Er Gen Cultivation Levels

I've seen fans refer to Er Gen novel cultivations with First Step, Second Step, etc. with Fourth Step being equivalent to Transcendence. However, I saw no mention of these terms in ISSTH, so I assume it came from one of his other novels? My question is, where exactly did the terms come from and what do they mean? I read a little bit of Xian Ni but it wasn't to my taste.


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    The term first appear in Renegade Immortal (Xian Ni) and later in Pursuit of The Truth (Beseech The Devil).

    In RI, for some reason at current time Immortal (translated as Celestial by Rex) Cultivation is not possible, therefore they seek an alternative for cultivation. This is the essence of cultivation in RI, cultivation level is breakdown from this. The purpose of current time cultivation is to Cultivate Dao. First Step belong to the word ‘Cultivating’ in ‘Cultivating Dao'. Second Step is the bridge between the words ‘Cultivate’ and ‘Dao.’ When completely moving the soul from the word ‘Cultivate’ to the word ‘Dao,’ the key is in Second Step. The Third Step is the true realm of the word ‘Dao'. This Dao isn’t the Dao of the Heaven. Fourth Step is 'Beyond the Dao' Realm. 

    In Pursuit of the Truth, the essence is more or less the same with several differences.
  • Cool, thanks. I was wondering since it didn't show up in ISSTH.
  • Xian Ni pace really good.
    I suggest you to try again
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