Is Meng Hao the most powerful MC in Ergen novels?

I vaguely remember in ISSTH that Wang Lin and the MC from Beseech the Devil managed to leave the Vast Expanse and go off into the wider universe after confronting All Heaven, but they only managed to break off a finger. Meng Hao killed Allheaven. Now I haven't read Beseech the Devil or Renegade Immortal, but I don't mind spoilers from those novels.


  • It's up to you how you like it.
    If you want MH to be most powerful then he is most powerful or if you want WL to be most powerful then he would be.
    No discussion would give you a solution.

    As far as breaking the finger is considered that had nothing to with the other novels so it would be better not to compare it according to it as allheaven with five fingers would have been stronger than allheaven with a single finger.

    If you consider age then BTD>RI>ISSTH is the order of the universe so the older one should be stronger, I suppose.
    Anyways build your own story about who is stronger.
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