Archfiend (最强妖孽) by Uncanny Night Visitor (厄夜怪客)

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Demonslayer (最强妖孽) by Uncanny Night Visitor (厄夜怪客)

Author Summary: As others blindly search for the truth, remember every living thing is false. As others are restricted by morality and law, remember that all matters are permitted. We walk in darkness and serve in the light. I am Xu Yangyi, I am… a demon slayer. 

Translator Summary: Xu Yangyi has to be strong. Strong enough to carve himself a path in the bustling modern day world of cultivation and strong enough to avenge the deaths of his mother and father. Plagued by nightmares of the horrifying demon that tore apart his life over ten years ago, he waits for the day to become the hunter, but until then, he is just another face among China’s million cultivators. While his goals remain static, the act of cultivation itself has not. No longer is the strongest fist the law and no longer are the blind massacres of the past permitted. From commerce to law, cultivation has risen to a new, shining standard, yet while certain aspects of cultivation have turned anew, certain things remain since ancient times. In particular, the demons preying in the darkness. 

In a world held together by a tenuous balance between cultivators and demons, and as cultivation itself becomes an increasingly rarer practice, Xu Yangyi strives to reign unrivaled in his generation. 

“Technical” Summary: Archfiend is a novel on Zongheng categorized as a “different city” novel. It combines elements of cultivation that you know from Xianxia with a modern twist that calls on many modern day utilities and cultural nods. While it may be categorized as a modern cultivation story, it combines elements of horror and supernatural. It is definitely unique.

Translator Remarks: Ayyy lmaoooo, found a new novel, guys. I really like this one (a lot more than what I had previously translated, FTA). It’s a lot different from what I think we’ve read, and I always wanted to read a modern cultivation story. Coupled with the fact it’s a newer novel in recent memory (started in 2016), I think it kinda reflects a more up-to-date reflection of Chinese novels in some respects. With over 1100 chapters, there’s an astronomically low chance of this getting dropped other than me going MIA or not having time to do this anymore. 

Schedule: No set schedule. In comparison to my last novel, FTA, (where I was able to even pump out four chapters a day at one point LUL) Demonslayer is a lot harder in terms of language and references. Each chapter requires a decent amount of research depending on the terms used coupled with the fact that an average chapter is around 3000-3500 Chinese characters that go so far as to even 5kish~. I’ll aim for one chapter a day, but don’t be surprised if you go days without due to rigor of the text in relation to my experience lul.

Note: As my skills get better and better, I will do routine checks to make sure these beginning chapters are up to standard. Eventually, I’ll be posting to my wordpress, but I rather spend the time doing more  translating because doing all the uploading/formatting takes too long. Expect that later on. 

EDIT: Summary and title changed/updated to reflect incoming chapter reworks. DATED 12/26/2017



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    Chapter 1: Disciplinary and Investigations Unit
    Within a blood-soaked room, there was a small child that appeared to be alone. He kneeled on the floor with a shocked expression as he incredulously surveyed the room that he had once called his home with wide eyes.

    From the wreckage, the reeking smell of blood assailed his nostrils as if was the knell of a death god, urging him to hurriedly turn back, flee towards the door, and never return. His legs trembled violently as he saw blood flowing out from his parents’ bedroom, an abnormal red and an irregular quantity, making him feel like he had seen a demon. Sluggishly moving his legs, he walked over step by step like a robot.

    Steeped in thick, sticky blood, his shoes made a squelching sound as they pulled up dark-red threads. “Urragghh…” Already, a soul-sucking screech rang out from the rusty bedroom door. Soon afterwards...

    The boy saw another set of eyes and a face that he would never forget for all eternity.

    “Crash…” The world turned black and white. The image of the face froze and crumbled away like a withered leaf in the wind.

    Tightening his palm, Xu Yangyi awoke from the dream realm he had encountered countless of times. He subconsciously clenched his fist, only feeling his sweat-covered palm. 

    “Huff…” He picked up the mug in front of him and rocked it: “It’s already been ten-odd years…”

    He held the mug and calmly looked outside: “I wish I could turn It back into a dream…”

    He pursed his lips for a sip. The tea was already ice-cold.

    He was approximately twenty-one or twenty-two years of age. His brows were strong and course without any curve, appearing like two swords soaring upwards. His gaze was steady and his eyes half-lidded. Not obese, but neither thin, he was nearly 1.81 meters tall. From everyone’s view, they could see the faint swell of muscle beneath his police uniform.

    In Sanshui City’s Disciplinary and Investigations Unit office for major cases, it was commonplace to be in uniform. Especially since he was the current sitting captain. It happened to be August, and the evening heat smeared the floor, causing steam to rise from underground. It wouldn’t be unwarranted to say that the office was a steamer basket.

    The temperature was such that it was even more unbearable on the outside. Not a single person was still wearing the police uniform, and for the most part, were wearing short sleeves. He was the only one acting strictly according to the rules, so that even the button on his neck was fastened tightly. It was strange, though, there wasn’t even a single trace of sweat on his neck. And even more, he hadn’t even shouted it was hot at all.

    It was as if he didn’t have any feelings towards the cold or heat.

    The electric fan above whirled, its ear-piercing sound offending his hearing. In his present surroundings, there were ten people near him wearing shirts, men and women using datasheets to fan themselves, seated in a circle together. Directed to Xu Yangyi’s gaze, there was disdain, there was envy, and there were all kinds of negative emotions. Nonetheless, there was only a sole expression not present that should’ve been when met with their sitting captain.


    Sanshui City wasn’t a big city. Moreover, it had no connections to wealth, with two of the 100 poorest counties under its control. If not for this, as the city’s grand Disciplinary and Reconnaissance Group, they wouldn’t only have had a few high-powered electric fans installed in such sweltering weather. They had been forwarded a special case this afternoon, yet as the time for the meeting drew near, and all of them had gathered to discuss the matter, they soon discovered their captain was sleeping!

    “Captain, have you awakened?” A man around forty years of age looked coldly at Xu Yangyi sigh, his nostrils not concealing his snort in the slightest: “We’ve been waiting for half an hour. Is Captain going to hand out orders or not?”

    “I’m awake.” Xu Yangyi turned his eyes, taking a pen in his hand and spinning it. He nodded towards the middle-aged man: “Vice Captain Chen, is something the matter?”

    “Of course, something’s the matter! You aren’t listening!” A single sentence made Vice Captain Chen slam the top of the chair. His voice suddenly increased a few degrees in intensity and the data folder in his hand was flung out, rustling. “The major murder case! The serial killings of twelve people! It’s been a full week since it was transferred to the Disciplinary and Investigations Group, but we haven’t made a bit of progress! Captain Xu, we’re all like a family, so I won’t speak politely! How is this case to be handled? Who is going to handle it? How much strength do we need to handle it? We want orders!”

    He suddenly stood up, streaking the rustling folder of data in front of everyone’s faces that were either stupefied or sneering and said: “There are about ten-odd of us in the Disciplinary and Observations Group! All of us are waiting on you, Captain Xu, to deliver a command! We’re going to inform the chief of this! We’ve been waiting on you for over half an hour, but you said fifteen minutes ago! When the killer appeared for the first time, he carried out an usual attack! And you’re actually asking what’s going on now!”

    Xu Yangyi faintly swept his eyes over: “I remember saying it very clearly. I shall personally accept this case myself.”

    “Poh!” A glob of phlegm landed on the side of the trash bin. A man approaching forty years of age cleared his throat: “My apologies, I had suddenly had a bit of an itch in my throat.”

    The smile on Xu Yangyi’s face never once vanished: “You have a complaint?”

    “Oh no, oh no…… The new captain’s just taken up office, but in the two days he’s taken up post, this is his first directive. How could I dare be unsatisfied…” A sneer hung at the corner of the man’s mouth, hardly concealing his laughter: “I only desire the Captain’s command…”

    “Puh!” Before his voice had even fallen, a pen nailed into the table beside him.

    Penetrating through the wood, the pen slightly trembled!

    “The fuck!” Young police officer at the man’s side nearly hopped up in fright. Was this still a pen? Was this still a fucking pen? Wasn’t this truly a blade?

    “It’s fake, right...” A police officer around thirty years old looked at the pen in a daze, feeling the wild palpitations of his heart.

    The table wasn’t thick and the wood was rather thin, but to hurl a pen into it, could this be achieved without formidable martial skill? Was this still the most ordinary of fucking fountain pens!?

    He didn’t know how many experts could achieve such a feat, but in any case, in the entire investigations squad, not a single person could accomplish this!

    Everyone’s eyelids jumped, looking at the pen blankly. They looked at Xu Yangyi in even more of a daze, who was sipping his cold tea in content. They suddenly felt the flesh of their entire bodies begin to ache unfathomably. 

    “Fuckin’ A...” A young police officer swallowed the saliva in his mouth, whispering: “This is qigong, huh…”

    “If I haven’t remembered incorrectly, you’re the Disciplinary and Investigations Group’s third-in-command Old Zhu?” Xu Yangyi raised his eyes and said casually.

    “Yes…” Xu Yangyi’s gaze appeared tranquil, yet Old Zhu felt like a blade had carved through him in a flash. He calmed his mind and opened his mouth, yet he found his voice was somewhat unsteady.

    “So it’s like that…” Xu Yangyi gently caressed the cover of his tea cup, asking indifferently: “Is your throat unwell?” 

    “No… Not at all… It’s not itchy…” Old Zhu clenched his teeth a few times, forcing a smile and sitting down.

    Vice Captain Chen was rendered dumb for quite a while, as well. It wasn’t known when, but the documents that were just swishing in his hand and lending to his might had already stopped rustling. The only thing that could be heard within the room was the whine of the electric fan. The calm was somewhat frightening.

    “Captain Xu.” It wasn’t until a while had passed that he braced himself to speak: : “... This case, it’s related to the welfare of our brothers.”

    The teacup lid gently closed with a clang. Vice Captain Chen had still wanted to say something, but ultimately couldn’t help but to shut his mouth involuntarily. 

    “Are you pressuring me?” Xu Yangyi wiped away at the remaining specks on his teacup with his thumb. He propped his head with his right hand and looked at everyone, raising his sword-like brows: “Yeah?”

    In the room warmed by the summer heat had suddenly become somewhat frighteningly cold. .

    “Just this once.” He tidied his police uniform and stood up, appearing as if the matter had never happened and pushed the door open, walking out.

    “Hey… Hey! Captain Xu! How should this case be handled! Are you going to give us an answer!”

    “Wait.” His voice echoed out from the hallway. .

    The room was silent.

    Everyone, you can see me, and I can see you. No one had expected that this fairly youthful captain, who was transferred in the last two days and hadn’t exercised his might would erupt with a violent wind, making everyone not dare to speak further.

    “Wait for his mother’s fucking &#^@!” Vice Captain Chen slammed the table fiercely: “It’s easy for him to say it! The brothers have been hoping for a big case to show up, but you want to fucking accept it by yourself! Where are the brothers going to eat!”

    His voice was furious, but it was oddly forced rather low. After all… the fountain pen in the table was too striking.

    “Vice Captain Chen, the hell you scared for! Let him go talk! What, can’t we not go talk, too?!” Old Zhu stood up: “On what basis! Vice Captain Chen was the most promising for the captain’s position. Why was a brat without a hair on his upper lip that hasn’t even accepted a single case made the captain?!”

    “In this day and age, hard work is worthless than a good background.” A woman around thirty-one to thirty-two years of age snorted coldly in disdain towards the shut door: “Didn’t I say it, what the hell does he even know besides boot-licking?”

    “That’s right! What is he showing off in front of us for? Big fucking deal he’s got strong martial skill! Does he dare to go the Public Safety martial arts competition? There are plenty of friggin’ amazing people there! It’s stupid!”

    “Fuck, he’s just putting on a show in our deserted Sanshui City! Who does he think he is?”

    “Hehe, maybe that kid got fucking sent down to our ordinary neck of the woods to put on a show!”

    Vice Captain Chen gritted his teeth and drank some tea. The flavor of the tea was rather bitter, bitter that he wasn’t able to say a single thing.

    “Who is he putting on that police uniform everyday for to see?” A woman provoked as if she was was swatting a mosquito in front of her, furrowing her brows: “He wants the higher-ups to send someone for an inspection, heh, so that others will be used as a measuring pole straightaway… Take a look at this button, it’s fastened so snugly. My clothes are longer than the others… To say nothing of work, when did you learn the art of face? Besides imitating others, what have you done, Captain Xu?”

    A young police officer coldly snorted: “Besides acting like this, does he even know of the world? It’s obvious that everyone knows Vice Captain Chen is the most qualified to be the captain. Who would’ve thought that the top would stick a guy in at the last second?”

    “Although our Sanshui City is a poor and remote place, good or bad, it’s our city. Over a dozen years, we’ve accepted no few amount of cases...” A police officer said meaningfully: “That’s to say in the end, whoever has the strength is whoever is at the top. Vice Captain Chen has endured for so long; it should be his turn.”

    “Hehe, I want to transfer a Detective Conan that I know, too. How about fucking that?”

    “This is the police department’s Disciplinary and Investigations Unit for major crimes. Who doesn’t have the fucking qualifications in this kind of place? Who doesn’t have few big cases under their belt?”

    “The last person to take up post, Captain Gong, got transferred. We rank according to seniority, and what we amount up to is based on the foundation beneath our hands! But all of a sudden, a new captain gets transferred in! Who can accept this!”

    In any industry and in any department, paratroopers made were absolutely bitterly detested things... 

    Moreover, it didn’t need to be said it was this young brat!

    With great difficulty, you would endure until you laid eyes on a managerial position, but if all of a sudden, the boss’s relative came in to stand on top of your head and take a shit on you, what would you feel?**

    Xu Yangyi, Male, Unmarried, Age: 21, Specialty: Blank, Academic Background: Blank, Political Affiliation: Blank, University: Blank…

    Would you dare to believe a resume with four to five blanks! 

    Who here wasn’t simmering in experience? Who hadn’t climbed towards the top, step by step? Why did you have to be air-dropped in?

    Calling these things to mind, Vice Captain Chen’s veins wildly pulsated. He inhaled deeply and snorted: If a truly awesome person came here, we wouldn’t say a thing. But what the hell has that fucking emotionless brat come here to do? Once he sees a true crime scene, won’t he just piss his pants in fright?”

    “Top Brass just doesn’t get it, as well.” Old Zhu smothered a cigarette out and spat out: “We went together to respond yesterday, but Chief Zheng was ambiguous about it and vague in his dismissal. It’s like he doesn’t know that a paratrooper’s come to our Public Security Bureau’s major Disciplinary and Investigations Unit! Moreover, a paratrooper that's even wet behind the ears and that has never even seen a case! What kind of freakin’ business is this!”

    “Hehe…” Vice Captain Chen sneered and poured a mouthful of bitter tea down his throat, wiping his mouth: “Go to him, then, alright? I! Do! Not! Care!”

    “Who fucking knows that leader’s grandson! Son of a bitch! If he wants to speak, then let him fucking speak! I want to see who Chief Zheng is going to look for in the end!”

    T/N: You see the word paratrooper in this chapter, and I was a little unsure of it’s true meaning. From what I can guess, it’s kinda like a smurf in real life? You come down from high above and just wreck people or it’s more along the lines of being placed in a position without any merit/experience. I am in more in line of believing it to be the latter. 

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    Chapter 2: M-Files (1)
    Xu Yangyi didn’t know of all that had occurred in the office of the Disciplinary and Investigations unit, but even if he knew, he still wouldn’t care about it in the least bit.

    The present him was strolling unhurriedly directly towards Sanshui City’s Security Department where the first-in-command Bureau Chief Zheng’s office was. 

    After he pushed open the door to the chief’s office, the air conditioning blowing upon his body was an immediate unparalleled relief. Across from him, there was a middle-aged man seriously telling something to his secretary. 

    He wasn’t tall, at most around a 1.73 meters. His hair was sparse and his face square. His face was filled with great changes due to how long he had held his high station, carrying a prestige that wasn’t angry, but still possessed might.

    Upon hearing the door hadn’t been knocked on, but rather pushed open, Chief Zheng’s gaze lightly swept over, yet he didn’t say a thing. Rather, he gently opened a folding fan in his hand and rocked it neither slowly nor swiftly: “A country has laws and a family has rules. Without regulations, there are no boundaries. The ancestors spoke well...”

    “That’s…” The assistant listened to the words that appeared to hold a second meaning. The gifts of his mind automatically filled in the blanks without delay, and he glanced at Xu Yangyi. Without a sudden move or indication, he smiled at Chief Zheng and said: “However, the military police department have transferred a person in this time…”

    “Everything has a system, has regulations.” Chief Zheng gently held his teacup and blew on it: “He demanded to be transferred. It’s not like I didn’t try to reason with him. However, to come straight to find me, the question is… Is it to find Lieutenant Colonel Li or is it to find me, Chief Zheng?”

    “Good tea.” He pursed his lips in satisfaction: “Despite the urgency of business, despite systems, and despite codes… is anyone capable of overstepping authority to transfer someone and make the bureau chief serve him so straightforwardly?”

    “An emergency, sure, we walk through sequential procedure, so that everyone is relieved. The time it takes is a bit long, however no careless mistakes arise.” Chief Zheng shut his folding fan with a snap, and his gaze calmly fell on Xu Yangyi who was standing besides a bookcase. He said to his secretary in an authoritative manner: “As such, you leave first. Tell him that whatever the matter may be, everything has rules, has regulations. Are the people of the Public Security Bureau not tense? Our men aren’t enough on their own to investigate the major murder case that was just transferred. Go, alright.”

    The secretary left, and Chief Zheng coughed, seeing that Xu Yangyi hadn’t responded. Standing up, he wrung the door handle a few times and his expression immediately  changed into a smile. The folding fan in the palm of his hand softly flapped twice, and he grinned as he walked over: “Little Xu… come, come, come. Sit, what would you like to drink? This old man hasn’t embarrassed you, right? Work is still going smoothly?”

    His smile was like the blooming of a Persian Chrysanthemum, completely different from just a moment ago.

    It was without the might of a superior looking upon a subordinate, but rather like he had seen an old friend. A smile of matchless sincerity. 

    “None, it’s going swimmingly.” Xu Yangyi took out a cigarette: “May I?”

    “Of course… Really, Little Xu, how many times have I said it? My office is your office. You don’t have to be so polite with me, Uncle Zheng. Come, come, come, sit. Let’s take our seats and chat.”

    With a conversation like this, there were only two possibilities. 

    One: Xu Yangyi was Chief Zheng’s long-separated younger brother.

    Two: Xu Yangyi truly was a gilded paratrooper sent down. His background was so grand that Chief Zheng couldn’t afford to offend him, didn’t dare to commit an offense.

    Little Xu, you see…” Seeing that Xu Yangyi had sat down, Chief Zheng hesitated to speak several times and smiled. But just as he opened his mouth, Xu Yangyi who was sitting across from him and looking at the faint flickering of his cigarette butt said calmly: “Duck.”

    “???” Chief Zheng found it somewhat baffling, but in the next second, the window behind him suddenly shattered explosively!

    “Crash!” Like a gigantic fist had made its way in from the outside, not only did the window shatter, but even the aluminum frame had come entirely flying out!

    A sliver of sparkling, translucent glass came flying past the side of Chief Zheng’s ear. Time seemed to freeze as he saw the side window seemed to shower out like a rain of flowers from the corner of his eye. Every single sliver reflected the side of his terrified face. Already, the blue window curtains had been blown open in the wind, yet his mind hadn’t completely responded to it.

    “Boom!” In his frightened state, he had become slow, like he was in a world of silence. His body was flung back with a great force, knocking into the bookcase despite his best efforts. 

    Xu Yangyi had kicked him.

    As if time had taken flow once more, the crashing of countless bullet-like glass shards riddled the entire room! The body of the mangled window frame laid in the center of the room! He trembled from head to toe, wanting to stand up, yet he found his foot lacked the slightest bit of strength. Even his hand supported on the table was trembling!

    “What… What happened…” Against his will, his voice shuddered fiercely. If he had been standing by the side of the window a moment ago, right now, he would’ve been ushered away to the hospital!

    However, he immediately reacted closely following!


    This was a bulletproof window! It couldn’t be seen from the outside, but it was actually a centimeter thick! What kind of bullet could shatter the entire window? A sniper bullet would only be able to cause a spider’s web of an impact!

    It was evident that some object had punched in from the outside though!

    Yet this was even more of an impossibility! This was the twentieth floor! City Hall was the highest building in the entire city! You could overlook the whole city from here!

    With his forehead slick with sweat, Chief Zheng could hear the echo of his beating heart at the side of his ear. He wanted to fidget, but he discovered his body had become terribly soft. Gritting his teeth he said: “L-Little Xu…”

    “Hush…” It was unknown when, but Xu Yangyi had already stood up. His expression was abnormally solemn, and he raised his finger: “There’s something here…”

    These words were like a switch. Chief Zheng’s Adam’s apple jumped in his throat; he dared not speak further. 

    In his field of vision, he looked around in fright, to suddenly discover…

    The window curtains!

    The window curtains should’ve been hanging down by the sides of the window, yet at this moment, they were eerily suspended in midair!

    At the top of the window and also the bottom... they were floating. Such a feeling was as if a invisible man had charged into the window, shattering the bulletproof glass and aluminum window frame! Afterwards, the window curtains just happened to cover his body, not falling over!

    Because of the covering, a shape had appeared!

    It was broad daylight, yet such a strange phenomenon had occurred. Chief Zheng gritted his teeth rigidly, as to prevent himself from giving voice to his alarm.

    His cold sweat dripped desperately.

    Just a moment ago… there was something he couldn’t see. From an extremely distant place, it had crashed into his office with maximum speed, shredding through the City Hall’s defensive measures. Until now, there had never been such a grand entry before his eyes. 

    This thing… could shatter bulletproof glass… As for the strength of its impact… He didn’t dare imagine what the result would’ve been if Xu Yangyi hadn’t pushed him away just now!

    Afterwards… Chief Zheng’s heart soon began to palpitate!

    There weren’t any changes to Xu Yangyi’s expression, yet the direction that has eyes followed had changed.

    Since the beginning, it had pressed up closely against the wall, looking at the floor. But now… it slowly lifted its neck, going from the side of the window and then arriving at the carpet, and then again to…

    In front of Chief Zheng!

    “Chatter… chatter…” Chief Zheng’s teeth chattered lightly. With it fixed onto him like this, its gaze was incorporeal yet tangible. His connection with it just now seemed to tell him: Something has come in. It’s wholly capable of using its mind to make out its environment.

    There was something… right in front of him, looking at him unblinkingly.

    Behind it… Xu Yangyi was storing his power, waiting to strike. 

    Unknown and greatly terrifying. Just as his hand was about to slowly press the bell on the table, Xu Yangyi said in the softest of voices at the side of his ear once more: “Don’t move.”

    Like he was a robot, he accepted the command. He wouldn’t dare to move even once, but his entire being trembled incessantly.

    “Slowly, slowly lie down…”

    Chief Zheng’s heart was already filled with terror. He hadn’t seen it, but Xu Yangyi who was in front of him had his hand pressed against his own left eye. The other eye was a furious blood red, yet the pupil was white!

    Within his eye, there was another image!

    The color of night fall filled his eye with a jet-black expanse… In front of him was… a tremendous serpent that was meter thick in diameter. It’s body was outside the window, but it’s head had already neared Chief Zheng’s face! The distance between the two was less than 50 centimeters!

    It’s jet-black scales glittered in the twilight of the setting sun. It had a bloody maw wide enough to swallow a grown man whole that dripped light yellow-colored saliva.

    Outside of the window, on a distant building, there was a toad idly basking in the sun.

    The toad wasn’t strange, but… it was no less than over a dozen meters high and more than 30 meters long in it’s enormous stature! If it was said that it was whale, then maybe someone would believe it!

    It was lazing about like so, lying deathly still atop the building. There was a single three-meter-long horn on the top of its head and it had long feelers hanging down, like it was an illusory stone carving.

    Beneath the center of Sanshui City’s stadium, there was a multi-color tinted centipede, curling its body, and resting on the lawn. 

    A centipede wasn’t curious as well, however, in the same manner, it was over 20 meters in length! A centipede of over half a meter in height! Such that each and every section of it was armored on both sides with a golden ornamental pattern that was similar to a pair of human eyes!

    Furthermore, in the far reaches at the river bank, there was a tremendous salamander. Beneath the water, its enormous silhouette approached no less than 25 meters in length. On the surface of the water, it cast a black shadow. Yet within that shadow, there was a freighter that just happened to be sailing by at lightning speed. It appeared to be completely unaware of that there was some sort of monstrosity lying beneath the water. 

    It was by the red expanse of his eye that all which stopped beyond the line of sight of all men was revealed.

    Every scene was reflected upon his retina. As if it existed in another dimension, there was simply no one that was capable of breaking through this barrier.

    A city of demons!

    Red in color, isolated from men, as if it was an ephemeral scene that could cause fear upon coming into contact with it. 

    “Sizzle…” At this time, Chief Zheng looked on in fear… at the carpet in front of him that beyond all sense or reason had a hole corroded into it. His pupils began to shrink back!

    It had come...

    Those things had arrived…

    It truly was them! They were right in front of him!

    The more he was left to only look at Xu Yangyi, the more he was terrified, the more he was frightened! He didn’t know what was in front of him! It was as if a person had opened an elevator in the middle of the night, and the person inside said: “Sorry, it’s too crowded!”

    A nameless terror frantically spread through his entire chest!

    But at this moment, Xu Yangyi moved.

    Chief Zheng didn’t see how the other moved. He seemed only to have seen an afterimage. In the next second, a loud crash rang out! A kind of noise like a fist impacting upon armor suddenly echoed throughout the entire room! Moreover, the sound was almost within his reach!

    “Hissssss…” a strange roar rang out extremely gently throughout the room. Following, the unnatural floating of the window curtains finally fell down! 

    The room became deathly silent.

    Xu Yangyi retracted his fist. In that split second ago, he had felt as if he had struck armor. He hadn’t exerted the entirety of his strength; it was nothing more than a warning, but the serpent’s hardness exceeded his imagination.

    “Is it… Is it gone?” Chief Zheng finally shivered with all of his might. Moments ago, fear had pressed down upon his heart. Now, he could finally vent his feelings like a surging oil well.

    There was no need for words, but rather actions.

    “It left.” Xu Yangyi sat down in Chief Zheng’s seat. His eyes had already recovered to their normal state. Chief Zheng trembled as he supported himself on the table top. His fingers trembling in disarray on the table, he silently and slowly stood up.

    Sliding on his foot, he propped himself on the table in a panic. He didn’t dare stand too far away, staying at Xu Yangyi’s side. Presently, Xu Yangyi was sitting in his chair, but he simply didn’t dare to sit down.

    Xu Yangyi popped the collar of his shirt, and Chief Zheng discovered there was a transceiver underneath: “Mao Ba’er, I reckon that thing a moment ago hasn’t come out. Also, why would a demon want to attack me? Do they not fear death?” 

    “Late-stage Qi Condensation, but it’s extremely odd. The spirit qi fluctuations are rather irregular. The highest peak value doesn’t surpass the peak of the initial stage. For the most part, it maintained a normal level of the initial stage. It was no lower or greater than yours.” A male voice could be heard from the transceiver: “To speculate on the root cause, this demon’s mind must be extremely muddled due to some unknown situation. We, as demon hunters, have to lose a normal way of thinking and depend on the subconscious mind to take action. It’s quite likely it’s taken you as its target. Have you heard of the Lighthouse Theory? The two of you are like two lighthouses. You can see it, and it can smell you. As for why things are like this, that’s beyond my ability to speculate. However, there are already two sure facts. You wanna listen?”

    Xu Yangyi nodded, as if he had seen the same over yonder, subsequently saying: “One, from an examination of the victims’ wounds and the degree of its strength a moment ago, the demon’s form confirms it as the true culprit of Sanshui City’s serial killer case.”

    “Two, in the event that it is the objective of the graduation exam, you’ll have more than ten more points added on.”

    Chief Zheng hadn’t heard the conversation, rather an expression of tired relief stretched across his face as he looked at Xu Yangyi. He constrained himself for a while, but ultimately said: “Little… Captain Xu, this business… you… sir…”

    “Relax.” Xu Yangyi hung up the transceiver, looking at Chief Zheng who had terror stretching over his entire face and raised his brows: “I said so. I’m a ‘professional’.”

    “If not for that, how could you make the request of me to come from distant parts and criticize me with lowered heads to lead this Disciplinary and Investigations Unit?”

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    Chapter 3: M-Files (2)
    Chief Zheng’s smile stiffened on his face.

    His expression was seldom cautious, but looking into Xu Yangyi’s eyes, he still said in a fairly trembling voice: “Just now, that really was a…”

    “What do you think?” Xu Yangyi asked, not answering.

    Chief Zheng glanced in lingering trepidation at the floor covered in bulletproof glass and the window frame. The answer was already extremely obvious.

    “I want to see the M-Files.” Xu Yangyi said: “You should know from where I come.”

    Chief Zheng didn’t open his mouth.

    The other’s background was too much of a secret. He preferred to keep a respectable distance in concerns to that mysterious organization. If it weren’t for the serial killer case being far too strange, and the fact that he knew at glance this was strength far above the boundary of a superhuman, he would’ve have been absolutely unwilling to request the other to come.

    It wasn’t… It wasn’t that the case was strange, but rather the “person” who committed the crime! That in itself was an oddity without peer!

    He remembered those wounds and the victims’ wretched conditions. It was absolutely not something a human could bring about!

    “You come from Heavens Law.” Chief Zheng finally sighed: “China’s most secretive special forces, not answering to any organization or territorial administration. As to who directly governs it, no one knows. You come from the Yuyang City branch, first in your class. Currently, you’re in the middle of your graduation exam.”

    “Then, you know…” Xu Yangyi softly rapped the table, saying indifferently: “When I was eight, I had already encountered these things.” 

    Chief Zheng looked at Xu Yangyi in astonishment.

    “That day was my birthday.” Xu Yangyi’s vision drooped, and he looked at the faint flickering of his cigarette butt. His voice didn’t hold a single lick of the flames of anger, and moreover, it didn’t have a trace of melancholy: “When I came home, I discovered my home had become a killing ground.” 

    Arriving at this point, his voice trailed off. No less than two seconds later, he broke out in laughter: “Thus, I am the champion of Heavens Law’s Yuyang City branch.”

    “I have always… always been searching for It.” Xu Yangyi looked at Chief Zheng, his voice neither hurried nor slow: “For the debt of my mother and father and for throwing my life into chaos since then, as well.”

    “Gulp…” Chief Zheng’s throat tightened. With his hands on both armrests of the sofa, his knuckles paled!

    Abnormal… No… A ruthless man… This was an honest-to-god, ruthless freak!

    Who would even laugh upon mentioning such a matter?

    Who wouldn’t even have a change in their expression when bringing up such an affair? As if he was a reiterating the story of another, not holding a single iota of emotion?

    No one… In his leather shoes, Chief Zheng fell back somewhat unstable. Even if he was first in command of the city’s Public Security Bureau and had bore witness to many abnormal cases, he had never seen such a person!

    It seemed he lacked the concise logic of speech, yet he knew the other had taken these feelings, this murderous will, and let it settle at the very bottom of the abyss that was his heart. Like he was walking towards others nonchalantly, he would gently unsheathe his blade and slice through the other person’s throat inch by inch, perhaps so that he would even be able to leisurely watch the other’s blood run dry until there was none…This kind of fiend in sheepskin only needed several words to make him feel…

    That he wasn’t a human like he was

    “I’ll give it to you at once…” Chief Zheng branched off into another topic, fishing out a handkerchief and wiped away at the cold sweat on his head, even if the temperature the air conditioner was spitting into the room was only twenty degrees celsius. He silently stood up and carefully examined the door once more, taking out a key from his inner pocket. Cautiously opening the hidden compartment of the bookcase, he restrained his breath and took out a paper bag. 

    As he stroked the object, his hand trembled.

    There were some things… that had had never been taken record by any man. Only the first-in-commands above the city level held a nebulous understanding. They were sealed off in a strongbox of the highest secrecy, unable to be spoken of to any man, until death from age. It was necessary to deeply conceal it.

    He had taken a look at this highest of secrecies, and as the first-in-command of a city, he had the qualifications. So, he was even clearer that which was recorded within… was simply beyond his wildest imagination. So much that it was such an absolute secret, that in case he made an announcement, it would arouse a societal upheaval! Even if it was the tip of the iceberg, it terrified him as to so far that he nearly resigned to return to a life in the countryside!

    Chief Zheng shut his eyes, steeled his mind, and sucked in a deep breath of air.

    Each and every page, all of them were nightmares… those strong-armed by a government coverup. Indeed, a truth that could not be disclosed…

    Every truth was recorded within this manila folder. Every half a year, a person sent from the top would come to examine and receive the materials. This file was known as the M-Files, the Monster Files, a file of monstrosities!

    He remembered too many of the things inside, since once they were peered over, these things were simply hard for a man to forget.

    1993, the Yangtze River’s dam failure in Sanjiang City. Seven hours before the dam broke, a 100 villagers in Dayang Village witnessed a ten-meter-long black carp batter against the floodgates. Three hours after the dam broke, a man from Heavens Law had come and isolated the entire scene. Intense tremors could be heard from the ground, and three villages down river had saw ten washbin-size black scales rolling along with the blood-red river water 

    Presently, there was a Dragon King Temple within Dayang Village. 

    2004, the famous, mysterious incident of the Sanjiang No.2 secondary school. If you asked about it to anyone now, they would all know, as so far as the No.2 secondary school had changed into an experimental school. After the event, 60% of students had transferred. 

    It was a distressed ouija incident. Two classes of over twenty students had remained at school during vacation. By the time eight o’clock rolled by, all of them were injured simultaneously. They had been cut open from their singlets, and their internal organs had vanished without a trace. That same day at three o’clock at the wee hours of the morning, an emissary dispatched by Heavens Law had entered the scene. To this day, the inhabitants of the entire city recall the fierce surface tremors in the vicinity of No.2 secondary school on that night.*

    This incident was one that he had personally “cleaned up”. After the event, he was plagued with nightmares for an entire week. On account that the two rooms had blood-dyed feathers piled up all over the floor, each one about the size of a book.

    2010, in Sanjiang City’s Nankai County, Sanjiang City’s biggest industry was steel, and the steel mill in Nankai County had exploded. Over a hundred men had witnessed a gigantic rock fly out among the fire. 

    There were too many… Chief Zheng pursed his lips, the palm of his hand completely covered in cold sweat.

    Since he had finished looking over the banded charts of data, the exhaustive post-event reports, how it was connected with the news, the internet, how the navy was used to smooth out the effect, and how the recollections of the masses had slowly been trivialized… Upon observing these familiar and tedious government techniques, from the major participation of the city government’s first-in-command, and to minor matters like the appointment of every secretarial assistant. He knew from how each step was carefully made as if it was a reconstruction that it was truly… absolutely not a falsehood.

    There were some… things that ordinary people simply wouldn’t be able to see… Together with humanity, and in union with China’s history, and the world’s history, accompanying it at birth for several thousands of years!

    They had never left, never disappeared. Walking alongside humans past the Prehistoric era, past the Stone age, past the Age of Enlightenment, past the Feudal era... and stepping into together once more… the Age of Information!

    They, they were at the side of every man. Like the light on the other side, surviving tenaciously among mankind. 

    They were known as demons.

    And while every one of China’s officials were aware of demons, and like they knew of the darkness, they knew that at the same time standing against the darkness was light — Heavens Law.

    No one knew of their true identity, besides that they belonged to China’s central government, but they didn’t classify under any jurisdiction. In the security system, any place where a “special incident” occurred that was incapable of being resolved, they had to be immediately contacted. Outside of Heavens Law, no one knew what their inner workings were like.  

    The manilla folder was light in his hand as Xu Yangyi received it. His vision sunk as he opened the paper bag, looking through page after page. 

    The sound of rustling reverberated within the room. Perhaps the matter that hard occurred moments ago was too dreadful or perhaps this kind of deathly stillness was too unendurable. Chief Zheng laughed awkwardly and asked: “Heavens Law… What are the forces like?” 

    “Xu Yangyi’s hand paused, and he lifted his head to smile strangely: “We… All of us have truly seen them with our own eyes, experienced them, and have watched these seemingly supernatural, ancient monsters make alliances with… other kinds of monstrosities.”

    “You can understand it as such.”

    Not speaking further with Chief Zheng, Xu Yangyi switched on his transceiver: “Mao Ba’er, I just finished looking over Sanshui City’s M-Files. The demon that resides in Sanshui City is of the sauropsida serpentes variety. It should’ve come in from the outside.” 

    “A serpent?” A voice from the transceiver suddenly spoke: “It’s not It?”

    “No.” Xu Yangyi’s vision trembled: “Every day, I dream of Its appearance. The victims’ wounds and that of my parents’ that year are very similar, so I specifically rushed over here… But it absolutely isn’t It.”

    The other didn’t ask why he was so sure, since he understood. In these many years, Xu Yangyi held a great understanding of the characteristic injuries It created.

    “Strange…” The voice from the transceiver sighed: “Every one of Heavens Law’s students have personally encountered these living fossils. You guys are fortunate; walking on a path of cultivation that ordinary people can only read about in novels. Yet, you guys are unfortunate, as well…… The cost of this path is too great… yet Heavens Law’s primary objective is to help you guys seek out your assailants. Everyone at the branch has already found theirs… It’s just you alone… Heavens Law’s network encompasses all of China, but never has anyone seen it…”

    Pausing, the other party continued: “According to my calculations, your opponent’s average strength is somewhere between 70% and 120% of the initial stages of Qi Condensation. Do you want reinforcements? I must remind you out of friendship, if you accept reinforcements, the total points for your graduation exam will be reduced by half.”

    “I don’t need it.” Xu Yangyi narrowed his eyes and cracked his knuckles, the cracking sound echoing. 

    “Then, how can you be certain of its direction?”

    “It's quite simple…” Xu Yangyi laughed: “It’s not like the local ‘natives’ don’t. If I ask, things will be clear.”

    They care care a lot more than me that a formidable opponent has ‘settled in’...”

    Shutting off the transceiver, Xu Yangyi lifted his head to look at Chief Zheng who had a complex expression written all over his face and suddenly laughed: “Do you know what is most capable of promoting harmony between species?”

    Chief Zheng shook his head. Currently, he wasn’t of any mind to think about this sudden question.

    “It’s life…” Xu Yangyi narrowed his eyes: “It is the great convention that cannot be opposed… Chief Zheng, I’ll only remind you once… Demons are a kind of race. An inhuman, intelligent community… The hierarchy of their society… is absolutely not as simple as you think it to be… Moreover, it’s not something you’ve read in a novel.”

    They weren’t parasites of human civilization. If it were truly so simple… what could these hunters in the darkness be considered as? Mere pesticides?

    Drinking together from a golden goblet, our naked swords mutually unswerving.**

    Xu Yangyi deeply respected these bonafide monstrosities that had survived since the Prehistoric era. This was a living fossil in the darkness. He would accordingly give the other party due respect. However, when the time mark his ledger came to head, he absolutely wouldn’t stay his hand.

    Absolute serenity. When the time came about to take action, he would be completely unburdened!

    *笔仙. I did some localization magic here. I never actually heard about this, but this is considered Chinese Ouija pretty much. Pronounced Bi3 Xian1. So two people hold a pen over a piece of paper and the spirit is supposed to do the writing for them while they ask questions.

    **This is a pretty cool phrase: 金杯共汝饮,白刃不相饶. From what I found, it means: I’ll share a cup with you in the drinking parlor, but on the battlefield I will be unforgiving. In a way, it is the mutual respect between warriors.

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    Chapter 4: Venture Pharmaceuticals (1)
    He stood up, pushed the door open, and left for outside. Chief Zheng immediately chased after him and questioned: “Little Xu… Little Xu! This case! How should this case be handled! W-why did they find me? I d-didn’t hear of this kind of precedent w-when I took up post!”

    Presently, above all else, he did not want Xu Yangyi to depart. Recalling the scene that had happened moments ago, his heart grew weary with trepidation.

    An invisible death god had cut across thousands of meters… and charged through the bulletproof glass from some place in the city, transforming everything into rubble!

    Xu Yangyi narrowed his eyes, not answering the other. 

    This was the Lighthouse Effect… Furthermore, it was unknown whether this demon had become bloated in its self-confidence or gone insane. It had actually dared to take action against him.

    A lighthouse illuminated people and people could see it, as well. The moment he had arrived at City Hall, he and the demon had become each other's lighthouse. After two days, the other finally couldn’t bear with it anymore and made the first move.

    “I shall takeover this case. No one else is allowed to get involved.”  His steps were nimble and firm as he walked ahead, not answering. On the contrary, his manner of speech left no room for questions. Chief Zheng followed behind him, his appearance completely not like a superior in relation to his subordinate, instead, listening respectfully and nodding incessantly.

    Xu Yangyi suddenly stopped in stride, looking at the other person deeply: “That includes you.”

    “Sure!” Chief Zheng immediately responded and his heart settled for the most part.

    In order to suppress these things, how much effort had the government dispensed? The money and energy expended was simply an astronomical figure!

    Behind every news story when the masses asked “why”... there were far too numerous hidden secrets that could not be spoken of.

    “Second, organize an absolutely reliable fire squad. In three days, I will be preparing to begin operations.”

    “Not a problem.”

    “Third, in concern to the authorizations of the personnel dispatched to this case, others must not interfere.”

    “This…” Chief Zheng muttered to himself in hesitation. This was tantamount to skinning him of all of his power as the Public Security Bureau’s first-in-command in regards to this major case. Furthermore, it was evident Xu Yangyi was telling him that he wanted to strip him of his privileges and also wanted him to promise it from out of his own mouth!

    “Is there a problem?” Xu Yangyi turned his head to look at him.

    “No… No problems!” His voice fluttered softly, yet it made Chief Zheng’s heart grow cold. Gritting his teeth,  he immediately responded: “This case… I won’t lay a hand on it! The police and the military police are yours to command! If you still require the army… I shall go coordinate it!”

    If it was unnecessary, he was absolutely unwilling to personally broaden his knowledge of the contents of the M-Files, and what those monster files were truly like.

    It was quiet. The only sound that remained was the crunching of his leather shoes pounding the floor. Through the whole journey, no words were exchanged, and as the pair arrived at the entrance of the Public Security Bureau, Xu Yangyi raised his brows and said with reservation: “Chief Zheng, is there something else?”

    Chief Zheng had continued to follow behind him.

    “N-nothing at all!” Chief Zheng’s old face blushed. From the bottom of his heart, he had believed the other party still had some other request. What was up with this kid? If nothing was happening, didn’t he know to speak? 

    Xu Yangyi nodded: “Then, I’ll step out first.”

    At this time, a voice suddenly echoed out from behind them: “Chief Zheng, wait a moment, hold on!”

    As Vice Captain Chen trotted over to them, Xu Yangyi furrowed his brows and made to leave. Vice Captain Chen had already yelled out, though: “Captain Xu, I’ll have to trouble you to wait, too!”

    “Old Chen.” Facing Vice Captain Chen, Chief Zheng’s mood was finally relieved of much tension. As he conversed with Xu Yangyi moments ago, he had unwittingly put himself in a servile position, simply not caring that the other person was in his early twenties. According to age, the other should’ve still been a youth studying at university. 

    That kind pressure, a formless one, made him feel extremely restrained. It wasn’t until now that he recovered his prestige as the chief of city security.

    “Something’s the matter?” He swept over Xu Yangyi coolly from the corner of his eye and promptly supplemented: “If anything happens, you can inform Captain Xu first, since you’ll be reporting to him. It’ll be fine as long as you coordinate with him with the best of your ability.”

    Vice Captain Chen stopped upon hearing these words. He nearly choked on his spit!

    Was this a fucking joke!

    You’re making this big boy accompany this paratrooper that was tossed down willy-nilly!? This was a serial killer case being followed up on! Accompany your mom’s goddamn &@^$!

    Why did he have to accompany him? How was he supposed to accompany him? This pudgy-faced brat that had never seen a crime scene? Wasn’t this placing the entire Disciplinary and Investigations Unit under his command? 

    “Chief Zheng, this is pertaining to the case!” In violent fury, it was easy for a man to lose his rationale. With burning rage assaulting his mind, Vice Captain Chen simply didn’t look at Xu Yangyi. Moreover, he hadn’t seen the thoughtful look within Chief Zheng’s eyes, gritting his teeth and saying: “Am I not considered a senior of the police department? Old Zheng! You and I came out of the academy at the same time! How is this case to be handled? Who is responsible for it? Is it okay for you to tell me what the heck is going on!”

    He looked on as the position of captain failed to land within his grasp. He didn’t have Chief Zheng’s methods, but they were of the same age. He had endured until his hair had grown white only to see the dawn of a new captain, yet not even waiting for him to fall into fantasy, it was suddenly killed off by the descent of a paratrooper!

    How could he not be angered? How could he not be furious? 

    Anyone in the Disciplinary and Investigations Unit could tolerate this tone, but he wouldn’t bear with it anymore!

    The corner of Xu Yangyi’s mouth slightly curled up. Rather than say these words for Chief Zheng to listen to, it was better off to make a deliberate display of things. You want to come down and be the gilded plate, fine, no problems. But in any case, you can’t make me do something without just cause, right? How are the merits going to be divided, huh? Your poseur ass waltzed right in during this time, and moreover, it wasn’t I that received your position! You mustacheless brat, what do you understand of how to handle a case? I’ll let supervise the case, and when you find the killer, you’ll see a living ghost!

    The major serial killer case… It was heard within the province that it was attached with great importance, but with this opportunity, you an emotionless paratrooper has been dropped below to carve up our flesh piece by piece?

    Chief Zheng’s brows suddenly tightened.

    What madness! What foolish drivel!

    A person of Heavens Law had been invited to come by the city! Nonetheless,  he didn’t tighten his trap and instead was stirring up a ruckus! Wasn’t it enough of a mess already to resent him?!

    These several lines were like several staggering blows, leaving Chief Zheng’s head spinning. Meaningfully pulling on Vice Captain Chen’s hand, he laughed awkwardly: “Old Chen… We’re both old friends. Food may be eaten indiscriminately, but words cannot be said carelessly…”


    Vice Captain Chen nearly cursed. His temperament was fiery to begin with, so upon hearing these words, he clenched his teeth angrily.  

    What was up with today? What damned illness did you catch?

    Chief Zheng who he had knew well for many years had delivered to him some strange words! Was this to remind him… of Xu Yangyi’s great background?

    Who was that bastard son of a bitch!

    A beautiful misunderstanding had come about like this. Chief Zheng simply didn’t dare to speak of his matter. This two-bit idiot Vice Captain Chen only knew he didn’t get his position and even had to obey the commands of a brat now?

    Not even speaking of what the outcome would be like, Chief Zheng had used these words to warn him!

    How was this something that he as an elder of decades was able to continue to endure!

    “Old Zheng, what do you mean?” Choking on anger, Vice Captain Chen glared at the other, grinded down on his teeth, and said: “What? Even after so many years, you still don’t trust me? In the year before last, who handled the bank robbery? And then that last one from that year, who arrested those two killers on the run? Why? You’re letting that paratrooper take charge? You kidding me?! He’s going to handle the case?!”

    “I won’t stand for it.” 

    He didn’t expect that before he had even finished speaking, the indifferent sound of Xu Yangyi’s laughter would float pass. He seemed as leisurely as if he had just finished his afternoon tea.

    These words angered Vice Captain Chen even more that his eyes turned somewhat white.

    I won’t… You should just fucking go!

    “I won’t obey!” Vice Captain Chen sucked in deeply: “Chief Zheng! I apologize, I was a bit worried, but the entire province is following this case! Do you believe in him or do you believe me!”

    Chief Zheng’s facial features hung low. In his heart, he had already cursed the other to death!

    He believed in Vice Captain Chen’s case-handling abilities, however, could he handle this case? Would he dare to do so? For him to let Vice Captain Chen handle it would be the equivalent to harming him!

    This case… Hehe, I truly still cannot believe in you!


    This could not be said…

    He had zero desire to imagine what the consequences would be like if every city’s M-Files and all the people involved with it were exposed.

    “Chief Zheng, you have to say something!”

    “Say something? Sure.” Chief Zheng let out laughter as cold as ice. Fine, if you can’t read between the lines, then it serves you right that someone airdropped you! Soon after, he looked at Vice Captain Chen and said loud and clear, enunciating every word: “I shall say it once more.”

    “Captain Xu has full responsibility over this major case! Old Chen, you should do in accordance to what he says! Otherwise, don’t blame me regardless of the many years of face between us!”

    He finished speaking, brushed his sleeve aside, and left.

    Vice Captain Chen was left in a complete daze.

    It was completely out of his expectations that Chief Zheng would be so uncaring of the present situation! Moreover, he didn’t think the man would directly denounce him!

    Was this really his old acquaintance Chief Zheng?

    “Good… Good!” Vice Captain Chen glared at his back for a while, turning his head and leave: “Who gives a fuck! I won’t do it!”

    Chief Zheng simply didn’t pay attention to his threat, swaggering away without a second thought.

    Vice Captain Chen smiled meaningfully at Xu Yangyi at his side, using his eyes as blades to execute a death by a thousand cuts on the other.

    The paratrooper didn’t speak… but surprisingly the presence behind him had made the chief of the city’s Public Security Bureau speak on his behalf! The top brass was making him listen to the commands of this brat?!

    Was this the Central Committee’s three generations of officials? Capable of settling the public opinion of a city?

    I’ve worked at the Public Security Bureau for several dozens of years, but I have to obey the commands of this person that just graduated who doesn’t even a single hair on his upper lip?

    Mumbling and so on, he brushed past and left. The crook of Xu Yangyi’s mouth faintly raised upward.

    Don’t think he hadn’t heard it clearly…

    “Who the fuck is a bastard? Coming over here to fill the numbers, he doesn’t even know anything about how a stand-in should act! He’s just blindly going through the motions!”

    Xu Yangyi sat down leisurely in his Audi and suddenly laughed.

    “Indeed, I don’t understand how to handle a case…” He popped open a drink and smiled in satisfaction: “However… my fist is great enough…”

    Blue smoke puffed through the roof of the car, and the vapors wound his eyes shut: “It looks like I’ll have to question some of the ‘locals’... I hope they’ll cooperate…”

    In his eyes, the balance of the world in comparison to ordinary people was far more than just money. He could perceive things that an exceedingly great amount of normal people couldn’t. In that same vein, those things could sense him in the same manner.

    Like a lighthouse on a dark night, the traveler saw the lighthouse, and the lighthouse illuminated the traveler.

    “Smelling the fragrance of blood, I seek the temple of spiritual peace. A ruined scene, the specter of debauchery sings…” Xu Yangyi blasted the stereo of the car, and the compressed heart-shaking rhythm echoed out. He laughed: “Deliver Me…”*

    One of the Three Great Forbidden Songs… truly matched his style. 

    Followed by the ghost-like drifting of Deliver Me, an hour later, he parked his car at the entrance of a building.

    The building was quite ordinary, extremely ordinary, that is, if you neglected the enormous toad at the top of it.

    T/N: airdrop refers to Xu Yangyi’s status as a “paratrooper”.

    *This passage is pretty unique that the author does some of it in english. Unfortunately, while he does get some of it right, it looks like nonsense, so I had to fix it. Trying to actually find lyrics for these three forbidden songs on western internet is actually impossible apparently, since I can’t find it, but luckily, our Chinese counterparts have preserved it well on their internet. If you can read Chinese, look up 世界三大禁曲 on Baidu. On western internet, at best, you’ll be able to find out the names of these songs and perhaps a clip on youtube.

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    Chapter 5: Venture Pharmaceuticals (2)
    At night, the street lights had already turned on, and there were still many buildings shining with light. In the flickering neon, there was a toad in the darkness was motionless, as if it was genuine stone carving. Its enormous body was illuminated by the neon light, emitting a kind of bewitching oddness.

    This was the scene within Xu Yangyi’s eyes.

    In the eyes of others, there wasn’t anything here at the top of the building.

    “Sir… You are?” The person at the front desk saw Xu Yangyi enter and didn’t obstruct him in the slightest. The police uniform on his body was the best method of passage. 

    Xu Yangyi raised the official police credentials in his hand: “There’s someone in your company related to the serial killer case. I need to enter at once.”

    “S-serial killer case?!” The voice of the person at the front desk suddenly raised. In the past month, twelve people had died in a series of bizarre deaths. He had even heard that cram schools at night had been canceled! Was this true or false? Was this a real police officer? Was there really a suspect in the building?

    Tossing his credentials on the top of the receptionist’s desk, Xu Yangyi didn’t want to waste time here and headed directly towards the elevator.

    “Ding dong…” The elevator stopped on the fifteenth floor. He precisely stopped it and looked around on the floor, discovering the entire level was a conference room.

    Shareholder conference rooms, the conference rooms for all kinds of groups, research conference rooms… His right hand lightly grabbed at the air, placing it before his nose and sniffing it, and he set foot into the shareholder conference room in certainty. 

    “Good evening, I’m rather sorry for the disturbance.” Pushing open the door, he slightly bent his body to bow in courtesy: “Could you appear in front of me? If you don’t want to die.” 

    There wasn’t a single soul within the conference room. An artificial bonsai plant could be faintly seen atop of the table. Through the branches of the bonsai plant… the massive backdrop of the conference room glass window could be seen. Outside, the specks of lights were like resplendent glow of a starry sky, illuminating this unusual night.

    No one replied.

    “Don’t get excited. I understand your worry. I just want to chat as peacefully and calmly as possible.” He smiled gently, grabbed a chair, carefully lifted it up, and set it down. There wasn’t even a sound as it fell on the thick carpet. He slowly sat down, gently patting his police uniform: “You’ve been trudging along within human society for so long and finally seized a cooperation opportunity with a well-known company. If not, you’d be worried because a demon’s appearance doesn’t change, and their bodies don’t grow old. Meanwhile, you’d have to change locations every few years because of the suspicions of your neighbors and classmates. You don’t have to worry where to eat, as well. Moreover, you’ve got your own stable hunting ground. You can even get a huge bonus. I understand.”

    “However… my patience is limited. You see, this is my graduation exam. Can’t we understand each other… Personally, I’m rather anxious. When I get anxious, my temper isn’t too great…” He languidly fished out a lighter and lit a cigarette, taking a deep drag from it and looked around the conference room that was as still as a mortuary, appearing like he was talking to himself. After waiting three seconds, he laughed: “Now that peace has failed, I will use force; my courtesy has been exhausted.”*

    His face still carried a trace of a gentle smile as before, and he grasped the lighter in his hand, which was amped up the greatest scale, placing it on the meeting room table before him.

    “Crackle…” The tangerine-yellow flame illuminated the entire room, serving to drape shimmering soft evening glow on the corners within the darkness.

    In the next second, a strange transformation unexpectedly arose!

    What he has used wasn’t a natural gas lighter, but rather the most common of types. Just as the time pointed to nine o’clock, the lighter flame suddenly flashed three times. Soon after… it became as red as the color of blood! Atop the table… hazy and strange, under the illumination of the flame, a demonic shadow was dragged out!

    It wasn’t a man, but rather the shadow of a gigantic toad! Swaying gently in the darkness, it trembled as it rocked back and forth.

    “Crackle…” In a split second, the formerly gentle flame popped off like a firecracker, like that of a hopping demon! It spewed out a hellish, dim light!

    “Woo…Woooooo…” All the chairs around appeared as if there were people sitting on them and pulled out to the four sides of the room simultaneously! An authentic wood chair on a heavy platform made a heavy sound as it was dragged out! The sounds resonated within the empty room!

    “Swish!” The window curtains suddenly scattered open! The blowing of the night wind gushed into the room like a breached dam!

    “Your patience falls short in comparison to my imagination…” Xu Yangyi stowed his lighter, laughing grimly and blowing the flame out: “Speak not of the spent wick, but the rootless water lighter fluid. It’s tasteless and odorless to humans, but to demons, it’s the most disgusting stink, even unbearable to smell. I didn’t believe you could endure it for so long.”**

    The flame was suddenly extinguished, and the world in a flash returned to the control of darkness once more.

    With such an extreme contrast of sight, many people would feel it to be extremely unsuitable. However… this kind of unsuitable feeling simply didn’t fit him.

    Within the darkness, there a glimmer of light appeared.

    It wasn’t the light of a lamp nor was it any artificial illumination. Moreover, it wasn’t a light that appeared in front of Xu Yangyi, but rather atop of his head!

    The light was blood red, only a single sliver, it was…

    The pupil of a demon, something that Xu Yangyi couldn’t be even more familiar with!

    “Courting death.” He laughed grimly.

    In the next second, there was a strange sound of wind coming from an incomprehensible angle, cleaving through the air!

    Wind Edge Technique… Distance apart from him: 0.65 meters. Strength: 70 kilograms… Speed: around 70 meters per second…His brain was like the most accurate calculator, listing out a great string of figures in an instant.

    There wasn’t any light within his eyes, but there was an incomparable deepness, like a pair of glittering gemstones on a dark night. His eyes settled as usual, seizing every of the most minute of changes within the darkness.

    A slight ripple came into view at the left side of his body. This formless power combined with a berserk speed pushed apart the air and drag resistance! The ripple was the indication that the wind edge was on the verge of ramming into his body!

    “Swish!” A clear and concise sound like that of the Grim Reaper’s sickle rang out ear-piercingly at the side of his ear!

    “Bump!” In the next second within the darkness, a sound like that of a blade chopping into a wooden stake could be heard. Soon afterwards, within the vacuous darkness of the room, the surprised shout of a man echoed out: “Huh?!”

    It was in this moment that Xu Yangyi moved.

    There was no sound of wind and there were no footsteps, like a cheetah walking in the forest. Using the thick pads of its paws to tread on the wind and set foot on the clouds. There wasn’t any sound of movement; there was only the whistling of soft wind. If you didn’t listen carefully, it was the kind gentle “whistling” coming from the window blowing on the window curtains. 

    “Argh!!!” A blood-curdling screech came out from the darkness. Following the indication of a soft noise, the lighter shone once more.

    Xu Yangyi forcefully tightened his hand around a person’s throat with a death grip. He didn’t have such strength at the police station, but now, his veins were completely present, making people not doubt the degree of his hand strength not one bit.

    “Urgh… Urgh!” The person being lifted up could only produce bursts of dry heaving from his throat. He was a youth around seventeen to eighteen years in age, however, he was wearing a Versace T-shirt and trousers. His financial situation was clearly rather well off.

    However, his blood-red eyes and golden vertical pupils were things that a normal human simply wouldn’t possess.

    Xu Yangyi glanced over at his left hand in passing. There, a large opening had been already been cut into his police uniform. The cut hung suspended starting from his shoulder and halfway down his sleeve. The slash was incomparably even, like a blade had cut through the cloth.

    A handful of blood had already begun flowing along down the cut on his police uniform, trickling on the floor and making a dripping sound. Under the dim radiance of the lighter, it was extremely frightening. 

    “Do you know…?” Xu Yangyi’s other hand seized the youth’s chin, and he used the strength of hand to push back, forcing the other’s head to raise upwards by a great extent. The youth’s legs kicked against his body, but it was like kicking against stone. He said to the youth whose eyes began to blanch, neither slowly nor hurriedly: “You should know, every person in Heavens Law has their own unique nickname. Guess, what is mine?”

    After three seconds, there was no response. The youth’s throat was as if it was being choked by a vise, and he was simply incapable of answering. The only sound he could make was that of a restrained choking. Both of his hands tried to break off Xu Yangyi’s hand for dear life, but it was like grabbing onto an iron hoop; he was unable to shake it off even a fraction.

    “It seems like you don’t like interacting with people too much.” Xu Yangyi flicked away cigarette ash. His action was neither slow nor hurried, but also cultured and refined. In spite of the youth beginning to foam at the mouth, he laughed and said: “Remember it clearly. My nickname is…the Grinning Reaper.”***

    “Isn’t it rather awesome? To be honest, I like it, too…Don’t roll your eyes, I’m not lying to you.” Xu Yangyi’s smile vanished, moving closer to the side of the other’s ear and gently whispering: “In all of my life, there hasn’t been a single demon of the same rank that’s dared to take the initiative to reveal their demon pupil before me.”

    “Bang!” He casually tossed the other aside, and the youth landed on the ground like a pile of hemp bags, rolling for about two to three meters. Xu Yangyi wiped his hands, sat down peacefully, and coldly watched the youth clutch at his own throat. Frantically coughing, the other covered his flushed throat to prevent his coughs from rising up.

    “Cough, cough, cough!” Like he wanted to cut open his lung, the youth suddenly grabbed the teacup in front of him and downed it in a single gulp. He shut his eyes in rest for a good couple seconds and opened his eyes while gnashing his teeth in fury: “To dare to act towards me like this… Sanshui City’s Cao Family won’t let you off!”

    Xu Yangyi puffed out a mouthful of blue smoke and laughed: “Venture Pharmaceuticals? The Cao Family?”

    The youth gasped for breath, not replying. Xu Yangyi flicked away at his cigarette ash and said: “What can they do?”

    “Seven years ago, the Cao Family emerged as a new force to be reckoned. Their all-encompassing health supplement was heard so much that all the country’s citizens could recite it by heart. In a few years, they grossed a few hundred million. The name of Venture Pharmaceuticals has a proper ring to it, too…” He paused as if was he sorting out the information. It wasn’t until several seconds later, he laughed at the youth: “However… you know, there are some mad scientists in Heavens Law that are always sitting on their hands. Especially, being perfectly aware of some other intelligent organism, they couldn’t be even more terribly idle…”

    “Dew Congealing Grass.” He looked into the youth’s eyes, and the other was evidently stunned: “I asked myself, how could the new health supplement be so good? Well… if you you add in cultivation materials, even if it is a teensy bit, the effect on mortals will be as clear as day. You and the Cao Family got something really good going on. I guess… you’re their technology director? You joined in with them under this pretense?”

    “So, even if the Cao Family looks on helplessly as you don’t age over the passage of seven years, they’ll turn a blind eye to it. On the contrary, wouldn’t they completely cover up your existence? Indeed, it is a harmonious symbiotic relationship… like a rotting animal and the maggot on its body. It's sickening.” 

    “So what?” The youth’s form was that of a young man, yet at this moment, he was completely calm. His manner of speaking and movements simply weren’t like that of a young man. Contrary to expectation, he was like the water of a deep lake… Tranquil and murky in its depth, a lake that had long endured distress.

    “Demons are eternally young and do not age. Is there anything wrong in me seeking a host?” He glanced somewhat fearfully at Xu Yangyi: “The Shennong Convention is still in place. You human cultivators can’t interfere in the internal affairs of our demon race’s business without any reason at all; that’s going beyond your authority! I have the qualifications to go the Nantong Province’s highest cultivator court to sue you! You’ll be faced with at least 50 years of imprisonment!”****

    Xu Yangyi’s head leaned against the chair, lifting his hand and waving it to cut the young man off. He said without a single change in his voice: “I only want to ask you one question.”

    He smiled at the other: “Tell me, if a normal person had just entered, what would’ve happened?”

    *先礼后兵: Literally, courtesy first, soldiers after. Meaning is to use force after peace. (in event peace fails)

    **无根水 - noroot water or rootless water. From what I was able to research, this is actually a medicinal material that ancient Chinese used in medicines and stuff like that

    ***微笑死神 Literally Smiling Death God. I think Grinning Reaper sound cool.

    ****Shennong Convention: 神农架公约’. Shennong as in the farmer god in Chinese mythology.

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    Chapter 6: Venture Pharmaceuticals (3)
    “You would die of course.” The youth sneered: “Don’t tell me I should trust in any low-level agent of Heavens Law that comes knocking on my doorstep?”

    “Bang!” Before he had even finished speaking, he abruptly flew back!

    Moments ago, his stomach felt as if it had been struck by Guan Yu’s Green Dragon Crescent Blade! The other person simply hadn’t waited for him to finish speaking and sent him flying back with a kick!*

    The youth dared to swear that he heard the sound of his ribs fracturing.

    “You…” He looked at Xu Yangyi incredulously. The sharp pain of his chest was like the swelling of a tide. There, a large depression had already sunken in. A footprint could be vaguely seen! He grinded his teeth rigidly, and his voice transformed into a roar in an instant: “You… insignificant human! You maggot that won’t even live for a hundred years! You go so far as to dare violate the Shennong Convention?! I’m the Cao Family’s technology director! You actually…”

    “Boom!” In the next second, Xu Yangyi planted his heel on the back of the other’s head as he smiled, suddenly forcing him down onto the table and causing a loud sound!

    The excessive use of strength made the entire table tremble. As if his eyes desired to split open, the youth looked at the other with unparalleled hatred. While he could simply move, he dared not do so. On the contrary… his newborn fear made him begin to faintly shiver from head to toe.

    “Recite it with me.” Xu Yangyi calmly played around with the lighter. In the darkness, the light it created at his back made his expression unclear to see, yet the steady sound it carried brought with it icy coldness like that of a knife: “For the construction of favorable societal boundaries and to found a harmonious society.” 

    “You fucking…”



    He increased the strength of his foot once again. On top of the youth, it was a like a tremendous mountain boulder, making him simply unable to display more anger! 

    Because of the strength exercised just now, the table top was already beginning to split open with a thin wooden crack! The teacup placed on it was faintly trembling!

    He would truly die!

    With this thought, a numbing fear swiftly pervaded the youth’s body from head to toe..

    “I’ll recite it! I’ll recite it!” His train of thought was like arcing electricity, yet his brain still hadn’t responded. Already, his body couldn’t help but yell as it teared at his throat: “F-for the construction of favorable societal boundaries and to f-found a harmonious s-society!”

    “I like people that cooperate.” Xu Yangyi retracted his foot and laughed: “See, there’s no need, right? You’ve refused the toast but to drink a forfeit.”**

    The youth grinded his teeth, stood up, and sat down in a seat. He gripped onto a teacup so hard that his hands went white.

    This man… Since the beginning, he simply didn’t desire to be “courteous” to him! 

    That so-called period of time hadn’t exceeded over three seconds! Who would appear and chat with a hunter that had come knocking on their door?

    At this moment, his demon’s intuition was telling him that the other really wanted to kill him… Truly dared to kill him!

    What bullshit convention! The other side simply didn’t give a rat’s ass! Disregarding his expression that looked serene as lake waters, if you tore away at the seam of his skin, you would discover that he was a genuine demon!

    It wasn’t until the youth was kicked into a wall did he discover that Xu Yangyi’s words didn’t match the smile he was wearing on his face! At this moment, he really believed it. Truly believed in the nickname the Grinning Reaper!

    “You psychopath…” The youth grinded his teeth rigidly and said with an incomparably resentful, humiliating, and hateful voice: “You go so far as to wantonly raise your hand against a demon despite the human-demon convention…”

    Xu Yangyi swept his eyes over the other indifferently: “I question, you answer.”


    “Eighteen…” The youth glanced at the look on Xu Yangyi’s face, faintly knit his brows, and immediately said: “That’s the age on my ID! I’m thirty-three!”

    “How many hosts have you found?”

    “Five! I swear I haven’t killed more people than that!”

    Xu Yangyi laughed and raised a brow: “I estimate it to be true, as well. The accuracy of the wind edge coming towards my neck was pretty terrible.”

    The youth’s hand on the side of the table made a cracking noise as it clenched. 

    “Why did you find a host?”

    “Aren’t you asking what you already know?” The youth said gloomily: “Demons don’t get older and never age, but our lifespans are the same as those of humans. When we come to realize the gravity of the situation is also when we stop aging. Could you tolerate your neighbor for a few years or over a dozen years that doesn’t age? If we don’t find a host, where would our identification papers come from?”

    Finished speaking, he sneered at Xu Yangyi: “Yet isn’t this the doing of you humans? To use the internet, you need identification papers, but who is going to fucking pull it out? You need papers to find a job and to attend school! You even need papers if you want to travel! Consider these things… Taobao! Website registration! You actually need identification to play games! It’s written clearly in the Shennong Convention… Thus, what I am most sick of dealing with is you weak, cunning humans!”***

    Xu Yangyi didn’t speak, taking a drag of his cigarette and saying expressionlessly: “Qi Condensation… Foundation Establishment… Core Formation, these three great realms… walking step by step, all are struggling with the heavens, but you actually have the gall to go fool around in the human world?”

    The youth sighed deeply and looked at Xu Yangyi’s gaze that carried a hint of coldness, his words carrying a bone-ingrained resentment: “You think I want it to be like this? As soon as a spirit vein is found, it’s the government that gets set up auction first and allows selected people to bid on it. Soon after, the high echelons of Heavens Law start up a project immediately! Have you heard of the Nine National Offices? You haven’t, huh? Everyone knows that there are only eight offices… just to give to Heavens Law in preparation! Where did you believe the spirit stones came from that you use to cultivate to the middle-stage of Qi Condensation?”

    “Afterwards, with each of those of the great Core Formation realm, the Core Formation humans and the Greater Demons partition it. Hehe… It’s the Digital age now. Those days where if a Greater Demon massacred a city, a factory exploded, or a dam was breached could be concealed are over.  The sitting premier dreads having to bear the blame! Who dares lift the cover of the last several thousand years of darkness?  Hehe… No one dares!”

    The world belonged to humans… Cultivation was to cultivate longer to live longer. Qi Condensation, a 100 years of longevity. Foundation Establishment, 200 years of longevity. Core Formation, 300 years of longevity. As for Nascent Soul that followed…  To say the least, he had never heard of it. The realm had long vanished over a century ago.

    Cultivation had three great realms: Qi Condensation, Foundation Establishment, and Core Formation. For the corresponding realms of demons, it was Form Transformation, Firmament Stepping, and Origin Crystallization. As for what came after… no one had witnessed it. Each realm required a staggering accumulation of resources. It didn’t need to be mentioned that spirit stones were the best good that could be circulated for absorption.****

    It was because of the government support that humanity had enough resources to cultivate. Of course, it was sufficient in relativity to the demons. 

    As for demons, after triumphing in Form Transformation, their spiritual livelihoods would be easy. They could enter and leave grand mountains and great rivers as they pleased and search for ancestral remnants, obtaining the fortunes of superhumans from long past. With the addition of blood vessel inheritance, demons were over a third more powerful than humans within the same realm!

    This kind of disparity, especially after a demon cultivator could expel and reabsorb their origin crystal, was even more apparent. As for the primordial beginning of transformation between human form and demon form at will, such a demon was like a Nascent Soul realm human. In the same manner, they had already become nearly extinct long ago.

    On one hand, there was victory in the amount of human cultivators; the base number of those with spiritual roots was great. On the other hand, the demons beat out the humans in terms of strength when it came to the abilities of individual soldiers. However, in “life”, the major heart of the issue was that both sides had long ago shared intimate, harmonious relationships with each other. The Greater Demons wanted humanity’s strength to accumulate their own resources, and likewise, humans didn’t want to force the other too strictly. If a Greater Demon went mad in this kind of peaceful era and wreaked havoc all around, the balance of the game between the countries would change.

    At the very least, it was like this on the surface.

    “Continue.” Xu Yangyi flicked the table: “Sanshui City… How many hunting grounds does it have?”

    “Eight.” The youth answered without the least bit hesitation: “The awareness of demon territory is extremely strong. Every demon has cut out their own territory. They wouldn’t let other demons enter their hunting grounds, otherwise, it would be equal to the declaration of a life-or-death struggle. I think… that the Public Security Bureau doesn’t wish to see such a situation, as well. However, in the same vein, it’s not every demon that can cultivate. At the least, it’s only the demons at the initial stages of Form Transformation that establish their own hunting grounds. I guarantee that with myself included, the number of demons at Form Transformation doesn’t exceed eight!”

    Xu Yangyi didn’t have any expression whatsoever. He himself was part of Heavens Law. In fact, his understanding of human-demon relations in comparison to Chief Zheng wasn’t much better.

    What he genuinely understood was… the most effective and fastest ways to kill demons.

    No matter if it was a demon, a fae, a ghost, or a devil, he could practically set himself to the task of finding the other’s Achilles’ heel. 

    Others merely acted to master the surface of the knowledge and nothing more. Slaughter, however, was his true speciality. 

    In light of this aspect, he could even be considered an honest and simple man. At the very least, he was a simple person. 

    “Have any other demons come recently?” Xu Yangyi asked stonily. 

    “Of course…” The youth began to laugh cruelly: “I know what you’re looking for… What about it? Heavens Law accepted Sanshui City’s mission, but is unable to find the killer? You… Argh! You… Lighten up a bit! Dammit! Let go of my hand!”

    Xu Yangyi’s hand was already gently pressed down against the other’s carotid artery. Merely, he hadn’t glanced at the youth at all, but was rather looking at the indistinct flickering of the cigarette butt in his hand.

    “I want an answer.” He smothered the end of his cigarette by pressing it between his fingers: “No bullshit.”

    Demons, in the same manner, were a society. He wasn’t of the mood, and the duty as well, to obey the hierarchy of their society.

    Simple and rough was the style of his investigating conduct. His execution of policy only sought after results.

    You’re not going to speak?


    I’ll follow orders and change my methods. 

    “You fucking psychopath…” The youth’s lips shivered. He had truly been frightened. In all these years, he had never met a person of Heavens Law. In the passage of thirty-somewhat years, he had long since never revered humanity’s branch of special forces. Besides, he hadn’t kill that many people at all; he wasn’t a carnivorous demon. Heavens Law also didn’t possess the skill to cast his body out with a gaze.

    But tonight… this youth in his early twenties before him made him begin to rethink everything once more.

    “I admit defeat today.” Watching the retreating hand, the youth sighed in relief and sneered: “The person you want to find is in an abandoned building in the south of the ninth division in the real estate district. From this day onwards, may our paths never cross again!”

    The youth finished saying these words and opened the door with a swoosh. Just as he was leaving, his face suddenly turned ashen, and he turned his head: “You still haven’t asked for my name.”

    “Really?” Xu Yangyi looked at the night scenery lost in thought: “That’s not important at all.”

    “Bang!” The door rang like a trembling mountain. The youth charged outside the door, carrying an unequalled burning fury.

    “That whore-raised bastard…” No one had seen it, but as he left the door in a flash, he pursed his lips forcefully and glanced at the door and sneered: “You truly believe Heavens Law is omnipotent? Don’t forget, you’re only a student that still hasn’t even graduated! Hehe… You haven’t thought to why it’s carrying out a wanton slaughter in Sanshui City? Is is that none of the demons care? Is the Shennong Convention truly a joking matter? 

    “It’s not that they don’t care… It’s that they do not dare to take control of this matter… There’s not a single demon in Sanshui City that dares to rear their head… Hehehe… I’m really looking forward to it… The scene of it tearing you to pieces…” His body was like an illusion, beginning to drift apart into the air in layers: “... Relax… When the time comes, I’ll ‘help’ your soul pass onto the afterlife…”

    * Guan Yu is a figure in Chinese history during the three kingdoms era. He is regarded as being the most loyal of bros. 

    ** Refused a toast but to drink a forfeit. A colorful chinese idiom meaning that a person refused to do a request, but in the end is forced to that that request and then some.

    *** Taobao: Chinese amazon/ebay I believe

    **** 化形, 天梯, 内丹. These are the three realms described for demons. Respectively, they are Form Transformation, Firmament Stepping, and Origin Crystallization. Of the three, the one I’m most iffy about is Firmament Stepping, since the literal translation is Heavens Stairs/ Sky Ladder. Of the three, the last one, Origin Crystallization is like that of Core Formation except for demons. Like human cultivator cores, demons have a “crystal” as their core. I tried to mirror human cultivation realms in terms of naming for demons.
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    Chapter 7: Friendship Boat
    By the time Xu Yangyi returned to his room, it was already eleven o’clock in the evening.

    “What happened?” A voice could be heard from within the closed room: “I have no choice to remind you, but the time period the graduation exam is limited to is a week. Right now, five days have already passed. The provincial branch is waiting on the Yuyang City branch’s summary report… I hope I don’t have to repeat to you how low Heavens Law’s graduation rate is? And of how many people are watching each branch’s exam?”

    “I found it.” Xu Yangyi started up his computer and glanced at the web page. Subsequently, he knit his brows: “... Mao Ba’er… I’ve warned you many times, you’re only my manager. My allowance each month before I’ve graduated is only a thousand…”

    “What’s the problem?” The voice within the room echoed out suspiciously. 

    Xu Yangyi looked at the opened string of Taobao web pages, his eyes narrowing somewhat dangerously: “At 50 bucks a pop, Bountiful Treasures Pavilion’s purification talismans have to be circulated for half a month to step into Qi Condensation…The Drifting Snow of Mount Emei’s Nine Hidden Monasteries’ Jade Pools can enhance a smidgen of spiritual energy, but the most important aspect is the absolutely great taste… at 500 a piece? A live explanation of the secret to cultivation, a single reward is a 100 bucks, and you rewarded five times, using all of my alipay… Get the hell out.”

    A locking sound fell upon the room, and Mao Ba’er ran off without a second thought.

    Xu Yangyi picked up his cell phone and looked at it. Great… Of the 10,000 that he had deposited, only 800 remained.

    “Ding dong…” At this moment, a familiar sound rang out from the web page. He glanced at it: “Are you sure you want to mail the Jade Pool Drifting Snow to Yuyang City? According to our regulations, this is our online shops final question. To state once more, this store is dedicated for cultivation. Without a photograph, the result will ask you to please seek customer service. Disclaimer: this store is under the protection of a S-rank law by government policy. If ordinary people buy this shop’s treasures as they please, this shop cannot take responsibility for all the consequences that happen afterwards.”

    Connecting to customer service ID: Mie Jue*.

    Xu Yangyi swiftly used his spry hand to swiftly hit refund.

    The shop owner of “Five Year Crown — Mount Emei’s store for the cultivation of your personal Dao” was stunned. 

    “You… canceled?” Mie Jue asked uncertainly.

    “I bought the wrong item.” Xu Yangyi typed without feeling the least bit guilty: “What about cultivation? It’s just a joke. In what day and age would you still believe in it!”

    “No… Fellow Daoist, didn’t you also just confirm your identity as a cultivator a moment ago? How come now…”

    “You’re mistaken.” Xu Yangyi shut off the Taobao without a bit of guilt. He opened QQ — the amount of people he had on it were quite few — to look for a husky portrait and sent a message: “Get ready to evacuate tomorrow evening. After this business is finished, we’re going to discuss today’s matter again.”

    “For what does thou blameth the sickness of study… This one understandeth…”**

    Xu Yangyi narrowed his eyes and looked for two seconds: “Are you certain?”

    “Thou speaketh as white as the profundities of ivory silk…”***

    “I’m going to report to the school to change my manager right now; I’m incapable of communicating with Martians.”

    “My computer was having some issues a moment ago, clear out tomorrow, right? Not a problem.” The husky portrait immediately said vaguely: “Relax, it's our first collaboration. I’ll give it my hundred percent!”

    Xu Yangyi lit a cigarette and took a faint drag, replying with a single hand: “Your hundred percent is to use my alipay to settle the bill?”

    “That’s not important… Gosh! It’s time for my beauty sleep! See ya!”

    The husky quickly turned grey, not one second more and not one second less. The friendship boat could be said to have capsized.

    Xu Yangyi didn’t pay attention to him, slowly taking drags of his cigarette. He clicked on the treasure shop known as “Since Time Immemorial”.

    “It’s here?” He asked. A customer service agent named Yan Nanz was ringing the doorbell.

    “So it turned out to be Fellow Daoist Xu. Your advance purchase of the lectures, Concerns of A Cultivator’s Self-Cultivation and Future Programming, has arrived. Our instructional series is lectured by one of China’s ten great Core Formation cultivators, Daoist Cloudcrane, who goes by the web handle of ‘Idle Clouds, Feral Crane’. Through the field of science, rational analysis, and a good many actual examples that offer evidence one by one to dissect the environment of the new cultivation age, how to properly handle the resources of both humans and demons, how it is a massive industry of the entire nation and so much as the entire globe, and the formation of these mega corporations’ cooperative relationships. It won’t let you win straight off the bat, but you’ll end up coming right at the finish line.”

    “... ” Xu Yangyi’s hand paused: “I’m sorry, can I pay this in installments?”

    “I apologize. This store doesn’t accept paid installments in any form. Perhaps Fellow Daoist doesn’t know, but Daomaster Cloudcrane’s web seminars all come from Heavens Law’s General Hospital. He himself holds the post of academic doctoral advisor to masters students for The Study of Society and Cultivation and The Structure of Society and Cultivation. If you don’t have the opportunity to listen to the teachings of the cultivation world’s premier educational institution, this alone is capable of dispelling the doubts that muddy the way of the Grand Dao. Fellow Daoist, please take a look, the last cycle’s lesson on The Composition of Qi Condensation and How to Distinguish Excellent Social Connections reached 500,000 units in sales. It has surpassed the lessons of the other few Core Formation cultivators in business. Daomaster Cloudcrane is also publicly recognized as the foremost Daoist educator.”

    “I don’t have enough money.”

    “Fellow Daoist, nowadays, scientific methods are employed to analyze cultivation. This isn’t the Cultivation age anymore, but that of Cultivation Civilization. How does the human body absorb spiritual energy? What is the division of composition of the essence of spiritual energy? Perhaps it is the proton? A quantum? How is it circulated within the human body? How do the ancient circulation techniques promote its operation? All of this is analyzed in detail for you by Daomaster Cloudcrane… What I’m trying to say is that to miss out on this would be your greatest loss. In understanding of the financial hardship that many initial stage cultivators face, our shop doesn’t support payment in installments. However, we do support payment with items.”

    “I can pay with items?” Xu Yangyi’s eyes shimmered, and he immediately asked.

    The times were different.

    Cultivation was a thing of the past that dated back several hundred years, several thousand years, and as far back as over ten thousand years. Currently, cultivation had already become a kind of civilization. In comparison to the ancient cultivators of several thousand years ago, there was a substantial difference!

    This so-called civilization has strengthened humanity’s adaptation and perception of the objective world in line with the human spiritual pursuit. It was the cultural spirit that a staggering amount of people approved and accepted of and the sum of human innovation and spirit in addition to public order and civility. It caused humans to cast off the assembly of retrograde situations that composed all societal and natural conduct. These ideals coursed through the concept of family, tools, language, script, conviction, religious ideology, law, the ideas of city states and nations, and so on.   

    Present cultivation was a practice polished so quietly that it was secretly integrated into the lives of every person. It influenced small aspects like clothing, food, home, and work, and then to major aspects such as secretive mining reclamations and the contrast of strength between nations.

    In the age of science, cultivation civilization, which was incapable of being explained by science, just happened to slowly become the endless expansion of the primordial apex.**** 

    “It’s quite simple. If you hunt a demon, there are auctions undergoing at the Bountiful Treasures Pavilion in every city. Our store holds a close collaborative relationship with the Bountiful Treasures Pavilion and through the appraisal of the Bountiful Treasures Pavilion’s experts, they can send the assessment to our shop. If the object and the price of the treasure are equal, our shop will make the delivery. If the price isn’t the same, we’ll have to ask Fellow Daoist to continue his best efforts. If the value exceeds the price, our shop will reimburse Fellow Daoist with the excess portion. You see?”

    A contract adhered to prosperity. Xu Yangyi glanced over it for a fair period of time and nodded: “It’s not a problem. I’ll have prey tomorrow night. My manager will contact the Bountiful Treasures  Pavilion.”*****

    “Very well, I wish you good health and merriment. May you eternally remain without heart devils, not chance upon thunderous calamity, and your cultivation soar by leaps and bounds.”

    Shutting the computer off, Xu Yangyi needed a good sleep. Flying, at the minimum for human cultivators, was the threshold of the graduation exam!

    The graduation rate in Heavens Law wasn’t high, yet every single graduate was an elite. However, the cultivator community was so big that they merely made up a million people in China’s preliminary statistics! Did a Daoist master require an intelligent and capable assistant?  Did Foundation Establishment seniors want for themselves right-hand men to settle their issues without worry and attend to inconvenient matters? Did Qi Condensation cultivators not want to join some organizations to enlighten themselves? To seek assistance?

    There were job openings everywhere, but… excellent talents were yet too few in number!

    Each year’s major graduation exam was everyone’s opportunity to display their abilities. He was extremely understanding that even Core Formation masters would be closely following the graduation exam’s list of names. Their think tanks would make evaluations from every aspect, from a student’s potential, inner quality, and strength. A majority of people would enter a branch of Heavens Law, but in the case a person was extremely favored by a Daomaster or some super organization, while they still wouldn’t know how they would be treated, it would be absolutely far better than their present circumstances!

    Inhaling deeply, he shut his eyes. Tomorrow’s demon extermination would be his first; he was determined to succeed!

    Time passed quickly. Through the night, nothing whatsoever occurred. On the next day, Xu Yangyi sat down in his seat and drank his tea as always, indifferently observing the chatter of his “subordinates”. He took today’s newspaper coolly, watching all the people in front of him.

    To tread into cultivation, a person had to be born with type of thing called spiritual sense. Simply put, a person could send out countless “feelers”, and through these “feelers”, they could perceive the world.

    In other words, they could see things. It didn’t require him to use his sight at all. On the contrary, perhaps it could be said this “vision” let them see through that which was true and that which was false. For example, he could see things that the ordinary people of Sanshui City were simply unable to see. Let alone ordinary folk, he would still be unconcerned granted such a thing was before him, as well. 

    Presently, his newspaper concealed the front of him, making it seem like he couldn’t see a thing, yet his spiritual sense swept over the appearances of all the people present.

    They chatted and cracked melon seeds between their teeth. There wasn’t a single person paying attention to him.

    If he was to slay a demon, he would need the firepower support. 

    He didn’t hope for the support to be of any use. The critical point was… that after he and the demon truly started to battle, both of them would throw caution to the wind and grind themselves down to the last bone. On one side was one of humanity’s superhumans and the other side was a living fossil that had carried on since ancient times. His earliest fear was that the other was greatly older than him by over a dozen years. If he didn’t completely kill his opponent, the other would flee, and the entire city would become the floor of an unexpected catastrophe!

    As long as the firepower support could obstruct it… just a little bit, the government and the agents of Heavens Law would be able to completely suppress the matter.

    In China, the power of the government was formidable. Completely different from that of western multiparty nations. 

    The question was presently… How was he to make the people that who viewed him as an eyesore to obediently listen?

    T/N: Lot of work went into this chapter…

    * Mie Jue = 灭绝. The thing is, I’m not sure if this is a name or something along the lines of an online username. Given the nature of the characters, I’m inclined to believe it’s more of a screen name if anything along the lines of “Extinguished” as the name.

    ** This text speak is almost like gibberish to me. TBH i’m taking a strong guess what is being said here. Some of these characters I had to guess what they mean because their archaic. The way the husky image person is speaking is rather archaic. It’s lost on me why someone would speak like this (it doesn’t appear to look like text lingo) other than because that person is an otaku/chuuni whatever word you prefer. “學痮伱恠説甚庅……朲鎵聽囨忄董……”

    *** 尓説白勺σκ縞堔 is one line. I have absolutely no clue what part of this means. It incorporates archaic speech and what I believe is online slang? If anyone knows please do tell LOL and I thought working on FTA gave me a good basis for slang……

    **** WangWang = 旺旺上. You may remember before the rewrite that I had said it was the Ali Baba app. To be honest, I’m not quite sure anymore. For simplicity’s sake, I translated it normally as prosperity.

    ***** 太极 = Taiji. Referred to in Chinese mythology as the origin of things or perhaps that which is supreme/absolute/omnipotent and omniscient. I translated this as primordial apex. Perhaps this is one thing better off left untranslated.

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    Chapter 8: The Most Complicated Seems Most Simple
    “Ding dong…” Shutting off the computer, he lightly rapped the table. In a flash, customary calm fell over the room as everyone’s sight was trained on him. All of the were stunned, and the loud clamor of discussion instantly broke out.

    They simply didn’t place this young, muddle-headed paratrooper in their eyes.

    “Settle down.” Xu Yangyi picked up his cup, taking a sip of tea neither hurriedly nor slowly.

    The sound of discussion quieted down to an extent, and Vice Captain Chen cast a roll of his eyes as usual.

    “Tonight, I’m going to apprehend the serial killer. Once the arrest is done, I will leave Sanshui City.” Xu Yangyi blew on his tea, making the tea wedge quietly bob up and down.

    In the next second, everyone present went silent.

    You got eyes on me and I got eyes on you. Vice Captain Chen widened his eyes at Old Zhu, and Old Zhu widened his eyes back in return.

    Had they seen a ghost in broad daylight?

    The greenhorn had said he was going to arrest a criminal? Even more, a serial killer?

    What was he shooting off his mouth for! He slept over yesterday’s discussion! And today, he was going to catch a criminal?! Do you think you’re Sherlock Holmes? Or Conan and Kindaichi?!

    “Captain Xu…” A forty-odd-year-old police officer murmured uncertainly. Speaking about the job, he was serious, as well: “Handling a case is a very rigorous job… We need the location of where the criminal will appear and investigate his modus operandi… We don’t have any of these things……”

    “I have been very rigorous.” Xu Yangyi waved his hand: “The information source is unquestionably reliable. The city leadership has approved of it; if anything happens, I shall bear the responsibility.”

    “How can you bear the responsibility!” Anger sprouted from within Vice Captain Chen’s heart. He suddenly stood up, and his voice resounded like a copper gong: “After you finish handling this case, you’re leaving! How can you bear the responsibility? Isn’t it going to be me that gets to inherit this crock of a mess!”

    “Now you see here!” He pointed at all the people present: “We of the Disciplinary and Investigations Unit are hoping for a big case, so our names will ring from east to west! The brothers and sisters are all longing for this case! In the past, Captain Gong would take a hands on approach with a case! Think it over step by step! These words are unpleasant to listen to, but you’re a rookie! Are you as experienced as we are? If you take charge of this case, what’s going to happen if a problem comes up? Is it you’re frightened that I’ll steal your thunder?

    “Captain Xu, everyone knows you’re a gilded plate. It doesn’t matter, which department doesn’t have someone like that?” A female policewoman seemed to speak respectfully: “However, a gilded plate should know how a gilded plate is to act. You shouldn’t touch that which can’t be touched, acquiring contributions is proper business, wouldn’t you say?”

    The implication — no — what she was saying was clear as day. The most disgusting person was one that didn’t understand diddly-squat, but still insisted on charging into battle with a grasped blade!

    The present Xu Yangyi had evidently taken on the role as a person detested by even dogs.

    Xu Yangyi wasn’t angry at all, sweeping his eyes over everyone. This was a job and was to be treated like a job; he had always followed the rules to a tee.

    “I can’t talk about the information source. None may hear of it, as well...”

    “Hehe…” Old Zhu laughed hollowly and added on a few words: “So, none of us can hear of the captain’s source... Are you saying there’s a rat among us? Who’s the rat? The triads? There seems to be no such thing in China. Narcotic traffickers? Our Sanjiang City is located in the far west; there’s not enough profitability on the left side of the country. Drugs have always floated in from the southeast. Captain Xu, I just can’t take what you’ve said at face value.”

    Xu Yangyi was still neither arrogant nor impatient, speaking indifferently: “Listen until I have finished speaking.”

    “There’s no need to speak!” Vice Captain Chen snorted coldly and stood up. Not to mention any disrespect, in the Disciplinary and Investigations Unit, anyone could make a rebuke as long as they obeyed their commands. However, the captain couldn’t be scolded in any measure! Furthermore, of the people in the  Disciplinary and Investigations Unit, how many of them had cool and collected temperaments? Everyday, they had run-ins with the dregs of society, wishing they could arrest and beat the crap out of them.

    They only admired strength. Without strength, one simply wouldn’t continue to get along in this setting. So what you’re a paratrooper? Even if you were a galactic marine, it wouldn’t be of any use. At worst, I’ll just kiss some ass and get a better job somewhere else! I’ll resign and become a private detective!**

    Xu Yangyi closed his eyes.

    “I do not approve of your leadership, Captain Xu! If leadership is needed, I, Old Zhu, and Old Qin are all capable! The psycho killer is also up for everyone’s contribution…”

    “Shut the fuck up.”

    In the next second, the teacup lid suddenly flew out, and eight cries of alarm rang out afterwards.

    “The fuck!”

     “What’s going on?”

    “What’s happened?!”


    The chairs of a few people had been cleanly bisected!

    “Ding!” A fragile sound rang out; something had struck into the wall. The echo reverberated uninterrupted.

    The room was silent like it had returned to the day when Xu Yangyi had threw the fountain pen.

    Old Zhu’s forehead was slick with sweat, and he trembled as he faced towards the place where the last brittle sound had rang out from. However, upon a mere glance, his entire being petrified, completely left dumbfounded where he stood!

    There was a teacup lid in that location.

    A normal, delicate porcelain teacup lid. It was an extremely brittle, elegant porcelain yet it had been handled like a sharp sword. Less than half of it was embedded into the wall, as for the other half…

    It was completely stuck in the wall!

    This fragile teacup lid had still been in Xu Yangyi’s hand in the last second, but in the next, it had split apart three chair legs like a hidden weapon, accurately nailing into the wall! Moreover, the lid hadn’t injured a single person!

    He cast his gaze over, and subsequently, so did Old Zhu, who after hissing coldly, went deathly still once again.

    After that, it was Old Qin and then the remainder of the others that followed.

    One, two, three…

    Everyone had seen that teacup lid!

    This was different than the hurled pen during last occasion. When the pen plunged into the table, it was obvious that the table was extremely cheap. While perhaps none of them could accomplish such a feat, it was still within the scope of human understanding. This time, it had completely exceeded that which they could grasp!

    All of them felt their throats go cold.

    “Hehe…” Old Zhu, a middle-aged woman, laughed hollowly, a laugh even more unsightly in comparison to weeping and stuttered: “T-t-this is a special teacup, right…”

    No one paid any heed to her, or perhaps it was because everyone still hadn’t recovered from their shock. 

    “Turn around.” Xu Yangyi’s voice echoed from behind them. Everyone sluggishly turned their heads and looked at him as if he had grown a second head. 

    “I tried to play nice, but none of you listened.” Xu Yangyi had already opened his eyes: “Congratulations, you’ve thoroughly pissed me off.”

    “Time and time again, over and over… How many times have I reminded you all? But none of you listened, none of you still didn’t listen…” He suddenly slammed the table with a bang. Xu Yangyi stood up with eyes raging: “I’m not your fucking wet nurse!”

    “The municipal committee has spent no small amount of effort to request me. You ought to love me for joining this Disciplinary and Investigations UNit!” Xu Yangyi glowered with his sword-like brows, his voice even sharper than a knife, absent of his ordinarily deadened appearance. He pointed at the door: “Don’t like how I do things!? Then get the fuck out of here right now!”

    No one moved, or rather… didn’t dare to move.

    It seemed like no one had expected that this was his true fury.

    The flying pen from last time had truly only been a minor warning.

    “Leave, don’t you see I’m pissed off?” Xu Yangyi down a gulp of tea, paused forcefully, and sneered grimly as he observed the crowd: “Frogs at the bottom of a well, how is one to know of the greatness of the Yangtze and Yellow Rivers? I’ll tell all of you two things.”

    He stuck up two of his fingers: “One, I was invited by the person you normally grovel and shout leader to. Open your ears up, I was invited! Why? It’s precisely because of this case.”

    “Thump, thump” The table made a noise as it was struck heavily, but no one uttered a word.

    The teacup lid was behind them; they wanted to speak… yet they had to restrain themselves.

    While his voice became serene once more, it was frighteningly icy. Being looked at by each and everyone of his silently dumbstruck “colleagues”, he snorted: “Two, this is a case that none of you can touch.”

    “I’m finished speaking.” He sat down on his chair, crossing one of his legs over the other and holding his teacup with both hands: “You don’t like how things are being done, GET THE HELL OUT!”

    “The few of you that were students of the police academy, can you tell me how to write the two characters for ‘obey’? I gave you all face, yet all of you still want to climb over me? Hehe… Who gave you all such self-confidence? Who the fuck told you I was a paratrooper!”

    “The first time I reminded you, you didn’t understand. If you still don’t get it the second time around, it serves you all right to stay as small-time cops for your entire lives!”

    His deafening voice reverberated within the room. Not a single person dared to look him in the face.

    This was might. Even if all of their might was added together, it would still fall before Xu Yangyi at this moment.

    Xu Yangyi coolly observed everyone. Originally, he hadn’t wanted to argue with these people in particular; they were all mortals, they weren’t the same as him. It wasn’t necessary to argue. However…

    It was essential that the capture be carried out tonight!

    He still didn’t have his diploma; right now he was only an intern! How could things take so much effort?

    Thus, the most complicated seemed to be the most simple. Rather than argue with them and explain himself, it was better to user thunderous methods to leave them completely speechless.

    The result was evidently quite good.

    “If anyone has objections, I’ll give you three seconds to stand up and get out.”

    Old Qin was fairly absent minded. It seemed as if at this moment, she had seen Captain Gong of the past once again.

    No one said anything, even Vice Captain Chen, Old Zhu, and Old Qin, the three most senior members, were silent, as well.

    “Since there’s nothing else, then I…”

    “Hold up!” In the end, Vice Captain Chen gritted his teeth and said: “You… No, Captain Xu, you were really invited over by the city leadership?”

    To make the higher-ups request him… How great was his reputation?

    However, he, Vice Captain Chen, on the contrary had never heard of this person’s name.

    Moreover, not to mention Xu Yangyi was in his early twenties; what could he know? His accumulated experience was insufficient!

    Vice Captain Chen had been totally suppressed by the other’s might. He chose to accept it as the truth, yet he still held his skepticisms. 

    “There are forces whose names you aren’t capable of knowing.” Xu Yangyi said without much thought: “The mission location will be announced tonight before we set off. Everyone isn’t to advance the line, you will be on standby 500 meters behind. If anything escapes, no matter what it is, shoot it dead on the spot. This is your sole duty.”

    Silence fell, and after two minutes, Xu Yangyi flipped open his cell phone again. It wasn’t until Old Zhu’s eyeballs rounded into saucers that he asked: “F-finished?”

    “Are you guys hoping for the major battle strength to be a heavy firepower squad?” Xu Yangyi lifted his head with a smile that wasn’t a smile: “We’re finished. Although I really don’t want to say it to you guys, I’ll still say it. Believe me. WE’RE DONE.”

    Even until everyone left, they still felt dazed, walking amidst clouds and mists.

    How would you feel if the bunny rabbit transformed into the big bad wolf in the blink of an eye?

    That was their present moods.

    Furthermore… this big bad wolf’s background was too mysterious. In a minute or two, their impressions of Xu Yangyi’s character in the past two days had been overthrown in a split second.

    “Vice Captain Chen…” Old Zhu patted Vice Captain Chen’s shoulder from behind and said softly: “Are we… really going  to obey him?”

    Vice Captain Chen was silent for quite a while, until he gritted his teeth: “We shall!”

    “What he said wasn’t wrong! Compliance is our primary directive. However…” He snorted coldly: “If he screws up tonight, even if I have to pierce through the heavens, I’m going to gut that paratrooper!”

    “I don’t believe there’s no law of the land in this world! I really want that big-talking showboater to fuck up! Even if I can’t eat this rice bowl, I don’t care how great his backer is, I’m going to pry him open with my bare hands!”

    *柯南金田一 AKA Conan and Kindaichi. Was staring at this chinese for a while trying to figure out what it was besides giving a go at it in google. Turns out I already knew, but didn’t realize the chinese pronunciation. If you don’t know, Conan and Kindaichi are respectively two of Japan’s greatest fictional detectives. You guys probably know of Detective Conan (anime), but Kindaichi is an older Japanese detective story, rated as one of Japan’s best. If not THE best detective story in Japan.

    **宇宙陆战队 - Galactic marine. Kinda had no idea what this was at first, but it seems to be a term related to starcraft. I do not like starcraft LOL

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    Chapter 9: Berserker (1)
    At night, half past eleven.

    Three cars drove on a road leading out towards the city outskirts. Everyone was in the car with their eyes hung low, their expressions solemn.

    The sound of the car was extremely quiet and smooth, as well. As the scenery outside the windows extended further and further into the outskirts, the buildings on either side became more and more infrequent. Everyone’s heart was filled with complex feelings.

    They were really going to arrest the criminal…

    Their superiors had truly approved of it!

    “Old Chen...” Old Zhu loaded up his rifle with bullets, scanned his surroundings, and said lowly: “Could it really be true… what Captain Xu said, that he was actually requested to come? How was the last-minute notification approved?”

    Holding a cigarette in his mouth, Vice Captain Chen slightly narrowed his eyes with the corner of his mouth hanging because of his vaporous smoking After a while he snorted: “I still didn’t believe it before… but now, I really do believe it a bit. Why was our response to Chief Zheng met with ambiguity? Why isn’t the Mayor and Municipal Committee Secretary saying anything? If he was invited to come, then everything would’ve been relayed!”

    “He’s not a paratrooper?” Old Zhu pinched a bullet between his fingers, still a bit reluctant to believe: “How old is he? Even if he started studying from the womb, his work experience isn’t nearly as long as ours. How is this possible?”*

    “Whether or not he is, everything will be clear tonight.” The policewoman Qin Wanyu took an ammo clip, loaded her rifle with it, and exerted her strength on it as the ammo clip made a screeching metallic sound. She tidied the police uniform on her body: “If you don’t believe it, how can I? I’ve never even heard of a kid being requested of before! However, it’s no use saying this now. We’ll know soon enough.”

    After ten more minutes passed, the car stopped. As everyone of the Disciplinary and Investigations Unit got out of the car, they were thoroughly stunned.

    Ahead of them was an unfinished construction site. It wasn’t all that big and there weren’t any buildings in its surroundings.

    The sound of the late night wind poured in from a dilapidated window through a ruined corridor and drifted out from the other side, like a countless number wraiths wailing as they revolved around the building. 

    Not a glimmer of light or a sliver of human presence could be seen within. The ruined building was like an enormous beast perched in the darkness. It seemed to give people an indescribable sensation of sinister terror. 

    Yet this wasn’t much to consider at all. The crux of the matter was the heavy encirclement of people stationed in front of them!

    “Captain… Captain Gao?” Vice Captain Chen was looking at a man in the not so far off distance and asked in amazement: “Why have you come?”

    “What, you want to stop me…” Captain Gao laughed towards the side and lifted his chin: “Take a look over there. That’s Major Zhou of the military police. Sanshui City’s three forces are also in attendance; All of the captains have brought their squadrons over.”

    With over a hundred men… A wire fence that not even a water drop would be able to escape out of formed the surroundings of the run-down building!

    The people of the Disciplinary and Investigations Unit glanced at each other simultaneously. 

    Had they seen a ghost?

    Was this the arrest of a criminal?

    Wasn’t this using a heavy fist to strike a housefly?

    Not to mention a single criminal, even ten, twenty, no, a hundred criminals wouldn’t be able escape by any means!

    The machine guns reflected a dead appearance beneath the moonlight, black in color and deathly still, bearing a sensation that made the courage of men tremble coldly without exception. What kind of criminal required such military weaponry?

    “This is fucking crazy!” The end of Old Zhu’s cigarette fell out of his mouth, and he observed the current scene in amazement, his lips trembling: “I’ve handled cases for many years… but I’ve never seen a spectacle like this before!

    Layer and layer doubts arose within his heart. Who had said the criminal was here? How had the transfer of the entire city’s ordinance passed through the city government? What criminal required so much action? Was Batman sealed off inside?**

    “You don’t know? I still don’t either!” Captain Gao heavily swallowed his saliva: “The order that all of Sanshui City’s army, military police, and public security have received is follows: in case something appears within the perimeter of a 100 meters, do not hesitate to shoot it dead on the spot at all costs. Hehe… In all my years I’ve been a police officer, I’ve never heard of such a command!”

    “Thing?” Officer Qin keenly caught onto this word and it flashed across her mind, yet she didn’t understand any of it. She only felt this command was too strange: “It’s not a… person?”

    Who fucking knew?

    Vice Captain Chen and Captain Gao exchanged glances, both of their eyes reflected a loss.

    “The city government has gone dumb. I heard a paratrooper came to fuck around and bullshit.” Captain Gao waved his hand: “How great is this kid’s background that all these people are moved to arrest a criminal? This is in the fucking defiance of the heavens!” 

    “Have we come to the wrong place?” A new police officer’s forehead was drenched with a cold sweat. The somber atmosphere of the present scene made him simply not dare to speak loudly: “How about we ask the Captain?”

    “You guys haven’t come to the wrong place.” Before the police officer’s voice even fell, a familiar voice rang out from behind him. Xu Yangyi walked over: “Your mission is to deal with the aftermath.”

    “Captain Xu!” At this time, Vice Captain Chen was still of mind to argue with Xu Yangyi and immediately turned his head and said: “Why have these people come?” We’re only arresting a killer! Who the heck is it? C-Captain Xu! You…”

    As soon as he turned his head, he was stunned in his entirety. It wasn’t only him that was dazed; everyone that got a look was stunned, as well.

    Xu Yangyi was standing there rather calmly. There wasn’t anything different about him ordinarily. However…

    He was surprisingly geared in camouflage! He wasn’t wearing his police uniform!

    “Captain Xu…” Old Zhu was dazed for quite a while and said trill of voice: “Your… gun?”

    “Gun?” Xu Yangyi rubbed his fists and locked his slender fingers together, producing a cracking sound: “I don’t need one.”

    “This… This is the heavy firepower you spoke of?!” Vice Captain Chen’s voice was shaky as he pointed at the encirclement of men before him: “You transferred the entire city’s armed forces?!”

    Xu Yangyi glanced at him indifferently, the corner of his mouth faintly turned upwards, yet his next words made Vice Captain Chen nearly leap!

    “Stay where you should, rookie.” Xu Yangyi loosened up his shoulder and narrowed his eyes: “Special things… should be handed over to the specialist to take care of.”

    Vice Captain Chen choked back on the breath of air in his chest, and even as his lips trembled for a period of time, he still did not regain his composure. He only used his finger to point falteringly at Xu Yangyi, his lips shivering.

    Xu Yangyi paid no heed to him and said into the microphone line he flipped over from his collar: “Ready?”

    “No problems… After you enter, I’ll activate the Big Dipper Heaventail Formation immediately and isolate all visual and sound… I’m really looking forward to our harvest this time!” Mao Ba’er’s familiar voice rang out from the transceiver.

    Xu Yangyi nodded and inhaled deeply. His gaze began to turn cautious, and he lifted up his hand.

    Even if his mind was in disarray, not a sound could be heard at this moment.

    The only sound left remaining was the low hum of the summer night insects. Such a deathly-still silence, a terrifying silence, a tense silence was like that of a heel maggot slowly creeping upwards every person’s heart.

    Captain Gao’s vision flickered and he raised his hand. The troops under his command wordlessly raised their rifles. With another wave of the hand, the army soldiers on the other side raised their rifles. 

    “Clip, clip, clip…” Like a silent rallying song, a sonata of firearms, the rifles were loaded.

    Xu Yangyi took a long, deep breath, raising his leg and moving forwards.

    His silhouette seemed to become weaker and weaker, darker and darker. In not much time, he couldn’t be seen any longer.

    “I’ve already entered the Big Dipper Heaventail Formation. You can relax, pretty boy.” A strange laughter could be heard from the transceiver, yet Xu Yangyi didn’t laugh, rather he kneeled on the ground with a single knee and took out a bamboo stick from his pocket. Inside the bamboo, there was a floating liquid that refracted the brilliance of the moon.

    “Demonslaying crossbow? Pretty boy, you’re will to part with this capital?”

    “Well, if you hadn’t touched my money, I would’ve originally had more than a single crossbow bolt.” Xu Yangyi shook his right hand, and with a swishing noise, the camouflaged sleeve on his right hand crumbled apart in a flash. An exquisite, rectangular iron case was fastened on to his hand.

    “Klack… Klack!” Following a light burst of noise, the crossbow that was tightly attached to his wrist suddenly sprung forth like the flapping wings of a tiercel desiring to take flight. Originally, it had taken on the form of an iron case, but like a transformer, it swiftly morphed into an exquisite and compact crossbow!

    The crossbow exterior wasn’t different from the ones seen on television at all. However, it was carved with mysterious and arcane runes all over its body! Moreover, the runes were flickering with blue edges that made the heart tremble!

    On it’s flight groove, there was an arrow, simple and unadorned. The iron bolthead was already extremely mottled, only the rust-worn bolthead was dressed in an even more profound talisman. 

    “Are you certain nothing is wrong with the formation?” Xu Yangyi asked once more, taking the bolthead and inserting it into the water inside the bamboo pipe without delay. “If the true body of the demon is seen by ordinary people, not to mention me even graduating, I’ll be lucky if I don’t get sentenced.” 


    Xu Yangyi closed his eyes and tightly pursed his lips.

    This was his first demon extermination… For all his many years of cultivation, he would finally be able to see the result today!

    In the end, what kind of trash was it? A psychopath that killed twelve people, had extremely strange spiritual force fluctuations, and dared to attack the city hall… 

    “Let me test out the purity, alright.” As he opened his eyes, they were already filled with an eerie  killing intent.

    A wisp of a deep-blue netherworldly flame began to rage from the bolthead!

    The night wind whistled, and Xu Yangyi lift his hand up reticently.

    “Cricket…” Like the chime of a bell and the cry of wildlife, the night wind blew over his hand, and a devilish blue flame the length of his arm roared out, yet it burned unhindered. Its dazzlingly radiance made the moon in the sky lose its color. 

    At this moment, the wind rolled and the clouds moved. Killing intent filled the air..

    A soundless killing intent that could cause people to tremble in silence!

    With a wave of his hand, a cloud-penetrating bolt, a blue bolthead carrying an eye-dazzling blue edge loudly charged up into the sky with a swoosh! It’s splendor was the same as the moon!

    “Hum!” An azure shower of flowers with bewitching flame tails dragging a meter in length came into view in the sky. From the bolt, one tail split into two, two tails split into four, and four tails split eight… In the blink of an eye, the brilliant blaze seemed to the draw the outline of the trajectories of a celestial chart in the middle of the night sky, making the starry ceiling lose its color.

    “Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh!” The sound of shattered sky barraged the ear without end, stony rubble pierced clouds, and raging waves beat against the shore. Bolts that were resplendent like shooting stars carrying long flaming tails launched towards the black-painted building with a speed incapable of being seized with the naked eye.

    Streaks of blue flame scars interweaved in the sky, and the black clouds pulled back. Like a stratum of blue clouds tearing open the black night, the moon and stars were dim without luminance.  

    Yet just at this moment, the run-down building stirred.

    Like the entire building was the chasm of the devil’s box, countless black shadows suddenly bore out from the pit! In the next second… all that was caused by the bolthead completely faded away!

    The only thing remaining was the blazing curtain formed by the interweaving azure flame that colored the entire sky.

    Xu Yangyi’s expression finally turned grave in a split second.

    In that flickering moment where he had fired long ago, both of his eyes had metamorphosed into a red color, taking in that flashing shadow, capturing it entirely within his eyes. 

    A towering black shadow… A shadow that completely engulfed all of the flames; it was… a serpent.

    A boundless black serpent shot out like arcing lightning from the runned-down building and then retreated demon-like once more. The inside of the building seemed to have become the nest of an immeasurable serpent! 

    *Literally “Isn’t airborne?” I guess paratroopers in China are serious business

    **蝙蝠侠 = this is what the Chinese call Batman, folks. Literally: Bat Hero

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    Chapter 10: Berserker (2)
    “Swish…” Xu Yangyi disrobed himself of his coat and folded it neatly, placing it on the ground.

    As he stretched out and loosened up his neck and wrists, cracking sounds echoed out.

    “This is a berserker.” Xu Yangyi leaned his upper body over lowly, and the moonlight shed upon it. His muscles weren’t developed, yet they were tight and delicate, possessing an astonishing explosive force. His posture was like that of a hunting cheetah, and his ears were like that of a wild beast, slightly trembling as they caught onto every sound of blowing wind and rustling grass in his surroundings.

    Every one of his nerves stretched out to the extreme. Not only was this his graduation exam’s final subject, moreover it was the first genuine demon he had confronted — it wasn’t one of those Form Transformation demons, but rather a berserker that was incapable of assuming human form!

    For some demons, Berserker Syndrome occurred as they were on death’s door and unable to make a breakthrough. This kind of resentment would lead to them madly hating humans, believing them to have squeezed down upon their room for survival. Their bodies were no longer capable of sustaining a relative human form, but rather they would transform step by step into their most primal demon form, ultimately turning into full demons.

    During the course of these events, a berserker would become increasingly addicted to killing and  progressively become more ruthless. Then, at the instant it fully demonized, its hatred towards human would arrive at the zenith! A mad carnage would unfold!

    No matter whether it was a human or demon, due to Berserker Syndrome, they had to kill! Their existences already threatened the fragile bonds between humans and demons.

    Suddenly, a penetrating, void-shattering sound mixed with low hissing traveled across 500 meters like a sharpened arrow that had left its bow string! Carrying a bright-red color and with a speed that humans simply wouldn’t be able to react to, it broke across the sky!

    Xu Yangyi’s gaze unexpectedly saucered, and he twisted towards his left side reflexively.

    “Boom…” A noise echoed heavily, like a tremendous fist hammered the ground. At this moment, everyone on the outside was stunned.

    “Old Qin… You felt that?” Vice Captain Chen asked the policewoman suspiciously: “Just now… did the ground quake?”

    As if they were being separated by a gigantic glass screen, they simply couldn’t hear the sound coming from within. But while they couldn’t observe the scene inside, the heavy feeling on the ground surface passed into their bodies.

    “It’s like…” Officer Qin furrowed her brows. What had happened? The ground was suddenly shaking?

    Within the “glass”, the ground at Xu Yangyi’s side was already inundated with many half-a-meter-sized holes! The clothes that he had placed there had long vanished into thin air!

    In midair, a blood-red shadow was in the midst of an explosive retreat. He simply didn’t consider it as his two legs trudged forward, his entire being rushing forward like a sharpened arrow leaving its bow string!

    “Huff!” Like an artillery shell was fired, the grass at the side of his foot dispersed in a great circle with him in the eye of it.

    He leapt over a dozen meters in distance! Up in the air, the red shadow and the black shadow that was his figure, were like chasing stars overtaking the moon! He unwaveringly stared down the shadow retreating at lightning speed and suddenly caught onto the tip of the red shadow with both of his hands!

    “Hiss!” Soon after, a sharp hiss cried out. He was like an enormous stone sculpture, falling down from midair to the ground with the weight of a thousand catties. With a rumble, The dust that covered the ground scattered about like a shock wave with him as nucleus of it!*

    The night wind blew forth, brushing away at the dusty mist.

    It was an enormous tongue. Covered in nauseating yellow saliva, the meat of the tongue was red in color.

    One end of the creature wasn’t within the building. It wasn’t known when, but many gigantic holes had already appeared on the structure. Inside it, there was a thing refracting the rays of the moon. At the back of its tongue, there was a rolled up pile of tattered clothes. From where he stood, Xu Yangyi firmly pulled the tip of its tongue like a tug-of-war. 

    He pulled with a single hand from where he stood, and the blue arteries of his hand began to reveal themselves, every muscle and vein clearly visible. His legs had already dug out a ravine over a dozen meters in length in the ground! Surprisingly, his feet could not be seen anymore!

    Pure strength, bodily strength, this was a maneater’s most terrible aspect! A demon’s body was much more powerful than that of a human's!**

    “A competition of strength?” A cold light flashed at the back of his eyes: “How unfortunate. My strength is no laughing matter, as well.”

    On both of his hands, a series of runes mystifyingly revealed themselves. Immediately following, his muscles all over his entire body expanded like they were filled with air. From his stature of 1.8 meters he transformed into a giant exceeding over two meters!

    “Solution Ninety-Five — Dragon Biting!”

    The qi of his entire body coalesced in his hand, and a simple, incorporeal blade surprisingly appeared. He suddenly chopped down with it!

    “Hiss!” Just as the seemingly illusory blade was about to touch its tongue, a blood-curdling screech followed in the wake of four bloody florets! A tongue that was no less than the thickness of a man had been severed from inside like a taut bow! 

    In the next second, the entire ground began to tremble!

    Xu Yangyi firmly fixed his eyes below his feet. How enormous was this demon? He knew that the demon at the top of the Venture Pharmaceuticals building was no less than thirty to forty meters in size. The body of a berserking demon... would absolutely not be any smaller!

    It… was on the cusp of revealing itself!


    Like the eruption of an underground fountain, the ground around him suddenly burst open!

    Immediately following, the ground didn’t halt at a single section, but rather countless areas! It was as if an infinite number of fountains buried beneath the ground had completely ruptured forth with a rumble!

    The yellow grains of sand that filled the sky were like night-time clouds and mists, making even the moon lose its color.

    “My god! What’s going on?!”
    “What’s happening!” 

    “Earthquake?! Earthquake!”

    Vice Captain Chen looked around at his surrounding in amazement; the ground was obviously shaking! He had started to believe it was of his own imagination, but he discovered in the next second that it wasn’t so!

    “Ka thunk!” At his side, the water cup he had placed on the hood of the Disciplinary and Investigation Unit’s car had spilled over!

    Everyone hefted their rifles at command. In this moment, not a single person was still standing steadily! It seemed like there was a gigantic creature beneath the ground just about to drill out of the earth’s surface, as if it was charging out!

    Officer Qin supported herself against a car in astonishment. The tremors beneath her feet were far too intense, however, at the moment she managed to regain a bit of her standing, her eyes suddenly needled!

    “My… god…” She sluggishly looked ahead of herself. There weren’t any changes with the pitch-black run-down building. However…

    It was because it was without a shred of change!

    This earthquake, so abrupt and so fierce, caused everything to shake! A soldier holding his gun wasn’t even able to grasp onto his rifle! Yet the building hadn’t shaken!

    As if the  building hung suspended in the middle of a snow globe, the area all around the building trembled. In comparison to the motionless building though, it was simply far too inharmonious!

    “Old Qin! Old Qin!” Old Zhu approached and tugged at her, yet he was brushed away by her hand.

    “What’s happened to you!” Old Zhu worriedly pressed down on her shoulder: “Get down now! Don’t you know this is an earthquake!”

    Officer Qin appeared not to have sensed such a thing at all. She only looked at the seemingly static building, her lips trembling.

    “Is this… sorcery?”

    Within the Big Dipper Heaventail Formation, sand had already covered the ground and dust had blocked out the sun.

    At the center of the cloud formed by dust, wind, and air, a tremendous shadow like Optimus Prime calmly towered within, as if it was a guard dragon in the mists.

    It was a serpent.

    A tremendous serpent, a black serpent like the blackness of death. Its skull was three to four meters in size, its sapphire eyes were pervaded by a layer of abnormal red, and its gigantic maw was like an abyss. In the midst of the dust-filled sky, its two eyes were like two enormous blue searchlights, carrying a deathly-still gaze as it looked at everyone. 

    Its length could not be reckoned, its height could not be distinguished, and its thickness could not be discerned.

    Yet it did not stop here… there were also more than a hundred little serpents on top of the ruptured surroundings. Even the smallest one could be said to possess the thickness of a man’s waist. Nevertheless, they were simply incapable of being compared to the tremendous serpent that was approximately as thick as a room!

    Standing in front of the serpent in contrast, Xu Yangyi was like an ant standing across from a tree.

    “Swish!” The serpent’s head slowly drew itself upwards accompanied by a long hiss. The monstrous serpent raised its head and bathed itself the moonlight, enveloping Xu Yangyi in darkness and generating a heaven-and-earth-shaking cry!


    While it had a gigantic body, in the next second, it seemed to be an arc of black lightning as it suddenly charged several tens of meters in front of itself!

    At the same time, the hundred plus little serpents in his surroundings were like a cage, filling the sky with the sound of hissing. Bringing with them a strong, repulsive wind, they all shot towards the same spot!

    Exactly where Xu Yangyi was situated!

    “Boom… Boom! Boooom!” The sound of the ground shattering in uninterrupted succession made the scalps of everyone who heard it turn numb!

    “Boom… Boom…” Outside the formation, Old Zhu sat on the ground, watching the car at the side suddenly “jump” just as he wiped his sweat away.

    Very light, rather heavy, awfully oppressive, and quite subtle. It was like in Jurassic Park where the car jumped in the same manner as when Tyrannosaurus Rex stomped on the ground. 

    The corners of his eyes fluttered immediately afterwards.


    The entire ground began to tremble madly! The intensity was several tens of times greater than the tremors from moments ago!

    “Merciful Heavens!” Captain Gao supported himself unsteadily against the car in a state of fright: “Earthquake! Earthquake!”

    “Damn!” Vice Captain Chen only had time to let loose a screech. The violent tremors made both his legs go soft, and he fell down on the ground, landing flat on his butt!

    “What the heck is happening!” He gritted his teeth rigidly. Should they retreat? Should he sound the call? The captain still hadn’t come out, however…

    Such violent tremors could be an earthquake greater than a five on the richter scale!  Furthermore… he kept on having a kind of unusual feeling. This earthquake… was right below his feet!

    “Captain! What’re we doing!” 

    “Instructor, what are we doing now?” 

    “Why is there an earthquake all of a sudden?” 

    “What the heck happened?”

    Cries of alarm rose and fell in succession, there wasn’t any person that knew; what on earth was going on? Why was it that there were such violent tremors all of a sudden?

    Moreover, there wasn’t a single person that had heard… the slamming of over a hundred snakes against the ground, nor their wretched shrieks and any of their biting. There was only the heavy impact on the ground like that of a beating drum, smashing the floor and pounding into the earth once more, the pitter patter of shattered rain!

    An ocean of serpents continued to rush forth like they were attacking a mouse, chomping down… If someone was placed in the midst of this, they would certainly be torn to pieces!

    “Swish!” No less than ten-odd minutes later did the surging tsunami come to a halt. In the center, a blood-drenched figure was standing tall in the thick of it.

    Xu Yangyi protected the vital points of his entire body with both of his hands. At this moment, he had finally been taken hold of.

    He swung his shoulder, making a popping noise, and as he twisted his neck once more, the sound of cracking echoed out.

    He had a smile on his face as always, merely, the crook of his mouth carried a blood-thirsty coldness.

    “Initial-stage Qi Condensation… It is Truly strange…” He pressed down on his leg unconsciously: “Your might is rather excessive, and I thought I would even be severely injured… but how could you be so weak?”

    “Berserker Syndrome coupled with the transformation of your most primal demon form should’ve raised your boundary at the very least by two minor stages. Even if you are at the initial stage, shouldn’t you be at least at the late stage right now?”

    “Not only are you weak, your strength fluctuations are moreover too great… This shouldn’t be, no?” He laughed, rubbing his pallid chin: “Has the qi sea within your body fallen into shambles? Has your willpower been swept away?”

    The tremendous serpent’s eyes unwaveringly locked onto Xu Yangyi. Over the course of their exchange of blows just now, its remaining consciousness informed it that the smiling human in front of it was quite strong… extremely strong! 

    It was correct that it shouldn’t have been so weak! It was true that it should’ve torn Xu Yangyi to pieces moments ago!

    “You’re afraid.” Xu Yangyi slowly walked over, smiling as always: “A problem has arisen from your body. Perhaps you didn’t take the initiative to lose yourself and become a maneater… Whatever, it's not important.”

    Before his voice even fell, he charged toward the serpent’s head like an arrow leavings its bow!

    “Solution Ninety-Seven. Tiger Crane!”

    *A catty is a term of measurement often seen in Chinese novels. From what I researched a catty is roughly half a kilogram, perhaps a little bit more, making it roughly one pound~. In other novels, you may see this unit of measure unlocalized as jin. 

    **异食癖 - maneater. Literally: “different eating habit” I figure maneater works best in this context.

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    Chapter 11: Earthburst Golden Lotus (1)
    He leapt several meters high, yet just as he neared, both of his arms neatly unfolded like the shining wings of a white crane. Following, he suddenly pressed downwards, surprisingly ascending several more meters once again!

    “Skraw!” The cawing of a crane cried out, resonating over the entire expanse!

    “Crack!” In the next second, Xu Yangyi’s hand suddenly caught on to the serpent’s jet-black, shimmering scale. Soon after he grabbed it, a rain of fishy, repulsive blood sprayed out high into the air!

    The seemingly steel-like scale had surprisingly been torn apart bare handed! Accompanied by the shredded scale, there was a shower of rancid blood, scattering down from high up in the sky!

    “Hiiiissssss!!” A long, heaven-shaking cry produced a formless sound wave that caused the sand on the ground to go flying! The blast was like the blowing of a small-scale sandstorm!

    Already at this moment, the blue veins on both of Xu Yangyi’s hands were completely exposed, and his five fingers were like the five claws of a beast! As long as one was met with it, their flesh would be immediately torn asunder! He was like a miniature drilling machine, boring a path through the tremendous serpent’s body!

    “Go up twenty meters, that’s where the weak point is.” Within his ear, Mao Ba’er’s voice continued to relay: “Its qi is changing there! That’s also where the serpent demon’s heart is!”*

    Xu Yangyi turned a deaf ear; at this moment, he was like a tiger running along the serpent’s back, one claw, one leg, completely ripping up wounds upon wounds that weren’t of a minor severity. As for him, he followed these wounds, using his fastest speed to charge outside of these twenty meters!

    “Whoosh!” Just at this time, a snow-white bone spur suddenly emerged out of the serpent’s back, bringing with it blood that colored the sky, skewering his arm! 

    His opponent was also fighting with every ounce of its being!

    Obviously, the remaining consciousness it possessed told it that this human undoubtedly held the strength to break through its defenses. Currently, its gargantuan body and the tremendous power brought with it wasn’t of the slightest use. The opponent was like a hornet, ruthlessly drilling great holes in its vitals!

    Life or death would be decided in these twenty meters! Xu Yangyi wanted to rush forth and slay his foe; the other had to expel him out within these twenty meters of flesh no matter the consequence, as well!

    “Thump… Thump, thump, thump, thump, thump!” The countless echoing of punctured flesh was accompanied by the furious roar of the tremendous serpent, resonating throughout the heavens and earth. In these twenty meters, an incalculable number of bone spurs, large and small, sprouted from the tremendous serpent’s punctured flesh, causing it to turn into a gigantic hedgehog! The twenty meters had become a path of blood-dyed bramble and thorn!

    These were its bones that had pierced out in reverse. Life or death would be spelled in these twenty meters!

    “Crack!” Xu Yangyi watched as the serpent’s back became covered in bony ridges and spurs in an instant. His opponent was also considerably decisive, even if it had lost its mind and granted that a major, unknown condition had occurred with its body. However… possibly because it was a demon that had lived properly to a grand old age in a complex world of human-demon coexistence, it was by no means a novice.

    He forcefully twisted off the bone spur, not retreating, but instead advancing. His speed rose to another level once again! He was like a train racing along towards the serpent’s head!

    The bone spurs were seemingly alive, becoming sharper and denser, cutting his body like blades as he took steps forward. With an ever-growing number of bone spurs entering his flesh, thighs, and arms, he obstructed his head with both of his hands, and murmured: “Solution Ninety…”

    “Pretty boy! Are you insane!” Before Xu Yangyi’s voice had fell, a surprised voice could be heard from the transceiver: “The Hundred Solutions is the only divine ability that a student of Heavens Law that hasn’t graduated yet can learn! The lower the number, the greater the might! If I haven’t remembered incorrectly, Solution Ninety is already the limit of what a student that hasn’t graduated can learn! You’re going to use too much force! The burden on your body will be too great!”

    “You’ll lose your life!”

    Xu Yangyi turned a deaf ear towards the voice coming from the transceiver. At this moment, the veins of his entire body seemed to come alive! Twisting, they interweaved on his whole body into a strange design!

    A qilin!**

    A qilin birthed by the sacrifice of his flesh!

    It was simply like a tattoo!

    In the second the design was formed, his entire body suddenly erupted in a burst of scarlet radiance like a roaming fireball, shattering the bony spurs and ridges up ahead with a bang!

    “Crack! Crack! Crack!” In the air, the blood-dyed bone spurs rained down like a floral shower. Beneath moonlight, the flaming ball of fire swiftly charged exuberantly towards the top of the tremendous serpent's head. If anyone saw this scene, it was guaranteed they wouldn’t be able to shout!

    “Hiss!” An incomparably sharp hiss cried out, life or death in a twinkling of instant. The realms of both sides weren’t high and their hidden aces weren’t many. The tremendous serpent’s giant eyes flashed, the shadow of death was swiftly approaching it. Followed by a furious roar, its entire body began to roll like a wheel!

    “Rumble, rumble, rumble…” The ground surface slightly trembled like an earthquake of fair strength was being experienced!

    However, after a mere three seconds, it stopped. The scales of the serpent’s whole body clanked as they trembled. 

    It was a frightening trembling, a shuddering like the god of death was standing atop its head.

    A hand, a human hand, a powerful hand, one that was smothered in blood, was already pressing down precisely on top of its Achilles heel. 

    Beneath moonlight, Xu Yangyi was covered in bone spurs, having truly become a hedgehog. His chest slightly heaved up and down, and he was covered in fresh blood from head to toe, towering over the tremendous serpent’s vitals. 

    The fishy taste of blood was strong… He licked his lips, letting a portion of the scorching liquid incense his placid arteries, letting the fishy taste flow down his throat.

    Its blood… This was its flavor…This was his final resort as he lifted his hand ahead.

    “Solution Ninety-One…”

    “Severing Dragon Typhoon!”


    Between heaven and earth, a streak of dull-blue light flashed, appearing like a flash of eminence at midnight and like that of a crack of thunder in the sky. At this moment, be it moonlight or starlight, both simultaneously lost color. Everyone’s sight was completely gathered on the flashing and waning of the scintillating rays above.***

    An instant of magnificence.****

    Only a momentary resplendence, illusory that it made people feel it wasn’t real.

    Xu Yangyi half-squatted on the floor, his left hand faintly trembling. In that sudden space of time, the arteries of his left hand abruptly burst open, and an arrow of blood fiercely jetted out from his veins.

    “Boom!” Behind him, a thundering sound echoed and dust scattered into the air. With a body thickness the size of the room and over a dozen meters in length, half of the tremendous serpent’s bisected body fell down behind him, accompanied by the heaven-rumbling explosion of dust.

    His strength from hair to toe ebbed away like a tidal wave. Every single one of his bones were clamoring in an overload of pain. However, at this time, a sharp voice suddenly could be heard from the transceiver: “Pretty boy! Watch out!”

    In the place where the tremendous serpent had been bisected, a dazzlingly brilliant red light spilled forth! The ray was like a sun rising amidst the darkness!

    “CRASH!” All around, a bursts of cracking and rumbling could be heard, and Xu Yangyi roared terribly!

    It was the sound of the Big Dipper Heaventail Formation breaking apart!

    This streak of devilish red light had directly sundered apart the Big Dipper Heaventail Formation with a bang! Moreover, it was coming straight for him!

    It was quite slender… At least in comparison to the corpse of the tremendous serpent. The ray was only approximately the thickness of an arm, and it was directly zoning in on Xu Yangyi’s heart!

    However… he was simply unable to move!

    The ray of red light was such that it couldn’t be said to be red light. His gaze had only met it for a brief instant, but his entire bodily strength and qi had disappeared in a flash!

    “Mao Ba’er!” He bellowed furiously, and a sharp voice could be heard immediately from the transceiver: “Understood!”

    At the moment the Big Dipper Heaventail Formation had gradually shattered, the corpse of the tremendous serpent had vanished in a blink!

    “Fuck me…” Xu Yangyi fiercely grinded his teeth; the hell you understand!

    He wanted Mao Ba’er to think up of a solution, yet the first thing he did was stow away the spoils of war!

    He hadn’t even finished speaking his words, because at that moment, an even stranger scene occurred!

    “Swooosh…” A gently swaying golden lotus slowly sprouted from the ground. It was sparkling and translucent; pure and limpid. Cloudy mists wound around it, making it appear as if it existed in another world, another dimension.

    It was like a hidden orchid in an empty valley, splendid and beautiful, in full bloom beneath moonlight.

    In its wake, there was a second flower… then the third flower… and then fourth… until there were countless flowers!

    Xu Yangyi was instantly surrounded by an immeasurable number of golden lotuses! He was like a saint walking among golden lotuses!

    “Earth… Earthburst Golden Lotus?!” Mao Ba’er yelled. If he had just screeched a moment ago, then his present yelling could be considered to have torn his heart out and cracked his lungs wide: “Pretty boy! Get out! Get out now! If these things hit you dead center, you’ll be fucking screwed!”*****

    The red light shone upon Xu Yangyi’s bitterly smiling face.

    Get out?

    At this moment, it was like he was being locked in place. Even if he wanted to move, he couldn’t.

    “Bang!” In the next second, he felt as if his stomach had been met with a heavy fist! His surroundings turned dark in front of him, and he was simply unable to control himself from frantically spraying out a mouthful of blood. His whole body went flying four to five meters, struck flying like a tattered sack, landing heavily on the ground once again!

    He didn’t regain consciousness until he saw the moon for a few seconds, and then he immediately hopped up. His first action was to touch his heart.

    He set his hand there, only feeling solid muscle. Surprisingly, there wasn’t a trace of a scar!

    “This is…” He lowered his head to take a look, and his gaze suddenly tensed.

    There was a fist-sized black lotus on his chest. It was unknown when, but it had already branded itself onto his chest.

    “Are… Are you alright?” Mao Ba’er’s suspicious, uncertain voice rang out in his earpiece.

    Xu Yangyi shut his eyes and sensed his entire body, shaking his head in confirmation.

    No one said anything. A legion of lingering suspicions laid within his and Mao Ba’er’s hearts.

    That thing, that ray of light… was more frightening than any creature that a book had ever explained to them! A human’s first reaction upon running into danger was to escape, yet that streak of light had simply “rejected” his “intention” of evasion!

    Speak of light and there will be light. This was more like a kind of “inherent” law of the world, like Newton’s Law of Universal Gravitation. The earth had its own intrinsic gravitational pull, and this ray of light had its own intrinsic law that made people incapable of dodging it.

    However, although he had been struck by it, Xu Yangyi was without the slightest of wounds!

    Not only was the black lotus on his chest not devilish, on the contrary, it revealed its own kind of mysterious charm, similar to that of an ornate tattoo.

    Xu Yangyi didn’t lower his guard one bit. The lotus’s appearance was too strange and there wasn’t any reasoning to justify it.

    “Crunch…” All of a sudden, a soft sound entered his ears. As if he had awakened from a dream, he immediately looked over.

    As far as his vision stretched, he was momentarily stunned once again.

    Just now, the tilestone path and lawn were devoid of any living things, but now…

    It had become filled with lotuses!

    Wilted lotuses, it was true, not false. They absolutely couldn’t have withered away moments ago, rather they were the kind that had already dried away in the wind. With a touch, they transformed into dried-up yellow catkins.

    The sound was that of a person stepping on the ground covered in dried-up lotuses.

    His vision flashed, and he recalled that not only had the streak of light branded a strange pattern on his chest a moment ago, but it had also… broken through the Big Dipper Heaventail Formation!

    The corpse of the tremendous serpent had been swiftly collected by Mao Ba’er as a spoil of war; they didn’t see it, however…

    What about the current desolation that filled their eyes like the gigantic craters on the moon surface? And as for the sudden advent of the field covered in withered lotuses?

    The atmosphere was silent, a stillness like that of death.

    “Clunk…” It wasn’t known whose rifle fell on the ground, since no one cared for it, but Xu Yangyi had seen it clearly. It was a second-year soldier with two yellow bars on his shoulder. Presently, the soldier was looking at the current scene incredulously and said in a daze: “My… god…”

    Afterwards, there wasn’t another whisper.

    It wasn’t that he wanted to say something, but rather the current scene was simply shocking that no one had words for it.

    * This doesn’t actually say weak point.The exact wording is 七寸, meaning seven inches. I was kinda confused at first, but this word is used to describe the weak points of snakes (the position of their hearts and where to hit) and later on, a more general term for just the weak point of any creature. I thought you guys would find it interesting. 

    ** Qilin - this is a chinese unicorn pretty much. Search Qilin for better representation.

    *** 昙花. Now I’m not actually sure about this translation. As it is, this word refers to a flower known as “The Queen of the Night” and “The Dutchman’s Pipe”. However, in Chinese, it is used to refer to a person who makes sudden unexpected gains in a momentary period of time, which is then often chalked up to luck.

    ****刹那芳华 - an instant of youth more like it. Used often to refer to the fleeting beauty of women as they were young.

    ***** Earthburst Golden Lotus is actually a real flower LOL. I thought it was made up, but found out it was real…
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    Chapter 12: Earthburst Golden Lotus (2)
    As if a meteor had devastated the landscape… the soaring streak of red light a moment ago had suddenly revealed their blood-drenched captain in front of everyone… and the ground covered in wilted lotuses.

    In that twinkling moment where everything was revealed, all words lost their original function.

    They were stunned. Besides being stunned, they were also shocked.

    It was unimaginable… Apart from unimaginable, it was also outrageous.

    “This… The heck is this…” Vice Captain Chen observed everything before his eyes in disbelief. What on earth had happened? What had just occurred moments ago? Even a moron would be able to see that the violent earthquake had occurred from a terrible blow to the ground by an unknown object. Now that the holes of all sizes of magnitude could be seen on the ground, everything could be explained for.

    What on earth had happened?

    What had struck the ground?

    Was there such an organism on earth?

    This… was a serial killer?

    Even a blind person could see a bloody battle had just been staged here moments ago, however… where was Captain Xu’s opponent?!

    Countless questions lingered on their minds, but suddenly, a voice echoed out. Captain Gao said in a trembling voice directed into his megaphone: “Everyone… b-besides people in charge, d-depart immediately… This is an order!”

    There were several parties in charge: the army’s three lieutenant colonels, Vice Captain Chen, and Captain Gao, yet all of them took the same action without consultation by walking towards Xu Yangyi.

    This was because… there was a tremendous, ten-meter-deep crater over at the side! It was simply too eye-catching to be ignored!

    Their footsteps were silent as they walked over to the side of the crater, and the several people traded looks with each other. They listlessly looked at the crater again, unable to say a single word.

    “C-Captain Xu…” It wasn’t known how much time had passed until Vice Captain Chen suddenly turned his head, gazing at Xu Yangyi with fiery eyes and said trilly: “J-just now, what the heck happened?”

    “What was up with that streak of red light?”

    “How did these lotus leaves get here?”

    “What’s up with this crater?”

    “Where’s the criminal? How did sir handle the criminal?”

    Too many questions. The rise of the first question was like a opening of the floodgates, frantically spilling out. The other several people no longer spoke as well, only their heated gazes made manifest were fixed onto Xu Yangyi.

    The landscape was already beyond scientific explanation… They didn’t dare to think of it, didn’t dare go in the direction that was as immeasurable as gods and devils… Why hadn’t they seen a single creature in front of them a moment ago, but in a second, like an edited video, how was it that so many things had suddenly appeared?

    No one could explain it besides the man in front of them… He was simply like the sole witness in a legend. Everyone’s hearts were bursting with curiously as they waited for him to speak.

    However, Xu Yangyi simply didn’t plan to give an explanation and sat down to treat his injuries: “Mao Ba’er, come out and clean up.”

    The muscles on everyone’s faces slightly cramped.

    The heck’s up with you, why don’t you say something, alright!

    One couldn’t use the excuse of hunting after a criminal to explain this kind of scene anymore, right?! With so many eyes fixed on you helplessly, you got the nerve to pretend there’s no one else around and treat your injuries!

    “Did you cause this?” Finally, Old Zhu couldn’t bear it any longer and asked.

    This ought to have been the case… The only person here was him… however…

    Was he still a goddamn human!

    Could a human cause these kinds of earthly alterations?

    Was a human capable of such world-shaking sorcery?

    “Yes.” Xu Yangyi glanced over, clear and cut to the point. In fact, his wounds weren’t serious; it was just the bone spurs that had pierced into his body were rather hard to take care of. Presently, he was like a hedgehog, pulling out that which couldn’t be pulled out. He only used his muscle to clamp tightly on the bone spurs.

    A single word seemed to have flipped on some switch. Everyone looked at each in dismay, each set of eyes conveying the same information: this couldn’t be true! Absolutely everything was a dream tonight! However, not a single person came out and said it; the present scene was silently dreadful. 

    “C-Captain Xu… R-really, it was you?” Several seconds later, Vice Captain Chen’s voice came floating. This was the first time he had addressed Xu Yangyi as captain in true heartfelt sincerity.

    Not replying, Xu Yangyi pulled out the short bone spurs neither urgently nor slowly. The drawing of each spur brought with it dark-red blood. On his stomach there were a couple thirty to forty centimeter bone spurs exposed that he dared not to pull out. Nevertheless, the current scenery formed a strange kind of harmony.

    “Captain Xu… Uhh, w-what is that on your body?” Captain Gao asked and swallowed a mouthful of saliva down his throat once another minute passed. No one felt that this was an insult to them. 

    “Phew…” Pulling out the final minor bone spur, Xu Yangyi furrowed his brows and said: “Mao Ba’er? Get to work.”

    “Boohoo, boohoo…” The sound of weeping could be heard from inside the car. Afterwards, the expression on everyone’s faces turned odd.

    A pudgy husky, no less than half the size of a man, was shifting on its fat behind and using its paws like a human to wipe its eyes. Its right hand, no… Its right paw held onto a laptop, dawdling out of the car with difficulty.

    “C-Captain Xu…” Old Zhu was the first who couldn’t contain herself: “You just said a moment ago it's named…”

    “Mao, Mao Ba’er.” Xu Yangyi laughed, supplementing with a word: “My assistant. My unit is rather bizarre. Combat members need to have a supervising agent. He’s… not bad.”*

    Where the hell was this a cat?!**

    Have you ever laid your eyes on a cat wearing a husky’s fur?!

    What were you saying it wasn’t even bad? This was bizarre!

    If it weren’t for the strange scene in front of them, there was a possibility that everyone would be currently shrieking in fear. However, everyone only used a bewildered gaze to size up the talking husky — one of the internet’s Three Great Moe Mascots, along with the equally famous raccoon and Japanese Shiba Inu.***

    It couldn’t be helped to say… Captain Xu’s interests were somewhat peculiar… The implications of a young married woman raising a big dog was often heard, but when did young men like to raise big dogs, as well…

    “Pretty boy… You actually added ‘Deliver Me’ to the playlist… It’s too touching… Too sorrowful… I-It made me cry…” Mao Ba’er, the husky that could spit out human speech, waddled over and set down his laptop, sobbing: “It deserves to the be one of the Three Great Forbidden Songs that drives humans to death upon hearing it… Not only humans, even dogs can weep upon listening to it… and experience a similar sadness…”****

    Everyone took a double take. Experience a similar sadness… to see a similar death, associate it with one’s own future end and feel the sorrow?

    Who was similar to you!

    “Mao Ba’er.” Xu Yangyi shouted out neither slowly nor hurriedly. 

    The husky trembled from tail to snout and used both his paws to immediately flip open the computer and began to type at it clickity-clack. After he looked at the computer for roughly three seconds, he wailed to the heavens and banged his head on the ground, beginning to weep bitterly.

    “Boohoo, boohoo… Heavens… I can’t go on! Boohoo, boohoo… Woof! Woof! Woof!”

    The amalgamation of tones were enough to feel that the husky’s sorrowful mood could illuminate the sun and moon.

    “The serpent bones are unappraisable. You completely ruined them.” Mao Ba’er fixed Xu Yangyi with a secretly bitter look. Within everyone’s horrified gazes, Mao Ba’er was like a man standing up, using an incomparably righteous and strict tone of voice, and pressing his paw on Xu Yangyi’s stomach: “How many times have I told you! Every time before we capture a demon, you need to avoid injuring the precious parts! If not, where is the money you use to buy cultivation resources going to come from! Woof! I’ve had no income for a month straight because of your predisposition for mad destruction and because you keep ending up like this!”

    It was a scene brimming full of an indescribable strangeness and sentiment. A big husky with one back paw stepping on the computer, the other back paw planted on the ground, a front paw rested on his hips, and the other front paw forcefully pressed on Xu Yangyi’s chest. With his spittle flying and tongue lashing about, it was obvious that a straight month without income really made the husky sad. As to so far that he had erupted with such a powerful fighting strength.

    “The serpent’s gall is estimated to be worth a pretty penny, but this is a berserker! Don’t you know what a berserker is! The purest demon form! The price comparison to ordinary demon bodies is over three times in value! For example, you could hand over a portion of this glorious snake skin for a luxury brand item for at least over 200,000 big ones! But now!”

    “It wrecked itself. Perhaps it liked playing the masochist.” Xu Yangyi lazily sat down in the car and lit a cigarette, taking a deep drag out of it.

    The bone spur lodged into his diaphragm on his back made him grimace.

    “This isn’t important! This is only the details!” A fire burned within Mao Bao’ers two eyes, and he bit into Xu Yangyi’s hand. The crackling fire in his eyes was made audible: “The important point is… the last technique you used to kill it was Solution Ninety-One! It’s demon core has completely fragmented! I’ve scanned it three times already! We won’t be able to sell a single cent of it!

    “Xu Yangyi swept his eyes over at Mao Ba’er indifferently for a moment: “Let go of my hand… No, stop biting me.”

    “Hmph!” The husky adorably flung his head back in defiance.

    “Okay, I’ll remember to be a bit more gentle next time.” Xu Yangyi massaged his temples: “Let’s handle official business first.”

    “Remember your promise!” Mao Ba’er let go of Xu Yangyi’s hand and lapped at it.

    Upon seeing Xu Yangyi’s gaze, he immediately added on: “The saliva will heal minor wounds.”

    Xu Yangyi puffed out a cloud of smoke and raised his middle finger.

    It was one thing to say something and another to do it. Mao Ba’er stuck his neck out and everyone saw a golden bell hanging from it.

    “Ting-a-ling…” A faint chime rang out, and everyone present felt their eyelids suddenly become a thousand catties heavier. Less than five seconds later, all of them gently fell on the ground, the sound of snoring filling the air.

    “You sure they won’t remember?” Xu Yangyi gazed at the roof of the car, his eyelids beginning to turn heavy, as well. Painful waves of throbbing pressure began to flood his bones. At the beginning, it was only a slightly dull pain, but before three seconds had even passed, it seemed like someone was using countless hammers to smash into each of his bones. True pain drilled straight into his bone marrow!

    It didn’t stop there… Even the qi sea within his dantian turned in a burst of sudden sharp pain, as well.

    His eyelids became heavier and heavier, and before he shut them again, he saw an adorable, curious face and a slobbering tongue that made him disgusted.

    You got guts…

    When he woke up once more, he didn’t know how long he had slept for. He discovered he was lying down in a hospital bed.

    “Don’t move…” A paw pressed down precisely upon his wound, mischievously using a bit of power. Mao Ba’er’s crude smiling face hazily emerged before him: “You’ve been in a coma for twelve days. This is Sanshui City’s Primary People’s Hospital. Do you feel that anything you look at is unusually blurry right now? Doesn’t it appear like I have a kind of indistinct Mona Lisa-esque beauty?” 

    Xu Yangyi was unsure whether the academy branch had their heads screwed on tight when they had sent him such a reject.

    “Water…” He roughly lifted his hand, and a cup was immediately placed at his side.

    Just as Xu Yangyi was about to drink, he suddenly fixed his eyes on Mao Ba’er, enduring the scalding pain of his throat with great difficulty: “What did you give me?”

    Mao Ba’er carried the cup in his mouth and took it to the other side in a routine fashion. Afterwards, he flashed his adorable eyes at Xu Yangyi, looking for praise.

    Why was it that an indescribable killing intent had come about in his heart?

    Under Xu Yangyi’s icy gaze, Mao Ba’er lowered his head and stood up, using both his paws to pour a glass of water again and muttered in discontent: “I’m going to sue you for racial discrimination...”

    “Hehe…” Xu Yangyi was ultimately unable to restrain his grim laugh from slipping through.

    After he rested for half an hour…


    “Woof! Woof, Woof!” 


    A husky was suddenly thrown out of the intensive care unit, and the door immediately closed shut. Soon after, the dog stood up like a human and began to frantically slam the door.

    “Pretty boy! I’m warning you! You can’t humiliate me like this! Let me in right now!

    “We can split it up 70/30 later on! However, I absolutely won’t allow you to hold your manager in such a manner!”

    “60/40! 60/40 is the lowest I will go!  Hey… you wouldn’t change your manager, right? It’s really hard to find someone like me that’s self-walking and adorable!”

    * He is actually the pronoun it. For the sake of avoiding confusion about the general situation v.s Mao Ba’er’s own standing I made it easier to understand.

    ** 拓麻 - I think this is another censor word for the F word. It also is the chinese for tamagotchi. LUL

    *** Moe is the best word I can use to describe the compound word for silliness/cuteness. It is an abstract concept of things that illicit “cutesy feelings that you want to snuggle”. Moe is a word I believe to have roots in Japanese anime subculture with the next closest cultural abstract idea I can think of being the Koreans “aegyo”.

    **** 物伤其类, chinese idiom that I translated as “meeting a similar sadness”. It’s actually more like “meeting a similar death” or the explanation I found is that you feel sad to upon seeing someone that meets a similar sad/bitter situation as well.

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    Chapter 13: Qi Sea (1)
    The room door opened no less than an hour later again. With a sliding sound, Mao Ba’er immediately slipped in and gazed at Xu Yangyi rather fiercely: “Xu… I’ve had it up to here with you!”

    “Then don’t take it.” Xu Yangyi sipped his sugar water unhurriedly. 

    “You wanna cut ties?!” Mao Ba’er’s fur stood on edge.

    Xu Yangyi nodded resolutely.

    “In your dreams!” Mao Ba’er rolled on the ground: “If it weren’t for me at your side taking care of you with my heart and soul in these past dozen days, how could you have possibly woke up so quickly? Don’t you know how serious your injuries are? Your qi sea has sustained damage and many of your bones in your entire body are busted up! Your spiritual sense has withered to the smallest scope! There’s no difference between you and a zombie…”

    Xu Yangyi waved his hand, cutting off the other: “Help me and bring that laptop over here.”

    “Why!” Mao Ba’er reflexively turned his eyes upwards and looked at him: “I’m huddled up under your bed. Do it yourself!”

    After several seconds of silence, Xu Yangyi laughed and petted the dog’s head: “You put your heart and soul into taking care of me? Right?”

    Mao Ba’er was at a sudden loss of words, whimpering for a while and then extending his front paw to dig at the floor: “I was just saying it, but you believed me… You’re really naive…”

    The room was tranquil once more. After a good few minutes, Mao Ba’er asked: “There’s… no problems with your body, right?”

    “No problems.”

    “That’s good…” Mao Ba’er seemed to sigh in relief, putting his head on the bed: “There are still four more days until graduation grades have to be reported. You bought that old swindler Cloudcrane’s courses? Didn’t I tell you… a single one his videos is 30 grand, but not even Ran Asakawa’s are expensive as his! How about I stay here and help you handle the transaction with the Bountiful Treasures Pavilion, that way, you can head back to the branch first?”*

    “No need.” Xu Yangyi lit a cigarette: “When I was eight, I was taken into Heavens Law. Today could be considered my first outing into the world; I want to take a look at the place known as ‘the cultivation supermarket’ and the see what the financial dealings of ‘the Bountiful Treasures Pavilion of the cultivator domain’ are like. There’s also a minor affair I want to settle.”

    “A minor affair? What minor affair? Can’t you go and make the report first? Don’t forget, the time to submit the grades for the graduation exam is two months. Half a month has already passed. Do you really want to leave your future task force with a snobbish impression?”

    Xu Yangyi held his cigarette in hand and paused, turning his head to look at Mao Ba’er. The other had swiftly turned his body around, only leaving his wagging tail behind.

    “Do you remember when I was fifteen and doing countryside training, and the wound then seemed even more serious than the one this time? After you asked if there was nothing wrong with me, didn’t you take advantage of the situation and rob me of a low-grade spirit stone?”

    An dreamy expression appeared on the dog’s face: “That was the best use of a spirit stone in my entire life… To steal an item in your hand once is enough for me to brag for a lifetime…”

    Three seconds later when he finished his trip down memory lane, the dog swept his eyes disdainfully over the other: “... You narrow-minded little man, it’s been so many years but you still remember it so clearly. It’s a matter between friends; how can you call it stealing?”

    Xu Yangyi took a drag and smiled afterwards: “When I was eighteen doing live ammo training, my classmate facing me who studied gun arts shot my shoulder and fractured it to pieces. After you helped me by licking it twice, weren’t you busy on a date with another dog?”

    “Uh huh?” A tail impatiently swatted Xu Yangyi twice. The husky was pretty angry. What was Xu Yangyi still doing holding on to these old drudged-up matters? Even if Xu Yangyi wanted to be shameless, he still wanted to save face!

    “Then year before, I was…”

    “Are you done?!” The husky turned over angrily, glowering at Xu Yangyi: “What? Is this a pity party? Does it bother you!”**

    Xu Yangyi leisurely puffed out a smoke ring, gently stroked the other’s sleek fur with his hand and laughed grimly: “What I want to say is that as long as I don’t run into a major crisis, my cultivation foundation won’t be influenced. You shouldn’t be of mind to come and ask me at all… Don’t look at me like that. We’ve cooperated and studied together for ten years now; I know just what you’re like.”

    “What you care about is money, money, and also money. If there’s anything else, there’s also every other vice under the sun. How many years has it been… The first time you took advantage of my leave, you didn’t even ask about my 30,000 bucks of learning materials to…”

    “Swish!” The husky suddenly shot off the bed, looking at Xu Yangyi in shock.

    He felt an ineffable murderous aura.

    “So…” Xu Yangyi’s hand stroked the other’s ear, and with a sudden application of force, a mournful howl soon followed after as the lowly dog was pulled over, fixed with Xu Yangyi’s eyes: “Come, tell me, what are you hiding from me?”

    His eyes narrowed dangerously: “What… happened?”

    “Woof, woof, woof!” Mao Ba’er yelped hoarsely, but was only met with an even greater degree of strength. He braced himself and laughed hollowly: “Nothing’s wrong, can’t I be concerned about you? You’re the number one human I approve of… I can’t be concerned?”

    Xu Yangyi didn’t respond and seemed to indifferently loosen his hand. His gaze carried a sharpness and compulsion as he said clearly and calmly: “It’s me?”

    “What happened to my body?”

    “Do I have to return immediately to Heavens Law to take care of it? 

    “It’s really nothing!” Mao Ba’er, who ordinarily liked going with the flow, suddenly hopped up and jitterily coiled up at the side: “Pretty boy, where are you coming from with this nonsense? Everything I do is for your good! For your good!”

    “Mao Ba’er.” Xu Yangyi extinguished the butt of the cigarette with his fingers, speaking lowly: “I can put up with your lowly transgressions, tolerate your naughty behavior, but the sole thing that I am incapable of abiding by is your deceit.”

    The air between the two was silent once more.

    After quite a while, Mao Ba’er sighed resentfully” “You… Don’t you know what I dislike about you the most is your beast-like keenness! You’ll catch up to me soon!”

    Xu Yangyi only laughed.

    “You have to mentally prepare yourself…” Mao Ba’er licked his lips: “No matter what the result is… I’ll always stand by your side…”

    “I know.”

    Mao Ba’er didn’t continue to speak. After three seconds, he opened his mouth again, yet stopped once more. After another ten-odd seconds passed again, he suddenly flung the bell on his neck: “Take a look yourself, alright!”

    A stack of resources flew into the room. Xu Yangyi glanced at them and was stunned in his entirety.

    In the cultivation world, there was a technique known as Innersight. 

    This was an art that any cultivator would know, so that it even couldn’t be called an art and could only be called a skill. If it was said spiritual sense were feelers, then the feelers could go within one’s body, and a cultivator would be able to clearly “see” every one of their pores and organs through them.

    As for Mao Ba’er, he simply wasn’t just a talking husky. Every partnership needed a qualified logistician. A partner that knew medical techniques, economics, and how to develop and market you. A partner that would strive to find more opportunities for you and so on… It wasn’t much different than a show biz agent.

    Innersight was a technique he had had to know. He and Xu Yangyi had signed a life or death pact. From the outside, he could use Innersight to examine Xu Yangyi’s body.

    These stack of resources were Mao Ba’er’s Innersight diagrams from his point of view.

    “Swish…” Xu Yangyi didn’t say a word as he gently set down the stack of resources and forcefully massaged his fist. There weren’t any differences… but from his chest to his dantian… there was a sole discrepancy! Within his qi sea in his dantian, there was a lotus shadow gently swaying!

    “Scared?” Mao Ba’er’s voice could be heard: “The qi sea… is any cultivator’s root, and the place where qi is stored. It’s the same as a cultivator’s second heart… There shouldn’t be anything there except for qi!

    “However, when you blacked out that day, I found this thing in your qi sea. It was only a bud then, to the extent that I didn’t see anything. I only know that an oddity has appeared in your qi sea! My god! Only at Core Formation would there be a core inside! Even at the long-lost Nascent Soul the only thing there would be a nascent soul! As for you, you possess neither core nor a nascent soul, but surprisingly a lotus!”

    “When all your bodily functions recovered yesterday night, I found to my surprise that it had blossomed! What type of fucking joke is this!”

    Xu Yangyi coolly locked the door.

    For a cultivator, or any cultivator, no, even if it was a normal person, no one would be able to calm their heart when an unknown object suddenly appeared within their body.

    “Give it to me straight.”

    “Remember that berserker?” Mao Ba’er’s head leaned against the sick bed, and he gritted his teeth: “The fluctuations of its peak and bottom power were too severe… Moreover, its realm was also abnormal, especially… the place from where the demon core began to fluctuate. In these ten-odd days, I personally operated and scanned it…”

    “Take guess, what did I find?” He used his paw to rummage through the images, finding one among them: “Give it look!”

    Xu Yangyi carefully glanced it over, and a layer of cold sweat graced his palm.

    At the position of where the serpent’s demon core was, there was an identical lotus imprint! It was like the heavens had grown above it!

    “As everyone knows, any cultivator’s qi sea and meridians are formed in direct proportion.” Mao Ba’er dug at the image of the X-ray: “However, the serpent wasn’t the same… It’s qi sea was incomparably tremendous, but it’s meridians were extremely slim. It’s not science that the qi sea is like a water pump and the meridians are like pipes that are linked to the water pump. If the water pump’s power output is too high, and the pipes are too small, take a guess, what kind of situation do you think will occur?”

    “The rushing strength will be too great, which will lead to the water pipe bursting?” Xu Yangyi muttered to himself for several seconds and then said.

    “We can speak frankly about one aspect… Your body will explode, and you will die!” Mao Ba’er nodded: “You think… the swollen pain in your body from inside to out… battering every single one of your muscles, arteries, and meridians… every day and night… every minute and second… will occasionally cause a great amount of blood to jet out because of the rushing force of your collapsed arteries… Isn’t this called internal bleeding in medical science? Mhm, it seems to be so — afterwards, traces of reddish-purple blood will form beneath your skin and might even spray out from your pores…”

    “Not to even mention humans, even Greater Demons wouldn’t be able to bear such a pain. It was because it was under such pain that the serpent was driven to madness while alive. This was why it dared to attack you and was also mistakenly treated as a berserker.”

    The room was suddenly silent.

    Xu Yangyi clasped his teacup and said not a word. A minute later, he looked at Mao Ba’er and said lowly: “And myself?”

    “Since you slipped into unconsciousness, your qi sea has already expanded by 0.05%!” Mao Ba’er stared at him unwaveringly: “It’s very slow… extremely slow… however, it will absolutely cause your death before Foundation Establishment! A hundred years for Foundation Establishment, think about it, not even to speak of a hundred years, in case your qi sea expands by a third, don’t even think about using your qi without a hitch!”

    He impatiently turned turned around twice in a circle: “I bet that this and that streak of red light are connected to each other a hundred percent! It’s like a hermit crab! It was cozied up at home within that serpent’s body before, and when that demon wasn’t able to bear it any longer and was destroyed, it immediately chose the closest living body! It’s pretty unfortunate it was you… What the hell is this evil thing!” 

    “These past days, I’ve gone through all the data, but there aren’t any records that it's related with! To the point that its likeness has never been reported!”

    * 武藤兰 is another stage name of Ran Asakawa, Wu Tenglan, in China I believe. If you know who Ran Asakawa is LOL, but if you don’t I do not recommend searching for her around other people or in public. You will have an… interesting surprise. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    ** 忆苦思甜 - pity party. Well not quite, these four characters symbolize an idea of “thinking your past sucks, but your current standings as happy.” It’s a mouthful to say this, so I changed it.
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    Chapter 14: Qi Sea (2)
    “Ba-dum… Ba-dum…” Xu Yangyi could even hear the beating of his heart at the side of ear. His mood was extremely complicated, like a stone, deeply sinking down.

    Strength… was something no one was willing to lose when obtained.

    He was even more unwilling because of his own great unavenged hatred. Any agent of Heavens Law would receive the organization’s help in finding their assailant, but not him! He needed more strength than any other agent!

    Without an answer, his entire train of thought had already sunk rock bottom. Without delay, he entered his qi sea.


    Head… Chest… His spiritual sense swept over his organs along the way, heading straight towards his qi sea. He was extremely aware that on the occasion his qi sea began to expand by itself, he wouldn’t be able to make use of his spiritual force. Once he did begin to use it, his meridians would be confronted with danger of exploding at any time and any place!

    There was a title for someone whose meridians were completely crippled: invalid.

    Would the champion of Heavens Law’s Yuyang City branch become an invalid?!

    Would he go from the graduate with the most boundless of prospects to a cripple?

    Would he go from being a cultivator that could soar among the clouds and sail the mists to an ordinary person?

    He was absolutely unreconciled to it!

    He saw… He caught sight of an boundless whiteness like soaring mists and rising red clouds…  This was the location of his qi sea and also the gate of life that a cultivator would defend unconditionally to their death!

    “Swish!” At this moment, a golden streak of prismatic light flickered before his eyes, penetrating into the expanse of mist. It should’ve delved even deeper into the distant white ocean, but at this instant, his spiritual sense completely froze in place. 

    “This is…”

    He clenched his fist rigidly and strongly crushed down his urge to coldly gasp.

    Qi Condensation, or perhaps called the stage of condensing qi, was to draw qi into the body and construct an “ocean” of qi within the body. This was to represent Earth’s standard of the organisms that had risen from the ocean. Following Foundation Establishment, other changes would occur, however, a small and exquisite case was presently whirling within his qi sea. 

    The chest was forged from pure gold, about the size of a palm, and crafted exceptionally and meticulously. Employing openwork engraving, an outline of a fine, slender lotus was carved into the cover of the case. On the edges of the chest, there was a ring of carved designs, or perhaps it was a script that he simply didn’t recognize.

    The lotus had five petals, yet only a single petal was engraved with a design.

    It was the image of a leopard-headed man wearing ancient robes. 

    His clothes were made from plain hemp, and he held a jade bamboo slip, sitting cross-legged on an unusual mount with the head of a wild boar and the body of a steed.

    This image occupied one of five of the petals, and as for the other four, there were only four harsh holes left behind.

    The entire chest could even be said to be an immaculate work of art. However, that was only the top portion. The bottom portion had already vanished without a trace. 

    “Buzzzzz…” The instant Xu Yangyi saw the image clearly, the world of his qi sea faintly began to shake. Simultaneously, in that fleeting moment, he was forced with the urge to nearly kneel and prostrate on the ground. This sensation rose from the depths his heart without the slightest foreshadowing!

    It was the purest… most primal… worship to an even higher dimension and even more powerful vitality.

    The mere totem had already made his spiritual sense feel as if it was dead leaves in a squall, immediately dispersed by it!

    Before he could even react, the small, exquisite chest slightly trembled and charged right before him in the next second!

    In the real world, Xu Yangyi bit his tongue. Fresh blood immediately dribbled from the crook of his mouth, and he suddenly opening his reddened eyes. 

    In this fraction of a moment, he understood it all.

    This thing’s objective… wasn’t anything like his qi sea at all! From the very beginning, it’s goal was his spiritual sense!

    If it could be said that the qi sea was the foundation of cultivation, then spiritual sense… was the foundation of life!

    In place with past interpretations, it was the soul. It encompassed a person’s memories, mind, and so on. Scientific methods could be used to illustrate it as a kind of wave length. If this wavelength was lost…

    Death would be the only path!

    At this moment, he figured it out. Perhaps the serpent demon had discovered this early on. As a demon that could live in human society to a grand old age, it wasn’t any pushover. As its qi sea quickly expanded and exploded, it didn’t even dare to let its spiritual sense enter its body to play “doctor”. The strange case had done its best to expand within the demon’s qi sea in order to lure the demon into using its spiritual sense to “take a look”, since its goal from the onset was spiritual sense!

    “What the hell is this thing!” It didn’t him more than a second of reflection to immediately command his spiritual sense to begin a frantic retreat. The speed of thought was perhaps the fastest thing excluding the speed of light. In theory, a thought’s speed was… limitless!

    To his surprise, the chest’s goal was a person’s spirit… Was this still an object? 

    In comparison with an object, it was more like a living organism that possessed a high-level intelligence!

    However, at this instant, his chest trembled abruptly, and he harshly gritted his teeth.

    He had been “rejected”…

    From his brain, he had issued the “order” to give his spiritual sense the “thought” to “retreat”. As the command infinitely approached max speed, it had been “rejected” from within his qi sea.

    His spiritual sense… went motionless.

    No matter how his brain commanded it, his spiritual sense seemed to have taken root within his qi sea, not moving the slightest hair.

    “P-Pretty boy, what’s up? D-Don’t scare me! What the heck happened?” Mao Ba’er leapt in fright and came straight to safeguard him. In the past several seconds, Xu Yangyi had been fine and his expression hadn’t changed. But just now, Mao Ba’er’s heart plunged with a thump, absent of rhyme or reason, like a dangerous omen was suddenly approaching. Soon afterwards, he watched Xu Yangyi perspire profusely and hack up blood from his mouth.

    Xu Yangyi didn’t respond to him and only pursed his lips rigidly. This was because his spiritual sense and the chest had completely collided together at the same time!

    “Swoosh!” An expanse of eye-dazzling golden light illuminated his entire qi sea! Even his misting qi appeared to return to tranquility at this instant!

    “Pretty boy! Pretty boy, what’s happening to you?!” Mao Ba’er immediately jumped over. In front of Mao Ba’er, Xu Yangyi didn’t say a word as he clutched his head and collapsed on the bed.

    A stabbing pain, an abrupt stabbing pain.

    Like someone had used their hand to shove a pile of things within his mind, it was a pain bursting at the seams, making him believe his head would split open! 

    Myriad awls stabbed into his mind. He felt a place he couldn’t even speak of within the center of his brain turn into a nexus of pain. As for this wave of pain, it was like a network, covering the cortex of his entire brain, as if an electric current was coursing through it!

    But at the same time, countless vestiges of golden script followed by a sharp pain, frantically rushed into his mind.

    It was unknown how much time had passed… a minute, ten minutes, or perhaps an hour until the wave of piercing pain subsided.

    “Pant… Pant…” His stomach moved up and down like a drawn bellows. The sharp pain had long covered his hand in cold sweat. Mao Ba’er leaned against his bedside and looked at him nervously: “P-Pretty boy, you’re scaring this pupper to death… There was a sign the first time around, but there weren’t any indication whatsoever the second time… I thought you were going to croak just like that… You haven’t even left a legacy… Are you alright?”

    Xu Yangyi firmly gritted his teeth and shook his head. He shut his eyes, since the tearing pain within his brain had caused him to suddenly break out in a cold sweat from head to toe. Nevertheless, he simply couldn’t shout in pain right now!

    He “scanned” every nook and cranny of himself inch by inch. Hand… Chest… Stomach… His four limbs… Brain… however, he didn’t find any changes!

    As he scanned his qi sea once more, he couldn’t restrain himself from grinding his teeth.

    The upper-half of the chest… had vanished!

    As if it had never appeared!

    He opened his eyes with a swish. Once, twice, thrice, he scanned his body, yet the truth was verified. Indeed, there weren’t any changes whatsoever. Just moments ago, he had clearly felt countless things rush into his mind, but now, he wasn’t even able to recall anything!

    One hour, two hours… after no less than three hours did he speak again.

    “It’s nothing.” The devastating, storm-like pain within his body had finally subsided to a degree. He took a long breath and looked deeply at Mao Ba’er: “Remember, you absolutely cannot reveal what has happened in these past several days to anyone.”

    “Why?” Mao Ba’er said anxiously: “With your body in such a state, don’t you want to return to Heavens Law and get a comprehensive examination? Don’t you want to look for the instructor to discuss a countermeasure?” 

    “If I do, they’ll definitely try to understand what this thing is clearly later on!” Xu Yangyi said unhesitatingly, his voice sharp enough to chop through nails.

    He pursed his fairly dried lips and said lowly: “Human nature is never lacking of light the that makes people sing praises in admiration, but nor is it lacking the darkness that makes the hairs of men stand on edge.”

    “China is one of the world’s four great ancient civilizations with a long river of history spanning several millennia. How many unsolved mysteries have been left behind? Mao Ba’er…” He stared into the other’s eyes: “You think if someone said, ‘oh, this is an ancient Core Formation cultivator’s amazing magik artifact that recognizes its master automatically’... even if the constraint of the law exists and even if it is but a mere ‘suspicion’, what do you think those decrepit cultivators with a one-way express ticket to death that are only a kick short from opening the next realm will believe?”  

    Mao Ba’er was stunned.

    “There’s no need to guess…” He sneered and licked his lips: “In less than a week, even if I hid at the very ends of the Earth, they would shred everything to pieces to find me.”

    “Cultivation… is the struggle of all living things.” He leaned back, looked at the ceiling, and said somewhat ruefully: “If that time comes, even if I have to brave the danger of a life sentence, I will nevertheless begin a massacre.”

    Mao Ba’er swept his eyes over Xu Yangyi: “Sometimes, I really don’t know if you’re a good guy or a villain at the end of the day… You seem pretty noble, but I’ve always thought that what lies hidden in your own heart is far more dreadful than what a demon holds in their own.”

    “I am merely a pragmatist.” Xu Yangyi laughed.

    “Pretty boy.” Mao Ba’er hopped up on his body with his paw and said lowly: “However… I think it’s still better to get back early to the branch for graduation. Haven’t you ever thought of what the branch represents?”

    “Xu Yangyi glanced at him: “Truth.”

    “The truth of the world. The truth buried among history and books. A representation of the truth orally handed down word by word. Only through cultivation can the world truly be seen clearly.”

    “Then, haven’t you ever thought what the branch is like?” Mao Ba’er plopped down on his pudgy butt: “There lies the actual key… leading to the genuine entrance of truth… I believe only there will you truly be able to analyze the origins behind the changes of your qi sea. I don’t want to destroy your future because of a guess.”

    “My future…” Xu Yangyi narrowed his eyes: “Compared with losing my life, which do you think is even worse?”

    Skipping over the topic, he waved his hand: “Help me get the painkillers.”

    “Wouldn’t it be better to get a loan of a hundred grand from the Bountiful Treasures Pavilion and buy some Blackjade Wound Replenishing Ointment?” Mao Ba’er squinted his canine eyes, suggesting enticingly: “Colorless, odorless, and greaseless, it’ll eliminate any pains right away…”

    “If I didn’t hear incorrectly, the Bountiful Treasures Pavilion manager was just at the door.” Xu Yangyi laughed coldly: “Don’t think I didn’t hear it… Bountiful Treasures Pavilion gave you five grand to get to me use their medicines… It’s convenient that the Sanshui City branch has improved their workmanship… Am I only worth five fucking thousand?”

    Mao Ba’er looked at Xu Yangyi like he had seen a living ghost as soon as he heard him say there was nothing wrong and opened up like a flower at first sight, his paw covering his mouth in shock: “There was also a single bag of Bountiful Treasures  Pavilion’s dog chow… That’s not the important part! What’s important is how did you know!”*

    “He was at the entrance stirring up a ruckus… Didn’t you go?” Xu Yangyi rubbed his temples as they ached more and more.

    “That’s impossible!” Unexpectedly, Mao Ba’er suddenly jumped up, staring at Xu Yangyi unwaveringly: “There wasn’t a single person speaking at the door! I swear! Also, I’m a canine! My sense of hearing and smell are much keener than that of a human’s! In any case, I also just entered the initial stage of Qi Condensation! How can you be this pupper’s opponent when it comes to hearing and smell? How can you hear what I can’t even hear?”

    * open up like a flower at first sight is part of a longer chinese idiom. It means when a good looking guy walks by, all the girls stop to look and then the flowers open up to “look” too.

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    Chapter 15: Apology
    Mao Ba’er stood up like a human with a swish and pulled the door open: “Look! No one’s even here!”

    Xu Yangyi raised his brows, as well.

    Indeed, there wasn’t even a single person.

    Then… the question was, what had he just heard moments ago?

    He had clearly heard someone named Manager Su at the door talking aloud. Manager Su and Mao Ba’er had spoken quite clearly on a cooperative arrangement, price, and share, however… there really wasn’t anyone at the entrance!

    “Isn’t there someone on the left side? Someone that wanted the doctor to change their medication?”

    The dog scouted out and returned: “None at all.”

    “Was it your imagination?” Mao Ba’er looked at Xu Yangyi suspiciously: “In fact… even if you don’t brag, we’ll still be good friends… If you’re willing to give me a clear explanation how you learned of my deal with the Bountiful Treasures Pavilion.”

    Xu Yangyi narrowed his eyes and didn’t answer the other, rather he released his spiritual sense.

    A thought sprang into his mind.

    Perhaps… it wasn’t a trick of the ear.

    Just as he unleashed his spiritual sense, he immediately felt it was different, a completely distinct difference from before!

    In the past, his spiritual sense had also been clear, but in comparison to now, it seemed to have been covered with film of mist!

    The flower was red. Yet In his eyes, he sensed even more layers of red that were even richer, like he could clearly see the composition of its color. As to so far that he could see the honeybee on the flower vibrating its wings.

    Or perhaps it could be said in such a way that the world had become even more realistic.

    He was in the sickroom of the tenth floor, but the flower garden was on a lower level outside the hospital, nearly a 150 meters at the side of the national highway!

    Even if he was a Qi Condensation cultivator, he shouldn’t have been able to see something a 150 meters away to the most minute of details! A 100 meters was the max!

    But more important was sound.

    Every sound, the buzzing of the honeybee’s wings, the discussion of the patients the floor below, and the hailing of a car 200 meters away… seemed to be at the side of his ear, so that he could even hear the middle-aged driver as he slightly coughed.

    His eyes slightly narrowed. He hadn’t heard incorrectly… Rather, his spiritual sense had surprisingly strengthened! Moreover, it was a sudden expansion approximately a third in size!

    Xu Yangyi forcibly suppressed the throbbing of his heart. Spiritual sense could be said to be on the same level of importance to a cultivator as their qi sea. It was the eyes, ears, and tongue of how cultivators perceived the world, equivalent to a human’s five senses. It also comprised…

    The perceptive and absorbing strength of qi!

    In other words, his perception and absorption rate of qi was over third stronger than a cultivator of the same stage!

    An art or treasure that could upgrade spiritual sense wouldn’t exist these days by any stretch of the imagination! This era of Cultivation Civilization was also known as Saddharmavipralopa or the End of Days. Qi had already become incomparably thin, and matters such as cultivating to Foundation Establishment in a 100 days like in novels could no longer appear. Presently, to achieve Foundation Establishment in a 100 years was considered top-notch. Spiritual sense would only advance following a cultivator’s elevation in realms. Never had there been a precedent for such a sudden advancement!

    “Pretty boy… You alright?” Like a dried well, his complexion was without a single ripple. Mao Ba’er asked nervously: “Is it… because you didn’t rest well enough that you’re suddenly hearing things?”

    “Possibly.” Xu Yangyi shut his eyes and leaned against the sickbed: “Pack things up. In several days, we’re going to leave Sanshui City.”

    “Thud, thud, thud…” At the same time, a knocking sound suddenly echoed out. Just as he said enter, he saw a large bouquet of flowers with ten-odd people following behind.

    They were all the agents of the Disciplinary and Investigations Unit. This time, all of them were present! They followed the lead of Vice Captain Chen!

    “Captain Xu, has your health improved?” Vice Captain Chen set the large bouquet of flowers on a table respectfully and stood sincerely at Xu Yangyi’s bedside: “I heard you’ve been out for over ten days. We’re really sorry, we didn’t expect that scumbag would’ve set up explosives. If it weren’t for you, Captain Xu… We don’t even know if we would be able to see our children again.”

    Vice Captain Chen’s words revealed heartfelt admiration, deference, and respect. His aggressiveness for the past several days when Xu Yangyi had just taken post had long disappeared without a trace.

    “Just doing my job.” Xu Yangyi looked at the big bouquet of sword lilies that represented good health and laughed: “Thank you for the flowers, everyone.”

    “T-There’s no need for thanks… No, I want to say that Captain Xu doesn’t need to give thanks!” Old Zhu took a step forward and sighed deeply: “Some people said you were a paratrooper before. They said you were sent down to fill the numbers, and moreover, I actually believed it… Captain Xu, we… we…”

    “We declined the commendations of the Provincial Public Security Department.” Vice Captain Chen revealed a shameful look: “Captain Xu…… We were all waiting on you, but the Provincial Public Security Department didn’t want to hold on any longer. The case had dragged on for too long. You may not know, but Sanshui City has been so alarmed for the past month that even night classes were canceled. There was no one on the street… They wanted to immediately announce this information, I…”

    “No need to apologize.” Xu Yangyi didn’t care at all. Calming the hearts of the people was the first order of business after a strange incident: “This is what you should’ve done.”

    The present scene had become a bit awkward.

    In the past, none of them were used to looking at Xu Yangyi. For a paratrooper to drop down all of a sudden and then take charge over a major case was akin to a sheep leading a pride of lions. Above all else though, they had nearly flown into a seething rage when Xu Yangyi had stated that he was personally handling the case.*

    It wasn’t until they regained consciousness that they became aware that it was Xu Yangyi that had saved their lives at the key moment. According to the report, their close proximity to the explosives the criminal had set up had lead to partial lost of memory.

    Thinking back to their display in the past, they drummed up enough courage to get together and come visit. 

    It was embarrassing… how could they set face aside? They were all people in their thirties and forties, but they had judged Xu Yangyi by his appearance. The result was that the other had saved all of their lives and single-handedly apprehended the criminal. When Chief Zheng had announced this information, the entire Disciplinary and Investigations Unit had been left without words.

    After brief period of shock, their guilt had swelled forth like a tide, however… on the contrary, they were embarrassed. After stewing around for a good while, it wasn’t until these feelings had reached their boiling point that they carefully selected a large bouquet of flowers and came together to the sickroom.

    “Is there anything else?” Xu Yangyi had roughly grasped their intentions: “I have to get a re-examination soon and then I’ll be transferred afterwards. How about all of you wait for me to leave the hospital and then we’ll chat again?”


    Their feelings of embarrassment weakened in a flash and were replaced with a bubbling reluctance to part ways. Everyone looked at each other in surprise. They seemed to recall that Xu Yangyi had indeed said that he would be transferred after the case.

    Before, they had been overwhelmingly willing for such a thing! But now…

    While they had been quite willing in the past, they were just as reluctant now!

    Was this a joke! Which department wouldn’t be willing to have such a friggin’ awesome captain? Not to mention a mortal achieving the Dao, even chickens and dogs would ascend to the heavens and reap an abundant harvest by studying under another!**

    “Captain Xu!” Vice Captain Chen pursed his lips, suddenly stood up, and bowed seriously: “I apologize!”

    Together with him at the head, everyone behind him bowed at the waist and said in chorus: “Our apologies!”

    “Never mind it.” Xu Yangyi shook his head. 

    Just as he was about to speak, Vice Captain Chen immediately followed up: “No! There’s something else! If I don’t say this, I’m afraid my dreams won’t be peaceful later on!”

    “At the beginning, we judged you by your cover. Captain Xu… I truly didn’t expect… you would be s-so…” Old Zhu pursed his lips, reflected over it for two seconds, and then said wholeheartedly: “Awesome, frickin’ awesome! No one dared to accept this case in Nantong Province, but you busted it in three days flat! I, Old Zhu, accepted the last-sitting captain, Captain Gong. Now, I accept you!”

    “Captain Xu, please accept our apologies.” Officer Qin said as well: “We didn’t bring a present, but these are our heartfelt feelings. If it’s because of our attitudes before that has drawn your misunderstanding…”

    “I guarantee it absolutely won’t happen again!” Vice Captain Chen straightened out his waist and patted his chest: “Say no more. I accept this captain. Considering qualifications, it originally should’ve been my turn. However, only those who are capable may take this seat! If you tell us to go south later on, we sure as hell won’t go north!”

    Xu Yangyi understood.

    They didn’t want him to leave…

    Concerning Vice Captain Chen’s apology, he really didn’t put it to mind. Even though things had been difficult before, he hadn’t even taken it to heart.

    This was because he wasn’t a person walking parallel with them. This wasn’t looking down on them, but rather that which angered him was different from the root of ordinary people’s.. 

    Because of their superiors making things hard for them, annoying colleagues, and increases in prices, ordinary people would swear up a storm in public, but he wouldn’t. He was only anxious if his cultivation was unable to make progress, only worried he wouldn’t see the end of the Grand Dao.

    “I’m sorry.” He stood up and was supported up by his colleagues of barely several days: “This is a command from the top of the chain. My coming here was only to handle this case. I’ve finished, so I have to return.”

    His words were clear and cut to the point. Anyone could hear that this was a matter that couldn’t disobeyed.

    “Can’t… Can’t the rules be bent?” Vice Captain Chen gritted his teeth irreconcilably. With such a capable captain, he truly didn’t wish for someone else to transfer him out! 

    Xu Yangyi shook his head and laughed: “There’s a chance we’ll meet again.”

    Even when all the agents of the Disciplinary and Investigations Unit left the sickroom, their hearts were still unreconciled to it.

    “Hey, Old Chen, do you still remember what happened that night?” Old Zhu furrowed his brows and asked: “I can’t remember anything at all… I only remember… it seemed that something extremely grave occurred… We owe Captain Xu quite an awfully large favor…..”

    “I don’t remember, as well…” Vice Captain Chen smiled wryly and shook his head: “However, I’m in the same boat as you. I keep getting the nudge at the back of my mind that if it weren’t for him that night, we all would’ve died there.”

    “Me too!” 

    “It’s strange… It’s the same for me, as well.” 

    “I keep on thinking I owe him a great favor, but I can’t even recall anything.”

    As the line of people descended down stairs, Vice Captain Chen was the last to raise his head and look back towards the sickroom on the tenth floor.

    He kept on having a kind of feeling. That perhaps this time would be the final time he would see Xu Yangyi.

    “As expected…” He shook his head and followed after the crowd: “How could a talented person possibly be willing to stay in such a backwater place like Sanshui City…”

    “Swish…” The blinds lowered, and Xu Yangyi gently raised a slat, his gaze wavering a tad bit.

    “What? Are you a bit sad you don’t have any mortal friends?” Mao Ba’er stood beside him, using his paw in the same manner to brush the blinds aside: “Pretty boy… We haven’t been normal people for a long time… This society is harmonious on the outside, but beneath it lies a maelstrom of living fossils that have crawled along since time antiquity… Besides, existences like ours exceeds that of ordinary people. Who said it? For the paths we have chosen, we must press on to completion even if we are brought to our knees.”*** 

    “Clack…” The blinds softly lowered, and Xu Yangyi laughed: “It’s rare of you to speak like a human.”

    “Help me get in touch with Sanshui City’s Bountiful Treasures Pavilion. I need to get an appraisal right away.”

    “What about you?”

    Xu Yangyi tapped his wristwatch: “Of course, I have to submit my exam grade now.”

    *兵熊熊一个,将熊熊一窝. Kinda hard to translate this into english. I used the example I found to demonstrate what it means. Essentially, it illustrates that if you’re team is good, but leader sucks, you will suck. But if you’re leader is amazing and the team is amazing, then you guys will be awesome.

    ** Chickens and dogs can rise to the heavens. I was originally going to localize this, but I love the imagery LOL. I played around with the sentence to make it fit. If it isn’t obvious, it means that anyone can do anything (given a situation in context). Also, “Achieving the Dao” is a term you’ll often find for someone ascending to immortality/becoming an immortal

    ***自己选的路,跪着也要走完, I translated this kinda looseley and bit poetic, but the meaning from what I have ascertained is “the paths we choose in life hold all kinds of hardship. Despite this, we have to continue on bravely even in the face of danger.”

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    Chapter 16: Submitting Grades     
    The wristwatch was a normal one, but after he pressed the surface several times, it suddenly opened, revealing a compact device beneath. Presently, the device was radiating flashes of blue light.

    “Verifying data.” The ice-cold voice of a man could be heard from the wristwatch: “Heavens Law student No. 2452, Xu Yangyi, sex: male. Rank One, please state your reason for communication.”

    “This is Rank One, it is to apply to submit assessment grades.” Xu Yangyi said straight-faced: “Mission location: Sanshui City. Mission objective: serial killer case. Degree of difficulty: no rank.”

    “The time from now until the graduation ceremony is still fifteen days and eight hours. Before that, I want reconfirm a rule.” The pitch of the man’s voice didn’t waver whatsoever: “Heavens Law has never used the method of communication to examine a student’s grade. I believe I don’t have to remind you again of the importance of the graduation exam — as Yuyang City’s champion, Mr. Xu, you should be even clearer on this than myself.”

    “Of course.”

    “Second, the graduation examination grades will be announced on Nantong Province’s widescreen. If you misreport your grade perhaps you will gain momentary interest, however, upon returning to the academy to harvest the rewards… I believe it isn’t necessary of me to say this, as well, Mr. Xu understands it, too. In case some Core Formation cultivators’ assistants or Foundation Establishment seniors discover their person of interest has a deceitful nature, I’m afraid your path of cultivation will end here.”

    Xu Yangyi grunted. Misreporting? He absolutely wouldn’t lay claim to feats he wasn’t responsible for.

    “Good, then you may continue, Mr. Xu. Our conversation has already started being recorded. My work ID examination number is penned 9310. I am also of the initial stage of Qi Condensation. Please remember my number.”

    The light tapping of a keyboard could be heard, and Xu Yangyi began speaking: “Grade: accomplished. Classification: serpent. Demon age: indeterminate.”


    “The demon’s entire body is approximately around a 100 meters. It’s already been taken inside into the branch’s issued spatial Dao-tool.”

    The flowing sound of keyboard typing halted, and after several seconds, the cold, crisp voice of a man echoed out again: “Mr. Xu, I hope you haven’t forgotten my reminder just a moment ago.”

    Xu Yangyi furrowed his brows.

    “According to the records, the mass of a Qi Condensation-stage demon doesn’t break over 50 meters. This is the cut-off point. Thank you.” The man’s voice seemed to sigh: “As Yuyang City’s Champion, there’s no shortage of powerful eyes that have fallen upon you. Perhaps because you were too cooped up in the academy, you don’t understand the powers of the outside world all too well. However, I can remind you. The number of cultivators and rogue cultivators in China is approximately a million people, while in every ‘cultivation cradle’  — the number of graduated students of Heavens Law is at most 300. You need not be worried about your future prospects, Mr. Xu.”

    While he had spoken extremely tactful, his words were rather penetrating. With Xu Yangyi’s performance as a champion, granted that it wasn’t good that he didn’t complete his mission and as such would be regarded as odd, he wouldn’t necessarily have his value distorted when it came for every major power to select personnel.

    At the same moment, within Nantong Province’s provincial government building inside a room with several tens of computers, a tall, skinny middle-aged man around forty years of age was combing back his glossy hair. He pushed down on his gold-rimmed glasses and drank a mouthful of coffee somewhat impatiently.

    “Old Ying, you run into a problem?” The colleague beside him who had worked this job together with him for many years looked at his appearance and laughed: “It's a tick of yours to drink coffee when you’re impatient. It’s been several tens of years, but you still haven’t changed.”

    “It’s not something I can change.” Old Ying pressed the pause button for the recording and massaged his forehead: “Yuyang City is a major city administered by Nantong Province. A champion can basically be said to be a seeded player. In the past several days, Daomaster Cloudcrane’s Disciple Chen had reminded us that Daomaster Cloudcrane’s enterprise in Yuyang City, Golden Prosperity Pictures, needs an awesome Qi Condensation cultivator to calm the scene. Since Yuyang City is Nantong Province’s second major city, the demons in kind have forcibly taken space to survive; it’s not very peaceful. This champion…”

    Old Ying swept his eyes over the screen and directly set down the recording, His lanky body learned against his chair, and he laughed grimly: “I was prepared to recommend him to Daomaster Cloudcrane, and I even brought it to his attention pretty obviously, but he suddenly reported to me the demon’s corpse was a 100 meters. An old Foundation Establishment monster? Isn’t this the age of satellites? Can a single mu produce thousands and thousands of bushels? What a joke.”*

    His colleague by his side listened to his spiel and laughed: “A 100-meter-long demon corpse… This is an old Foundation Establishment monster, right? In any case, you were only ranked 50 that year, Old Ying…”

    “It’s nothing more than a pretty excuse.” Old Ying faintly pressed down on his glasses: “Only the top twenty grades in the graduation exam are worth a damn. What’s the difference between rankings twenty-one to a hundred? With his performance, he’s bound to end up within the entire province’s top twenty. He doesn’t have any need to misreport, but for his bullshit pride, he reported a 100-meter-long demon corpse. Every year, you get to see this kind of high-strung hothead. After going through ten-odd years of Heavens Law’s hell training, they’ve taken a fall in virtues.”

    “Let’s listen up first, alright.” His colleague was interested, as well. Virtue was incredibly important in cultivation and was often even more important than cultivation itself. There wasn’t any difference between Heavens Law graduation and a university graduation. It was merely on the eve of graduation, “company recruiters” would become “cultivation powers”.

    No one would recruit a person of questionable moral standing. Even if a Core Formation master took a fancy to Xu Yangyi, how could they possibly entrust him with a heavy responsibility?

    Old Ying remained cool and collected, switching on the recording software once more. He said coldly: “Mr. Xu, you still have one more chance. I didn’t make a recording just now. Carefully… jog your memory again of the specifications of the demon’s corpse.”

    The sound of dialogue rang out from the other side. It seemed that Xu Yangyi was consulting someone called Mao Ba’er. Once Mao Ba’er gave him a detailed answer, Xu Yangyi’s voice clearly rang out again: “Mhm, I figured I was clear enough.” 

    “Mr. Xu, please treasure your opportunity.” Old Ying furrowed his brows. He didn’t intend to switch off the recording this time. Was this a joke? He had already given a one-time opportunity. If not for his recommendation to a Core Formation master at the top of the food chain and also for the glory of his Nantong Province branch, what was the least bit need of him to give this kind of chance to a little cultivator that hadn’t even graduated?

    “Mhm, in total, it is a 142.03 meters long and four meters in width in its entirety.”

    “Pfft…” Old Ying’s colleague nearly spurted out in laughter, resisted the urge to smile with great difficulty, and shrugged his shoulders, looking at Old Ying’s ashen face. Making a devil-may-care gesture, he shook his head with a regretful look in his eyes soon after and mouthed: What are you still arguing with this person for?

    Old Ying closed his eyes, and as he opened them, his voice carried an even icier hint: “I understand. I shall report it as is. Mr. Xu, is there anything else?”

    Don’t scream, you mustn't.

    This kind of person would be inevitably eliminated all accounts. Regardless of the fact that he was Yuyang City’s champion.

    What qualifications did a person whose prospects were already culled off have to earn respect?

    “Oh, there’s something else.” Xu Yangyi’s voice paused on the other side: “This was a berserker. The academy regulations state in the event of an unusual circumstance, bonus points may be added. I’ll have to trouble you to make note of it.”

    In a blink, the party at the other end of the wristwatch went silent.

    Just as the colleague was about to cover his mouth to stem his laugher, he failed to laugh in that next instant. Old Ying looked at his computer in shock, believing he had heard incorrectly.

    What... did he just say?

    “You seemed to have said… a berserker?” Old Ying was suddenly startled back into his wits by this answer. Once he had discovered this, he had surprisingly been so shocked that he had actually asked!

    By his side, his colleague looked at him with a similar incredulous expression plastered all over his face. 

    “Okay, I’m hanging up.”

    “Hold up a second!” These words had completely pulled these two back to attention. Old Ying gripped his microphone with his voice raised: “Mr. Xu, you must remember clearly! A berserker has to be reported to a specialized ‘different management office’! A berserkers’ striking capabilities are over five times that of a normal demon! Moreover, they’re capable of surmounting two minor stages! It has be said as well that if it’s at the initial stage of Qi Condensation, it’ll become late-stage Qi Condensation! Furthermore, the probability of such an unusual circumstance appearing is astronomically rare! Only Heavens Law’s academy-affiliated Beijing Hospital and Shanghai Hospital have dissected an actual subject! You…”*

    Before his voice had even fell, he was thoroughly floored, while his colleague nearly jumped!

    This was because an image had been sent over to the computer. When Xu Yangyi had clashed like a fireball against the serpent’s head that was covered in bony spurs and ridges, Mao Ba’er had snagged a photo!

    Beneath moonlight, the tremendous serpent several tens of meters in length had thrust its bones out in reverse, and the fireball had caused the radiant moon to lost its luster! Even in the haziness, one could also see the skewed color of the demon’s pupil, and the hundred plus tiny snakes as thick as a man’s waist on the ground! As well as… the tremendous serpent’s forty-plus meters of length outside the ground!

    An extraordinary situation… The reason being, a Qi Condensation demon has surpassed the body of a Foundation Establishment demon!

    Boom… Boom…

    Old Ying had already stood up at some unknown point, his mouth slightly ajar, pushing back on his glasses incessantly.

    It wasn’t known when as well, but the colleague at his side had also stood up, his eyes swiftly popping out and fixed rigidly upon the computer screen.

    They recognized three things.

    One, this photo didn’t have any traces of being tampered with..

    Two, this serpent… Even if it wasn’t a berserker, it was absolutely also in some other abnormal state!


    “This is… Solution Ninety… Life Sacrification…” Old Ying’s throat trembled violently like he had swallowed a date: “In the history of students in Heavens Law that haven’t yet graduated that could learn… and employ… this move during the graduation exam, all of them… absolute heavenly blessed heroes…”

    He himself knew… it wasn’t until ten years later when he had graduated did he have the capability to use this move! Only then he dared to use this move!

    “You… No, sir, are you certain that all of the aforementioned is true?” Finally, he stifled the shock of his heart and spoke.

    He really wanted the other to deny it, since this kind of disparity, envy, and admiration had soured into an ocean within his heart.

    They were all humans, all cultivators, but did the difference have to be so great!

    However, he moreover wanted the other to admit it! This was because… if he could recommend such a management-level talent to a Core Formation master’s assistant, Nantong Province’s reputation in China’s cultivation world and scope of power would drift upwards by a small stage! Especially, such an outstanding talent! 

    “Yeah, I’m still in the sickroom right now. I’ll arrive at Nantong Province’s provincial capital in time. However, this berserker’s strength wasn’t that strong. It was just between the pinnacle of the initial stage and middle stage.”

    Between Old Ying and his colleague, the two of them didn’t know how to hang up the phone.

    In their hearts, they felt a sense of loss, excitement, and envy… all kind of feelings converged together into a boundless expanse.

    What kind of good luck… did one one need to actually meet such an extraordinary circumstance during their graduation examination?

    What kind of strength did one… actually… actually need to be able to kill the opponent?

    And to speak so matter of factly… and its strength wasn’t that strong? Between the pinnacle of the initial stage and middle stage… Could it be you don’t know that baseless boasting is the greatest fatality? The mere body of a tremendous demon serpent would cause a majority of cultivators at the initial stage like Xu Yangyi to shrink back!

    In all of China, over 80% of cultivators were at Qi Condensation! No! The world! Among them, 60% were at the initial stage! Would it kill you not to brag?!

    “Report this immediately to the branch director! Old Ying stood up as if he had just awoken from a dream and suddenly stomped his foot in annoyance: “Fuck… I actually forgot to state my work number one more time!”

    * Mu is a chinese measurement for land. Unlike Jin, which can be translated into catty, a mu is defined as 1/15th of a hectare. Doesn’t sound very smooth to put it like that.

    ** 魔都 - is an alternative spelling of Shanghai. I want to make a note of this since, you can translate this as “demon city” or “magic city”.

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