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I often read comments from people here   about sth like 'and they suddenly realized that they were in a game and the only way to survive is to win whe game'. It sounds for me like an interesting novel where you are forced to play the game. Is it a novel and if yes, can you give me the title for it ?
Thank you very much in advance


  • It's a pretty common theme in japanese anime: Sword Art Online series, Log Horizon, Overlord, etc

    But I've only seen it in Japanese novels and anime.

    There are Chinese game novels like Reincarnation of the Strongest Sword God which is the only one I like in regards to virtual reality (but I know of several others like Shura's Wrath, Emperor of Solo Play, One Man Army, The Kings Avatar, Legend of the Moonlight Sculptor) but nothing like actually stuck in the game

    There are others that are real life but with game like elements (levels, job classes, etc) such as King of the Battlefield, Master Hunter K, Everyone Else is a Returnee, Reincarnator, Main Character Hides His Strength, Infinite Competitive Dungeon Society, The Tutorial is Too Hard. etc

    I assume you're new so go to this Site:
    Contains all the novels across the different sites so easy to search for what you want
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  • Thank you very much CantThinkOfAName.

    Hmmm okay.

    I read 3 of those you mentioned, and i will check out the ones you mentioned and too :) 
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