Is this worth reading for me

I know of this novel because Alyschu and co used to translate it (I read their translations for ATG). There are certain xianxia novels I enjoyed, even if some are guilty pleasures and aren't exactly deep to will become a classic. I like ATG, ISSTH, AWE, Peerless martial god, HJC, Tales of Gods and Demons, record of a mortal's journey to immortality, martial world. I could not finish Transcending the nine heavens, Coiling Dragon, Stellar transformations, Child of light.

There are other fantasy subgenres I find myself enjoying, including "black powder" fantasy, ie where the characters use guns, and my understanding is the MC in this novel also uses guns. 

Based on this, would it be worthwhile to try reading MEN? What do people who like MEN like or hate about it (what you hate might actually appeal to me). 

I generally try not to read too many light novels at once, so I am a little picky.


  • First of all, this novel's plot doesn't exactly progress at a fast pace, but not extremely slowly either. Hence, that is something to take note of. 
    Secondly, if you like fantasy novels that have guns and such, you will also enjoy MEN as guns and weapons are a large part of a character's strength.

    One of the drawbacks (from the Chinese forums, so this will reflect from Chinese readers) of this novel, is the rather none aggressive character of the protagonist. With that said, he isn't a weakling or a pushover, just that he isn't overbearing like other said novels. This point isn't much of a problem for me. The protagonist also isn't one of the smartest, but he is intuitive. On the other hand, a strong point of the protagonist's personality is his attachment and care to those he considers as friends and family. He is by no means ruthless, but he also isn't a pushover. He leans more on neutral. This may affect whether or not you like this novel. 

    Another strong point in this novel is its developing characters. The protagonist's view of the world will change throughout the novel. So to speak, the world and the characters feel real. 

    About the plot of the novel, it doesn't have much of the face smacking contents as the novels you have mentioned in your first paragraph. It follows the survival of the fittest theme where people strive to kill as efficiently as possible. Therefore, face smacking isn't much of an aspect of this novel. There will be political talks between aristocratic families and such of which you can call face smacking, but it isn't that relevant in the story overall. The layering of the plot is done throughout multiple chapters, so the novel's setting and conflict are rather complicated. 

    Overall, the setting of this novel can be described as a mix of western and eastern fantasy. Different places will be based on different cultures. It can also be described as a dark fantasy with its rather grey morality. 
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