CRIME SELLER (original author: 三天两觉)

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Preface- Tian Yi

Dem.23, windy


It was almost 10:30 when I first opened my eyes, no need for withdrawing the curtain, would I knew that the sky was covered by bloody haze. The moist and cold air penetrated the curtain, the bed and my bones.


I only have two choices: making a cup of coffee for myself, or closing my eyes and wishing the next time I open them would be Dem.24.


Finally, I got up.


And as usual, I sit in my store, praying that no one would come into this broken dump.


The afternoon of a gloomy day is just like the last minutes for kids waiting for injection, or the last seconds before the monsters appear in a thriller.


You know that bad thing will always happen, but you can never make sure when will the first raindrop fail down.


Thanks for this weather, a few hours passed quickly, no consumer came in till 4 am.  


For me, this is an adorable period, I can sit back, read some books and enjoy my coffee, without any disruption.


4:30 am, someone pushed open the door. Well, I hate him.


However, to some extent, he surprised me. He was not coming for books, but for robbing.


I really wanna complain to him, while he came to me with the finger touching his gun’s trigger. You know nothing about how troublesome could corpse disposal be these days, and there is always someone forces me to do that. It makes me annoyed.  


I roughly estimated: it could take me half hour to pull out the tooth, shave all hair, saw into 6 parts; and another one hour to send him to Bob’s hoggery; after come back and clean the blood and smudge in the house, it will be too late to prepare the dinner.


So, I put up my hands, told him that all the money is in the drawer and begged for sparing my life with a shivering voice.


I thought that my performance was perfect, no matter panic expression in my eyes, body behaviour or terrified tone. Logically, he should have taken away all the money and directly gone away, in doing so, I could continuously enjoy my afternoon. However, I found that there is no currency, in any form, for a long time…


He opened out drawer and found nothing but a half slice of my leftover pizza and a half body of unknown creature’s leftover mousse. Then, he got angry. He swore loudly while pointed the gun to my head and asked me if I deem that it is funny to fool him, with rooster’s eyes.


As he was over excited, I had no choice but put the whole pistol into his esophagus, in order to prevent from accidental discharge.


At the time I looked this chap convulsed on the ground, I realized one thing: Philadelphia is too chaotic, I will remove again.


Nowadays, the whole street is full of young fellows like this chat, who wanna make ‘quick money’ with a little sweet pistol and finally chose such a broken bookstore. I guess he almost lower the IQ of whole mankind. In common sense, if plan to rob middle-scale store, there is no doubt that the first choice should be restaurants and grocery stores; then the box office, toggery and electronics shop; the most stupid choice will be the antique shop and the bookstore.


Doesn’t people even have no time to at least estimate the daily sales and risk factors? If so, why rob the shops? Why don’t just break into houses randomly? At least there is always some cash in the house.


Oh. It is meaningless to mention cash in my store, as well robbing a tramp in the subway.


Several seconds later, it seemed that he would be in shock, but he still struggled to creep towards the door.


I walked in front of him and closed the door, turned the board hung on the door from OPPEN to CLOSE side (let CLOSE side towards the road) and then put down the roller blind of windows. He crept almost under my feet when I turn-back, just in case, I twisted off his arms in passing.


Finally, I could back to my comfortable sofa, read books, enjoyed my coffee and continued my lovely afternoon.


I reckoned that in his current physical condition, it was difficult to stand up; even though he stood up successfully, it should be impossible for him to rotate the door knob. He would stop breathing after half hour, his corpse could just plug up the door. Perfect.


Anyway, today is still a terrible day. Until the end, I still have had something not been puzzled out: such as the relationship between me, the mouse and the unknown creature, and the place of each of us in the food chain…


Emmmm… that is not important as well.


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    CRIME SELLER is a wonderful novel with great logic and nervous plot. (however, my translation may mess it|*´Å`)ノ )
    welcome to push me to translate more QAQ and point out the mistake (or where you dont understand)(*/ω\*)
    dont let me feel like a console game (T▽T)
  • Add it NovelUpdates  ...

     :'(     bad thing is that it is a Qidian novel
  • Today the novels qidian if they give problem. if you join them give up your work and rights for a fixed pay.

    while in Wuxiaworld the translators maintain the rights of their translation, which protects all the time invested in the novel.
  • WHY i cannot successfully post the newest chapter?
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  • WHY i cannot successfully post the newest chapter?
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  • Chapter 1- the book of hearts


    In countless parallel universes, there are countless earths. Among them, there is an indifferent earth, where our story begins.


    In this world, around 20 century, an army with absolute force ended the estrangement between nations, races and religions, as it unified the whole world and all human have become its citizen, those who tried to revolt were cleaned up within two years.


    Human achieved the unity of power in 2000, since this year, there are no more National Boundaries, and all the ‘countries’ became ‘counties’ or ‘boroughs’, with the retaining of original name.


    One term that be forgotten for a long time has came back to the stage of history again: EMPEROR. 


    For good or ill, at least in this universe, human finally unified in form of empire, instead of the form of federal.


    Actually in the long-run term, if there were a host of monkeys or a clouds of zerg, even a bunch of robots invaded into the earth from the other side of galaxy , the Earth Empire should have higher combat power than the Earth Federal.


    Of course, this story is not the update version of District 9…


  • Let’s start from the December of 2100…


    SakuraC, the smallest county in the world. The Empire used to think about merging it into the DragonC, a county with wide jurisdiction. However, considering that SakuraC is an island, which located right above the seismic belt and covered with volcanoes…one or two are active, the empire finally set Sakura as a county.


    Winter this year, in a street of Hokkaido, a boy is bolting and his breath comes in short gasps, the chill wind in winter’s morning scraps his face as a blade.


    He is not tall not short, not fat not slim, typical average face with a pair of round black glasses, seems be like as thick as two beer bottle. He is wearing shabby black school uniform with a dowdy backpack, a typical good student from top to tail.


    However, this good student is late again.

    “ oh! Ikeda sun, today you ran to school with a head of sweat as well. Well…sit back to your set.” The person who said to Ikeda is Matsuo, the head-teacher of this class, and he teaches mathematic.


    This is a very good high school, it could be counted as ranks high in the whole education system of SakuraC. However, comparing with those exclusive schools for nobles and royalties, it is like the comparison between fifth avenue and Slumdog.


    Ikeda lives in a remote district, he could only get to school on time if he is able to pick a bus with very few shifts in every morning. Once he misses the only shift in morning, he has to ran for 40 minutes to school.


    Matsuo is a snob, while Ikeda is the type of students that Matsuo distains most. He offend embarrasses Ikeda with the excuse of some small mistakes Ikeda made. Tanks for Matsuo’s good mood, he doesn’t make fun by humiliating Ikeda today.


    Ikeda is relieved, he quietly moves to his seat and takes out his textbooks.


    After the bell ring, Matsuo has no more nonsense, he walks towards the outside of class. when he reaches the door, he turns back the face and gives a malicious glance to Ikeda with obvious sneer.


    “ Hey, Wet mosquito coil, let’s have a chat. Come to the rooftop.” Miura said. Miura is quite hefty fat guy, his family is super rich, it is heard that his father is the dean of a great hospital.

    “…All right.” Ikeda doesn’t care the nickname of ‘Wet mosquito coil’, because all the boys even some girls in the class called him like that. “mosquito coil” represents his funny glasses and wet mosquito is functionless, thus this nickname has the same meaning as crap.


  • As this is a college-going high school, there is few real sense of gangs. However, those people like Miura who is accustomed to bully others are spread all over the universe, from kindergartens to offices, they could be seen everywhere.


    Ikeda is bullied by Miura since he went to this school. Not only does Ikeda have to go on errands for him, but also finish Miura’s homework. Teachers like Matsuo certainly turn a blind eye to these things.


    After they come to rooftop, Miura badly beats Ikeda without any wards, his fists are vicious and he is a stranger of compassion. Ikeda crabs his head and curls up tight without resistance, only enduring and swallowing the pain.


    Maybe it’s because Ikeda has been used to it. He was humiliated my upper-classmates as soon as he firstly went to this school. Then students in his grade began to abuse him and considered him as the most vulnerable later. Now Ikeda is in junior two, but in younger students’ eyes, he is still just a fool and crab.


    When the bell rings again, Miura stops and tends to go away.


    “Why?” Ikeda said through his teeth toughly.


    “Ah..?” Miura response lazily, “ if there must be a reason, maybe it’s because I’m bored, and I haven’t boxed for a long time.”


    The door to the rooftop is closed, Ikeda still lies on the ground. Comparing with the bruises, his esteem is getting more hurts.


    Maybe he should cry now, but he could not weep long before.


    For teenagers like Ikeda, it seems that they only have two choices: change school or commit suicide.


    Unfortunately, he has no conditions for the school changing and courage for the suicide.


    What he can do, is to continuously suffer from this life.

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