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  •  him as a adopted
     him as an adopted

     Admit your to crimes immediately
     Admit to your crimes immediately
  • pdepies said:
    The plural of vortex is vortices, not vortexes (even though some spell checkers mix this up)

    Here's one example:
    There are many others from the arc where he's learning the b.d.g.m. during his spirit severing stage
    Actually, "vortexes" is an accepted alternative for the plural form:

  • shizuyami said:
    AWE Chapter 7

    His previously rotund body
    His previously round body
    Rotund is a word which means round and chubby:

  • Thanks everyone, I should be up to date!
  • Hey everyone, we are starting to get deeper into editing ISSTH, and frankly, I’m getting very excited. The final published version is going to completely surpass the current live version in all ways.

    One thing we are doing is cleaning up plot holes, forgotten story elements, etc. As you might be aware already, we're working with Er Gen during this process. One of the things we'll be doing is bringing a number of issues to his attention for his input on how to proceed and make sure we stay true to his vision. There are a number of smaller issues with the translation that we're fixing on our side, but we're also looking to bring a comprehensive list to him.

    In that vein of thought, I would like to ask your help to provide input about things that stuck out to you in terms of plot holes, unanswered questions, mistakes, etc. Some examples are Meng Li’s sword, the details of the black bat, and Ji Nineteen and the Li Clan patriarch, or how the mastiff's fur was described as being violet, but then later on was always red.

    Please note that this is NOT a request to complain about plot elements you didn’t like, such as Xu Qing v. Chu Yuyan, the pacing of the M&S Realm war, or the darker tone later in the story. The point here is to identify mistakes. I don’t plan to get into discussions or Q&A, and I hope we can keep the thread clear of extensive back-and-forth and just stick to identifying major problem areas. Rest assured, we will read all messages in the thread and add all valid issues to our (rapidly growing) master list.

    We would very much appreciate actual chapter number references to go along with any reported mistakes, if possible, and definitely not "I vaguely remember that XYZ didn't make sense."

    Let me emphasize again that we are NOT looking for typos, grammatical errors, or stylistic errors.

    Final note: Some time in the coming months, we will be looking for beta readers to help us smooth out the final, edited version, and might use this thread as a bit of a recruitment tool
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    I believe the letter he wrote in the starting was left unexplained.
    The swords which had the power of time.
    What happened to the second puppet Ke Yunhai made for him?
    Ancient Spirit night wasn't in the war of M&S.
    Fang Clan Patriarch was kind of alive but didn't appear in the war of M&S.
    What happened to his daughter at the end of the novel?
    And MH Immortal clone which was left at Planet Vast Expanse. When CY went to the clone it had a mark on its forehead which meant he is in the cycle of reincarnation. So, in a way, his clone is just sitting there with a mark on his forehead. But when the reincarnation was completed he wasn't mentioned whereas he started the reincarnation, not MH.So, when the ninth one died he should have become something like motes of light or whatever.

    I think many of them would be wrong but I gave my best. If something seems confusing message me.

  • The Wooden Swords,
    The Coffin that Meng Hao´s friends hided for a millenia (i think it´s a history from Xian Ni but it´s not explained yet).
    The devil´s reincarnation is not really explained, but i think Er Gen wants to stay that way.
    The girl named "Su" that Meng Hao obtains the Seven Steps, i think she is just an illusion?
    What Happened to MENG HAO´S MASTER, the one that taught him the spell to SEAL THE HEAVENS, I mean the novel is named after that spell isn´t it? or he is the main enemy and just wanted to impart that spell so Meng Hao could become the Demon or the master is a clone of the Mountains and Sea Realm? or i just missed the part that explains where did he go when the war started? or he is just a clone of Shui Donglui?
  • There was one thing I kept asking about while it was still being translated, but no one ever answered...
    • It's about when MH punched out a totem from some cultivators shortly after reaching Core formation and settling in that cave... I don't remember the location's name.

    Two more off the top of my head:
    • The Fang clan glove was also weird IIRC, it gave off the impression that it was a Fang clan specialty.
    • Dao Fang being scared of demonized MH. There were a lot of opportunities to expand on Dao Fang's character, but it seems like Er Gen gave up on it. Also, Dao Fang having any sort of trouble with Essence of Divine Flame - he's a 9-essence character (I might be misremembering here)
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    Ch 877
    "Zhao Yifan was now the second cultivator to secure a place in the semifinals. Throughout all four of the battles he had fought, he never left his arena."
    "An hour later, the other two battles concluded. Li Ling’er, with four battles and three victories, had successfully made it to the semifinals."

    Li Ling'er lost to Meng Hao. To get 3 victories she would have had to beat Zhao Yifan. While it never specifically mentioned their fight, it would not make sense for her to have won. I don't feel like finding all the quotes but clearly Zhao Yifan is stronger, and it also suggested Zhao Yifan was unbeaten.
    Glancing over at the tragic scene playing out, the quickly offered explanations.
    Glancing over at the tragic scene playing out, they quickly offered explanations.
    Glancing over at the tragic scene playing out, the quickly offered explanations.
    Glancing over at the tragic scene playing out, they quickly offered explanations.

    Sorry wrong chapter
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    General plotholes: inconsistencies in the use of his abilities and items. For example, during wars where he was the leader, he didn't employ poison or any alchemic skills at all(Blood sect vs 4 sects). Author should add sensible explanations for these.

    Inconsistencies on the rarity of cultivators(NS, SS and up).   :(

    All in all,  author kind of sucks at writing battles, someone else should proofread and/or rewrite the battles.

    EDIT: Oops, wrong thread it seems. this should be on the other forum I think.
  • Thanks, everyone, fixes made and notations made as well.
  • ISSTH 1569

    Unfortunately, the will of the Vast Expanse is doing all of this. It was not the original intent of that Transcendor.” Meng Hao looked at the old man working his magic off in the distance, and then simply kept moving forward. Every step he took caused the ripples to be destroyed, and forced the gigantic to struggle just to maintain its form.

    I think this should be referencing the well appearing in front of the old man.
  • Hi I didn't know how to contanct you otherwise.
    I found this gif I would like to share with you. I always think about this when I think of how big another planet could be.

    Check out this gif about Star Size Comparisons, useful incase you wonder what AWE planet size could be like.

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