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    Chapter 92: The Fall of the Royals

    Bluebird nodded in satisfaction at his own work. With Lomyok being absent, the atmosphere turned back to a lively one. Sebastian, Poluk, and Lone Wolf seemed to be discussing topics related to fighting. Ratri and Rattana were talking about girlish matters. Burapha started his conversation with Ginny, though she only listened to him one-sidedly.

    As for Noppakorn, he was now approaching Bluebird.

    “Hey, Blue, about what we discussed last time, what will be our next course of action?” Noppakorn asked.

    “Which one? Do you refer to my next plan for a banquet?”

    “You know what I mean. Don’t pretend like you don’t know what I’m talking about. It’s about the Royal Armament Guild.”

    “Fufu, about that, don’t worry. I have initialized my plan. Well, it should take around two weeks to show a visible result.”

    “Have you already consulted with the boss? This is by no means a small matter. Our guild is always of neutral standpoint. Although Sila seems like a good guy, this plan of yours will make us look like we are taking his side. Our guild’s standpoint might be wavering.”

    “That’s not it, Nop. A majority of the people playing Monster Soul are guildless and Sila is not the only one being bullied by the Royal Armament Guild. So, our standpoint to support the majority of players still stays the same. What I did was only making a slight change in our approach. Moreover, the news that I presented is the truth.”

    “That depends on the spectators’ point of views. Many might have a different viewpoint about what you did. What if the Royal Armament Guild retaliates? Boss will surely kill you.”

    “I’m sure that my plan will work just fine. Watch it, the Royal Armament Guild will fall roughly two weeks from now. About the boss, just leave it to me.”

    “Are you sure? Aren’t you suspended right now? Making the boss upset… this time the boss might really fire you.”

    “I took a break on my own to discover myself! Why does everyone always think that I’m being suspended or fired from the job?”

    “Umm… I’m sure that’s because of you being yourself. Well, If you’re that confident, I’m relieved. Just take responsibility if something happens. By the way, I think I’ll join that group for now, I might get some good information.” Noppakorn was no longer interested in Bluebird. He walked away and joined the conversation between Poluk, Sebastian, and Lone Wolf.

    “Wha? Suddenly, I’m left alone?” Bluebird looked left and right. He couldn’t bring himself to join any group in the room. Finally, he ended up drinking alone.

    Bluebird’s plan was to announce the evil deeds and defeat of the Royal Armament Guild across Monster Soul. The news would cause members of the guild to become restless. It would also encourage many players who had been bullied by the Royal Armament Guild to stand up against them.

    This news might not show a visible result in a short time. However, Cross had wasted the guild’s wealth on Sila twice. The first time was when he broke several swords to keep up with Zero during the city port’s incident, and the second was when he lost tremendous gambling money to Sila. The amount was close to three million gold. Despite how the Royal Armament Guild didn’t end up in debt, Cross had to give a proper answer to the guild members, especially since his guild was a gathering of people who were all only looking for their self-interest.

    Nevertheless, Bluebird’s prediction had an error. The collapse of the Royal Armament Guild happened sooner than he anticipated. It was caused by a totally unexpected factor.

    At the same time that everyone in Colossia City was having fun at the banquet, a particular man was facing the greatest crisis in his life.


    Within the main branch of the Royal Armament Guild, located in the Android Kingdom Grea.

    While Sila and the gang were merrily celebrating their victory in Colossia City, one of the Four Emperors of Monster Soul, Cross, was walking in stifling nervousness after hearing the bad news about the result of the battle tournament.

    Venom was one thing, but he couldn’t believe that both Francine and Fargo had lost to Sila. To make matters worse, the money lost from the gambling house was enormous. The members began to demand a responsibility that Cross had wasted guild’s money on a personal matter.

    “The hell with ‘personal matter!’ These bastards didn’t object when the plan was being discussed and hoped to gain a lot of money from the gambling, but when the plan fails, they want me to take responsibility alone, do they!?” Cross lost his temper. No one could have expected this to happen to his guild.

    Unbeknownst to Cross, this was just the beginning.

    The door of his room was opened. One of the guild members ran into the room.

    Cross furrowed his brows. Usually, to enter his room, every member had to ask for his permission first. For this member to ignore the manner, there must be some urgent news.

    “What happened?” Cross asked.

    “Sir Cross, please quickly open the game forum.”

    Cross opened his system window and visited the forum. New discussion threads related to his guild were constantly emerging and it didn’t look like they would slow down any time soon.

    “What in the…?”

    “There are many players demanding our guild take responsibility for the loss of their items when Miss Francine activated Sinful Oath, sir.”

    “Take responsibility for what? They just lost their lives in the game, didn’t they? Nothing else was lost.”

    “About that… everyone who died said that their level has dropped to 1. They also lost all of the items in their possession. The members of the Merchant Association claimed that the value of their lost items is more than a million gold. They also said that they will stop at nothing before we take responsibility.”

    “What the hell?! Are they making up a story? That ability doesn’t cause people to lose items.”

    “There are many guildless players claiming that they experienced the same thing. I don’t think they’re lying, sir, but I don’t know how this happened.”

    “Immediately contact Francine. Ask her whether she has done anything.”

    “We can’t contact any of the vice-leaders, sir, be it Miss Francine, Sir Venom, or Sir Fargo. In addition to this bad news, sir, there are many evil deeds that our guild has done in the past spreading around in the game forum. Presently, our members have began to panic and many people are assembling to rebel against us.”

    Cross gritted his teeth. His fist smashed onto the table, causing it to break apart.

    “Who is behind this?!” He shouted irritably.

    “E-Er… W-We still haven’t found the source of the news, sir. It seems like it was spread by word-of-mouth in various places. Based on the speed of the news being spread, the mastermind behind this must be a large guild like the Blue Pigeon Guild, the Heavenly Dragon Guild, the Merchant Association, the Mountain Thieves League, or the Victorious Wolves Sect.”

    Bad news came after bad news. Cross needed to rack his brain to find a solution to these problems.

    “Heed my order. Tell every member that this month, the guild will give them double their monthly income. This will make everyone regain their spirits. As for the news, quickly find out who dares to do this to us. During this time, our guild will keep a low profile.”

    “B-But, our guild’s capital is not that high. Also, the war event is coming soon so we need to tighten our spending…”

    “The problem at hand is regaining the trust of our guild members! About the money, we will accumulate wealth again.”

    “Roger, sir. In that case, I will immediately…”

    Cross’ subordinate still hadn’t finished his sentence when warnings in red letters emerged continuously from the guild window.

    “This is… Someone is attacking us!”

    The red warning meant the guild was under attack. These continuous warnings went off without any sign of stopping. Cross read through the warnings and found that every branch of his guild was asking for reinforcements.

    *Boom!* An explosion resonated outside of the room. The room shook.

    “What is happening? Go out and assess the situation!” Cross ordered his subordinate.

    The man ran outside. However, once he reached the door, another explosion occurred.

    “Ahhh!!” The unfortunate fellow was blown back from the explosion. His body was about to hit Cross. Moreover, his body was also infused with offensive magic power.

    Cross was shocked but he was still composed. He drew his sword and cleaved the body of his subordinate in two. The upper and the lower body flew in different directions.

    “Sir Cro-… Why?” The man couldn’t finish his sentence before turning into a pillar of light.

    Cross readied his sword. He clad his body in psychic power to prepare for the battle against the incoming invader. Beside him, his system window was still flashing several guild messages, asking for reinforcements.

    Then, a handsome man with white skin and slightly curly hair entered the room. He wore a tight white magic cloak. A mage staff with a dragon head was in his hand. His demeanor was elegant. The only part of his appearance that contradicted his seemingly perfect demeanor was his eyes that seemed to look down on everything.

    Cross gritted his teeth, emitting more psychic power. “Montra… What the hell are you doing here?”

    Montra’s expression didn’t change. “Hi, Cross, I’m just dropping by to greet you. How are you anyway?”

    “Stop talking nonsense! We are supposed to be allies until we get rid of that Sila! Why do you bring your guild to attack mine?!”

    “Alliance contract is only a mere decoration, Cross. No one adheres to such a thing. I know you aren’t that innocent to not know this,” replied Montra.

    “You… Why now? Shouldn’t we get rid of that Sila first?”

    “You’re quite a fool, Cross. Sila is only a mere tiny stone. He might resent me, but I have never and will never acknowledge him. Only people like you and Lone Wolf are my obstacles. Sila is only a pawn. The pawn that helped me witness the trump cards of my opponents.”

    The Big Three, consisting of the Royal Armament Guild, the Heavenly Dragon Guild, and the Victorious Wolves Sect, were influential guilds holding a balance of power in Monster Soul. Each of them didn’t dare to deal direct, significant blow any other two, fearing that the remaining figure would have a better standing point.

    However, the present Royal Armament Guild was far too weak. Shueria, Fargo, Francine, and Venom weren’t around to protect it. Even the normal members were in a state of disunity. There would not be a more suitable time than this for Montra to make his move. If the Royal Armament Guild collapsed, he would be able to focus on dealing with the Victorious Wolves Sect without being worried.

    “One more thing, you might have already known this, but the news of the Royal Armament Guild’s evil deeds is spreading throughout the game. I, as the guild master of the righteous Heavenly Dragon Guild, deem that the Royal Armament Guild is indeed evil and needs to be eliminated. See? I’m a guardian of justice,” said Montra.

    “You bastard… Montra… your guild is even worse than mine.”

    “Cross, you still don’t understand. Be it righteous or unjust, it’s something decided by the one with the power – by me.” Montra readied his Dragon Head Staff. “Oh, right, that Sila still has some use for me. It’s even better if he joins the Victorious Wolves Sect. That way, when I trample on him, their morale will plummet.”

    Cross gritted his teeth and opened his system window. Then, a particular sword appeared, replacing the previous sword in his hand.

    “Montra, you still don’t realize that I still have a trump card left. Infinite Sword Tomb is a trump card I prepared to fight against qi types like Zero and Lone Wolf. For you alone, I have another trump card.”

    The single-handed sword in Cross’ hand was engraved with ancient characters. The blade was golden and the handle was pitch black. The blade was shaking by itself as if it was a living being who met its mortal enemy.

    A smile was still hanging on Montra’s face and his tone was still as scornful as ever.

    “Dragon Killer Sword… You’re right. With this sword, my Dragon Heart skill will be rendered useless. Moreover, if a member of the dragon race like me is killed by it, my rank would be demoted by two ranks. It hasn’t been seen in Monster Soul for quite some time. I didn’t expect it to end up in your hands.”

    Dragon Killer Sword is among the first S-grade equipment that was discovered in Monster Soul. The reason behind its disappearance was because of its own ability. This sword was a mortal enemy to dragon race. It had its own source of magic power. In addition, the wearer would temporarily obtain an increase in stats as long as it was held. However, its significant downside was, once the owner of the sword dies, the sword will be transferred to the one who killed them. If the owner was killed by a monster, the sword will be transferred to that monster until someone kills that monster and obtains the sword. Thus, there was a period of time when players fought among themselves to get their hands on the sword. Most of the owners didn’t dare use it, while the ones who did died shortly after. Then, the sword disappeared from the world.

    Cross needed to spend a great deal of money and two years to find this sword.

    “That’s right. I saw the fight between you and Lone Wolf. If you can’t self-resurrect, you’re not much of a threat.”

    “That’s quite true. The current me may not be able to win against you who is holding the Dragon Killer Sword. However, I’m not alone.”

    Two more men entered the room. The Dragon Killer Sword started shaking more at their presence.

    The first man was a plain-looking man with a cold expression. His brown hair was in a clean pomade-style, showing his forehead. His eyes were clear and shone with magic power. The most noticeable point of him was that he wore a metal arm guard on both of his arms and ankles. Every one of his steps was firm and confident.

    The other man was smiling. He wore a tight red magic cloak with black lines. His eyes were red like a flame. His long, red hair was fluttering in the wind. Propped on his shoulder was a giant black sword. Despite how it looked heavy, this man could walk like it was weightless.

    “We’re done outside,” said the brown-haired man.

    Montra nodded. “You two, who will fight against Cross?”

    The red-haired man stepped forward. “Just leave him to me, Montra. There were only weaklings out there. Kawin even killed almost all of them.”

    “Can’t help it. You’re too slow,” said the man named Kawin.

    “Leave him to me, Montra. Please, please, please. You’re still undergoing your Dragon Ritual, aren’t you?” The red-haired man begged for the fight as if he was a kid.

    “Fine, Revin. Please finish the fight within ten minutes though,” said Montra.

    “Alright! That’s it!” The man named Revin stepped to the front of Montra and Kawin. He pointed his heavy sword at Cross. “Oh? Dragon Killer Sword? Well, whatever, let’s get started. I only have ten minutes for you.”

    Cross didn’t act hastily. He summoned another sword in his remaining hand. “Are there just three of you?”

    “Yeah. Actually, just me alone should be enough for this place. However, these two didn’t allow me,” said Revin.

    Cross was stressed. He had never seen these two men before. Based on the way they talked to Montra, it seemed they were not Montra’s subordinates but friends.

    “Who the hell are you? Why haven’t I heard of you before?”

    “Ara~ We have titles too, you know? It’s just that we haven’t made any public appearances yet. That deaf guy is Kawin, and I’m Revin. Normally, we are known as the Earth Monarch and the Flame Monarch.”

    “The Two Monarchs of the Heavenly Dragon Guild?” Cross entered a battle stance. “Anyway, all of you are still members of the dragon race, aren’t you? As long as I have this sword… plus…”

    Infinite Sword Tomb

    Ten swords floated in the air before scattering, leaving only their remnants made of psychic power.

    “Although there are only ten of them left, they are more than enough to kill magic types like you.”

    “Ah? Wait! What? Why?” Revin’s eyes were wide opened.

    Cross grinned. “It’s too late to give up now.”

    “Why…?” Revin was still in a daze. “Why do you seem so weak? Your move is also similar to mine. Hahh… I won’t stand out this way.”

    Kawin, who was standing in the rear, said, “One minute has passed.”

    “Kawin, we better wait outside.” After Montra said that, he went outside, followed by Kawin.

    “You bastards!” Cross was mad that he was being looked down upon. The enormous psychic power emitted from each floating sword. The building began to shake.

    “That should be it. Come on, come on, I only have nine minutes left. Please entertain me.”

    Revin spun the heavy sword in his hand as if it was weightless. The temperature in the room became hotter as if it was on fire.

    In fact, flames were actually starting to light up all over the entire building.

    Flaming Blades of the Underworld.”

    Tens of blades made of flame were floating in the air. That was the last time Cross could see Revin’s figure clearly.

    Revin’s body was on fire. He dashed toward Cross as if he was a comet. His speed was comparable to expert qi-type players.

    At the same time that the fireworks in Colossia City were fired into the night sky at midnight, the Royal Armament Guild collapsed. However, Sila exited the game around one o’clock so he didn’t hear about this.

    He would realize that there was a big change in Monster Soul the next time he logged in.

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    Kawin? when i read Kawin, it remind me to

    A Taboo Mating Between Human and Demonic Snake Goddess "Nyi Blorong"
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    A Sad Song of This Taboo Love 

  • @rosidbeken I believe some (or most) of Thai Names derive from Sanskrit, which is an Old Indo-Aryan language. So, yeah, it isn't weird for you to find a connection.

    By the way, your pictures are too large. Could you please resize them, or at least put a spoiler on them? We wouldn't want to disturb others' mobile data, would we? : )
  • Chapter 93: By Oneself

    A multitude of exploding fireworks beautifully filled Colossia City’s night sky, illuminating the city. Meanwhile, the night sky of the Grea City was illuminating too. However, the flashes didn’t come from fireworks but fromflames of malevolence.

    The base of the Royal Armament Guild was on fire, dying the night sky blood red.

    Montra and Kawin were waiting for Revin in the central square in front of the Royal Armament Guild where no other living beings remained.

    “Kawin, how is the progress of the task I assigned you?” Montra asked.

    Kawin replied, “I don’t know about Revin. I don’t think he’s concentrating on it. I always see him hunting monsters. As for me, I think I have some clues now.”

    “Is that so? In that case, about Revin’s part, I will take care of it myself.”

    “Are you sure? You are still undergoing your Dragon Ritual’s quest, aren’t you? Why don’t you ask another guild member to do it?”

    Montra shook his head. “I can’t. This task is too important. We have to do it ourselves. As for my Dragon Ritual’s quest, it will be done in the next two months. You don’t have to worry about me. Even if I have to fight, I still have the Dragon Heart skill and the Left Arm of the Sealed One with me.” Montra showed his left arm to Kawin. Montra’s left arm was deep black, from his fingertips to his shoulder. There were ancient characters written on it similar to Sila’s right arm. However, the characters on Montra’s left arm were white.

    “That arm always gives me a bad feeling every time I see it. By the way, have you found out where the Sealed One is?”

    Montra shook his head again. “Not yet, but that’s fine. It already benefits me greatly as it is.”

    Kawin nodded in agreement.

    Five years ago in the game, two months before the first war event had started, Montra, Kawin, and Revin had decided to raise their overall combat ability by simultaneously starting their Dragon Ritual’s quests. With Montra’s high confidence, he had chosen one of the two hardest quests in Monster Soul.

    Dragon Ritual of the Heavenly Dragon.

    Unlike Kawin and Revin’s Dragon Rituals from middle-class dragons, the Dragon Ritual of the Heavenly Dragon was a quest that required time and effort. After Montra had chosen the quest, his stats had been sealed to a tenth of the original for five years. During these five years, all monsters would become aggressive toward Montra. The condition was, if Montra died even once, the quest would fail.

    Luckily for Montra, he could still use magic like usual, and his stats would gradually return over time. The quest was seemingly impossible to succeed, but Montra could make the impossible happen with the help of the Left Arm of the Sealed One. When he first got it, the Left Arm of the Sealed One allowed Montra to possess every kind of magic (except secret magic, like Sebastian’s death magic). Then, after Montra accomplished ‘Search for the Lost Magic Kingdom’ quest, the Left Arm of the Sealed One had evolved. It stopped looking like a wrinkly arm of a corpse and became a normal-looking arm with the exception of its black color. The ability Montra gained after it evolved was very fraudulent: Montra could select one magic-type skill and that skill would have no delay nor cooldown time.

    Obviously, the skill that Montra had selected was Dragon Heart.

    With this, the success of Montra’s Dragon Ritual depended only on a matter of time.

    Montra looked silently at his left hand. Soon, a big explosion could be heard echoing and the sound of fighting died down.

    Kawin turned his head to look at the building that the fight between Revin and Cross was taking place in. Revin walked out toward the two. His red figure was propping a heavy sword on his shoulder. In his left hand was the S-grade Dragon Killer Sword.

    “Ten minutes and thirty seconds,” Kawin said to Revin.

    Revin quickly argued, “Oi, you shouldn’t include the time we spent talking. Moreover, that Cross had another trump card, you know? He relied on the item description of the Dragon Killer Sword that it couldn’t be destroyed, and used it as a base weapon for his Killing Psychic Sword. The result was that he could use multiple Dragon Killer Swords in psychic form. He could also order them to explode at any time. If you were in my place, you would have definitely died.” Revin moved his index finger horizontally across his throat.

    “Those swords are no match for me,” Kawin replied expressionlessly.

    “Okay, okay~ Mister Cool Guy. By the way, Montra, what should we do about this sword? I don’t think I will use it. Do you want me to take it to the guild’s treasure room?” Revin handed the Dragon Killer Sword to Montra.

    “No, we better leave it for others to take. The more crowded the place, the better. Hmm, now that I think about it, just leave it in the Kingdom of Qi,” Montra said.

    “What? If you don’t want it, why don’t you sell it?” Revin was curious.

    Montra explained, “After the Royal Armament Guild perishes, the remaining powerful guilds are only us and the Victorious Wolves Sect. The Victorious Wolves Sect does not have many members. For them to oppose us, they will need to ask for help from guildless players. So, by leaving the sword in their territory, many people in their kingdom will kill each other for the sword, rupturing their unity.”

    “Will that really work, Montra?” Revin was still skeptical.

    “It will. After all, the surest thing in this world is human greed.”

    “Um… Whatever, I’ll do as your wish.”

    “As for the task that I asked you to do, you don’t need to do that anymore. I will handle that myself,” Montra said to Revin.

    “Really? That’s cool. It’s very boring doing that. It can’t compete with this task that is likely to make people fight.”

    “Are you going already, Montra?” Kawin asked.

    “Yes, for this task, the sooner the better. You two can just call me if you need me,” Montra replied.

    Revin hurriedly asked, “Hey, hey, is it true that we don't have to hide anymore?”

    Montra nodded. “After all we did to the Royal Armament Guild, your identities can no longer be hidden. In that case, it’s better to make it grand to spread fear among our enemies.”

    “We can do everything we want to?” Revin asked again, to which Montra nodded.

    Montra reinforced magic power into his feet and dashed away, disappearing from the scene.

    “Hey, Kawin, Montra said we should make a grand opening. How about we start with this?” Revin pointed to the main building of the Royal Armament Guild.

    “...” Kawin did not answer. Instead, he raised his left foot then stomped it on the ground. All the buildings belonging to the guild shook and collapsed. As for Revin, he swung his heavy sword over his head and stabbed it into the ground.

    All the buildings of the Royal Armament Guild were destroyed by a massive earthquake. The remains of the buildings burned with red fire covering the sky. It was as if a celebration of the destruction of the Royal Armament Guild was taking place.


    The celebrations in Colossia City were going well. Midnight had already passed. Everyone began to go their separate ways. Sila and Varee pardoned themselves to log out. Bluebird, Noppakorn, and Rattana went their way to do their job as members of an information guild. As for Burapha, he had already gotten over his depression. Once Ginny told him that she would go to sleep and had a plan to try her weapons tomorrow, Burapha quickly included himself in her plans. Even though Ginny was annoyed, she had no actual reason to deny.

    Sebastian had already brought Bow back to sleep in the mansion. The remaining people left in the restaurant were only Poluk, Lone Wolf, and Ratri.

    “Mister Poluk,” Lone Wolf said with determined eyes.

    “What is it, kid?”

    “Could you please be my teacher?”

    Ratri was shocked. “What did you say?”

    “Before I will answer this question, have you come up with the reason why do you want to become stronger yet?” asked Poluk.

    Lone Wolf stopped thinking for a moment. “To protect me and the people around me, sir. Even though I am known as the Qi Emperor, out of the Four Emperors, I know that I am only the third strongest. With the power I have now, I can not protect everyone precious to me.”

    “You seem to have practiced by yourself without anyone guiding you so far, correct? Why do you suddenly want me to teach you?”

    “Yes, sir. I have realized that self-training has a limit. I would like to be guided by others.”

    “Let me tell you something first. You might be jealous of Sila who was able to grow stronger in a short time so you want me to teach you. However, Sila is a good mineral. He has good basics and adaptive thinking. He is quick to learn, talented, and more importantly, he loves fighting. In addition, the skill that I imparted to him stems from a slime skill so he could learn it easier than normal people. If you think you can practice it easily, you are deadly wrong.”

    “I'm not looking for the skill that Sila used, sir. What I want is just some advice for my fighting style.”

    “To protect is more difficult than to destroy, you know that, right?”

    “I know, sir. That's why I need to be strong enough to protect others.”

    “Aren't you called Lone Wolf? Since you're alone, why do you worry about others?”

    Lone Wolf's eyes lingered with a flash of determination. “Before, I was alone. I entered the game to test my ability. However, as time passed, I met so many people who believe in me. It makes me realize that I'm not alone anymore. Everyone trusts me, so I have to reassure myself that I'm able to respond to their trust.”

    “Well, yes, I can give you some advice. However, I'm not going to be your teacher.”

    Lone Wolf quickly expressed his thanks. He turned his head to Ratri.

    “Ratri, please go back to tell Hermit that I will not come back to the sect for a while.”

    Ratri frowned. “‘The sect leader has disappeared shortly before the start of the war event.’ Do you expect me to tell Hermit that? He will be very mad because I didn’t stop you from going. Since that's the case, let me go with you.”


    “Since you are so impatient, follow me now,” Poluk said while dashing out of the window at high speed.

    Lone Wolf stared into Ratri's eyes. “I'm sorry, Ratri. About this matter, I will have to do it by myself.” He then quickly jumped following Poluk. Their speed wasn't at a level where Ratri could follow. The best that she could do was continue to look at the back of her lover until he was no longer in sight.

    “Sigh... Skipping work again. It's good that I bring Dragon's Blood back to the sect. Hopefully, Hermit's mood will get better.”


    Sila got out of the life-support capsule and sat on the bed, looking at the many Bruce Lee posters on the wall. He got up, picked up the towel, and walked into the bathroom. After a while, he went out, changed into his new clothes and walked downstairs.

    Rashane was eating breakfast with Varee. She seemed to have come down before Sila almost half an hour ago.

    “Oh, Sila, come here and eat breakfast together with us. If you prefer to have a heavy meal, try to look for it in the refrigerator.”

    “Good morning, Uncle.” Sila walked passed Varee and opened the refrigerator. There were several frozen meals. He picked one of them casually and stood blankly, looking for an oven.

    “The oven is next to the refrigerator,” Varee said.

    Sila looked at the oven Varee mentioned. He was confused as it was a white box without a single button.

    “Put the food inside and close the lid. The oven will automatically scan the food and warm it accordingly,” said Varee.

    Sila put the frozen food inside and closed the lid. A small red light flashed on the oven. Meanwhile, he picked up a coffee mug and looked for a coffee machine or electric kettle.

    “Instant coffee is in a brown bag on the counter. It only has espresso and mocha though.” Varee started to annoy Sila.

    Sila didn't even know what those were. He only ever drank three-in-one instant coffee powder stirred in hot water.

    A brown cube fell into the mug as Sila unwrapped the packaging. He looked for a kettle again.

    “Go and sit down already.” Varee rose from her chair, feeling upset. She picked up Sila's mug and went to the refrigerator. She pressed the orange button and the hot water was poured into Sila's mug.

    Rashane showed a gentle smile with such sight. “Are you confused, Sila? The high-tech devices are like this. I don't know what to do with them sometimes.”

    Sila nodded. “Yes, sir. In our dojo, we used the outdated ones. The oven will have a temperature setting button. We also cooked food ourselves from time to time.”

    “Our home was like that before, but after my wife passed away, no one was able or had time to cook. So, the old kitchen equipment is now being kept in the storage room and was replaced with these automated devices.”

    Sila didn't reply to that. Meanwhile, Varee approached him and placed his food and coffee onto the table.

    “Thank you,” Sila said, to which Varee just nodded. She sat on her chair and continued eating.

    Sila began to eat the stir-fried noodles with black soy sauce. Normally, when he was with his teacher, both of them always had their meal without talking. Thus, he thought it was the same for Rashane's house. Rashane and Varee silently watched Sila ate his food. Once the dish was empty, Sila put down his spoon and fork and turned his head to Rashane.

    “Uncle, I have something to tell you.”

    Varee didn't say anything as she listened to Sila. She just stopped drinking her coffee.

    Rashane put his mug down on the table. “What is it, Sila?”

    “I would like to say that, I'm very thankful that you have taken good care of me all this time. But, in order not to disturb you further, I would like to move out and find a place to stay by myself.”

    “Where do you plan to stay, Sila?” Rashane asked with care.

    “I will try to go back to my dojo to see how much it cost to purchase it back. If I have enough money, I will buy it back. However, if my money is not enough, I'll have to find another place to stay for the time being.”

    “Hmm? Where did you get the money from?”

    As Rashane asked, Sila began to tell the story of his, from the moment he was in debt to now that he had enough money to spend in real life. Rashane and Varee listened to it quietly.

    “Well... Let me tell you something, Sila.”

    “Yes, Uncle?”

    “Next time, if there is a problem like this, just tell me. Don't think of it as bothering me. Remember that you are like my own son.”

    “I'm sorry, Uncle.”

    “Well then, Sila has to go to the bank. Bring the card in the brain scanner with you and let an employee make a new card for you since you will not be able to withdraw or transfer the money if it's my card. Unfortunately, I'm quite busy today. Can you wait until evening?”

    “No need for that, Uncle. Both the card and the dojo, I will take care of them by myself.”

    “Is that so? Oh, Varee, you don't have any plans for today, do you? Can you go with Sila?” said Rashane.

    Sila quickly declined, “That's unnecessary, Uncle. I can go on my own.”

    Varee put down her mug and looked at Sila.

    Rashane continued, “In that case, you can use Varee's car. Can you drive, Sila?”

    “I can, Uncle.” There used to be a car at his old dojo. Although it didn't get used often, it had been properly maintained.

    The corner of Varee's mouth was lifted up. She didn't say anything and went up to her room. She brought her car key to give it to Sila.

    Sila looked at it with suspicion. Instead of a regular car key, it was a flat card with a cartoon character strapped to it that Sila didn’t recognise.

    “What is this?” Sila looked at the card in his hand, feeling puzzled.

    “It's my car key. Oh? Have I not told you that my car is also automated?” A victorious smile emerged on Varee's face. “Can't you drive it?”

    Sila handed the card back to Varee. “Umm... I can't drive it.”

    “I thought so.”

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    Chapter 94: Clues

    A blue mini car traveled from Rashane’s house and headed into the town. As Rashane intended to live in a silent, peaceful suburb, his house was located twenty minutes away from the main town.

    The car was travelling at a moderate pace, while its passengers, Sila and Varee, didn’t talk to each other the whole ride into town.

    A gentle pop music could be heard from the radio in the car. The distance of dozens of kilometers was cut short in no time. Varee parked her car in front of a bank. In this era, all of the banks in the world were connected to each other so people could make financial transactions from any bank without any problem.

    Both of them walked into the bank. Soon, a male banker approached and invited them to his table.

    “Hello, sir and madam. Would you like to open a joint bank account? We are currently having a promotion for married couples.”

    Sila wasn’t interested as he handed the banker Rashane’s card. “I would like to change the bank account registered on this card to a new one.”

    The banker took the card. “Please wait a moment, sir.” He inserted the card into a device on his table and plugged another one into the slot next to it. He slid the monitor screen to Sila and handed him an electronic pen.

    “Please fill in the blank fields, sir, then put your right hand on the screen.”

    Sila took two to three minutes to fill his information into the electronic form. He put his hand down on the screen and the green light flashed, scanning his palm.

    The banker slid the monitor screen back and handed Sila the new card.

    “It’s done, sir. This card is registered as Mister Sila’s. You can use it to purchase merchandise at any shop that has a card scanner or withdraw your money at any automated teller machine. Is there anything I can do for you, sir?”

    Sila kept the card in his pocket. “I would like to know the price of land zones GHB 575 to 580 that were seized by the bank and sold into the market about a month ago.”

    “Please wait a moment, sir.” The banker searched for the information and later slid the monitor screen to Sila. “It is land that quite far away from the main town. There are some potential buyers interested in purchasing it but no one has made a decision yet. The price is estimated to be around ten million Baht, sir. By the way, there is an old dojo made of wood built on the land. However, we can demolish it if you want. Are you interested in it? Would you like to ask for a bank loan to make the purchase?”

    “What if I want to buy it right now? Paying the full amount with no loan,” said Sila.

    The banker stared blankly at Sila. “That is fine, sir. When would you like to make the purchase, sir? I will prepare the necessary documents for you. Or, would you like me to guide you to take a look at the land first?”

    Sila took out his newly acquired card and handed it to the banker. “No need for that. I have seen the land before. Could you please deduct the money in this card to make a purchase immediately? About the documents, you can send them to me later.”

    The banker looked at Sila in dismay. Based on Sila’s appearance, he didn’t look like someone with a lot of money. Anyway, since Sila was a customer, the banker politely took the card from him and inserted the card in the device. The monitor screen showed the amount of money Sila currently had.

    The banker looked at the screen, feeling taken aback. “The remaining balance is 300 Baht, but there is Monster Soul’s currency amounting 1,395,452 gold, eh?”

    “Could you please exchange the money from the game into Thai Baht, and use that amount to pay for the land?”

    “Please wait a moment, sir.” The banker typed something on the screen and slid it to show Sila. “Please be warned that after converting Monster Soul’s currency to Thai Baht, you will not be able to convert it back. The total amounts being converted is 10,500,000 Baht, including taxes. Please put down your hand on the screen, sir.”

    Sila put his hand on it without hesitation. “Confirm.”

    The banker slid the monitor screen back. “It is done, sir. About the documents, we will send them to Mister Sila’s registered address within a week, sir.”

    “Thank you very much.” Sila put his palms together.

    He and Varee walked away, leaving the banker who watched their backs until they were gone from his sight.

    “Wow. Does playing games give people this much money? Should I try it too?”

    Two months later, this banker really quit his job and entered the world of Monster Soul. The result was him having to work several times harder than ever before. The money he was able to collect was also so low that he wanted to cry.


    Sila closed the door of the car. Varee sat in the driver’s seat. She looked at Sila.

    “Sila, wasn’t that hasty? That amount of money is by no means small,” asked Varee.

    Sila shook his head. “That place is my home. No matter how expensive it is, I have to buy it back for when my teacher returns. I don’t know what to spend money on anyway. It is better this way.”

    Varee nodded. She inserted her card to start the engine.

    “Where will we go next?”

    “I would like to go visit my dojo first, then we can go back,” replied Sila.

    “To sum it up, you just need me to become your personal driver, don’t you?” Varee muttered.

    “Hm? What did you say?”

    “Nothing. Do you have any other orders for me, sir?” Varee spoke sarcastically.

    Sila frowned. “Varee, what’s wrong with you? You were fine just a moment ago.”

    “I’m your personal driver, isn’t that right? My duty is to follow Sila’s orders.”

    “Hm? Why are you saying that? Or do you have somewhere you want to go? We can go there if you wish.”

    “Since you said so yourself, let me stop at the shopping mall near here. It shouldn’t take long to reach there.”

    Sila easily complied. He felt bad that he had to bother Varee to drive him.

    The blue mini car entered the parking lot in the big shopping mall.

    “Varee, you can go shopping all you want. I will be waiting in the car.”

    Varee frowned and took the card out of the car. “Sila, do you plan to wait in the parking box? You will die, don’t you know that?”

    “Parking box? What is that?” Sila wondered.

    “Come out of the car first, I will explain it to you,” Varee stepped out of the car. So did Sila.

    The place where Varee parked her car was a space twice the size of the car. There was a monitor screen next to it. Varee pressed on the screen. A small ticket was printed out. She took it with her.

    “In large buildings, there will be a parking box. We park our car in the designated space and take the ticket with us. The car will be moved to a small parking box to be kept. When we want our car back, we can just insert this ticket around there and the car will come to us automatically.”

    The car moved away by itself. Varee continued to press on the screen before inserting her car card into the hole.

    “I also ordered a car wash service. It should take around two hours to finish. Now, we better go inside the mall and start shopping.” Varee led the way. Sila had no choice but to follow her as there was another car approaching them.


    As expected of a large shopping mall, the interior was neat and beautiful as if they had entered a different world. There were many advertisements floating in the air. The place was crowded. Sila looked around in a daze.

    “Have you never come to the mall?” Varee asked, to which Sila shook his head.

    “Varee, you can go shopping. I will be waiting for you on the bench right there.” Sila pointed at the nearby bench.

    “No, you can’t do that. The thing I want to buy is something you need to be with me for.”

    “Do you want me to carry your stuff?”

    “What era do you think we live in? We no longer carry the stuff we buy.”

    Sila scratched his head. ‘We don’t carry stuff anymore? What does that mean?’

    “What is the point of me being there then? I don’t want to buy anything.”

    “The first thing would be your clothes. Don’t you see that my dad’s clothes are so old and out-fashioned? They were what he wore ten years ago. Ah, and don’t tell me you are fine with anything. At the very least, you should have some clothes for yourself, shouldn’t you?”

    Sila was planning to say that, but since Varee exposed his thoughts, he decided to stay silent.

    “One more thing that we need to buy for you is a smartphone. This one is the same, don’t tell me that you don’t need one. It is because you didn’t have a smartphone to connect with a brain scanner that it had to be me who needed to reach you in the game when my dad wanted to contact you.”

    It wasn’t that Sila couldn’t use a smartphone. He used to have one when he was in the dojo. However, after he was admitted to the hospital, it was gone.

    Sila said to Varee, “Since that’s the case, let’s go.”

    Varee smiled and took Sila to purchase everything she had just said.


    Four hours had passed since then. Varee’s car finally arrived at Sila’s dojo. It took them around one hour from the mall to the dojo.

    Shopping in the mall really didn’t require carrying stuff. After Varee had selected what she wanted, she could just tell the shop owner to send her stuff directly to her address.

    Sila looked at the dojo with a sad expression. He had finally come back home, but the place that used to be filled with disciples was now left deserted. The dojo looked so old that it could collapse at any moment. On the fence in front of the land, there was a sheet of paper stuck on them, announcing that the land was for sale.

    Sila walked to the fences and tore the paper apart.

    Everything looked the same as before, but a bit older than it used to be.

    Sila entered the dojo and was surprised. There was a woman standing there.

    Sila could only see her back and her long, brown hair that reached it. She was in a casual, easy-to-move shirt and long pants. Sila felt like he had met her before.

    “Hello? Are you looking for someone?” Sila greeted her.

    Varee heard Sila's voice so she entered the dojo as well. She, too, was surprised to see a woman standing inside.

    The woman turned her back to meet their eyes. She looked at Sila and smiled naturally.

    “Hello, Sila. It wasn't that long ago since we last met. Don't you remember me?”

    Sila was sure that he had met her before, but he couldn't recall who she was. “I'm really sorry. I can't recall who you are.”

    “Hehe. I think I didn't adjust my appearance that much in the game. Do you really don't remember me? Or are you pretending to not remember because there is someone else here?” She teased Sila while looking at Varee, to which Varee stared back at her.

    As she mentioned the game, Sila finally began to recall her. “Eh? Miss Sangdao! How are you here?”

    “Fufu. I'm glad you finally remember me. By the way, you can cut the ‘Miss' part. Just call me Sangdao or simply Dao.”

    “Alright, but, why are you here?”

    “No particular reason. I just wanted to see Sila’s dojo once. I didn't expect to see you though, Sila.”

    “Is that so? Well, my dojo is closed for the time being. I can be your guide and give you a tour around it when it is clean if you want to.”

    “You have given me your promise. Please be sure to remember it, okay?” Sangdao replied with a smile.

    This was the first time Varee saw Sila having a nice conversation with a woman so she somehow felt it was strange. ‘Wait. Could it be that I'm the only one he is rude to?’

    “One more thing, Sila. My dad told me that he already has clues concerning what we talked about before. Anyway, now is not an appropriate time to talk about that. We will continue our conversation in the game, okay?” Sangdao said.

    The matter she mentioned was about the remaining two martial arts that the nameless elder wanted Sila to learn. Since Sangdao didn’t know how much Varee knew about this, she decided to keep it a secret for now.

    However, Varee wasn’t a dense person. Hearing those words, she was aware that Sila and Sangdao had something to talk about that wasn’t for her ears. Thus, she decided to leave the scene.

    “I will wait in the car.” She walked away without waiting for any response.

    “Hm? Varee? ... What's wrong with her?” Sila muttered.

    Sangdao showed a smile at the corner of her mouth. “Woman's matter, I'd say. About the clues, we can talk in the game. When will you log in again, Sila?”

    “It should be around this evening. How about you, Sangdao?”

    “I will also enter the game at a similar time. Let’s contact each other then. Please excuse me for today.”

    Varee stood next to her car, witnessing the other two exit the dojo together. Meanwhile, Sangdao took out her smartphone and called for a taxi to pick her up.

    “Sila, do you have a smartphone?” Sangdao asked.

    “I have. I just bought it recently.”

    “In that case, we should add each other’s number. We can reach each other if the need arises.”

    Sila awkwardly took out his black smartphone. “Ahem, I’m still not used to handling it.”

    Sangdao smiled. She took Sila’s smartphone and entered her number into it. For the record, her name was listed after Varee’s name. Sila’s smartphone only had Varee’s number added to it prior to this.

    Sangdao looked at it with a gentle smile before giving the smartphone back to Sila. After two minutes had passed, a yellow taxi arrived in front of the land.

    “See you again, Sila.” Sangdao waved at Sila before getting into the taxi, to which Sila waved back.

    Once the taxi had left, Sila got into Varee’s car which she had started while waiting for him to finish his conversation.

    Sila closed the door and thought about the clues that Sangdao had mentioned. Practicing martial arts was like a drug for him. As he had started, he would like to practice more to make himself to become much, much stronger. Sila was deep in thought about the next martial arts that he was about to have a chance to learn.

    The blue mini car gradually cruised on the roads. Varee took a side glance at Sila and found that he was very deep in his thought so she didn’t interrupt him. However, in her mind, she thought that Sila was in a dreamy state after his meeting with Sangdao.

    ‘They only met in the game not long ago but he has already given her his address, no?’ Varee thought inwardly while becoming curious. Who exactly was Sangdao?

  • Chapter 95: Impersonation

    Sila and Varee got home while Rashane was still out. They entered the house to discover several bags in the living room. Varee took what was hers and told Sila that she would log in to meet her friends. She also told Sila that he was free to eat anything in the refrigerator if he was hungry.

    Sila went outside to get some fresh air and entered the small dojo next to Varee’s house. He took a deep breath of the distinct smell of a dojo and sat down on the cushion in the middle of the room.

    Varee’s mother’s dojo was different from his dojo. First of all, the cushion in the dojo was softer than his. Secondly, there were several wooden swords hanging around the room, unlike his dojo that was quite empty.

    Sila tried to perform the footwork of Twelve Celestial-Traveling-Steps for a while. He found that, except for him not having qinggong, he could follow the stepping techniques of the art just fine.

    ‘So, it’s really a skill that can be used in real life.’ Sila thought. He practiced the stepping techniques several times until he got a hang of it before sitting down and concentrating his mind. He was thinking about using Genesis Punch.

    Genesis Punch was much harder than Twelve Celestial-Traveling-Steps since it was a skill that relied on inner force, not movement. Sila tried to do it for an hour but there was no sign that he was close to success. Sila wasn’t in a hurry, however, since Poluk once told him that it would take years for him to be able to do that.

    Sila started to intensify his workout. The dojo didn’t have any training equipment so he performed exercises that didn’t require them. Sila was drenched in sweat. At first, he planned to do some running. However, as the dojo was small, he changed his mind to practice Twelve Celestial-Traveling-Steps instead.

    Several hours passed. Sila was lying on his back on the cushion, breathing heavily. Once he got up and looked outside the window, he found that the sun was setting already. Sila entered the house and heated up a frozen meal to eat before taking a shower.

    Sila inserted his card into the brain scanner and connected it with his new smartphone. Then, he opened a bottle of nutrient pills that he had bought from the shopping mall. They were the latest type that allowed consumers to spend more time inside the game. He had bought them following Varee’s suggestion. With them, he no longer needed to consume so many pills at once.

    These new pills could allow consumers to stay in the game for an entire day for each pill consumed. More importantly, they were cola-flavored that matched Sila’s taste more than Varee’s strawberry-flavored ones.

    Sila poured three of the pills into his hand and gulped them. The taste of cola spread throughout his mouth until Sila swallowed them. He then equipped the brain scanner and went to bed before pressing the start button.

    The real world was engulfed in darkness, sending Sila’s consciousness into the world of Monster Soul.


    Sila exited a cheap hotel in Colossia City. He agreed with other players that when using a hotel just to log out, how fancy it was didn’t matter.

    The first thing he did was contacting Sangdao. She suggested that they should meet in an hour at the bamboo hut.

    Since Sila had nothing to do in this city, he returned to his mansion to kill time.

    “Hello, Master.” It was Julia again who was the first to greet him. Lately, Sila was very familiar with Julia’s greeting.

    “Hello, Julia. How is everyone?”

    “Lookhin is completely healed. It is now playing with Lady Bow in the garden. Mister Butler left to do some business. He didn’t inform me where he was going, though he did tell me he’s going to increase Master’s funds as he noticed that most of Master’s capital vanished some days ago. As for Mister Poluk, he only visited this place once to tell me that he had something to do so he wouldn’t return for a while. He also asked me to take care of Lady Bow and said that he would return to this place using the invitation card if he wants to.”

    Sila nodded. He didn’t worry about Sebastian anyway. The reason behind his missing capital must be due to him buying back the land and his dojo. As for Poluk, he once told Sila that he would like to find someone strong to fight against. He must be on his way to do that.

    Sila asked Julia to lead him to Bow and Lookhin. Once he arrived at the garden, Lookhin flew around him happily. Similarly, Bow also happily jumped into Sila’s arms and wanted to be carried by him.

    “Big Brother Sila, you finally came back. You were gone for many days.”

    “I had many things to do. What about you, Bow? How are you?”

    “I always played with Lookhin and ate Big Sister Julia’s desserts. It was very fun.”

    “That’s good, that’s good.” Sila gently rubbed Bow’s head. “How about you, Lookhin?” Sila turned his head to talk with Lookhin who was resting on his shoulder.

    Like usual, Lookhin didn’t make any sound. It only rubbed its head to Sila’s cheek. Recalling he had gotten a card from Solaria, Sila handed the card to Lookhin and ordered it to use Star Swallow.

    Lookhin’s body radiated heat. Sila opened his system window to check its status.

    Pet Status: Lookhin, Level: 1

    Race: Dark Brown Sparrowhawk, Rank: Squire

    Health Points: 20/20

    Magic Points: 0/0

    Qi Points: 0/0

    Psychic Points: 0/0

    Satiety: 85/100

    Love Degree: 89%

    *Dark Brown Sparrowhawk couldn’t accumulate experience points.

    Actual Status

    Pet Status: Lookhin, Level: 700

    Race: Dark Brown Sparrowhawk, Rank: Marquis

    Health Points: 1,800,000/1,800,000

    Magic Points: 40,000,000/40,000,000

    Qi Points: 2,000,000/2,000,000

    Psychic Points: 800,000/800,000

    The status was not that different from before, only the amount of magic points increased. Sila wondered whether it was due to him feeding it cards of magic-type monsters more than other types. As for the additional skills that it got, they were only (A) Underworld Sword and (B) Abyss Dragon Claw.

    “Hmmm, the power is not quite balanced, is it? I think I need to find monster cards of other types to feed it.” Sila thought that Lookhin’s weakness lay in the unbalance of its power. This was because he didn’t have a chance to see it fight against Francine and Solaria. He missed that Lookhin’s actual weakness was its lack of basic skills.

    Well, to be fair, even if he knew, he wouldn’t have a way to immediately fix this weakness since Lookhin couldn’t gain skills aside from taking them using Star Swallow, at least until it reached Lord Rank. Sebastian was aware of this so he didn’t hurry to warn Sila.

    “How long will you stay with us this time, Big Brother Sila?” Bow asked.

    “I can only be here for an hour. I will have to travel to another place soon.”

    “Please let Bow go with you, Big Brother. Please, please, please~” Bow pledged.

    Sila knew that Bow was bored. She just didn’t dare to say it out loud.

    “Hmmm, how about this? Do you want to go back to the Slime Kingdom to meet with your friends? I will come and pick you up once I arrive at my next destination.”

    “Really? Can I?” Bow asked.

    “Of course, you can reunite with your friends this way.”

    “Yay~ I will tell them about Big Brother Sila’s stories.” Bow showed a big smile. Although she liked the outside world, she was still longing for her hometown.

    “Okay, let’s prepare for the journey. Ah, let me seal Lookhin first.”

    Bow nodded using her entire body and jumped down from Sila’s embrace. Sila lifted up the ring on his left hand. “Seal, Lookhin.”

    Lookhin’s body emitted a light. However, it didn’t enter the ring. Instead, the ring shone a light. It cracked and broke into pieces.

    “Eh? What happened?” Sila bent down and collected the pieces of the ring on the floor. He called for Julia, the expert regarding items, to ask what was happened to the ring.

    “The Three World Ring, B-grade, can be used to seal up to three pets and has the skill Light of Forest attached to it... This level of damage is beyond repair, Master. Lookhin’s level is too high for the ring to contain so it broke. I suggest Master use a superior accessory than this one to seal Lookhin.”

    “Is that so? Hmmm... do we have something like that?”

    Julia closed her eyes and scanned items in the treasure room for five seconds before providing an answer.

    “No, there isn’t one in the treasure room. There are only inferior ones.”

    “Is that the case? That’s too bad.”

    Sila regretted losing the skill Light of Forest since this skill had helped him several times before. Good grief, Poluk had told him not to rely too much on in-game materials so he tried not to mind it. He just needed to become stronger to fill its part.

    Since items in Sila’s treasure room came from people in Colossia City who mostly were close-combat players, they were mainly weapons. As for Francine, her accessories were all S-grade which could enhance the ability of her pets. However, the weakness those items shared was that they were bonded with the registered pets. Thus, when her pets permanently died, her accessories also disintegrated along with them.

    “Well, we can just go like this,” Sila said. Lookhin flew and landed itself onto his head like it had done when Sila got it the first time.

    Bow jumped into Sila’s embrace again. Later, Sila sent Bow to the Slime Kingdom and returned to the city.


    Sila entered the Slime Kingdom and didn’t see the Slime King. The other slimes informed him that His Majesty was training in seclusion. As for Bow, she totally forgot Sila as soon as she met her friends. Thus, Sila said his goodbye to Bow and returned to the city, waiting for the appointed time with Sangdao by sipping a cup of tea.

    He decided not to wait in the mansion since communication was cut off. It would be bad if Sangdao contacted him before the appointed time. He planned to fix this problem later by consulting with Julia about whether he could add the outside communication function to the mansion.

    The employee of the tea house unnaturally took a glance at Sila many times.

    Feeling curious, Sila called him to inquire.

    “Is there something wrong? I saw you looking at me several times,” Sila asked the employee politely.

    “Oh? It’s nothing, Mister Customer. It’s just that you’re so brimming with radiance so I couldn’t take my eyes off you.”

    Sila frowned. He might be dense, but he wasn’t that stupid. “Tell me directly, Is there something do you want?” Sila asked again.

    “Ermm... Ahem, actually, I have an item to offer you if you are interested, sir.”

    Sila put his cup down on the table. “What is it?”

    The employee showed a big smile. “There it is, the Beginner Clothing. The price for it is only 100 gold, sir!”

    Sila became more puzzled. “Beginner Clothing? Isn’t this price too expensive? Wait... Actually, doesn’t everyone have that for free at the start of the game?”

    “No, sir, it’s not expensive at all. Although it’s true that everyone has gotten the Beginner Clothing at the start of the game, most players sold it away so the supply is low. It’s normal for its price to be quite high.”

    “Anyway, why do you want to sell it to me?” Sila wondered why would he need the Beginner Clothing?

    “So that you can complete the set, sir.”

    “Complete the set?”

    “Yes, sir. I see Mister Customer tames a sparrow so I believe that you want to be like Weapon Subduing Fist, don’t you? Of course, the Beginner Clothing is hard to find so I would like to offer you this deal.”

    “Weapon Subduing Fist? What is that?” Sila wondered.

    “Ah? Please, don’t act like you don’t know, Mister Customer. He is the player who won against the vice-leaders of the Royal Armament Guild in three consecutive matches. No, that’s not right, I heard that he also won against the Silver Knight before. He is the champion of this month’s battle tournament; Weapon Subduing Fist Sila. I didn’t personally watch the tournament but I heard the rumors that he used only one hand to defeat all three of them.”

    Sila was shocked. “What did you just say?!”

    “Oh, please, don’t pretend like you’re shocked, sir. It’s fine. Everyone wants to impersonate him. If you don’t believe me, please take a look over there.” The employee gestured Sila to look outside.

    The streets were full of people. However, five out of ten would have a sparrow flying alongside them, while three out of ten were wearing Beginner Clothing. There were even some of them who both had a sparrow and wore Beginner Clothing.

    “What the...?” Sila was greatly confused. He just felt that something was off when he walked into the tea house. However, now that this employee pointed it out, Sila just realized that there were many players out there that were trying to impersonate him.

    “How about it? Do you want to buy the Beginner Clothing now? I will give you a discount. It will cost only 90 gold especially for you, sir.”

    Coincidentally, Sangdao contacted Sila at that moment so Sila hurriedly left that table, paid the bill, and walked away.

    “80 gold is fine, Mister Customer. To complete the set!” The employee still shouted from behind him.

    Sila’s body was teleported to the bamboo hut, leaving the employee stomping on the floor, feeling upset.

    “What’s wrong with that guy? Does he wanna impersonate but isn’t ready to make an investment? You stingy bastard!”

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    Chapter 96: The Time is Yet to Come

    T/N: "Title Status" will be changed to "Social Status" from now on.

    The first thing that Sila did while walking through the path between the bamboo forests was checking his status window. The phrase ‘Weapon Subduing Fist’ of the employee had piqued his interest.

    Player Status: Sila

    Rank: Knight

    Level: 830

    Race: Blue Slime

    Health Points: 1,300,000/1,300,000

    Magic Points: 900,000/900,000

    Psychic Points: 1,500,000/1,500,000

    Qi Points: 2,800,000/2,800,000

    Social Status: Nameless Elder's Main Disciple, Varee's Lover

    Title: Weapon Subduing Fist

    Sila closed his system window when he reached the bamboo hut. In front of the hut, there were three people waiting for him. The first two were his nameless teacher and Sangdao. However, the other person was someone Sila didn’t expect to see at this place.

    “Mister Divine!?” Sila exclaimed.

    The white-haired man in linen clothing politely greeted Sila back, “Hello, Sila. Long time no see.”

    “How did you come here, sir?” Sila hurriedly asked.

    “About this, His Majesty has come up with an idea for us to help Sila accomplish the Decolonizing the Slime Kingdom quest.”

    “Ah, I have heard that part from Mister Poluk already, sir.”

    “Oh, so you have already met Poluk? Could you please tell me what happened?” Divine asked.

    Sila told Divine what happened when he had met Poluk and dueled against Dorolia. He also told Divine about what happened in the battle tournament and the fact that he had returned Bow to the Slime Kingdom. As for Poluk, Sila didn’t know where he was at the moment.

    Divine listened to what Sila said attentively while his teacher interrupted sometimes to ask Sila something about Poluk.

    “My story is similar to Poluk’s. I guess Poluk chose to wait for Sila at Colossia City since he predicted that Sila would visit that city eventually. As for me, I remembered that Sila was Wu Ming’s disciple, so instead of looking for you, I decided to wait for you here.”

    The nameless elder explained, “In the past, after we had fought, I gave Divine the Invitation Card to Bamboo Hut.”

    Sila nodded in understanding. “Mister Divine, have you captured a dragon?”

    Divine showed a gentle smile and took out a stone engraved with yellow characters. “Of course, Sila.”

    “Do you want me to fight it now?” Sila asked. He missed the chance to fight against Solaria for real. The power that killed Solaria was the power of an item, not his own ability. That was why Sila was eager to fight against a dragon again.

    However, Divine took the stone back to his pocket. “The time is yet to come, Sila. The current you is not capable of winning against this dragon. I don’t want Sila to die for nothing.”

    Sila frowned with surprise. “Is this dragon strong to that extent?”

    “Hmmm... How should I say? Among the middle-class dragons, it’s no doubt that Solaria is the strongest. Its level is also the highest among the middle-class dragons. However, Raidola is different. It is a dragon full of techniques similar to Doloria. Despite its level not being the highest, Sila will have a hard time fighting it.”

    “Raidola...” Sila muttered.

    “Correct, Thunderbolt Dragon Raidola. The ability of Lightning Castle, its Dragon Domain, is very troublesome to deal with. All enemies within a one-kilometer radius around Raidola will be struck by a lightning bolt every time they use a skill. The bolt will cause its enemies to suffer the stiffened state for five seconds in addition to causing all of your activated and prepared skills to be canceled.”

    Sila tried to think of a countermeasure. “Is there a method to win against this dragon? It seems like we can’t use any skills at all within its radius.”

    Based on Divine’s description of Raidola’s ability, Raidola was like a formidable foe that couldn’t be killed at all.

    “There are at least three methods to defeat it, Sila. First, attack faster than the lightning bolt. Second, reflect its attacks back at it. Third, attack it from one kilometer away. If Sila is confident in doing any of these, I will be more than glad to let you fight against it right now.”

    Sila sat on the bamboo hammock and sighed. “I can’t use any of those methods you suggested, Mister Divine. I need time to concentrate my power to use Genesis Punch so I can’t perform an attack that’s faster than a lightning bolt. I also can’t reflect an attack made of magic with Mister Divine’s Moon Reflecting Mirror. As for attacking from one kilometer away, that is the most impractical for me. I can’t fire hidden weapons from that great of a distance... Hmmm, wait, what if I use Orbiting Cosmos?” Sila smiled at his own quick wit.

    “Your idea is good. Unfortunately, although it might be true that the lightning element of Orbiting Cosmos can resist the damage and stiffened state, it cannot resist the skill cancellation effect. Sila’s concentrated power on Genesis Punch and Orbiting Cosmos will be canceled. You can try to reactivate it, but it will just be canceled again and again. Your magic power will run out before you can make a single attack.” Divine’s reply shattered Sila’s hope.

    “So... there is no way for me to fight it at all?” Sila worriedly asked.

    “This quest isn’t designed for someone to do it alone after all. So, of course, it would be hard for Sila who is doing it alone. Nobody is perfect. Among the eight dragons, one person will have an advantage against some dragons while unfavorable against some others. Anyway, Sila is still considered lucky.”

    “Lucky? How?”

    “Yes. Usually, this quest is intended for every player who selects slime race. Sila is lucky to possess all three slime skills. You are also capable of using abilities of both qi and psychic type.”

    “Me? Using psychic-type abilities?” Sila was doubtful.

    “I’m sure Sila used psychic power when you defeated Solaria. The power is already within you, it’s only that Sila has yet to find a method to unleash it. I personally believe that Sila’s psychic power will play an important role in defeating Raidola,” Divine said.

    “But, the psychic power within me belongs to Shueria, not me, though. It’s just that I can’t remove it from my body,” Sila argued.

    “The exact reason why you can’t remove it must be because it has already become a part of Sila’s body. I’m guessing that, lately, Sila has felt less pain from Bomb Lurking Psychic. Sila might think that it was due to Sila possessing more qi power to become better at suppressing it. However, if that really was the case of your qi power being stronger, I think you should be able to remove the psychic power with you superior qi. The only reason why you still aren’t able to remove it must be the psychic power has already become a part of you. Only, your body is still rejecting it,” Divine explained.

    “But, I can’t control it at all, sir.”

    “Just be patient and your body will naturally adapt to the psychic power. I believe it should take for more than two years,” said Divine.

    “Two years?! I can’t wait that long, sir.”

    “Otherwise, you should go to the Madmen's Valley. There is a shortcut there. Luckily for Sila, that place is near your next destination.”

    “My next destination? Where?”

    The nameless elder replied, “Grea City, the Android Kingdom. Not far from it, there is the Single-Horned Dragon Forest. Deep inside the forest is Madmen's Valley. Since you have to go to Grea City anyway, you should drop by at that place.”

    “Why do I have to go to Grea City though, Teacher?”

    Sangdao who had listened to Sila’s stories for a while said, “Sila, did you already forget what topic we planned to talk about?”

    As Sangdao reminded him, Sila recalled that he visited this place to talk with her about the next martial art he was about to learn. The unexpected meeting with Divine had diverted his attention so he totally forgot about that.

    “Oh, right. So, the person that will teach me the next martial art is staying in the Android Kingdom, is that right?” Sila asked.

    The nameless elder answered this question, “No, he isn’t. However, recently, the one who might know where he is has appeared in that city. That person is a user of Six Moon-Grabbing-Claws.”

    “Is that all, Teacher?” Sila felt slightly disappointed. He expected to get more specific clues than this.

    The elder continued, “Sangdao has already contacted that person. However, he said that he will only tell his teacher’s whereabouts to you personally. That’s why you need to go and meet him in the Android Kingdom as soon as possible. That man said he will be waiting for you for only a week.”

    “If that’s the case, I will not waste any more time and leave immediately.”

    The nameless elder told Sangdao, “Dao, please accompany Sila.”

    “Eh? Why won’t Teacher let Dao wait for me in Grea City?”

    “I have my reasons, don’t ask trivial things. Go already.” The elder hurried.

    Sangdao walked closer to Sila and held out her hand. “Please hold my hand.”

    Since Sangdao used her Invitation Card when she was in Grea City, if she returned, she would go back to Grea City. Thus, if she wanted to accompany Sila from Colossia City, she needed to let Sila be the one who dragged her away from the bamboo hut.

    “Ah, wait, Mister Divine, please take this.” Sila handed Divine the invitation card to his Mansion of Secrets. “This is my address in the game. You can come to me next time you have business with me, sir.”

    Divine took and kept it in his pocket. “I will be staying here for a while. Please come again when Sila arrives at Grea City.”

    Sila nodded and took Sangdao’s hand. Both of them teleported away from the bamboo hut. Divine looked at where they were standing before speaking.

    “Do you plan to have Sangdao keep an eye on Sila?”

    The old man put his weaving basket down. “It’s not like that. I just want to see whether Sila is qualified enough.”

    “You are Sila’s teacher yourself, aren’t you? I should assume that you already know his personality, no?”

    “I just recently met Sila myself. This kid’s character is quite decent. Anyway, Sangdao is better than me in discerning people.”

    “I also have some knowledge regarding the Wulin Masters Association but I never expected Sila to be related to it.”

    T/N: ‘Wulin’ figuratively refers to ‘community of martial artists’. The Wulin is typically controlled by an alliance formed by the Righteous/Orthodox sects in order to uphold justice. (My thanks go to Immortal Mountain for the meaning of this term.)

    “Sila is not only ‘related’. His life is connected to it. It’s the reason behind everything that has happened to him.”

    “Won’t you tell Sila then? Since this matter is directly connected to him.”

    “Not yet, this matter is still too heavy for Sila to take now. Presently, all he needs to aim for is polishing his ability to be able to fight against Montra.”


    Within Colossia City, the bodies of a man, a woman, and a sparrow suddenly appeared. The people walking past didn’t pay any attention to them though, since this was a normal occurrence in the city.

    “Sila, have you prepared for the journey?” Sangdao asked.

    “I have. I don’t know which path to take to go to Grea City though.”

    Sangdao opened her system window and chose the map option. She pushed her screen for Sila to see.

    “Currently, we are in Colossia City. Grea City is located northeast from here. If we use the normal route, it will take us a little more than a week to reach there. Luckily, we both can use qinggong. So, we will instead use the shortcut, passing through the Misty Valley. It will take us less than three days to arrive at Grea City. What do you think, Sila?”

    Sila looked at Sangdao’s map and noticed that there was a tiny warning on the Misty Valley, saying, “Not recommended route. Please be careful of Eight-Legged Spider King which is lurking in this area.”

    Sila pointed at the warning. “What about this? Isn’t it dangerous?”

    Sangdao closed her system window. “It isn’t. Dao has used this route three times and hasn’t encountered it once. The Eight-Legged Spider King is a hidden boss of the Misty Valley. You will have to be really unlucky to encounter it. Usually, there are only Rank spiders to be found along the way.”

    “In that case, we can go now. Does Sangdao have any business to do in this city first?”

    Sangdao waved her hand in denial. “I am ready to go. Well, we can walk to the city gate and use qinggong later when there are fewer people.”

    “Alright.” Sila and Sangdao walked together on the streets of Colossia City. Some people turned their head to look at them since Sangdao was considered a rare beauty.

    If beauty was a topic to discuss, Sangdao and Varee possessed a different kind of beauty.

    Varee was a cool, calm, and collected beauty. Sometimes she was still like a clear lake, but sometimes she could be as fierce as a violent sea wave. She seemed to not be interested in socializing with unknown people and might seem haughty in someone’s eyes. Well, the chilly eyes were one of her charms.

    As for Sangdao, it was no doubt that she was a beautiful woman. Her gentle smile could soothe people’s hearts. However, her beauty was like a star hanging in the night sky. No ordinary person would dare to neglect their self-control in front of her since her brown eyes seemed to be able to see through their souls.

    Whereas, for Sila, except for his lean, muscular body, his facial appearance couldn’t be considered handsome nor bad-looking. If someone were to say his shortcoming related to appearance, it would be that Sila’s looks were... too ordinary.

    Not to mention Lookhin who was resting on Sila’s head. It looked just like an ordinary sparrow except twice the usual size and had a unique dark brown color. If one didn’t look closely to see its hawk-like talons and its sharp eyes, it was just another sparrow that could be spotted anywhere, especially around this time since taming a sparrow had become a popular trend.

    In the end, both people and a sparrow exited Colossia City without drawing too much attention.

    T/N: Wanna guess which method Sila use to fight Raidola, the Thunderbolt Dragon, when the time comes?

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    Not using any Skill? This seems like a really "Sila" method.
  • Since Sangdao used her Invitation Card when she was in Grea City, if she returned, she would go back to Grea City so why not her the one who dragged Sila away from the bamboo hut? If the reason is he need to go to death valley first, why not go to death valley from Grea City?
  • Chapat86 said:
    Since Sangdao used her Invitation Card when she was in Grea City, if she returned, she would go back to Grea City so why not her the one who dragged Sila away from the bamboo hut? If the reason is he need to go to death valley first, why not go to death valley from Grea City?
    Because the namless elder said so. It was stated in this chapter that he planned to let Sangdao observe Sila. You could say that he wanted Sangdao to witness Sila in action (during his journey), so immediately teleporting to the destination is out of option.
  • Chapter 97: False Claim

    Sangdao and Sila exited Colossia City in no hurry. There were still many players crowding around the gate. It would take at least another kilometer for people to be fewer in number. After that, it would take another thirty kilometers for them to reach the entrance of the Misty Valley.

    However, the atmosphere outside of the north gate seemed to be quite tense as people began to slow down. Sangdao still kept her pace while Sila raised his guard. It didn’t take more than ten minutes for them to witness an organized army coming their way. The number of people in the army was estimated to be more than five hundred. There was a big flag in the middle of the army. It was a flag with a white Chinese dragon twisting its body.

    “Heavenly Dragon Guild?” Sila muttered.

    “What should we do?” Sangdao asked Sila as she was aware that Sila had a grudge with this guild.

    Sila thought for a moment before answering, “We better avoid them. Now is not the right time to pick a fight.”

    Although Sila had once declared that he would pick a fight against the Heavenly Dragon Guild to the point that he would crush it, as time passed, Sila realized that the only enemy that he wanted to fight was Montra. Having one less problem was better than having one more problem. Not to mention that the members within Montra’s guild hadn’t done anything wrong to him.

    Well, it would be a different story if the other side picked a fight with him first, since Sila wouldn’t allow other people to bully him easily.

    Sangdao looked at Sila with meaningful eyes before taking his hand. She pulled him to the side to make a path for the Heavenly Dragon Guild army to march through.

    ‘Good decision. He is able to distinguish between small matters and big matters.’ Sangdao secretly evaluated Sila.

    To be able to put down a personal matter to aim for a goal was a trait of a great person.

    The army marched slowly. This army, which consisted of seven hundred players, was sent to conquer Colossia City, which used to belong to the Royal Armament Guild. Once Cross was defeated and the main branch of the guild had been destroyed, the guild started to crumble. Combined with the disappearance of the four vice leaders and the thousands of players demanding compensation for the loss of their items, the Royal Armament Guild led by one of the Four Emperors collapsed within one night.

    For people who made a living in Colossia City, even though they saw the army coming, there was no opposition. As long as their benefits were still intact, they wouldn’t resist the mere change of city leadership. In fact, the Heavenly Dragon Guild was even better than the Royal Armament Guild. At least the Heavenly Dragon Guild had a lower living tax than the latter.

    The army came to a halt when the person leading the army stopped.

    The man who led the army was a man in steel armor. There was a high-grade steel shield on his left arm. It was engraved with a picture of a dragon. Behind the shield, there was a two-meter long steel lance. This man gestured the army to stop its march and pointed his finger at one man who was standing not too far away from Sila.

    “You right there! Who are you?!” He spoke with a loud voice, causing the person that was pointed at to become the center of attention.

    “M-Me? ... Me? I... I’m...” The young man in the Beginner Clothing with a sparrow resting on his shoulder stuttered. There was a woman next to him. She was also making a terrified expression and grabbed onto this man’s arm tightly.

    However, the man in steel armor waved his hand. “Enough! I no longer care who might you be. However, do you know who I am?”

    “I... I... I don’t... know...” The young man answered. His body was convulsing.

    Then, another man in steel armor stepped forward. He seemed to be a close subordinate of the man in the leading position. This man also spoke with a loud voice.

    “You imbecile! Don’t you know that this great man in front of you is Sir Savage Killer?! His title is Lance Above All and his ability is second to only Sir Black Star Warlord of the Heavenly Dragon Guild!”

    Savage Killer grinned. “You don’t have to do that, Sinthop. I’m not someone who likes to boast about myself. Hahahaha.”

    “No can do, sir. Even if you don’t boast about yourself, your fame has already spread all over the world by itself.”

    “Hahahaha, of course, you’re always right.”

    The bystanders began to frown. What they were listening to was clearly a boasting.

    The young man who had originally been called said, “O-Oh, so you are Sir Savage Killer. I... no... this lowly one had no eyes. Please forgive this lowly one’s rudeness. If you don’t have anything more with this lowly one, this one begs your pardon...” He tried to walk away with the woman who was his girlfriend.

    Savage Killer stopped his laughter. “Wait!! You still can’t go yet!!”

    The young man shuddered. Today was really an unlucky day for him. “M-May this lowly one ask if your greatness still has any business with me?”

    “Why do you dress like that? You even have a sparrow as your pet.”

    “O-Oh, this lowly one is trying to dress like someone I really admire. Maybe your greatness might have already heard about him. His title is Weapon Subduing Fist.”

    “Hahaha, ridiculous! Why would I have heard about that guy? That bastard Sila is just Sila. Weapon Subduing Fist is just his false claim, his made-up story.”

    Savage Killer didn’t realize yet that he was contradicting himself. If he really didn’t know about Weapon Subduing Fist, how could he know that it was Sila’s title?

    Sila, who was listening to the conversation, was finding Savage Killer’s words interesting. He himself didn’t know how he got this ‘Weapon Subduing Fist’ title but Savage Killer said that he made a false claim. He intended to keep listening.

    “You... Could you please explain why you said that he has made a false claim?” The young man asked. His eyes showed some of his suppressed anger since the person that he admired was being insulted.

    The woman next to him tried her best to pull his sleeve, to prevent him from making a stupid decision.

    Sinthop stepped forward again. “About this, I can explain. It is well known that it was, in fact, Magic Emperor Montra who destroyed the evil Royal Armament Guild. He and the Two Monarchs showed their supremacy at Grea City while sending their other armies to attack the rest of the Royal Armament Guild’s branches. In the end, our Heavenly Dragon Guild is the one who took down the Royal Armament Guild. Weapon Subduing Fist? That bastard Sila is just falsely taking the credit. How shameless.”

    “But... Weapon Subduing Fist... Mister Sila was the one who defeated all four of the vice-leaders of the Royal Armament Guild by himself, causing the Royal Armament Guild to be in a weakened state. Moreover, Mister Sila was also the one who killed a dragon with his hand.”

    “Fufu, and did you see all of that yourself? Rumors are like this, they are always exaggerated. He claimed that he was the one who weakened the Royal Armament Guild to gain fame. And about him winning in the tournament, it was possible that he secretly made a deal with the Royal Armament Guild for the members of the guild to abandon the fight. It was their plan to get the money from gambling house.”

    “B-But... the Royal Armament Guild had a grudge against Mister Sila... There was no way they would do that.”

    The weaknesses of the rumors related to Sila were the lack of witnesses and the unusually short amount of time it took for Sila to get to where he is, which Montra noticed and took full advantage of.

    Firstly, Sila hadn’t been famous for very long so the public had yet to trust his story. He became famous too soon and didn’t have heroic tales like Lone Wolf. Most of them were rumors, so Sila’s story had low credibility. People normally tended to not believe that there was someone who was superior to them, so they were inclined to believe that there was no way for Sila to accomplish such a grand feat in a short amount of time.

    In addition, although Sila had shown his ability in Colossia’s battle tournament, the number of spectators in the Colosseum only amounted to very few compared to the number of players in the entirety of Monster Soul. Most of them also died in the last match, strengthening the doubt in Sila’s victory.

    Moreover, Sila’s victory and Montra’s raid of the Royal Armament Guild happened less than a day apart. Montra only had to use his overwhelming number of guild members to spread his version of the truth among the masses, distorting the timeline so that it was instead his guild who was the first to crush the Royal Armament Guild, and Sila only won because the three vice-leaders had lost their morale.

    Savage Killer emitted psychic power. “Sinthop, what are you waiting for? This guy is dumb, it’s useless for us to explain anything.”

    Sinthop nodded and readied his weapon. The tip of his sword aimed at the young man. “You fool! You are guilty of spreading false rumors and damaging the Heavenly Dragon Guild’s reputation. We judge that you are toxic to the community. If you still have a conscience, just admit your mistake and hand us all of your items! This way, you will have a merciful death.”

    The young man and woman were startled and looked at each other. This was daylight robbery. More importantly, what was this? Did they need to be killed just for having a different opinion?

    “Is... Is... Is this supposed to be the actions of the ones who call themselves the righteous side? You intend to rob us of both our items and our free speech... You are much worse than a bandit...” Despite the young man’s fear, he was trying his hardest to stand up to the opposing party.

    Sinthop was quick to argue, “Who said we intend to rob you? Did you just slander us? It seems you really are the worst. The reason why we demanded you to give us your items was because you have wasted our time. We have wasted our precious time explaining many things to you. It’s natural for you to compensate us with your items.”

    The bystanders secretly looked at each other. The army decided to stop their march without anyone ordered it to. The guild members also picked fights with random bystanders without being told to, explaining the “truth” behind the rumors without being told to, and demanding compensation due to other people wasting their time without being told to. Just what kind of joke is this?

    However, no one dared to oppose an army of seven hundred players. They just began to gossip.

    Sinthop declared in a loud voice, “This matter belongs to our Heavenly Dragon Guild. If anyone dares to interfere, you will be judged as an enemy of Magic Emperor Montra. Also, from now on, if anyone dares to spread a false rumor about that bastard Sila, you will be considered an enemy of the Heavenly Dragon Guild and have to face a severe punishment!”

    With this kind of declaration, the gossiping sounds died down. Sila, too, became silent, but it was the calm before the storm.

    “We have wasted too much time. Just surrender your items. We still have a lot of things to do.” Sinthop pressed for action.

    The young man gently broke free of his girlfriend. He stepped forward with eyes full of determination. He unleashed the sword on his waist.

    Savage Killer frowned. “Do you intend to oppose us, kid?”

    The young man straightened his back as he said with a resolute voice, “A man must be firm in his beliefs. Even Mister Sila alone has the courage to oppose two of the most influential guilds like the Royal Armament Guild and the Heavenly Dragon Guild. I witnessed the matches of Mister Sila with my own eyes and I believed in them. If I were to back off today and disregard my beliefs, how can I look at myself in the mirror from now on? Today, even if I am not your match, I will fight until I die to protect what I believe in!”

    It was a sentence full of commitment and determination. Everyone around was left breathless. The example of an ordinary player daring to oppose the almighty Heavenly Dragon Guild was unfolding before their eyes.

    Sangdao, who stood beside Sila, was immersed in her thoughts. ‘This might be the reason why Sila was selected by the Wulin Masters Association. It’s Sila’s charm that Montra can only dream of. The special ability that causes Montra to hate Sila even though he is superior to Sila in all aspects.’

    The ability to inspire people. No need for planning ahead. No need for power. No need for strength. Everyone who meets, talks to, or even sees Sila and Sila’s actions were always ready to stand by his side.

    Many people began to hesitate. Although they too wanted to oppose the haughty actions of the Heavenly Dragon Guild’s army, they were too afraid to become an enemy of the large guild. The atmosphere was gloomy. Many players in the front row of the Heavenly Dragon Guild’s army began to ready their weapons.

    “How conceited! You’re only a no-name player! Sinthop! Quickly kill him and order our men to wait for him at the resurrection point in Colossia City!” Savage Killer declared.

    Sinthop pointed his sword at the determined young man.

    “You stupid fool! You could’ve died a peaceful death if you had just behaved properly. Well, don’t worry, if you can win against me, we will let you off the hook.”

    “Are you for real?” The young man asked.

    “Of course, but you need to ask my Emerald Sword whether it will leave you alive or not. It has been so long since it drank human blood.” Sinthop unleashed his psychic power. Although the power output wasn’t that high in Sila’s perspective, it was apparently higher than the young man’s. The qi that Sila could feel from the young man was still undeveloped and low.

    Sila was about to step forward and block the attack. Looking back at the conservation, he could say that he was a part of the reason behind this fight. However, Sangdao pulled Sila’s arm back. She opened her palm and revealed tens of silver needles in it.

    Sila frowned as he didn’t understand Sangdao’s intentions.

    The sounds of fighting could be heard. The Emerald Sword was lifted up and slashed down at the head of the young man, aiming to sever his body into two in one hit. Meanwhile, the young man awkwardly lifted his sword up to guard it.

    Many people closed their eyes to prevent themselves from seeing the gruesome sight. At that moment, Sila noticed that one of the silver needles in Sangdao’s palm was missing despite her not moving her hand an inch.

    Sinthop felt a sharp pain in his upper right arm. His psychic power suddenly dropped. The Emerald Sword collided against the young man’s steel sword, making a metallic sound. However, it couldn’t sever the young man’s body into two as he had planned. It was blocked by a cheap steel sword.

    Everyone around couldn’t understand what happened. Even the young man himself thought that he would die from the attack.

    Sinthop was startled, but he continued to swing his sword at the young man again and again. However, he felt sharp pain every time he attacked. This pain caused his psychic power to drop and his physical condition to stiffen. Thus, the young man could receive every one of his strikes.

    Savage Killer noticed that there was something fishy going on, but he didn’t know what exactly was wrong. He shouted at Sinthop, “Sinthop, stop playing around and be serious!”

    Sinthop’s face reddened with embarrassment. He had been serious from the start but he had no idea why he couldn’t take this young man’s life. He gathered psychic power and struck again.

    Sila looked at what was happening without any worries. His nameless teacher was a prodigy of hidden weapons so it was natural for Sangdao to practice them since she was a kid. Sangdao’s ability to fire hidden weapons was several times better than Sila’s. At the very least, Sila had no confidence that he could fire needles accurately like Sangdao.

    For the record, the needle was one of the hardest hidden weapons to use. Its effectiveness wouldn’t show unless it hit at delicate spots. Not only could Sangdao fire weapons very accurately, but she was also at the realm of firing them without any trace.

    Not to mentioned Savage Killer and Sinthop, even a hidden weapons user like Sila still wasn’t able to follow her attack.

    The young man felt more confident as he had successfully blocked several attacks. At one point the attack was coming at him, he clad his qi reinforcement into his sword and used it to counterattack at his opponent’s neck. For a lower-level player like him to win against the superior opponent, his only choice was to aim at the opponent’s vital spot.

    Savage Killer smirked. He clearly saw that Sinthop’s sword was faster.

    Sangdao tracelessly fired multiple needles from her palm. More needles disappeared and even Sila couldn’t follow their movements.

    The Emerald Sword was halted in mid-air before its blade could touch the young man’s neck. Sharp pain ran through Sinthop’s body. Even his legs stiffened. Before he could notice, The cheap, steel sword had reached his neck. He was about to hurriedly put up his psychic power to block it but his psychic power didn’t respond to his command. It dispersed in vain.

    The sound of a steel blade passing through Sinthop’s neck echoed. The headless body of Sinthop collapsed onto the ground before turning into a pillar of light.

    Everyone was silent, rubbing their eyes in disbelief.

    Savage Killer powerfully unleashed his psychic power. “You need to pay for that!!”

    He pulled a long lance out of the shield, completely ignoring Sinthop’s previous word to let the young man off the hook if he won the fight.

    Sangdao released her grab on Sila’s arm. Sila started into Sangdao’s eyes for a brief moment.

    It was now his time to take action.

    The two-meter long lance clad with psychic power was brandished at the young man. The young man was well aware that he didn’t have the ability to block it but he still did his best to clad himself with his remaining qi energy.

    In the blink of an eye, Sila strengthened his body with qi and dashed to the scene, appearing between the lance and the young man. He activated Formless Soldier in his right hand and used it to grab the incoming lance with the hidden weapon collecting technique.

    The lance was stopped by Sila’s hand. His body didn’t move back even an inch.

    The young man looked at the back of the man blocking the attack that was about to take his life. Even though this man’s clothing was different, the young man could immediately tell who this man in front of him was. He shouted joyfully:

    “Weapon Subduing Fist...!”

    At the end of the young man’s sentence, resounding cheers were echoed throughout Colossia City’s gateway.

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    I have to be honest this chapter was kinda cringey, but a single chapter won't ruin my enjoyment of this story. Still an awesome work on the translation!
  • I have to be honest this chapter was kinda cringey, but a single chapter won't ruin my enjoyment of this story. Still an awesome work on the translation!

    Haha. Thanks for being honest and for the compliment. I can see why you feel it was cringey. Well, it's still a bit better than MC jumping out to protect the jade-like girl, no?  ;)

  • Chapter 98: Center

    Savage Killer couldn’t understand how he ended up in this situation. Prior to this, he was an influential figure. Everywhere he walked under the flag of Heavenly Dragon Guild, people would always make way for him.

    However, in this moment, when one particular man had appeared out of nowhere to block his infamous lance using a single hand, time seemed to stop.

    The center of everyone's attention. No matter what emotions were contained within their eyes, be it terror or hope, all of them were fixated on this man alone.

    The black wuxia clothing fluttering in the wind. The man grabbed Savage Killer’s lance tightly with his right hand. His remaining hand was put behind his back and his eyes were looking at Savage Killer.

    The man who was on the blacklist of the Heavenly Dragon Guild: Player Sila, the Weapon Subduing Fist.

    “Little Brother, are you okay?” Sila asked the young man behind him.

    “I... I... I... I’m fine.” The young man’s voice stuttered again.

    Savage Killer pointed his finger at Sila. “Who are you?!”

    It was an absurd question. The young man had already shouted that this man was Weapon Subduing Fist Sila. Savage Killer lost himself because of the situation that changed way too fast. He realized immediately that his question was stupid and hurriedly changed it.

    “This is a matter of the Heavenly Dragon Guild; do you dare to interfere?”

    “I’m the Sila that you were just talking about. That deceased guy just now told everyone that if anyone interferes, they will be an enemy of Montra and the people from Heavenly Dragon Guild. Nevertheless, I’ve been Montra’s enemy from the start so the result will be the same no matter if I interfere in this or not, right?”

    Before, Savage Killer still wasn’t one-hundred-percent certain when the young man declared that this man was Weapon Subduing Fist. However, this time, the man said so himself. There would be no way for Savage Killer to back off now.

    Regrettably, his favorite weapon was stuck in the grasp of his opponent.

    Sila smiled at the corner of his mouth. He pulled the lance to him and rotated it in mid-air. All of the seven hundred members in the army of the Heavenly Dragon Guild readied their weapons, waiting for their leader’s command.

    “You want your weapon back, don’t you? Please take it.”

    Sila infused the hot power of Tortured Soul into Savage Killer’s lance. The black lance glowed a fiery orange as if it was being melted by an intense flame. He charged at its owner, Savage Killer, at a high speed.

    Savage Killer panicked, though he managed to lift his steel shield and clad it with psychic reinforcement in order to block the attack.

    “Arghhhh!! Hot!!” Savage Killer’s lance penetrated through the shield. However, the direction of the tip of the lance was deflected by the shield and inflicted a wound on Savage Killer’s left abdomen. Still, the hot power in the lance caused the color of his armor to change to orange. Even the shield was starting to turn orange.

    “Argh, you fools! What are you waiting for? Kill him!” Savage Killer quickly removed his armor and put down his shield. He ordered his subordinates to attack Sila while he himself hid within the army.

    Regretfully, Sila had expected the attack to take his opponent’s life. He had attempted to infuse Worlds Crossing Bridge, which he rarely got the chance to use, into the lance in order to make the heat spread out to other objects that it touched. Well, Savage Killer seemed skillful to some degree. It was to be expected as he was a leader of the army.

    However, this army wasn’t as strong as Sila had guessed. Conquering Colossia City that didn’t have the Royal Armament Guild to fortify it and wasn’t protected by any group of players was supposed to be an easy job. The march of this army was just a show since no one should be daring enough to oppose the Heavenly Dragon Guild for the time being.

    A clamor resounded. Even though their leader made an order in a hurry, the army wasn’t thrown into disarray. Players in the frontline lifted their shields up while the players in the next row put their lances in the gaps between the shields. There were also an enormous number of arrows being fired into the sky, covering the sunlight.

    “This is bad,” Sila panicked. He himself could dodge these arrows with Twelve Celestial-Traveling-Steps. However, the Heavenly Dragon Guild attacked without giving regard to the bystanders. The area around here was a rocky mountain without any areas that could provide cover. If these arrows rained down, more than a hundred bystanders would die.

    ‘No one must die because of me. Since I have acted to protect someone, I will stick with it to the very end.’ This was Sila’s thought.

    “Lookhin, try to decrease the number of enemies as much as you can.”

    Since Sila usually hadn’t ordered it to fight and Lookhin had powered up from eating the Solaria Card, it was very energetic. Lookhin unleashed a power even greater than Sila and flew into the sky, above the group of arrows.

    As for Sila, he increased the size of Galaxy Eclipse’s radius to its maximum and activated Universe Momentum to pull every arrow to him alone.

    It was a spectacular sight to behold. Thousands of arrows into the sky changed their courses and flew at Sila. Their combined form was like a vicious dragon made of arrows charging at him.

    ‘With this many, Moon Reflecting Mirror won’t work. In that case...’

    Sila focally handled the dragon made of arrows with Universe Momentum and used his right foot as a rotating point. He dragged the dragon to fly around him with Worlds Crossing Bridge.

    If the number of the arrows was lower than this, Sila wouldn’t have to undergo this much trouble. Now, Sila’s concentration reached its peak to control the arrows to not stray off their path.

    The arrows flew back into the sky and beautifully rained down. However, for the Heavenly Dragon Guild’s members, this was a hellish moment. The rain of arrows dropped from above. Despite the speed of the arrows being slow since Sila didn’t have time to infuse his power into them, based on how high they were in the sky, with the help of gravity, their destructive power wouldn’t be much different than before.

    The system alert went off in Sila’s head, but he didn’t have time to focus on it.

    Player Sila has mastered Universe Momentum and Worlds Crossing Bridge, and has successfully circulated them together. The two of them are now fused together and have become Universe Reversal.

    Many players in the army immediately raised their shields up to block the arrows, while many others tried to flee from the area.

    Thousands of rocky spears emerged from the ground in the middle of the army. Lookhin didn’t take long to summon Earth Spears and attack the enemies. The army instantly fell into a chaotic state. They had to block against both the arrows from above and the Earth Spears from below.

    It seemed like Lookhin had yet to feel satisfied. It summoned another gigantic sword made of flames in the sky. The size of the sword easily surpassed a five-storey building.

    Sorrowful cries resonated non-stop. The flash of light when a player died occurred continuously, illuminating the army like shiny stars in the night sky.

    The giant flame sword followed the rain of arrows and finally pierced through the ground, burning the area. The army of more than seven hundred players already had over two hundred casualties within a mere minute.

    “Don’t fire the arrows!! Use a close-ranged weapon to kill him. As for that bird, use your spells to shoot it down!!” The sound of Savage Killer came from the middle of the army.

    As the players in the army were aware that their leader was still alive and sound, their morale returned to some degree. Sila only had a short moment of rest after controlling an enormous number of arrows. He was surrounded by many weapons.

    Lookhin summoned hundreds of smaller flame swords in the air and rotated them to both attack and defend at the same time. Since Lookhin possessed a psychic-type ability like Mind Connection, it could control these swords to some extent. It was very suitable to handle against many attacks that came from several directions.

    Sila didn’t know since when, but Sangdao was now standing next to him. Sila was positive that Sangdao’s Hidden Weapon Mastery, Qi Concealment, and Twelve Celestial-Traveling-Steps were superior to his.

    Sangdao’s version of Twelve Celestial-Traveling-Steps was the polar opposite of Sila’s. Sila’s footwork was quick and sharp. If the people watching him didn’t focus enough, they would only see his afterimages.

    As for Sangdao’s, her footwork was slow and delicate. Each of her steps was gentle like a dragonfly landing on water. Every time she used Twelve Celestial-Traveling-Steps, the time around her seemed to slow down.

    Her body swayed from the weapons coming at her. It was at that moment that her pale white Chinese sword on her left waist was unsheathed.

    That was the last time Sila could have a clear look at her Chinese sword. Unlike her footwork, her swordsmanship was too quick for the naked eyes to follow. Waves of blades stabbed multiple times within a second as if she was an artist trying to paint the stars on a canvas. Every one of her attacks always struck a vital spot or forced the opponent to reveal one.

    Slow footwork and quick swordsmanship. Two extremely different techniques in one person.

    Even Sila himself wasn’t confident that he could cope with Sangdao’s series of attacks. However, this wasn’t the right time to think about that.

    Sila was still more proficient in offense than defense. He clad his qi onto both of his hands and activated Formless Soldier, strengthening his hands like they were metal. He used them as shields and weapons, blocking enemies’ attack while hitting them.

    Several roars could be heard from behind. Sila had no time to care but he still rotated his body to look at what had happened. He didn’t forget to kick one of his opponents while doing so.

    The bystanders started to join the battle, helping Sila.

    In this current situation, Savage Killer was at a loss for words. He had marched his army so far, reaching the gates of Colossia City. However, his quest to conquer it had failed even though it was supposed to be an easy task.

    Savage Killer took out the Returning Scroll. Although he had to go back to where he had started, it was better than him being killed here.

    “Arghh!” His left hand that was holding the Returning Scroll was suddenly severed without any sign. He even stood in the middle of the army.

    The Returning Scroll fell on the ground. As he bent his back to pick it up using his remaining right hand, the same thing happened.

    His right arm was severed. Savage Killer gnashed his teeth in pain while fearing the ruthlessness of the one who had ambushed him. With this level of ability, the one who ambushed him could easily end his life at any time, but he or she instead decided to bring fear to him by cutting off his arms.

    Now, less than a hundred Heavenly Dragon Guild’s members remained. Many of them already focused on fleeing. However, the stone pillars emerged from the ground and blocked their paths. It was a hopeless situation for them.

    Sila flicked both his wrists, firing off over twenty shurikens and kunais. For the demoralized enemies, these attacks were enough to take their life. Tens of Heavenly Dragon Guild members fell down and revealed the current state of Savage Killer. He lay on the ground with his arms missing.

    Sila frowned at such a sight. Although it was true that he planned to kill Savage Killer, he didn’t like to torture his enemy. He thought Sangdao’s method of dealing with Savage Killer was excessive so he looked at her.

    Sangdao looked into Sila’s eyes then shifted her gaze to Savage Killer’s state. She sheathed her Chinese sword and shook her head at Sila, informing him that it wasn’t her who had done that.

    The rest of the army easily turned into light pillars at the hands of the bystanders. The only member left was Savage Killer who now lacked the ability to fight back.

    Sila couldn’t bring himself to kill a person who couldn’t fight back. However, if he left this guy alone, this guy would be tortured by the remaining players.

    As he was hesitating, the problem was solved in a single attack.

    A hole appeared in the middle of Savage Killer’s forehead. It happened very fast with no trace of any weapon used on him. His body fell to the ground and turned into a light pillar.

    Sila was still using Galaxy Eclipse so he could pinpoint the direction of the attack. He looked at the seven o’clock direction. Similarly, Sangdao did the same.

    She said to Sila, “He or she used qi or psychic power as the arrow and fired it from a three-kilometer distance away. In Monster Soul, there are only two players who are capable of accomplishing such a feat. Dao guesses she must be the Soul Splitting Arrow Nednapha, the vice-leader of the Mountain Thieves League. The other is unlikely as he is Sun Extinguishing Warlord Shuran, a member of the Heavenly Dragon Guild.”

    Sila took his eyes off the direction of the arrow. Lookhin flew and landed on Sila’s shoulder and dissolved the stone pillars made of its magic power. The pathway was in a mess but it was still possible for players to travel.

    “Thank you for helping me, Big Brother.” The previous young man came and expressed his gratitude. Thanks to Sila and Sangdao who were staying at the frontline, no one in their side had died. At most, they were injured.

    Sila smiled. “No problem. By the way, you’re quite good to be able to win in that one on one fight.”

    “I think it was a coincidence though. Even I am not confident that my victory was real.”

    Sila thought of his teacher Mora. There was a sentence that his teacher always told him when he was feeling down.

    “If you’re not confident in yourself, then practice. Although this time might be a coincidence, the next time would not be. If we try hard enough, there is nothing that us humans can’t do.”

    Sila said that while thinking that it was rather funny. He just said the exact same sentence that his teacher used to say to him without changing half a word. Recalling his teacher’s presence, Sila couldn’t help but miss him. He was dying to know his teacher’s wellbeing.

    Hearing the encouragement from the person he admired, the young man’s eyes sparkled with hope. “I’ll try my best, Big Brother.”

    Sila nodded. “We should go, Sangdao, otherwise we will be late.”

    Sangdao nodded. Afterward, the two of them soared away with Lookhin flying behind closely. They entered the valley, through the shortcut that Sangdao had suggested.

  • Sinless said:

    Haha. Thanks for being honest and for the compliment. I can see why you feel it was cringey. Well, it's still a bit better than MC jumping out to protect the jade-like girl, no?  ;)

    Don't talk about jade, you're triggering my PTSD.

    Also I found that moment with the arrows badass, then I though about the scene in kung fu panda 2 when Po deflects the fireworks and now I can't take it seriously. 
  • Chapter 99: The Stone and the Starlight - First Part

    Three kilometers away from where Sila had battled against Heavenly Dragon Guild’s army, there were three people looking in Sila’s direction. Two of them were men dressed in cheap wuxia clothing. They were standing behind a woman who was dressed in leather clothing and wearing a cowboy hat. Her sky-blue hair lingered on her shoulders and her tender right arm was covered in a seemingly high-tech arm guard that connected with a silver bow. She lowered her right arm and put the bow inside her arm guard. Then, she covered it with her long sleeve.

    “What do you think of him, vice-leader? I mean the man whose name is Sila.” One of the two men spoke.

    “What about you, Toron? What do you think of him?” She asked back.

    The man whose name was Toron replied, “Ah, with the distance being this far, I couldn’t see his ability properly. It was the same back then in Colossia’s battle tournament, we didn’t react in time and died, otherwise we wouldn’t be wearing these shabby clothing.”

    “Don’t use ‘we’, Toron. You were in the grandstands so you should’ve been able to use energy reinforcement in time. Sigh, if only I didn’t go out looking for some snacks...” The other man said.

    “In the end, we both died, Chak. That’s the hard truth,” Toron said.

    The woman wasn’t interested in their disagreement as she said, “Even though he doesn’t seem to be very decisive, that might just be his personality of not wanting to hurt people who can’t fight back. As for his ability, he is comparable to a vice-leader from one of the large guilds. Based on the speed of his growth, it will only take him a year to become as strong as the top guild leaders.”

    “Whoa, isn’t that too fast?” Chak asked.

    “That is only the case where he trains by himself. It would take him sooner if he encounters many skilled opponents. I evaluate that he might be able to hold his own against guild leaders and other players of that level within three months, just before the war event starts.”

    “What should we do then?”

    “Leave him alone. The enemy of our enemy is our friend. He is not a threat to us, the Mountain Thieves League. That is what we will tell the boss,” she said.

    “Your analysis is the best as always.”

    Nednapha ignored Chak’s praise. “Now, let’s get going.”

    Chak and Toron nodded before agilely sliding down the valley despite their level being lowered. This indicated that they were quite skilled.

    Nednapha looked at the way Sila and Sangdao had left and muttered to herself, “...Misty Valley? they are going to Grea City, aren’t they?”

    ‘Who exactly is the woman next to him? She is even stronger than Sila. It is unfortunate that Sila didn’t use his mechanical arm that he used against Solaria. I wanted to take a good look at it. Although it seems different from the left arm of Magic Emperor Montra that I witnessed a year ago, if it is an item of the same set and we can acquire knowledge about them, maybe we can learn Montra’s weakness.’

    With many unanswered questions left on her mind, she quickly went after the other two who had already gone ahead and began to catch up using her superior speed.


    Sila moved quickly following the path. The area around there was a clear field with some insect-type monsters along the way. Many of them were giant centipedes. Their speed was slow so Sila could avoid a confrontation with ease so long as he maintained his speed.

    Sangdao’s qinggong was impressive. She was always next to Sila despite his sudden accelerations or sharp turns to avoid monsters.

    As for Lookhin, it was the most comfortable of the three. Even though it had flown following Sila and Sangdao at first, after some time passed, it seemed to feel tired and ended up resting on Sila’s shoulder.

    Almost three hours had passed. They had been traveling in silence. Sila just recently became an acquaintance of Sangdao so he didn’t know what to talk about. Meanwhile, Sangdao was there to observe Sila so she tried to not talk about herself, otherwise, Sila might learn something that he wasn’t supposed to know yet.

    They stopped their journey in front of the entrance of the deeper valley. The area around there was a greenfield without other living creatures. There was a sign in front of them indicating, “The Misty Valley is up ahead. Danger! You are advised to use other routes.”

    Sila turned his head to speak to Sangdao, “Sangdao, are you tired? If not, how about we enter right away?”

    “Dao is not tired, but this little bird might not be able to keep it up longer than this.” Sangdao pointed at Lookhin.

    Sila looked at Lookhin and saw that it was fine. Its expression was like usual.

    Sangdao continued, “Maybe it is not used to showing expressions. Why don’t you open your status window to check, Sila?”

    Sila couldn’t understand what Sangdao was saying, but he obediently followed her suggestion.

    Pet Status: Lookhin, Level: 1

    Race: Dark Brown Sparrowhawk, Rank: Squire.

    Health Points: 7/20

    Magic Points: 0/0

    Qi Points: 0/0

    Psychic Points: 0/0

    Satiety: 0/100

    Love Degree: 37%

    “Ah? It is starving, isn’t it? The love degree is also lower than before.”

    “It started feeling tired about halfway through our journey, Dao guesses. That’s why it stopped flying and rested on Sila’s shoulder instead.”

    “Oh, why didn’t you just tell me, Lookhin?” Sila lightly scolded Lookhin, but Lookhin glared back at him, feeling slightly angry.

    Sangdao chuckled. “Dao thinks it has tried, but Sila just didn’t realize.”

    Lookhin nodded to confirm Sangdao’s statement. It had pinched Sila to the point that its talons were hurting. However, Sila was always circulating qi all over his body. Once Lookhin increased the pressure, Sila naively thought that it was normal for Lookhin, a little hawk, to pinch him. So, he activated Formless Soldier, changing his shoulder to become as hard as metal and totally ignored it.

    Sila stretched out his right arm for Lookhin to change its resting place. “But, how can you tell that it is tired, Sangdao?”

    “Dao is just observant. It is common sense for me to use my power to check my surroundings every time I see something is off. Dao noticed that this little bird changed from flying to resting on Sila’s shoulder so I used my qi to inspect it. That’s how I discovered its weakened condition,” Sangdao answered with a gentle smile.

    Sila was surprised that Sangdao could inspect Lookhin on his shoulder without him noticing. It made him fully aware that Sangdao’s ability far surpassed his.

    “Then, how about we rest here for a few hours? We can continue our journey in the next two or three hours.”

    Sangdao shook her head. “A few hours later, the sun will set. Spider-type monsters are more aggressive at night. We might encounter the Eight-Legged Spider King if we are in the valley at night. Dao also thinks this little bird has to rest for an entire night. So, Dao suggests we should continue our journey tomorrow morning.”

    “Ah? Does it take that long for Lookhin?” Sila looked at Lookhin and shifted his gaze to Sangdao.

    This time, it was Sangdao who became confused. “Eh? Dao thinks Sila already knows that since it is your pet.”

    Sila’s face was reddened. To be honest, he didn’t know a thing about Lookhin. Recently, he always kept it in the ring or left it for Julia to take care. If his ring hadn’t been broken, Lookhin would be in it instead of flying alongside them.

    Sangdao didn’t want Sila to feel bad so she hurriedly continued, “Although it is a qi-type monster... no, Dao saw that it could use skills of every type, it doesn’t possess supportive skills like Basic Qi or Qi Circulation. That’s why, if it spends its energy, it will become hungry easily and need to take a rest for its energy to regenerate. Dao saw it spend a lot of power in the previous battle. It’s surprising enough that it’s still not worn out.”

    In fact, Lookhin should already be worn out as Sangdao had guessed. However, with the Hibernation passive skill that it got from the Great Millennium Turtle, it could prolong its consciousness for a while before it would collapse.

    Sila expressed his thanks to Sangdao for warning him about Lookhin. He was aware that he needed to take better care of Lookhin from now on.

    “First things first, you need to eat something, Lookhin. Wait a moment.” Sila opened his system window to search for pet food.

    However, he had to feel disappointed. He didn’t prepare any pet food for Lookhin. Even though he had kept all of Lookhin’s pet food in the ring, when it broke, the system didn’t return the food back to him.

    As for his food, he only had cold tea. After he had mastered Primary Qi, Sila only ate at the restaurants from time to time, not keeping food within his item window anymore.

    “Do you have any?” Sangdao asked.

    Sila sighed. “I don’t, I didn’t prepare any food with me.”

    “Eh? Dao thinks Dao heard that Sila had already prepared for this journey before we left.”

    “About that... I had eaten food before I left. I thought that since the journey would only be three or four days, I could just circulate Primary Qi to stop my hunger.” 

    Sangdao opened her system window and took five warm steamed buns out, letting off a pleasing smell. “If you don’t mind, how about you let it eat these buns?”

    Lookhin didn’t wait for Sila’s response. It flew to Sangdao and acted like a cute, hungry bird. It tilted its neck, lovingly asking for the food, before slowly digging into the buns.

    “Oh, it’s really starving. Please eat a lot and then get plenty of rest, will you? We will rest at this place tonight,” Sila said, to which Lookhin completely disregarded him and continued eating its food.

    Sila went to collect dry firewood. Recently, Sila really neglected to prepare items for his journeys. It was due to his need to maintain inventory space for all of his hidden weapons. Thus, Sila had abandoned camping items such as food, lighter, and a tent; essentials that players tended to carry with them. He only carried a water bottle with him and some healing items like medicine and potions.

    Once he had collected enough firewood and the fire was lit, he went to sit on a nearby stone and looked at the sight of Sangdao and Lookhin together. Lookhin seemed to have more of a liking toward the food owner than its original owner already.

    “Is Lookhin the name of this little bird?” Sangdao asked while gently stroking Lookhin’s feathers.

    “Yes, when I first got him, it had a brown color and it was also tiny like a small pebble.”

    “Dao would like to suggest that Sila take better care of it. If you don’t have time, you can buy the pet-sealing accessory to keep it inside and put a lot of food in it. Well, you still need to bring it outside to play from time to time.”

    Sila was about to explain that he used to have that kind of item too, but telling her like that only sounded like an excuse in this situation. All he could say was “Yes…”

    “Grea City is the main city and is also known as the Android Kingdom. It is also a metropolis of psychic types. It shouldn’t be difficult to buy this kind of item from there.”

    The name ‘Android Kingdom’ sounded familiar to Sila. Once Sangdao mentioned that it was a metropolis of psychic types, he remembered.

    Sila recalled the quest attached to his Right Arm of the Sealed One, ‘Searching for the Lost Android Kingdom.’

    Sila began to feel that he was really neglecting many things around him. He had a lot of quests to do, and a lot of martial arts and moves to learn. He also had his personal matters like finding his teacher’s whereabouts and his revenge against Montra that was left to be done.

    ‘I think I need to make a list to see how many and what things I need to do,’ Sila thought.

    Sangdao saw Sila immersed in thinking so she didn’t disturb him. However, when Sila was about to shut his eyes, she immediately called him.

    “Sila, what are you doing?”

    Sila stopped his qi circulation and answered Sangdao, “I don’t know what to do so I intend to circulate qi to practice my skills.”

    Sangdao showed her mild smile. “Sila, when it’s time to rest, you need to rest. You can practice when it’s time to practice. Previously, Sila was the one who told us that we will rest at this place tonight.”

    “But... I still haven’t practiced at all today. When I was in the dojo, I needed to practice every day. I plan to do the same in this game, practicing as much as possible to close the gap between me and Montra, since he entered this game long before me.”

    “Resting is also counted as practicing, you know?”

    “Resting is practicing? What do you mean?”

    “Correct. If the chords of the harp are too tight, they will rip. While if they are too loose, the sound of the harp will become unpleasant to the ear. Balancing between practicing and relaxing is a core part of an effective training program.”

    “But… my teacher always told me that I need to practice if I feel unconfident. So, I always train myself every time I feel restless.”

    “When practicing, it does not necessarily have to be physical training. Training one’s mind is also an important factor that martial artists need to do. Dao believes that your teacher must have tried to tell you this.”

    Sila thought about Sangdao’s interpretation. He had never interpreted his teacher’s words this way.

    Sangdao saw that Sila was deep in thought again so she continued, “How about Dao imparts you my personal technique?”

    Sila got out of his thought. “Your personal technique? You don’t have to do that.” Sila was surprised that Sangdao had her own technique at her age.

    “It’s alright. Dao is Sila’s teacher anyway.”

    “My teacher?”

    Sangdao giggled. “When we first met, you called me teacher, don’t you remember?”

    Hearing that, Sila’s face reddened. At that time, he thought the nameless elder had used some sort of in-game skill to transform and become a young woman so he mistakenly called her that.

    Sangdao didn’t wait for Sila to argue as she continued talking. “Listen to this female teacher of yours, alright? My technique’s name is Evening Near the Misty Valley. It’s not only a combat technique but also a technique that you can apply to everything in your life.”

    “Evening Near the Misty Valley? The name is quite peculiar.” Sila frowned at the name.

    “Yes, Evening Near the Misty Valley is a mental technique. No need to practice. You will understand it if you give it a thought, but you won’t understand it if you don’t try. Please listen carefully.”

    Sila nodded, ready to listen.

    Sangdao started to explain her technique, “This technique means: at this time, in this moment, and in this place. Since Sila is near the Misty Valley, your heart and your mind must also be near the Misty Valley. Do your best to train when it’s time to train. Do your best to rest when it’s time to rest. Do your best to fight when it’s time to fight.”

    Sila couldn’t help but smile. “The technique’s name sounds like something Dao came up with on the spot.”

    Sangdao nodded. “That’s because Dao is in the evening, near the Misty Valley. How about you, Sila? Where are you now? The past, or the future?”

    Sila listened to Sangdao’s words and thought for a moment. Sangdao’s sentence had a deeper meaning than a casual conversation.

    Sangdao continued to say, “In the evening near the Misty Valley, there is Sila, Dao, Lookhin, pebbles, grass, the campfire, the ground, the sky, the moon, and even several stars. There are these many things around you but Sila still didn’t give any of them your attention. Your mind is concerned about events that happened in the past or matters of the future. Sila, there’s a limit to how much us humans can think about while the things around us are limitless. Dao only wants you, in this evening, near the Misty Valley, to stay with Dao, Lookhin, and the nature around us. If you can do just this, Dao thinks you will be considered to have mastered this technique.”

    Sila listened silently. He started to get what Sangdao was trying to tell him. It was like, in a battle, he needed to focus only on the fight itself, not the result of the fight. The present is the most important time since we can’t change the past nor predict the future.

    Living in this exact moment. In the Evening Near the Misty Valley.

    “The words of the female teacher are very deep and profound. I will always keep this technique in my heart and try my best to master it.”

    Sangdao chuckled. “Dao is not possessive over my personal technique. Dao will not mind if my disciple can surpass his female teacher with it.”

    The atmosphere between the two brightened. Sila opened his heart and started sharing some of his stories to Sangdao, while she did the same. The conversation between the two continued and Lookhin finally fell asleep on Sangdao’s lap.

    Sila listened to Sangdao’s stories and raised his head to see the sky. He inhaled the refreshing breeze that came into contact with his face.

    He felt happier than any other days, despite him knowing that there were still a lot of problems waiting for him.

    Sila himself couldn’t tell what had caused him to feel this happy. Maybe it was the sky, the moon, the wind, or the starlight.

    T/N: Like chapter 19-20 and 24-25, this time, the name ‘Sangdao’ and ‘Dao’ (her nickname) literally mean ‘Starlight’ and ‘Star’. Thus, this chapter’s name ‘The Stone and the Starlight’ basically refers to the protagonist Sila (=stone) being together with Sangdao (=starlight.)
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    Chapter 100: The Stone and the Starlight - Last Part

    The sun was rising from the east. The early rays of light woke many creatures from their slumber to encounter their new day. Sila, too, woke up under the warm sunlight. A big blanket fell from his body.

    ‘When did I fall asleep?’ Sila thought as he had never fallen asleep unintentionally before, except when he was very exhausted.

    “Are you awake, Sila? Then, please prepare yourself,” Sangdao said. She was still sitting on the rock near the extinguished bonfire. Lookhin was still asleep on her lap.

    Sila scratched his head, asking, “When did I doze off?”

    “A few hours ago. Dao was telling you about a constellation called Orion. Dao guesses that it must be quite a boring topic so Sila dozed off.” Sangdao stroke Lookhin’s feathers gently.

    “I’m sorry. I am usually not like this.”

    “Dao doesn’t mind. It’s good that Sila had a good sleep since we will have to travel through the Misty Valley all day today.”

    Sila brushed away the dust on his body and picked up the blanket. “Is this blanket yours, Dao?”

    Sangdao nodded. She took it back and kept it inside her system window. “Yes, it’s mine. Sila looked like you were cold so I covered you with it.”

    ‘Was I really that defenseless? If Dao was my enemy, I would already be dead. Or is her ability too great to the point that she can cover me with a blanket without me sensing?’

    Sangdao slightly moved her body, waking Lookhin. It rubbed its head with Sangdao’s hand and intentionally didn’t look at Sila.

    “Hmmm, Lookhin, what’s wrong with you again?”

    Sangdao giggled. “Maybe it’s still sulking about its food. Sila will have to reconcile with it when you have a chance.”

    Sila nodded and readied himself for the journey. He thought to himself that he would find a good card to feed it.

    The Misty Valley was the habitat of the Eight-Legged Spider King, the king of the spiders. It was a hundred-meter wide mountain pass which was always covered by mist, reducing the visibility of travelers.

    There were several spiderwebs stretching between the valleys. However, with Sila’s and Sangdao’s ability, they could continue their travel without having to touch these spider webs.

    Nevertheless, even though they didn’t touch the webs directly, the displaced air caused by their movements had vibrated the webs. Some Squire Rank spider monsters crawled out, but both Sila and Sangdao didn’t bother to fight them. For the record, Lookhin was now flying following Sangdao instead of Sila.

    “Stop,” Sangdao suddenly said and Sila immediately complied. However, Lookhin didn’t stop. It flew restlessly above Sila and Sangdao’s heads. Its body continued to emit qi, magic, and psychic powers.

    “Lookhin stop, come down here,” Sila called. He sensed that this place was not safe. Lookhin being out in the open while their opponents were hiding was a very foolish action.

    A system alert could be heard..

    You have accidentally encountered Eight-Legged Spider King Aramut, Marquis Rank, Level 500, the hidden boss of the Misty Valley. If you are killed by the Eight-Legged Spider King, you will lose all money and items in your possession.

    Sila started his qi circulation and became more vigilant. Despite the system informing them about their encounter with the king of spiders, he still couldn’t see even a part of it. Even with the power of Galaxy Eclipse, Sila still couldn’t pinpoint its location. This was the first time Sila had faced an opponent like this.

    Sangdao, too, was surprised. She had used this Misty Valley’s route for many times but she had never met the spider king even once. The chance of encountering hidden bosses was very rare, and the chance of encountering Aramut was among the rarest.

    The chance of encountering Aramut being so low indicated that it must be a very powerful monster, or at least a monster with a strong, peculiar technique. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be the boss of the Misty Valley.

    Lookhin still flew irritably on the sky. Sila shouted at it again.

    “Lookhin stop, and come down here immediately!”

    However, Lookhin didn’t comply with his order. It even unleashed more of its power.

    “The bird race is a nemesis of the spider race, Sila. Lookhin knows that its enemy is near so it won’t come down easily,” Sangdao replied while looking for the enemy.

    That wasn’t the only reason that Lookhin didn’t obey Sila though. Taming a skilled monster was originally harder than taming an undeveloped one. Not only did Lookhin have a higher level than Sila, but its love degree was also low. Sila didn’t even possess any accessory with an ability to make him tame monsters easier like the ones Francine had. Now, Lookhin didn’t even use its Mind Connection with Sila. The only reason that it sometimes obeyed Sila was that Sila had raised it since it was a baby bird.

    The sound of something crawling could be heard from every direction. All sizes of spiders ranging from tiny ones to ones as big as humans creeped out, surrounding Sila and Sangdao. The amount of psychic power emitted from them was too complicated for the two of them to spot which one of spiders was their king.

    “It’s Perfect Mind Concealment. Please be careful,” Sangdao said.

    Perfect Mind Concealment was exactly like its name. It was a skill that completely allowed the user to blend with nature. The user of this skill might stand in front of the enemy without being sensed.

    Like a small pebble on the side of the street. People could see it, but they didn’t care.

    So, it was positive to say that Sila and Sangdao could only wait for the Spider King to attack them first to pinpoint its location.

    The spiderwebs created by psychic power formed walls and became thicker. Instead of initiating the attack, the Spider King chose to cut off its enemies’ escape route first. This action indicated that the Spider King was an intelligent monster and its ability to give commands and have its minions carry them out was flawless.

    Many enemies of his race had appeared. How could Lookhin resist the temptation to go on a rampage?

    It concentrated its magic power and summoned a hundred Swords from the Underworld to spin around it. The heat from the swords caused the spiderwebs to dehydrate and become brittle. However, all the spiders shot more spiderwebs in unison to recreate the walls. Some of the spiders also shot the spiderwebs at Lookhin.

    Lookhin quickly swooped around, dodging the spiderwebs, and controlled the flame swords to strike the spiders. Nevertheless, every time a spider fell on the ground, another one would emerge and replace the fallen one’s position.

    More spider webs stretched through the gap between the valleys, lowering the space for Lookhin to dodge without it realizing.

    Sila began to feel restless. Although he thought he could fight the spiders, given the number of them, he was very worried about Lookhin.

    Sila used Cruise Breeze to shoot the power of Tortured Soul at the walls of spiderwebs. Some of them were frozen while some of them burnt down. However, his qi didn’t have any effect on the spiderwebs in crucial positions. It seemed to him that they were reinforced with great psychic power.

    He had tried firing hidden weapons at several spiders, but the end result was the same as what Lookhin had done. Every time a spider died, another one would emerge and replace the fallen one’s duty without disturbing their tempo. Sila noticed that so he stopped uselessly firing his hidden weapons.

    The spiders slowly but surely tightened the circle around their prey. It was natural for them to wait until their prey, who got caught in their webs, to stop the useless struggle before starting their meal.

    Sangdao hadn’t performed any attack since the start of the battle. She just stood still, calming her mind like a lake without any ripples, to search for a single spider within a group of thousands.

    The Spider King seemed to be able to sense that Sangdao was its most dangerous opponent. It ordered its subordinates to attack Sangdao to disturb her. Thousands of spiders slowly crawled to Sangdao.

    “Sila, please prevent them from coming near me. Dao needs to focus on finding the location of the Spider King,” she said before closing her eyes without waiting for Sila’s reply.

    Sila didn’t have time to delay. He activated Galaxy Eclipse and used his quick wit to form two layers. The first layer was an empty space with a ten-meter radius around Sangdao, while the second was fused with his maximum output of flame power of Tortured Soul.

    Creating a gap within a power sphere was difficult beyond what ordinary players could do. One couldn’t perform such a feat with only God's Cathedral or only Ray Assemble. To be able to do that, one needed to possess the power of Galaxy Eclipse which was the combination of the two mentioned above. Sila also needed to split his concentration to use Tortured Soul, so it was already his best to maintain the ten-meter empty radius around Sangdao.

    The small spiders were instantly burnt into crisp at the moment they entered the power sphere. However, they kept marching forward and compensated the loss with their quantity. They advanced closer to Sangdao, though very slowly.

    As for Lookhin, its fatigue started to kick in. Controlling hundreds of swords required a tremendous amount of concentration. Not to mention that, compared to other energy points, Lookhin had the least psychic points. It had to delicately control the sword and dodge the attacks from all directions so it wasn’t strange that it felt dead tired.

    If it had supportive skills, it might be able to regenerate its energy or relieve its fatigue during the battle. However, it didn’t have them.

    Lookhin lost its balance for a brief moment. Unfortunately for it, the Spider King didn’t miss that chance. Hundreds of spiders simultaneously shot their spiderwebs to Lookhin.

    The spiderwebs covered Lookhin’s body, causing it to fall down. However, Lookhin quickly froze the spiderwebs and used qi to break it from inside.

    Sadly, in the heated battle, once you’ve lost the tempo, you lose the entire fight. As soon as Lookhin broke itself free from the ball of spiderwebs, the next set of spider webs were fired at it. The psychic power infused in these spiderwebs was greater than before. Lookhin fell down again before breaking out of them for the second time.

    In the blink of an eye, another set of spiderwebs came. They were strengthened by an unusually high amount of psychic power. Lookhin’s power couldn’t hope to freeze nor break them free. Lookhin’s body descended by the force of gravity and slammed on the ground.

    Lookhin coughed out blood by the impact. The spiderwebs around it became tighter, crushing its small body. It could no longer breath.

    In the same instant that Lookhin crashed with the ground, Sangdao flicked her right hand to fire her black kunai to the direction that the current spiderwebs were shot at Lookhin. The kunai stabbed her target promptly. Even Sila couldn’t follow its trajectory.

    The middle-sized spider who shared a similarity with the rest of the spiders cried out once the kunai stabbed into its head. As Sila noticed that it didn’t die from Sangdao’s qi-reinforced hidden weapon, he realized that it was Aramut, the Eight-Legged Spider King.

    Aramut’s body turned pitch black and its size doubled. Eight of its eyes stared intensely at Sangdao, full of vengeance. Since its location was exposed, there was no reason for it to play around. It ordered the surrounding spiders to charge at the two.

    Sila dispersed his power around Sangdao and entered the stance for fighting in close range. At the moment that he was ready to battle the spiders, Sangdao said something to him.

    “Sila, you go and defeat the boss. I will take care of them here.”

    As Sila was more proficient in fighting one-on-one, he didn’t decline nor reply to Sangdao and quickly dashed to Aramut.

    A terrifying number of spiders came at the two. However, all that the spiders could see was a white flash of light. The flash from the Chinese sword overwhelmed all beings in Sangdao’s attack range.

    Even with the help of their eight eyes, the spiders still couldn’t clearly see their enemy. The flash of light dispersed. it was at the same time that their eyes became lifeless and their body turned into pillars of light.

    As for Sila who was charging at Aramut, he cleverly created a sphere of qi on his right hand with Galaxy Eclipse, made it hot with Tortured Soul, and pushed it away with Cruise Breeze. The concept behind this move was: since he could create a sphere with an empty core to protect Sangdao inside, wouldn’t he be able to create a sphere without him having to be its center?

    The sphere of qi flew toward Aramut and stopped at its legs. The heat on the sphere caused the surrounding spiders to die. However, Aramut itself seemed to be unaffected.

    Sila used Twelve Celestial-Traveling-Steps to pass through the group of spiders and approached Aramut. Once he was ten meters away from it, he instantly activated his newly acquired Universe Reversal and pulled himself toward Aramut.

    Caring for Sangdao and Lookhin’s safety, he couldn’t afford to spend a long time fighting Aramut. Sila’s right fist was clad in qi reinforcement and Genesis Punch. He quickly threw it at Aramut.

    A small crater one inch deep appeared where Sila hit Aramut with Genesis Punch, crushing the carapace and turning that section of it to dust. Aramut cried out in pain and counterattacked Sila with its fangs. A pair of its fangs was about to dig into Sila’s left arm.

    Sila clad his left arm with qi reinforcement and Formless Soldier. However, the fangs still dug into his arm. Sila now realized that he had underestimated this Eight-Legged Spider King.

    The difference between Aramut and the dragons was the size. The smaller the size, the quicker the monster is and the more efficient its energy reinforcement is. The Genesis Punch that had blown the dragon’s tail to bits could only create a one-inch crater in Aramut’s carapace due to how quickly it put up its defense. The fangs were the same. Like Varee who specialized in activating psychic reinforcement in the blink of an eye, Aramut could quickly exert more power into its fangs the instant they dug into Sila’s arm.

    A deadly poison entered Sila’s body from his left arm, causing him to feel cold. Shapeless Qi immediately activated by itself to protect his body.

    Sila pulled his right arm back and threw another Genesis Punch at Aramut.

    This time, Aramut saw the punch coming so it had more time to put up its defense. The Eight-Legged Spider King clad its body with psychic reinforcement. It was the first time that Sila’s Genesis Punch didn’t work at all on the target. His right fist bounced off as soon as it connected with a powerful psychic reinforcement.

    ‘I can’t defeat it in a direct fight, I need to adapt.’ Sila didn’t have time to panic. He changed his fighting method and controlled the freezing power of Tortured Soul to enter Aramut’s body via its own fangs that were still dug into his left arm.

    Aramut’s body shook with a freezing sensation. Sila saw the chance and threw his third Genesis Punch at it on the same spot. Aramut’s body shook heavily with pain, though no external injury could be seen. It released its fangs on Sila’s arm and shot a web strand backward, pulling itself away from Sila.

    Sila didn’t follow nor keep his eyes on it. He just activated Unblemished Aqua to detoxify the poison from his body. The black, sticky blood gradually flew out of his wounds.

    Meanwhile, Aramut clad itself with psychic reinforcement, preparing for the next round. However, its body mysteriously shook once and the strength left its body.

    Blood seeped through all eight of its eyes. Aramut collapsed on the ground. Although it didn’t die yet, it could no longer move. All of its eyes were staring at Sila, giving off the impression that the spider wanted to ask him how he did it, for several seconds before it finally turned into a white light.

    The system sound alerted.

    You have defeated Eight-Legged Spider King Aramut, Marquis Rank, Level 500. You have received 400,000,000 experience points, 30,000 gold, (A) Eight-Legged Spider King Card 1 EA, (A) Sky Silk 1 EA, and (B) Spider King’s Poison 1 EA.

    Your Level has risen to 945.

    Player Sangdao has defeated Eight-Legged Spider King Aramut, Marquis Rank, Level 500.Player has received 4,000,000,000 experience points, 10,000 gold, and (B) Spider King’s Fang 1 EA.

    Sila released a sigh of relief. That last punch was him testing his luck.

    Sila had once sent his qi to invade to Shueria’s body without Shueria noticing and then waited for the qi to explode from within. This time, he utilized this very same idea.

    With him realizing that he wouldn’t be able to compete against Aramut in a battle of pure energy reinforcement, he tried using Universe Reversal to send the power of Genesis Punch into Aramut’s body. He didn’t think that it would work beautifully on his first try.

    Sila didn’t know that sending Genesis Punch to damage the opponent from within was not something even Poluk had ever done. It was contrary to Poluk’s straightforward nature.

    The experiment this time allowed Sila to build a unique style of Genesis Punch for himself. Even though it was still a mere idea, he was a step closer to adapting the skills of others for himself.

    Sangdao placed her Chinese sword inside the sheath and intended to help Sila detoxify the poison but it seemed like Sila could do that himself, as he sat on a giant rock and started qi circulation. So, she gently carried Lookhin and put it down on her lap before transmitting her qi to heal its injuries.

    Half a day passed, but Sila still didn’t exit from his state of meditation. Sangdao was fully aware that she shouldn’t interrupt people who were cultivating so she started to play with Lookhin who was nearby.

    Sila didn’t cultivate for a very long time so his body took time to continue adapting itself to his qi.

    Night time in the Misty Valley was very quiet. The wind wasn’t strong but it drove away the mist, revealing bright stars in the sky.

    At midnight, once starlight shone onto a rock, Sila’s body shook and he finally woke up from his meditation.

    Author: We finally reach 100th chapter! Kindly tell me who you are rooting for. Varee? Sangdao?

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  • Chapter 101: The First Step

    Except for the light from the bonfire and the stars in the sky, the Misty Valley was covered in darkness. Sila opened his eyes to see Sangdao throwing firewood into the bonfire.

    “Have you finished cultivating, Sila?” Sangdao asked. Lookhin was sleeping on her lap.

    Sila furrowed his brows and looked around as he asked, “How long was I cultivating for?”

    “Around half a day. If Sila wants an exact number, it was ten hours. We are still within the Misty Valley.”

    Sila stood up, startled, and looked around with caution. “Aren’t we in danger? Aren’t the spiders more aggressive at night?”

    “It is fine, Sila. All the spiders have disappeared since the Spider King died. It should take some time before they reappear, at least until the one who killed their king has left.”

    “Do you mean me, Dao?”

    “Who else? The last punch that you used against the Spider King was very marvelous. Was that the power of the Right Arm of the Sealed One that you told me about? A power that could defeat Solaria in one hit.”

    “Ah, that’s not it. That power that defeated Solaria was a psychic power, but my previous punch was a move I came up with.”

    Sangdao was surprised. “Eh? Sila’s own martial move? What is its name?”

    “Um... I just came up with it in the heat of the moment. I wouldn’t dare to call it my own martial move. It also doesn’t have a name.”

    “Is that so? That’s fine. Dao thinks Sila just needs more time to perfect it. Please tell me when you have come up with its name, promise?”

    Sila smiled and nodded at her. He thought deeply on it.

    Actually, after the battle against the Eight-Legged Spider King Aramut, he had needed to spend an hour detoxifying the poison in his body. However, it seemed like this poison that was made of psychic power caused some kind of reaction with the Bomb Lurking Psychic in his body. Thus, he had needed to spend several more hours suppressing the aggressive psychic power in his body.

    After the psychic power in his body had calmed down, he entered a state of meditation. He was in a trance, thinking about his last punch that went beyond his expectation. He tried to come up with a method to replace Poluk’s Genesis Punch with it.

    Personal martial arts are something that reflect the personality of the user. A direct and powerful attack from Poluk reflected his straightforward nature. As for Sila, his personality was similar to Poluk’s in some aspects but he, in the end, wasn’t Poluk. Even if he dedicated his whole life to practicing Genesis Punch, it was possible that he still wouldn’t be able to surpass Poluk.

    That was because Genesis Punch was a martial move created by Poluk for his own use. This must be the main reason why Sila had no progress in mastering Genesis Punch even though he spent a lot of time practicing it. The number of times he could throw a Genesis Punch was still fixed at five.

    On the other hand, if Sila could adapt some part of Genesis Punch to create his own move that only he could use, it might allow him to surpass his limits for Genesis Punch.

    Since he was the most concentrated when he was cultivating, he spent the last few hours of meditation trying to come up with various ideas for experimenting on Genesis Punch and how he could utilize it differently.

    In the end, after he had stopped meditating, he had come up with a single, different kind of Genesis Punch that might be more suitable for him than the original one. However, it was just a mere concept that had yet to become practical. Moreover, even if it worked, Sila was still not sure whether it would be that great of a move.

    This made him feel that the end of the road toward his self-made martial art was something a long distance from where he currently was.

    In fact, for a martial artist to come up with their own martial art, starting at Sila’s age of twenty-one was considered too fast. Normally, one would need to be forty years old or more to be able to comprehend the martial arts they were taught before coming up with their own one. Though, there was an exception like the talented Lone Wolf who could come up with one even without any guidance.

    Sila’s personal martial art was something like a cloud to him. He could see the outline but he couldn’t make it out.

    Only talent, effort, time, experience, and creativity would allow the intangible concept to become something with a practical use.

    Sila still couldn’t complete his idea so he started asking Sangdao some questions. “By the way, about Sangdao’s martial arts, can you tell me their names?”

    They only talked about something in general yesterday so he still hadn’t had the chance to ask Sangdao about her combat prowess.

    Sangdao threw another piece of firewood into the bonfire and shot a meaningful look at Sila.

    “My current martial arts are Twelve Celestial-Traveling-Steps and hidden weapon arts. My dad was the one who taught me. My mother also taught me a weapon art called Star Ocean Sword. Dao still doesn’t have my personal martial art. It seems like Dao is already behind Sila,” she said jokingly.

    “You are already very skilled. Look at me, if I hadn’t entered Monster Soul, I might not have learned any martial arts.”

    “Hasn’t Teacher Mora taught you any martial arts?” Sangdao was curious.

    Sila tried to hide his sad expression, but Sangdao could notice. He shook his head. “No, he hasn’t. Except for physical training, honing my battle senses, and allowing me to partake in a tournament on a monthly basis, Teacher didn’t teach me any martial moves.”

    “Why didn’t you ask him to train you?”

    “I tried, but Teacher said it still wasn’t the right time. He would personally teach me when the time comes. Even when he taught the moves to other disciples, he drove me to train outside. Sometimes, I even thought that he might hate me.” Although Sila didn’t show any change in expression on his face, he tightly clenched his fist. Sangdao noticed that and pitied him.

    “Sila’s teacher was very strict. Actually, he didn’t have to go to that extent.”

    “What do you mean?” Sila wondered. Sangdao spoke as if she knew the reason behind his teacher’s actions.

    Sangdao sat still without answering. Instead, she asked, “Sila, have you ever heard the name Wulin Masters Association?”

    Sila frowned as Sangdao avoided his question. “This is my first time hearing it. What is it?”

    Sangdao was about to open her mouth to explain, but Lookhin woke up at this time and quickly flew to Sila. It seemed like watching Sila cultivate for a long time had caused it to worry about him. It was no longer mad at him.

    “Oh, Lookhin. Do you finally remember your owner? Haha.” Sila used his palm to rub its head. Now, Lookhin was back to fawn over Sila after it had fawned over Sangdao for quite some time.

    “You are cute. I will give you a reward then.” Sila opened his system window and took out the Eight-Legged Spider King Card.

    “This time it is a psychic-type card. I don’t know if its flavor will suit your taste like those previous magic-type ones. Anyway, don’t spit it out even if it isn’t delicious, okay? This one seems expensive.”

    Lookhin nodded once. Sila held the card near its beak.

    “Star Swallow.”

    Once the card was gone, some psychic power was released from Lookhin’s body before quickly vanishing.

    Sila took a look at his system window and found that it didn’t gain any new skill.

    “Ah, is our luck bad this time? Hmmm, wait.” Sila double-checked Lookhin’s psychic-type skills and found that the two skills it had gotten from the Blue-Scaled Merman King had changed.

    It was more correct to say that they had been evolved. The skill (B) Mind Connection had evolved into (A) Mind Link, while (A) Mind Concealment had evolved into (A) Formless Mind.

    The skills of the Blue-Scaled Merman King were similar to the Eight-Legged Spider King. Thus, instead of duplicating the skills, the system had upgraded Lookhin’s skills.

    As for Lookhin’s level, it stayed at 700. It seemed this time Sila had missed the chance for Lookhin to get the experience points. Well, Sila didn’t mind much. At least Lookhin’s maximum psychic points were increased.

    His Greed Card increased the chance for him to obtain a random benefit to 80% so there was still a 20% chance that he might miss the benefit. This was the first time Sila had missed one though.

    Sangdao watched Lookhin being intimate with Sila and realized that she had been mistaken about Sila not taking care of Lookhin.

    Sila put Lookhin down on his lap. Even though it was no longer sleepy, it quietly curled itself.

    “Just now, Dao, what were you trying to say?” Sila restarted the conversation.

    Sangdao replied. “It’s nothing. It isn’t important. Since Lookhin has woken up, how about we get ready to move? Traveling at night should be easy for both of us.”

    Sila was skeptical. He clearly felt that Sangdao was trying to change the subject. He didn’t want to press for details from her though. Thus, he easily complied.

    Lookhin energetically flew onto the sky. It also sometimes landed on Sila’s shoulder. Both players ran through the darkness, scanning through the terrain using their qi. Sangdao dashed slightly behind Sila to hide her expression from him.

    ‘Dao, oh, Dao. That was close. My dad even reminded me to not tell him until the right time. I shouldn’t let my personal feelings affect my work. Sila will surely learn everything... when the time has come.’

    She was in conflict with herself. Although she agreed with her dad that Sila still shouldn’t know about their secret, noticing that Sila was the only one in the dark caused her to pity him. She really wanted to quickly release Sila from such pain of not knowing anything.

    Sangdao felt like she wasn’t herself when she was with Sila. Maybe she was like someone else, being affected by Sila’s personality and wanting to cheer for him.

    ‘My mind just wavered due to the mood. That’s right. It’s nothing more.’

    Sangdao repeated this thought to herself despite being fully aware that it wasn’t only the mood that caused her to be like this.


    Both of them took another day until they finally arrived at Grea City, the Android Kingdom. They arrived sooner than they had anticipated since they weren’t bothered by any spiders during the latter half of their journey.

    The Android Kingdom was more crowded than other cities. There were many reasons for that though. The main one was due to the fact that the Royal Armament Guild, who used to rule this city, just collapsed. Thus, many players gushed in to set up a trade, hoping to profit in the middle of the change of ownership.

    The atmosphere in the city was gloomy. There were many suspicious groups of people sitting or standing in the shops or on the streets. Many of them belonged to the small and medium-sized guilds, wanting to use this chance to seize the city. They were keeping an eye on the other groups. The atmosphere was tense and a battle seemed to be ready to break out at any moment.

    Sila and Sangdao had also been keeping an eye out since they had entered the city. However, they didn’t care. They concealed most of their qi and let some of it out to be detected so that they would look like ordinary players.

    For the record, Sangdao kept her Chinese sword in her system window and wore a veil to cover her face. As for Sila, he used the Beggar’s Cloak he received from Vata to cover himself.

    Grea City gave off an industrial district vibe. The sky was filled with gray clouds due to all the steam from the flues. Despite how the current time was close to midday, the sunlight was blocked, causing it to seem like it was evening.

    Sangdao lightly tapped Sila. “I can’t stay in this city too long. The one we have appointed to meet you also told us that he wanted to meet you alone. Dao has already contacted him. Three hours from now, you will have to meet him in front of the main building of the Royal Armament Guild.”

    “The main building of the Royal Armament Guild? Is that okay? Ummm, Cross and I don’t really get along.”

    “We better call that place the remains of Royal Armament Guild’s building. it is currently a wasteland. As for Cross, he has been missing for a while. Dao guesses he isn’t around there though.”

    Sila nodded. “Where are you going, Dao?”

    “Dao will return to the bamboo hut to inform my dad that Sila has arrived in Grea City. Please don’t stay here for too long, okay? See you again, Sila.”

    Sangdao’s body turned into light and vanished. With her gone, Sila felt like something was missing.

    Lookhin who was resting on his shoulder, rubbed its head against his cheek as if it was telling him to give it more attention. Thus, Sila decided to spend these three hours shopping for pet-related items.

    He purchased a hundred units of superior pet food that were only sold in Grea City. His inventory space seemed to be too small so he decided to upgrade it to A grade to keep Lookhin’s pet food. Now, his system window was fully upgraded. The system would provide him with more information if he asked. There were also various functions available for him to use, which he decided to study later.

    For the record, to upgrade the system window from B to A grade, a player needs to pay 50,000 gold and possess a title. The player also has to have defeated more than five Marquis Rank monsters or above.

    Afterward, Sila visited the accessory shop to look for an item to seal Lookhin inside as Sangdao had suggested. Once he entered, he told the owner of the shop that he would like to see the best accessory for sealing a pet.

    The shop owner shot a glance at Lookhin for a brief moment and decided not to say anything. After all, the customer is king. Since the customer asked for the best accessory, he would just comply.

    “This is the best pet-sealing accessory in our shop, sir. It is an accessory that an independent NPC brought to us a long time ago. Although its ability is well beyond the rest, the price is quite high for an item that can seal only a single monster. To be honest to Mister Customer, no one has bought it for seven years.”

    The shop owner showed Sila a steel ring which had a rectangular onyx embedded in it. There was also some kind of characters engraved on the onyx.

    “The price is 500,000 gold, sir. Its ability is high even in an unidentified state. As for the process of unsealing its ability, if Mister Customer wants, I can contact the people who can identify it for you, but it will cost more,” The shop owner said without paying attention since most people always changed their mind when they knew about the price of this ring.

    Sila used his newly upgraded A-grade system window to inspect the ring.

    (S) Dark Age Sealing Ring [Unidentified]

    Can be used to seal a single pet. Increases the ability to communicate with the pet 100%. Increases the overall ability of the pet 50%. When the pet is inside, it will recover three times faster. Increases the increased speed of the Love Degree 20%. Can keep 1,000 units of pet food inside.

    Restriction: Knight Rank or above.

    ***Binds to a single pet. Player won’t be able to change the pet inside.

    Sila took his time to decide. His current balance was not enough to buy the ring, but he could depend on his credit. His mind wandered to Varee and Sangdao. Despite how the two of them expressed it differently, their hopes that he would take good care of Lookhin could be easily felt.

    The shop owner saw that Sila was hesitating, so he continued, “If Mister Customer doesn’t want that ring, I still have many other accessories that are quite decent. The price is much lower. Would you be interested?”

    Sila handed the shop owner his black credit card. “I will take this ring.”

    “Yes, of course, it’s okay. I still have more that are much cheaper... Pardon?” The shop owner didn’t believe what he just heard.

    “I will take this ring. You can deduct the money in that card,” Sila repeated and equipped the ring on the same finger that he used to wear his previous one on. The ring adjusted its size to fit Sila’s middle finger.

    The shop owner returned the card to Sila.

    Sila tried to keep Lookhin inside as he said, “Seal, Lookhin.”

    Lookhin’s body shone with a black flash of light before being absorbed into the ring. The system informed Sila that the Dark Age Sealing Ring could no longer seal another pet except Lookhin.

    The shop owner watched the sparrow being absorbed into the ring and felt greatly sorry for the loss of its value. “Does Mister Customer want me to contact the unsealer? This service will only cost you a trivial amount.”

    Sila politely replied, “No, thank you,” before walking away, leaving the shop owner to look at his back with eyes full of incomprehension.

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  • Chapter 102: The Man Wearing the Metal Arm Guards

    Sila came out of the shop. He still had half an hour until the appointed time. The time was too little for him to rest at the mansion but too long for him to wait without doing anything.

    He decided not to unseal the ring on the spot and listen to Sangdao’s advice. She told him that, to live safely in the world of Monster Soul, one must reveal only seven parts of their story and kept the remaining three a secret. Revealing all of one’s past or all of one’s ability to others would bring a calamity to oneself later. Her words were part of what the nameless elder had once told him.

    ‘As expected of the father and daughter pair.’

    Unsealing the ring should be done in secret. In the beginning, Sila had thought that Monster Soul was just a game so he didn’t care much about his actions. However, his past experience taught him that Monster Soul wasn’t just merely a game. It was a new world. Some people did everything they wanted in there and dared to reveal their true personalities there; the true personalities that they kept to themselves in real life.

    In that case, wouldn’t it be more accurate to say that Monster Soul was, instead, the real world? And the world outside was only a world where people wore masks when interacting with each other.

    Sila was confused by this philosophy.

    If what Sangdao said was true, that meant she, too, had three parts that she kept a secret from him. Thinking this, Sila felt a strange feeling. It wasn’t sadness or disappointment. It was a dark feeling that he couldn’t describe.

    Sila walked depressingly to the old main building of the Royal Armament Guild. He tried to walk as slow as he could so that he wouldn’t arrive there too early. However, he still reached there twenty minutes early.

    Although this place was called an old building of the Royal Armament Guild, Sila thought that a better word to describe it should be the wreckages of the Royal Armament Guild. There were many wood scraps and damaged bricks on the ground. Some of the destroyed buildings still resembled tall buildings, albeit ruined. Every building had the same distinct black scorch marks on them. There was even warm smoke drifting around, causing the area around this place to be quite hot.

    The terrain around this place was wrecked. Some areas were high while some were low. It was as if this entire place was affected by an earthquake.

    Sila stood there silently and rubbed the onyx ring on his left hand. Seeing that there was no one around, he muttered softly to activate Unseal.

    The system sound alerted.

    Dark Age Sealing Ring couldn’t be unsealed since your proficiency in Unseal is not high enough. It needs a Transcendent rank Unseal.

    Sila frowned as he didn’t get it. His Unseal skill level was currently 60. He could unseal even the Right Arm of the Seal One. However, the Dark Age Sealing Ring required Transcendent rank  Unseal. What was that though?

    Since he didn’t know what to do, he started by opening his system window. The A-grade system window had a useful function that let the user search for a keyword, then provide the user general information so long as the keyword wasn’t something secretive.

    There were differences between the information granted by the A-grade system window and information from the Blue Pigeon Guild.

    The information from the system would always have 100% accuracy, though there were many cases where the system didn’t explicitly reveal the content but left things in a puzzle. This was the area where the information from the Blue Pigeon Guild was inferior. Their information wasn’t free like the system’s and the accuracy of their information wasn't guaranteed since it came from a player’s self-research.

    However, what made the Blue Pigeon Guild strong in business was the reliability of their information and the details of their information that were always clear and never needing interpretation like the system’s. More importantly, only a handful of players had upgraded their system window to A grade. Thus, most of them tended to use the services of the Blue Pigeon Guild.

    Sila entered “Transcendent rank” into a search box. The system processed the information for three seconds before a blue screen with a slime theme appeared in front of Sila.

    The words you have searched for: “Transcendent Rank.”

    The Transcendent rank is a rank that players cannot reach. The only ones who possess a Transcendent rank skill proficiency are the NPCs who have mastered their departments.

    ‘Oh, this must be why the owner of the item shop said he would contact the unsealer for me. Should I go back?’ Sila thought for a while before deciding not to. If the unsealer is indeed an NPC who has mastered the unsealing art, the ‘trivial amount’ of both service fee and commission fee surely wouldn’t be as ‘trivial’ as it sounded.

    Now that he had fallen into debt again, though it was only 500,000 gold which was less than his previous time, it was still a significant amount for him. Sila decided that he needed to find money to pay off this debt first.

    Sila used this chance to search for other keywords regarding his untouched quests.

    The words you have searched for: “The Lost Android Kingdom.”

    In the past, it was called the Great Android Kingdom “Siaferia”. However, it fell into ruin as time passed. It was said that Grea City is located in the exact same spot as the past Siaferia. There are still many records about the ruined kingdom left there. It was also rumored that Siaferia is still sealed underground below Grea City.

    Sila was glad to have some clues regarding his hidden quest, Search for the Lost Android Kingdom, since it was the first quest he ever received. Although the clue seemed lacking, it was better than nothing at all.

    The words you have searched for: “The Transcendent Rank Unsealer.”

    The NPC who has mastered the art of unsealing and identifying objects. Presently, he is living a peaceful life in a weapon shop of a certain city that is the farthest away from others.

    ‘A city that is the farthest away from others? Which city is this? Well, I will take a close look at the world map next time,’ thought Sila.

    Afterward, he was made to feel greatly disappointed by the search results for “The Sealed One.” The search result was as follows:

    ‘There are no results for the words you searched for.’

    Even he himself knew more about the Sealed One than the system. There were no clues for him at all. Unbeknownst to Sila, Montra was also clueless about the Sealed One. This hidden quest was one of the hardest quests in Monster Soul.

    A firm footstep could be heard from behind. Sila was startled and quickly circulated his qi while turning his body back. Even though he wasn’t trying his best to be vigilant, for someone to get this close without him noticing, the opposing person must be a fighting expert.

    “You must be Sila,” asked the man. His brown eyes were looking at Sila coldly.

    Sila took a good look at the opposing person. This man had brown, short hair in a clean pomade-style, showing his cold expression. He wore an old, dark brown magician robe with black lines trimmed. He was wearing a metal arm guard on both arms. However, for Sila, the most noticeable trait of this man was the guild symbol on his collar.

    The symbol of a white Chinese dragon twisting its body in a shape of number eight.

    “Heavenly Dragon Guild.” Sila clad his body with qi reinforcement. His intuition told him that this man would be the most dangerous opponent he had faced so far.

    The man nodded. “I’m Kawin, the Earth Monarch…”

    Listening to the ‘Earth Monarch’ part, Sila realized that this man was one of the Two Monarchs of the Heavenly Dragon Guild. Without waiting for the opposing party to be ready, Sila immediately fired qi-strengthened dagger at Kawin.

    Kawin used his right hand to perform a circular gesture. It was a slow movement. However, once his hand was level with his face, Sila’s dagger was easily caught.

    “You don’t need to hurry, I still have some business with you,” Kawin said calmly, as if the feat of catching Sila’s qi-strengthened dagger in close range wasn’t something worth mentioning.

    Sila was tense. He had never met an opponent who could catch his hidden weapon in midair before.

    Not to mention that Kawin’s movement was slow, he could surprisingly catch Sila’s hidden weapon.

    “What business?” Sila asked curtly while still trying to find an opening.

    “Has Lady Sangdao not told you to meet someone here?”

    “Sangdao? Does that mean…?”

    “I am the person who wants to meet you.”

    ‘Did Sangdao lure me into a trap? No, she isn’t someone like that.’ Sila was unsure of what was happening.

    “What do you mean by that?”

    “I mean, I am the one who will tell you about my teacher’s location so that you can practice his martial art,” replied Kawin.

    “Your teacher?” Sila lessened his qi. If what this man said was true, he would be his ally. This man being in the Heavenly Dragon Guild must be some kind of a misunderstanding.

    “My teacher ordered me to tell you that, he is currently with his old friend in Madmen’s Valley and plans to stay there for two weeks. He has been there for five days so he should still be there.”

    ‘Madmen’s Valley? What a great timing. I can do the hidden quest that Mister Zero mentioned.’

    “Thank you.” Sila slightly bowed his head and walked away.

    However, a short moment later, Sila turned his body back to express his curiosity.

    “Umm, may I ask you something? Why are you a member of the Heavenly Dragon Guild? You don’t look like a bad guy at all.”

    Sila asked that honestly. However, his words were very unpleasant to Kawin’s ears.

    “You must think that the Heavenly Dragon Guild is a very bad guild, right?” said Kawin in cold tone.

    “Yes. Based on what I have seen from its other members, I think you are different from the rest. You don’t look evil like those guys.”

    The brown light in Kawin’s eyes flashed mysteriously. Magic power was surging inside him. Sila could feel it so he quickly circulated qi to resist. He asked, “What are you doing?”

    “By ‘the rest,’ you mean Montra is included, right?”

    Sila didn’t know what went wrong, but if it was about Montra, he wouldn’t back off. He circulated his qi and prepared himself for a battle. His black clothes were fluttering due to the power surging within him. Even Shapeless Qi was circulating throughout his body. This was the first time it moved before Sila’s life was in danger.

    Who knew, maybe it thought that Sila was already in a crisis.

    “Montra is my friend. And based on our perspective, it is you who is wicked.”

    “I’m wicked, you say?” Sila wondered. This was not the first time he was rebuked, but it was the first time he was labeled as ‘wicked.’

    “You don’t know anything and you have nothing. You haven’t done anything while Montra is trying his best, suffering. Although he is called a genius, that is only because he has tried several times harder than anyone. There is no way you can understand even a small part of Montra’s torment from being betrayed by everyone. Montra hasn’t done anything wrong. The fact that you get everything despite doing nothing is what I called wicked.”

    Sila furrowed his brows. He didn’t understand a thing in regard to Kawin’s statement.

    Kawin showed a cold smile in the corner of his mouth. “You don’t understand, right? That’s why I hate you. You always rely on others without doing anything yourself. Montra is only trying to take back his right. His right that was snatched by you unfairly.”

    Kawin’s left foot was stepped forward. His knees were slightly bent down. Both of his hands were firmly held in front of his face. Sila looked at Kawin’s fighting stance and worried. There was not a single opening in Kawin’s stance.

    Presently, Kawin’s bearing was like a full moon drifting in the sky. He was angry. It was rare for him to angry.

    He was never angry for the sake of himself, this time included. He was angry for Montra’s sake.

    Even if everyone in the world turned their backs on Montra, there would be no way he and Revin would do that.

    “I don’t want to fight you. Maybe we both have some kind of a misunderstanding. The Montra you talked about is not like the Montra I know. Is this related to the Wulin Masters Association?”

    “You know about the Wulin Masters Association?” There was a change in Kawin’s expression.

    Sila nodded. This was his gamble. He was hooked by this ‘Wulin Masters Association’ ever since Sangdao had mentioned it. Although she dismissed it as nothing, Sila wasn’t that stupid. He was sure that the Wulin Masters Association was, one way or another, related to this matter.

    The matter that everyone knew, except for him.

    He connected the dots that Kawin had called Sangdao as ‘Lady’ and both of them contacted each other to appoint Sila to train under Kawin’s teacher, so the Wulin Masters Association must be related to this.

    Sila also linked this situation to the fact that he encountered Sangdao in his dojo. He remembered clearly that he had never told Sangdao or anyone in the game the location of his dojo. The fact that Sangdao appeared there could only mean Sangdao or a person related to her was an acquaintance of his teacher, Mora.

    ‘Sangdao knows about this matter more than she told me. No, based on what Kawin said, everyone knows about this… except me.’

    Thinking to this point, Sila felt greatly disappointed in Sangdao. He thought she was more sincere than this. Now, he could no longer know who he could trust.

    Meanwhile, Kawin’s thoughts went in a different direction.

    He misunderstood that Sila had known about the Wulin Masters Association all along while pretending like he knew nothing. If that was the case, Sila was, in fact, a deceitful person who acted innocent and waited for others to do all the work without him trying to do anything himself.

    Kawin hated people like this the most.

    Sila had hoped to hear more about the Wulin Masters Association from Kawin. However, his attempt to obtain information ended in failure.

    “My teacher has ordered me to inform you about his location, which I have already done. Nevertheless, it will be your own fault if you can’t go there. I heard that if a slime is killed by a dragon, its rank will be demoted. That’s good. If your rank is demoted by one, I believe you will have no way to travel through Single-Horned Dragon Forest.”

    Kawin unleashed his magic power, causing Grea City to shake.

    He stomped on the ground and stone walls shot up into the sky, surrounding him and Sila. The stone walls made by Kawin’s magic power were quite high and were a meter thick. It was like Sila was trapped in a stone tower with Kawin.

    Sila touched the cold, stone wall. He had planned to hear about the Wulin Masters Association, then quickly make an escape. Apparently, his plan failed.

    He couldn’t afford to be careless. His concentration reached its peak. His battle against the Earth Monarch Kawin of the Heavenly Dragon Guild was now inevitable.
  • Chapter 103: A Skill That Has Never Been Used Before

    When Kawin stomped his foot on the ground, he activated a magic skill called Earth Wall. Originally, it was magic designed to block a wide area-of-effect attack. However, Kawin used it to cut off Sila’s escape route.

    One of the benefits for dragons who overcame their Dragon Ritual was the ability to alter the result of magic skills they cast. Normally, magic skills always show the same result regardless of time and place, so a magic user needs to pick the right skill to use at the right time. Thus, this ability had overturned such a fundamental concept of magic.

    It was the main reason why the dragon race was one of the strongest races in Monster Soul.

    Since hidden weapons didn’t work, Sila decided not to make the first move. It seemed he had spotted one of the weaknesses in Kawin’s battle style. Based on Kawin’s placement of his feet, Sila realized that Kawin specialized in defense. That form of positioning didn’t allow the user to move from where they stood. In that case, if Sila didn’t enter Kawin’s attack range, he would be quite safe.

    However, there was a miscalculation in Sila’s judgment. This was a game world. Kawin was well aware of his own weakness so he had covered this weakness with a magic skill.

    *Rumble...* The sound of the stone wall behind Sila gradually moving closer could be heard. Kawin used magic power to push the wall forward, forcing Sila to come at him. With the current speed, Sila would be forced to enter a melee combat against Kawin in less than ten minutes.

    ‘This is bad.’ Sila was startled.

    Sila’s most prominent point was his Twelve Celestial-Traveling-Steps that required space for him to move. If the distance was narrow, he would be unable to perform this martial art and would be forced to fight Kawin using only his instincts. He wasn’t confident that it would be enough to compete against Kawin, who seemed to be good at defending.

    Do not let yourself go with the opponent’s flow. This was something his teacher always taught him.

    Sila reinforced his fist with Genesis Punch and threw it at the wall behind him. The debris of the stone wall scattered around but there was only a cubit-depth hole into the wall. Sila’s mind was in a panic. He had thought a single punch would be enough.

    It was the same for Kawin. He panicked after seeing that Sila could do that much damage to his Earth Wall. Well, based on the result, Sila couldn’t damage it more than that. Kawin channeled his magic power into the wall and the hole was instantly fixed.

    Since he was unable to flee, Sila had no choice left but to defeat Kawin before the space became narrower. Sila moved at such a high speed that there were afterimages of him. Nevertheless, Kawin didn’t care. His eyes still looked in a straight line.

    Kawin was in a world of his own right now, where the only things that existed were within his reach.

    Sila hoped to end the battle as fast as he could. He threw Genesis Punch at Kawin. There was only a single punch but the afterimages caused it to look like there were twelve punches thrown at him.

    In the instant that Sila’s fist entered Kawin’s range, Kawin slowly waved his hands and his left foot drew a half circle line on the ground, changing its placement to the rear. His arm guard on his left arm hit Sila’s upper right arm, causing him to be pushed sideways.

    Kawin’s fingers on his right hand bent into claws and were about to strike at Sila’s body.

    Sila was surprised, but he wasn’t panicked. He activated Formless Soldier and changed his body to become as hard as steel. Instead of jumping backward, he took a step forward to close the distance further. It caused Sila to be hit by Kawin’s arm instead of his claws.

    *Clang* The sound of grating metal could be heard. This time, Sila felt pain.

    Kawin’s slowly moving arm had made Sila feel like he was hit by a giant stone pillar.

    Sila’s body flew away and into the stone wall behind him. He clutched his ribs with his left hand and relentlessly circulated Immortal Qi.

    Sila guessed that the martial art that Kawin was using was the one he was assigned to learn.

    Six Moon-Grabbing-Claws.

    In the beginning, Sila didn’t understand the name of this martial art. However, now that he had witnessed it, he knew.

    Kawin acted as the center of the sphere that wouldn’t allow anyone to invade his space. Kawin was like a moon. Although it was slow, it was firm and outstanding, hanging on the night sky while overshadowing the stars. His feet alternated between moving forward and backward in a half-circular motion, representing the period of the waxing and waning moon. Lastly, his hands spun around like a moon orbiting around the earth.

    The supreme martial art for defense and countering.

    Sila couldn’t understand how such slow movements could lead to a quick defense. Kawin moved as if he knew where Sila was going to attack. It was like Sila’s attack was blocked before he even moved.

    Sila tried to use Universe Reversal to its maximum power, hoping to lift Kawin’s feet from the ground. However, there was no effect. Kawin’s feet were glued to the ground, not moving an inch.

    ‘This is... he is much tougher than Mister Fargo.’ Even with Sila’s pulling power that had grown stronger than how it was when he fought against Fargo, it still wasn’t enough to affect Kawin.

    Sila had thought that the Earth Dragon was the weakest dragon among the Eight Dragons, so Kawin, who had completed the Dragon Ritual, couldn’t be that terrifying. It was a thought based on the fact that even Sila at Squire Rank could defeat Python.

    However, a player who overcame the Dragon Ritual and the dragon itself were different existences. Kawin was currently at Marquis Rank, Level 1000, so he was basically a Marquis Rank, Level 1000 Python who possessed more power and had a smaller, more flexible physique.

    Originally, dragons were creatures that excelled at fighting against groups of enemies but were somewhat lacking in one-on-one battles. However, a human who possessed the power of a dragon was a different concept. This shortcoming didn’t exist for them.

    Kawin had overcome the Dragon Ritual of the Earth Dragon. As long as a part of his body stayed connected to the ground, his condition would always be at its peak.

    Sila tried firing hidden weapons from many different angles, but Kawin could neatly grab them all, causing Sila to be at his wits’ end.

    For starters, he didn’t have the desire to fight against Kawin. He was also currently clueless about how to win against Kawin. Kawin’s defense was too perfect. Sila wasn’t good at fighting this type of opponent.

    Sila was about to call Sebastian for help but he hesitated. To begin with, he didn’t even know how to summon Sebastian. Even if he could summon him, this kind of fight in a narrow space would be disadvantageous for Sebastian who used a big scythe as his main weapon.

    ‘I will hold on by myself for a bit longer then.’

    Sila threw his third Genesis Punch to the ground, hoping for it to crumble Kawin’s footing. However, only the ground on his side turned to dust. The ground around Kawin stayed the same. It seemed Kawin put his magic power into where he stood.

    It wasn’t that Kawin didn’t possess the skill nor the ability to attack Sila, it was just that he wanted to drive Sila into despair. His battle style was to drive his opponent slowly into a corner. This was what he and Revin didn’t agree upon.

    Revin once told him that the faster you take down the opponent, the better. It would be the opponent’s fault and foolishness if they were to die without having a chance to show their true ability. On the contrary, Kawin believed that complete victory was obtained only when the opponents used everything they had but were still unable to win against him.

    Kawin had noticed that Sila’s ability was far below his own, which had been honed through training Six Moon-Grabbing-Claws for ten years. He believed that Sila was sure to soon feel hopeless once he used up all of his trump cards and was still unable to win or flee. After he finally died by Kawin’s hands, Sila’s spirit and self-confidence would be broken.

    The more miserable one’s defeat was, the harder it is for them to stand back up.

    Nevertheless, after Sila thought for a while, he smiled. He had finally come up with a plan to escape from this dire situation. It would be a method that Kawin couldn’t think of. So, he calmed down and started to have a conversation with Kawin.

    “I might not know Montra as well as you do since I’m not close to Montra. However, you’re not close to me yourself, so how could you be confident in saying that I have done nothing? I might be a frog in a well, but, while you are outside, your vision is even more narrow-minded than mine,” Sila said indifferently.

    “Is that your honest feeling?”

    Sila nodded. He stared deep into Kawin’s eyes. “You said that I’m wicked. Don’t you think that Montra playing dirty in the match against me is more wicked?”

    “Playing dirty? What do you mean?” Kawin was quite surprised to see Sila in a calm state. But he was more surprised by what Sila said.

    Kawin inwardly tried to come up with an answer behind Sila’s calmness. Sila must have found a way to escape from him, but he had no idea what Sila would do. Kawin quickly reconsidered the possibility that Sila could flee from this place. The Returning Scroll was unusable in the city, while the Invitation Card wasn’t usable during a battle. Thus, these two methods shouldn’t be possible.

    “I don’t know why you label me as the wicked one. However, what gives Montra the right to kidnap my teacher and ask me to surrender the match?”

    “What are you talking about? Montra kidnapped your teacher, you say?”

    Sila nodded once more. “That’s right. The reason I entered this game is to search for my teacher’s whereabouts. Until Montra confesses where my teacher is, I will not give up. Never.”

    Kawin furrowed his brows. “Bullshit. There’s no way Montra had done that. Montra is stronger than you so there is no need for him to do that. You are just a sore loser who came up with an excuse.”

    “It’s true that I might be weaker than Montra. But, all I have said is the truth.”

    “Liar!! You are just a lying bastard who behaves like a good guy and pretends to be a victim to gain sympathy from those around you!” Kawin shouted.

    Sila calmly replied, “If you don’t believe me, then try asking Montra yourself. Maybe you will figure out who, between me and Montra, is actually the liar. I dare you to do that since the Montra you know of and the Montra I know of seem to be entirely different people.” Sila’s words implied that Montra was a two-faced person.

    Kawin gritted his teeth while suppressing his anger. He took a deep breath to cool his mind. The martial art he was using required him to be calm and collected. His teacher once taught him that, the more anger he felt, the calmer he had to be.

    “Why do we need to fight?” Sila asked Kawin.

    “Since our opinions differ, I fight to prove that what I believe is the right thing. The winner is right and the loser is wrong. That is the way our world’s history works.”

    “That’s sad. I agree with you that people should stand firm in what they believe in, but only if they believe in right thing, otherwise they will bring harm to others.”

    The wall moved closer. There were less than ten meters remaining between him and Kawin.

    Sila lifted his left hand up as he said, “Release, Lookhin.” A black light flashed and flew upward to the sky.

    Kawin took a look at the sparrowhawk flapping its wings above with not even the slightest change in his expression. “Do you plan to use the monster to gang up on me? I’m not that weak.”

    Sila shook his head. “That’s not my plan. It’s just, you use a magic spell to give yourself a terrain advantage. Now, allow me to do the same.”

    The Dark Age Sealing Ring flashed a dim, black light. Sila’s mind instantly connected with Lookhin. With the Dark Age Sealing Ring’s ability, Sila had a better control over Lookhin than he ever had before. He could choose which skill for Lookhin to use.

    An enormous amount of water rained down from the sky. In the blink of an eye, water flooded the enclosed area surrounded by the stone walls. The water level reached Sila and Kawin’s chests and kept rising.

    Kawin panicked as he realized Sila’s plan.

    His weakness lay within the fact that he needed a firm foothold to unleash his full potential. If the water completely flooded the area and he was stubborn in keeping his feet on the ground, he would drown. Being powerful didn’t mean you couldn’t drown.

    Although Sila didn’t particularly excel in fighting underwater, he was quite confident in his ability to fight in difficult terrain. It was a confidence based on his fights against the dragons.

    Nevertheless, Kawin possessed the same trait of Sila in the sense that, the more dangerous the situation was, the calmer he became. He only had to exert his magic power into manipulating the stone walls, creating several football-sized holes in them. As a result, the water rapidly leaked out.

    However, Lookhin was still releasing water at a fast rate, so the water remained at waist level.

    If it was only this high, Sila would be worse off since he needed to move within the water while Kawin could just stand still.

    Sila showed a smile at the corner of his mouth as he said, “Seal, Lookhin.” The black light absorbed Lookhin into the ring. At the exact same time, Sila fired another hidden weapon at Kawin.

    Kawin didn’t care in the slightest. He just thought that Sila had made another poor move as he parried that hidden weapon away. However, once the hidden weapon touched his backhand, he noticed that it was actually a flash bomb.

    While Sila had been walking through the stalls in Grea City, he had noticed that there were some modern hidden weapons being sold. Thus, he bought some of them to compensate for the loss of Light of Forest.

    The flash of an intense light burst out. Kawin closed his eyes as he clad himself with a high degree of magic power reinforcement. Both of his arms covered all of his vital spots. He believed that with both the physical defense of the Earth Dragon, the dragon that possessed the strongest defensive power, and his magic power reinforcement, the two or three seconds that Sila gained from this flash bomb wouldn’t bring him any significant harm.

    However, his prediction was soon proved worthless as there was not even a single attack thrown at him. Once he reopened his eyes, Sila was already gone.


    Outside of the stone walls, Sila quickly used qingqong to head out of the city. As Kawin was there, he would have no choice but to postpone his plan to find more clues regarding the Lost Android Kingdom. He could always do that after he finished his business in Madmen's Valley.

    Sila left the city. There were some people glancing at him but nobody wanted to meddle with him as Sila was soaking wet and wearing a dirty robe. His wet hair covered his face, causing him to resemble a beggar.

    Sila recalled the moment he fled from Kawin and released a sigh of relief. He had just used a skill that he had never used before. He had initially thought that this skill was a useless one. However, for the purpose of escaping, its effect was suitable for an S grade skill.

    Just a moment ago when Kawin was blinded, Sila had utilized those mere three seconds to activate Way of Slime and change his body into a blue slime. He had depended on that tiny, slimy body to pass through one of the holes that Kawin had made before changing his body back when he got out and fleeing the area.

    Racial skill: (S) Way of Slime
    You can change between their slime form and their human form.
    You can use slime skills while in their human form.

  • Chapter 104: Burapha and the Qi Kingdom - Pine Tree Garden

    While Sila was battling against the Eight-Legged Spider King Aramut in Misty Valley, Burapha had followed Ginny on the journey to Zhongsuyuan City. It was a journey based on Bluebird’s information that a man matching the description Ginny provided had appeared in this city.

    As they didn’t go offline, they had spent four to five days traveling before arriving at the city using the normal route. For the record, they had depended on the chariot service of the Mountain Thieves League to travel day and night.

    During their journey, Burapha tried to please Ginny along the way, but it seemed she found it annoying. She made a displeased face and tried to fend Burapha off. Nevertheless, with Burapha’s shameless patience of a professional merchant, her attempts weren’t effective at all.

    “I hate weaklings,” Ginny said a sentence that even she herself found too harsh.

    However, Burapha didn’t seem to mind and acted the same toward her. In the end, Ginny quit trying to chase Burapha away as he always came up with new excuses to be with her.

    Finally, the chariot arrived in the Qi Kingdom. The chariot passed through the main gate that resembled a pair of pine trees. On top of these two pine trees, there was a small litter that would be used as an observance spot during wartime.

    Both Burapha and Ginny stepped down from the chariot and entered Zhongsuyuan City, the official name of the Qi Kingdom.

    Zhongsuyuan City was located in the eastern part of the Main Continent. It was one of the three main kingdoms. The city gave off an old feeling, resembling an ancient Chinese city. The ground was hard and dry. The most noticeable and unique thing in this city was the large quantity of pine trees that existed all over the place, causing the entire city to be covered by the shadows of the pine trees. Hence, the name Zhongsuyuan (Pine Tree Garden).

    The stalls and the buildings in the city matched the ancient theme being made of wood and brick. The streets were two times wider than those of the other cities, causing this city to appear spacious despite the crowded population.

    Even further east of the city, a few hundred meters away, was a place called the Wuxia Home, a.k.a. the Victorious Wolves Sect.

    Someone once said that each kingdom specialised in particular items. If you seek medicine, go to the Qi Kingdom. If you seek tools, go to the Psychic Kingdom. And if you seek scrolls, go to the Magic Kingdom.

    Many people came to this place intending to acquire high-grade medicines or the ingredients to make them. The monsters that inhabited the eastern side of the Main Continent tended to possess medicinal properties and often dropped parts of their bodies once defeated. On the other hand, weapons and equipment were rarely drops. Thus, the medicinal ingredients were very easy to purchase and sell as they were easy to find, in constant demand, and had a low price.

    That was the reason why a majority of the stalls were selling ingredients and medicine. Of course, there were still weapons and armor being sold, but most of them were subpar.

    Another distinctive point of Zhongsuyuan City was that it was a city where the legendary weaponsmith NPC lived. Although he only accepted works on a whim, he was very popular among the players as the weapons he made were top class and suited the wielder.

    Burapha took a look at all the products being sold with great interest, almost forgetting Ginny who walked next to him. These products could be resold at a slightly higher price if he sold them in other cities, or even much higher price if he processed them with his craftsmanship skill.

    Nevertheless, Ginny didn’t give attention to any of the items. She sped up, heading toward one of the branches of the Blue Pigeon Guild as Bluebird had suggested.

    Burapha walked side by side with Ginny. Despite her being in a hurry, her short legs made her have to take two steps for every step Burapha took.

    This made her feel very irritated. She was a short woman from the start. As she had selected the fairy race, her height was further reduced by ten centimeters. She wouldn’t have selected this race if not for its dual casting ability which was very compatible with her dual sword style.

    They walked for fifteen minutes before arriving in front of the branch of the Blue Pigeon Guild, which was far from the shopping area.

    Ginny pushed the front door open and entered. She informed the staff at the front desk that she was told by Bluebird to meet with someone there.

    Afterward, another member of the guild came out from the back door. She was a mature-looking young woman wearing white female wuxia clothing. Her long, braided hair reached her back and her eyes were big and clear.

    “Hello, are you two friends of Blue?”

    Ginny shook her head while Burapha nodded, causing the woman to feel confused.

    Burapha hurriedly explained, “She is not a friend of Big Brother Blue but I am. My name is Burapha.”

    The woman nodded in understanding. “I see. My name is White Swan. I’m the same as Blue, one of the vice leaders of the Blue Pigeon Guild. About the person that Blue has mentioned, he indeed made an appearance in this city.”

    “When? And where is he right now?”

    “First things first.” White Swan opened her palm forward. “The cost of this information is 1,000 gold.”

    “1,000 gold!?” Ginny was shocked. “Isn’t it too expensive?”

    “I guarantee that the value of this information is worth the amount.”

    Burapha interrupted, “I’m a friend of Big Brother Blue. Could you please give us a discount?”

    “That’s more the reason I can’t give you any discount. Do you know Bluebird’s title?”

    Burapha gave it some thought. He recalled Bluebird had once told him. “Is it Bluebird of Happiness? How is it related to our topic?”

    “Bluebird of Happiness? I bet he just shamelessly call himself that. His actual title is Blue-Colored Catastrophe, as he always brings misfortune wherever he goes. Does he know how much work others need to do to even out the debts he has made so far? He even dares to rest instead of putting his ass to work!!!”

    White Swan’s voice got louder with every word. Many people began to turn their attention to her.

    “Cough. I’m sorry! I was too emotional just now. In short, I really can’t give you any discount. Our guild is having financial difficulties too.”

    Burapha started to fear this woman a bit. He took out 1,000 gold and gave it to her silently without attempting to bargain again.

    “Thank you for choosing our service. This is the information you seek for.” She handed Burapha an information card with a blue pigeon picture on it.

    Burapha took and inserted it into his system window. Then, he read the information.

    “Hey, you, I can’t see. Read it out loud for me,” Ginny said to Burapha.

    Burapha inhaled a deep breath before reading it to Ginny.

    “Player Revin, the Flame Monarch, is a dragon race player in Marquis Rank who excels at fire magic. His level is unknown but is estimated to be 1,000. He is one of the Two Monarchs of the Heavenly Dragon Guild. His main weapon is some kind of heavy metal sword with very little information discovered about it. It is theorised that it was specifically made by the legendary weaponsmith NPC.

    “Six days ago, he visited Zhongsuyuan City with the long-lost Dragon Killer Sword in his hand. He declared that he would give the sword to the most skillful player in the city. He announced that he would prepare a battle royale match in the central square of Zhongsuyuan City at midnight of every day for seven days straight. Tonight will be the last one.”

    Burapha was distressed. He didn’t have any personal grudge against the Heavenly Dragon Guild but Sila clearly declared himself to be an enemy of this guild. Thus, Burapha considered himself to have some enmity toward this guild as well.

    “Revin...” Ginny muttered to herself.

    “Isn’t doing something like this problematic? Although Zhongsuyuan City isn’t under any faction, it is a well-known fact that the Victorious Wolves Sect is taking care of it. There is a leader-level figure of the Heavenly Dragon Guild making trouble in the city, why hasn’t someone stopped him?”

    Ginny frowned at Burapha’s sentence. “Making trouble? Do not slander the Heavenly Dragon Guild. Isn’t the Victorious Wolves Sect an unjust one? I heard that its members often join forces with the thief bands. Mister Revin clearly stated that he intends to give the sword to the most skillful player. Having casualties is natural in a match. Are you saying that the Heavenly Dragon Guild giving away S-grade weapons to normal players is something problematic?”

    White Swan looked at Ginny’s face without saying anything. This was a common misunderstanding among many guildless players who didn’t give much thought to the political standings within Monster Soul. It was common sense of them to think of the righteous guild as heroes and the unjust guild as villains while, in fact, they were just a different faction who held a different ideology. One was the victor, while the other was the loser, that was all.

    The first impression Ginny got from her meeting with Revin caused Ginny to view the Heavenly Dragon Guild in a good light. It would be hard to change her thoughts, especially when the information in the game was full of rumors.

    Burapha realized this, but he still tried to explain, “If the Heavenly Dragon Guild truly has good intentions, why didn’t Revin hold the match in Alkedia City, the Magic Kingdom? Instead, he held the match in Zhongsuyuan City, especially when the war event will begin soon. This is clearly a move intended to cause chaos in the city.”

    Ginny continued to defend the Heavenly Dragon Guild. “That’s because many people staying in the Kingdom of Magic are magic type users. If it’s about giving away a sword, giving it away in Zhongsuyuan City is only natural, isn’t it?”

    Burapha sighed. “Since you said that the Victorious Wolves Sect is an unjust guild, how about the Royal Armament Guild that is a righteous guild similar to the Heavenly Dragon Guild? Can you tell me the difference? You have personally met Lone Wolf and have had a match with Venom, the vice leader of the Royal Armament Guild yourself.”

    “That’s... the Heavenly Dragon Guild has said that the Royal Armament Guild turned evil and has punished it. As for Lone Wolf, although he seems to be a good person, his Victorious Wolves Sect still join forces with the Mountain Thieves League, doesn’t it?”

    “Just recently, we rode in the chariot of the Mountain Thieves League ourselves. Do they seem like bad people to you?”

    “Despite how they seem to be good people, a thief is a thief. Otherwise, why do they call themselves the Mountain Thieves League? Who knows? Maybe they’re doing bad things behind the scene.”

    Burapha stopped arguing. Ginny clearly rejected every word he said as she was biased toward the Heavenly Dragon Guild. It was quite normal for an individual player like her to think this way.

    “It is the same for the Heavenly Dragon Guild. Who knows? Maybe they’re doing bad things behind the scene,” Burapha said indifferently. He used the exact same lines as Ginny but replaced the Mountain Thieves League with the Heavenly Dragon Guild.

    “Don’t follow me!! Since our beliefs are this different, we should part ways here.” Ginny’s face reddened with anger. She exited the building while Burapha silently stared at her departing figure without following her.

    Burapha turned his head to White Swan who was watching Ginny walk away.

    The existence of the Mountain Thieves League was another misunderstood topic for most players. When the game had just launched, Beluga, who was presently the leader of the Mountain Thieves League, was the leader of a small group of players back then. He had declared himself an enemy of the Heavenly Dragon Guild. Despite him and his comrades not having the ability to fight the Heavenly Dragon Guild head on, he used several tactics to keep them in check. Thus, he and his comrades were defamed as bandits.

    Beluga had a peculiar personality. When he and his friends were called bandits, instead of feeling angry, he was pleased. He didn’t try to protect his reputation but instead founded the Mountain Thieves League as if wanting to ridicule the Heavenly Dragon Guild, showing that he didn’t care what he was called.

    The Mountain Thieves League’s business included logistics, mercenaries for hire, protection, and trading. In a business sense, it competed well against the Heavenly Dragon Guild and the Royal Armament Guild, causing the enmity to grow more and more.

    For the record, the common bandit gangs aiming at the newbies were groups of individual players. They were not a part of the Mountain Thieves League in any way.

    “Is it okay for you to not follow your girlfriend?”

    Burapha shook his head. “She isn’t my girlfriend. It’s one-sided on my end.”

    White Swan wasn’t sure how to soothe a man about his unrequited love. “You are okay, right?”

    “Yes. About my previous question, won’t the Victorious Wolves Sect put a stop to what Revin doing?”

    White Swan was back to her usual professional self. “They tried, since the first day Revin came. However, Lone Wolf wasn’t present and all the vice-leader level figures didn’t possess the ability to fend off Revin. Thus, they have no choice but to leave things like this.”

    “Leave things like this?”

    “I don’t know if Revin came up with this tactic himself or not, but it was smart to host the matches between midnight and three o'clock in the morning each day. At that time, most of the stalls are closed. The central square of Zhongsuyuan City is quite spacious so the match doesn’t disturb anyone, and the rooms in the hotels are soundproofed. In fact, these matches have made the city livelier. Many merchants are making a lot of profit from this event. So, even if the Victorious Wolves Sect wanted to put a stop to this event, no citizen would allow it. Actually, they even want this event to last longer than seven days.”

    It didn’t take long for Burapha to understand what was going on. The most important thing for merchants was profit. In this kind of profitable event, they wouldn’t care who lived or who died. Their only interest was to make as much money as possible.

    The fact that the economy was booming in Zhongsuyuan City might end up benefiting the Victorious Wolves Sect. However, it was only for a short moment. In the long run, there would be chaos. The players living in the city would start to hate each other as they fought to the death during this event. After the seven days had passed, the merchants would be gone and the economy would subside.

    More importantly, it was an indirect message from the Heavenly Dragon Guild to the world that the Victorious Wolves Sect didn’t have what it takes to stop the members of the Heavenly Dragon Guild from doing whatever they wanted.

    “Thank you very much. I have learned a lot from this,” Burapha bid White Swan goodbye and walked away.

    “Wait, how do you plan to find your... friend? Zhongsuyuan City is very large. How about you wait here and let me order my teammates to find her?”

    Burapha waved his hand to decline her offer. “Thank you for your concern, but I think I know where to find her.”

    Burapha left the Blue Pigeon Guild’s branch building. Negative thoughts filled his head. He was sure that he could find Ginny in the central square at midnight.

    Burapha sighed and cast his eyes downward as he walked through the streets between the stalls that were selling many interesting products. However, he was no longer interested in them.

    It was the first time that he didn’t feel like meeting Ginny. Nevertheless, he knew that he would meet her.

  • Chapter 105: Burapha and the Qi Kingdom - Thank You for the Love Rejection

    Burapha brought his cloudy mind with him while entering one of the restaurants in Zhongsuyuan City. As tonight was the last day of the event, there were a lot of players in the restaurant. Burapha made a blank face at the entrance for a moment before the owner of the restaurant came and greeted him.

    “Mister Customer, we are terribly sorry but all of the seats are already taken. Could you please wait for a moment?” politely asked the owner.

    Even though Burapha didn’t have anything better to do, he didn’t want to waste his time waiting. Thus, he planned to leave the restaurant and search for another one with an available seat.

    Suddenly, there was a sound coming from the farthest table next to the window. “Owner, I’m sitting alone and don’t have any friends to talk with. If that young man doesn’t mind, how about inviting him to sit with me?”

    Burapha and the owner turned their heads and saw that the sound was coming from the man who sat at the innermost table of the restaurant. There was quite a distance but this man’s voice was loud and clear like he was right beside them without shouting. Moreover, it seemed the only ones who heard him were Burapha and the owner. Surely, this man was quite skilled.

    The owner asked Burapha. “How about it, Mister Customer? If you are fine, I will prepare a seat for you over there.”

    Burapha nodded and walked inside. Meanwhile, the owner quickly ordered his employee to bring out one more chair.

    The man who called Burapha over was a tall, bulky, muscular man. He wasn’t particularly handsome but he possessed a profound manliness.

    Burapha raised his hands to salute the man. “Thank you, Big Brother, for inviting me to join your table.”

    The man saluted back. “No problem, Little Brother. Sitting alone is quite lonely. With you, I can have someone to talk to.”

    Burapha sat down on the new chair that the employee brought to him. The man poured the liquor in the cup and handed it to Burapha. “This liquor is Pine Hermit Liquor, the famous drink of Zhongsuyuan City. It was tasteless when I drank it alone. Hopefully, drinking it with you will make it tastier.”

    Burapha didn’t intend to drink alcohol. However, since the man had poured it for him, rejecting it would be disrespectful. He took the cup from the man and sipped it. The fragrance of a pine tree entered his nose. As his heart was heavy, he decided to swallow the rest down in one go.

    “Hahaha, that’s the correct way to drink. I’m bored of those men who only take a sip and say the liquor is delicious. They are a bunch of fools who don’t know a thing about its true flavor,” said the man as he poured another cup for Burapha.

    “Thank you, Big Brother. My name is Burapha. Can I ask for your name?”

    “I have some complicated circumstances so I can’t tell you that. Well, you can call me Little Whale.”

    As the other person didn’t want to say his real name, Burapha didn’t pry on it. Little Whale didn’t choose to lie but directly confessed to him that he wouldn’t tell him his real name. It made Burapha feel that this person’s personality wasn’t bad.

    Little Whale lifted his own cup up and continued the conversation.

    “Burapha, it seems you have some concern as I can see that you are making a tired face. Sorry for me butting in, I’m always like this, can’t help but intruding myself into others’ business.”

    Burapha smiled mildly. “It’s nothing big, Big Brother Whale. I just need some time to think.”

    “Why don’t you try letting it out? I’m quite experienced with problems as I always have to face them. In fact, I have to handle a lot of problems every single day. Damn! I wonder where they came from. Anyway, you should consider speaking your mind. Although it might not turn out to be useful, it is possible that it will put some of your mind at ease.”

    Burapha drank another cup of liquor and silently watched Little Whale. He didn’t know why but he felt the strong urge to tell others about his problems. His issue wasn’t something secret nor useful anyway.

    “I’m the successor of a certain martial dojo in real life but I don’t like fighting at all. My dad forces me to play Monster Soul for some reason that I do not care about. So, I didn’t bother practicing combat skills but rather improved myself as a merchant. I started by crafting jewel accessories. Sadly, I couldn’t sell even one of them.”

    Burapha’s story was quite ordinary within the world of Monster Soul. It was common for people pursuing something when entering this game, be it for fun, power, wealth, or fame. However, only a handful of them can obtain what they seek.

    “During my dispirited days, I thought to myself that, if there is something like being able to be granted three wishes, I would wish for people to see value in what I had made. I didn’t want to disappear from the world unnoticed. I didn’t want to be a nobody. I wanted to be respected by someone.”

    Little Whale took a sip while silently listening to Burapha’s story. Although he hadn’t known Burapha for very long, he could grasp that Burapha just wanted to be noticed. Well, it’s something ordinary for everyone. It wasn’t to the extent that he would say that it was a bad trait.

    “One day, a woman came to my stall and bought an accessory that I had made. Even though it was just a cheap ring, I was very glad to have my first customer. We didn’t talk to each other but she made the depressed me feel hope. Since then, I started over again by going back to Beginning Town. I also wanted to meet her again.”

    Little Whale couldn’t help but express his guess, “So, Burapha, you still haven’t met her until this day, right? That’s why you’re sad.”

    Burapha shook his head. “Maybe it would have been better if I hadn’t reunited with her. Coincidentally, I met her again. I am no longer a shoddy merchant so I tried every way I could think of to stay by her side. However, she isn’t like the kind of woman I thought.” Burapha couldn’t help but smile as he realized that her name was similar to a certain magical spirit in a lamp who could grant three wishes to the lamp’s master.

    A human’s imagination is often a false reality. The world wouldn’t always work out the way we wanted...

    “Oh, so it’s a relationship problem, huh? Sadly, I can’t help you. I can’t even find a partner for myself. Anyway, I think you should deal with this problem soon. Don’t let it remain unfinished as it will affect other things.”

    “Deal with it? I don’t even know where to start.”

    “My advice is to just directly confront the problem and you will find the solution for it. Well, you better be prepared since sometimes the best solution might not be the desired solution.”

    Burapha drank another cup before put his cup face down on the table, indicating that he wouldn’t continue the drink. Then, he stood up and bid farewell.

    “Thank you, Big Brother Little Whale, for the advice. I have something to do so I will take my leave here. Let me treat you a drink next time. I would like to hear your story too.”

    Little Whale stood up and said his goodbye, sending Burapha off.

    Once Burapha left the restaurant, instantly, a young man came to the table and sat down on the chair Burapha was sitting in moments before. This young man wore a cloak concealing his entire body. Only the black arm guard on his left hand was visible outside of the cloak.

    “Boss, Nednapha has warned you many times that you shouldn’t blindly acquaint yourself with a stranger. It would be troublesome for us if he is an assassin from the Heavenly Dragon Guild.”

    “Elso, you and Nednapha always act like you’re my parents. No need to worry. Even if he is an assassin, I can take care of the matter myself. I just happened to meet an interesting person, that’s all.”

    “Interesting? Pardon? He seems pretty ordinary in my eyes.”

    “That’s why I’m the leader while you’re a vice-leader. My eyes can discern people better than yours. I looked into his eyes and was able to see that he will be anything but ordinary. For a guy like him, we should befriend him instead of making him our enemy.”

    “If that’s the case, should we have someone tail him?”

    Little Whale shook his head. “No need. For someone like him, he will surely appear before us by himself someday.”

    He poured the liquor for Elso to drink, which Elso declined. However, as he was a leader of the team, he gave out a command for Elso to drink a cup. It was a funny sight to see Elso, who was weak to liquor, drink one and make a pained expression.


    Midnight came. Sounds of battle broke out from the middle of the city. Burapha slowly brought himself closer to the source of the sound. The closer he was to it, the higher the number of people he saw. He deliberately came to this place slightly after midnight.

    The current battles in front of Burapha were quite tasteless. Even he could realize that they were at a level of a street fight. Apparently, the skilled players had decided to bare their fangs during the very last moment to reign as the victor.

    Burapha’s gaze wandered around the square and immediately recognized four similar figures. The first was Ratri, who was standing and talking to someone seemingly from the Victorious Wolves Sect. The second was Big Brother Little Whale, who stood next to the mysterious man in a black cloak. The third was White Swan, who was likely aiming for the information regarding the result of the tonight’s event. Lastly, it was Ginny who was having a conversation with a red-haired man.

    Even though he had expected that he would witness such a sight beforehand, to actually see it unfold before his eyes brought pain to his heart.

    Then, Little Whale noticed him and waved a hand at him. Burapha nodded in response while regaining his composure. Meanwhile, White Swan, who noticed the shared greetings, was amazed to see that they knew each other.

    Burapha stepped forward. His destination wasn’t the battle area where players were tussling with each other, but the place where Revin and Ginny were standing.

    Many eyes stopped giving the attention to the battle area but followed Burapha to see what he was about to do.

    Revin, who seemed to be having fun conversing with Ginny, stopped talking and shifted his gaze to Burapha. The distance between the two was exactly one meter.

    “Who are you?” Revin asked.

    “My name is Burapha,” he replied indifferently.

    “What are you doing here, Burapha?” Ginny asked. This made Revin realize that these two knew each other.

    Burapha didn’t even know himself what he was trying to achieve by standing there. It was his gut feeling that told him to come to this place, otherwise he would miss something important to him.

    As Burapha didn’t answer, Ginny guessed, “Do you want to take back the swords?”

    “The swords? Do you mean the one that you told me you borrowed from your friend? The Dorolia Sword?”

    Ginny nodded. “Yes.”

    “Never mind that. Last time, I said that to you without thinking much. I never believed that someone except me would be able to solo a dragon anyway.” Although Revin didn’t say it loudly, his arrogant sentence had brought all the attention to him. It clearly implied that ‘No one except him would be able to solo-kill a dragon.’

    Many people began to feel irritated, but no one dared to voice their discontent. That was because they themselves didn’t have the confidence in their ability to solo-kill a dragon as they were insulted. Revin’s sentence wasn’t a mere word. It was a reality.

    Burapha began to dislike Revin’s character. “I wasn’t the one who killed a dragon. It’s my friend who did that. I’m just taking care of the sword in his place. By the way, the number of dragons he has slain isn’t just one. It is four. Unfortunately, Solaria Sword was already dropped, otherwise, he would get it too.”

    The surrounding players began to talk to each other. If what Burapha said was true, it meant that, aside from Revin, there was someone else who had the ability to kill not one but four dragons.

    “Really? If that kind of person really existed, I would want to meet him too. Who is he?”

    “Weapon Subduing Fist Sila,” Burapha replied indifferently. He didn’t act on impulse but he had thought about it thoroughly and came to the conclusion that Sila’s feat wasn’t a secret. Sila had already become famous. Instead of pointlessly trying to cover the news, it would be more beneficial for Sila to make this information spread. At the very least, it would inspire players that one wouldn’t have to be a member of the Heavenly Dragon Guild to become a splendid player.

    Burapha didn’t try to hide this fact. So, his reply could be clearly heard by many onlookers. As a result, this feat of Sila quickly became a hot topic.

    “Is he the same Sila who lost in a match against Montra?”

    “That match wasn’t a fair one. Montra played dirty.” Burapha didn’t yield and dared to call Montra’s name without respect. As a result, the fights stopped. All of the attention was focused on him and Revin.

    “There is no way Montra played dirty. He isn’t someone like that. I know Montra’s personality better than anyone. Are you sure that guy Sila didn’t just make an excuse?”

    “I also know Big Brother Sila’s personality. He isn’t someone like that.”

    “Umm, that’s too bad. I don’t like the way you’re bad-mouthing my friend. It seems I will have to take care of you.” Revin’s words weren’t just an empty threat. Magic power emanated from his body and caused the atmosphere to become hot. Many players started to clad themselves with power reinforcement to resist the heat.

    Burapha didn’t say anything in return. He silently clad himself with psychic reinforcement. Despite being clearly weaker than the opposing side, his eyes were firm and didn’t show any sign of giving up.

    Instantly, he tightened the Oceanic Trishula in his hand, clearly stating the enmity between them.

    Ginny interrupted. “Burapha, in the end, what do you want?”

    Burapha looked into Ginny’s eyes. He wanted his words to come from his heart regardless of whether they were able to reach the heart of the listener or not.

    “Ginny, what do you think of me?” The simple, short question that could summarize the situation could be heard. Many onlookers began to realize what was going on. Meanwhile, Ginny was shocked. She did not expect that Burapha would directly ask for her reply to his feelings like this.

    “...Sorry.” It was a short reply that distinctly denied his feeling.

    White Swan who was close by gritted her teeth. The fight was about to start yet Burapha was inferior in power and his heart was also wrecked. To the eyes of everyone, it was obviously a painful moment for Burapha.

    The only exception was Little Whale, who was smiling at such a sight while nodding. Even though his conversation with Burapha didn’t last longer than five minutes, his keen eyes could grasp Burapha’s character. Burapha wasn’t a simple man like that. And Burapha’s next action proved that his thoughts were right.

    Burapha burst into laughter. Some onlookers thought that he was full of grief due to the rejection and had become crazy. However, Burapha’s next sentence changed their mind.

    “Why do you have to say sorry? Actually, I should give you my thanks, Ginny. You may think that you have hurt my feelings, but in fact, you have released me from my slumber. From now on, my mind is clear and I will be able to give my all in the fight.”

    “Well said, Little Brother,” Little Whale shouted, followed by the cheers hoping for Burapha’s victory.

    Burapha stood firmly in front of Revin who had the attention snatched away by him.

    Burapha gripped his Trishula even tighter than before. Its blades were shaking to prepare for the attack that would come from the Flame Monarch.

    Burapha had never dreamt that there would be one day that his life would gain this much of an attention.

    Even he himself wasn’t aware that his fight today would be the start of his new life.

    Author: Burapha’s story contains four chapters. I need to write them, otherwise, you will be confused later why this and that happened, and where some people come from.
    “For someone, once they fall, they will stand up and be able to continue their journey more firmly than before.”
  • This... this chap is just too damn good
    Free from shackle
    2 more burapha chap?
  • “During my dispirited days, I thought to myself that, if there is something like being able to be granted three wishes, I would wish for people to see value in what I had made. I didn’t want to disappear from the world unnoticed. I didn’t want to be a nobody. I wanted to be respected by someone.”
    Ginny grants him 3 wishes:
    Noticed (she bought his item)
    Respected (by Sila)
    Become somebody (fighting against Revin)
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    Chapter 106: Burapha and the Qi Kingdom - Lose and Win

    The atmosphere in the middle of the central square of Zhongsuyuan City was so tense that it was hard to breathe. Among the players, the ones who had less fighting ability had to take several steps back to lessen the burden they received from the atmosphere.

    The moonlight shone down, illuminating the city in a pale, gentle manner. It contradicted the scene below where a fight was ready to break out.

    Burapha walked to the center of the battle area and spun his Trishula before pointing it at Revin, signaling that he would like to challenge him in an official match.

    Even though Revin loved fighting, fights where he was certain of his victory were tasteless to him. Nevertheless, he accepted Burapha’s challenge and walked inside the area, positioning himself so that there were more than ten meters between him and Burapha.

    The fight was about to start.

    “Wait.” Ginny walked forward. Everyone looked her way.

    She took out both the swords from her system window and handed them to Burapha as she said, “Take back your friend’s swords.”

    Burapha looked at both the S-grade swords in Ginny hand. However, he didn’t have a chance to take them as Revin interrupted.

    “You can’t do that. For swordsmen, their favorite swords are their most important possessions. You can’t give them to others.”

    “But, these swords aren’t mine. I borrowed them and I have to return them to the rightful owner. I don't want to exploit anyone.”

    Revin scratched his head. “Ah, that’s too bad. If that’s the case, how about we make a trade? Those two swords for the Dragon Killer Sword?”

    Little Whale interrupted by shouting, “Trading one sword for two swords? Isn’t that too cheap?”

    There were other shouts, but Burapha replied before things became more chaotic. “Deal.”

    Burapha came up with this answer as he had quickly weighed the pros and cons in his mind. Although it seemed disadvantageous for him to trade two swords for a single sword, it was inevitable that Revin would want to have both swords as each of them was useless on their own. As for him, even if he didn’t accept the trade, the swords were of no use to him or Sila. If he sold them, the buyer would undoubtedly be the Heaven Dragon Guild.

    On the other hand, the Dragon Killer Sword was very useful. Burapha was thinking that, with it in their possession, Sila and his friends would have a way to kill Montra. This was the key factor behind his decision.

    However, this exchange of swords was tricky. It was due to the fact that the rightful owner of the Dragon Killer Sword is easily transferred. Burapha didn’t know whether Revin had planned this or not but suggesting an exchange right before the start of a fight was quite cunning. In the match that would soon take place, if Burapha died (which was highly likely), Revin wouldn’t lose anything but obtain all three swords.

    Everyone realized this fact and planned to put a stop to the exchange, but they couldn’t as Burapha had accepted the deal.

    Meanwhile, a certain group of people who had fought previously in the battle area were discontent due to the fact that Revin used the sword that would be the event reward to make an exchange.

    “You can’t do that. That sword is the reward for the last winner in this area, isn’t it? I have spent five days here. That sword is mine to take.”

    “No, it’s mine.”

    “No, it’s mine instead.”

    An argument broke out. Revin made a grin while lifting his hand up.

    Flaming Blades of the Underworld.”

    Several blades shot at all the players who were busy arguing. All of them cried in pain before their bodies scattered into beams of light.

    “With this, the sword belongs to me now. Any complaints?” Revin said with a smile but no one smiled back at him.

    The black Dragon Killer Sword engraved with gold characters was thrown at the ground in front of Burapha as if it was a worthless item. The tip of the blade dug into the ground. The handle swayed from the impact.

    “Hurry up and keep the sword. I want to finish the match soon,” Revin urged Burapha.

    “Miss Ginny, you should leave the area already,” Burapha said to Ginny, intending to address her in a more formal way.

    Ginny didn’t say anything but kept both the swords into her system window and backed off to stand behind Revin.

    Burapha opened his system window. Its pitch black color caused many players to be surprised.

    He purposely used the system window to cover the sword he lifted up while using his back to obscure the sight from others.

    For the record, the transparency of the system window was adjustable. Normally, players would set it to be completely transparent. With this, they could have a clear view of the surrounding even if they have their system window open. This was a common, useful, little tip.

    As for Burapha, he decided to do the opposite. Instead of setting it to be transparent, he set it to be completely opaque. This way, other players wouldn’t be able to see what he was doing through it. It was a gimmick that he discovered on his own. He was quite certain that no skill or ability was able to see through the system window. He guessed that it must be due to the fact that it was a part of the system.

    Rather than putting the Dragon Killer Sword into the system window, Burapha put it inside a wooden box first, before putting the box back into the system window.

    Burapha grinned. He was a merchant. There was no way he would allow himself to suffer from a deal. Many players might think that the item he just brought out was a useless item. However, Burapha believed that there wasn’t a single useless item in the world. It was just that people didn’t realize how to utilize it.

    The wooden box just now was an F-grade mini storage box. It was a small wooden box that could keep one item within. Since the inventory aspect of the system window could do this from the start, this box was deemed useless.

    However, Burapha utilized it by keeping the Dragon Killer Sword within it. This meant that the current Burapha didn’t possess the Dragon Killer Sword. He only possessed the wooden box that contained one item.

    Even if he were to die, Revin wouldn’t get the sword back.

    The system window was turned off. Except for Burapha himself, the only person that noticed what Burapha had done was White Swan, who was standing near him. She couldn’t help but admire Burapha’s wit.

    Once the black system window disappeared, Revin lifted his hand up and several of the Flaming Blades that were stabbed into the ground floated up and combined into a single flame blade in Revin’s hand. The blade was two-meters long and didn’t have a handle. However, Revin could easily hold it in his hand like he wasn’t affected by the heat at all.

    “Won’t you use your main weapon?” Burapha asked.

    “My Black Dragon Sword will only be used on the people who deserve it. As for you, a weapon materialized from magic power is enough,” replied Revin.

    Burapha didn’t let his emotions waver due to Revin’s provocation. He slowly moved his Trishula and clad himself in several layers of psychic power reinforcement. The number of layers started at three and kept increasing.

    Revin was an offensive person. He waited no longer and charged at Burapha at high speed.

    There was no mercy.

    Burapha wasn’t able to keep up with the speed. Not at all. All he could do was clad himself with more psychic power and thrust the Trishula forward.

    Revin’s blade struck down at the center of the Trishula. He splendidly made use of the impact to shift his aim and strike at Burapha, causing Burapha to fly several meters away.

    “It's over. I didn’t even break a sweat,” said Revin while many of the onlookers were rubbing their eyes. Revin’s attack was a high-speed slash, and some players couldn’t make heads nor tails of what had happened.

    The difference in the ability of both contestants was too vast.

    However, Burapha’s body didn’t turn into light and disappear like Revin had anticipated. He pulled himself up from the ground and coughed up blood. The A-grade Godly Oceanic Armor had broken apart while the Oceanic Trishula was also broken into half at the point where it received Revin’s strike. Despite Revin not using the Black Dragon Sword, his devastated state was the result. If Revin were to use it, Burapha’s death would be certain.

    Burapha viewed the weapon and the armor that he had received from Sila with melancholic eyes. He had taken good care of them since the day he got them.

    He knew that Sila wouldn’t blame him, still, he couldn’t help but feel ashamed.

    Burapha took the upper part of the broken Trishula with his hand. The length of this part was only a meter.

    Revin was surprised that Burapha was still alive. Even if he didn’t bring out his main weapon, he was by no means holding back. The reason that his opponent was still alive would only indicate one thing: this man in front of him wasn’t an ordinary merchant.

    Burapha readied his battered body. The shorter length of his weapon caused him to be able to reinforce his psychic power quicker. He didn’t wait for Revin’s second attack but forcefully charged at him using Psychic Impact.

    Revin’s body was engulfed in flames. He didn’t even care about Burapha’s incoming attack. The flame blade in his hand shook and was used to slash at Burapha.

    Revin’s slash was quicker and the impact pressed Burapha to the ground. Meanwhile, Burapha’s Trishula was successfully thrust at Revin’s body.

    His red hair flickered. Revin smiled as Burapha’s psychic power wasn’t potent enough to harm him.

    However, the lying Burapha was still alive. This caused Revin to be at a loss for words. His opponent was supposed to die from the very first slash.

    Suddenly, Revin’s body was hit by an unseen force. Although he wasn’t hit by a powerful blow, the impact was continuous and Revin was hit by eight consecutive blows. He, who had lessened the magic power reinforcement on his body, was thrown off balance and had to take eight steps back to regain his footing.

    This was caused by Burapha’s family martial art, Eastern Sea Sailing Lance Art. Although the strike itself wasn’t threatening, the inner force behind the strike was continuous as sea waves. The more skillful the user was, the higher the number of waves. It could be used both offensively and defensively.

    The reason Burapha’s father was once invited to play Monster Soul during the closed beta was because of this unique lance art.

    There was no way a tiger’s offspring could be a dog. Although Burapha hadn’t put in effort to learn the Eastern Sea Sailing Lance Art, he had practiced it since childhood.

    Since Burapha had entered the game, he had never once fought against a player. His opponents were always monsters. Every time, he would plan ahead to give himself the advantage so he could win against them without difficulty. Thus, this was the first time Burapha showed this lance art to the world.

    Everyone looked at Burapha as if he was a freak. He was just an unknown merchant without any affiliation, but he managed to land a hit that caused the Flame Monarch to take eight steps backward.

    Revin looked at his footprints which were deep in the ground. The Psychic Impact that Burapha just used on him wasn’t a simple Psychic Impact. It was way heavier. Each impact he took supported the previous one. It was fortunate for Revin that he still clad himself with some magic power at that time, otherwise, he would’ve ended up with internal injuries.

    “I misjudged you.” Revin pulled the Black Dragon Sword from his system window and leaned it on his shoulder.

    Burapha’s remaining strength wasn’t even enough to support himself to stand back up. Since birth, he had never once desired to fight nor desired to win. For him, fighting was savage. His father had forced him to practice the lance art despite him not wanting to.

    For those sparring matches against opponents that his father had prepared for him, Burapha could tell that all of them had held back to let him win. Nevertheless, he didn't mind. For him, winning or losing wasn’t important.

    Thinking back, life indeed played a prank on him. The first fight that he wanted himself, the first fight that he desired to win for the first time, resulted in his loss.

    Revin didn’t care whether Burapha could stand back up. In battle, being gentle to an opponent was like being harsh on oneself. He had never shown mercy against any of his enemies, and Burapha wouldn’t be the first, especially when Burapha had been bad-mouthing his friend.

    The black sword was covered in flame, dyeing it orange. Revin instantly stepped forward, thrusting his sword at the defenseless Burapha.

    However, in the blink of an eye, walls made of qi suddenly emerged and blocked Revin’s thrust. He backed off to his previous spot while looking at the person who stuck his nose into the battle.

    Little Whale took three steps forward. “This Little Brother can no longer fight. It’s your win. Do you have to take his life?”

    “I have never let an injured opponent survived.”

    “And I have never let my drinking partner die in front of my eyes.” Little Whale materialized a wall made of qi in front of him. Witnessing it, Revin realized that the man in front of him was an expert.

    “Why don’t you dare to declare your name?”

    “Hahaha, I, Beluga, have never been afraid of the Heavenly Dragon Guild. Why wouldn’t I dare?”

    “Beluga, the leader of the Mountain Thieves League?” Revin had heard this name from Montra. Well, he had been in seclusion, practicing with Kavin, so he wasn’t sure.

    Elso, who had been standing in the back, stepped forward. The psychic power that engulfed his body made him appear like a cloud of smoke. It was hard to see him, especially at night. A black short sword was held in his hand, ready to be used. He was famous for player killing, like Varee. Elso’s strike was hard to see and dangerous. Although his speed was inferior to Zero’s, it was enough. When players died by his hand, the last thing they saw was a streak of black light. Thus, people called him by his title: Black Flash.

    Elso and Nednapha were quite powerful, as one could attack in close range without being noticed while the other could attack from a far distance where the enemy couldn’t fight back. The two of them were the left and right hands of the Mountain Thieves League that people were wary of.

    As for Beluga, he was completely different from the two. He possessed firm, strong qi that was quite unique, unlike Fargo’s. The wall made of Qi of Little Turtle combined with a masterful application of Cruise Breeze would allow him to be able to hold his ground even against opponents like Lone Wolf or Zero.

    The three of them were the main reason why the Mountain Thieves League could still survive to this day.

    White Swan approached Burapha and transmitted her qi to treat his injuries. She wasn’t as skilled as others combat-wise but her ability regarding treatment was top class.

    “How can the Mountain Thieves League’s core members gather in this place?” Revin questioned. If Beluga, Elso, and Nednapha (who he guessed might be hiding somewhere) joined forces, he wasn’t sure that he could keep up with them.

    “The Heavenly Dragon Guild is kind enough to give away the sword to others, so it’s normal that we would be here,” Beluga said smilingly.

    “Since you are bandits, do you plan to steal it?” Revin stared at Beluga.

    “That’s not right. Although we are unjust bandits, we wouldn’t dare lower ourselves to become as righteous as you guys. Look at you, one of the Two Monarchs, trying to rob a sword from a merchant.”

    It was a sarcastic remark aimed at the Heavenly Dragon Guild.

    The body of Elso disappeared as if he was a smoke. Revin was tense. “As expected of the unjust ones, you are the leader of the guild but you’re ganging up on me.”

    Beluga laughed. “Hahaha, no need to praise us. We are the unjust side anyway. Your esteemed Flame Monarch instead deserves some praise. As expected of the righteous one, you even dare to rob a sword from a merchant. You have my respect. Even we wouldn’t sink that low to do that. Hahaha.”

    Revin didn’t have the luxury to be distracted by the opposing sarcastic remark. He activated Dragon Domain. The pine tree leaves scattered on the ground began to be engulfed in flames.

    However, Beluga flicked his wrists in a circular motion and pushed his palms forward. Soon, the walls made of qi were pushed away and the flame were all extinguished. Nevertheless, the hot temperature still remained.

    Suddenly, a system alert went off in Revin’s ear. He quickly opened the system window and read the contents of the message. Afterward, he put the sword in his hand away.

    “I have to go. I hope we will have a chance to meet again, Beluga, and...” Revin looked at Burapha, who had fallen unconscious.

    “His name is Burapha. It won’t take long until the day comes when this name will naturally enter your ears even if you don’t want it to.”

    Revin nodded and turned his head to Ginny. “You have registered my name in your contact list. Be sure to contact me later.” Afterward, he soared away, leaving the central square.

    Ginny felt awkward and hesitated for a moment while looking at Burapha who was lying on the ground. Finally, she decided to soar after Revin.

    Elso’s body re-emerged next to Beluga as he asked, “What should we do next, Boss?”

    “Protecting Burapha takes priority. If we follow Revin, Burapha will be killed by the players here.”

    The reason Revin left easily wasn’t only because of Montra’s message, but because he had also successfully accomplished the task Montra had given him. From now on, Burapha’s name would become famous and many players would hunt him for the sword.

    Burapha wouldn’t know that, when he regained consciousness, his life in Monster Soul would not be much different from Sila’s.

  • Chapter 107: Burapha and the Qi Kingdom - To the East

    Burapha woke up in a small wooden room that he didn’t recognise. His gaze wandered around and saw the cracked Godly Oceanic Armor and the half-broken Oceanic Trishula placed next to his bed.

    “They couldn’t be repaired. The damage is too severe.” A female voice came from the doorway.

    “Miss Ratri? Where am I?” The last thing Burapha remembered was him being beaten by Revin’s attack.

    “The Wuxia Home, the main branch of the Victorious Wolves Sect near Zhongsuyuan City. You have slept for two days.”

    Burapha pulled himself up from the bed. “Thank you for your help, Miss Ratri.”

    Ratri waved her hand. “No need to give me your thanks. You’re Lone Wolf’s friend, it’s natural that we would help you. You better express your thanks to Beluga and White Swan instead.”

    “Beluga? White Swan?”

    Ratri could see that Burapha was still confused so she began to explain what happened after he had fallen unconscious. Based on Ratri’s explanation, Burapha could summarize that Little Whale’s identity was Beluga, the leader of the Mountain Thieves League, who had prevented Revin from finishing him. As for White Swan, she had provided him with treatment on the spot. Afterward, both of them had agreed that it would be the best to bring him to rest at the Victorious Wolves Sect branch before going separate ways.

    “I see. I will personally express my thanks when I see them again. I should go now.” Burapha stored his broken armor and weapon in his system window and walked away.

    “Wait, where are you going?” Ratri asked. “There are players searching for you outside. It is safer for you to stay here.”

    Burapha smiled at Ratri. His eyes were full of determination. “I can’t stay here forever. Rest assured, I have a safe place that I can stay.”

    Hearing that, Ratri no longer said anything.

    Burapha took out a sky blue invitation card and stared at it. He had never thought there would be a day when he would use it.

    “Go to the Eastern Sea Palace.” A sky blue flash of light covered Burapha before teleporting him away.

    Soon, an old man with a white beard entered the room. He rubbed his long beard while talking to Ratri.

    “Ratri, just now, was that the one the leader mentioned before? Sila?”

    “Oh? Hermit. Did you just come back?”

    Hermit nodded. “Yes, I arrived just a moment ago and heard that one of the leader’s friends is resting here.”

    Ratri nodded. “It’s true. He is Lone Wolf’s friend. However, he isn’t Sila. He is Sila’s friend. His name is Burapha.”

    “Hmmm... Unexpectedly, my guess was incorrect. He has such good eyes.”

    “Surprisingly, he has the Invitation Card to the Eastern Sea Palace.”

    “Eastern Sea Palace? The habitat of the One-Eyed Evil God?”


    Burapha walked along a white, sandy beach. The granular sand reflected the sunlight like pieces of jewelry. Sea waves were splashing on the beach continuously while the sea breeze brought a salty smell to his nose. The coconut trees swayed by the wind. He took a breath into his lungs and walked slowly toward a small cottage. There was a wooden signpost on the cottage. What was written on it was ‘Eastern Sea Palace.’

    The cottage on the beach is the Eastern Sea Palace? People wouldn’t believe what they see if they witnessed it. This place was one of the most difficult places to access in Monster Soul. The Eastern Sea Palace where the savage One-Eyed Evil God lived. No one had ever been dealt a second blow from the One-Eyed Evil God. Just one single move from him was enough to turn them into light.

    Next to the cottage, there were two old men having an enjoyable conversation on a mat on the beach. Both of the old men wore beach shorts while their upper, tan bodies were exposed. Their lean muscles caused them to look quite young. One of them wore an eyepatch on his left eye while the other had a beard on his chin.

    The one who wore an eyepatch noticed Burapha and greeted him.

    “Oh? Burapha. What brings you here? Is it possible that you missed me? Hahaha! Come here and greet my friend. Hey, Zeref, this is my son who I told you about.”

    Zeref accepted Burapha’s greeting and looked at the young man from head to toe. “He isn’t like what you described, Kai.”

    Kai scratched his head while looking at Burapha. Indeed, his son looked rather strange today. Normally, it was rare for them to meet. He didn’t know why his son decided to visit him now, of all times.

    “Coming here to see daddy, do you want something?” Kai put down the yellow cocktail glass on the mat.

    Burapha looked straight into his father’s eyes. “Dad, teach me your lance art... please.”

    A smile emerged on Kai’s face. “Do you finally have a will to practice it? Hahaha! As expected, my intuition told me that today would be a good day. I need to celebrate this.” He finished his drink. “By the way, why do you suddenly want to learn it? I haven’t seen you in the dojo since that day three years ago when I quit forcing you to practice it.”

    Burapha had been forced to practice the family’s lance art since childhood until three years ago. At that time, Kai regrettably told him that he was already an adult and should decide for himself whether he wanted to continue practicing or not (to which Burapha decided to quit).

    Thus, it was quite a surprise for Kai that Burapha had suddenly appeared and asked him to teach the lance art. Not to mention he had given the invitation card to Burapha a long time ago but Burapha had never visited him.

    Burapha didn’t answer Kai’s question. However, Kai understood it once he looked into the eyes of his son.

    “You lost, right? Lost... even though it was a fight that you didn’t want to lose at all costs.” Kai’s sentence caused Burapha’s body to tremble.

    Zeref didn’t interrupt the conversation. He just quietly listened. In fact, he had planned to leave when Burapha arrived, but Kai prevented him from doing so via eye contact.

    “What happened? Tell me.”

    Burapha slowly explained what had happened. As he explained, he took the cracked Godly Oceanic Armor, the half-broken Oceanic Trishula, and the Dragon Killer Sword out. Strangely, Zeref looked at those three items with interest.

    Burapha ended his story as he said, “That’s why I want to become stronger. I don’t want to be a burden and don’t want to rely on others to come and take care of me all the time.”

    Kai made a stiff expression while inwardly feeling delighted. He had forced Burapha to play this game, intending to let his son experience an event like this. There are things that cannot be taught forcefully. The Eastern Sea Sailing Lance Art was one such thing. At the higher levels, practicing with or without a will creates a different result. Kai was aware of this so he no longer continued forcing Burapha to practice it. Nevertheless, he still hoped Burapha would learn it. Thus, he forced Burapha to play this game.

    Well, he didn’t have high hopes as he knew Burapha possessed a calculating personality and wouldn’t put himself in a dangerous situation.

    Luckily for him, at long last, Burapha finally came to him and sought for the higher levels of the lance art.

    Although he was jumping with joy on the inside now that Burapha willingly wanted to practice the lance art, his face was solemn. Zeref, who knew Kai’s personality, secretly giggled at such a sight.

    “It’s fine if you want me to teach you, but I have a condition.”

    “A condition? What condition? Previously, you always nagged me to practice it. Why is it that there is a condition when I want to practice it on my own accord?”

    Kai shook his head. “For Eastern Sea Sailing Lance Art at a higher levels, I can only impart the art to the dojo’s successor and cannot teach it to others.”

    “Others? I’m your son and it isn’t like I plan to show your martial art to the whole world. I guarantee that I won’t impart the art to others.”

    Kai still continued to decline. “That’s not enough. This is the rule set by our ancestors. Even I can’t change it.”

    “Ancestors? You are the one who invented Eastern Sea Sailing Lance Art, aren’t you, dad? Our ancestors were merchants. Only you owned a dojo.”

    ‘Oops, that’s right. this guy is as clever as his mom. What should I do now?’ Kai inwardly thought.

    “M-M-My grandpa appeared in my dreams last night and told me to include this into the family rules!! Don’t ask too much! Just know that I can’t teach the art to anyone else except for the successor of the dojo.” Since it was no use arguing, Kai decided to shrug it off as his grandfather had appeared in a dream.

    Burapha wasn’t a fool. He was aware that his father intended for him to be the successor of the dojo and sighed. “It can’t be helped. In that case, could you please accept me as the successor of the dojo?”

    Kai picked his ear as if he wasn’t confident in what he just heard. “What did you just say?”

    “Please accept me as the successor of the dojo,” Burapha repeated slowly.

    Kai immediately stood up. “Yippee!! Finally!! I should quickly tell your mom, ah, no, I should hold a celebration party first. Ahh, no, before that, can you prepare a written contract and sign your signature on it? I’m afraid that you will change your mind.”

    Burapha made a serious face. “I won’t change my mind. Can we postpone those things for later? I don’t have much time and I want to become stronger as soon as possible.”

    Kai nodded. “No problem. You already have all the basics down. Just a week or two in the game should be enough. The rest is how to utilize it in each situation. For this one, you need to gain actual combat experience. Well, based on your story, you will get a lot of it as soon as you make an appearance outside.”

    “There is one problem,” said Zeref, interrupting the conversation between the father and son duo.

    “Oh, right, there is a problem.” Kai nodded in agreement.

    “What is it?”

    Kai explained, “For Eastern Sea Sailing Lance Art, if it is me, just a piece of wood is fine. However, for an inexperienced user like you, you will need a suitable weapon. That Revin kid you mentioned seems to be very strong. The next time you meet him, if he uses the Black Dragon Sword and you use an ordinary lance, it will be hard for you to block his attack.”

    “The Black Dragon Sword is made of a Bone of the Earth Dragon and the S-grade Flame Qilin Sword which is one-of-a-kind in the game. It was smelted with the help of Solaria’s Dragon Scales, causing it to be a sturdy black sword that can resist high temperatures and also amplifies fire energy power that is infused into the sword,” said Zeref.

    Burapha was shocked. Revin’s main weapon seemed to be a very powerful sword. “How do you know that, Uncle?”

    “Of course I know, I’m the one who forged it,” Zeref said indifferently.

    Kai added, “My son, it is very fortunate for you to see him. Zeref is a descendant of the famous blacksmith lineage. I got to know him the day I begged him to forge Evil God Lance for me when I was young. Inside the game, Zeref is a legendary blacksmith NPC while I’m the One-Eyed Evil God. Well...” Kai cast his gaze on Zeref. “A single lance... it should be fine to forge it and give it to a youngster, right?”

    “If you want me to forge a lance similar to the one that I made for you back then, just the materials here should be sufficient. Well, I’m not too sure. When I forged the Black Dragon Sword, that kid only brought me the Flame Qilin Sword so I had used up all of Solaria’s Dragon Scales that I had in my possession to smelt it. Unfortunately for you, I won’t be able to get my hands on Solaria’s Dragon Scales during this time. Didn’t you hear the news that it was hunted recently?”

    Burapha quickly opened his system window and took out more than a hundred of Solaria’s Dragon Scales, all of the ones in his possession, onto the beach. “Are these enough?”

    Kai and Zeref seemed to be slightly surprised. “Oh, they should be enough. The Dragon Killer Sword seems to be harder to smelt than the Flame Qilin Sword. I used forty scales that time. A hundred of them is likely to be sufficient.”

    Burapha nodded. These scales were given to him by Sila, and he had promised to craft accessories to return the favor. Well, if they were all used up, he would just need to come up with another material.

    Zeref waved his hand once and the mat made a flip while sucking the armor, the Trishula, the sword, and all of the dragon scales into it. He then wrapped the mat like a bag and carried it over his shoulder.

    “I better go and let you two, father and son, have some time together. If you finish practicing and I still haven’t delivered the product to you, you will have to visit my blacksmith shop in Zhongsuyuan City. I’m not so sure when the lance will be finished.”

    “Thank you, Uncle.”

    “No problem. Your dad will have to compensate me by collecting a bone from a high-level dragon for me later though. Hahaha,” Zeref said as he disappeared.

    Kai made a complaint, “Eh, What a stinky friend.”

    Burapha didn’t say anything as he was very grateful for Zeref’s kindness. Even though it was the first time he had met Zeref, his dad had once told him that, in real life, the value of each of Zeref’s weapon easily exceeded millions. Even in Monster Soul, the value of Zeref’s works was tremendous. Despite that, Zeref decided to forge a weapon for Burapha for free.

    Kai tossed a short, wooden stick to Burapha. “Hold it. We will go and give respect to my master first.”

    “Dad’s master? Didn’t you tell me that this martial art is your own creation?” Burapha followed Kai to the edge of the beach.

    “When I was young, I fell in love with martial arts. However, no matter which dojo I went to, I was rejected from learning their art. That’s because I had no money since I ran away from your grandpa’s house to escape from my fate as a merchant. I traveled to the east while not learning any of the martial arts that I loved. In the end, I reached the sea.”

    Burapha listened quietly as he was still clueless about how his father ended up inventing a lance art.

    “Finally, I realized. There are many arts that mimic the style of the monkey, the praying mantis, the tiger, and many others. So, why can’t I mimic something and create a new martial art for my own use? From that day onward, I spent my time gazing at the sea while coming up with my own martial art. In that sense, the sea is my master. Since living things cannot win against nature, I, with the sea as my master, should be stronger than others, isn’t that right? I spent more than a year and finally completed the lance art that was as vast as the sea and as continuous as the waves. I named it Eastern Sea Sailing Lance Art. After that, I traveled back along the route I took to get there and visited every dojo that rejected me.”

    “And then?”

    Kai grinned. “Of course, it was the official advent of the complete Eastern Sea Sailing Lance Art. My reputation from that time gave me the chance to build a dojo. You were born after that, so I gave you the name Burapha to refer to the direction that brought me glory.”

    Burapha furrowed his brows. “But, you made your name on the return trip, weren’t you? So, the direction that actually brought you your glory is supposed to be the west, isn’t it?”

    Kai scratched his head several times. “Ah, you’re right. I didn’t think it through.”

    T/N: Burapha means ‘East’ in Thai.
    Author: Ah. So, he needs to change his name to Prajim (West). Jokes aside, Burapha’s episode has ended. We will continue with Sila’s story in the next chapter.
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