world of gods ranking system

hi guys and girls. so i just wanted some other peoples opinions about the world of the gods ranking system. in my mind the ranking system goes like this. 
level 1 is equal to a fresh rank 1 magus and level 5 is peak rank 1 magus. 
level 6 is fresh rank 2 and 10 is peak 2.
level 11 is fresh rank 3 and 15 is peak 3.
level 15 is fresh morning star and 20 is peak. 
i just wanted to know if anyone else agrees with this assessment and if you dont let me know how you see it and we will discuss it. thanks everyone.


  • actually when he turned legendary he literally mentioned legendary was like a morning star while lvl 20 was peak crystal phase rank 3
  • ah right thank you. 
  • rank 21-25 = morning stars and radiant moons magus (if religious class rank 20 are fine)
    divine beings and demigod = breaking dawns and with +% comprehension of law (chapter 796 if you want to check)
    truegod (lesser) = rank 7 magus of law (one law 100%)
    truegod (intermediate) = rank 8 magus of laws (several laws 100%, ex trial's eye, filth bird and snake dowager)
    truegod (greater) = rank 8 peak magus of path?, ex mother core, distorted shadow, nightmare king? and ancient wisdom tree?.

  • yeah i can see that. thanks nightmoon. 

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