Invincible (无敌天下) by Shen Jian (神见)

Invincible Conqueror (无敌天下)

Author: Shen Jian (神见)

The strong are lonesome. Overcoming the loneliness pushes you to stand invincible at the top.

Pro-disciple of the Shaolin Temple on earth, Huang Xiaolong was reborn into a Martial Spirit world, carrying Hua Xia’s secret knowledge, the Body Metamorphose Scripture.

 In a Martial Spirit world, only those with Martial Spirit are able to train in battle qi and becoming a warrior. Huang Xiaolong born with a heaven-defying rare Martial Spirit was mistakenly taken for common variant Martial Spirit during the awakening ceremony conducted by the tribe and thus sidelined.

However, Huang Xiaolong with his common “variant” Martial Spirit again, and again displayed unnatural talent, defeating geniuses, shocking the clan and the entire Martial Spirit World.

Translator: qumu

Hello, beginner translator here. This is an interesting series that I chanced upon some time back. Hope you'll find it enjoyable too. Constructive comments much appreciated, there is always room for improvement... especially for a beginner. Thank you!



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    Chapter 16: Breakthrough Fourth Order

    Standing before the corpse of the Bara Floret Python, the little violet monkey jumped and landed on the python head, a swipe of its sharp little claws made an opening, digging out a tiny yellow bead.

    When Huang Xiaolong saw the tiny yellow bead, his eyes widened in surprise, beast core?

    In general, the probability of a mid-level wicked beast to condense a beast core is one in a thousand, only wicked beast of seventh-grade could condense a beast core with a hundred percent success rate, surprisingly, there’s a beast core in this fourth-grade Bara Floret Python!

    A fourth-grade beast core, if it were to be sold outside, at the very least, it can reach two to three hundred gold coins.

    At this time, the little violet monkey stood near the belly of the python; two small hands slide down making an opening, once again small fingers digging and took out some disgusting looking thing the size of two thumbs.

    Snake gall! Huang Xiaolong eyes shined brightly, thinking this is a fourth-grade Bara Floret Python’s gall is an excellent nourishment, swallowing it not only can enhance one’s battle qi cultivation but also strengthened the body!

    After digging out the snake gall, the Violet Devourer Spirit Monkey gave it to Huang Xiaolong with a cheeky grin, then he opened his mouth and swallowed the beast core.

    “You ate it?” Huang Xiaolong was shocked.

    A wicked beast’s beast core is concentrated with its element, but this concentrated element isn’t pure. It can only be swallowed after it is refined with other elixirs into pills if a practitioner swallows a beast core directly will die from bursting due to the violent beast element within the core.

    But the little monkey’s still fine after swallowing the beast core!

    Looking at the little monkey act Huang Xiaolong is speechless. A moment later, he turned to look at the Bara Floret Python’s corpse, after a short consideration he left the body as is and walked away with the little violet monkey back to Huang Clan Manor.

    Back to Huang Clan Manor, Huang Xiaolong instructed one of the guards to buy some wine, which he mixed the snake gall in; and he gulped the whole jug of wine down his throat.

    Once the wine hits the belly, a raw energy emerges, immediately replaced by a warm current spreading throughout its body.

    Huang Xiaolong immediately runs Asura Tactics to refine the snake gall’s energies.

    One night passed.

    When he woke up, there’s a hint of delight in Huang Xiaolong’s eye, from last night’s practice his battle qi has increased a lot; one snake gall is equivalent to one month’s hard penance.

    There’s a gut feeling, in these few days he will break through to Fourth Order!
    The obstacle to reaching Fourth Order has become thinner thus he could breakthrough at any time. Standing up from the cold jade bed, just after he kept it back into Asura Ring, he heard his sister, Huang Min’s voice calling from outside the courtyard: “Big Brother, Big Brother!”

    Huang Xiaolong is slightly baffled, the sun just rises and already this little girl ran over to look for him; not knowing what has happened, Huang Xiaolong walked out from his room.

    “Big Brother, Dad and MoM want you to head over to the Main Hall.” Huang Min came into the courtyard and said.

    “To the Main Hall?” Doubt crossed Huang Xiaolong’s mind, only important matters involving the Clan are discussed in the Main Hall.

    Stepping out from the small courtyard, Huang Xiaolong arrived at the Main Hall; he noticed his parents are already there, also Eldest Uncle Huang Ming, Huang Wei including the elders of Huang Clan Manor.

    When Huang Xiaolong stepped into the hall, gazes of different meaning were directed at him, and Huang Wei looked at him with venomous eyes.

    “Dad, Mom.” Huang Xiaolong came beside Huang Peng and Su Yan then sat down.

    Huang Peng and Su Yan nodded at their son, face full of smile looking at their child.

    Huang Qide and Li Mu walked into the Main Hall at this moment; beside Li Mu is his granddaughter, Li Lu. Seeing Li Mu and Li Lu are also present, Huang Xiaolong already could guess the reason.

    As expected, after Grandfather Huang Qide took his seat, gave a cursory glance at those present in the Main Hall, smile and said: “I requested everyone here is to inform everyone one matter, in the future our Huang Clan Manor and the Li family will be in-laws.”

    “Become in-laws.” The Main Hall broke into small commotions but they’re not exactly surprised with the news for it was already leaked out earlier.

    Huang Wei was thrilled when he heard this, and at this time, Huang Qide continued: “That’s right, an engagement between Huang Clan Manor’s Huang Wei with Li Family’s Miss Li Lu.

    All the elders immediately stood up to congratulate: “Congratulations, Old Manor Lord!”

    “No, I don’t agree!” Suddenly a voice spoke out; it was so unexpected that everyone was astonished, looking at the source of the voice; it turned out to be Li Lu who was sitting beside Li Mu.
    “Lu’er, you!” Li Mu was about to admonish her, but was interrupted by Li Lu: “No Grandfather, I don’t like this Huang Wei!” As she said this, her head turned, and a finger pointed at Huang Xiaolong: “I like him, if I’m to be engaged, I want to be engaged to him!”

    Dead silence conquered the Main Hall.

    There’s a look of expectancy on everyone’s face.

    Whereas the smiles that blossomed on Huang Ming and Huang Wei’s wilted uglily, stunned speechless by the words coming out of Li Lu’s mouth; especially Huang Wei, his face turned red then darken plum-purple. His gaze fell upon Huang Xiaolong, wishing he could swallow Huang Xiaolong alive.

    Huang Xiaolong himself was stunned, staring at the little girl pointing at him, trying to rope him in.

    “Nonsense!” Recovering his sense, Li Mu reprimanded.

    Li Lu’s small mouth pouted, determinedly said: “Grandfather, I’m not saying nonsense, I’m telling the truth; I like him!” Looking at Huang Xiaolong, she continued: “He look so cool beating people up!”

    Hearing that sentence, everyone present isn’t sure whether to laugh to cry, just because  during the Clan Assembly yesterday Huang Xiaolong looks cool beating up Huang Wei thus this Li Lu ‘likes’ Huang Xiaolong, and will not marry anyone but Huang Xiaolong?

    Li Mu found the situation extremely embarrassing, but no matter how he admonished Li Lu, she just wouldn’t change her mind; insisting on Huang Xiaolong instead on Huang Wei.

    “Brother Qide, this…” In the end, he faced Huang Qide helplessly; both of them had already decided on this matter early on, now they are just going through the motion of making it official by gathering everyone here, but now!

    Huang Qide was silent for a moment then said: “Let’s wait two years then decide.”

    Li Mu nodded; it seems this is the only way.

    Huang Wei seeing such an issue arises due to Huang Xiaolong or ‘Hellion Huang’, his eyes became even more venomous as he stared fixedly at Huang Xiaolong; and of course, Huang Xiaolong could feel the hatred. Nevertheless, his expression was calm as he sat there, not caring one bit.

    Moments later, everyone left.

    Huang Xiaolong left the Main Hall together with his Dad and Mom; returning to his small yard after separating from his parents. He continued to practice as looking forward to finding out once he breaks through to Fourth Order, his martial spirits will undergo another transformation and what it will bring.

    Time speeds and five days had passed.

    This night, Huang Xiaolong sat cross-legged on the cold jade bed, running Asura Tactics as the Netherworld’s spiritual energy washes down like an endless waterfall, and the double-headed serpent devouring rapidly; the netherworld battle qi crash violently, again and again against the barrier to Fourth Order.

    Similar to the previous breakthrough to Second Order, and Third Order, under Huang Xiaolong’s persistent and perseverance circulating his battle qi, at last, the fourth order barriers cracked, fissures gradually increased bigger.

    Fourth Order, breakthrough!

    However, at the same moment he crossed into Fourth Order, the double-headed serpent martial spirits behind Huang Xiaolong suddenly emitted bright colored rays of black as well as blue. A loud roar seemingly similar to a dragon’s and yet not at the same time rang out; the double-headed serpent actually split starting from the head to the tail; two serpent bodies emerged – one blue serpent and one black serpent!

    Wrong, to be exact, not blue serpent and black serpent because after it had split into two, four claws grew under both serpent and the new scales that grew looks more like dragon scales!

    Uglily (adverb)

    Thank you for the encouragement; fingers crossed that I will not stop midway.

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    Chapter 01: Snow Wind Continent

    Night slowly settled in a quiet manner and bright stars began to appear.

    On the hillside, a child about six years old is standing in a strange position. The child’s feet are stretched open, toes touching the ground with the heels lifted, hands raised high above the head, his head tilted up, and faint spiritual energy constantly circled within his small body.

    Moonlight shone down, enveloping the child's body.

    The boy continued his practice in this bizarre position, inhaling spiritual energy into his body, letting it flow along the meridians.

    Night slowly passed.

    As the moonlight faded, replaced by the first rays of sunshine, the child slowly lowered his palms. His eyes opened to reveal deep, dark pupils that seemed to have a sharp golden glint deep within them.

    Huang Xiaolong breathed out a mouthful of foul air, his eyes staring at the rising sun. From the day he was born till the present day, it had been seven years since he came to this world. He started practicing the Body Metamorphose Scripture since he was three and now four years later, he had managed to reach the Third Stage: Palm Propping the Sky Gate.

    In his previous life, his ancestors trained under the banner of the Shaolin Temple and the Body Metamorphose Scripture was an inheritance from his ancestors. Until now, Huang Xiaolong has been unable to understand the reason why, someone like him who was hailed as a prodigy of martial arts in his time, was brought to this world.

    And the matter that depressed Huang Xiaolong the most was that he awoke in the body of a newborn baby.

    Huang Xiaolong looked at his small thin arms and smiled sourly. He had been seventeen, and after fourteen years of hard work, he had managed to train in the Body Metamorphose Scripture up till the Ninth stage, but never could he have imagined that he would be starting all over again.

    At this moment, Huang Xiaolong heard the soft rustle of footsteps, coming from the direction of the hillside. Huang Xiaolong knew who it was without having to look over his shoulder and sure enough, soon a tender, childlike voice cried out: "Big Brother, I know that you are here to see the sunrise. Dad and Mom are looking for you.”

    Huang Xiaolong turned over his shoulder and saw a lovely little five-year-old girl, big round eyes and her hair braided into two long braids coming up the small hill. This little girl was Huang Xiaolong’s sister, Huang Min.

    Other than Huang Min, Huang Xiaolong had another brother, three years younger than him named Huang Xiaohai.

    "Dad and Mom are looking for me?" Huang Xiaolong asked. "What is the matter?"

    "I don’t know." Huang Min’s voice was laced with innocence, "Brother, let’s go back. If we are late, then Dad and Mom will spank your backside!”

    When Huang Xiaolong heard this, he smiled and squeezed Huang Min’s cute little cheeks before saying, "Let’s go then,"

    Huang Min rubbed the spot where Huang Xiaolong pinched her little face, pouted then said sulkily: "Brother, you are truly hateful. I have told you, no pinching of my cheeks!”

    However, just as Huang Min’s finished speaking, her cheeks were once again pinched by Huang Xiaolong, who laughed heartily as he made his escape. Huang Min chased after him screaming, trying to catch up.

    "Brother, don’t run!"

    The siblings frolicked all the way down the hill until they got back to the Huang Clan Manor situated at the foothills.

    Although he was already seventeen in his previous life, being with his sister Huang Min brought out the child in him.

    Soon, the siblings got to the Huang Clan Manor.

    Back in the manor, Huang Xiaolong headed straight to the Eastern Courtyard’s main hall. When he arrived at the main hall, there was a scholarly looking middle-aged man in his mid-thirties dressed in a white robe sitting on the head seat, and next to him was a pretty woman. This married couple was Huang Xiaolong’s parents in this life, his father Huang Peng, and his mother, Su Yan.

    "Dad, Mom, you were looking for me?" Huang Xiaolong asked as he walked into the hall.

    Huang Peng raised his sharp, sword-like brows: "Where did you run off to so early in the morning?"

    "It’s fine. Don’t frighten the child." Su Yan interjected with a smile: "Long’er, in a few days you will be seven years old. It’s about time to awaken the Martial spirit in your body. Your father and I are planning to bring you over to the Martial Hall for the awakening ceremony.”

    Martial spirit awakening? Huang Xiaolong blanked for a moment.

    In this world, humans have an existence termed as martial spirits in their body. Human warriors’ strength was closely related to the talents of these martial spirits, and they were graded into low, average, and high; within each grade, they are rated one to ten. Martial spirits graded ten and above were considered as superb talent martial spirits, a heaven-defying existence. The higher the talent the better the body absorbs the world’s spiritual energy and become a strong Warrior.

    Nevertheless, there were also people born without martial spirits or crippled martial spirits were unable to train. In Martial Spirit World, these people were labeled as wastes!

    Martial spirits….. A light flashed across Huang Xiaolong’s eyes for he too wanted to know if he possessed any martial spirit in his body and if he does what martial spirit would it be?

    Thus, Huang Xiaolong was led by Su Yan and Huang Peng went to the Martial Hall of the Huang Clan Manor. When they arrived at the outer area of the scared hall, it was already packed with people waiting with their children wanting to awaken martial spirits; other than Huang Xiaolong, there were also other brothers of the Huang Clan Manor who were present.


    An imposing middle-aged man stood in the center of the Martial Hall; he had a square face and thick, dense eyebrows, and an oppressive aura came from him. This man was Huang Peng’s older brother, Huang Ming. Also Huang Xiaolong’s Uncle; and next to Huang Ming stood a boy the same age as Huang Xiaolong; Uncle Huang Ming’s second son, Huang Wei, also here for the martial spirit awakening ceremony.

    Huang Peng and Su Yan led Huang Xiaolong to the hall center, greeting Huang Ming, Huang Peng called out: "Big Brother.”

    Huang Xiaolong followed, calling: “Uncle.”

    When Huang Ming saw it was Huang Peng and Su Yan, his expressionless deadpan face loosened slightly, he nodded lightly and said: "You’re here."

    In Huang Xiaolong’s memory, he had never seen this uncle of his laugh. Huang Ming was in charge of the Huang Clan Manor’s Punishment and Disciplinary hall; therefore, he was a very strict person.

    Huang Ming did not utter another word after that, and Huang Peng knowing his brother's temperament, took no offense.

    Not long after Huang Xiaolong arrived, a hearty laughter resounded from outside the hall. As Huang Xiaolong and the others turned to look, a healthy looking old man surrounded by a group of people entered the hall. This old man was none other Huang Xiaolong’s grandfather, Huang Qide, the Huang Clan Manor’s lord for the past forty years, the very person who established the Huang Clan.

    "Old Manor Lord!"

    Upon Huang Qide’s arrival, residents of Huang Clan Manor present in the hall quickly rushed over to pay their respects.

    Huang Ming, Huang Peng, and Su Yan also moved forward quickly: "Dad!”

    Huang Xiaolong and Huang Wei both came forward: "Grandpa.”

    Huang Qide smiled, nodded his head at Huang Ming’s group before turning to face the rest of Huang Clan Manor’s people-- he smiled and said: "Do not stand on ceremony. Today, I came over just to have a look.” Usually, the Old Manor Lord would not make an appearance during the martial spirits awakening ceremony at the Martial Hall, however, this year was special because of Huang Wei and Huang Xiaolong. This, Old Manor Lord exited his closed-door retreat earlier than planned.

    Huang Qide walked to the front of the main hall, his eyes swept over the crowd in the hall before finally stopping on an old man in a gray robe standing next to him, laughing amiably Huang Qide said: “Since everyone is already here, let’s begin.”

    "Yes, Manor Lord." The old man in gray-robe answered respectfully, and then he walked to the center of the hall.

    The old man in a gray robe was Huang Clan Manor’s Chief Steward Chen Ying; Huang Xiaolong heard his father said Chen Ying had been a follower of Grandfather Huang Qide for a long time-- even before Huang Qide established the Huang Clan Manor, he was already by grandfather’s side.

    Chen Ying stood at the center of the hall, a light glowed in his hands, spreading an overwhelming force around the hall.

    Huang Xiaolong eyes flashed; is this power of a Ninth Order Warrior’s battle qi?  So strong! Even with the strength of his previous life, having trained in the Body Metamorphose Scripture till the ninth stage, he still would not be Chen Ying’s opponent.

    With Chen Ying’s channeling his battle qi, suddenly, in the center of the hall, a bright hexagonal pattern shone, forming a beam of light.

    "Huang Wei, you first." Huang Qide looked to Huang Wei.

    "Yes, Grandfather." Huang Wei answered and stepped forward into the hexagonal pattern light beam. As the beam of light fell on Huang Wei, the focus of everyone in the hall was on Huang Wei who was now standing within the beam of light. Huang Ming’s face which had always been expressionless showed a faint trace of tension as he watched his son.

    The beam of light wrapped around Huang Wei for a brief moment before a black light took over, and enveloped around Huang Wei. Finally, the black shadow of a tiger gradually emerged from behind Huang Wei. It was a black tiger with three eyes.  As the shape of the black tiger condensed and become more real, a ferocious tiger’s roar echoed in the main hall.

    Everyone was stunned.

    Huang Qide stared at the faint black shadow behind his grandson Huang Wei; his eyes shone brightly as he let out a big laugh, tremendously pleased.

    "This is a grade ten martial spirit, the Three-Eyed Black Tiger!" The Chief Steward Chen Ying cried out in a trembling voice.

    A Three-Eyed Black Tiger martial spirit was considered one of the top among the high-grade martial spirits; it was infinitely the closest to being a superb talent martial spirit.

    Huang Wei’s martial spirits turned out to be a grade ten martial spirits, the Three-Eyed Black Tiger!

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    Chapter 02: Grade Seven Martial Spirits?


    "A grade ten Martial Spirits, it turned out to be a grade ten martial spirit!"

    A grade ten Martial Spirits was scarce, not only in Canglan County but the entire kingdom. 

    Huang Ming looked the three-eyed black tiger floating behind his son; both of his fists were clenched tightly barely able to contain the excitement he felt at this moment, even so, his body trembled slightly.

    Huang Qide’s laughter continued to reverberate in the hall for a while. He did not expect his impromptu visit to the Martial Hall would give him such a wonderful surprise!

    "Good, good, good!" Huang Qide repeated three times the word ‘good’ with a wide smile. Inhaling deeply, he gathered himself as he tried to suppress the excitement in his heart.

    His eyes were full of joy as he looked lovingly at his grandson possessing a grade ten martial spirit. He believed with the support and cultivation from the Huang Clan Manor in regards to his grandson’s practice, Huang Wei surely will surpass him and achieve the realm that he could only dream of in his life.


    At this moment, Huang Peng walked towards Huang Ming to offer his congratulations: "Congratulations Big Brother.”

    Huang Ming looked at Huang Peng’s sincere face, Huang Ming hand patted Huang Peng’s shoulders and said: "Thank you, Second Brother. Let’s wait awhile, Xiaolong has yet to awaken his martial spirit, there is a chance that he too might possess a grade ten martial spirit.” However, those who heard this understood that they were only words of comfort. After all, grade ten martial spirits weren’t white cabbages.

    In the big hall, Huang Clan Manor Elders and some stewards were busy congratulating Huang Ming.

    "Wei’er, come here." At this time, Huang Qide at the center of the hall laughed as he waved at Huang Wei.

    “Yes, Grandfather." Huang Wei replied. Before arriving at Huang Qide’s side, he passed in front of Huang Xiaolong, and Huang Wei’s eyes inadvertently swept past Huang Xiaolong, carrying obvious complacent and arrogance. This little exchange went unnoticed by others however, it did not escape Huang Xiaolong’s notice.


    Grade ten martial spirit, Huang Xiaolong calmly looked back at him.

    Although Huang Wei was his cousin, the two of then weren’t close. Two years ago, Huang Wei and several children of the Elders were bullying his sister Huang Min and coincidentally, Huang Xiaolong chance upon this scene. Thus the consequence needed no explanation. Huang Wei and the several Elders’ children were beaten up miserably, ever since then Huang Wei has held a grudge. 

    Huang Wei came to stand in front Huang Qide, and Huang Qide’s hand reached out to rub Huang Wei’s head, smiling and filled with love. Laughing, he turned to Huang Ming and said, “Huang Ming, you did a good job of giving birth to a good grandson!”

    On the other end, listening to his father’s praise, Huang Ming felt a little embarrassed, ”Dad, don’t you think we should first continue with the awakening ceremony?”

    Huang Qide nodded in agreement; this was not the proper time to discuss this matter, smiling amicably, he said, “Right, let’s continue with the awakening ceremony.”

    After Huang Wei, it was Huang Xiaolong’s turn. When Huang Qide spoke, the elders, stewards, and disciples could not help but turned to look at Huang Xiaolong. Huang Wei as one of Huang Qide’s grandsons has a grade ten martial spirit. What about Huang Xiaolong?

    With the assembled clan members watching, Huang Xiaolong calmly stepped into the hexagon-patterned light beam.

    Huang Peng and Su Yan could not help but hold each other’s hand nervously, even their heartbeats quickened watching their son, Huang Xiaolong stepping into the hexagonal light beam.

    Huang Xiaolong did not stay long inside the light beam area, and just like Huang Wei, a black light also appeared around Huang Xiaolong’s body. Seeing this scene the crowd stared blankly, subsequently, a blue light suddenly appeared next to the black light; two different lights flashed intermittently, giving a devilish feeling. 

    Then, a black shadow and a blue shadow appeared behind Huang Xiaolong’s head. Everyone saw a serpent-like creature that has two heads − one with a black head, the other a blue head.


    The people around exchanged glances with each other.

    A double-headed serpent martial spirit?!

    Within their knowledge of beast type martial spirits, a double-headed serpent was either red or yellow in color, but this double-headed serpent appeared in black and blue.

    Huang Qide looked at the martial spirit behind Huang Xiaolong, his puzzled eyes were tinted with a trace of disappointment. In his opinion, this grandson’s martial spirit was nothing but a variation of the double-headed serpent martial spirit. Some Huang Clan Manor disciples also possess variation type of martial spirits. Therefore, the emergence of variation martial spirit was not uncommon. Even though a grade seven double-headed serpents was considered as high-grade martial spirits, compared to Huang Wei’s Three-Eyed Black Tiger the difference was like heaven and earth.


    Huang Peng and Su Yan looked at the martial spirit hovering behind their son and Huang Peng’s expression differed not from Huang Qide. Although compared to the majority of the clan people a grade seven martial spirit’s talent was considered high, Huang Peng was still a little disappointed with the outcome. Which parents doesn’t wish the best for their children?

    "Old Manor Lord, what do you think?" Chief Steward Chen Ying couldn’t help but refer to Huang Qide.

    Huang Qide declared: "A variation of the double-headed serpent, grade seven martial spirit."

    All Elders and stewards present in the temple hall nodded their heads, apparently agreeing with the Old Manor Lord’s judgment.

    Grade seven martial spirits, a variation of the double-headed serpent? Huang Xiaolong stepped out of from the hexagonal patterned beam, his face calm. Only he knew his martial spirit wasn’t as simple as a variation of the double-headed serpent. 

    Seeing Huang Xiaolong’s martial spirit was only a grade seven variant double-headed serpent, Huang Wei’s mouth curved into a mocking sneer, his eyes provoking as they directed at Huang Xiaolong.

    Huang Xiaolong naturally noticed Huang Wei’s provoking eyes, but he doesn’t mind in the least for he is too lazy to play a staring game with a little kid. 

    The child after Huang Xiaolong was Elder Zhou Guang’s son, Zhou Xuedong. Zhou Xuedong was one of the Huang Clan Manor kids Huang Xiaolong beat up for bullying Huang Min.


    Shortly, Zhou Xuedong’s martial spirits were revealed, a grade six martial spirit − the Blood-Eyes Wolf. One by one, more than a dozen of the Huang Clan Manor’s children stepped into the light beam and had their martial spirits awakened. Most of them possessed grade four martial spirits, some five, and even a few of grade six martial spirits. There were a number of waste martial spirits and low-level ones.

    In this round of martial spirits awakening ceremony, though Huang Xiaolong’s martial spirits came in second, but there were not much of a difference as he and the rest of the Huang Clan Manor children were just a sideshow, overshadowed by Huang Wei’s grade ten martial spirit.

    After the awakening ceremony ended, Huang Qide smiled and said to Huang Ming, Huang Peng, and the present elders: "I will personally be advising Huang Wei’s practice from now on.” 

    Personally advise? Everyone was astonished.

     "Yes, Dad!" Huang Ming’s face bloomed, agreeing immediately.

    Looking at his own son, Huang Peng sighed regretfully in his heart after hearing his father’s plan to oversee Huang Wei's cultivation personally.

    After a while, the crowd dispersed and the Martial Hall was closed.


    Returning to the Eastern Courtyard, Su Yan’s heart was brimming with dissatisfaction, "How could Dad show such favoritism? He wants to oversee Huang Wei's practice personally, what about our Xiaolong, is Xiaolong not his grandson?” 

    Huang Peng frowned and waved his hand, his voice heavy as he said: “Don’t mention this anymore. No one is allowed to bring up this matter in the future.” However in his heart, he too, felt aggrieved but with Huang Wei’s grade ten martial spirit, it was granted that his father would want to do so.

    "Xiaolong, your talent is also good, put more effort into your practice, achieving an Eighth Order Warrior will not difficult for you.” Huang Peng turned towards Huang Xiaolong and comforted.

    "I understand, Dad." Huang Xiaolong opened his mouth wanting to tell Huang Peng and Su Yan that his martial spirit shouldn’t be a grade seven, in the end, he could only reply as such, and not say anything more.

    Before Huang Xiaolong left, Huang Peng gave him a cultivation technique for training battle qi and explained the important points Huang Xiaolong should focus on during practice. Huang Xiaolong listened attentively and memorized them in his heart.


    After leaving the Eastern Courtyard’s main hall, Huang Xiaolong returned to his own small courtyard and began practicing his battle qi according to the cultivation technique his father gave to him. He sat down on the bed and started absorbing the world’s spiritual energy according to the first order instruction.

    As Huang Xiaolong ran the cultivation technique, his martial spirits came out of his body; the variant double-headed serpent emerged behind Huang Xiaolong. The so-called grade seven double-headed serpent in Huang Qide’s eyes suddenly stretched its jaw wide and devoured the surrounding spiritual energy at horrifying speed, attracting the spiritual energy around Huang Xiaolong.

    The spiritual energy devoured by the double-headed serpent flowed into Huang Xiaolong’s body, traveling along the meridians and gradually transformed into battle qi.


    Night approached slowly, and moonlight came shining in from the small courtyard window.

    A short while later Huang Xiaolong opened his eyes. His face wore an extremely weird expression. Earlier, he followed the instructions from the cultivation technique his father gave him, the Xuan Qin cultivation technique’s first layer, to condense his battle qi by running spiritual energy along the meridians, and he managed to direct the flow of spiritual energy for one complete turn without obstacles or difficulties.

    Within these few hours, not only did he successfully convert spiritual energy into battle qi, he broke through to First Order Warrior!

    Huang Xiaolong’s heart was filled with a sense of disbelief; if he remembered correctly, his father mentioned that his grandfather spent nearly six months before successfully breaking through to First Order Warrior!

    His grandfather, Huang Qide’s martial spirit is one of the top grade eight martial spirits, the Six-winged Golden Ape!  

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    Chapter 03: Only Xiaolong is Excluded

    If others knew got to know Huang Xiaolong not only managed to convert battle qi but also breakthrough to become a First Order Warrior in just a few hours’ time, it probably would scare them half to death.

    Even Huang Xiaolong himself found it hard to believe, much less the others.  

    Although from early on Huang Xiaolong had the suspicion that his martial spirit was not just some simple grade seven martial spirit, still, this result was too heaven-defying. According to his father, the higher the grade of a martial spirit, the higher the cultivation talent and the faster one’s cultivation speed. His grandfather Huang Qide possessed a top-tier grade eight Six-winged Golden Ape martial spirit and it took him half a year to breakthrough to the First Order warrior whereas he had only spent a few hours. In other words, his martial spirit’s grade was even higher than his grandfather’s!

    Grade ten martial spirit? No, grade ten martial spirits cultivation speed wouldn’t be this terrifying, and then a thought streaked across Huang Xiaolong’s mind...

    Superb talent martial spirit!

    Superb martial spirits existed only in myths and legends.

    Above grade ten, it was said to exist grade eleven, even twelve! Although people are unsure of the highest grade of martial spirits that existed, it was certain that Huang Xiaolong’s martial spirit was definitely above grade ten.

    Moments later, Huang Xiaolong managed to calm down the excitement in his heart and continued running the XuanQin cultivation technique. The double-headed serpent once again emerged behind him with their mouths wide open, devouring the world’s spiritual energy while battle qi circulates along Huang Xiaolong’s meridians following the First Order Warriors’ meridian route.  

    This time around, the battle qi circulation speed was a lot faster than before and Huang Xiaolong clearly noticed the battle qi within his meridians had grown thicker. Although the difference was not obvious but after circulating his battle qi a dozen times, the battle qi’s thickness increased by almost half of the original density.

    By the time Huang Xiaolong opened his eyes the gentle moonlight had dissipated and was replaced by a ray of sunlight streaming in through the window onto his small body.

    Under the warm morning sun, Huang Xiaolong stretched lazily and got out from the bed. During last night’s practice, not only did he breakthrough to a First Order Warrior but he actually reached mid-First Order.

    “Mid-First Order.” Huang Xiaolong’s deep eyes watched the rising sun. According to this practice speed, within three days he would be able to reach late-First Order, perhaps even breakthrough to the Second Order warrior!

    Huang Xiaolong walked out from the room to the small yard, his small hands clenched into a fist, gathering his battle qi in his fist, Huang Xiaolong punched towards a half-meter big rock at the corner of the small yard.

    "Boom!" The sound of an explosion rang out and the half-meter big rock flew back and fell rolling a few meters away, a corner of the rock crumbled into pieces and scattered on the ground.

    Huang Xiaolong looked at the result and nodded his head in satisfaction. In general, late-First Order warriors’ battle qi has the strength of one stone, while he was only a mid-First Order but because he trained in the Body Metamorphose Scripture, his attack power was comparable to a late-First Order.

    The power of one stone was calculated at one hundred and twenty pounds.

    Huang Xiaolong also noticed after one night of practicing battle qi, the muscles in his body was stronger and firmer. 

    Warriors from the First to Third Order were group into the initial stages of cultivation and in this initial stage when battle qi flows along the meridians it would refine the body’s muscles. By the time Huang Xiaolong reached the pinnacle of the Third Order warrior, his muscles would be fully developed, enhancing his reflexes, strength, and defense several times higher compared to his current body.

    At this moment, sounds of light footsteps came from outside the yard; Huang Xiaolong was alerted and then shook his head, he smiled when he knew the visitor was his little sister Huang Min.

    Sure enough, Huang Min’s innocent, tender voice sounded: "Big Brother, Big Brother!

    Huang Xiaolong turned around and saw Huang Min running into the yard when she reached Huang Xiaolong, Huang Min was panting heavily: "Big brother, Mom and Dad are arguing.”

    “Mom and Dad are arguing? What’s the matter?” Huang Xiaolong was confused for a moment. In his memory, his Dad and Mom have never quarreled.

    "I don’t know the reason, but it seems it’s related to Uncle.” Huang Min said.

    "Uncle?" Huang Xiaolong frowned slightly, saying: "We’ll go and see." Leaving the small courtyard with Huang Min, they hurried to the Eastern Courtyard. However, even before they reached the Eastern Courtyard’s hall, from some distance away, the sound of their parents quarreling echoed out.

    "Big Brother is too much!" Su Yan’s voice filled with anger sounded. “After the martial spirit awakening ceremony, all the children received a Battle Qi Dan except for our Xiaolong!”

    Huang Xiaolong’s pace halted.

    Battle Qi Dan?− a second-grade pellet. After awakening martial spirit, if one could get a Battle Qi Dan, it speeds up battle qi conversion and of course, for warriors belonging to the initial stages, a Battle Qi Dan also aid in enhances battle qi quality.

    "Didn’t Big Brother already say the Manor’s supply of Battle Qi Dan just ran out? He will compensate Xiaolong next time.” Huang Peng’s irritated voice was heard coming from inside the hall.

    “There was a total of twenty-six children during the martial spirit awakening ceremony and even those with low-level and waste martial spirits received a Battle Qi Dan except for our Xiaolong who is a grade seven martial spirit who didn’t get any!” Su Yan raised her voice in anger.

    “Why is it so? Our Xiaolong is his nephew!”

    Huang Xiaolong brows creased into a furrow, listening to his parents’ quarrel, he understood clearly – other than him, all other children were given a Battle Qi Dan to aid their cultivation.

    Two years ago, when Huang Xiaolong seriously beat up Huang Wei, at that time Huang Ming did not say anything, now it was clear that Uncle Huang Ming’s resentment towards him had been stewing for a long time.

    Although his grandfather, Huang Qide had yet to pass the Manor Lord position to his Uncle Huang Ming, it was irrefutable that most matters of the manor were handled by him, especially in recent years. Just like what his mother, Su Yan said, even those with waste and low-level martial spirits were given a Battle Qi Dan, only Huang Xiaolong, his nephew, did not get any: this was blatant bullying! 

    No matter what, Huang Xiaolong was Huang Ming’s nephew-- is it necessary for Huang Ming to act so crudely?

    Huang Ming’s action not only proved he resented Huang Xiaolong, it also equals to sweeping the face of Huang Xiaolong’s parents, Huang Peng, and Su Yan, in front of all the Huang Clan Manor Elders.

    "This cannot be. I’m going to ask Dad to judge the fairness of this matter!" Inside the hall, Su Yan said angrily for she is unable to swallow this down.

    "You come back here!" Huang Peng shouted furiously, "For some small matter, you are going to trouble Father, do you think that I haven’t lost enough face?”

    Outside the hall, when Huang Xiaolong heard this, he silently turned to leave. A small matter, is it? A glint flashed across Huang Xiaolong eyes; his Uncle Huang Ming has not yet to take over the Manor Lord’s position, but once he has officially taken over then these types of small things will become bigger!

    Huang Min saw Huang Xiaolong remained silent and turned to leave without a word; she could not help but dazed for a moment before reacting. She tried to catch up to Huang Xiaolong, "Big Brother, Big Brother!

    Huang Xiaolong did not reply, the two of them left the Eastern Courtyard. Coincidentally, just as he stepped out they came face-to-face with Huang Wei. Trailing behind him was his usual gang of brothers, the same group that bullied Huang Min.

    Seeing both Huang Xiaolong and his sister coming out from the Eastern Courtyard, Huang Wei was startled for a bit before he stepped towards Huang Xiaolong with the group.


    Sweeping/Slapping face- actions of insult.
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    Chapter 4: The Annual Clan Assembly


    Seeing Huang Wei and the several boys behind him walking their way, Huang Min swiftly hid behind Huang Xiaolong.

    Huang Xiaolong stood there, his expression indifferent to Huang Wei and the others who are approaching. 

    Huang Wei came to a stand in front of Huang Xiaolong, and looked at him with condescending eyes saying, "Huang Xiaolong, do you think you can protect your sister for a lifetime?”

    Hearing this Huang Xiaolong revealed a sinister evil smile, his eyes dotted red with a lust for blood, and retorted lightly: "So what, do you want to fight?" His heart was already fuming coming out of the Eastern Courtyard.  

    The eldest son of Elder Zhou Guang, Zhou Xuedong was standing behind Huang Wei and was unhappy with Huang Xiaolong’s attitude, “D*mn it, who do you think you…!” Before his sentence finished, a pitiful cry rang out, and it was due to Huang Xiaolong kicking Zhou Guang in the belly so hard that he flew out, curling like a cooked shrimp.

    Since Huang Xiaolong’s heart was on fire, so the power he exerted in this kick was naturally not light. Zhou Xuedong flew out, dropped to the ground and rolled six to seven meters before coming to a stop; his hands clutched his belly and his mouth was wide opened but no sound came out – it was as if all his internal organs were burning in a sea of fire

    After gasping a few breaths, Zhou Xuedong cried and d*amn, it was an earth-shattering, ugly-looking looking of cry. Huang Xiaolong glanced at the dust-covered Zhou Xuedong, his face wet with tears coming down like a waterfall, Huang Xiaolong curled his lips thinking; A little brat is a little brat, tears just like piss, just touch it a little and it will start leaking.

    “You!” Huang Wei and his gang reacted at this moment. All of them stared at Huang Xiaolong with shock and panic in their eyes. Huang Wei didn’t expect Huang Xiaolong to be so ruthless, even more so compared to two years ago. 

    "What about me?" Huang Xiaolong looked directly at Huang Wei and the boys behind him, a brilliant smile surface "You also want me to give you a kick?"

    Hearing this, Huang Wei and the rest retreated a few steps by reflex, looking warily at Huang Xiaolong’s right leg.

    Huang Xiaolong laughed watching this scene, and Huang Xiaolong’s laughter caused Huang Wei’s face to turn beet-red with anger and shame; Fire raged in Huang Wei’s heart and he shouted at Huang Xiaolong in order to cover to his embarrassment, "Huang Xiaolong, you dare to assault an Elder’s son without good reason, just wait for your punishment!”

    “Assault without reason?" Huang Xiaolong’s cold eyes swept across Huang Wei, sharp as a knife.


    Huang Wei did not dare to look directly at Huang Xiaolong eyes, declared weakly with false bravado: "You, just you wait until the end of the year’s annual assembly; I will let you look good!" Then, Huang Wei left with the boys trailing behind him in quick, panicky steps, not forgetting to bring along Zhou Xuedong who is still clutching his belly.

    "Big Brother, you hit Zhou Xuedong, if Huang Wei complained about it to Eldest Uncle, at that time will he…?” Huang Min asked with a worried expression, thinking how their Eldest Uncle Huang Ming whipped people during punishment, Huang Min couldn’t help but feel afraid.

    "It’s nothing. Don’t worry about it." Huang Xiaolong said without any concern as he looked at the awkward retreating backs of Huang Wei’s group.  

    He was confident that his kick would not leave any detectable bruises or injuries, even if Huang Ming or Zhou Guang checked Zhou Xuedong’s body, they will not find any evidence. Even if his Uncle Huang Ming wants to punish him, he would still need to have some evidence-- just like two years ago when Huang Xiaolong beat up Huang Wei and that several Elders’ children miserably yet Huang Xiaolong received no punishment.

    At the end of the year’s Clan Assembly]]]]]]]]], Huang Xiaolong muttered to himself after Huang Wei and his group disappeared from view, a sharp light glinted in his eyes.

    At the end of every year, the Huang Clan Manor will hold a clan assembly where young people of Huang Clan Manor of similar ages were allowed to spar with each other as a learning experience.

    It seems Huang Wei was planning to go against him during the Clan Assembly at the end of the year, by doing so Huang Wei will not only display his strength and talent in front of everyone but also settle his grudge with Huang Xiaolong in public.

    There was still five months from now until the Clan Assembly, and five months was enough for with Huang Wei’s talent to reach late-First Order. Moreover, Huang Wei has Grandfather Huang Qide’s support and advice in cultivation. 

    Huang Xiaolong could not help but to laugh, albeit a little sinisterly-- in that case, five months later he would beat up Huang Ming’s son right in front of his face until even he couldn’t recognize his own son.  

    "During the Annual Clan Assembly, Grandfather would probably come to watch." In Huang Xiaolong’s opinion, since Huang Wei was his valued grandson and under his personal tutelage, he will certainly make an appearance.


    A short while later, Huang Xiaolong sent his sister back before heading to the back mountain. 

    At the back of the mountain, Huang Xiaolong practiced the Body Metamorphose Scripture before returning to his small courtyard.

    The Body Metamorphose Scripture was Hua Xia’s secret martial art from his previous life. Even if Huang Xiaolong does not cultivate battle qi, he will continue to train in the Body Metamorphose Scripture. It was rumored that once trained to the highest level, there was a mysterious force hidden in the Body Metamorphose Scripture.

    During last night’s battle qi practice, Huang Xiaolong noticed the internal force inside his body circulated along his meridians the same time as battle qi, complementing each other. Huang Xiaolong reaching mid-First Order warrior is due to his training in the Body Metamorphose Scripture for four years, otherwise, even if Huang Xiaolong has a superb talent martial spirits, it is impossible to reach mid-First Order warrior in just one night.

    Back in his small courtyard, Huang Xiaolong started running the Xuan Qin’s cultivation technique and continued his battle qi practice.


    Three days passed quickly.

    In these past three days, apart from eating and answering nature’s call, every minute was spent in practicing. From practicing battle qi in his yard and running to the back mountain to train the Body Metamorphose Scripture.

    On the fourth day.                             

    The silvery moonlight shined in the dead silence of the night.

    Like the past three nights, Huang Xiaolong sat on his bed practiced according to the Xuan Qin cultivation technique. The double-headed serpent martial spirit emerged behind him, devouring heaven and earth’s spiritual energy at horrifying speed and channeled them into Huang Xiaolong’s body, converting into battle qi. Compared to three days before, the thickness of Huang Xiaolong’s battle qi inside his body had increased by ten folds. Running the cultivation technique, battle qi surged along the meridians rapidly.

    After three days of non-stop practice, Huang Xiaolong reached the peak of late-First Order; he had a hunch that tonight he will be able to breakthrough to the Second Order.

    About one hour later as battle qi surged in Huang Xiaolong’s meridians, the speed became faster and volatile like waves stormy waves, inducing pain as they crashed against the meridians but to Huang Xiaolong this level of pain was nothing to him.

    As battle qi crashed violently in his meridians, Huang Xiaolong had a feeling of breakthrough but was it was blocked a barrier, unable crossover akin to a giant wave crashing against a solid wall, blocked.

    Huang Xiaolong was not discouraged-- he knew it was important to remain calm and continued to run the Xuan Qin cultivation technique, circulating battle qi along his meridians when suddenly, a sound that only he could hear spread out from his body: the second barrier finally broke!

    The first layer meridian broke like a cork unplugged, battle qi instantly gushed into the second layer’s meridians enthusiastically.

    Huang Xiaolong was delighted; finally, after a few days of hard work he broke through to the Second Order Warrior. 



    1. will let you look good -  read as I will let you suffer (tremendously) / You’ll for pay the consequences.

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    Chapter 05: Wants To Cripple Both Of My Arms?


    Second Order Warrior!

    From the first day of cultivation until the Second Order Warrior, Huang Xiaolong spent no more than three days! This was an unprecedented event.

    In general, grade ten martial spirits required at least one year’s time to breakthrough to Second Order; even if one possesses a superb talent martial spirit, one needs at least six months to achieve this result.

    However, Huang Xiaolong only spent three days!

    Suppressing the excitement in his heart, Huang Xiaolong continued to run the Xuan Qin cultivation technique so that the second layer meridians flowed with battle qi, becoming smoother and calmer.

    If first layer battle qi meridians were akin to a small stream, then the second layer battle qi meridians were comparable to a small river, wider and larger, accommodating more battle qi.


    The night passed.

    When the warm morning sunlight streamed through the window onto Huang Xiaolong’s body, Huang Xiaolong ended his practice for the night and opened his eyes; after one night’s practice, he had stabilized his cultivation of Second Order warrior.

    Wonder how’s that little brat Huang Wei’s progress? Huang Xiaolong thought, before jumping down from his bed and heading out of the room. Huang Xiaolong stretched his limbs lazily facing the sun.

    In the little yard, Huang Xiaolong caught sight of the very same half-meter sized big rock in the corner that he hit several days prior.  He couldn’t resist himself so he walked up to the big rock while raising his right hand-- battle qi wrapped around his palm as he lands a strike on the rock. The big rock shook violently and small pieces of stones crumbled down, scattering all over the place.

    On the surface of the big rock, one can see minuscule crack lines; retrieving his right hand, Huang Xiaolong scrutinized the power of his palm, and nodded with satisfaction. As per his expectation, after advancing to the Second Order, his strength was comparable to a late-Second Order warrior-- that’s equivalent to the power of two stones.

    Back on earth, if a seven-year-old kid has the strength of two hundred pounds it would be an unbelievable marvel but here in Martial Spirit World, it was nothing to be lauded.

    Leaving his courtyard, Huang Xiaolong headed towards the Eastern Courtyard.

    But not far from his little courtyard, he heard several manor guards’ gossiping.  

    “Gee, I heard Young Lord Huang Wei successfully converted his battle qi in just three days! During our time, it took us two months to convert our battle qi; at this rate, in less than four months Young Lord Huang Wei will be able to breakthrough to the First Order!”

    “I wonder how Young Lord Xiaolong’s practice coming?”

    “Young Lord Xiaolong? Although Young Lord Xiaolong’s talent is not bad, but to successfully condensed battle qi, he would require at least one month’s time; that is simply incomparable to Young Lord Huang Wei’s speed. To breakthrough to the First Order it would minimum of one year’s time!

    So, that little brat Huang Wei already succeeded in converting his battle qi? Huang Xiaolong stood in the corridor with his hand behind his back, looking like a little adult as he watched the several manor guards walked away.

    No longer bothered with the guards, Huang Xiaolong continued onwards the Eastern Courtyard’s hall. A brief moment later, after he entered the main hall, Huang Xiaolong noticed besides his father and mother, there was also his little sister, Huang Min, and his four-year-old little brother, Huang Xiaohai, in the main hall.

    “Dad, Mom.” Huang Xiaolong called out as he entered.

    “Sit.” Huang Peng raised his head indicating a chair. It was obvious there was a trace of worry on his face. Sitting down, Huang Xiaolong found Su Yan’s expression carried the same worry as his father’s, so he opened his mouth and asked: “Dad, Mom, did something happen?”

    “A few days ago, did you beat up Zhou Guang’s son?” Huang Peng stared at his son and asked.

    Huang Xiaolong directed his gaze towards his little sister, Huang Min; without a doubt, his littlesister telltale on him. Conscious that Huang Xiaolong was looking at her, Huang Min stuck out her small tongue, afraid to look at Huang Xiaolong.

    “That kid was looking for a beating.” Huang Xiaolong replied calmly.

    Huang Peng and Su Yan were taken aback, and exchanged a look with each other.

    “How is your practice these few days?” Ignoring his son’s answer, Huang Peng changed the topic, no longer questioning on the previous matter. These past few days, Huang Xiaolong had been training day and night, regardless of the time. Huang Peng and Su Yan had of course noticed this, both of them felt comforted that Huang Xiaolong was putting effort into his cultivation.

    Hearing his father’s question about his practice, Huang Xiaolong hesitated for a moment; should he tell the truth? Or should he conceal part of his strength or reveal that he already channel battle qi?

    Seeing his son’s look of hesitation, Huang Peng comforted him: “It’s only been a few days, it doesn’t matter if you haven’t successfully condensed out battle qi-- I spent a whole month before I could do it.”

    “That’s right, Xiaolong, your talent is higher than your Dad’s. You’ll definitely be able to condense battle qi after a month.” Su Yan said.

    The truth was, both Huang Peng and Su Yan saw the hesitation on Huang Xiaolong’s face and that made them think Huang Xiaolong was embarrassed to answer that he had yet to condense battle qi.

    Huang Xiaolong blanked for a moment listening to his parent's words of ‘comfort’; however, after a little thinking, he went along his parent's line of thought, saying: “Dad, Mom, rest assured that one month later I will surely be able to condense out battle qi.”

    Listening to their son’s ‘oath’, both Huang Peng and Su Yan were very pleased.

    However, worry deepens on their faces about the dubiousness of Huang Xialong’s oath and Huang Peng said: “Xiaolong, the day before yesterday, Huang Wei announced that he would cripple both of your arms during the annual Clan Assembly!”

    Huang Xiaolong finally understood the cause of worry on his parents’ face.

    Others might not dare to do so, but since Huang Wei dares say as much, then during the clan assembly Huang Wei probably will cripple his arms and claimed it was accidental. At that time, even Grandfather Huang Qide will not penalize him, just a few stern words at most.

    “Cripple both of my arms?” Huang Xiaolong smiled while under the surface a trace of hostility rose.

    Seeing Huang Xiaolong look of unconcern, Su Yan was afraid that Huang Xiaolong does not know the gravity of the matter: “Xiaolong, Huang Wei has successfully condensed battle qi and by the end of the year, he will be able to enter late-First Order warrior. He’ll do what he said-- at that time, he will definitely cripple both of your arms.” As Su Yan said this, an image of Xiaolong’s hands being crippled flashed across her mind and it made her eyes turned red.

    “What should we do? What can we do?” Su Yan broke down in tears.

    Huang Peng looked his wife that was drowning in tears and was extremely vexed: “Woman, why are you crying? Can crying be of any help?”

    Su Yan turned over with a face full of tears, “If Xiaolong is disabled, what will you do then? If both of Xiaolong’s hands are wasted, how will he continue to live? Huang Peng, why don’t you seek Big Brother out, let him ask Huang Wei to let off our Xiaolong!”

    “Implore big brother?” Huang Peng frowned.

    “I know this will cause you to lose face, but do you prefer to see Xiaolong’s hands crippled?” Su Yan said, crying even louder.

    The two little ones, Huang Min and Huang Xiaohai saw Su Yan crying so miserably, they both walked over to her side and started crying together, all three of them lumped together.

    Just when Huang Xiaolong wanted to say something, suddenly Huang Peng stood up, gritting his teeth: “Okay, I‘ll go!” After saying that, holding Huang Xiaolong’s small hand, he led him towards the direction of the Northern Courtyard.

    “Father, I--” Coming out from the Eastern Courtyard main hall, Huang Xiaolong opened his mouth wanting to say it was not necessary to look for Huang Ming, but he was interrupted by Huang Peng: “Xiaolong, in front of your Uncle, you must behave, understand?” After saying that, without waiting for Huang Xiaolong’s reply, he and Huang Xiaolong hurried to the Northern Courtyard.

    When they reach the Northern Courtyard, Huang Ming and Huang Wei, the father and son were in the main hall; coincidentally, Zhou Guang and Zhou Xuedong were also there.


    1. 1 jin = 1.1023 pounds, weight/measurements rounded up for easy understanding.

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    Chapter 06: It Is Useless to Beg Me!

    Sitting in the hall, although Huang Ming finds Huang Peng and Huang Xiaolong’s visit a little sudden, he remained seated and did not rise when Huang Peng entered the hall.

    "Second Manor Lord." Zhou Guang and his son, Zhou Xuedong, seeing it was Huang Peng immediately stood up and greeted Huang Peng, not daring to remain seated like Huang Ming.

    Huang Peng first nodded at the Zhou father and son pair and then he turned to Huang Ming: "Big Brother.”

    Huang Xiaolong followed with a somewhat reluctant voice: "Eldest Uncle."  

    Huang Ming’s face was expressionless as usual and said: "Second Brother, you’re here. Sit."

    Huang Peng and Huang Xiaolong sat down on the chairs at the side. As Huang Peng was sitting down, he was thinking how he should word his request to Huang Ming.

    "Second Brother, what brings you over here?" At this moment, Huang Ming asked.

    Huang Peng hesitated for a moment before honestly saying: "Big brother, I heard that Huang Wei said at the end-of-the-year annual Clan Assembly, he will cripple both of Xiaolong’s arms, so…” Huang Peng’s words trailed off here.

    "Oh, is there such a matter?" Huang Ming looked astonished.

    Huang Xiaolong looking at his Uncle Huang Ming’s deadpan expression and snickered inwardly; even his father, Huang Peng, has heard about the matter which means the news had already spread to the entire Huang Clan Manor-- there is no way that Huang Ming does not know about it.

    "Huang Wei, is there such a matter?"  Huang Ming turned over and asked his son, Huang Wei.

    Huang Wei answered with unblinking eyes and unchanging facial expression: “There is no such thing.” Glancing at Huang Peng and Huang Xiaolong, Huang Wei continued: “In my opinion, there are people who are  deliberately using this as an excuse to cause trouble for our Northern Courtyard.”

    Huang Peng’s face was beet-red in anger when he heard this.  Does this mean that he and his son are idle people with nothing better to do that they’ll run over here to cause trouble for Huang Ming and his son? 

    Huang Xiaolong was watching Huang Ming and Huang Wei, this pair of father and son’s ‘performance’ where one person asks and the other answers, and he sneered in his heart.

    "Big Brother, what do you say about matter?!" Holding back his anger, Huang Peng turned to Huang Ming.

    Huang Ming waved, still maintaining his deadpan expression: "Well, Second Brother since there is no such thing, you can go back now."

    No such thing! The meaning behind Huang Ming’s words is extremely clear-- that Huang Peng came over to look for trouble. 

    Repressing his rising anger, Huang Peng said: "Big brother, you mean to say that us, father and son, have nothing better to do that we came over here to make trouble for you?!”

    Huang Ming frowned as his face turned cold: "Even if the matter is true, what about it? Sparring between same ages peers during the Clan Assembly is a common event.”

    Huang Ming said this frivolously but he did not mention anything about Huang Wei wanting to cripple both of Huang Xiaolong’s arms.  

    Huang Peng stood up in a rage, staring at his Big Brother Huang Ming: "Are you saying even if Huang Wei wasted both of Xiaolong’s arms, this is normal?!"

    With indifference on his face, Huang Ming said, "Then, are you implying that I should ban the peer sparring event during the annual Clan Assembly? The peer sparring event is a rule set down by Father. Do you mean to say the rules set by Father are wrong?”

    A harsh light glinted in Huang Xiaolong’s eyes. His father’s intention is just to have Huang Ming advise his son Huang Wei to let him off; everyone in the hall knows what his father’s intention is, but Huang Ming twisted the facts, claiming that Huang Peng is requesting him, Huang Ming, to ban an event set by their Father to make things difficult for him.

    Zhou Guang and Zhou Xuedong, both father and son, sat there without speaking, but in their eyes, their gloating pleasure is obvious.   

    Huang Peng face flushed red with anger, clenching both his fists, taking a deep breath and said to Huang Ming, "Xiaolong is your nephew!”

    Huang Ming raised his eyebrow, glanced at Huang Xiaolong and said to Huang Peng, "Do I need you to remind me about this? Don’t I know he is my nephew? Even if he is my nephew, it is useless for you to beg me!"

    Huang Peng laughed despite his anger. "Good, good." Now, he finally sees his big brother’s true face and a chilling feeling filled his heart-- decades of brotherhood, yet they are no better than strangers!

    Huang Xiaolong couldn’t resist saying in a cold voice: "Huang Ming, do you truly think that your son is capable of crippling me during the Clan Assembly?

    “Impudent!” Seeing a little brat like Huang Xiaolong daring to refer to him by name in front of Zhou Guang, he furiously stood up and he raised his palm to strike at Huang Xiaolong. An overbearing battle qi was aimed towards Huang Xiaolong’s chest, but suddenly a silhouette flashed, blocking it for Huang Xiaolong.

    "Hong!" An explosion resounded and the silhouette blocking in front of Huang Xiaolong staggered back heavily with “deng deng” sound.

    "Dad, are you okay ?!" Huang Xiaolong was anxious and he came to his father’s side.

    Huang Peng waved his hand, shaking his head: "I'm fine.”

    In the end, Huang Xiaolong is still Huang Ming’s nephew; although he was angered, Huang Ming struck with control; otherwise, with Huang Peng’s late-Sixth Order strength, it would be insufficient to block a palm from Huang Ming, a late-Seventh Order.       

    Huang Xiaolong seeing that his father is not injured, breathed a sigh of relief.

    At this time Huang Wei who was on the side came up and said: "Second Uncle, if you want me to let Huang Xiaolong off, it is not impossible as long as Huang Xiaolong kneels down, kowtows three times loudly, and lets me slap him twenty times at the end of the year Clan Assembly then I will let him off!”

    Kowtow three times and twenty slaps? Huang Peng’s brows creased tightly and he looked at his son.

    Huang Xiaolong looked at Huang Wei and said with a cold voice, "In the past or now, I, Huang Xiaolong, kneel before Heaven and kneel before Earth, but never before a person!” Then, turning to Huang Peng he said, "Father, let’s go!”

    Kneeling before Heaven, kneeling before Earth, but never before a person! Huang Peng was startled but he smiled appreciatively: "Good, son! Let's go!" Saying that, Huang Peng and Huang Xiaolong turned to leave.

    Huang Wei looked at Huang Peng and Huang Xiaolong’s departing silhouettes and with anger rising in his heart, he started yelling at Huang Xiaolong’s back: "Huang Xiaolong, do you think I wouldn’t dare to cripple your arms during the Clan Assembly?”

    Huang Xiaolong didn’t even turn around as he left the Northern Courtyard entrance with his father.

    Huang Ming looked at the two disappearing figures, his face complicated.

    “Eldest Manor Lord, this Huang Xiaolong just because of his identity, was disrespectful to family elders, even daring to refer to Eldest Manor Lord by name, this is too--" At this time, Zhou Guang came up to him and said.

    However, the words had yet to finish before Huang Ming’s palm swept past Zhou Guang’s face, leaving behind a clear red five-finger mark on his face.  

    Huang Ming looked at Zhou Guang, his face expressionless but his eyes are like a knife: "This is something between us our brothers, you are not qualified to butt in!"

    "Yes, yes, Eldest Manor Lord, it is subordinate’s mistake, subordinate’s mistake!" Zhou Guang panicked and apologized over and over again.

    After a while, Huang Xiaolong and his father, Huang Peng, returned to the Eastern Courtyard. Su Yan knowing that Huang Xiaolong and Huang Peng had returned, quickly came up and asked in a worried voice: “How was it?”

    Huang Peng did not know how to explain; instead, it was Huang Xiaolong who said: "Mom, you don’t have to worry about the Clan Assembly, I will be fine. Nothing will happen to me.”

    After hearing this, Su Yan thought Huang Wei had promised to let Huang Xiaolong off during the Clan Assembly ‘s sparring event and her worried heart was finally appeased. Smiling, she said, "That's good, then all is good!"

    Huang Peng opened his mouth wanting to say something, but looking at his wife’s happy smile, in the end, he said nothing.

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    Chapter 07: An Odd Valley

    Back in his small courtyard from the Eastern Courtyard, Huang Xiaolong sat on the wooden bed thinking back to the scene in the Northern Courtyard-- both Huang Wei and his father’s arrogant, cold, and hypocritical performance caused a trace of malice to emerge in his heart.

    Initially, he had some scruples when he planned to beat up Huang Wei miserably during the end of the year’s Clan Assembly, but now it had completely evaporated.    

    “Presumably, Huang Ming thinks the position of the Main Manor Lord will not slip from his fingers!” Huang Xiaolong snickered.

    Ever since the awakening of Huang Wei’s martial spirit, the majority of elders were trying to get closer to Huang Ming, thus the incident with Battle Qi Dan and the Northern Courtyard scene today.

    A little while later, repressing his hostility, Huang Xiaolong started running XuanQin cultivation technique to practice his battle qi.

    The double-headed serpent martial spirit floated behind Huang Xiaolong, devouring the surrounding world’s spiritual energy; Huang Xiaolong noticed after his advancement to Second Order warrior, his martial spirit’s speed of absorbing spiritual energy had increased substantially.

    Aside from that, both of the previously palm-sized double-headed serpent martial spirits had grown double in size, its radiant black light and blue light becoming thicker and brighter-- as the double-headed serpent martial spirit devoured spiritual energy from the surroundings, its black and blue lights shimmered constantly.

    Multiple strands of spiritual energy are being absorbed into Huang Xiaolong’s meridians, converting into battle qi continuously, flowing in the second layer meridians over and over again.

    Quickly, few days passed just like that.

    These past few days, Huang Xiaolong once again practiced like crazy regardless of the time.

    The result from these days of practice was that Huang Xiaolong managed to reach the peak of Second Order.   

    During this period, Huang Peng and Su Yan came over on a daily basis to Huang Xiaolong’s small courtyard; seeing their son’s practice in such a crazed manner, both Huang Peng and Su Yan are distressed. Su Yan had even started secretly crying because even though Huang Peng and Huang Xiaolong never mentioned in detail about what happened in the Northern Courtyard, she still managed to find out from the manor servants’ gossip what took place a few days ago.

    Half a month passed.

    In this half a month, Huang Xiaolong is either practicing battle qi in his small courtyard or training in his Body Metamorphose Scripture in the back mountain. As the Body Metamorphose Scripture is a secret, he could only sneak out to practice at the back mountain at night.      

    In the dark of night within the thick forest, stood a small figure in a strange position. 

    The dark night, the dense forest trees, and a small figure standing there in a strange position; this scene was complete with the moonlight shining through the gaps of foliage, marking the ground with soft silvery spots.

    With hands above his head, Huang Xiaolong ran through the Body Metamorphose Scripture law and the world’s spiritual energy gathered, making it visible to the naked eye can be seen gushing into Huang Xiaolong body’s meridians, converting into internal force before converging in his dantian under his navel.

    The night gradually faded as light overtook the darkness, when dew drops on the grass reflects the sunlight, and Huang Xiaolong stops running the Body Metamorphose law before opening his eyes.

    Suddenly, Huang Xiaolong gave a low shout waving both of his palms, his silhouette leaps high up from the ground as shadows of the palm strike fall heavily on the grass patch.

    Energy swirled rapidly in the surrounding space, whistling through the wind.

    This superior martial skill was something inherited from Huang Xiaolong's family from his previous life, the Ethereal Palm.

    As Huang Xiaolong’s palms moves, his arms seemingly impalpable and intangible, a palm print condensed of vapor will be imprinted mid-air not dissipating even after a long time every time his palm strikes.

    Ethereal Palm’s highest level of mastery, condense without dissipating, endless internal power.


    In his previous life, Huang Xiaolong was known as martial arts prodigy is not only because of his physique but also due to his amazing comprehension ability.

    Half an hour later, Huang Xiaolong gradually stopped.

    After a few breaths time, trees in the surrounding area tumbled down, a palm print visible on each tree trunk.

    Looking at the palm prints on the tree trunks, Huang Xiaolong brows wrinkled; if this is his previous life, his Ethereal Palm would not be leaving any visible mark. In the end, it was all because his internal force is still too weak.

    “I wonder, what is the power of this Martial Spirit World’s fighting skills?” Huang Xiaolong thought to himself.    

    Common clans’ regulations only allowed children who have achieved at least mid-Fourth Order warrior to practice in the clan’s battle skill because only by achieving this level of foundation will they be able to display the power of the battle skill; in the initial warrior stages, they are of little use.

    At this time, Huang Xiaolong suddenly heard a strange noise behind him-- turning around to look, he saw hanging on a big tree not far away, a half meter in size creature violet in color with light blue eyes.

    “Violet Devourer Spirit Monkey!” Huang Xiaolong was astonished.

    Huang Xiaolong had seen a drawing of it before, from his previous life family’s old books-- the Violet Devourer Spirit Monkey is a rare spirit beast.

    Seeing Huang Xiaolong looking at itself, the little violet spirit monkey grinned and squeaked “Zhi zhi”, his hands gesturing towards Huang Xiaolong, then it turned around and ran in the direction of the deeper parts of the mountains.

    Huang Xiaolong hesitated for a second before following the little violet monkey from behind into the depths of the mountains.

    What surprised Huang Xiaolong was the speed of the Violet Devourer Spirit Monkey as it weaves through the trees; if not for Huang Xiaolong training in the Body Metamorphose Scripture and using Sky Gyration Step, it would really be hard keeping up with the little violet monkey’s speed.

    Half an hour later, after crossing many a small stream and forest area, Huang Xiaolong finally reached an odd valley, following the little violet monkey. It was quiet inside the valley with heavy yin qi that was spreading out from the inner valley, making Huang Xiaolong furrow his brows.

    “Zhi zhi zhi!” When Huang Xiaolong was uncertain if he wanted to enter the valley, the little violet monkey ran back out from within, squeaking at Huang Xiaolong; apparently, it wants Huang Xiaolong to follow it into the valley.

    After a brief moment of consideration, Huang Xiaolong lifted his foot and stepped into the valley following behind the little guy. Entering the valley, a wave of yin qi hit Huang Xiaolong in the face, carrying an unpleasant odor. Not far into the valley, there are piles and mountains of dead bones scattered everywhere, belonging to an era long gone.

    As they moved deeper into the valley, more and more mountain of bones decorates the scene; even with Huang Xiaolong’s experience of two lifetimes which makes his mind stronger than most children his age, he’s unable to keep calm in this situation.

    However, when Huang Xiaolong was about to turn around and leave, he suddenly came to a large turf of green grass with exotic flowers’ fragrances permeating the air, a picture of Eden. In the center of the turf, there is a turquoise lake. Huang Xiaolong was dumbstruck looking at the valley; never would he have imagined the front half of the valley was littered with dead bones just like a scene from hell and the other half a utopia.

    At this moment, the little violet monkey came before a mountain cliff, squeaking and gesturing towards Huang Xiaolong pointing to the top of the cliff. Huang Xiaolong walked over and looked towards the direction pointed by those tiny fingers-- growing almost at the top of the cliff on a short, thick, green vine was a few red colored fruit.

    These red colored fruits make the one looking at it disoriented, fragrance from the fruits wafts through the air, mesmerizing their audience.

    “This… could this be Yang fruit?” Huang Xiaolong was stunned, truly surprised.

    Yang fruit grows on lands of extreme yin, absorbing nine types of yang qi between heaven and earth; if taken by people who cultivates in battle qi, not only can it enhance battle qi cultivation, it also purifies the marrow and tendon strengthening effect, which will bring unimaginable benefits to one’s future cultivation.


    Ethereal Palm - skill base on the ability to manipulate the ‘soft/hidden’ internal force instead of the more direct destructive power.

    Initial stages warrior; First to Third Order Warrior (Chapter 3)

    FYI: Huang Xiaolong’s name literal translation is Little Dragon.

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    The spirits kinda feels like Douluo Dalu. Any idea if this is a harem?
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    TLC: lecourrielxiii

    Chapter 08: Fortuitous Adventure at the Bottom of the Lake


    Huang Xiaolong looked at the several pieces of Yang Fruit, eyes aflame with want, his throat swallowed nervously, then turned back to the Violet Devourer Spirit Monkey as he finally understood why this little violet monkey brought him over.

    The several pieces of Yang Fruit are about twenty to thirty meters high on the cliff, this little guy can only look but unable to eat, thus bringing him over to help him pick?

    “Little guy, you brought me over here to help you pick this Yang fruit?” Huang Xiaolong asked.

    “Zhi Zhi Zhi!” Delight showed in the little violet monkey’s eyes as it nodded enthusiastically.

    Huang Xiaolong smiled, this little guy is really quite cute, turning back towards the Yang fruit more than twenty meters up on the cliff, and then surveyed the surroundings.

    The cliff wall was smooth all the way up to the peak almost with no gripping spot, to pick the fruits twenty meters high up is no easy task especially for the current Huang Xiaolong.

    Moments later, Huang Xiaolong leaped up reaching about four to five meters up, his fingers clawed into the cliff wall, however, the cliff wall was solid hard that his fingers only managed to insert in a few millimeters, but it was enough to support his small body, dangling in mid-air.

    Subsequently, Huang Xiaolong shaped his left hand into a claw and inserted it into the cliff wall, stabilizing his body, just like this one step at a time, Huang Xiaolong slowly climbed towards to Yang fruit.

    Every step of the way, Huang Xiaolong needed to exert his internal force to support his body making it extremely strenuous, when he passed the ten-meter mark, he was already panting heavily, his speed slowing down.

    On the ground, the cheerful squeaking little violet monkey quiets down, the pair of light blue eyed gazed worriedly at Huang Xiaolong’s silhouette, as if he may tumble down at any time.

    Under the watchful eyes of the Purple Devourer Spirit Monkey, Huang Xiaolong’s small thin body finally reaches the Yang fruit after he climbed over twenty meters of height. Looking at the five pieces of Yang fruit in front of him, his eyes shined bright as he withdrew a small cloth prepared earlier, gently picking the Yang fruit one by one placing it into the small piece of cloth and wrapping it carefully before leaping down to the ground.

    In mid-air on the way down, Huang Xiaolong tapped his foot a few times against the cliff wall to soften his landing on the ground.

    The little violet monkey seeing Huang Xiaolong successfully picked the several Yang fruit started squeaking cheerfully, gesturing with his little paws extremely happy. After demonstrating his delight, the little violet monkey calmed down and started staring at the cloth bundle containing Yang fruit in Huang Xiaolong’s hand pitifully.

    “Little guy, catch!” Huang Xiaolong could not help but laugh at the antics of the little violet monkey, removing two pieces of Yang fruit from the cloth bundle and threw it over. The little violet monkey leaped up and caught both fruits, one in each hand. Giving Huang Xiaolong a happy cry, it went to a corner swallowed both fruits and sat down to absorb the spiritual energy from the Yang fruit.

    Seeing the little violet monkey running exercise law absorbing the energy from the fruit, Huang Xiaolong does not feel strange, most spiritual beasts can cultivate, not to mention Violet Devourer Spirit Monkey is but a rare top-tier spirit beast.

    Without disturbing the little violet monkey, Huang Xiaolong surveyed the surrounding valley, after determine that it was safe, he sat too down on one side and took out a piece of Yang fruit and swallowed it, running the XuanQin exercise law to absorb the fruits energy.

    When the energy from the Yang fruit dispersed within Huang Xiaolong’s body, almost instantly around Huang Xiaolong’s body emerged multiple strands of Nine Yangqi. Nine Yangqi is the purest top-grade fire attribute spiritual qi in the world.

    Submerged within the Nine Yangqi, Huang Xiaolong has an extremely comfortable and warmth feeling, as if he was soaking in hot springs and his the battle qi inside his meridians flowed rapidly.

    A few hours passed.

    Huang Xiaolong opened his eyes, after a few hours he finally absorb all the energy within that Yang fruit, the battle qi within his body has become thicker by more than doubled, advancing to late-Second Order warrior!

    Originally, according to his estimation, to reach late-Second Order he would need at least another one and a half month but it’s already achieved now.

    Huang Xiaolong is happy with this matter. At this moment, a horrible smell assaulted his nose, looking down he found his whole body covered with a layer of sticky black mud. In his previous life, Huang Xiaolong had taken similar elixir like Yang fruit, so he knows this sticky black mud is the impurities inside his body.

    Huang Xiaolong jumps up feeling refreshingly wonderful and lite, stretching his limbs for a little bit. Huang Xiaolong saw the little violet monkey was still absorbing the Yang fruit’s energy he did not bother it and headed towards the lake in the middle of the grass turf.

    In front of the lake, Huang Xiaolong stripped naked, carefully set aside the remaining two Yang fruit, with a splash he jumped into the lake washing off the sticky black mud on his body.

    Very quickly Huang Xiaolong cleaned himself up and was about to get out from the lake he suddenly detected traces of cold aura coming from the bottom of the lake, its hard to notice when one is not paying attention, Huang Xiaolong’s interest stirred and he dived down the lake.

    Diving down a short distance later, Huang Xiaolong saw a cave entrance too far ahead, where the cold aura came from.

    Moments later, Huang Xiaolong came up in front of the cave entrance and jumped in without hesitation.

    Jumping through the cave entrance, Huang Xiaolong noticed the walls were dry and not slippery wet as imagined, on one side of the cave wall were inlaid with a Water Dispersing Pearl the size of a goose egg.

    If this pearl is taken out for an auction it’s worth more than one hundred thousand gold coins.

    Huang Xiaolong couldn’t help but be curious about this cave, walking along the tunnel about ten meters in, he came to an empty hall about a hundred square meter wide, there is nothing inside the hall and it’s obvious with just once glance. There are three rooms apart from the empty hall. Huang Xiaolong walked towards the first room.

    In the first room, Huang Xiaolong gained nothing. It was empty, just like the hall outside.

    Huang Xiaolong moved on to the second room, and it was also empty.

    “F**k, don’t tell me the third room is empty too?!”  Huang Xiaolong couldn’t help exclaiming.

    Standing in front of the third room, Huang Xiaolong slowly peeked inside, inside the third room there is a jade bed, on top of the jade bed was a book made from unknown materials, also hanging on the walls were a set of half-meter long black sabers.

    Pausing for a moment Huang Xiaolong’s eyes fell on the book place on top the jade bed, then he walked over and picked it up, the seemingly thin book once in Huang Xiaolong’s hand was so heavy that his arms sank, startling him. What material is it made of that it weighs close to thirty pounds for such thin book?

    Looking at the book cover three words are written in ancient inscriptions ‘Asura Tactics’.

    At this exact moment, a terrifying aura of crazed slaughter spread out, within Huang Xiaolong’s mind as if there was an explosion, his eyes flickered and he appeared around infinite mountains of bones, surrounded by a boundless sea of blood.

    Standing on top of a mountain of bones, it was as if he was the embodiment of Asura from hell.

    Above the endless mountains of bones, ghastly apparitions of resentful spirits trying to ‘invade’ Huang Xiaolong, feeling the countless ghastly resentful spirits’ desire to swallow him, lights flickered again in Huang Xiaolong’s eyes then he was back in the third room of the cave.

    Although only a brief moment but cold sweat drenched his body, looking with trepidation at the book in his hand, Asura Tactics, however on this second look the scene with the mountains of bones and boundless sea of blood did not appear again allowing Huang Xiaolong to breathe a heavy sigh of relief.

    Awhile later, repressing the shocked in his heart with slightly trembling hands, he opened the first page of Asura Tactics.

  • The spirits kinda feels like Douluo Dalu. Any idea if this is a harem?
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    Chapter 09: Sabers of Asura

    Flipping to the first page of Asura Tactics, a pair of blood-red eyes seems to jump out from the page. A humanoid illustration of an Asura standing upright, bared upper body of taut muscles with a head of white hair.

    Studying the humanoid Asura illustration, a sensation of being in hell crept up, mad slaughter and endless sea of bodies awash Huang Xiaolong, his eyes turned blood-red, confused and in pain as Huang Xiaolong starts to lose his consciousness within the blood-thirsty madness, suddenly behind him the double-headed serpent martial spirits appeared roaring towards the sky - a roar so thunderous that it shakes the heaven. The blood-red slowly faded from his eyes regaining his conscious, his heart pounding like it’s going to burst out from his chest.   

    At this time, the humanoid Asura illustration flew out from the book page, in a bright flash entered between Huang Xiaolong’s eyebrows. Inside Huang Xiaolong mind’s there’s an addition of a new exercise law.

     The first layer of Asura Tactics.

    “The Origin of Hell, the beginning of evil…...” reciting the first layer of Asura Tactics’s battle qi exercise law, Huang Xiaolong finds it deeply profound and mysterious.

    In Martial Spirit World, battle qi exercise law is categorized into four ranks, namely Heaven, Earth, Mysterious and Yellow and each rank is further divided into different grades; low, mid and high-level. Wonder what rank is Asura Tactics exercise law? 

    After a while, Huang Xiaolong turned to the second page. On the second page, there is another humanoid illustration of Asura, but this one is slightly different. On the second illustration of Asura, there was a pair of devilish black wings spread open, domineering and a taste for massacre.

    Same as previous page’s experience, when he turned to the second page an atmosphere as if originated from hell surrounded Huang Xiaolong, the double-headed serpent once again appeared behind him, suppressing the blood-thirsty desire deluding Huang Xiaolong and the second layer of Asura Tactics successfully imprinted inside his mind.

    The third page, fourth page, fifth page…

    Huang Xiaolong turned the pages one by one, with every page turned, inside his mind will emerge another upper layer of Asura Tactics exercise law, as Huang Xiaolong’s page turning speed was slow it took him more than two hours before he manage to reach the last page.

    One last page, instead of an illustration, a line of flamboyant calligraphy filled the page.

    “Encumbered with Hell’s aura of slaughter, the one receiving Asura Tactics is accepted as my pro-disciple, governing over Asura Gate. When Asura appears, invincible throughout!”

    This line of words was left behind by the First Sovereign of Asura Gate, Ren Wokuang.

    When Asura appears, invincible throughout!

    Huang Xiaolong was stunned!  This Asura Gate’s First Sovereign, Ren Wokuang is a little too mad, right?  Between heaven and earth, who dares to declare themselves as invincible but this Ren WoKuang wrote after practicing Asura Tactics, he will be invincible against all?!

    A simple line of words, but extremely arrogant and domineering!

    At this time, a piece of paper fell out from the spine of the book, apart from the piece of paper there is also a dark-colored ring. Surprised, Huang Xiaolong picked up both items from the ground.

    From the explanation on the paper, Huang Xiaolong got to know that the ring is called Asura ring, and the two sharp black sabers hanging on the wall is called Sabers of Asura.

    What Huang Xiaolong did not imagine was, the Asura ring is actually a spatial ring that only exists in legends; according to his father in the whole of Luo Tong Kingdom, only the Emperor has one, even his grandfather Huang Qide doesn’t own one!

    The appearance of a spatial ring can cause bloody contention.

    Moments later, suppressing the excitement in his heart, according to the instruction stated, pricked his finger and dripped a drop of blood onto Asura ring.

    As the drop of fresh fell, a bright shone from the dark-colored ring as it floated up and slipped onto Huang Xialong’s ring finger on his left by itself, then disappearing into Huang Xiaolong’s body. When Huang Xiaolong thinks of it, it appears in his ring finger.

    Sensing the large space within Asura, Huang Xiaolong was delighted - it’s more than a few hundred square meters, and with this Asura ring it will be more convenient for him to carry things with him without worrying others will find out.

    After that, Huang Xiaolong turned around gazing at the pair of black sabers, with a small leap he took down both black sabers. The saber body seemed to emanate a strange buzz that penetrates into peoples’ mind bringing a cold prickly sensation that creeps people out.

    Huang Xiaolong examine the Sabers of Asura in his hand, noticing on the body of the sabers fiendish current of black flows faintly, indirectly forming a blurred image of a terrifying image.

    The longer Huang Xiaolong held the Sabers of Asura in hands, the fonder he grew of them.

    “Sabers of Asura, sabers of slaughter, great, from here onwards you will accompany me to slaughter all my enemies!” Huang Xiaolong said as he caresses the ridge of the saber. As if able to understand the meaning of his words, the sabers issued a cheerful hum.

    Seeing this, Huang Xiaolong only grew fonder. Then, using the same method as Asura ring, he dripped a few drops of blood onto the sabers, as the drops of fresh blood meld into the sabers, a blood-red light burst out as it flew, one to the left and the other to the right of Huang Xialong’s arm. On Huang Xiaolong’s arms emerged two tiny tattoo-like Sabers of Asura.

    Huang Xiaolong placed the piece of paper and Asura Tactics book into Asura ring for safe keeping and prepared to leave the room, however, he paused when he reached the door and turned back looking at the jade bed. He took the cold jade bed away.

    Stepping out from the room, Huang Xiaolong circled once around the cave, after confirming that he did not miss anything he walks to the exit.  He did not plan to remove the inlaid Water Dispersing Pearl at the cave entrance for he plans to use the cave in the future for his practice, as the cave’s well hidden in the valley. That’s the reason why he did not take the Water Dispersing Pearl, there are only benefits keeping this cave.

    Emerging from the lake, Huang Xiaolong swam to the side and put on his clothes, keeping the Yang fruit into his ring.

    “Zhi Zhi Zhi” Exactly at this moment, the little violet monkey had finished absorbing the spiritual energy from the Yang fruit came running towards Huang Xiaolong in a cheerful gait.

    Huang Xiaolong notices that after absorbing the Yang fruit, the Violet Devourer Spirit Monkey’s fur became glossier, and its eyes brighter however its body size remains the same.

    “Little guy, I have to go back now, I’ll come to see you again.” Huang Xiaolong leaned forwards and said to the little violet monkey.

    But, as Huang Xiaolong turned around to leave, the little violet monkey cried out and in a flash appeared on Huang Xiaolong’s shoulder sitting comfortably.

    Huang Xiaolong dazed for a moment, laughingly said:” Little guy, don’t tell me that you want to follow me home?”

    Unexpectedly, the little violet monkey squeaked and nodded its little head.

    Huang Xiaolong did not expect that this little violet monkey will be willing to follow him home, after a brief consideration, he said with a smile: “Well then, let’s go.”  A boy and a monkey departed from the valley.

    Passing through the green turf and the mountains of white bones, Huang Xiaolong thinking to himself, Are all these people killed by Ren Wokuang?”

    Leaving the valley, Huang Xiaolong did not detour, headed straight back to Huang Clan Manor.

    By the time he reached Huang Clan Manor it was already noon, just as he stepped into his small courtyard, he ran into Huang Min, his sister that just stepped out from the small courtyard.

    “Big Brother, where did you go?” Huang Min asked, but it was only up till here as her eyes widened in surprise when she saw the little violet monkey on his shoulder, clapping her hands gleefully, almost shouting: ”What a cute little monkey! Big Brother, where did you buy it from?”



    Ren Wokuang – lit. (to)Allow my mad(violence)       

    A little late but Huang Xiaolong’s name- Little Dragon

  • good series so far, btw, i can't help but imagine the MC as a bald, because he's formerly from shaolin.
  • Chapter 10: Thousand Year Old Leirion Heart Grass

    Buy from where?” Listening to his sister Huang Min’s gleeful scream, Huang Xiaolong shakes his head and smile, thinking, this Violet Devourer Spirit Monkey is a rare spirit beast, something you can’t buy even if you have lots of money.

    “Zhi Zhi Zhi!” The little violet monkey squeaked shrilly in protest at Huang Min for calling him ‘little monkey’, scaring Huang Min whose hand was reaching out wanting to pet it.

    After being startled momentarily, Huang Min widened her eyes and stared angrily at the Violet Devourer Spirit Monkey, thus begins a little violet monkey and a little girl’s staring contest.

    With much difficulty awhile later, Huang Xiaolong managed to escape from Huang Min, looking at Huang Min leaving silhouette, Huang Xiaolong breathes out a heavy sigh of relief.

    Back in his room, removing the little monkey from his shoulder, he took out the cold jade bed from the Asura ring’s space, sitting cross-legged atop and started practicing according to Asura Tactics first layer.

    Shortly after running Asura Tactics exercise law, a nefarious cold chill as it coming from the deepest nether of hell shrouding Huang Xiaolong within, continuously being swallowed by his double-headed serpent martial spirits channeling it into Huang Xiaolong’ s meridians.

    As the nefarious frigid cold enters Huang Xiaolong’s body, he couldn’t help but shiver - feeling as if being buried under a thousand feet glacier. Huang Xiaolong’s heart tightened, quickly forging his mind and kept running Asura Tactics to refine the cold frigid energy.

    This cold frigid energy moves with extreme slowness inside Huang Xiaolong’s meridians, every inch it passes Huang Xialong’s blood were about to freeze up.

    Gritting his teeth, he kept persisting, running Asura Tactics first layer exercise law repeating over and over, gradually the cold frigid energy inside his body refined into pure battle qi.

    The moment the cold frigid energy successfully refined into battle qi, Huang Xiaolong realized that it only took half an hour’s time, compared to XuanQin exercise law, the results were ten times better!

    This discovery is much to Huang Xiaolong’s liking: “Looks like what the note says is true, although the netherworld’s spiritual energy is hard to refine but once successful the benefits are huge!” 

    The note, kept in the spine of Asura Tactics mentioned that practicing Asura Tactics builds a connection with the netherworld’s spiritual energy that tempers his physique. That cold frigid air without a doubt is the so-called netherworld’s spiritual energy. 

    Netherworld spiritual energy is one of the superior between heaven and earth, the higher the quality of spiritual energy the better it is to temper the physical body, the converted battle qi is purer and more powerful.

    This is the gap between exercise laws.

    The higher the rank of an exercise law, the quality of spiritual energy absorb is higher, the converted battle is stronger. In Martial Spirit World, the ones practicing high-rank exercise law are capable of leap-frog challenge opponents are due to this.

    Martial spirits determine a person’s strength and future achievements, and the quality of exercise law practiced is equally important.

    Time flies and soon one month has passed.

    In this one month, apart from practicing Huang Xiaolong practices. The only difference is instead of XuanQin exercise law given to him by Huang Peng he is practicing Asura Tactics and the Body Metamorphose Scripture.

    After replacing his exercise law, Huang Xiaolong’s practiced speed increased, one month after returning from the valley, he reached peak-Second Order, anytime soon he will be able to breakthrough to Third Order warrior.

    In the bewitching darkness, silvery moonlight streams down.

    Huang Xiaolong sat cross-legged on the cold jade bed, spiritual energy of the netherworld pours down from the void devoured by the double-headed serpent martial spirits with their jaws wide open.

    The battle qi within Huang Xiaolong’s body kept swirling violently like raging waves crashing, the same way he felt when he was in peak-First Order breaking through to Second Order.

    However, breaking through to Third Order warrior is much harder, the resistance barrier is thicker, but Huang Xiaolong perseveres, his battle qi continue crashing against the barrier, not knowing how much time has lapsed when suddenly a minute crack appeared in the third-order barrier.

    Aware that the third-order barrier is loosening, Huang Xiaolong feels excited and starts to ‘attack’ the barrier more aggressively, the barrier’s minute crack grew bigger when finally a sound of explosion resounded within Huang Xiaolong’s body.

    Like a flash flood, battle qi rushes into the third layer meridians in triumphant.

    Third Order! Finally broke through to the Third Order warrior.  

    Huang Xiaolong opened his eyes, unable to hide the jubilation in his heart.

    Once breakthrough Third-Order, then Fourth Order is not far away!

    “If advances to Fourth Order then can start practicing battle skills, and once he reaches Fourth Order the martial spirits will evolve, at that time there will be a martial spirits innate talent!” Huang Xiaolong thought inwardly.  

    At age seven martial spirits awakens, however, the awaken martial spirits is just in its infancy, only when battle qi reaches the Fourth Order the martial spirits will evolve to become stronger while the owner of the martial spirits will gain the martial spirits innate talent ability or skills.

    The higher the grade of the martial spirits, the innate talent after evolving will be more powerful!

    But the Fourth Order is only a general indication there are some with low-level martial spirits grade one, two and three due to the martial spirits natural limit, without some fortuitous adventure, breaking through to Fourth Order will be a tedious challenge. That’s why some people with low-level martial spirits never gained a martial spirits innate talent in their lifetime, for they are unable to reach the Fourth Order thus their martial spirits are unable to go through evolution.

    Getting down from the cold jade bed, Huang Xiaolong left his room.

    At this time of the night, the air is foggy, under the moonlight Huang Xiaolong’s silhouette disappeared in a flash, appearing again in the back mountain. Running Asura Tactics, his eyes turned a color of blood-red and his jet-black hair fully turned white, black aura of slaughter rotates around his body constantly.

    This physique attained after practicing Asura Tactics - Body of Asura, but this is only the initial stage transformation, according to the explanation on the piece of note, once Huang Xiaolong mastered the highest level of Asura Tactics then he can transform into a real Asura.

    After transforming into Body of Asura, Huang Xiaolong movement under the moonlight is akin to a floating black cloud, waving his hands suddenly a palm containing traces of frigid air strikes towards a huge tree ahead, pierces through coming out from the other end of the tree trunk, into a second and a third tree.

    On four trunks of the tree were embed with a child’s palm print.

    Looking at the four palm print on the tree trunks, Huang Xiaolong nodded his head in satisfaction. Entering the Third Order combined with the nether battle qi, the damage power of Ethereal Palm increased about four times and with his current strength, he is capable of killing a late-Third Order warrior.

    Of course, after advancing to Third Order and the tempering from the netherworld spiritual aura, Huang Xiaolong physique is more developed and stronger.

    Spending some time to practice The Body Metamorphose Scripture in the back mountain, Huang Xiaolong only returned to Huang Clan Manor when the sky brightens.

    Once back in Huang Clan Manor, Huang Xiaolong was called to the Eastern Courtyard hall by Huang Peng.

    “Dad, Mom, you were looking for me?” Entering the Eastern Courtyard’s hall, Huang Xiaolong asked as he sat down.

     Huang Peng and Su Yan looked complicated and hesitant.

    “Yesterday, Huang Wei advanced to First Order warrior.” Huang Peng eventually opened his mouth and said.

    Only then Huang Xiaolong understood his parents’ purpose in calling him over, in short they are still worried about the year end’s Clan Assembly.

    But, less than two months’ time Huang Wei actually advanced to First Order, so fast?! Logically speaking, even though Huang Wei possesses a grade ten martial spirits, the Three-Eyed Black Tiger, it’s still impossible to advance to First Order in such short time.

    “Dad spent a huge sum of money in the county’s auction house to procure a stalk thousand years Leirion Heart Grass!” Huang Peng went on to say.

    A thousand years Leirion Heart Grass!

    Huang Xiaolong was shocked then he sneered, no wonder in less than two months’ time Huang Wei was able to advance to First Order warrior. It is all due to Grandfather Huang Qide spending a huge sum of money to get a thousand-year-old Leirion Heart Grass for Huang Wei’s practice. One stalk of one thousand-year-old Leirion Heart Grass is not something cheap, and it’s obvious enough that Grandfather Huang Qide thinks Huang Wei is the future pillar of Huang Clan Manor, thus spending all resource and effort to culture him. Whereas him though being a grandson to the same person, disregarding the Leirion Heart Grass, Huang Xiaolong did not even get a battle qi dan!

  • good series so far, btw, i can't help but imagine the MC as a bald, because he's formerly from shaolin.
    Thank you for reading!
    Haha, he might be in his previous life but I've never imagined him bald though.
  • Hello there and congrats on hitting your tenth chapter! As a fellow novice in translation, I'm curious to know how easy or difficult it is for you to translate a chapter. For me, I've improved from eight hours per chapter to a little under five hours. Though it is probably still nothing worth bragging about...

    Anyway feedback wise, I've noticed some minor errors here and there but nothing to fret over other than one or two which I will point out.

    First, 洗经伐髓 at the end of chapter 7 which should mean cleansing/clearing meridians and chopping/attacking the marrow. The idea is getting rid of impurities within the body, sometimes getting rid of the old (marrow) so that a new one may take it's place.

    Second is just the sudden appearance of a "Du Shaofu" where I'm sure you intended to write Huang Xiaolong in chapter 9.

    Overall, the story develops in a way that is almost too in favor of the main protagonist. It's not that I dislike such stories, but I can't help but feel like everything drops too conveniently into the main character's lap. I mean, he gets a who knows how rare and profound total legacy arts and assorted treasures by chapter nine that was sitting in his back yard all along? C'mon now. I truly feel for the low level and waste martial spirit kids. Can they truly be blamed for their hateful personalities? It seems only human for them to act the way they do as they've no doubt had their share of unfairness.

    In any case, please don't mind my ramblings and carry on. I hope my feedback could serve to motivate you even if just a little. Cheers!
  • Chapter 11: How Did You Advanced To First Order?


    “Even if Huang Wei possesses a grade ten martial spirits, Dad’s action is too partial to him!” Su Yan said in a dissatisfied manner: “Could it be at the end of the year’s Clan Assembly our Xiaolong will really…?!” The words stopped here as Su Yan’s eyes turned red.

    “I’m going to have a talk with Dad!” At this moment, Huang Peng stood up in anger and said.

    “No need, Dad!” Huang Xiaolong abruptly said: “It’s not necessary to look for Grandfather!”

    Huang Peng and Su Yan turned to look at their son.

    Just when Huang Peng opens his mouth about to say something, on his son’s body, he saw a burst of battle qi’s bright radiance.

    “Battle qi, outward projection of battle qi?” After being dazed for a moment, Huang and Su Yan blurted out in shock, look of disbelief on their faces.

    Outward projection of battle qi, then? A thought flashed through Huang Peng and Su Yan’s mind, First Order warrior! Only when reaching First Order warrior one can project battle qi outside the body even if successfully condensing battle qi are unable to project battle qi outwards.

    “Xiaolong you, could it be that you have advanced to First Order?” Huang Peng asked in a trembling voice, although he witnessed it with his own eyes he dares not believe for it might turn out to be an illusion.

    “That’s right, Dad, Mom, I have already advanced to First Order!” Huang Xiaolong nodded, he does not wish to see his parents continue to worry about matters related to the Clan Assembly that he decided to reveal part of his strength.

    Hearing their son’s confirmation, Huang Peng and Su Yan finally believes the truth in front of them. Joy took over their faces, especially Su Yan after going through surprise and excitement she ran over and hugged Huang Xiaolong tightly: “Wonderful, my son finally advanced to First Order!’

    Tears of joy rolled down Su Yan’s face.

    Su Yan’s is quite voluptuous a woman, being hugged so tightly Huang Xiaolong feels like he was about to suffocate, he finally managed to break free with much difficulty. It is only the First Order, is it necessary to make such a big fuss? Huang Xiaolong thought dejectedly in his heart.

    However, he can truly feel the love Huang Peng and Su Yan have for him.

    Huang Peng and Su Yan gradually calmed down from their joy and excitement after some time.

    “Xiaolong, how did you advance to First Order?” Huang Peng voiced out the doubt in his heart, with Huang Xiaolong grade seven martial spirits talent to advance to First Order would take at least a year or so.

    Su Yan also turned to look questioningly at her son obviously she too has some doubts.

    Instead of speaking, Huang Xiaolong withdrew two bright red fruit from his chest under the astonished gaze of Huang Peng and Su Yan.

    The bright redness of the fruit bedazzles people.

    “This, this is Yang fruit?!” Huang Peng and Su Yan exclaimed in surprised

    “Yes.” Huang Xiaolong laughed. “One month ago, I accidentally found it in a valley at the back mountain, there were five fruits in total, and I swallowed three of them.”

    There was in truth five pieces of Yang fruit in the beginning, but Huang Xiaolong only took one.

    “Swallowed three fruits!” Huang Peng and Su Yan looked at each other. They finally understood the ‘real reason’ their son advanced to First Order.

    “Good! Haha, Xiaolong unexpectedly you have such good fortune. Yang fruit is a wonder fruit, its benefits are no less compared to the Leirion Heart Grass that your Grandfather bought for Huang Wei.” Huang Peng laughed merrily: “It is also beneficial to your future cultivation.”

    Even Su Yan is smiling from ear to ear.

    “Dad, Mom, these two pieces Yang fruit, each of you swallows one and cultivate.” Huang Xiaolong said.

    Huang Peng and Su Yan’s smile stiffened on their faces and was about to refuse when Huang Xiaolong interrupted: “I have already taken three fruits, any more will only waste it and will not bring more benefits to me. It is better if Dad and Mom take it.”

    Huang Peng and Su Yan no longer say anything. 

    Moments later, Huang Peng nodded his head in agreement: “Fine.” Taking the two pieces of Yang fruit from Huang Xiaolong’s hand, he inhaled deeply looking at them, making an effort to suppress the excitement in his heart. He’s stuck at late-Sixth Order for more than a year, with this piece of Yang fruit he’s able to breakthrough to peak-Sixth Order in two months’ time.

    In truth, he really does need this piece of Yang fruit.

    Looking at the Yang fruit in her palm, Su Yan’s expression differs not from Huang Peng’s, with this piece of Yang fruit there is hope for her to advance to Sixth order. 

    “Xiaolong, about your breakthrough to First Order, for the time being don’t let others know.” Huang Peng said to his son after regaining some clarity, continues: “Although you breakthrough to First Order after swallowing Yang fruit, you still need to make an effort in your practice, strive to reach mid-First Order by the end of the year.”

    In Huang Peng’s opinion, as long as his son breakthrough to mid-First Order even if Huang Wei is late-First Order at that time, to cripple both of his son’s hands is difficult.

    The gap between mid-First Order and late-First Order is negligible.

    “Dad, Mom, rest assure that I will not disappoint you.” Huang Xiaolong said.

    Huang Peng and Su Yan were comforted with those words.

    A short while later Huang Xiaolong left the Eastern Courtyard hall back to his small courtyard, and directly went into practice mode. After advancing to Third Oder, the double-headed martial spirits speed absorbing netherworld spiritual aura has again increased, the battle qi inside his body grew ever more powerful.

    Almost on every other day basis, the battle qi inside his body becomes thicker and more powerful.

    The small courtyard Huang Xiaolong resides in is located at the easternmost part of Huang Clan Manor, that’s why apart from his parents and his sister Huang Min, rarely any people passes by which is all the more convenient for Huang Xiaolong to practice.

    With Huang Xiaolong practicing in a crazed manner regardless day or night, his battle qi and internal force increased exponentially.

    Peak early-Third Order, mid-Third Order, peak mid-Third Order, late-Third Order!

    By the time three months have passed, Huang Xiaolong’s battle qi has reached peak late-Third Order, at any moment he can breakthrough to Fourth Order, and there is only less than two weeks till end of the year’s Clan Assembly.

    However, Fourth Order is a dividing line, the fourth order’s barrier is much thicker compared to the previous second and third order, the difficulty is incomparable.

    In Huang Clan Manor there are disciples possessing grade seven martial spirits stuck at peak late-Third Order more than two years unable to breakthrough to Fourth Order, even those possessing grade eight martial spirits spends more than one year’s at peak Late-Third Order before advancing further.

    Two weeks passed quickly.

    With the approaching Clan Assembly, Huang Clan Manor is in a lively, festive atmosphere because two days after the Clan Assembly will the New Year Festival, the entire Huang Clan Manor was decorated lavishly. In contrast with the rest of the Huang Clan Manor, Huang Xiaolong’s small courtyard seemed gloomy and lonely, only silence.

    “Tomorrow’s the annual Clan Assembly.” Huang Xiaolong left his room after more than a dozen days of hard penance, eventually countering bottleneck at peak late-Third Order the looks of it, it will take a while before he can cross over to Fourth Order.

    Huang Xiaolong walked out from the small courtyard.

    “Tomorrow’s the Clan Annual Assembly, did you hear, this time Old Manor Lord will make an appearance!” 

    “This year is Young Lord Huang Wei first time participating in the Clan Assembly after awakening his martial spirits, of course Old Manor Lord will be joining the gathering. Not only that, I heard that Old Manor Lord even invited the Li Family’s Old Patriarch over!”

    “Then it means the Li Family’s Old Patriarch will be coming over?”

    The Li Family and Huang Clan Manor are considered Canglan County’s major forces, the relationship between Old Patriarch of the Li Family, Li Mu and Huang Xiaolong’s Grandfather, Huang Qide, has always been good.

  • Chapter 12: The Annual Clan Assembly Begins


    “This year’s Clan Assembly, Grandfather Huang Qide even invited Li Mu, Li Family’s Old Patriarch over, he truly spent a lot of effort and thought.” Huang Xiaolong thinks to himself.

    He believes the reason Grandfather invited the Old Patriarch of the Li Family over is not that simple.

    Along the path heading to the Eastern Courtyard’s hall were decorated with lanterns and colored banners, when the busy guards and maids saw Huang Xiaolong passing by they immediately stopped to salute: “Young Lord Xiaolong!”

    Huang Xiaolong nodded as he walked by.

    However, along the way he was able to feel the weird gazes of the guards and maids behind him, seems like Huang Wei’s intention of crippling Huang Xiaolong’s arms have reached the ears of the guards and maids.

    Huang Xiaolong reached the Eastern Courtyard.

    Inside the main hall, both Huang Peng and Su Yan were present.

    ‘Dad, Mom.” Huang Xiaolong cried out as he entered the main hall.

    “Xiaolong, you’re here.” Su Yan pulled Huang Xiaolong to sit next to her then asked: “Tomorrow’s the Clan Assembly, how’s your practice coming along?”

    Huang Peng on the other side also stares at Huang Xiaolong.

    Letting out a small laugh, Huang Xiaolong said: “Dad, Mom, don’t worry. Tomorrow I surely will not let you down.”

    Unexpectedly, the moment his sentence ends, Su Yan almost shouted out loud in surprise: ”Xiaolong, did you breakthrough to mid-First Order?” Su Yan thought his confidence came from him breakthrough to mid-First Order.

    Huang Peng burst out laughing at this moment: “Good, my son, you really did not disappoint Dad.”

    When Huang Xiaolong heard his parents’ words, he reined his smile within, could advancing to mid-First Order before the annual Clan Assembly is the highest expectation his parents have of him?

    “Dad, I heard from the guards this year’s annual Clan Assembly, the Old Patriarch of Li Family, Li Mu is coming?” Huang Xiaolong asked, changing the topic.

    Huang Peng nodded: “This time, other than the Li Family Old Patriarch himself, he also brought his granddaughter Li Lu over.”

    “His granddaughter, Li Lu?” Huang Xiaolong was a little bewildered then jokingly said: “Old Patriarch Li couldn’t be bringing over his granddaughter for a matchmaking right?”

    But Huang Peng answered seriously: “That is the purpose of your Grandfather and Old Patriarch Li, after the Clan Assembly is over, Huang Wei and Li Lu to be engaged and in the future, Li Family and Huang Clan will be in-laws.”

    Huang Xiaolong went blank.

    “Hearsay that Li Lu’s talent is quite good, hers is a top grade nine martial spirit, the Divine Dark Sword.” Su Yan added.

    Top amongst grade nine martial spirits, Divine Dark Sword!

    Huang Xiaolong was shocked for a moment for it was unexpected that Li Mu’s granddaughter Li Lu’s martial spirit is the Divine Dark Sword.

    In Martial Spirit World, there are different forms of martial spirits - beasts, weapons, plants and there are even people with nature martial spirits such as lightning, wind, water and fire.

    And the Divine Dark Sword is one many types of weapon martial spirits.

    Of course, the majority of martial spirits in Martial Spirits World exists in beast form, for instance Huang Wei’s Three-eyed Black Tiger, Huang Qide’s Six-winged Golden Ape and Huang Xiaolong’s variant double-headed serpent.

    A short while later Huang Xiaolong returned to his small courtyard and continued to practice Asura Tactics.

    Slowly, night descended.

    Huang Xiaolong stood on a hilltop at the back mountain, not moving an inch but he wasn’t practicing, he was instead looking at the vast sea in front of him. In truth with regards to Huang Wei, Huang Xiaolong truly is not bothered.

    Releasing the double-headed serpent martial spirits floating behind him, Huang Xiaolong can clearly sense how powerful his martial spirits are after advancing to Third Order and him being the only person able to sense it.

    “Looks like I need to make a trip to the library to see if I can find out about my martial spirits.” Huang Xiaolong muttered to himself.

    However, Huang Clan Manor’s library only allows those who had reached Fourth Order to enter that’s why he needs to breakthrough to Fourth Order as soon as possible. 

    The moonlight stretches Huang Xiaolong’s small shadow on the ground.

    Darkness gradually fades as the light brightens the sky, Huang Xiaolong’s figure dashed, heading back to Huang Clan Manor.

    “The Clan’s Annual Assembly finally begins!”

    Clan’s Annual Assembly is about to begin.

    Back to Huang Clan Manor, he moved straight towards the Eastern Courtyard. When his parents, Huang Peng and Su Yan saw him coming did not say much, the three of them then walked to the main foyer.

    The Main Foyer is double the size of Martial Temple easily accommodating a thousand people. In front of the Main Foyer is a martial stage, and chairs lined the perimeter of the martial stage for the Huang Clan Manors’ elders and housekeepers whereas the disciples can only stand at the back area’s open space.

    When Huang Peng and Su Yan came in along with Huang Xiaolong, many of the elders and housekeepers were already there.

    “Second Manor Lord.”

    “Second Manor Lord.”

    The group of elders, housekeepers and disciples immediately greeted Huang Peng.

    Huang Peng nodded. Su Yan and Huang Xiaolong followed from behind him arriving in front of a table and chairs and sat down. Sitting down, Huang Xiaolong sense there is a cold gaze staring at him, raising his head to find the source, he saw Huang Wei who was sitting opposite.

    At this moment, their eyes met – Huang Wei’s gaze was arrogant, condescending, provoking and complacent.

    Sitting beside Huang Wei is Huang Ming, forever with his deadpan expressionless face. As Huang Peng sat down, he did not greet Huang Ming. Since the Northern Courtyard incident the two of them no longer speak to each other, from brothers to strangers traveling on the same path.

    Not long after the three of them arrived, from the outer hall a hearty laugh rang out, hearing the sound of laughter everyone inside the hall quickly stand up. Looking over Huang Xiaolong saw his Grandfather Huang Qide, walking into the hall with a face full of laughter and next to his grandfather is a high-spirited old man with a head full of silvery white hair about the same age Huang Xiaolong immediately knows this is Old Patriarch Li, Li Mu. Following closely behind Li Mu is a lovely girl with two braids and bright round eyes curiously spinning around. 

    “Old Manor Lord.”

    “Old Patriarch Li.”

    Everyone present quickly greeted, and after that Huang Ming, Huang Peng and Su Yan went up: ”Dad, Old Patriarch Li.”

    “Grandfather, Old Patriarch Li.” Huang Wei and Huang Xiaolong too went up, following from behind.

    Huang Qide gave a chuckle and nodded, then said to Li Mu while pointing at Huang Wei: ”This is my grandson, Huang Wei.” But he only introduced Huang Wei without mentioning Huang Xiaolong.

    Li Mu looked at Huang Wei up and down, with a look of appreciation said: “Not Bad. Good. Brother Qide, I heard that your grandson practice less than two months already successfully breakthrough First Order warrior, when it was my time to breakthrough First Order I used more than five months ah.”

    Huang Qide laughed boisterously when he heard this: “Li Mu Brother, please do advise and look after him in the future.”

    “In the future, that is of course.” Li Mu laughed.

    Awhile later, everyone returned to their seats.

    Then, Chief Housekeeper Chen Ying stood up begin going through the Annual Assembly’s program, after finishing he turned over to looked at Huang Qide, seeing Huang Qide nodding his head, he declared in a loud voice: “Annual Clan Assembly begins!”

    Chen Ying’s declaration met with a silent hall.

    Following the rules of previous years, the first to get up on the stage are usually the ones who awakened their martial spirits this year.

    Everyone couldn’t resist but to look at Huang Wei, everyone knows the purpose Old Manor Lord attends this year’s clan assembly, Huang Wei is destined to be the main focus of attention.

    “Huang Wei, go and show the result of your five months effort, let everyone see your achievement.” Huang Qide said to his grandson Huang Wei, eyes full of encouragement.

    “Yes, Grandfather.” Huang Wei stood up and cried loudly he then leaped up onto the center of the martial stage.

    Landing atop the martial stage, Huang Wei runs the exercise law, fully releasing his battle qi and his martial spirits, the Three-Eyed Black Tiger floated out behind him emanating quite a powerful aura.

    “Peak late-First Order!”

    Sensing the battle qi aura released by Huang Wei, elders of Huang Clan Manor, housekeepers and disciples were greatly shocked creating a ruckus. Just five short months of practicing battle qi and yet Huang Wei has reached the peak of late-First Order!



    From brothers to strangers traveling on the same path – from a close/intimate relationship to being strangers traveling on the same road where you do not speak to each other unless necessary.

  • Starting to get good.
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    Chapter 13: Hit Until Your Dad Can’t Recognize You!


    Peak of late-First Order!

    Li Mu’s gazed looking at Huang Wei was just as surprised. In his original opinion, although Huang Wei possesses grade ten martial spirits, in five months’ time at the most he might reach late-First Order but looking Huang Wei now, a peak late-First Order and from the looks of it, he can breakthrough to Second Order anytime!

    This surprise Huang Wei gave him isn’t small!

    In the beginning, he still has some doubts about the engagement, but now all doubts vanquished as he looks at Huang Wei on the stage, he grew more satisfied.

    Observing of Li Mu’s expression Huang Qide felt complacent with himself.

    In these five months, he made every effort to train his grandson Huang Wei, and his grandson did not disappoint him, just like Li Mu, the more he looked at Huang Wei on stage; the more pleased and satisfied he became.

    Whereas both Huang Peng and Su Yan became increasingly worried, Huang Wei is actually a peak late-First Order, then what will happen to their son later?

    Standing on the stage and listening to the shock whispers around the stage, Huang Wei became even prouder and at this moment, opened his mouth and requested from Huang Qide: “Grandfather, I heard that Xiaolong was practicing hard these few months’ time, I would like to spar with Xiaolong.”

    When everyone present heard that, their expression filled with colors of excitement and anticipation, every pair of eyes zoomed towards Huang Xiaolong.

    Huang Qide was surprised but nodded in agreement, said with a smile: “Okay, just sparring for learning, don’t go overboard.”

    Huang Xiaolong’s expression was calm, if his martial spirits was truly a grade seven, it’s a guarantee he won’t be able to advance to First Order in a short five months’ time, and going on the stage will only result in humiliation however, Huang Qide knowing full well Huang Xiaolong will be humiliated still agreed to Huang Wei’s request!

    Huang Qide spared no thoughts about Huang Xiaolong’s feelings.

    Hearing his Grandfather agreed, he turned over to look at Huang Xiaolong, teasingly said: “Xiaolong, how about it? Dare to come up? Don’t worry; I will give you a handicapped and not use both of my hands.”

    Huang Wei smiled dazzlingly.

    “Xiaolong!” Huang Peng and Su Yan look worriedly at Huang Xiaolong, and Huang Xiaolong shook his head, indicating that they need not worry. Slowly standing up with a calm face he walked up to the martial stage, standing straight in front of Huang Wei.

    Facing Huang Xiaolong, a touch of brutal fervor flashed across his pupils:” Aren’t you feeling sorry and regretting that you didn’t kneel down to beg me at that time?”

    With a look of indifference, Huang Xiaolong said: “You bullsh*t too much!” Just as Huang Wei was about to retort in anger, Huang Xiaolong suddenly turned towards the other end of the martial stage, looking at his Grandfather, Huang Qide: “Grandfather, according to the annual Clan Assembly’s rules, during the sparring event, other people are not allowed to interfere, right?”

    Huang Qide blanked for a moment, not understanding Huang Xiaolong’s purpose in asking this question however he still nodded and said: “That’s right.”

    While everyone was still in a dazed wondering the reason for Huang Xiaolong’s question, Huang Xiaolong suddenly looked at Huang Wei and grinned: “In a moment, I will hit until your dad can’t recognize you!”

    Everyone was stunned when they heard this then shake their heads while smiling.

    Li Mu, who was sitting beside Huang Qide, smiled and said: “Brother Qide, has this grandson of yours gone insane? He’s the one possessing grade seven martial spirits Huang Xiaolong right? Acting so arrogant without any real strength, I don’t like children like this!”

    Huang Qide felt his old face lost some shine, giving an embarrassed laugh his gaze swept towards Huang Peng, seems like it would do well to remind his second son to discipline his son well, in order to prevent future troubles during important occasions lest he shames the clan with his ignorance.

    Huang Wei chuckled loudly: “What did you say? Did I get it wrong? You want to hit me until my Dad can’t recognize me?”

    Just as his words finished, a silhouette flashed shocking Huang Wei, right in front of his shock-widened eyes a gigantic looking fist sock into his left eye.

    Sadly, it was too late for him to dodge, when he was about to speak the gigantic looking fist slammed into his left eye causing him to wailed loudly in pain, staggering back, golden stars spinning in his eyes.   

    The laughs and ridicules around the martial stage from relatives of Huang Clan Manor aiming at Huang Xiaolong instantly died, dumbfounded eyes staring at Huang Wei who was bawling in pain on the martial stage.

    At this moment, frowning, Li Mu said: “Such a small age yet already learned how to sneak attack, when he grows up definitely is a sinister villain.”

    Looking at Huang Xiaolong, Huang Qide’s brows also creased into a furrow.     

    “You, you dare to hit me?” On the stage, Huang Wei raged furiously at Huang Xiaolong, his left hand no longer covering his left eye, revealing a black circle on the left eye just like a panda.          

    Huang Xiaolong did not say anything as his silhouette flashed a second time, appearing right in front of Huang Wei, a fist aiming at his eye on the right side.


    The second punch hits the mark!

    Huang Wei screamed at the top of his lungs.

    Looking at Huang Wei’s panda eyes, Li Lu who was sitting beside Grandfather Li Mu could no longer control her laughter, a charming laugh resounded in the Main Foyer; two lovely dimples etched on her face.

    Li Mu turned and gave his granddaughter a stern eye.

    Li Lu tried her utmost to hold in her bubbling laughter, and her strenuous effort shows clearly on her lovely face.

    Below the stage, everyone had a weird expression on their face.

    “Huang Xiaolong, I’m going to kill you!” Huang Wei’s fury finally erupted as he roared loudly, releasing his battle qi and a punch aimed straight towards Huang Xiaolong’s chest.

    Seeing Huang Wei’s fist about to hit upon Huang Xiaolong’ chest, Huang Peng and Su Yan’s heart misses a beat, exclaimed aloud in worry. Huang Wei being the peak of late-First Order, if just one of his punches landed on Huang Xiaolong’s thin frame, how will he be able to bear it?

    However, the Huang Qide sitting on the podium did not do anything to prevent the happenings on the stage, from his point of view, allowing Huang Wei to teach Huang Xiaolong a lesson is a good thing.

    Just when Huang Wei’s fist was about to land on Huang Xiaolong’s chest, Huang Xiaolong’s silhouette suddenly disappeared, avoiding Huang Wei’s attack. Then, forming a fist with his right hand, releasing his battle qi striking against Huang Wei’s back. Huang Wei squalled and fell face down on the stage.

    “Outward projection of battle qi.”

    “First Order Warrior!”

    The big hall was in an uproar, everyone dumbstruck as the stared at Huang Xiaolong, finding it hard to believe including Huang Qide, Li Mu, and Huang Ming.

     In five months, Huang Xiaolong managed to reach First Order warrior!

    The humiliated Huang Wei flipped his body upward coming to a stand, his face beet-red with rage compare to others surprise, his heart filled to the brim with fury, with blood-red eyes he suddenly pounces on Huang Xiaolong, his only thought is to cripple Huang Xiaolong, even pummeling him to death!


    Looking at the mad Huang Wei pouncing towards him there’s only coldness in Huang Xiaolong’s pair of eyes. This time he’s not planning to dodge, both of his fists in position in front of his chest and released a peak late-First Order’s amount of battle qi, under everyone’s very eyes met head-on with Huang Wei’s fists.

    Four fists collide, a “Bang!” resounded, and Huang Wei staggered, stepping backward again and again whereas Huang Xiaolong pretended to retreat backward.

    “What? This, this!”

    “Peak of late-First Order!”

    The elders and housekeepers of Huang Clan Manor have yet to recover from the shock of Huang Xiaolong advancing to First Order, by now are all standing up from their seats.

    Huang Qide, Li Mu, and Huang Ming also stood up in shock, forgetting their manners, both Huang Peng and Su Yan’s eyes were wide with surprise looking at their son, isn’t their son’s cultivation at mid-First Order?

    The next moment, Huang Peng smile bitterly inside this brat really made him suffered a lot keeping this hidden! Even he didn’t know that his son had already advanced to peak of late-First Order!


    1.   Fell face down – The Author actually used ‘狗吃屎’  lit. means ‘dog eat shit’ which refers to the way Huang Wei falls face down.

    2.   Lost some shine – losing face (a little bit of it)

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    TLC: lecourrielxiii

    Chapter 14: Second Order Warrior!


    The Peak of late-First Order!

    Su Yan has the same expression as Huang Peng except that her’s was more of happiness than surprise, looking at her son on the stage suddenly misty-eyed: “This kid!”

    A smile touches her face, and she finally understood what her son meant when he said that he wouldn’t disappoint them no matter what.

    It turns out her son has already reached peak late-First Order! No wonder he has been acting as if there’s nothing to fear!

    Huang Wei finally came to his sense after being pushed back by Huang Xiaolong, lashing out angrily: “Impossible, this is not possible; it’s impossible that you too advanced to peak late-First Order!”

    He possessed grade ten martial spirits, a son of Heaven, and taken a thousand-year-old Leirion Heart Grass plus five months of hard effort only manage to breakthrough to peak late-First Order!       

    What about Huang Xiaolong? He’s only a seven grade martial spirits!

    Huang Qide, Huang Ming, and the others were thinking the same thing as Huang Wei.

    At this moment, Huang Peng went up to Huang Qide, explained: “Dad, four months ago, Xiaolong found five pieces of Yang fruit in a valley at the back mountain.”

    “What? Yang fruit?!” Huang Qide and the others were greatly surprised.

    “Yes, Xiaolong swallowed three pieces, the remaining two was given to Su Yan and me. I’m now a peak late-Sixth Order!” Huang Peng nodded and released his battle qi of peak late-Sixth Order.

    “Swallowed three pieces of Yang fruit to cultivate.” Huang Qide looked speechlessly Huang Xiaolong on the stage for words fail him.

    Everyone present was made known the ‘real reason’ of Huang Xiaolong’s breakthrough to peak late-First Order.

    Three pieces of Yang fruit ah!

    Each piece of fruit is comparable to a stalk of Leirion Heart Grass.

    “Didn’t expect Xiaolong to have such good fortune, this is a good thing.” Huang Qide gave a small laugh, awkwardly.

    If these three pieces of Yang fruit is given to Huang Wei instead, he would have advanced to Second Order! Huang Qide thinks to himself inwardly.

    Even Li Mu, who was sitting next to Huang Qide thinks the act of Huang Xiaolong absorbing three pieces of Yang fruit is abominable.

    Gradually everyone recovered from their shock and slowly seated down.

    On the stage, Huang Wei filled with jealousy, hatefully fixed his glare at Huang Xiaolong: “I say, so you ran into some dog shit luck and swallowed three pieces of Yang fruit, thus breakthrough to peak late-First Order!”

    Smirking, Huang Xiaolong said: “So to say, the reason you advanced to peak late-First Order is not due to the thousand-year-old Leirion Heart Grass?”

    Huang Wei’s face was red with shame, rushes forward without any warning, directing a fist at Huang Xiaolong. Huang Xiaolong unhurriedly lifts his fists and punched out directly at Huang Wei’s incoming fist, pushing Huang Wei back he then leaps up extending a kick on Huang Wei’s stomach, and just like the Zhou Xuedong from a few months earlier Huang Wei flew back screaming in the shape of a bow – it was seven to eight meters before he finally stops.

    Clutching his stomach, Huang Wei felt as if all of his internal organs shifted positions, tears rolling down from the corner of his eyes due to extreme pain.

    Huang Xiaolong came up in front of Huang Wei, snickered and said: “Five months ago didn’t you say that you will cripple both of my arms during the Clan’s Assembly?” A foot stamped on Huang Wei’s face as soon as the words were out.

    Another miserable cry came out of Huang Wei.

    Cripple both arms? On the main podium, a frowning Huang Qide turned to look at his eldest son, Huang Ming for he’s unaware of this matter. Faltering under his father’s questioning eyes, Huang Ming shrinks his neck, tries to hide away.

    At this time, Huang Wei’s miserable cry rang out again, turning over to look, Huang Qide saw Huang Xiaolong tromping another foot on Huang Wei’s face. Opening his mouth wanting to stop Huang Xiaolong, the question his grandson asked earlier ran across his mind if others are allowed to interrupt during the sparring event? Unwillingly kept his mouth, with a trace of bitterness in his heart, at last, he understood the purpose of his grandson’s question.

    All in all, Huang Xiaolong kicked three times. Huang Wei’s original face which could be considered as above average finally got turned into a pig-head. Seeing that his son was beaten up till unrecognizable Huang Ming clenches his fists tightly, his usual deadpan expression replaced with fury and a cold, sharp light glimmered in his eyes.

    “Ahh~!” Three continuous kicks from Huang Xiaolong drove Huang Wei berserk just like a crazed beast, issuing a loud a roar, battle qi around his body rose alarmingly, a different aura rushed out from Huang Wei’s body.

    This sudden change rendered everyone in a dazed, eyes staring widely.

    Sensing the abrupt change in his son’s, Huang Ming’s expression of fury melted into ecstasy.

    “Young Lord Huang Wei breakthrough!”

    “Second Order, this is Second Order’s atmosphere!”

    Some of the elders of Huang Clan Manor couldn’t help but exclaim out loud.

    Second Order!

    With the sudden surge of battle qi around Huang Wei’s body who broke through to the Second Order, Huang Peng and Su Yan were once again on pins and needles; Huang Wei’s breakthrough to Second Order, does this mean…?

    “Good, good!” Huang Qide exclaimed in joy seeing his grandson Huang Wei, laughing loudly. Huang Wei unexpectedly advanced to Second Order during this year’s Clan Assembly, truly a pleasant surprise ah!

    Retreating a few steps back, looking at the newly breakthrough Huang Wei, Huang Xiaolong too were slightly taken by surprise.

    “Second Order Warrior eh.” Huang Xiaolong’ expression was placid.


    At this moment, Huang Wei slowly stood up from the ground, both eye blood-red murderously staring at Huang Xiaolong, sensing an increase of power and battle qi within his body, emphasizing every word: “In a while, I want you to kneel down and lick my toes!” Only this way is able to wash away his earlier humiliation and disgrace.

    “Really?” Huang Xiaolong replied with indifference.

    Screaming in rage, he instantly arrived in front of Huang Xiaolong both fists beaming with battle qi, punching towards Huang Xiaolong. After advancing to Second Order not only his power has increased even his speed increased tremendously.

    With their hearts in their mouth, Huang Peng and Su Yan was about to exclaim aloud, suddenly, Huang Xiaolong who was standing on the stage raised both of his fists as battle qi swirls around him, once again colliding straight against Huang Wei’s fists.

    “Bang!’ A louder noise resounded as Huang Wei’s figure flew backward.

    “What?! Impossible, how could this be?”

    “Second Order Warrior! A Second Order warrior’s battle qi energy!”

    Those Huang Clan Manor elders and housekeepers who just sat back in their places just moments ago once again stood up in shock, a look of disbelief on their faces as they stared at Huang Xiaolong, eyes almost popping out from their sockets.

    Both Huang Qide and Li Mu also stood up, eyes wide in shock.  This, what the f*ck is this? Isn’t this guy’s dog shit luck a little too strong!

    Huang Qide turned his head around to look at his son Huang Peng, whereas the doubly shocked Huang Peng said bitterly with a wry smile: “Dad, about this, I’m also in the dark.” Son oh son, his son really made him worry too much! Never in his wildest dreams would he expect that his son’s real strength isn't peak late-First Order but Second Order.

    Second Order, Second Order! As he looks at his son on the stage, his body trembled with excitement, at this moment he has an impulsive to rush up the stage to hug his son tightly and cry.

    A surge of pride emerged from within Huang Peng’s heart; this young boy who only cultivated five months to reach Second Order is his son, his Huang Peng’s son! 

    Su Yan stood rooted to the spot with her eyes slightly red and her expression was the same as her husband’s.

    “No, this cannot be, this can’t be true, this isn’t true!” On the stage, Huang Wei screamed like he’s gone crazy, staring fixedly at Huang Xiaolong, shaking his head in denial.



    1. Dog shit luck (lit.) –unbelievable good fortune/luck
    2. Kneel down and lick my toes (lit.) – meant to humiliate a person’s especially dignity-wise, a popular line in most Hong Kong gangster theme movies.
    3. More or less - Pig head

    **~Have a great Halloween~** 
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    Thank you for the chapters!  I just binge read all your chapters and so far, not a bad job.  There are some syntax and grammar issues, but nothing is too hard to read.  I would just say change the font or the way your organize the paragraphs to make it easier to read (but that could just be the format of the forum at Wuxiaworld).  
  • Chapter 15: A Slipped Of Hand


    Watching Huang Wei’s act of insanity, Huang Xiaolong sneered and walked slowly towards him. Seeing the increasingly near Huang Xiaolong, Huang Wei who was muttering and screaming insanely suddenly stopped. Fear crept up his eyes as he subconsciously steps back, however just when he open his mouth wanting to admit defeat, a shadow blurred and Huang Xiaolong’s fists slammed directly in his face. Huang Wei cried out miserably and staggered backward.

    Taking advantage of the initial punch hitting the mark, Huang Xiaolong moved closer, serving another punch.

    After several punches, Huang Wei was already confused and disoriented unable to tell east, west, north or south. His face turned into an even bigger into pig head.

    Watching his son’s pitiful end, Huang Ming who was below the stage finally couldn't hold it in any longer, turn to his father Huang Qide and said: “Dad, you see, shouldn’t we…?”

    Hesitated for a moment, Huang Qide said: “That’s enough, Xiaolong.”                

    As he heard his Grandfather Huang Qide’s voice, Huang Xiaolong exert a final heavy punch before stopping.

    “You!” Huang Ming stared angrily.        

    Ignoring Huang Ming’s angry stare and said: “Eldest Uncle, nephew had a slipped of hand, please forgive me!”

    Slipped of hand?

    Looking at Huang Wei whose had turned into a pig head, everyone had a weird expression on their faces.

    Li Lu sitting beside Li Mu could no longer keep her laughter down and a sweet sound of laugh resonated through the hall a second time.

    Huang Qide’s brows furrowed as he looked at Huang Xiaolong on the stage, opened his mouth but in the end did not say anything, he could tell that Huang Xiaolong was already lenient and Huang Wei’s injuries are just flesh wound.

    Huang Ming on the other hand, almost spit out blood from anger.

    At this moment, Huang Wei’s voice resurfaced woefully sobbing, walking to Huang Ming’s side: “Dad, he hit me, he really hit me!” His finger pointed at Huang Xiaolong, tears, and snots streaming down his face.

    In the end, Huang Wei is just a seven-year-old child, being walloped by Huang Xiaolong, ended with a face that no longer seems human.

    The elders and housekeepers of Huang Clan Manor shake their heads making Huang Ming extremely embarrassed.

    This round’s sparring between Huang Wei and Huang Xiaolong end with Huang Wei looking like a pig head. The assembly continues with other disciples’ sparring. 

    But, compared to the excitement during the fight between Huang Wei and Huang Xiaolong, the subsequent sparring was lackluster.

    A few hours later, the annual Clan Assembly comes to an end.

    As everyone leaves, sighing incessantly inside their hearts, the supposed star of this year’s Clan Assembly ended up as a joke whereas Huang Xiaolong, whom no one has ever paid any attention to became the most dazzling presence.


    Northern Courtyard.

    In the main hall, Huang Wei roared furiously: “If not for that Huang Xiaolong running into some dog shit luck swallowing three Yang fruits, just base on his martial spirits talent no way he’ll be able to breakthrough to Second Order! I refused to accept. Huang Xiaolong, I’ll pay you back for this during next year’s Clan Assembly, I’ll definitely have my revenge. This humiliation I will return it to you a hundred times over!” His face, which was beaten up to resemble a pig-head, was grim and twisted with anger.

    Huang Ming sat there, expressionless but from time to time, a sharp cold gleam flitted across his eyes.

    This year’s Clan Assembly, Huang Xiaolong made him lost face, totally.

    Unlike the Northern Courtyard’s gloom, the Eastern Courtyard was fill with laughter and cheer.

    “Good son, this time, you did not disappoint your Dad!” letting out a big laugh, Huang Peng said: “Refreshing, too refreshing!” Thinking of his elder brother Huang Ming’s furious expression on his deadpan face, his heart beamed with delight.

    “Xiaolong, come, let Mom look at you carefully.” Su Yan pulled Huang Xiaolong in front of her, scrutinizing, smiled and said: “You ah, never told us you break through to Second Order, made Mon and Dad worried so much for so long.”

    Not knowing what to say, Huang Xiaolong only smiled.

    If his parents were to find out that he actually isn’t Second Order Warrior, wonder what reaction will they have? But Huang Xiaolong decided to keep his strength a secret if his Third Order battle qi strength were exposed, the coming troubles might not be so simple.

    His current strength being Second Order can be explained away using three Yang fruits as an excuse but a peak late-Third Order will raise suspicions, and if others know his martial spirits being super martial spirits, it might bring about a genocide catastrophe upon Huang Clan Manor.

    In the eastern main hall, after being ‘nagged’ by his parents for some time, at last, Huang Xiaolong returned to his small courtyard.

    As soon as he entered, a small figure rushed into his arms, Huang Xiaolong did not dodge but smile and said: “Little guy, where did you run off to these two days?”

    This little figure happens to be the Violet Devourer Spirit Monkey.

    Half a year has passed the little Violet Devourer Spirit Monkey’s body did not change much, apart from his eyes being more astute, the pupils a dazzling bright ice blue.

    “Zhi Zhi Zhi!” The little violet monkey shifted to Huang Xiaolong’s shoulder, squeaking and gesturing.

    “You’re saying, you want me to make a trip to the back mountain with you?” Huang Xiaolong asked, accompanied by this little violet monkey for half a year’s time, Huang Xiaolong generally can understand the little monkey’s body language.

    “Zhi Zhi Zhi!” Delight etched on the little monkey’s face as it quickly nodded.

    “Okay, let’s go!” Huang Xiaolong nodded his head in agreement for there’s nothing much going on at the moment. Exiting Huang Clan Manor with the little violet monkey, they arrive at a hilly area under the guidance of the little violet monkey; in front, there’s a python more than ten meters long appeared. A huge Bara Floret Python! Huang Xiaolong involuntarily inhaled a breath of cold air looking at the huge Bara Floret Python, the reason the little violet bringing him here finally dawned on him, he’s here to deal with the obstacle!

    Noticing Huang Xiaolong and the little violet monkey, the Bara Floret Python suddenly raise its head, both eyes stared Huang Xiaolong and the little monkey, its long tongue flicks out once and instantly rushed out.

    Huang Xiaolong looked dignified he could tell the Bara Floret Python is a stage four wicked beast, although only a stage four but for a peak late-Third Order Huang Xiaolong it is still considered high risk.

    Dodging the Bara Floret Python’s first attack, Huang Xiaolong’s silhouette skirted to the side, and the little violet monkey on his shoulder leaped up in the air, landing atop the python’s head, two monkey’s paws strikes down.

    Receiving a hit on the head, the Bara Floret Python uttered a loud cry due to the pain; with a twist of its long body, its mouth stretched deadly wide wanting to swallow the little violet monkey. Huang Xiaolong’s heart missed a beat but exactly at this moment, the little violet monkey swerved a few meters off course right in mid-air, just barely brushing past the python’s opened jaw, allowing Huang Xiaolong to let out a breath of relief.

    Running Asura Tactics, black threads aura, carrying an atmosphere of slaughter emerged, swirls rapidly forming a layer around Huang Xiaolong - his eyes turned blood-red and hair wholly white. Huang Xiaolong did not attack immediately instead stood on one side, blood-red eyes never leaving the Bara Floret Python which is battling with the Violet Devourer Spirit Monkey at the moment.

    Just when the python was about to twist its body around, suddenly Huang Xiaolong who has been standing on one side made his move, from far away his body looked like a group of black clouds under the sun as he flew up. Unawarely, Blades of Asura appeared in his hands as he appeared below the Bara Floret Python head and with a wave of his hands, two black rays of light whizzed past.

    A screamed escaped its mouth, fresh blood bursting like a geyser as the Bara Flower Python’s head fell rolling the ground, coming to a complete stop only after moments later.

    His eyes and hair gradually revert to its original state, and Huang Xiaolong retrieves the blades back into his arms, walking past with the little violet monkey.

  • Thank you for the chapters!  I just binge read all your chapters and so far, not a bad job.  There are some syntax and grammar issues, but nothing is too hard.  I would just say change the font or the way your organize the paragraphs to make it easier to read (but that could just be the format of the forum at Wuxiaworld).  
    Thank you for reading! I ashamed to admit sometimes a comma placement is a struggle, lol.
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    Do you have a schedule or do you dump chapters
  • Thanks for chapters 

    Do you have a schedule or do you dump chapters
    Thank you for reading.
    Random days, about 4/week.
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