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are lil marten and lil flames mentioned in the novel?


  • Yes they have been mentioned.


  • r they mentioned ? which chapter 
  • Small Marten just made his first in person appearance meeting Mu Chen for the first Time. Mu Chen also meets Yao Lao (Xiao Yan's Teacher) a chapter before he meets Small Marten.He meets Ling Qingzhu (Lin Dong's 2nd wife) much earlier in the novel as well as both Xiao Yan and Lin Dong on a few occasions.
  • Looks like Small Marten/Lin Jing and Yao Lao/ Xiao Xiao are going to provide Mu Chen with support in his trip the the Ancient Buddha Clan.
  • huan huan already revived?
  • redleaf97 said:
    huan huan already revived?
    yep she's the lover from ice clan that he was mentioned to have saved in the 2nd chapter
  • Does anyone know if the Ice Spirit Clan chapters ever continued/finished?  I can't seem to find them.
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