in the form of small ripples with him being the center. With them, he would be aware of any changes happening in the bodies of people in a twenty meter radius around him. He could accurately locate the remnants of his psychic power left in Lost Ghost’s body.

    “You only talk big. All you do is defend. You’ve dealt zero damage to me so far.” Lost Ghost no longer minded Burapha’s arrogant remark. He materialized a long axe, giving off an atmosphere that he was an executioner ready to do his job. That pitch-black axe looked strong enough to cleave anything below A-grade weapons with very little effort.

    Burapha had been stalling for time, but he decided that it had been long enough. Given how much time had passed, if Yardpirun had yet to be rescued, it would mean that the plan had failed. No matter how he looked at the situation, the time had come for him to escape.

    “You’re right. I guess I’ll quit playing.” Burapha pointed his lance forward. It was Eastern Sea Sailing Lance Art’s offensive battle stance. The art was a mixed-style art invented by Kirishima Kai. The practitioner could wield the lance like a staff when focused on defense or hold it properly when wanting to be offensive.

    Burapha needed to take a risk for attacking. If he commanded the psychic power he had applied to Lost Ghost to explode from afar, it wouldn’t deal significant damage. The reason his first attack was effective was only due to the surprise factor. During the battle Lost Ghost had always clad his body with psychic power reinforcement, so Burapha’s psychic power would be less effective.

    Lost Ghost activated Psychic Impact to push himself toward Burapha. The axe in his hand enlarged and trembled from the power strengthening it. He even activated another Psychic Impact on the side of his axe, making it fly at Burapha from an unpredictable angle. Witnessing the process, Burapha inwardly admired the way Lost Ghost utilized psychic power.

    Because it was the same method he was planning to use himself.

    Lost Ghost used Psychic Impact to shift the course of his attack, making it hard for his opponent to cope with it. Instead, Burapha applied Psychic Impact at the end of his lance, accelerating his stabbing speed. His right palm was chafed from friction. The tip of his lance powerfully struck Lost Ghost’s rib, spinning and tearing his muscles.

    Crashing sounds rang out from two different sources at the same time. Apparently, the attack from both parties were successful.

    Blood splashed to the sky as Burapha’s left arm was severed. He stored his lance in his system window and concentrated his mind on the wound to stop the bleeding.

    “Great!!” the Heavenly Dragon Guild members clamored as they thought that the victory belonged to the Black Star Warlord. However, their expressions soon changed.

    Blood poured out from Lost Ghost’s ears, eyes, nostrils, and mouth. He looked at Burapha with trembling eyes, confused as what was happening to him. He eventually dropped to his knees and collapsed. Three seconds later, he disappeared.

    No one said a word. The result was beyond their expectations. Their venerable warlord lost in a single hit despite him seemingly having the upper hand the entire fight?

    It wasn’t until Burapha grabbed his severed left arm with his right hand that they came to their senses.

    “Kill him to take revenge for Sir Warlord!!!”

    Every one of them took their weapons out almost at the exact same time. Their enemy came to their front door by himself and was in a battered state. There was no way they would let Burapha leave this place alive. A promise about a one-on-one duel wasn’t meant to be kept if the other side was an enemy.

    It was then that a light-blue silhouette descended from the sky, standing in front of Burapha. The man’s ponytail flicked through the wind as if he was a free spirit deciding to show himself to play around.

    “Follow me. Step where I step,” Bluebird whispered to Burapha.

    Many people seemed to fall from the sky this day. Some people even looked up, wondering if more would descend. As they were about to open their mouths, Bluebird immediately gestured them to stop.

    “Let me speak first!! Listen carefully. What I’m going to say is of utmost importance.”

    The Heavenly Dragon Guild members stopped their feet. Still, they readied their weapons, pointing at the two. “...What is it?”

    Bluebird nodded strongly before speaking with resolute voice, “Dwelling in this place are pitiful souls awaited to be punished. One splits the earth. One splits the sea. One splits the sky. O, this lowly one asks to borrow thy royal hammer, the Lighting King Voltix who abides within the Bolt Cathedral. My strength is all but humble. Please bestow your servant an honor to lift up thy prestigious hammer, so that he may reduce his enemies to nothingness...”

    People were confused. What was Bluebird saying? What kind of important matters needed to be spoken in the form of a poem? What was the meaning behind his profound words? Many tried to think and comprehend a hidden message. It was a few seconds later that someone wised up and startled. They rushed at Bluebird as they shouted.

    “His words hold no meaning!! He is casting a high-tier spell! Kill him quickly!!”

    Bluebird cast a high-tier spell right in front of a group of enemies without a tanker. It was undoubtedly a risky move. If he was attacked even once and lost a tiny bit of his concentration, the spell would be forcefully canceled. That was why he relied on tricks, bringing confusion to his enemies.

    —Zap! Zap!

    Many people collided against several particles around Bluebird. It was the result of Lightning Insects Summoning, a spell that Bluebird had set up beforehand. Even though the summoned insects dealt negligible damage, they were useful for delaying enemies. This spell was one of Bluebird’s favorites.

    “...waves through the earth, bring calamity. Waves through the sea, evaporate it. Waves through the sky, summon a thunderstorm reverberating through the heavens. Three Hammers of the Thunder Sovereign!

    Bluebird had finished casting the spell. The Roman numeral for the number three appeared on his palm. He swiped his hand downward. “The first act, destroy the earth.”

    A flash of lightning instantly lit up from his palm, shooting into the sky, then descending as a thunderstorm covering a large radius. Its power was so terrifying that it wiped out the guild’s front gate and most of the walls in a flash. The number of the Heavenly Dragon Guild members was reduced to half in a second.

    “It’s a big spell!! Everyone, scatter!” The surviving players shouted in a commotion. They began to stay away from their comrades in order to avoid getting hit by the same spell.

    “The second act, destroy the sea.” Bluebird drew his hand in the same manner. However, the result was different this time. The lighting split in mid-air before raining down, inflicting damage to everyone in sight. The power wasn’t as strong as the previous strike but the bolts of lightning poured down continuously, blinding people.

    Judging that the time was ripe, Bluebird tapped Burapha’s shoulder and lead him to a nearby alley.

    Witnessing their escape, the Heavenly Dragon Guild members thought that Bluebird had run out of tricks. They quickly chased the two.

    After running for a dozen meters, Bluebird abruptly stopped and turned around, drawing his hand for the third time. “The last act, destroy the sky.”

    People were horrified by Bluebird’s past actions, though they had learned their lessons. They poured their powers into generating shields and barriers above their heads, preparing for an incoming impact.

    There was a rumble. The surface of the floating islands shook as the lightning magic power accumulated in the ground due to the previous two attacks shot back to the sky. The attack came from the direction they didn’t anticipate. Their lower bodies were practically defenseless. Dozens of players died in an instant.

    Bluebird and Burapha ran into the alley and disappeared behind a corner. The remaining players, who were still able to move, quickly chased after them. However, as they followed the two’s traces, their movements were hindered by electric charges left behind by Bluebird. For the record, Bluebird had laid traps shortly before he came to rescue Burapha. Furthermore, he had long come up with an escape route after he had looked over the blueprints for the guild.

    As the people were anxious about Bluebird’s traps and had to proceed with caution, their chase became slow and they eventually lost track of the two intruders. They had no choice but to unwillingly let the two get away without being able to do anything.

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  • Chapter 283: The Prince Comes Back Home

    The smell of hellfire was like burnt flesh. It was seasoned well with the howls of the damned souls who were permanently trapped in this place. The above experience was made complete by the shadows that swayed unnaturally due to the hellfire. When he saw and heard all of this for the first time in ages, Mamon couldn’t stop himself from grinning.

    This must be what they called ‘feels like home.’

    This place was the Outer Hell, the land of the dead, also known as the kingdom of no return. Monsters would appear in this place after dying from something other than a player, living aimlessly and eternally.

    Hell was a place located in the Monster Realm. Unlike the difficulty of crossing between the New World and the Monster Realm, the method for entering Hell was well-known. In fact, accessing Hell was an easy feat if the requirements were met, one being that the one wanting to enter is in the Monster Realm. Instead, it was returning from Hell that was extremely difficult.

    A penalty is applied to all visitors, fixing their level at Level 1 Squire Rank. The only beings who could exert their full power in Hell could be divided into three categories. The first consisted of the ones who willingly stepped into Hell, while the second was made up of those born in Hell. The final category was exclusively for any and all Gods of Death.

    For the record, Mamon was born in Hell. He was originally a small frog born from the remnants of negative energy that naturally accumulated. He had to constantly hide, avoiding conflict that always occurred when recently deceased monsters emerged in Hell. With his ambition, he had been gathering and accumulating energy, no matter how small each drop was, and resorted to all kinds of underhanded tricks. He then started to conquer parts of Hell using any means necessary, be it manipulation, betraying allies, or just pure savagery. In the end, he became known as the Demon of Greed.

    Mamon relied on his abilities to conquer the three outer layers of Hell. These parts of Hell were easy to conquer as the Gods of Death often neglected them, leaving them as wastelands. Seizing the chance, Mamon built his own kingdom and expanded his forces, hoping to conquer all of Hell one day.

    Later, a war broke out in Hell. It lasted more than ten years and showed no signs of stopping, until Thanatos paid Mamon’s land a visit and initiated a truce according to the will of Lord Yama. The Gods of Death were willing to grant Hell’s fourth layer to Mamon as well as bestow upon him a title of nobility: the Devil Prince.

    From then on out, Mamon established the ‘Devil World’ using the four parts of Hell belonging to him. It could be said that with the Devil World consisting of four parts, it was essentially half of Hell.

    Mamon didn’t know the reason behind the truce, but he decided to accept the deal anyway. From then on, instead of aiming at Hell’s inner parts, he pointed his attacks outward. He changed his approach to expand his territory outside of Hell and into the Monster Realm, and come back for the rest of Hell later when the time was ripe.

    Sadly, he was sealed before his dream came true. It had taken him a long time to finally obtain a chance to return to his home.

    Mamon felt his power surging, which was the result of him visiting his own territory. It was the result of Lomyok obtaining an Emperor Rank weapon. All beings would become more powerful inside their territories.

    With his elevated strength, Mamon was confident that, in this time and at this place, he would be able to turn a cheap potion into a powerful tonic or change a plain stick into a mighty spear. It was a power-up that was extremely beneficial to him.

    Mamon spread his signature psychic power out. It was accompanied by a sense of terror and revulsion that evoked a memory that had been imprinted into every soul living in this place.

    There used to be an unwritten rule: “When Mammon appears, all beings in his lands must show up and express respect.”

    Coming into contact with his psychic power, several small souls quickly ran away while trembling in fear. Mamon waited for a moment and found that nobody had come to greet him. No traces of the Minotaurs, his most faithful servants, could be sensed at all. He frowned before sinking into his own shadow and reappearing next to an unfortunate soul that didn’t flee far enough.

    “Where is everyone?” Mamon asked coldly.

    The pitiful soul restlessly quaked inside Mamon’s clutch. It was too afraid to even speak.

    Mamon added more strength into his grip. “Don’t you know who I am?”

    The soul became paler as it spoke in great fear. “L-Lord Mammon. The great Devil Prince, the sliest and evilest in all three worlds. All beings shall feel nauseous with your aura. All kings and gods shall evade your presence. When they feel your gaze, angels let loose a torrent of tears. With a mere raise of your hand, the ground will—”

    “Enough. Enough. Stop that for now. Tell me where my servants are.” Mamon didn’t want to waste time listening to people praise him even though he was the one who wrote the script for it, which was three pages long. All souls living in the Devil World were required to etch every single word of it onto their hearts.

    “Yes...” Lowly souls shared similar shapes and auras, so Mamon couldn’t tell the identity of the one he was conversing with. He only realized that its gender was female once she had calmed down and her voice became stable. “Everyone died, my Lord.”

    “What do you mean?!” Mamon unleashed more of his psychic power and demanded in a loud voice, “Explain!!”

    “I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. I was wrong. I’m sorry, my Lord.” The white soul quickly apologized despite being clueless about what mistake she had made.

    Mamon sighed. Given the strength of her soul, her existence would come to an end if he pressured her too much. Thus, he lowered his voice as he asked her again, “Calm down. Can you please tell me what happened to them?”

    The soul seemed to become speechless as she had never heard of any instances where the Devil Prince Mammon used the word ‘please.’ Even his grip loosened. Still, she chose to answer his question with caution.

    “Yes... After Lord Mammon, the great Devil Prince, the sliest and evilest in all three worlds. All beings shall feel—”

    Mamon interrupted, “Drop the formalities. Just call me Mammon. I’m in a hurry.”

    “Y-Yes, yes... After Lord Mammon, the great Devil—” She stopped briefly, showing a stiff expression, before continuing, “After Lord Mammon disappeared during the siege of the lands of the Golems residing in the Sunless City, the devils suddenly became weaker without your lead. Without Lord Mammon who acted like a shelter, your enemies decided to join forces and slaughtered the devil race, eliminating all devils from the Monster Realm.”

    Mamon was filled with stress. It seemed his skill was forcefully canceled with him being sealed. It wasn’t that the devils suddenly became weak. Their strength simply returned to the state it was in before he shared with them the Hidden Gifts he had stolen from others.

    “What about you? Who are you?”

    “I’m a soul, my Lord.”

    Mamon shook his head. “I mean, who were you before you became a soul?”

    “I don’t remember, my Lord. I only know that I have been a soul for thousands of years.”

    Mamon understood. It was natural for a soul staying in this place for so long to have a vague memory. Some even forgot their own names, so it wasn’t weird for her to forget her identity. Well, based on the fact that her appearance was a lowly soul, not a being in a soul form, it indicated that she wasn’t born in Hell. If her memory wasn’t hazy and it was true that she had lived for thousands of years, that would mean she was an ancient monster from the primal era. Looking back into the long battle-filled history of the Monster Realm, it was highly likely that her race had already gone extinct.

    “What about your name?”

    “Seraphine, my Lord.”

    “Do you remember the faces of those who killed my servants?”

    The soul was paralyzed briefly. “I do... but not all of them, my Lord.”

    Mamon took a Soul Crystal out. “You will have to come with me, then. I will drag every single one of them to pay the price, at an interest rate of 2000%.”

    There was no way a lowly soul could have the strength to resist the Soul Crystal in Mamon’s hand. Her existence was absorbed into it, becoming a white dot lingering in a small orb. Mamon placed the orb within a glass jar and stored it in his pocket. He tried to inspect her but didn’t find any useful information.

    Mamon went deeper into Hell. He went past the area with hot lava and scary-looking stalagmites.

    After being split into two territories, Hell was separated into the Outer Hell and the Inner Hell. The Outer Hell was the Devil World—Mamon’s territory—while the Inner Hell was Lord Yama’s terrain. Mamon had never stepped past the fourth layer of Hell even once. However, today would be different. There was no way the Demon of Greed like him would return empty-handed. He intended to acquire a lot of souvenirs during this trip.

    “When those Minotaurs died, they must have become souls and are trapped in the Inner Hell. Fortunately, I have secured a lot of Soul Crystals without that brat knowing. What I can do now is collect their souls. I will forge new bodies for them later with my elevated alchemy skill.”

    Hell consisted of nine layers, with the next inner layer being free to enter. Nobody would stop you from proceeding deeper. However, exiting the place was another story. Each part of the Inner Hell had a Hell Keeper who would allow no one to exit.

    Mamon stopped his feet right in front of the border between the two sides of Hell. He brought many Soul Crystals out and utilized his power to trim them into spheres. He also injected his psychic power into them to modify their functions. Once his task was completed, they began to hover around him automatically.

    “Let’s call them Fairy Spheres.”

    Mamon used to be a small animal, so he developed a habit of naming his inventions after small creatures, resulting in names such as Fish Tank, Spider Blade, Turtle Cage, and Frog Bomb. It was his own way of saying that even small creatures can be powerful.

    Once he crossed the threshold into the Inner Hell, Mamon immediately felt the change. His previously erupting power vanished without a trace. An uneasy sensation began to creep into his mind and the feeling of fear latched onto his body like a plague. Mamon spared no second thoughts and activated Perfect Physique, Lucifer’s Hidden Gift, to regain his composure and stay in peak condition.

    His small figure grew up into a man. His black hair was messy and two sharp horns protruded from his head. Mamon continued to unleash his psychic power outward to let his servants know of his arrival.

    Unrelated souls quickly flew away, not wanting to be involved. They had lived in this place for a long time and had seen many instances of arrogant monsters daring to invade Hell, yet nobody could return—nobody except Lucifer.

    Mamon slowly strode forward. As long as he didn’t turn back, no one would come out to obstruct his path. Hell always welcomed visitors.

    A group of hundreds of Minotaurs, with their height taller than three meters, were waiting for him on their knees. They were aware that the owner of this sickening and repugnant psychic power could be none other than their prince—the one and only person who pioneered a bright future for the devil race, the prince from the kingdom with no king, the Demon of Greed Mammon. They bowed their heads in unison and made a speech with all their respect.

    “We show respect to Lord Mammon, the great Devil Prince, the sliest and evilest in all three worlds. All beings shall feel nauseous with your aura. All kings and gods shall—”

    “Enough.” Mamon put a stop to their speech. Honestly speaking, he wanted to let them finish, as he felt like it had been forever since the last time he received words of deep respect from others. Many in the New World seemed to have forgotten that he was the sliest devil, the symbol of Greed. However, no matter how he had longed for praise, he was in a hurry. He had to return before Sila finished his business with the Sealed One.

    “We always knew you would return one day, Your Highness,” the Minotaurs said simultaneously. With Mamon’s presence, their usual strength gradually returned to them even if they were still in soul forms. The minds and power of all Minotaurs were linked to one another. No one was superior and no one was inferior. They became an army with flawless unity and teamwork.

    Mamon opened his mechanical chest, revealing a purple Soul Crystal at the position that was supposed to be his heart. “Get in here first. I will bring you out and find better and stronger bodies for you later.”

    With their minds linked to each other, no words were required. Hearing the order, all of the Minotaurs immediately complied as their souls flew into the Soul Crystal without them asking anything.

    Mamon closed his chest. He then spent some time collecting a dozen stones in the Inner Hell before turning back.

    “Whose shift will it be this time? Will it be the three-headed puppy? It has been a long time since I last saw it. I wonder how strong it has become.”

    For the record, Hell was the fairest place in the three worlds. Exiting this place alone meant there would be only a single Hell Keeper blocking. On the other hand, if one more person intended to exit the Inner Hell, exactly one more Hell Keeper would show up. Defeating them meant the invader could enter the next outer layer of Hell.

    This time, Mamon came to the fifth layer of Hell without stepping foot into the sixth one. Theoretically, only one Hell Keeper would show up to prevent him from exiting.

    Four flashes of light emerged, thwarting Mamon from going further. The lights soon transformed into four knights riding horses. They all had veils covering their faces. The first one had a bow in his hand, riding a white horse. The second one sat on a red horse, and in his hand was a sword. The third one held onto a set of scales, and rode upon a black horse. As for the last one, they sat on a skeletal horse, their scythe ready to be swung. Their eyes that looking through veils emitted an imposing aura.

    “The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.” Mamon whistled. He didn’t flinch even though his opponents were dangerous.

    “You actually returned, Lord Mammon. We anticipated this day would come,” said one of the Four Horsemen.

    Mamon checked the time. If he took too long, Sila might come back before him. “Stop talking nonsense. I never heard of a change of rules in Hell. I’m exiting alone. How can there be four of you?”

    The Horseman who held the scales pointed at Mamon’s pocket. “Even after excluding the hundreds of your servants dwelling within the crystal in your chest, it can be said that she is worth three souls. She was the ancient monster who has lived since the beginning of the world.”

    Mamon took a glance at Seraphine’s soul in the Soul Crystal he kept within the jar. “I can’t tell whether you guys are telling the truth or spouting lies. Even if what you said is true, is such a single lowly soul enough for you to come out together? Could it be that you are intending to exploit the rules and gang up on me?”

    “It’s actually you who is exploiting the rules by sealing those Minotaurs’ souls within your body, making us think that you are exiting this place alone.”

    Mamon grinned. “Heh. So we are both cheating, aren’t we?”

    The last Horseman said in a calm manner, “You’re wrong, Your Highness. Death is always fair. We have never cheated.”

    Mamon stroked one of the Fairy Spheres hovering around him. He burst into a high-pitched laughter full of contempt. It was a given that he had prepared himself before stepping into the Inner Hell. Soul Crystals were hard to find in the Monster Realm, with the only ones found in small bits. On the other hand, they could be found in bulk in the New World. They were fraudulent items that had the property to contain souls. With them being in the hands of Mamon, who was an item specialist, both their value and power naturally shot up by leaps and bounds.

    “Kiekkiekkiek. What a coincidence. I’m a fair person as well. Let’s fight fair and square to our heart’s content.” Mamon declared with an evil grin, surrounded by his trademark murky psychic power.

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  • Chapter 284: The Future Maker

    Sila’s feet landed on the flowing grass, which bounced back up after he stepped forward. Aside from a small hut in front of him, this dimension seemed to be a vast meadow with no boundaries. It was yet another peaceful place Sila had personally visited in Monster Soul.

    So far, there were only three places that Sila had taken a liking to due to their tranquility. The first was the Cave of Immortals. It gave off a feeling of calmness and serenity like he was staying next to a still pond. The atmosphere was peaceful as he could become one with nature, admiring the beauty of the full moon hanging silently in the dark sky. He got to respect the greatness of nature without any interruptions. The next place was the Desert of Death at night. That place was cold due to the wind and the sky was an endless sea of stars with no clouds blocking it. No matter how strong he believed he had become, he would realize how insignificant he actually was under such a vast and beautiful sky. Compared to nature, his existence was but a small dot, like a grain of sand, yet it was still undeniably a part of mother nature. Lastly, there was this exact place. A gentle wind accompanied by the smell of grass subtly brightened his mood while the warm sunlight gave him warmth like the sun was tenderly embracing him.

    Joshua showed no reaction as if he didn’t notice Sila’s arrival. He mildly enjoyed his cup of tea with Cynthia, the two sitting at the table located next to the hut. Nevertheless, once Sila probed his surroundings, he found that there were three cups on the table, indicating that the two house owners had anticipated their guest.

    “Please sit, Sila,” Joshua said with a smile as he gestured to an empty chair.

    Sila approached the two of them and leisurely sat down. “Mister Joshua, you said you would tell me everything I want to know if I managed to properly meet you face-to-face.”

    Joshua put his cup down. “Certainly. No matter what questions you ask, if I know the answers, I will hold nothing back.”

    “Please enjoy the tea, Sila.” Cynthia poured tea into Sila’s empty cup, which he emptied in one gulp.

    “I previously thought you would use a direct approach to reach this place, Sila. Unexpectedly, you relied on an unorthodox method I didn’t think of to meet me instead.”

    Sila instantly replied, “I didn’t have many choices. This was the fastest way.”

    Cynthia silently poured more tea into Sila’s cup. At that moment, Sila realized the etiquette of enjoying the tea. He lifted the cup up and sipped it, before putting it down. Since tea still remained in his cup, there wouldn’t be an attempt to refill it.

    Joshua opened his system window. He swept his gaze over it shortly and said to Sila, “Your current synchronization rate is already at 67%, which is rather high.”

    “I don’t want to know about that. There are other things I would like to know,” Sila replied indifferently.

    “If you don’t ask, there is no way I would know what answers I should give you, Sila. Don’t you agree?”

    Sila stopped and pondered. Joshua’s way of talking was seemingly open-minded, yet tricky. He needed to ask directly, straight to the point.

    “Mister Joshua, how are you related to the Wulin Masters Association?”

    Joshua’s eyes expressed a hint of surprise. “Something else I didn’t predict. Flaming Cloud Qi is worthy of being ranked within the Five Crown Jewels. As expected of the most bizarre profound art. Do you realize that you have changed so much, Sila?”

    Sila didn’t reply to that. He calmly waited for Joshua to answer his previous question.

    “I don’t have any particular role in the association. You can say that I’m only half-related to it. My inner force is artificial while my martial arts are subpar. I’m just a scientist who is greedy for knowledge. Profound arts just happened to be one of the topics I’m interested in, so the association and I agreed to help each other. Our relationship is a kind of mutual benefit.”

    Joshua’s answer was quite clear, yet it triggered another question.

    “In that case, what kind of exchanges do you and the association have?”

    “I give them my technology while they grant me a chance to study profound arts in return.”

    Sila frowned as he found the statements contradictory. “If you got a chance to study the association’s profound arts, why did you tell me that your martial arts are only subpar?”

    Joshua replied to Sila’s question with a gentle smile. “Sila, you’re misinterpreting what I meant by studying martial arts. I didn’t study profound arts in order to practice them, I just wanted to understand their mechanisms and characteristics. For example, what exactly are profound arts? How do they work? What is the origin of inner force? What kind of energy is it? Questions like those are why I am allowed to enter the Profound Library despite being an outsider. I swore I wouldn’t practice the arts or impart them to others.”

    “The Profound Library? This is my first time hearing about it. Based on how you’re talking about it, it must be a very important place.”

    “Yes. Only the Wulin Lord, the Three Elders, and a few selected individuals are allowed to enter.”

    “What kind of technology did you give them, then? For you to be granted such an important privilege.”

    “There are many, though you are personally experiencing one of them yourself, Sila. It’s Monster Soul.”

    In the past, Bluebird had told Sila that there were many martial artists playing Monster Soul compared to other virtual reality games. At that time Sila deemed the intel as insignificant, so he barely paid attention. Unexpectedly, Bluebird’s intel was proved to be spot on two times in a single day. Just thinking about it sent a chill down Sila’s spine.

    “Could you please explain more?”

    “Of course.” Joshua sipped his tea. “Excuse me for asking, but have you heard about antique profound arts, Sila?”

    Sila immediately shook his head. Not to mention the historical matters, he only found out about the current Five Crown Jewels recently.

    “Let me tell you that profound arts have been around for more than a thousand years. I speculate that people in the past came up with them for battling against each other. They were then passed on to later generations. However, profound arts are not widespread these days. Do you know why?”

    Sila felt like he was a kid who took an exam without preparing. He had no choice but to shake his head again.

    “Based on my findings, I conclude that it was due to the mindset of people in the past. Profound arts were the result of their blood and effort, so they came to grow attached to them, maybe even dearer than their own lives. They imparted the entirety of the arts to only a few of their selected descendants or their most trusted disciples.”

    “That’s natural, isn’t it? There was no way they would teach their arts to strangers.”

    “Exactly. Profound arts are both dangerous and important, so the process of selecting a suitable successor was harsh and strict, which essentially led to a series of problems. A disciple with a good nature doesn’t always have the necessary talent. Some disciples in some generations might be unable to master the arts, making them incapable of passing the art on fully. More importantly, the martial world in the past was even more brutal than in the present. With profound practitioners’ mortal desires, small conflicts often escalated into fully-fledged battles, and eventually ended with the death of one side. When that happened, that would be the end of the road for another precious profound art.

    “Then we add the passage of time into the mix. For a teacher to accept disciples, the teacher would spend five to ten years discerning the disciples’ dispositions and natures. Becoming proficient at using the art required at least five years of constantly practicing, though this depended on both the disciple’s talent and the arts. In addition, it often took another twenty years for them to fully master the arts. When that time came, they would already be getting old. It would take even more time to develop the inherited arts or come up with new arts. This concluded the reason why many profound arts got lost in the pages of history.”

    Sila began to understand how time has affected profound arts. “What about the antique profound arts you mentioned? What are they?”

    “Before I start, I have to clarify that all the profound arts you know about are called modern profound arts, Sila. Those arts were made less than a thousand years ago. As for antique profound arts, all of them have been lost due to the reasons I have listed.”

    “What is the difference? Are antique profound arts superior to the modern ones?”

    “That’s not necessarily the case. However, it is worth noting that the current era is much better for living in due to all of the public facilities and the laws we follow. There are also many aspects of modern life that don’t mesh with the usage of killing arts. Hence, I’d say antique profound arts tended to be more powerful than the modern ones. The society and environment in the past were about survival of the fittest. Battle and death were normal occurrences, resulting in the deadliness of antique profound arts.”

    “Have they all truly been lost?”

    Joshua fell into a long silence, to the point where it was noticeable. “That’s right. I’d say the scriptures or scrolls containing antique profound arts no longer exist.”

    A sudden idea struck Sila. “Based on your answer, you must mean there are no records left, but the arts themselves still exist, right? Someone must possess or know about them.”

    Joshua felt surprised again. “You’re quite observant. You got it right, Sila. And you have already met that someone. He is the Tiger God Hu Xian, also known as the Chaos Emperor Dragon.”

    Sila was amazed. He recalled the conversation between Poluk, Viola, Divine, and the Slime King. The three Kimon seemed to be searching for a certain item from the Slime King, but the king had said he was also clueless. Could it be that the thing they were searching for was the sole and last antique profound art still remaining in the present era?

    With mortal desire as a profound practitioner, Sila felt the urge to ask another question, “What kind of art is it?”

    Joshua was deep in thought. “He didn’t announce it explicitly. However, the Tiger God’s art—Chaos Devourer Art—could absorb any kind of power belonging to others, despite such a phenomenon normally resulting in qi deviations or backlashes due to the different natures of the inner forces. Combine this with the fact that he seemed to be able to do so without an upper limit, and we can speculate that the antique profound art in his possession is Classic of Sinew Metamorphosis. The art that strengthens the muscles and tendons, enhancing strength, speed, stamina, flexibility, balance, and coordination. Mastering the art means the practitioner will possess the most perfect constitution for learning all arts, with extraordinary and flexible physical prowess.”

    T/N: “Classic of Sinew Metamorphosis” or simply “Sinew Metamorphosis” (“Yijin Jing”, also known as Muscle-Tendon Transformation or Muscle Tendon Change Classic) is featured in a lot of wuxia novels, including “The Smiling, Proud Wanderer.” Oftentimes, it is a legendary skill that purifies, strengthens, and develops the practitioner's body. One who masters it is virtually unbeatable.

    It was an art that even Sila had heard of before, though not through his experiences in the martial world but from watching wuxia films. It made this conversation sound absurd and unbelievable.

    Knowing what Sila was thinking, Joshua simply smiled and said, “Don’t mind it. Since the Tiger God died a while ago, we can assume the art has died with him. Nobody will ever come to know the contents of the art or how to practice it. It’s yet another loss for the martial world.”

    Sila agreed with Joshua, who continued, “With those reasons for the lost arts, I agreed with the Wulin Masters Association’s request to create a more reliable storage for any and all arts. Together we recorded the arts in both paper and digital forms. Even if the successor of any art dies or goes missing, we can still pass the art on to future generations. By the way, aside from the keeper duty, I also have one more role. That’s for me to use my research to improve existing profound arts.”

    “That sounds important and complex. No wonder you have many special privileges in the association, Mister Joshua.”

    “That’s not really the case. These matters are not complex at all. Let me show you an example by talking about the art you know. How about Vajra Qi of the Hell’s Gate Islands? What are your thoughts on this dark art, Sila?”

    Sila had heard about Varja Qi from Mora, his teacher. In fact, it was the most ominous art he had ever come into contact with, especially regarding its inhumane training method which involved death and infants. Even though the users of the art he knew were the kind Poluk and the young Vlad, he still felt it was an art that shouldn’t exist.

    “If possible, I personally don’t want more people to inherit it. It’s an art that shouldn’t have been invented. The fact that it was created was a mistake.”

    “Learning from our mistakes is necessary though, don’t you think? At the very least, we will get to know which method leads to failure. Many years ago I had a chance to personally pay the Hell’s Gate Islands a visit. I asked for the recipe for brewing the secret tonic from Mister Tetsu, who you must know as Poluk, for studying it. I then found that the recipe has been used for four hundred years without any changes. After I analyzed the chemical compound of the tonic, I distilled only the beneficial parts and removed the parts that caused side-effects. As a result, although the tonic became less powerful resulting in a slower development, it was made possible for Vlad to practice Vajra Qi despite not having gone through the special training that the previous users did as infants. Do you see? Science can be quite useful for evolving profound arts.

    “Regarding the duty of recording profound arts, I helped to convert texts found in the Profound Library to electronic data, along with detailed illustrations and video files. With them, practitioners will have an easier time comprehending the arts.”

    Sila couldn’t help but feel amazed at Joshua’s works. On the contrary, despite being a potential Wulin Lord, Sila still had yet to do anything for the association.

    “Do you have more questions, Sila? They can be either about the association or the game.”

    Sila took a deep breath and fell silent for a while, before asking the question that had been bugging him for a long time, yet he couldn’t bring himself to say it to the people in question.

    “In that case, let me ask this. Did my parents actually die, or are they still alive?”

    Joshua seemed to have already anticipated Sila’s question beforehand. “Not only your parents, but some Independent NPCs in the game are also dead people, Sila. The ones you encountered were merely their memories...”

    Sila had expected this answer beforehand, though it was still sad and painful to know the hard truth. Even though he respected and loved Mora like his real father, he still felt regret after hearing that his biological parents were truly dead.

    “...There is a way to bring them back though.”

    “Really?” Sila’s face was suddenly brimming with hope. Given how delightful he was, he failed to notice Joshua’s unusual smile, or Cynthia’s hand which had halted as soon as the words left Joshua’s mouth.

    “Yes.” Joshua fell silent for a moment and showed a distressed expression. “...but this matter relates to Montra. He is the only one capable of helping them, yet he has already refused to be involved in any way, resolutely.”

    “Why? Why didn’t he help?”

    Joshua stood up from his chair. He continued his speech as he slowly walked behind Sila. “It must be due to his ego, I guess. I don’t understand his reasons either.”

    Joshua’s psychic power extended from his shadow like trickling water. Sila wasn’t being vigilant, so he didn’t notice it. The black shadow silently and slowly moved as if it was a viper, before sinking its fangs into Sila’s shadow.

    Sila suddenly felt anger without knowing why. His qi became hot as if he had fallen into purgatory. He immediately tried to calm down, balancing his chaotic state of mind.

    Watching Sila’s reaction, Joshua furrowed his brows.

    ‘My psychic power didn’t work. Did I underestimate Flaming Cloud Qi too much? Well, I will just rely on a typical approach.’

    “I heard that the Tiger God mentioned me when he talked about someone sneakily practicing his profound art, right?” Joshua changed the topic, “Grand Deity’s Breathing.”

    Sila was clueless as to how Joshua came to know that. In any case, with the matter that he had forgotten mentioned, he asked, “That’s right. Who are they? I have got to warn them not to utilize the final stage of the art.”

    Joshua showed an awkward expression. “That would be too late. That person is Montra, and he has already reached the final stage.”

    “What did you say just now?” Sila asked despite having clearly heard the words.

    “I did try to prevent him from doing so, really. I sent Altia to warn him that he shouldn’t attempt to reach the final stage, yet Montra didn’t listen. He is that kind of person. If he has set his heart on something, he would ignore everything and everyone else. Even when I was practically begging him for help, he did nothing but mercilessly refuse.”

    “How selfish of him!”

    Hearing Sila’s words, Joshua couldn’t help but smile inwardly. The world is full of selfish people. It’s just that everyone tends to overlook their own selfishness, claiming that it is justified. Montra might be selfish in the sense that he refused to help Joshua’s research. Yet Sila was also selfish, wanting his family members to be returned to him. As for him, he admitted he was selfish as well. He even resorted to exploiting Sila’s lack of knowledge regarding Montra’s circumstances, all for the sake of achieving his ultimate goal.

    Everyone has selfish desires, and they will claim whatever reasons to prioritize their desires over everyone else’s.

    Personally, Joshua found Sila’s words, claiming that Montra was selfish, similarly selfish. He didn’t express it out loud though.

    “It’s common sense to help people in need. Montra is capable of helping your parents yet he heartlessly declined to help. That’s unacceptable.” Joshua stopped to observe Sila’s reaction before continuing his poisonous speech, “This makes it like he left your parents to die, no?”

    Joshua’s words suddenly put Montra to blame. They even sounded like Montra was a part of the reason behind the deaths of Sila’s parents despite the fact that Montra wasn’t even alive at the time. 

    Sila felt furious, for real this time. Flaming Cloud Qi erupted like a volcano. Suddenly a cup of tea happened to fall on the ground and break. Hot tea slashed toward him. Although the tea’s temperature wouldn’t be able to harm him at all, he still instinctively stood up and dodged it.

    “My apology. I’m such a clutz,” Cynthia apologized as she took a tablecloth out to wipe the stain while also picking up the broken pieces. Sila told her not to worry about it and helped her clean up. His mind became more stable as he picked up the pieces.

    While Sila was cleaning, Cynthia directed her gaze at Joshua. She slowly shook her head as if she was telling him, ‘Not with this method.’

    No matter what he does, Joshua is still human. He has both good and evil in him. For the sake of his wife, he wouldn’t care even if everyone else in the world cursed at him about how mean or wicked he was. On the other hand, if it was for Cynthia, he was willing to even climb to Heaven or jump into Hell.

    “Umm. I said too much just now. Maybe Montra has his own circumstances or reasons. For this kind of thing, we won’t know unless we properly talk things out,” Joshua clarified, his tone of voice milder than before.

    Sila put the tablecloth down. “You’re right. I also jumped to conclusions just now.”

    “Do you have any more questions?”

    “I have in-game matters to discuss, but there is one last question regarding the association.”

    “Let me hear it. Feel free to ask.”

    Sila considered how he should tackle the question. He wasn’t sure how much Joshua knew, so he ultimately decided to be indirect. He drew a picture of the tree, which Divine had shown him before, using the remaining tea stain on the table.

    “Mister Joshua, have you seen this symbol before?”

    Joshua smiled lightly. He tapped on the picture and drew more roots to the tree Sila had drawn. “The genuine one has to have nine roots. One root for the Boss, two for his left and right hand men, and the other six for the Six Executives.”

    “You know about them, Mister Joshua?” Sila was surprised. Joshua even knew the meaning of the symbol.

    “I don’t just know them. I’m one of the Six Executives myself. Some call me the Future Maker, while others call me the Monster Maker. However, in this organization, I go by Frankenstein Joshua.

  • Why Sila not ask Montra just duel already, i mean the longer he wait the lower the probability he can win right.
  • Why Sila not ask Montra just duel already, i mean the longer he wait the lower the probability he can win right.
     What do you mean? It's not like Montra will simply accept the duel. His goal is to become the next Wulin Lord, so winning the war is his priority. Fighting and killing Sila are fine, but he would rather do those when the war have started.
  • Chapter 285: The Last Order

    Victor Frankenstein is a fictional character in one of Mary Shelley’s famous works written in 1818. He is a scientist who creates a hideous sapient creature in an unorthodox scientific experiment due to his hunger for knowledge. It was an old novel built around elements of the gothic genre and the romantic movement, and eventually inspired a subgenre of horror stories.

    Strangely enough, most people think of the nameless creature created in the experiment, who was simply referred to as Frankenstein’s Monster, instead of the doctor when they hear the name Frankenstein. This is due to the fact that his creation has gone on to become more well-known.

    Sila first heard the story of Cinderella when Bow mentioned her not long after he started playing Monster Soul. His lack of knowledge regarding literature naturally included an old classic like Frankenstein. As a result, he didn’t get the meaning behind Joshua’s codename. He simply thought it was a weird name.

    If Joshua had revealed his identity in the past, Sila would have already made his move. However, Sila did nothing but sit in place. “Is that so?”

    Joshua went back and sat down in his chair. He was rather surprised that Sila was calmer than expected. “That’s all?”

    Sila nodded. “Teacher Mora trusts you. Kimon also trusts you to the point where they were willing to tell you the secret recipe of their tonic. That means I can place my trust in you.”

    Witnessing Sila’s unusual composure, Joshua couldn’t help but be amazed. “Although I may appear to be calm on the outside, I’m actually very surprised that you are not shocked by my true identity, you know?”

    “Even though I’m not shocked, I still want an explanation of how you ended up being one of the Six Executives, Mister Joshua. I have heard that each member of the organization is a hideous criminal wanted by many countries.”

    Joshua showed a mild smile. “You shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, Sila. Even though I’m not directly taking lives and you won’t see wanted posters of me anywhere, I have a higher kill count than anyone else in the organization. I’m talking on the scale of millions of people.”

    Sila was shocked. He didn’t expect a polite-looking person like Joshua to have been involved in the deaths of millions.

    “For the sake of achieving my ultimate wish, I pushed forward every scientific possibility to its limit while disregarding morals as a researcher. I created innumerable monsters from my creations, using the entire world as my lab. Every step closer to my goal meant I lengthened the trail of death and destruction. It was the reason why I was invited by them, and I accepted without hesitation.”

    The more Sila heard about it, the sicker he felt. He even felt slightly disgusted. “Why?”

    “Money. That’s all there is to it. My research requires funding, and the organization possesses seemingly endless wealth for me to spend. They didn’t even ask what I was doing with the money. Though, in exchange, I have to produce works that are beneficial to them from time to time.”

    “And? How could a person like you be approached by the association?”

    “I have a relative who is in the association,” Joshua replied without identifying that said relative was none other than Sila himself. “That’s why Mora asked for my help. He wanted me to use the organization’s money for the association while reducing and slowing the release of my creations to them. Killing two birds with one stone.”

    Sila understood Mora’s idea. By recruiting Joshua, not only would the association get free funding, but it would also help them acquire intel about their enemy. He was curious about something though. Regarding the organization’s tremendous amount of money provided to Joshua, what was the source of it?

    “How exactly does the organization make money?”

    “I honestly don’t know. Since they have never asked me what I spent their money on, similarly, I have never asked how they obtained it.”

    Sila gave it a thought, while Joshua took out a computer disk, similar to what Zero used to record his video files, and offered it to Sila. “About the organization, we can talk all day but our conversation won’t even end by then. This disk contains the same information I gave Montra. Please take it and study its contents yourself.”

    Taking the disk from Joshua’s outstretched hand, Sila asked, “Does Montra know about this matter as well?”

    “He only found out recently, like you. It’s the reason he is in seclusion, as he is studying this information. Otherwise, there would be no way you could infiltrate his workspace so easily, Sila.”

    Sila finally understood why his raid was easier than he had anticipated. This disk could only be read in the game. Montra must have wanted to avoid distractions, so it was likely that he rented a room outside of his guild. The more he thought about it, the more it made sense as it was what Sila would do. They both desired to know more about the organization threatening the association.

    Joshua poured himself some tea in a new cup, replacing the previous one that had broken. He lifted it up, smelled the tea, and slowly sipped it. “Does this conclude everything you wanted from me?”

    “No. The association’s matters are important, but I can’t take care of them if I don’t win the war. Therefore, this is more urgent.”

    “Is that so? What exactly do you want to know from me, then?”

    “First things first. There are people wanting to meet you.” Sila extended his hand and focused on calling his partner. Soon, a black shadow appeared on the ground before Sebastian emerged from it, standing politely.

    The butler had always wondered what he would say to Joshua when they reunited, yet no words came to mind the moment he saw his old master.

    “Hello, Sebastian. It’s been a while.”

    “It has been very long, Master. I’m glad we can meet again.” Sebastian bowed.

    Sila’s right arm flashed once, then Ramiel in a white butler uniform made an appearance. His face was brimming with joy. He turned to Sila and bowed, thanking Sila for making his wish come true.

    “Truly, thank you.”

    Sila nodded lightly, telling Ramiel to not mind it. Both Sebastian and Ramiel’s bodies emitted a faint glow. New objects were soon added into their hands. In Sebastian’s left hand was a transparent scythe, seemingly made of glass or crystal, making Sila wonder if it would break when used for striking. As for Ramiel, a marble shield engraved with gold was attached to his right arm.

    “The Demonic Armaments. Soul-Reaping Scythe and God-Saving Shield. With this, you two have already regained your genuine forms. Congratulations,” Joshua remarked.

    “My power exists solely for you, Master,” Ramiel replied hastily, unlike Sebastian who somehow fell silent.

    Joshua nodded at Ramiel, shifted his gaze to Sebastian, then turned to Sila. “Thank you for bringing these children back to me, Sila. Do you want a reward?”

    Sila nodded. The he from before would have neglected receiving gifts. However, he now realized how far behind he was compared to Montra. Joshua was an important figure in the game, the pinnacle of NPCs to be exact. Sila’s action should have counted as completing a quest, so it wouldn’t be a problem for him to expect a reward.

    “I want to win against Montra in the upcoming war. Is there anything that can help me?”

    Joshua pointed at his head, then his heart. “Possessing these two is enough, and you already have both. I guess I don’t have to give you anything else.”

    Sila gaped. Joshua turned out to be a cheapskate when he least expected it. To think that Joshua would shamelessly tell him to rely on his head and his heart...

    Cynthia lightly pinched Joshua’s arm. “Sweetheart, don’t tease him. Look at Sila. He became very shocked.”

    “Haha! Sorry, sorry. I saw you always be apathetic, so I wanted to tease you a little,” Joshua laughed. He coughed once and continued, “Sila, you already have a shot of winning against Montra as you are now. However, there are two areas in which you are clearly inferior.”

    “What are they?”

    “The first is a weapon. The strength of a weapon made of Orichalcum is comparable to a Demonic Armament, equipment of the highest tier. Well, Orichalcum-based weapons were originally made in order to make up for the very few Demonic Armaments.”

    Sila tapped his own armor. “In that case, I need Lucifer’s blood. I have the Mechanical Evil God’s Protection similarly made from Orichalcum. It will reach Emperor Rank that way.”

    Joshua didn’t seem to agree with Sila’s statement. “That won’t do. Montra’s Sky-Splitting Dragon Magical Spear purely excels in attack power. Saying this may sound quite disrespectful to Mister Orpheus, but it would have been better if your armor was made by Mister Zeref.”

    It was Sila’s turn to disagree with Joshua. “Mister Orpheus’ creations are very good though. I don’t think my armor is that lacking.”

    “Sila, the strength of weapons and armor is determined by the damage they can inflict and the damage they can reduce,” Joshua explained, “Mister Orpheus’ armor has too many gimmicks, resulting in the loss of defensive capability. On the other hand, Zeref’s spear preserves the spear’s simplicity. Attack power takes first priority while the rest of the options pale in comparison. Its offensive capability is not to be taken lightly.”

    Sila had yet to say anything when Joshua continued, “And what you really need is not armor but a weapon, Sila. You may have your heart set on the Chaos Emperor Dragon’s old weapon, but I have to warn you that the Demonic Armament, Blade-Sharpening Dragon, is more complicated than you think. I won’t deny that there is a possibility that you will be the first player after Xian Hu to acquire the Demonic Armament. However, acquiring it is one thing. Being able to use it or not is another matter—”

    Suddenly Joshua touched the corner of his right eye. He displayed a mischievous smile as if he were a kid stumbling upon a satisfying toy. “Interesting, Mammon. I didn’t expect this to happen at all.”

    “What is it?” asked Sila.

    “It’s nothing. Pardon me for losing my focus. I’m ashamed.” Joshua bowed mildly. “Fortunately, this event just happens to be able to fix our problem.”

    “Wait, what? I’m confused.” So far Joshua was the only one talking and concluded things by himself, making Sila lose track of the flow of the conversation.

    “Let’s stop talking about this for now. The other area in which you are inferior to Montra is that the magic in his possession is extremely powerful. Though this problem is rather easy to solve with the skill you already have.”

    “I think I know. Lucifer’s Omniscient Evil God Qi.”

    It was a given that Sila could correctly identify the solution to the problem. Lucifer was the absolute figure standing at the pinnacle of qi-type creatures. Despite the fact that he should be vulnerable to magic power due to the nature of the three energies, he has overwhelmed magic-type beings time and time again using his Omniscient Evil God Qi. It was a law-defying qi, symbolizing Lucifer—the Demon of Pride.

    “You got it right. We can even safely say that this qi is essentially magic-oppressing qi. None of the gods in Heaven stand a chance against him. However, I think you have found a problem regarding it.”

    Sila nodded. “Yes. I have tried cultivating by circulating it through my veins several times, yet it showed no signs of movement at all. Even eating a black baby manta ray didn’t work.”

    Sila had once tried to take a shortcut in an attempt to stabilize Omniscient Evil God Qi by eating a black baby manta ray. He had ordered Kuroha to bring it to him during his stay in Belacia City. However, not only did it not succeed, but it also had no effect whatsoever on his body. It was unusual since black baby manta rays normally have the ability to stabilize any kind of qi, including Qi of Little Divine Beings.

    “That’s because you have eaten too many black baby manta rays in your lifetime, Sila. The system determined that your body developed an antibody against its benefits. Even if you were to eat a thousand of them, they won’t do anything aside from filling your belly.”

    This was the first time Sila had ever heard of this reason. It wasn’t strange as this phenomenon had never occurred to anyone else. The opportunity to eat a black baby manta ray was not something a lot of people got. Getting to eat it once was already a great fortune. On the other hand, Sila had eaten it three times already, so the fourth time didn’t work.

    “Fortunately, all of your problems can be solved by a single thing,” Joshua said as he took out a small test tube. Within it was the strangest liquid Sila had ever seen. It sometimes made ripples after the tube was moved, yet it sometimes hardened from the same action. Its color also changed depending on the time and angle he looked at it. He could hardly describe its characteristics.

    “Oh, since you brought both of them back, I’ve got to give you two tubes.” Joshua took out two tiny glass bottles before carefully pouring three drops of the liquid into each. He then handed the two bottles to Sila.

    Sila accepted the gifts and inspected them through his system window, yet it showed no information.

    “The first bottle is for you to use it yourself. Mix it with your own blood once you have acquired the Blade-Sharpening Dragon. As for the other, you have to use it to negotiate with Mammon in front of Clute. Be menacing, yet compromising, so that you may obtain the Soul Crystals and the dragon’s egg from those two. When all of this is done, you will no longer be inferior to Montra. The victor then will be decided on this and this.” Again, Joshua pointed at his head and his heart.

    “I have my own Soul Crystal though. I don’t see any use from it.”

    “The one in your possession is different from what Mammon has, Sila. Don’t underestimate the Demon of Greed. He naturally has ways of hiding items from you. There are Soul Crystals that you have to get your hands on in his collection. Get them together with the dragon’s egg. Prepare everything before you step into the Valley of Immortals.”

    “Is this liquid Lucifer’s blood? My armor will be evolved to Emperor Rank with it?”

    “No, it isn’t. Sorry to inform you that, through this method, your armor won’t ever reach Emperor Rank. It’s the law of equivalent exchange. However, I guarantee you that the item you trade them for will surely be able to oppose Montra’s magical spear. As for the identity of the liquid, Mammon will tell you later.”

    Sila nodded before turning to Sebastian. “Sebastian, as promised, I have brought you to your original master. My last order is that you’re free to do whatever you want. Farewell.”

    “Farewell, Mister Head Butler,” Julia added.

    “Julia!!” Sila exclaimed. “That surprised me. Where have you been?”

    “I was here from the start, Master. My presence must have been too thin for you to notice...”

    “Erm, I’m sorry.”

    Julia was an item, emitting no power. Without directly looking at her, Sila’s profound sense would identify her as an inanimate object. It seemed he had totally forgotten who had been standing behind him.

    Joshua touched the corner of his right eye again. “You better hurry. The room’s owner is coming.”

    Sila understood Joshua’s meaning instantly. He stood up and bid everyone farewell. Ramiel politely bowed at him in response while Sebastian stood silently and motionlessly even after Sila left the hut.

    “How about it, Sebastian?” Joshua placed his hand on Sebastian’s shoulder. “It seems I have become your master once again.”

    “Master, you always have been, and always will be, my true master. This won’t ever change, sir,” replied Sebastian.

    “Is that so? Can I order you to do something, then?”

    “Your wish is naturally my command, Master.”

    “Great! Just now Sila said his last order was for you to have freedom, in that case my first order is for you to follow your desires, Sebastian.”

    “What does that mean, Master?”

    “You are free to choose what you want to do, Sebastian. You are your own boss. Just follow your desire. You can come back to me when you are bored.”

    Sebastian showed a delightful smile. As expected of his master, to be able to see through his mind.

    “Thank you, sir,” Sebastian bowed his head, “I’ll surely return your grace.”

    Joshua waved his hand. “You may go. You can return my favor by making the world become more fanciful.” He pointed at his right eye. “Lately I have been forced to watch lame shows about friends and justice. I’m bored to death. I want to see new things.”

    “Is that so?”

    “Oh, my favorite color is red, by the way.”

    Sebastian showed a sly smirk like he usually did. “Please be at ease, sir. That’s my favorite color too.”

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