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  • I wonder where Sila will go next. Since he needed to be in danger to train 'Flaming part' of flaming cloud qi, there are a few places that come to my mind.
    1. he'll finally confront the last 2 dragons on his quest
    2. he'll fight the Madmen valley's NPC again
    3. he'll go back and spar in the slime kingdom (unlikely)
    4. he'll go somewhere totally unexpected
  • theridion said:
    I wonder where Sila will go next. Since he needed to be in danger to train 'Flaming part' of flaming cloud qi, there are a few places that come to my mind.
    1. he'll finally confront the last 2 dragons on his quest
    2. he'll fight the Madmen valley's NPC again
    3. he'll go back and spar in the slime kingdom (unlikely)
    4. he'll go somewhere totally unexpected
    I believe its going to be either the last 2 dragons in his quest to release the slime kingdom or find a way into the monster Realm to find lucifer and maybe spar with him and get him as an ally/friend.

    The second one is less likely but with how things are going, I could see it somehow happening one way or another.
  • Chapter 254: A New Episode

    After the intense battle, Belacia City was almost completely destroyed. Only the restaurant that Sila stood on remained intact.

    For the record, Sila intended for Belacia City to be an operational base during the war event. Strategically, Belacia City held favorable terrain due to several reasons.

    Firstly, north of Belacia City was an ocean—making it impossible to surround the city—and south of Belacia City was difficult terrain, which would hinder any attempts an army made to march through.

    Next, the horribly cold environment surrounding the city causes people who aren’t used to it to suffer greatly.

    Lastly, there were many resources which were still undiscovered by players. Still, they were undiscovered due to being located in the territories of monsters.

    Sila was now sitting on the roof of the restaurant, at a table specially prepared by Indigo. Julia was standing next to him, silently pouring warm tea into his cup.

    Mamon had already returned to the inside of the armor while Lookhin and Clute were touring the city with Bluebird acting as their guide. For the record, Clute had never openly walked around the city, so he was very excited. No shop in the city remained for them to sightsee though.

    From the roof Sila had a full view of the entire city. Even though he had successfully handled the people, an unexpected consequence of his choice was the state of the city which required an enormous sum of money to restore to its normal state.

    Sigh... I should have warned everyone to be careful with the buildings.” Sila heaved a sigh of exhaustion.

    True, his debt had been cleared and he even made some profit from Lost Grea City. However, he had been using all the money he made to create laser-based weapons according to Mamon’s blueprints for the sake of the Wicked Union. His remaining wealth was nowhere near enough to fund the restoration of the city.

    For the record, after the battle, the citizens were quite depressed by the result, though some of them had their fighting spirits ignited. Some of them challenged Sila for one-on-one sparring matches to gauge the bottom of his strength. Sila naturally wasn’t the type to reject a challenge. However, as the number of challengers waiting in queue reached fifty in a matter of an hour, he eventually had to stop accepting the challenges, especially against Ryou who came back to challenge him more than three times wearing a wig and fake mustache. (His disguise was completely useless though, since he always wore only underpants.)

    In the end, Sila set it so that the challengers would have to fight Burapha first. After they won against Burapha they would get the right to fight Bluebird, and winning that duel would finally allow them to fight Sila.

    Burapha fought while following Asura’s guidance. He had been taught how to utilize psychic power, so Sila was no longer worried about him. Even when Burapha was defeated, there would still be Bluebird, the master of escape.

    Humans possess different strengths and weaknesses. Bluebird’s specialty was his profound ability to escape from a fight. He had successfully escaped from these players for a year, so it was a piece of cake for him to avoid being found by the citizens even when he was guiding Lookhin and Clute around the city.

    As for Sila, his specialties were his perseverance when practising and his adaptive thinking. However, he clearly wasn’t the type to plan ahead. He was in the dark regarding long-term planning. Although the desired result was in his mind, he was clueless about what steps he should take to achieve it. As he couldn’t come up with a solution no matter how much he wrestled with the problem, he ended up taking a break as his gaze wandered around the wreckages while sipping the cup of tea prepared by Julia.

    “Montra would have already come up with a way if he was in my position. Sigh... Why am I so stupid?” Sila grumbled.

    “Master, you’re not stupid. You just aren’t good at management and planning things through. Don’t blame yourself. No human is perfect,” encouraged Julia.

    “You’re right, but this is a problem I have to solve at all costs. Management is harder than I thought.”

    “Regarding solving problems, my opinion is that Mister Head Butler is really skilled. Why don’t you try consulting him?”

    “Oh, you’re right. Come to think of it, where is he? It has been two days since I gave him his instructions. Taking care of Ballock shouldn’t take that long.” Sila closed his eyes as he tried to contact Sebastian through the partnership’s mental connection. The butler only gave a short reply that he would return soon.

    In order to kill time while waiting, Sila opened his system window and visited the game forum. With the system announcing that new features had been unlocked due to a new episode of the game, there were several new threads and discussions in the forum. Sila felt his head hurt just by seeing them.

    “Would you like me to summarize the information, Master?” proposed Julia.

    Sila raised his brows. “Eh? You can do that?”

    “Yes, Master. I’m, first and foremost, your supportive AI. Regarding the system, I have all the rights you have, depending on how much access you grant me. Evaluating and analyzing the information you seek is a service I can provide.”

    Sila nodded. ‘Wow. This is convenient... Well, this is probably normal considering her price, I guess?’

    “Would you like me to do so, Master?”

    “Go ahead. I don’t have anything to do anyway. Reading news while waiting for Sebastian is better than doing nothing.”

    Julia opened twenty or so system windows. Her eyes lost their luster as all of the information flooded into her. It seemed she was in the middle of processing the data, so Sila didn’t dare to interrupt her. While waiting, Sila tried to summarize the situation.

    ‘Mn... My task regarding recruiting players is done. The problem at hand is the restoration of the city. Well, restoring Grea City already cost the union a lot. I don’t think the Mountain Thieves League or the Victorious Wolves Sect will have any money to spare. Sigh. Things always require money to solve.’

    “It is done,” said Julia. She sent the summarized information into Sila’s system window. “Most discussions are duplicated whereas there are only a few important topics. Among these topics, some of them are directly related to you, Master.”

    As he was listening, Sila swept his gaze over the summarized information which contained only a few pages. Julia had also highlighted some important sentences. 

    “The most important topic is the revelation that the reason for a new episode is the fact that someone completed the conditions to step into the Hall of Omniscience. This new episode brought many changes into the world of Monster Soul. One of the notable ones is the territory feature.

    “Regarding the territory feature, beings at Lord Rank or above can exert their influence in any territory under their control. The result of their influence varies according to each ruler. This change makes fighting monsters in their territory harder. Many players have complained about this increase in strength.”

    Reading the information as Julia spoke, Sila muttered, “Lord Rank beings? This includes Lord Rank players, then. In this case...”

    “Your thoughts are correct, Master. There are currently three Lord Rank players, which are Player Lone Wolf, Player Montra, and you. This fact is no longer a secret. When the territory feature was introduced, the names of you three were announced as well.”

    “What did the other two do?”

    “Player Lone Wolf gathered his comrades and tried to expand his guild’s influence around Zhongsuyuan City. As for Player Montra, he unsealed the Magic Kingdom, Alkedia City, into the Floating Magic Kingdom, Lafesta City. He claimed the floating city as his territory, but took no further action. He didn’t even try to conquer the areas around his city.”

    “Montra did what? Unseal the city? Is that possible?” Sila was curious.

    “That’s another big topic and notable change, Master. The game system announced that each of the three main cities can be unsealed into a completed state by performing a special, hidden quest. The unsealed city will be bestowed with several benefits. With the floating city being unsealed, many new magic items and buildings are introduced, increasing the number of visitors. The newly introduced buildings include the Library of Wisdom, a place that will grant magic users unique magic upon completing a quest it generates. For the record, Player Montra set it so that all players can access the city and every building inside with no entry fee, which greatly encouraged people to migrate into the city.”

    “No entry fees? So that means he can choose to collect them as well? Why didn’t he choose so, then?”

    “It’s another way to make profits, Mister Sila. Even if the city is free to access and some services are free, people living in the city still have to cover the costs of living there. The more people entering his city, the more profit he will gain. He can easily opt to ignore insignificant revenue like entry fees while improving his public image. Word of mouth is the best advertising method, sir.”

    Sebastian jumped onto the roof from the ground. Naturally, Sila had sensed him coming. He gestured for Sebastian to sit down on a chair, but the butler politely declined.

    “Standing is fine, sir. Let’s continue with the conversation. It sounds important.”

    Sila expected this reaction, so he signaled for Julia to continue. “It was revealed that the other two main cities can be unsealed as well. Zhongsuyuan City will become the Qi Kingdom shrouded in mysteries, but it isn’t clear if its name will change. The important building that will be unlocked is the Secluded Temple for qi-type players to perform quests and acquire special qi. As for Grea City, it will become the Ancient Kingdom of Androids, Siaferia City. One of the unlocked buildings is the Psychic Refinery, where psychic-type players can train their psychic power and create their unique weapons. Still, there is currently no known information regarding how to unseal these cities.”

    “That’s rather strange,” Sebastian said to no one in particular. “Excuse me, Miss Head Maid. May I ask how long after the territory feature had been unlocked was the Magic Kingdom unsealed?”

    Julia replied instantly, “About two to three hours.”

    “How is that strange, Sebastian?” asked Sila.

    “If there were no clues regarding how to unseal the city, how could Mister Montra unseal the Magic Kingdom so quickly? Could it be possible that he knew about it beforehand? He probably had everything ready for unsealing the city even before territory feature was unlocked, and immediately proceeded as soon as he could. It’s safe to assume that he possesses the knowledge of how to unseal all three cities.”

    “Is that possible?” Sila asked, feeling shocked.

    Sebastian nodded. “Alkedia City is also the city of knowledge. It is home to a giant library containing hundreds of thousands of books. It’s possible that he got the intel from there, though I’d say it’s hardly believable. The books in that place vary from random literary to important ones. Some books are about ancient history while some are rather useless. For him to obtain useful information from all those books, an unbelievable amount of effort would be required. I doubt a single human could achieve that kind of task.”

    Sila gave it a thought. He couldn’t imagine the sight of the perfect Montra putting all his effort into achieving a task. There was a rumor that Montra rarely practiced. However, his spear art implied that he had honed and developed it through hard work.

    “He might have assigned many people to help. The Heavenly Dragon Guild has many members. It is possible if they divided the books and cooperated in reading,” Sebastian voiced his opinion.

    Sila was no longer interested in this topic. He asked Julia, “Is there anything else?”

    “The rest is less important, Master. For example, monsters showing signs of being able to move out of their territories, increases in drop rates, and the speculation of who was the first to step into the Hall of Omniscience.”

    “Come to think of it, I haven’t seen Lomyok at all. He said he would come back in just a day.”

    “We don’t know, sir. Why don’t you try to contact him?”

    Opening his system window, Sila tried to contact Lomyok, but it was in vain. The system informed him that Lomyok was in an area which prohibited communication with people outside.

    Lomyok was one of the key players as his strength couldn’t be overlooked. Sila held an advantage as he knew Lomyok was the one who stepped into the Hall of Omniscience. He had to persuade Lomyok to join his side if possible.

    ‘Otherwise, I will have to get rid of him.’

    A dark thought surfaced in Sila’s mind for a split second, as his eyes gleamed with killing intent. This exact thought froze his body.

    ‘Was that my idea? How could I possibly think like that?’

    “Mister Sila, are you feeling okay?” Seeing his master acting weird, Sebastian called out to Sila.

    “It’s nothing...” Sila tried to behave normally. “By the way, how are you, Sebastian? Did you obtain the spells?”

    Sebastian showed a mild smile. “I did, sir. It’s only Blood Magic, but it’s better than nothing. Still, I had to use the Manifesting Soul Lantern.”

    “I still don’t know what the lantern can do. May I ask?”

    “It’s one of the Demonic Armaments, sir. The Manifesting Soul Lantern will summon the soul of the strongest being of the user’s race to temporarily dwell within the user’s body. Actually, soul-summoning magic is bound to have heavy restrictions—be it a short duration, an enormous amount of sacrifices, compatibility between body and soul, or even the location. However, the Manifesting Soul Lantern disregards all restrictions. That means the user can call forth the great being to fight in place of themselves whenever they want. The only drawbacks of the lantern are that the summoned being can do whatever they please—though their actions are heavily bound by the user’s desires—and that the lantern needs to recharge before it can be used again.”

    “How long until it can be used again?”

    Sebastian shook his head. “It was my first time using it, so I’m not sure, sir.”

    “That’s too bad.”

    “It’s fine, sir. Its performance last time was even better than I anticipated,” Sebastian said with a smile on his face.

    “The reason I called you, Sebastian, is that I want your help. I’m not good at planning things, but I want to make this place my base...”

    “I see, sir. Having your own territory will be useful in wartime.” Sebastian swept his gaze across the city. “This city is indeed suitable for defense. What do you want me to do, sir? Punish the citizens who are still hostile?”

    “That shouldn’t be a problem anymore. As things go, I believe I’m already on friendly terms with most people in the city. The problems at hand are rebuilding the city, reorganizing it, and an excuse to drive the hostile forces out.” Sila’s last words meant Revin and Kawin who might still be in this city. He only won a wager against the citizens, and that didn’t mean he had become the true conqueror of the city. He had no right to banish those two, as they had technically done nothing wrong.

    “A large sum of money is required to build a city, sir, so it’s not something you can do with your private funds unless we find the materials ourselves and put our own labor into rebuilding. Fortunately, natural resources found around Belacia City seem to be decent. With this method, not only will it save us money, but those who help us will also have a sense of unity as the city will be built by their own hands. It’s one way to develop loyalty and trust, sir.”

    “I have thought of that method, but the resources you mentioned are within the territories of monsters. Should we gather people to hunt them? The citizens in Belacia City are not at the stage where they’ll cooperate though. Or do we have to hunt them ourselves? With our numbers, will we be enough?”

    “Actually, you don’t have to go that far, sir. There is no need to gather people or to do the hard labor yourself. You just need to use this.”

    Sebastian took something out and put it on his palm. Sila had to stare at it for a while before he could recognize that it was the butler brooch. The brooch was drenched in dry blood. It was surprising to see Sebastian’s prized possession in this state, as he was someone who always kept himself clean.

    “The butler brooch? This will be enough?”

    Sebastian nodded as he revealed his signature smirk. “This will be far more than enough, sir.”

  • wait I forgot Sila lost the skill or whatever it was that increased the drop of an item or something like that 
  • wait never mind I now remember that it was Mamon in the card.
  • Chapter 255: Eight Rulers of the Northern Region

    Listening to Sebastian’s explanation, Sila’s eyes almost popped out of their sockets. Exactly as Sebastian had said, this butler brooch had the potential to solve his problems. However, to think that Sebastian had forced all Eight Rulers of the Northern Region to submit to Monster Follower pacts...

    “They are only under temporary pacts, sir. To make them official, Mister Sila will have to drop your blood on top of the brooch and declare the chant exactly as I prepared.” Sebastian placed the brooch on the table and slid it to Sila.

    “Will that be okay? Each of them must be at Lord Rank. They have also been hostile to each other for a long time. It will be difficult to make them cooperate.”

    “No need to worry, sir. I will just bluff using Lord Yama’s name and they will have no choice but to comply.”

    Though hesitant, Sila admitted that Sebastian’s method was a good solution to his current obstacles. He stabbed his fingertip with a suntetsu and watched as his blood dripped on the brooch. He then recited the words on the paper Sebastian handed him.

    “I, Sila, the Monster Emperor, shall make Monster Follower pacts with you, the Eight Rulers of the Northern Region. You shall be above all humans and monsters and under only me. Immediately show yourself if you accept my condition!”

    The contents of the pact differed from what Julia had prepared for him when he was making a pact with Rex, emphasising the superiority above the followers instead of equality.

    The brooch sucked all the blood on it inside, returning itself to its completely clean state while emitting some kind of dark flash. It blinked eight times before stopping.

    Eight dimensional gates opened surrounding Sila, along with a great rumble caused by powerful killing intents. The restaurant heavily shook and some cracks appeared on it.

    Sila had to quickly circulate qi in order to protect himself from the pressure when eight Lord-Rank monsters in human forms stepped through the gates.

    Sebastian secretly tapped on Sila’s back, informing him that the pacts weren’t yet successful.

    The first impression was the most important moment. Sila didn’t remove his gaze from the eight of them. He couldn’t afford to show his weak will if he really intended to reign over them.

    “State your names to show me your loyalty!”

    The eight monsters stared at the sole human sitting on a chair. Among the eight, the Giant King was the most hot-tempered one. He unleashed his qi and the roof tiles underneath immediately shattered. Seeing the event from afar, some players below quickly rang a bell non-stop.

    “Lord Yama is the only one this king fears. Who are you to act so haughty in front of the great me, you tiny human?” The Giant King in human form was a four-meters tall robust man wearing ragged clothing. Around his neck were bones hanging from a thread. He snapped one of the bones to hold in his hand and point at Sila.

    “I’m your ruler. State your name at once!” Sila unleashed his qi. The color of his eyes changed into red.

    Evil God’s Essence — Transcendent Monster Heir.

    Even though Sila’s level was lower, Monster Heir was a skill that directly intimidated monsters. With the Evil God’s Essence he received from Lucifer, the monsters became daunted and were weakened by the pressure.

    Sila flicked his wrist as he concentrated his qi into his pinky.

    Formless Martial God — Subduing Whip.

    Sila’s qi materialized into six metal whips extending from his pinky. He lashed the table in front of him into pieces and invalidated the Giant King’s overbearing might surrounding him. With the same move, he also dealt damage to the Giant King, making the latter retreat a few steps back. Small injuries appeared on the monster’s chest.

    ‘My Weapon Subduing Hand could deal only that much damage?’ Sila inwardly panicked at how sturdy the Giant King’s physique was.

    Weapon Subduing Hand was a concept Sila developed after he received help from Flaming Cloud Qi’s Cloud Part. The idea was inspired by Montra’s Heavenly Destiny Fist which changed his movements into different kinds of weapons. Nevertheless, Sila possessed stronger inner force so he didn’t have to rely on movements alone.

    Relying on the hard and soft attributes of Tiger Dragon Qi and his understanding of Formless Martial God, Sila successfully invented his own Yizichan consisting of one martial move for each finger. His thumb represented a spear, his index finger mimicked a saber, his middle finger reproduced a sword, his ring finger was a suntetsu, and his pinky created a whip.

    In fact, he wasn’t sure about this idea at first, but the Cloud Part made him see the possibility. He had seen similar moves in Crow’s Dignified Palm Blade and become confident that he could achieve this concept.

    Five different weapons were compressed into his hand. This was why Sila named the move Weapon Subduing Hand.

    Sila repeated the same words, yet his voice was louder and sounded more tyrannical, causing the hair of any who heard him to stand on end. “State your name!”

    The Giant King cancelled his qi and got down on his knee. “I am Karum, the Giant King.” Once he had stated his name, a certain small tattoo appeared on his chest. It was none other than the symbol of Sila’s Lordship.

    ‘My odds of winning are only 25.6%. I will give up for the time being, then.’ With only a single glance at Sila, a young man with black short hair closed his eyes and kneeled down. The third eye on his forehead remained open, however, and stared straight at Sila. “I am Vogue, the Evil Eye King.”

    “I am Margaret, the Vampire Queen.” The female vampire easily kneeled down. Her fearful eyes shot a side glance at Sebastian instead of looking at Sila.

    “I am Bul, the Dwarf King.” An elderly man with a short physique simply sat on the roof without tiles. He said nothing more but his eyes showed great interest in Sila’s Mechanical Evil God’s Protection.

    “I am Alex, the Sheep King.” A gentle young man politely bowed his head while pushing his glasses up with a finger.

    The same tattoo also appeared on the other four. With just a single move, Sila managed to gain respect from five of the eight rulers. It was one thing for Karum who personally took action, but the other four were not stubborn. Seeing that even Karum—the most impatient one among them—had stepped down, they followed his choice despite them having yet to show their own strengths. Well, to be fair, it was mainly due to their lingering fear toward Lord Yama.

    Still on his chair, Sila swept his gaze over the remaining three. “What about you three?”

    “This king prefers personally taking action rather than relying on someone else.” The man with braided hair in a Kung Fu uniform directed his sharp eyes at Sila. He pressed his foot on the roof before rotating his body and kicking a lighting strike toward the young man.

    Apparently, his psychic power materialized into a bolt of lightning. His movements were sharp and speedy. Sila couldn’t help but express words of admiration.

    “What a great move!” Sila exclaimed as he raised his hand to use one of his martial moves, Moon-Catcher. Instead of catching the attack, he opted for parrying it away in order to save his strength.

    However, the lightning strike in a shape of a javelin submerged into Sila’s body upon contact, briefly electrocuting him.

    The braided man didn’t perform another attack though. He stopped and looked down at his chest, where a suntetsu had gone half an inch into him. It had stabbed him before he saw it coming. It turned out that Sila had counterattacked him the moment an opening was made when he attacked. The gap should have only been visible for an instant, yet Sila could precisely seize the timing.

    “I am Kuroha, the Manta Ray King,” Kuroha declared as he sat down. Sila nodded at him while staring at the last two monsters.

    One of them was a man with puffy hair covering half of his face. A playful smile emerged on his lips. As for the other one, he was a middle-aged man, seemingly a serious and silent type. In his hand was a fire red fan.

    Aside from Lomyok, this was the first time Sila had seen someone using a fan as their weapon.

    “Wind King, let’s cooperate,” said the middle-aged man. He folded his fan and pointed it at Sila with a motion as if he was thrusting a spear. His footstep was unusually calm. A cluster of flames ignited on the tip of his fan.

    “Hehe~ So sly~ As I expected from you, Firebird King. But nope~ I will be playing my own game.” The playful man’s tone of voice was childish. He raised his hand up and a mini cyclone appeared on his palm. Apparently, the wind around the place was absorbed into his hand. Sila felt like he was being sucked into the center of the cyclone even though the man had yet to make any further moves.

    The two of them were different from the others. They didn’t make their moves with the intention of gauging Sila’s strength, but to actually kill him if they had a chance.

    The Firebird King’s personality was sly and cunning while the Wind King was extremely self-centered. No one could predict their behaviors.

    Formless Martial God — Subduing Saber.

    A saber was materialized on each of Sila’s index fingers. He mimicked how to use a saber from Sangdao. His knowledge about the saber might be incredibly lacking, but his attack was supplemented by his qi.

    Several sword waves appeared and flew at the Firebird King from all directions. However, the result was far different from Sila’s expectations.

    The Firebird King didn’t even try to evade Sila’s attacks. The sword waves hit him and caused injuries, yet the wounds were healed instantly. Moreover, the flame power on the tip of his fan seemed to get a boost in strength.

    The Firebird King’s Immortal Bird Qi was renowned for its healing ability. It was even known as “the qi which subdues other qi.”

    When the user was preparing an attack, the opponent’s incoming qi attack would be rendered useless and instead added to his own attack power. Witnessing Sila’s moves so far, the Firebird King was sure that Sila was qi-type. With the exception of Lucifer, the Firebird King was confident in his ability against most qi-type beings.

    Noticing that his qi had strengthened the opponent’s attack, Sila was secretly worried. He realized in an instant that the Firebird King’s mastery over Flame of Torturing and Worlds Crossing Bridge was beyond his own.

    In any case, since qi was weak against magic, Sila switched to using Element-Changing Nightmare Magical Qi. He fired a materialized hidden weapon through his ring finger, imbuing it with the magic power of the dark water element.

    The magical hidden weapon crashed against the tip of the Firebird King’s fan and splashed into droplets of black rain, extinguishing his qi.

    The Firebird King was overconfident in his qi and took the attack head-on. As Sila’s attack held an elemental advantage, the attack pushed him back five steps. The magic power also entered his body and harmed his veins, leaving him no choice but to sit down and circulate qi to drive Sila’s magical qi out.

    “I am Gigan, the Firebird King,” Gigan slowly stated his name as blood dripped from a corner of his mouth.

    Sila removed his gaze from Gigan and shifted his attention to the Wind King. Seeing what was in front of him, Sila furrowed his brows. There were three Wind Kings, and not one of them was a mere silhouette. Based on his qi perception, all three bodies were tangible.

    “Hehe~ You are qi-type, yet you can use magic power? What an interesting fellow you are. Though, can you guess which one of me is real~?”

    His words were of a teasing kind, but his actions suggested otherwise. The three bodies jumped off in different directions and ran through the air as fast as the wind. Sila might be able to handle one of them. However, against three, it was like facing off against three Zeros. Even worse, their actions were harmonious.

    The three Wind Kings sliced their hands through the air toward Sila. At a glance the three palms looked absolutely identical, but Sila could sense that imbued in each of the palms were different attributes of magic power. One was sharp, one was heavy, and one was light. He would easily be defeated if he didn’t handle each of them carefully.

    The Wind Kings’ moves were complicated despite seeming simple. Circulating qi into his brain according to the Cloud Part, Sila finally came up with a countermeasure. He decided to use the second stage’s overwhelming cycle of Five-Attributed Cloud Qi.

    Dual Overwhelming Attributes — Earth Absorbs Water, Steel Sage.

    Sila’s speed greatly increased to be half a level above the Wind Kings’. He blocked the three different palms with his left fist, his right palm, and his elbow.

    He didn’t stop with just that and unleashed Dark Psychic Corrosion, generating a mass of black dots. His psychic power ran through both of his arms.

    Witnessing a creepy psychic power that traveled like a swarm of locusts, the Wind Kings quickly stepped back, though the black mass had already made contact with every one of them.

    “Uwah~? What is this?” The three looked at each other. Soon, two of them placed their hands, the side which came into contact with Sila’s psychic power, on the body of the other one.

    Dark Psychic Corrosion was sent into the third Wind King. With the power combined, its devouring speed accelerated, corroding his body.

    The first two bodies waved their hands as if they were saying goodbye while the last one, whose body was mostly disintegrated, wiped the tears from his eyes. In the end, the third became one with the wind while the remaining two also fell apart in the same manner. All the wind fused together before transforming into one Wind King.

    “Oof. That was close~ By the way, I’m the Wind King,” said the Wind King but nothing happened. He scratched his head a few times before snapping his fingers. “Oh, right. I forgot. I am Saki, the Wind King.”

    The symbol finally formed on his neck, which Saki scratched three times.

    Sila stood up from his chair, which immediately turned to dust as soon as he stopped using his power to protect it. “You may stand. I just summoned you here today in order to make a pact. I have work for you all to complete over the days to come. This person here is Sebastian. He will be responsible for instructing you in my place. Just consult him if you have any questions.”

    Sebastian stepped forward. “We have already met, so I don’t think an introduction will be necessary. Please take your time, Mister Sila. I will take charge from here on out.”

    “Julia, please stay here and lend Sebastian a hand. I think I will go and check on Burapha.”

    Sila turned to nod at the eight rulers once before leaping toward the shopping area, which had been transformed into a temporary fight club where people challenged each other. Most of the players in Belacia City, including Burapha, were there.

    Going from Indigo’s restaurant to the shopping area was a straightforward trip, yet Sila took a detour mid-way. He traversed through the remains of a building while looking left and right to make sure that no one was following him. He then transformed himself into a slime and crawled underneath the wreckage. It wasn’t until he reached a small space inside did he revert to his normal form.

    “Urgh!” Sila vomited blood to release the pressure he had been holding in.

    If he had to pick a cause, it would be Kuroha’s lightning psychic power which had disturbed the flow of his power from the inside. After that, he continued to exert his power and even used a Dual Overwhelming Attributes move, which was usually too powerful.

    “They were all so strong. It was a difficult fight even though they came at me one at a time. To think that they were still so fearful despite their wills to fight being dominated by Monster Heir...”

    Sila started that fight with the Transcendent Rank Monster Heir in order to intimidate them. The skill dealt them temporary physiological damage, which was supposed to greatly weaken their overall strengths and make them unable to gauge the bottom of his fighting ability.

    With how things went, Sila believed that the time for him to train the Flame Part would be near. If things were going this well, he would be able to kill many birds with one stone.

    “Release Mamon.”

    The purple light came out of the armor. The boy looked left and right, feeling confused.

    “Where the hell is the place? It’s so cramped, like a rat hole. Why did you call me out?”

    Sila simply took a certain invitation card out and handed it to Mamon. “Can you modify this invitation card to make it allow more people to pass through?”

    Mamon took a look at the Invitation Card to the Dragon Kingdom and replied, “I can. However, just so you know, there exists a law of equivalent exchange in alchemy when altering most kinds of items. If you intend to use it that way, it may become an item with one use.”

    This invitation card was what Sila had obtained from the hands of the dragons of light and darkness. It was a high-grade invitation card similar to what dragon-race players would have. The number of times it could be used was supposed to be infinite.

    “It’s fine. One time is enough. How long do you need to make it happen?”

    “This is a high-grade item. I probably need an entire day,” Mamon estimated.

    “Good. Please take care of it, and also prepare for combat. I will host an event in the next three days, and the people in Belacia City will have to participate.”

    Mamon spun the invitation card on the tip of his finger. He grinned as he could guess Sila’s intentions. “Kiekkiekkiek. You plan to use others as pawns while doing your personal mission, I take it? Your idea is to my liking.”

    ‘Dragons drop good materials. I’ll take this chance to add some high-grade items into my collection,’ thought Mamon.

    “Seal Mamon.” Sila sent Mamon back into his armor. He remained within the wreckage until his injuries were fully healed before breaking through the rubble and going to his original destination—the temporary fight club.

  • Thank you for the chapter :) . Next up is Dragon Kingdom.

    On a side note, Sila has the monster heir skill and if I remember correctly, his hidden gift makes him easier in communicating with monsters right? I wonder if those skills would also work against people like the slime king and his generals (they're human NPCs but also monsters at the same time)
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    i'm confused right now, which one is his core martial art actually ? is that five cycle attribute or his dojo profound art ? or maybe his father technique too ?  it seems like he have so many technique but it feels like he don't have his martial core technique.

    people who understand please help for information.
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    i'm confused right now, which one is his core martial art actually ? is that five cycle attribute or his dojo profound art ? or maybe his father technique too ?  it seems like he have so many technique but it feels like he don't have his martial core technique.

    people who understand please help for information.
    This core martial arts that he made himself from experience that he got from other techniques like his father's is the Formless Martial God plus the Five Attribute Cloud Qi.
  • Exactly. For clarification, "profound art" is the term I used to define all wuxia-like arts. The term can be broken down into two: "qi art" and "martial art". Qi arts are about controlling inner force to produce wuxia-style power while martial arts are about the form/technique of fighting/movement.

    Sila's core profound arts are indeed like @Dragoonity said.
    Qi Art =  Five-Attributed Cloud Qi
    Martial Art = Formless Martial God

    By the way, "Weapon Subduing Hand" mentioned in the latest chapter is a subset of Formless Martial God. You can say that Sila improved his already existing art with the help of his teacher guidance (that he shouldn't overlook his finger's muscle) and the Cloud Part.

    As for his dojo's art, you can say that it's a powerful qi art that strengthens Sila's overall stats.
    Regarding his father's arts, they are options that Sila can choose when to use them.

    Think of it this way. Essense of Qi is Fusion, so both Five-Attributed Cloud Qi and Flaming Cloud Qi are always constantly strengthening him. (I'd say qi skills are semi-passive. They always show their power, but can be actively activated to unleash their full potential.) When his move such as "Dual Overwhelming Attributes — Earth Absorbs Water, Steel Sage" is mentioned, that's when he deliberately unleashed the specific qi's power.

    Feel free to ask if there're points that you still don't understand.
  • Chapter 256: Some Bad News and An Event

    When Sila arrived at the temporary fight club, he got excited by the atmosphere full of shouting and the sounds of battle. Hundreds of people fought to their hearts’ content.

    Spotting Sila, several spectators split up to make a path for him, which Sila thanked them for by bowing his head slightly.

    “Sila! Come here!” shouted Bluebird from a corner. Sila raised his head and found that Bluebird was sitting on a wooden seat in the front row, surrounded by Lookhin, Asura, and Clute. In a way, it was as if they were his bodyguards, preventing others from approaching him.

    Sila passed through the crowds and arrived next to Bluebird. He stroked Lookhin’s head a few times.

    “It seems everyone is here. Have you finished sightseeing?” asked Sila.

    “This city is small, and most of the buildings are in ruins. The only place to stop by is this fight club,” replied Bluebird.

    Sila turned his attention to the arena where Burapha was fighting. “What do you think, Mister Asura?”

    Asura didn’t shift his gaze to Sila. He stared at Burapha, who was fighting his fourteenth opponent, while scratching his bald head.

    “He is getting better, that’s for sure. I have been picking a slightly superior opponent to gradually make him grow stronger. The kid has been focusing on defense so he could save a lot of stamina. He should be good to fight seven or eight more opponents.”

    “But that’s only in terms of one-on-one fights, right?”

    “He can manage to stand his ground against a group if his opponents are weaker or equal. His lance art is good at defending, so he can save his life. His stamina will be consumed at a rapid rate though.”

    Sila had never seen the One-Eyed Evil God, Kirishima Kai, utilize Eastern Sea Sailing Lance Art before, but he could guess that the art was more profound than it appeared to be.

    Based only on what he had seen so far, Sila had no more advice to give. For Burapha to hone his lance art further, he could only rely on himself.

    Burapha drew his lance and deflected the spear held by his current opponent. He relied on the parry technique to redirect his opponent’s attack to the left before twisting his elbow, changing the position of his lance to jab his opponent’s armpit.

    Burapha’s psychic power flowed along with his movements and spiraled up, leading the accumulated psychic power in his opponent’s body to flow the same way. The attack came from the inside out, causing several ripples to appear on his opponent’s skin. The strength left his body as he fell on his knees.

    “Next person!” shouted Burapha. He took a deep breath, feeling energetic.

    Wondering which person he should pick next, Asura’s gaze wandered around the location. Yet Sila suddenly stepped into the arena. “Let me.”

    Burapha wailed. “Big Brother Sila? How can I stand a chance against you?”

    “No matter who your opponent is, you can’t think it’s a hopeless battle. In fact, my fighting abilities and Revin’s are around the same level,” Sila replied calmly.

    Even though they were aware that this wasn’t a fight to the death, the people were interested to see Sila’s battle. Thus, no one but Burapha opposed Sila’s abrupt decision.

    Seeing Sila summon the Crystal Divine Sword, some people were surprised. This was their first time witnessing Sila using a sword.

    “Big Brother, do you have to use a sword against me? I heard from Big Brother Blue that you only use it against strong opponents.”

    “Revin uses a sword too. His swordsmanship is even better than mine.”

    The name ‘Revin’ seemed to be a good catalyst for Burapha. He no longer complained as he moved his feet to confront Sila. His expression was devoid of hesitation.

    Sila tightened his grip while borrowing power from the Great Flow. He started the battle with the first sword style of Heaven’s Decree Sword Art, Inverted Ground.

    Nature responded to the sword art by influencing Burapha’s perception with a surreal phenomenon, making him think the ground was unstable and that he had to attack right now if he didn’t want to be buried alive.

    Still, Burapha didn’t move forward. He simply adjusted his breathing.

    Sila frowned. Heaven’s Decree Sword Art had always worked against his opponents so far. He didn’t understand why it didn’t affect Burapha. Nevertheless, as he had mastered the Cloud Part, it only took him a few seconds to guess the reason.

    ‘I see. Even if he felt the urge to attack, Burapha is aware that he excels more at defense. He would be put into a disadvantageous position if he attacked, so he chose to stay focused despite it conflicting with his intuition. That’s why Heaven’s Decree failed.’

    It was an unexpected weakness of Heaven’s Decree Sword Art. Even so, after thinking about it deeply, Sila decided it wasn’t a big deal. Even a slight moment of hesitation would give him enough of an advantage if he utilized it right.

    ‘I will have to be more direct in my attacks, then.’ Sila slowly stepped forward.

    The Great Flow, one of Pumin’s profound arts, was categorized as a magic ability in-game. Thus, it worked best when used together with his magic skills—Orbiting Cosmos and Element-Changing Nightmare Magical Qi.

    Black grains of sand swirled around the blade. Sila was exerting dark earth elemental power with Element-Changing Nightmare Magical Qi. Although the sword seemed to be lightly held in his hand, its physical attack power was greatly increased due to the supplementation of the earth element.

    Sila jumped into the sky while mimicking Revin’s martial move to attack Burapha by drawing his sword in a beautiful curve.

    Revin’s Flame Phoenix Sword Art was fierce yet ever-changing, suitable for a long and heavy sword. Sila’s sword had a thicker edge, so he couldn’t properly replicate the might of the art.

    As such, the strike was clearly inferior to Revin’s and Burapha easily blocked it using a psychic barrier.

    The attack power in the strike pushed Burapha three steps back while Sila could feel some kind of mysterious power silently submerging into his veins through his arm.

    Although this power was currently harmless, Sila was fully aware that it could become a problem in the future, so he quickly circulated qi to drive it out.

    “You’re good, Burapha.” Sila gave Burapha a compliment. “Still, it’s not enough. Your power is faint and lacking strength. The difference between it and Shueria’s Bomb Lurking Psychic is as large as the difference between Heaven and Earth. I could drive it out with just two laps of qi circulation. Revin wouldn’t take longer than me.”

    With his weakness being mentioned so clearly, Burapha had time to rethink. He had been controlling his power to become faint in order for it to easily submerge into his opponent’s body. However, as it could easily enter, it could easily be forced to exit as well.

    As Burapha was still pondering about it, Sila vanished from his line of sight. Only his words entered Burapha’s ears.

    “Scattered, they are weak. Integrate, and they will be strong.”

    Burapha calmly bumped the handle of his lance against the ground to emit his psychic power around the arena for the sake of pinpointing Sila’s location.

    Quickly, Burapha tilted his body to the left and swiftly blocked Sila’s sword using his lance.

    The impact wasn’t strong but it sent vibrations through Burapha’s lance and made it harder to hold.

    It seemed Sila had changed the element around his sword from earth to water. The dark water element focused on complexity rather than raw power, aiming at the weapon instead of the user.

    Burapha gritted his teeth as he rotated the lance to weaken the vibration. However, Sila didn’t allow him to do that so easily. He struck once more, this time with the dark fire element. The black flames were swirling fiercely around his sword. There was no mercy in this attack.

    The eyewitnesses thought Sila was too heavy-handed with his actions in what was only a sparring match, though no one could help Burapha in time.

    Meanwhile, Burapha himself was getting out of breath. He bore the exhaustion and forcefully exerted more of his power. He quickly came up with a way to survive by kicking the lance’s handle to quicken the speed of the rotation, finally dispersing the vibrations and blocking Sila’s second attack. At the same time, he also activated Water Spirit to melt the snow around him and protect himself with it.

    The sound of metal against metal echoed. Both weapons were made by the same legendary weaponsmith, so there was no difference in quality.

    Burapha’s psychic power developed during a moment of crisis. The wave of psychic power split into three and infiltrated Sila’s body using his sword as a medium.

    The three waves then recombined into one, squeezing Sila’s veins from within as if it was a steel thread.

    With Burapha’s evolved psychic power, Sila had to resort to using Serene Circulation and pressed his fingers on his arm in order to negate the wave.

    Sila’s eyes gleamed red as he pressed the sword down before dragging it along with the ground. His usage of a sword was bizarre and far from ordinary. It was at this moment that Sila executed his version of Heaven’s Decree Sword Art for the second time.

    Sila’s Personal Sword Art — Vast Underworld (Originally Inverted Ground).

    Sila’s swordsmanship differed from Pumin’s in the sense that he disregarded the manipulative power of the sword and compensated for it with an increase in profound strength.

    He swung the sword upward, aiming at Burapha’s chest.

    In the decisive moment between life and death, Sila retracted his power and slightly pulled back his sword. As a result, the back of his blade only sent Burapha flying two meters into the sky instead of killing him.

    ‘As expected of Flaming Cloud Qi, a dark art, I can even make Heaven’s Decree Sword Art into my own. I will have to adapt the remaining sword styles too.’

    Sila recalled the last strike just a moment ago. He spotted the chance to develop his own sword style, aiming for it to possess the attribute of penetrating an opponent’s defense. Even better, he could control his power at will. It only took him an instant to unleash or collect his sword might.

    Despite the fatigue, Burapha stood up while feeling delighted. He could clearly feel the development of his psychic power due to overcoming the danger just now. He hurriedly gave Sila words of gratitude.

    “Thank you, Big Brother. I can feel my power rising inside me.” Burapha then took a health potion out to drink.

    “Psychic power will develop in desperate moments, so I had to put you in danger. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you about my intentions beforehand. It would block your psychic power from growing if you knew the danger was false,” Sila explained while returning his sword to his armor.

    Witnessing the fight, Bluebird rushed at Sila and Burapha and intimately put his arms around their necks. “You two are getting stronger. Cool! At this rate, you will have a lot of followers in the future. When that time comes, you can just order them around without having to do anything yourself. Such bliss~”

    Sila and Burapha awkwardly smiled at Bluebird’s remark. Before the conversation continued, Bluebird’s system window notified him about an incoming message.

    Seeing the name of the sender, Bluebird quickly read the message. His expression immediately turned grim as he read the contents. It was an expression that his two friends had never seen on Bluebird’s face.

    “What happened, Big Brother?” asked Burapha.

    Bluebird replied with an exceptionally serious expression. “A problem occurred with Boss. Her identity as a spy was exposed and she was killed once. She is now offline and has requested my help.”

    Sila realized that this was indeed a grave situation. “What can we do to help?”

    The playfulness from earlier could no longer be seen in Bluebird’s eyes. He sent a message to Sila in order to prevent anyone else from eavesdropping.

    ‘I will go to the Floating Magic City and sneakily help Boss out.’

    Sila replied to the message. ‘That city is the base of the Heavenly Dragon Guild. How can you alone make it?’

    ‘I have to do it by myself, as our mobility will be negatively affected if many people go. I will appoint the time with Boss. When she logs in, I will take care of the person in her path and escape together with her.’

    ‘In that case, let the three of us go together.’

    ‘Do you think Burapha can do it? I am not looking down on him or anything, but with the task ahead of us, his ability to fight won’t be as important as his ability to survive.’

    ‘Don’t worry. You will see a new version of Burapha soon,’ Sila affirmed.

    With that, Bluebird was no longer opposed to the idea. ‘In any case, I will head over there in advance and make preparations. We have to plan an escape route at the very least.’

    Sila nodded. ‘Be careful.’

    Bluebird closed his system window and left. People were more interested in Sila, so they let Bluebird go without trying to stop him.

    Sila thought the time for him to proceed with his plan had come. The earlier he finished his goal here, the sooner he could go and help Bluebird.

    “Everybody, please listen to me.”

    Sila was becoming famous, so they all paid attention to him without complaints even though his voice wasn’t loud enough for some of them to hear clearly.

    “Three days from now, I will host a big event that is meant to bring us closer together. This event will be extremely dangerous. Anyone that doesn’t want to take part, I will have to ask you to leave the city before we start. Those who stay will automatically be forced to participate.”

    One person shouted. “What kind of event you are talking about?”

    “Raiding the Dragon Kingdom.” Sila had said it rather casually, but his words were like thunder to everyone’s ears. The silence vanished in an instant as it was replaced by a noisy atmosphere.

    “The Dragon Kingdom? Are you still sane?” White passed through everyone else and stood in front of Sila.

    Sila nonchalantly replied, “I know what kind of an opponent a dragon is. It possesses sturdy scales which are durable against all kinds of energy, a tremendous amount of magic power, the ability to manipulate the results of spells, and a domain that puts its opponents into a disadvantageous position. Furthermore, against many of them, their Dragon Domains will overlap with each other, making it hard for us to even lift our hands.

    “I won’t tell you this event will be easy, because it will be insanely difficult—so difficult that we have to join forces and bring out our full potential. Its difficulty will be enough to make most of us die in this raid. In any case, I’m not asking you to risk your lives for free. If most of you agree to participate, I promise I will shoulder the burden of rebuilding the city no matter how the raid turns out.”

    Sila had said what he wanted to say, so he simply waited for their replies. Meanwhile, the players looked askance at each other.

    After some discussions, people took turns to converse with White. In the end, White once more acted as the representative of the city when negotiating with Sila.

    “They have all agreed to participate, but under a few conditions. You have to prove to us that those weren’t empty words. The first condition is that we must see some progress for the restoration of the city—it must show signs that it will be done within a week. The other condition is that you must show your true strength, and it has to be at an acceptable level for bringing us to raid dragons.”

    Listening to White’s proposed conditions, Sila fell silent. Everyone thought the condition was too hard, though the fact was Sila was mentally communicating with Sebastian.

    While White was hesitating over whether she should lower the wager, Sila replied, “I accept your conditions. About the first condition, it will take only three days. The city will be completely rebuilt even before the event starts. Regarding the second condition, please pick a handful of the strongest people among your group, and I will show them my true strength.”

    “You never cease to amaze us, Mister Sila,” White muttered while shaking her head.

    “Don’t be amazed just yet, Miss White,” Burapha interrupted, “When Big Brother Sila is involved, this kind of thing can only be trivial.”

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  • Why the mc try to win against the enemy? I mean he already got his teacher back. And the mc dont even want to be king of underworld. Just for the sake of story? Half assed leader is not needed
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    Ezrael said:
    Why the mc try to win against the enemy? I mean he already got his teacher back. And the mc dont even want to be king of underworld. Just for the sake of story? Half assed leader is not needed
    You raised a fair point. My take is that there are several reasons, some changed through time.
    1. When he just got his teacher back, sure, his goal has achieved. However, the Elders presented him a mission. Even though he was doubtful at first, with his obedience-to-teacher nature and some explanation given by the Elders, he eventually opened to the idea of competing against Montra (the previous grudge he held against Montra might also play a role there).
    2. Seeing Montra's action of holding Bow as a hostage, Sila grew to dislike the man more. He came to the conclusion that he shouldn't let Montra become the leader of the organization in which his dojo was under its influence.
    3. Another reason is what Sila had admitted to himself. He wanted to prove to those mocked him in the past (about how Mora, his teacher, selected him as the main disciple despite he was pathetically weak) that he was worthy of being the main disciple. He did it as a filial duty to restore his teacher's face.

    That's all I can think of on the spot.
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  • Chapter 257: The Borderless City

    A day had passed since Sila agreed to their conditions.

    For a unique place like Belacia City, it was normal to see strange sights. However, the recent changes in the city were so strange that even the citizens became speechless and couldn’t shift their gazes from what was happening.

    Hundreds of monsters were entering the town and rebuilding it according to Sila’s instructions. No matter how hard they tried to think, no one was able to figure out how Sila could control all the monsters.

    This situation reduced Francine’s title, Monster Queen, to a mere joke.

    Monsters came and left the city, alternating their work shifts without slowing the construction. In order to prevent needless conflicts, Sila asked—or rather forced—the citizens to wait in the restaurant for the time being.

    At first, most players didn’t want to comply with Sila’s request. However, there was nothing they could do. The number of monsters cooperatively working in the city was beyond what they had encountered.

    Someone had tried to take advantage of the situation, attacking the monsters when they weren’t looking. Fortunately, that person eventually set a good example for others. As soon as they witnessed the consequences for that person’s actions, none of the other players dared to harm the monsters anymore.

    Obviously, Indigo’s restaurant had been a crowded place for two days already. The restaurant wasn’t that spacious, so there was no way all the citizens in the city could fit into it. Thankfully, with the help of the dwarf race, three more basement floors were added below the restaurant in just a few hours.

    Although the basement floors weren’t comfortable, it was enough as a momentary solution.

    Sebastian told the citizens that rebuilding the overall structure of the city took first priority. When everything was done, the restaurant would be undergoing great changes, as Sila intended to use this place as their headquarters in the city.

    Sila dumped all of the work related to construction on Sebastian while he invited a handful of players to his Mansion of Secrets in order to exchange martial moves and knowledge. This group of people would soon become the spearheads of his planned raid operation.

    The restoration of the city was going smoothly. Karum’s giant race was given the duty of protecting the city from outside threats while taking care of the manual labor during the day. On the other hand, the vampire race didn’t like sunlight, so they took over for the giants during the night.

    Bul, the Dwarf King, was responsible for designing the city’s layout and buildings, including hidden passages, traps, and tunnels. He worked together with Sebastian and Alex, the Sheep King, who possessed high wisdom. Even better, Alex’s magic power had the ability to alleviate fatigue, increasing the productivity of the workforce.

    Additionally, Sebastian seized this chance to request Clute’s help by setting up runes throughout the city.

    Gigan’s firebird race and Kuroha’s manta ray race could travel in the sky, so they were assigned duties regarding logistics. They transported raw materials all over the northern region to be used in the construction.

    Materials previously undiscovered by players were brought to the city with the help of hundreds of flying monsters. For the record, the ones responsible for distributing materials were those of the wind race.

    The Wind King, Saki, was only playing around, but his subordinates were working diligently. The population of this race was the highest among the eight races.

    Naturally, Sila had never seen the wind race before. Saki refused to transform back into his monster form, so Sila had been curious about the appearance of the wind race. He was inevitably surprised when he saw small squirrels working enthusiastically.

    Nevertheless, the monster of wisdom, Alex, politely informed him that beings of the wind race start out as squirrels and later evolve into kamaitachi, Japanese yokai with an appearance similar to weasels. They were one of the most terrifying monsters in the New World.

    The last one that Sila couldn’t imagine the real form of was Vogue, the Evil Eye King. Sila even let out a short exclamation when he saw Vogue’s minions in the true form of the evil eye race.

    As it turned out, the members of the evil eye race were none other than the One-Eyed Bats, low-level monsters living in low-level caves and dungeons. Players tended to kill them to obtain the Peek Card, which allowed them to peek at the contents inside others’ system windows. Sila had heard this in passing a very long time ago. He had never considered the possibility that most of the monsters of this race would be living in the northern region, or that they’d have a Lord Rank ruler.

    Vogue’s duty was to monitor and inspect all the finished jobs. He could accurately point out all the weaknesses in the layouts and predict every kind of possibility that may happen in the future. Moreover, he could spot all kinds of things that others often overlooked without any difficulty.

    Seeing Vogue’s ability, Sebastian recruited him, along with some other rulers, to take care of another job which Sila had assigned the butler.

    Presently, Belacia City’s alias, the Borderless City, was no longer a mere nickname representing the city full of unaffiliated people. Ever since Sila had stepped into the town, Belacia City had become a city full of strange and exciting events, day after day. It was as if the border that defined normalcy had long been left behind. What used to be odd had become common. Many strange things could happen in this Borderless City.

    Fifty meters above the ground, a giant manta ray was floating in the sky. For the record, the monsters of the manta ray race could live in the sky rather than the ocean when they were at least Knight Rank.

    This giant manta ray was a Marquis Rank monster that directly served its ruler. There were several people currently on its back, consisting of Sebastian the Head Butler, Vogue the Evil Eye King, Kuroha the Manta Ray King, Karum the Giant King, Alex the Sheep King, and Franz the Forgotten.

    They were all preparing to complete the second task that Sila had assigned to Sebastian. Among them, the sole female within the group couldn’t stop herself from complaining.

    “Inconceivable... to think that you forgot about me, Sebastian! So many damn things happened! Even that lazy ass Asura got a chance to show off. And what was I doing? Oh, right! I was busy stirring the liquid in a pot!!! Then what? You said you don’t want the brew anymore with a straight-face!!”

    They had all lost count of how many times Franz had complained after she got out and saw the sunlight.

    “Well, those potions are not useless. We better store them in case of emergencies. By the way, your diligence was praiseworthy. With all those loud sounds, you still failed to notice that a big battle was going on and continued with the potion-making,” Sebastian remarked.

    “Loud sounds you ass?! The basement was dark and deep. No noise ever reached me. I was dead tired from all the brewing, so how could I be in the mood to mind little vibrations! That place was worse than a sweatshop!!”

    “Easy, easy. That’s why I brought you here to exercise. This is a very important job though. Don’t make any mistakes.”

    Franz pouted while looking the other way. On the other hand, Sebastian shifted his attention to the Evil Eye King. “Have you gotten their positions?”

    With two of his eyes closed, only Vogue’s third eye on his forehead remained open. It rolled around non-stop until it spotted what he was looking for. Vogue opened all his eyes while pointing his finger downward.

    “Both of them are together in the old ruins. 387 meters west of our position.”

    As soon as the destination was revealed, they all moved according to what they had discussed. Each one of them jumped off the giant ray and traveled to the place Vogue mentioned using their own methods.

    The Evil Eye King was the first to take off. He relied on Psychic Impact to slide through the air. Every step he took seemed to be perfectly calculated, as there was not a single wasted movement.

    The Giant King used the momentum of his single jump to leap several meters. Once he was above the destination, he increased his weight using his qi, descending vertically.

    The quiet Sheep King corrected the position of his glasses on his eyes. His entire body transformed into a tuft of cotton wool resembling a cloud, gently drifting downward.

    The Manta Ray King spun his body once and fired a black javelin from his kick. His foot stuck to the javelin like a magnet, darting toward the target. Despite his delayed start, he was the first to arrive among his peers.

    The ones without eye-catching techniques turned out to be Sebastian and Franz. Both of them supported their bodies with magic power and qi reinforcement before descending normally.

    Kuroha’s javelin stabbed the earth, then Karum’s big body crashed down next to it and caused an earthquake. The two of them surrounded their targets from the front and the back.

    Sebastian stopped his feet on a roof, looking down at the two players Sila had commanded him to get rid of.

    “Greetings, Mister Revin and Mister Kawin, the Two Monarchs of the Heavenly Dragon Guild.”

    Kawin showed a serious expression while Revin showed a fearless smile as usual. The latter swept his eyes around to check up on the Lord Rank monsters that came down consecutively with interest.

    Kawin turned to Sebastian. “You must be Sebastian, Sila’s pet. What does this mean?”

    As they were having a conversation, Vogue and Alex appeared out of nowhere and surrounded the two humans from all four directions.

    Sebastian politely replied, “I’m here today to invite you two to leave, sirs. You are not welcome here.”

    Kawin immediately argued, “This city is an independent city and Sila holds no power here. What right does he have to expel us?”

    “You’re correct, sir. Belacia City welcomes any kind of player and won’t expel anyone so long as they don’t cause problems for the public. However, we are monsters. Those regulations are only for humans.”

    Revin interrupted, “When a dog bites, the owner is to blame. You are all monsters under Sila. He can’t deny his responsibility.”

    “Only I am Mister Sila’s monster, sir. The rest are monsters in the wild. It’s not our responsibility even if they kill someone. Humans killing monsters and monsters killing humans are both fundamental aspects of nature. If you die, you only have yourself to blame.”

    Hearing Sebastian’s reply, Revin grinned while Kawin showed a worried expression. It was unexpected that Sila would use this trick against them. What Sebastian just said was a rubbish argument. Everyone could tell that Sila was commanding these monsters with just a glance. Despite this, it was true that they weren’t his pets. If someone blamed him for his indiscriminate violence, Sila could simply shrug off the responsibility and deny his role in the violence.

    “Oh? Sila uses this method? That’s unexpected. I really can’t judge a book by its cover. Hahaha!” Revin’s laughter made everyone shift their attention to him, failing to notice that Kawin was acting first.

    “Rhythm of the Metal Fortress.”

    The color of Kawin’s body turned the color of metal. With his feet on the surface of the earth, Kawin could cast some magic spells without chants. He unleashed most of his magic power in one go, spamming skills against his enemies.

    “Stone Pillars. Earth Walls. Iron Castle.”

    The pillars made of stone thrust up from the ground and spread out, flying at each opponent. Meanwhile, earth walls were summoned to limit their movements. Kawin even upgraded the defensive power of the earth walls by transforming them into metal.

    No one dared to make a mistake or let the targets escape. Each monster showed its full strength in order to kill the two humans.

    Karum quickly circulated Titan Qi. The more laps it circulated throughout his body, the bigger his body became. His normal height was four meters, but it now reached more than fifteen meters and showed no signs of stopping.

    The bones hanging from the thread around his neck snapped as he grew larger. Karum inhaled the bones into his nose and suddenly got a further boost to his strength and qi. These bones belonged to dead monsters of the manta ray race. Each of their body parts were useful for qi-types. For the record, the black baby manta ray that Sila had eaten in the past belonged to this race. One in every ten thousand manta rays was born with a completely black body, and the flesh of this creature was extremely precious as it could stabilize qi when cooked.

    The Giant King clenched his fist and smashed through the walls. They broke with only one punch, revealing the two people inside. Kawin showed a panicked expression as his defense was destroyed easily.

    Kuroha jumped into the sky and flicked his wrist, firing six long sharp pieces of metal from his hand. The electricity from his body flew after the metal needles and merged with all of them. These needles were called manta ray tails.

    Revin’s insight made him realize the situation in an instant. With Kawin and him being together, they could help each other, but that also made them become a single target. Their odds of survival would increase if they split up, especially for him who specialized in mobility.

    “Kawin! Tell Montra I will take care of this side alone!” Revin shouted as he blocked the six manta ray tails using his sword. Even so, the lightning traveled down the metal needles and into his hand, making him lose the strength to hold the sword.

    Kawin showed no hesitation. He believed in Revin and knew that he could manage. He took a Crystal of Connecting out when Alex suddenly showed up behind him. With his intuition, he clad his back with all of his remaining magic power to block the silent kick stomping on the center of his back.

    Alex’s Sleeping Kick wasn’t as powerful as Kawin predicted. Instead, it was as soft as a light tap. However, Kawin still felt danger. He decided to listen to his instincts rather than his body, refusing to turn back and fight instead of activating the crystal to teleport away.

    Alex didn’t say anything. He hadn’t held back with that kick. However, Kawin possessed high health points, Earth Dragon’s Scales, and Rhythm of the Metal Fortress. All these factors made Alex incapable of killing him in one hit.

    For the record, the Sheep King possessed two terrifying abilities. They were Sleeping Kick Art and Slumber Magic.

    The first was performed through his unique way of using magic power reinforcement and his unusual martial art, resulting in a kicking art which was light and silent. The prominent points of the art were his silent footsteps and his special kick. The kick thrown by him had no impact upon contact yet dealt extremely high damage to the opponent’s health points. There were tons of players who thought his kicks were weak without checking their remaining health points and eventually died foolish deaths, clueless about what had happened.

    As for Slumber Magic, it could generate realistic illusory monsters that possessed terrifying strength and intelligence. With this magic and his kicking art, the Sheep King was one of the monsters who had never been killed by players before.

    Not including Sebastian, who simply stared and did nothing, Revin had to fight three Lord Rank monsters all alone. Even worse, if he didn’t hurry, the Sheep King and the Evil Eye King might join the battle. His defense wasn’t as good as Kawin’s. The opening that would occur when he activated the crystal would cost him his life if he attempted to use it.

    Inspecting himself, Revin found that he had been poisoned. It was Franz’s attack that had blended in with the previous exchanges without Revin noticing. Several bleeding wounds suddenly emerged on his skin. He lost his ability to breathe. His hands were numb, and his magic power became disorderly.

    “I have to use this sooner than I expected. I will have to thank Montra when I return,” Revin muttered to himself.

    Vogue’s eyes widened as he shouted at everyone, warning them to step back. No one dared to question the Evil Eye King’s warning. Every monster jumped back immediately, but they were still a bit too late. The amethyst pendant hanging from Revin’s neck let off a pale glow while the flame soon engulfed Revin. Six layers of flames exploded with him in the center and fiercely spread out, injuring everyone around him.

    Gem of Catastrophe — Moon Amethyst.

    After Montra had heard news about Sila showing up with monsters, he sent two certain items to Revin. One of them was the Moon Amethyst. Just a single use proved the gem’s lethality, making many Lord Rank monsters suffer and become unable to move for a while.

    With the chaos he had brought, Revin fled the scene. Only his words remained to be heard, though his voice was full of energy with no sign of any injuries on him.

    “Don’t worry about me leaving the city, guys! Until I get my hands on the title Master of Swords, this Flame Monarch won’t go anywhere. Who in their right mind would leave such an interesting and lawless city easily, right? Hahahaha!”

  • geez, why his enemy is so hard to kill even they already gang up on them. but when other player want to kill him it looks like so damn easy. i mean we know it is for the sake of plot but damn give him advantage please, why someone who want to be a leader of big association can not have a little winning over his enemy.
  • geez, why his enemy is so hard to kill even they already gang up on them. but when other player want to kill him it looks like so damn easy. i mean we know it is for the sake of plot but damn give him advantage please, why someone who want to be a leader of big association can not have a little winning over his enemy.
    Well, we are viewing things mostly from Sila's perspective, so it can be frustrating to see his enemies being protected by the plot. However, like Pumin said, Montra held an extreme advantage as he had a head start. In my opinion, I don't think it's too much of a plot armor when Montra and his co. pull off one or two amazing feats.
  • Sinless said:
    geez, why his enemy is so hard to kill even they already gang up on them. but when other player want to kill him it looks like so damn easy. i mean we know it is for the sake of plot but damn give him advantage please, why someone who want to be a leader of big association can not have a little winning over his enemy.
    Well, we are viewing things mostly from Sila's perspective, so it can be frustrating to see his enemies being protected by the plot. However, like Pumin said, Montra held an extreme advantage as he had a head start. In my opinion, I don't think it's too much of a plot armor when Montra and his co. pull off one or two amazing feats.

    Well it's true what you said, but please he is the mc you know. And like you said it's kinda frustrating too see it. I mean sila is suppose to have a heaven defying talent cause he learns everything so fast, maybe for other people they must learn their martial art for so many years like kimon or montra but he learn it not even a year yet. And yet he still can not defeat the lackey of his enemy. Geez.

    Thanks for your replay ^_^
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    @Sinless someone started a listing for this on RR and I just want to make sure that you actually are the same person as the account with the same name on Royalroad claims.
    whats RR?
  • @its_ya_boi
    It's Royal Road.
  • Sinless said:
    It's Royal Road.
    oh thanks
  • Chapter 258: The City Sleeps in Flames

    Revin laid down on top of a ruined building in the old residential zone. The restoration of the city hadn’t reached this section yet. They didn’t have a lot of time, so Sebastian focused the construction on the important areas first, meaning there were temporarily abandoned parts of the city that Revin could hide in.

    Phew... That was close.” Revin released a sigh of relief as he looked at the Moon Amethyst, which had lost its light. “It would be super cool if I could always use it.”

    The Moon Amethyst, one of the Gems of Catastrophe. The conceptual ability it possessed was ‘Recovery.’

    Each of the Gems of Catastrophe held a different power and had different methods of utilization. A few of them could be used directly, while others needed to be processed into an item. There were also ones that automatically activated, and some that could only be activated when the conditions were met. The Moon Amethyst was in the last category.

    It wasn’t an item that could be used anywhere and anytime. The user needed to be on the brink of death from heavy injuries, poison, curses, or some other kind of harmful abnormal condition. Upon activation, all of the negative effects on the user would be converted into a wave that spreads outward, dealing damage to anyone nearby. Meanwhile, all of the injuries on the user’s body would vanish, though their health points would be unchanged.

    After being used, the Moon Amethyst requires some time to recharge, depending on the damage it converted.

    Revin’s senses were keener than Kawin’s, so Montra left it in his care.

    “I talked tough, but they were definitely Lord Rank monsters. If I don’t use my head, I won’t even make it to tomorrow.”

    Revin drank a high-grade health potion and sat down, circulating Triple Sky Energy to regain his strength and stamina. As he did this, his head tried to come up with a way to survive this Borderless City full of monsters.

    “The number of enemies is a problem. I can fight one of them, but any more than that and I probably won’t stand a chance.”

    Revin waited nearly half an hour for the Moon Amethyst to regain its luster. He was aware that his opponents must be worried about the Gem of Catastrophe, and that granted him time to sit comfortably like this. However, once they came up with a plan or a countermeasure, he wouldn’t even have time to sleep. The hotel would become the last place he visited. If he were in their shoes, the first place he would send monsters to guard would be the hotel.

    “I’m alone, so I need to use guerrilla warfare tactics, causing chaos before seizing a chance to kill them one by one. It seems the time has come for me to use this.”

    Revin opened his system window and took out a brown metal plate with the appearance of a cage. He hid it inside his sleeve so he could use it immediately once the need arose.

    Revin stood up and swept the dust off his lap. “I have to start before they make a move. Those guys won’t expect me to strike instead of hiding. I have to buy time for Montra. The day after tomorrow is an important day, so I can’t afford to fail.”

    The Explosia Sword grew in length and reached one-and-a-half meters. It responded to Revin’s fire magic by giving off an orange glow.

    Revin dragged the sword along with the ground while moving at high speed by strengthening his feet through fire magic power. Every step he took left a flame behind him.

    There were many spells that could achieve the result Revin desired. However, unlike Montra, Revin wasn’t good at using magic spells. Solaria possessed dozens of spells, but Revin only took a liking to two or three mid-tier ones and a few low-tier ones. The high-tier spells that required a long casting time were out of the question. He was a swordsman. He had no desire to stop his feet to cast spells. That style of fighting should be left to the magicians.

    “Fortunately, the city is already in a ruined state due to Sila. The citizens won’t feel angry at me if I ruin it even further.”

    Revin ran and leaped toward the shopping zone, which was under construction. The flames obediently followed him while creating a trail of fire. Solaria’s flames were fiercer than normal fires, causing the Borderless City to soon be enveloped in chaotic flames.


    ‘Extinguish those flames first.’ Kuroha ordered his subordinates through their mental connection. A group of hundreds of rays assembled and poured water on the fire engulfing one of the newly built buildings.

    Sadly, these flames were hellfire that belonged to the Hellfire Dragon, Solaria. It was impossible to extinguish them with normal water. To get rid of them, they required special items, water-element magic power, cold-element qi, or water-attributed psychic power. The mantra ray race was considered half-water and half-lightning, so their powers were not enough to completely put out any of the fires.

    The construction was important work, so Sebastian had no choice but to reduce the force responsible for hunting Revin and instruct them to take care of the flames and the damage they had caused.

    The giants had to take some buildings down to prevent the fire from spreading. The rest of the monsters received Freezing Potions, a popular item sold at Sebastian’s old shop, in order to extinguish small groups of fire. As for the big flames, it was Franz’s job to swallow the Snow Crystal before circulating Seven-Form Serpent Qi, exerting the full potential of the pellet to extinguish the violent flames.

    Staring at the chaos in front of him, Sebastian pondered.

    ‘I can’t afford to take this man lightly. He saw through the weakness in our messy chain of command and exploited it by causing damage that we didn’t expect. With no crisis management, we were in a state of chaos until just a moment ago. Even worse, he is holding the entire city hostage. He knows we have to protect the city, so he dares to burn it. Not only does his action reduce the manpower dedicated to hunting him, but it also brings chaos, creating a chance for him to turn the tables on us.’

    Vogue was one of the monsters with the duty of hunting Revin. However, Revin’s flames were considered as part of himself, so the Evil Eye King couldn’t find the man easily.

    Revin was like a leaf hiding in a forest—or rather a cluster of fire hiding within a sea of flames.

    The Evil Eye King stood alone in a place far from the chaos in order to focus. He concentrated and activated Psychic Enlightenment, opening his third eye to look for traces of the Flame Monarch. Even though it would be hard to find him, it was still within his capability. Finding him was just a matter of time.

    ‘This human didn’t use Solaria’s Dragon Domain which has a larger radius in order to conceal his presence. Still... the fires are suddenly appearing in several places at once. What does this mean?’

    Vogue used his evil eye to stare at one of the origin points he discovered, and the designated area appeared in front of him as if he was standing next to it.

    A sword made of magic power was floating and dragging itself along the ground in no detectable patterns. It left a trail of flames along the course it took and immediately exploded into flames as soon as it approached any monster.

    ‘I see. He is using the dragon race’s ability to manipulate the results of spells. He must have summoned several Flaming Blades of the Underworld and scattered them all over the place, setting them to explode if the conditions were met. What a terrifyingly smart strategy.’

    Vogue clapped his hands once, and the One-Eyed Bats soon flew toward him and flapped their wings around his body. Spoken words were unneeded as they quickly departed and scattered to find the target their king desired. As for Vogue himself, he simply closed his eyes and borrowed the sights of all the bats to look around.

    Suddenly, he detected a presence nearby.

    “Finally, we meet again. I take it that you are a monster that specializes in searching, right?” The voice of the man he was looking for rang out from his left, along with the swinging blade cutting through the air. Vogue was busy searching far and wide. He didn’t expect the enemy to be this close without him noticing.

    ‘I see. He was walking in the flames.’ Vogue could come up with the answer in no time. It was the only method Revin could use to approach him—by reducing his power and concealing his presence in the flames, he could silently and slowly move around the place.

    Even though the Evil Eye King had tried to evade, the flame blade still managed to sever his left arm. Vogue fired a laser from his eyes.

    “Oops!” Revin didn’t dodge but lifted his sword to block the laser, which got absorbed by the Explosia Sword, making it shine brighter.

    Spotting the sword, Vogue was aware of its ability and immediately stopped firing. He jumped backward as he spread his bat wings, using Psychic Impact in order to escape.

    Revin ignited flames on his feet, launching himself after the Evil Eye King as if he had become a comet. His whole body was engulfed in flames.

    He didn’t want Vogue to be successful in his escape, thus there was no mercy.

    Flame Phoenix Sword Art — Phoenix Sears the Sky.

    Lines of flames beautifully curved in the air, going around Vogue and blocking his path. Additionally, Revin’s attacks continued with him activating the item skill he had gotten from the Explosia Sword.

    “Bomb Blast!”

    The grenade darted forward like a bullet. It was the moment that Revin was certain of his victory. Nevertheless, Vogue turned his head and stared into Revin’s eyes. The eye on the Evil Eye King’s forehead blinked once, and the situation was overturned.

    Revin ended up being surrounded by the flames. The grenade that should have been flying at Vogue was instead flying toward him.

    Revin quickly raised his sword to block the grenade while strengthening his Hellfire Dragon Scales using magic power.

    The sound of the explosion was loud and clear, like a big firework in the sky.


    Floating in the sky, Vogue showed a stern expression. According to his calculations, thirty seconds were required for the reinforcements to arrive after hearing the explosion. By himself, he didn’t have the capability to take down a dragon, especially a human who had inherited powers from Solaria—rumored to be the most aggressive dragon—through its Dragon Ritual.

    The smoke from the explosion was blown away by the cold winds, revealing Revin standing in the sky. His body was covered in cuts and his left arm was slightly burnt. He looked at Vogue with eyes full of excitement.

    “A skill that can swap places with the target, it seems? That was my first time seeing it. Well, such a gimmick guarantees that you are a technique-type. Even if your rank is Lord, your overall strength should be lower than mine—that of a Marquis Rank combat-type dragon. Victory will be mine if I can force you to fight me head-on,” Revin speculated.

    Vogue didn’t reply to Revin’s words, though it was exactly as the human had said. The dragons were an almighty race in Monster Soul. Most dragons possessed the strength to fight on par with opponents of a higher rank.

    More importantly, Solaria was the strongest dragon out of the mid-class dragons. Solaria’s flames were deeply connected to its life force. The more injured Solaria was, the stronger and the hotter its flames would become.

    Revin’s body was covered in flames once more. Time was short, so he no longer had the intention to conceal his position. Dragon Domain was activated. The atmosphere became so hot it felt like volcanoes were erupting nearby, and the heat constantly damaged Vogue’s health points.

    Revin soared at Vogue by creating a mini-explosion below his shoes. He executed one of the strongest moves of his sword art.

    Flame Phoenix Sword Art — Phoenix Sacrifice.

    Triple Sky Energy surged and overflew. Cracks appeared on Revin’s skin, covering his entire body in red blood. Hundreds of sword waves exploded and blew off in all directions. The waves not only surrounded the enemy, but also the user.

    It was an extremely thrilling and dangerous martial move that left the user only one way to survive, which was to break through the enemy and soar through a single opening behind them.

    Calmly, Vogue widened three of his eyes. The eyes rolled around and calculated the sequence of the sword waves. He unleashed psychic power and proceeded to move in a weird pattern, which allowed him to miraculously evade the ‘net’ of sword waves.

    The soaring Revin charged his Explosia Sword using his own attacks before activating its item skill again. Four giant grenades circulated around the battlefield, ready to explode. His actions rendered Vogue’s swapping ability useless as their positions were equally deadly.

    “Flaming Blades of the Underworld!” Revin summoned flame blades made of magic power on top of the Explosia Sword. He brandished his sword at Vogue without minding the sharp blade energies covering the space, even blocking the only way to escape.

    Vogue materialized a shield from his psychic power to block Revin’s sword which was surrounded by several flame blades. The clash made the two of them end up being caged by the sword waves, which came crashing toward them.

    Their blood was spilled and their flesh was cut over and over. They both lost a lot of health points.

    Considering the number of wounds on Vogue’s body, the Evil Eye King had become weaker. On the contrary, Revin’s strength only increased the closer he was to death.

    Vogue’s psychic shield began to crack. Witnessing it, Revin grinned happily.

    “Bomb Blast!” The flame blades surrounding the Explosia Sword were absorbed and transformed into bombs. The explosion chained with the previous grenades, heavily injuring both combatants.

    The explosion occurred right on Revin’s hand, so he received more damage from it than Vogue, who resisted by materializing a barrier around his body.

    At that time, Revin weakly raised his burnt left hand and grabbed onto Vogue’s remaining arm.

    The Evil Eye King tried to shake it off, but that was hardly possible because he only had one arm. Furthermore, with his arm being physically seized, he couldn’t use Psychic Astral to escape from the next attack.

    Gem of Catastrophe — Moon Amethyst.

    Seizing the perfect timing, Revin used the Moon Amethyst to convert all of his injuries into damage. Seven rings blew outward with him as the center. Vogue was unable to dodge as he received all of the attacks at close range. Each explosion burned a batch of his health points divided by Psychic Dividing Life. After the smoke cleared, all that was left of Vogue was his charred torso. His legs were nowhere to be seen.

    Revin reappeared on a nearby roof, looking perfectly healthy. His hand was still holding onto the half-dead Vogue.

    “That was super close. If I had been two seconds too slow, I would have died,” Revin remarked as he took a look at the Gem of Catastrophe in his possession, which had just lost its light again.

    Vogue had a difficult time moving his mouth. “It’s too soon to... celebrate. This king has obtained all of your information. The next time this king comes back... it will be your turn to die.”

    The Evil Eye King’s dying words were right. He was one of the monsters players tended to avoid fighting against. The reason was he could come back with a perfect analysis of his previous opponent. Furthermore, his respawn time was extremely short due to his skill, Psychic Preserve, which also saved him from losing levels upon dying. (It was different than the undead race’s passive skill in a sense that Psychic Preserve was an active skill that could be learned, though it had a long cooldown time of one month.)

    “I expected as much... that’s why I will be using this.”

    The clock was ticking. Revin sensed several strong presences leaping toward them at high speed. He quickly took the metal plate out of his sleeve.

    Seeing it for the first time, Vogue frowned as he didn’t understand Revin’s intentions. However, after he inspected it, his eyes almost popped out.

    “Wait!! No! I don’t want to go there—!”

    Revin interrupted, “Sorry. It’s as Sebastian said. It’s natural for humans to kill monsters and monsters to kill humans. I will have a hard time in this city if you come back.”

    The metal plate emitted light as it released the upper body of the giant werewolf restrained by chains. The werewolf was obviously in a berserk state with its eyes flashing red. Spotting something lying in front of it, it immediately bared its claw and struck the Evil Eye King, sending Vogue flying and ending up motionless.

    Revin pulled the metal plate back, jerking the werewolf to come back into it, before returning it to his sleeve.

    “A wild monster won’t respawn if killed by another wild monster. Farewell, Three-Eyes.”

    What was in Revin’s hand just now was the Taming Plate, one of the new purchasable items available in the Floating Magic Kingdom. It could be used to keep a monster inside in order to tame them, slowly persuading them to become a pet.

    Montra used it to store the Werewolf King from the Town of Beginnings inside. He intended to make it his pet at first, but he later found that the Werewolf King was extremely rebellious and refused to obey any orders. In the end, he simply left it imprisoned in the plate.

    Hearing that Sila had several monsters following him, Montra adapted the utility of the Taming Plate, using it as a weapon. As long as the Werewolf King dealt the last strike, even though Revin wouldn’t get any items nor experience points, Sila’s monster follower would die and wouldn’t be able to respawn.

    Inspecting his health points, Revin found it was at the very bottom. He had to flee before the enemy’s reinforcements arrived. Igniting flames with Hellfire Dragon Scale, he jumped into the sea of fire and disappeared.

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    Man come on. the only thing I hate about this is that it never ends, the last 200+ chapters have been the same, the mc does something and the other 3 have a way to deal with it and then sila loses but still keeps going at them, it's like Chinese novels when the mc beats a scion of a high house and then has to fight another one from another high house until the novel ends.
    It's always the same thing... I'm getting kinda tired of it to be honest, at first it was fine because it was different than usual but now it is the same thing, dunno if i can keep reading this for long. Does anyone know how many chapters does this have?
  • edited December 2019
    cyront said:
    Man come on. the only thing I hate about this is that it never ends, the last 200+ chapters have been the same, the mc does something and the other 3 have a way to deal with it and then sila loses but still keeps going at them, it's like Chinese novels when the mc beats a scion of a high house and then has to fight another one from another high house until the novel ends.
    It's always the same thing... I'm getting kinda tired of it to be honest, at first it was fine because it was different than usual but now it is the same thing, dunno if i can keep reading this for long. Does anyone know how many chapters does this have?
    There are 474 chapters in total. It's not like there are thousands of them like CN where MC constantly went to higher realms.
    While I know what you tried to say and understand your feeling of wanting to see the MC gain an edge over the rival side already, I hope you understand that Revin is like the Final Boss' right hand. If the MC is the only one who can grow and can easily take him down, the story would become boring in another way.
  • Sinless said:
    cyront said:
    Man come on. the only thing I hate about this is that it never ends, the last 200+ chapters have been the same, the mc does something and the other 3 have a way to deal with it and then sila loses but still keeps going at them, it's like Chinese novels when the mc beats a scion of a high house and then has to fight another one from another high house until the novel ends.
    It's always the same thing... I'm getting kinda tired of it to be honest, at first it was fine because it was different than usual but now it is the same thing, dunno if i can keep reading this for long. Does anyone know how many chapters does this have?
    There are 474 chapters in total. It's not like there are thousands of them like CN where MC constantly went to higher realms.
    While I know what you tried to say and understand your feeling of wanting to see the MC gain an edge over the rival side already, I hope you understand that Revin is like the Final Boss' right hand. If the MC is the only one who can grow and can easily take him down, the story would become boring in another way.
    well it's not wrong either, but it's already half of the story and we still not see the light yet. Maybe we need to suffer until we reach chapter 350+. Maybe that's when he can fight his enemy with overpowered power and ability.
  • Sinless said:
    cyront said:
    Man come on. the only thing I hate about this is that it never ends, the last 200+ chapters have been the same, the mc does something and the other 3 have a way to deal with it and then sila loses but still keeps going at them, it's like Chinese novels when the mc beats a scion of a high house and then has to fight another one from another high house until the novel ends.
    It's always the same thing... I'm getting kinda tired of it to be honest, at first it was fine because it was different than usual but now it is the same thing, dunno if i can keep reading this for long. Does anyone know how many chapters does this have?
    There are 474 chapters in total. It's not like there are thousands of them like CN where MC constantly went to higher realms.
    While I know what you tried to say and understand your feeling of wanting to see the MC gain an edge over the rival side already, I hope you understand that Revin is like the Final Boss' right hand. If the MC is the only one who can grow and can easily take him down, the story would become boring in another way.
    I get that montra is supposed to be the ultimate boss of bosses, but man this mc looks like it has learned nothing in the chapters so far; come on at least let him win in something.

    It's like I keep reading how strong he becomes, and how he changes history and all the mighty powers beyond comprehension he gets, only to lose again... Ash trying to be pokemon master all over again xD
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