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  • belbute
    I really apreciate that you have translated those chapters for us thanks a lot, i love the novel and its paining me that i cant read more... Shame they cut you off at chapter 174.2
    October 26
    • Zioxy
      You're welcome! It pains me that I can't enjoy more of the novel too. As much as I enjoy the story, I also enjoy the comments (even if it's just 1 chapter a week). Hopefully, someone will pick up the with the translations soon.
    • WuxiaMi2017
      What translation are you talking about? Is it from Chinese into English? Where can I find the original and the translation? Thanks everyone
    • Zioxy
      We're talking about my translations of Chapters 173.2 to 174.2 on forum (HJC Spoilers section). Now that Zen's back, he's further ahead, so just go read Zen's translations on the website.
  • heavenlyzfan
    hello Zioxy, as a HJC fan i was looking everywhere for other chapters released (even if they werent on WW), so I would like to thankyou on the 4updates, I honestly don't know why they would just close the thread like they did? maybe because they arent getting the monetised content like on other chapters perhaps?? Eitherway please let me know if youre are continuing your translations, from just the 4 you made i was really impressed with the quality, i can see from your writing therr maybe a slight influence from ISSTH translator in particular hehe.

    October 27
    • an0maly
      Hey, did you get a reply back from him about this?
    • Ricky_D_Reader
      I wonder why they dont just continue HJC with zioxy on the main website
    • Zioxy
      You're welcome for the chapters. HJC is my favorite novel on WuxiaWorld, that's why I was willing to put in the effort of getting some chapters out. I did not continue the translations after the thread was closed since I was only doing it t as a way of giving back to the community. The admins probably have their reasons for closing my thread, it might not be because of money (Ren was willing to pay the HJC donors out of his own pockets).
      As a side note, you're right, I was influenced by the translator of ISSTH in my translation, especially on Chinese idioms, which I think DeathBlade did a good job.
    • heavenlyzfan
      I think you're quite talented from the translations you did though and didnt notice a drop in quality from the originals. If you have the time I heavily suggest you give WW a nudge :).No matter what you decide to do, thanks again for the updates and best of luck in your future endeavours.