Magic is in the Air


I can't seem to be able to keep my eyes wide open. My eyelids are so heavy. They feel like they weigh a ton as I struggle to keep them wide open. Strangely enough, it was not just my eyelids that are acting strange and weird today. I feel like I had also lost my ability to differentiate colors. All that I can take in was in greyscale. To add on, my body doesn't seem to belong to me anymore. Someone is pulling the strings attached to my body, turning me into a puppet, making me take the step forward continuously.

Why must I keep on moving? I just want to rest. I want to close my eyes for just a moment. A moment will do. Just let me rest. However, my legs just don't listen to my protests. Although I am barely keeping a pace faster than a snail can move, I am still moving. No matter how minuscule my steps are, my legs can't seem to stop making them.

I only have one goal in mind right now. It is to move forward. No matter how tired I am, no matter what it costs, I must move forward. Fueled by this goal in my mind, I urge my body to work beyond its limit. I ignored the protests of my muscles and joints to continue the trek onwards.

"Wow... I didn't know that the ground can suddenly pop out straight to my face." I thought silently in my heart as I bewilderedly see a piece of tile growing in size right in front of me. "I must be in a world of magic, but didn't everyone said that there are only science and no magic?"

As the tile touches my face, sheer coldness assaulted my cheek. It felt so smooth and so cooling to touch. It is amazing that when the tile rose up to my face, I don't even feel that much pain, but there is definitely a dull brute force assaulting the cheek which the tile hit.

"So, even the tile is so advanced... It must be touch-sensitive. It turned a deep shade of red the moment my cheek touched it." I mumbled. "How come I had never read about the tiles that turn red upon contact before?"

"Oh look at that group of people running in my direction... Even shoes have such good suction powers to allow them to run on it perpendicularly." I lamented. "How come I couldn't find such tech-savvy equipment for my morning runs? Hehe... maybe if I get them, I could have scaled up a building instead!"

Those runners are dressed in the same attire. They looked so neat and tidy even when running as a group. As the group got closer, I could see that they are vigorously opening and closing their mouths like goldfishes trying to breathe on the surface of the water. They must be trying to breathe as running is definitely a demanding sport... or is it that they are trying to shout at me? I can't seem to hear a single thing from their mouth. What is it that they are trying to say?

"Oh well, the cold tile is comforting for me to take a nap on..."


A searing pain pierced through my entire body. I can't help to convulse. My closed eyes shot open, and a murderous glint emerged in my eyes.

"Who in the world who want to disturb a peaceful sleeping guy? Even if you are to wake me up, you don't have to torture me!" I shouted as glared around me.

However, the murderous glint was soon replaced. Shock and fear emerged from deep down my heart involuntarily. I am currently being surrounded by darkness. My limbs felt as though they are being bound and restricted. It is definitely not normal. It felt so strange. Even if I were to be tired, I should at least be able to control my own movements.

"I didn't fall into an abyss by accident, did I?" I wondered. "I hope I am not IIIINNNNNN... ARGHHHH!"

A sharp pain coursed through my body as I began convulsing in pain. I couldn't even continue to think. I felt that I am blacking out as a suction force tried to pull me apart from within the surrounding darkness. My limbs and body were stretched like a rubber band as two forces contested with each other. Both forces came from opposite sides of the surrounding void. One seemed to come from the brightest dot in the distance far away, while the other came from the dark abyss-like location. In the competition between the two forces, the strength of the darkness prevailed over the other suction force. As soon as I got stuck in the dark abyss, with no option of traveling elsewhere, the force dragging me to the brightest dot mysteriously disappeared. Replacing it was a flock of brightly lit bird-like creatures that came flying from that direction. 

Upon closer look, those bird-like creatures are actually light balls. Fluffy white light balls came flying to me in the count of thousands. Sounds of laughter, celebrations, arguments, and cries were heard as those balls came closer. Strangely enough, faces were faintly imprinted on them, as they wriggled about deep in the ball of light. As they neared me, my hands curiously stretched out and caught a handful of them.

"Isn't this the fifteenth birthday celebration that my mum held for me? Oh! Oh! Oh! This was the day when I got married. And OH MY GOD! This was the day when my first baby was born!" I cried in shock and astonishment as I glanced through the light balls. "Who would have access to all these private recordings of my li... Wait... Are these balls of light... MY MEMORIES?"

Horror. Utter horror. 

Those light balls are not "balls" in the first place. They are definitely my memories. My own private and personal memories. Why? Why would they come flying to me like that? I kept questioning myself as shock and horror coursed throughout my thoughts. After some time, only one logical reasoning was accepted. But it was something that I couldn't expect and accept.

"Am I... Dead?'


  • Chapter 1 Murder by Chance and Accident


    Was the scene before me one that everyone would see when they transverse life and death? If so, I guess there is no chance that I might survive.


    I didn’t know how long it took me to realize that I am no longer alive. Yet, this sudden realization sent chills down my spine. I didn’t believe that I would die so young. A healthy forty-year-old adult had just been erased from the world of the living!


    I don’t want to die. I don’t. Who wants in the first place? Yet, I seemed powerless to revert this situation at hand. I am not in control of my life… wait... my “soul”… right now.


    As though there are second chances in this world, my soul didn’t disintegrate into the void around me. It was as if my soul could remain intact despite being surrounded by the abyss of darkness. Although my soul is intact, there is minimal stuff I could do. What remained of me could just float through the abyss based on fate and luck.


    Time never stop even if one is injured. Only God knows how long had passed since I had become the state I was. Even though I could do much, my perception and thoughts remained as sharp as before, if not sharper. Through the passing of time, I realized that I had been absorbing different auras wherever my soul passes by.


    There are times where fire boils my soul, lightning pierces my mind, and water soothes my “organs”… There are so many different types of sensation that I lost track of it. Although it was painful at the beginning, I grew accustomed to it. All the sensations slowly get numbed through prolonged exposure.


    These sensations were neither the best nor the most comfortable ones, but they seem to be able to nourish my depleted soul. My soul ended up shining brighter and brighter, as though a star was born within me. As more of such auras were absorbed by me, my senses began to become sluggish and dull. I began to fall into a deep sleep, while continuously absorbing auras for quite an eternity.


    I could only sleep myself until I disintegrate into nothing… Or so I thought…



    As my soul fell into a comatose condition, a lively boy of around 9 years of age had also fallen into a deep slumber. He had suddenly lost consciousness while he was playing within his family’s yard. As he slept, it became a three-year-long sleep. One that can be considered long and scary. If not for his pained expressions, systemic movement of his chest and the constant yelps of pain, one would find him as though he had died.


    This three year was also a hell of a ride for me. It was by accident that I began assimilating my soul into the boy’s body. In the process, my soul that has absorbed countless different auras began tearing up that boy’s poor soul. This attack took a long time as it was not easy to snatch control of another person body. As my soul tore up his soul, I managed to absorb all of his memories.


    My memories and his began to merge and I slowly understand the subtle changes that had happened. His name is Chua Han Qiang, and he was not from my world. This is because Han Qiang hailed from a world that has magicians and monsters. Some things which exist in fantasy back in my world is a reality for his. The Chua family is one of the financial monsters in this world. He hailed from a family that has the third largest amount of fortune in this world.


    And he happened to be one of the young princes in this gigantic powerhouse. When he was unconscious, he was forcefully fed countless amount of medicine that was rich in healing properties. It was much to my delight that these medicines fastened the process of taking over. The medicines also allowed my soul to heal and strengthen to a huge amount.


    A brief idea I got from Han Qiang’s memories is that this world is one where humans had to fight against the monsters to be able to survive. The monsters come in different forms, from beasts to undead, each with their unique skills powers.


    The monsters usually control a huge amount of resources in their domain, and these resources not only aid them to become stronger but can also help to nourish humans. The beasts are split into different classes according to their strengths, starting from slaves, commanders, generals, princes, kings, and emperor, with the emperor being the strongest. The good news that I know is that there are only five emperors present within the beasts, and they have their separate domains, they are overlords of the ice lands in the north and the south, fire emperor of the East, earth emperor of the central and sky emperor of the West.


    No one knew how these beast emperors look like, but the only thing people knew is that the strength these five held was unfathomable. Although these five were so strong and scary, they didn’t bring many troubles. It is not that they are kind, but rather, they deem humans as creatures similar to those of ants in our eyes. They can easily quash a large number of humans at a go, not mentioning the lack of effort needed. As such, humans don’t have to face the unfathomable odds that were stacked against them.


    The largest amount of beasts were present as slaves, and they are the ones which cause the most troubles. A lot of skirmishes happen between humans and these slaves. That was the knowledge that I understood from Han Qiang’s memories of the monsters.


    The next portion was on humans. Humans are also split into classes, which were non-magician, Basic Magicians, Intermediate Magicians, Advanced Magician, Expert Magician, Chaos Magician, and Forbidden Magicians. Although the names sound scary, the fact is that one of the slave monsters could rival up to a maximum of ten Basic Magicians, depending on the abilities of the magicians. If a Basic Magician could rival against one slave, he or she would be a formidable expert with almost limitless potential in the future if one were to progress in the study of Magic. Only Magicians or potential Magicians could refine those resources found in monster domains, only these group could benefit from the resource.


    Han Qiang was only taught up to this point. There are still quite a number of information lacking. He hadn’t explored the world nor did he understand it. Since I was from another world, it is as good as Han Qiang who hadn’t been taught. Let me take his place to learn all this new information!


    I can’t wait till the day on which I can wake up in this new world in this new body!

  • Chapter 2 Crap, I forgot how to live (I)


    The retinas which were closed for countless hours were soon opened. I am the new Chua Han Qiang. It was not a murder that I planned, but I definitely partake in it. I didn’t know why he was chosen and why his soul must be absorbed into mine. One thing is for sure, I am glad to take over his body and not any other people.


    Well, my happiness didn’t last long. It was strange, but nonetheless, I am sure the body is not in sync with my happiness of revival. Dang… my limbs can’t move. Not only are they stiff, they are also shriveled to the point where it seems that the bone is just being covered by a layer of skin and not muscles. I am happy that I lived once more, but it is impossible for me to rejoice in this current situation I had landed myself in. My passion is overflowing, but it seems that the body is a good restraining medium. I can’t even get up, what else can I do?


    The only thing that I can do was to roll my eyeballs in the sockets, to look at the surroundings that I am in. It was a familiar place, a place where happiness and other emotions were once found. Yet it seems so far away. I can remember this place based on my memories, but I am no longer attached to i


    Gods must be punishing me for reviving and going against the laws of nature. The dead were not supposed to be revived, except me. Therefore I presume that the gods must be punishing me. This is because I am being forced to lie in bed with no strength, in a room with minimal lights and with a thirst that seems to stem from a person who was living in the desert for a week.


    Tilting my head to the maximum, I managed to catch the glimpse of heaven. On the table beside my bed, bottles of mysterious liquids were placed there. Within the pile, there was a thermal flask-like container. Based on my personal instinct of an Earthly human, I believed that it was containing water. However, the table seems so far away, my hands will never be able to reach it. Wait, I cannot even lift it up in the first place.


    Even without doing anything, I felt drowsy. Wait, I was doing something… I titled my head. Yes, this is indeed a tedious task for me to do. How am I supposed to live like this?


    The eyelids that were opened for the first time in three years soon felt as though the weight of the Earth was on them. Slowly, the eyelids began closing and I went into a sleep once again.


    “Am I dreaming or am I really alive?”

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