Ancient Ming..Dead?

Are they finished? I only red that when the Nine Worlds Myriad Broken Spear penetrated their Corporeal Zone, I only saw screaming Immortal Emperors and blood hurricane. 

Is Tian Tu dead? (fuck my name)
How about the Corporeal Zone? Is it on the hands of Old Ghost? 
Old Ghost survived, right? 

Damn, author keeps getting vague or maybe my understanding in raws isn’t enough to reach the apex. Thanks in advance


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    Yes, it was true annihilation this time.
    Bye bye ancient ming.
    As Li qiye had planned it for very long time ago by making his soul part think that he is ancient ming ancestor and suddenly it became li qiye.
    When the soul part became li qiye in front of IE tian tu.
    Li Qiye was like surprise [email protected]#[email protected]*a.
    He trolled ancient ming really hard this time.
  • May you tell me in what chapter this action will happen, fellow daoist?
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