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  • i kinda tired of this repeating same thing, and wondering how MC way to defeat Montra, to use the same luck like last time?
    because all the thing he or Sebastian plan seems too easy to counter it
  • Chapter 259: A Shocking News

    After he had been informed of the Evil Eye King’s death from Sebastian, Sila quickly left his Mansion of Secrets before the designated time. He and the remaining seven rulers stood around the crime scene. Sebastian and Julia were also there. All of them were looking at Vogue’s corpse, which had a variety of wounds including the big claw marks on its chest.

    “It’s my fault, sir. I underestimated Revin’s fighting ability.” Sebastian bowed his head.

    Sila shook his head. “It’s not your fault. It was me who failed to realize. Montra has several Gems of Catastrophe. It wouldn’t be weird if he shares some of them with his close friends. The power each gem holds is too fraudulent to easily overcome.”

    “What should we do about Vogue, sir?”

    “It’s fortunate that Vogue died in my territory. There may be a way for us to fix this,” said Sila.

    With the new episode of the game, the territory feature had been unlocked. Even though Sila wasn’t the direct conqueror of the city, the entire northern region was considered his territory since the rulers of the majority of the lands had become his followers.

    The territories with rulers grant the conqueror’s friends and subordinates special benefits depending on the ruler. For example, the vampires in the Vampire Queen’s territory would regain their full strength once if they lost a lot of blood, like Ballock did when Sebastian fought him.

    On the other hand, Sila was the Lord of Time. His comrades who died or those who were killed by him in his territory won’t disappear immediately upon dying but remain as a corpse, opening up the possibility to be revived or harvested for materials.

    Julia stepped forward and touched Vogue’s corpse. Her eyes glowed with the power of the Ocean Heart Aquamarine. Life force was generated and flew into Vogue’s remains, returning the charred body to its normal state, including regenerating his severed parts.

    Finally, Vogue’s body had returned to a perfect state, though he didn’t open his eyes. It was as if his soul was gone.

    “This is the most I can do, Master. It’s like Vogue’s body is an empty vessel. Even though I have fixed his wounds, I can’t restore his health points no matter how hard I try,” Julia apologized.

    Sebastian added, “Vogue was killed by a wild monster, sir. The death penalty is different to the one received after being killed by humans. If a monster dies like this, its soul will be transported to Hell and can’t come back.”

    For the grim reaper, it wasn’t a difficult task to determine Vogue’s cause of death. Sebastian could discern that with just a glance at the corpse.

    Hearing the word ‘Hell’, all of the monster rulers fell silent. It was common knowledge that when humans die, they are sent to a ‘resting place,’ ready to be revived. However, for monsters like them, dying meant going to Hell—the place where their minds could go insane in just a few hours. It would be the worst kind of torture if they had to stay in there forever. They would rather disappear completely with no hopes of revival than endure that.

    “Is there no way for us to bring his soul back? Even the Gem of Catastrophe can’t do anything?” asked Sila.

    Sebastian shook his head. “Hell is a place cut off from all kinds of communication, sir. Gems of Catastrophe were created by the Goddess. They hold absolute power in the New World and the Monster Realm, but are powerless in Hell. Except for Lord Yama, there is only one person who can break the rules and bring the souls of the dead back to their bodies.”

    “Who is that person? Where can we find them?” Sila asked hurriedly.

    Sebastian pointed at Sila. “There is no need to look for him, sir. He is currently dwelling within your right arm.”

    Sila looked at his own right arm. “Ramiel?”

    Sebastian nodded. “The Power of Rebirth is the only power that can bring a soul in Hell back to the land of the living, sir. However, as he has merged with your arm, I am not sure what we should do to call him, sir.”

    “Come out, Ramiel.” Sila tried calling the angel’s name, but it didn’t work. That was to be expected since the system had never informed him that Ramiel had become his pet or his partner.

    Recalling the situation when the white butler brooch was absorbed into Illuminus, Sila remembered he had obtained two skills at that time. They were Domain of Light and Power of Rebirth. He had never attempted to use them though.

    “Domain of Light.” Sila pointed his palm at Vogue and a triangular dome was created around the body. Other than that, nothing changed.

    “Power of Rebirth.” Sila activated the second skill, but nothing happened. Rechecking the skill’s description, he found out that it was a skill that would active automatically on its own.

    Everything he had tried so far had failed. Sila was deep in thought, trying to solve the problem, while the monster rulers waited silently.

    ‘If Ramiel is within my right arm... will it be the same as Dark Self existing within my body? Can Moon Reflecting Mirror allow us to communicate?’

    Sila activated Moon Reflecting Mirror, yet the reflection on the mirror he summoned was none other than his own face.

    Dark Self stared back at Sila. Since Sila had learned to use Moon Reflecting Mirror within himself, they could perform mental communication. Dark Self asked, ‘Having trouble with something?’

    ‘Don’t act like you don’t know. You’re aware of everything that happens to me.’

    Naturally, Dark Self knew everything Sila thought. ‘Divine said a mirror doesn’t only reflect an enemy, it can also reflect oneself. With our current level, we can reflect the enemy’s attacks and reflect our states of existence. However, if we master the skill, we can project and form an intangible will—similar to when Divine tested us.’

    ‘That’s right!’ Sila smiled at himself. The ones surrounding him were startled by this, but they didn’t break their silence. ‘But... it will take too long to reach that level of mastery.’

    Dark Self replied, ‘There is a shortcut, isn’t it? Just use Evil God’s Essence.’

    ‘Evil God’s Essence can only be used on normal skills though.’

    ‘We still have one Skill Awakening Right from the Essence of Psychic left. Just use it on Moon Reflecting Mirror.’

    Sila’s reply came out of his mouth, almost like a reflex action, ‘That won’t work. Skill Awakening Rights can only be used on special skills. Moon Reflecting Mirror is a racial skill.’

    ‘As a psychic-type, one must not only think inside the box. For psychic-type skills, as long as they don’t explicitly forbid you to do something, that means you are allowed. Skill Awakening Rights can change a special skill into a normal skill. Nowhere in its description does it say you can’t use it on a racial skill.’

    Dark Self’s words inspired Sila to test it out. He opened his system window and requested to use the remaining Skill Awakening Right, selecting Moon Reflecting Mirror as a target. A moment later, the concept of levels for Moon Reflecting Mirror was unlocked. ‘Level 1’ was shown behind the skill’s name.

    “It really worked!” Sila felt so glad that he exclaimed, making the monsters around him confused.

    “What do you mean, sir?” asked Sebastian.

    Others only saw Sila looking at the mirror and changing expressions from this to that, so they naturally didn’t understand what had happened.

    “Please wait and see.”

    Evil God’s Essence — Transcendent Moon Reflecting Mirror.

    Sila put his mind into his right arm, and the angel of truth soon emerged from empty air. The angel took a look around the place before stopping his gaze at Sebastian.

    “You have chosen a good master, Sebastian,” Ramiel said in a calm manner.

    “I wasn’t the one doing the choosing. It was Mister Sila who chose me,” replied Sebastian.

    Ramiel looked at Vogue’s body. “I heard everything. You want me to use my ability to bring the soul of this monster back to life, correct?”

    Sila was surprised by how calm Ramiel was. Truth be told, he was the one responsible for Ramiel’s current state, so he expected some resistance.

    “Yes, that’s what I want. Can you do it?”

    Ramiel nodded. “I can,” He briefly stopped before continuing, “There will be some problems though.”

    “What problems?”

    “The first problem is that, as I’m not in my genuine form, the most I can do is using the skill in your place. That means my use will consume the number of times you can use the skill, and you only have one use. Are you sure you want to spend it on this monster? There might be a more important event that requires it in the future.”

    Sila almost didn’t need time to consider. “The tasks of tomorrow are for the me of tomorrow. The most urgent matter right now is to resurrect Vogue.”

    Ramiel turned to Vogue as he said, “Power of Rebirth.”

    Vogue’s body began to accept Julia’s life force as he regained his breathing. However, he still didn’t wake up.

    “The other problem is that the skill isn’t complete for the same reason—I’m not in my genuine form. It will take around four or five days until he regains consciousness.”

    Sila and Sebastian abruptly showed serious expressions. Vogue had an important duty to perform in the Dragon Kingdom raid the day after tomorrow. After that, Sila had an appointment with Bluebird to back him up in the Floating Magic City. He couldn’t afford to delay anything.

    There would be a large number of dragons living in the Dragon Kingdom, yet Sila only needed to kill two of them—Aurora and Tiamat, the two strongest Lord Rank dragons according to his investigation. If he didn’t have someone with the ability to pinpoint their location, he would have to roam around aimlessly looking for them. In the worst-case scenario, he would end up encountering Infernee, the Dragon Empress. Thus, his original plan was to have Vogue quickly search for the two dragons.

    As Sila was deep in thought, Ramiel gave him an apathetic look as he asked, “May I request something?”

    Sila stopped thinking and shifted his attention to Ramiel. “Pardon?”

    “I have a request. If you agree to help me, I will give you valuable information in return.”

    “Let’s hear your request first.”

    Ramiel stopped for a while before continuing. “Please bring me back to my master.”

    Hearing an unexpected request, Sila also stopped briefly before asking, “You mean Montra?”

    Ramiel slowly shook his head. “No... I mean my true master—Master Joshua.”

    Once the name Joshua left Ramiel’s mouth, the monster rulers began to tremble in fear despite this being their first time hearing the name.

    Sila only thought for a moment before giving Ramiel his promise, “Sure, I can do that. I plan to meet Joshua anyway, so there is no need for you to repay me with a favor.”

    “You should listen anyway. With Sir Montra’s information, it will help you find my master faster.”

    Sebastian asked with enthusiasm, “Really?”

    Ramiel stated that he was unable to tell lies before continuing, “Sir Montra is currently performing a quest called ‘The Impossible Quest from the Goddess.’ In order to accomplish this quest, Sir Montra has been preparing an item within his private room located beneath the Heavenly Dragon Guild’s headquarters. That item is the ‘Realm-Crossing Gate.’ It possesses the power to cross space and to acquire any information happening anywhere—including the New World, the Monster Realm, and Hell.”

    “It can even be used to reach Hell?” Mamon’s voice came out from Sila’s armor as the boy created a Psychic Body next to Sila, expressing an interest in the current topic.

    Sila thought the Realm-Crossing Gate must be an overpowered item. Hell was a place where all communication and connections were cut off, including ties to other worlds. Only Gods of Death could freely come and go.

    ‘The Demon World is just a small part of Hell. If what this angel said is the truth, that means I don’t have to look for the Hell Jade anymore,’ Mamon thought while showing his trademark grin.

    Almost without delay, Julia processed the information she acquired from the system and provided Sila with intel.

    “The Impossible Quest from the Goddess. The quest clear reward is unclear. There is only an explanation that the one completing the quest can request a blessing from the Goddess.

    “Prerequisites for you to perform the quest are as follows: must be at Level 1,000 Emperor Rank, must possess an Emperor-Rank weapon, must have solo-killed at least one Emperor Rank monster, and must conquer all three unsealed main cities of the New World.

    “To finish the quest, you must do the following: find the last gem which the Goddess never created and travel to the home of the Goddess with at least two other gems in your possession.”

    Just listening to the contents of the quest was enough for Sila to understand why the quest was described to be impossible. It was indeed impossible to achieve such a quest. Even though the contents of the quest were publicly revealed in Quest Buildings located in all cities, no player had ever minded it or even considered attempting the quest.

    “Sir Montra is only lacking the prerequisites part. He said if everything went according to plan, it wouldn’t be long until he completed the quest.”

    Sebastian interrupted, “Your words mean Montra has already found the last gem and knows the Goddess’ whereabouts, correct?”

    “...The Realm-Crossing Gate can be used to arrive at the place where the Goddess stays... Sebastian.” Ramiel suddenly stopped speaking, which prompted Sebastian to wonder.


    “The main reason I accepted Sir Montra as my new master was actually for this. The Goddess is Madam—Master’s wife. Sir Montra going to meet the Goddess meant I would have been able to return to Master.”

    Ramiel’s voice was quiet but sounded like thunder for Sebastian and Sila. Sebastian was shocked to know that the clues were so closely connected all along, while Sila instantly put the puzzle pieces together.

    Sila had met Joshua for the first time in a dreamscape when he was unconscious in Colossia City. At that time, there was one woman next to the Sealed One, who was introduced as his wife, Cynthia. In fact, the name of the research institute where Joshua was staying in real life was ‘Cynthia Eight.’ These were clues that he had known for a while. As he combined them with Ramiel’s shocking revelation,he finally acquired a direct clue that could be used to find Joshua’s whereabouts.

    The Goddess’ name is Cynthia.

    “That’s right!! There is no information about the Sealed One, but there must be clues about the Goddess. Why didn’t I think of it before?” Sila turned to Julia. “Julia, please find any information related to the keywords ‘Goddess’ or ‘Cynthia’.”

    Julia processed the request in an instant. “There are 2,318 results.”

    “Some of them are probably unimportant. Please screen them for me. This task takes priority over all others.”

    “What about the impossible quest, sir? If we thwart his plans—” Sebastian suggested, but Ramiel cut him short.

    “There is no point in attempting that. Finishing the quest has always been Sir Montra’s main goal, for which he has plotted and prepared for a long time. He always goes through each step of the plan with extreme caution, checking multiple times for any loopholes. He is already more than 90% of the way there. Achieving his goal is no longer a matter of ‘if’, but ‘when’.”

    “How can that be? Montra has yet to reach Emperor Rank and his weapon is no different. More importantly, how can he kill an Emperor Rank monster by himself? Furthermore, he will have to conquer the other two main cities and find the last gem that was never created. How can someone find that kind of item?” Sila expressed his doubts.

    Ramiel gently explained, “I don’t know all of the details, but Sir Montra explained to me once that ‘Knowledge is Power.’

    “For him to kill an Emperor Rank monster by himself, he only has to pick a suitable target, lay traps, and proceed with a good strategy. It is, by no means, an impossible task, especially when taking his guild’s people and resources into account.

    “Finding the last gem that was never created is like answering an unspoken question. For him to answer it, he only has to figure out the questioner’s intentions. The moment Sir Montra understands the meaning behind the task, he will acquire the final gem.

    “As for conquering the three main cities, for Zhongsuyuan City, he secretly made preparations when he sent people to infiltrate the Wicked Union’s gathering party. As for Grea City, Sir Montra told me that the raid was only a misdirection. His true objective was to do something in the city without anyone knowing. The time should come soon when his actions bear fruit.”

    It was unthinkable for Sila that Montra’s plan had started a very long time ago. While he was busy solving problems at hand, Montra had thought far ahead in the future and was already taking steps to achieve his goal. It might really be too late for him to hinder Montra’s plans now.

    “Well, at the very least, Montra still doesn’t know the abilities of the Eternal Onyx and the Ocean Heart Aquamarine. It’s good that we discovered his plan before its completion. I will have to warn everyone in the Wicked Union about this,” said Sila.

    Sebastian was deep in thought. He smacked his fist against his palm as he exclaimed, “I finally see why I still haven’t passed the mission I was assigned by Lord Anubis! Whatever Montra did to the city, it is constantly endangering Grea City!”

    Another explosion went off in the distance accompanied by roaring flames, receiving everyone’s attention while Ramiel returned to Sila’s arm.

    Although Montra’s plan was a bad omen and the planned raid of the Dragon Kingdom had met with a setback, the troublemaker named Revin—who was running around in the city—was the most pressing matter.

    Still, even though Sila’s path was blocked with problems and obstacles, as long as he could calmly handle them one by one, there would surely be a day when the road ahead was clear.

    Sila immediately sent warnings to Lone Wolf, Cross, and Beluga. Despite this, the responses were quite disappointing. Just hearing the words ‘The Impossible Quest from the Goddess’ and knowing its contents were enough to prevent them from taking the problem seriously. Lone Wolf encouraged Sila, telling him that he was thinking too much. Cross was worse as he blatantly declared Sila’s warning as crap. Only Beluga gave it some thought and replied that he would send Elso and Nednapha to investigate.

    To be honest, Sila wanted to comfort himself as well by saying that he was overthinking it. However, even though he didn’t know Montra as well as someone close to him, he believed he knew this enemy well enough to see that this was a major issue.

    The word ‘impossible’ couldn’t be used to define Montra.

    Sila thought deeply about his problems. Soon, his eyes gleamed with a flash of wisdom, before quickly dimming with guilt short after.

    ‘I will have to use those two... This will be a cruel choice, but I have to do it in order to win. If I’m not ruthless enough, I will forever be an underdog. The martial world uses the laws of the jungle. Only cold-hearted and decisive leaders have what it takes to survive.’

    “Our first problem is Revin, and the next is finding someone to replace Vogue in the Dragon Kingdom raid. Fortunately, I have a way to solve both problems. I will handle them myself. You may go, everyone. Please take care of your usual duties in the restoration of the city.”

    Sila’s decision this time wouldn’t only be a big one for the overall situation. It would be a big decision for himself as well.

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    Sinless said:

    I get that montra is supposed to be the ultimate boss of bosses, but man this mc looks like it has learned nothing in the chapters so far; come on at least let him win in something.

    It's like I keep reading how strong he becomes, and how he changes history and all the mighty powers beyond comprehension he gets, only to lose again... Ash trying to be pokemon master all over again xD
    Man, your "Ash the Pokemon Master" analogy is hilarious. LOL.

    Anyway, regarding the upsetting content where we see the MC took two steps and yet the rival side took a more step ahead, I won't promise you that the previous one would be the last. In fact, it's going to get worse before it gets WAY better.
  • Sinless said:
    cyront said:
    Sinless said:

    I get that montra is supposed to be the ultimate boss of bosses, but man this mc looks like it has learned nothing in the chapters so far; come on at least let him win in something.

    It's like I keep reading how strong he becomes, and how he changes history and all the mighty powers beyond comprehension he gets, only to lose again... Ash trying to be pokemon master all over again xD
    Man, your "Ash the Pokemon Master" analogy is hilarious. LOL.

    Anyway, regarding the upsetting content where we see the MC took two steps and yet the rival side took a more step ahead, I won't promise you that the previous one would be the last. In fact, it's going to get worse before it gets WAY better.
    Hilarious but true, I honestly think that if he kept training the same team since season 1 he would have more championships xD

    But man... I'm crying here!!! its gonna get worse? damn it
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    "Still, even though Sila’s path was blocked with problems and obstacles, as long as he could calmly handle them one by one, there would surely be a day when the road ahead was clear."

    Not gonna happen to this mc. His road always dark can not be clear even when he already become so strong, cause the mc is kinda low in iq and eq.

    well at least this novel is refreshing unlike other wuxia though.
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  • There was a Q&A session between the author and readers, just around the chapter before Sila logged out to meet his teacher to ask about Kimon. I'm sorry for the late translation. Some questionable replies are already revealed as the current translated chapters.

    Here we go~

    Q&A Session

    Q1: Back in a previous chapter, you stated that The Fairy Queen has the ultimate skill of her race. Does that mean there are always two beings possessing the ultimate skills of the race, a player and a monster?

    A1: You got that right. It’s two separate rankings. One for the strongest monster of the race and another one for the strongest player of the race. It’s the same skill though.

    Q2: My question is about the past too, then. Who is the strongest undead-race player? Cross or Lomyok? Or is it someone else?

    A2: Rather than in the past, this question is more in the future. It’ll be a spoiler though since it will be revealed when Lomyok exited the hall. Well, it’s just a minor spoiler, so I guess I can answer. You have been warned though. Please skip the answer below if you don’t want to be spoiled.

    The current strongest player is someone else. This person has already shown up in the story, but the story didn’t state yet that they belong to the undead race. Actually, killing the previous owner of the ultimate skill (like Zazae did with Montra) is just one of the means for snatching the skill. In this case, when Lomyok leaves the hall, the skill will instantly transfer to him. This is because the system regards players who have entered the hall as superior to others.

    Q3: My question is about a very old chapter. I want to know about the skill, Psychic Body, that Divine used around Chapter 67. Is it another application of Moon Reflecting Mirror, or an unrelated skill? Why did Divine take a liking to using Psychic Body? How useful is the skill? What makes it different from his actual human form?

    A3: All Lord Rank monsters possess the Transformation skill that allows them to transform into humans. In their human form, the system will not notify players about them. In addition, they will have an easier time controlling their skills. For some who have bulky bodies (like Rex), they will also benefit from the agility of human bodies.

    As for Psychic Body, it’s a skill that generates fake bodies on top of their actual bodies, which could be either in monster form or in human form. It’s like a disguise skill, appearance-wise. As it is a body made of psychic ability, it can be stacked or combined with other psychic skills, resulting in potential synergistic effects. In conclusion, Psychic Body is a separate skill with various applications depending on the skills used together.

    Q4: Is there a difference between Qi’s earth element and Magic’s earth element?

    A4: Certainly. It’s two completely different concepts. Actually, in-game qi could only be divided into two: hot and cold. It’s just that Pumin relied on his knowledge of the five elements in real life to break it down as another concept. On the other hand, magic has eight basic elements.

    Thus, even though their names are the same (earth element), they are unrelated and their performance/properties are different.

    Q5: In the case that a race has many sub-races/species/types, how will the system determine the strongest of the race?

    A5: Regardless of how many species in the one race, there can only be one Emperor/Empress per race, and that one is the strongest of the race. Remaining members of the race will be stuck at Lord Rank. The ultimate skill is reserved for the strongest (unless it is snatched away by infighting). Please note that this rule only applies in the New World. It’s the world that grants humans many benefits so that the game is easier for them, while there are many restrictions in the monster side.

    Q6: I wonder whether every psychic user will develop their own psychic ability when they reach a certain mastery? Like Lost Ghost and Sila.

    A6: Not only psychic type, but even for qi and magic types, once the user reaches a certain point, their primary skills—Basic Qi, Basic Magic, and Basic Psychic—will develop into their own, exclusive version. However, whether the skill will be at Transcendent Rank or not will depend on the system’s appraisal. It may be too ordinary or too similar to what other players have.

    Q7: Sebastian has already successfully protected Grea City. How come he still didn’t get his genuine form?

    A7: (Spoiler Alert) Because the quest is still ongoing. Grea City is still considered to be in danger.

    Q8: I wonder if Lomyok will become stronger than Independent NPCs after he exits the hall?

    Q8: He will be stronger than some. Exiting the hall won’t make him invincible. He will be stronger than non-combatant Independent NPCs such as Zeref, that’s for sure.

    Q9: If you don’t resist Lucifer’s Omniscient Evil God Qi, it won’t harm you. Is it possible that no one, especially other powerful qi-type monsters, ever discovered this secret? Or could it be that Lucifer has more than one type of qi? Well, I guess at Lucifer’s level, his mere punch clad with tremendous qi reinforcement is enough to put fear into anyone.

    A9: Sort of. Like you guessed, Omniscient Evil God Qi isn’t the only skill Lucifer has. He even possesses Hidden Weapon Firing. For the record, most of his skills have reached Transcendent Rank. It’s just that the ability that brought fear to the Monster Realm is Omniscient Evil God Qi, so not many monsters are interested in what else Lucifer can do. Just this qi alone was already unstoppable before he was sealed.

    Q10: The story takes place in Thailand and many people seem to be Thais, but why does not one of them use Muay Thai, our country’s traditional martial art?

    A10: In the MSO universe, there are many martial arts (both traditional and profound ones) available, so it’s not strange for our Earth’s martial arts to be rarely mentioned. In any case, there is a certain important character who has learned Muay Thai. It will even be revealed soon.

    Q11: The number of times that Sila and Sangdao have met so far can be counted using one hand. How could their relationship advance to the point where they kissed? It would be another story if it was Varee since she showed up early and has had more screen time. (And yes, I'm on Varee's ship. I like the tsundere girl.)

    A11: Well, this kind of thing isn’t related to the number of times they have met with each other. It’s more about emotions.

    Q12: About this whole selection… it’s weird that the Elders didn’t inform Sila firsthand. On the other hand, Montra knew that Sila was his rival even before Sila became aware of the selection himself.

    A12: In fact, the Elders didn’t inform Montra either. He learned about it on his own. That was why no one came to interrupt Montra from beating up Sila. They didn’t know that Montra had discovered there was another candidate. Afterward, the Elders came to realize that Montra knew and had already targeted Sila, so they had no choice but to reveal the fact that Montra was another candidate to Sila. (This means the Elders might have had a different plan for Sila’s mission before this. However, noticing that there was already animosity between Sila and Montra, they changed their approach.)

    Q13: I’m afraid that the future chapters will reveal that Sangdao was, in fact, a spy Montra sent to manipulate Sila. Please tell me that it’s a no.

    A13: If it’s about the main storyline or plot points, I’m afraid I have to decline to answer.

    Q14: Bluebird should have realized that the problem he caused in Belacia City the past is affecting his friends. Why didn’t he do anything about it?

    A14: He already decided to part ways with them. Sila had the option to act innocent and claim they didn’t know each other, but he chose not to. Hence, this is a problem that Sila decided to shoulder despite it being unnecessary.

    Q15: How is Bow right now? Is she fine? Will she come back to play Monster Soul?

    A15: She is fine and well. Now she is studying to catch up with other children her age. She will return to Monster Soul once she is legally old enough as determined by the law, though this will not be related to the main storyline.

    Q16: Will there be another monster like Rex who practiced a real-life, genuine qi art?

    A16: There will be none, but… (regrettably, it’s a spoiler.)

    Q17: The time seems very pressing. Will Sila be able to train himself in the Monster Realm before the war event starts?

    A17: The war event will start in less than two weeks. I don’t think he will have enough time. (Oi! How come you, the author, don’t know for sure?)

    T/N: It’s the author’s joke, replying to his own statement.

    Q18: Regarding the Hall of Omniscience, in the case where other conditions aside from the player’s rank have already been met, will the player obtain the right to visit this place if their pet reaches Emperor Rank in their stead?

    A18: No, they won’t. Unlike Orichalcum, a pet isn’t a part of a player, but their subordinate.

    Q19: It was stated before that Sila excelled at offense. However, I saw him mostly using evasion/defending moves lately. Why is that?

    A19: That was because Sila was forced to defend. He couldn’t find a chance to attack, so he couldn’t show his full strength. That’s normal though. It means Belacia City’s townspeople were at least decent enough to suppress Sila and prevent him from attacking.

    Q20: Who is the main heroine?

    A20: My lips are sealed.

    Q21: How old is Sila? He always plays the game. Doesn’t he have to work?

    A21: Sila is around 22-23 years old. He got a degree in physical education from a certain university. He was working as a teacher assistant in a martial arts dojo when it shut down, so he plays the game with his newly-obtained free time.

    Q22: Lomyok belongs to the undead race. How did his rank and level decrease?

    A22: They didn’t decrease because he died, but because he was a sacrifice.

    Q23: When Sila invited Clute to travel together, why didn’t they just make a Monster Follower pact? Clute would be able to teleport to him from time to time that way.

    A23: Because Sila doesn’t want Clute to just teleport to him from time to time. He wants the boy to travel with him, in order for the boy to broaden his horizons.

    Q24: So many characters. I’m getting confused about who is stronger than who. So, I want you, the author, to rank the strength of people who have showed up in the story—mainly the Slime King, Poluk, Crow, Kiryuu, Kai, Pumin, Lucifer, Montra, Sila, Kawin, Zero, Lone Wolf, Shueria, Zazae, Beluga, Mora, Vichien, Sanon, and lastly Joshua.

    A24: That’s heading into spoiler territory. Well, most readers would have guessed it anyway, so I will rank some—only the ones in the question though. Please keep in mind that the ranking is about overall strength. It doesn’t mean the one ranked below can’t beat the one ranked higher. The result of a battle can vary based on the situation, conditions, mental states, physical states, timing, advantages/disadvantages, etc.


    The Slime King - Lucifer

    Pumin - Mora

    Poluk - Crow - Kiryu



    Vichien - Sanon



    Kawin - Zero - Zazae - Shueria

    Sila - Lone Wolf


    **The ranking is precisely at the moment of Chapter 246 “The Martial World”.**

    Q25: Outside of the game, if Montra mastered Grand Deity’s Breathing, will he become stronger than Mora?

    A25: The art doesn’t help Montra much outside of the game. Montra doesn’t have Joshua’s special brain scanner, so there is a large gap of strength between his in-game avatar and his real self. In fact, if Montra and Sila were to have a rematch again in real life right now, the victor would undoubtedly be Sila.

  • Chapter 260: A Black Plan

    Sila stood alone on the roof where Vogue lost his life to Revin. The entire city was sleeping while covered in never-ending clusters of fire.

    Revin’s stamina was limited. He seemed to be resting right now as the rate of fires being set had slowed down significantly.

    As he observed the morning star in the night sky, Sila waited for the person who could help him solve the problem regarding Revin.

    “So you came, Kraizer,” Sila said without removing his gaze from the sky.

    The Master of Swords, Kraizer, slowly walked up to Sila. His giant katana was hanging from his waist. It seemed he preferred to have his weapon ready next to him instead of keeping it inside his system window.

    “Hi, Sila. Tomorrow is an important day, isn’t it? Why are you still awake? Are you excited?” Kraizer asked as he returned the greeting.

    Kraizer was among the first group of people who accepted Sila, so Sila felt especially intimate with him. He struggled to come to terms with using the man as bait.

    “I have something I need your help with.”

    “About Revin, right?” Kraizer could read Sila’s intentions.

    Sila nodded. “That’s right. I want you to challenge Revin to a sword duel,. but I will be the one to specify the time of the match.”

    “A sword duel with Revin is what he and I have to do regardless. We just postponed it because of some circumstances. Sila, what time were you thinking?”

    “Tomorrow, midday.” Sila’s reply was short, but Kraizer could understand the reason behind it immediately.

    “That’s the time of the Dragon Kingdom raid, isn’t it? Are you planning to ban me from participating in this interesting event?”

    “You have to self-sacrifice for the team’s common interest. Given his desire for the title Master of Swords, Revin won’t run away from your challenge. Challenging him at that time will prevent Revin from going to the Dragon Kingdom with us and attempting to stop our event. Also, the other benefit is that he will have to save up his strength before the match, and that will help reduce the damage to the city.”

    “You want me to abandon many dragons and end up with a lone dragon as my target? That’s a difficult choice to make.”

    Sila showed a mild smile. “Fighting in a battle against many dragons alongside a lot of other players, or a one-on-one duel with the Flame Monarch himself. Which appeals more to you?”

    “Hahaha! That’s quite persuasive.” Kraizer laughed heartily. “Don’t worry. As long as I get to kill a dragon, any is fine.”

    Sila nodded, before talking about the part which worried him. “Fighting Revin can be more dangerous than fighting an army of dragons. I have told you about the Gems of Catastrophe and their terrifying abilities. Revin has at least one of them with him. No player can stand up to its power.”

    Ever since Sila discovered that Revin had one of the Gems of Catastrophe in his possession, he had been making sure that everyone understood the fearsome powers of these items. Even though they doubted such fraudulent items existed, the fact that Revin could take down the Evil Eye King so quickly was sufficient proof.

    Kraizer smiled. He tapped his katana hanging from his waist. “No one has ever stood up to my Heaven’s Sword of Punishment as well.”

    Sila didn’t smile back. Instead, he showed a worried expression. “I’m really serious about it. If—”

    Kraizer gestured Sila to stop. “It’s better if my opponent is strong. Otherwise, my title Master of Swords will be just a joke. Rest easy. I know what you are trying to tell me. However, if you say one more word, I will take that as an insult.”

    Sila swallowed his words into his throat and no longer gave Kraizer warnings. He knew Kraizer wasn’t arrogant. He was simply confident in himself.

    “I will go along with your request. However, can you do something for me in return?” asked Kraizer.

    “Please say it.”

    “About my match against Revin. Never mind if I win. However, if Revin comes out as the winner, his safety must be guaranteed. Don’t order your monsters to harm him.”

    Sila fell silent for a short period of time before giving his reply. “You have my word.”

    “There is nothing more, then. Revin is a fearsome opponent. I will have to start preparing myself. About the duel, I will send him a letter of challenge soon.”

    As their conversation had ended, Kraizer left after they finished talking, but Sila remained in the same spot and waited patiently. It was ten minutes later when he saw a difference in the city.

    The flames throughout the city vanished. It seemed Revin really needed to preserve his strength for the upcoming match against Kraizer.

    With this, the construction in the city could finally continue without problems. The monsters put their all into the restoration. The darkness of the night didn’t stop them from working.

    Handling Revin was the easy part. Requesting Kraizer to help was just the first plan he was setting into motion. The next one was far more complicated because of who he was asking for help.

    Sila took a certain Crystal of Connecting out. If Goddess’ Resonance was as terrifying as his teacher described, she would surely be able to hear him, given that Kimon was still within the city.

    “Can we meet?” muttered Sila. One part of him wanted a certain person to hear his words yet the other part hoped they would go unheard. It was a complex feeling.

    The crystal in Sila’s hand soon broke and disintegrated. A flash of light then appeared next to him, revealing the fragile body of someone who he hadn’t met for a long time. Her red hair was especially beautiful in the dark.

    “What should I call you? Himeko? Or Nunthima?” Sila asked, his voice buzzing.

    “I have no real name. Himeko is the codename my teacher gave me.”

    Sila nodded. “Is that so?” He stopped and took a deep breath. “I want to negotiate with Kimon. Please call your friends here.”

    Himeko seemed surprised. “Is that a good idea? Those two...”

    Sila could see in her eyes that she still cared about him. Her actions also implied the same. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have secretly helped him by keeping his position a secret from her friends when he was weak. Whether her care was fake or real, he intended to exploit it in order to have her act as a bridge between him and Kimon.

    “I trust you, Nunthima,” Sila said, though his heart didn’t feel that way. He deliberately used the name Nunthima to remind her of the past memories they had shared together.

    Himeko fell silent, then nodded once. Her neck showed faint ripples as if she was voicing something yet her lips were sealed. Sila tried to use his qi to eavesdrop but couldn’t hear anything, making him feel in awe of Himeko’s dark art.

    Soon, two more people descended, standing next to Himeko. They were obviously Asava and Vlad.

    “I heard from Himeko that you want to negotiate with us, Sila? It’s great to meet you again,” greeted Asava.

    “How is your injury, Asava? Hope I wasn’t too heavy-handed,” Sila replied. He tried to show his superiority.

    Asava shook his head. A smile was hanging on his face. “No problem. No problem at all. Just think of it as a sparring match in which we both exchanged our moves. Exactly as you told me at that time. One wound for one wound.”

    Asava instead showed a humble attitude. His character was indiscernible, similar to Revin’s.

    Sila put his guard up. Against someone like this, he couldn’t afford to be swayed by action or speech.

    “It is as she said. However, I have two questions to ask before the negotiation can begin.”

    “I will answer if I can. Say it,” said Asava. Meanwhile, Sila took a side glance at Vlad who had been showing no expression so far. He was completely motionless as if he was a corpse.

    “The first question is: Why do you want to support me rather than Montra?” Sila cut straight to the heart of the matter.

    Asava stared at Sila for a moment before giving his reply. “Actually, both of you are related to the Hell’s Gate Islands, which makes you two good candidates for us. To be honest, we chose Montra in the beginning, but we later realized that he had never planned to restore the Hell’s Gate Islands. Rather, he considered us the bad roots of the Wulin Masters Association and planned to remove us once he gained enough power. Thus, we have to take action to protect ourselves by picking someone who is... more open-minded. If even this option fails, I guess we will have to separate ourselves from the association.”

    Asava was being honest. Sila was their last resort if they wanted to rejoin the association. Still, his words implied that he was ready to screw everything up if the negotiation failed.

    Sila had some doubts regarding Asava’s words. “You said that both Montra and I are related to the Hell’s Gate Islands. True, the Flaming Cloud Dojo used to be a part of Kimon and my teacher inherited the art from the Demon God. But what about Montra? I heard the Sky Dragon Dojo was built in Sanon’s generation, wasn’t it?”

    “You heard correctly, Sila, but you misunderstood. I said both of you are related to the Hell’s Gate Islands, not your dojos. Only Montra is related.”

    “What do you mean?”

    “It is probably better to have Himeko explain this. Or not? What do you say, Himeko?” Asava turned to Himeko.

    She stepped forward. “Montra is even more related to us than you, Sila. That’s why he was our first choice. His mother is my teacher... Heaven’s Heiress.”

    “What did you say?!”

    “This is top secret. Only Elder Sanon and a few other people know about this fact. Heaven’s Heiress’s main role is a spy. Not many people in the association know who or where she is.”

    “Does Montra know about this?” asked Sila.

    “I think he knows,” Himeko replied while nodding, “It’s possible that Elder Sanon told him.”

    “Where is your teacher right now?” asked Sila. This was the first time he heard about Montra’s mother.

    Himeko fell silent, while Asava explained in her place, “She went missing while on a mission. For a spy, this implies two scenarios. One is that she is in a place where she can’t communicate, and the second is that there were complications and she died. Her mission started six years ago, so I personally think that she died.”

    “What was her mission?”

    Asava shook his head. “There is no way I can know such classified information. By the way, what are we here for, really? Negotiation or interrogation? Could you please state your second question already?”

    Reminded by Asava, Sila realized that he had been distracted. “You’re right. My second question is: What exactly do you want from me?”

    “That’s very simple. We want something Montra won’t give us, and that is the restoration of the Hell’s Gate Islands, for it to return to its glorious day. If you promise us that, we will agree to give you our full support,” Asava explained their terms. He stopped briefly before continuing as if he just thought of something more, “Oh, only from the shadows though. We don’t like showing ourselves publicly.”

    This was another topic that Sila needed to understand. “I heard that Kimon is the assassin organization within the Wulin Masters Association?”

    “You’re right. We are assassins. We have been raised as assassins since birth. We have been trained to work when the association is in crisis, and to be forgotten when the association is flourishing.”

    “If I agree to your conditions... can you promise me that you will only kill bad people?” Sila tried to comfort his sense of justice.

    Asava simply smiled. “Let me be honest. My answer is I don’t know. We are assassins who work according to the orders given to us. Whether the target is a good or bad person is not for us to judge. The one who judges them is there.” He pointed his finger into the sky. “God. If they are good, they go to Heaven. If they are vile, they go to Hell. As simple as that.”

    Sila pondered about it deeply and for a long time. With Kimon’s cooperation, he would gain a great asset to oppose Montra. However, one part of him told him that this decision shouldn’t be done.

    Seeing that Sila was taking his time to decide, Asava was calm. He silently waited for an answer without disturbing Sila. On the other hand, Himeko said, “At the very least, you have to listen to our part of the story, Sila. Us members of Kimon have made a living using our skills for assassination for many generations. We sacrificed a lot to support a member who was a candidate for the Wulin Lord position, yet the Demon God suddenly denounced us when he had obtained the authority. He shut down all of Kimon’s activities, and the damage of his actions dealt a heavy blow to us. If we don’t fix it soon, Kimon will disappear.”

    Asava added, his voice tinged with anguish, “Killing arts are all we have learned since childhood. Then what? The Demon God suddenly forbade us to do our only job. He even used his connections to cut us off from our clients. What was he thinking? Did he seriously expect us to say ‘Fine. Let’s quit. We will become fishermen to earn a living from now on.’? Aside from killing arts, we have nothing. They’re our lifeline. Thus, if we are really going to disappear, at least the last page of our history will have to be dyed with blood and death. Even when Kimon no longer exists, our names will always be recorded and remembered in the association’s history.”

    Silence fell. The time for making a decision was short. The tasks of tomorrow were for the Sila of tomorrow. The important task right now was to win against Montra... with no regards as to what he might lose in the process.

    “I promise. When I become the Wulin Lord, the restoration of Kimon will surely happen. You have my word.”

    Sila extended his hand, which Asava firmly took. He said with a delighted voice, “So the negotiation is successful. From now on, we will be like siblings. No, in fact, you were already a part of our family, the Demon God’s heir.”

    All four parts of the Hell’s Gate Islands had finally been reconnected. Asava wore a happy smile on his face like an innocent boy. Vlad maintained the same expression, while Himeko showed a faint smile.

    “As we have joined forces, I have a request to ask of you for tomorrow.”

    “Say it, Brother. Please don’t hold back with your request.”

    “Kraizer and Revin will have a match tomorrow midday. I want you to wait nearby. When the battle ends, no matter who has come out a winner, I want you to take care of Revin.”

    It seemed Himeko had heard Sila’s conversation with Kraizer. She raised her voice. “But Sila, you said to Kraizer that—”

    Sila gestured her to stop. “I know what I said to him. Revin is like Montra’s right-handed man, so this matter is far more important. Anyway, Kraizer asked me not to order my monsters to harm him. I’m not doing anything that breaks the agreement.”

    Asava agreed. He let out a cheerful laugh. “Hahaha! Indeed. You are quite sly.”

    Still, this wasn’t the end of Sila’s request. “...I heard you have a method to track down the place that people use to log in.”

    “Correct. If we kill someone, we will get their location.”

    Sila took a deep breath. “It will be pointless if we don’t do it all the way. Once you kill Revin, I want you to log out and find him. He is not your match in real life. Capture him and wait for my future instructions.”

    “You are more of a crouching tiger than I initially thought.” Asava’s smile didn’t seem to falter one bit. “We are assassins though. It will be quite troublesome to capture him alive...”

    Sila firmly shook his head. “He will be useless to us if he dies. No matter what you do, you must capture him alive.”

    “Rest assured. I have a method. I can do it using the Blossoming Part of Sage of the Six Disasters. I can even make him spill every kind of secret he knows, I guarantee you that.”

    “Just remember to keep him alive,” Sila repeated.

    “He may lose one or two of his limbs, but he won’t die.”

    Sila wanted to argue. However, he was always an underdog, being overwhelmed by Montra. If he didn’t use this method, he wouldn’t be able to threaten Montra.

    In the martial world, only the ruthless ones will survive. If he used Revin as a hostage, Montra would have no choice but to dance on the palm of his hand. Montra’s several plans would only end up in vain.

    ‘Montra once used Teacher to threaten me. Using Revin to threaten him will make us equals.’

    Even Sila himself couldn’t bring himself to buy his reasoning. Who could ever believe that what he did was equivalent to what Montra had done?

    “Lastly, I want to borrow Himeko’s help in tomorrow’s raid. I want someone to find the location of two specific dragons in the Dragon Kingdom. This is also very important.”

    Asava waved his hand. “No problem. Just explain your plan to Himeko. For the time being, Vlad and I have to prepare.”

    The two of them left to the north, leaving Sila and Himeko with each other.

    “I heard Kimon don’t like showing themselves in public. Your role is a spy. I take it that you can disguise yourself?”

    Himeko nodded. “I will just use the original name of this avatar, then.”

    Then, she took out a green wig, contact lenses, and a mage staff. She donned them, along with changing her clothing to a magician’s long robe.

    Seeing her new appearance, Sila was speechless. His forehead began to be covered in sweat.

    “...Miss Vata?”

    “That’s me, Little Brother Sila,” she replied. Even her voice was exactly like Vata’s.

    Sila’s expression suddenly turned grim. A certain possibility flashed into his head.

    “Where is the real Vata?” Sila asked loudly.

    This time, even though her appearance was that of Vata, her voice belonged to Himeko. “The best disguise is replacing oneself with someone who really exists.”

    Sila refused to let her explain it vaguely. “I asked, where is the real Vata right now?!”

    Himeko replied in a sorrowful tone, “I’m sorry to say this, but… she is already dead.”

  • Q25: Outside of the game, if Montra mastered Grand Deity’s Breathing, will he become stronger than Mora?

    A25: The art doesn’t help Montra much outside of the game. Montra doesn’t have Joshua’s special brain scanner, so there is a large gap of strength between his in-game avatar and his real self. In fact, if Montra and Sila were to have a rematch again in real life right now, the victor would undoubtedly be Sila.

    Thank you for having a good news. After all that depressing scenario, at least we have really advantage now "Real Life"

  • So sad that big sis vata is dead. Does that mean that himeko want disguised as her after the attack on beginner island? Or has she always been her from the moment sila met her?
  • So sad that big sis vata is dead. Does that mean that himeko want disguised as her after the attack on beginner island? Or has she always been her from the moment sila met her?
    What is your guess?  :*
  • my guess is the latter that Himeko was pretending to be Miss Vata from the start of this series.
  • Chapter 261: To the Dragon Kingdom

    “What do you mean?” Sila’s voice got louder. He was enraged. His right hand, which had extended and was reaching for Himeko’s shoulder, was strengthened by his qi without him knowing.

    Himeko didn’t dodge. She wasn’t even shocked by his sudden action. All she did was snap her fingers once.

    The subtle sound of the snap instantly made Sila’s body feel icy cold while his hand was engulfed in flames. He instinctively pulled his hand back.

    “Please calm down.” Himeko’s voice was as light as a whisper, and it made the flame extinguish in no time at all.

    Sila looked at his heavily-burnt hand. He circulated Recovering Qi to heal it.

    Himeko took a Freezing Potion out and poured the liquid onto Sila’s hand, reducing the pain he felt.

    Inspecting the injury, Sila found that it was made by his own qi.

    “Goddess’ Resonance...” Sila muttered to himself.

    “Are you ready to listen?”

    Against Goddess’ Resonance, Sila had to keep his cool, and possess an undisturbed state of mind. Sila recalled Moon Reflecting Mirror and calmed himself down.


    Himeko didn’t find it strange that Sila chose to calm his mind. The Flaming Cloud Dojo used to be a part of Kimon. It was entirely possible that Elder Mora had already told Sila the characteristics of the four dark arts.

    “My avatar name is Vata. Do you understand what this implies, Sila?”

    Sila abruptly replied, “Don’t beat around the bush. Just explain.”

    Himeko showed a faint smile. “I will do just that. The truth is that the real Vata died two years ago. She died with her mother in the same car accident.”

    Sila frowned. He had a constantly growing list of questions, but he knew Himeko was about to explain more.

    “At that time, the three of them—Vata, Varee, and their mother—went outside together. When the accident happened, the two girls only received minor scrapes, but their mother was heavily injured. The two of them were extremely worried about her, so only first aid had been applied to them before they rushed from their nursing room to their mother’s. When their mother died, Vata shouted at her father and left the hospital.”

    About this, Sila knew most of it from talking with Rashane and Varee. Still, he couldn’t see how Vata’s death was related.

    “The main point is... I was nearby at that time and heard the sound of her injuries. Vata didn’t only have small injuries like everyone thought. In fact, her internal organs had been severely damaged, but this had gone undetected. After running for a while, she collapsed in an alley and eventually died.

    “I took a chance to seize her persona, starting by calling Varee and telling her that I wouldn’t return home for a while. I spent two years becoming Vata. I underwent plastic surgery and investigated her background, including extracting her secrets by gradually talking with Varee. Finally, I reached the point where no one can tell that I’m a fake. Even Vata’s father has no idea.”

    Sila finally understood the real reason why Vata left for such a long time. Himeko belonged to Kimon. She would’ve had a lot of missions to take care of. That was why she pretended to not forgive Rashane—in order for her to have freedom.

    “Why were you there?” Sila asked, straight to the point.

    “Elder Mora only has a few friends, and Rashane is one of his close ones. We had many things to do back then, and stalking Rashane’s family was one of them.”

    “You said you heard the sounds of her grave injuries. Why didn’t you tell someone else?”

    “As a spy, I have a strict duty to not leak my personal information. I wouldn’t risk meddling in others’ affairs and making things more complicated.”

    “...Where is her grave?”

    “There is no such things in Kimon. The dead simply return to the soil. I used Corpse-Disposing Powder to speed up the decomposition of her body in that alley.”

    Sila thought life was so unnerving. The more he knew, the more he became afraid of learning more about this underground world. How could life be this difficult and complicated?

    The Vata he knew never existed. She had been Himeko the whole time. That meant Sila had never come into contact with the woman named Vata. Nevertheless, hearing that she had died still filled him with grief. Why did he feel this way? Could it be that he sympathized with her life, which was so lonely? No one close to her knew she had died. There wasn’t even a ceremony to honor her memory. No one ever mourned for her.

    “Sila, if you don’t like that I’m disguised as Vata, we can change it after everything is done. We can find a fake corpse and create a fake accident for Vata’s death. No one will suspect a thing, I promise.”

    Sila released a sigh of exhaustion. “...Leave it. I don’t want to hear anymore. I will fix this problem later. You can be Vata for now. Let’s meet again tomorrow at midday.”

    Himeko was aware that Sila was driving her away. She said nothing as she nodded once before leaving with the wind.

    For a long time, Sila gazed at several dazzling stars in the sky.

    He now had several comrades fighting alongside him. However, why did he feel even lonelier than the time when he fought by himself?


    Sila reopened his eyes again late the next morning. He went over his profound arts in his mind and reminded himself of all the problems he faced. Even now, he could only come up with incomplete solutions, but every method he could think of always led to someone else suffering the consequences of his plan. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t come up with a solution that would lead to a happy ending for all involved parties.

    Could it be that there were no win-win situations for everybody in real life? Could it be that one’s happiness must always mean the other’s agony?

    Sila jumped along the rooftops. The city’s people seemed to be more energetic than usual today. They were all checking their equipment and weapons, wearing serious expressions. Noticing Sila, they all slightly nodded at him before continuing to mind their own business.

    Receiving their nods, Sila felt a strange sensation. No one had ever given him their respect in the past, yet today he had so many people who would follow him. To be honest, he was half proud and half scared.

    Mamon was busy setting up a certain machine in the middle of the city. He even exerted his psychic power to assemble many machine-looking parts together, building a tall, illuminating pillar. In front of the machine was a control panel full of unreadable inscriptions. Many players, as well as Bul the Dwarf King, were looking at it with interest.

    “Your item modification skill is truly otherworldly,” Earthy complimented. He was a member of the android race, so he possessed a moderate level of mastery regarding item modification, yet Mamon’s mastery was so far beyond his imagination.

    “This is nothing. Materials in the New World are too shoddy compared to the ones found in the Monster Realm, so this is the most I can do. If I could use items from the Monster Realm, this thing would only amount to a mere toy.”

    Five holographic windows floated in front of Mamon, which he stared at while inputting more commands. All of the spectators was afraid of disturbing his concentration, so they fell silent.

    Since he liked to know as much as he could about any and every item he came across, Burapha was among the players surrounding Mamon. When he saw Sila, he shifted his gaze from Mamon and walked over to greet his friend.

    “Big Brother, are you ready?”

    Sila nodded. He asked, “Is everything okay, Mamon?”

    Mamon replied without looking back, “Everything is fine. I’m now tuning the frequency to match that of the Dragon Kingdom.”

    “How long can the spatial gate be maintained for?” asked Sila.

    “In the best case scenario where it isn’t attacked? Around six hours.”

    Sila nodded. He had heard from Mamon before that Mamon was going to use the invitation card as a medium to connect the pillar to the Dragon Kingdom, forcefully expanding a spatial gateway—that normally only allowed one person to pass through—to become public transportation.

    Sila didn’t tell anyone that he planned to leave the group to accomplish his own quest. His plan was centered around having several people act as vanguards to clash against dragons while he left to go take care of Aurora and Tiamat.

    Sebastian and some players and monsters would remain in Belacia City in order to protect the city from external factors. As for those who would raid the Dragon Kingdom, they consisted only of the ones with enough confidence in their ability to survive. For the record, they were divided into five groups.

    The first group was assigned the duty of protecting the machine until everyone had finished retreating from the raid. The leader of this group was naturally Mamon, who was most familiar with his creation.

    The second group was an assault team, tasked with killing as many dragons as they could. The core members were Lookhin and several strong players from Belacia City.

    The third group was a support team. Their duties included collecting dragon remains in order to extract materials. The core member was Clute.

    The fourth group was quite special. Their role was flexible—doing everything they could to help the three aforementioned teams. The members of the team were Lord Rank monsters—Asura, Franz, Gigan, Saki, Karum, Margaret, Alex, and Kuroha.

    The last group only had Sila and Himeko. He told everyone that he was going to provide help in the most dangerous spot when he was actually going to find the two dragons while Himeko would provide support.

    Sila had told everyone that they would return from the Dragon Kingdom after a while. Sila’s ‘a while’ obviously meant the period of time required for him to kill Aurora and Tiamat. He would send a retreat signal to everyone, and that would be the end of this dragon-hunting event.

    “Wow. What is everyone doing? The atmosphere is very lively.” A voice that Sila hadn’t heard for a while rang out. Turning his head, Sila spotted a person who he hadn’t met for some time.

    “This way, Mister Lomyok,” Sila called out to him.

    Lomyok leaped through people at extreme speed. His feet precisely stopped in front of Sila yet left no trail on the snow. On his body was the usual Queen’s Spirit Raiment, with a coat made of beautiful white fur covering it. His body exuded an elegant charm. People began to notice him, but he was too used to being gazed at for their stares to bother him.

    “Mister Lomyok. It’s been quite a while. Where have you been?”

    “Oh, nothing much,” said Lomyok. He was looking around. “Where are you going? Everyone seems like they are preparing for war.”

    Sila smiled. Lomyok was still being Lomyok as always. “We are going to raid the Dragon Kingdom. How about it? Do you want to go with us?”

    “The Dragon Kingdom? Interesting. I haven’t been there. Since you’re inviting me, I won’t decline your offer.”

    Sila nodded. “Mister Lomyok, you just got here so you won’t know we have already split into groups. Mind if I ask you to join the fourth group?”

    “Oh, so there are many groups. What is the role of the fourth group, then?”

    “Mainly giving your support to the remaining groups, I’d say.” As Lomyok didn’t ask further questions, Sila got a chance to ask him back, “How was the Hall of Omniscience?”

    Lomyok unfolded his fan and waved at himself. “More boring than I thought. It’s a giant library full of books. Altia said I was free to do anything in the hall as long as I stayed there for a day. I toured around, appreciating the beauty of the library until I was tired and fell asleep. Once I woke up, Altia said everything had finished.”

    “Eh? You didn’t need to do anything?”

    “Mn. Altia said the hall would automatically temper me during the course of my stay. Well, I didn’t believe him at first. However, I admitted he was telling me the truth when I tried using my power. Every skill suddenly became easier to use. Thus, I seized the chance to visit the Monster Realm.”

    “You went to the Monster Realm?” Sila was surprised.

    “Mn... What a coincidence. You know what? The place where we are standing connects to the Sunless City in the Monster Realm. That city is now the undead race’s territory, so I was welcomed nicely and eventually met the Zombie King. Hearing that the first human to step into the Monster Realm belongs to his race, the Zombie King was delighted. Not only did he teach me how to use the ultimate skill of the race—Immortal Corpse—which I took from a player with the name Vlad or something like that, but he also taught me Vast Sky Qi—his signature qi.

    “We ate, drank, and played together for many days. Sometimes he even brought me to visit nearby territories belonging to other races. The Zombie King took the Bison King’s fur in my possession to have the Spider Queen who lived in the nearby forest make a coat for me, promising her that in exchange he wouldn’t invade the spider race’s territory for ten years. Many things happened. I stayed there until I was bored, then I bid him farewell and returned here.”

    Apparently, the ultimate skill of the undead race was once in Vlad’s possession, yet the system transferred it to Lomyok when he visited the Hall of Omniscience as it recognized him as the best player of the race.

    Sila had already noticed that Lomyok was stronger than the last time they spoke. He could use Sky-Soaring White Horse Magical Qi so skillfully and magnificently, even better than Sila despite the fact that they both received magical qi at the same time.

    Most people seemed to doubt Sila’s decision to invite a stranger into the raiding party. Some were even aware that he was Lomyok, the biggest clown in Monster Soul, the wandering martial artist who was first in the beauty ranking yet had never won a single combat-related tournament. Still, no one dared to object Sila’s decision. Eventually, as they belonged to the same group, Lomyok approached the Lord Rank monsters and initiated a conversation.

    Seeing this, someone respected his bravery for fearlessly talking with Lord Rank monsters, and thought this could be expected of the man who the Monster Emperor recognized.

    Lomyok had stayed with the Zombie King and his undead minions for a week. He even had experienced conversing with some Emperor Rank monsters such as the Fairy Queen or the Android King. Therefore, he didn’t think that talking with monsters was weird. He also didn’t even find it odd that people were giving him strange looks.

    Noticing Lomyok’s arrival, Clute joined the conversation and greeted him. Clute asked about the Sunless City, which Lomyok gladly told the boy what he had seen. Asura also found the conversation interesting. The three of them then talked intimately.

    “It’s time!” shouted Mamon. His words caused everyone to stop chatting.

    Sila stepped forward, reaching the front of the glowing twin tower. He shouted, “Are you ready?!”


    “Let’s go!” Sila declared when Mamon pressed the blue button. Soon, the atmosphere was shaking like space itself was going to crumble.

    “Five minutes before the warp. Prepare yourself,” Mamon declared.

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    Wow, I can't believe what I predicted was actually true about Vata.

    Sila against Dragons and still wondering how Sila will get Lucifer's Blood since Lucifer is now in the Monster Realm?
  • I think the only person who truly enjoy the game is mr. Lomyok. While everyone else busy cause with war to gain personal benefit, he is the only one who wander around and see many different beauty in the game world. What a guy. He should be the mc or maybe the author can give us his side story about Lomyok adventure.
  • Chapter 262: The Value of Life

    If he wasn’t already aware of the disguise, Sila knew it would be impossible for him to realize that Vata and Himeko were the same person. He tried to find the truth hidden behind her slender body, but the only thing he could see clearly was her shell, which was full of lies.

    Vata, in light green magician clothing, was standing next to him. In her hand was a mage staff with a lantern hanging from its tip. Her magic power was weak as her rank was only Knight. Sila started to doubt her ability to finish the job he had assigned her.

    “Can you survive?” asked Sila. “What will you do after you have pinpointed the location of the two dragons?”

    Himeko replied, “Don’t worry. Did you forget that I am a member of the dragon race? If I don’t take any offensive actions, the dragons won’t easily target me. You should worry about yourself more. You are their nemesis after all. All of the dragons will set you as their primary target. Will you be able to complete your quest?”

    Himeko had received Wind Dragon Cards from Sila on the Island of Beginnings. Even though she had yet to perform a Dragon Ritual and acquire Dragon Domain, she already possessed the Dragon Scales skill. The skill both increased her health and magic points as well as granted her the ability to manipulate a spell’s result.

    Sila didn’t reply. He was seventy percent confident that he would be successful. The reason why the slime race became the dragon race’s nemesis in the first place was that the three slime skills were specially designed for slaying dragons. His level used to be lower than the dragons that he killed. If some low-leveled dragons were to meet him today, that would be their misfortune.

    Sila had been evaluating his skills since yesterday. Dragons possessed thick scales, high health points, and large magic capacity. He would have to rely on the three racial skills or sword arts to deal significant damage. Meanwhile, Flaming Cloud Qi would descend in priority and end up as a supporting skill.

    The assembled raid members grew quieter as the pillar glowed brighter, including Sila. When the countdown on the screen reached ten, he was deep in focus according to Moon Reflecting Mirror’s principles. Every breath and every subtle movement, he could perceive it all in his current state.

    The image in front of them finally became clear. It seemed they had teleported to the edge of a certain canyon. They could see a massive forest on one side and a swamp on the other. Hundreds of dragons could be seen flying far away.

    “This place is the Sacred Canyon,” Himeko explained to the raid members. She was of the dragon race. As a spy, it was obvious that she had been there before to investigate the area.

    It was difficult to decide whether it was a stroke of luck or misfortune. The Dragon Kingdom was enormous in size. The center of the Sacred Canyon was often inhabited by the Dragon Empress, Infernee. Normally, using an invitation card would teleport the user to the Coiling Forest surrounding this place. The dragons were a race revered nobility. Because of this, no low-rank dragons were allowed to visit the home of the race.

    The meaning of this meant they didn’t have to fight hundreds of lesser dragons in the forest anymore, since those dragons wouldn’t dare to invade the canyon. On the other hand, Marquis Rank dragons would be their opponents. In other words, they got to encounter fewer opponents, yet the ones they still had to face were far more dangerous.

    They all felt the hostility in the air. Everyone subconsciously exerted more power to increase their defense.

    Sila’s experience in fighting dragons was superior to the rest of the players. He quickly shouted to inform everyone, “Be careful! We are already within their Dragon Domains!!”

    No dragons were within their sight, but Sila could sense them. He suspected there were less than ten nearby. Their domains were overlapping and exerting terrifying might.

    “Eight... No, there are nine of them! The last one possesses more power than others. It is probably Lord Rank!!”

    The moment they heard this, all of the raid members showed stern expressions. Their original plan was to start from the forest and slowly march forward, taking care of Knight Rank dragons along the way. With their numbers, they were confident that they could take down a few Marquis Rank dragons. However, fighting eight Marquis Rank dragons plus a Lord Rank one simultaneously was no different from a suicide mission.

    Sila made a quick judgment. “Stick together, everyone! Don’t go wandering on your own. Be sure to constantly protect yourself against Dragon Domains by using energy reinforcement. All monsters, focus on defense! Players, join forces against them, and focus on killing them one by one. Remember that a dragon’s weakness is their heart under the scales on their chest. They may possess high health points, but we can kill them easily so long as we destroy their hearts.”

    They all listened to Sila’s instructions without questioning anything he said. The system recognized their arrival as a kingdom invasion, so it wouldn’t notify them of any incoming monsters. They still didn’t see even one dragon despite Sila stating there were nine nearby. Still, the hostile atmosphere and the density of mana around them clearly implied that they were indeed in a crisis.

    “Arghh!” One player cried as his body was sliced into two without warning. At the same time, the earth suddenly shook and a mysterious explosion occurred on their left, sending a dozen players flying.

    Even Sila wondered what was happening. He could clearly feel the dragons’ presence yet it seemed all of them were invisible. His anxiety continued to grow until Himeko’s voice entered his ears.

    “It’s the Dragon Domain of Grimphast—the Night Dragon. It makes all dragons within the domain invisible.” Himeko had read the Dragon’s Record, an item that dragon-race players could read to find information on existing dragons in order to select one of them for their Dragon Ritual, so she had memorized every ability listed.

    “What about the others?” Sila asked while searching for Himeko. He couldn’t find her though. It seemed she was affected by Grimphast’s Dragon Domain as well.

    “I can’t tell yet. Grimphast’s ability is very unique, so I could immediately identify it. However, the rest aren’t as obvious.”

    “Which one is the Night Dragon?” asked Sila. It was too dangerous for them to fight invisible enemies. At the very least, Grimphast had to be taken down quickly.

    “I don’t know. It seems its domain also has a concealment property.”

    It was Sila who was more used to dragons. He quickly explained, “The shape of Dragon Domain is always a sphere, and the user is always in the center. Tell me which dragon is currently in the center of Grimphast’s Dragon Domain.”

    Given a direct clue, it was easy for Himeko to pinpoint an enemy using Goddess’ Resonance. As such, Sila received an answer almost immediately.

    “The third one from the left.”

    Actually, gauging the size of the sphere was not a difficult task for Sila. However, it was too much for him to determine which dragon formed the center of the sphere when they were all so close together like this.

    It was a race against time. Sila marked that dragon’s presence before cladding himself with Divine Raiment and darting at it as if he was an arrow being fired.

    Not only was he the sole person separating from the group, but Sila was also a member of the slime race. The collected killing intent instantly concentrated on him as invisible attacks were simultaneously launching at him. In fact, just the combined pressure would have been enough to make him cough out blood if he hadn’t protected his body beforehand.

    Sila sensed the incoming attacks with the keen perception he had sublimated after mastering the Cloud Part. He jumped around while summoning the Crystal Divine Sword in his hand. The power of the Great Flow was slowly accumulating within, making the sword glow blue.

    Recently, Sila had been honing his own swordsmanship after he realized that the best sword art for him must be the one he invented personally.

    Heaven’s Decree was the art Pumin invented for himself to use. No matter how much Sila practiced, there would be no way he could surpass his father.

    Each profound art represented the will of the creator. Heaven’s Decree was a sword art that embraced a user with the flow of nature. The user focused on maintaining their best form while punishing opponents who resisted the Great Flow. It represented the Sword Prodigy’s principles.

    On the other hand, Sila’s way of living was different. Even though Pumin and Sila were father and son, their ways of life were polar opposites. Sila refused to submit himself to the Great Flow. He had a desire to oppose heaven’s will and break the so-called destiny. Instead of embracing and riding the Great Flow as his father did, he decided he would use the power of nature as a tool and focus more on offense.

    The more difficult the obstacle before him was or the stronger his opponent became, the more he would defy them with greater strength. The Great Flow was his tool. The power of nature existed for him to strengthen his sword with it.

    The sword styles which became stronger in relation to the one he was fighting against. That was Sila’s sword art—Heaven’s Dismissal.

    Heaven’s Dismissal — Third Sword Style, Redirect Stream.

    The Great Flow was spinning around his blade, redirecting all the attacks to clash against each other. The remnants of magic power from the clash were later absorbed into the Crystal Divine Sword. Despite it only being temporary, Sila’s sword right now possessed peerless strength rivalling the dragons’ combined attacks.

    Heaven’s Dismissal — Fourth Sword Style, Demonic Gales.

    Sila’s eyes gleamed red as if he were an evil spirit. The people nearby felt like time was slowing down. Sila had successfully and flawlessly adapted Pumin’s sword art to become his own. The number of sword waves increased from one to a hundred in the blink of an eye. It was like Sila’s speed had transcended their perception.

    Several dragon scales were scraped off and scattered around by the fierce gales. Blood splattered in the air while nearby trees and boulders started to crack.

    Sila swiftly swung his sword, sending all of the dragons except one away from his path. He stomped his feet on the remaining dragon while cutting its limbs off.

    “Grrrraaawr!!” Grimphast let out a painful cry. Its domain was forcefully canceled due to its extreme pain. As the domain faded away, the black slimy body of a certain dragon appeared. Its eyes were glowing yellow in a berserk state.

    The Crystal Divine Sword immediately pierced through its chest, denying it the chance to show more of its skills.

    No one could believe what they saw. Sila had killed a Marquis Rank dragon so quickly and effortlessly when, normally, tens or even hundreds of players were required to hunt one down.

    Even those who had sparred with Sila found this situation too shocking. It seemed Sila’s true strength was immeasurable as it could continue to grow endlessly.

    However, what Sila had done was not as easy as it appeared to be. He took the initiative when the dragons were just probing his strength, borrowing their powers to strengthen his sword then unleashing the sword’s power in an instant. Even his feet were clad with Formless Soldier in order to destroy Grimphast’s Dragon Scales and reveal its chest. His last stab was also strengthened by magical qi and Orbiting Cosmos.

    Sila showed no change in his expression, yet the truth was he had lost a third of his special points.

    “Miss Vata. Please start doing your job,” Sila issued a reminder when Himeko, along with the remaining dragons, also lost their invisibility. The dragons had various kinds of physiques and appearances, including sizes. One of them was about forty feet long from snout to tail-tip while some were as small as humans.

    Among them stood a white-haired woman in a celestial robe. The players immediately realised her rank had to be Lord.

    For the record, Lord Rank dragons couldn’t be encountered anywhere in the New World, except for two places—the Dragon Kingdom and the Single-Horned Dragon Forest. The second exception was only possible due to Sila helping Rex surpass his limits.

    “I’m Eleanor. State your name, Slime.”

    Sila wasn’t interested in participating in the conversation, yet a certain someone shouted out from the group of players.

    “Stop right there, Lady~! This handsome one is here, so why didn’t you ask for my name first? This is my first time seeing such a gorgeous dragon like you.” Lomyok stepped forward, leaving the others behind. His attitude was casual as if he didn’t feel any tension.

    Eleanor only shot a side glance at Lomyok. Her magic power silently surged. Sila wanted to give out a warning but it was too late. Her magic power, which was so sharp and so quiet, flew at Lomyok.

    Lomyok playfully unfolded his fan and waved it once, generating an air pocket in front of him through the use of Vast Sky Qi. The pocket sucked Eleanor’s attack into it and silently disappeared.

    “I still haven’t introduced myself, yet you already tried to kill me. Are all the beauties this hot-tempered?”

    An imposing aura was exuded from Lomyok as soon as he took out the fan. His skin was subtly illuminated with God’s Grace Qi. No one, including Eleanor, could remove their gazes from him at that time.

    Lomyok’s God’s Grace Qi possessed one unique attribute. Once activated, the user’s body would emit a charming aura that would make the user become the target of every non-targeted skill, especially offensive ones. No one would want this kind of qi, so the system easily recognized it as a new form of qi and Lomyok finally attained the essence of qi.

    Some dragons had appearances similar to an alligator covered in flames. Some were like a moth while others were hardly different from a giant rock. Some had no wings and no legs, like a snake.

    Himeko quickly and dutifully informed everyone of the characteristics of each dragon.

    “The Raiment Dragon, Eleanor, the one who weaved clothing and built an elegant nest for the Dragon Empress,” Lomyok repeated what he heard from Himeko.

    “You are a mere peasant. How could you...?” Eleanor had her doubts. The weak qi she sensed from Lomyok implied that the man was only a Squire Rank human.

    “Fine feathers make fine birds. I’m weak, so I have to rely on this and that. I hope you don’t mind,” Lomyok replied coyly.

    He transmitted a small portion of his qi into his fan and waved it, sending sword energy at Eleanor.

    Seeing his attack, Eleanor elegantly moved her fingers as if playing a musical instrument. A shield made of silk thread was beautifully created in front of her, and she was one hundred percent certain that it could easily block Lomyok’s attack. As if to mock her confidence, the sword energy effortlessly pierced through the shield like it was made of paper. The sword energy stopped one foot in front of her face before vanishing.

    “I’ll tell you this only once, but you better not underestimate me. Even a weakling has a fighting style that can allow them to win.”

    Lomyok suddenly seemed impressive in everyone’s eyes. He had always been considered a well-known player with no strength to speak of. Nevertheless, it turned out that he could easily tease the Lord Rank dragon once he revealed his fangs.

    Sila was no longer worried about Lomyok’s safety. Even though Lomyok’s health and special points were low, he had clothing that could resist magic power and a fan that could deal surreal damage and create an impenetrable defense. His speed was also inhuman due to Sky-Soaring White Horse Magic Qi. It seemed Lomyok could stand his ground even if he didn’t have any surprising or complicated skills. He was the prime example of qi-type’s principle—back to basics. The three basic stats—attack, defense, and speed—were all he needed to overwhelm an opponent.

    Himeko seized the chance to whisper to Sila, “Eight kilometers to the north. There are two powerful beings. Based on their conversations, I’m sure the two must be Aurora and Tiamat in their human forms.”

    Sila finally knew the destination. “Everyone, listen! These dragons are weaker than they appear to be. This is the end of the era claiming that dragons are the strongest race! Show them our power! Kill them all!!”

    To respond to Sila’s declaration, a warcry full of energy echoed throughout the canyon.

    In any case, dragons weren’t weak like Sila claimed. He simply wanted to raise their morale. He was aware that more than half of the players present had a high chance of dying. Their deaths would contribute to his quest’s accomplishment.

    For him to achieve his goal, Sila was prepared to step on his followers’ dead bodies. He needed strength—an unparalleled strength that would make him unbeatable, a strength that turned him into an unshakeable mountain instead of a mere rock.

    Even though he possessed the ability to invite the slime army to help, Sila never considered this a viable option.

    ‘Slimes will permanently die if they are killed by these dragons, while players can revive no matter how many times they die. I won’t use monsters unless it is absolutely necessary.’

    From the players’ perspective, monsters were only masses of data that were created and killed every single day. Their lives were worthless and couldn’t be compared to the life of even the most ordinary player.

    Sila had no idea that his unusual stance on the value of life would come back to bite him one day.

    No human, no matter who they are, has the right to determine the value of life.

  • Chapter 263: Light and Darkness

    Sila headed to the north. Along the way, he spotted three more Marquis Rank dragons flying toward his allies. He decided to conceal his presence and let them fly past him.

    The number of dragons he needed to eliminate was two, and both of them were Lord Rank. It was close to impossible for him to take care of the two by himself. After giving the quest some thought, the solution he had come up with was... assassination.

    No matter how high their health points were, they would still die if he pierced their hearts when they had their guard down.

    After he mastered the Cloud Part, even though he didn’t get any increase in power, Sila was more confident in his control. In his current state, he was sure that even Goddess’ Resonance wouldn’t find him easily if he willed it.

    Flaming Cloud Qi might be disadvantageous against Goddess’ Resonance. However, Flaming Cloud Qi wasn’t the only power Sila possessed.

    Lord Rank dragons were supposed to be stronger than Lord Rank monsters from other races. They might even be as strong as Clute, who was born in the Monster Realm. Sila didn’t dare to underestimate their strength. The method he used to conceal his presence was adapted from Viola’s Divine Raiment.

    Before he fought Pythia the Wind Dragon on the Island of Beginnings, Viola had used Divine Raiment to create a defensive dome. Sila adapted her usage by covering himself with a layer of the ability, not directly on his skin but one millimeter above it. He then created yet another layer of Divine Raiment directly on his skin and flipped its side of protection, meaning his presence—including his power, the sound of his heartbeat, or the sound of blood flowing through his veins—wouldn’t leak outside. As long as someone didn’t spot Sila with their own eyes, they wouldn’t be aware of his presence even if he was right next to them.

    Sila adjusted his weight to be as light as a feather, quietly leaping through the canyon and finally arriving at a certain old temple that gave off an ancient vibe. It seemed this temple was built a long time ago by arranging carved stone and holding it together using vines and roots growing naturally. The atmosphere was quite sacred, giving off the feeling that just stepping inside without permission could be the gravest sin.

    The entrance of the temple was so wide that even Rex in its dragon form could enter with room to spare. Sila swept his gaze around to ensure that no one was there before soaring up to a wooden frame that was part of the ceiling and sticking to it like a magnet.

    Sila wanted to know what was inside, but he didn’t possess inhuman hearing like Himeko. He also didn’t dare to expand his profound sense to search as that would instantly give away his location. In the end, he chose to mimic a gecko by crawling near the ceiling.

    Past the entrance was a long, wide corridor that stretched further than his eyes could see. On both sides of the corridor were several unlit lanterns, lined up all the way down the corridor. The interior had enough lighting due to small clusters of flames floating around with the support of magic power.

    Sila silently crawled along the wooden beam. No one could see him as long as they didn’t look up at the ceiling.

    The corridor was unbelievably long. Given Sila’s speed, he had gone far enough inside for him to not see the entrance anymore in just a few minutes, yet an end still couldn’t be seen. In fact, nothing could be seen at all, aside from the usual corridor, lanterns with no fuel, and floating flames.

    Strangely, Sila felt like his vision was playing a trick on him. It was a small, subtle feeling though. He thought it was due to him strengthening his eyesight with qi too much at first. However, he couldn’t shake the feeling that he had experienced something like this before.

    He went even further, then started to doubt his sense of direction. He wasn’t sure that he was heading in the right direction anymore despite the corridor being a straight path.

    ‘Ah! I see. This is an illusion.’ Sila finally recalled that the feeling he got was familiar to when he looked at the secret passage leading to the Fairy Kingdom. The illusion of that place was blurrier though, while he only felt a subtle discomfort in this place. That implied that the level of the illusion in this temple was frighteningly high. Even Moon Reflecting Mirror couldn’t help him detect it.

    The moment Sila earnestly activated Moon Reflecting Mirror, a stone wall appeared in front of him, four meters away. He turned back and saw that the entrance was only a hundred meters behind him, which was totally weird since he felt he had traveled a lot further than that.

    Inspecting his surroundings, Sila found it was very unreasonable. There was only the stone wall blocking him while the entrance was behind his back. There was no crossroad or side path. This temple had nothing but a dead end.

    Sila stroked the wall and found that rather than calling it a wall, it was a giant boulder. He also felt Infernee’s magic power emanating from it.

    Looking up and down, left and right, Sila only saw stone plates. There didn’t seem to be a hidden passage or anything. Sila didn’t dare to make any loud noises. After he had calmed his mind, he decided to launch Genesis Punch at the stone wall in front of him.

    Genesis Punch worked silently as always. Sila had properly controlled his power so that his punch would drill a small hole with barely enough room for him. He then hopped in and crawled inside.

    Passing through the thick wall, Sila arrived in another wide corridor. He quickly crawled to the ceiling before observing. There were dragon statues, with different kinds and species, lined up along each side of the corridor.

    The further he went, the brighter it became. Therefore, Sila slowed down his speed and became more alert.

    Finally arriving at the end of the second corridor, Sila found a room. Much like the parts of the temple he had seen so far, the room was incredibly wide, to the point where he couldn’t see the corners. The atmosphere was calm and serene.

    Not far from the entrance was a large gazebo. In the middle of the gazebo’s floor was a clear pool that was emitting magic power. Leading down into the pool were stone steps, descending all the way to the bottom.

    Sila got a subtle feeling that this place gave off a vibe similar to the Cliff of Heroes in the Slime Kingdom.

    Unbeknownst to him, Sila’s guess was on the mark. This place was the Sacred Temple, an important place of the Dragon Kingdom. The dragon players would have to enter this place in order to read the Dragon’s Record inside the gazebo and select the kind of dragon they wanted to become through the Dragon Ritual. The ones who protected this place were none other than two greatest nobles of the dragon race—Aurora and Tiamat.

    There was strong illusion-type protection at the very entrance of the temple. The ones belonging to the dragon race could pass through it without a problem and easily reach the gazebo. Once they selected their desired dragon, they would have to exit the gazebo and search the corridor for the statue of that particular dragon, then place their blood on it.

    Later when they completed the ritual, they would have to come back to this place to bathe their bodies in the Sacred Pool and receive their rewards. Their Dragon Scales would transform into those of their desired dragon and they would be granted the right to learn the spells of that dragon. Additionally, they would acquire Dragon Domain.

    Infernee’s Dragon Ritual was an exception though, as the player wouldn’t have to come back to bathe their bodies in the Sacred Pool. As the Dragon Empress, her ability transcended Aurora and Tiamat. She could directly transmit a part of her power to the one passing her Ritual so long as they were somewhere in the New World.

    However, for those who didn’t belong to the dragon race, the illusion would imprison them until the day they died. It was impossible for beings of other races to infiltrate this sacred place.

    Even the Slime Guardians—Poluk, Viola, and Divine—didn’t have what it takes to enter the Sacred Temple. That was why they said they couldn’t capture Aurora or Tiamat for Sila. There were only two non-dragon existences with the qualifications to step into this place. One of the two was the Slime King, and the other one was Sila.

    The reason for that was simple. To enter the Sacred Temple without being a dragon, one must possess all three slime-raced skills as a prerequisite. At the entrance, one must use Divine Raiment to be protected against illusion magic. Sila had been using it since before he arrived, so he was unaware that all of his senses—including his sense of time and direction, or emotions such as fear or hunger—would have been manipulated if he hadn’t.

    Nevertheless, just protecting themselves against the manipulation wasn’t enough for them to find an exit or even a way to go back. Moon Reflecting Mirror was required to find an exit. For the record, the numerical value of illusion’s power was infinity. Moon Reflecting Mirror’s passive ability could reduce its effectiveness by fifty percent, but half of infinity is still infinity. That was why Sila couldn’t see through it like the time in the Fairy Kingdom. He only felt a slight discomfort.

    Even when the illusion was dismissed, the wall made of Infernee’s crystalized blood would be waiting for the intruder. It could only be seen and touched by non-dragon beings. If Sila didn’t break it with the power that could reduce objects to molecular units, like Genesis Punch, it would automatically regenerate at an incredible speed. Furthermore, that would trigger several traps.

    Sila jumped from the ceiling of the room to that of the gazebo in one go. He looked down and spotted a book on a podium open at a random section, though the pages were blank. As he would later find out, the reason he couldn’t read the contents of the Dragon’s Record was because he wasn’t a member of the dragon race.

    In any case, Sila was more interested in his targets that were supposed to be here. He hadn’t seen a single dragon ever since he stepped foot into this place. Himeko’s dark art shouldn’t have made an error. The distance from where she was to the location of the temple was also exactly as she had told him. That meant the two dragons must be somewhere around here. He just hadn’t found them yet.

    Suddenly, small bubbles appeared on the surface of the pool, making ripples. Sila quickly flattened his body against the gazebo’s ceiling. Soon, two dragons came out from beneath the surface. Sila felt both happy and thrilled, resisting the urge to look down and see their appearances.

    “I heard humans are invading our kingdom. Sane humans wouldn’t use a Dimension-Crossing Device to invade us. This must be that slime’s doing. He is the only one to have received an Invitation Card from us.” A hoarse voice was heard, but Sila could tell that the voice’s owner must be female.

    “If this invasion is really his work, then his target must be us. Suppose he has planned things ahead, he must have arrived at this temple already. Since he isn’t here, maybe he got trapped in the illusion?” Another voice rang out. The owner was also a woman, though her voice sounded sweeter.

    ‘That’s weird. I remembered them being a man and a woman. How can they be two women?’

    Regarding this point, Sila had no one but himself to blame. He didn’t have a proper look at Tiamat or research his opponents beforehand. Not only was Tiamat called the Chaos-Creating Dragon, but she also went by another title—Mother of Evil Dragons. Thus, it didn’t matter how masculine she appeared to be, she was undoubtedly a female. Sila saw her uptight posture while her body was covered by thick armor, hiding her figure, so he was too quick to judge her gender.

    Tiamat replied to Aurora, “You have a point. Let’s take a look.”

    Aurora nodded, then the two of them exited through the door Sila had just passed through.

    Sila descended into the gazebo. The two dragons would come back soon. Prior to that, he would have to find a suitable spot to assassinate them from. The first spot that caught his interest was the pool. He wondered how the two dragons had been inside without him seeing them, since the water was so clear he could see the bottom. Still, he didn’t think waiting underwater was a good idea.

    Sila picked up the Dragon’s Record and flipped through it. It turned out that every page was blank. In any case, the book being there must mean it was an important item. It might be a good idea to seize it. However, after thinking about it some more, that might help the two dragons realize that there was another person in the room. Thus, he returned it to the podium before continuing to search for a suitable hiding spot.

    This room was quite empty. There weren’t many places in which he could hide. In the end, Sila chose the spot directly above the entrance. He pulled out both of his swords and strengthened them with the full power of Formless Soldier. He patiently and calmly waited like a great eagle waiting for prey to appear. Soon, the sound of footsteps gradually returned.

    There was only one chance. Sila had to do it without making any errors.

    “The inside of the illusion is also empty. He is probably busy fighting against other dragons in the canyon then,” Aurora speculated.

    “That should be the case.”

    The approaching sound of footsteps further calmed Sila’s mind. His eyes shimmered with killing intent. Once the two dragons stepped through the doorway, Sila silently descended and stabbed his sword through Tiamat’s back, accurately piercing her heart.

    “Arghh!” Blood splattered as the blade thrust all the way through her chest.

    Noticing the enemy’s arrival, the two dragons of light and darkness instinctively unleashed their magic power.

    However, their power was absorbed into Sila’s swords before they could do anything. Sila no longer concealed his power and relied on the dragons’ moment of panic to forcefully seize their power through his swordsmanship.

    Heaven’s Dismissal — Vast Underworld.

    The power within Sila’s swords surged with mana from nature and the two dragons’ magic power. The Divine Raiment covering his body transformed into Demonic Raiment. Sila violently pressed his sword down and transmitted power through the floor, sending it straight to Aurora’s heart.

    His ambush was done in an instant. Using his own power combined with his enemies’, He managed to kill two Lord Rank dragons in a timeframe shorter than a second. No one would ever believe this if he shared this accomplishment with them.

    Tiamat’s corpse glimmered a faint black light, followed by Aurora’s white light. The two dead bodies disintegrated into a mass of dust. The black and white lights were flashing alternately before the two dragons had their bodies restored to perfect condition.

    “What is this? Dragon Heart? Only Montra and Infernee are supposed to have it, no?” Sila muttered aloud as he saw the two of them be resurrected.

    Aurora replied to his offhand remark by saying, “That wasn’t the power of Dragon Heart. It’s our natural disposition...”

    “...Darkness exists alongside light. Similarly, as long as the darkness remains, the light will never cease to exist,” Tiamat completed the sentence.

    “As long as one of us is alive, the two of us will live on,” Aurora revealed the answer.

    Sila was rather placid. “So... killing both of you at the exact same time is what I ought to do, correct?”

    “That’s one way to do it. However, you won’t get any more chances to harm us, you sneaky slime,” Tiamat confirmed.

    One of the two went to the left while the other went right. Aurora spun a mage staff in her hand, summoning seven orbs with different colors around her. The vision around her suddenly became strange in Sila’s eyes. No matter what she was doing, Sila judged that her specialty must be about light and illusions.

    As for Tiamat who was on the other side, she swung a club to smash the floor. Five dragon eggs the size of bowling balls then appeared out of nowhere. Cracks soon appeared along the eggs and a baby dragon flew out from each of them. Seeing from afar, the baby dragons seemed to be young versions of Pythia, the Wind Dragon.

    A black aura enveloping Tiamat was transmitted to the five baby dragons, accelerating their growth in a matter of seconds. They became miniature versions of a fully matured Pythia. Witnessing her power, Sila guessed that she was a summoner-type who strengthened her summons with black magic.

    Five Wind Dragons flew at Sila, their speed equal to the real Pythia.

    Sila raised his swords to block them, but he only managed to block two. The remaining three left injuries on his sides and his left cheek.

    Before Sila could do anything, Aurora drew her mage staff toward Sila despite the distance between them being quite far. Suddenly, a pair of giant dragon feet appeared above him and began to descend.

    Sila raised his swords again, but the feet simply passed through his weapons. He wondered if they were only illusions, but their weight pressed down on him a second later.

    “You can’t possibly win against us. The slime race is dangerous to the world. They must be sealed for all of eternity,” Tiamat declared.

    Next to her were three dragon eggs, which soon hatched into baby Hellfire Dragons. Meanwhile, Aurora continued to spin her mage staff, materializing two giant spears that were pointing at him.

    Just one dragon alone was already too much for him to handle. With the two joining forces, the level of difficulty had risen several stages. There wouldn’t be a desperate moment more suitable than this exact moment.

    Sila recalled Flaming Cloud Qi in his mind and started circulating qi in accordance to the Flame Part. Mastering the Flame Part was no different than playing with fire. An unsuccessful attempt would lead to doom, going up in flames. Desperation and danger were top-class firewood which had to be constantly tossed into a furnace with utmost care. Too slow or too weak, and the flame wouldn’t kindle. Too fast or too strong, and the flame would engulf the entire furnace, or rather the user. Mastery over the Cloud Part was required to balance the flames unless the user was a peerless genius.

    Dots of flames slowly appeared underneath Sila’s skin. It was a totally bizarre sight but the two dragons paid it no mind. The two dragons of light and darkness unleashed more of their magic power as they rushed to attack Sila.

    Sila’s body was swaying amidst a fierce torrent of magic power. The flames in his body seemed to alternate between fading away as if they were being extinguished and burning even brighter like they were burning him from the inside.

    This scene from afar made it seem like Sila was but a tiny firefly, daring to fight against the gods of light and darkness.

  • Can i ask a question please ? is this gonna be the last war sila had with his enemy or the war gonna continue to the monster realm ?
  • Can i ask a question please ? is this gonna be the last war sila had with his enemy or the war gonna continue to the monster realm ?
    That’s heading into spoiler territory. I'll PM you if you truly want to know. The gravity of the spoiler is not great, but you will lose some fun. Your imagination will run more wild if you don't know.
  • Can i ask a question please ? is this gonna be the last war sila had with his enemy or the war gonna continue to the monster realm ?
    If it makes you feel any better, there is a MSO2 that is still ongoing (as far as i know) but as for the plot in that, I have no clue what's happened. This is not a spoiler, just news that you should know.

    This might be a tough fight against the two dragons but at the same time, I can't wait to see how OP Sila will become after this battle since he's using it to kill two birds with one stone, releasing the slime kingdom and mastering the flame part of Flame Cloud Qi.
  • Sinless said:
    Can i ask a question please ? is this gonna be the last war sila had with his enemy or the war gonna continue to the monster realm ?
    That’s heading into spoiler territory. I'll PM you if you truly want to know. The gravity of the spoiler is not great, but you will lose some fun. Your imagination will run more wild if you don't know.
    Ah i see, well i just gonna wait then.

    Can i ask a question please ? is this gonna be the last war sila had with his enemy or the war gonna continue to the monster realm ?
    If it makes you feel any better, there is a MSO2 that is still ongoing (as far as i know) but as for the plot in that, I have no clue what's happened. This is not a spoiler, just news that you should know.

    This might be a tough fight against the two dragons but at the same time, I can't wait to see how OP Sila will become after this battle since he's using it to kill two birds with one stone, releasing the slime kingdom and mastering the flame part of Flame Cloud Qi.

    MSO2 ? is the MC still the same or have another enemy ?.

    Well i can not either when he become powerful enough to fight like his enemy did, like 1 vs 3 with advantage too of course, but i think it will take a while to get there cause the MC really have problem not only in personality but emotion too. So i just hope he not become hypocrite. After all in this arc he want everything goes according to his plan without make his love one suffering like that Miss Vata case. But we all know the truth is always hurt right.
  • @LanzaDeLuna

    I have no clue what is in MSO2 or if the MC is still the same. I did not research the novel to that extend or read it, I only know that there is a MSO2 is all.
  • Chapter 264: Flames

    Sounds are vibrations that typically propagate as audible waves of pressure. Some sounds are meaningful, while some are not. In any case, they can directly or indirectly affect people’s emotions. Some sounds can make people feel lively while others can make people feel depressed, both depending on the listeners and the timing.

    Goddess’ Resonance was the most mysterious dark art among the ones taught on Hell’s Gate’s Islands. This dark art was divided into two parts—the Receiving Part and the Sending Part.

    Regarding the Receiving Part, the practitioner of this art would have a heightened sense of hearing, allowing them to detect danger from even the faintest of sounds. The user could even hear sounds that no ordinary human could pick up, such as breathing, blood flowing through veins, injuries, and qi circulation. Thus, even though Heaven’s Heiress didn’t have exclusive martial arts like the other three Island Masters, each generation of Heaven’s Heiress could learn different kinds of martial arts through the Receiving Part. In fact, Himeko had learned several martial arts during her life as a spy, including from the Sky Dragon Dojo and the Flaming Cloud Dojo.

    As for the Sending Part, the practitioner could let out sounds in various forms. The sound sent by the user has the power to manipulate the target’s emotions without them realizing. At the highest level, Heaven’s Heiress could even manipulate people’s inner thoughts, confusing or distracting the opponent. This dark art worked especially well against an art which required great concentration or a calm state of mind, since Heaven’s Heiress could cause the target to experience qi deviation without even touching them.

    A prerequisite for learning was that the practitioner must be female. In addition, a grave downside of the art was that the user mustn’t have an attachment to a target. Whenever Heaven’s Heiress developed feelings for her target, the effectiveness of the art would be reduced by more than eighty percent. This was a secret known only to the various holders of the Heaven’s Heiress position.

    Sila’s sound had been lost for longer than twenty minutes. Himeko looked in the direction which Sila went in, a hint of concern shown in her eyes.

    Even so, her duty right now was to secretly provide support to other players. Himeko exerted the Sending Part, sending a sound—which human ears could pick up but couldn’t hear—in a wide area.

    Listening to the silent noise, people mysteriously began to calm down despite facing down several high-ranking dragons. Their fear and anxiety vanished mysteriously, making them be able to hold their ground in a battle to the death without hesitation.

    As Lomyok was stalling the Lord Rank dragon, the rest of the players had an easier time fighting. Even a dozen Marquis Rank dragons would have a hard time overwhelming the combined forces of citizens from Belacia City and Lord Rank monsters, especially when their teamwork was in top condition. The players disregarded pride as they fought together, ganging up on one dragon at a time.

    Only Mamon stood alone doing nothing. Clute, like Himeko, was supporting the players, blocking lethal attacks that would kill the intended targets if he didn’t step in.

    Amidst an intense battlefield, each player was like a candle burning faintly in a storm. They were weak if they were alone. However, as the number of players wasn’t just one but a hundred, a mere candle could become a firestorm.

    In the appropriate conditions, the Belacia Army—which was hardly different from a suicide squad at the beginning—could become a firestorm that gradually spread and reduced the mighty dragon race to ashes.

    A wind could extinguish a fire, yet it could also cause a fire to burn hotter and faster.

    T/N: A friendly reminder: ‘Vata’ in Thai means ‘Wind.’

    Under the secret guidance of Heaven’s Heiress, each player could exert the most of their potential and put it into the fight.

    Still, even if her body was there, Himeko tried to send her voice to reach Sila. Her voice might as well be just a weak breeze, but it carried her will to encourage a certain flame fighting against the light and darkness.


    While the flames of battle were shining ever brighter in the canyon, Sila’s flames were literally burning. However, they weren’t burning his opponents, but himself.

    Since the two dragons would immediately revive even if he killed one of them, Sila decided not to attack until he figured out how to kill them simultaneously. Luckily for him, this room was spacious enough for him to roam free with his profound movement techniques. Among the ten attacks coming from the two dragons, there were only three that he needed to block.

    This hopeless battle was the best firewood for practicing Flaming Cloud Qi. Mora had recommended that Sila master the Cloud Part first before attempting the Flame Part. However, by experiencing the Flame Part with his own body, rather than considering the above learning sequence an effective method, he would say it was absolutely necessary to master the Cloud Part prior to attempting the Flame Part.

    It was simple to say ‘maintaining the balance of power,’ but it was a hundred times more difficult to do so in practice. Sila’s body was now like a human furnace. The flame must be hot enough to melt his inner force while pushing him to his limits yet not too hot so it doesn’t reduce its user to ashes.

    To master the Flame Part, not only does one need to melt and purify their inner force with their own flames, but they also have to supplement the flames with external force from enemy attacks. The user must maintain the balance of power, defend against enemy attacks, and also find a way to win the fight.

    After Sila had evaded and blocked their attacks for ten minutes, he finally got the hang of Tiamat and Aurora’s fighting styles and the characteristics of their magic.

    Based on his observation, Aurora’s magic was about illusions. She could create all kinds of illusions—disregarding shapes, sizes, or even attributes. In terms of numbers, she could maintain a maximum of seven at any time.

    On their own, illusions are incapable of dealing damage. Thus, Sila was confident that Aurora must possess at least one more kind of power. He noticed that every time her body faintly glowed with her Light-Bending Dragon Scales, her illusions would temporarily materialize and become tangible. Based on what he had seen so far, Sila could tell that her illusions could only become tangible for three seconds, though he wasn’t sure if that was actually her limit, or if she was just baiting him.

    Tiamat’s magic resembled Aurora’s, though they were polar opposites. She possessed the power to summon real dragon eggs. Through her Chaos-Creating Dragon Scales, she could deceptively accelerate the growth of the eggs. The dragons that hatched from the eggs would be smaller than the original dragon due to their unnatural growth.

    Unfortunately, their attack power wasn’t inferior in any way. Sila had blocked Python’s Earth Spear with his hand and his wrist was temporarily numb as a result. The Python Sila had fought wasn’t this strong, but it had only been Knight Rank. If its rank was Marquis instead, its attack power would have been around this level.

    The only reassuring facts about these mini dragons were that their defense was rather weak and their intelligence was quite low. Sila had successfully killed some of them with suntetsu and they had died in just a few hits without trying to dodge.

    For the record, these dragons were bestowed fake lives by Tiamat’s black magic. Therefore, it was inevitable that they only possessed low health points and an incomplete thinking process. They were merely miniature creatures that would follow a few of their master’s simple instructions before dying. They were different from Entomomageia, which was living magic. Not only could the summoned insects follow complex commands, but they could also survive on their own without instructions.

    Three sources of power within Sila’s body was competing against each other without restraints. The first one was Five-Attributed Cloud Qi, which continued to change elements on its own. The second one was Flaming Cloud Qi, a power so hot and intense that Sila felt like he was bathing in a volcano. As for the last one, it was the most mysterious and unpredictable power. When the former powers were about to melt and merge together, this abnormal power would always act up and intervene in the process. When the two aforementioned powers became weakened, this third power would vanish without a trace. Despite the annoying mystery surrounding it, it was because of this power that Sila was still alive.

    Formerly, when Mora pointed out that this mysterious power was hiding while dormant in his body, Sila had believed that it was Tiger Dragon Qi—the first genuine qi art he had practiced. However, its bizarre movements told him that he was mistaken. This third power was too eccentric. Sometimes it brought him pain, sometimes it helped him, sometimes its circulation became fast, sometimes it was slow. All in all, it was too random and there appeared to be no pattern to its circulation method. It freely ran through Sila’s veins without him being able to control it.

    Based on the distance the two dragons maintained against him, Sila could discern that these two dragons were not combat types but tactical fighters. Still, their strength was fearsome thanks to their fused Dragon Domains—Absolute World of Light and Darkness. Under their Dragon Domains, every hit Sila took was heavy as if it belonged to a combat-type dragon.

    The fact that he could stay alive this long could be attributed to his large pool of health points, the high-speed healing of qi-types, the three slime skills which he had been using in a defensive manner, and Heaven’s Dismissal Sword Art—which he was using to weaken the strength of their attacks. Without any of these components, Sila would have died within the first few minutes.

    Still, he could hardly maintain his best form. Both internal and external damage caused him to suffer in both mind and body. It was at this time that his concentration broke and he was half a second too slow to take action. It was the opening that the two dragons had been looking for.

    “Dorolia, Hammer of Absolute Zero!!”

    “Seven orbs, one truth! Fist of the Dragon King!!”

    The two Lord Rank dragons’ voices rang out harmoniously. Anyone who heard how synchronized the voices were would think that no one could ever hope to achieve the same result.

    The mini Snow Dragon flying near Sila’s feet sent a small block of ice at Sila’s breastbone. The ice cube was small yet the power contained inside was enough to destroy Divine Raiment in one hit. The remaining impact also sent Sila flying upward while he was coughing out blood.

    The momentum of the impact hadn’t run out when a giant dragon’s palm appeared above Sila, its shadow covering his whole body. The seven orbs shone together as the dragon’s palm struck down, swatting Sila like a fly and sending him crashing into the pool.

    The impact was so powerful that the pool’s floor cracked and tidal waves were formed. Blood gushing out from Sila’s body dyed the pool pink.

    Sila’s power was moving ever so slowly to heal his wounds, its usual speed nowhere to be seen. His muscles and veins were in a tattered state. Even worse, the internal problem was more problematic than the external one. Even if he didn’t die under the dragons’ hands, he would eventually die from Flaming Cloud Qi, as he was slowly losing control over it.

    His vision underwater was blurry, but Sila could clearly hear the sound of objects sinking. Taking a side glance, he noticed six or seven mini Leviathans swimming his way.

    “Shield... of... Illuminus,” Sila activated the skill to desperately prolong his life.

    A sturdy golden barrier was formed around him, blocking the Leviathans’ powerful attacks. They would only swim around him for a few more seconds before disappearing. Still, another batch of them soon followed.

    As Sila was thinking he was safe, at least for a short time, an illusory sword soon appeared and passed through both Shield of Illuminus and Sila’s body before changing from intangible to tangible, adding one more wound to Sila’s stomach. He punched at the sword, which then shattered and disappeared.

    Apparently, Aurora was using high-level techniques against Sila. She utilized her illusion that could pass through any object to penetrate Sila’s defense before changing false to true.

    ‘How the heck can I win this? Even Illuminus can’t completely block the attack... they are too fraudulent.’

    Sila was exhausted as he could hardly hold his breath underwater. He decided to bet everything on his defense by activating Light of Illuminus on himself within the Shield, blocking Aurora’s illusionary attacks.

    “Don’t give up.” A quiet whisper entered his ears. It was Himeko’s voice.

    At first, Sila thought he was imagining things. However, the sound became louder each time he tried to listen to it. These words repeated with no signs of stopping. ‘Don’t give up’ echoed throughout his head as if Himeko was right next to him, cheering him on.

    “Don’t give up, Sila.”

    Sila quickly became cool-headed. He shouldn’t be impatient. He would waste more time if he acted too rashly.

    Sila took Franz’s pellets out and threw them into his mouth, swallowing them together with pool water. The three of them were Royal Blood—which quickly restored health points but came with the risk of too much blood gushing out of the consumer’s body—King’s Core, which temporarily amplified power but came with the risk of causing the consumer to explode due to the surge of power, and Queen’s Tear, which explosively regenerated special points while risking a lethal outburst of power. These three pellets were suitable for a monster like Franz but incompatible with a human’s body. The risk of dying was rather high if the undiluted forms were consumed.

    Sila’s body started to recover at an unbelievably fast pace. Against the risk, the mysterious power took the first action, trying its best to weaken the surplus recovery power. Still, its power alone couldn’t stand a chance against the three pellets combined.

    With the third power showing itself, Sila finally got a chance to carefully observe it.

    ‘Ah! It’s Yin Yang Energy!’

    Sila could recognize it in an instant. It was Yin Yang Energy, the qi that he deleted prior to developing Five-Attributed Cloud Qi. It was his first original qi art born from merging Tiger Dragon Qi and Dark Psychic Corrosion together.

    ‘I see. It couldn’t be deleted completely. The system couldn’t delete an inner force that is genuine in real life.’

    As he came to know its identity, Sila finally understood why he had failed to melt these three powers together. That was precisely due to the nature of Yin Yang Energy. He wasn’t trying to merge three power together, but four. Yin Yang Energy was a contradictory power on its own, so it didn’t cooperate when he attempted to merge it with more power.

    Light of Illuminus had already negated most of the damage it had absorbed in preparation. It wouldn’t be long until the skill was forcibly cancelled.

    Sila hurriedly and calmly took actions. He started by stopping all of his qi to turn his body into an empty vessel ready to contain an incoming power. With no qi protecting him, Yin Yang Energy surged and spread throughout his body. Sila seized this chance to maintain the balance between qi and psychic power. The qi part flowed through his veins while the psychic power part flowed in reverse. Since Sila had fused them in the past and his mastery of inner force circulation had improved a lot ever since, he could take full control of them in a short period of time.

    Once Yin Yang Energy had stabilized, Sila did the same thing with Flaming Cloud Qi and Five-Attributed Cloud Qi. One flowed through veins and the other flowed in reverse. All of them connected in his heart according to Flaming Cloud Qi’s circulation method.

    The three powers could stay together peacefully in his body, yet they refused to merge and become one. Instead, it was as if they were dividing the space in his body into three and living on their own.

    ‘I need an external oppressive force... it will be the last process to master the Flame Part.’

    Sila deactivated Illuminus’ skills, which immediately prompted four Leviathans to shoot waves at him from different directions. The impact crushed him as he was in the center, sending the water in the pool into the sky while Sila sank into the floor underneath.

    Sensing external harm, the three powers melted down and merged together with the initiative of Flaming Cloud Qi. An uncomfortable feeling of blockage finally left Sila as if he had been holding his breath and finally got to inhale fresh air. He felt a blissful moment and his brain was free from shackles.

    Sila kicked the floor and went flying above the pool, stopping himself in mid-air.

    Sila’s whole body emitted the fearsome might of his qi. He could stay in the sky with qi’s pushing and pulling techniques in a way that he couldn’t do so before. Black flames were swaying around him as his hair became completely black while his eyes beautifully shone ruby red.

    The change of atmosphere around Sila caused the two dragons to stop and re-evaluate him. Right now, Sila felt he had become stronger than ever before. He tried using the Great Flow to borrow the power of nature and found that what materialized on his palm were flames of qi instead of the usual faint vapor.

    The Crystal Divine Sword was currently in the pool, so Sila summoned the Crystal Demonic Sword into his hand.

    Heaven’s Dismissal — Second Sword Style, Crushing Mountain.

    Sila struck his sword at the pool and evaporated the water inside the Sacred Pool in an instant. He pulled the Crystal Divine Sword into his other hand before closing his eyes and activating a certain skill that he was sure would help him defeat these two dragons.

    Evil God’s Essence — Transcendent Moon Reflecting Mirror.

    The other Sila materialized next to him. Both of them were absolutely identical. The only difference was one of them wielded a thick light-blue sword while the other was holding a black sword with a jagged blade.

    With the qi and psychic power in Sila’s body perfectly melted down and fused thanks to the Flame Part, Sila could finally use psychic power as skillfully as Dark Self did while the same applied to Dark Self’s mastery over qi. Only their personalities were different. They had taken one step further to the state of absolute duality.

    “Finally, we meet.”

    “No words are necessary. The Dragon of Darkness is mine,” Dark Self replied curtly.

    “Sure,” Sila nodded as he took a look at the two dragons, who both looked confused since Sila and Dark Self were identical like twins. “Let’s find out which one will make a better pair. Yours or mine.”

    “Split and destroy.” Dark Self’s short sentence explained everything Sila needed to know. Dark Self leaped toward Tiamat while Sila closed the distance between him and Aurora at the same time. Even their movements were alike.

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  • oh thing are getting good, idk how that empty comment posted btw

  • If I read it somewhat correctly, does that mean Yin Yang Energy, Flaming Cloud Qi, and Five-Attribute Cloud Qi became one Qi art? If so, will we be able to learn the name of this Qi name in due time?
  • If I read it somewhat correctly, does that mean Yin Yang Energy, Flaming Cloud Qi, and Five-Attribute Cloud Qi became one Qi art? If so, will we be able to learn the name of this Qi name in due time?
    All of them merged together, becoming Sila-version Flaming Cloud Qi. (It's the reason why Mora said Flaming Cloud Qi can't be transmitted. It is different from people to people.)

    The name is still Flaming Cloud Qi, but Sila can still use the moves of Five-Attribued Cloud Qi.
  • Sinless said:
    If I read it somewhat correctly, does that mean Yin Yang Energy, Flaming Cloud Qi, and Five-Attribute Cloud Qi became one Qi art? If so, will we be able to learn the name of this Qi name in due time?
    All of them merged together, becoming Sila-version Flaming Cloud Qi. (It's the reason why Mora said Flaming Cloud Qi can't be transmitted. It is different from people to people.)

    The name is still Flaming Cloud Qi, but Sila can still use the moves of Five-Attribued Cloud Qi.
    So, will we be seeing the name of this new Qi art in future chapters?

    Does this mean that Sila only has Flaming Cloud Qi alongside the Magical Qi inside of him now with the abilities to still use Five-Attributed Cloud Qi and Yin-Yang Energy while only circulating Flaming Cloud Qi?
  • @Dragoonity
    I mean, Flaming Cloud Qi acted like an inner force furnace that melted Sila's qi arts together, granting him "Flaming Cloud Qi" with various abilities. Yeah, I guess what your summarized is pretty much on the spot.

    By the way, Flaming Cloud Qi had only melted real-life qi arts. Sila still had in-game magical qi, Shapeless Qi, and the dormant Omniscient Evil God Qi.

    I guess the next chapter's explanation will make things clearer for you.
  • Can i ask the question please ? Maybe because it's already a long chapter ago but what's the different between marquis and lord rank ? Is it different in term of power or ability or just in term of stats and attribute ?
    Because in a few chapter Sila is really look weak even though he is already reach a lord rank. I mean only two player who reach lord rank right cause Lomyok is reach emperor rank because his weapon not his character rank right.
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