Invincible (无敌天下) by Shen Jian (神见)



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    ^ seconded.

    And thanks for the info, he's damn strong. He seems comparable to Linley and Qin Yu at least.

    Can he regenerate his soul since on Saint Realm, the only way to kill one is to destroy their soul, or does he have defense for his soul?

    How far are you guys into the story? It seems like it'll take forever before he'll destroy a planet or contain a universe
  • his father is said to be god of creation yellow dragon , he came from the pangu world and created the yellow dragon world , his parents from the start of story are just his parents from this reincarnation anyways more info are needed to know the circumstances , they should be in divine world alongside his friends and family

    he actually has three microcosm inside of him even though he's only at primal ancestor realm, cultivation is considered pretty fast compared to other novels
  • Wives name and a little background please
  • Delano said:
    Wives name and a little background please
    first wife is princess from buddha emprire, second is his "master" jade lake, their relationship only started developing when they reunited in upper realm after mc ascended. the first girl his childhood friend is pretty vague as of 1200chp.
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    he should have around 6-7 women in his harem
    don't remember all the names though
    his childhood friend is Li Lu and they get together indeed in the divine world
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