AWE typos, continuity and other mistakes (no need for ISSTH reports, they will be caught in editing)



    A Will Eternal is a xianxia webnovel by popular Chinese xianxia writer Ergen. -> A Will Eternal is a xianxia webnovel by popular Chinese xianxia writer Er Gen.
  • AWE 66: At tremor ran through the young man, and when he realized that Bai Xiaochun’s garments were stained with blood, he gasped. “You’re… you’re not dead?!?!”

    At -> A
  • AWE 84: Elder Zhou could help but wonder… if he had pushed Bai Xiaochun a bit too far.

    could -> couldn't
  • AWE 138: He didn’t have any schemes, just a strong desire that the beast keep on living.

    keep -> keeps
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    Not really a typo, but all the chapters with hidden titles seem to start with [/expand] (e.g. AWE 147 or 155].
    Probably something to do with the new site.

    Edit: AWE 166 seems to be missing the hidden title at the top of the chapter entirely?

    Also links to other chapters result in a 404 because the new website. (e.g. AWE 173 linking to chapters 161 & 64)

    Edit: silly me for posting that many new comments instead of editing one.

    AWE 174: The third will allow you to enter the Ancestral Darktunnel to select the legacy that is your right now that you’ve reached Foundation Establishment.

    your -> yours

    AWE 221: “No wonder the Pill Stream Sect has tried so hard over the years to get that wall fragment back. If the Daoist Blood Sage hadn’t expressed his dying order to never return the wall for all eternity, it would probably have been sent back long ago.”

    Not a typo, but the daoist feels rather distant and objectified, especially considering it's someone from their own sect.

    Also the titles at the top of the pages seem to be missing apostrophes. Probably something to do with the new site? Some examples:
    Chapter 234: It Really Wont Explode?
    Chapter 235: Plaguedevils Here
    Chapter 243: Nightcrypt, I'm Jia Lie, And Youre Dead!
    That last one is a bad odd now I look at it, since it does have a apostrophe while lacking another, maybe they are typos?

    Book 3: Rise of the River Defying Sect Section is missing and the current Book 3 section is supposed to be book 4: A Different Kind of Hostage!

  • AWE 440
    > Some of them had changed their tune a bit after he got into the top 400

    Should be top 500
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