"Casted" should be "cast"

I would like to suggest a global search and replace across all chapters of all novels replacing every occurrence of "casted" to "cast". I believe this would clean up a really large number of small errors. Casted is never correct; it is not an English word, and it just sounds really odd to native English speakers. In every case where I have encountered "casted" it should have been "cast". The only other form of the word is "casting" but I haven't seen "casted" used where it should be "casting" so a global search and replace should be 100% correct. 

Some examples of usage:
In the past he cast many spells. He cast a spell today. In fact he cast one spell after another. They were all casting their finest spells. Casting spells requires study and practice. To cast a spell perfectly requires perfect concentration.

What do others think?
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