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  • As someone whose dropped $1000+ and is currently or was at the highest tiers of AWE, ATG, MW, etc I would say I’d be willing to pay 2-3X more to permanently unlock the chapters. 

    Right now I just unlock when I can’t stand the wait and then cancel after a month. I don’t bother unlocking novels like TE because I can stand the wait but would if the unlock was permanent. 

    I leave ATG going every month because it’s only $20 for 4 chapters which is reasonable. 
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    Forgot to link this.

    I made a post on reddit which became popular, ren then replied in his own post which is linked above.

    My two main problems with the post is how he seems to be comparing himself with a small time translation site, and the guilt tripping. I'm sorry, I thought this site had 250k unique visitors a day?

    It's easy to talk about big costs when you don't let people know any figures. For instance "We pay $10,000 a month to the novel authors for the rights, and take in $1,000,000 from sponsorships split among 20 people". Can be turned into "We pay figures in the 5 numbers monthly to the authors for the rights, and the remaining money has to be split among 20 people".

    Get the problem? I'm not saying it's anything like that, but we don't have any information and I haven't heard about WW struggling with costs prior to this.

    I still haven't seen a real answer about making the site pricing reasonable. Just that it's the best financially sound decision. I know I don't have all the information, and that the situation is already extremely good for leechers. The main problem is that anyone who wants to sponsor but doesn't have a lot of money, is being looked down.

    The rewards are linear, not exponential. You're not paying for better, you're paying for more. The rewards are not yours. You don't get to keep them. You're paying for chapters you've already read with no intention to re-read just to get the latest chapter. It's insulting for anyone that wants to become a customer but isn't rich.

    Just to rehash what I said again, the current system is geared towards a model that abuses customers. It's not an issue until the customer feels like they don't have a choice, in this case; To read more as they can't get a fix soon. 2 days ahead? The customer doesn't mind waiting that long. 20 days ahead? Well then.

    Or to rephrase it, being told that you can eat a bar of chocolate every day, but if you pay $100 you can skip to 20 days ahead and get 20 chocolate bars instantly. But if you stop paying you stop getting any chocolate for the next 20 days.

    "Stop comparing this to drugs!" yeah and WoW is easy to stop playing /s

    If you seriously think there's no addiction going on here, take a step back and ask yourself if you can quit WW cold turkey. If you'd happily pay $100 a month but receive no extra chapters. No? You'd keep sponsoring? Are you really sure that you wouldn't drop it down to say; $50?

    Even if WW doesn't have a reason to fix this, it's bad PR and I don't think it'll die down until more translators enter the same scheme.

    That said, my bloody brother is back among the high paying elite =.=
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    Waited patiently today for the chapter of Novel's Extra but it seems like I got to the end of the sponsorship.

    Unexpectedly the withdrawal hit me pretty hard but I knew this was addiction kicking in so I googled around to see other people's thoughts on it and after reading through all this I feel a lot less tempted and its definitely calmed down the symptoms a lot so you are likely helping others like me with your post and I hope WW doesn't take this down.

    Anyways I agree with all your points and I think the current model of spanking your supporters at the end of each period is pretty bad, reminds me of the business models commonly used in China to be honest.

    However seeing as it's more then 6 months later I don't think there's gonna be a change anytime soon... The only thing I see wrong with the proposed method is that it could be difficult to implement and WW (may) make less money.

    I think I'm just gonna wait out the next 10 days for chaps by reading something else for a while. Who knows, perhaps I'll lose interest in the novel by then; it wouldn't be the first time.

    ... Probably not (it's pretty good)

    I don't think I'll be sponsoring again though, since there's really no gain in the end. Mainly because I am a jaded reader though; too used to the traditional system of buying virtual books and keeping them rather then buying and having to pay maintenance fee for them.

    P.s I'm currently sponsoring The Wandering Inn by PirateAba and it jas a similar model except there is only 1 advanced chapter ever for 5 dollars and paying more will only get you other benefits. As such there's not much segregation of readers and the community is much more active in comments and discord discussing the book.

    Btw if someone else is feeling withdrawals, go read that we novel on Royalroad. 10 chaps in and you'll be hooked harder then any harem/fantasy/zero2heros. And you can tell by how many people support the patreon despite the lack of advance chapters.

    It'll help take the edge off a bit and you can decide if you honestly do want to keep supporting what ever translation got you to this page.

  • I only pay 10dollars a month to remove ads and support the site and my favorite novel at the time since paying anything more wont let me finish a story faster. Thought it was one time cost for being ahead at first so paid 20dollars on my first month before I realised my mistake.

    Paying 20 dollars a month for a story for 2 years will cost 280 dollars and you will still be behind a person who paid 30 dollars at the end of the story who binged the last 10 chapters. And paying an extra 10 bucks a month for each 1 days ahead on a story that will finish in a year or more is just pointless. Better wait until its close to completing and then pay a one time cost to get all in one payment or just wait a few more weeks since you have already waited for a few years.

    So I will only pay minimum each month since I feel the site overall is good value and I will support it but I cant see myself actually paying for the extra chapters since its the worst ever pricing model with the worst ever reward ratio for money spent that I have ever seen. I would rather just spend the same amount without getting extra chapters ahead since that feels less insulting than being obviously ripped off.

    Feels like either you pay 0 since its the best bang for your bucks by far or you are so rich that you pay 200 bucks a month since thats a drop in a bucket for you. 
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    Hello all,

    I don't know if anyone of the Wuxiaworld Staff is going to check this comment, but I comment here with the best of the Intentions!

    First of all, I agree with Sharlot and most of the thing said in this post and I can see the problems of both parties.

    I love Wuxiaworld, I am kind of a newbie in wuxia, I started around 1,5 year ago here in Wuxiaworld with Tales of demons and gods, which made completely addicted and I quickly finished it and devoured also Panlong/coiling Dragon and Stellar transformations, after that, thanks to work and life I slowed down but continued reading my wuxia and xianxia novels most of them here...

    If I remember correctly 1 year ago there was no such thing as Vip or Sponsorship stuff, but yesterday after getting to the last available chapter of Douluo Dalu 2 I thought I wanted to become vip to support the site and subscribe to DD2.

    So far so good.

    Now I have to admit that when I got to the sponsorship part was when got shocked with the prices... 10 euros 5 chapter and 200 euros 60 chapter or something like that... guys with 200 euros I can buy to have it for myself as hard copies at least 6 different books as big as any of these novels.

    I think you have a serious business model problem, I am not a real economist or manager, but I did had entrepreneurship and management courses in university and I am also interest in those topics, as such in my opinion your model is doomed to fail in the LONG RUN.

    If you want suggestion on models I can and would be happy to give some ideas in case anyone is interested and writes me back!

    On a personal account, I will unsubscribe from the novel and stay as vip only as long as I keep liking your work, I think that if you have 100.000 subscribers paying 5 euros per month is already a very successful business if your economies are handled right.

    All the best,
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