• I like the gf too, but if this becomes a harem, im dropping it. Cause if he fucking finds another after his gf dies for him, then he is nothing but trash. Though I wont judge until it actually happens.
    It depends on how long he takes to get another gf. You have to move on at some point in life.
  • Actually if he moves on, its kinda refreshing though.. No harem, but still find new love.. As we all know life goes on..
  • explain how gf dies? 
  • Lol, so gf died. Any chance of this becoming a harem at this point? The gf died to protect mc too...
    Sooo what chapter does this happen?
  • whatever happened to the umbrella Chen picked up (as a gift) in the Miao Yan's vault. The one that seemed to have an affinity with him. Does he ever use it or even remember it exists?
  • Does anyone know what happens to the soul of Miao Yan's account? Does the MC ever get a body for her?
  • Hey, i feel like there appeared nonspoiler zone:)
    Plz, tell us about Zayad's mech, who is new girlfriend of MC, and some more about world if this is cleared in ongoing
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    According to Novel Updates this is completed with 801 chapters. From where we are at in the translated chapters it doesn’t seem we are anywhere close to it ending.  Did this have a rushed ending? 
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    WTF you are right, by the way the sory developed i looked like it would be a long one. 800 chapters completed looks to me like it's totally rushed and unsatisfactory so many things so many story lines seems to me the authour was tyred and decided to finish things quickly... damn and i was pausing thins since i read the spoiler for QQ's death i feel like droping this if it's lame rushed ending....
    Ok, so the novel is in fact atm at ch603 wonder who trolled(there was actual info at NU that it's completed at ch810 i think) still i will not continue to read for the time being i am looking forward to someone actualy sharing some spoiler of later chapter but i guess not many willing to do so atm :).

  • i'am pretty sure last time i see, the information in NU said that this novel is complete. but now they said it is back to 600 and still on going. maybe thay repair it? or just kinda messing up.
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