The Gate Of Good Fortune (造化之门) by Goose Is Old Five (鹅是老五)



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    Leylin said:

    Could someone give me a short summary on whats up? The novel summary isn't doing it for me xD.

    Basically, a poor dude from Earth gets dumped by his girlfriend because the girlfriend's friend who likes him tricks her. Then, he sees a yellow bead and gets transported to an other world. Then, everyone sees him as trash in the new world and he slowly tries to get stronger. It's a good story and you hate the antagonists so much because they're all bitches because they think the MC is a trickster and they try to force him away.
    The #1 question on my mind..
    WILL and DOES he brutally murder them?
    This is a very important question...

    Well, he is far from being strong to take on the number 1 antagonist,
    This headmaster bitch who believes he gets in the way of his talented cousin's progress
    However, according to the spoiler, I do believe he kills her, but Ning Cheng's character is not like Chu Feng's. He is similar to Meng Hao since they are both the smart and silent MCs. Still, this is definitely better than some other novels especially because it is ranked #1 in Xianxia on Qidian this month. I believe even it's all-time ranking isn't far behind some of the best novels. 
    Have faith in the Lord Fifth, gain eternal life! When the Lord Fifth appears, who dares to cause strife!
  • Leylin said:

    Leylin said:

    Could someone give me a short summary on whats up? The novel summary isn't doing it for me xD.

    Basically, a poor dude from Earth gets dumped by his girlfriend because the girlfriend's friend who likes him tricks her. Then, he sees a yellow bead and gets transported to an other world. Then, everyone sees him as trash in the new world and he slowly tries to get stronger. It's a good story and you hate the antagonists so much because they're all bitches because they think the MC is a trickster and they try to force him away.
    The #1 question on my mind..
    WILL and DOES he brutally murder them?
    This is a very important question...

    Well, he is far from being strong to take on the number 1 antagonist,
    This headmaster bitch who believes he gets in the way of his talented cousin's progress
    However, according to the spoiler, I do believe he kills her, but Ning Cheng's character is not like Chu Feng's. He is similar to Meng Hao since they are both the smart and silent MCs. Still, this is definitely better than some other novels especially because it is ranked #1 in Xianxia on Qidian this month. I believe even it's all-time ranking isn't far behind some of the best novels. 
    Alright, i'll start reading it tomorrow night after work I guess...
    Aslong as it's Meng Hao ish, I can deal with it :p I need murder.
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    Translated and Checked By – DemonKiller
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    Translated and Checked By – DemonKiller
    Edited and Checked By – CurlyAdi

    Chapter 0057 – Battling True Condensation

    Ning Cheng ran out of Nan Yuan City with his maximum speed, after leaving the Nan Yuan City, Ning Cheng finally felt a bit relaxed.

    To be honest, he was not really afraid of Lan Yin Yue. Although Lan Yin Yue was already at True Condensation 8th Level, but Ning Cheng already knew from the mouth of Fang Yi Jian. Because the resources and the spiritual aura in the Ping Continent is scarce, thus the cultivation practice methods in the Ping Continents have their own limitations and are actually not complete since the time they were created, and even their spiritual sense was a lot weaker. In other words even though Lan Yin Yue was a cultivator at the True Condensation 8th Level, in fact her true cultivation level was much below that of the genuine True Condensation 8th Level.

    What Ning Cheng feared was the Essence Building Realm Cultivator of the Clear Heart Academy, once that cultivator in the Essence Building Realm stepped into the Nan Yuan City, then he really wouldn’t be able to walk away.

    According to Ning Cheng’s idea, as long as he left the Nan Yuan City, it would be tantamount to being safe. He would then try to find a secluded place, and then use his flying sword to fly back to the Daan Forest. Then passing through the Daan Forest, he would try yo enter the Yuan Continent.

    But just as Ning Cheng left the Nan Yuan City, he felt that he someone was following him.

    Ning Cheng immediately sped up, although he was not much worried in his heart. If he really was being targeted by a cultivator in the Essence Building Realm, he wouldn’t be able walk away. But if it was a cultivator at the True Condensation Realm who was following him, he simply would not need to fear him.

    In Ning Cheng’s opinion, a cultivator at the Essence Building Realm would never be bored enough to stalk a cultivator in the Qi Gathering Realm, in this place like the Nan Yuan City, the possibility for such a thing to happen was basically zero.

    An hour later, the person who was following Ning Cheng suddenly accelerated. At this time Ning Cheng could clearly see who was trying to follow him, it was Miao Li Hu from the Mingot City’s Wolf Palace. He knew that Miao Li Hu hated Ning Cheng to the bone, but he did not think that he would be so persistent, and even chase him till Nan Yuan City. Fortunately An Yi was regarded highly by the Clear Heart Academy, otherwise it would really be dangerous for An Yi.

    Half a year ago, he could not clearly see the cultivation level of Miao Li Hu, but now he could clearly see that Miao Li Hu really had the cultivation of True Condensation 4th Level. For a cultivator at the True Condensation Realm who was unable to step on a flying sword to fly, this made Ning Cheng to not be wary Miao Li Hu.

    For him, Miao Li Hu just came at the right time, he really wanted to try out the power of the 7 Pleiades Ice Needle.

    “Little bastard, even if you run away again, this father will definitely burn you and let your ashes be buried along with my dead son.” Miao Li Hu said after seeing that Ning Cheng had actually stopped, immediately letting out a thunderous roar before stopping in front of Ning Chen, in his opinion, Ning Cheng should have already been petrified by his presence.

    Ning Cheng unhurriedly said, “Miao Li Hu, you may be able flaunt your swagger in Mingot City, but in this place, you do not have the qualification to be arrogant. Here’s what I don’t understand, how did you know that I just got out of the city? Someone delivered a message to you, right?”

    When Miao Li Hu saw that Ning Cheng was actually not petrified, but was actually speaking quite calmly and in a leisure manner, he was immediately shocked. But then he responded immediately, and spoke in a fierce voice, “Die for me……”

    While speaking, his hands turned a scarlet color as he moved it towards Ning Cheng, he really hated Ning Cheng to the bone, so he really did not want to wait for even a single moment.

    “Buzz……” his scarlet colored hand flew across the air, and was giving off an extremely miserable humming sounds, which completely sealed the entire space around Ning Cheng.

    Originally the environment around him was clear as the blue sky above him, but under the influence of the scarlet blood colored light from the hands of Miao Li Hu, it immediately descended into a dark and gloomy atmosphere. Just like countless hungry ghosts, a bloody mist pounced onto Ning Cheng.

    Under this bloody mist, Ning Cheng became somewhat absent minded, he obviously knew that he should move out of the way quickly, but his body was completely shrouded by a bloody mist which covered him from head to toe, it even made him feel a bit dazed.

    The Mysterious Yellow Bead immediately let out its Mysterious Yellow Qi, which covered the entire surface of Ning Cheng’s body with a pale yellow light, Ning Cheng suddenly became alert, and without any hesitation madly started circulating his Qi, taking out his flying sword he immediately sent out a Sword Light form it.

    This sword light under the agitation of Ning Cheng’s Qi, immediately split the scarlet fog to create a gap in front of him. Ning Cheng at once rushed out through the gap. Even if it was like that, a bloody light blasted towards Ning Cheng’s chest.

    “Bang…..” Ning Cheng had just left the scarlet fog, when a fierce explosion sound came from the place where he was just standing at.

    Ning Cheng was shocked to discover, that the place where he was just a moment ago blew up to form a huge pit, and this pit was also dark red in color, it was as if blood had spilled on that ground since a long time. He subconsciously lowered his head for a moment, and saw that the clothes on his chest had a long gash, which revealed the inner dragon hide armor that was given by the old woman.

    There was a lingering fear in Ning Cheng’s heart now, if he was not been wearing the inner armour, then that scarlet light would have cut out a deep and bloody gash out of his chest just a moment ago.

    Slowly heaving a sigh, Ning Cheng then looked at the artifact in Miao Li Hu’s hands, it unexpectedly turned out to be a large scarlet streamer with an indistinct skull on it. The scarlet light, along with the dismal atmosphere, and the scarlet light that blew up on his chest, all of it came out of the bloody red banner.

    If not for the help from the Mysterious Yellow Bead, perhaps he would have already be dead. At the same time Ning Cheng in his heart was also scared a bit, he was aware that although he had accumulated a large combat experience, but it was mostly against Monstrous Beasts. Although he was a cultivator at the Qi Gathering Realm, he unexpectedly dared to look down upon Miao Li Hu who was cultivator at the True Condensation Realm, was this not him courting death?

    True Condensation Cultivators, even it it was someone with poor qualifications, they simply cannot be treated as ordinary people.

    Ning Cheng did not dare to be negligent anymore, and once again unleashed a sword light from the flying sword in his hands, which chased towards Miao Li Hu.

    “What…..” Miao Li Hu shockingly looked towards the huge pit that was created by his attack, for a Qi Gathering 4th Level Cultivator to escape from his Scarlet Ghost Streamer, it was his first time seeing such a thing.

    In his opinion, it was simply impossible for such a thing to happen, for a Qi Gathering 4th Level cultivator, it was fundamentally impossible to escape from his Scarlet Ghost Streamer.

    This Ning Cheng was clearly a Qi Gathering 4th Level cultivator, but not only did he escape his Scarlet Ghost Streamer, he even used a Flying Sword to counter attack.

    Eight Ice Cold Sword Lights, it seemed as if the entire space around him was frozen. This completely sealed up area around him, and did not even leave any room for him to move.

    “You are not a Qi Gathering Realm Cultivator……” Miao Li Hu was completely shocked as he called out, while he once again wielded the big streamer in his hands.

    No matter how powerful a Qi Gathering Cultivator was, they would never be able to cast out this kind of a Ice Sword Light, moreover continuously casting eight of them, although these eight sword lights were not connected or linked up to each other, but it was actually enough to threaten the True Condensation Realm Cultivator with the surname Miao. Once they were linked up into one, even he would find it extremely difficult to resist.

    For a Qi Gathering 4th Level Cultivator for release such a fearful Ice Sword Qi, he did not dare believe it.

    After the shock, he quickly calmed down, although Ning Cheng’s counter attack was truly powerful, but he still believed that he could get rid of Ning Cheng.

    “Chi Chi……” The Ice Sword Light of Ning Cheng and the Scarlet Light of Miao Li Hu’s streamer clashed together, creating a Chi Chi sound which resounded in the air, which sounded like the tearing of rags.

    The 8 Sword Ice Lights were swept away by the scarlet light from this big bloody streamer, and the chilling cold that came from the ice sword lights immediately weakened. Miao Li Hu felt a bit happy, these 8 Ice Sword Qi were weak and cannot link up with each other into a single unit. As long as he could suppress Ning Cheng’s 8 Ice Sword Qi, he believed that he could easily kill Ning Cheng.

    At this time, in the clash between the 8 sword lights condensed from the Ice Sword Qi and the scarlet light, once more 4 Ice Sword Lights emerged out of thin air. When these 4 Ice Sword Qi came out, the 8 Ice Sword Lights Qi from a moment before which were scattered throughout the area instantaneously converged into one. Forming a Sword Net, the big scarlet streamer was completely frozen in the middle of the sword net.

    “This, this is a Profound Grade Sword Technique……” Miao Li Hu felt his own spirit fly away, he did not think even for a moment that Ning Cheng would even have a Profound Grade Sword Technique on him. Although he had not seen this type of sword technique before, but that did not mean that he could not judge what was right in front of him. This person who he considered as an ant in front of his eyes really has such a fearful sword technique.

    Seeing the Profound Grade Sword Technique in front of him, Miao Li Hu knew that if he did not walk away from here immediately, he would really end up dying in this place today.

    He always felt that Ning Cheng was inferior to him, but when he had fought with Ning Cheng before, he felt that he would be able to kill him. But now he came to fully understand, that it was because Ning Cheng possessed the Profound Grade Sword Technique he might not be able to do so.

    Miao Li Hu did not know that he had guessed wrong, it was true that in terms of Qi he really was inferior to him. So when he fought with Ning Cheng, it was really weird for him, it was not because Ning Cheng was using the 36 Ice Sword Technique, but because Ning Cheng’s spiritual sense was much more formidable than him.

    In the battle of wits between the cultivators, the person who has a stronger spiritual sense would always come out on top, Miao Li Hu had not realised the importance of spiritual sense, so it really would not be strange if he were to be defeated. In other words, as long as his spiritual sense was on par with Ning Cheng. Ning Cheng certainly would not be his opponent, that was why Ning Cheng was able to match up to him easily.

    Miao Li Hu simply ignored the injury that his Scarlet Ghost Streamer received from the Ice Sword Qi, and sent out a ferocious blow with his palm, while at the same time took the Scarlet Streamer and rapidly retreated, he did not want to fight with Ning Cheng anymore.

    At this time, a thin and fine needle which was hidden in the sword shadow appeared and disappeared through the gaps of the big Scarlet Streamer, and in an instant it disappeared into Miao Li Hu’s body.

    Miao Liu who was crazily retreating suddenly stopped, he was staring at Ning Cheng, and wanted to say something, but the next moment he felt like his heart was struck from a blow of an extremely heavy hammer, and it instantly exploded.

    With his heart exploding, he still had an unwilling look in his eyes as he fell to the ground with a loud thump.

    “Is it really this powerful?” When Ning Cheng saw Miao Li Hu lying on the ground, he muttered to himself.

    The Profound Grade 36 Ice Sword Technique had given him a surprise, but the surprise given by the 7 Pleiades Ice Needle Technique, he really did not expect it. He thought that when Miao Li Hu was attacked by the 7 Pleiades Ice Needle, he would still be able to resist for a moment or two, but he did not expect that he would not be able to resist it for even half a moment. This made Ning Cheng realise that, he really had grossly underestimated his own 7 Pleiades Ice Needle.

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    Translated and Checked By – DemonKiller
    Edited and Proofread By – CurlyAdi and SmartyMouth

    Translated and Checked By – DemonKiller
    Edited and Proofread By – CurlyAdi and SmartyMouth

    Chapter 0058 – A Terrible Battle Scene

    Hua Continent.

    In the Yi Xing Mainland there were three low class continents, out of which the spiritual aura of the Hua Continent is the most thick. If the Jia Continent and the Hua Continent were not separated by these endless and vast looking mountains, the spiritual aura present in the Hua Continent would have been much thicker, in fact it would be so dense that the Hua Continent could be then easily considered as an intermediate class continent.

    On the Hua Continent, there were 6 extremely powerful countries, there were also numerous big and small clans and sects comparable to them and as such it is impossible to try and quantify their size or power. But the absolute top of the Hua Continent were the five 5 Star Academies, these five 5 Star Academies were existences that were truly beyond any country/clan/sect. Even if it was the Hua Continent’s most powerful and formidable country, they would not dare to be rude to any of the 5 Star Academy.

    If one removed the 5 Star Academies, the Hua Continent’s most famous were undoubtedly the 6 big counties, next to the 6 big countries were the 7 respected clans were not much weaker than the 6 big countries in strength.

    But the most famous of the 7 Clans was the Shui Clan of the East Water Country, although the Shui Clan is one of the 7 most respected and the strongest clans of the Hua Continent, but because they have a cultivator in the Profound Core Realm, as such they were more powerful than the other clans in the continent.

    In the lower class continent, only the 5 Star Academy and a few individual countries had a cultivator in the Mysterious Dan Territory. But in the Shui Clan, there was a cultivator in the Profound Core Realm, that is why they deserved to be the first of the 7 Clans. If not for that, the overall strength of the Shui Clan was relatively poor, and could only safely exist within the country.

    At this moment in the Shui Clan’s Manor a family meeting was taking place, a middle aged man was shouting at a youth by his side. The youth is already had the cultivation of the True Condensation Realm, but had his head down, despite being yelled at, he did not dare to open his mouth.

    The Shui Clan’s general assembly was something that all the elders of the Shui Clan had to participate, moreover these elders brought one or two of their most outstanding children to the General Assembly. This middle aged man who was scolding the youth was called Shui Gao Yuan, and was one of the Essence Building Elders of the Shui Clan, and the one who he was scolding was one two most outstanding sons that he has, Shui Feng Ji. Less than 30 of age, but already had the cultivation of True Condensation 4th Level.

    The patience of the youth who was being scolded finally snapped, suddenly he looked up and said loudly, “That Ji Luo Fei is simply disfigured, why do you want me to marry her? Even if you just picked up a random woman, she would be a hundred times prettier than her.”

    When the middle aged man saw that his son unexpectedly dared to argue with him, he immediately stood up and said in an angry voice, “You understand my ass, Ji Luo Fei was not born ugly, once her face was restored, how many people do you think would be comparable to her in the Falling Star Academy? Although recovering one’s appearance in this Hua Continent is a bit difficult, but in an Middle Class Continent it is an easy thing, you idiot.”

    At this time the old man sitting at the topmost position waved his hand, and loudly interrupted the angry middle aged man, “Gao Yuan, do not scold Feng Ji, the young people always have their own ideas. Since Ji Luo Fei has a disfigured face, so he presumably thought that she was a bit ugly.”

    When the middle aged man heard this old man speak, he did not dare to continue to speak, and quickly sat down. This was the head of the Shui Clan, Shui Cheng Hua, and already has the cultivation of the initial stages of the Profound Congealing Realm. In the Shui Clan, besides their ancestor in the Profound COre Realm who has been in secluded closed door cultivation for many years, everyone had to listen to words spoken by him, for the other clan members the words spoken by him were akin to words spoken by god himself.

    “Shui Yu is willing to take Ji Luo Fei as his wife, but also requests the master of the house to take the decision for me.” At this time sitting not far from the position of the Shui’s Clans head, a youth took the initiative to stand up and bow speaking those words.

    “Are you really willing to marry Ji Luo Fei? You don’t mind her having a disfigured face?” The Clan Head, Shui Cheng Hua asked with some doubt and amazement in his voice.

    Not waiting for Shui Yu to speak, the man sitting across from Shui Yu also stood up and said, “Clan Master, Shui Yu is one of my disciples with the highest qualifications, his future is limitless, how could he be married to that disfigured Ji Luo Fei?”

    With that, he turned his head towards Shui Yu and earnestly said, “Shui Yu, your father is out, so you can’t act stupid and cause troubles for him.”

    The young man called Shui Yu and gave a very respectful bow, and then solemnly said, “I am not that impulsive, I already had thought about marrying Ji Luo Fei for a long time. Ji Luo Fei’s qualifications and aptitude is not much worse than me, I believe that when she comes home to my Shui Clan, it would only benefit our Shui Clan in the future, there will not be any harm. Regarding her face, I am not concerned about it.”

    The man in front of him on hearing this youth Shui Yu’s words, immediately clenched his fists. Originally he was the one who wanted to marry Ji Luo Fei, but he did not think that Shui Yu would take the initiative to speak first. At this time when Shui Yu spoke, he also knew that he liked Ji Luo Fei, but did not dare to stand up and grab her from Shui Yu’s grasp.

    Only he knew that Shui Yu’s words were credible, Shui Yu was completely attracted to Ji Luo Fei’s peerless charm and beauty. That’s right, it was because of the beautiful appearance. Although Ji Luo Fei’s was disfigured, but her body was unparalleled, it made it hard for people to dismiss her from their mind. Once her face was restored, her beauty would absolutely be unmatched. Not to mention her appearance, but even Ji Luo Fei’s qualifications were outstanding, if she became his wife, he could certainly borrow her strength in the future.

    Unfortunately, that Shui Clan’s disciple Shui Feng Ji was really a blind person, he could only see that Ji Luo Fei’s face was not good.

    “But, I heard that Ji Luo Fei also has an aunt called Ji Yao He. Cheng Zhou, you go look for Ji Yao He, and discuss the marriage with Shui Yu. Remember to show Shui Clan’s sincerity, just because Ji Luo Fei has a disfigured face you cannot be disrespectful to them.” When Shui Yu heard Shui Chen Hua’s words, he was extremely happy. For his Shui family to have such an exceptional disciple he felt really satisfied. Although he had not seen or met Ji Yao He before, but he had heard that the Ji Luo Fei’s qualifications and intelligence in the Falling Star Academy was very good. The only regret was, Ji Luo Fei had a disfigured face.

    “Yes, Clan Master.” An extremely lean man stood up and replied while bowing.


    An this point of time Ning Cheng had already entered the Daan Forest for nearly a month, according to Ning Cheng’s estimates, in this month, he had nearly covered about half the distance according to the map.

    Walking through the Daan Forest for more than a month, Ning Cheng’s understanding of the Daan Forest became even more profound. He was glad that he had obtained a map of this place, if he did not have a map, then if he had already not lost his way in the Daan Forest, he would have died in the mouths of the high level monstrous beasts.

    Even though he had the map, he was almost killed several times by a high level monstrous beasts. On this trip, he did not know how many times he saw dense clusters of bones. In addition to the bones from the monstrous beasts, there were also many bones from humans. From this it could be seen that throughout the history, there have been many people who died in Daan forest.

    However his harvest was also by no means small, not only did he find over a hundred Rank 1 Spiritual Grasses, he also found several dozens of Rank 2 Spiritual Grasses. What surprised him the most was, he was even able to obtain a Rank 4 Rainbow Light Grass, but on the contrary he did not find a single Rank 3 Spiritual Grass.

    Although Rainbow Light Grass was a Rank 4 Spiritual Grass, but it was extremely rare even for a Rank 4 Spiritual Grass, and although Ning Cheng did not know much about Alchemy and thus cannot refine Pills, but he was pretty familiar with some of the uses of the spiritual grass which he had read from the books that were provided to him from An Yi. The Rainbow Light grass can help restore the core lake of a person, and is even one of the ingredients required to refine the Profound Core Pill. Of course using the Rainbow Light Grass to refine a Profound Core Pill was too outrageous at this point, after all to refine a pill on the level of the Profound Core Pill required Tier 4 Alchemist, and Ning Cheng did not know a single Alchemy Masters at this point, let alone a Tier 4 Alchemist who could refine it.

    Walking in the Daan Forest, although one will surely encounter a few of such opportunities, but they often would have to carry their heads in their hands. Although Ning Cheng could use his flying sword to fly, but he does not dare to fly even ten meters. Flying in this kind of place, it would only lead to dying quicker.

    [TL Note – ‘Carrying their heads in their hands’ here means ‘High rewards are always accompanied by high risks’]

    Not only one could not afford to fly here, even when one was walking, one must try to be as careful as possible. Ning Cheng by virtue of his caution, had been able to travel nearly halfway through the forest.

    However in the last two days, Ning Cheng felt that something was not right. That was because he did not even encounter a single monstrous beast for the past 2 days, even normal wild beasts could not be seen. It was dead silent all around, if he did not have the clearly defined map that he had memorized in his head, even he would have thought that he was going the wrong way.

    Ning Cheng began to walk slower, almost half a day later, a burst of hot air blew towards him, when Ning Cheng saw the scene in front of him, he was immediately stunned speechless.

    In front of him for an area of several dozen miles, the entire area had many criss crossing ravines, and was completely devoid of any trees.

    In the Daan Forest, although there were some open spaces, but there was never a place like this in front of him, all the ravines criss crossed with each other, and not even a single tree could be seen.

    Rather than saying that there wasn’t a single tree in sight, Ning Cheng saw a few broken trees that were lying scattered throughout in those ravines.

    A sharp murderous aura could be felt coming out of the ravines, this murderous aura made Ning Cheng feel really uncomfortable.

    What a terrifying battle scene, Ning Cheng came to realize that the scene in front of him was a result of a fight between two extremely powerful people. Before he and Feng Fei Zhang had went to the Mingot Sea Area at that time, he had also met two masters fighting with each other. But if one compared that fight to the battle scene in front of him, it was simply like comparing heaven and earth, one simply could simply not make a comparison between the two.

    Ning Cheng did not dare to directly pass through this battle field, even if this battle field in front of him had been abandoned a long time ago, he could still feel the murderous aura that filled the air. Moreover this was just the edge of the battlefield, once he entered the battlefield, this murderous aura would definitely be much stronger, whether he could bear it or die, he could only choose one of the two.

    Ning Cheng was just about to carefully go around this fearful battlefield, when a section of the ground which was revealed made him immediately stop in his tracks.

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    [In honor of Deathblade and totmems for their help in deciding some crucial terms]

    Chapter 0059 – Two Kinds Of Murderous Auras

    It was a spear artifact, it certainly was the case. After Ning Cheng saw that spear, he did not move any futhur.

    He did not like to use his flying sword against his enemies, what he really wanted a powerful long ranged artifact like a lance or a spear. Moreover he also had the Black Level Spear Technique ‘36 Thick Ice Spears’, which made Ning Cheng want a spear. Unfortunately, he only had a flying sword, and nothing else.

    Now that there was a long spear, although this spear was already broken at the tip, but for Ning Cheng, it still had an infinite attraction.

    He did not know the cultivation level of the people who fought here, to create such a frightful battlefield in front of him, but he knew that their cultivation levels would definitely not be bad. With the cultivation levels of the two powerful masters fighting here, how could they not leave such a scene behind?

    Ning Cheng slowly moved towards the center of the criss crossed ravines where the fighting seemed to be more concentrated, originally he was at the edge of this ravine, and felt the aggressive murderous aura that the air was filled with. But when he took his first step into the battlefield, this kind of formidable thirst for blood, almost immediately tore his clothes to shreds.

    This murderous aura was just like an extremely knife slicing through him, and when it swept past Ning Cheng’s body, Ning Cheng’s body was immediately covered by several dozen cuts from which blood spilled out unceasingly. Although the bloody cuts were shallow, but the blood streaming out instantly stained Ning Cheng’s body in a bloody red color.

    Ning Cheng did not dare to take the second step, although he was attracted to the spear artifact, it also did not stop him from dropping out from the criss crossed ravines if he wanted to. He stopped, while he operated his Qi to slowly heal himself, at the same time advanced slowly. Even if he had to spend several months here, he wanted to get his hands on that spear. Alchemy and Crafting were not easy, Ning Cheng had already knew about it. If he lost such a spear artifact here, if he did not get it, he would not be able to sleep at night.

    As Ning Cheng let his Qi to flow though his meridians, the originally stationary Mysterious Yellow Bead in his dantian suddenly started to spin, and a Mysterious Yellow Qi started to mix with his own Qi, fully penetrating through Ning Cheng’s meridians.

    Ning Cheng unexpectedly sat down in the middle of the criss crossing ravines that was filled with the murderous aura, in his mind appeared shadows of two people. These two shadows were standing in the sky above the Daan Forest, one of them was wielding a long spear, and the other person was wielding a huge axe. Of the two shadows fighting in the air above the Daan Forest, the shadow wielding the spear seems to be dominating, while the shadow wielding the giant axe seemed to be in a bit of disadvantage..

    In just a short period of time, this originally densely populated place that was filled with trees were completely devastated and only a few charred stumps of the trees remained. The murderous path of the spear was as if it could be vaguely sensed by Ning Cheng, in his consciousness suddenly the entire picture became static as one picture after another flashed by very slowly, that figure with the spear artifact in his hands as if wanting to get rid of the artifact, immediately thrust out his spear.

    The spear immediately brought out several tens of thousand spear shadows, this kind of spear moves filled with such dense killing intent immediately made Ning Cheng breathless. Such strength, it immediately make Ning Cheng’s heart tremble, he immediately became alert, he just felt a hint of the residual murderous aura coming from the spear, and had already suffered to such a state. If he was to face the actual murderous aura from that spear, he could only close his eyes and wait for his death. Perhaps he would not even have to wait for his death, as long as that terrible murderous aura came out, it would be enough for him to be completely annihilated by it into nothingness.

    This intensive brutal murderous aura that emanated from the spear swept through almost the entire Daan Forest, it seemed as if it wanted to tear apart the entire Daan Forest.

    He did not know how in the face of this terrible destructive spear shadows, did the giant axe wielding shadow plan on resisting it. But he could vaguely feel, that the movements of the spear shadows seemed to be a bit weird.

    All of a sudden, there was a severe pain in his mind, at the same time he could no longer see the counter attack by the giant axe wielding shadow. He could only feel a terrible pain in his head which felt as if it would tear his head apart, the next moment he immediately spurted out a spray of blood.

    Spitting out a mouthful of blood Ning Cheng’s face looked a bit pale, but he still did not retreat back, rather he slowly stood up, and raised his hand, the flying sword appeared in his hands. At the same time, he stabbed his flying sword out as a spear.

    “Shoop” just like an arrow that was just shot out, the flying sword in his hands brought out a long sword light, which tore through the surrounding murderous aura. This sword of Ning Cheng, completely tore through the surrounding murderous aura, making it so that this murderous aura to not impact him again in the slightest.

    Is this the Dao of that spear? Ning Cheng in his heart was very excited, he did not think that he would be able to comprehend such a spear dao in this kind of place. If he were to comprehend this Dao of the spear completely, wouldn’t his battle proficiency rise up to a new level?

    That’s not right, Ning Cheng suddenly stopped, the momentary joy on his face immediately disappeared without a trace. In his mind appeared a few flaws in this spear dao which were clear as day, moreover these flaws were fatal.

    Originally when the spear wielding shadow displayed his technique, there was no way for his spear to turn into countless spear shadows with similarly fearful strengths, what he used was a second spear for assistance. Thats right, it was a second spear, because that person could truly could not accomplish such a feat with just a single spear, so he had to use up several secondary spears to help out and complement each other.

    It was also precisely because of this, that the tracks of the spears seemed to be flawed. If that great axe wielding person got hold of that flaw, then the spear wielding shadow would have surely lost without a doubt.

    Ning Cheng’s complexion immediately turned pale again, he saw the ravine in front of him, and understood it very clearly, that the spear wielding shadow had certainly lost. The ravine in front of him was very deep, but the surrounding ravines were relatively small and narrow, and even the murderous aura around them was also weak.

    The reason why Ning Cheng’s complexion turned pale, was because he had also comprehended this superficial dao of this spear a moment ago. It meant that if in the future he fought with an enemy with such half assed knowledge, then as long as his opponent grabbed onto the flaws of the spear, he would also face the same disastrous defeat.

    Even if he did not have the support of the secondary spear, he came to realise that this spear was unable to flow smoothly, and thus would always have a little flaw during combat.

    Although he knew that this person was unable to link up his spear with the other spears, and as such let his spear technique have a few fatal flaws. But from a psychological point of view, Ning Cheng was still standing near the spear, because he still wanted to use the spear as his weapon artifact. Similarly Ning Cheng finally understood that the ravine in the middle contained the remnants of that person’s spear, the others should be from the persons other secondary spears. After that spear wielding person lost, even his support form the auxiliary spears could not help him. Obviously he would suffer a disastrous defeat.

    However Ning Cheng quickly abandoned the idea, thinking about his current cultivation level and that of the masters who just fought, it was simply a dream, so he did not think too much of it. In the future he would definitely be able to reach the level of the two masters who just fought, plus more or less he had already corrected some the flaws of the spear technique a long time ago in his mind.

    Putting this idea aside, that spear once again started to emit that murderous aura which rushed towards Ning Cheng, while in his mind it was getting increasingly clear of the methodology to utilize the spear.

    Although Ning Cheng did not understand it completely, but the that had completely enveloped him before and now was not the murderous aura of the spear, but was rather a trace of the true meaning of the spear.

    If anyone came to know that Ning Cheng who just had the trivial cultivation of Qi Gathering Realm, could induce the scene of the fight from the murderous aura in the surroundings, and even comprehend a hint of the true meaning of the spear. Even if Ning Cheng hid beyond the horizon, people would still pursue him and once caught, they tear him up little by little to study him thoroughly.

    Ning Cheng knew why he was able to induce the fearful fight scene, it had nothing to do with his qualifications or his intelligence or monstrous comprehension ability, rather it was because of the Mysterious Yellow Bead.

    After just a few breaths, Ning Cheng took a gulp, lifted both his hands once, and stirred up a Spear Intent from his hands. The surrounding murderous aura around him immediately lightened up and weakened substantially.

    Ning Cheng was delighted in his heart, and quickly sped up his pace. He had planned to spend several months to get to the place where that vicious broken spear was at, but he never thought that he would be able to comprehend a sliver of the murderous aura from the spear, and would be able to walk towards the middle ravine so quickly.

    In the time it take for an incense stick to burn, Ning Cheng arrived at a place that was not far from one of the halves of the broken spear. Ning Cheng wanted to take a step forward, and grasp the remnant of the spear in his hands. When a more aggressive and fierce murderous blasted out, directly blasting towards the chest of Ning Cheng.

    This murderous aura when compared to the the murderous aura from the spear before was much more aggressive and fierce, and Ning Cheng was immediately sent flying because of this terrible murderous aura. As Ning Cheng once again coughed out another mouthful of blood, in Ning Cheng’s consciousness at the same time appeared the giant axe wielding shadow.

    Ning Cheng stood up tremblingly, he could still feel his leg shaking, this had nothing to do with fear, but because the murderous aura of that huge axe was just too terrible, making him feel that there was absolutely no way to resist it.

    “This must be the giant axe shadow that broke the spear, it really is too overbearing.” Only after a long time, did Ning Cheng uttered those words.

    Ning Cheng was very clear at this time, if he could not block the murderous aura of the giant axe, he absolutely would have no means to take out the broken spear. Even if the spear was in reach of his fingertips, he could only look at it.

    “Bah” looking at his chest that had been blasted a moment ago only to see the armor through the gap, Ning Cheng spit out a mouthful of spittle as he said to himself, “This father will definitely have the spear today.”

    Ning Cheng made up his mind, and carefully approached the the ravine that emitted the murderous aura from the great axe. Just when he approached it, that giant axe immediately emitted a rumbling noise, which again blew him out.

    He continued to comprehend the murderous aura that was being emitted as he continued to plow forward.

    Thrown out, getting injured, gaining a slight insight from it, going forward….. once again being thrown out, once again getting injured, once again gaining a slight insight from it, once again going forward…..

    Ning Cheng was time and time again being blown out of the ravine as he sustained more and more injuries, but every time he took a step forward he would gain more and more insights.

    Time and time again this kind thing kept repeating, while the killing intent being emitted from the giant axe was slowly clearing up in the consciousness of Ning Cheng.

    Pressing forward with an indomitable will, with boundless and overpowering momentum, with no room to look back, this was the imposing manner of this axe.

    Just in terms of momentum, the murderous aura that was being emitted from the giant axe shadow was much more fiercer that the murderous aura that Ning Cheng had felt from the spear intent previously. This was not because the cultivation of the Giant Axe wielding person was higher than the cultivation of the spear wielding person, but because of its thirst for blood that he won, as for the thirst for blood for the one who lost, it was just simply not comparable.

    Ning Cheng cannot remember how many times he was blown out of the ravine, moreover there was not even one inch of space on his body that was still intact, even his face had numerous clusters of bloody scars.

    However he was not surprised, but rather he looked pleased, once again rushing forward, at the same time using the flying sword in his hands to perform a chop. This time he regarded the flying sword in his hands as a big axe, and at once used it to hack.

    The Sword Qi aroused the murderous aura of the surrounding ravines, and sent out intermittent ‘crackling’ explosions. In a very short moment after that, Ning Cheng stopped, at present he was staring at the ravine that was immediately in front of him. Before he would have been easily killed by the murderous aura that blew him out time and time again, but at this time it was no longer able to blow him back even half a step.

    Ning Cheng was standing before the ravine that was split by the huge axe, a twinkling appeared in his mind. He did not know for how long he had been standing there, but when Ning Cheng suddenly opened his eyes, his body issued a soft echo, and a powerful Qi started flowing throughout his body, it was similar to a stream of flowing water, even the sound of it was becoming increasingly clear.

    A touch of surprise appeared in the eyes of Ning Cheng, this was the first time that he did not have to use Ling Shis to cultivate, moreover without using any outside resources was able to advance in his cultivation. He had now officially advanced to Qi Gathering 9th Level, and it was completely due to him comprehending the two types of murderous auras.

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    Chapter 0060 – Gold Coins and Ling Shi

    Ning Cheng then put away the flying sword, and at the same time used his fist to send out a punch while standing in the same place.

    He came to realise that because of the residual traces of the murderous aura of the ax in the ravine, it made him want to urgently wanted to try out this power of axe that he acquired. However because the flying sword in his hands was not very comfortable, he simply used his fists as a great axe.

    “Bang…..” Ning Cheng using his fist as an axe directly blew away the murderous aura in front of him as if it didn’t exist in the first place, as it made a dull sound.

    Even the murderous aura in the surroundings was also blasted away as if it was mud, and scattered in all directions. Although the murderous aura still flocked back again, but it was not as sharp as before.

    “Ha Ha…..” Ning Cheng laughed, he took a step forwards and raised his hand to grip the broken spear, “So it’s like that.”

    Although he had only comprehended a small hint of the murderous aura of the huge axe, but when he used his fist as an axe he directly blew open the residual murderous aura around him, and it even had a very smooth feel to it. He certainly knew that the giant axe was also here because of the residual murderous aura, although the giant axe’s aura was a million times weaker than before, but at least this time, the residual murderous aura around him had already been blown away by a punch from his fist.

    What’s more, he was able to wield his own fist like an axe. It was also because of his fist that he was able to blow away the residual murderous aura, that was the reason why he said that to himself.

    In Ning Cheng’s view, this person was a genuine extremely powerful master, even if one came here after countless years, the traces of the murderous aura would not disappear completely. As for the two people that fought here, they have obviously not fought here for a long time, and as such the murderous aura had already been 99% dissipated. Even after a long period of time, the murderous aura around here although would have diminished by half it would definitely not cease to exist.

    Even if Ning Cheng knew more than others, since he was a being from a different world, he could comprehend from the two different types of killing intents present here that the fight had started between them because of a disagreement.

    Laughing all the while, Ning Cheng had already stirred up his Qi, and drew out the broken spear with his hands.

    A powerful aura immediately penetrated Ning Cheng entire body through his senses, it felt as if just extending the spear in his hand, he could blow up the entire surroundings around him. At this moment it felt that his hands were in control of whole world, Ning Cheng knew that it was just an illusion, but he was still rejoicing in his heart. This spear that he was holding in his hand, had a heavy feeling to it, when he compared it to the flying sword, but he could clearly feet that the spear was more suitable for him.

    The spear was nearly eight feet long, but what made Ning Cheng feel a bit of regret was, not only the spear had a broken grip, but even the spear head had a broken tip. Even it that was the case, Ning Cheng still felt that this spear was not as simple as it looked.

    Ning Cheng did not move from his place, and remained in the same place were he was standing, after sitting he immediately began refining the spear.

    Ning Cheng set up a restriction while he continued to refine it, and the powerful aura of the spear that was lingering outside gradually began to weaken and dissipate. He also did not know how much time had passed, but Ning Cheng once again stood up holding the spear in his hands, and immediately stabbed out with it.

    In the surrounding air a loud buzz could be heard from the spear, the sound that it was producing was just like a thin wicker brush in the air. After his stabbed out with the spear, at this moment the air in front of the spear was completely split apart.

    The next moment Ning Cheng shook the spear a bit, just like a flick, and brought out 12 spear shadows, these spear shadows were like a sparse network of spears, and the space in front of the net was entirely in his control. The surrounding air instantly turned ice cold in a twinkling of an eye, the icy cold made the air to feel like a dense liquid, which would make any person trapped in it to become stranded and unable to escape easily.

    The Black Level 36 Ice Spears technique, this was the genuine Black Level 36 Ice Spears Technique. Ning Cheng in his heart was pleasantly surprised, when he used the spear to cast the 36 Ice Spear Technique, the imposing manner and the might was far beyond that of when he used it with his flying sword, it just simply something that couldn’t be compared. At this moment in Ning Cheng’s heart, there were only a single word that could describe the Black Level 36 Ice Spear Techniques, ‘formidable’.

    Putting away the long spear, Ning Cheng with its imposing manner and might, felt that at this moment if he were to face that Qi Condensation 4th Level Cultivator named Miao Li Hu, even without using the 7 Pleiadene Ice Needle, he was sure that he could kill him.

    Unfortunately the spear was broken, and thus he was unable to stabilize the quality. This spear in Ning Cheng’s hands, felt just like a low grade artifact. But when he thrusted out with the spear, he could feel that the quality of the artifact was raised to the top level. And when he utilised it to perform the Black Level 36 Ice Technique, this spear could then even be comparable to a best quality artifact.

    Ning Cheng did not have even the slightest doubt, that once he displayed a more fearful spear technique, then this broken spear artifact may very well turn into a low level spiritual grade artifact.

    From this Ning Cheng inferred, that this broken looking spear was actually not broken, and was definitely a top level artifact that was even above the spiritual grade. Moreover the refining technique that was used to create it was definitely not ordinary, although the spear was destroyed, the remnants of the spear was still able to maintain itself as a magical artifact. Ning Cheng had not been in contact with many magical artifacts, he had only seen some records, after a common artifact was broken, then it becomes almost impossible to use it, and one would have to restore it once again to use it again. Although this spear was broken but he was still able to use it, it showed that the refining method that was used to craft it was definitely not ordinary.

    Ning Cheng found a blue cloth among the possessions that he had and wrapped the broken spear in it and tied it to his back, although this spear was broken, and although it could still be upgraded through refining, but the fact was his flying sword could not even be compared to it. Although the size of the flying sword could be changed by imbuing it with one’s spiritual sense, but the size of the broken spear could not be changed.

    Ning Cheng’s storage bag had only a single cubic meter of storage space, but this broken spear had already surpassed two meters in length. Besides carrying it on his back, Ning Cheng could only carry it in his hands.

    Now that he had already comprehended the two murderous auras in these criss crossing ravines, Ning Cheng crossed this place at his maximum speed. Looking back at the huge and terrible battleground, Ning Cheng understood in his heart that to raise one’s power not only hard work was needed but it also relied heavily on luck.

    While crossing the Daan Forest, he unexpectedly not only obtained a spear, but was even able to comprehend two different types of murderous auras. His battle efficiency once again surged dramatically, if this was not luck then what was it.


    “Auntie, I will not agree to it.” Ji Luo Fei faced Ji Yao He and replied without hesitation.

    Not to say that Ning Cheng and Ji Luo Fei’s marriage has still not been lifted, but she had even promised to herself that other than Ning Cheng, in this life she would not marry anyone else. Even without these, she did not intend to marry anyone else. At this moment in her heart, it was only filled with practicing cultivation, and then even more cultivation practice. Once her cultivation level was high enough, she would take a trip to the Daan Forest to see why her parents were unable to get out of the Daan Forest.

    Now that her paternal aunt wanted her to marry her off to the East Water Country’s Shui Clan’s Shui Yu, she did not even think about it and flatly refused.

    Ji Yao He immediately frowned, and slowing down her tone as much as possible she said, “Luo Fei, the Shui Clan is one of the seven respected clans of the Hua Continent, they even a mighty cultivator of the Profound Core Realm. That Shui Yu is also the genius of the Shui Clan, what more could my Ji Clan want? Now there are only the two of us. You even have a dual main spiritual roots, if you could marry into the Shui Clan, you could certainly advance to a much higher level in the future. Otherwise, even if you stay in the Yi Xing Academy, it would be difficult for you to advance further.”

    After a pause, Ji Yao He continued earnestly, “Besides, you are also disfigured, with the ability of the Shui Clan, you can definitely go to the intermediate class Jia Continent in the future. Once you are able to go to the Jia Continent, why would you be afraid to regain your appearance? Moreover the spiritual roots of Shui Yu are even better than you, plus he is less than 30 years of age, and is already at the Qi Condensation 6th Level. This kind of person, even if it was the Yi Xing Academy there are not many like him. Why don’t you agree to this?”

    “Paternal Aunt, I still have a husband, the possibility of Shui Yu and me being together is definitely not possible. What’s more, I’m disfigured, in addition to looking for my parents, I do not think of anything else, I ask auntie to go back and inform the Shui Clan.”

    When Ji Yao He listened to Ji Luo Fei’s words, she immediately became angry and stood up, “Luo Fei, do you know what the consequences of rejecting the Shui Clan is? It will be impossible for us to remain in the Yi Xing Academy. If we left the Yi Xing Academy, do you think that we would have anyplace to go? That Ning Cheng absolutely does not have any spiritual roots, in a few decades he would end up in a grave, why must you defend that loser?”

    Ji Luo Fei also slowly stood up, and said without even flinching or showing even the slightest emotion on her face, “Auntie, I lived together with Ning Cheng for ten years. At the beginning I perfectly knew that Ning Cheng would die in the prison, I carried him back without even being in grief for even half a minute. When he woke up on my back, I did not even have half a cent of joy. But now I understood that he and I are much closer that I thought.”

    Ji Luo Fei finished speaking and without speaking another word, slowly walked out of the room. She was very upset in her heart, it was true that she did not even feel a thing for Ning Cheng before, but when he came out of the prison, he unexpectedly left a trace of himself in her heart.

    If it was Ning Cheng, would he, by himself, allow her to marry into the Shui Clan?

    Her aunt wanted to leave Ning Cheng back in the Cang Qin Province, how could she not know that she wanted to murder him with a borrowed knife? But at the moment she is incapable of changing anything, her cultivation was too poor, she could only wait for her cultivation to advance further, and then go look for Ning Cheng. If he died, she would wear mourning clothes for him once more to show her filial piety. If he was alive, then she would give him her blessings to live a better life and then she would continue on to go find her parents.

    She did not hate Ji Yao He for using a borrowed knife to murder Ning Cheng, after all she was her paternal aunt, and had taken those actions for the sake of her.

    But today, she discovered that she was very different that what she thought. In the face of the benefits, her paternal aunt would not even consider her own sole family’s feelings. Why would she even stay in the Yi Xing Academy? Couldn’t she just leave the Yi Xing Academy?

    “Do not be nervous, come with me, listen to me.”

    These words spoken by Ning Cheng she could never forget them in her life, if Ji Yao He was not her paternal aunt, with the way she treated Ning Cheng, she would have already left the Yi Xing Academy a long time ago.

    “Luo Fei, you already know about my qualifications, remember that after you leave, when you are able to, please take revenge for me……” This was what Ning Cheng spoke to her before he helped her escape.

    Ji Luo Fei seemed to be back at the Cang Qin Province, she suddenly felt that the feeling she felt for her paternal aunt Ji Yao He and the feelings she felt for Ning Cheng were simply not the same.

    It was as if Ning Cheng had only a single gold coin, and her aunt had several Ling Shis, and although her paternal aunt’s Ling Shis were several times more expensive than the gold coins. But Ning Cheng gave her the only gold coin that he had.

    If it just ended with this, then her heart would feel better, after all she was her paternal aunt. However her own aunt, actually asked her to give up on this gold coin. It was in this moment, that she finally came to realise that she felt more closer to Ning Cheng than to her own paternal aunt.

    Once Ji Luo Fei came out of the room, she turned around the corner and went behind the room, immediately speeding up her pace. She was going to leave here, for her, even if she became more familiar with her paternal aunt, she already knew that she would not feel any reluctance to part from her.

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    Chapter 0061 – Red Apricot Tree Leaving Over The Garden Wall

    Several roars of a monstrous beast could be heard and even a sword light could be seen in the sky, which made Ning Cheng who was hurrying through the Daan Forest to immediately stop, and carefully hide himself to the side.

    The scene in front of him was that of fight between a human and a monstrous beast, Ning Cheng did not think that in the depths of the Daan Forest, he would be able to find other people besides him. This was the 12th day after he had obtained the broken spear, according to what Ning Cheng thought, as long as the map which he was following was not wrong, he would be able to get out of the Daan Forest in about a month.

    At this moment, he actually able to meet another person who was fighting against a monstrous beast in the depths of the Daan Forest. Ning Cheng certainly did not think that that this person who was fighting against the monstrous beast would leave behind some remnants like the broken spear that he had obtained in the beginning. But the people who are able to survive here, this deep in the Daan Forest, would definitely not be ordinary.

    Although this person had the ability to come here and fight against the monstrous beasts, Ning Cheng no longer thought that it was remarkable, initially he himself was in the middle stages of the Qi Gathering Realm, didn’t he survive at the side of that fresh water lake for months? In the Daan Forest, as long as one had a certain amount of strength, and did not infringe upon the territory of other monstrous beasts, they can easily survive and take shelter.

    In addition there were more and more sword lights surging out with more intensity, some of the Qi fluctuations in the could be sensed by Ning Cheng, which made Ning Cheng understand that this person and the monstrous beast or at least one of them had stepped into the True Condensation Realm. In just a short amount of time, the sword light dissipated, even the cry of the monstrous beast disappeared, signalling that the battle should have ended.

    “Qi Hua, why did you come?” A deep voice of a man reached Ning Cheng’s ears.

    Immediately a clear and pleasant voice replied, “I was a little worried about you, come and see, well……..”

    This was definitely a woman’s voice, but the woman had not yet finished, when it seemed that her mouth was immediately blocked by the other person, it seems that the two people were going to make out. Turned out that this was a couple who were living in this place, Ning Cheng thought as he shook his head, he did not want to continue to look at what the two people were going to do in the end.

    The man was a cultivator at the True Condensation Realm, and so the woman must also be a cultivator at the True Condensation Realm. A man and a woman staying in the Daan Forest, regardless of whether they were lost or not, as to what they were doing here, Ning Cheng did not want to ask. He had just advanced to the Qi Gathering 9th Level, even if he was confident that he was not weaker than any other ordinary cultivators of the True Condensation Realm, but he was already close to the Yuan Continent, who knows if the opposite party was an ordinary True Condensation Cultivator or not? Besides there were actually two people.

    These two people were also living in the Daan Forest, thus they definitely had an absolutely rich combat experience, he did not need to go join in the fun.

    Just when Ning Cheng was leaving, he suddenly felt that something was not right. He was very familiar with the name of Qi Hua, Ning Cheng was sure that he had heard those two words before.

    Ning Cheng immediately stopped and abandoned the idea of leaving, he waited for a short while, before he was convinced that the two people had already walked far away, and carefully hid himself just like before.

    He arrived at the battle scene quickly, there were a number of blood stains and claw marks on the battlefield, even the traces of the sword light across the ground were clearly visible. Looking at the battlefield, it should have been a fight between a cultivator at the True Condensation Real and a low leveled monstrous beast. Finally the monstrous beast was killed, and was taken away by that person.

    He clearly checked the traces nearby, from that Ning Cheng was able to find out the direction in which the two people left, and followed it with extreme discretion.

    After the time it takes for an incense stick to burn, Ning Cheng found that the track marks abruptly disappeared, he could only see the common forest floor in front of him

    Ning Cheng examined the surrounding scene carefully, and soon came to understand, that it was an Array Formation, it should be close to a Rank 3 Concealment Array Formation. Ning Cheng was already a Rank 2 Array Master by now, moreover he had studied this type of Array Formation before, so he was able to understand it immediately.

    In just ten breaths of time, Ning Cheng was able to pass through the Array Formation, and a beautiful and lush green pasture greeted his eyes, it made Ning Cheng feel that he had come to paradise.

    There was a beautiful log cabin built in the middle of the lush green pasture, in the front of the green pasture was a bamboo grove, a path could be seen going through the bamboo groove, and at the end of the path was a large lake, there were even several dozen wild cranes swimming in the lake.

    Was this still the Daan Forest? This was obviously a different world, a paradise. For him who had always been living in tree holes that he had to dig up by himself, it was just like comparing heaven and hell.

    There was woman wearing a green dress in front of the log cabin, and was carrying a bamboo basket in her hand, the bamboo basket seemed to be filled with some kind of blue colored wild herbs. Ning Cheng immediately took a few steps forward, and hid himself along the edges of the bamboo forest. Seeing from the distance, the cultivation of the woman appeared to be at early True Condensation 3rd Level.

    Ning Cheng only saw the woman from the side, but when the green dress wearing woman passed through the bamboo grove and arrived near the large lake, Ning Cheng was able to see how she looked like.

    But in that one moment, Ning Cheng came to know where he had heard the two characters ‘Qi Hua’. At the present looking at the woman in front of him, he could tell that her eyes and Ji Luo Fei’s eyes were similar to each other, not only that, even her face was somewhat similar, he was able to tell that even when Ji Luo Fei’s face was disfigured. Ning Cheng believed that, if Ji Luo Fei was not disfigured, then both of them would more or less look alike.

    ‘Qi Hua’ this name he had heard from the mouth of Ji Luo Fei, he remembered that Ji Luo Fei said that her father was called Ji Xuan Zhang and her mother was called Xiong Qi Hua.

    Ning Cheng could almost affirm that this woman in front of him was definitely Xiong Qi Hua, and was Ji Luo Fei’s mother. Then was that man who had killed the monstrous beast Ji Luo Fei’s father, Ji Xuan Zhang? But Ning Cheng’s intuition told him that, that man was not Ji Xuan Zhang.

    Ning Cheng was startled of his own idea, if that man was not Ji Xuan Zhang, then wouldn’t Xiang Qi Hua be having an affair with someone other than Ji Luo Fei’s father, Ji Xuan Zhang? Moreover they were even living together in the Daan Forest.

    He knew a bit about how Ji Luo Fei’s parents went missing, and about how her grandfather had taken her to the Cang Qin Province. If this woman was really Xiong Qi Hua, then Ji Luo Fei’s mother did not die at all. Since she had not died, why did she not leave this place and and go to the Cang Qin Province to look for her daughter?

    After the green robe wearing woman arrived at the side of the lake, she took out the wild green herbs from the bamboo basket, and threw them into the lake. Those cranes swimming in the lake, immediately swam up and began snatching at those wild herbs.

    “Qi Hua, the wild herbs for the cranes are running out, once I find another piece of land, we will plant them once again.” A man from the log cabin came out, having not yet come close to the green robe wearing woman, he yelled at her from a distance.

    But his voice was a bit deep, which made Ning Cheng feel really uncomfortable when he heard it. However when Ning Cheng saw the appearance of the person, he was secretly admiring him in his heart. He was confident that he himself was not ugly, and was even a bit cool looking. But when he compared himself to that man, he found that his appearance was very common. Ning Cheng had never seen this kind of person who would even put other good looking people to shame, having a straight nose, with bright eyes and delicate eyebrows that were even more delicate than that of a woman. If only his voice was not this coarse, this person would undoubtedly be perfect.

    The green robed woman named Qi Hua showed a faint smile as she stood up, “Hong Wen, Thank you.”

    He really was not Ji Luo Fei’s father, Ning Cheng thought darkly in his heart. He knew that Ji Luo Fei’s father was named Ji Xuan Zhang, it was definitely not Hong Wen.

    “Qi Hua, for you to stay in the Daan Forest for me, this Zhu Hong Wen will do anything for you. As long as you are happy, even if it is my life you want, I will gladly offer it.” This handsome man called Zhu Hong Wen said without hesitation.

    The green robe wearing woman immediately reached out to stop Zhu Hong Wen, and stretched out her hands, it was as if she wanted to hug Zhu Hong Wen.

    Seeing Zhu Hong Wen’s hands going under the robe of the green robed wearing woman, the green robed wearing woman immediately gasped and said, “Not here, it is still daytime…..”

    Zhu Hong Wen kissed the forehead of the green robed wearing woman and said softly, “There are only two of us here, even if we do something, it will not……”

    “Who’s there?” Zhu Hong Wen immediately let go of the woman, while simultaneously took out a flying sword in his hands, and stared in the direction Ning Cheng was hiding.

    Ning Cheng slowly stood up, while calling himself unlucky in his mind. Seeing his mother-in-law, at that time he had wanted to walk away, but now that he was found out, if this not him being unlucky then what was it.

    He was sure that the woman in front of him was definitely Xiong Qi Hua, and as a result did not want to stay here. In the future if he could go to the Yun Xing Academy to see Ji Luo Fei, he would definitely tell Ji Luo Fei, that her mother was in the Daan Forest. Regardless of whether Ji Luo Fei’s mother was having an affair or not, this was a matter of the Ji family, and it did not have anything to do with him.

    Although he was discovered, but Ning Cheng did not have much fear. That person called Zhu Hong Wen was only at True Condensation 4th Level, he believed that even if he could not beat the opposite party, he could still definitely get away.

    “How did you get in here?” When the green robed wearing woman saw that someone had come in, her face immediately became as white as a paper. Even her whole body began to tremble.

    “Qi Hua, don’t be afraid, he is just a Qi Gathering kid, I will kill him.” Zhu Hong Wen comforted the green robed woman, as he directly threw the flying sword toward Ning Cheng intending to block his way.

    At this point of time he did not speak any bullshit with Ning Cheng, with an overflowing murderous aura emanating from him and even covering the two lovers, the flying sword in his hands was also completely covered with his killing intent as it headed towards Ning Cheng.

    The sword light was several feet long, and he had even battled a Class 2 monstrous beast with a strong imposing manner with it.

    However in Ning Cheng’s view, this sword light was just flashy, it was lacking substance, although it looked nice, but it could only be used to frighten people who could not understand it.

    While the sword light arrived at Ning Cheng, at the same time the broken spear behind Ning Cheng also fell into his hands, and fired out a spear shadow from it.

    When the sword light from the flying sword of Zhu Hong Wen and the murderous spear shadow from the broken spear in Ning Cheng’s hand collided, the sword light was immediately torn apart and spear shadow directly arrived in front of Zhu Hong Wen.

    “Spear Intent?” Zhu Hong Wen immediately went pale, he did not think that a cultivator at the Qi Gathering Realm would be so terrible, that he could even surprisingly comprehend something like a spear intent, just what was his family background to be able to practice such a fearful spear technique? Otherwise how could a mere Qi Gathering Cultivator be able to master the spear?

    This was not the original murderous aura, but the spear intent, Ning Cheng at this time came to realise what the two murderous auras that he had comprehended before were. Regardless of that, his hands were not even half a bit slow, and the spear’s attack already arrived at Zhu Hong Wen’s chest and exploded.

    Zhu Hong Wen’s chest suddenly sank, but just before the explosion, the flying sword in his hands unexpectedly arrived in front of the spearhead of Ning Chen’s spear.

    “Ding” A resounding sound could be heard as Ning Cheng and Zhu Hong Wen immediately took a few steps back at the same time.


    TL Note – For those of you confused about the chapter title, its actually a Chinese idiom for a wife having an illicit affair.

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    Chapter 0062 – Coming Out Of The Daan Forest

    Ning Cheng, because of his constant battles, also had a rich combat experience, he knew that Zhu Hong Wen’s cultivation was much better than his, so the longer the two men fought, the more unfavorable was it for him. The only reason why he and Zhu Hong Wen was evenly matched in this fight was because he had a stronger spiritual sense which was much more powerful than Zhu Hong Wen’s.

    Thus, Ning Cheng was able to really force Zhu Hong Wen to take a step back, moreover he, without any delay, once again rushed up, while simultaneously bringing out 12 ice cold Spear Shadows from the spear in his hands.

    These 12 ice cold spear lights immediately formed into a spear net, the surrounding air immediately turned freezingly cold and even seemed to have slowed down, this formidable ice cold spear net directly descended towards Zhu Hong Wen.

    Zhu Hong Wen was completely shocked in his heart, this was definitely a Black Level Spear Technique, moreover it was even an ice attributed Black Level Technique. To be able to bring out such a formidable ice spear technique and even wield it to such a degree, he immediately thought that this person not only had an ice spiritual root, but it was highly likely that his main spiritual root was an ice one. He did not believe that Ning Cheng was only a Qi Gathering Realm cultivator but a cultivator of the Qi Condensation Realm, when faced with the formidable spear technique of Ning Cheng, he who was without a defensive type artifact, other that trying to avoid it there was no other way, as he knew that there was no way for him to block his attacks.

    Even if he was able to avoid it once, given the speed of this formidable spear light net it would certainly be a close one, which meant that even if he was able to escape, he would also be seriously injured. Because he himself knew that in front of this formidable ice spear technique, he could only give up on trying to avoid it as it would only make his speed slower.

    With these thought flashing like lightning in the mind of Zhu Hong Wen, he promptly made the judgement to form a curtain of sword lights in front of him with the flying the sword in his hands.

    The sword light curtain and the thick ice shadows collided together creating a continuous “Hum….” sound.

    This humming sound was also mixed with some ‘ka ka’ sounds, it was as if ice was being broken.

    “Puff, Puff, Puff….” the thick ice spear shadows immediately blew open the sword light curtain, and a number of those spear shadows that passed through the sword light curtain immediately bombarded Zhu Hong Wen’s body, which immediately resulted in him shooting out 4-5 arrows of blood. Zhu Hong Wen who was fighting with Ning Cheng simultaneously flew out during that clash, but rather he breathed a sigh of relief, as he managed to protect his life in that exchange.

    Ning Cheng was secretly surprised, although this Hong Wen’s cultivation level was not as good as that of Miao Li Hu from the Mingot City, but he was more formidable than that Miao Li Hu. The 36 Ice Spear Technique was already his most powerful spear technique, if this 36 Ice Spear Technique was not able to take down Zhu Hong Wen, then he would have no choice other than to use the 7 Pleiadene Ice Needle.

    Ning Cheng did not dare to use the 7 Pleiadene Ice Needle at the moment as there was still the Qi Condensation 3rd Level woman by the side. The 7 Pleiadene Ice Needle was best for a sneak attack, after it was shown, the effect would only worsen. After all his proficiency with using the 7 Pleiadene Ice Needle was far less when compared to his proficiency of using his spear with the 36 Ice Spear Technique, this was because the current 7 Pleiadene Ice Needle was completely dependant on his spiritual sense unlike his spear techniques.

    Although he saw that Zhu Hong Wen was severely injured, with the spear in the hands of Ning Cheng he did not even give him even half a moment to escape, once more releasing spear shadows, he turned it into a spear line as he continued to bombard Zhu Hong Wen constantly targeting his head and other fatal areas. The murderous aura that he was gathering in the spear, even shredded the surrounding bamboo into a fine dust.

    Striking when the iron was hot, Ning Cheng was very clear on this concept.

    Under the threat of the fearful murderous aura emanating from the spear, that pale faced woman in green robe finally reacted. She immediately flew up into the sky, while simultaneously brought out a round shield in her hands. She had no idea how a cultivator like Ning Cheng who was just in the Qi Gathering Realm, would be so tough to deal with and unexpectedly lead to this kind of situation. A Qi Condensate Cultivator should be able to kill a Qi Gathering 4th Level cultivator easily, she had never heard of it being the other way around.


    Ning Cheng who was not concealing the murderous aura from the spear shadows immediately clashed with the round shield in the hands of the green robed woman, which gave out a loud reverberating sound

    A powerful force pushed Ning Cheng back and even the murderous aura from the spear shadow was completely blocked and dispersed by the round shield, and diffused in a short moment.

    Ning Cheng who was again pushed back several steps, was shocked in his heart. He did not think that this woman whose cultivation level was even lower than that of Zhu Hong Wen would actually be even more stronger than Zhu Hong Wen. Ning Cheng’s heart sank, as he slowly backed away towards the edge of the Array Formation. Continuing to fight against them was meaningless to him, if the two people in front of him decided to go all out, then he knew that he would not have any possibility to leave this place alive.

    This woman seemed to know what Ning Cheng was thinking, and first sealed the path of Ning Cheng’s escape, while simultaneously bringing out 5 flying swords around her.

    “Hong Wen, help me kill him.” The green robe wearing woman was absolutely not the same as before as she said those words in a calm and quiet manner, only her eyes betrayed the intention to kill.

    There was no need for the woman to remind Zhu Hong Wen, he forcibly stopped the bleeding from his wounds, and was staring at Ning Cheng like a hungry wolf, watching him with crazed filled eyes, Ning Cheng knew that this person was prepared to go all out against him.

    The ability to control five flying swords simultaneously, the spiritual sense of that woman was definitely stronger than him, Ning Cheng did not have any idea to continue to pester them. With the spear in his hands, he said sarcastically, “Xiong Qi Hua, you commit adultery behind your husband’s back, hiding in here you must be feeling really happy right? Poor Ji Xuan Zhang really must have been blind, to have actually married a woman like you. Perhaps he had already been killed by you and your lover, even though you have a similar face to Ji Luo Fei, I wouldn’t even care if you end up killing me today, since someone would definitely come to seek revenge from you.”

    When the green robed woman heard Ning Cheng’s words, she was immediately dumbstruck again and looked like a wooden chicken, with her face like a piece of white paper, even the five flying swords revolving around her could not be maintained by her anymore and fell down. She had only heard one sentence, when she began to think how did this man knew who she really was, moreover how did he knew what she had done? Just what the hell was going on here?

    It was no wonder that she was not able to understand, as she had been living here for more than 10 years already. But this Ning Cheng who seemed to be less than 20 years old, how was he able to know about the affairs of her family?

    What made her even more shocked and stunned at the same time was that Ning Cheng had said that her face actually resembled Ji Luo Fei’s face, it was apparent that the relation of this young man in front of her and Ji Luo Fei was obviously not shallow.

    While the green robed woman was still in the state of shock, Ning Cheng already increased his speed to his utmost and in a blur crossed her, and instantly went far away.

    In fact when the green robed woman was staring blankly a moment ago, Ning Cheng already had the opportunity to kill her. But Ning Cheng saw the appearance of Ji Luo Fei on her face, and decided to spare Xiong Qi Hua’s life.

    Although Zhu Hong Wen was also shocked by the words of Ning Cheng, but as his wounds were already serious, he could only stand and see Ning Cheng slip away, at the moment he knew that he did not have even a single shred of ability to stop Ning Cheng.

    “Who is he, how does he know me? How does he know Luo Fei? Is Luo Fei OK?” Xiong Qi Hua was still muttering to herself, as her complexion became even more and more pale.

    Zhu Hong Wen softly said from the side to comfort her, “From this conversation, Luo Fei is certainly well, Qi Hua, you do not have to worry about….”

    Xiong Qi Hua seemed to have not heard the words spoken by Zhu Hong Wen, after muttering to herself for a while, she suddenly looked up and said, “I am going out, I’m going to go see Luo Fei.”

    Then she said to herself, “If this man goes to Luo Fei and say those things about me, then I….”

    Zhu Hong Wen sighed, he knew what was going on in Xiong Qi Hua’s mind. If her daughter found out that it was her own mother who had killed her father, and was even hiding in the Daan Forest with her lover, then what would her daughter think? Would she even acknowledge her as her mother? Wouldn’t she immediately draw her sword against her?

    “I have a way to let Luo Fei not believe him.” Zhu Hong Wen said in a low voice.

    “What way?” Xiong Qi Hua stared at Zhu Hong Wen, her tone of speech was somewhat urgent, even her pale face had a hint of redness to it.

    “If you see Luo Fei, regardless of if Luo Fei knows about this matter or not, you need to take the first step and tell her that this man had tried to take advantage of you…..”


    After Ning Cheng ran out of the Array Formation, he discovered that the two of them did not pursue him, and slowed down his pace. In the Daan Forest, he was not afraid of Xiong Qi Hua and Zhu Hong Wen collaborating together against him. He believed that the two people would not dare to pursue him, once he led them towards a high leveled monstrous beast’s area, he could just walk away, these two people can then stay here indefinitely.

    After leaving that place, Ning Cheng once again increased his pace. He decided to go to the Yuan Continent to have a look to see if he could find a True Condensation Pill so that he could finally advance to the True Condensation Realm. When he advanced to the True Condensation Realm he would then be able to freely use his spiritual sense without much burden, Ning Cheng estimated that even if he did not use the two ice spells together then, he would definitely not be beaten. Even if Xiong Qi Hua was a cultivator of the True Condensation Realm.

    Although he was a Qi Gathering Cultivator with formidable strength, but him and a True Condensation Cultivator still had some fundamental differences. The True Condensate Cultivators were the one’s who possessed yuna energy, although Qi Gathering Cultivators also posses Qi which is similar to Yuan energy, which essentially is Qi compressed to an extreme level, but the strength of it was obvious.

    Ning Cheng knew that the true bottleneck in one’s cultivation practice was not the Qi Gathering Real or the True Condensation Realm, but the boundary to the Essence Building Realm. After advancing to the Essence Building Real, one can then begin to cast their foundations, to finally becoming an actual fully fledged cultivator.

    Ning Cheng picked up his speed once again, while simultaneously continued to practice his 36 Ice Spear Technique along the way. As he could not advance his cultivation level in a short time, he decided to make up for it with practicing and getting more familiar with his techniques.

    Originally the remaining distance would have been covered in a single month, but Ning Cheng was able to complete the journey in less than a month by rushing through the remaining distance. When Ning Cheng once again was able to see the blue sky above him, and the vast empty wilderness in front of him, he let out a long sigh of relief. After travelling through the Daan Forest for almost 2 months, he knew that at this moment he should be at the borders of the Yuan Continent.

    Although he was still at the edges of the Daan Forest, but he was also at the edges of the Yuan Continent, and as a result Ning Cheng was able to feel that the spiritual aura around here was definitely much richer than that found in the Ping Continent.

    Ning Cheng reorganised his things, and put the broken spear on his back after carefully wrapping it, as he prepared to use the flying sword to leave the edges of the Daan Forest.

    A grey figure immediately jumped out from the Daan Forest about 200 meters in front of Ning Cheng, this grey figure that who had just appeared was followed by a Grey Demon Wolf which Ning Cheng had killed a lot of them on his way. After the Grey Demon Wolf rushed out of the edges of the Daan Forest, it seemed to feel that it was very dangerous outside, giving up on killing the grey figure that it was chasing, it turned around and once again entered the Daan Forest.

    This was a young cultivator wearing a grey robe, he seemed to know that the Demon Wolf would not continue to run after him, and after rushing out of the Daan Forest, did not continue to run, but instead moved towards Ning Cheng’s side.

    Ning Cheng did not continue to wield the flying sword for flight, as he also wanted to ask for directions.

    This teenager also looked to be of the same age as him, but even his cultivation level was also at the Qi Gathering 9th Level. But he wore a beard on his face, which made him look older, with a lot of experience behind him. This youth’s face was completely white, but had a faint scent of blood lingering on his body. There was a distinct scar on his face, which made him look fierce.

    Ning Cheng had already spent almost 6 months in the Daan Forest, so he was able to clearly feel the murderous aura along with the faint smell of blood that was coming from him. He affirmed that this boy in front of his did not spend a short amount of time in the Daan Forest, moreover he could decisively kill others in a moment.

    “My name is Tai Shu Shi, I have been striving to live in this area surrounding the Daan Forest, friend you look a bit unfamiliar, is it possible that you have just arrived here?” This grey robed wearing youth seemed extremely friendly, he even came forward and greeted him with a smile on his face.

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    Chapter 0063 – The Tai Shu Clan

    “I am called Ning Cheng, and indeed I am new here.” Ning Cheng clasped his fist in front of him as he said, though he did not say that he came through the Daan Forest from the Ping Continent.

    This Tai Shu Shi said with an extreme interest, “This really is good, I have been out here for almost six months gathering experience, and have already reaped a lot of benefits. Only this one does not dare to go further deep, firstly I am scared of getting lost, and secondly I am not particularly strong by myself. For Brother Ning to come to the Daan Forest, surely you are also looking for people like us to go in adventuring.”

    Ning Cheng immediately understood the meaning of the words spoken by Tai Shu Shi, he wanted to find an opportunity to go into the depths of the Daan Forest, but he knew that his strength was somewhat bad, so he was looking for another person to form a team. He saw him near the edge of the Daan Forest, so he walked towards him to try and recruit him into forming a team with him.

    Ning Cheng had stayed in the Daan Forest for several months, so he was well aware of the danger inside, even though he had a detailed map of the forest, it still took him a few months to come out from there. Once you got lost in there, then it definitely would not be a good thing. Moreover, Ning Cheng also knew that there were also not many treasures in the Daan Forest. Compared to the danger, taking this kind of risk was just not worth it.

    Besides Ning Cheng did not want to return to the Daan Forest at this moment, so he just smiled and said, “I did not know if Brother Tai Shu wants to go inside the Daan Forest to gain experience and train oneself or are you looking for some high rank spiritual grasses? If you are looking for a high rank spiritual grass, then I advise Brother Tai Shu to look for those at other places. I am somewhat familiar with the Daan Forest, although there are no doubt some high quality spiritual grasses in there, but they are extremely rare, one might not even find a single one of them even in a year. Brother Tai Shu I have already stayed in this neighborhood for almost 6 months, so you can say than I am somewhat clear in this matter.”

    “If Brother Tai Shu is just looking for increasing his experience, then there is no need to go into the depths of the Daan Forest, as long as you are near the edge of the forest you can receive the same desired effect.”

    After listening to the words of Ning Cheng, Tai Shu Shi tapped his head and said, “Oh, how come I did not think of it. I’ve already been here for six months, and the highest rank of spiritual grass that I was able to obtain was a meagre Rank 2, going by your words it is not necessary to continue to stay here. With regards to gaining knowledge and experience, I am already tired of fighting against monstrous beasts that have no brains. Although I have a heavy need for a lot of the low ranking spiritual grasses, but it is not enough or necessary for me to want to stay in the Daan Forest.”

    “You need a lot of low grade spiritual grasses? Are you a pharmacist?” Ning Cheng asked in a puzzled tone, he now knew that there are not a lot of people in the low class continents who are able to refine actual pills, these people who are able to refine actual pills were called as Alchemists. Only people who are able to refine actual immortality pills can be called an Alchemist, and those who cannot refine Immortality Pills and can only refine Elixirs and mixture pills are called pharmacists.

    [TL Note – If you remember Fang Jiyan’s (ghost dude on the deserted ship) brief intro about Alchemy, according to him, these Elixirs and Mixture Pills are not true pills and are just third class imitations of the pills. So do take note of it and don’t get confused.]

    This Tai Shu Shi does not look too old, so it was impossible for him to be an Alchemist, so when Ning Cheng heard that he required a lot of low grade spiritual grasses, he naturally thought that he was a pharmacist.

    Tai Shu Shi gave a proud smile and said, “Brother Ning you cannot underestimate me, I am a genuine hundred percent Level 1 Ordinary Pill Master, moreover I even have the confidence to refine a Level 2 Pill.”

    Ning Cheng had on more than one occasion heard people say that Alchemy was difficult, moreover people also said that trying to find the resources for Alchemy was also very difficult. Even when he heard of it from Fang Jiyan, or the old woman, their tone was still the same. Even Fang Jiyan said that Alchemy was a very difficult thing to practice. But that old woman not only said that Alchemy was difficult, but she even said that the dao of Alchemy was just a minor one.

    Moreover Ning Cheng also wanted to find someone who could refine a True Condensation Pill, at this time when he actually met an Alchemist, he immediately wanted to inquire about it. Even if the present Tai Shu Shi was not able to refine the pill that he wanted, he could still come into contact with other people related to him who were definitely more better than him.

    Thinking of this, Ning Cheng quickly asked, “Brother Tai Shu, I often hear people say about Alchemists and Alchemy, I do not know much about Alchemy, could Brother Tai Shu enlighten me about it?”

    When Tai Shu Shi heard Ning Cheng’s query, he looked at Ning Cheng with some doubt, and asked again, “Is it possible that Brother Ning is not a person from the Yuan Continent, did you come here by crossing through the Daan Forest?”

    Ning Cheng secretly thought that this Tai Shu Shi was very astute, but since he had nothing to hide so he replied, “That’s right, this time I was very lucky, and was able to cut across the Daan Forest after suffering through a lot of things for the past several months.”

    What Ning Cheng said was very simple, but in the mind of the person with surname Tai Shu who was in front of him it was actually a difficult situation, as he was almost killed many times at just the edges of the Daan Forest. For Ning Cheng to pass through the Daan Forest, this was simply too good to be true. Moreover the way Ning Cheng said about crossing through the Daan Forest, it seemed as easy as eating bread and drinking water, in fact it certainly was not the case, no one could only rely on luck to cut across the Daan Forest. With this it can be seen, that the heart of this person was not false, as he did not boast to other people, even his mind was calm, this person would definitely have a bright future.

    Thinking about his own pride that he had displayed for his Alchemy, and comparing it with the calm and serene heart of Ning Cheng, Tai Shu Shi felt really ashamed of himself.

    “So that’s is how it is, originally Brother Ning came from the Ping Continent. The spiritual aura of the Ping Continent is the scarcest of all the continents, as a result many people do not go to there, I did not know if it was normal.”

    After Tai Shu Shi quelled his shocked feelings on his own, he once again said in a very detailed manner, “Actually the Alchemists in the Yi Xing mainland are divided into different categories – Ordinary Pill Master, True Pill Master, Profound Pill Master, Earth Pill Greater Master and Heaven Pill Grand Master. The ranks of the pills concocted by them are also divided into 9 Levels from 1 to 9, the one’s who could refine a 1st Level and 2nd Level pills are known as Ordinary Pill Masters, those who can refine 3rd and 4th Level pills are the True Pill Masters, those who are able to refine 5th and 6th Level pills are known as Profound Pill Masters. Only those Alchemists who can refine 7th and 8th Level pills can be called as Earth Pill Greater Master, as for the one’s who are able to refine 9th Level and above pills, they are the Heaven Pill Grand Masters.”

    Listening to Tai Shu Shi’s words, Ning Cheng then came to understand, that originally these Elixirs and the Mixture Pills were really not even the fundamentals in the dao of Alchemy.

    “Brother Tai Shu, how many Heaven Pill Grand Masters are there in the Yi Xing Mainland? I think that there should not be many of them right?” Ning Cheng asked.

    Tai Shu Shi gave a bitter smile and said, “Actually even I am not very clear about it, but I am sure, that even if there were Heaven Pill Grand Masters, there wouldn’t be more than 1 or 2, it just isn’t a question of how many.”

    Ning Cheng suddenly thought of that old woman and the conversation he had with Fang Jiyan, rushing to catch a problem, he immediately asked again, “Brother Tai Shu, I heard from a person that in the lower class continents, the cultivators in the Qi Gathering Realm are not able to bring out their spiritual sense. But Alchemy also needs a strong spiritual sense, then how is Brother Tai Shu able to practice Alchemy?”

    Tai Shu Shi looked at Ning Cheng with a bit of incredulity on his face, and after a good while later he said, “I finally understood why Brother Ning could pass through the Daan Forest, Brother Ning is the same as me.”

    Seeing Ning Cheng wanting to continue to speak, Tai Shu Shi raised his hands and stopped Ning Cheng, and continued on himself, “I am sure that Brother Ning does not practice a simple cultivation method. This is in fact not a secret, in a high level Continent, and even in Intermediate Class continents, most of the cultivators practice the complete cultivation methods, unlike the simplified cultivation methods that people in the lower levelled continents practice, thus they are able to utilise their spiritual sense from as early as the Qi Gathering Realm. After advancing to the Qi Gathering 4th Level, they can then use their flying swords to actually fly. On advancing to the True Condensation Realm, it is possible for them to right away from a sea of knowledge, which then transforms their spiritual sense into spiritual consciousness. It is not unusual that one needs to advance to the Essence Building Realm in the lower levelled continents for this to happen, as only then would they have the ability to perceive the existence of the sea of knowledge.”

    Speaking till the end Tai Shu Shi gave a self-deprecating smile, “I think that Brother Ning is the same as me, who practices a complete cultivation practice method, and should be able to bring out your spiritual sense.“

    Ning Cheng thought that it was only his secret, and actually did not know that there would be a person in the Yuan Continent who would also know about it. He once again asked that what he could not understand, “Do all the people of the Yuan Continent know about this matter?”

    Tai Shu Shi shook his head and said, “How would it be possible for all the people to know about it? However there are some people who are aware of it, it is simply because the spiritual aura here is very scarce, to want to advance in this place, one could only practice low leveled cultivation methods. It would be better if you did not look at the members of the lower leveled Continent who advanced to the True Condensation Realm, if a True Condensation Cultivator from a lower leveled continent went to the High Leveled Continent, they perhaps would be beaten easily by one of the so called geniuses in the Qi Gathering Realm, this is just a fact, and nobody can change it.”

    Indeed it was just as he guessed it, Ning Cheng felt a bit gloomy after hearing this. He had thought that with his cultivation, arriving at this continent was already a very great achievement, for him wanting to go to an Intermediate Level Continent, he knew that it was going to be much more difficult than he had imagined.

    “Brother Ning you are able to pass through the Daan Forest, so you should be the same as me, and is always thinking about going to an Intermediate Leveled Continent. It’s a pity though, although we are able to understand this truth, but the spiritual aura here is not enough for us to advance to a higher level. If only we could become escorts of a Profound Pill Master and above, only then would we be able to go to one of the intermediate leveled continents, otherwise it’s just a delusion for us.” Tai Shu Shi did not know how to persuade Ning Cheng so he could only comfort himself with those words.

    Ning Cheng immediately abandoned such distracting thoughts, who was even sure if he could even advance to the peak of the Qi Gathering 9th Level? Furthermore, he could not practice cultivation like the others. For something that would happen in the future, who could clearly say that what would happen?

    “Brother Tai Shu, I heard you speak about it before, are there other mainlands outside Yi Xing Mainland?” Ning Cheng already wanted to ask this question, he wanted to know more about this world other than the Yi Xing mainland, are there other mainlands here just like on Earth?

    [TL Note – Please do not get confused with the world structure here, for the moment the current world structure is as follows:

    Yi Xing mainland > Different continents inside the mainland (currently introduced continents Ping, Hua and Yuan Continents) > Different countries inside the continent > Different provinces inside the countries > Different cities inside the provinces.]

    “That’s right, Yi Xing mainland is just a small part of this entire chaotic universe, in this chaotic universe, there are innumerable other mainlands, in some of these mainlands you can rely on your cultivation to go through to it, while there are some other mainlands where you cannot rely on your cultivation to go through. In other words, unless you have an extremely powerful and terrifying cultivation level to deal with any situation, only then would you would be able to pass through the other mainlands.” When Tai Shu Shi spoke of the innumerable planes, even his expression was very dignified.

    But Ning Cheng was not able to understand these completely, listening to Tai Shu Shi’s words, his heart sank. From what Tai Shu Shi said, it was unlikely that he would even be able to return to Earth.

    “Brother Tai Shu, how do you know all these? Is it possible that all the cultivators of the Yuan Continent know about these things?” Ning Cheng knew that Tai Shu Shi had no reason to lie to him, although in his heart he thought that something was missing, he hoped that he could be an exception.

    Tai Shu Shi shook his head and said, “Brother Ning and I really feel like old friends, I truly wish to become good friends with Brother Ning. The cultivation practice method that I cultivate in is from my Tai Shu Clan, My Tai Shu Clan appeared several thousand years ago in the Yi Xing Mainland’s High Level Continent, the Le Continent. Afterwards our ancestors in order to find a way back, left the Le Continent. After our ancestors left, my Tai Shu Clan began to decline gradually. Today, I am the only person left from my clan wandering around in this low leveled Yuan Continent.”

    Tai Shu Shi’s expression was very desolate, it was obvious that he was feeling aggrieved in his heart and was was very lonely.

    But Ning Cheng in heart was very excited, the ancestor of Tai Shu Shi was able to go across planes, it was obvious that he was one of the most absolutely powerful cultivators out there, would he be able to achieve this level in the future?

    Ning Cheng did not take into account Tai Shu Shi’s loneliness and asked with some urgency, “Brother Tai Shu, your ancestor must be an individual with a frightening ability, the cultivation practice manual of your Tai Shu Clan should be the one passed down by your ancestor from generation to generation, right?”

    What Ning Cheng originally wanted to ask was, some information on how the Tai Shu Clan’s ancestor was able to cross the planes, however he thought that their friendship was not very deep, so asking about such a topic would be somewhat offensive. He decided to approach this problem in a slow and steady way.

    When listening to Ning Cheng talk about his ancestors, Tai Shu Shi immediately had an extremely proud look on his face, “My ancestor that I just spoke about is Tai Shu Yi, according to the knowledge that is inherited in my Tai Shu Clan, because of accident with my ancestor, when crossing through the planes, he ended up landing on the Yi Xing Mainland, although the power he was able to wield was only a billionth of his cultivation level. But even then, in the Yi Xing Mainland, he was the most formidable person, in front of my ancestor, even the strongest people of the mainland were just like ants.”

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    Chapter 0064 – Wishing That They Had Met Earlier

    When he heard those words, his heart immediately started surging. Only with a billionth of his original cultivation, even the most formidable masters of the Yi Xing mainland could be regarded as ants in front of him, just what kind of concept was this? No wonder the other people were not able to cross the plane, just how much would one need to practice their cultivation to reach such a terrifying level?

    At this moment it was as if a fire was ignited in Ning Cheng’s heart, he wanted to train like a  crazy person, even if he could not achieve the the terrifying cultivation level of Tai Shu Yi, he must try hard to tear through this plane, and return back to Earth.

    Tai Shu Shi seemed to have noted that he was speaking with some excitement, after moderating his tone a bit he once again said, “From my Tai Shu Clan’s records, this plane and the plane from where we came from are different. Even the cultivation practice methods in the different planes are not the same, even the levels among the different realms are not the same. However all the different daos lead to the same goal, any kind of cultivation, will transform the spiritual aura into one’s cultivation base, and is without exception.”

    “The cultivation structure in any plane is something that took countless years to settle down, and is not without reason. The cultivation method that I use for practice, is something that my ancestor modified temporarily. Because my Tai Shu Clan had gone through several thousands of years of vicissitudes, it has now been passed down to me, but it can only help me to advance up to the Essence Building Realm, alas…..”

    Speaking about his cultivation practice method that would only help him advance to the Essence Building Realm, the despair and loneliness in Tai Shu Shi’s eyes was obvious.

    Ning Cheng looked at Tai Shu Shi, although he looked like a young and handsome boy, his speech was direct, and he appreciated it very much. He immediately laughed and said, “Brother Tai Shu need not be worried, as long as your cultivation level is high in the future, you would be able to return back to Le Continent, perhaps you can even find the original cultivation practice method of your Tai Shu Clan. I and Brother Tai Shu feel like old friends even though we met for the first time, might as well find a place to drink while chatting, wouldn’t it be better?”

    “Very well Brother Ning, I also had a similar intention. As for the cultivation practice method, I am not much worried about it, compared to a large number of people on this low class continent, I will always be walking in front of them.”

    Tai Shu Shi was obviously not a shy person, quickly recovering his mood, he then changed the topic and said, “Let us go to the Xi Jia City, Xi Jia City is the Yuan Continent’s third largest city. There is even a famous Academy in the Xi Jia City, it is the Cang Yan 4 Star Academy.”

    Speaking about this, Tai Shu Shi’s expression was somewhat shy, Ning Cheng did not notice the look on Tai Shu Shi’s face, what he was currently thinking was the Cang Yan 4 Star Academy. Initially he and An Yi had met a severely injured person on the beach on the beaches of Mingot City, that person wanted to kill him and An Yi, but was finally killed by him instead. He remembered that that fellow was also from the Cang Yan 4 Star Academy, and was called Xue Taichu.

    Seeing Ning Cheng not paying any attention to him, Tai Shu Shi once again reminded Ning Cheng and said, “From here to the Xi Jia City, if you ride a beast carriage it will take a few months, but if we use our own flying swords to fly, we can reach there in as short at two days if the weather is all right. From what Brother Ning said about spiritual sense, I think that you can also use the flying sword to fly. However here Qi Gathering Cultivators that could use their flying sword to fly is something that absolutely should not be disclosed to the public. We will have to go through the remote areas as far as possible, one where only a few few people know about.”

    After the two people flew out on their flying sword, Tai Shu Shi really took them through the remote places as far as possible, along the way other than the mountains and barren hills, they did not see anyone at all.

    Ning Cheng felt that Tai Shu Shi should be a credible person, and spoke plainly, “Brother Tai Shu, the reason I came to the Yuan Continent was to go to the Hua Continent. I also know that my cultivation is very poor, therefore after I advance to the True Condensation Real, I will then proceed with my journey to the Hua Continent.”

    Tai Shu Shi did not know that what Ning Cheng really needed was the True Condensation Pill, after he heard the words of Ning Cheng, he hesitated a bit and said, “Brother Ning it is not that I am against you, but even if Brother Ning has even better opportunities, and is able to advance to the True Condensation Realm in the Yuan Continent, you would be unable to reach the Hua Continent. The entrance to the Hua Continent is completely different from the Ping Continent or the Yuan Continent, I do not know how Brother Ning managed to pass through the Daan Forest. Perhaps it is because of your good luck, or perhaps you have a good map.”

    “But the Yuan Continent and the Hua Continent is separated by a boundless desert, even ordinary cultivators in the Essence Building Realm do not dare to pass through this type of terrible dessert, not say about a cultivator in the True Condensation Realm. In the middle of the desert, not only there are countless terrible sand beasts, there are even numerous myriads of desert storms, what is even more terrible than those are the lightning that falls from the sky unexpectedly, if one was not careful they would be swallowed clean by the sands. Generally the Hua Continent, has a cultivator in the Profound Core Realm who uses a large aircraft type artifacts to fly across and ferry people.

    And even in the Yuan Continent trying to advance from the True Condensation Realm to the Essence Building Realm is extremely hard, although the spiritual aura here is much more richer than the Ping Continent, but it is still very limited. Plus even a True Condensation Pill, is very difficult to obtain here.”

    Ning Cheng just simply said, “It is only if I am able to advance to the True Condensation 1st Level, if I am not able to advance to the True Condensation Realm, then I do not plan to go to the Hua Continent. Once I advance to the True Condensation Realm, at least then I would have some confidence to go to the Hua Continent. Moreover I already have a detailed map to the Hua Continent, and would be able to easily reach there even with my eyes closed.”

    “You have the map of the Thunder Fall Desert?” Tai Shu Shi asked in a pleasantly surprised voice.

    “So it is called as the Thunder Fall Desert? I do have a map of it but it is only a simple one.” Ning Cheng said as he took out the map and handed it to Tai Shu Shi.

    After Tai Shu Shi saw the map, he was even more surprised and said, “That’s right, this really is a simple map of the thunder desert. Unexpectedly you also have a map of the Daan Forest, no wonder you were able to pass through the Daan Forest.”

    After giving back the map to Ning Cheng, Tai Shu Shi hesitated a bit before saying, “This will be so much easier to carry out, I also want to go to the Hua Continent. After all it’s only a continent, from there I can look for an opportunity to go to the intermediate leveled Jia Continent. How about we travel together, the materials that I was collecting are similar to the materials required for a True Condensation Pill, now the only thing that I am missing is the Golden Cicada Fruit and a type of spiritual grass called the Blue Tea Grass, the Golden Cicada Fruit is a bit troublesome, but the Blue Tea Grass is rather easy to obtain……”

    Ning Cheng opened his mouth to interrupt Ti Shu Shi and said, “I have the Golden Cicada Fruit.”

    When Tai Shu Shi heard the words of Ning Cheng, he suddenly paused, it was as if he had forgotten his own words, and looked at Ning Cheng with a disbelieving look on his face: “Do you really have the Golden Cicada Fruit?”

    Ning Cheng took out a wooden box and passing it to Tai Shu Shi said, “You can take a look.”

    Tai Shu Shi grabbed the box in excitement, when he discovered that there was indeed a Golden Cicada Fruit inside, he immediately burst into laughter and said, “We are saved from all the trouble to look for it, Brother Ning, we only need to find the Blue Tea Grass, then we can proceed to refine the True Condensation Pill. With the materials for the True Condensation Pill on me, I already have a way to find the Blue Tea Grass, plus we also have the means to ask someone to help us refine the Blue Tea Grass on a refining furnace. The Golden Cicada Fruit that you picked before, when it’s about time to refine the Pill, you can take it out again.”

    Ning Cheng did not take the wooden box back from Tai Shu Shi when he was giving it back, rather he just smiled and said, “Brother Tai Shu, as you said it before, we feel like old friends. It would be better to keep the Golden Cicada Fruit on you, after you are able to refine the Pill, you can just give me one of the Pills OK.”

    Ning Cheng was confident that he was not wrong, Tai Shu Shi was not a person who would disappear after obtaining a Golden Cicada Fruit. If he really misread him, then he could only blame his faulty eyes.

    Tai Shu Shi also did not continue to decline, after he took back the wooden box, he said to Ning Cheng, “Brother Ning, for you to hand over such a thing to your friend. You can be assured that this Tai Shu Shi will not let you down.”

    The more the two people chatted with each other, the more they felt sorry for not have met earlier.

    Ning Cheng was a novice when it came to cultivation practices, all of his theories were just a patchwork that he had put together himself, which he had inferred from the Jade Pieces that he had obtained from Fang Jiyan. There were still many small details missing and also a lot many mistakes, under the mutual discussion with Tai Shu Shi he was finally able to confirm his theories, and both were benefitted greatly. There were even some plain truths that he was not able to understand previously but was now able to suddenly understand.

    Tai Shu Shi was completely shocked in his heart because of the genius like brain of Ning Cheng, he was completely opposite of Ning Cheng, as Ning Cheng did not understand some of the basic things regarding one’s cultivation practice. But what he does not understand was how was he able to understand the issues of extended cultivation practice methods, he had originally brought out a topic to discuss with Ning Cheng, and actually did not think that Ning Cheng would be able to find a correct direction for him in the cultivation practice method.

    After chatting for a while, Tai Shi Shi ascertained that Ning Cheng’s accomplishments in the future would certainly would not be ordinary.

    “Brother Tai Shu, you said that your ancestor Yi left behind some information while crossing through planes, can you show it to me?” Ning Cheng felt that now that he and Tai Shu Shi had talked to each other to this degree, he should be able to ask about some of the information regarding the planes without any issues.

    Tai Shu Shi revealed an apologetic expression and said, “Brother Ning, I too have heard of this from the mouth of my uncle, there is no actual record left behind, if I really did have them I would have definitely taken it out for Brother Ning to see. It is also because it is passed down through the word of mouth, the cultivation practice method of my Tai Shu family is becoming increasingly scarce and weak.”

    Ning Cheng gave a disappointed expression, he really had wanted to know what exactly was this plane, and to see if in the future would he be able to return to Earth.

    Seeing Ning Cheng somewhat disappointed, Tai Shu Shi hesitated a bit and then said, “Brother Ning, I also know some bits and pieces of this plane. According to the inheritance of my Tai Shu Clan, the same plane can have innumerable stars and innumerable mainlands. This plane and the plane that we are from are inherently different, I heard that if you could practice your cultivation to the extreme in the Yi Xing mainland, you would be able to fly up to another another mainland. But even if you were able to soar up to another mainland, you would still be amongst the same plane.”

    “For a common cultivator, even if their cultivation level was very high, it would be very difficult to go from just one mainland to another mainland even within the same plane. Because my ancestor Tai Shu Yi faced a catastrophe and ended up injured, he arrived at Yi Mainland from another plane, which was a different plane from where he was. Moreover when he arrived at the Yi Xing Mainland, his physical body was already almost completely destroyed, only a trace of his Primordial Spirit existed. His physical body is still in the Yi Xing mainland and is remoulding itself as we speak.”

    “That is not much different.” Ning Cheng muttered, he does not know if the Earth and the Yi Xing mainland were even in the same plane. According to what Tai Shu Shi said, this plane resembled quite a bit to the galaxy that Earth resides in. If Earth and the Yi Xing mainland were in the same galaxy, then if he was able to practice to a certain extent, then in the future maybe he would be able to go back.

    If they were not in the same plane, then he estimated that he would forever not have the opportunity to go back.

    Tai Shu Shi said, “Even the concept of time is completely different in different planes, we have been in this plane for several millennia, but if we were to go to some other plane then perhaps only a few days would have elapsed. Of course, this is just the information that has been passed down through my clan. After having been passed down for so many years, how much of it is true, or how much of it is false, even I do not know.”

    Ning Cheng suddenly hoped that the Yi Xing Mainland and the Earth were in the same plane, even if they were not in the same plane, then he would definitely practice cultivation to his best in the Yi Xing mainland no matter how long it takes to get back, it was uncertain that maybe just maybe only a short amount of time would have passed on Earth.

    As the two of them spoke amongst each other, while flying, coupled with resting along the way, the two days flashed by without even noticing.

    “Brother Ning, we are going to approach the city soon, we do not have to continue to fly. After walking for an hour or two, we can go to a Relay Station, at the Relay Station we can hire a Beast Carriage to go to the Xi Jie City.” Tai Shu Shi said as he got down from the mountain track and simultaneously put away his flying sword.

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    Chapter 0065 – Tai Shu Shi’s Girlfriend

    Standing outside the Xi Jie City, Ning Cheng could feel that this city was even inferior to the Nan Yuan City. Regardless of if it was the structure or or the way it was laid out, it appeared to be somewhat low key.

    After entering the Xi Jie City, one could immediately see that the main street was extremely spacious, which made Ning Cheng feel a little better when he compared the Xi Jie City to the Nan Yuan City.

    “Brother Tai Shu, although the streets of the Xi Jie City are actually very wide, but it does not look very prosperous.” Ning Cheng saw that although the streets of the city were very wide there were not many shops around, with no shops around, the people who come and go through here would certainly be in a hurry, and would not stay here for much long.

    Tai Shu Shi gave a laugh and said, “Brother Ning, all the people who know me call me as Stone, you can also call me as Stone. The reason why there are few people here, is because of the rule made by the Cang Yan 4 Star Academy, that this street cannot have any commercial stores. Because this is the road that leads directly to the Cang Yan 4 Star Academy, and the people from the Academy believe that if there were shops here then it would affect the students of the Cang Yan 4 Star Academy.”

    “Why is it so bossy?” Ning Cheng subconsciously asked, because to get to the Academy they would have to pass through this road, doesn’t it mean that they control the main road?

    Tai Shu Shi hurriedly pulled Ning Cheng and said, “Brother Ning, you should pay attention to what you speak, once what you spoke became known to the Cang Yan 4 Star Academy, then you would have to cut off your own tongue.”

    Ning Cheng nodded, but he actually started to despise the Cang Yan 4 Star Academy in his heart. And said to Tai Shu Shi with a smile, “You also do not need to call me as Brother Ning, you can also directly call me by my name.”

    “Good.” Tai Shu Shi said without hesitation, pulling Ning Cheng from the wide main road he started to walk down, but after just walking about 10 meters down the road, he once again entered another street. This street was much more livelier, and was surrounded by shops and people.

    Tai Shu Shi brought Ning Cheng to the front of a red door of a big mansion and stopped.

    “Stone, what are you doing here?” Ning Cheng asked with a bit of confusion when he saw the three characters on the red door saying ‘Yi Shui Courtyard’. There was even a pair of couplets on both sides of the red door, “To ask the gentlemen about their worries, for them to leave our Yi Shui pleased.’.

    [TL Note – Ok, I might need some help here, not sure how to translate this poetic-like line ‘问君几许愁,尽情怡水留。’ I tried my best to make it rhyme but I guess I failed. If any of you have a better suggestion to this then please do share it with us.]

    This one was clearly a couplet that meant that as long as there was someone in distress, they can always come to the Yi Shui Courtyard to experience pleasure. This was a place that relieves one’s sadness and elevates their mood slowly. Even in Cang Le City these types of places were quite numerous, and were the favorites of many of the adventurers and even a few occasional cultivators. To put it bluntly this place was a fancy brothel.

    Even after waiting for a while, although Tai Shu Shi arrived at the door, did he plan to go inside? This place was for adventurers, Tai Shu Shi was a cultivator, moreover was also a Level 1 Ordinary Pill Master, it would not be difficult for him to find a woman, so why would he come to this Yi Shui Courtyard?

    Seeing the doubt in Ning Cheng’s eyes, Tai Shu Shi knew that Ning Cheng had guessed his intentions, and said with a rare shyness in his voice, “Ning Cheng, you guessed right. There is a woman here that I like, each time I come back, I will always go look for her first.”

    Ning Cheng looked at Tai Shu Shi in a puzzling way and asked, “Since you like this woman so much, then why don’t you take her away from here and settle down in another place? Why would you even keep the woman you love here?”

    “Take her back?” Tai Shu Shi looked at Ning Cheng in surprise, “I am just Level 1 Ordinary Pill Master, and only can come here occasionally to see her, where would I even get Spirit Stones to free her?”

    This time it was Ning Cheng’s turn to be shocked, he had never heard a place that used Spirit Stones as payment, didn’t such places require only gold coins?

    Tai Shu Shi saw the puzzled look on Ning Cheng, and explained, “This Yi Shui Courtyard was founded by a very mysterious character, the woman who work here have one of the best cultivation levels you can find outside the Academy. And there are even a few who practice a special kind of cultivation method, and are thus extremely provocative and tender looking. However the price for them is also very high, the women who practice these special cultivation practice methods usually receives guests for a minimum price of 10 Spirit Stones per guest.”

    “Each time you have to spend 10 Spirit Stones just to see a woman, is that even necessary?” Ning Cheng asked in disbelief, 10 Spirit Stones in a lower leveled continent was quite expensive.

    Tai Shu Shi shook his head and spoke in a lonely voice, “My Lian’e does not practice the special cultivation method, thus the price of meeting her is also quite cheap, each time it only requires 2 Spirit Stones. However since my level of my Alchemy is very low, so wanting to meet her is not easy. If I wanted to free her, then just a few Spirit Stones are not enough, you also require the approval of the managers of the Yi Shui Courtyard. Let’s go in together, I still have a few Spirit Stones with me, so I would be able to help you out a bit here.”

    Ning Cheng silently patted Tai Shu Shi’s shoulders and said, “You go in, I’ll go look for a place for us to rest. It is not easy to always carry this spear on my back.”

    He had been running through the Daan Forest for several months, although he was a cultivator at the Qi Gathering 9th Level, but he still would feel tired after continuously using up his energy.

    Tai Shu Shi was just about to speak, when suddenly a woman in a pink dress rushed out from the inside of the Yi Shui Courtyard. This woman was delicate and seductive, and needless to say was pleasing to the eye, as soon as she came out she pulled Tai Shu Shi and anxiously said, “Stone, how come you did not return till now, go and immediately attend to Sister Lian’e, she is already crying herself blind.”

    Hearing that his Lian’e was crying herself blind, Tai Shu Shi immediately asked with anxiousness in his voice, “What’s wrong with her? What is the matter?”

    He did not wait for the pink dressed lady to answer him, and hurriedly rushed in. while rushing inside he seemed to have remembered Ning Cheng, and hastily said to the pink dressed woman, “This young master is my friend Ning Cheng, please look after him, I’ll come back in a short while and settle the account.”

    Watching Tai Shu Shi entering the Yi Shui Pleasure Courtyard, Ning Cheng had to put a stop to his idea of wanting to leave.

    “Young Master Cheng, is it your first time to come to our Yi Shui Courtyard? You can come with me, I believe that I will definitely be able to satisfy you.” The beautiful and slender woman came near Ning Cheng and simultaneously reached out and pulled on Ning Cheng’s sleeves.

    Ning Cheng grimaced, it was not that he did not like the woman, it wa because the way that this woman in the pink dress spoke in an extremely coy tone with him, which made him a bit uncomfortable. This woman looked delicate and graceful, and to top it off she also had a voice that was pleasant to the ears, which made people who heard her coy tone to immediately develop a crush on her.

    “All right, can you bring me to a clean room, and also bring me a pot of tea, I want to rest for a while.” Ning Cheng decided to wait there for a short while.

    He understood the urgency of Tai Shu Shi, initially when he used to see Tian Mu Wan restless, even he would have an anxious and fretful mood. For such a thing to happen to the person they like, this kind of thing would definitely incite an anxious mood in them.

    “My name is Liu Han Yu, Young Master Cheng can call me Han Yu right away.” The woman in pink dress showed a shy expression, as she brought Ning Cheng to a room on the second floor.

    To Ning Cheng’s surprise, this room also contained a low level Spiritual Gathering Array, and as such the spiritual aura inside was a lot more rich and concentrated when compared to the outside, it seems like spending 2 Spirit Stones here was actually not unjust.

    The lights in the room were relatively dim, and the large queen sized bed was especially conspicuous. On the bedside, there was even a white jade tea table.

    Ning Cheng had just glanced at the room once, when Liu Han Yu came close to him and stuck tightly to Ning Cheng, and called out in a low sensual voice, “Young Master, this is my room. Originally I was off today, but when I saw Young Master Cheng, my heart immediately started to flutter……”

    Ning Cheng knew that Liu Han Yu was faking it, but as he was being squeezed by her soft mounds on her body, he could feel his mouth feel parched and tongue scorched. She was even more tempting and attractive than Su Zhu, coupled with the dim lighting in the room, Liu Han Yu unexpectedly aroused a fire in Ning Cheng’s heart.

    Liu Han Yu was also just as excited, she had stayed in Yi Shui Courtyard for almost a year, what types of people did she not see? But with such a clean man like Ning Cheng, it was a first for her to encounter such a man. The Mysterious Yellow Origin had thoroughly washed his body down to the marrow, making him look and feel incomparably clean and fresh. It wa also because of this, that Liu Han Yu could tell from just a glance that Ning Cheng had a body of a virgin. Such a man, even if he were to make her pay, she was absolutely willing to be his escort.

    Liu Han Yu was well versed in the art of seduction, she felt that Ning Cheng, should also have a pure heart. Her hand subconsciously moved towards Ning Cheng’s chest, while at the same time half of her chest was already sticking to Ning Cheng’s chest.

    This kind of extremely soft sensation, made Ning Cheng to lift his hand a bit, wanting to grab the softness in his hands, but he only raised his hand about halfway, before putting it down once again. The broken spear that he kept on his back rapidly started to twinkle with a spear shadow before it gradually vanished, making him realise that he did not come here to have a good time. Even if he wanted to find a woman, he would not lose his first time in such a place.

    He gently pushed away Liu Han Yu, and walked to the side of the Jade table and sat down on the bed, “Would you please sit down first, I want to ask you something.”

    Liu Han Yu seeing that Ning Cheng had pushed her aside, also had a bit of disappointment in her heart, thinking that no wonder this man could still stay a virgin to this day. This kind of intellect is really astonishing, as she knew that she performed her act like a pro. She had practiced her seduction technique continuously, using it for the first time, but actually not achieving any of the result that she hoped, this made her feel quite depressed. This time she had displayed her seduction technique to her fullest, and she absolutely did not have any other intentions, she only wanted to give herself completely to the man in front of her.

    Liu Han Yue was also very good at controlling her emotions in front of other people, quickly sorting out her own mood, she picked up a tea pot from under the tea table, and actually helped Ning Cheng to pour out a cup of tea, and sat down after that, and said in a gentle voice, “Even if Young Master Cheng want to speak a few words, you can freely talk to me.”

    Compared to the previous coy words, Ning Cheng thought that at this time Liu Han Yu was speaking more naturally. After taking a mouthful of tea, he could feel that his whole body was being nourished, this definitely was a team made from spiritual grasses.

    “Thank you.” Ning Cheng knew that Liu Han Yu was doing this out of goodwill towards him, after saying thank you once more he asked, “Is Lian’e and Stone lovers? What happened to her, that made Stone to go into such a panic?”

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    Chapter 0066 – I Have Not Been A Proper Big Brother For Many Years

    “Three days later 10 of our sisters from the Yi Shui Courtyard would be put up for auction, Sister Lian’e has already reached the upper age limit, and thus is also in that list. Sister Lian’e and and three other sisters, were the most attractive women of Yi Shui Courtyard. There are already many influential young masters of the Xi Jie City waiting to grab them, not to mention even if Stone admires Elder Sister Lian’e, or even if she was admired by a few more people like him, once she was bought, her future would only be tragic. Alas, it is really regrettable, that even though Stone can go see her, he actually cannot help her……”

    Liu Han Yu seemed to have remembered her own situation, and gave a sigh full of grief, while her expression was also extremely gloomy. Three years later, she would also end up with the same fate of being sold at an auction. She was a bit jealous of Lian’e that at least she had Stone to remember her, even if Stone could not help her much, he could always bring comfort to her in Lian’e’s heart, unlike her, she does not have any people in her life like Stone.

    She subconsciously looked at Ning Cheng, she was very clear, that Ning Cheng really had no feelings for her. But even if it was like that, she would still cherish this moment of drinking tea together with Ning Cheng for many years, and was even feeling content in her heart. She also had a similar dream as a young girl, that was filled with happy expectations and yearnings.

    Ning Cheng became silent, in this world even women were seen as goods for sale, and was completely viewed as a normal thing. He knew that he alone would not be able to help them, even if he had the help of other people, he would not be able to help countless such women.

    The atmosphere was awkward for a while, Liu Han Yu did not continue to tease Ning Cheng and let him be with his thoughts, while Ning Cheng was actually thinking how would he be able to help Tai Shu Shi.

    With the kind of popularity that Sister Lian’e had, since she has already been put on the list, he would still need more than the 300 Spirit Stones that he had on him.

    With all the things that he could put together, he only had a bit more than 300 Spirit Stones, once someone started to bid, he knew that the amount of Spirit Stones he had would not be sufficient. Apart from Spirit Stones, the only thing worth that he had was a Rank 4 Spiritual Grass. He did not know for what price would he be able to sell the Rank 4 Spiritual Grass, and moreover he was a bit reluctant to part with it. Ning Cheng shook his head, no matter what he had to help him immediately.

    For other people more than 300 Spirit Stones was already a huge fortune, but to him it was utterly inadequate, and did not play a huge role for his cultivation.

    It was at this time, that there was a hurried knocking on the door of Liu Han Yu’s room. Liu Han Yu quickly went forward to open the door, and saw an anxious looking Tai Shu Shi standing outside the room.

    “Ning Cheng, quickly accompany me to the Xi Jie City’s Auction Hall. There is an auction there tomorrow, I want to auction off something of mine.” When Tai Shu Shi saw Ning Cheng, he anxiously blurted out.

    Ning Cheng already understood Tai Shu Shi’s meaning, he stood up and faced Liu Han Yu with a smile and said, “Thank you for the tea, it was very good.”

    “Thank You.” Liu Han Yu gave a bow and thanked him, and did not see Ning Cheng and Tai Shu Shi go out of her room.

    At this point of time Tai Shu Shi calmed down from his previous anxious mood, he knew that the most pressing issue for him was to how would he be able to obtain sufficient Spirit Stones. He saw that Ning Cheng did not put anything on the tea table and followed him out of the Yi Shui Courtyard. and somewhat darkly sighed in his heart, he should not have brought Ning Cheng to this kind of place, he did not even know that he would have to shell out a Spirit Stone to even drink the tea here. These teas of the Yi Shui Courtyard were not something common, they were something that women took to increase their own cultivation level, if the guests visiting them wanted to drink it, then they themselves would have to take the initiative to produce a Spirit Stone for it.

    As for the number of Spirit Stones, it was based on how rich the visiting guest was.

    “Actually you should have left behind a Spirit Stone, those teas are not easy to make. We already have to give two Spirit Stones when we entered the Yi Shui Courtyard, there is no point in dividing them.” After coming out of the Yi Shui Courtyard and going far away, Tai Shu Shi said with a sigh.

    Ning Cheng certainly knew the meaning behind the words of Tai Shu Shi, these women in the Yi Shui Courtyard depended on the tips given by the guests in private to sustain their cultivation, if the guests were too stingy, then the women there could only live in vain.

    Ning Cheng was silent, it was not that he did not want to give up a Spirit Stone, but he really was unaware of such a custom. Even if he did not come to this place, he had already seen a lot.

    Moreover one of the reasons why he did not leave behind Spirit Stones, was because he could feel, that Liu Han Yu was somewhat artificial towards him. After entering her room, Liu Han Yu showed the kind of attitude that actually made him feel a bit emotional towards her. Moreover the tea that he drank was definitely a top quality spiritual tea, he did not know from where Liu Han Yu was able to procure this kind of Spiritual Tea, however he affirmed that this kind of Spiritual Tea was not something that Liu Han Yu had in bulk. For her to take out this kind of Spiritual Tea, he felt that it wasn’t something in order to earn a bit of Spirit Stones. Even if she wanted to earn Spirit Stones, he knew that Liu Han Yu would also not ask of such a thing from a man like him.

    Ning Cheng was a person who valued friendship heavily, so for him to be with Liu Han Yu was in no way possible. But he also did not want to give out a Spirit Stone so that Liu Han Yu would not feel sad of her identity, so when he left Liu Han Yu he had already said what he wanted to express to her in a simple heartfelt thank you.

    Even if she was a prostitute, she had her own pride and self respect, so if he gave her a Spirit Stone it be the same as crushing her self-esteem, it would be nothing but a cruel thing.


    Tai Shu Shi stopped along with Ning Cheng in front of a circular dome shaped building, on the top of the building was written in big bold words ‘Xi Jia Auction House’.

    “What things do you want to sell?” Ning Cheng looked at Ta Shu Shi who was filled with determination and asked.

    Tai Shu Si said with a resolute voice, “I must save Lian’e so for that, I am going to sell a Rank 3 Spiritual Grass.”

    “An ordinary Rank 3 Spiritual Grass is not very difficult to obtain right? Can’t say for sure if we would be able to sell it for a good price.” Ning Cheng reminded Tai Shu Shi.

    Tai Shu Shi bit his lips, obviously he knew about it, an ordinary Rank 3 Spirit Grass will absolutely not sell for a lot of Spirit Stones, so if he wanted to save Lian’e then he had to think of a different method.

    “If there really is no other choice, then I still have the Tai Shu Clan’s cultivation method. Although this cultivation method is incomplete, but at least we can pass it off as a True Grade Cultivation Method right?” Tai Shu Shi’s eyes revealed the internal struggle that he was going through, the cultivation method of his Tai Shu Clan although was incomplete, but was something that he had inherited from his ancestors.

    Tai Shu Shi also did not have it recorded on a Jade Piece, as it was rather passed down through the word of mouth, if he brought it out to sell, it would simply be disgraceful. Fortunately he still remembers the Golden Cicada Fruit that he received from Ning Cheng, if not for such a situation he would never even think of taking out the Golden Cicada Fruit.

    “Stone, in the Xi Jie City, what is the price of a Rank 4 Spiritua Grass? Moreover how much would a Profound Grade Cultivation Method sell for?” Ning Cheng patted Tai Shu Shi’s shoulder and said.

    In fact Ning Cheng actually was able to tell what was going on in Tai Shu Shi’s head but did not think that it was wrong, if it was his lover who was in Yi Shui Courtyard, even if he had to remove his bones to sell, he would definitely try to find a way to get her out. He would absolutely not try to act like the bashful Tai Shu Shi, and try to think it over for an entire half a day.

    Tai Shu Shi looked at Ning Cheng in a surprised way, “The price of a Rank 4 Spiritual Grass is just outrageous, as a Rank 4 Spiritual Grass is extremely valuable and precious, so for it to sell for tens of thousands of Spirit Stones is normal. As for a Profound Grade Cultivation method, you must be kidding. Even in the entire Yuan Continent it is not easy to get a Profound Grade Cultivation Method, it would just overturn the entire Yuan Continent. A Profound Grade Cultivation Method had appeared once before, and it almost caused all the major forces to fight for it, you say if something like that could even be bought here?”

    When Ning Cheng listened to Tai Shu Shi’s words, he was covered in cold sweat, Fang Jiyan had casually pulled out a bunch of Profound Grade Cultivation Methods and given it to him, as a result he had thought of the Profound Grade Cultivation Methods as rotten cabbages, it was as if it was just ordinary stuff to him that he could take out anywhere he wants. He had never thought that it was this precious.

    Originally he wanted to take out a Profound Grade Cultivation Method for the auction, fortunately he had asked Tai Shu Shi before, otherwise once he took it out without thinking, it would be more than enough for him to end up dying.

    So he quickly abandoned the idea of auctioning a Profound Grade Cultivation Method, Ning Cheng then laughed and said, “Stone you do not have to worry, although there are not a lot of good things in the depths of the Daan Forest, but it is not that they are nonexistent. I had walked through the Daan Forest, and my luck was quite good, and was able to obtain a Rank 4 Spiritual Grass, you can use this Rank 4 Spiritual Grass for yourself.”

    A Rank 4 Spiritual Grass was extremely precious, when compared to a Profound Grade Cultivation Method, it can be said that it could only be obtained through luck. As Ning Cheng took out a Rank 4 Spiritual Grass, there was not a lot of pressure on his mind.

    “You have a Rank 4 Spiritual Grass?” Tai Shu Shi was all of a sudden very excited, “A Rank 4 Spiritual Grass can sell for several hundreds to even several thousands of Spirit Stones, it would be more than enough to save Lian’e…..”

    However Tai Shu Shi soon realised that this Rank 4 Spiritual Grass was not his, “But since this is your spiritual grass, I….”

    Ning Cheng once again patted Tai Shu Shi’s shoulder and said, “You also said that we were like old friends when we first met, so you do not need to be so bashful about it.”

    Tai Shi Shi said with a sigh, “Brother Ning, you have already said those words twice, and have even helped me twice. But even then, you still say the same sentence to me.”

    “Ha Ha.” Ning Cheng laughed, “Don’t be a sissy, just call me by my actual name ‘Ning Cheng’, rather than calling me Brother Ning.”

    “No, you are this Tai Shu Shi’s big brother, no matter what happens, I, Tai Shu Shi, will always look up to you.” Tai Shu Shi firmly said.

    Seeing Ning Cheng looking a bit puzzled, Tai Shu Shi repeated it once again, “Big Brother, I mean it. The Spiritual Grass you have, let me first evaluate it once, then we can discuss about it together.”

    Ning Cheng suddenly remembered a line that he often heard on Earth, he took out a Jade Box and handed it to Tai Shu Shi, and just smiled and said, “I have not been a proper big brother for many years.”

    “Ah…..” Tai Shu Shi could not completely understand the meaning of Ning Cheng’s words, can it be that his Big Brother Ning had a lot of sad events in his life before?

    “What I meant by those words were, that you calling me like that puts a lot of pressure on me. I would also have to take care of you in the future, I was just thinking about it, and it does not seem to be worthwhile……” Ning Cheng said as he handed the Jade Box into the hands of Tai Shu Shi.

    Tai Shu Shi knew that Ning Cheng was playing a trick on him, but still said very seriously, “Big brother rest assured, I will absolutely never ever hold you back.”

    Ning Cheng just said, “I was just kidding, you don’t have to be so serious.”

    Tai Shu Shi opened the Jade Box in his hands, and immediately his hands starts to tremble, and almost threw the Jade Box to the ground, “This, This, isn’t this the Rainbow Light Grass? The Rank 4 Spiritual Grass that you said you obtained was the Rainbow Light Grass?”

    “Yes, I only have this one stock.” Ning Cheng nodded and said, he knew that Rainbow Light Grass was very valuable, however he did not have any other Spiritual Grass of the same grade, if he did have it, he would not have taken out the Rainbow Light Grass. As for the soul wood cores, those thing were even more precious than the Rainbow Light Grass, it wasn’t that Ning Cheng was not willing to take it out, it was because he did not dare to take it out in this kind of place.

    Tai Shu Shi once again passed the Jade Box to Ning Cheng and said, “Big Brother, this thing is too precious, this kind of stuff is something that should be put in the auctions of an Intermediate Class Continent, or even High Class Continents. Even if is no use to you now, you could still take it with you to the Hua Continent. Even if you do not sell it, this kind of thing in your hands, would also give you a major insurance. This can even be used to restore and repair one’s Core Sea, if you take it out to sell, it would really, it would really……”

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    Translated By – DemonKiller
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    Proofread By – SmartyMouth

    Chapter 0067 – Entrusting

    Ning Cheng once again patted Tai Shu Shi’s shoulder, “Stone, you really should come to my hometown to have a look. You could learn a thing or two from how those dishonest traders operate their capital, they would only keep the bare minimum in their hands. As for high valued items, only when they are needed to be sent out, will they reflect their true value, once the value is reflected back, it would only lead to the driving their self interests.”

    “What you said about the Rainbow Light Grass is just secondary, although it’s just a stub of a best quality spiritual grass, but for me it only occupies some space, but for you this is different, this thing is something that can be turned into something we need immediately, and the thing that we require most urgently is the capital. Well, saying it in simple words, a person who sells the fruit, also knows that a good fruit will always be sold out, who would leave behind something like that to eat. Are the other people stupid? No they are not, it is just to maximize their own benefits that they sell their things.”

    Ning Cheng talked for a long time, suddenly he thought about the soul wood cores in his storage bag which were even more precious, and immediately his face became slightly red, and could not talk any further.

    Tai Shu Shi seemed to have forgotten about the Rainbow Light Grass in his hands, and subconsciously asked, “Is this how people from the Ping Continent do business?”

    “My home town is not in the Ping Continent, it’s a long story, maybe I tell you about it later.” Ning Cheng did not want to discuss this issue.

    “OK.” Tai Shu Shi’s attention once again returned to the Rainbow Light Grass in his hands, and his face immediately became excited, “Big brother, this stub of the Rainbow Light Grass can be sold for more than 10,000 low grade Spirit Stones. Unfortunately, we are in the Yuan Continent, if we were in an Intermediate Level Continent, we can even sell this for more than 10,000 medium grade Spirit Stones.”

    “How much would a top grade Spirit Stone be exchanged for a low grade Spirit Stone?” Ning Cheng knew that the Spirit Stone were also divided into three categories, top, medium and low quality Spirit Stones, but he was not clear on the exchange rates.

    Tai Shu Shi was actually more proficient in this than Ning Cheng, and immediately replied, “A top grade Spirit Stone can be exchanged for about 10 medium grade Spirit Stones, and a medium grade Spirit Stone can be exchanged for about 10 low grade Spirit Stones. However there is even a type of Spirit Stone called the Best Quality Spirit Stone, this is a precious and matchless thing, theoretically a Best Quality Spirit Stone can be exchanged for a 100 Top Quality Spirit Stones. But the fact is someone would never exchange a Best Quality Spirit Stone for a Top grade Spirit Stone, not to say about a hundred, even if it was a thousand top quality Spirit Stone no one would be willing to exchange it.”

    Ning Cheng had not yet replied, when a black dressed man had rushed out from the Xi Jie Auction House, when he came out, he stared at the Jade Box in the hands of Tai Shu Shi and quickly said, “Does the box in your hand contain the Rainbow Light Grass?”

    The tone of the man was as if he wanted to grab the box for himself.

    Tai Shu Shi put the Rainbow Light Grass away, clasping his hands he said, “Yes, it is indeed the Rainbow Light Grass, do you know if I could catch up with the auction tomorrow evening?”

    “You can, you can, please hurry up and come in.” The skinny black man’s face was flushed with excitement, he did not even look at the two people, Ning Cheng and Tai Shu Shi, with his eyes, and was just staring at the package that Tai Shu Shi put behind him.


    After the time it takes for an incense stink to burn, Ning Cheng and Tai Shu Shi came out of the Xi Jie Auction House, Tai Shu Shi had an excited look in his eyes, but also had a bit of worry in them. Although they had just put forward a condition, that the Rainbow Light Grass was to be put in tomorrow’s auction. But the auction house demanded to split the price which made Ning Cheng’s heart to twitch uncontrollably, he had never seen anyone demanding 50 percent of the sales fee, this was what they meant by splitting it 50-50, it was indeed very vile.

    For Tai Shu Shi too worry this much, this even Ning Cheng also understood, he was worried that the Rainbow Light Grass would not be auctioned off properly. In fact, if it was before then Ning Cheng would also have such worries, in this place, for strong people to rob others was way too normal. He perfectly knew that the auction house was very vile, but they had to agree to the conditions, since without strength they did not have the right to speak, after all this was not Earth.

    But now that the Rainbow Light Grass has already been sent to the auction, moreover they even had to split the earnings 50-50, but contrary to what was expected, he felt relieved in his heart. If this this was still in their hands, and the news of it was leaked, it would definitely be a bad thing. Now that it was not in their hands, on the contrary, they did not have to worry about it. The Xi Jia Auction House doesn’t seem to be small, so just for a single stub of a Level 4 Spiritual Grass they would not do such a bad thing.

    “You do not need to be worried about it, the Rainbow Light Grass is now not on our bodies, so you don’t have to worry about it. What you need to consider is, how to obtain the Blue Tea Grass, and then find someone to refine the True Condensation Pill.” This was what Ning Cheng was always thinking in his heart, on how to obtain a True Condensation Pill and then advance to the True Condensation Realm as soon as possible.

    Tai Shu Shi on hearing Ning Cheng’s words, immediately felt his heart relaxed, “We can get the Blue Tea Grass at the auction, as long as we attend the various auctions in the Xi Jie City, we will definitely be able to get our hands on the Blue Tea Grass. Even if we are not able to get it, we can finally go look for the Pill Master Mulberry for a high price.”

    “Pill Master Mulberry?” Ning Cheng repeated the name again.

    Tai Shu Shi nodded his head and said, “That’s right, Pill Master Mulberry, Pill Master Mulberry is one of the only two Level 3 Pill Masters of the Xi Jia City. He has an excellent reputation, even if you take out an even more precious spiritual grass, as long as you can give him a satisfactory price, he will help you in refining it, moreover he will never reveal what Pill is he helping you refine to his other guests. He also keeps everything in the open, and will not seize things by force.”

    Ning Cheng also had heard of such a person, and was very satisfied with what he said, “This is actually good, as soon as we are able to obtain the Blue Tea Grass we can go look for this Pill Master Mulberry.”

    Tai Shu Shi said with a sigh, “Although this Pill Master Mulberry is very good, but the asking price for his help is very high, it is even higher than the Xi Jia Auction House. As long as you want him to refine a pill for you, and as long as he settles on the Pill that you want him to refine, will make the pill for you but with only 60% strength, moreover he will also charge a large amount of spirit stones.”

    60% strength Pill, and would still have to pay Spirit Stones? Ning Cheng thought to himself that his heart is not only black, but rather it was black to the degree of charcoal. Even if he was really capable of refining pills.


    “After you save Lian’e, are you ready to undertake the heavy responsibility to be together? In the future when you go to the Hua Continent, will you also take her with you?” After reserving a private booth in the Xi Jiu Auction House, Ning Cheng carefully asked Tai Shu Shi.

    He did not know what was the cultivation of Lian’e, if it was not bad in the Xi Jie City, then in the future they could go to the Hua Continent together, if Lian’e’s cultivation was too poor, then he would have to consider other things.

    Tai Shu Shi shook his head and said, “I did not intend to take her to the Hua Continent, I also have no intention of marrying her. I am a descendant of the Tai Shu Clan, perhaps one day I may fall from the sky while going to the Le Continent. The path that I must take has long since been decided, the path that I chose is not smooth or safe and would not be peaceful for even a single day, it would not be appropriate to bring her with me.”

    Ning Cheng did not ask again of this matter, the two people then began to discuss on how to obtain the True Condensation Pill, and how would they be able to advance to the True Condensation Realm, and then finally head to the Hua Continent. After exchanging their cultivation experiences with each other, Ning Cheng found that since the beginning, there were some things that he did not understand and as such had to ask Tai Shu Shi, it was only later that Tai Shu Shi started asking some questions to Ning Cheng.

    As the night passed by the, two people were still discussing each other’s past, Ning Cheng and Tai Shu Shi did not look tired, rather they were in high spirits. They knew that today was the day of the auction, the two people were eager to know how many Spirit Stones would the Rainbow Light Grass would sell for.


    Ning Cheng had never been to an auction, but he had seen them on the television. But when he and Tai Shu Shi entered the Xi Jia Auction House, they were immediately shocked by the luxurious atmosphere in there.

    The Auction stage was surrounded by lamps carved from pure white jades on all sides, the participants for the auction sat in a small row of private booths, and outside each of those private booth stood a beautiful woman. The first impression that Ning Cheng got, was that the auctions that were held on Earth could not even be remotely compared to this type of auction.

    Tai Shu Shi said in a low voice, “The auctions at the Xi Jia City are usually small, and do not have such private booths, moreover they would not have so many women to service the patrons. It seems that this time it was because of the Rainbow Light Grass, that they improved the quality of the auction.”

    Although Ning Cheng and Tai Shu Shi arrived early, but when the two people came inside, they saw that the gates of some of the booths were already shut, obviously some people had arrived even earlier than them.

    Half an hour later, the stage lights suddenly focussed onto a middle aged man who had stepped onto the auction stage some time ago, he first clasped his fists to the audience in front of him and then said, “Today’s auction was supposed to be a small one, but because yesterday we received two precious items, we decided to upgrade the scale of the auction. Fortunately, by the end of this month we will still hold a large scale auction, were many distinguished guests from the Xi Jie City would be attending.”

    “With less of this idle chit chat, we’ll begin today’s first auction. our first item is an extremely rare and precious Rank 2 Spiritual Grass called the Blue Tea Grass, I think that all our friends here are familiar with the importance of the Blue Tea Grass, it is one of the main spiritual grasses required for refining the True Condensation Pills. The base price for it is 30 Low Grade Spirit Stones, the bidding for it starts now.”



    When the Blue Tea Grass came out, it immediately caused the people to call out various bids, the bidding continuously rose the price, and in just a few breaths time, the price of it rose to 100 Spirit Stones.

    Tai Shu Shi looked at Ning Cheng with excitement in his eyes and said, “I have saved about 150 Spirit Stones till now, combined with the Spirit Stones we would earn, we should be able to purchase the Blue Tea Grass. Our luck really is good, I did not expect that the first item that they would take out would be the Blue Tea Grass.”

    Ning Cheng lifted his hand to stop Tai Shu Shi from bidding and said, “Stone, I feel that we will not be able to purchase this Blue Tea Grass. If the Rainbow Light Grass is able to sell for the price we expect it to, we could then just spend those Spirit Stones on the Pill Master Mulberry to purchase this thing.”

    “But why?” After Tai Shu Shi asked he immediately once again said, “Big brother, you are too careful, Blue Tea Grass is frequently sold here, there will not be any issues.”

    Ning Cheng just smiled and said, “Stone, now that we have a much safer choice why not choose the safe way? The Blue Tea Grass is not truly valuable, but a True Condensation Pill is extremely precious. I feel that the people who want the Blue Tea Grass, should always be presumed to also have the Golden Cicada Fruit, I really think that it’s good to be careful.”

    “It is not certain, some people purchase the Blue Tea Grass, just like me to collect the materials required for the True Condensation Pill. I don’t even have the Golden Cicada Fruit.” Tai Shu Shi said in a disagreeing tone.

    Ning Cheng just shook his head and said, “The price of the blue Tea Grass has already risen to 200 Spirit Stones, I don’t believe that, a person who does not have the Golden Cicada Fruit, would just individually spend 200 Spirit Stones to just buy the Blue Tea Grass. The others who buy them may not be afraid, but we currently do not have the ability for not being afraid.”

    It was then that Tai Shu Shi noted that the price of the Blue Tea Grass had already reached 210 Spirit Stones, this kind of price was seldom seen. He nodded his head and said, “Big brother, it seems what you said was indeed true, with such a high price, trying to buy it back would not be safe.”

    Finally the Blue Tea Grass was bought at the price of 220 Low Grade Spirit Stones by one of the owners of the private booth.

    The manager of the auction who was on the stage, when he saw the first auction to sell at such a high price, the tone of his voice immediately became excited and said in high voice, “Congratulations to the friend who bought the Blue Tea Grass just now, but now the thing that we are going to bring up to the stage is something extremely precious. Even my Xi Jie Auction House has rarely seen a treasure of this level, it is one of the best quality spear artifact, the 7 Star Golden Spear…….”

    Tai Shu Shi saw that there was an attractive golden long spear in the hands of the manager, and hurriedly said, “Big brother, I saw that you have a spear type artifact, but it seems to be of Ordinary Rank, so we might as well buy this long spear for you.”

  • Translated at Demon Translations

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    Chapter 0068 – The Auction

    “The bidding price for this exquisite spear starts at 800 low grade spirit stones, the bidding for it starts now.” Just as the middle aged man’s voice, who was standing on the Auction Stage fell, someone immediately offered 1000 low grade spirit stones.

    Just as the first offer was called out, the competition for it immediately became fierce, and the price quickly surpassed 1500 low grade spirit stones, and was quickly approaching 2000 spirit stones.

    Tai Shu Shi looked at Ning Cheng in an embarrassing way, “I did not think that the price of this artifact would reach this high, I knew I should have studied Crafting.”

    Ning Cheng did not mind and smiled and said, “Let alone the fact that I do not have the necessary spirit stones, even if I did have the funds, I would not make a move on that spear.”

    After several rounds of offers, this 7 Star Gold Spear was purchased by someone for 3600 low grade spirit stones.

    After the middle aged man who managed the auction sold the spear artifact, he held up a leather volume and said in a clear voice, “This is a map, everybody please do not think that it is a treasure map. This is definitely not a treasure map, but rather it is a map of a dangerous place. Many of our friends want to go to the Hua Continent, but because of the dangers in the Thunder Fall Desert it basically does not allow for the ordinary people to pass through the desert. But this map will allow you to pass safely through the Thunder Desert, but truthfully it has not been verified, so whether it really is real or fake is still debatable.”

    Just as Ning Cheng listened to those words, he was immediately pleased in his heart, while thinking that he had to find a way to purchase this map. Since this map was not verified, so the price would definitely not be high, and even the people who would want to buy it would also be not many. But actually the map had only a little interest for him, he already had a map, the main reason why he wanted to buy the map was to make a comparison between the two maps. After all, the map that he obtained before was just a simple one.

    “The base price of this map is 1000 spirit stones, and each increment will be of at least 100 spirit stones or more, the bidding for it starts now……”

    The words spoken by the middle aged man who managed the auction immediately made Ning Cheng to think deeply, the map was said to be not verified, but still he actually set the base price for 1000 spirit stone, wouldn’t it mean that if the map was actually verified then wouldn’t it sell for several tens of thousands of spirit stones?

    The more Ning Cheng thought about it, the more he felt puzzled, while he was thinking about it someone already offered 1100 spirit stones for it, even when they did not know if the map was genuine or fake, the price of the map had already risen up to 1500 spirit stones.

    Thus from this it could be seen, that there were many people who wanted to go to the Hua Continent. Finally this map was purchased by someone for 3100 spirit stones.

    For the following item in the auction, Ning Cheng thoroughly did not have any idea about what was going on, he only had about 300 spirit stones with him, other than the first item in the auction the Blue Tea Grass, he basically could not even place the starting bid. In the low leveled continents, spirit stones are already extremely difficult to obtain, but when it came to the use of spirit stones, Ning Cheng found that not all people used the spirit stones like him.

    After quite a while passed by, Ning Cheng finally heard the middle aged man who managed the auction to finally say, “What I am going to bring out next is a Spiritual Grass, I believe that many of the people here have come especially for this Spiritual Grass. That’s right, this is a Rank 4 Spiritual Grass the Rainbow Light Grass…..”

    Even if they were in a private booth, Ning Cheng could certainly feel that when the Rainbow Light Grass came out, it finally caused a large scale commotion. The middle aged man who was handling the auction had said nothing wrong, as many of the people here had indeed come here for the Rainbow Light Grass.

    “The effect of this Rainbow Light Grass is pretty well known to everybody here, which is the ability to repair and replenish one’s core sea, basically it’s value is something that can’t be estimated. For now the base price for this item is 5000 low grade spirit stones, and one can only increase the price in the minimum increments of 500 spirit stones each time, the bidding for this item starts now.”

    Ning Cheng found that the person who managed this auction would always set the price for the items a bit low, so that when the people started bidding, the final price of the item would always end up several times more than the original base price.

    Once the Rainbow Light Grass was taken out, Ning Cheng and Tai Shu Shi were staring at it in a very nervous way. 5000 low grade spirit stones, even if nobody increased the price, they would still be able to obtain 2500 spirit stones, relatively speaking, for them it was almost enough.

    “6000 spirit stones.”

    “7000 spirit stones.”


    The price quickly rose to 12,000 spirit stones, obviously there were many people who wanted the Rainbow Light Grass, and also knew how precious the Rainbow Light Grass was.

    When the price actually reached 19,000 spirit stones, suddenly a cold voice came from inside a private booth, “This old man bids 20,000 spirit stones, who dares to increase the price again?”

    The people in the private booths would always pass on their offers through other people, but for one of them to directly quote a price with an arrogant voice, this was really a first.

    There seemed to be a lot of people who knew this man, after this man with a cold voice spoke out his offer, nobody dared to give out a counter offer.

    Ning Cheng in his heart was really hating this man, he knew from the atmosphere in the auction house, that this Rainbow Light Grass’ final price was definitely much more than 20,000 spirit stones. This bastard of an old man wanted to buy his Rainbow Light Grass for only 20,000 spirit stones, this was simply robbing of spirit stones.

    Although he was really hating him in his heart, Ning Cheng did not speak out, he along with the other people in the action had already tacitly approved of his existence, he was only a cultivator at the Qi Gathering 9th Level, trying to compete with him would only be courting death.

    “This old thing is too shameless.” Tai Shu Shi said that sentence in a bitter tone.

    Ning Cheng said helplessly, “This shameless man does not concern about face because he has the strength, if he did not have the strength to back it up then he would also not be so shameless and throw away his face. For us to obtain 10,000 spirit stones, is already sufficient for our purpose.”

    It was no suspense that the Rainbow Light Grass was finally bought by the old man for 20,000 spirit stones, after the auction was concluded, Ning Cheng did not have any interest in staying there.

    Tai Shu Shi also had the same idea as that of Ning Cheng, and stood up after the Rainbow Light Grass was sold and said, “Big Brother, we are good to go now.”

    At this time, the middle aged man presiding over the auction loudly said, “Next, we will be bringing out a low grade aircraft type artifact for the auction……”

    “Let’s waits.” Ning Cheng when he heard that it was a Aircraft Type Artifact, was immediately moved in his heart.

    With his current cultivation level, using the flying sword to fly made him too tired, and if he had to encounter an emergency situation, like encountering an enemy with his exhausted body, it would be really dangerous for him. If he had an airship type artifact then would be different, an airship type artifact only needed a little bit of one’s spiritual sense, as the airship type artifact would need mostly spirit stones to operate, and the resulting effect on one’s spiritual sense would be extremely minimal.

    “This airship type artifact has a base price of 600 spirit stones, and each bid cannot be lower than 100 spirit stones…..”

    Ning Cheng was amazed and asked, “Even the best quality spear type artifact had the base price of 800 low grade spirit stones, so why is this aircraft type artifact this expensive?”

    Tai Shu Shi knew that Ning Cheng was from the Ping Continent, so he knew that his understanding of the conditions in the Yuan Continent was not very much, and immediately answered, “Among all the types of artifacts, the price of the aircraft type artifact are the highest. A price of just a low grade aircraft type artifact, is almost equal to a high grade offensive type artifacts. The aircraft type artifact’s final price will not be much lower than that of that spear from before.”

    Sure enough the price of the airship type artifact had already reached 1300 spirit stones, and besides it doesn’t seem to be stopping anywhere soon.

    “Let’s go.” Ning Cheng did not have anymore ideas on trying to buy the aircraft type artifact.


    “Let’s go look for the Pill Master Mulberry.” After the time it takes for half an incense stick to burn, Ning Cheng and Tai Shu Shi had already collected the 10,000 spirit stones and had come out of the Auction House.

    The auction provided him with a great deal of excitement, although there were a lot of things that he wished to buy, but obviously he did not have the spirit stones to purchase. The Rainbow Light Grass obviously could be sold for an even higher price, but for an unavoidable reason it was sold for a low price.

    After analysing it for a time, it was because his strength was too low. He must find a Pill Master to immediately refine a True Condensation Pill, and begin his preparation to advance to the True Condensation Realm. As long as he was able to advance to the True Condensation Realm, he would be able to immediately go to the Hua Continent.

    Tai Shu Shi also had the same idea as that of Ning Cheng, but he does not have an idea to go to the Hua Continent immediately, he first wanted to save Lian’e, once the issues with Lian’e were settled, only then would he make his way to the Hua Continent.

    “The Pill Master Mulberry is an eccentric, as far as possible try not to bargain with him, what he hates the most is someone trying to bargain with him.”


    The place where the Pill Master Mulberry lived had a very ordinary appearance, even the courtyard in front of the house was very simple. But when Ning Cheng arrived here, he immediately discovered that there was a Defensive Array Formation all around the house and the courtyard.

    As Tai Shu Shi stood in front of the the outside door, he clapped his hands 3 times in the air. Then while looking at the expression on Ning cheng’s face, he whispered, “We will be waiting right here, as long as the Pill Master Mulberry has the time, he will ask us to come in.”

    Sure enough, after a few breaths, Ning Cheng saw that the Defensive Array Formation in front of them opened wide, and immediately a voice arrived, “Come in.”

    As Ning Cheng and Tai Shu Shi pushed open the gates of the compound, they found that the courtyard in front of them was actually a big Spiritual Grass Garden, inside there were numerous Level 1 and Level 2 Spiritual Grasses, there were even several Level 3 Spiritual Grasses. A boy could be seen checking a stub of a spiritual grass. When Ning Cheng and Tai Shu Shi came in, the boy did not seem to see them, and was taking care of his own thing.

    In the middle of this large spiritual grass garden, there was a winding path, that lead to a narrow door.

    Ning Cheng along with Tai Shu Shi walked through this winding path, and entered through the narrow door, and immediately saw a large pill furnace. There were flames underneath the pill furnace emitting rumbling like noises.

    Behind the pill furnace, there was a man sitting on a cushion, while holding a spiritual grass in his hand and appearing to be lost in some deep thought. Ning Cheng could not see this person’s cultivation level, so he guessed that the person in front of him was a cultivator in the Essence Building Realm.

    “This junior Tai Shu Shi and Ning Cheng greets Senior Mulberry, the reason why this junior disturbs senior this time, is to ask the senior to help us in refining a Pill.“ Tai Shu Shi’s tone was extremely respectful and even bent his waist while he said those word while clasping his hands.

    Ning Cheng also slightly bowed, and clasped his hands. He was thinking about the Rainbow Light Grass that he had sold in the auction house, this Pill Master seemed to like spiritual grasses, so it was probably right to think that even he would have an interest in it, but then why did he not even show an interest in it?

    This Pill Master Mulberry had probably not seen them, nor heard the words that were spoken by Tai Shu Shi, and was still staring at the spiritual grass in his hands while he was frowning while contemplating something.

    Ning Cheng was secretly despising this person in heart, this fellow was just a Level 3 Pill Master. At the beginning he had even met the old woman in the Nan Yuan City, he knew that her level of Alchemy was much higher than this person who called himself the Pill Master Mulberry, other people may not know about it but how could he not recognise such a thing.

    It was regrettable that, the reason why he had to come here today was because he also wanted to help Tai Shu Shi.

    Ning Cheng and Tai Shu Shi waited for nearly the time it takes for an incense stick to burn, but this Pill Master Mulberry still had not spoken to them. Just when Ning Cheng was going to ask again, this Pill Master Mulberry suddenly asked, “What medicinal Pill do you want to refine?”

    “This junior wants to refine a True Condensation Pill.” Tai Shu Shi replied quickly.

    “True Condensation Pill?” The Pill Master Mulberry finally put down the spiritual grass in his hands, and turned around and stared at Ning Cheng and Tai Shu Shi.

    “Yes, that’s right.” Tai Shu Shi immediately replied in an affirmative tone.

  • Translated at Demon Translations

    Translated By – DemonKiller
    Checked and Edited By – CurlyAdi
    Proofread By – SmartyMouth

    Chapter 0069 – Successfully Obtaining The True Condensation Pill

    “Oh, then you have to bring out the materials for refining the True Condensation Pill. Moreover my True Condensation Pill will be of 60% strength, plus you also will have to shell out 1,000 low grade spirit stones.” Pill Master Mulberry casually said, as he put down the spiritual grass in his hand, it seemed that he had some sort of breakthrough in his research, and thus his mood was very good. Otherwise even if Ning Cheng and Tai Shu Shi wanted, he would not say those words this quickly.

    Ning Cheng thought that this person’s heart was really black, not only would he only produce the pill with only 60% strength but he also demanded an extra 1,000 low grade spirit stones. Not only that, even his tone was also very casual, and it did not seem that he even liked refining pills, Ning Cheng just couldn’t help but think darkly in his heart, just what made these Alchemists so amazing?

    “Senior Mulberry, I have a request, if it is OK with Senior, I just want a Pill of 50% strength. If it is useless to Senior, then we will defer to what senior said.”

    Ning Cheng had not yet finished, when he saw that the Pill Master Mulberry’s complexion sank, as till now no one had ever dared to bargain in front of him for a Pill. How could he even dare to ask him make a pill with 10% less strength? This guy simply did not know what was good or bad for him.

    Pill Master Mulberry was just going to reprimand Ning Cheng and Tai Shu Shi when Ning Cheng spoke in a timely manner, “In today’s auction there was a Rank 4 Rainbow Light Grass, but I do not know if this spiritual grass would be valuable to senior or not. Personally, I definitely think that it is a good thing, and would certainly be taken out by the auction house as their last act.”

    Ning Cheng gambled that this Pill Master Mulberry did not know about the matter with the Rainbow Light Grass, if the Pill Master Mulberry knew about this matter, then he would definitely not give up the pursuit of the Rainbow Light Grass. When Ning Cheng saw him concentrate on studying a Rank 3 Spiritual Grass, he came to this conclusion that he really liked studying spiritual grasses.

    Tai Shu Shi was incomparably anxious in his heart, he did not think that Ning Cheng would actually dare to bargain. However he did not have the time to apologise to Pill Master Mulberry, when he saw that the Pill Master Mulberry had already stood up in shock. At this moment Tai Shu Shi knew that the words of Ning Cheng had a huge effect on him, and secretly admired him in his heart. Ning Cheng not only dared to bargain, but even dared to say the Rainbow Light Grass would be taken out by the auction house as its last act. But the fact was, that the Rainbow Light Grass was already sold out, he was very clear about this, after all the Rainbow Light Grass was theirs to begin with and had even sold it for 20,000 spirit stones.

    Tai Shu Shi certainly understood the meaning of Ning Cheng, because almost everyone in the Xi Jia City knew that the auction house would still hold a grand auction at the end of the month. Once Pill Master Mulberry helped them in finishing the refining of the Pill, and then arrived at the auction, he would find that the Spiritual Grass that he was pursuing was already purchased by someone else.

    Seeing the expression on Pill Master Mulberry’s face, Ning Cheng felt happy in his heart, this guy really did not know about the Rainbow Light Grass, it was no wonder that he was still staying in his home keenly observing the spiritual grass in his hands.

    “Do you have the spiritual grasses required for refining the True Condensation Pill.” Pill Master Mulberry directly asked Tai Shu Shi.

    Tai Shu Shi did not know whether the Pill Master Mulberry agreed with Ning Cheng’s request or not, but he immediately took out a cloth bag that he had hung on his back and started taking out spiritual grasses one at a time, and piling them on the floor in front of him.

    Pill Master Mulberry just waved his hands, and the pile of spiritual grasses instantly vanished, while simultaneously took out a jade bottle and tossed it into the hands of Tai Shu Shi and said, “I have already refined a batch of 60% strength True Condensation Pills, there are three True Condensation Pills in that jade bottle, you can go now.”

    Not to say about the 1000 spirit stones per pill, he did not even ask about a single spirit stone. They could guess that he wanted to hurry to the auction house to see if it was too late for him to obtain the spiritual grass.

    “Many thanks to Pill Master Mulberry.” Ning Cheng quickly pulled at Tai Shu Shi who was still surprised, thanked the Pill Master once more, and hurried out of the narrow door.

    “Big brother, you really are fantastic.” After they went far away from the place of residence of the Pill Master Mulberry, Tai Shu Shi gave a thumbs up and said in an appreciative tone.

    “Don’t speak anything about this for now, and let’s hurry back. Once that Pill Master Mulberry found out that he had kicked the iron board, he will definitely hate us. Next time it would be better if we don’t go looking for him to refine Pills, this was just a one time business transaction.” Ning Cheng was also very pleased with the result. After going through so many hardships, he was finally able to obtain the True Condensation Pill.

    With this True Condensation Pill and the spirit stones he had on him, he thought that advancing to the True Condensation Realm would not be much of a problem. As long as he was able to advance to the True Condensation Realm, then he would have a little more protection for himself as he entered the Hua Continent.

    “Oh dear.” The two people were not happy for long, when Tai Shu Shi immediately stopped and called out.

    “What’s the matter?” Ning Cheng asked Tai Shu Shi in a puzzled way.

    Tai Shu Shi patted his head, “I just remembered that we still did not have a stalk of the Blue Tea Grass, when I was interrupted by you I ended up forgetting about it. Once this matter was discovered by the Pill Master Mulberry, we will definitely suffer.”

    Ning Cheng also frowned a bit, but then said, “He should not have felt something amiss when he checked those spiritual grasses. Once he picked the pile up, it represented that he had already examined it. Besides, he would definitely go and try to rob the Rainbow Light Grass from who ever got it, and would not be able to go through the spiritual grass pile that we gave him for at least several days. Even if he was able to notice such a thing, the Blue Tea Grass is something that could be easily be bought for a few spirit stones, and thus is a small matter for him.”

    When Tai Shu Shi heard the words of Ning Cheng, he felt relieved, and seemed to think that it really was a small matter.

    “But I still think that after you save Lian’e, we should really immediately leave this Xi Jia City.” Ning Cheng said carefully.

    “I already understood this even if you did not say it.” Tai Shu Shi said while nodding his head.


    The two people hurriedly found a place a place to rest, as Tai Shu Shi took out the jade bottle, he poured out one of the three True Condensation Pills for him and gave the other two pills to Ning Cheng and said, “Big brother, just one is enough for me, you can have the rest. With the spirit stones on you, we can then go to the Yi Shui Courtyard in a few days. In these few days I am going to tidy up our gains, and then start to prepare to advance to the True Condensation Realm.”

    Ning Cheng also did not refuse, he took the Jade Bottle and said, “All right, I am also ready to tidy up my own gains, we will meet again 2 days later.”

    The amount of cultivation resources that he required were very terrifying, even with a True Condensation Pill it was uncertain if he would be able to advance or not, but at the moment it was fortunate that he had obtained 2 out of the 3 of True Condensation Pills.


    Two days later, Ning Cheng and Tai Shu Shi entered the Yi Shui Courtyard. A few days ago when Tai Shu Shi left the Yi Shui Courtyard he was very anxious, but today Tai Shu Shi was fully confident in himself, and even his manner was very relaxed.

    At this time there was a giant banner that was hung on the entrance of the Yi Shui Courtyard, on the banner was written, Yi Shui Courtyard’s 11 Popular Ladies up for auction today. If you want to know the details of these 11 sisters from the Yi Shui Courtyard, please pay 10 spirit stones at the entrance of the Yi Shui Courtyard.

    It was good that they calculated it beforehand, before they even sold the people, both of them knew that they would also ask for an admission fee. This was so that the Yi Shui Courtyard would not incur a loss from those who only came to see, and to grab feathers from a flying goose.

    “Hey, how is it 11 People? Initially did you not say that there were 10 people up for the auction? How come there is another one?” Tai Shi Shi asked a person in a strange voice.

    Ning Cheng’s thoughts weren’t focused on the Yi Shui Courtyard’s auction, he just wanted for the things here to get over, and then take care of his own things afterwards. If he was not talked into coming here by Tai Shu Shi, then he would not have accompanied Tai Shu Shi to wade through this kind of muddy waters.

    “Leave the others alone, hurry up and go inside, the sooner that you can take care of your things, the sooner we will be able to leave here.”

    Ning Cheng reminded Tai Shu Shi, then took out a spirit stone and passed it out to a pretty elder sister who was nearby and said, “This elder sister, I would like to ask if Liu Han Yu is in? If elder sister is not busy, could I ask elder sister to help me in calling Liu Han Yu.”

    Tai Shu Shi gave an unbelievable look to Ning Cheng and said, “Big brother, don’t tell me you feel attracted to Han Yu? Are you also similar to me who wants to save Han Yu and walk out of here together?”

    Ning Cheng did not answer, when the pretty elder sister hurriedly gave back the spirit stone to Ning Cheng, then after carefully looking in all four direction, she said in a small voice, “Are you one of the guests of Sister Han Yu? You must have not known about, I do not know what has happened to Sister Han Yu, because she was not willing to take up any guests for the last few days, as a result she was finally listed for sale…..”

    “So it was because of this, that there are now 11 people that are to be auctioned off today?” Tai Shu Shi suddenly asked.

    Remembering what Ning Cheng said just a while ago, Tai Shu Shi quickly asked, “Big Brother, do you want to save Han Yu? You and her…..”

    Ning Cheng was silent for a moment and then said, “There are some matters that you do not know, I already have a fiancee, and moreover I do not have any feelings towards Han Yu. However if 1000 spirit stones are able to help her once, then I will not mind it and immediately give those spirit stones to her.”

    “I understand that.” It was out of Ning Cheng’s expectations, but that after Tai Shu Shi spoke those three characters, he did not speak anymore. Although he does not have a fiancee, but he was the same and could not marry Lian’e.

    When the two men entered the auction hall of the Yi Shui Courtyard, Ning Cheng finally understood why it was called a second rate place. Although it was an auction hall, but compared to the auction hall he had been in just a few days ago, this was simply a vegetable market.

    In this huge room there were only makeshift red tables inside it, and in the front of them were people sitting in seven or eight rows on rickety chairs. When Ning Cheng looked at these people, Ning Cheng first thought of Xian Yuan Kui of the Cang Le City. These people and Xian Yuan Kui were a similar class of people, they hardly even cultivated, but they would still talk extravagantly. They were all discussing which elder sister should they deserve, and how much price should they buy them for.

    Other than the few people sitting in the first row, the were more than 10 people sitting in the second row. From the clothing and the expressions on their faces, the people in the second row should not be worse than the people sitting in the first row. But they all had their eyes shut and meditating, and were not like the youths sitting in the first row who were exchanging their extravagant theories with each other loudly.

    In addition to that, Ning Cheng also noted that there were several people who were sitting with their face covered by a priest hat, there was even a strange atmosphere around them. Even if Ning Cheng did not have any contact with the cultivation practices of women being used as cultivation furnaces, he easily could say that these people were definitely here to buy women to use as their cultivation furnaces.

    As for some of the older people, they were all sitting in the corner silently, one would not be able to tell if they were here to purchase a pretty sister, or just wanted to watch the fun.

    Ning Cheng and Tai Shu Shi found a place to sit down, and no longer spoke.

    After the time it takes for an incense stick to burn, a pretty woman with an intoxicating fragrance and dressed in only her undergarments walked step by step like a praying mantis and stepped onto the red stage. With her attractive snow white skin combined with her shapely breasts that were moving up and down as she breathed, it was as if she was doing a live advertisement.

    “Thank you fellow masters to come to our Yi Shui Courtyard to join us in our auction, out of the 11 beautiful elder sisters listed in the auction, I am sure none of them will let our esteemed guests be disappointed…….”

    Her tone was gentle and charming to the ears, she hadn’t even finished speaking, when the few young people sitting in the front row said while laughing, “We like the way you are, both big and white……”

    “This elder brother who likes this Jue Jiao is really remarkable, after this auction ends, Jue Jiao will definitely accompany you.”

    They did not know if what she spoke was true or false, but at least after she spoke those words, the atmosphere became even more fervent.

    “Well the first on our list is Ying Ying, Ying Ying has a three line hybrid support spiritual root, and even her appearance is very gentle and charming, is very understanding, and is most suitable to be a cultivation furnace….”

    Although this woman called Jue Jiao spoke the words of being suitable as a cultivation furnace, but she did not seem to be disturbed by it even for a bit, and as for the guests, none of them felt it to be wrong.

    Just as Jue Jiao finished speaking, the red curtains behind her separated, and a woman with long hair wearing a light green dress appeared in front of everyone’s eyes. This woman looked very beautiful, but her eyes looked a little callous, it made her look like a puppet who had already lost hope.

  • Translated at Demon Translations

    Translated By – DemonKiller
    Checked and Edited By – CurlyAdi
    Proofread By – SmartyMouth

    Chapter 0070 – You Are Nothing

    “The base price for her is 1,000 low grade spirit stones, although this price cannot express the beauty of Ying Ying completely. But since today everybody here is a regular patron of our Yi Shui Courtyard, and also for the sake of better ownership of Ying Ying, we decided to lower the base price for her …….” Jue Jiao spoke with a charming expression on her face, as if she was completely unaware of her own shamelessness.

    “1,300 spirit stones, I already fancied Miss Ying Ying from the beginning, everybody please do not try to rob her from me.” A fat man dressed in a pure white dress who was sitting in the front row immediately stood up and shouted.

    This man made Ning Cheng remember the arrogant old man from the Xi Jia Auction House, but the white robed fat man standing in front of him was only at the Qi Gathering 4th Level, Ning Cheng did not know from where did he get so much confidence.

    “2,000 spirit stones.” Ning Cheng’s guess was right, just when this fat man finished with his bid, there was another bid, but this time the increase was of 700 spirit stones.

    This bid was made by a man wearing a black robe who was sitting in the corner.

    This white robed fat man obviously did not think that there would be a person who would not dare to give him face here, and immediately became angry and said, “Who are you? Did you just arrive in Xi Jia City, and want to intentionally make me lose face?”

    This fat man’s sentence also contained an important message, you have just arrived in Xi Jia City, not only did you not to go inquire about who I am, but even dared to go against me?

    “Slap slap.” There were two resounding slaps, as the black dressed man immediately flew up to the fat man and slapped his face twice.

    When the white robed fat man fell down, he simultaneously spit out two teeth.

    “You are nothing in front of me, just dare to speak again in front of me, and see how this father will chop you into little pieces.” The black robed man then slowly walked back to his seat, while simultaneously speaking those words with complete disdain.

    The white robed fat man seemed to have been scared by the aggressiveness of the black robed man, and did not even dare to continue to speak.

    Jue Jiao acted as if she did not notice this commotion, and was still standing on the stage while glancing at the crowd with her charming eyes, it seemed as if she was searching for someone who would bid a higher price.

    Everyone knew that Miss Ying Ying was definitely not worth only 2,000 spirit stones, but the others were clearly scared of the black robed man and did not want to compete against him. When there was no one to continue to increase the bids, finally Miss Ying Ying was delivered to the side of the black robed man.

    Ning Cheng had taken a note of this black haired man before, his true cultivation level was at True Condensation 2nd Level, but he had concealed his cultivation level, and to others he only looked like a cultivator at the Qi Gathering 8th Level. In Ning Cheng’s view, this black robed man’s cultivation of True Condensation 2nd Level was still not enough to scare the Yi Shui Courtyard. But for this person to be daring enough to be so arrogant, it would mean that he should have someone significant backing him up which this Yi Shui Courtyard was truly scared of.

    The red curtain on the stage was once again pulled close, and Jue Jiao’s body shook as she giggled a bit before saying, “Congratulation for our patron to be able to acquire Miss Ying Ying a moment ago, and also congratulations to Miss Ying Ying who has found a better home.”

    Ning Cheng in his heart sneered at her, this black robed man obviously wanted to use Miss Ying Ying as his cultivation furnace, it would be more appropriate to say that Miss Ying Ying jumped from the pan and entered into the fire pit. This Jue Jiao was so shameless, to even dare to speak such good words about her ownership.

    “Our second appearance is of Miss Nuo Mei, Miss Nuo Mei is dual support spiritual root, if not to find our Miss Nuo Wei a better home, our Yi Shui Courtyard would definitely not be willing to let her go. To let Miss Nuo Mei experience even more happiness in her future, we set the base price for her only for 1,500 spirit stones……”

    Just as Jue Jiao said those words in a tender tone, the red curtain behind her automatically opened.

    What appeared in the people’s sight was a pretty woman wearing a blue dress, this woman did not seem to be like the one before her, and had chosen to smile for the people, which showed that she at least had a better temperament.

    Even Ning Cheng had his doubts if the smile on her face was natural or not, but with her graceful look she looked completely different, it was as if she herself wanted to be put up for the auction.

    “2,000 spirit stones.” A young man sitting in the second row immediately offered.

    Ning Cheng at this time noticed that this Miss Nuo Mei had a gentle look in her eyes when she looked at the young man, he immediately knew that this man was the same as Tai Shu Shi, and came specifically to take away Miss Nuo Mei.

    “I put in 2,200 spirit stones.” The black dressed man immediately offered to buy her.

    When the young man heard that offer, his complexion changed, but he still said in a deep voice, “2,300 spirit stones.”

    “I put up 2,500 spirit stones.” It seemed that the black robed man who had already purchased a woman before was filthy rich, and would not hesitate to increase the price.

    Ning Cheng already saw it, this black robed man did not seem to want her as a furnace, but wanted the woman to help him test out a certain kind of cultivation method, therefore he wanted this woman who did not appear to be a cultivator unlike the others.

    Having a spiritual root, a woman cultivator would most likely be whisked away by some academies or small sects, for a person to actually come to the Yi Shui Courtyard to buy women, it can be said to be a shortcut.

    Ning Cheng sighed in his heart darkly, it that was really true, then these sisters who were being bought, would have an even more tragic fate than being a cultivation furnace.

    “I bid 2,600 spirit stones, this Senior, Miss Nuo Mei is someone who I deeply like, this Senior, please show some leniency.” This young man had an extremely polite tone, it was much better than what the white robed fat man used. At least he did not come to the XI Jia City to threaten other people.

    The black robed man glance at the young man and suddenly said, “Who do you think you are?”

    “3,000 spirit stones, elder brother, you already obtained one of them, leave this to me.” Another man sitting in another corner wearing a grey robe stood up, after quoting first, then he turned to the person who purchased Ying Ying, and said politely to the black robe wearing man as he clasped his fists.

    When the black robed man who purchased Miss Ying Ying before heard this, he immediately replied, “I recently have a great need for several woman for my cultivation method, and as such I will not be hear the next time. But if you want to compete against me today, then you will become my mortal enemy.”

    Having said that the black robed man once again bid, “I bid 3,100 spirit stones.”

    Having bid more than 3,000 spirit stones the grey robed man seemed to be very afraid of this person, after frowning for a bit, he finally decided to not to continue to increase the bid.

    The young man’s complexion, who was sitting in the second row and had made the first offer, immediately changed, he only had about 2,800 spirit stones on him. He had originally thought that it would be sufficient enough, he never imagined that Miss Nuo Mei’s price would increase this quickly to 3,100 spirit stones.

    He looked at the face of the white robed fat man who still had bloodstains on his face, and finally did not continue to speak.

    Seeing that his man could not increase the price again, Nuo Mie immediately felt something was wrong and her complexion immediately turned pale. These people had not been here for a few days, and have long since heard that some cultivators used to practice some strange and terrifying cultivation methods with the women they purchased.

    Now this black robed person called Xun Shun, who had already purchased Miss Ying Ying, wanted to buy her again, it was clear that he wanted to use those sisters for his cultivation practice.

    “Meng Lang, please help me increase the price quickly, I beg you to increase the price…..” Nuo Wei finally could not sit still, and almost with a crying voice shouted from the stage. Her voice was really heart wrenching, and made other people’s heart to be anxious for her. But it was really a pity, this Meng Lang not only did not increase the price, but he even sat down with his head low.

    Jue Jiao suddenly frowned, and gave a cold snort. When Nuo Mei heard that cold snort, she subconsciously shivered, and no longer dared to call out to Meng Lang again.

    Tai Shu Shi who was sitting next to Ning Cheng let out a sigh, “They really are too poor, and if I had not met you, I probably would have been the same as him and would not be able to save Lian’e…..”

    Ning Cheng had never seen this kind of thing before in his life, the rest of the people were just calmly sitting there watching the scene of seeing those women being thrown into the fire pit. Even if these women were not cultivators, he knew that he would not be able to remain calm. At this point of time he was clenching his fist so hard that even he wouldn’t be surprised if water came out of it, but it really was a pity as he really did not have the ability or the resources to help them all. He could only see that black robed person called Xun Shun take out the 3,100 spirit stones as he once again went ahead and purchased Nuo Mei.

    Then sure enough from what this person by the name of Xun Shun said, he once again purchased the third, and the fifth women who came onto the stage. The fourth, sixth and the seventh were purchased by other people. It seemed as if these three women were not upto the standard of what this Xun Shun was looking for, no one knew that if it was their appearance or qualifications that did or meet his demands, so he did not offer any bids. But everyone present knew that as long as he quoted his price, no one would compete with him and he could easily buy them.

    The people sitting in the front two rows were the one’s who bid the most, but they were never successful even once. Having witnessed what happened to the white robed fat man, no one dared to continue to bid and risked being threatened by those unidentified black robed people, or those cultivators who were sitting with their face covered by their hats.

    “Our eighth sister to come up on stage is our Yi Shui Courtyard’s Miss Lian’e, Miss Lian’e is someone who has a primary spiritual root, moreover even her appearance is extremely exceptional. So Miss Lian’e’s base price is set to 2,000 low grade spirit stones, the people who want to take a shot at Miss Lian’e, please start early…..”

    Just after Jue Jiao finished speaking, the curtain behind her immediately opened revealing a tall and pale looking woman. This woman had long hair, and was even more beautiful than the previous seven women by several times. Not only that, this woman also had the highest cultivation level out of all of them, and was already at Qi Gathering 5th Level. Ning Cheng saw the approval in Tai Shu Shi’s eyes, this woman’s cultivation was really good.

    “I bid 2,500 low grade spirit stones.” The man in the black robe called Xun Shun made the first bid.

    Tai Shu Shi immediately increased the bidding price and said, “3,000 spirit stones.”

    As if she heard Tai Shu Shi’s voice, Lian’e immediately looked at him in surprise, then she saw the glowing light in the eyes of Tai Shu Shi, and her pale face gained a rosy color.

    “3,500 spirit stones, I want this woman called Lian’e, who dares to further increase the price?” The expression on the Xun Shun’s face immediately turned cold, and looked at Tai Shu Shi with an intent to kill.

    This killing intent was almost immediately sensed by Tai Shu Shi, but he had already understood that this Xun Shun was definitely not at Qi Gathering 8th Level, but a cultivator in the True Condensation Realm.

    Sensing that this Xun Shun was a cultivator at the True Condensation Realm, Tai Shu Shi’s completion immediately turned ugly, and unexpectedly did not speak for a while, he did not know if he should continue to increase the price. If he continued to increase the price wouldn’t he have not learnt from the lesson that the white robed fat man got. Not only would he not able to save Lian’e, but he would also end up dragging Ning Cheng.

    Ning Cheng saw the expression on Tai Shu Shi’s face, and immediately knew that he was overwhelmed by the killing intent from this Xun Shun. He did not hesitate and immediately offered, “4,000 spirit stones.”

    “Good, very good, there unexpectedly is a person who dare to rob Xun Shun’s woman…..” As Xun Shun spoke, his entire body was filled with a dense murderous intent once again, while at the same time directly rushed out to slap Ning Cheng.

    Ning Cheng, was a cultivator at the Qi Gathering 9th Level, in his eyes, he was just an ant.

    “Who do you think you are? Dare to speak such nonsense in front of your father.” Ning Cheng realized that having an imposing manner was very important, and said those words sarcastically to Xun Shun, while similarly flying out, and then sending out a punch towards him.

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  • Translated at Demon Translations

    Translated By – DemonKiller
    Checked and Edited By – CurlyAdi
    Proofread By – SmartyMouth

    Chapter 0071 – I Understand

    As the black robed man’s fist moved towards him, Ning Cheng also punched out with his fist, which completely split apart the force of the incoming fist, just like a giant axe, he even released his killing intent to the full. This was not a simple punch, it was as if his opponent’s oppressive killing intent was completely split by an axe. As a result the force from the fist of Xun Shun with that was also filled with his killing intent was completely dispersed, but Ning Cheng’s punch which seemed like an axe was still continuing towards him without even the slightest bit of delay.

    “Bang” a muffled sound emerged, as Ning Cheng’s fist directly blew back Xun Shun’s fist.

    Xun Shun had previously thought that Ning Cheng was just a cultivator in the Qi Gathering Realm, so he had not put him in his eyes, as such he had not used his full power during his attack. In his view, this fist of his was more than enough to break several teeth of Ning Cheng. He had never thought that Ning Cheng would be this powerful, by the time he could even aggregate more of his yuan energy it was already too late, and the only option left for him was to retreat.

    [TL Note – Please don’t get confused by what Yuan Energy is, for now it’s just similar to Qi, but unlike Qi, it’s specific to the True Condensation Realm, more will be explained about this in the later chapters.]

    Ning Cheng understood this Xun Shun’s idea, after Xun Shun saw that he could not take the force of his axe like fist, he immediately retreated, while simultaneously Ning Cheng also sent out a kick towards him.

    This foot solidly connected with his chest, but Xun Shun used the backlash from this kick to once again retreat.

    Looking at this, it would seem that Xun Shun was kicked by Ning Cheng with his foot, but the fact was Xun Shu was actually not injured at all, as he just utilized that opportunity to retreat. Before he had wanted to teach Ning Cheng a lesson, but instead he was taught a lesson by Ning Cheng, and was even kicked away by him.

    After losing such a huge amount of face, Xun Shun’s face immediately turned red, and even held a bit of fear towards Ning Cheng, although he and Ning Cheng had barely exchanged a few moves, but just from that exchange he knew that Ning Cheng was definitely not an ordinary Qi Gathering Cultivator.

    “Swish” a red flying sword appeared in the hands of Xun Shun, as the killing intent emanating from his body suddenly surged, it seemed that he really wanted to go against Ning Cheng once more.

    This was something that Jue Jiao could not tolerate and finally said, “If you two guest want to fight, then please leave the auction immediately, you can go outside and fight. This is the auction house of the Yi Shui Courtyard, if everyone was like you two, then my Yi Shui Courtyard would not exist today as it is.”

    These words spoken by her were both a persuasion and a threat, but the complexion of Xun Shun immediately turned green, finally looking at Ning Cheng he coldly snorted and said, “Good, good, let me see today how would you be able to leave Xi Jia City.”

    Ning Cheng just patted down his slightly wrinkled clothes and replied in an indifferent voice, “That should be my, your father’s, sentence, you fart of a person.”

    He and Xun Shu had barely exchanged 2 moves, so he knew that although he looked powerful, but his cultivation level was not even up to par to that of Xiong Qi Hua.

    Ning Cheng also was able to guess that Xun Shun had someone behind him, and he believed that because of this person he would definitely not be able to do anything to Xun Shun inside the city regarding this matter, but once he came outside the Xi Jia City then he knew that he would definitely will try to stop him. As long as he was able to lure Xun Shun out of the Xi Jia City, he would definitely be able to kill Xun Shu, and moreover be able to walk away. Even if this incident came to light later, he would have already left the Xi Jia City.

    Seeing Ning Cheng teach such a lesson to that arrogant black clothed man called Xun Shun, there was nobody in the room who dared to continue increase the price.

    Ning Cheng finally was able to use the 4,000 spirit stones to buy Lian’e back.

    Tai Shu Shi even forgot that Lian’e had already come over, and was still excited and said, “Big brother, you really have such a good skill, well done.”

    “Stone…..” only when Lian’e called out in a trembling voice, did Tai Shu Shi woke up, he immediately stood up, and grabbed Lian’e’s hands and said, “Lian’e, you can stop worrying, I had already promised you that I would definitely come here to save you.”

    Lian’e had stayed for many years in this place called Yi Shui Courtyard, so she was able to easily understand the expressions on Tai Shu Shi’s face, moreover she also came to know from the words of Tai Shu Shi on how to address Ning Cheng, she immediately bowed to Ning Cheng and said, “Thank you big brother to help Stone to save this Lian’e.”

    Ta Shu Shi’s mood was extremely relaxed and immediately said, “Let’s go, it time for us to go out.”

    At this point Jue Jiao once again cried out sweetly from the stage, “Congratulations to Lian’e to be returned to her beloved person, it is the most happiest thing for my Yi Shui Courtyard. The next one to come out, is actually the youngest girl from the Yi Shui Courtyard to be put on auction, she is just 18 years of age and is called Liu Han Yu. To get a better understanding of Han Yu, although she is extremely tender and pleasant looking, and even has a three line spiritual root, but the main attracting point is that she even has a primary spiritual root.”

    “If not for the continued patronage of our guests here at my Yi Shui Courtyard’s unveiling, we really would not have brought out such an excellent looking girl called Han Yu. The starting price for Han Yu is 2,000 Low Grade spirit stones…..”

    Just as Jue Jiao finished speaking, the red curtain behind her once again rolled up, and revealed a woman with short hair. This woman was exactly as Jue Jiao said, tender and pleasant, even her eyes were very alluring, but her face was extremely calm.

    It really was Liu Han Yu, Ning Cheng darkly sighed in his heart, he did not know when Liu Han Yu had cut her hair, but her eyes showed that she had already resigned herself to die. However it could also be seen that she also despised those persons who purchased women for their cultivation practices, once they were purchased by such people, even if they wanted to die they would have to ask for permission from their masters.

    “I bid 2,100 spirit stones.” Someone immediately bid.

    “I put up 2,200 spirit stones.”

    “2,300 spirit stones.”


    The price quickly rose to 2,500 spirit stones, when Xun Shun coldly glanced at Ning Cheng and suddenly said out loud, “3,000 spirit stones.”

    Just as Xun Shun said his price out loud, the surrounding people who wanted to bid immediately stopped themselves.

    “3,100 spirit stones.” Ning Cheng bid, immediately every person in the room held their breaths.

    This young man who was carrying a spear on his back, it seems that he really was not afraid of Xun Shun, he not only not feared him, but was even set on going against him.

    Xun Shun’s face sank, as he suddenly stood up, “Boy, just who exactly are you, to even dare to go against this Xun Shun?”

    “Do I really have to fight against you? Idiot, just who do you think you are? To look down on everyone.” Ning Cheng casually said. He already knew that this Xun Shun would not let him off and would always get in his way, so he might as well thoroughly enrage this fellow.

    “Very good.” said Xun Shun after he heard Ning Cheng’s words, he then actually no longer continued to bid, and sat back down.

    The inside of the room was completely silent, many of the people were very clear, it was not that Xun Shun was afraid of Ning Cheng, but because he wanted Ning Cheng dead. He will not haggle with a dead man, even if a dead man obtained many things, he would not be able to carry them off.

    Xun Shun did not increase the price, plus even the other people did not come forward to snatch Liu Han Yu from Ning Cheng.

    It was then that Liu Han Yu understood that it was Ning Cheng who bought her, and walked towards him, at this moment she was using her hand to cover her mouth, she could not believe that she would be able to see this person again, moreover even use more than 3,000 spirit stones to buy her. At this moment, the dead feeling in her eyes completely disappeared without a trace, and was replaced by a pleasant and overwhelming surprise.

    In other people’s eyes, it seemed that Ning Cheng certainly fancied her, and must have bought her to serve him. But for Liu Han Yu it was very clear, Ning Cheng definitely did not fancy her, but rather really only wanted to save her. Although she could not find the reason, as it was only a hunch of hers.

    “Elder Brother Ning, I, I never thought that you would come to save me.” When she was delivered to the side of Ning Chang and Tai Shu Shi, Liu Han Yu still could not believe that this was true.

    “It seems that our meeting was pre-destined.” Ning Cheng signalled that Liu Han Yu need not put this affair in her heart. Then he took out the spirit stones and finally walked towards the Yi Shui Courtyard’s auction stage.

    After Ning Cheng delivered the spirit stones, he immediately turned to the trio Tai Shu Shi, Lian’e and Liu Han Yu and said, “We are going.”

    Tai Shu Shi understood the meaning of Ning Cheng and immediately casted a meaningful glance at Lian’e.

    Lian’e and Liu Han Yu had not been in this place for just a few days, so there was no need for any hints for them, they already understood the situation completely. Without saying a word, both of them followed Ning Cheng and Tai Shu Shi out of the room.

    Xun Shun looked at the four departing figures with a sneer on his face, and also stood up, taking the few women that he had bought, he also quickly followed them out.


    The four of them ran out of the Xi Jia City, at their top speed that they could muster. But since Liu Han Yu and Lian’e’s cultivation level was not as good as them, so they could not unleash their full speed.

    After the time it takes for half an incense stick to burn, Ning Cheng stopped. He knew that if Xun Shun wanted to catch up to them, then he estimated that it would be somewhere around here. If it was only the two of them, then they could easily get way, but since Lian’e and Liu Han Yu were also with them, they would absolutely not be able to walk away from this place unscathed.

    The remaining three seeing that Ning Cheng had stopped running also stopped. Tai SHu Shi knew that Xun Shun was a cultivator of the True Condensation Realm, and asked in a somewhat worried manner, “Big brother, that guy has already caught up to us, what do we do?”

    Ning Cheng handed Tai Shu Shi a bag and said, “Stone, this bag contains the map that would lead you to the Hua Continent plus some spirit stones. You take Lian’e and Liu Han Yu and go ahead first, I will come follow later. If within three days, we do not meet, then we would definitely meet each other again in the Hua Continent.”

    When Tai Shu Shi heard the words of Ning Cheng, he immediately knew what Ning Cheng wanted to do, he wanted the three of them to first go ahead, and he would block Xun Shun alone, to let the three of them escape first.

    “How would that be good? If you are going to fight, then let us fight together, whatever may be the outcome, plus I am also at Qi Gathering 9th Level.” Tai Shu Shi refused without any hesitation.

    Ning Cheng showed a faint smile and said, “I have already killed cultivators of the True Condensation 5th Level, the true cultivation level of this Xun Shun is just a trivial True Condensation 2nd Level, it not that I do not have eyes. You staying here will only delay it a bit longer, you already know why I am doing this, it is to let you escape first, once you guys are able to escape I will follow you back with my fastest speed.”

    When Ning Cheng said that he had already killed a cultivator in the True Condensation 5th Level, it did not make Tai Shu Shi feel surprised. In this Ping and Yuan Continents, True Condensation Cultivators only practice incomplete cultivation methods and moreover they also did not pay any attention to cultivating one’s spiritual sense, since Ning Cheng practices a complete cultivation method, so it was quite possible for him to achieve this.

    “Hurry up, I am just a minor figure, you do not need to be worried about me.” Ning Cheng said as he patted Tai Shu Shi’s shoulders.

    Tai Shu Shi’s thoughts were very simple, seeing Ning Cheng so confident about himself, he also nodded towards Ning Cheng and handed him something and said, “Good, then we’ll go first.”

    Liu Han Yu walked towards Ning Cheng, and had not even begun to speak when she saw the sunlight like smile on Ning Cheng’s face and heard, “Congratulations to Liu Han Yu on leaving Yi Shui Courtyard, and thank you for giving me spiritual grasse tea, perhaps I may get another chance to drink such an exquisite tea once again.”

    Liu Han Yu answered, “I understand, take care of yourself.”

    With that, she gave a deep bow to Ning Cheng.

    She certainly understood, Ning Cheng had saved her truly because she had served him the spiritual grass tea, not because he took a fancy towards her. But that spiritual grass tea, really ended becoming the most precious thing for her. No one knew this, but that cup of spiritual grass tea that she had given to Ning Cheng, was many more times valuable to her than anything else, perhaps even more than her own life. For her, the most precious thing was actually not the cup of that spiritual grass tea but the memories that it had given her.


    TL Note – About Ning Cheng saying that he killed a True Condensation 5th Level cultivator before, I think that the author made a mistake as the only True Condensation Realm cultivator that Ning Cheng killed tilled now was Miao Li Hu (Double checked this in the raws too) who was at True Condensation 4th Level, but I still left it as 5th Level here to not mess with the raws.

  • Translated at Demon Translations

    Translated By – DemonKiller
    Checked and Edited By – CurlyAdi
    Proofread By – SmartyMouth

    Chapter 72 – A Narrow Victory

    After Tai Shu Shi and the others went away, Ning Cheng quickly arranged a Battle Array Formation of his own creation with his fastest speed.

    He had just finished arranging the formation, when “Shua” a blue colored airship type artifact landed at a place not far from Ning Cheng, Xun Shun glanced in the direction that Tai Shu Shi and the others had already disappeared, as he calmly got down from that aircraft artifact, it was obvious that he was not in a hurry and had full confidence in himself.

    There were also four women in the airship, these were the four women that Xun Shun had purchased previously from Yi Shui Courtyard.

    As Ning Cheng stared at Xun Shun who was descending from the blue airship, he let out a dark sigh thinking that this guy really was filthy rich, he even owned an airship type flying artifact.

    “Idiot, but it really is a good idea, for you to try to stop me for a moment, and let the other three go first, ha, ha, ha…….” Xun Shun looked at Ning Cheng and laughed, but his eyes did not even have a half a hint of a smile in them.

    “In this Xi Jia City, if I, Xun Shun, want to kill somebody, then there has never been an exception…..” while speaking, a red glow appeared in his hands as he gripped the red handle of a flying sword that he had previously took out in the Yi Shui Courtyard to try and kill him.

    Ning Cheng just gently shook his body, and the broken spear fell into his hands. He did not wait for Xun Shun to finish his speech, and said to the four women who were still on the airship, “You all have the chance right now, once me and this guy start fighting, I’m sure this guy would not have the time to look for you. If you do not want to become a useless cultivation furnace, then walk your own path.”

    When Xun Shun heard this he was immediately stunned, he did not think that Ning Cheng would not only try to stall him for a moment to let Liu Han Yu and Lian’e escape, but would also dare to encourage the women he had just bought to try and escape.

    He looked back at the four women as if he was really interested to see what they would do, and suddenly turned towards Ning Cheng and roared with laughter, “This father who even let that Tai Shu Shi escape is certain that he would be able to capture him, so why would I even be afraid of you people escaping from my airship? You can first think of how do you want to die, because after this you won’t get another chance to pick how you want to die……”

    Just as Xun Shun finished speaking, he immediately brought up the red flying sword in his hands, pointing it towards Ning Cheng, at this point he finally revealed his true cultivation level of True Condensation 2nd Level was finally fully revealed.

    Ning Cheng knew that this Xun Shun cannot be compared to the ordinary True Condensation 2nd Level cultivators, it was because that he could sense that this guy also practiced a nearly complete cultivation method, and seeing the way he was controlling the flying swords, he knew that his spiritual sense was also not weak. Otherwise he would not be able to control the airship artifact and pursue him till this point, moreover he was confident that he would be able to catch Tai Shu Shi and that others.

    Ning Cheng just flicked his hands, and the spear that was wrapped in the blue cloth was immediately revealed, it was clear that the artifact in his hands was a broken spear. But once the spear was grasped by his hands, it at once brought out a majestic spear light.

    In the midst of the spear light and the red sword light that had not yet clashed together, Ning Cheng once again said, “You all can only live if you properly take this opportunity, now that I have given you the opportunity to you all to live again, if you not take this chance, then you fully deserve what you happens to you all in your future life.”

    After listening to the words of Ning Cheng, Ning Cheng and Xun Shun saw it themselves, the four women in the airship who were hesitating till now no longer hesitated, they immediately jumped out from the airship, and did not even have enough time to even give out a thanks, when they scattered in all directions, and disappeared from their view in just a short while.

    When Xun Shun saw that Ning Cheng really was successful in encouraging the women to escape, he immediately became angry to the point of almost vomiting blood. He was actually not worried that these women would be able to escape from him, but was angry because they were persuaded by a cultivator of the Qi Gathering 9th Level to escape, these idiots actually believed that he would be able to take care of Xun Shun by himself. Since they were bought by Xun Shun, how could they even think of walking away?

    As his anger surged, the murderous intent in the red flying sword immediately became even more sharp as it moved towards Ning Cheng. He wanted to first kill Ning Cheng, and then catch those bitches one by one and let them know what happens to the people who betray Xun Shun.

    Xun Shun quickly snapped back to reality as he found that his red sword light unexpectedly did not break Ning Cheng’s spear light, but rather was stopped short in front of Ning Cheng.

    Ning Cheng had brought out a total of 12 spear lights, when these spear lights were brought out, they were arranged neatly in front of him from west to east. However these 12 spear lights quickly formed an ice line, which was invisible to the naked eye, once these icy lines lines connected with each other they immediately formed a spear formation. Finally when all the 12 spear lights were linked together, it turned into an extremely cold icy spear net.

    “Ka Ka Ka Ka ……” After a dense snapping sound that was resounding throughout the area, the red sword light curtain was completely obliterated and could not be seen, only the handle of the flying sword was exposed under the ice sheet of the ice spear net, but as for the ice spear net, it was still holding strong. If one had to say that why was the sword handle still sticking out, it was because the chill in the centre of the spear net was a bit stronger that the other outer areas, and as such could not continue to form the ice spear net outside its range.

    “You actually have a profound grade spear technique……” Xun Shun immediately understood the situation.

    What Ning Cheng practiced was a complete cultivation practice method, so him using his spiritual sense was not strange. SInce he practiced a complete cultivation practice method, then even if he was in the Qi Gathering Realm, he could still easily get rid of the flying sword of his opponent.

    Ning Cheng could easily break his sword light curtain, and as such had the absolute upper hand in the battle not because his cultivation was of a higher quality that his opponents, but because he also had a Profound Grade Spear Technique to complement it and bring out his full power.

    “Puff Puff….” several bloody spurts flew out from Xun Shun’s body.

    This Xun Shun did not think even in his wildest dreams that Ning Cheng would have even mastered a Profound Grade Spear Technique, even if knew about it beforehand, and was able to do everything possible to protect himself, he knew that he would still have been pierced through by several spear lights.

    But at the moment he was not afraid of Ning Cheng, as he took out a pill and threw it into his mouth, then stretched out his tongue and licked the blood that splashed onto his mouth. At this point of time in his eyes appeared a crazy fire, he completely forgot about the four women that had escaped. No woman could be more important than a Profound Grade Technique, what he wanted was the Profound Grade Spear Technique that was on Ning Cheng’s body.

    Xun Shun did not continue to use his flying sword again, but rather slapped his storage bag that was hung at his waist, immediately some old looking copper coins appeared in his hands.

    “Die for me.” Xun Shun’s mouth curled into a sneer, as he brought up those old looking copper coins as if he was offering it to someone.

    These old looking copper coins immediately enlarged to the size of a dustpan with a square shaped hole in their center, the next moment, it seemed that the air that was passing through the square shaped holes seemed to have stagnated.

    Ning Cheng felt his own hand sink, the broken spear in his hands suddenly felt extremely heavy. Ning Cheng immediately knew, that it was because of the old looking copper coins that Xun Shun had taken out. He forcibly gathered the Qi in his body, and wanted to once again send out an attack using the 36 Ice Spear Technique.

    But just as he gathered his Qi to execute the 36 Ice Spears Technique, he immediately felt both his hands go numb, his hands unexpectedly could not hold the broken spear, and he was immediately pushed away by a powerful force that surrounded him.

    The next moment, he saw that his spear directly flew through the square hole in the center of one of the old looking copper coins.

    When the spear left his hands, he found that the heavy feeling in his hands also instantly vanished.

    Xun Shun immediately chuckled, and once again brought up his flying sword and shot out three sword lights. Two of the sword light completely sealed up Ning Cheng’s route of escape, while the third sword light was aimed at Ning Cheng’s waist, it was clear that he wanted to slice Ning Cheng into two.

    The sword light was extremely fast, plus now that he had lost his spear, Ning Cheng did not have any room to block it, at this time what Ning Cheng wanted the most was a defensive weapon. If there was defensive weapon on him, he would not have to fear this sword light from his opponent, so he could only choose to rush towards him.

    Looking at Xun Shun, his complexion was extremely pale, even the flying sword in his hands was trembling, it was obvious that those old looking copper coins needed a lot of his yuan energy to control them.

    Seeing the sword light aimed at his waist, Ning Cheng swung his hands as if it were an axe.

    When the axe like fist hit the sword light, it stopped it for a moment, and resulted in most of its power dissipating and it also eased up the pressure on Ning Cheng, but it still struck on Ning Cheng’s waist.

    Xun Shun secretly sighed in relief, he definitely did not want Ning Cheng to die so quickly, but Ning Cheng’s fierceness was something completely unexpected to him. Now that he was facing his sword light, even if his opponent was more ruthless than him, his only fate was to be cut down in the middle.

    “Swoosh” a sound of leather being struck could be heard, as Ning Cheng sprayed out a mouthful of blood, but abruptly did not retreat.

    Xun Shun looked at the still intact Ning Cheng, and could see the exposed armor that was revealed on Ning Cheng’s waist, he immediately knew what had happened.

    Even if the Qi in his body was almost exhausted, he still once more gathered the rest of Qi and sent out another sword light, he wanted to strike at Ning Cheng once again.

    Ning Cheng grabbed the broken spear that was swept away, while simultaneously used his 7 Pleiadene Ice Needle Technique. But his 7 Pleiadene Ice Needle was not aimed at his opponent’s incoming  sword light, but rather it was aimed at his openent with the intent of splitting him.

    He had never met this kind of situation before, but he could see that his opponents combat experience was not very rich. Now that he knew that those old looking copper coins were the ones that were responsible for separating him from his spear, how could Ning Cheng wait for his opponent to use it once more. While this Xun Shun had sent out the sword light from his flying sword, at the same time his 7 Pleiadene Ice Needle had already crossed the distance between the two of them.

    Only when the 7 Pleiadene Ice Needle penetrated into his chest, did Xun Shun came to know that he was assassinated, and immediately called out in horror, “How could this be, why didn’t my Five Treasured Copper Coins not sweep away this artifact……..”

    A powerful destructive force was wreaking havoc in his body, Xun Shun came to understand, that if he did not get help immediately he would definitely die here.

    A bright red light emerged from his body, this light was like that of a meteor, as it shot out from Xun Shun’s hand.

    “What’s going on?” Xun Shun cried out as he saw the bright red light that he had shot out to call for reinforcements had completely turned around just when it had only travelled 30 feet.

    Ning Cheng immediately made the 7 Pleiadene Ice Needle in his body to twist savagely, as Xun Shun’s eyes immediately lost their luster, he was still not willing to die as he kept staring at Ning Cheng, he really could not figure out how could he die by the hands of a mere Qi Gathering kid.

    “I am also an Array Formations master, before you came in, I arranged a small scale Battle Array Formation, to stop shameless people like you to call for help, idiot.” Ning Cheng spoke as he blasted a punch out.

    Xun Shun was directly blow away by the force of Ning Cheng’s punch, but this time when he fell down, he was already a corpse. The bright red light that was blocked by the array formation, also stopped and dissipated in an instant.

  • Translated at Demon Translations

    Translated By – DemonKiller
    Checked and Edited By – CurlyAdi
    Proofread By – SmartyMouth

    Chapter 0073 – Advancing to True Condensation In A Small Town

    Ning Cheng with his fastest speed put away everything, even the airship type artifact that Xun Shun came in was directly put in his storage bag, after collecting all the things he quickly left.

    Originally Ning Cheng and Tai Shu Shi were supposed to meet up with each other in three days, as he was worried that this Xun Shun would definitely call for reinforcements. If the reinforcements that he called for were too strong, he had even planned to temporarily escape to the Daan Forest. Now that Xun Shun had already been killed by him, and even the SOS signal that he had sent out was blocked, it gave a bit of relief to Ning Cheng. Since he and Tai Shu Shi and the others have not been separated for a long time, so he thought that he should be able to catch up with them.

    However after two hours, Ning Cheng stopped, he felt that something was wrong. He was obviously chasing the traces Tai Shu Shi left behind, but after coming here, he could not even find a single trace.

    Ning Cheng tried to find the traces of Tai Shi Shi all around, but even after looking carefully he could not even find half a clue as to his whereabouts.

    After quite a while of searching, Ning Cheng finally left that place, he decided to wait for them near the edges of the Thunder Fall Desert. He had already given the map to Tai Shu Shi, and he also knew that to go to the Hua Continent Tai Shu Shi would have to go through the Thunder Fall Desert, and so would definitely pass through one of the entrances marked on the map.


    From the Yuan Continent to the Hua Continent, whether by flying or by walking, one must go through the Thunder Fall Desert.

    On the outskirts of the Thunder Fall Desert, there are actually three small towns, Thunder Fall Town, Moon Sand Town and Firefly Town.

    Of these three towns, the most lively and the largest was the Thunder Fall Town. Every year there were countess cultivators arriving here from the Thunder Fall Desert. Besides the handful of people who come to the Thunder Fall Desert to look for treasures, most of the people here come to this town to pass through the Thunder Fall Desert to go to the Hua Continent.

    But it is quite a well known fact, that the number of people who can successfully cross the Thunder Fall Desert and enter the Hua Continent were truly very few. As many people would end up dying in the Thunder Fall Desert, as a result since a long time, this Thunder Fall Desert was also called by another name, the Bone Desert. Because once you went inside the desert, you could see the dense quantities of bones of the dead cultivators scattered around. The number of cultivators who died here were simply too many.

    Even then, the number of people entering the Thunder Fall Desert never decreased, and arrived wave after wave.

    Ning Cheng had the simple map that he had obtained from Kou Hong, so he did not enter the Thunder Fall Town, but rather entered the Moon Sand Town. This Moon Sand town, compared to the other two towns on the edges of the Thunder Fall Desert, had fewer resources and was far from the bustling atmosphere in the Thunder Fall Town.

    Ning Cheng who was rushing with all his might, in one month arrived outside the Moon Sand Town. In this entire month, he never took out the things that he had obtained from the black robed Xun Shun from his storage bag to check them out. The main reason for that was of course to arrive at Moon Sand Town as early as possible, once he arrived at the Moon Sand Town, he could then wait patiently for Tai Shu Shi, if there was any problem, then he could easily run into the Thunder Fall Desert at the first sign of trouble.

    Mixing himself with some wary adventurers that had also just arrived, Ning Cheng finally stepped into the Moon Sand Town just as the sun started to set.

    Compared to the liveliness of Thunder Fall Town, Moon Sand Town looked somewhat desolate. Ning Cheng was certain that with his speed, he would definitely have arrived here earlier than Tai Shu Shi. All he had to do now was to wait for Tai Shu Shi in Moon Sad Town, and while waiting for him he could even refine the two artifacts that he had obtained from before, while simultaneously preparing to advance to the True Condensation Realm.

    Whether it was those old copper coins, or that piece of airship type artifact both of them were really good items, and it made Ning Cheng to very much look forward to refining them, relatively speaking, he actually did not care much of the red flying sword.

    There were very few pedestrians on the streets of Moon Sand Town and even the communication between them was very sparse.

    Ning Cheng found a small unassuming place to rest stack, such type of unassuming dwellings were common for cultivators in this town, moreover such kinds of rest stacks were very common in the Moon Sand Town. These cultivators would generally go out for several months for a trip and once they came back they would chose to seclude themselves, only when their resources for their cultivation were exhausted, would they once again leave Moon Sand Town. This went on again and again, until the day that they die.

    The resources for cultivation in the Thunder Fall Desert were very few, and not everyone could undertake the task to go out searching for them. Although they knew of this, many cultivators would still chose this life, also because they did not have any other choice.

    Ning Cheng was looking with some interest at his rest stack, it was called the Moon River, in this Moon Sand Town, this type of building like Moon River was something very common and would not attract any attention. Moreover in this building, there were only a few scattered cultivators who looked very deadbeat.

    Ning Cheng did not care much about it, after he entered his room, he immediately put up closed sign on the door, while he arranged several Array Formations inside the room, there were concealment array formations, defensive array formations…….

    Once all the Array Formations were completed, Ning Cheng first took out the old copper coins. These old copper coins had pulled away his spear during his battle, which immediately surprised Ning Cheng. If he did not have the 7 Pleiadene Ice Needle and the inner armor, then perhaps he would have been killed by Xun Shun.

    This was mainly because his opponent lacked experience, but these old copper coins gave him a huge headache.

    Refining these old copper coins was very difficult, and Ning Cheng almost took up 10 days just for that, it was only when he successfully refined the restriction on one of the coins, did he come to understand why Xun Shun had to expunge so much strength and Qi to try and control this artifact. That Xun Shun was only a cultivator at the True Condensation 2nd Level and coupled with his limited spiritual sense, it ended up extremely difficult for him to control it.

    These old copper coins were called the Five Elements Treasure Fall Copper Coins.

    It was no wonder that his spear was taken away by these copper coins, it turned out that this artifact had a special magic imbued in it which can pull away other artifacts, this artifact really went against the heavens. Unfortunately these old copper coins had a fatal flaw, it was that it could only snatch the artifact that were constructed using the five elements. The 7 Pleiadene Ice Needle was refined from the stingers of Shadow Bees, and as such did not fall in the category of the five elements, as such these copper coins could not snatch them.

    In any case, this was really a treasure, moreover it was a great treasure that he could use. As for the restrictions on the rest of them, Ning Cheng did not continue to refine it, he planned to re-refine it later when he had the free time.

    Compared to the Five Elements Treasure Fall Copper Coins, the airship type artifact that he had acquired from Xun Shun was much easier to refine, Ning Cheng had only spent half a day to refine it, he not only refined this airship type artifact, but at the same time he also acquired the knowledge on how to operate the airship on his own.

    As for the red flying sword, after just refining it for a bit, he threw it into his storage bag, he did not like flying swords much.

    Then Ning Cheng finally took out the storage bag that he had taken from the black robed Xun Shun, back in the Yi Shui Courtyard, this Xun Shun was extremely generous, so Ning Cheng was rather looking forward to the contents in his storage bag.

    Ning Cheng did not have to spend much time in lifting the restrictions on the storage bag, but when he swept the storage bag with his spiritual sense, he immediately became disappointed.

    Going by the way that Xun Shun spent his spirit stones, Ning Cheng thought that he would at least have 30-40 thousand spirit stones in his storage bag, but in fact, his storage bag only had about 10,000 low grade spirit stones. If this man had bought Liu Han Yu and Lian’e, then he would then only have about 2,000 spirit stones left with him.

    But in this storage bag there were actually several jade bottles filled with pills, and even more Jade Pieces. Ning Cheng took out one of the Jade Pieces, and swept through it with his spiritual sense, it was exactly how he had guessed, these Jade Pieces recorded information on how to use the cultivation of women as their own. Thus from this it could be seen, that Xun Shun’s master was also not a good person.

    Sweeping through the rest of the Jade Pieces, Ning Cheng found that they were all of the same type. So Ning Cheng felt disgusted with them and immediately burned them with his Fireball Technique, since he was from Earth, he could not come to accept such methods that existed in this world.

    After obtaining the 10,000 spirit stones and coupled with his own 12 Thousand spirit stones that he had on him, Ning Cheng decided to finally attack the True Condensation Realm. Once he advance to the True Condensation Realm, he would then go out to look for Tai Shi Shi in the Moon Sand Town.

    After the spirit stones were changed into powder by the usage of Ning Cheng, most of the dissipating aura from the spirit stones was blocked by the Array Formations that he had set up previously, although there was a part of the aura that the Array Formations could not block off. However for the cultivators staying in this rest stack, this circulation of the spiritual aura, was not something that they would feel strange about.

    One month later, Ning Cheng finally exited his room and went out to purchase some food before returning back to his room again. At this time he was already at the peak of the Qi Gathering 9th Level, and was ready to finally advance to the True Condensation Realm.

    Taking out the True Condensation Pill, Ning Cheng could feel that the entire Qi in his body immediately turned restless, Ning Cheng knew that he was finally truly ready to start the process to advance to the True Condensation Realm, not feeling hurried in his heart, he started to slowly operate his cultivation practice method and started to transform the Qi in his body into yuan energy.

    With his complete cultivation practice method, and his cultivation level of peak stage Qi Gathering 9th Level, the Qi in his body in just a short while started to show signs of transforming into yuan energy. Now with the help of the True Condensation Pill, which helped in starting the transformation of his Qi, he did not face much difficulty.

    The time Ning Cheng spent in close door cultivation, the piles of spirit stones stacked next to him was growing smaller and smaller. He did not know how long he had been sitting like that, but Ning Cheng felt that the meridians through which his Qi, which was transforming crazily into yuan energy, flowed was continuously sending out intermittent Ka Ka Ka sounds. At this moment, all the meridians in his body expanded to double their sizes almost instantly.

    Hu, Ning Cheng took a long breath, and suddenly stood up.

    “Is this really True Condensation Realm?” Ning Cheng had just advanced to the True Condensation Realm, when he felt that his body now was several times much more powerful than when he was in Qi Gathering 9th Level, he could not help but exclaim out in amazement.

    Before when he had not yet advanced to the True Condensation Realm, he always thought that the True Condensation Realm was just so so. After all, even when he was at the Qi Gathering 9th Level he could kill cultivators in the middle stages of True Condensation Realm, albeit with a little bit of difficulty, but now that he had finally advanced to the True Condensation Realm, he found that the True Condensation Realm and the Qi Gathering Realm really had too many differences.

    The reason why he was able to kill cultivators in the True Condensation Realm till now, was simply because he had never met a real cultivator of the True Condensation Realm. If he had met with a real cultivator of the True Condensation Realm, how could he who was only in the Qi Gathering Realm match up to them? The formidable yuan energy that they posses was basically not something a Qi Gathering Realm cultivator would be able to match up to.

    Calculating the time, he had been staying in Moon Sand Town for nearly 2 months, did not find any news of Tai Shu Shi during this time. Ning Cheng decided to not wait any longer, he would have to enter the Thunder Fall Desert alone and make his way to the Hua Continent.

    Ning Cheng cleaned himself up, and got out of his room in the rest stack, he was prepared to leave behind some traces of him on the outside of Moon Sand Town. After Tai Shu Shi arrived at the Moon Sand Town, he would know that he had been here.

    Ning Cheng had just got out of the small town, when he saw a bunch of people near the entrance of the small town, these people looked like they were having a heated discussion with each other.

    Because Ning Cheng had a bit of curious nature so he squeezed his way in, there he found that there was a huge sign board outside the town with a notice posted on it.

    There was huge portrait on the notice board, surprisingly it was his portrait, it also showed him to be carrying a long spear on his back. The content of the notice was very clear, if anyone had any news regarding the person in the portrait then they had to report it immediately. Just the remuneration of reporting his sighting had a reward of 10,000 spirit stones and if it led to him being caught then they could receive a reward of 100,000 spirit stones, regardless of if he was dead or alive.

    Looking at his own arrest warrant, Ning Cheng sneered in his heart. He had been in this Moon Sand Town for a long time, so if they wanted to catch him, then they could only dream about it.

    “Hey, isn’t that him, the person on the arrest warrant.” At this point someone immediately found out Ning Cheng and exclaimed immediately.

    Because of this cry, the surrounding people discovered that the person on the wanted poster was unexpectedly standing amongst them.

    Some cultivators even took out their artifacts, but they did not dare to rush out and capture Ning Cheng. The imposing aura that they felt from Ning Cheng made them feel that they really were not a match for Ning Cheng, if they forcefully came forward then the only thing that awaited them was death. Spirit stones are good, but one needed to have a life to enjoy them.

    Ning Cheng took out a flying sword, and after stepping on it, he did not fly away immediately, instead he said in a clear and resonant voice, “Go and tell that guy who issued the arrest warrant, that I was the me who killed Xun Shun, I will be back after a few years. But I will definitely come back to kill him.”

    With that, Ning Cheng under the watchful eyes of the public, with just a sword flash disappeared from their eyes without a trace, while no one dared to pursue him.

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    Checked and Edited By – CurlyAdi
    Proofread By – SmartyMouth
    A shout out to Sugar who helped in clarifying a term that I was stuck at.

    Chapter 0074 – Thunder Fall Desert

    In less than an hour, Ning Cheng arrived at the edges of the Thunder Fall Desert, in front of his eyes was dark yellow misty world stretching out for as long as his eyes could see, it was somewhat similar to the world inside the Mysterious Yellow Bead, especially because of the yellow misty like fog that hung over the desert, because of which he could not not clearly see in front of him.

    At the edge of the desert, where he was standing, there was a huge boulder, this huge boulder had a simple map carved on it which showed the locations of the various entrances to the desert.

    Ning Cheng did not hesitate for a single bit, and riding the flying sword, flew past the giant boulder into the desert. After the time it takes for a stick of incense to burn, Ning Cheng found that he had to get down from the flying sword in order to proceed forward.

    Even if he already had the cultivation of True Condensation Realm, because of the violent sand storms in the Thunder Fall Desert, he could not properly control his flight on his flying sword. Similarly, he could also not make out the specific markings that he had seen in the map of the Thunder Fall Desert while flying.

    Ning Cheng put away the flying sword, but on the contrary his speed actually increased when he traveled by foot. Although he had announced before in the Moon Sand Town to convey the message to the person who issued the arrest warrant that he would be back to kill him, but he knew that he was still far from being a match for that person, so the quicker he could escape the better it would be for him.

    Three days later, Ning Cheng finally found the second marking from the simple map that he possessed, it was withered poplar tree.

    Ning Cheng sat down among the withered up roots of the poplar tree, after running non stop for three continuous days in the desert, he was feeling a little tired.

    Just as Ning Cheng sat down, he heard an extremely frightening howl, which made Ning Cheng immediately stand up. A yellow dragon that was entirely made up of fine sand was rushing towards him at a very fast speed. Ning Cheng did not even have the room to try and counter, when he was directly swept up by this yellow dragon, and was simultaneously carried away by it as it flew away..

    At this moment Ning Cheng could only utter a dark sigh in his heart towards this crazy turn of events, if it had been an ordinary person, they would have been smashed to pieces by just the charge of this yellow sand dragon.

    Ning Cheng soon felt that something was not right, this sand dragon was just like a tornado, after he had been swallowed by the sand dragon, he could feel that this sand dragon going in a particular direction.

    The reason why he felt that something was not right, was because Ning Cheng was already a cultivator at True Condensation 1st Level, a cultivator at the True Condensation 1st Level should not be someone who would be swept away by the sand blowing about in the desert, right?

    With the sand piling around his feet more and more constricting his legs, Ning Cheng started to feel a bad feeling in his heart which was growing heavier and heavier with each passing moment. He had a gut feeling, that if in the end he could not break free from these sand shackles then he would definitely be transported to a place that would really be unpleasant to him.

    Thinking of that, the anxiety in Ning Chengs heart grew to a huge extent, as he punched out with his fist. This fist contained the insights of the murderous aura of the giant axe that he had encountered in the Daan Forest, but since he did not have a giant axe on him, he could only use this comprehension of its aura with only his fists. But it turned out, that when he used his fist as an axe, the effect seemed to be quite good.

    “Bang” a sound emerged as his fist collided with the leather like skin of the mouth of the sand dragon, Ning Cheng directly blew open the sand dragon’s mouth, Ning Cheng did not think and immediately shot out of the mouth of the sand dragon like an arrow.

    The next moment, the yellow sand dragon had already gone far away while roaring continuously.

    When Ning Cheng looked down, he found that other than the dragon hide armor that he had received from the old woman back in Nan Yuan City, the rest of his clothes had already disappeared, there were even numerous scratches on his body that he had received from the fine sand..

    “Amazing.” Ning Cheng exclaimed out, as he quickly took out another set of cloths to put on.

    This Thunder Fall Desert even contained something like this sand dragon, if he failed to come out of this sand dragon, then what would have the result been?

    At this time the sand dragon had already long since disappeared, but Ning Cheng found that he had lost his bearings. Ning Cheng looked in all four directions, trying to find the direction in which the withered poplar tree was, but feeling something under his feet, he subconsciously jumped up.

    The place where he was just standing a moment ago had turned into a giant sand whirlpool, the sand all around it was pouring into this whirlpool, forming a funnel shape.

    A powerful suction force was being transmitted from this whirlpool, this powerful suction force had appeared very suddenly, and Ning Cheng was almost sucked into this funnel shaped whirlpool.

    Ning Cheng forcefully operated the yuan energy in his body, and mounting his flying sword once again, he immediately rushed out of the whirlpool.

    After a few breaths time, Ning Cheng finally landed on the sand, watching the terrible whirlpool from a huge distance away, for the first time he felt the fearful nature of the Thunder Fall Desert.

    If he was sucked into this whirlpool, even if he did not lose his life, who knows what was inside this whirlpool?

    It seems that he had to find a complete map of this place before he wanted to walk around in here, otherwise trying to get out of this Thunder Dessert would only be a dream for him. Even though he was walking on the safe line that was marked on the map that he had on him of this desert, he still met several dangerous situations over the past several days. Now that he had deviated from the original safe path of the map, the danger level had increased several times over. If that sand dragon had not carried him off, he would not have deviated from his original route.

    Now Ning Cheng walked even more carefully, at the moment he could not go look for a way to reach the Hua Continent, but wanted to to seek out the original path that he was walking before.

    After five days passed by, Ning Cheng encountered more than a dozen of similar sand whirlpools, but he managed to escape from every one of them. Fortunately, he did not meet any creatures like the sand dragon from before.

    Ning Cheng knew that he could not go on like this, if he continued like this, then sooner or later he would end up dying in this Thunder Fall Dessert.

    He stopped for a while, although he could not refine a Position Plate at the moment, but he was actually able to make a simple compass.

    Ning Cheng had just taken out the simple compass that he had made, when a fishy smell assaulted Ning Cheng. Ning Cheng immediately grabbed the broken spear on his back, this fishy smell was definitely from a monstrous beast. He knew that there were many monstrous beasts in this Thunder Fall Desert, moreover these monstrous beast always travelled in groups, and if one was surrounded by them, then trying to get away from them would be really difficult.

    Sure enough, just as Ning Cheng grabbed the broken spear in his hands, when a ‘Scrape Scrape’ like grinding sound was transmitted through the sand. When Ning Cheng saw the monstrous beasts coming towards him, he almost froze up. There was an innumerable number of monstrous beasts rushing towards him.

    These monstrous beasts were crowded too densely, one simply could not see the end of it. Moreover these monstrous beast that were rushing towards him, were not just running on the ground, there were even many aerial type monstrous beasts flying towards him in the air too. Ning Cheng could even feel from the vibrations from the ground beneath his feet that there were also an equal number of monstrous beasts rushing towards him underground.

    All these monstrous beast that were rushing towards him had many big and small pustules all over their faces, some of these pustules were even a foot long, they had sharp teeth which were dripping with a cloudy looking mucus, and made them look extremely ugly.

    After these monstrous beasts saw Ning Cheng, they immediately flocked towards him, this made Ning Cheng’s scalp tingle, he had never in his life seen such a disgusting and frightening scene.

    At this moment he did not dare to hesitate, bringing up the broken spear in his hands he immediately release one spear shadow after another, these spear shadows immediately formed a spear net, and managed to block out those ugly monstrous beast just outside the spear net.

    If he had to fight just one of these monstrous beasts then he would be able to easily gain an advantage over them with his strength, but if had to fight it out with all these monstrous beast together then it may not even be possible for him to do so even with his most formidable strength, he had to think of a way out of this situation.

    A bloody mist spread out in front of the spear net, a top of the head of a monstrous beast could be seen clearly as Ning Cheng immediately swept out a spear light with the intention to kill it. Ning Cheng could clearly see that just as this monstrous beast was split into two halves, it was instantly eaten up by the surrounding monstrous beasts, while the rest of the monstrous beast still flooded towards him, it seems that these monstrous beasts simply did not know the meaning of death.

    The cultivation level of these monstrous beasts were not high, but the quantity of these monstrous beasts were simply too much. Groups after groups of these monstrous beasts were killed by Ning Cheng, but even then a large number of groups swarmed towards Ning Cheng. Not only that, these monstrous beast from the sand were also giving out an extremely nauseating smell. When Ning Cheng took a wiff of this smell, he instantly started to feel uncomfortable, but under the agitation of his yuan energy, this uncomfortable feeling soon disappeared without a trace.

    After fighting for a full day, Ning Cheng had already slaughtered innumerable quantities of these monstrous beasts. His 36 Ice Spear Technique also improved by leaps and bounds, now he could continuously shoot out 13 spear shadows, 14 spear shadows…… finally he improved the technique to the point that he could simultaneously shoot out 21 of those ice spear shadows.

    Unfortunately, even if he improved his skill with the spear technique, the Qi required for spear technique was also growing more and more, he simply could not keep up with the rate of his consumption of his yuan energy. He did not know how many of these monstrous beasts that he had killed till now, but this swarm of monstrous beasts did not show any signs in reduction in size, rather there were more and more monstrous beasts joining in.

    Despair was rising in the heart of Ning Cheng, if he had know about this, then he might as well choose to be swept away by that sand dragon.

    The situation in front of him was something really terrible, he simply had no way to get away. Whether it was by air, or on the surface of the sand or under the sand, the number of monstrous beasts were simply inexhaustible.

    Just when Ning Cheng was thinking of a way to use the Mysterious Yellow Bead to help out with the situation at present, the endless sand monstrous beasts suddenly abandoned attacking Ning Cheng, but rather crazily started to escape from the side of Ning Cheng, and in just a short while, this dense horde of monstrous beasts had disappeared from his view.

    If not for the sand underneath him that had been dyed a dark red color from the blood of the slaughtered monstrous beasts, Ning Cheng would have definitely thought that the scene just now was an illusion.

    “My luck isn’t that good right?” Ning Cheng could not believe it himself, he was sure that he was about to be killed by those sand type monstrous beasts, but then these sandy monstrous beasts suddenly and inexplicably retreated, if this was not one having good luck, then just what the hell was this?

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    Chapter 0075 – The King In The Desert

    Ning Cheng would never believe that his luck really was that good, although he was not clear about what was going on, but then he heard an exploding sound coming from somewhere above his head, it was immediately followed by a thick lightning bolt that fell to the ground.

    This thick lightening bolt fell in a place that was not far from where Ning Cheng was standing, when the lightening bolt struck the sand, it was instantly vaporised into nothingness, the vacuum created by it immediately birthed a giant whirlpool. The surrounding sand immediately fell into this giant whirlpool, allowing this whirlpool to get larger and larger. From this whirlpool emerged a formidable suction force, which even Ning Cheng could feel from a distance.

    Ning Cheng, at this moment, immediately came to understand that those sand monstrous beasts had run away because they knew that this kind of lightening was going to fall, so fearful for their life, they finally escaped, once the lightning fell on those monstrous beasts, there was simply no need to ask what would have happened, even he imagined that those monstrous beasts would definitely be vaporised into nothingness just like the sand.

    At this moment Ning Cheng knew that if he continued to stand in this place it would be really bad for him, so he immediately rushed out, and even followed the same direction that those monstrous beasts escaped in.

    Just as Ning Cheng left the place he was standing in, a huge lightning bolt as thick as his thighs fell in the same exact spot, immediately the sand around the impact area was completely disintegrated into an extremely fine powder. This created another giant whirlpool which connected with the previous whirlpool, immediately increasing its size.

    With that kind of formidable power that was emanating from the lightning strikes, not to mention a cultivator in the True Condensation Realm, even if it was a cultivator in the Essence Building Realm, if they were struck by even one of those lightning bolts, then the only outcome for them would be death.

    Ning Cheng immediately increased his speed to the maximum possible limit, as he rushed forward in a straight line along the yellow sands.

    When the third lightning strike stuck, it was very close to Ning Cheng’s feet, although Ning Cheng was able to get away from it in time, but the aftermath that the lightning strike brought instantly shredded his clothes into thin strips.

    As the third lightning strike struck the sand just below his feet, he found that the lightning was getting more and more intense, moreover it seemed to be getting even more difficult for him to evade them.

    Ning Cheng, while fleeing, finally understood something about these lightening, although the impact area of these lightening was huge, but they always stuck in a straight line. This time Ning Cheng no longer fled along the same route that he was running on, but rather slightly changed his direction.

    “Boom Boom” sounds were unceasingly ringing behind Ning Cheng, although Ning Cheng was able to escape from those lightening, but he was not able to fully escape those sand whirlpools formed by it. Fortunately, Ning Cheng had prior experience in dealing with those sand whirlpools, although they were a bit unexpected, but they were not able to suck him inside. What truly made him afraid was the terrible lightning strikes behind him.

    After running for almost a full day, the rumblings of thunder behind him was getting smaller and smaller, and finally completely disappeared along a different direction.

    Ning Cheng finally stopped, as he continuously took in large mouthfulls of air and said to himself, “So this is the so called lightening that falls in this dessert, the most horrifying thing in this dessert are actually those lightning strikes.

    Ning Cheng had just started to relax, when he heard an extremely loud howl and a whistling noise, and immediately a white light was visible to him coming from the distant horizon.

    Someone? Ning Cheng quickly determined that this loud howl was actually artificial. At this time he had once again lost his bearings because of those lightning strikes, so what he really wanted the most was to meet other people, he was afraid that he would miss this person, so he immediately hurried towards the white light.

    After half an hour, Ning Cheng finally appeared at the periphery of this place, and immediately determined that there really was a human settlement here.

    Not only was there humans here, but there even were several buildings similar to a yurt constructed here. Besides these yurts, there was even a vast swath of green vegetation, there was even a clear lake in it.

    There were several guards protecting these temporary housings, when Ning Cheng looked them, he found that the cultivations of these guards were really poor, in fact most of them were only ordinary people, who did not emit any Qi fluctuations. At best, they only looked tough and only had a small amount of murderous aura around them.

    It was already extremely dangerous here, how did these people even get here? Ning Cheng was very surprised in his heart. In this place, even with his cultivation it was very difficult for him, he could be swallowed by the dessert anytime and anywhere, and yet he found that these guards staying here who did not even have any cultivation. Ning Cheng rubbed his eyes, and almost through that he had seen it wrong.

    Ning Cheng decided to have a look, in the shortest possible time he discarded the shredded clothes on him, cleaned his dust covered body, and put on a set of clean cloths, he once again gain put the broken spear on his back. Then slowly moved towards the closest yurt, while simultaneously concealing his cultivation to make it look like he was at Qi Gathering 7th Level.

    Although these people’s cultivation were not high, there were even people who did not cultivate, he just did not want to display too much of his power.

    Ning Cheng had just approached the nearest yurt, when two soldiers who were patrolling noticed Ning Cheng, and immediately walked towards him.

    “Excuse me, my two friends, I have become lost here, and am very thirsty and hungry, could I borrow a bed from you for a short while.” Ning Cheng did not wait for the two guard to approach him, and immediately walked over to them and spoke in a polite way while clasping his hands.

    These two people looked at Ning Cheng from head to toe, while thinking of how Ning Cheng did not seem to look like he was very thirsty or hungry. On the contrary, it looked more like Ning Cheng was a next door neighbor who dropped by for a visit.

    One of the two soldiers gave a meaningful wink to the other soldier, when the other soldier saw the wink, he quickly turned around and walked back.

    After the other person left, the remaining soldier said to Ning Cheng, “Please stay here for a while, this is the dwelling place of our King Wang Nian, we must have to first report this matter before saying anything.”

    Ning Cheng had already noticed the look in the soldier’s eyes, he immediately came to know that the opposite party was not someone simple. He casually relied, “Oh, in that case, I’ll go look for some other place to rest.”

    With that, Ning Cheng turned around to leave.

    When this soldier saw that Ning Cheng was leaving, he quickly arrived in front of Ning Cheng and stopped him and said, “My friend please stop, before we are able to clear up your background, you cannot leave here.”

    Ning Cheng raised his eyebrows and said, “Why, it’s not like I can’t find a place for myself? But when I came by here, you people did not even give me water to drink, do you think that I came to rob you?”

    This soldier who had stopped Ning Cheng was just about to speak, when a deep voice could be heard, “King Wang says, that now that you have come here, why don’t you just come in.”

    When Ning Cheng heard this voice, he knew that this speaker must at least be a cultivator at the True Condensation 3rd Level, it indicated that this yurt like building to appear here, was not a simple thing.

    “Yes.” The soldier gave a reverent cry before turning to Ning Cheng and said in a very polite manner, “My friend, come, follow me.”

    “Lead the way.” Ning Cheng originally did not intend to go inside, but he really wanted to inquire about the route. If he could not find anything about the correct route, then he was very likely to die in this Thunder Fall Dessert.

    These people dared to arrange so many temporary yurts, moreover there was even a desert oasis here, so the possibility of this being the correct route was more than 90%. This kind of opportunity, how could Ning Cheng pass it up?

    Entering the range of the yurts, Ning Cheng discovered that these yurts were arranged in a unique orientation, forming a Defensive Array Formation, which happened to encircle the oasis in the middle. Just next to the oasis, there was a particularly large yurt.

    The soldier led Ning Cheng to the front of this large yurt, and said, “Since our King Wang has summoned you, you can go in.”

    Ning Cheng used his spiritual sense to sweep around the surroundings, and found that there was no abnormalities, before gradually entered the yurt.

    This particular yurt was very large, Ning Cheng felt that he had entered a large hall, there was at least several hundred square meters of area inside.

    Sitting at the highest seat was a long haired barefooted girl, this girl looked very beautiful but looked extremely weak, the only uncomfortable thing that Ning Cheng felt was that her pupils were in a triangle shape, which made her beautiful face look somewhat disproportionate.

    In Ning Cheng’s view, she did not seem to posses any Qi fluctuations, so he could safely assume that she did not cultivate. But even if that was the case, this girl gave Ning Cheng a strange feeling.

    On the two sides of this girl, there was a man and a woman standing, the woman had a rough face, but when Ning Cheng glanced at her he was surprised that this woman had the cultivation of peak Qi Gathering 9th Level. On the other hand, the man looked very delicate and had fair skin, and looked like a toy boy, but his cultivation level was already at True Condensation 3rd Level. Going down, on both sides there were two rows of four soldiers each, and all of them had the cultivation level of at least early Qi Gathering 9th Level.

    In addition, in the corner of the hall there were three cultivators hanging from a rope, two men and a women. This made Ning Cheng surprised, the three cultivators had the cultivation of True Condensation Realm, but the three of them did not even have the capacity to resist, as they hung there with their heads down, he could sense that the flow of yuan energy in their bodies had become extremely sluggish. There were several soldiers standing besides them with a whip in their hand, from the scars on their bodies it could be seen that the wounds were inflicted on them by those soldiers.

    The most miserable was the female cultivator, although she was at the True Condensation 2nd Level, her clothes were already shredded revealing the fair skin beneath it. But even this fair skin was scarred again and again, the fair skin could only faintly be seen from these scars.

    These three people apparently still had a breath of life in them, when they heard the sound of Ning Cheng arriving, they immediately lifted their heads, and looked at Ning Cheng in a puzzled way.

    An extremely peculiar smell was spreading from them, when Ning Cheng took a whiff of this scent he immediately felt a bit strange, it was similar to the scent that he had smelled from the monstrous beasts that he had fought before, these two odors were somewhat similar. This smell made him extremely uncomfortable, but fortunately circulating the yuan energy in his body, this uncomfortable feeling instantly dissipated.

    “My lord, this person trespassed into our King Wang Nian’s sanctuary.” The soldier who had brought Ning Cheng here immediately stepped forward and said while kneeling.

    This girl who was called as the lord just waved her hand and said, “I know, you can go.”

    Once the soldier went out, this girl looked at Ning Cheng from top to bottom but could not even detect a shred of tension in him, Ning Cheng’s cloths were very clean and was carrying a spear wrapped in cloth behind him, and looked like he had actually come here for a walk, he did not seem the slightest bit uncomfortable. This girl frowned and said in a slow voice, “Who are you? For what reason did you charge into my North Jue Encampment.”

    North Jue? Ning Cheng did not know where this place called North Jue was, he had only came here to ask about the correct route that led to the Hua Continent, so he hastily bowed his head and clasped his hands in front of him and said, “My name is Ning Xiao Cheng, I was just passing through here, I really hope that me rushing through here might not have caused any misunderstandings.”

    The woman standing next to the girl, who had the cultivation of peak Qi Gathering 9th Level, suddenly shouted angrily at Ning Cheng, “You animal, speaking to the King in front of you and still not on your knees.”

    Ning Cheng’s face sank, he had come here to find the right route, not to beg for mercy. Inside Ning Cheng’s dictionary, there was no such thing as begging for mercy.

    Ning Cheng suddenly proceeded to take a few steps forward, all the people were thinking that he was coming forward to speak with proper etiquette, but then Ning Cheng with a flash appeared in front of the rough looking woman, lifted his hands and delivered two resounding slaps to her face.

    “Slap Slap….” two crisp sounds could be heard, the people then saw that Ning Cheng had already returned to his original position, but when they looked at the face of the rough looking woman who was just slapped, two purple hand prints could distinctly be seen on both of her cheeks.

  • are these people like the snake people from BTTH, given the triangle pupils and beast like smell?
  • Man, why has he not killed that bitch teacher yet? He killed everyone but her.
    Have faith in the Lord Fifth, gain eternal life! When the Lord Fifth appears, who dares to cause strife!

  • Translated at Demon Translations

    Translated By – DemonKiller
    Checked and Edited By – CurlyAdi
    Proofread By – SmartyMouth

    Chapter 0076 – Ning Cheng’s Strength

    Of the twenty people inside the yurt, the only person who could react to Ning Cheng who had slapped the rough looking woman was the only cultivator at the True Condensation 3rd Level. However, even though he was the only person who could react to Ning Cheng slapping the rough looking woman, he did not come up to block him.

    While Ning Cheng had went out to slap this rough looking woman, at the same time he was also ready to face off against the man at the True Condensation 3rd Level, once this man decided to join the fray, he would have immediately sent out his axe fist attack towards him. He had not thought that this man at the True Condensation Realm would not come forward to stop him, which made Ning Cheng somewhat surprised, but then Ning Cheng immediately understood that there should be quite a gap in the status of him and that rough looking woman.

    When the people saw that this outsider dared to hit the personal guard of their king, moreover the personal guard that their king favored the most, all the people inside the yurt were instantly shocked.

    The three cultivator who were hanging in the corner were looking at Ning Cheng in a surprised way, they did not know where Ning Cheng came from to have such a huge amount of courage.

    “You are courting death…..” The rough looking woman did not think that Ning Cheng would actually dare to hit her, and suddenly became angry. With her whole body shaking in anger, she pounced towards Ning Cheng.

    The young girl sitting in the middle, who the people viewed as their master and king, immediately waved her hand, and the rough looking woman immediately stopped down, although she still stared at Ning Cheng with extreme anger in her eyes, but she no longer continued towards Ning Cheng.

    The young girl stared at Ning Cheng, and said in a cold voice, “Could it be that you are relying on your little skill, to come to my North Jue Encampment and assault my people at will? My North Jue Encampment is always hospitable towards others, you are just an invited guest, so it would be better for you to not swagger yourself before others.”

    Then she pointed to the three cultivators who were hung up in the corner and said, “Do you know why they have been hung there? That is because they wanted to come to my North Jue Encampment and show off their strength to others.”

    “Bah! If you want to use such a method to plot against me, then let me tell you that you really are nothing in front of me, moreover I your father, can kill every single thrash here if I wanted to.” One of the men who was hung up, unable to use his cultivation, immediately said out with disdain.

    “Oh, in that case, I’ll put you down, then we can have a little spar, and see if whether or not you really have the guts to back up your words.” That cultivator at the True Condensation 3rd Level finally spoke something albeit apathetically.

    When the male cultivator who was being hung in the corner heard this cultivator at the True Condensation 3rd Level speak, he immediately fell silent, it was obvious that this person had suffered a huge loss against him before.

    Going with the philosophy of ‘the enemy of my enemy is my friend’, Ning Cheng just laughed and said, “It seems that they were the ones you people plotted against, looking at the state of these three people I can definitely say that you all really are garbage.”

    “You don’t seem to want to answer my question.” The killing intent in the eyes of this girl was getting more and more intense, but the surrounding people could not notice it, they were still thinking about why their master and king was still this patient with him, and was still speaking quite nicely towards Ning Cheng.

    Ning Cheng suddenly once again began to walk forward, this time when the cultivator at the True Condensation 3rd Level saw that Ning Cheng walking towards his king, he quickly stepped forward, blocking Ning Cheng’s path, while his entire body was surrounded with a heavy killing intent, as long as the young girl spoke just a few words, he would begin fighting immediately.

    Ning Cheng stopped, staring at the girl he said, “Guest? I have been standing here for a long time, but the fact is I haven’t been offered even a cup of tea? I have not even been offered a chair, but instead all that I got was barkings from several dogs. It’s just bad luck, bad luck.”

    Saying that Ning Cheng clapped his hands, as if clapping his hands would dispel his bad luck.

    “Kill him.” The young girl could not endure it any longer, and with her anger finally bursting, she coldly spat out those two words.

    When the eight cultivators at the Qi Gathering 9th Level who were standing below her on either side heard her order, they immediately swarmed towards him. They had been waiting for their master to just say those words, now that they received their orders, they were not even half a beat slow to execute it.

    Ning Cheng did not even bring out the spear that he had on his back, with his cultivation of True Condensation 1st Level if he had to use his artifact to go against a few cultivators in the Qi Gathering Realm, it would really be a joke.

    Almost at the same time, he sent out four punches. Or rather than saying he sent out four punches, it would be better to say that he sent out four continuous axe strikes.

    Although these four axe strikes were sent out one after another, but when he really executed it, it seemed as if he sent out those four attacks simultaneously.

    An extremely violent murderous aura momentarily enveloped the entire room, even the face of that cultivator at the True Condensation 3rd Level changed, he could sense the shadow of an axe in the punches of Ning Cheng. Ning Cheng was obviously empty handed, but it actually seemed that there were several axe shadows coming out towards him.

    This person absolutely was their enemy, thought this man at the True Condensation 3rd Level as he flicked his hands, and an octogonal sided hammer type artifact appeared in his hands. He had not even come forwards, when he heard “Puff Puff….” four continuous sounds erupting all around him.

    Of the eight people at the Qi Gathering 9th Level that were approaching Ning Cheng, four of them immediately fell to the ground dead. The other four were blankly looking at the blood spilling from the four corpses of their comrades, their complexion somewhat pale, they did not dare to continue come forward.

    Even the young girl who the people called as their king became pale faced, and stood up immediately. Ning Cheng discovered that when this girl stood up, she was the same height as him.

    “Hey, weren’t you also were attacked by the poisonous gases from those cannibalistic sand monstrous beasts a moment ago, how are you not affected?” One of the male cultivators who was hung up in a corner called out in surprise.

    “What is this poisonous gas from the sand cannibalistic monstrous beast that you speak of?” Ning Cheng asked in with a puzzled look on his face, he seemed to have guessed that it was probably the strange fishy and unpleasant odor from before, but under the the operation of a single cycle of his yuan energy, this unpleasant odor fully disappeared from his body, was it possible that this was the poisonous gas from those sand canine poisonous beast?

    “This sand canine poisonous beast is one of the most dangerous of the monstrous beast in this Thunder Fall Desert, these monstrous beast usually travel in huge groups, moreover they not only travel on the land but even completely blot out the skies in the desert. Even their sharp beaks are filled with poisonous mucus, and their faces are covered with large tumorous growths, and seem to be only a foot long.”

    “If one saw these monstrous beasts, one had to immediately run away, otherwise the only thing that awaits them is death. Those tumour growths on the bodies of these monstrous beasts are also filled with an extremely poisonous liquid, once they are burst during a fight, it will immediately release a dense and highly toxic poisonous cloud. If a cultivator even takes a wiff of this poisonous gas, their entire body will become weak, and they would not be able to utilize their Qi or Yuan Energy. This enchanter from the North Jue Encampment likes to collect this kind of toxic gas, because we were not careful about it, for just a few cultivators in the Qi Gathering Realm, this father would have already split them apart.” This male cultivator hatefully replied.

    That cultivator at the True Condensation 3rd Level suddenly whispered into the young girl’s ear and said, “My King, this person has very probably taken the antidote to the poison, this antidote should have specifically been made to counter the poison of the sand canine beast, perhaps it might even be the Desert Geocentric Spring Tea. Looking at the strong killing intent on this person, it is absolutely clear that he is not simple to deal with, perhaps he might not be much worse than me.”

    The pale face of the young girl who was referred to as King eased up, she immediately said to the several other people in the room, “Tidy up the place at once, and also find a seat for our esteemed Mr. Ning.”

    “My King….” That rough looking woman was anxious to speak to her, but the young girl just waved her hand, and she swallowed the words that she was about to say.

    The speed of the few remaining soldiers was very quick, and in just a short time, the room was entirely cleaned, there wasn’t even a single blood stain on the floor, as if what happened just a moment ago was just an illusion.

    “First take down those three people, I have to properly receive the honored guest of my North Jue Encampment.” The young girl casually pointed to the two men and the woman hanging in the corner and said.

    He did not wait for the guards to carry away the three people, as Ning Cheng lifted his hands and sent out a few Wind Edges. The three people who were been hung up were immediately set free by Ning Cheng, as when those Wind Edges that were sent out by Ning Cheng, were more than enough to cut the ropes that were held in the hands of the soldiers.

    “Ha ha, these friends look vaguely familiar to me, I have been waiting to talk with them about the good old days.” Ning Cheng said while not caring about the young girl’s attitude.

    “Many thanks to the friend for our rescue, but since we are still affected by the toxic gas of the sand canine beast, so we are not able to utilize our yuan energy, as such we have no way to repay the favor you have shown to us.” The three people when freed came towards Ning Cheng immediately expressed their gratitude.

    Ning Cheng just casually reached out and grabbed a few chairs, “Everyone please sit down, there is a saying in my hometown called the enemy of my enemy …… no that’s not right, within the four seas all of us our brothers, so why the need to be polite.”

    “Well said, within the four seas all of us brothers.” The three people in the True Condensation Realm immediately weakly clasped their hands, showing that they greatly approved of the words spoken by Ning Cheng.

    “Clap Clap” that young girl who was called as their King this time did not have a shred of anger on her face, instead she just smiled, and clapped her hands and said, “What Mr. Ning said really is true, within all the four seas everyone are brothers, Mei Xu, why don’t you go prepare a nice wine for all of us to enjoy, for today let us celebrate to this capable person called Mr. Ning.”

    The rough looking woman who had been slapped twice by Ning Cheng, when she heard those words she quickly bowed and said: “Yes, my King.”

    Finished saying that she immediately turned around and left.

    Ning Cheng sneered in his heart, this rough looking woman called Mei Xu obviously had a storage bag on her, so how could she not have good wine in it? For this woman to go out, it was obviously to arrange some kind of method to trap him in this place.

    However even though Ning Cheng knew about this he did not feel any fear, when he had come here he already knew that these people were nothing more than thugs. Although these yurts were arranged to form an Array Formation, but in his eyes it was not something that could threaten him. The most powerful person here was the man at the True Condensation 3rd Level in front of him, although he was powerful but it did not make him feel worried to be plotted against.

    “This younger sister, I have a request, I know these three friends, but these three friends are infected by the toxic poison gas of the sand canine monsterous beasts. I can see that younger sister is quite well natured, how about you let me take a little bit of the antidote to help my three friends detoxify the poison from their body.”

    Ning Cheng clasped his fists in front of the one these people called as their king and said while smiling.

    When the soldiers in the room heard Ning Cheng call their King as younger sister, they instantly became extremely angry.

    When the little girl who was referred to as King by her people heard those words, anger and killing intent flashed past in her eyes, but then she immediately gave an apologetic smile and said, “To counteract the toxicity of the sand canine monsterous beast one needs the Desert Spring Geocentric Tea, but it has to be taken beforehand for the best results. Even in a thousand years no one has ever seen the Desert Geocentric Spring Tea, and thus is an extremely priceless treasure, my North Jue Encampment is just a small tribe, how could we have such a precious thing. The reason that we are not affected by the poison is because we are directly in contact with it all year round, as a result we have grown accustomed to it.”

    “For Mr. Ning to not fear this kind of poisonous gas, must be due to the Desert Geocentric Spring Tea right, if Brother Ning is willing to part with the Desert Geocentric Spring Tea, then my North Jue Encampment is willing to buy it at a high price.”

    This woman not only said that she did not have anything like the spirit tea in question, but instead used the same words against Ning Cheng to counter question him. As if it was not enough, she also tried to provoke the three people who Ning Cheng had just saved to act against him. The meaning of her words was pretty obvious since you were not affected by the poison, then obviously you have an antidote to it on you, you keep babbling about brotherhood in all the four seas, why don’t we see if you take out the antidote.

    How could Ning Cheng not know the meaning behind those words spoken by that woman, just as went ahead to counter her words, the woman that he had just saved immediately spoke up and said, “Brother Ning, my clothes are already shredded, please……”

    When Ning Cheng heard those words, he understood her meaning, as if being embarrassed due to his carelessness, he turned and looked at the young girl who claimed to be the king.

    When the young girl saw Ning Cheng looking at her, she immediately said to the maid servant at her side, “Hurry up and get these three people here some proper dresses, we can’t neglect the friends of Mr. Ning.”

  • Translated at Demon Translations

    Translated By – DemonKiller, with a bit of help from Deathblade and Totmes
    Checked and Edited By – CurlyAdi

    Chapter 0077 – Lost Desert Country

    Just as the feast was put together for them, the maid returned to the room with a change of clothes for the three people. Although it did not look like there was anything abnormal with them, but because of their lack of control over their yuan energy, it was obvious that they were merely empty shells of their former selves.

    Ning Cheng laughed at first, and then proceeded to greet the three people.

    When the three people saw Ning Cheng greet them, they once again immediately stepped forward to express thanks. Ning Cheng also got to know the names of these three people, one of the male cultivator who seemed to have a fiery temperament, with a medium build, and a blackish skin was called Lou Hong Fang, he had the cultivation level of True Condensation 2nd Level. The other male cultivator was called Huang Yuan Bo, he had slender looking eyes, and was fair skinned, but only had the cultivation level of True Condensation 1st Level. While the woman cultivator was named Shi Pei Shan, she looked quite gentle, with an oval shaped face, gleaming eyes, which gave other people an impression that she was very assertive of her opinions.

    Once these three people sat down, Ning Cheng asked them, “Were you three really poisoned by the toxic gas from the sand canine monsterous beasts?”

    Lou Hong Fang angrily stared at that young girl, before saying with a raspy voice, “That’s right, we were plotted against by this woman.”

    “Is there any way to solve the situation about the toxic gas?” Ning Cheng knew that year after year there were innumerable amounts of cultivators who walk through the desert, so they definitely would have some way to counter this. Although he did not have any way to get rid of the poison, but that did not mean that others would not know about it.

    Because Shi Pei Shan had a wounded throat, so she spoke hoarsely, but when she heard the words of Ning Cheng, she took the initiative to reply and said, “The toxic gas that those poisonous monstrous beast carry is very difficult to detoxify, but she did not lie about it, only the Desert Geocentric Spring Tea can detoxify it. Because the Desert Geocentric Spring Tea is extremely difficult to find, as a result if anyone had the bad luck of meet those sand poisonous beasts in the Thunder Desert, then it would be much better that they not fight them, and actively seek to escape far away from them.”

    Huang Yuan Bo looked at Ning Cheng and frowned before speaking, “The quantity of the Desert Geocentric Spring Tea required for detoxifying the poison is not much, just a drop of the medicinal solution is more than enough.”

    Ning Cheng lowered his head as frowned in thought, he did not care much about the words spoken by Huang Yuan Bo, what he was thinking about was the Desert Geocentric Spring Tea, because he had never drank it, how could he not fear this type of toxic gas.

    Luo Hong Fang and Shi Pei Shan also did not care much about the words spoken by Huan Yuan Bo, only that young girl who was being called as King by everyone had a hint of smile on her lips, obviously she knew that the seed that she had planted had sprouted. At least this Huang Yuan Bo believed that this Ning Xiao Cheng had the Geocentric Spring Tea on his body.

    Ning Cheng at this time was thinking about the spiritual tea that he had drank at that place,  it was the cup of spiritual tea that was poured to him by Liu Han Yu at the Yi Shui Courtyard, although it tasted slightly bitter, but it immediately quenched the thirst in his body, it would make a person to not be able to part with it, but was that really the Desert Geocentric Spring Tea? Liu Han Yu was just a down and out woman, how could it be possible for her to have this kind of precious spiritual tea?

    “Is it possible that Brother Ning was also passing through the Thunder Fall Desert?” Luo Hong Fang was a relatively straightforward person, and immediately made a noise to interrupt Ning Cheng’s line of thought.

    “Just so.” It was at this moment Ning Cheng remembered what he wanted to ask them before, since he did not know anything about this North Jue Encampment, he was a bit certain that perhaps these three people were like Luo Hong Fang who were living in this desert would perhaps have a map of this place.

    “How did the three of you come here? Could it be that you are also like me, who wants to cross through this Thunder Fall Desert to go to the Hua Continent?” Ning Cheng directly asked.

    When that young girl who the other people called as their King heard the conversation between those four people who she never put in her eyes, her face immediately turned ugly, but it quickly returned to normal, she took the initiative and took out a jug of wine and helped Ning Cheng pour out a glass and said, “I on behalf of the North Jue Tribe want to thank Mr. Ning here for his visit to our North Jue Encampment as our esteemed guest.”

    When Luo Hong Fang saw Ning Cheng reach out for the glass of wine, his face immediately became anxious, and was about to speak, but then he saw that Ning Cheng had already downed the glass of wine.

    Ning Cheng certainly knew that Lou Hong Fang feared that the wine was poisoned, and now that those three lives were also tied to him, it was normal for Lou Hong Fang to be worried.

    Ning Cheng was extremely careful when he had done that, he had already thoroughly checked out the wine a long time ago.

    Seeing Ning Cheng to be all right, Lou Hong Feng felt relieved, and said out aloud, “The three of us really were going to the Hua Continent, originally we were a group of five, but two of our group perished on the way due to the lightning that fell from the skies. A day ago we accidentally found an ancient map, this ancient map turned out to be of the ancient Lan Yi Country that had disappeared in the Thunder Fall Desert countless years ago. We three were completely happy, and went out to look for the remains of that ancient Lan Yi Country, we did not expect that we would be plotted against by these despicable people here……”

    Luo Hong Fang said as he still angrily glared at the face of young girl that people were calling as the King.

    That young girl who was being addressed as King leisurely said, “Mr Ning, what brother Luo sai is really true, but what he didn’t say was that he had obtained this ancient map from a traitor of my North Jue Tribe. This map really is of the historic ruins of the Lan Yi Country, but what many people do not know about this point is, that this ancient Lan Yi Country was the precursor of my North Jue Tribe. Initially when the Lan Yu Country was destroyed, many of the elders that protected the country ended up shedding their blood, some of the elders who fled the Lan Yi Country ended up establishing my North Jue Tribe, this Tribe is the only thing that was left behind from that era.”

    “Now that some was going to excavate the remains of my Lan Yi Country’s historical sites, I as the King of the North Jue Tribe, how could I let the remains of my Lan Yi Country to fall into the hands of others? Moreover even the ancient map that they obtained was also from my North Jue Tribe.”

    Luo Hong Fang pointed at the young girl and laughed, “You say that your North Jue Trube are their descendents, than I am too, do you have no sense of shame? Do not say that this North Jue Tribe is the legacy that the Lan Yi Country left behind, even if that was the case, even Lan Yi Country has no right to say that it was theirs. In the past, the reason why the Lan Yi Country chose to establish themselves in this desert, was not because this Desert was really good for them, but it was because the Lan Yi Country found the legacy of a strong cultivator beneath the desert.”

    “Once the Lan Yi Country found that there was a legacy of a strong cultivator beneath the desert sands, so they immediately chose to migrate their entire country to the Thunder Fall Desert. None of them though that Lan Yi Country would have hit such a huge jackpot, after they established their country in the Desert, instead of declining they actually prospered into a true country. Whether that historic relic was actually found or not I do not know, but the Lan Yi Country had increasingly thrived.”

    Ning Cheng really could not believe that someone could actually establish a thriving country in this Thunder Fall Desert, the fearfulness of this Thunder Desert, he had experienced it himself.

    Seeing the still puzzled look on Ning Cheng’s face, Shi Pei Shan took the initiative to speak, “Brother Ning, what Brother Luo said is indeed true, the Lan Yi Country had really founded a thriving nation in this desert moreover it had been thriving for innumerable years. Initially the Lan Yi Country was founded at the edge of the desert, but after passing through the countless years of change, along with the constant erosion from the Thunder Fall Desert, this Desert also became increasingly huge. Originally this Lan Yi Country was established at the edges of the Thunder Fall Desert, but it gradually moved to the depths of the desert. Because of this, it also led to the demise of the Lan Yi Country.”

    With the few words that Huang Yuan Bo heard from Shi Pei Shan, he then continued on with the explanation, “I heard that the Lan Yi Country was exterminated not because of the lightning and other creatures in the Thunder Fall Desert, but because someone from the Lan Yi Country found the resting place of a strong Sea Opening Realm cultivator, which resulted in bringing in all supreme masters to fight for its legacy. When these supreme masters started fighting in the Lan Yi Country, it resulted in the complete destruction of the entire Lan Yi Country. Afterwards when the most powerful yellow sand dragon in the Thunder Fall Desert passed by it, not only did all the cultivators stop fighting, but rather all the people in the Lan Yi Country disappeared without a trace. The Lan Yi Country was then completely absorbed by the desert just like a sponge soaking in water.”

    “Yellow Sand Dragon?” When Ning Cheng heard those words he immediately recalled the incident from a few days ago when he was swept away by a yellow sand dragon, he then had to use his fist with his comprehension of the true meaning of the axe to break through the yellow sand, and it was only then that he could escape.

    Lou Hong Fang continued on with his explanation, “That’s right, in this Thunder Fall Desert besides those horrible sand poisonous beasts, this Thunder Fall Desert still has those yellow sand dragons. These yellow dragon looks like a violent sand swirl that takes the shape of sand pillars, once you are sucked up by it, then it is very difficult to escape, finally you will end up being torn apart into tiny pieces by those Yellow Sand Dragons. What I just described to you was just a small Thunder Fall Yellow Dragon, the biggest Yellow Dragon is said to be thousands of miles long, if you meet this Yellow Dragon, even if it was a real country, I estimate that it would be completely swallowed by it.”

    Ning Cheng now understood, that the reason that he was able to escape was because it was probably a small yellow sand dragon, if it was a large one, perhaps he might have not been lucky enough to be able to escape.

    But what Ning Cheng was most interested at this time was the resting place of the cultivator of the Sea Opening Realm, he was no longer the unknowledgeable fellow that he was when arrived in this world, he was very clear in his mind, about the different ways of the cultivation world. Because of limited resources, the people often fought with each other with their full strength, as a result most of these precious resources would no doubt be snatched by the others, you then could only look at other people advancing in their cultivation, while you were simply casted off to the side.

    In this Yi Xing Mainland there are 9 major realms, the Sea Opening Realm was the realm directly below the Transcendent Realm, once one stepped into the Transcendent Realm, there was a legend that these cultivators can even rip apart the heavens and the earth and travel to distant places in just an instant. Of course, this knowledge, Ning Cheng had heard about it from the mouth of Tai Shu Shi.

    When had come out of the Ping Continent, only then he had come to know that above the Essence Building Realm was the Profound Liquid Realm, and above the Profound Liquid Realm was the Profound Core Realm. As for what was above the Profound Core Realm, he did not have any knowledge about it at that point of time. It was only when he arrived at the Yuan Continent and exchanged information with Tai Shu Yi, that he came to know that above the Profound Core Realm was the Soul Essence Realm, and above the Soul Essence Realm was the Soul Sculpting Realm, and when one crossed through the Soul Sculpting Realm they would then step into the Sea Opening Realm.

    It was thus clear that the burial site of a mighty cultivator in the Sea Opening Realm would not only be full of fearful things but would also be filled with incomparably precious treasures. So when Lou Hong Fang said that the Lan Yi Country established their country in this Thunder Fall Desert because of the tomb of the Sea Opening Realm Cultivator, Ning Cheng did not find it strange that it ended up increasing in prosperity before they collapsed.

    Ning Cheng suddenly looked at the young girl king and said, “My King, I think that the ancient map that Brother Lou had obtained should be with you right? Can you let me have a look at this ancient map to see what makes it so special?”

    There was a slight change in this young girl King’s complexion, she knew that Ning Cheng wanted the ancient map of the Lan Yi Country, but she had never thought that Ning Cheng would be so straightforward with it. If Ning Cheng had tried to beat around the bush even a little, she could certainly be able to find some sort of excuse and dodge it.

    The man at the True Condensation 3rd Level standing by the side of the little girl King laughed and said, “Mr. Ning, I respect you as a guest of my King, for you to come to my North Jue Tribe is just destiny, We even served you good wine and were even quite hospitable with you Mr. Ning, but even then Mr. Ning you go on to ask so blatantly about the ancient map of our North Jue Tribe, do you think that my North Jue Tribe could be bullied so easily?”

    “Is the map really of the North Jue Tribe? This map was obviously taken from my body when you searched me, how do you even have the face to say that this ancient map belongs to the North Jue Tribe?” Lou Hong Fang said in a sarcastic voice.

    At this time, a burst of rapid footsteps could be heard as someone rushed into the room. Ning Cheng had a bit of doubt in his mind, who had such a big courage, to dare to directly rush into the yurt of the North Jue Tribe’s King?

    What he saw then was a young man, with thin eyes but thick eyebrows, and a hooked nose which made an extreme contrast with his face. When Ning Cheng glanced at the young man’s cultivation, it turned out to be the highest of all the people here, he truly had the cultivation of the True Condensation 4th Level.

    “Xiu Xiu……” this man with the hooked nose called out, but then when he saw Ning Cheng and the others, he did not speak out the rest of the words.

    Calling the King of the North Jue Tribe as Xiu Xiu, evidently this hook nosed man’s relationship with this young woman was not something simple.

    “Yes, since we have found the ancient map, so I had sent out someone to signal you to come here.” This young girl king who was just called Xiu Xiu said while laughing.

    This hooked nose man’s vision then moved over to Ning Cheng and the other people with him, he did not know who Ning Cheng and the other people were, but then Xiu Xiu actually went ahead and directly spoke the matter of the ancient map in front of them.

  • Translated at Demon Translations

    Translated By – DemonKiller
    Checked and Edited By – CurlyAdi

    Chapter 0078 – Joint Exploration Of The Ruins

    “Who are they?” The hooked nosed man swept his eyes in the direction of Ning Cheng and the others and asked.

    Xiu Xiu pointed towards Ning Cheng and said while smiling, “This is Ning Xiao Cheng, the cultivation of Mr. Ning is something really astonishing, an ordinary True Condensation Cultivator is not something that could match up with him.”

    Ning Cheng suddenly stood up and clasped his hands in front of the hooked nosed man and said while laughing, “I haven’t yet asked this friend’s name?”

    “I am North Jue’s Pie Guang He, since Brother Ning is so amazing, we could really become much more closer in the future.” This hooked nosed man gave a false smile as he spoke to Ning Cheng while clasping his hands in front of him.

    Ning Cheng did not wait for Xiu Xiu to speak again, and continued to speak, “These three are friends of mine, and also the one’s who found the ancient map of the Lan Yi Country. Because they were a bit careless during their journey so they were infected by the poison gas of the poisonous sand beasts, Xiu Xiu was planning on helping them in detoxification. By the way, I do not know if Brother Pie has something called the Desert Geocentric Spring Tea to counteract the poison? If do have it, then it certainly would be the best.”

    Because of the abrupt words from Ning Cheng, Pei Guang He took out the antidote of the poison, but instead of giving it to him he looked in a puzzling way at the young girl called Xiu Xiu.

    Xiu Xiu did not directly give the answer, but motioned for the people to sit down again and then said, “Although Lou Hong Fang and the others truly did obtain the ancient map, but they also offered the map to me. Since this map was lost in my North Jue’s territory, what my idea is, that since we are all here together because of the ancient map, why not we go and explore the ruins together?”

    When this Pei Guang He arrived, the young girl called as King by her people calmed her heart down. Although Ning Cheng was powerful, but he was only one person, now that Pei Guang he had arrived, he could easily take care of someone like Ning Xiao Cheng, as for Pei Guang He’s strength, she was extremely clear about it. It was also because of this, that she changed her mind. it would be a lot better to pull these people together with them to explore the ruins. Even if they could not find anything, they could atleast use them as cannon fodder if something unexpected happened.

    Once Pei Guang glanced at the look in Xie Xie’s eyes, he immediately understood the young girl king’s viewpoint, he just laughed and said, “That’s right, the ruins are vast and large. So if we could all band up together, then our strength would be even more powerful than before and thus we all would be much more safe during the exploration.”

    Just as he finished speaking, the rough looking girl called Mei Xu that the young girl had sent away came in and whispered something into the ears of the the young girl called Xiu Xiu. Xiu Xiu just nodded her head, but did not express anything.

    Ning Cheng had already swept out with his spiritual sense, he found that within the scope of his spiritual sense, there appeared many soldiers. Not only that, they also seemed to be arranged into a simple trapping array formation.

    Ning Cheng looking at this simple Level 1 Trapping Array formation was laughing in his mind, with this kind of elementary array formation, they dare to show off in front of him.

    Luo Hong Fang suddenly exclaimed, “Going to explore the ruins together is not a problem, but first we need a solution for the poison in our bodies.”

    Pei Guang He suddenly said, “This is my oversight, I was originally called in to help you all in detoxifying, but because we ended talking about other things, I unexpectedly forgot about it. Even if the few of us do not go together, since you were the one’s who helped us find the ancient map of my Lan Yi Country, it is my obligation to help you out.”

    While speaking, Pei Guang He had already taken out three jade cups, then he took out a grey gourd, and poured a little bit of green tea into the three jade cups.

    “Three friends, please use this Desert Geocentric Spring Tea.”

    After listening to Pei Guang He said that it was the Geocentric Spring Tea, Lou Hong Fang was the first to completely drain the cup. Seeing Lou Hong Fang drink the tea, Huang Yuan Bo and Shi Pei Shan also did not hesitate to drink the tea,

    After a few moments, Lou Hong Fang laughed, “Many thanks Brother Pei, the poison in my body has really cleared up. You can count on me, Lou Hong Fang, to help you out with the exploration of the ruins, I Lou Hong Fang never go back on my words.”

    Huang Yuan Bo also clasped his hands in front of Pei Guang He, to show his gratitude. Only Shi Pei Shan had not thanked Pei Guang He, but rather clasped her hands in front of Ning Cheng and said, “Thank you Brother Ning, for saving our lives.”

    When Lou Hong Fang heard what Shi Pei Shan said, he then slapped his head and said, “My mistake, the one I should be thanking is Brother Ning.”

    Saying that he once again expressed his gratitude towards Ning Cheng, when Huang Yuan Bo looked at them, he too expressed his gratitude towards Ning Cheng. But Ning Cheng actually felt that the thanks that Huang Yuan Bo showed was somewhat perfunctory, although Lou Hong Fang had not thought about it at first, but at least his thanks seemed to have come from the bottom of his heart.

    “Well, now that the poison has been rid from your bodies, I am finally relieved, now let’s discuss with everybody on how would we go ahead and find the ruins of the Lan Yi Country.” This girl king really showed a relieved expression on her face, as she stood up and said.

    Saying that, she passed a leather skin into the hands of Pei Guang He.

    “This is the map we found.” When Shi Pei Shan saw the leather skin in his hands, she immediately whispered in Ning Cheng’s ears.

    As if Pei Guang He heard Shi Pei Shan, after glancing at the map in his hands, he handed ot Ning Cheng and said, “Brother Ning, wouldn’t it be better to place this map in your hands?”

    When Ning Cheng received the map, he also glanced at it, and then returned it back and said “Since Brother Pei is the host here, it would be better for the map to be in Brother Pei’s hands.”

    Xiu Xiu actually looked doubtfully at Ning Cheng, wasn’t the reason why Ning Cheng came here was for this map, but now that the map was being offered to him, he did not want it? What she would have never believed was that at the moment when Ning Cheng had taken a glance at the map, he had already thoroughly memorized and imprinted the contents of the map onto his mind.

    Even if a cultivator was able to use their spiritual sense, they would have to sweep the entire map a couple of times with it to even memorize a portion of it, but sweeping it with their spiritual sense and completely branding it into their minds were two entirely different concepts.

    “Or you can just give it to me.” Lou Hong Fang said as although he had a favorable impression of Ning Cheng, but he actually did not like the way Ning Cheng did things. Since the others were giving you the map, why would he still refuse it?

    “You can.” Pei Guang He did not hesitate even one bit as he handed the map back into Lou Hong Fang’s hands, and simultaneously stood up and said to Xiu Xiu, “Xiu Xiu, it is better if we leave right now, even though we have the ancient map of the ruins with us, if we do not rush out in a timely manner, I’m afraid that something unexpected might happen.”

    Xiu Xiu just showed a faint smile and said, “What Guang He said is correct, we should head out now. Me and Guang He, along with Yu Xing and Mei Xu, in addition to Mr. Ning and the three people along with Brother Lou, we are a total of 8 people.”

    This time this young girl king finally called out to one of the three former captives as Brother Lou, as for the other two she did not call out their names directly.

    “Since the map is now in the hands of Brother Lou, then it would be better that Brother Lou lead the way.” Pei Guang He said while smiling.

    “No problem.” Lou Hong Fang took the lead as he directly went out of the room.

    The remaining few people also immediately followed him and went out of the yurt, even Ning Cheng followed behind Pei Guang He.

    It was probably because of the arrival of Pei Guang He that Xiu Xiu decided to jointly venture out to explore the ruins, and also precisely the reason why Xiu Xiu had not activated the entrapment Array Formation that she had set up outside.

    After leaving the yurt, Lou Hong Fang immediately picked up his speed, and quickly left the oasis that was dotted with those yurts behind in the dust. Ning Cheng and the other were silently following behind Lou Hong Fang, no one spoke a single word. As for the people who were calling the young girl as their king, as if on orders, did not follow behind with her, it was as if she knew that even if they took them along, they would not be of much use in exploring the ruins.

    “I do not know how far is the North Jue Tribe from here? For the North Jue Tribe to come here, did they already know that there was an oasis here?” After the eight people walked for about an hour, Ning Cheng finally took the initiative to break the silence.

    The young girl named Xiu Xiu showed a faint smile, she did not beat around the bush, and directly said, “This is a secret only for the tribe members along with their families from my North Jue Tribe, if Mr. Ning wants to know more about the North Jue Tribe, then you would have to join our North Jue Tribe for it.”

    Ning Cheng just leisurely said, “Even if I wanted to join the North Jue Tribe, I still have an issue that I have to resolve first and as such have to consult with King Xiu Xiu. I do not know if a noble like you have a map to the Hua Continent?”

    Xiu Xiu did not even consider this for even half a moment, before she bluntly said, “No.”

    Shei Pei Shan walked up to the side of Ning Cheng and said, “Brother Ning, the map to pass through the Thunder Fall Dessert that you ask for, only a very few people posses it. However if one wants to walk out of the Thunder Fall Dessert, as a rule, they will often have to encounter frequent whirlpools in the Thunder Fall Dessert. These sand whirlpools will often swirl in the sand in a particular direction, as long as you walk in the same direction, you can walk out of here.”

    “Many thanks.” Ning Cheng thanked Shi Pei Shan and did not say anything more, since no one wanted to start a conversation, it was useless for him to try and speak.

    After an hour, Lou Hong Fang finally stopped, pointing to a huge sand pit in front of him, he said, “We have arrived, it’s right here.”

    Ning Cheng who had already memorized the map, already knew how to enter the ruins. According to the markings on the map, once they arrived at the entrance of the ruins, one would be able to see a giant sand pit. In the evening, when the moonlight shined over this sand pit, it will create three lunar shadows which would eventually overlap with each other.

    This intersection point of the three lunar shadows was the actual entrance to the ruins of Lan Yi Country.

    In this desert one would find numerous sand pits, but most of the sand pits here would end being filled up with sand over time. Since the map had already mentioned that the sand pit above the ruins would not be filled up with sand, it stood to reason that this particular sand pit would not disappear for no reason.

    Sure enough, since the giant pit was right in front of them, it indicated that the map was indeed genuine.

    “It appears that there still is about an hours time for the moon to appear, I recommend that everyone should take a look at the map.” Huang Yuan Bo suddenly opened his mouth to speak.

    This map was already seen by the few people from the North Jue Tribe, but as for them, they only looked at it once, as a result he decided to make that proposal.

    “Certainly.” Lou Hong Fang took the initiative and gave the map to Huang Yuan Bo, but did not seek out Xiu Xiu’s views.

    Huang Yuan Bo also did not refuse, holding the map in his hands he repeated glanced at it as if trying to memorize it, and then gave the map to Shi Pei Shan. Shi Pei Shan also looked at the map a few times, before handing it to Mei Xu.

    Mei Xu seemed as if she did not want to give the map to Ning Cheng, and kept looking at the map in her hands repeatedly. At last till the moon finally rose up in the sky, the map still remained in her hands as if she was trying hard to commit the map to her memory.

    “Mei Xu, hand over the map to Brother Luo, Brother Luo please accept the map and continue to lead the way.” Xiu Xiu said as she gave a dissatisfied look at Mei Xu.

    Mei Xu seemed as if she suddenly understood the map, that she was was holding in her hands for so long, and quickly handed over the map to Lou Hong Fang.

    Lou Hong Fang did not care about it, but he pointed to the place in the sand pit where the three shadows overlapped at said, “I’ll go in first, as for the rest, just follow me.”

    Saying that, he directly jumped at the place where the three shadows overlapped.

    Just as Lou Hong Fang jumped at the place of overlap of the three shadows, he completely vanished, only the air around the spot where the three shadows overlapped quivered slightly, while nothing else in the surrounding changed. It was as if Lou Hong Fang had simply jumped into a pond, as if there was no risk at all.

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